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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: if i were to wear a sunburn or on a college campus going to a tequila party, would i be insensitive and thrown off campus? >> no, you would not be. stuart: you know you've only got five seconds. lets ms with you, neil cavuto. >> i just had that image, you running around campus with-based embraer route. you get us beyond? neil: thank you my friend. good news we are down after virtually locking up the republican nomination. he cited out to west virginia where we are now told he's got a very good backing from the coal association bear. adam shapiro broke that story. he is with us with the very latest. >> when you talk about the obama administration war on qualcomm you've now got coal country backing trial.
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it just came out of minute ago. this is a quote from the west virginia association. donald trump has been firm and clear throughout his campaign and his commitment to rebuild america's basic industries, the industries that made this country greats such as coal, steel and manufacturing. that's the statement from bill rainey, president of the west virginia coal association good this is now official west virginia coal behind donald trump. neil: thank you very, very much. a very big message for hillary clinton. do not assume that all working men and women for those behind unions are for you. sabrina schaeffer on the significance of this endorsement. it doesn't strike me as a huge shocker. this is an industry that's been slighted obviously by the obama administration and all but killed off in his ideas are pretty much echoed in many state and get from hillary clinton. but it is significant in so far as a major union saying yes to
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donald trump a note to her. >> absolutely. i think they identify with the populist message donald trump has had them but they also reminded and hillary clinton was just there. the obama administration has in effect declared war on coal and that has been disastrous matches for west virginia, but wyoming, dakotas, pennsylvania, lots of areas where people didn't necessarily have a college degree could have a solid paying job that took them through their whole lifetime. there's a lot of opportunity for donald trump. that is for sure. neil: do you feel whatever overtures he can make to those to your point certainly shrinking and losing money industry that that can be a sign that he can bring other union workers? because they feel hillary clinton is much closer to their needs, even though her husband was a highly trade agreement
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they despise? donald trump despises those agreements. pity s.? >> i actually think he can. on the way to the studio is thinking about this in terms of women voters. women we associate with certain kinds of unions or teacher unions, nurses unions. but when it comes to energy politics, this is a critical issue an opportunity for donald trump to win back some of their support and say it is time to add this war and traditional energy. you pay the bills. you fill up the car. you're aware of what household goods and food are costing. all that comes back to the cost of energy. at the combination of fact or is, but he can take this as an opportunity to win women voters and other voters of all. neil: sabrina, thank you very much. one thing we learned looking up this is how it could come up to boomerang on hillary clinton. this is the kind of stuff that
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boomerangs. take a look. >> i've been clear we need to make a transition to clean renewable energy. i've also been very clear that we can't do it in a way that totally leaves behind people who dug up the pole to turn on the light into power pack trees. but the market is making this decision. the market has driven down the cost of coal. so you have companies going bankrupt. >> the market is making decisions. i want to get scott in today's. you know, the fact of the matter is whether the marketer government. it isn't what it is. and donald trump says he would bring holdback. not all energy. what do you make of this and where this whole debate is going? >> well, do something near and dear to our heart in chicago.
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we've got u.s. steel and british petroleum. we know a lot of the guys that work in this plan. an overwhelming majority have started to switch over because they feel like they've got somebody in their corner. the small places to eat and drink around here will run into these guys are they all talk about how they will register the first time or switchover to the republican because the donald is saying will have their back. number two is yes. we'll understand what that what seems to be cleaner. but it doesn't have to be a revolution. it can be an evolution. waving a wand and stopping tankers three times then we are not going to use: a market that's basically what the government has done. i can say that standing here we are going to an evolution in our own industry to an electronic one. customers are coming along and working quite well. that is a donald trump will talk about. not a revolution, and evolution. neil: that's very well put.
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people forget this notion that it's one or the other. you and i chatted about this before. i'm all in on all types of energy. wind and older, what have you. but we have a lot of natural gas here and a lot of coal here. i would much rather look at our options across the board than be dependent on countries that might or might not have been behind the 9/11 attack. i think as a survivor i would look at our options and just pursue away. >> you are right. as far as coal goes, we are the middle east when it comes to coal. neil: very well put. >> i would like to have options without an agenda. don't you think there is an agenda? options would be much better than this is what we are doing. this is what we've been doing. neil: do you ever get a sense and just a big step back before i get to my friend that donald
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trump has a chance he could go all the way. how would that affect your industry, how would that reverberate in the markets? everyday when i get the english version of the press, the air that really blasting it. they are concerned about trade policies, concern he will ignite a trade policy. i wonder what the fallout is in your neck of the woods. >> here's so we have to choose from if hillary is elected we've got or had the same. i don't need to go down that road because the numbers don't lie. number two, we don't know he's an outsider, and known. he's done well so far. we would all agree that the chances are more volatile market higher with donald then it would be with hillary. volatile doesn't mean bad, but we do know going on the same road would be bad so we are stuck between two places here. neil: scott, always a pleasure. thank you, my friend. donald azar denounced the
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national chairman, that he is looking quite eagerly to getting some help in the general election. he's open to that fundraising wise. charlie gasparino way ahead of the curve i'm not. the message is going to be look, i've got people who are going to deal with this, help the party, the party helps me. >> this is a 180 to a large extent. you and i've been talking about this for a long time. we have been pretty in on this show was not your world for weeks, okay, he's going to have to raise money during the campaign. his net worth may be 10 billion on paper, but if you really look at it, it is $300 million of marketable securities and a lot of the liquid stuff like real date. neil: in other words, the readily available cash flow. >> you need at least a built-in. it's hard to sell the building. who knows what it's worth. he says it is worth 4 billion or
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the market is worth one. neil: he's open to it now. let's say he can do with it. how much could he race? >> the west virginia coal association -- you know, that matters to the very small x 10. but it adds a good listen, and i have just been canvassing the voter, the donor class. remember that line from the godfather when they say can you kill heyman roth and michael turns to one of his guys and goes difficult, not impossible. it's kind of like that. neil: i don't know what to pursue the mob analogy. >> it's difficult, not impossible. neil: normally common he shows a lot of free press. when you're the respecter policy. you're going to get press. so they are equal in that regard.
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he's going to need a lot of money. the question is who is going to give it? >> let's handicap it. the thinking is 700 million. he doesn't apply to some guy. where's he going to get it? already the donors that helped propel rubio, there is a lot of money guys. paul singer. what i hear to the grapevine is you've got done beating me up by the name for the last year. why would they give you a dime. >> i think yeah. it's hard for me to say. do they want to elect another program that the supreme court and destroy the business
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environment, or are they so worried about him? are they not, so work is so volatile that if they put their money with them, do they get tarnished forever and can hillary be lived with from a standpoint of business? nobody knows right now. i think that's the problem. neil: when all the doubters -- >> is not winning. the people who say all right -- >> it is hard. here's one of the themes -- he built up a lot of the come is that a lot of crazy things. i will leave you with this. it shows the uphill battle he has raised $700 million if jeb bush were elected he would have 1500 people out there raising money right now. it's just the way it goes. donald has nobody except for the guy he just tired. that is an unbelievable task. you need money because as you said, both candidates, there is to doubt, both get a lot of free ad time. battleground state, negative ads, hillary planning in june.
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they are going to torch him. he's got to come back with something. is he going to sell a building? neil: we will see what happens. charlie gasparino. whoever said newspapers are dead, print was dead because looking at the publishing, it is the 16th. i guess it is. the guy behind that after this. [ soft music ]
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of better things to calm. this is no more illustrated than in the pursuit of the tribune publishing. of course among many premier listing. he is the big cheese, the chairman invested in essence so impressed with the direction of where things could go if you leverage other digital dust. he saw lynn. all about reject and the latest acquisition. i guess you don't like the price. >> no, i don't like the price. >> it's a great deal for a good night, the tribune has so many aspects. they have great brands, but most importantly we have almost 16 million monthly unique users get right now are issues that were averaging a little over 1 dollar for these users did "l.a. times" has 36 million people a month. neil: as you were saying, plenty
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of online sites. much bigger. >> the issue is tribune haven't really invested in tech algae. we've only been there, my team and i weeks ago. re: hatch huge improvements of places with little technology. we're upgrading our cms, which is highly managed comment. we are doing a deal with them to bring our cms to us. the other thing is when you do same type knowledge he got my facebook google in deep learning. neil: the metrics are more favorable to your industry and people appreciate. but again, it is hard to tell that to those who might want to inquire. it's not surprising so many other papers to try to lowball the first offer. do you think that is what they are up to? there's been a lot of nastiness back and forth. >> i'm actually really good
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friends with the chairman, jeff lewis. if i was getting at, i would be trying to. if they steal for shareholders. not good for tribune shareholders. neil: when i look at what you're trying to do and should do, i was wonder how the newsroom reacts to a guy like you coming in and how the various editorial levels are responding to the message you're sending. >> i can't speak for journalists, but we are content first culture because we truly believe all the technology in the world is crazy. if you do not rate content that is curated and verified. we won a pulitzer last week. we have 92 of them. we announced raises for journalists yesterday, the first time in eight years and we will be building bureaus around the world because they are the king.
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neil: you always hear they are investing that the print is dead. but you specify content is not. if i was leverage the platform used in that is what you think is not appreciated in the price. >> people at netflix and amazon, the guys at google understand original content is very unfit to produce. you are a journalist and people are paying right now to see you. somebody's pain when it could have that. neil: it doesn't matter what device you're on. >> i agree, the print paper i would want to create and carry content for the largest global audience. that's what we are doing now. neil: did you ever consider, you are your friends to buy it outright. >> that wasn't actually available. i invested.
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neil: you have a lot of rich friends. you're not too shabby yourself. >> we want to benefit. right now when i invest a three-year lockup on the shares so why mouthing you do not going anywhere. more important than the shareholders of 84% of the upside. my job is done completely aligned with the shareholders. neil: when the folks come back and say it's unfortunate tribune board would deny the shareholders compelling immediate and certain cash value by reject and without making a counter proposal or otherwise providing any constructive feedback, they are more or less saying they're out of luck. >> i say we just got there. we sat down our boredom with two advisors, goldman sachs and outside advisers like amy mckenna is the longest-serving they talk about the l.a. bread. neil: another with, you are
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obviously going in the direction to boost the value. you've got a political season where readers in it ourselves here there's a lot more for the leadership searches during times like this that you waited out. >> what we did is we designed this new business unit for the tribune online commerce. it's also a pooling of resources it up to the term means. with that business, what we put together his 400 different tribune thursday contact and indicated to 2000 other sites including microsoft and google. that is where focus on. how do we take that business right now and drive it to be a multi-hundred -- >> you think you'll be doing this as you do it now are under someone else's umbrella? >> they think we have the opportunity to acquire other assets that would execute the next few quarters. because if we go the channels
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that we have and use the artificial intelligence to help content become more valuable, i don't think we are being acquired. we are the inquirer. >> and 90 told the troops and everybody else the print is gone, print instead, the interest in the sector this started. you're saying the funerals on to send your >> i answered mediums come and go. they still live point-to-point. they're just different ways to get the content out there. people need verified content. we do that is best in the world in the best brands in the world. i totally believe in this. neil: so you get this time. you'd look at this environment. does the upcoming presidential election influence you or the environment in the you that you've got to move sooner than later?
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>> now, we have to move sooner. we ensure results every quarter. we need to do this right away. we are leaving money on the table every single day right now. by the way, we are excited. i don't have a candidate. i just think it's an actual reality tv that we are going to have the next six months. neil: have you noticed the new cover donald trump, for example -- [inaudible] >> i can actually stand very that's a good question. neil: very good comments. we will watch it very closely, but it's an affirmation if anyone had any doubt that if you got good content to get a lot of good interests. in the meantime, the hillary clinton camp is responding not to donald trump, but news of a romanian actor who broke into a server. they claim that the guy is bogus. what he is saying is raising eyebrows not so much because of what he saying, but how easy it was to do to wait until you find
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neil: i could've told you this, america did it take down. you know why that's a poor outlook? what else happened this week? mcdonald's at an all-time high. garlic fries, all-day breakfast. hello. i can sprinkle the garlic fries, my friend. it is up to you to follow this. is that if it did environment right there? now the latest on this romanian act or who claims to have multiple times breached hillary clinton server. back and forth with the clinton campaign about whether he's even remotely speaking the truth. the fact is they have to respond to it and they are there trying to contain this. it's hard to contain. blake irvin in washington with the latest. >> this is a double dose for
12:28 pm
hillary clinton and her campaign with the e-mail questions continuing to follow. first or private server which he been talking about. romanian hacker and marcel lazar who goes by the name of guccifer. he was able to easily breached a private server. he also says others were sitting around as well. take a listen to cap inherits. >> when you access the clinton server, it was unsecured. >> yeah, because -- [inaudible] neil: lazar is currently in a virginia jail being held on tighter crimes or the clinton campaign pointed that very point out yesterday in a statement. here's what they said he had
12:29 pm
absolutely no basis to believe the claims made by this criminal from his presence well. however, also another potential issue for clinton. a federal judge has said he would make testify under oath about her e-mail and server setup during during her days as secretary of state in the same goes for some of clinton's top aide. neil: are they saying at this point, let's say -- in the past he revealed exchanges hillary clinton had with a number of people. are they saying that his old stuff, not pertinent to this stuff because it's not as he had revealed some of these legitimate exchanges. >> well, this is from 2013. he accessed it in 2013, which of course is after the time when hillary clinton was the sitting secretary of state. he was able to get in there through some exchanges in the
12:30 pm
first place with sidney blumenthal and without getting too technical, was kind of able to weave its way in there to hillary clinton. either way, the campaign is pushing back against all of this famous guy's a crook. he is in jail and that's kind of the basis for all of it. >> it would be a kicker going through sidney blumenthal's server or e-mails give you access to hers because all bets are off after that. >> yeah. any blumenthal is a campaign in the questions with him throughout obviously his closeness to the clinton campaign. it is a must for the headline, no doubt about it for the clinton folks than whatever is revealed with this. we've got six months potentially until november so who knows. neil: thank you. blake burman. what if i told you when it comes to big business guys from a medium-size, small business, they have a common lament. not taxes, regulations.
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what if i told you that taxes are hurting them, but the regulations are killing them. they just released the cost how much.
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neil: $1.9300 trillion. i'm not talking about sean hannity's dollar.
12:35 pm
i am talking about the money it cost in new federal regulations for all types of businesses. that works whatever they are paying in taxes. think about it. looking at how that is factoring out here. not well. you know, we have talked for years on this very subject. you and i were chatting briefly during the break. this is not a new trend. 114 new laws were enacted last year. issued by 60 federal agencies. a trend that has been sustained and picked up steam in this administration. republican and democratic administrations alike. >> he has to have some regulation, but it has been accelerating. it has been an era of hyper regulation. you can see the results. it is not as bad.
12:36 pm
neil: 80 some with this guy. >> you can see the effects of this. for the first time since they have been tracking the data, in 30 years, we have more small business closures and startups. 100,000 annually. that is a critical element of our economic recovery. this economy will not recover. neil: an argument with regulations, icy regulations as ties. you get in new one, take one out. they do not. they just pile them up. >> susan made the point. everything in balance. regulations are important. on the other hand, the amount of encroachment, we have thousands of employees. i cannot tell you how many additional employees we have hired. they are helping the employment
12:37 pm
situation. neil: ignorance of any regulation does not help. >> that is why you have to staff. for example, on healthcare, you have to sit down and we recorded. we hire an outside company and we record as we tell everyone they're outside options for healthcare. someone cannot make the claim that we did not bring them. neil: is that right weird oh yeah. neil: lots and lots of things you have to deal with their. >> new regulations. we have to hire a specialist just to explain what the regulations are. neil: you would like donald trump who has made this a signature issue. >> certainly cut some of the stuff out. neil: regulations kill here. by the same token, he has made proposals that you could argue would be against business. especially those that send stuff
12:38 pm
abroad geared. >> also do what is best for donald. that would also be best for us as well. the 15th donald trump seems to be changing his mind on hiking the minimum wage. this is what he told us when we had the fbn debate earlier in the winter. take a look at this. >> are you sympathetic to the protesters since the $15 wage works out to about $31,000 a year. >> i cannot be, neil. i hate to say it. we have to leave it the way it is. people have to go out and work really hard. they have to get into that others stratum. >> do not raise the minimum wage? >> i would not raise the minimum you'd. >> and then this. an interview on cnn. >> i am actually looking at
12:39 pm
that. i am very different from most republicans. you have to have something that you can live on. neil reversal. >> it sounds like he is flip-flopping. if you raise that minimum wage, it will cost jobs. plain and simple. p 15 he did not say bring it to $15. do you think that a flip-flop like that, however you want to define it, he could say he is evolving on the subject, that that could hurt him? >> hurt him how? he is looking for votes. it is another thing to get support. you know better. you cannot legislate a minimum wage. then a mole class. you cannot legislate that. middle class comes from people getting jobs. ipay more for cooks.
12:40 pm
>> you have to raise everybody's salary as a result. >> legislating a minimum wage. neil: there is the power of the white house to do that. he is not saying, bring it to 15. mitt romney said it should be higher. what do you think it ultimately has to be? >> the starting wage for a young worker should be nine-$10. word is right now in new york state. who will have these starting jobs? neil: i cannot raise my food, it is a $0.16 raise. i cannot raise my price is 60%. i would be out of business. i'm done. >> i just got something for my capital spark business or robert or. sparking 10 points from this time last year. one of the top concerns is this presidential election. small businesses are worried.
12:41 pm
we will go the way of the dinosaurs. we will be extinct. entrepreneurial ship in this country will be squashed. neil: you have done very well in an environment, no matter what. >> small businesses -- neil: i understand. >> it is not even savvy. there has to be a balance. i was talking to somebody only yesterday who told me he turned in the last six months 40 managers that made 50,000 or a bath. don't forget, you are talking federal rags. here in new york, there is a whole another layer. there is health code violations. there is -- >> small businesses 36% more to comply with the regulations.
12:42 pm
neil: a bigger issue to you then taxes. >> it is a tax. [laughter] >> this year we had one week six leave for all hourly. one week sick leave is one week vacation. that is what it is. who does not take their sick leave. >> hillery wants to have the mandatory family leave act. let's think of 10 employees, even. ten weeks off. what do you do? you cannot afford to bring somebody else then. it is ridiculous. neil: a little joke. i am still thinking of that image. stuart varney running around in a sombrero. i also cannot get this guy's words out of my head. remember this?
12:43 pm
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nicole: i am petallides with your fox business reef. holding onto some green arrows. industrial average up right now.
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s&p 500 up three. the nasdaq up seven. this as oil gains. energy and healthcare and technology leading the way. a few names that reported this morning. discovery channel and also amc network. cable television here. beating the streets. all three have up arrows. five and 6% roughly. discovery doing well with ad sales. amc doing well. after the bell today, news corporation and dreamworks. those are ones to watch. activision call of duty. trading to the upside of 2%. up arrows across the board. more cavuto coast-to-coast coming up. ♪
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neil: they have just now uncovered this one russian hack. 272 million e-mail accounts. gmail, yahoo!, hotmail, many others. we do not know what happened to those or how they are being leveraged. and utilized. in ways they probably have not seen yet. something we have been warned about. something we likely go by and ignore. unless we get a handle on this, russia does have the upper hand. very good to see you. it is out of control. >> it is out of control. we just heard the revelations
12:48 pm
from the romanian hacker. him getting this to hillery server. he spoke from an american prison in virginia. this anonymous person hacker spoke most likely from a very comfortable place outside of moscow. >> the number -- there is no weight there were that many. >> maybe not something that big. hundreds of millions. i believe it is possible. it is not just one hacker. russian state. neil: why are russians, why is he good at this? >> the resources have been used to hack accounts. putin arrives in the low jungles. that is why we have problems with russian athletes. neil: this guy, apparently, did
12:49 pm
not even want money for it. nothing more than getting the names out. great. >> they can well compensate him for what he did. i want the surprise if there is even a whole team behind it did the whole story tells you the idea. it is a fake idea of fortress america. we can protect america. nobody will penetrate it. neil: that is what donald trump says. are you saying donald trump is a nonsense? >> look -- neil: he said he would stop this immediately. how do you think he would do it? >> i do not think he will be able to do it. it is very clear. neil: tit for tat for every time you do something like this. >> you think donald troubled me the solution for all the problems? tell me why channels like fox
12:50 pm
news. putin is delighted to see a chance of donald trump-the presidency. trump is not a real agent. neil: and agent of what? >> a movement. trump is unpredictable. neil: did it he under estimate ronald reagan? >> they knew what to expect from ronald reagan. he built his record. he built a plan. he had a philosophy. he was very strong, you know. he had a clear vision on what he wanted to achieve. his comments on minimum wage. that is what helps him out of the cages. unpredictability. unpredictability caused by the president of the united states.
12:51 pm
it creates the aura where the pack ice -- neil: hillery and trump. >> i am not for hillary. i am for senate. neil: this may not be the year for that. always good seeing you, my friend. all right. meanwhile, you heard about tesla. unexpected the good news. now everyone of the avid followers of this stock in this car are saying, tesla, well, we told you it's a great concept. really? after this. ♪ every year, the amount of data your enterprise uses goes up. smart devices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need
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12:55 pm
going on here? >> it is still losing money. burning through cash. that is worrying about of investors. amazon lost money for 20 years. then it turned things around if it is doing great now. a lot of people are saying the same thing will happen when with tesla. amazon was producing a lot of stuff. only 100,000 cars. they have orders for 300,000. now it lawn musk came out and said we will produce 500,000 cars a year in just two years. by 2018. a lot of people say that that is impossible. way too high. investigators are looking at it and think you are losing all this money. you get this new model out there. that is a model three we are looking at. $42,000 it is a middle-class car. when you add all the subsidies, crossing about half of that.
12:56 pm
that is why so many people have been ordering this car. you wonder whether they will deliver. >> on the car itself, this crowd , they all asked for that, you know, rebate from the government. >> that is right. you had several rebates from the government. that is the big rebate. you have all the zero emission credit that a number of states will give you. which state did you biting? if you bite in california you get thousands more. $20,000, that is the amount of money taxpayers like you and me are paying people to buy the car. half the cost of the $42,000 car. some people wonder if you have a republican as president, he may not go along with the subsidies. the car may cost a lot more. >> i am joking.
12:57 pm
how do you produce electricity? you produce it by burning coal. neil: coal powered plant. all right, buddy, thank you very much. how donald trump should run his campaign. the fallout from that advice. ♪ you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that. check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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1:00 pm
neil: about nothing. this is something. the vehicle industry union backing him. putting his support behind him. surprising things to come. a candidate that is not stepping back from this. made and surprised mark cuban. told me that would not be the case. >> he said the people that were concerned about themselves, i can fix it. i can fix it. neil: eventually, you have to spell out your plan.
1:01 pm
>> no. i don't think you do. a campaign about nothing. the more donald trump is about issues, the more it plays right into the hands of hillery and the eyes of what about me. neil: think about that. a campaign about nothing. if you do not want to be knee deep in the weeds of issues and rules and regulations, etc., is that such a bad name or is that just about nothing? the campaign about nothing. it could mean significant something for donald trump. what do you think? >> tapping into something. i think that people are looking for clarity. something very direct with the american people. to a certain degree, i think that donald trump can get away with that. he will have to lay out more detail plans.
1:02 pm
that will be winning over independents and moderates. neil: do not go too far with those details and plans. suddenly, you are playing on hillary clinton's turf. you want to avoid that white applied. he went on to say, i am paraphrasing here, the most successful candidates. those that spoke just like that. >> barack obama won with hope and change. who can be against hope and change. the president, a very inspirational vision. writing off something. tapping into and expand if he wants to win the general. neil: i want to get your reaction. we are now hearing that mitt romney will not be attending the public convention.
1:03 pm
he cannot support donald trump. all the bush family. including the last two bush presidents not going. donald trump. to use that as a badge of honor? >> more the former. more than a badge of honor. part of donald trump's appeal has been he is from outside. someone that will shake things up. i think him cozying up to the bushes does not help his image. what donald trump does need to do is figure out a way to get more of the rank-and-file republic. he does need the infrastructure. he does need the party to get behind him. hillary clinton will be a formidable candidate. no dow about that. neil: he brings far more into the party then those he loses from the party. he always fights much higher
1:04 pm
participation. primaries and caucuses across the country. that romney be dammed. what do you make of that? >> we have seen very high voter turnout. the highest since 1980 among republicans in the primaries. that speaks something to donald trump being tapped into. figure out a way to get more folks, particularly, independence. went over some moderates. this race will be determined by those folks. you have to get others. neil: israel, thank you. always good chatting with you. israel ortega. i want to touch more on that romney skipping out of convention. not too surprised by this. does it indicate the grand old party is not feeling all that grand?
1:05 pm
that there are divisions there? >> donald trump was not my first choice. john mccain went after my favorite newscaster. i think of the time when most republicans want to unite. myself included. i think people have to come around. where is your sense of tolerance, conclusiveness, empathy. he is conclusive of all. this will stop. he will bring people together. neil: he may do that. you are eight gentlemen, as you always are. these images that you have, all good people, sounding like sore losers and that your babies. maybe that is just the image that donald trump will voice. who needs them?
1:06 pm
>> i do not think you are being bitter and i do not think you are being babies. the area's reasons. i do not think romney is skipping the convention because he is against donald trump. neil: he is against them. >> a lot of us prefers somebody else. >> i know exactly what you are saying. does it look bad that the former standardbearer is not going? stop running this same video of mitt romney again and again. >> all things considered, i would much rather see mitt romney at the convention. he is an inspirational figure. great candidate. he would have made a great president. i do not think he is sitting out the election or not being supportive. what i said earlier, trump needs to win people over. it is not out for romney to say i am up for drum.
1:07 pm
it is up to trump to bring people together. neil: do you think he will raise the money he wants to raise, though? it is a little late to the game. now he is trying to get a lot of money. how is that going to go? >> i think you will have some serious financial disadvantages with hillary clinton. any nominee of recent past spent at least two years. people willing to host events for you. none of this is in place. a pretty big check himself. the 76 convention with reagan in florida.
1:08 pm
was there such bitterness on the part of the reagan folks, even going against ford. they hardly were working their high knees off to elect. >> i think there are probably some similarities going back to that. at the end of the day, most of the reagan folks came around to support president ford and his reelection. i think this time around, again, people are going to come around. it is going to take a little while. a lot of people, including myself i love who were not for trump, but now he is the nominee. we better get behind our nominee. we have no hope of doing it. we will have a more years of a leftward vote. that is something that this country should not have and we cannot afford. dennis: thanks a lot. and that being pretty close. thank you, fred.
1:09 pm
always good having you. here is something that could help donald trump. hillary clinton trying to explain what the heck happened to the coal industry. listen. >> the market is making this decision. the market has driven down the cost of coal. you have companies going bankrupt. neil: it was the administration. >> i love basketball. put me on the court with durant. put about 500 pounds on top of them. i would probably beat him. that would be that i was a better basketball player that day. but could you really say it was based on my skills? it is the market making that decision. just type the coal industry's legs together, put a $500 backpack and go against them on
1:10 pm
the court. not exactly this market. neil: the government clearly siding against the coal industry. keeping that epa on it and the likes. continuing doing call. the stocks suffered. the company suffered. there is the story. >> you make it too expensive. you make it too difficult to do business. costs keep going up. neil: is it a dynamic that changes? could he change the dynamics for an industry that looks way, way out. neil: what he says versus what he is going to do. neil: i am asking you for now. [laughter] >> well, yeah. one of the things we look at color regulation in the united states, we look at taxation and
1:11 pm
regulation. being more profitable. more accessible. other than that, it is a way to make us more competitive in the world. it could go a long way towards growing the economy. very difficult for these businesses to get going. if they looked at coal in a way to reward coming up with ways to minimize any of the pollution coming out of it, rather than hamstringing, we could get a lot further. neil: all right. lenore, good chatting with you. >> thank you. neil: this latest list at the republican national convention. i would get an invite to a wedding a week from the wedding. it tells me i was not originally on the it list. what are you doing, say, tomorrow, neil?
1:12 pm
the cleveland folks getting ready for the republican convention. close. not going. go onto your b list. ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved
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1:14 pm
shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. show show me more like this. s.
1:15 pm
show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. neil: all right. the hacker who is either telling the truth or just a grand live. >> accessing a lot of accounts. it is the clinton server easy or hard? >> ringing you up to speed. easily able to get onto hillary clinton server. working out first earl blumenthal is server.
1:16 pm
then piggybacking on that to get access. you may remember a couple years back, a lot of those e-mails and exchanges made their way to the public. he is the guy that made that possible. the clinton folks are denying this rapidly and forcefully. what all of this means. we do know that there were exchanges between these two that did come out before. whether he is the guy that made that possible. we know that there was correspondence that did get out there. who is to doubt him now? >> the clinton camp is the ninth that this happened. it means one of two things. no clue or they are paying a government paid expert to get analysis. there is a coin toss here. neil: you are the expert, not i. a lot of these cases, as you said in the past, you do not
1:17 pm
have to crack the safe, you can crack the safe next to the safe. find a way of getting through, but not necessarily the front door. explain. >> right. if in fact the smoke clears, using blumenthal as a bridge, in order to gain access, he would have gained the necessary intelligence to get access to her server. that is pretty simple. what he is explaining, neil, is a basic. we proved that he is correct. this is gross negligence on their part in. there is absolutely no way. what if she is e-mailing blumenthal or anyone else from her server. it would seem to me that he is the recipient of this e-mail. you get into him.
1:18 pm
right? >> that is correct. that is why it is so imperative. you have to have a government grade and the appropriate protocols to protect yourself from that kind of breach. neil: this is some pretty classified important stuff. secretary of state. everything would be, by definition, classified until they sorted out. that is out in the open. we know this one guy that is allegedly claiming it. i am sure that there are others doing the same thing. coming to the same sort of discovery. >> there is no question. we talked about this before. the russians are known for doing this. this guy claimed he used a proxy
1:19 pm
server or in intermediary server. the russians are known for doing that. the jury is still out. there is no question about it. bona fide credentials. at the end of the day, did he gain access? i think what we will see here is that he will offer very important information that will be somewhat concerning not just for the clinton camp, but the country in general. neil: he is just lying. trying to work some of the deal to get him out of trouble. we will see. it is weird. thank you. >> my point is, i do not take that he really has much leeway there. talking about the u.s. attorney and the fbi. if he does not have something credible, he will be out the door. neil: thank you, as always. in the meantime, the dow is now at negative territory.
1:20 pm
we have oil. take a look at what is happening with oil. all over the map. here is what is interesting. a certain fire in canada. have you seen this one? this is what it is doing. i will explain. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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1:23 pm
>> welcome back. ali baba shares surging. the chinese e-commerce company reporting major increases in buying and selling in the fourth quarter is bite the slowing account to me. cloud computing 175%. 423 million customers. bigger than the population of the united states. general motors and lift soon
1:24 pm
starting to test self driving electric taxis. the two companies plan to launch them within a year. gm also allowing drivers to use the new electric chevy volt which comes out later this year. stock is pretty flat. new live streaming tv products. youtube getting into the game. youtube is preparing to launch a subscription service called unplug. talks are underway with nbc, cbs, 21st century fox the parent company of this network. that stock right now is flat as well. neil, back to you. neil: thank you. in the meantime, take a look at what has been happening with some, not all. they are beating estimate. discovery, scripps, cablevision,
1:25 pm
fox entertainment. maybe next week, disney. what is going on here? i raise this issue. trying to advertise them leverage all that. he was convinced that prints is not dead at all. take a listen. >> to those that say that prince is gone, prince is dead, you are saying the funeral is all too soon here. >> binders stand certain common go. they grew point-to-point. different ways to get contact out there. people need to reverify content. some of the best friends in the world. i totally believe.
1:26 pm
neil: you have the l.a. times. every dog resumable he has its day. the other one, the content is king. you have heard them all. what do you make of that? does the thing about the consumer into your she is shift day. >> neil, thank you for having me. content is still green. advertising. more money for advertising. traditional media stocks. cbs or time warner. still getting the traditional users. the cord cutting has not gone away. they create the content. these smaller bundles that people just got. they still went out. they still up hbo, they still have showtime. creating more content. i do not believe it is going
1:27 pm
away. i am in the telecom business where we end up carrying all this content. the content is there whether it is traditional or cord cutting. it is not going away. neil: i know we will have a quarter, we will show in earnings contraction. such a phenomenon in a row. there are pockets of consumer strength. maybe some of these are evident. we saw, certainly, with cbs. extra streaming events, super bowl, remedies. what do you make of that? it may not be met at all? >> advertising tells it all. that is the key to evergreen and all businesses. we are in the media business. you are in the media business there. it is all about advertising.
1:28 pm
the consumer is there. advertising goes down. the consumer is soft. it is a great sign that it is going up. you will see this cross all the boards. it is where it will be in the stocks will be the winners. neil: thank you, larry, very very much. california instituted this $15 in our minimum wage. a lot of the businesses there said, are you kidding me? we cannot afford the wages now. there is a florida governor saying why not come to the sunshine state. very stormy for a lot of those california legislators that are now looking at the possibility of this. after this. ♪
1:29 pm
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
1:32 pm
neil: wow, you know, governors can do weird lunch. they see problems in states to take business from that state. it has happened for time warner. florida's governor rick scott is doing that right now with his counterpart in california, jerry brown &-ampersand estate raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. so now he's got an open invitation to california business. come to florida, the sunshine state. more on that.
1:33 pm
>> with governor rick scott insane. he is saying to california businesses in california workers than 700,000 workers are going to lose their jobs once the minimum wage kicks and in 2022. basically the 700,000 mom is saying come to florida. that is what i'm going after. we know that governor jerry brown not happy, saint stop with the silly political sense. that is where jerry brown is saying to rick scott. he is also seen, listen, you've got $69 billion of coastal asset of climate change by 2030. also the national federation of independent business is saying that regulations are a big problem for them. one out of five small businesses say not very common. you know what's going on is even or governor jerry brown in january said we hike it to fit in dollars an hour for the
1:34 pm
minimum wage. he worried that low skilled, low-income people lose their job and also the san francisco federal reserve and did a study. they found 200 job losses for minimum wage hikes even know it would be higher pay for some workers. this is a real problem right now. that's the debate. you raise the wager there's the job. back to you, neil. neil: well said. four pm eastern time. don't forget that take on all of this. in the meantime, nick brown is skipping out of the republican national convention this summer. not a big shocker, but its name to others skipping out including jeb bush, george bush, george bush senior's. he simply cannot support donald trump and that's a hard time coming back. part is the never trump
1:35 pm
movement. great day, a lot of the trump folks come back and say you sound like whiners. what do you say? >> thanks for having me. i'm a conservative verse for the republican party has always been my home because they closely identify with my belief system. let me be very clear. my principle divided by party payment party does not define my principles to win my party has nominated a man who doesn't align himself with my values at all, i'm not obligated to continue to support that for the sake of groupthink. that is really what we have here. the choice between an inept liberal in the fascist demagogue. neil: if you have a choice between the way you describe them, i'm not going to support either one of them. i think they're going to both be to start you for this country. one will not destroy the country. he's going to destroy conservatism.
1:36 pm
i'm going to look at the libertarian candidate. i will pray somebody makes an appearance here. people are fought in the republican party for very good reason now and we don't have anybody that represents us. trade to donald trump says there's a lot of people who never vote, let alone republican. you're missing out on it. >> luck, this is not because donald trump has changed the hearts and minds of voters. neil: he's changed them in. that's fine. i am just saying his argument is, you know, i've taken out 16 of the best republican party. i can do the same with hillary clinton. i can redefine what we as a party stand for it and bring people who've never voted before. michael ronald reagan were southern democrats, typical
1:37 pm
people who would not define themselves in the past as republican at all. >> i'm not interested in redefining the republican party. we have very similar core values that stem from fiscal and social and foreign policy that this man has not been able to reconcile himself as where himself with it all in regards to republican conservative policy. i'm not interested in his rebranding and parts of the pro-socialist health care and progressive tax rates. those are things i'm not interested in taking part of. neil: so you're not an louisiana state on either. are you going to the convention? >> i'm not going to the convention. i don't think this is going to be a celebration of conservative. this is a death knell to the party. neil: always fun having you on. appreciate it. fair and balanced coming here
1:38 pm
from everybody. one thing that's interesting is the democratic side. everyone thinks this dysfunction main problem is just it is worth of democrats and no less than jane sanders, wife of bernie sanders made it very clear to me.
1:39 pm
>> on the floor of the new york
1:40 pm
stock exchange. turning lower year, the only s&p in the green at the moment our health care and energy. the dow up 23 points. s&p down four, nasdaq off 14 points. oil a big story today. oil prices surging on reports of the crude oil up seven tenths of a percent. certainly giving some of the oil companies today they look at at some of those. rising crude oil prices, chesapeake at 3%. new field of 4% and apache at 4.5%. it did shares, talk about taking 10,000 courts today. down 17.5% today. the outlook was disappointing. the master is very concerned about competitive pressures from apple environment among others. let's get back to you "cavuto: coast-to-coast."
1:41 pm
it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold,
1:42 pm
because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. neil: voters are heading to the polls in london right now. about 5:00 p.m. eastern time. a labour party, zac goldsmith of the conservative. some say after prime minister cameron's job and he's made his signature issue of getting out of the european union. that has been a key battle in this race that has now brought
1:43 pm
in a muslim candidate as well. or a layered, very confusing. in england it's all the talk in the another rich how that could change london as we know it. in the meantime, the democratic national committee in the tank for hillary clinton. i've got that bob and jane sanders was talking to me yesterday. could i ask you what you make of debbie wasserman schultz is taking aim at your comments and husband about superdelegates. >> in april 2015, not this year, secretary clinton has i think 440 superdelegates already committed to her. that was before bernie even decided to get into the race. it's kind of silly when they set up the superdelegates in the first place and 84, they weren't allowed to weigh and until
1:44 pm
later. i think it is very favorable to an establishment candidate as we go forward. neil: the national health care workers in a big bernie sanders back or pay what you make of what jane sanders was saying? she wasn't bitter or accusatory about it. she was just saying i'm not surprised debbie wasserman schultz moved some hurdles for hillary clinton. she sensed it. her has been sensed it from the beginning. >> first of all i have vivid memories of eight years ago when senator clinton was aggressively going after senate senator obama superdelegates and the rhetoric, the attacks on each other was much more extreme than today. >> you're right about that. do you think back then everyone got together and hillary clinton was very magnanimous back then. later became secretary of state
1:45 pm
and everyone shook hands and moved on. do you think it can happen this go around? >> first of all, the convention has two primary purposes besides nominating a presidential candidate to establish the party platform. the political revolution that bernie has organized is all about bringing the democratic party back to the way it used to be and that the champion of the underdog. i've also heard bernie sanders say on hillary hillary clinton's worst day she's a thousand times better than donald trump. that's a reality. neil: the one thing that is still jane sanders, this notion that it's actually competitive race if you look at pledged delegates, for the superdelegates and man it's impossible. you agree with that? >> no, i don't think it's impossible.
1:46 pm
bernie sanders has said that the path to be nominated is a narrow one, but it's not impossible. this campaign with the republicans nominating this vulgar cartoon character i say anything at possible. neil: so you're not a fan of donald trump. >> no,, not a fan of donald trump. it is still our hope that bernie sanders is going to be nominated at the democratic convention. i've been privileged to be a delegate to multiple conventions. by sunday i went to our sanders caucus in my congressional district. there were over 100 people on the ballot running for potentially three slots with hundreds and hundreds of other voters waiting to vote in this caucus. this political revolution is real. it's been demonstrated by the record-breaking crowds, the record-breaking small donations, the stunning that to read indiana. there are 13 contests last and i
1:47 pm
am confident bernie sanders could win virtually all those contests. neil: we will see. thank you. always good to have you. the >> thank you. appreciate having you back. neil: we have this fcc majority that is back charter and the time warner cable. not a huge surprise. they had to iron out some differences. i don't have those details, but that would be of long tours making the pair in a reality. we'll keep you posted. we look at the latest reaction from mark cuban on donald trump's chances against hillary clinton, why he thinks the billionaire could go all the way. thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed.
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1:51 pm
>> as far as to pose and hillary, it is going to come down to her turns up to though. if he can continue to say above, i am going to make your life better. i am going to stop trade. i am going to build a wall. i'm going to impact immigration so people don't take your job. if he can get people out, he's got a real chance. neil: pretty savvy investor in his own right. bottom line, he says that donald trump took it all the way and maybe win in a landslide. he didn't say whether he would support donald trump, but it is not out of the realm of possibility to see that surprise in november. dagen mcdowell, connell mcshane. bloody thing? >> he needs to walk the walk if he's going to talk the talk. 33,000 -- to get dirty $3000, $400 is the max amount you can give to the
1:52 pm
15,000 contributions to get to half a billion. he needs to dial up some of his rich buddies and stop spending it on chris stalin ladies and start giving it to the political parties. >> anyway, that -- this old ladies first thing. obviously the "seinfeld" campaign is getting the most attention, a campaign about nothing. neil: i thought it was interesting. don't get too much in the way the sound vain. keep the big picture. >> bath is working. a couple times you ask trump supporters, why do you support them? they totally turn you off at that point. it doesn't matter. mark was talking about this the other day. politicians promise the world and they never deliver. that's why one of try something new. he's absolutely right about that. his point about turnout, which is that at the end of the last sound bite he played is the point. hillary clinton turnout this
1:53 pm
obama coalition. >> so far turnout for the republicans is up 64% from 2012 for the democrats in the last world series contest compared to 2008 is down. it is still down and it shows her lack of energy. with the voter. >> she is an issue with the assumption she's going to win. millions are as good and written about hillary clinton's electoral college. she has this built-in of damage, but the problem without for her is everybody's going to believe those stories and then you go into the summer. if they start assuming she will win, they turn out. >> i don't believe for a second that the clinton campaign is counting on the turnout. i don't think for a second the clinton campaign thinks donald trump will be easy to defeat. what happened with her and barack obama is very valuable. neil: what about --
1:54 pm
[inaudible] give us money, give us money. how does trump explained that with is that they can't be bought and paid for winning the general election a lot of people died in china pay to make him president of the united states. >> is a difference between a super pac and people giving to the republican party. if the people who have got them to worry and where he is in the nomination to bury people who are ignored by politicians and the establishment, not just the last 10 years am i the literally the last 30 years. in the late individuals i don't see -- i don't think the other problem either. >> i would assume they'll explain at the same way he's explained everything else. so pretend the other, never happened. i think to some degree he would have to raise money in a traditional way. a billion dollars is a lot of money. >> roughly 40 million, the most of it is money is loaned. iraq obama -- if you include
1:55 pm
outside donations in his own fund raising, in 2012 he spent more than $1.1 romney if you add it all up spent more than $1.2 billion. neil: can you see them go all the way? >> never counted out. >> she's a favorite on the map. i'll say -- cuban saying he gets in those kind of ways he loses. >> to get somebody credit, mike berlin who was a pollster, a longtime pollster last july said people misunderstand the trump campaign. it is a social media campaign. the wilderness. no one is giving him credit. he was right very early on. neil: trying to dial back. >> why? you know who one pilot?
1:56 pm
donald trump. if you say it, you better own it. i like that. neil: this is one of the favor by its about time. take a look at this. >> i am not going to pay for that wall. i am not. he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. neil: in your mind rascal. look at you. i just love the reaction. >> the little rascals, really? >> it's a long start. strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
1:57 pm
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>> 10 lottery us neil: oprah just got richer. weight watchers, judgmenting after losses, adding subscribers. she has been a big catalyst for that. investors cheering with a box of krispy kremes. [laughter]
2:00 pm
they didn't do that. but, boy, oh, boy, she is gold. just gold for companies and her track record, right? like her not, whatever. the. trish regan to you. trish: wasn't trump going to pick her as vp? what happened to that? neil: could still be out there. trish: thank you, neil. donald trump on the run for running mate. we'll bring you short list while hillary clinton is battling still for nomination. bernie sanders says he is not getting out soon and the system is rigged. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." donald trump is already on the attack. >> she will not be strong at border. she will not be strong with our military. she will not be strong with isis. trish: hillary clinton firing back with this. ♪ >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists.


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