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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and he'll be watching as you should, too. markets on the edge of their seat. david, melissa, we just turned positive for the dow, take it here on "after the bell." david: we're positive now, but it has been a rocky day for stocks, ending the day mixed. i'm david asman. melissa: and i'm melissa francis, this is "after the bell." here's what else is happening in this hour. donald trump focusing on the general election holding a rally in the heart of coal country, where hillary clinton is struggling and he's now secured another key endorsement. and a romanian hacker telling fox news he was able to hack into hillary clinton's private server, he said it was easy and he wasn't alone. another power hour of earnings, news corp., herbalife, gopro. shares of herbalife have seen double digit swings for the past eight quarter.
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david: fasten your seat belts. stocks turning positive after the close. lori rothman is at the new york stock exchange and trader scott shellady at cme. lori, start with you. >> reporter: big, round of applause from the dow, closed in positive territory. sorry to say not a lot of movement ahead of tomorrow's all-important jobs report. the traders here tell me listen for the prior month in vision, that will be the market moving data point. dow slightly higher, little changed across the board. we saw stocks and oil move once again closely in tandem. you had big movers despite little moves. fitbit, stock hit 10,000 steps backward. the wearable fitness device, shares down almost 19% in the session. earnings came out yesterday, not terrible. the guidance was the problem, and increasing concerns about competitive landscape between
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apple and also garmin for fitbit. alibaba, better than expected, 39% rise in fourth quarter revenue, helped out in growth and merchandise volume. people are buying stuff off of alibaba. a nice pop for the stock. up 4%. mcdonald's, it was so close, not get a second consecutive day for a lifetime high for mcdonald's. 12 record close for the fast food company this year. mcdonald's will end up 5 cents, price little changed on that. and there's a look at mcdonald's. lot of earnings after the bell. standing by for those for you guys. liz: i'm going to get garlic fries to celebrate. melissa? melissa: oil touching back as wildfires in canada threaten supply. let's go to trader scott shellady for more. talk to me about today's trade. >> whoshlgs we came in this morning, we saw the pop from the wildfires and libya and unrest.
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not about where oil goes up or down, it's going to go longer. we've got a supply issue not going away and getting bigger, and depending how the jobs numbers go tomorrow, if it follows gdp or adp we're not going to see demands. getting towards the upper end of oil and the supply issue is going to hang overhead all summer long. melissa: really? you think the jobs number will have an impact where oil trades? talk to me about that. >> it's a gauge of the economy. becoming less and less. the last quarter of last year, japan posted a 20-year low in unemployment rate and had a recessionary quarter that quarter. so we can't look at the jobs number altogether. we need to see demand picking up. not picking up with retail sales or gdp, it's going to be a rip your face off number or cold oatmeal. melissa: rip your face off or cold oatmeal?
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you sell it. thanks, scott. liz: -- david donald trump is shifting focus to democratic rival hillary clinton, a luxury she doesn't have with bernie still around. blake burman has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump will now play the money game. the trump campaign announcing a national finance chairman as they head into the general election. he's a form goldman sachs partner who is the ceo of dune capital management. this is a bit of a reversal where trump has consistently touted self-funding his campaign. the billionaire businessman will put up substantial money toward the general election, however, it will likely be a fraction of what's needed. it's believed trump and the republicans have to raise at least a billion dollars in total to compete against the democrats and their nominee. the next major decision for trump centers around his
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running mate. trump said earlier this morning there's a 40% chance he chooses one of his former rivals. the presumptive republican nominee is keeping his eyes on the primary. trump will campaign a few hours from now in west virginia. tomorrow he heads to nebraska and oregon. all three states hold elections in the coming weeks, back to you. david: blake burman, thank you, melissa? melissa: donald trump confirming to the "wall street journal" he won't be path to the billion-dollar bill to finance a general election campaign saying -- joining me now, michael goodwin, new york post columnist and fox news contributor. i can't believe he would put up his own money, he's too smart for that. do you think he'll have any challenge raising a billion dollars given that he's starting now? >> part of that will come
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through a super pac. that's an important part. i was looking at the numbers from 2012, president obama and mitt romney spent about 1.2, $1.3 billion in that race. so trump, it's reasonable to assume he's going to need a billion of all sources combined, meaning himself, contributors to his campaign and super pac. melissa: he's trash talked super pacs in the beginning and saying anybody who used them is a puppet of the super pac. is he going to have trouble getting that money? >> i don't think so. there are enough people out there. this is not about donald trump versus hillary clinton, not about donald trump versus donald trump's past comments. the pivot is a remarkable one because he anticipated, as said he he anticipated that the primary season would go on at least through the end of the california primary in june. this is a sudden change for him to begin to face a general election right away, you're seeing a flurry of changes that
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would happen gradually are happening all at once. melissa: i'm glad you mentioned hillary clinton, i want to show you the ad she launched against donald trump and get your reaction. see you on the other side. >> i am a unifier. the unifier party. >> donald trump is the know thing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. >> a narcissist to the level we have never seen. >> he would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. melissa: what do you think? >> clever to use republican words against the republican nominee, but i don't think any of that is going to work. the republican voters voted for donald trump knowing all of those things, they rejected all of those people. so i respect lindsey graham and jeb bush and all the others but i don't think the voters donald trump is aiming for are going to take the word of lindsey graham or jeb bush.
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i think those people have been discredited by those voters. i don't think this works. certainly doesn't work with democrats who consider voting for trump. melissa: it's entertaining. hillary clinton raised $213 million for her campaign through the end of april. if there's something the clintons haven't had a problem with, it's hustling dollars, will she be able to raise as much or more than donald trump? >> i don't think money is going to be a problem for her. she's basic he had a head start, she's assumed this from the beginning. she has a pot of money, the dnc has raised for her, the rnc has raised for trump. she's well ahead of the money. money isn't everything. melissa: jeb bush taught us that. we have earnings out. herbalife out with first quarter results to. ashley webster. >> reporter: moving higher in after-hours trading, up about 4%. on earnings coming in on adjusted $1.36 per share, well ahead of $1.09 of the estimate.
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revenue at 1.1 billion, 1% increase year-over-year. the estimate was for 1.07 billion. so also raising four-year guidance. herbalife has been up 8% year to date. up 24% in the last 52 weeks, bill ackman has a huge short position against herbalife, pushing the stock price higher after hours. melissa: that's got to hurt. ashley webster, thanks for that. david: earnings for news corp., the "wall street journal" and new york post due out any moment from now. as soon as that happens, we're going to go there directly. melissa? melissa: hillary clinton might have to testify on the e-mails. the federal judge saying the former secretary of state may be deposed in a lawsuit related to private e-mail use. the judge granted a request for seven of clinton's aides and
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staffers to be questioned over the next eight weeks, david? david: more bad news for hillary clinton, the hacker known as guccifer who claims he hacked into her private server is speaking just days after the former secretary of state said there was no indication a security breach. listen. >> any indication that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> not at all. >> you accessed a lot of accounts, marcel. is the clinton server easy or hard? >> for me, was easy. for me. for everybody. david: everybody. here now bill gavin former fbi assistant director. we can't verify guccifer's claims, for her to say it's absolutely impossible her server was hacked is incorrect, right? >> absolutely incorrect, david. she doesn't know because there is no legitimate proof at this particular point in time.
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have you some cyberexperts who are saying absolutely what he's saying could be true, we have one individual acting alone with technical ability, and i would have to see what the technical ability really is, but just picture a military complex from the chinese to the russians with numerous, unlimited number of individuals trying to hakt same server. don't think it hasn't happened, i believe that it has. david: forgive me for interrupting, the fbi has her server and going through it with everything they have. and now from guccifer, they have a road map of where to look? >> absolutely. he -- when he went into the server, he probably left footprints, fingerprints in the server that they can recover through his archives. bottom line is he got in there by going in through sidney blumenthal's e-mail address
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going back into the server going through the ip address through sidney blumenthal. seems like a clever guy. david: he also claims that he could see who else was hacking in. he couldn't say exactly who it was but could tell by codes which country it was. he'll know if they were chinese or russians or iranians looking at her e-mails. >> absolutely true, and that's a very difficult set of circumstances for the government to unravel, because in these situations some of what he said could be true, some could be a little embellishment as these guys all do. but the bottom line is he has asked for consideration on sentencing, and the naysayers say he hasn't done it because he hasn't produced evidence. he hasn't produced evidence that we all know about yet. david: he's certainly going to be help to the fbi because they brought him here from romania to get his help.
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final question, bill, if in fact hillary clinton allowed top secret material to be viewed by hackers, not only guccifer but others he saw in there, should she be indicted? >> absolutely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, prima facie should be indicted. david: wow, do you think if she does receive from the fbi a notice that there should be an indictment and the justice department does not indict we'll find out about it? maybe the head of the fbi will resign. >> no, i don't think director comey will resign for this. he's got a 10-year appointment, they can remove him for cause, there is no cause in this one. i believe when this all comes to light, if, in fact, the white house does something to nega an dictnt, ere wi be kerffle,he les weaven seein aong me.
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david: the fbi says we have all the evidence, proof because of the server there was top secret material open to indictment and the justice department says no, there is going to be hell to pay at fbi, is there not? >> a lot of people that are upset. i think we have to understand that the fbi just investigates. the department has the grand jury and does that legal side 's things. tcand r n thing could be catastrophic for this campaign. david: going to be extraordinary to find out what guccifer tells the fbi. bill gavin, wonderful to have you here, appreciate it. >> thanks, david. my pleasure. melissa: awaiting earnings from news corp. due out any minute now. estimates earnings per share of three cents on revenue of 1.93 billion is the estimate. the total revenue in december fell by 4% year-over-year. a lot of the weight coming from
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the print business. they're looking for good signs coming out of digital advertising and digital real estate. david: they used to be the parent company of fox business. that company split about 3 1/2 years ago, and now represent primarily the print editions, though they have television properties overseas as well. we'll be watching very closely. as soon as those earnings come out, we'll bring them to you and analysis in just a minute. melissa: the print names including new york post, new america marketing, story full move some of the brand names see under the title and twenty-first century fox earnings out yesterday, the parent company of the digital and television properties and cable property. david: competitor to the "wall street journal" is the "new york times," figures came out and they were not as bad. they were expect a big drop in ad revenues, the market was pleased by that.
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we can only assume that during the difficult times when companies are hunkering down, some going back to traditional clients and that would be in this case, folks in the print media. melissa: small business account for half of the private sector employment, but as more states hike minimum wages, small business owners are forced to fireworkers to cope with rising costs. donald trump is changing his tune on the issue saying he would be open to hiking wages. here to weigh in on what small business wants, from the next president is aziz hashim, change the international franchise association, also a franchise owner. the franchises you own are p popeye's, domino's. >> as you know, business does well when we have certainty,
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and we feel as if there are a number of attacks on small business. melissa: like what? give me specifics. >> a move to employ a joint employer standard which makes locally owned franchise businesses equivalent to giant conglomerates which is just not the case. these things hurt opportunities for people to start small businesses and employ people. we have all of the regulations which really are not solving any problems but creating more burdens, and they're hurting the ladder of opportunity for millions of americans. melissa: who do you think would help you of all the candidates out there right now? >> i don't think it's a matter of which candidate. all the candidates have to focus on the same issue which all business which is the engine of our economy to create jobs? and how do we help businesses instill this ladder of opportunity. people say the issue in america
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is income inequality. i disagree with that. the issue is not income inequality. essentially income inequality is a symptom. the issue is opportunity inequality. we're in a service industry, a service economy and franchising is well positioned to help millions of people achieve their financial goals. i find it interesting that in the last few weeks both president obama and speaker of the house paul ryan have spoken fondly of their first jobs in fast food, so this is a red herring on the minimum wage and other issues. the problem is how do we help create opportunities for americans, and that's primarily done by supporting franchises and helping us grow. melissa: absolutely. from the first job in the industry to potentially becoming an owner as a way to make yourself an entrepreneur. definitely a ladder out. thank you so much for coming on, we have to go for breaking news. david: herbalife shares are jumping after-hours after earnings report.
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it closed at 58, well over 62. fox news senior correspondent -- fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino has details on herbalife and the discussion of these investigations, these congressional investigations, charlie? >> basically as we reported earlier they were expecting an end to the investigation or concluding the ftc investigation into the business model. if you look at 10 q, the earnings release buried in there is explanation what's going on. number one, they say that investigation is at an advanced stage, it is essentially over. they say the investigation could end in a settlement or some sort of injunctive relief. this is why the stock is jumping. they believe if they reach a conclusion or settlement with the ftc over herbalife's business model, this emanated from bill ackman, the short seller saying this is a pyramid scheme, it makes money by bringing in distributeors and
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not selling the products. they're saying if they reach a settlement with the ftc and given every clue in the earnings release that it's happening, they're going to pay up to 200 million dollars as the best estimate. that is not a lot of money, that is why the stock is spiking right now, and it's kind of interesting. i thought the stock on a good -- i thought it would go as high as 70. if they're saying they're going to get out after two years of being blistered by bill ackman with $200 million fine and injunctive relief, it could hurt earnings. they may be forced to scale back and aggressive marketing to distributors. that's what they were criticized for by ackman. luring distributors thinking they could make money by selling the shakes when it's difficult to do so. maybe a bigger earnings hit to the bottom line. $is if they get out of this without being shut down with a
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$200 million fine and injunctive relief, stocks are going higher based on what we said. we knew this is likely what they were going to report. based on my reading of the 10 q, this is exactly why they're up. david: we'll be watching closely for this full our. thank you very much, melissa? melissa: gopro is out with first quarter results to. lori rothman on that one. >> the market liked what it heard on after-the-bell earnings. shares up 7% in the extended session. it is the second consecutive quarter for loss, the exact number is a decline of 63 cents per share. but the expected loss, which is actually wider than the expected loss which is 60 cents. here's the good news. $183.5 million is better than the 169.08 million anticipated for gopro. better than that, gopro has been hammered by the analysts
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who are actually sticking by full-year guidance, and the analysts are becoming bullish, optimistic with the karma drone product as opposed to the products gopro put out which were a flop for the company. that's where we stand. gopro up in the after-hours. melissa: i know, the drone is the future of gopro, they had to slash prices on the hero 4 was the camera before that, supposed to be the saving grace and had to slash prices and do a closeout, it wasn't a point of hope and drone development was where they were hoping the future of technology could go. my kids can't get enough of the drone. thank you very much. david: another one of the companies where it's not earnings, it's losses, like you saw with tesla. we're going to be watching gopro, and waiting for news from news corporation, used to be the parent company of fox business and fox news, split in two parts. most of the print journal parts
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of that company went over to news corporation. twenty-first century fox is where we and fox news went and other holdings of motion pictures, et cetera. the print media represented by news corp., "wall street journal," market watch, "barron's," the far eastern economic review. melissa: let's bring in ashley webster and bring in color what we're expecting from news corp. the march quarter to remain challenging as we wait for preferences from print to digital, although make inroads for digital. >> ad print was 44% of revenue in 2014 for news corp. that includes a lot of the "wall street journal," dow jones, new york post, a host of other daily newspapers and cable entities overseas.
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ad revenue was down 6% in the last quarter. that's why it's so important we're looking at the numbers. it's revenue streams, isn't that analyst comment if ever there was one. it has been an interesting, it's been down about 18%. the stock over the last 52 weeks, down 9% this year, but we're interested to see where they stand right now. this is the fiscal third quarter for news corp. and, of course, we'll be waiting for those numbers, expecting three cents for the earnings, revenue 1.93 billion for the quarter. we are anxiously looking at the charts, waiting for the latest numbers to come down. as soon as they do, i'll let you know. melissa: there have been acquisitions in the digital space that have helped to boost the area, digital revenues could be the bright spot we're looking to in the details of
4:25 pm
the earnings report. unruly holdings and move, inc. i like the sound of that. it fits with the post brand well. right, ashley? >> unruly would be a good word. melissa: you have a lot of talent that way. >> and a hip move, you mentioned the move in the real estate section, that's part of the transitional phase that news corp. is trying to move into to get to the available dollars in ad space. how much can they get on digital ad revenue to keep this going. we're waiting. melissa: thank you. david: trump is pivoting in the general election but keeping proposal to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. listen. >> they're going to be deport. we have a country where we have many illegals in the country and have to get them out and go to a process, go through a system, and ones that have done well and achieved, we want to
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bring them back in. david: the problem is trump's mass deportations could shrink the economy by about 2%. this coming as the uscbp says the number of families apprehended illegally at the borders is up 3%. john lonski from moody's joining us now. the american action forum sounds like a lefty organization that might be against trump. it's actually a moderately conservative group with doug holtz-eakin and mark coleman. what do you say? >> it is not cheap to return we tolerate ad flouts of immigration laws for such a long time to the supposed benefit of the economy, that reversing course will not be easy. david: well, again, there are some people that say this might be one of the things that donald trump just puts out there that is so impractical, folks from
4:27 pm
bill o'reilly to judge andrew napolitano, when push comes to shove he won't be able to do it because the legal costs will hurt the country. >> what it does to the court system. in the end bottom line, finally determines what becomes of this effort to deport illegal aliens. david: like one of those things when he says he will force apple to manufacture iphones in the united states, which would at least double cost of it phones, one of those things he puts out there as a position he may pull back from eventually? >> just all rhetoric. that is what we'll probably find out in the long run. you know, intention would be that over time we begin to enforce laws onism my graduation as was intended. and like wise we take a look at ease which companies move operations overseas. david: on the other hand when
4:28 pm
you're talking about immigration, there are costs associated with all immigrants in the united states, one of those costs president obama budgeted for, cost of unaccompanied minors, 17,613 bucks how much taxpayers pay for each unaccompanied minor. that is not chum change. >> that is major issue going forward. it will receive a lot of attention in the near term as the obama administration comes to an end. david: john lonski, moody's chief economist. great to see you thank you very much. >> same here. david: melissa? melissa: we have breaking news, house speaker paul ryan saying he can not support or endorse donald trump right now. that was in an interview moments ago with cnn steve mack man, democratic strategist, noelle nikpour, are here to join us. i'm surprised by this the other night reince priebus signaled to the party to get behind donald
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trump. speaker paul ryan not doing it yet. surprising to you? >> very surprising, after our chairman announces and says we all need to unite. behind the nominee. and when speaker ryan comes out saying that he is not going to endorse our support, do anything of that nature i think that is kind of sending a cross message. so, i don't know. david: steve are you licking your chops? does this sound good to you like the fight continues? >> there is that. there is that aspect to it. look, i think, i think paul ryan is somebody who understands that the republican party has been around for a long time. it is a party of principle. i don't happen to agree with many positions it takes but the party has been taken over, hostile take over by a rich, wealthy wall street business guy who doesn't represent values or views or policy positions of the republican party. every single politician up for
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election this year, every republican up and down the will have to make a choice whether the principle of party and preserving protecting future of the party is more morn -- important this presidential election. melissa: is that the choice, noelle, or is the choice do you want donald trump or hillary clinton? >> that is what the choice should be. this is really sad. but, there are some people that are in crossways with this and they don't know what to do because they have been so adamant. there was a huge movement with the never trump and you know, this is just a couple of days after the movement, with the indiana, with trump winning that. and so a lot of people are still licking their wounds. a lot of people have not forgotten nefarious attacks that trump made on each one of these candidates from physical attacks to, just, nicknames that were absolutely awful. and i think a lot of people are, you know, they are really
4:31 pm
waiting to unite behind trump, do we want hillary clinton? do we want benghazi? do we want somebody that feels like they are entitled to, you know the office? is this what we want? would we actually stand against trump with our own party if he is nominee? he is not perfect but do we have to actually want to sit out and allow hillary clinton to just take it, just walk in there with a big red bow on the office? no. melissa: david? david: ask steve mack man, you say he doesn't appear to the average guy. >> no -- david: well you said something similar. he is only candidate who has created real jobs in the private sector. and that is something that diffentiates him from all the candidates. by the way news corp out with third quarter results. we've been waiting with bated breath. ashley, give us numbers. >> bated breath and everything else. let's start with earnings per
4:32 pm
share. earnings four cents on adjusted basis. one cent better than estimate. revenue just a tad short of 1.89 billion. the estimate was for 1.93 billion. news and information services revenue at 1.23 billion, just a little shy what the street was expecting but it does go on to say that the company is on track for improvements in the fourth quarter. that's where we stand this hour. as you can see the stock, well, bid and ask, a big gap about a buck 70, closing at 12.17. david: it hasn't changed for the past half hour. perhaps it hasn't caught up with the after hour traders. closing value of $12.17. that 11:30 been for the past half hour -- 11.30. when you have the beat on earnings it is a pretty good thing. the problem is the revenue. you see 1.93 estimate, the
4:33 pm
actual revenue was a bit shy of that. that might actually cut into it, ashley. >> it will indeed but we're still waiting for revenue numbers to come forward. the advertising revenue of course so critical. 44% of all total revenue last year. we're keeping eye on that. beat on earnings and little shy on revenue. david: ashley, thank you very much. we finally got it, melissa. melissa: yes. prepare for veep impact. the race is on for the next vice president of the united states. ♪ no certainly consider him. he is something i have gotten along with during debates. during intermission i always seem to be talking to john. i am considering talking to a number of people. think we'll have a great choice in the end.
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david: news corp beating earnings estimates. a little low on revenue side. let's go back to ashley webster in the newsroom with more. hi, ash. >> hi, david. david: i wanted to say, the bid and the ask, we didn't see much change over past half hour since the results were announced probably because the volume is pretty low? >> it is so low, david, it is not moving the dial. if you look at bid and ask, exact middle would be 12.11 where the stock closed. that is why we're not see
4:38 pm
anything movement yet. couple things about the report, digital says news corp accounted for more than 50% of total revenues for the very first time. that is interesting development. book publishing side was little short of estimates as well as news and information services but overall the company is saying it is on track to see improvements in the fourth quarter. this is of course the fiscal third quarter report that has been released today. so there you go but not enough to move the dial. still right there. david: people are not reading enough books. folks, read some books for god sakes. ashley webster. thank you very much. melissa: the attention shifting to a possible general election match up between donald trump and hillary clinton. "the donald" is already launching his search for a running mate as speculation grows on who hillary would choose. here to share their picks for vp, steve mcmahon and democratic strategist and howard dean campaign consultant and noelle
4:39 pm
nikpour, republican fund-raiser. steve, you said newt gingrich or chris christie would be likely picks for trump. is that your wishful thinking or is that who you think. >> when you're nominee of the party, you have a choice picking a vice president. can either leverage your strength and donald trump's strength he is outsider, willing to say anything. a lot of people like that characteristic about him and that would make chris christie an attractive pick. on other hand other option is weakness, and his weakness he doesn't have a washington insider among his campaign and perhaps picking a vice-presidential nominee who knows their way around washington, someone like newt gingrich is saying nice things about donald trump. >> i noticed that. >> that would make sense. i guess paul ryan is out for today. melissa: as for this moment. things can change all the time. people have their opinions of trump though have changed.
4:40 pm
as their opinions. noelle, he also started say nice things about marco rubio. said he was a good guy. he got a little nasty but i got him. i love politics. who would you pick for donald trump? >> i think best choice is area where he has a little bit of weakness is women. i think one of the best choices if he would do, if she would do it, governor nikki haley. melissa: i agree with you. >> she is sharp as a tack. a lot of people like her. she is a mom. governor of south carolina, i think she would make a great case for the average working mom. i think that a lot of people could relate to her. she is really connectible woman. melissa: we have to pause there. we had so much breaking news. david, send it over to you. david: well, speak of "the donald," the bond king is weighing in on "the donald." take a listen. >> i have been predicting a trump presidency for months. i was on "barron's" roundtable back early january, they asked who would be next president. i said donald trump. people gasped when you say that
4:41 pm
back then. david: they did indeed. catch the full interview with jeffrey on "wall street week." that airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. right here on fox business. melissa: more breaking earnings report. yelp released first-quarter earnings. lori rothman on floor with those details. >> yelp a tremendous surprise. we were looking for a loss but yelp came in with a gain. numbers, eight cents a share. expected loss of 16 cents a share. previous quarter of loss of 2 cents a share and better than expected revenue. 159 million investors real impressed. at last check shares were up almost 9% in the after hours session. yelp increasing its full-year forecast, up 27%. that is what revenue should do for 2016. in terms of why the surprisingly better than expected report from yelp? number of reviews increasing by 31% year-over-year to
4:42 pm
102 million and local ad sales were pretty strong. so a lot of people are using yelp and crowd source idea is really working out for them. so people are participating and using yelp and advertisers taking note. formula is working great for them. so that's where we are. melissa: number of reviews increasing. i have to say i'm always suspicious of reviews where they're coming from or writing them or person doing the business. >> that is point of contention. i think fair to say maybe more reviews are worthwhile and credible. melissa: there you go. >> who knows. melissa: i will take it at face value. there you go. lori rothman. >> anytime. david: war on coal getting louder. hillary clinton trying to walk back comments on coal industry and getting rid of jobs. people of west virginia want answers. we'll talk to the america coal council director about that. he is next. >> there are a lot of families
4:43 pm
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4:46 pm
david: good day for presumptive gop nominee donald trump as he picks up endorsement of the west virginia coal association. meanwhile democratic front-runner hillary clinton still trying to walk back her comment about killing coal mining jobs if she becomes president. joining us now american coal council associate director jason hayes for his take what has been responsible for the fall of coal but i have to ask about hillary, first of all, has she done anything to undo the damage? >> well the american coal council likes stay studiously apolitical in these areas so -- david: when she says she wants to kill coal mining jobs, you're not in favor of that, are you? >> obviously not. we're not in favor of any elected official killing coal
4:47 pm
jobs. that is pretty clear-cut. david: well, here's just put a fine point on it because there have been 29,000hundred coal mining -- 29,000hundred coal mining jobs lost. some are down 100% or close to 100 percent without going bankrupt. what can be done to turn this around? clearly it is overregulation that is causing these problems, no? >> yeah, absolutely it is overregulation. the that is the biggest problems, we hear a lot of times people will say that the coal, it is basically market forces causing coal industry to go into a fall. the coal industry has competed free energy markets for centuries. the coal industry's challenge is not markets because they can compete in markets and do just fine. the real challenge is as you
4:48 pm
alluded to is regulatory pressure. that is really causing these lost jobs and. david: yeah. >> the closure of mines and drops in market value of different companies. david: unfortunately it is so quick to kill a job. one regulation can kill off hundreds or thousands of jobs. it is very difficult to bring them back again. donald trump says he will bring back coal mining jobs that have been lost. is that a pipe-dream? >> well it is possible. there are definitely several coal plants out there running. there are still mines that are operating. so it will take a little bit of time to turn it around but it is definitely possible. david: would that be just by reversing the regulations that the epa has put in place under president obama? or would it take more than that? >> well, definitely, that is one thing that the american coal council and also many other organizations in the coal industry want, is that, these
4:49 pm
latest round of several different major epa and bureau of land management regulations, other federal regulations brought into existence over the past few years, definitely those need to be repealed and replaced. reasonable regulation obviously is realistic thing. david: yeah. >> that is reasonable but -- david: these were regulations created specifically to destroy coal. let's be clear about it. president didn't like coal. he said it before he was president. once he became president he put in epa regs definitely meant to destroy coal. >> definitely what happened these past few years is new and different. over the past decade reasonable regulation worked where we had government and industry able to work together to achieve regulatory goals. that has changed over the past few years. david: we have to leave it at that. >> there is something deferral different. david: best of luck to you.
4:50 pm
our heart goes out to the coal miners. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. melissa: charlie gasparino brought us the headlines, saying that the ftc investigation has quote, progressed to advanced trade. traders liking that, david? david: fighting poverty is big business but who profits the most? the documentary that challenges current perceptions of global charity. we have the director of poverty ink. you don't -- poverty inc. you don't want to miss this coming next. i'll save the day! for plumbers and bakers and scapers of lawn, she's got customized coverage you can count on. you chipped my birdbath! now you're gonna pay! not so fast! i cover more than just cars and trucks. ♪ action flo did somebody say "insurance"? children: flo! ♪ action flo cut! can i get a smoothie, please? ooh! they got smoothies? for me.
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4:54 pm
documentary that examines uncomfortable side of international charity and multibillion-dollar poverty industry, poverty industry. joining me, michael miller, erty inc. this caught my attention. i watched trailer. when you say you don't want one more celebrity. when company comes in to dump a lot of free clothing on a country. sound like a great thing, you're hurting cotton farmers, suppressing industry that might be coming up. am i explaining everything right? >> you have this idea from celebrities and religious leaders and politicians. if we could just trays $84 billion we could eradicate extreme poverty forever. no we couldn't. poor people aren't poor primarily because they lack stuff. poor people are poor because they're excluded. they lack intutions of justice that enable them to create prosperity in their own families and their own communities. clear title to land, ability to register a business, things we
4:55 pm
kind of take for granted here are often missing. we're, we want to help, want to feel good. so we give things but in doing that we actually, styles crowd out local businesses and we prevent institutions of justice from developing so we keep people poor. melissa: one of the examples you have in there is toms, you buy a shoe and give the shoes to them. seems like just a such thing. all these people have good intentions, but you don't realize negative externality what is it going on the i'm curious what has the response been like? this is liberal industry. you're putting down celebrities -- obviously like i said, intentions were good. melissa: gently. what has the response been like. >> positive. we played in 50 film festivals. harvard 10 times. melissa: yeah. even michael moore? that blew me away. you said during the break michael moore, progressive side, what you're saying is really
4:56 pm
kind of libertarian point of view. you have to help the people with basics. they have to do it for themselves as they said to have seat at table. even michael moore so progressive liked what you have to say. >> we won aat libertarian film festivals. michael moore said this would change the feeling about poverty. melissa: my gosh. >> we treat poor people like objects you have our charity. objects of our pity and compassion. melissa: okay. >> instead of protagonists of own story of development. melissa: we to go. break right here. michael miller. poverty inc. go see it. david: i am seeing it. many people laughed months ago at idea of trump becoming gop nominee. one columnist literally eating his ♪ equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
4:57 pm
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5:00 pm
columnist dana milbank wrote at beginning of election season vowing that if donald trump won republican nomination he would eat the piece he wrote about that. melissa: making good on promise. having readers vote how he should prepare the newspaper. david: would every reporter did the same. would be a lot of paper eating. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who is going to i pa are to the wall? >> mexico! >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> we're not, i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. deirdre: that was before. now the former president of the mexico is doing a 180, apologizing and inviting donald trump to mexico. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. vin sent day fox is my guest. he will join me in a few moments. i will ask him why he is changing his tone. donald trump campaign, senior


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