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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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ahead in the polling, and there he is. stuart: cheryl, most interesting story. >> my book. the come back. moms reenter the workplace. successfully. available now. stuart: on top of the women business category. >> i just hit number one on the women in business category. thank you. stuart: it's 12:00 noon. neil, it's yours. neil: thank you very much, stuart. we've got a lot more focusing from the president trying to do a lot more explaining on the jobs report, have some folks thinking the r word, recession. this is what we know right now. stocks are down but not as down as they were growing confidence because the report was so awful, the federal reserve certainly would try to hike interest rates in the middle of that. these guys often get it wrong. but i just deposit that out there for a quick snapshot. all right. ahead of, we've got dagen, dr barton, smart trade founder. dagen, to you. to still say the recovery is
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on. technically it is. 160,000 new jobs. nothing to sneeze at, but it is obviously below the first quarter of 200,000 plus. so how does he position that? >> he's going to try to spend it as well as he can. but, neil, this is after we found out that the economy was barrel growing in the first three months of the year. half of 1% was your growth. you saw the jobs number come in weak today. much weaker than expected. you had labor participation falling two-tenths of 1%. again, you had 362,000 people leaving the labor force. you saw an up tick in wages i'm sure you'll hear the president talk about that, only at 2.5% year over year. but now looking at a federal revenue that probably isn't going to hike rates in june. people are now talking about the next rate hike will be after the coming recession as you pointed out. neil: the first thing you think of in that environment is maybe that's what's going
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on with stocks. they -- they were creaming and then stabilized. we're kind of flat right now. interest rates are kind of flat right now. i would assume that many in the market are sort of saying there is a flip side that could be a positive side of this. the federal reserve doesn't hike. what do you think? >> i think you're right, neil, and dagen put a lot of good numbers out on this employment number and let's start there. this number is even worse than we thought because of all 12 months for the past 25 years, april has been on average the strongest month for job growth. so this was a really bad number. and that means that the fed is hardly zero chance of a hike next month in june and most people are thinking maybe not even a hike for all of 2016. i'm in that camp and to the markets, neil, that has sort of put a safety net under the market. and that's why we're hanging up here near these six-month highs. neil: jonas, one of the things
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that comes up is the political fall of everything. we can't ignore things. and it actually feeds an argument that donald trump has raised that things are slowing down and what growth we've seen has been a bubble. many would argue with that saying jobs gains are job gains are job gains. but that this could continue a narrative that things not only slowing down, we could be heading towards something worse. what do you think? >> something worse. but we probably are heading towards some mini-recession. not the last recession, but mild where the gdp would technically decline but actually not double-digit unemployment. i think it actually started earlier this year when the stock market was weak and oil prices and commodities were down, foreign markets in rough shape. the markets have recovered since then but the economy has not come along as you can see from this jobs report. something going on there, and i think the stock market had to realize that it's not coming back. again, are we on the edge of a major crash? i don't think so was it a bubble economy? no. but we've definitely squeezed all the juice all the low rate
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orange. i don't know about all the rates going up. that's going to take us 3,000 points in the dow. that's not going to happen either. we're going to need real economic growth to drive much hire in the markets. stuart: okay. dagen, you're the president. >> thank you. whoa. that's awesome. i didn't even have to run and insult anybody. neil: that is scary on many, many levels. has to address the american people and take this report in a bigger context; right? he's going to argue when i came into office, et cetera,, et cetera, here's how bad we were doing. and we've talked about this before, dagen that we lived actually in the rearview mirror vote. we are what the economy was six months prior. so that's about now. so -- if this slow down of the first signs of it are coming now and that's the kind of impression we had when we vote in november, does that help -- let's say hillary clinton or bernie sanders. whoever the nominee is? >> it hurts whoever the democratic nominee is, simply because this person, hillary
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clinton in large part has to run on president obama's record. period. his record is an economy that has not grown faster than 3% in any year during his presidency. and he's crowing in a recent interview in the new york times about this -- he essentially and this country, the administration handled this better than any in modern history. any country in modern history, which quite frankly is laughable. people look back at the last seven plus years and say i'm not making that much more money. i'm struggling to keep up with my expenses. there's inflation in certain parts of the economy. how do i feel? i feel lousy. i'm barrel hanging on to my job, and i think that hurts hillary clinton come november, assuming she's the nominee. neil: all right. guys, i do want toking to dr. ben carson, i don't want to keep him waiting too long. doctor, it's always good to have you. >> thank you. good to be with you. neil: first off, i want to get something that raised some eyebrows. i know you are conducting -- helping to conduct donald
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trump's running may the search. confused people by saying he would be open to put a democrat on the ticket, he has since pooh-poohed that talk. are you looking at people including democrats? >> well, what i said is if there is a democrat, a prominent democrat who believes in the constitution, including the first and second amendment, believes in personal responsibility at work, hand up rather than a hand out, fiscal responsibility, and strong responsible military, sure i would be willing to talk to such person but i don't know of such person if somebody would let me know. neil: just want to be clear. still on the table, if remote it may be if a democrat were to run with donald trump. >> if they met all of those criteria, in which case they would really be a republican, they just wouldn't know it.
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neil: okay. switching gears poop could it end up being you? could you what dick cheney was for president bush? go through the search and conclude like dick cheney did there's really nobody better than me. >> i don't want it to me because it would be such a big distraction. you remember before, you know, once i started gaining steam, the left just went crazy. why would i want to bring all of that distraction? neil: what about the former candidates who ran like yourself? you seem to rule yourself out. but marco rubio's name has come up. but of course they had a lot of bad words back and forth. is that hard to overcome? >> it's not hard for me to overcome. some people, you know, they let things stick in their craw a little longer. but the fact of the matter is we have to be thinking about is the country.
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what's going to happen to the country if we fell in this endeavor. and therefore we have to make all of those issues secondary issues. neil: but you've also got a good people sense, doctor, because of years of top surgeon. awe you know how to meet and talk to people. you've had a good way to i facilitate a discussion and maybe it's part of the screening process, i don't know, that ill will from a campaign if it's too ill, people can't get past go, and they'll remember even when you surge in the polls, and you became a lightning rod for criticism, a lot of people can remember that. would you then preclude those individuals who were particularly nasty back and forth for donald trump? and that whatever the justification rallying around the nominee now, you would fear that the media wouldn't get over it, voters couldn't
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get over it, so you take those people out? >> i don't know if you take them out, but you certainly take that into consideration. you ask yourself is that an indication of how they really feel? or were they just, you know, doing what was politically expedient for them. neil: but you think you can survive all the press clips because everyone running against donald trump was on the other end of the name-calling. how do you sort that out? >> well, that speaks to the level of the maturity that a person has. he said some things about me too. but i recognize who i -- that was going on. i know earning really feel that way. neil: yeah. >> but people say they need to say at the time. you can sort those kinds of things out by looking at a person's life and by, you know, looking at their relationships with lots of other people. it's a complex thing. it's not the simple political
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thought of this person can bring me this state or this person can bring me this demographic. it has got to go much deeper than that. because we're trying to fix an ailing country. neil: so let me talk to you when you say fix an ailing country. are you concerned with what paul ryan said that he hasn't made up his mind on donald trump and all of these people are not going to be going to the republican convention including mitt romney and including all the bush family. what do you make of that? >> once again, you know, people are reacting to their personal wound. they're not thinking about, you know, what's going to happen to the country. what's going to happen to their children and their grandchildren. i think we have to give it a little bit more time and let some of those wounds heal. neil: they're not going. >> in the long run, rational thought process will take precedent. that's what's going to happen. neil: why do you think of that?
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just as someone is trying to facilitate this discussion and say all right. we've decided on a nominee. did the reaction it's getting from the likes of nebraska senator who think so maybe they've got to look at a third party candidate. are you concerned the guy you're helping is creating a firestorm and you're busy looking for a running mate. but now people seem to be running away. >> well, i'm concerned that the people who don't realize what the consequences of dividing the party and ignoring the will of the large number of people. that concerns me. but like i said, i do believe they will come around. it's just -- recognize what we're dealing with here now. we're dealing with a system, both democrats and republicans, that is used to having control. and that is used to being able to control the candidate. you've thrown them something that they've notstein before. they don't know how to deal with it. so they'll figure it out. and then they will recognize what is the right thing to
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do. but this is brand-new territory for them. so they're exploring right now. neil: but they're doing more than exploring. if he were just an outside the box candidate, doctor, and with some unusual ideas, it would be one thing. but they remembered the names. and like you said those wounds take a while to heal. but now they're raising the sort of flip-flops that they hear coming. not only on whether to put a democrat on the ticket, you seem to say that might not be the case. but when it comes to self funding, maybe not in the general election, he's going to raise money in that regard. when it comes to the minimum wage, and he's open to raising it. i mean he is sending some mixed signals, is he not? >> well, you know, as far as putting a democrat on the ticket. you know, that's my own personal feel. neil: i understand. >> if there was one who really fit all of this criteria, i think one of the things that we need to get away from is if you're a democrat, you're bad,
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if you're a republican, you're bad, let's start thinking of being an american first. and if you're an american and you're thinking of the welfare of those are coming behind us, and you're thinking about personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility, i don't care what you call yourself. neil: well, a lot of conservatives in your party do, doctor, and fairly or not. when they heard that, they said aha. we knew he wasn't a conservative. we knew the minimum wage wage thing when he ruled against it and now open to it saying yet another sign. we don't know where this guy stands. i'm sure you heard this. isn't the guy we thought. what do you say? >> yeah. i think most of the american people are much more mature than the politicians. and that's the reason that donald trump is where he is even though the establishment did everything they could to stop it. people said we don't want a
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contested or brokered convention. we don't want all of this slime that we've seen before. so they came out in record numbers to make sure -- neil: no, i understand. no denying that. and you're right. the numbers are what the numbers are. but were they fooled? some conservatives are saying wait a minute. this isn't the guy we thought. >> no. not true. if they've been fooled, then i know nothing about people. i can tell you that. neil: so looking at this now and going through this search now and also playing a keel role of counseling donald trump and a bridge to the part of the people that wants to work with them or others who are afraid to work with them feel they don't know him. how do you think this is all going to end up, doctor? >> i think it's going to end up with conservatives across the board recognizing that if we put hillary clinton in there, and she gets two to four supreme court judges,
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then america as we know it is gone. and that's going to be on their hands, and i think they will recognize that. i think people are more mature as -- you know, they get a chance to let this marinate a little. right now it's just the raw emotion, you know? possibly losing control, and you start -- you know when you spray a fly with raid, and it starts spinning? it's sort of like that situation. but it will all calm down. neil: well, sometimes if you spray a fly with raid, it dies. but there is another issue if you're not interested in being a running mate. if you're not going to pull a dick cheney or donald trump decides, you know, ben, you're the guy. looking at all of these other guys, you're the guy. would there be another position in the administration that you would be interested in? or you think you could make a difference? >> quite frankly, i'm not looking for a position. i don't want, you know, to be secretary of this or that or
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the other. because the issues that are going on, i need to continue to speak out on. i need to continue to write about. and i don't want to be constrained in any way in doing that because even though i think donald trump is going to win, we still have a lot of damage to undo, and it's going to be going on for many years, and we have to have voices of reason and truth out there in order to get it done. neil: all right. dr. carson, thank you very, very much. all right. barack obama commenting on the jobs report today. >> nearly 700,000 jobs in the employment rate hit 9% on its way to 10%. seven years later, in apri april 2016 our economy added 160,000 new jobs, that makes april the 74th consecutive month of job growth in america. over that job streak of growth, our businesses have created 14.6 million new jobs
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in all. wages have been rising at an annual rate of more than 3% this year. so the unemployment rate has been growing, unemployment has been falling, and wages have been rising. but the global economy as many people here are aware, is not growing as fast as it should be. still seeing lagging growth in places like europe, japan, and now china. here in the united states, there are folks out there who are still hurting. and so we've got to do everything we can to strengthen the good trends and to guard against some dangerous trends in the global economy. and if the republican congress joined us to take some steps that are pretty common sense, then we could put some additional wind at the backs of working americans. to create new jobs, they should invest in our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our schools, our water needs.
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some of you joined me when i went to flint this week. it was a great example of the kind of work that is to be done. and we could be putting people all across this country back to work with huge multiplier effects across the country if we start investing in the infrastructure that will make us more productive. to award some of the hardest working people in america, congress should raise the minimum wage. this is something that would not only help those individuals who are getting a bigger paycheck, but it also means that they're spending more, and that would be a boost to business. to level the playing field for american workers and crack down on unfair foreign competition, they should pass smart, new trade agreements. and congress should reform our tax code to promote growth and job creation, which includes closing for loopholes and simplifying the tax code for everybody. now, i've been talking about
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this for a while. only congress can fully close the loopholes that wealthy individuals and powerful corporations all too often take advantage of. often at the expense of middle class families. if they're getting out of paying their fair share of taxes, the rest of us have to shoulder that burden. and i've put forth plans repeatedly to do exactly that. close loopholes, make sure everybody is paying their fair share, which would not only give people greater confidence in the system, but would be good for our economy. it would make sure that families and small businesses who don't have fancy lawyers and fancy accountants are being treated the same as big corporations who do. i think it's fair to say that congress will not act on a big tax reform plan before the election. that would shut down some of these loopholes. but what my administration has been doing is to look for steps that we can take on our own to make the tax system
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fair. in recent months, we've seen just how big a problem corruption and tax evasion have become around the globe. we've seen what happened with the release of the panama papers and the degree to which both legal practices of tax avoidance that are bad for the economy as well practices that in some cases involve nefarious activities continue to exist and to spread. so combating this kind of tax evasion and strengthening the system have been priorities of mine since i took office and part of the broader on going message to make sure the rules aren't rigged. let me give you on an exam. here at home we made our tax code to make sure americans a their fair share and last
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month to make sure corporations are taking more verbal warning of a tax loophole to let them shift abroad just to avoid paying taxes in america. taxes that they rival own. we've taken self-steps to make sure that our tax laws are enforced, including leading efforts to track down on offshore evasion. and as a result, thousands of individuals have come forward to disclose offshore accounts and pay the taxes that they owe along with interest and penalties. today, we're building on those efforts. and i believe that you've heard from treasury, but i wanted to amplifier what they've told you in detail. number one, we are requiring banks and other financial institutions to know, verify, and report who the real people are behind shell corporations that set up accounts at those institutions. one of the main ways that companies avoid taxes or wealthy individuals avoid taxes is by setting up a bunch of shell corporations and making it harder to trace
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where monies are flowing and what taxes are owed. we're saying to those financial institutions you've got to step up and get the administration. sec we're plugging a gap in our tax rules that foreigners can evade taxes. the irs are making sure foreigners cannot behind anonymous shell companies formed inside the united states. now, these actions are going to make a difference. they will allow us to continue to do a better job of tracking financial flows and making sure that people are paying the taxes that they owe, rather than using shell corporations and offshore accounts to avoid doing the things that ordinary americans, hard working americans are doing every day, and that's making sure that they're paying their fair share. having said that, we're not going to be able to complete this job unless congress acts as well.
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so i'm calling on congress to pass new legislation that requires all companies formed inside the united states to report information about their real owners to the treasury department's financial crimes enforcement network. that's going to happen law enforcement veterans investigate and prevent financial crimes, i'm calling on congress to provide the justice department with additional tools to investigate corruption and money launderers, and i'm calling on the senate in particular senator rand paul who's been a little quirky on this issue, to stop blocking the implementation of tax treaties that have been pending for years. and these treaties actually improve law enforcement's ability to investigate and crack down on offshore tax evasion. and i'm assuming not something he's in favor of. so we're going to need to corporate internationally because tax evasion, tax avoidance, you know, money laundering, these things are
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all taking place in a global financial system. and if we can't cooperate with other countries to crack down. if we can combine the actions that we're taking administratively with the new tools that i'm asking congress to provide the justice department and the treasury, these actions will prevent tax evasion, they'll prevent money laundering, prevent terrorist financing, and they'll most importantly help you hold the fundamental principle of our economy. in america no matter how healthy or powerful, you should play by the same set of rules as everybody else. all right. thanks. i'm going to take a couple of questions with that. let's see. go ahead. since you're not the incoming president of the white house correspondent. >> mr. president, what's your reaction to donald trump becoming the presumptive nominee of the republican party? and given the delegate math, do you think it's time for bernie sanders to step aside
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on the democratic side? >> well, with respect to the republican process and mr. trump, there's going to be plenty of time to talk about his positions on various issues. he has a long record that needs to be examined. and i think it's important for us to take seriously the statements he's made in the past. but most importantly, and i speak to all of you in this room as reporters as well as the american public, i think -- i just want to emphasis the degree in which we are in serious times and this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show.
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this is a contest for the presidency of the united states. and what that means is that every candidate, every nominee needs to be subject to exact standards and genuine scrutiny. it means that you've got to make sure that their budgets add up. it means that if they say they've got an answer to a problem, that it is actually plausible and that they have details for how it would work. and if it's completely inplausible and would not work, that needs to be reported on. the american people need to know that. you know, they take a position on international issues. that could threaten war. or has the potential of upending our critical
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relationships with other countries. or would potentially break the financial system. that needs to be reported on. and, you know, the one thing that i'm going to really be looking for overweight next six months is that the american people are effectively informed about where candidates stand on the issues, what they believe, making sure that their numbers add up, making sure that their policies have been vetted, and that candidates are held to what they've said in the past. and if that happens, then i'm confident our democracy will work. and that's true whether we're talking about mr. trump or ms. clinton or bernie sanders or anybody else.
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but what i'm concerned about is the degree to which reporting and information starts emphasissingly spectacle and the circuits. because that's not something we can afford. and the american people, they've got -- they've got good judgment, they've got good instincts, as long as they have good information. i think on the democratic side, let the process play itself out. you know, you mention the delegate math. i think everybody knows what that math is. i think senator sanders has done an extraordinary job raising a whole range of issues that are important to democratic voters as well as the american people generally. and i know that at some point there's going to be a conversation between secretary
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clinton and bernie sanders about how we move towards the convention. the good news is that despite the fact that during the course of primaries, everybody starts getting a little chippy, i've been through this, it's natural. sometimes even more with the staffs and supporters than with the candidates themselves. the good news is that there's a pretty strong consensus within the democratic party on the vast majority of issues. there's some disagreement about tactics, some disagreement about political strategy or policy nuance. but both secretary clinton and bernie sanders believe that every american should have health care, so do i. both candidates believe that we should be raising the minimum wage. both candidates believe that we should invest in our infrastructure and put more people back to work. both candidates believe that
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we should pass a comprehensive immigration reform policy tha that makes sure we're improving laws and improving immigration system and making sure our borders are secure but also that we continue to enjoy the incredible boost that we get from attracting talent from all around the world. both candidates agree that we should be prudent how we use our military and we should care for our veterans when they come home. so if you look at 95% of the issues, there's a -- there's strong agreement there. you don't see the same kinds of divisions between the two democratic candidates that remain that you've been seeing in some of the republican debates. yeah? >> mr. president, what does speaker ryan's comments tell you about the state of the republican party? and how would you advice your
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fellow democrats who appear now have to run against donald trump as to how they can win? >> well, i think you have to and speaker ryan what the implications of the comments are there is no doubt that there is a debate that's taking place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bear at the moment is donald trump. and i think not just republican officials but more importantly, republican voters. are going to have to make a decision as to whether this is the guy who speaks for them and represents their values. i think republican women, voters, are going to have to decide is that the guy i feel
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comfortable with in i think folks who historically have been concerned about making sure that budget add up and that we are responsible stewards of government finances. have to ask, does mister trumps budget work session mark as far as democrats, i think we run on what we are for. not against. for the last seven and a half years, we have been pretty clear about what we think will help. although it has been difficult
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to get through republican congresses to get those things done, the truth is that they continue to be prescriptions that would really help. you know, making sure that families get paid sick leave and family leave and early childhood education. that would help families. raise the minimum wage would help a lot of people. rebuilding the infrastructure would put people back to work. now is the time to do it. we feel confident about all the prescriptions we are putting
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forward. the contrast, we think will be pretty clear. squaring their circle. i will take two more questions. >> what is your message to democratic voters who have yet to cast their vote, who may be hesitant to vote for the democratic front runner. the ongoing e-mail scandal. also, did you see donald trumps tocco to eat and your thoughts. >> i do not pay attention to mister trumps tweets. i think that that would be true for the next six months. in terms of, in terms of democratic votes coming up, i will let the voters passed their
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ballots and not, you know, not dry to metal a few. we will know soon enough. it is not going to be that much longer. >> we had 50 world leaders here. d.c. metro was close for over 24 hours. soon be a more ordinary district. i am wondering what that says about the nation's capital. close for 24 hours. having a number of safety-related problems. what can you district do a for publicans are standing in the way? specifically for the d.c. metro. providing more money or any more support for such a critic will turn. >> this is a somewhat self-addressed lush and, i assume. a bunch of folks who take the metro. [laughter] it is just one more example of
12:36 pm
the kind of investments that have been made. the metro, historically, has been a great strength of this region. over time, we under invested in maintenance and repair and the steps that are being taken now, i will refer to the department of transportation, but i can say that, obviously, safety comes first. safety concerns that need to be addressed. we have bridges. we have roads. we have airports. we have water maintenance and pipes as they sought in flint that suffer from neglect. and, in many parts of the country, we are still relying on systems that were built 30, 50
12:37 pm
and in some cases, 100 years ago. the reason we have been neglecting them is not because we do not know how to fix them. people have to be aware of the need. we have known for years now. we are 1 trillion or $2 trillion short in terms of necessary infrastructure repair. i thought this when i came into office. sought to do more with investing with our nation's infrastructure. the problem we have is the republican congress has been resistant to really take on this problem in a serious way. the reason is because of an ideology that says, government spending is necessarily bad. i addressed this when i was in flint. that mindset, that ideology, it
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led to us not investing in those things that we have to do together. as you point out, this metropolitan area, economically, actually doing really well. it does not matter how much or how big your paycheck is if you have been taking the metro and suddenly it shut down for a month. now you are stuck in traffic trying to drive to work instead. you cannot build your own metro system. you cannot build your highway. te shop filter all court. and, so, we have specific problem in investing in an infrastructure. now is the time, either way, for us to do so. interest rates are so low.
12:39 pm
so many that are underemployed at the moment. you can get jobs done on time, on schedule. giving a boost to our overall economy. you actually get a bigger bang for the buck, in terms of the economy overall. surrounding businesses. flyers. food trucks. everybody does better. lasting for a long time. think about the investments that we made here at the golden gate bridge. or metro. it is a good thing to do. historically, it was not, and should not be, artisan. if we had a mindset that said whatever government is doing, these will be the results.
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it will continue to get worse. it is already tough in poorer communities like flint. we are seeing this infrastructure problem spring up in communities all across the country. it does not distinguish by race or by regions. everybody needs airports. hopefully, this will prompt a conversation. last thing i will say about this, this is a good example of making sure that the candidates are speaking to this issue. you go into the presidential election. i put forward a very specific proposal. the question is, out of the
12:41 pm
remaining candidates for the presidency tackling this. out of the members of congress to tackle this. do they have one. they pay for it by medicare or medicaid. if they do, that needs to be flushed out. the consequences for working families need to be explained. thank you, everybody. >> resident of the last 40 minutes. he was talking about the jobs reports. it is weaker than expected. the 74th straight month. turning around from where we were. we also talked probably more than he originally intended good leading the candidates and voters sort that one out.
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donald trump said people have a right. the same president to our debt and to his own. they have cost significantly more than originally thought to be the case. infrastructure spending. a complete sweep and run of the table. infrastructure measures going nowhere. the democrats controlling the white house. infrastructure measures to which we commit better than $100 billion a year. it is just back and forth on politics. put that out there. rebecca berg joins us now. john steinberg as well. it is a business media site.
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focusing on younger folks. what do you make of this argument? certainly on the jobs numbers. it is not so bad. you look at where we were. we are a lot better now. that might be the case. if it is slowing down, if it is softening, what then? what do you think? >> none of the candidates have made a compelling argument. you have this and are missed stratification. they are either adding high level jobs into bits that did the jobs the president talked about. they do not come with a lot of benefits. ultimately, any kind of explanation from the candidate. >> all right. the start of a trend where the jobs are slowing, it was
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confirmed. it starts picking up steam. >> it undercuts the message that you have been hearing from people like donald trump on the campaign trail. especially manufacturing jobs. this has been a big part of his appeal. he says it would undercut jobs growth in this country. making what he thinks is a bad situation even worse. job growth actually pick up over the next few months. especially if the president is calling for a trade agreement and terms of the transpacific argument. you also have to remember, of course, neil, voters keep in mind the economy and job growth. one of the riding issues in presidential elections.
12:45 pm
people feel more secure in terms of the economy and their jobs. maybe they won't be looking for a change in each candidate. >> that is a very good point. we tend to vote as to how we feel months prior. george bush senior. never benefited from the technical turnaround. the people who are not feeling that. you could argue that if the economy is slowing down, people do not feel that slowdown, maybe they do. it could still benefit the democratic candidate. >> he said that ultimately, the democrats are not that far apart. regardless of what you think of the democrats, roughly the same. kind of an out their statement. not more equivocal or you and hillary stands. though correspondence dinner, he made a joke, the next resident,
12:46 pm
whoever she is. very odd. not endorsing her a week ago. pretty weird. >> that is a very good point. rebecca, real quickly. the impact this could have for donald trump. if he positions himself, i am the business guy, i am the turnaround artist, how does that change the perspective of this race? >> some of his own messages are kind of undercutting that argument. in interview with cnbc saying he would consider not paying off the u.s. that and full. try to negotiate other countries that. [laughter] neil: exactly. >> he sort of undercuts the presentation.
12:47 pm
i think he has to be careful with this message. >> the job creation argument. other than donald trump. think about how you just build names. when it gets to the argument of using data for growth, effectively what he was saying the other day, he will win. i think the president talking about job creation, i think people will think in the back of their head, oh, well that is trump. >> stay out of the weeds. just make america great again. thank you both. very, very much. i always think it is coming on me, though. just remember history. the president came into office. concerned about infrastructure. e-mailing me one of the stories. marketing. we did have this big stimulus
12:48 pm
measure. you had that. you had democrats who could have made even bigger infrastructure plays. they did not. he had the run on the table. we will go after republicans. you may as well look into the mirror. you may as well look at your own party. call yourself a good steward. $7 trillion more in debt. the political equivalent. how many of you are taking me up on the offer. [laughter] i have some great ideas. i just want to get that out. i have no political in this race. i am all for the numbers. reading it accurately. historically. correctly. i am all for some new developments. a third-party candidate.
12:49 pm
not even democrats. among republicans. after this. ♪ ♪
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12:53 pm
connected. this is not going away. the latest developments. getting to you first. what are we looking at here. they discuss, i guess, raising the prospect of hillary clinton. it does leave a lot of folks outside this wondering what is going on. >> what is happening is we're probably nearing the end of this long drawnout investigation. this has been going on for so long that they wanted to avoid being perceived as a rush to justice. he did not want to wait too long. we are nearing the end. very well be the grand finale of this investigation. it is getting perilously close. the democratic national convention. people will say timing is
12:54 pm
everything in the investigation of suspect. exactly as you point out, neil, who is being questioned right now. >> you can help me with this. saying to the effect of there is evidence at this point that hillary clinton had malicious intent. she deliver at least intended to do something that she should not have done. you are the lawyer. explain what that means. >> there is the act or the man's right. you cannot mistakenly committed crime under our system of justice. depending on how you look at it. a state department to her of rabbis, nuns and priests going to her office, i know what i am doing is wrong and they should not be doing it. it is easy to say that there is no evidence of intent.
12:55 pm
neil: we cannot -- i am kidding. >> hypothetical. [laughter] neil: what do you make of that? that is something to prove. >> let me add to this excellent hypothetical. if all of that were true, we would have what we call circumstantial evidence. direct evidence. the only way we infer intent is by looking at circumstances. what did somebody do? we heard so much circumstance evidence already. what we are talking about is ever seeing a court of law. neil: help me with that. you did something stupid that you should not have done. >> that is right. a lot of misconceptions. what is the mental state that is
12:56 pm
necessary. negligence. something that they are looking at. you do not have to prove that she intentionally decided. rising to the level of negligence. you look at the circumstantial evidence, that has been the conclusion of them watching us from the outside. something the fbi has done, compromising the integrity of these investigations. we do not know all the facts, necessarily. neil: all right. >> we do not know all the facts. i can give you one. she said that she uses private server to e-mail her husband. whether it is failing or whether it is material is another issue. there may be other evidence that shows conscienceless of guilt. >> i will never disagree with that.
12:57 pm
>> any of you priests that may have been offended out there. thank you very, very much. why are the gop give leads just saying donald trump is not the guy? ♪
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: we are following what appears to be multiple shootings in the maryland, d.c. area. to shootings. one at a shopping center, of course. a shopping mall and another not too far away at a grocery store. that is all we know. both of these development still at large. we will keep you posted on that veered a couple things, reactions from my buddy charlie gasparino. she sees a good trend. we will get to that.
1:01 pm
the other, some news that was made by doctor ben carson. we are still looking, potentially, for democrats. this is donald trump. dialing back his own comments on this very issue. apparently, ben carson, after that, saying, no, no. anyway, this is what he said he had. >> as far as putting a democrat on the ticket, that is my own personal feeling. if there was one who really fit all the criteria, one of the things that we need to get away from is if you are republican, you are bad. let's start thinking about being american. >> aer not on the same page.
1:02 pm
>> it sounds completely reasonable to me, though. i will consider everybody. donald makes a choice. neil: it could even be dick cheney and appoint himself. charlie: they were starting some republican establishment. they need to raise money. what are we getting into. these finance chairman, i do not know the gentleman, apparently, a rich guy. getting a lot of money to the clintons. what you have here is now within the establishment ranks. maybe outside. aside from donald core supporters. paul ryan is extremely popular
1:03 pm
among republican donors. let's make it real clear here. rich hedge fund guys sipping wine. sometimes you are. sometimes it is ripple. you are a small business owner or a lawyer or a dentist. those are the delegates. >> so many are opting not to go now. >> we have been doing this forever. >> now getting past this. is this getting serious? >> the economy. a unifying issue. an economic policy. obama now mix. quinton is doubling down. it is bad for the country.
1:04 pm
there is proof of that starting to emerge. two reports that start. number one, the gdp report a couple weeks ago. gdp growth for the first quarter. i do not care how the president puts lipstick on that pig. nonfarm payrolls by that number. there is a hiring slowdown. it may be temporary. the case is being made veered it is bad. it is not working. in the middle of the presidential election. 2012 could make that. >> you have gotten into this. i can deal with this. maybe unintentionally. i could renegotiate. you know.
1:05 pm
he has been playing that game for years. it is different when you do that. and implosion of the global stock market. that is the problem. we do not know where he stands on that. trying to get the benefit of the dow. there are so many questions here. i will be there. i heard that there are good strip clubs in cleveland. one more question. a former virginia governor. we would hate to put you in this position. talking about what is prior to that. angst among some of these colleagues were donald trump.
1:06 pm
they want to support trump. what do you want to make of that? >> they are getting used to the fact that we have the candidate. winning the primaries. as long as the republicans have this kind of primary system, they will have to live with the result. >> your view is pretty much what you would think. you may not be the guy you wanted. the guys voters wanted. rally around him. >> it is more important than that. a choice between donald trump are republican and hillary clinton the democrat. doubling down just as your previous guest said. take us in the wrong direction. it is going to be a bad economy. not a person that can be trusted. that is also what was on your previous show. maybe she had bad or maybe she
1:07 pm
did not. we know for sure that she was trying to evade. that was deliver it. it will not be that hard. do something to move the country in the right direction. >> who do you dislike more? as much as you dislike donald trump. you really want to go with hillary clinton. that will ultimately be the choice. >> i disagree very publicly with some of donald trump's approaches. the fact is, he has said in his foreign-policy speech, i was there in attendance, he wants to put america first and he wants to focus on the american worker in this country. i do not think that that is a
1:08 pm
bad message. i think that we can win this election. we have to come together. it has to be a unified party. >> thank you for digging me out. it is always good. always good having you, sir. i appreciate it. gary johnston is getting a lot of surge. donald trump looking like he clinched the nomination. a lot of search is for third-party independence. gary johnson. the fallout from now. rachel, what do you make of that? some people are saying, is there another guy? fueling that by saying no way. he could go for donald trump. >> there are a few voices saying that. i do not think that that is
1:09 pm
going to happen. i do not even think that it is a good idea. just join the party. he was a leader of the republican conference. representing all those gop members. roughing people up. three days. some serious wounds. waiting a week. some sort of idea about principles and conservatives. policy moving forward with donald. i think that that is the way to go. it is smart. he never indicated that he would not get behind in the end. neil: i take no side. i am not speaking for donald trump.
1:10 pm
i think that behavior, on the part of paul ryan, in the face of a guy clinching a nomination. opting out of the convention. met romney saying he will not go. strikes me as childish. what do you think? >> one in five americans would consider going for a third party. >> no doubt. the republicans nominees. they don't care. >> what you will find is particularly with the libertarian party, people who are defecting, they come pretty evenly from both hearties. >> a republican like paul ryan.
1:11 pm
like the bushes that do not know trump. they come from both sides. much more than childish republicans getting their revenge. neil: do you agree with that? >> a lot more in common than these guys have. paul ryan does not do much on obama's economy. paul ryan also agrees on the tax policy. maybe the way they deliver the message. getting together next week. that will be a big moment. too much pain. too much punching. who can blame the bushes after what donald said it that is pretty understandable. >> personal insults are at a whole new level this year. the final issue then becomes how does donald trump support
1:12 pm
himself? what does he do in terms of her running mate? i never needed you to get here and i do not need you now. >> is there something we can do to calm eyes the libertarian party. it seems pretty obvious that if trump made any sort of an adjustment, somebody who is a little bit stronger on the fiscal issues. maybe a little stronger on the foreign-policy side. i would love to see that. i think that is a real population of voters that he could grab. neil: we shall see. thank you very much. the shootings in maryland, d.c., metro area. four people shop. one dead. shopping mall. the other at a grocery store nearby. the shooters still at large. we will keep on top of that for you.
1:13 pm
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the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. neil: stops are turning around. they think a likelihood of a hike in interest rates is off the table. anyone's guess with that weaker than expected jobs report. far less than thought under a reversal of a trend that it has very much been the case of the first quarter. they sign that maybe things are heading south. professor at harvard university. you have been arguing that the economy and the way that it is stated, a lot worse than we know. the numbers show us. how does this jobs picture fit that, not that that.
1:17 pm
what? >> this job picture hits that by the fact that this is a report that is consistent with a slow growth economy. a 2% per year growth rate. it does not carry very much. if you look at the labor market side. people's jobs in an employment and that sort of thing, about 5%. it was about 10% a few years ago. the portion of people in our population, they are seeking work. followed by four full percentage points. you ought to look at each one of those percentage points as another point of unemployment. we really got an unemployment rate. that is consistent with what people are experiencing in their own lives.
1:18 pm
spieth date do we have any idea of the quality of those jobs? a meltdown. surrendering their jobs. it could explain a lot of the consumer angst. where do you see things going the rest of this year? >> i have a friend who ran a large manufacturing company. ten years ago, he hired people for that company. a total of wages and benefits of $3700 an hour. that was a sense of the magnitude of what has happened. not across the whole economy. the major sectors of our economy. that is the issue of the quality of jobs.
1:19 pm
the consider that is so germanic in our electorate today. that is the matter of the quality. the quality of the bio marge. it is not what we used to have. neil: all right. good to see you. >> good to see you. neil: coming on, roughly, the tail end of these earnings. a fourth one in a row. down earnings from the yearbook -- year before. that may not be a problem. there are some that stand out from that. better than expected. after crushing earlier estimates. can those exceptions change the normal rule that says, when by and large earnings were treat. so too does the economy. and the market.
1:20 pm
we will take a bite out of that one. ♪ at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right.
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>> welcome back. i am jo ling kent with their business headlines coast-to-coast. a 21 month high. a settlement. they may soon be possible. first reported by charlie gasparino brightly on fox business. investigating a possible pure med scheme. herbalife posting strong first-quarter earnings. growing its business in north america. billionaire islam must surprising even himself today. successfully landing this a falcon nine rocket at the early this morning. delivering a satellite into space. the rocket would stick the landing. this month, the second time spacex has landed. tweaking his surprise joking
1:24 pm
quote. maybe to increase storage here. tim cook getting to china to. the communist party. reuters reported that the company will meet with high-level leaders. apple's ibook store and itunes movie shutdown and last quarter apple revenue in china took a hit of 26%. cook said he remains optimistic. apple has not returned our request for comment. shares touch below $92 a share today. that is the lowest price in almost two years, neil. >> a lot of tea drinking. i will tell you that. i don't know. we will see how that goes. they voted in london yesterday. they do not have the results yet. this is a shout out to all you folks in florida. a bad reputation.
1:25 pm
there is someone in front of you. still waiting for those results. the conservative candidate. getting a little bit desperate yesterday. the world's greatest city. thinking terrorists are extremists. they say only we have that. enter charles payne. just the crazy rights. getting the results. what do you make of it? >> i have to tell you it would be monumental in so many different ways. first of all, again, the point was made with this major western city. huge backlash right now. in european, of course, in
1:26 pm
america. does it work, does it not work. they have lots of transgressions, if you will. a lot of incidents where he is not a moderate, per se. really anti-isis. he is on television shows. muslim tv networks. black lives behind him. radical muslims. david cameron, liking to see someone in his party win, come down on him extremely hard. >> i thought, well, if you are against barack obama -- it is stupid. it should be open to anyone. this guy really doubled down on this thing. that scared a lot of folks. apparently, he could be mayor. if he does become mayor, then
1:27 pm
what? supporting a lot of the views that, in this country, compounding. charles: at least nine times. really tough, you know, not a moderate muslim at all. he has actually called himself moderate muslims. can you imagine that? on one hand, you say, listen, and outlier. listed 70% of the population. 88%. a lot of muslims. you heard that the number one name for newborn boys is mohammed. you probably heard that before in london. number two is mohammed to. >> the media coverage. we're pretty used to that.
1:28 pm
and a a lot of the pieces have been very critical. he may have said something, no coverage of the comments. his associations for fear of coming across looking races. >> that is all i can figure, two. one bible being appreciated and celebrated to a different degree. whether it is spoken about are not. this could be the elephant in the room. the leader of your own party, listen, this is ridiculous. you have a problem. wanting someone in his own party to be the mayor of london. >> by the way-- >> donald trump. [laughter] it is interesting. it would be a great break. the next few years.
1:29 pm
>> every time, you question policies, the minority or controversy, always interpreted it that is why locate the british. they are very leery of doing that. charles: david cameron one was called one. tomorrow my son comes home from london. he has been there for a year. i can't wait to see him. neil: he will probably want some money. [laughter] neil: i know. charles payne. making money with charles payne. 6:00 p.m. he is brilliant. i try to copy everything that he does. without giving him credit, i build a career on it. we have a lot more coming up. this fire in canada. we cannot put this thing out.
1:30 pm
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neil: all right. some of the aftermath of that incredible canadian wildfire but now the fallout on oil prices. you heard me right, oil prices. jeff flock here to sort it all out.
1:34 pm
hey, jeff. reporter: hi, neil. pictures are dramatic. look at today. we're down now, we're up about 30 cents. we had been up a lot more on news that the loss in production is about a mill barrels a day. it typically was 2, 2 1/2 million barrels. that is huge loss of production. we got a boost from that. despite dramatic pictures, i don't know than i have ever seen more dramatic wildfires pictures out there, none of the oil fields are being burned. important to know this is impacting in terms of transportation and where people can't get to their jobs. 80,000 people evacuated. a lot of people are oil workers. that is what accounts for loss of production. the infrastructure is not burned. every time you get a bump in prices, you get profit-taking and come back down to earth. this is one thing could impact
1:35 pm
prices for people like you and me. the refineries that process tar sands oil from canada, like bp rory in indiana, they will get less oil. gas prices potentially here in the midwest could tick up we'll watch it. neil: jeff, thank you very, very much. hillary clinton is trying to back away from indictment of fossil fuels, particularly coal, giving the approaching west virginia primary and criticism she had to endure. adam shapiro with much more on the fast-moving political story. reporter: hey, neil. keep it in ground and switch america to hillary clinton agrees with them. she promised to continue the obama administration policy and keep fossil fuels in the ground. >> now we have to move away from coal and all the other fossil
1:36 pm
fuels. but i don't want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy we relied on. reporter: but it is already happening. at end of april of this year, the epa set its sights on natural gas and began what it calls a formal process, collecting data from producers that the agency says will assist in the development of comprehensive regulations to reduce methane emissions. epa says natural gas, which is mostly methane has global warming impact, 25 times greater than carbon monoxide which is, by the way, product of burning coal. the obama administration back in 2014, outlined it is plan to cut methane or natural gas emissions in the united states by more than 20%. two weeks ago the epa reported it has been underestimating methane emissions by millions of metric sons. they raised the estimates by more than 3 million metric tons that is equivalent, neil, of 20 million cars. clinton and environmentalists
1:37 pm
the move to need to faster sources of energy wind solar. according to labor department those jobs make a lot less. roustabouts on oil rigs make $50,000 a year. people installing solar panels earn $40,000 a year. that comes from bureau of labor statistics. neil: interesting stuff, my friend. if you think war on coal is one thing, my next guest author and expert on these subjects, preview of coming attraction. po she is in favor. said it herself moving away from all fossil fuels. look at her website and energy platform. not only she want to increase, seven fold increase in solar, she supports this idea going to 80% reduck shun in co2 emission this is 2050.
1:38 pm
that move would not just decimate the coal business but decimate the oil and gas business. neil: you're expert on this, we have so much of this stuff here, right? we have so much coal, cleaner coal mu cleer tn wesed ndlet bere. sur neilnatul gain andan pplyyet 're ing frkingyet ge aancents amatallyeduc depdenc on gs cuing f hes abad completely dismissed. i can understand being all-in on energy, neil, what now senator clinton is saying there was misstatement that she wanted to put coal miners out of work. remember this is the same senator clinton who, or secretary clinton now, rather,
1:39 pm
will for decades to come. neil: well-said. robert price. power hungry, author and expert. good having you. >> thanks, neil. neil: two quick stories to tell you about in britain. finally results of that election sadiq kahn has become first muslim there of any major western city. no explanation why it took a day to get the vote! that is london. florida you can take a back seat now. elsewhere lindsey graham is saying he can not support donald trump. will not sustained the convention.
1:40 pm
snit fit gotten snitier. after this.
1:41 pm
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. weaker-than-expected jobs report this morning put a cautionary tone in the market. we saw the dow down about 80 points earlier today. right now it reversed that and is sup to 16,676. s&p 500 down one. when we look at dow, we're down two weeks in a row.
1:42 pm
-- 17,676. square reporting bigger than expected quarterly loss. shares are being hit hard this year, down about 17%. then there is apple. favorite in many funds and the like, hitting a new low 91.99. it is under pressure. reports that tim cook will meet in beijing with senior chinese officials. that put a damper on the stock as well. it is currently trading 92.10 as we speak. much more "cavuto: coast to coast" coming up.
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
neil: all right. they voted yesterday but sky news now reporting it is firm. sadiq kahn elected mayor of london. he beat zach gold smith, the conserve candidate. what is interesting, mr. kahn is the first muslim to be in charge after major western city. he did not hide that fact. he embraced that fact and said it is proof of the diversity the united kingdom. it is indeed he is right because he won. what is still left out there why it took so long to count the ballots. meantime, if you're bernie sanders supporter, you have this much in line with the trump supporter. even though the other guy won, and your guy did not you're both kind of treated the same way. we saw lindsay graham adding his name to the list can not support trump and won't be going to the
1:45 pm
republican convention. that's when trump won. can you imagine being sanders supporter where you account for much of the enthusiasm, what there is of the democratic party, yet the rules being what they are, for superdelegates and the like you're kind of like a non-entity? and doesn't the establishment sort of rub it in? christie, there is a point to that, right? these forces that have galvanized each of their parties are kind of treated like rodney dangerfield. >> yeah, absolutely. but i think it is time to open their eyes, see trump is force to be reckoned with. they have been trying to brush him up this candidate season. 17 candidates later is the one still standing. neil: angela, look at bernie sanders, not in the position of being the winner yet, maybe but throughout, they say, you know, jane sanders was telling me just yesterday, bernie sanders's wife, day before, we aren't
1:46 pm
treated with respect. very clear the party establishment, paraphrasing here has been for the other candidate? >> i think that is absolutely true on the democratic side. you see the dnc chair, debbie wasserman-schultz doing everything she can to shield hillary from criticism and to -- neil: she is not even hiding it now. the only criticisms from sanders are ridiculous. >> that's true. when you have a party that supposed to theoretically go with the will of the people that is blatantly trying to ignore a huge tidal wave of bernie sanders supporters. i'm not going to comment whether the sanders supporters are right or wrong. i will. i think they're wrong, i will. but -- neil: i know what you're saying. emily, to pick up on that theme, i always think if you're the winner after this, you have to go a long way toward addressing the passion of the loser's supporters. it is not over yet. i grant that. flip side for republicans. no matter what you say of donald trump he is the winner.
1:47 pm
he gots passionate support and he accounted for the uptick in participation likes of which we have never seen in the party. how do you handle that i think is quite crucial, right? >> it will be really interesting for donald trump because like you're saying you have to address the losers, the passions that brought the losers as far as did. republican race is other way around. the other candidates are addressing passions of trump supporters. donald trump if he wants turn out in november, he needs to address passions of conservatives who didn't support him in the long primary process. neil: christie, what is stop passionate supporters forever remember how they were treated? to be vindictive? bernie sanders supporters you feel like you got the shortened of the stick and your concerns were dismissed not turning out to vote at all? i'm not saying turning out for donald trump but not turning out to vote. >> i heard a lot of people say their candidate doesn't get it
1:48 pm
they will not vet vote, particularly those of bernie sanders. hopefully they will be swayed by trump, another outsider who will take over their votes an convince them to vote for him. neil: angela, what do you think of the way republican establishment, for lack of a better term reacting to mr. trump? talking about speaker ryan, talking about entire bush family, that couldn't come as surprise, mitt romney not going to the convention this summer, ditto lindsey graham, the list will grow, what do you think of that? >> i think it is very interesting you know, you see two sides of this. you have the sex of the gop that says -- section of the gop says i will never support trump because of things he says ors his opinions about social issues. you have that segment and their concerns are entirely valid. you have a segment, there is overlap between the two, but second part says i can never support trump because i wouldn't trust him to govern as a conservative. trump needs to reach out and convince people that he would
1:49 pm
govern as conservative. that he is not the new establishment. he is something better and reach out to show people that he would be a good representative of the country. neil: fair enough. know what i think, emily i give you last word, i apology, bad people skills all way around. bad people skills. >> that is totally true. you can see that when you look how negotiations what you call establishment for lack of a better word, and trump supporters. it has been a mess. seems like it is close right now but it has been a long primary process. this is a long slog to november. interesting to see how things turn out. neil: to this civil war, nothing to do with the captain america flick, our captain ben stein how that is not super or heroic. ♪ >> you just started a war! v ♪
1:50 pm
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>> i'm sorry, tony. if i see a situation i can't ignore it. sometimes i wish i could. >> sometimes i want to punch you in your perfect teeth. neil: i get that all the time. anyway, it is a civil war media won't stop talking about. not captain america, the one going on in republican party. no mention, ben stein notices of the one going on in the democratic party which could be far more significant. ben, always good to have you. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great, thank you. neil: both parties have their dysfunction, right? >> we all have our dysfunction, neil. neil: well i don't. but i understand. >> i do. i do. neil: sure. but on percentage basis much less about it on the democratic side.
1:54 pm
why is that? >> i think democrats will pull together even nominating wackiest candidates like george mcgovern. so do the republicans. mr. trump made a habit during the campaign as aabrasive and insulting as he possibly could be. i think he will i hope, go on apology tour. apologize to senator mccain. apologizing to senator cruz. neil: he is not going to do that. >> maybe be a stronger bigger person. neil: he is not going to do that. >> you -- may i ask you, sir, you're the interviewer why do you think he will not do that? neil: i ask the questions here. i will talk to you later. [laughter]. i'm kidding. all i'm saying though on this is, that anger is palpable. lindsey graham adding his voice to all the others skipping out on convention and not go. that is certainly should cover that. that is a big deal. we heard just a few minutes ago, then bernie sanders sent a letter to the dnc, don't stack
1:55 pm
the deck at the philly convention. he is long bemoaned the role of superdelegates disproportionally the affecting the outcome of this vote, yet that goes unreported. >> well, that is not reported because anything that is negative within the democratic party does not get reported. that is just happens to be the way the media works. let's go back to my party of the republican party. mr., i know you don't think that mr. trump can apologize, i think he can. he is an intelligent, supple intellect and i think he will figure out there is no percentage in being malignant or maligned or impolite at this point. there is a huge percentage in saying now we're all friends. he was friendly to senator cruz and senator cruz conceded. i think he can do it with all of the people. can pull mccain together. can pull everyone together. it takes a little time. neil: they hate him. they hate i am. i don't know, i'm not saying they are right but it is.
1:56 pm
it is politics. i have relatives who forget nothing when it comes to a slight. 45-year-old slight. >> they're sicilians. neil: that's fine. totally unnecessary. that's totally unnecessary. that was ga parrino. i got it wrong. there will republicans that rally around this nominee than rally around hillary clinton. that is my opinion. you sigh what. >> democrats are much more disciplined party than republicans. i hate to say it. i don't like them succeeding. mr. trump is very smart guy. i think he will know what to do to pull the party together. neil: okay. >> i don't think he is idiot. i think he is a smart guy. neil: i think he is a smart guy too, i'm sorry. sorry, sorry. he is not going to say it. >> i think he will. we'll see. we'll see. we'll see. we'll see. "the bank on yourself revolution". over the last 25 years, i've researched more than 450 financial products.
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neil: all right and is no
2:00 pm
official. 43-year-old muslim. labor candidate for mayor. he has one. it was not even close. why did it take so long to count the votes up? >> they are not as click here at fox business, are they? becoming the new mayor. also breaking today, president obama coming down hard on american voters. warning them not to get sucked in on what he calls the circus element of this race. i am trish regan. welcome. calling on voters to take their responsibility seriously. >> serious times. this is a really serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. >> of the


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