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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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share with us? we'd love to hear it! send me an e-mail or go to our website, ♪ you've been watching and we work hard for you. so does lou dobbs. he's next.. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan today shocking the republican party by breaking his word to support the gop presidential presumptive nominee. ryan today declined to say that he would support donald trump and didn't offer a coherent or rational reason for his extraordinary behaviorsa the man who will be running the gop national convention. ryan effectively said he isn't prepared for trump to have won as much as he did or as soon as he did. >> i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully and i want to do that,
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but right now, i got to tell you, jake, being candid with you, i'm just not there right now. this thing was going to go to june 7th, probably to a convention. this is all pretty new for us, but at this point, i think he needs to do more to unify the party to bring all wings of the republican party together and to go forward and to appeal to all americans in every walk of life. lou: to be clear, ryan didn't offer any specifics about what he would like to see trump do. trump fired back, he said -- we'll be taking all of that up with influential republican senator jeff sessions tonight. also tonight, trump will be
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taking the stage this hour at a campaign event in charleston, west virginia. coming up next tuesday, their primary. we'll bring you that when trump approaches the podium, and paul ryan may be trying to take down trump. a number of trump's detractors has awakened. two months ago former mexican president vicente fox said he wasn't going to pay for the expletive wall, but last night on fox, he changed his tune. >> i'm humble enough. a leader should be a compassionate leader. if i offended you, i'm sorry. but what about the other way around. >> i think it is very important to invite donald trump to come to mexico and to learn about the real mexico. lou: trump making it clear, the wall is nonnegotiable whether he visits fox in mexico or not.
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and fox will have to do far better. this is what donald trump said when asked if he had a message for the former mexican president? >> get your money ready because you're going to pay for the wall. we lose a fortune with mexico. trade deficit. $58 billion a year. the wall is going to cost 10. believe me, they'll be able to afford it. lou: i'll be taking that up with senator jeff sessions. fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt, former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell. our top story, the republican establishment efforts to subvert the will of the people and donald trump's candidacy. house speaker paul ryan says he's not ready to support trump as the party's nominee, and he is not the only one expressing such reservations. mitt romney, former presidents bush 41 and 3 are not planning to support trump either.
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a marked shift for the elder bush endorsed every republican nominee for the past five election cycles, but some of the elites are coming around. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell plans to back trump and calling on other republicans to unite behind the presumptive nominee. my first guest says speaker ryan's comments are a very serious mistake. joining us, senator jeff sessions, a member of several key committees including budget and armed services and judiciary, senator sessions is the first to have announced support for donald trump for president. senator, great to have you with us. i think it is appropriate they say to you congratulations as well on donald trump's claim as the presumptive nominee of the republican party. you were instrumental from the very beginning. >> well, he certainly has appeal to the american people, and i think certain republican
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leaders and establishment figures need to ask themselves how it is with the process not even over. he's gotten more votes than any republican primary candidate in history, who's talking directly to the american people. they're concerned about trade, about immigration about, a foreign policy that's restrained. all of those are conservative values, lou, it's conservatives who want a lawful system of immigration that serves the national interest. it's conservative to favor a trade policy that defends american manufacturing and workers' jobs and wages, and to have a foreign policy that's restrained. lou: and donald trump, senator, as you know better than anyone has talked about having a robust military, a foreign policy that is based on a military that is second to none. rebuilding our military, and we all know that fundamental to that is the economic base of this nation that has to grow, it has to be restored.
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no other candidate has talked as much about rebuilding our infrastructure and creating growth and jobs. it's shocking to me to hear a conservative like, at least a man who claims he's a conservative, paul ryan, say he's not ready, quote, unquote to support the party's presumptive nominee? >> well, the speaker of the house is a big leader, and an important figure in the republican party. he calls on house members every day to stand with him in unity and needs to set a good example for republicans. i think this was a big mistake. i really do. and i'm really surprised, frankly, since he'd indicated he'd support whoever the nominee was. lou: he is breaking his word, and a leader cannot lead when he does that. there is a man faced with 434 other members of the house who have to come together on a budget. he has not succeeded in pushing
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that forward, advancing that. the conservatives, the conservatives of the republican party are extraordinarily distressed because he wants to spend more, not less money. >> that's right. we need leadership that says, it favors the american worker who listens to their concerns for a change, and they have legitimate concerns. trump has been strong and clear. he's had the courage to take on the establishment, and some of them having difficulty dealing with his big victory so far. lou: you know, senator, i suspect you are 100% correct in your assessment. we're watching mitt romney. he's behaving like a spoiled child. here's a man who's put so much energy into battling donald trump, he might have been president had he put that energy into his campaign in 2012.
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and paul ryan, these two men have nothing to brag about in the conduct of that campaign, and obviously the result. it is staggering to me. let me ask you this, let's turn to the future. donald trump already working to unite the party. what is your sense when we'll start to see even more progress in that direction? >> well, you know, we need to reach out, and i'm working and others are right now to talk to leaders within the washington and other areas, but you know, ryan was right about one thing, he only has one vote. the vote of the american people that are going inside the next election, and people with the most endorsements have pretty much gotten the lowest votes so far. lou: senator sessions, always counting those votes. i have to say too, i think we're all seeing an example of why the american people are voting the way they are and why they have chosen the man they
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did, because of this establishment, and its sense of entitlement, its delusional -- i mean, i've got to say this. senator, paul ryan needs another month to adjust to new circumstances? i don't know if we've got the right person in that speaker job if he's that slow to process, do you? i shouldn't put it that way, senator, you've got to negotiate. >> lou, he did say he wasn't expecting this results. if he'd called me, i'd have told him he was going to come out. lou: you've been very clear about that for about ten months. >> it's an important thing, i do think it's incumbent for the republican leaders and officials to understand why trump has support, and they need to understand that we need to make some changes. the republican voters have demanded a lawful system of immigration. what's wrong with that? they said we don't believe
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these trade deals are working for us, and i believe evidence will prove that and already shows that, why don't we respond positively to those kind of requests? trump has, and he's taken the nomination. lou: senator, all the american people have, in evidence gaeps t against the elites who know better as evidenced by paul ryan, all they have are 40 years of trade deficits on the part of the united states, consecutive years on their side. senator, always great to have you with us. thanks for beings on show. >> thank you. lou: congratulations, jeff sessions not only prominent and instrumental in the trump success, but i have to say he is one of the most respected republican senators on capitol hill. just a great american. republicans don't just want to win the presidency, they want to keep majority in the
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senate as well. but president obama is doing everything he can to block them. president obama monday gave six interviews to local television stations, but those interviews came with a condition, the president set the condition that those reporters ask about judge merrick garland's stalled nomination to the supreme court. why? each of the reporters worked in states where an incumbent senate republican is up for re-election and it's competitive. president obama apparently wanting to name check the senators for blocking the nomination, and another example of the obama white house, well, extraordinary control over the media, local and national. one of the president's national advisers ben rose says it's easy to spin the national mainstream media, in a profile of rhodes he says journalists call him to find out what's
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going on in the world. they literally know nothing, he says. let me repeat, they literally know nothing. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. a very important group of voters giving donald trump their support ahead of the west virginia primary. >> we're going to get those miners back to work. lou: west virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, once solidly clinton country. not anymore. it's now trump country. fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt with me next on what it all means for the general election? this mission out of this world. we have the video of a rocket's amazing blastoff and voyage amazing blastoff and voyage right after these brief but at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works.
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show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. . lou: savant is one of the words that has taken on a pejorative connotation, when i use it in the broadcast in the case of my favorite political savant. chris stirewalt with us. >> only too kind, brother lou. lou: it's great to see you, and paul ryan -- is there going to
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be a sanity check for the speaker? what is he doing? >> here's the deal. donald trump is having success or may find success by running as not a traditional republican. you heard what he talked about on the night that he basically sewed this thing up. he talked about trade policy. no more of this free trade stuff. he talked about, he said no more of this foreign overseas, much more isolated -- almost isolational foreign policy, and then talked about the importance of nation building here at home, investing in bridges, roads, schools, hospitals. those are all things that democrats are groovy with but things that the republicans aren't too hot with. they have a limited period of time which to try to bring him to heal. lou: i got to raise my hand. i understand your construction of the tone of the program, but in point of fact, he's interventionist in his foreign policy for example in one of the most important issues,
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certainly, and that is the islamic state. he says he's going to kill the islamic state. this president said he's going to doddle and play pretend president and commander in chief until his term expires. what are you talking about? >> how about this, a foreign policy that would be much less hawkish than hillary clinton's, would that be fair to say? lou: what is she going to do? take over all of eastern europe? >> give her a chance. she probably has some proposals. lou: i will not give her a chance, no matter how much you beg, chris. >> a foreign policy that certainly some of bernie sanders supporters could get with, that many democrats find palatable. lou: if the country is driven by bernie sanders and hillary clinton, i think that probably an aggressive foreign policy is the least of our troubles. >> sure. lou: to paul ryan, though, again, and ask you how in the world a speaker who is going
11:19 pm
sit as the chairman of the republican national committee continue to violate his traditional requisite neutrality, and at the same time, not support the party's nominee, publicly breaking one of his most important pledges? >> trump's got nine weeks to go until the republican national convention. lou: yes. >> he's got a thing of great value, and it is potentially fragile in the sense if things blew up badly that you strip it from them and have bonkers stuff go on. lou: this is the fantasy of neocons and absolutely extreme, in my opinion, republicans who gather in dark places. this has nothing to do with the reality that is, at the very least, normal, rational, moderate, tradition and american. >> that's not going to happen. that's not. we dismissed that. lou: my heart can calm down. >> your heart can go on.
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what paul ryan is trying to do, i assume, is bring leverage to bear on trump. what trump needs right now is a ton of money. trump has been loaning his campaign money. he needs to build out his campaign quickly. he needs tens and tense and tens of millions of dollars. lou: you're telling us that the speaker of the house and leader of the convention is holding resources and money that would assure victory at least hostage. that's what you're saying here, chris? >> that's not his joint. his side is on the ideological side. lou: his? you mean ryan. >> right. lou: you said he's holding that money hostage and the resources. >> the rest of the party holds the money hostage. ryan sets what the conditions are. lou: he writes the ransom note, then. >> right. this is what we expect to you do, to be a conventional republican, to change your
11:21 pm
policy views on certain points and play nice with us. lou: chris, as you describe this, i can't imagine why more americans have voted for donald trump in this election year than any other republican in primary history, can you? >> not yet. not yet. lou: this establishment, this establishment is repulsive. it is repugnant. i mean it really is. at what point do the republicans awaken in washington, d.c. and the washington cartels and say you know what? the american people are actually expressing themselves here. >> well, what donald trump has proven, other than the clear simple message frequently, forcefully repeated and effectively in campaigns, what donald trump has demonstrated here is he's parties are hollow men, they are corpses. once you take the money away and goes to the super pacs, the parties don't have the clout they used to. they're shells of themselves,
11:22 pm
and the idea they can make a candidate do this or that. if donald trump has to, if they're too hard to get about this dough, know what you he can do? run infomercials and say i'm trump, send me five bucks and that would be a better way for him to go. lou: quite an interesting choice and i suppose we're giving paul ryan credit for presenting mr. trump with another choice, but the fact is paul ryan remains a problem. how is he resolved? >> well, i mean, here's paul ryan's problem. paul ryan's problem is that he's got to try to keep the house in what could be a very challenging election cycle. lou: if they keep acting like this it's not going to be very challenging at all, at least not to the democrats. >> right. and as it goes for ryan, he could also have a president with whom he and donald trump have huge fundamental casmatic differences on policy points.
11:23 pm
ryan is a free trader and all that stuff. he's betwixt and between. lou: i have to put an addendum on the list as you were talking about the trump agenda and platform. he is a free trader. he's just not too thrilled with mercantile practice and the nations like china and germany, but with that addendum. >> duly noted. lou: as always, we find ourselves in raptured agreement. and thank you, thanks for being with us. >> harmony, my brother, harmony, my brother. lou: and tranquility. chris stirewalt. vote in our poll tonight -- that's where the jobs are, folks, that's where the jobs are. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. follow me on -- links to everything, if you've ever wanted to
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we're here for you. we're legalzoom, and for over 10 years we've helped families just like yours with wills and living trusts. so when you're ready, start with us. doing the right thing has never been easier. legalzoom. legal help is here. . lou: a few thoughts now on speaker paul ryan. ryan is neither a gifted legislator nor word smith. he could have easily, instead of saying he would not support donald trump had noted trump's accomplishment at becoming the nominee is all the more impressive because the republican establishment and
11:29 pm
congressional leadership fought him tooth and nail all the way. no republican leader attacked trump harder than did ryan. despite his responsibility to remain neutral as speaker and chairman of the republican national convention. yet, the increasingly precious and petulant ryan is not quite ready. claiming he would support the party's nominee. >> we're going to support whoever the nominee, is you know why? the republican primary voters make that decision, that's who we respect. i do believe that we will be able to unify as a party and i believe whoever our nominee is going to be, we'll find a way to make a unified front work. my job is to help unify our party. it's to take all pieces of the conservative movement in the republican party and stitch them together, especially after a primary. lou: that's one view, but the part about respecting the voters, that rings a little
11:30 pm
hollow today. doesn't it? paul ryan sparing few cliches said this isn't about him, when it is obviously, precisely that. it is clearly all about him, at least in his highly inflated view of himself, six months now a speaker does that, and being on the loser national ticket does as well. he's done both. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for his part has done the right thing, he's committed to supporting the party's nominee, chosen by the republican voters that ryan said he respected but now doesn't. dishonoring the will of the people. ryan is no man of his word. he is a leader whose call for unity even as he makes unification impossible. ryan doesn't team to understand he is diminished by his betrayals. he could hardly appear smaller than he does this evening.
11:31 pm
the quotation of the evening, if i may, from sir francis bacon, who said this of some of the political kind -- . lou: we're going to be going to the trump rally right this minute. donald trump holding a rally at the ralston civic center in charleston. this is his first rally since he became the presumptive republican nominee, at least in the eyes of the rnc. we suggested that a couple of weeks ago.
11:32 pm
♪ to the place, i belong, west virginia ♪ >> oh, boy, oh, boy. >> take me home, country road ♪ >> beautiful, west virginia. [cheers] >> oh, this is beautiful, thank you very much, everybody. i actually wish the primaries were not over, it's no fun this way. i want the primaries to keep going, everybody is out, i'm the only one left, that's okay, right? right?
11:33 pm
[cheers] >> yeah, it ended two days ago, and we just kept going one, two, three, four, one after another, and we had a great time. i've never done this stuff before. am i doing a good job? [cheers] >> i tell you what, folks, you heard the other night, i wasn't thinking about you, i was thinking about the miners all over the country. we're going to put the miners back to work. we're going to put the miners back to work. we're going to get those mines open. coal country. what they've done. and how about hillary clinton, i was watching her three or four weeks ago. [booing] >> see, i'm going to put the miners back to work, and she said i'm going to put the miners and the mines out of
11:34 pm
business, and then she comes over and tried to explain her statement. that's a tough one to explain, wouldn't you say? i watched her sitting at the table with a very good group of people, and one of the miners was not exactly happy with her. he wasn't exactly happy. who is a miner in this group? who is it? stand up. you're all standing up anyway. [cheers] >> i tell you what, folks, you're amazing people and we're going to take care of a lot of years of horrible abuse. okay? and you can count on it. you can count on it. 100%. 100%. and you knew that, because i just had a poll, it's irrelevant but i was -- i think it was the highest poll i've ever had, and there were three people. so i could have waited. maybe if they waited another
11:35 pm
week i would have been happy. i wasn't going to come today. they said you don't have to come because the contest is over, and you're the nominee of the republican party. congratulations. [cheers] >> you're going to be so happy. you're going to be so happy. but they said you're now the nominee. you don't have to come to west virginia. i said let me ask you, do they know i'm coming? yes. how many tickets have you sold? 32,000 but the arena holds about 15,000. does that mean the place is going to be packed? yes. >> does that mean people are standing outside right now next to loud speakers. as many as you have in here, have you more outside. i said, can you imagine? [cheers] >> we love the people outside, but your location is better, do we agree, right? [ cheers ] >> i said wait a minute, you have like 15,000 people in here
11:36 pm
and thousands outside, and we're going to notify the people of west virginia that i'm not coming because i don't have to come. i've won all the delegates, i don't have to do anything. there's no way i don't go to west virginia. we're going to have fun. lou: donald trump is having fun, that much is very, very clear. he is very, very energized with that crowd. his estimate on that 15,000 inside and as many outside. joining us now, we're going to return to donald trump. let's turn to tammy bruce, washington times columnist and radio host tony sayegh, both fox news contributors, and if we can, bring me the camera, please, and we're going to return to donald trump here in just a moment, but i want to get first to a couple of issues, and i suspect that mr. trump may well address the issue, but paul ryan, tammy
11:37 pm
today, what in the world is he thinking? >> it's outrageous, obviously, but confirms the necessity of what's just happened, hasn't it? you have both bushes saying they don't go to the convention. governor romney won't go to the convention. these are people saying that donald trump was the uncouth, unfair individual. the one who had to sign the pledge he'd support the nominee and these are the people, including paul ryan, who now are acting like little divas, clutching their pearls about the nominee. look, they saw this coming, it's been years, we've made it very clear, we've given it every chance possible. this is the same paul ryan who went out of his way to give barack obama everything he wanted when it comes to the amnesty -- lou: a theme here. >> the dreamers, the syrian refugee program. when it comes to mr. trump who has an agenda that is pro this country, he has trouble finding support. outrageous. lou: tony, you're a republican
11:38 pm
strategist, you know these people as far as i'm concerned, perhaps too well. >> i like you better, lou. lou: bless your heart. that's before i ask this question. how can the republican party condone the behavior of paul ryan? >> lou, i'm saying this as a fan of paul ryan. i was an acolyte of speaker kemp as well as paul ryan, the republican party being the one that eradicates the republican party. this to me makes no sense. it makes absolutely no sense. and i tell you what's happening. i think there is shock. i think there has not been a full acceptance by the top echelon of this party that they have failed and this is why trump has won. >> the republican party led by a group of daffodils. why in the world should they be in shock?
11:39 pm
do they not poll, do they not read every number? do they not watch news? is not their job to represent the american people? >> let me say, we knew jack kemp and paul ryan is no jack kemp. the word is snowflakes for us on social media. they're snowflakes and they clutch and suddenly have the private club surround threat because they really do, you know, want it all. and they're tired of the hoi polloi having a voice, we're tired of the fact we have a boot on our neck. this is a refermation, all of the leaders and behavior in particular highlights the importance of mr. trump and, in fact, paul ryan needs to ask is mr. trump ready to support my agenda, and i like that mr. trump's statement was i'm not ready to support mr. ryan, you know, and that's the question, unless mr. ryan needs a little blue pill to handle the nature of what's going on here, i'm thinking that there
11:40 pm
is these men need to grow up, and they need to face reality. >> i believe firmly that most will get there. i think there is this period of time now where there's going to be a lot of hysteria, a lot of bold statements. lou: these people are hysterical about what? they have a man -- >> they've lost their minds. i don't agree they have. i'm saying this is how they feel. lou: why shouldn't they be joyous that donald trump is bringing in millions of people who wouldn't say the word republican let alone vote republican, just ten months ago. >> look, donald trump has increased the turnout in primaries by 60% compared to 2012. for once the grass roots of the party is going to have at the helm, the candidate they want and contrast that with the democrats who with hillary clinton is going have the democrats, the establishment, the elites want. so remember, that's going to be a significant fact offer play. lou: no doubt, donald trump is going to prevail in this
11:41 pm
contest. no doubt about it. >> sure. lou: with or without the establishment and the elites with him. and that, i don't think that message has gotten through to washington. >> understand, the period from now, this is a prevailing thought they agree with, this is not my original thoughts, i give credit to others. i agree now to the convention will be the most defining time of this entire race and it's going to require getting people like paul ryan, the bushes and others to accept trump as the nominee. we have to agree and there's a wonderful expression, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. and it is time for them to make a choice and to do it very quickly because paul ryan doesn't have a month to do it. tony, great to have you with us. tammy, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. >> up next, former ohio secretary of state ken blackwell has a suggestion for the -- well, for mr. trump's vice president on the ticket.
11:42 pm
>> i think john kasich, by taking himself out of race, suspending his campaign, has probably risen on the list of potential running mates. lou: we'll see. lou: we'll see. he joins us here nex lou: we'll see. he joins us here nex thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping. reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling.
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. lou: let's check in very quickly with donald trump. he's speaking in charleston, west virginia, at his rally there at the civic, the convention-civic center. donald trump. >> in the general election, i'm going to help raise money with the party, and they'll work with us, i hear the democrats are going to raise $2 billion. can you believe that? this is politics. $2 billion. and i'm going to put in a lot of money in the general, but we're helping to raise money, we have a great group raising money for the party and we're going to get people elected with us, i will tell you. so it's been amazing, folks, it's been amazing. and that's when this was going to be next, and i really wanted to come here, and i just didn't have the heart to say thanks a lot, west virginia, i didn't have the heart. by the way, i have a team of
11:47 pm
people that were so great and they were so disappoint they'd won early. they wanted to win like now so they get a little of the credit. i said, hey, we picked up all the delegates we don't have to do anything. i'm glad to be here because i love you people, the real people. the real, real people. lou: the presumptive nominee of the republican party expressing his pleasure of being with the folks in west virginia, who according to the latest polling are going to reciprocate the admiration, he's leading by big numbers in all the polls in west virginia. joining us the former secretary of state of the great state of ohio. ken blackwell and served on the anti-trump pac, our priorities. ken, i welcome you to the broadcast, and i've got to ask you has there been a conversion or are you still holding a grudge? >> i'm doing a kabuki dance with donald trump because as
11:48 pm
you know, lou, i'm an old reaganite and i want to make sure that he doesn't come in, in the heat of the -- in the euphoria of the moment try to disassemble the reagan agenda. he has a brilliant opportunity to rally the conservative base and to broaden the tent to include what we used to call reagan democrats and win this election and put thegenda of economic growth that jack kemp and i worked on for so long with president reagan, put it back in the play. lou: here's what occurs to me when i hear a great republican like ken blackwell and others express those sentiments. barack obama has rolled back the reagan agenda mightily. hillary clinton would stomp it to death, whatever embers of it might remain.
11:49 pm
snuff it out, if she's elected. and i don't understand why you would not embrace a man who has talked about restores prosperity to all americans who is talking about restoring our military might, revitalizing our foreign policy and building great infrastructure, bringing great investment to bear to create jobs. if this isn't reaganesque, what is, ken? >> lou, if that was all, it i would be perfectly on board with that, but he's also said he is for universal health care. he's also indicated that he is going to be -- lou: they've taken more than 60 votes to kill obamacare knowing full well it wouldn't do that. it's time for reality. >> there are a lot of hands that have gotten dirty on this
11:50 pm
retreat from the reagan pro-growth agenda. lou: this man is look you square in the eye, ken, and saying to you, make america great again. he is saying to you, not with an absence of experience and peer political blather which is what most career politicians bring to the issue, that he's going to get it done. why would any of us give another career politician a single chance to just continue what has been 40 years of just rolling back everything? 30 years. >> lou, you and i agree on this. we have to say never hillary clinton because it would be a third term for barack obama, but what i'm basically saying to you is that donald trump -- you. >> want a negotiation. >> at a point where he can say, look, i am not about a third term of an imperial president. i'm ready to work with my fellow conservatives and republicans to get the agenda
11:51 pm
moving forward that will make america great again. lou: ken? >> a great slogan that's inspirational, now let's put together the agenda. lou: you and i both know there hasn't been a man elected president in our lifetime whoever was asked for greater specificity of what he was going to do than donald trump. there hasn't been a single president elected. we've got to go, ken, i apologize. i got a hard break. >> no problem. lou: it's great seeing you. tell tony perkins what i said. >> will do! >> up next, trump pivots to general election mode and he's doing it right now in charleston, west virginia, and appears with great success. chris plante, eboni williams chris plante, eboni williams
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lou: donald trump saying i want to help american business by lifting suffocating federal regulations. >> they didn't have ridiculous regulations that it you out of business. ridiculous rule and regulations that make it impossible for to you compete. so we are going to take that off
11:56 pm
the table and you better do well and compete and make me proud of you. lou: that's as simple and straightforward a contract as you can see put forward. there are 28 million small businesses in this country accounting for 54% of all the sales. 55% of all the jobs created. remarkable. joining us, the host of the chris plante who in washington, d.c. attorney will be radio talk show host eboni williams. let's tart with donald trump. he has those folks in west virginia -- they are riled up and ready. >> rightfully so. he's speaking in a way that lots of americans -- i know a small business owner sitting in the green room supporting trump for that very reason.
11:57 pm
she doesn't like some of hi tone and some his rhetoric, but she feels strongly and passionately about trump's ability to change that. she also is my mother. i know her kind of well and she feels strong about this. lou: that's a feeling shared across much of the country. these votes are amazing. >> also he's in west virginia where hillary clinton promised to destroy their have i, coal mining, and put them out of work as a category of people. in west virginia, i suspect if he's on the ballot elect day, will do very, very well and hillary will do very badly in west virginia. she what you there the other day and lied to them and she told untruths.
11:58 pm
lou: ebony, chris, do you find it striking this president want to destroy the fossil fuel industry and the coal industry, the miners, the jobs that go with them, instead of creating technology to kree up colas a principle -- the principal energy source in this country? shouldn't we as americans be talking about innovating and ingenious way to do it, to build rather than destroy. what he's doing is destroying and not creating. >> we just didn't get there. i can only speculate as to the reason why. he talked about it. but we never saw it come to from you is. it was interesting chris said a second ago about hillary not
11:59 pm
coming clean, just to your point about the clean economic -- seriously think is what we should be talking about. lou: a man who is focused on the negative rather than the positive. who divided people rather than bring them together. barack obama instead talking about a way forward. it's appalling what he has done, and the opportunity that await us with the leadership of a strong positive person in the white house. >> he's according to the gallup polling organize the most polar eyeing president -- the most pole artr aizing president season they started tracking up thing.
12:00 am
they oppose oil, fracking and natural gas. lou: i'm tired of the negative. the great thing about having a presumptive nomine republican party i we can tart talking positively about our future. ebony william, chris plante, thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from work. kennedy: tonight you will find happy people polluting their livers with sweet tequila because it's sing oh ke ma -- be it's cinco de mayo in


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