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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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beginning of election season vowing that if donald trump won republican nomination he would eat the piece he wrote about that. melissa: making good on promise. having readers vote how he should prepare the newspaper. david: would every reporter did the same. would be a lot of paper eating. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> who is going to i pa are to the wall? >> mexico! >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> we're not, i am not going to pay for that [bleep] wall. i am not. he should know that. i'm not going to apologize. deirdre: that was before. now the former president of the mexico is doing a 180, apologizing and inviting donald trump to mexico. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. vin sent day fox is my guest. he will join me in a few moments. i will ask him why he is changing his tone. donald trump campaign, senior
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advisor barry bennett, here to react. a man that manages immigration on the front lines, arizona sheriff joe arpaio. former president of mexico, vicente fox. we're glad you're here. thank you for the time. >> a pleasure. i thank you for it. thank you. deirdre: sure. why did you apologize? >> it is a quality for leaders to apologize. the apology is requesting a same apology on his side for offending mexicans. i think today being cinco de mayo is good opportunity for him to explain and apologize because we don't want to stay with that offense all throughout the world. we don't want the ugly american back into the world that was 20th century. we don't want the hated beginning go anymore in latin
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america -- gringo. we're working peacefully with very strong partnership with the united states, with the united states citizens. with united states corporate world. fortunately we've been creating the jobs in mexico. deirdre: right. >> fortunately now the trend of migration has reversed. deirdre: president fox -- i want to ask you, if you don't mind about the economic ties and our interdependencies in a minute but you said you apologized in an act of good faith. have you heard from donald trump? >> no, not at all. this is good occasion for cinco de mayo to do. let me tell you about nafta. we have created the greatest trading balance in the world between the mexico and united states. let me point to this very specifically. what mexico buys from the united states, over 750 billion u.s.
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dollars that we buy, that we import means jobs for well over 10 million u.s. citizens in the united states. so, we are accountable for 10 million jobs for u.s. citizens because of what we import. deirdre: let me come back to nafta in a minute. >> we have a win-win situation. deirdre: because it is really important and i definitely want to talk about. i just want to ask you about the apology, if you don't mind because there are cynics who say, that you have apologized now because donald trump is the front-runner, is the presumptive nominee for the republican party. that you wouldn't have apologized if he had he not -- >> the front-runner is hillary clinton. deirdre: for one party. >> which 13 points advantage, no, over donald trump. so -- deirdre: it is way too early to call that. but i just wanted to get your take on the fact that you're not
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apologizing simply because he is the presumptive nominee? >> and that is where the united states need and whole world compassionate leaders. leaders that really worry about your neighbor. leaders that really work for improving the situation. why doesn't he speak about education? about universities. deirdre: he does. >> about some things that people are interested in and not the mexican -- deirdre: he talked a lot about at least american education. he has talked about that. you brought up nafta. i would like to get your reaction to this. we'll play a sound bite and it is exactly about nafta. here it is. >> her husband signed perhaps in the history of the world the single-worst trade deal ever done. it is called nafta. deirdre: okay. so donald trump there disagreeing completely with your point of view and we cut it just for brevity sake, but the ideas,
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and i heard you say 10 million jobs are in the u.s. because of that, but there are a lot of money and jobs that leave the u.s. because of it. >> for his, for his information, the deficit of u.s. economy with mexico is 50 billion as he said. but he doesn't know that the deficit with china is 400 billion. the deficit with europe is 600 billion. the deficit with the billions of dollars, so the united states economy works different. you have a deficit with every single economy in the world. and if not, i ask him, give me one nation where the united states has a soup, this means he will go into a trade war with every nation in the world that will asphyxiate the united states. and worst off, if he encloses the united states within four
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walls, that is terrible. when you abandon your position of leadership, where you cede the space, somebody else is going to fill it up. deirdre: well i think he has said he just wants to renegotiate, and that he does not intend on isolating u.s. i think he counts on having trading partners but feels the u.s. received bad end of the deal. but i'm losing quoting him. but president fox. you mentioned hillary clinton. you are clearly a supporter of hers. i will ask the control room to pull up something that she said about donald trump, about his tone. i'm going to play it for you and ask for your reaction. here it is. >> anybody who has listened to him and how he has talked certainly can draw that conclusion. >> do you think he is racist? >> i will let people judge for themselves. deirdre: so you heard a journalist ask point-blank, anderson cooper, is donald trump a racist? you obviously have some issues
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with his economic ideas but do you think at heart he is a racist? >> of course he is a racist. he has expressed being a racist. that what we all see, what we all perceive. i also perceive that presidential chair of the united states is of such big impact. outside of the united states the need there is for a compassionate leadership, mainly for a lady an iron lady but also a compassionate -- deirdre: people say she is very flawed candidate, about the racism, as you said, cinco de mayo, fifth of may, seems more celebrated in united states than mexico. happy cinco de mayo, before the taco bowls in trump grill. i have numerous, thousands of people working for me in all of my businesses.
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almost every race, every religion. >> many of them undocumented and many of them -- deirdre: well that is not proven. >> extra hours. that is way he made money. making money is not running a nation. a nation needs a compassion leadership, needs a president that is really on the play and how can you afford ceding the leadership space in the world by saying nato, you solve your problems. deirdre: to his point the u.s. contributes the most you know this financially to nato. the u.s. carries something like 70% of that financial burden. >> money is only thing of interest to him it is not money. it is national security of united states which is at play. if united states cedes its leadership in the world, very
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bad things are going to happen. we need that leadership, not only in security, we need it in the economy. weedwe need it in training. u.s. citizens will be paying for mistakes and errors he is proposing. >> there are many people who think for once someone is going to stick up for them. that is why he has the support that he does. president fox, i am, thank for the time. even if we disagree i'm glad for the time. president vicente fox. >> we agree creating jobs but he is destroying jobs on his economic policies that he is proposing. deirdre: all right. thank you, sir. we're glad for your input. president vicente fox, former president of mexico. for more on this rift between donald trump and the former president of mexico trump campaign advisor barry bennett. thanks for being here. will donald trump take up the invitation and go to mexico? >> seems like right after he
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apologized he called him a racist. deirdre: a bit mixed. >> i'm not sure that that was really invitation or a real apology. you know, i mean, our border is a problem. not just illegal immigration is huge problem but heroin and drugs are a major problem. now i'm from ohio. heroin is a massive problem. we lose our young kids every day to heroin. we've got to secure our border to stop those drugs from easily coming across the border. >> barry, we're showing video, i don't know if you can see it essentially of the wall and how easy it is for anybody, and potentially smugglers to get over that wall but you heard the tone from the former president of mexico, saying that he thinks that donald trump is going to divide the u.s. and essentially cut it off economically from the rest of the world. what is your response? >> we're not interested in a trade war with mexico.
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rather than hurting america workers in the slightest. we do have to secure our borders. we do have to stop the drugs from flowing across seemingly without resistance that has to stop. we have to secure it. deirdre: is the wall the answer? is greater men on the ground the answer? what is donald trump thinking? >> well the big answer is taking it seriously. but we do, there has to be a physical barrier, number one. there has to be utilization of technology to stop the at-will moving of people and drugs across the border. i mean, it's, it is outrageous that it is still happening today. it, we got to stop it. got to. deirdre: barry, i have to say, there are many people especially in arizona, who support donald trump almost entirely for this reason because as you say he seems to be the candidate that is speaking the most about it. as a problem. but, there is not party unity, at least not yet. moments ago house speaker
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paul ryan said, quote he is not ready to support donald trump as gop nominee. his full comment is here. >> you have said throughout this process you will support the republican presidential nominee. now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump. will you support him? >> well, to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm just not ready to dohat at this point. deirdre: that is not helpful, is it? >> they are in meetings scheduled for two of them next week. we can't expect the party to heal in 48 hours. it will take a couple weeks. give everybody a chance. give some time to everybody and it will be fine. speaker will support, he will support republican candidate from president. no doubt about that. deirdre: barry bennett, thank you for the time. trump campaign advisor. look at stocks closing mixed. see it on your screen. oil closings higher but off highs of the day.
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investors waiting for big jobs number out tomorrow. one of the most important metrics to gauge the strength of u.s. economy. news corp unchanged, following a mixed earnings report. revenue fell slightly from a year ago. herbalife shares flipside, up over 14% following a strong earnings report. this is the first positive sales prints after five straight quarters of declines. herbalife saying it is in talk with the ftc. could face a payment of $200 million, which would end a long-running investigation into the fact that its management was accused of running a ponzi scheme. former mexican president fox getting down to business over trump's wall. so is arizona border sheriff joe arpaio. he is on the front lines. he has to deal with numerous local challenges. he is my guest next. show me movies with romance.
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>> of course he is racist. he expressed being a racist. that is what we all perceive. deirdre: former president of mexico, vicente fox, saying that moments ago. with his reaction maricopa county sheriff, trump supporter, joe arpaio. sheriff, thanks for being with me. we talked a little bit about the wall. i want to get your take, because you are there, front lines every day, fighting against people who come here, sometimes they want to work illegally, but sometimes they're coming to sell illegal drugs. how do you see it? >> well, first of all, calling trump a racist is disgusting. we can't destroy anybody, you try to throw the race card. that is my response to the ex-president. the other thing is i was regional director of mexico city and south america, texas,
5:18 pm
arizona, plus sheriff for 24 years. i know where mexico is. i've been trying to get mexico to meet the president. we do have a mutual connection right now, but they're delaying because they say i'm hooked up with trump. i want to get there to tell them how i used to do it. deirdre: trying to get the current president now to talk about what is a common problem. >> well, when i was there i dealt with the president. i have a lot of knowledge and i can help out the mexican government. maybe the former president can pave the way and get me there which i doubt he will do. he seemed to not like the sheriff to go to mexico but i'm willing to keep trying to help out. that is my opinion. deirdre: seems like a logical idea though, is to get the people who are facing this every day around the same table? >> i'll be glad to do it and i'm waiting and waiting and i'm tired of hearing their excuses.
5:19 pm
i only want to be able to help out, tell them how we do it, how i used to do it in mexico. how i used to work with the army. that we were operational and i would imagine maybe i can convince them to let the border patrol to go across the border or our military to work in conjunction with their law enforcement and military to solve the problem. deirdre: sheriff, four good ideas. hopefully they will take you up on that. >> i doubt it. deirdre: it will help them and certainly would help us. but i want to shift gears because there is another law enforcement issue that has come up. oakland, california, police are canceling additional dui check points. the department is apologizing for being quote, completely insensitive to the cultural holiday and quote, in a press release, tighted fiesta time or jail time. in the u.s., cinco de mayo has become synonymous with festive
5:20 pm
fiestas and salty margaritas, and celebrations often lead to drunken driving. so the police department actually took away the plans to have additional dui checkpoints which seems like, would be a good idea on celebration day on any kind. people do it here all the time for new year's eve. >> i'm sure she got, whoever the chief, got orders from the mayor and so on. what is wrong with duis? we do it here on st. patrick day holidays, and doing it right now in conjunction with other agencies today. you have to stop this problem. i don't know what a holiday or politics has to do with it. i lock everybody up. i don't care what day it is. deirdre: a family member killed by a drunken driver i'm sure that family does not care the reason why that person was celebrating. >> that's correct. we're out there now.
5:21 pm
i have five deputies out there in conjunction with other agencies working today. as i say we do it on st. patrick's day, you name it. we do it. so i don't know what the problem is. i'm not going to criticize the police chief. that's their problem, not mine. deirdre: but obviously in your district you would do it differently. sheriff joe arpaio, thank you. joining me there from maricopa county, in arizona. >> thank you. deirdre: new york city mayor bill de blasio blasting chik-fil-a anti-lgbt policies. what ownership of chik-fil-a is wrong. i will not pate troneize the restaurant and urge others to do the same. chik-fil-a set to open fourth location in new york city this fall. hacker called "gucifer" bragged how easy it was to hack hillary clinton server. what this means for the presidential candidate and her growing legal probe.
5:22 pm
>> any incation that your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> not at all. >> you asked some accounts, marcel. >> yes. >> is the clinton server easy for hard. >> for me it was easy. for me it was easy. for everybody. ♪
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deirdre: video game maker activation reporting higher than expect earnings. they make hits such as "call of duty" and "world of warcraft." they reported record first quarter revenue. romanian hacker "gucifer" reported to fox news that he repeatedly hacked into hillary
5:26 pm
clinton's server in august of 2014. peter barnes is with me. what are the details? reporter: the marcel lazar who goes by the alias "gucifer" that he breached former secretary of state's server like twice, and others were snooping around there as well. this could be trouble. as we now know clinton's private server held 2200 emails retroactively deemed classified and another 22 at top secret level n a phone interview here is what he told fox news chef intelligence correspondent catherine herridge.
5:27 pm
>> recently extradited from romania, lazar faces charges in virginia for sigher crime. he got through to clinton server have through aol confidante sidney blumenthal and was fishing around and stopped because he thought the server contents was not interesting, too much politics he said. fox news could not independently verify his claims. in recent interview with msnbc, clinton asked if her server had been hacked. >> since you last mentioned this to my colleague chuck todd in april, have you been contacted or your representatives contacted by fbi to set up interview. >> no. >> any indication your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> not, not at all. reporter: in a statement the clinton campaign said, quote, there is absolutely no basis to
5:28 pm
believe the claims made by this criminal from his prison cell. in addition to the fact he offers no proof to support his claims his descriptions of secretary clinton's server are inaccurate. it is unfathomable gained access to the emails and not leaked them the way he did to his other victims. deirdre? deirdre: peter barnes, thank you. joining me there from fox business. hillary clinton's campaign is dismissing the hacker's allegations that he easily hacked into her private server, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano with me now. judge, are there legal ramifications here for hillary clinton? >> well, yes of course there are, deirdre. good evening. always nice to be with you, even if we're not in the same room. there is a couple of issues here that are telling for those of us who watch these things. this "gucifer" fellow is serving a seven-year sentence in a romanian prison for hacking into the computer accounts of
5:29 pm
romanian government officials. when you want to extradite someone from another country to yours and that person is serving prison term, the host country, that has him, doesn't let him go during the prison term. you can have him when we're finished with him. the fact they sent him midstream means the fbi seriously needs to interview him and seriously believes he can tell them something. second, if there is evidence that he hacked in, and he got into mrs. clinton's email and if that evidence is credible and fbi decides it's usable, it will help their prosecution of mrs. clinton, should there be one, but it is not sitea to vital to it. because the crime of espionage consists of removing state secrets from a secured location to a non-secured location. whether the enemy sees it or whether a strange person sees it or not is irrelevant. but if she was hacked into and a, that helps the jury understand the case better, and b it, would increase the level of punishment for mrs. clinton
5:30 pm
should she be indicted, tried and convicted. deirdre: judge, you heard hillary clinton say, she doesn't see it as that big of a deal. obviously she is managing the comments and occurrence as best as possible but will this affect the fbi's investigation? >> it depends on whether or not what he tells them is credible. in the interview that catherine received from him yesterday, when she was in the jail down here in virginia, he said to her, that he could see that she had been hacked 10 other times.e numbers, the computer identification numbers of the other hackers, thatter this all across the globe. general michael hayden has told fox news that he is certain she was hacked by russian intelligence agents, chinese intelligence agents an even friendly intelligence agents like israeli.
5:31 pm
the fbi is certainly away of all that. if this "gucifer" fellow reinforces what the fbi already knows, gives them another area, another trail down which they can go they will look at it. they want to be very thorough before they ask the justice department to present evidence to a grand jury. but for mrs. clinton to say she knows she wasn't hacked, quite something frankly that is knowable to her. deirdre: judge, stay with me. i want to continue the conversation. we want to bring our viewers a quick stock check here. gopro up around 3% in after-hours trading. the company posting better than forecast revenue numbers members. sales plunging about 50% from year ago period. well an american soldier stationed in kuwait suing president obama, saying the president bypassed congress in sending troops to fight congress. the judge, back with me on where he see this is case going. a tech warning, do not enable your iphones to touch
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deirdre: stocks closed mixed. oil closed higher but off its highs. defense stocks up during
5:36 pm
session. lockheed martin up 2%. no movement after hours. boeing up by 1% and raytheon and northrop grumman up both more than 1%. an army captain is suing president obama. u.s. army captain nathan michael smith is stationed in kuwait. he says the president does not have the legal authority from congress to send soldiers to fight isis in iraq and syria. back with me now, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, glad to have you back. will this soldier win the suit? >> i don't think a court will hear the suit. if the court hears the suit, i'll tell you why they won't in a moment, he has a very, very strong argument that the president lacks the legal authority to send troops to kuwait or afghanistan or iraq. the president's relying on authorization to use military force in 2001 which authorized president bush to pursue to the ends of the earth the people who perpetrated 9/11. it is inconceivable that the
5:37 pm
people we are fighting, if we're fighting anybody in kuwait, if we're fighting anybody in afghanistan, we are fighting people in iraq are the same people that perpetrated 9/11. so the captain has a very strong argument. his problem is he doesn't have the right to sue. the constitution requires something called standing. meaning a plaintiff has to show some unique injury to that plaintiff distinct from all others. and the reason for that requirement is, if we could sue the government every time the government did something we didn't like, then that the government could not operate at all. deirdre: let me look at this, judge. president obama sought authorization of use of military force from congress. much. congress hesitant to take it up. is the president getting around the laws by calling soldiers special advisors even though they're armed? >> i don't know if the president is getting around the law. i don't know a court will ever going to review it but in the president's own mind i believe from his words, the plain
5:38 pm
meaning of his words he justifying his use of american military troops but the careful tweaking of words. they are special forces. they don't where uniforms. not the same as boots on the ground. there are military personnel. they wear. they shot back. he can do it for 90 day periods. can't do it without end. his captain and his lawyer, he is brilliant guy, foremost expert in this law, can he hear a judge to hear the days? i don't think so. all the other times military sued the president the court refused to hear the case. deirdre: i want to ask you on a personal note, not a legal note. we had former president of mexico on to talk about donald trump. he apologized to donald trump but on our air he said 20 minutes ago that he is a racist.
5:39 pm
as a citizen how do you see this. >> i think donald trump will distinguish his views about illegal immigration from any allegations of racism. deirdre: all right. >> i think donald trump's views on the wall are based upon the cultural, social and financial problems at the border. they're not based money of his personal views about hispanics. deirdre: he spoke a lot about the war on drugs. judge andrew napolitano, thank you as always. >> pleasure. deirdre: agreed. better in person but glad you're here nonetheless via satellite. >> so kind. deirdre: quick look at stocks we're following after hours. apple down less than 1%. apple reported disappointed second-quarter earnings last week. it set off a chain reaction for the stock. seeing eight-day sell off hasn't been seen since 1998 to that extent. 93.24 was the closing price. in march, hillary clinton said she would put a lot of coal
5:40 pm
mines and coal miners out of business. more recently he said she wishes coal to be sold and mined minede u.s. no surprising the west virginia coal organization is endorsing donald trump. the head of that organization is with me next. >> hillary clinton has no idea how mad the coal miners and people of southern west virginia are. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. who don't have access thto basic banking,on people but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet.
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deirdre: oil off the session highs. still up for the day, canadian wildfires and threat to block exports from libya sending prices up. if you're at pump, prices going higher there too. national average is 2.22 cents, up from a month ago.
5:44 pm
we're tracking shares of sun power. the stock is down 1% after hours, following a disappointing earnings report. the company posted a major quarterly loss largely due to drop in revenue at one of its power plants businesses. third energy theme. the west virginia coal association tells fox business exclusively that it is endorses donald trump for president. trump slamming hillary clinton for flip-flopping on coal. >> we're not going to be hillary clinton and i watched her three or four weeks ago when she was talking about the miners as if they were just numbers and she was talking about she wants the mines closed and she will never let them work again. let me tell you, the miners in west virginia and pennsylvania, which were to great to me last week and ohio, and all over, they are going to start to work again. deirdre: west virginia coal association president bill rainy
5:45 pm
with me now. thanks so much for for the time. why are you endorsing donald trump? >> you just heard that. the miners in west virginia will treat him pretty good too. he brings hope here. we've had a miserable time for the last eight years. they have done everything they can governmentally to try to put us out of business. we have the best coal miners. deirdre: bill, let me ask you as good as his intentions can he really bring jobs back to the coal industry? >> deirdre, i think he absolutely can of the reason is, the country needs coal. we're going to fine out just as european countries are, that you wan try renewables and there is nothing wrong with them and they're not dependable or reliable. you have to have coal. most people's standard of living depend on a coal miner working somewhere here in appalachia. he will bring that back. deirdre: people may not be
5:46 pm
aware, in europe, france powered something like 70% on nuclear energy which is obviously not without risk. could the coal industry do a better job of telegraphing why its technology is safer than sometimes nuclear? >> yeah. absolutely believe we can. it is dependable. we can look out the backdoor of the power plant to know how much fuel we have to make electricity. we don't have to wait on a pipe and don't have to wait on the sun and don't with to wait on the wind. we can deliver it by train, by truck, by barring. we're working to make it cleaner every day. deirdre: and as we all know, green energy not ready for prime time. many people say none of those companies would exist without government subsidies. i want to ask you a personal question, after apologizing for cursing at donald trump for wanting to build a wall, the former mexican president just with me moments ago, this is his complete comment. i will play it for you and get
5:47 pm
your reaction. >> of course he is a racist. he has expressed being a racist. that is what we all see and all perceive. deirdre: we know you're supporting donald trump. your organization is supporting donald trump but do you worry about some of these headwinds he will have to face in a general election? >> are you talking to me, deirdre? >> deirdre: i am. i am. we were ininterviewing former president of mexico. he said that trump is a racist and i'm saying because you're supporting donald trump, your organization is supporting donald trump, do you worry in a general election, this will be seen as a weakness for the candidate that you want to see be president of the u.s.? >> well, i certainly hope he overcomes anyone's opinion about that because i don't believe he's a racist in any sense of the word. he is bringing hope here to the coal fields. we haven't had any for eight years. we're looking at it, i'm telling
5:48 pm
you we got every race, every color, we have every kind of person here, young, old, here tonight and it is going to be full. it is going to be absolutely wonderful event. and i haven't talked to a soul that thinks donald trump is racist in any sense of the word. deirdre: bill, thank you for your time and and sense on all subjects. bill raney with me. >> yes, ma'am the head of the west virginia coal association. a new report shows that premiums in the affordable care act known as obamacare about to skyrocket. we'll tell you the amount. on that theme, donald trump saying, if he is elected president he will repeal obamacare. it is one of the reasons why former notre dame football coach lou holtz has endorsed donald trump. he is with me next. >> i wholeheartedly endorse donald trump as the next president of the united states. i've played his golf course.
5:49 pm
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customized just for you. which is why we don't offer any off-the-shelf policies. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: at the idea of donald trump building a wall, former mexican president fox, here just moments ago, here was the follow-up. >> of course he is a racist. he has expressed being a racist, that's, that's what we all see, what we all perceive. deirdre: with me now, trump supporter, former notre dame football coach lou holtz. lou, thank you so much for the time. what do you make of this idea that a former president of mexico, in this case, is calling donald trump a racist.
5:53 pm
i know you endorsed donald trump. you want him to be the next president of the united states. how tough is this going to be, this general campaign for him? >> well, i think it will be very difficult because there are more registered democrats but let me first address mr. fox. i'm sure he an outstanding leader. but he built a wall on southern part of the mexico. they didn't allow anybody in from hon during roost? does that make him a racist. deirdre: lou, i almost want you to slow down. i think that is something big maybe not everyone is aware of. i will repeat what you said, president fox built a wall in his own country between mexico and honduras and was not accused of being a racist? >> that is my understanding. i have not seen the wall myself. that is i understand. they want to protect who comes in. try to become a citizen of mexico. try to go down there to buy property? it is very, very difficult for american citizens to do it.
5:54 pm
what happens, the minute something can't support anything with facts, first they say he is racist. same old game that people play all the time. if you don't have border, you have absolutely have no country whatsoever. i can give you all the reasons why i support president or donald trump, because you look at, you look at unemployment. i'm talking about the number of people working. don't give me that 5%. we have less people working today than we had 40 years ago. deirdre: i'm so glad you brought that up. every time we talk about jobs, i bring up that exact statistic, labor force participation rate. to your point you have to go back to the late '70s or early0 ace as some people know -- '80s, there are a lost citizens just given up looking for work. >> let's remember this. we have more people in the country today than we did 40 years ago also. deirdre: right. >> then we have amount of debt, we have doubled the debt in last
5:55 pm
eight years. you look at different problems we have in this entire country. the other thing about it is education. people say i'm sending my child to private school. however we're getting rid of charter programs that gives people a chance to get a good education. deirdre: that is something donald trump spoke about. giving local communities more choices. i think there is probably not a parent alive who doesn't want that? >> well i think the whole thing we need to teach young people is how to make good choices. wherever you are, deirdre because of choices you make. the reason donald trump will be the nominee, because of choices people made in washington when they went there to control the house and senate. they made bad choices. they chose absolutely not anything and that is why there is backlash, with outsider like donald trump going to get the nomination. deirdre: lou, you mentioned the fact he is a outsider. that is why a lot of people like
5:56 pm
him. but house speaker, paul ryan said earlier today that he is not ready to support donald trump as the presumptive nominee. and the house speaker rather, donald trump, just made a statement saying he is not ready to support the agenda of house speaker paul ryan. is this a sign that things will change? >> well, i think that what people have to come to realization is that we might have difference of opinion. but we shouldn't have a problem. we don't have a problem as long as we have same objective. remember this, the supreme court appointing will be absolutely important and if they want to sit back to say okay, i rather go this direction, i think that is a absurd and insane. deirdre: absurd and insane. so, you think that if he is elected, that in d.c., we'll see patterns that need to be changed, changed? >> i think that all the changes
5:57 pm
need to be made is give people a chance to be successful. people don't realize the talent and ability they have. you do not help people by giving them everything. give them an opportunity. teach them how good they are. teach them to make good choice. i going to tell you, you do not help anybody's self-respect giving them something that they don't earn. give them a chance to earn it. if you give someone playing time that don't earn it, we have great people in this country. i'm so blessed to be part of it. going doggone it direction we are going -- deirdre: even when you think you are being generallous, somebody knows he or she doesn't deserve it. they don't appreciate it and they feel bad about receiving handout, right? >> let me tell you my dad bought me a car. i didn't take care very care of it. when i bought my hard-earned
5:58 pm
money bought my own car, wasn't near as nice as car they gave me, i washed that thing, polish ared, because i took pried in it because i earned it. deirdre: lou, that is a straight message and -- great message and great story for us to remember. i want to ask you one thing. people criticize donald trump saying he doesn't have any political experience, doesn't have any military experience, as someone that wants to see him as next president, what is the answer to your concerns? >> i served an officer in the army but let me tell you why. i think he has a good chance to be a very good president because he is a leader. i've been to his golf course. i've been to his hotel. i talk to people that work for him. you do not built type of empire he has built without being a leader. and a leader is having a vision and plan. he has a vision where he wants to take this country and a plan. if you do not have a vision, and you don't have a plan, you can not be a leader. people can give you titles.
5:59 pm
they say you're head football coach because that title comes from -- can not name me leader of notre dame football program. the players determine that only way they follow me as leader with a visn and plan. i lead by example. hold them accountable. deirdre: he's the former football coach at notre dame. the former president much mexico, fox, said he believes donald trump is a racist. also bringing you the comment from house speaker paul ryan saying he's not ready to support donald trump and donald trump saying he's not ready to support
6:00 pm
speaker ryan' agenda. investor waiting for the big job numbers tomorrow. thank you for joining us. my colleague charles payne is here. charles: the dow eeks out a small gain. donald trump the gop's presumptive nominee is hinting at a possible vice president contenders. word is maybe even a democrat. we have it for you as well as hillary clinton's potential pick. paul ryan, well not doing anything to help donald trump today. saying he's not ready to support


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