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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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viewers and their moms. s&p set to close when you stretch it out to the week, down for second week in a row. here is closing bell. [closing bell rings] david and medical list pick it up for "after the bell." melissa: stocks ending moderately higher after lousy report that indicating to investors that there will be no rate hike soon. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman this is "after the bell." donald trump hitting campaign trail hard with rallies in nebraska and oregon. he is expected to take the stage in omaha next hour. trump needs 1237 delegates, why he is telling supporters stay home, save your vote. republican leaders like paul ryan remain reluctant to give him their full support. can trump unite the gop ahead of the convention? weak jobs report for month of april. smallest gain in seven months. guess what? president obama now pointing his finger at congress.
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melissa: stocks reversing course after the disappointing jobs report to end the day higher. ashley webster at new york stock exchange. ashley, we're up today but not for the week. >> up for the day, you're exactly right, melissa. interesting the job report, all the talk is about monetary policy not only u.s. economy bumbling along as that jobs report showed but also the fed will be worried what is going on overseas. oh, by the way, we have presidential election in november. so maybe we should just stay a step back. they may, they say, according to sages down here, may make perhaps a rate hike in december to save some face. we shall see. dow, s&p, down two weeks in a row. nasdaq down three weeks in a row. that is the longest streak since january. although we see green on the screen today, overall it's been a down week. as for individual stocks, shares of mcdonald's kind of getting like a stuck record player. that is old reference, isn't it?
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lifetime high today. six teenth time it hit a new high. this stock over last year is up 35%. best performing stock in the dow, god bless all-day breakfast apparently. apple on other side. coin, hitting 20-month low. getting down to 91.85, the lowest since june of 2014. didn't help when we heard news that apple chief tim cook will visit china and officials in beijing next week. china has been an area of concern for apple. a bit of a dubious outlook how successful he can be talking with beijing. also just wanted to mention jcpenney. not having a great day. report in the "new york post" citing an internal memo. they claim they have from penney's saying that the department store taking drastic cuts to try to save expenses this month including cutting payroll. freezing employee overtime. apparently light sales in april are the culprit.
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but there you go, penney's down more than 7%. not a great day for them. gold by the way, very quickly, as soon as we got jobs report, gold shot up. gained 21.70, to settle just under 1300. melissa: ashley webster, thank you so much. david? david: gold, gold, gold. that is what we're all wearing today. we're waiting another one of donald trump signature hangar rallies this an airport in omaha, nebraska, where he will speak shortly, maybe today. he will tell audience to vote in tuesday primary. gop front-runner shocked an audience in west virginia saying they could stay home during that state's primary. donald trump and paul ryan standoff could be coming to an end as early as next week. >> i know we're meeting next week but -- >> you and paul ryan? >> we're meeting next week. >> what are you talking to him about? >> i have absolutely no idea. >> do you know what day you will meet with him? >> wednesday. a long time to be honest.
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there is lot of days before that. david: looks likes trump will have to wait a little longer than wednesday. paul ryan's office issuing a statement, quote, speaker ryan has invited donald trump to meet with members of the house republican leadership in washington on thursday morning. joining me now is jamie weinstein, from "the daily caller," senior editor there. jamie, is there a chance that paul ryan will not endorse donald trump? >> well, certainly think there's a chance. obviously there is pressure as a party leader to get behind donald trump but you know, if you look at issues, on issue after issue they're so far apart on trade, immigration, entitlements. the reason to be of paul ryan in the house that budget plan where he wanted to reform entitlements. donald trump says you don't need to reform entitlements. there is pressure obviously on paul ryan to get behind donald trump. david: to say as paul ryan has that donald trump is not worthy of endorsement after he has received a record number of
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votes in the primary, just so far, we still have california, a lot of other states to go, 10,709,000 votes. a let of republicans think he is worth think. shouldn't the speaker follow the people? >> it would be remarkable if he did not endorse donald trump. remember, speaker ryan built his name as someone who stood against political ideas that were just to appease the public. reforming entitlements is not necessarily a popular proposal but he believed it was necessary. he is an ideas man. david: you're right. >> if he gets behind donald trump someone who doesn't believe in anything he espoused he will hurt his brand. david: what is more important, his brand or the republicans winning in november? ryan claims to be as you mentioned the standard-bearer of conservative ideas. he said as much yesterday. let's just play that tape. >> i think conservatives want to know, does he share our values
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and our principles? david: but you know, jamie a lot of republican or conservatives would say the same about mitt romney, who paul ryan had no problem getting behind like that! >> i understand there were problems with mitt romney. obviously romneycare. but i don't think there is real comparison between donald trump and mitt romney on the spectrum of conservativism. david: i've been involved in conservative politics for 40 years. i know a conservative when i see one. mitt romney, very hard to convince conservatives that mitt romney is tried and true conservative. yet again paul ryan had no trouble getting behind him. >> because mitt romney adopted basically paul's ideas, paul ryan's agenda, the budget plan. that, paul ryan's signature proposal in the house. no, i agree with you hard for someone paul ryan not to get behind the republican nominee especially because he is house speaker. this is man based on ideas. if you have donald trump win the white house without any of the ideas that paul ryan believes can make the country great again
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in the words of donald trump, i'm not sure that is much value to paul ryan. david: very interesting stuff going on here. jamie weinstein from "the daily caller," thank you very much. very good to see you. have a good mother's day. >> thank you. melissa: mediaing criticism of possible credibility gap. pundits lining up how donald trump could not win the general election. yet the same people said trump couldn't win the nomination in the first place. is skepticism fair? here to weigh in, howard kurtz, host host of "mediabuzz," a fox news analyst. a lot of people got it wrong, many, many, many, did not think donald trump could win the nomination but a lot of people kind of changed their tune along the way, wow, this is defying all the odds. those that hung into the very end, how do they get back that credibility? >> it will be a long climb. i don't use the phrase credibility gap lightly. all of organized journalism basically missed story, missed
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reasons for it. yes of course as trump piled up victory after victory, some said yeah i guess he could maybe win nomination. now many same people are saying donald trump can't win the fall or very difficult for him to win. they might be right but viewers and leaders have cause to be skeptical given how completely off they were during the crazy campaign year. melissa: is there evidence of that out there? is there evidence of the fact that viewers are wondering, who they can watch and trust? because we all watch it so closely. we know sort of how it evolved. howard, how do you engage what the people in the audience are really thinking? >> recent major national survey say only six% of americans have a lot or great deal of confidence in the media. melissa: that hurts. >> he is a lot more popular than we are. melissa: he also plays off the fact that the media was against him. that is something that helped him a lot. in addition hating establishment. hating politicians in washington and hating the media how he got
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there. so chances are, if he is smart he will continue it. >> still an issue because you have a lot of high-profile conservative commentators at "weekly standard," "national review," some here at fox who are still in the never ever trump camp. by the way i think it is fair to say that trump has an uphill battle this fall not just because of high negatives because electoral map favored democrats in recent elections. not crazy to say that just there is this credibility problem from people who in my profession who couldn't understand how he was winning these states because of his connection to disaffected working class americans, in particular who don't trust the political establishment or the media establishment. melissa: people who continued to say he has absolutely no chance stacking up victories. >> he was a clown. had no chance. melissa: look forward to your show on sunday. david: i always look forward to that show. melissa: media biz. david: anti-hillary protests in california reveal a deep split among democrats. hillary clinton was forced to
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cut her rally short yesterday in golden state amid protests. on the trail again today. where we find fox news's mike emanuel. mike, that wag kind of bad optics for the front-runner, wasn't it? reporter: david, no question about that good afternoon from oakland. interesting how much time and energy hillary clinton and her husband former president bill clinton invested in california this week. the candidate, mrs. clinton, continues her second day of campaigning and fund-raising here in the golden state. will do rally later today in oakland. clinton sounded irritated by bernie sanders who talked about the 2008 campaign when she, when then senator obama had won. >> i withdraw. i endorsed him. i campaigned with him. i nominated him at the convention. i went to the floor of the convention and moved that he be nominated by acclamation. [applause] because i knew this, that whatever differences we might
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have have had in the campaign they were nothing compared to the differences between us at and the republicans. now if that was true in '08, that is true on steroids today. reporter: clinton was greeted by a few hundred bernie sanders protesters in east los angeles. several bernie supporters also distracted clinton's event. sanders has been pushing hard in coal country, west virginia. while sanders is vocal about climate change he is talking about spending money to rebuild that very difficult economy. >> we protect those workers. we do not leave them behind. [cheers and applause] that is why i have introduced legislation which puts $41 billion into helping those workers and those communities get their feet back on the ground. reporter: clinton is expected to do well with older democrat voters latino and
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african-american voters. she will be here in oakland later this afternoon to try to build on that support. david? david: mike emanuel, thank you, mike. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: breaking wildfires in canada continue to hit oil prices. oil erasing early losses to end higher today as the fires spread. canada is being forced to relocate thousands of people as the wildfires show no signs of subsiding. david: wow! melissa: the blaze has destroyed or damaged at least 1600 buildings and holes so far. david: unbelievable video coming out of canada on that. meanwhile very weak jobs report for the month of april, the smallest gain in seven months. why president obama is blaming congress. melissa: donald trump got a lot of backlash when he announced his america first foreign policy plan but results of a new national poll show most americans agree with him. lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us with his take. that is coming up. david: it is not actually completely over yet for the nominee. trump needs to still get 1237
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call liberty mutual at switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509 call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: participation in the labor force declined, with 362,000 workers dropping out of the jobs market. president obama seems to be pointing fingers at congress. >> here in the united states there are folks out there who are still hurting and so, we've got to do everything we can to strengthen the good trends and if the republican congress joined to us take some steps
4:17 pm
that are pretty common sense, then we could put some additional wind at the backs of working americans. melissa: yeah, congress can fix it. here to weigh in tim kaine, hoover institute research fellow, tom gimbel, lasalle network founder and ceo. wem, a managing director. paul, let me start with you. what was your impression of the numbers? >> the numbers clearly showed some weakness. there was a surprise. the numbers did not come in as consensus was expecting. i think most important takeaway quite frankly sun certainly. i think market, if you look at fluctuations today throughout the day from this morning to way we closed clearly showed uncertainty. melissa: tim, it does seem like, kind of everyone is uncertain where this economy is headed. do you think it is headed lower? >> i just think it is lame, right? it's a bad week. we've seen, three remaining presidential candidates are anti-trade. that is a little depressing.
4:18 pm
it is not a good report, bad report, the same we've had for five years. lackluster is how i would describe it. melissa: yeah, tom, what's the problem? where are we seeing hiring? where are we seeing openings? you're down in the trin muchs of this thing. is it as bad as it looks from this level? >> i don't think it is as bad as the public wants to make it look. you know the president says there are people still hurting. even if there were 200,000, the report was 200,000 there are people hurting and there are people doing well. we have to look at this from a little bit of a different perspective, we have to say this is new normal. it's been this way for three years as tim mentioned. we'll not get 300,000, quarter of a million jobs every month. but really indicate what will pass this summer legislationwise, they're raising overtime exemption salary to 50,400. i think that is something not getting talked about by the administration. companies are fearful. melissa: paul, if this is the new normal, companies are
4:19 pm
fearful. people aren't hiring with gus stow. we never saw a big expansion after such a big decline. if this is the new normal i don't like the sound of that. >> i wouldn't get too worked up over it. it is one data point. we have 5% unemployment. we added 160,000 jobs. you raised a good point, if economy continues this way and numbers come in closer to the general election that lends itself to uncertainly and additional weakness. melissa: tim, what would make the economy grow stronger at this point? what could be done in the near term to make a difference? >> so let's go back and dig into the numbers to something, melissa, you pointed out. the labor force participation rate under president obama has gone down by 8% for teenagers, 6% for people in their 20s. it is down overall. only group it is up for are older citizens. what we need out of washington is an agenda to create jobs or basically increase demand for labor. because right now people aren't feeling it.
4:20 pm
and it's really frustrating -- melissa: what does that look like though? what could the government do though? i mean, how do they create demand for labor? don't tell me shovel-ready jobs. we already tried that. >> not the government's job to do it. melissa: right. >> right. >> stop making it harder. look at regulatory burden. melissa: yes. regulatory burden. guys, thanks so much, david? david: we have breaking news on subject we've been following all day. a suspect is in custody after two people were killed in separate shooting incidents in maryland. one man was fatally shot, two other people injured at a mall in bethesda, maryland, outside of d.c. soon after those shootings, a woman was fatally shot in grocery store a couple miles away. authorities are currently investigating any connections between the shooters and victims, holding a press conference a moment ago. here is a bit from hit. >> at this point we don't know of any connection but that is still very early on the investigation, that is certainly something that we're looking at. >> one other point --
4:21 pm
david: suspect is a federal protective service employee. he was placed on administrative duties in march after protective order was issued against him. he was subsequently placed on administrative leave. as soon as we get more information, we'll give it to you. melissa: irs could have miscalculated tax returns. now it may not even have a solution. that sounds typical. hillary clinton sticking to her story she has not been contacted by the fbi but investigators are interviewing her closest aides. coming up greta van susteren breaks down the legal issues. >> you accessed a lot of accounts, marcel? >> yes. >> is the clinton server easy or hard? >> both, for me it was easy. it was easy, for me, for everybody. ♪
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david: well the fbi is moving forward into its investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. fox news is conforming that the
4:25 pm
fbi recently interviewed clinton's top aide, huma abedin but hillary clinton tells a different story. >> have you been contacted or representatives been contacted by fbi to set up interview? >> no. >> any indication your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> no, not at all. david: two things we want to get into on that subject, greta van susteren, host of "on the record." greta, sounded to me like there was contradiction about what she said about her representatives being contacted and actual happened. you say? >> i don't read it at all, david. says contacted you or your representatives the way that i read it is, hillary or her lawyers. it didn't say you or your staff. the question to me, i guess -- david: huma abedin, as we know greta is more than just a staff member. >> actually, she is not. david: she is personal representative of hillary, it is huma abedin wouldn't you say?
4:26 pm
>> i wouldn't dispute her right hand along with the clintons for 20 years. as a lawyer when i hear the question, secretary clinton, i don't know if it was in her mind if that we was asked of me, my representatives i would not name the staff. i would assume she meant representation like lawyer. everyone noise she has lawyers involved in this. i just don't read that. if you don't like hillary clinton, you're going to think one way. if you do like her probably going to think another way but i don't think we can seize upon this and say oy, my god, hillary clinton is lying. david: okay. a lot of people will seize on this a lot of people in the united states will, not just hillary haters, a lot of people say, look again this pattern, what is the meaning of is and that is where this is lawyer parsing her statements so carefully that to make people say something different. >> david, i don't doubt that i heard on, i heard and i said myself, i talked about the so-called, hug that governor christie gave president three days before the election. david: right, right, right. >> i -- david: good analogy.
4:27 pm
>> i heard it so much saw it in my head. we went back and looked, it wasn't there. people will say all sorts of things. david: good analogy. and it is political season. but second part of what she said, is interesting. when andrea mitchell says is there any indication that ire private server was hacked by foreign hackers? she says no, not at all. now clearly, first of all andrea mitchell had the interview with the hacker a couple months ago. nbc came out with it after we did. they were playing catch-up with us. the fact there is some indication that her server has been hacked, is there not? >> i mean awkward position of trying to appear sort of defend secretary clinton. david: that is all right. >> she never should have had a server, don't get me wrong on that. whether or not there is i have seen indication. we have seen sources from our reporters, "gucifer." david: he is very clear. >> but i'm saying, is he telling
4:28 pm
the truth? i don't know. i mean look, like i said, this, there is a lot of people here seizing upon it. we really have to wait to see what the fbi does say. she could have been deceitful or could have been honest. david: greta, i'm laughing, whenever you deal with clintons. the word here is indication. "gucifer"'s stuff and stuff from fbi would be indicators there may have been break in the server. says no, not at all. it is this word play you get with the clintons over and over again. >> well, i don't know. my training is sort of in the courtroom and we sort of wait for the facts and parsings of the words, i think, the clintons, when bill clinton said the definition of is, he was parsing words. i'm not so sure we're not doing same as well here. i don't know. this is interesting. i talk about on my own show. i get it too but i'm not so sure we're not making, that we're not jumping the gun.
4:29 pm
it may turn out there is a lot of indication but i just, i just don't know. david: one thing we're sure of, greta, the fbi has her server, with "gucifer"'s help, seems clear "gucifer" was brought here by the fbi, with his help to provide road map how to get in the server and what to look for with the server we should have some indication whether there is something in there. >> well i don't know if they even need, quote, "gucifer" to do that. i think there are other sort of digital fingerprints to left to indicate whether someone is inside the computer. one thing that is curious. "gucifer" idesfies sid think blumenthal as mechanic tim to get into the server of secretary clinton. sidney blumenthal is long-time friend of the clintons. you certainly saying the right, saying things that leads one to believe it. but, i got to tell you, having been around the block in all these investigations, what leaks out and what we sometimes run with may not ultimately -- david: does seem the follow the clintons wherever they go, bill clinton or hillary clinton.
4:30 pm
greta, leave it at that see you 7:00 on fnc. thank you very much. >> thank you, david. david: melissa. melissa: got the yellow memo. excellent. david: everybody did. melissa: out with first quarter results. let's go to ashley webster with that. >> more yellow or gold. kind of there. up 8% berkshire hathaway, guys. eps estimate was 2579. the actual earnings per share for berkshire hathaway coming in at 2274. so a miss there. on revenue, the estimate, 52.6 billion. came in at 52.4 billion. so just a little miss there. so the profit up 8%. the net income actually rose. operating profit did miss. there you have it. stock not moving much this friday. volume down initially half a percent but now pretty much where it was. interesting to see what the action is on the stock come monday. melissa: ashley, thank you so much for that. david. david: we now can confirm,
4:31 pm
shocking news, took them a while to count up the votes. london electing first muslim mayor, is a feek kahn, despite hostile campaign by the elections took place six weeks before britain votes whether or not to leave the european union. boy, what a momentous day in london. melissa: stay home in the mountain state. donald trump confusing message to west virginia that has some voters scratching their head. we'll talk to trump's national spokesperson about the presumptive gop nominee. that is next. david: grown up politics in the eyes of little kids. can the presidential candidates pass the tests? what the little tykes had to say about politics coming up. >> why don't you like trump? >> he talks to much. >> he is mean. >> trump is very high maintenance. >> what is bernie going to do to help the world out? >> free stuff. >> free stuff is good, right?
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melissa: save your vote until november. that is the message donald trump gave to west virginia voters before tuesday's primary. the gop front-runner encouraging them to stay home despite a number of contested local races that remain on the ballot. >> i want you to do is save your vote, you know, you don't have to vote anymore. save your vote for the general
4:36 pm
election, okay. forget this one, the primary is gone. save your vote for the general election in november. melissa: kind of scratching our heads on that one. katrina pierson, donald trump's national spokesperson. so, did he really mean that? >> no, not at all. it was in jest. mr. trump wouldn't have been in west virginia if the primary was over. he was posting on twitter, talking about go vote on tuesday and this is just his way of saying, look, we did it, we won. we were told we couldn't get past the first round and here we are going to make america great again. melissa: katrina, looking at latest post on facebook from jeb bush, saying in essence he will never support donald trump. you see speaker ryan saying he will meet with him but not ready to support him yet. mitt romney saying he will never support him. this is serious question, would mitt romney's support be the kiss of death for your campaign? >> i have to be honest, i heard
4:37 pm
stories come out this is confirmation the whole time, that donald trump is not a part of that establishment. he is not a part of that complex, that failed establishment that we've seen on the republican side. we now have an opportunity to bring in new voters, independents, disenfranchised democrats and really make policies that benefit america, the american economy and the american family. melissa: yeah. i'm serious though, how would you spin it? if mitt romney came out and supported donald trump that would actually be a problem for you? what would you do there? >> at that point this is really about the party at this point. mr. trump won fair and square even with the system being rigged he won fire and square. we would expect -- fair and square. we expect you to respect the voters. anyone we want on republican side. at the end of the day we have to come together to stop hillary clinton. we also say we don't want to get on board, because we'll not support amnesty agenda, trillion dollar omnibus spending agenda, that is their choice.
4:38 pm
melissa: let me ask you before we run out of time, people that love donald trump, vicente fox saying a lot of things about donald trump but also inviting him to mexico to learn what mexico is really about. is that serious invitation. would donald trump go. >> i'm not sure he would think about going right now. i think it's a serious invitation. i think vicente fox sees where american people stand. we know that donald trump will build the wall. whether or not mexico cuts the check or takes it ending some of the subsidies it will be paid for. melissa: i think he should go. it would be media juggernaut. >> it would be. melissa: we would cover it live, that's for sure. katrina thank you so much. david: would be good for mexico. hillary clinton calling on former bush supporters and never trump republicans to spend cash on her campaign but could any republican give money to hillary clinton? joining us now, hadley heath manning of the independent women's forum and fox news contributor ed rollins, who just became co-chair of the great america super-pac, that supports
4:39 pm
donald trump. to which i would say, ed, have you lost your mind? you had nice cushy job coming in couple day as week. getting in the middle of the fire. why? >> because i feel very strongly we have to basically stop hillary clinton from being elected and country desperately needs leader, donald trump. went through process where he became leader of our party. i've been a republican since 72. i voted for some of those bushes that don't want to vote for mr. trump. i held my knows dish, what do you think about jeb's statement, i will not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton but i will support principled conservatives at federal levels. >> a lot of people were basically good party folks voted for them. in same way mr. romney. i think at this point in time the game has changed dramatically. i would certainly hope by the end of the game and come back in and vote for mr. trump but it is not totally relevant. he moved past them. beat their people. beat 17 candidates, 16
4:40 pm
candidates in this race. he won this thing fair and square. at end of the day he will be leader of this party whether they like it or not. david: hadley, one thing to sit out an election. another thing to actually give money to the persons you've opposed all these years. apparently hillary's people are reaching out to republican donors, including woody johnson, finance chairman for jeb bush. i happen to know woody johnson. i can't ever imagine him giving money to a clinton. can you? >> well, every individual donor will have to make up his or her mind but what we'll see this year is, like the voter class, the donor class is going to be in unconventional coalition behind trump, behind clinton. may surprise some people, among the donor class, yes, there are some party loyalists and truly principled donors who would never cross party aisles because they have principles that align with the party's agenda. on other hand many in the donor class typically switch sides or
4:41 pm
give to both. mr. trump was clinton donor. david: ed, hillary says she will raise $2 billion. we'll see if she does. donald says one billion, on the cheap side the way things have gone. do you think he will be able to raise a billion dollars or more? >> i think he will. he is starting late but at the end of the day there is lot of enthusiasm out there. david: how bus a billionaire convince people give him money. >> you have to buy into the game. a lot of rich people put money in, not quite as much as he put in. people want to be part of the team. want to basically go out and beat hillary. this is one of the ways they can do that. david: ed rollins, thank goodness you have a lot of friends to support you. this will be a hell of a summer for you. should be a lot of fun at the same time. >> i look forward to it. david: hadley, great to see you. happy mother's day to you, hadley. thanks for coming in. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: putting america first, donald trump's foreign policy
4:42 pm
plan is win with voters. next lieutenant colonel oliver north sounds off on what he call the obama administration, quote, new world disorder. that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. [so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it.
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melissa: america first is gaining traction. 57% of americans agree with donald trump on putting the united states before other countries this is according to new "pew research poll." here to weigh in lieutenant colonel oliver north, fox news military analyst and "war stories" host. this always depends how you ask the question of course, but you know, donald trump lindsey graham jumped on him said this is isolationist point of view. what do you think? >> look, after seven 1/2 years of obama-clinton, delusional foreign policy given new world disorder, trump's message making america great again an win something resonating with the american people, melissa. look it, there are very few
4:46 pm
americans who connect america first slogan with charles lindbergh in the 1930s as isolationist with what happens today. that is history. you can't fit history into 145 characters. unless you watch "war stories" on this channel most people don't know about it. melissa: i love the way you did that that was good plug. keep going. >> i learned a little bit in this business. look, i believe a majority of americans and the military veterans i see, 35 million counting their families, want a president who will rebuild our military, because today it is too small and worn out to win a war and define and prioritize our enemies. tear 1:00, dprk, north koreans, pakistan, china, russia, all with nukes. tear 2, radical islam, not just isis. define victory. deter the chinese russian expansionism. deny safe havens to islamic radical terrorists number four,
4:47 pm
japan republican south korea, u.a.e., the slowing began of we got your back means something more than mattress company ad. finally they want to protect the homeland against ballistic missile strike. secure our borders. that means protecting america. melissa: is there something xenophobic or saying america first? that is sort of the length if you go past the isolationist idea -- >> are you asking -- melissa: go ahead. >> melissa, you're asking wrong guy. i served for 25 years in the united states marine corps. we always put america first. melissa: so then maybe it wouldn't change anything? if you're saying that the marine corps and military always puts america first already, maybe it doesn't change anything to have donald trump out there saying it? >> no, i think donald trump needs to say it. i think any president needs to say it. i had great blessing serving in administration after president who said it routinely. he also talked about the evil empire around drove the left nuts. the fact is we've got a very, very challenging environment ahead. the next president, whoever it
4:48 pm
is, will have enormously difficult task. melissa: yeah. >> when you look what is happening in iraq today, it is even worse. melissa: no, that is absolutely true. whoever it is really has full plate to start with. colonel north, catch colonel north on "war stories" this sunday at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. it is a fantastic show. i'm not just saying that. you don't want to miss it. david: well, apple ending the day at a 21-month low. fox business's jo ling kent joins us now. jo, what is going on with apple? >> apple's stock certainly hitting a low on news there is uncertainty about the future of apple at this point. ceo tim cook reportedly headed for china with meetings with top government officials after the company was banned in terms of selling electronic books and itune movies there. as chinese government looks to expand its own domestic business. doesn't help in the last earnings report, apple suffered with its china sales. greater china sales were down by 27% after a huge gain the year before.
4:49 pm
so there is questions of innovation. there is question of china. and there of course is questions around what happens next in its ongoing piece by piece battle against local governments and the fbi and federal government when it comes to privacy. so there is a lot on the table here and tim cook, taking to media earlier this week to try to calm investors down but that didn't necessarily work at least in the short term, right? david: there is another problem. donald trump has made a lot of statements saying that if he becomes president he is going to force companies like apple to bring a lot of their manufacturing here into the united states. are some investors perhaps worried if that happens, if there is some kind of pressure on apple that will increase their costs tremendously? >> seems like real question about apple's future has very little to do with the campaign trail at this point but more to do with long-term innovation. iphone 7 coming out this fall. will it be enough to bring sales back. remember their revenue dropped
4:50 pm
for the first time. those are real serious metrics when you think of apple as company. most of the money they make are generated from iphone sales. they don't have a category to necessarily make up for that in the apple watch. we see a little bit of strengthening, there is a lot of competition in the cell phone area. jo ling, see you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." jo ling will be there. huge miscalculation on obamacare credits at expense of you the taxpayer. they are not even sure how to fix it coming up.
4:51 pm
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. >> major mistakes from the irs
4:54 pm
emerging, it concerns obamacare. claiming the irs computer system miscalculated credits for more than 27,000 taxpayers who receive subsidies for obamacare. gerri willis joins us with all the details. another example of our complex tax system, gerri? >> reporter: that's right, david, so many problems with obamacare. this is another one. here's what happens, according to the treasury inspector general. the irs computer systems miscalculated allowable premium tax credits for more than 27,000 taxpayers who received the subsidies. what happens with the subsidies is typically go right straight to the insurer, but they had to be reported on tax forms. why? because the irs is charged with verifying claims which have to be reported on tax forms. they're in charge of this, and let me tell you, they're not doing a great job. no verification or information on 438,000 returns.
4:55 pm
438,603, as you can see right there. part of what's going on, and part of the problem is that the exchanges themselves, whether they're a state exchange or the federal exchange aren't kicking back the right information to the irs. that's critical. unless the exchanges tell the irs we sold a policy to person a, it's difficult to verify they're making the claim they should. 7% in fact of all these items that were tested were found to have errors, they looked at a total of 2.9 million returns claiming 9.8 billion in credits, and the reason they're doing this, david, is congress said we're worried about fraud with this, we're worried money is going to go awry. at the end of the day, they found out it is. >> half a million people could have made the numbers up. >> reporter: that's right. >> and the rest of the taxpayers have to pay for it. thank you very much, gerri
4:56 pm
willis, happy mother's day. kids say the darndest things, especially when it comes to this year's election. >> who do you think should be president of the united states? >> hillary clinton. >> taylor swift. >> what are you a socialist? >> yeah. >> what does that mean? >> i don't know, man! [laughter] ♪ gaviscon is a proven heartburn remedy that gives you fast-acting, long-lasting relief. it immediately neutralizes acid and only gaviscon helps keep acid down for hours. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
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4:59 pm
. >> fox news' jesse waters quizzing the youth of america on the race for the white house. take a listen. >> make america what again? >> happy. >> better. >> free. >> is trump going to make america what again? >> great. >> what has donald trump been saying? >> i will build a wall. >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> donald trump. >> the muslims in mexico. >> mexico. >> we shouldn't have a wall to block america from the rest of the world. >> you're voting for bernie, aren't you? >> actually, those answers were
5:00 pm
smarter than a lot of the college campuses jesse goes to. this is omaha, nebraska, an airport hangar which donald trump is going to be speaking in just a couple of minutes when his plane arrives. after that he's going to go to oregon. both states have primaries next tuesday. have a great mother's day weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> he sounds like a liberal democrat to me, bret. he's wrong, and he's, i think, deliberately promoting those views in order to advance his political interests. jo ling: that was former vice president dick cheney a few months ago talking about donald trump. today he's coming out and saying he's going support him for president. also on the campaign trail, we want to show you live pictures of omaha, nebraska where the presumptive republican nominee is slated to speak at a rally in just a few minutes. we'll see if he responds to these latest developments. and former florida governor jeb bush also says he will not support trumas


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