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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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trump should pick as his vice president? could it be trump cruz? trump rubio? head over to my facebook page. tell me what you think. you can like my page at trish intel. keep the conversation there all day long. 24/7. liz claman over to you. >> charlie gasparino said it should be trump claman. >> i think it would work. >> it's not the two red heads. liz: so we've eliminated me. market gains just started eliminating themselves. vice president generating within the last hour as wall street hesitates one day ahead of the all important april jobs report. look at the dow jones industrials. had been much higher. now down 24 points. lots of red on the screen. we've got a major situation developing, high up north in the canadian oil. look at these pictures. oil is still higher but off
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the highs of the session, massive out of control wildfire spreads. this is in albert a. 88,000 people. an entire town now being ordered to evacuate. the fire shutting oil production in the heart of energy country, putting a halt to roughly 16% of canada's crude oil production. we have details breaking in just a minute. bernie sanders campaign still on fire after tuesday night's win in indiana. you're looking at live pictures from the sanders rally. this is charleston, west virginia. he is in the heart of coal country. trying to win next tuesday's primary in the mountaineer state. he might not have too much of a problem considering hillary clinton's stumbled in her comments on coal. while bernie challenges hillary clinton on her with coal comments, she's busy on turning the tables with donald trump using former gop presidential candidates to attack him. has the general election been joined? former republican presidential candidate and former governor jim gilmore with us live. he debated trump as a
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competitor, will he now vote for trump inspect all of that plus elon musk makes a wild promise about tesla delivers and the stock is moving maybe not the way he thought. does the market believe it? charlie breaks it and the endorsement for one small business that went from shark tank reject to one of the hottest startups in history. less than an hour to the closing bell. let's ring the countdown. ♪ liz: we've got breaking news at this hour. we have new and major evacuations right now due to this raging wildfire in canada's energy hart land. near fort mcmurray, in the province of albert a. we're about to hit ou 90,000 people who are being forced to evacuate from the region. some 1,600 homes have been destroyed. 1,100 firefighters on the scene. the massive inferno has grown to five times its initial size
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and albert aofficials say the military is now conducting basic wildfire training. they have not been called in yet. we need to stress that. not been called in until other firefighter resources have been exhausted but it seems the 1,100 firefighters may soon be the case. pipelines in the area and oil production in the area have shut down. 46,000 barrels of crude offline. affecting the global price of oil. oil settle at 44.22, we are slightly below it in electronic trading but spiked about $2 this morning. had remained pretty high. there's word that this fire could shut down huge swabs of the electrical grid in the region. we should also if we can check conocophillips, evacuating a small oil project. so phillips is down about a half a percent. we've got the only mover, chevron up half a percent. but marathon, murphy down on a big story here right now. while there have been no
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casualties reported so far due to the fire, and we have dry and windy weather conditions. those are fueling the fire expansion. so i want to bring in jeff. if we can keep some of the pictures up, folks, because, jeff, west texas crude here and overseas spiked. what are traders anticipating if what we see on the screen continues to spiral further out of control? >> well, again, there's no question that it gives a reason for the upside here. but remember, this is very small amount of oil in the global picture here. so, again, it's reason for pause. no question about it. gives us a little bit to the upside. but as you saw in the course of the day, it couldn't sustain the market really. still very well supplied market. it's still in an upwards swing. i'm not even going to talk the downside here. liz: right? >> but, again, the market is heal the $2 was a bit much initially. that was a knee-jerk reaction in the morning. liz: yeah, because we do have oversupply. i think that's a very
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important dimension. there are libya aside from this fire. but look at this fire. when you see what's going on here, canada has been a big exporter of oil. so you can't discount that if this thing continues to spread, we could continue to see this price move higher in oil; right? >> no question about it. but it's very hard to quantify that right now. again, we see how long it goes. we'll see exactly how -- again, you know, usually that amount of oil can be compensated for and certainly there are many people willing to jump in and fill that gap. there's no region for a shortage or anything like that to come into play. but it could moderate prices and keep a little upward buoyance to this market. liz: we've got a tiny bit of upward buoyance 44.26 cents for oil. thank you to politics and then there were three. you're looking at bernie sanders campaigning in charleston, west virginia, capitalizing on the extreme disadvantage hillary clinton, at least in the near term, has in the state.
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after having said she would close down oil companies. she did walk those comments back. but too late because sanders is up by eight points now in the latest poll. but clinton's got her eye farther down the road here. beyond bernie central. she released an ad this morning which strings together some of the gop's past verbal swipe about their new presumptive nominee. now, let's get to the polls. but we need to stress these polls were taken before governor kasich and senator cruz exited the race. the latest head-to-head matchup between donald trump and both the democratic candidates has donald trump trailing still by double digits. interestingly sanders is far out ahead versus clinton. but both of them still beat donald trump. will trump be able to unite the republican party to bring this around? let's bring in mercedes and jeff. great to have you both. both trump and shrill very high unfavorables. what does he need to do to change that in case he's facing off against her, which
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is what it looks like right now. mercedes. >> well, i feel as if he's already to take the steps that he needs. one is uniting with the rnc, republican national committee. as well as continuing to court the gop establishment. we know, for example, that several senators, portman, have come out. they haven't endorsed him but they're saying they're going to support him. even mitch mcconnell. i mean this has been a very long and painful and bloody path that we've gone on. but i think for donald trump -- look, i think he's going to have a hard time even getting the never near trump votes. they're not going to go there, they're not going to maybe trump. but there are the people whorls it's the only option of hillary or trump, and they just don't want hillary. liz: well, jessica, when is he going to know against whom he's running? because i say this, and it looks like right now bernie sanders is going to win west virginia, going to win in nebraska, not that he mathematically has any path going forward to be the nominee on the democratic side.
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but at what point does she really start to have hart palpitations over what's going on here? >> i don't know that that is actually going to happen. and you hit the nail on the head. mathematically he really doesn't have a path. liz: right? >> and even in the best case scenario, his numbers won't get him there before the convention. i don't think a lot of the super delegates will be swayed, which what he would need to do in order to have the nomination. and, you know -- but i don't see it as a problem. and i don't think that other democrats do particularly we've seen that with all of the, you know, exit polling that's gone on. people feel that bernie being in the race has energized democrats. it has brought a lot of discussion up. and it has kept the policy discussion going in a positive way. there have been a few little barbs back and forth but really been a clear fight. and one in which we've seen -- there were concerns that it would be hillary walking through. she hasn't done that. liz: it's amazing that bernie sanders -- and for anything else he is consistent he said he would not go after her on
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the e-mail scandal even as it ramps up, mercedes. >> i know. liz: he has remained above it. of course now, you have goos goosefer. i love the name. the hacker who's in prison in virginia who was saying if you can believe them, because maybe we can't. hey, i hacked hillary's server. it wasn't much interesting, but i was in and out of there a couple of times. and yet when her own opponent go after her, obviously this is red meat for donald trump. >> i'm sure donald trump will take advantage of this. with that being said, this hacker story, it adds another element to this narrative that she can't seem to get away from, which is with the private e-mail server, with the fact that she's not trustworthy, with the fact that there was classified e-mails. liz: so, jessica -- >> this could become a bigger story. >> you know she's being trained or prepared for those attacks if not bernie sanders, donald trump. what she's going to say?
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he'll use the c word, criminal. >> yeah. there's no criminal charges that have been brought against her. >> not yet. >> and i think certainly -- >> not yet. but this is sort of similar thing that she's gone through for the last 25 years, going back to whitewater and all of these other things. she's been through this before. and i think she'll, you know, come out the other side, you know, clean as a whistle as well. it does damage -- neither she nor trump and this is the first time -- >> well, trump doesn't have an fbi investigation. trump does not have an fbi investigation going on. >> no. just an irs investigation on his taxes. so, you know, just being audit. liz: it's -- >> it's worse when it comes from a criminal perspective. liz: it's so amazing that these conversations are even being has had. but i was reading a history book about 1911 and the democratic convention, and, boy, i think they had something like 14 votes. it was crazy. politics. this is why we're in it; right? good to see both of you. jessica and mercedes. >> thank you. liz: our pleasure. thank you so much.
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we appreciate if. by the way, money is at the crux right now. the major factor in the run for the white house. always. but it is becoming even more important once you're the presumptive nominee. donald trump announcing he will no longer self finance his campaign, but he could have trouble finding wealthy republicans who are willing to give up the cash to help him. you just heard mercedes say it would be very hard because there's scorched earth there. charlie gasparino with exclusives here. >> yeah. we've been talking to fundraiser all day and we hear it's not that easy to donald turn on a dime go from a self funded campaign. $35million spent, about 40 something, 45. he got some small donations, and he didn't actively fundraise. people gave him the money. but it's going to be difficult for people to do that. number one he doesn't have a campaign fundraising infrastructure. hillary clinton -- or let's put it this way. jeb bush if he were elected, nominated the gop nomination,
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he would have 1,500 people on the ground right now raising money. liz: big bucks. >> hillary clinton has that type of infrastructure. donald trump just hired because he did his 180 last night, even though we knew we were signaling it on your show in particular yesterday that he was likely to go this route. he would have to raise money, he just last night hired a finance chairman. >> who, by the way, i believe has given money to hillary clinton in the past. >> donald has. i don't know the gentleman's name, when i heard he was with a hedge fund. liz: that's that guilty guy -- >> don't get him mixed up. but we understand -- here's what the general consensus is. between not having the infrastructure and the fact that he's, like, attacked these guys. that was part of the campaign. he's going to have a difficult time so a lot of people saying donald is going to have to reach into his wallet and
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spend something like $500 million because it takes a billion. so this is a very difficult thing. we're going to see how it happens. and it's an uphill battle. liz: okay. >> you should talk about herbal life, by the way. liz: yeah. let's talk about herbal life. what do you think happens here? >> okay. going to tell you two things. the company is in a lock down period until the earnings come out, i think it's at 4:15 eastern time. they're going to have a conference call tonight at 5:30. but here's what i hear, and here's what i think is going to happen at this call. wall street analysts say they expect herbal life ftc -- i misstated it on twitter. i said fda. that would be another investigation. i don't think they're involved in with the fda. it's the ftc investigation into the herbal life business model. they are saying that thing is concluding what i'm hearing. liz: yeah, look at the stock, charlie. flat at this very second. >> and i want to tell you something. they're saying that they expect an update, an update on what's going on with the ftc
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and herbal life. liz: whether it's a pyramid scheme. >> the business model. which says it's an illegal pyramid scheme. liz: we could have a wild swing. >> charlie brady, our brilliant stats guy said we could have a huge move on this. two points, i just want to say it. the company isn't saying anything. my government sources saying the ftc is concluding this investigation. this thing is almost over after two years since basically started the attacks, saying it was an illegal pyramid scheme. citizen the stock down lower, higher, depending on investors. so the company, they say -- my government sources saying it's concluding. wall street analysts, expect the company to give us some sort of update on this during earnings. so be prepared for a potential wild swing in the stock. liz: we were close. steven muchin. >> i'm screwing up names all day. on twitter, i said fda, and i got these guys saying, oh, are they under investigation by
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the fda too? liz: f tc. first at 6:00. correct at 11:00. >> yeah. that's right. liz: yeah, local news. that's us; right? much more on the 2016 race later with former 2016 presidential candidate and former governor of virginia, jim gilmore. what's he going to do? vote for trump or not? the dow is down 18 points. we have a fed head weighing in. wait until you hear what he says about rate hikes coming up in june. liz: the portfolios of weight watchers today, saying it expects profits to rise the rest of the year. the media mogul bought 10% of the company back in the fall. weight watchers up about 3% right now. but up 80% since oprah's october surprise. and could we also have a big surprise when the april jobs report comes out tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. eastern? is wall street ready? what to expect and how the traders are gaming it.
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and this is what was significant about deadpool. r-rated superhero movies box office success. another marvel main stage hitting theaters tomorrow, captain america civil war already a blockbuster hit overseas. poised for a huge opening weekend here at home. i saw it last night at imax. i loved it. glad spidey had a cameo. although i must say i am missing the incredible hulk big time. yeah, they have a big thing where all the super here heroes face off against each other. my son called it the epic theme. no spoilers i was just yelled at. there was a movie genre even the super heroes can't beat. tells us where the box office gold really is when he joins me exclusively on countdown to the closing bell tomorrow. don't miss it. imax stock, by the way, up three-quarters of a percent right now. do we have a rate hike on the
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near hoarine of? fed president jim bullard saying weak growth prevented him from a fed hike in april and while all the options are still on the table for a june hike, he's saying he's not ready to commit to that. it's a story we've kind of heard for a quite a while. i have tomorrow's employment report. the jobs report. are there any economic positives that might convince the for the record raise rates next month? let's get right to the floor show. do we even care what the number is? i mean obviously americans care. but traders are looking for a move where they can actually catch a swing here; correct? >> yeah. that's right. i think we're definitely into a range here on the equity side of things. and people are not going to really care all that much about the number. like it always is. unless it's totally disappointing or it's a blow out number. but we've grown to immune what happens with the jobs report every month. the fed has been pretty clear in telegraphing their strategy, complete with what
3:22 pm
you just mentioned jim bollard. he got away with a rate hike at the last meeting. and i don't want to under play that. that's significant when jim says that because he's typically the voice of reason and all the noise that comes out of the fonc or the fed. so if he says he's not convinced about a rate hike. now, as we go through the summer, i think we're going to have difficult times. the manufacturing showing us that the economy is not that strong. i don't think a rate hike is going out to june either. liz: gary, the expectation for the april jobs number tomorrow is about 202,000 jobs. that would be very strong. i think john of the new york post who's usually a pessimist on these things expects something higher than 207,000. what as a trader as, for example, a retail stockholder. what should you be doing right now in advance of the number? we've got 38 minutes to go before the closing bell rings. >> well, what everybody look at. first of all, wednesday numbers the ap, the private payroll number. that was a disappointment.
3:23 pm
and i think we're going to see another disappointment come out tomorrow morning, and iare g to settle back like we saw today. very light volume on the floors today. so everybody is just kind of waiting to see if maybe there is that big surprise number that everybody is hoping for. not many people are really thinking here on the floor that we're going to be seeing that. liz: yeah, you know what? we're watching it very closely and be sure to watch mornings with maria tomorrow. both you guys and everybody 8:00 a.m. eastern. maria is going to have her monthly jobs special when the april jobs report is released. she'll gear you up for it. she'll attack the numbers as soon as it comes out. and then, hey, we always try to make you money here no matter what the trade. closing bell ringing in 37 minutes. hillary clinton looking to shake blame in the war on coal. coal country buying what she is now selling? adam shapiro with the exclusive details. he uncovered that you will only hear on fox business. countdown coming right back. the dow has lost all of its gains and more.
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. liz: yeah, you could call this a bloodbath, look at fitbit shares, down 17% after missing quarterly estimates, but also forecasting that it would not have a great current quarter. the shares of this highflier, former highflier are down more than 70% from the all-time high of $51.64 in august, now at $14.16. what about big investors? you think warren buffett is going to buy a fitbit? think again! for the oracle of omaha it's hashtag never fitbit for warren. >> i'll be disappointed if i don't hit $5,000 today. liz: 5,000? >> do you wear a fitness tracker? >> no. liz: will you ever? >> no. liz: you guys loved our conference with the berkshire hathaway shareholders meeting
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in omaha this year. social media went crazy with all of your comments and appreciate it. you guys particularly loved all our pics with warren buffett and berkshire board member bill gates. daniel c. tweeted -- that's true, daniel, fox business is front and center of it all. i have a few bruises from the scrum in the media. pen black tweeted -- my camera crew picked up the lunch tab. thanks for connecting with us on social media. follow me on twitter, you'll see all the pictures and more, and by the way, we're pushing for 50,000 followers. we just passed 20,000 "likes" on our facebook page. "like" us as well, all the video clips are at let's get to politics again. hillary clinton is in the line of fire from angry coal miners ahead of tuesday's west
3:30 pm
virginia primary, clinton is pointing the market at market trends for the pain coal is feeling. she's only telling a fraction of the story. adam shapiro standing by in the newsroom with what else hillary clinton might be leaving out of her narrative in the fall of coal industry. >> reporter: the west virginia coal association endorsed donald trump for president, comes at a time when the coal industry is in steep decline. it's obviously cheaper for utilities to burn natural gas instead of coal to produce electricity. and hillary clinton said the market is speeding up coal's decline. since 2009, the obama administration issued new regulations on the production and use of coal that made it more expensive to generate power, though the price of raw coal has been falling. in 2009, the epa attempted to change clean water regulations that made it harder for surface mines to operate in the eastern united states.
3:31 pm
in 2010, the agency changed sulfur dioxide standards. it changed regulations on the disposal of coal ash adding a greater expense to plants that burn coal. in 2012, the government ordered power plants to cut mercury emissions and exempted natural gas fired plants saying mercury emissions from the natural gas plants was negligible. the clean power act announced in 2014 it would force electric plants to cut emissions of carbon dioxide as part of the usa's global commitment to cut greenhouse gases, pending the outcome of appeal before the u.s. supreme court but one of the reasons coal producers can't get loans from banks and utilities are closing their coal-fired plants. liz? you. >> could say it's going the way of the buggy whip or the typewriter, some of it is
3:32 pm
market oriented. others say it's political. watching it closely. good story. thank you very much. closing bell 29 minutes away. the dow is falling 16 points after having well in the green territory. donald trump's fund-raising capabilities coming into question. we talked about that as he looks to take the republican party the victory come november. coming up, he ran against trump. he debated trump, but will he vote for trump? we will ask former virginia governor jim gilmore who dropped out of the race in february, that very question. find out next on "countdown to the closing bell." stand by, governor.
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tesla is hitting a roadblock, they lost less money than
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analysts were expecting and sales jumped 46% in the first quarter. the company did announce plans to rev up production of model 3 sedan in order to have 500,000 cars build by 2018. shares of tesla down 4%. where he's going, he doesn't need roads. frankie zapata setting a new guinness world record for the longest hoverboard flight. he won the title by flying 3400 feet in southern france. the hoverboard is powered by a jet engine. lots more "countdown to the closing bell" with liz claman straight ahead. stay with us.
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. >> i don't think that the indicators that we like to
3:38 pm
focus on are signaling a recession, but watching them carefully. there's basically two or three indicators that investors should look at that are almost fail-safe in indicating recession is coming. liz: don't you want to know what the indicators are? that's doubleline capital ceo jeff gundlach. you need to watch this tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern. from foe to now friend? once a gop presidential hopeful, former virginia governor jim gilmore ran against presumptive nominee donald trump as a rival until he dropped out of the race on february 12th. the former governor never really endorsed a candidate, now the question is will he do it now? will he vote for donald trump come november? former governor jim gilmore. easy question for me, maybe harder for you. will you vote for donald trump in november? >> liz, i will vote for donald trump. as a matter of fact, in virginia, i've been asked to
3:39 pm
chair the registration the get-out-the-vote effort, i'm doing that. liz: wow. >> very well aware of what hillary clinton presidency would be like. we don't want that. it's important for the republicans to win in november and hillary clinton not be president of the united states. liz: but you had fundamental disagreements. you can obviously get over those? >> sure. i understand very well. as a matter of fact, i was the first national candidate to diverge from donald trump's approach with respect to particular groups like hispanics, african-americans, women. i just didn't agree with that type of approach on politics. but the fact is that hillary clinton is a person who has hidden her e-mails, run a foundation while she was secretary of state, has had a catastrophic foreign policy. her economic policy is going to double down on this bad economy that we're seeing right now with the obama administration. previous guest, you were talking about a recession. the last three quarters we've had terrible growth.
3:40 pm
we have to really commit ourselves to a new future. i think donald trump can do that. liz: let's get to historically what your state has done. virginia twice now has gone for barack obama. you can turn your state around? what's your strategy for doing that, governor? >> i think we can, liz. virginia is a state that doesn't go automatically republican or democrats, sophisticated state, and you got to make your case. the fact is that hillary clinton just five minutes ago on your show was talking about knocking down the coal industry. then she gets deceptive and says, well, i didn't really mean that. she may as well be honest with the g.o.p. >> most politicians do, the issue on abortion where he said women should be punished or perhaps, you know, arrested or whatever for abortion, then he walked that back. politicians tend to walk back stuff when they hear the blowback and feel the reaction from things they have said. >> you see that.
3:41 pm
but the big picture, direction for the country is absolutely vital. that's why i ran for president, in order to most country in the right direction. the democratic party will not do that. hillary clinton will not do that. i've heard all the stuff about how the conservatives ought not to be supporting trump and all this kind of thing. i'm in the conservative movement. it's time to rally to the candidate. the conservatives had their chance to find a candidate. they scattered their votes around people that shouldn't have got them in the first place. partially responsible for the situation. a time has come to unify the party and carry the country for the republicans. liz: if you're doing him in work, and going to help raise funds in virginia and push to win back virginia for the republicans, do you feel that you have a voice and maybe can get him to move a little more to the center on things like what he had said about mexicans? and by the way, we have this breaking news, he just tweeted, and i don't know if he's trying to be coy or funny or if this is a joke, sarcasm, he tweeted
3:42 pm
happy cinco de mayo, and there's a picture of him by a huge taco salad, and says i love hispanics. you know, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he actually is saying this because he believes it, but how do you get him to bridge a real divide that perhaps he caused in the beginning by things he said about mexicans? >> very flamboyant. that's the point of the race this year. the more flamboyant, the better chance you got to get nominated, and the press has been very dominant in terms of the nomination process for donald trump. look, here's the deal. the main thing to do is conservatives need to rally, republicans need to rally. we've got to win the election. prevent hillary clinton from being president, and i think conservatives can help to shape the agenda going forward, and i would strongly suggest we do as conservatives. get in this race, get into the trump operation and begin to shape things to move things in the right direction for the
3:43 pm
united states. liz: governor, a pleasure to have you. will you come back? >> sure will, liz, thanks for the invitation. liz: jim gilmore, former governor of virginia saying on fox business he will vote for donald trump and will rally and help him even raise money. we have the closing bell ringing in 18 minutes. dow paring losses, down 5 points. a crime stopping doorbell? you've seen the commercials and they were enough to convince me to buy the doorbell that shows you exactly who's at your door. that's right. on small business day, we've got the ceo and chief inventor who got a ringing endorsement from america's home owners and one of the most entrepreneurial giants of the world. joining us next, ring ceo on how he is building this amazing company. by the way, a shark tank reject. ha-ha! you both have a
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. liz: boy, you know small businesses, many say they're having a tough time. what about the psychology where an entrepreneur says i'm going to go for it, i don't care what the economy is doing? one guy did just that and thought is something going on outside my house when i'm not there? perhaps an unexpected visitor missing a package delivery? he came up with an idea so you don't need to worry. our next guest is the maker of the world's greatest doorbell, known as the caller id for your front door. it streams live audio and video of home's front doorstep directly to smartphone or tablet allowing home owners to act like they are or stay connected. well, a company that once failed on "shark tank" now
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reeling in several of the most deep-pocketed and entrepreneurial minds in the world, including richard branson. the man behind ring. the smart doorbell ceo and chief inventor jamie siminoff joining us from los angeles in a fox business exclusive. i need to know off the bat, how did you start this company? >> an inventor working in my garage and couldn't hear the doorbell. i literally built a doorbell that worked for me, and it was my wife who said of all the things i was working on, this is the best invention. she told me to do it, and that was almost six years ago now. >> i would say best invention, so good that we bought one at my house, and yes, my husband actually was able to install it, which is unbelievable! one of the guys who can't do the lightbulb. so that's my nanny at my doorstep about 20 minutes ago with, my dog, and look at that.
3:50 pm
you can see whoever is ringing your doorbell. what's interesting for people who don't know about this is it has a direct feed, and you don't need an existing electrical source, if you have one, that's great. it can work on battery? >> yes, anyone can install it. you don't need the wires, it's battery or uses the doorbell wires and has motion detection, it's not someone hitting the doorbell, it's someone coming onto the property which is reducing crime in communities which is what our mission is. liz: let's go to the crime issue. show video and explain what happened here where your ring stopped a burglar. >> yeah, this is one of our customers' homes, and the burglar is literally coming up. people are checking for presence in a home. that's why they rob homes, we are able to deliver presents by someone answering, call it always home, to our customers and that helps the neighborhood
3:51 pm
and our home owners and we drive away criminals every day. liz: and this guy brought back a stepladder to try and break in. he did steal some possessions, correct? >> yeah, but we did get this guy. liz: incredible. you launched during a period of very, very slow growth. we hear a lot of complaints, it's impossible to start a successful business these days. you're only five years old. what would you say to the people how you do it, and you went on "shark tank" were and rejected. it's not like you didn't have some failures? >> we had a lot of failure along the way. we believe deep lein a mission, we're a mission-backed company solving real problems for real customers. that really has been our secret weapon. we're not out there to build a product, not out there to make revenue or dollars, we're there
3:52 pm
to solve something for a neighborhood. we've been fortunate that the mission has driven the business. liz: before you go, how many are you selling per day, per week, and how much do they cost? >> we have hundreds of thousands in the field. $199, 12,000 retail stores in the u.s. >> look at the bear. can we take that back and show that. have you video of a gigantic bear! that's unbelievable. >> that's a great one. that's another intruder. liz: i can tell you, jamie, all i've ever gotten is a chipmunk and a squirrel. this is mine, that's my front door. it is to me the greatest invention for my personal purposes since uber. i love it. congratulations, jamie. good luck to you. >> thank you very much. liz: jamie siminoff, ring ceo. and on the day when fox business is focusing on small businesses because we love you guys, that is an amazing story. they raised 61 million dollars, they're off and running. closing bell 8 minutes away.
3:53 pm
the street gearing up for major earnings action this afternoon, including gopro. the picture is look blurry for the wearable camera maker. we'll check on the stock which is falling right now. stay with fox business for the latest on gopro. as well as herbalife, "countdown" coming right back. gold is up 4 bucks, the dow is down.
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. liz: just about four minutes to the closing bell. the countdown is on, media, tech, herbalife reporting earnings after the bell. expect big stock moves for herbalife after it reports. get to the new york stock exchange, lori rothman standing by. >> stephen guilfoyle pointed out 15% volatility on herbalife. depending what the company says in after-the-bell earnings report, the stock has the potential to move up or down in price. obviously updates on the ftc investigation on herbalife.
3:57 pm
in terms of analysts' expectations it's interesting to see there are very few analysts covering herbalife. so controversial because of this investigation, well known activist investor bill ackman been tearing it down for years. what we can come up here, $109 from reuters on 1.07 billion in revenue. the earnings per share $4.65. we'll watch news corp. and gopro for you, too. >> this is a fascinating company. stay tuned to "after the bell." they'll have the numbers. only a few seconds left before the trade ends and before tomorrow's jobs report, economists say the u.s. added 202,000 jobs in april. how can we expect markets to react if the number comes in unexpectedly higher? lower? let's bring in mark, he has 60 billion in assets for janney and scott.
3:58 pm
what are the numbers for tomorrow? >> maybe a little light against the consensus figure and the setup by way of the adp report that came out in the middle of this week that reported a number below expectations. seen a little creep in the initial jobless claims over four or five weeks and together suggests a little softening in the numbers but nonetheless, a number that's enough to hold unemployment steady but might be a goldilocks for the markets. liz: are you buying now? the markets are on edge waiting to see what the number is tomorrow. beyond that, possible june rate hike, you had the st. louis fed chief bullard saying he's not sold on a june rate hike right now? >> i think the same, it's unlikely we see a rate hike in tune. what we see in june accompanying the federal reserve meeting is hawkish comments to set the market up for a september rate hike. needless to say, we're investing in advance of tomorrow's jobs report and the
3:59 pm
fed meeting in june. the fact of the matter is there's reasonable opportunities in the market today. you have to be careful in terms of what sectors you are investing in. we prefer the defensive areas like health care, consumer staples selectively and avoiding some of those that led the rebound rally since mid-february. liz: you like among your names, you've got pfizer, which is cheap p/e of 13 and i-shares home builder etf but keeping it broad here, are you buying on a now, mark? >> we are, liz. the fact is that the fundamental underpinnings for the u.s. economy are reasonably good, we're going to see positive economic growth and should provide a fertile profit for climate growth in the back half of this year, and as a consequence, equities resume their advance. liz: great to see you, mark, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: jannie chief investment strategist. call it 65 billion he's got in assets under management.
4:00 pm
and he'll be watching as you should, too. markets on the edge of their seat. david, melissa, we just turned positive for the dow, take it here on "after the bell." david: we're positive now, but it has been a rocky day for stocks, ending the day mixed. i'm david asman. melissa: and i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." here's what else is happening in this hour. donald trump focusing on the general election holding a rally in the heart of coal country, where hillary clinton is struggling and he's now secured another key endorsement. and a romanian hacker telling fox news he was able to hack into hillary clinton's private server, he said it was easy and he wasn't alone. another power hour of earnings, news corp., herbalife, gopro. shares of herbalife have seen double digit swings for the past eig


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