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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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speaker ryan' agenda. investor waiting for the big job numbers tomorrow. thank you for joining us. my colleague charles payne is here. charles: the dow eeks out a small gain. donald trump the gop's presumptive nominee is hinting at a possible vice president contenders. word is maybe even a democrat. we have it for you as well as hillary clinton's potential pick. paul ryan, well not doing anything to help donald trump today. saying he's not ready to support
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hip as the nominee yet. >> mr. speaker you said you will support the republican nominee. now you have a presumptive nominee, donald trump, will you support hip? >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. i hope to and i want to. but i think what is required is we unify this party. i think the bulk of the burden on unifying this party will have to come from our presumptive nominee. charles: that was paul ryan with the bombshell, still refusing to support donald trump as the presumptive nominee and mitt romney is going to skip the convention. ben carson telling the "wall street journal" that he removed himself from vice president
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competition and he says donald trump may pick a democrat. mark, you are our gop donald trump fan expert of all thing. did see this coming and is it possible? >> let's start with paul ryan. this guy is outrageous. he represents everything that's wrong with republican leadership in washington. republicans put him in as speaker and they ought to take him out. if he want unity in this party he ought to start by supporting the presumptive nominee. john boehner endorsed mitt romney while there were still two candidate in the race. the idea of picking a democrat for trump is sensational, it's going to draw a lot of attention, i don't believe it will ultimately happen because you can't put a democrat one seat away -- charles: a lot of rumors that
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jim webb could possibly be that dark horse candidate. he's a right-leaning democrat who his more conservative than some of the folk running for the office. someone like that, would that be palatable for you? would you stay on the trump train? >> i would still support the nominee. but it's sensational and it's just not probable. jim webb among democrat might be tolerable. but you cannot have a democrat in that office because if something happens in that office the democrats take over. charles: ke mieka, ryan not comg in to endorse donald trump. does that respect more poorly on him or more poorly on donald trump. >> it reflects more poorly and
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everything wrong with this party. i'm a former cruz supporter who is now fully on board with donald trump. i said donald trump and ted cruz would be the last two people standing and people thought i lost my mind. i'm the so-called establishment elite. i don't think that term is appropriate at this point. however, i realize in 30-plus years of fundraising, once a congressman or senator was in office i tried to call them -- up and they weren't listening. it's important for our party to not forfeit this election. we need to come together. i think paul ryan is wrong and he need to get out of denial as do other establishment republicans. charles: you have got paul ryan making these comments. just moments ago donald trump
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had a retort, if you will, for paul ryan and the possibility of a democrat being the vp. >> things are moving fast and furious. the problem with this in addition to what mika said is it rings of insincerity. here you have yesterday reince priebus, chairman of the rnc tweeting that donald trump is the presumptive nominee and one day later you have the speaker of the house, not the type of lead tore do things by chance, go and say i'm not ready yet. it gives the sense there is something going on behind the scenes. charles: this is a contentious race. there are only a handful of states late in the cycle where donald trump won more than 4%.
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can that be healed? >> it's not going the look the same. it republican party has to -- there is no other way around it. it can't just be the same grand old party. it has to be a new party, and more people need to be invited. invited. it's okay for speaker ryan and others to hold donald trump to a high standard of morality and respect for others. but they are going too far. >> speaker ryan has a powerful microphone, and this might be his way of trying to unify the party. kathy mentioned insincerity. now he's thinking about picking a democratic vp? it goes both ways here. i think what paul ryan is trying to do is put pressure on donald
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trump to make amends and rebuild brid and the truth of the matter is you can't just win an elect with one faction of a party. charles: mitt romney learned that the hard way, too. >> he's going to appeal to them in many ways. he's talking about picking people like rudy giuliani and chris christie for his cabinet. he will be picking plenty of old-style republicans to be part of his administration. the reality is he won, he won with a lot of new voters and these folks in washington are the reason why. and they will be left out in the cold. i'm not surprised trump
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responded the way he did. charles: he said i'm not ready to support speaker ryan's agenda. perhaps in the future we can work together and come teen agreement about what's best for the american people. to what point, a president at some point has to negotiate things. we always talk about ronald reagan. he was famous for his relationship with tip o'neill. when does donald trump say this time i'll make the first move and go to some people who feel abused, whatever it is, they feel like they are left out in the cold, because the art of the deal is if you can't bring the party together, how can you bring the nation together. >> you have got months before he gets to the convention. so long as he is attacked or dismissed after he won. >>
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charles: paul ryan isn't necessarily attacking him. he's saying he's not prepared to support him yet. >> it's a difference without a distinction. paul ryan is no longer the leader of this party, donald trump is and he better figure that out fast. >> we got a presumptive nominee nos before the democratic party. why are we pondering that gift. let's use that gift and stop playing games. charles: mika, can it be woven together. >> there is plenty of time and once trump starts signaling who the vice presidential candidate is, we may need 0 go through group therapy. >> i'm not a republican, i'm a journalist. but i have been covering this
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and talking to a lot of people all day. trump did not have months and months and months. he needs to bring people on board. he can start running a campaign against probably hillary clinton. charles: a lot of people are saying i'm not a republican. i have got and earnings alert for you. news corp beat the earnings estimate. they beat the street by 4 cents a share. revenues are slightly off. they are nitpicky about that kind of stuff. the company says they are on track. right now the stock bidding $11.30 down, a little under pressure. major news across the pond. london on the verge of electing the first muslim mayor after
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>> the honorable member has appeared on a platform with him nine times. but mr. speaker, i think they are shouting down his point because they don't want to hear the truth. charles: people calling the u.k.
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prime minister a racist. london could be on the verge of electing kahn their mayor. you have got a muslim who may become the mayor of one of the major cities in the west with one of the longest histories. then people who would say this always great thing, this is a sign that multi-culturalism works. what do you say? >> if he happens to be muslim that's great. that's a sign multi-culturalism works. but this is not just any old muslim. this an islamist. he supported the waving of lewis farakan's inability to come to britain. he defended him. he testified an islamist organization that was ridiculed for its support of isis. this is not a typical muslim.
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this an islamist supporter who blocked reforms. he's never testified the rights of muslims abused bother muslims,' only the rights of those abused by brits. charles: maybe this is what people are worried about, such an overwhelming population coming in and inserting their own person in positions of power and chipping away at cultural norms. what do you see? >> this is a big historical night in the u.k. this is the first time after the united states it is a one river ai -- itis a country of arise t.
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he's the son of a bus driver. charles: we understand the historic nature of it all. what some people are saying, you have got a guy who called moderate muslims uncle toms. is that what you want to be the first muslim leader of a western city? if he proves to be something of a fire brand and not about inclusion, then i think it hurts the your cause. >> he has gone through the vetting process. charles: what process? >> the election process. people have elected him. let democracy prevail. democracy in any form is democracy. let him be the elected mayor of london. >> mike, do you have no filter at all about what we are
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fighting? he has never said anything about the blasphemy laws all over the world not to mention the sharia courts in london. we don't care who becomes the mayor, in actuality he will be a step backwards because he will make brits think we are all apologists for theocracy. speak for yourself when you have think these muslims will help muslim, instead it will separate the community out and make them entrenched into balkanization. >> he's not elected by a few muslims. he's he atlantic at-large. with representing such a big community, he cannot be an extremist. if he has not.
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charles: mike, your definition of is realism. every time somebody including the prime minister tried to criticize him he picked up the flag of bigotry and calling the race card instead of explaining why he's against. charles: we know how historic this will be. london one of the great cities of the world. if this guy messes it up, he messes it up for a long time. >> this is the biggest sign of democracy i have ever seen. charles: hillary clinton release attack ads against donald trump two days in a row. this thing is heating up.
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>> i'm a unifier. >> a phoney. >> donald is a phoney. >> this is a guy who mocked a disabled reporter. >> he would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe. >> this guy is so unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> his domestic policies would lead to recession. his foreign policies would make the world less safe. the dems are using the gop's own word to define the presumptive
6:24 pm
nominee donald trump. steve rogers, ierk and kelly riddell. some people are saying the gop is somewhat effective. >> i'm sure she poll tested all of them so she knows whether they will be effective. but what happens in an ugly primary season, donald trump could make it about hillary clinton with what bernie sanders said about her and sanders supporters believe shes unfit to be president of the united states. we have two candidates who are unlikeable and have high unfavorability numbers. charles: grab the popcorn, boys
6:25 pm
and girls. they both have so much on a negative side, unfavorables that maybe we'll hear more policy. >> these are the very attacks that got donald trump where he is for the f.b.i. ad to come out. those will aperture the american imagination. >> i'm bracing for more ads. when trump had 16 people going against him, 14 were getting into these negative clips against him. i have been waiting on this ad. this shows everyone the gop's nominee is not worthy of the nomination. this shows everyone who is a leader in the gop is saying how unworthy this candidate is. charles: in a contentious race,
6:26 pm
this will be par for the course. >> every person who criticized and attacked donald trump, they are gone. >> they are talking about a third party candidate now. bring it on, baby, we want it. >> he need an got and captured the american people. >> a decent amount. he got republican side. charles: this worked for him. but are you convinced it will work enough to tilt the general election, steve? >> absolutely. he should shouldn't change anything. >> i have no doubt he will become the president of the united states and there will be a seat available for my buddy eric on the trump train. charles: we see poll after poll of all the high negatives donald trump has and that's where hillary will hit time after
6:27 pm
time. but the gop's own word and the infighting that persists at some point has got to come to a conclusion. >> i think it's definitely got to come to a conclusion. and they will get behind him. the thing that scares me the most about these ad is they were released moments after donald trump became the presumptive nominee. hillary clinton's team was preparing and gearing up for this. charles: she has those hollywood friends, too. today the west virginia coal miners association voted to endorse donald trump. this is the biggest thing that has come to west virginia in long time.
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charles: earlier the west virginia coal miners association voted to endorse donald trump for president. i had the chance to speak to it spokesperson.
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here is we had to say about why the endorsement. >> chris hamilton, you have got a big crowd, but the real excitement started earlier when your association endorsed donald trump for president. tell the audience why. >> we believe donald is the right choice to lead our country and our energy industry forward. he represents what he want to bring the country back again and bring west virginia mining back as well as our other energy industry. we are fully supportive of that and appreciate the mission he's on. charles: with hillary clinton and the obama administration. president obama declaring war on your industry and being quite successful. we looked at your first vice president, the secretary. even these companies have been
6:33 pm
decimated to bankruptcy or their stocks are down 5%. this administration declared war and destroyed you guys. >> they carried it out effectively. since this president has taken office we have lost half of our mining jobs and 40,000 indirect jobs across our state and the say is true for southeastern kentucky. the other candidate for president hillary clinton indicated publicly and clearly that she is going to double down and carry through on president obama's energy programs. charles: what do you make of the knowing in that one infamous speech where she seemed to be gleeful about the notion of getting rid of more coal jobs. then she has come back then saying it was misspoken or
6:34 pm
mistaken and they want to find ways to retrain people in your area. >> we'll take anything they want to give us, but that's not unique to hillary. anybody and everybody will try to help out the community that have lost a huge percent and of their job base. the question is what are they going to do to try to keep the jobs and industries viable. and i think that's the difference. that's where you separate the national democratic energy plan and the republican energy plan. the plan we'll see by donald trump and his colleagues are about how do we restore the confidence and viability in our nation's energy industries or extractive industries and try to reconnect with that manufacturing superiority that we held as a country a couple decade ago. charles: i get the overall
6:35 pm
fossil fuel energy plan and of course i think it's been a remarkable godsend. but there is a poring that, that natural gas component. as it gets cheaper and cheaper, how does the coal industry sell itself to the triwith natural gas being somewhat of a clean alternative? >> we are a competing fuel with natural gas. a lot of remembers in certain marketing structures. other structures that competition does not exist. we welcome competition and free trade. with all thing equal we think coal fired electricity as clean as it is today is very cost competitive. we have got to take the rains and the restrictions off the industry that this president and his epa and his administration has applied over an 8-year period. they are unprecedented.
6:36 pm
charles: to your point, what this president did probably could have happened with the natural curve that comes in business after a multi decade period. it's a great american industry and i appreciate you taking time out. i can feel the electricity here. so enjoy the rally for us, and refreshate it, chris hamilton. >> thank you, we appreciate you. charles: i want to bring in the pant to discuss this. we know the jobs lost. i guess there was -- i guess the triwas going to evolve anyway. but the draconian rule put upon them resulted in people losing their jobs and companies went out of business. >> it's not a matter of evolution in the industry.
6:37 pm
the question is the pace, how fast and the consequences for other manufacturing activity. the epa requirements. they raised the cost of generating electricity. and this president made war on oil and natural gas as well. he has contempt for anybody who make things run. charles: how does the president justify that. the whole clean energy thing and the solar. coal is no longer 50% of the power grid. but it was replaced with natural gas, not sole lahr or wind. >> we are talking about energy policy for barack obama. gasoline prices down from 8 years ago. charles: let's stick with coal because we don't have a lot of time. >> peter, i didn't interrupt you. charles: you are not answering the question.
6:38 pm
>> the fact of the matter is all these jobs tarted to get lost decade ago. in 1940 there were 130,000 coal mining jobs in west virginia. in 2005 there were 20,000. they couldn't spell obama in 2005. natural gas is 1/5 the price today from when barack obama was running for president. we have sympathy for people who lost their jobs. test they have families. but it's mechanickization. charles: the draconian rules, there was a war declared. president obama wasn't bashful about this. he declared war on this industry. >> the clean power plant doesn't take effect until 2022.
6:39 pm
and it's been stayed by the supreme court. and the state suing the obama administration, all of them are moving to natural gas rather than coal. i understand the thesis behind this. this is a network that deals with facts and market. and the facts of the market are the enemy of the coal industry, not barack obama. you are basically saying barack obama had no impact on the demand for coal. this is merely a market process. i guess we should shut the epa. from what you are saying it would all happen on it own and we don't need the epa. maybe democrats and republicans can agree. charles: trump and hillary are both looking to november. moment ago former mexican
6:40 pm
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charles: it's trump versus hillary, even though she has some work to do. we'll talk about the general election.
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charles: more breaking news mp. congressman darrell issa endorsing donald trump saying he's the obvious choice for americans. according to experts it's looking tough for gop frontrunner donald trump. national polls have him trailing hillary clinton by 10 points. if the election was today hillary would easily defeat donald trump. but if he can improve his
6:44 pm
polling average by 10 points and trump would win five of those battleground states to go along with the others. how close is this thing? let's bring in the panel. rich, hillary riding high in the polls. i think she had a 14-points lead in the more recent one. but its many early. are the democrats comfortable with this or do they understand this will be a nail biter? >> i think if you have had anybody from the clinton campaign under oath, they would tell you it's a polarized country, they are expecting it will be a very highly contested race. nobody is taking these 10-15-point spreads to the bank. the fact of the matter is it was entirely different circumstance with reagan. he was the government largest
6:45 pm
state in america among other things. when trump says i may win new york. he's down 26 in new york. hillary is up 2 in utah. i love it when this delusional talk of trump is held as gospel. charles: you gave me some low-hanging fruit when you talked about the clintons taking oaths. but i don't want to go there. how delusional do you feel because you have rich saying the numbers don't lie. >> i love polls like this. it's the democrats and main stream media who will take polls like this and take comfort in the idea hillary is going to trounce trump. hillary was ahead of bernie sanders last spring by 57%. so the polls are going to change dramatically.
6:46 pm
1980 and 1988 are relevant years. democrats were leading by similar numbers during those years. it's very relevant. donald trump is a wildcard, the clintons, the democrats, they are playing an establishment strategy. hillary clinton will pick an insider using identity politics to pick a vp candidate. they are playing an establishment race during an outsiders' year and i love it. charles: there is no script for this, kathy. everyone knows a 14, 15-points lead does not mean a lot. >> it doesn't because we don't have any good polling on the times of voters in the open primaries that have gone over to donald trump. but if we had a nickel for every time we said never with regard to what donald trump could accomplish in this campaign we would be on and beach somewhere. we said he couldn't attract enough delegates.
6:47 pm
and he's proven many, many of us very well. charles: the year of the outsider? >> it's the year of the disrupter. bernie is a politician, he's not a politician. i agree with richard. this is -- that hillary is ahead is not such a big deal it's way too early. he was right, you know. >> the "wall street journal" today, the dow jones industrial average is down a small gain, but it's nasdaq that has me worried and continues to have the meltdown. we'll be right back. you both have a
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charles: the drip, drip, drip sell-off in nasdaq continues today. it could seduce all the people standing on the sidelines or those folks who like to pick bottoms. the selling seems to be on automatic pie lot and also seems to be orderly. questions about valuations. so watch got is the steady stairstep lower. at some point orderly does become disorderly. the nasdaq has fallen below its averages. but the bottom line is we could
6:52 pm
be seeing 4,500. hot tech names after the bell are falling apart. square which beat gopro which actually missed. of course there is tomorrow. the big jobs number. during the day no one paying attention. goldman upped their estimate for tomorrow. i think it needs 230,000 that might do the trick to reverse the downwardness. for guidance on how to play the numbers we are awaiting a donald trump rally in west virginia. ben carson said donald trump could consider a democrat for a running-mate. we'll talk about some of the vps for candidate on both side.
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. charles: we had a lot of breaking news, this had to be the biggest. ben carson telling the "wall street journal" moments ago, he's going to remove himself from consideration for the vp competition and donald trump may in fact pick a democrat. which vp picks would be most advantageous in matschup between donald trump and hillary clinton. let's bring them back. in i love your reporting in things like this. you are ahead of the curve and open-minded, which gets you in trouble with the twitter-sphere, but i love it. tell us the best vp's? >> the best vp's? considering a democratic nomination on a republican ticket has been done before in 2008 when mccain vetted joe lieberman, that's not entirely crazy. but i think donald trump, and this is more conventional
6:57 pm
thought, i think marco rubio is the best vp, they seem to be coming together, marco rubio said favorable things about him, florida is a swing state. he's a young guys, a positive message and he can go out on capitol hill and bring all the never-trumpers back into the party and back together again. charles: mark, rubio feels like he made overtures of late. is that true, mark? >> yes, that's plausible, charles. what's more significant about trump is what he won't do. he won't choose based on pc culture, based on identity politics and ideology, he's going to approach it as a businessman, he wants someone who can be president, work with government and has a good rapport with. hillary clinton will have one criteria, somebody who has hot sauce on them at all times, she will pthlay e race card and identity politics because she's going to read the polls and determine she has to get racial
6:58 pm
minorities as high as possible because she can't get the white vote. that's what will drive the decision. charles: richard goodstein, julio castro is the potential top vp candidate for a while. anyone else we should look out for? >> i don't think it's going to be julio castro myself. i'll tell you who not to look to, cory booker would have been a good choice but i don't think the democrats want to take a chance of a republican appointed instead of him. instead have you people like duval patrick out of politics, and tim kaine from virginia doesn't have the hot sauce that marks him derogatorily. have your fun, have your fun. have your fun. in among white voters today, hillary is running even or slightly ahead of trump in all of the polls. it goes to my point, live in a delusional world, hillary is
6:59 pm
going to pick somebody who is steady yet tim kaine fits that bill and other people as well. charles: virginia is a swing state. the establishment, you are one of the people who proudly goes around and says i'm the establishment. who does the establishment want? this could be the olive branch we talked about earlier in the show. would it be marco rubio, your guy cruz? >> obviously, i would have loved to see ted cruz as the vice presidential pick. i think they feel bruised up just out of the gladiator ring. who i would love to see are two women, either susana martinez, a former democrat, and she would bring the latino vote in new mexico. she represents the working class, she was a former prosecutor. charles: and the other one? >> would be jan brewer, who would bring arizona on board and also the latino vote and -- >> that ticket would be a
7:00 pm
little older than your average ticket. >> watch out for newt gingrich. charles: newt said it would be 10,000 to 1. at home, we appreciate it. you've been watching and we work hard for you. so does lou dobbs. he's next.. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan today shocking the republican party by breaking his word to support the gop presidential presumptive nominee. ryan today declined to say that he would support donald trump and didn't offer a coherent or rational reason for his extraordinary behaviorsa the man who will be running the gop national convention. ryan effectively said he isn't prepared for trump to have won as much as he did or as soon as he did. >> i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully and i want to do that,


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