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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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college campuses jesse goes to. this is omaha, nebraska, an airport hangar which donald trump is going to be speaking in just a couple of minutes when his plane arrives. after that he's going to go to oregon. both states have primaries next tuesday. have a great mother's day weekend. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> he sounds like a liberal democrat to me, bret. he's wrong, and he's, i think, deliberately promoting those views in order to advance his political interests. jo ling: that was former vice president dick cheney a few months ago talking about donald trump. today he's coming out and saying he's going support him for president. also on the campaign trail, we want to show you live pictures of omaha, nebraska where the presumptive republican nominee is slated to speak at a rally in just a few minutes. we'll see if he responds to these latest developments. and former florida governor jeb bush also says he will not support trump as the gop
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nominee saying trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. this is "risk & reward." i'm jo ling kent in for deirdre bolton, thank you for joining us tonight. the person suing the u.s. government to question hillary's e-mails is here and author of clinton cash, and new viral video sparking intense debate on parenting. but first, while cheney is falling into party lines, speaker of the house paul ryan is not quite there yet. >> to be perfectly candid with you, jake, i'm not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now, and i hope to, and i want to, but i think what is required is that we unify this party. and i think the bulk of the burden on unifying the party will have to come from presumptive nominee. >> i was very, very surprised. he talks about unity. what is this about unity? and with millions coming into the party, obviously, i'm
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saying the right thing, and the party had a lot of problems, whether it was the right or wrong thing, wasn't doing it. and the republican party is now the talk of the world. jo ling: despite all the back and forth, speaker paul ryan inviting trump to a meeting with gop leaders next week saying i look forward to the discussion. to weigh in on all of this and more former governor of arizona jan brewer, she has endorsed donald trump. here with me now. governor, what do you think of cheney's support and the fact that paul ryan hasn't made that formal pledge yet? how does this affect the race? >> well, i'm really happy that mr. cheney got on board and trying to unite the party. i'm disappointed that paul ryan hasn't joined us yet, but i think eventually he will. the bottom line is we need to unify the republican party. donald trump received 10 million votes from the american
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people, and i hate to say it because i'm a lifelong republican, but the party told us, dole, if we didn't get behind him, we wouldn't win. they told us if we didn't get behind john mccain, we wouldn't win, and we got behind romney, and we didn't win. now the people have spoken, and i think we should listen, i think we should all come together, and i'm really pleased to say here on your program that paul reached out to mr. trump and they'll meet on thursday, and maybe we'll have a victory coming up soon with the speaker. jo ling: showing live pictures of omaha, nebraska, donald trump arriving to political rally there, and just a moment ago, he released a statement after senator lindsey graham refused to endorse him along with jeb bush and says he will not attend the convention. senator graham saying -- trump saying, excuse me --
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so governor, what do you think about that? >> i think it's sour grapes. i think that it's wrong. i think he should get behind the candidate. lindsey graham doesn't get to choose who the nominee. is he has a vote, and has his will to support whomever he wants, but always been a republican, we've always supported him across the country, and i think he'd serve us well. but this is wrong and is nothing but sour grapes. jo ling: we also want to take a look what president obama thinks of the race. earlier today he gave an address on the economy talking about the disappointing jobs report and also mentioned the job of the presidency is not a reality show. listen to this. >> i just want to emphasize the degree to which we are in serious times and this is a serious job. this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show. there is no doubt that there is
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a debate that's taken place inside the republican party about who they are and what they represent. their standard bearer at the moment is donald trump. jo ling: governor brewer, what do you think this says with the president calling out donald trump? >> well, it's very condescending, i've never seen a sitting president get involved in the upcoming elections in that manner, and how would he know what presidential means? he hasn't enforced the laws. hasn't returned our economy. hasn't brought jobs in. and we're headed probably on the brink of on other recession. i wouldn't pay a lot of heed to what he just said. disappointing. it's very condescending. jo ling: well, it's no surprise that a president gets involved with a little bit of politics given there are two sides to the race. i want you to listen to this, governor -- >> but jo, but jo -- >> for proposed deportation force. i'd like to get your thoughts on.
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this listen to this. >> donald trump doubled down on his plan to create a deportation force to round up millions of people. that's actually what he said. jo ling: governor, do you think that donald trump is going too far with his proposal for deportation force. and what do you think of secretary clinton's response to this? >> mr. trump is going to put his hand on a bible and swear to uphold the constitution and the rules of this country, and hillary clinton is out there, as a candidate, someone that should know better, saying this i'm not going to enforce the laws. if she doesn't like the laws, then change the laws. but to arbitrarily say she's not going to do it and be a candidate for president of the united states, when all of us have to abide by the rules. we believe in the rule of law. to say that is just absolutely befuddles me. why would somebody vote for somebody that says they're not
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going to enforce the laws. jo ling: governor brewer, we're looking at live pictures of donald trump taking the stage in omaha, nebraska, as he heads closer to the general election and prepares to lodge more attacks against hillary clinton, the potential democratic nominee here. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much, jo. jo ling: former governor of arizona, jan brewer. and the bond king, predicting to fox business that donald trump will win the general election. >> i actually have been predicting a trump presidency for months. i was on the "barron's" roundtable in early january and asked the question who's going to be the next president? everyone said hillary clinton. i said donald trump. people gasped when you say that back then. jo ling: for more of the fascinating conversation, tune into "wall street week" tonight at 8:00 eastern for more of that interview which is making headlines.
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tune into fox business this monday morning, donald trump, the presumptive republican nominee will be speaking with our own maria bartiromo at 7:00 eastern time. get up early for that. you don't want to miss it. and in other news, fox confirming the fbi has interviewed hillary clinton's longtime aide huma abedin as part of its probe into her use of a private e-mail server. in the past abedin said she's terrified of what's in the e-mails. >> terrifying, but with -- and i confess, i have not read anything that has become public. it's something i can't really think about because i can't even imagine what's in those e-mails, but i'm sure i would be -- i would be -- i would probably be mortified. i have no idea. i haven't read any of them. jo ling: mortified, terrified, a guest is suing the government to question clinton's aides himself. judicial watch president tom fitton is here.
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tom, what do you think you'll find? how much do you doubt the government in this case? >> there's no doubt that hillary clinton and perhaps her aides like huma abedin wanted to skirt the transparency law, the freedom of information act. we had questions about her job at the state department specifically, and they didn't search mrs. clinton's e-mails as they were supposed to. with the lack of good faith and not telling us and the course about it caused two federal judges to grant judicial twuch gather evidence and testimony, and most immediately judge sullivan in one of our cases, ed sullivan, district court judge in d.c., grants ability to get six witnesses at least that are going to come in and testify including ms. abedin and mills, we hope they cooperate. this is going to take place over the next eight weeks. jo ling: reports of the fbi potentially interviewing clinton herself in the e-mail
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probe. take a look at this. >> since you last mentioned this to my colleague in april, you have been contacted or representative contacted by the fbi to set up an interview? >> no, no. >> any indication your private server was hacked by foreign hackers? >> not at all. jo ling: what do you think of hillary's denial. andrea mitchell asking if her representatives were contacted, that could mean attorneys and not aides there? >> there's breaking news news now, her lawyer david kendall is in constant contact with the justice department. i don't know why she's misleading again the american people here. more gamesmanship for mrs. clinton. in our case, judge sullivan said her testimony might eventually be required and if judicial watch wants it after it talks to these witnesses, we can ask him for permission. there's the possibility she'll have to testify in our cases. no matter what the fbi does.
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jo ling: all right, tom fitton, the next few weeks promising to be very interesting. you're the president of judicial watch. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, jo. jo ling: job growth is off to a slow start in 2016. the labor department releasing a weaker-than-expected jobs report. officials added 168,000, the unemployment rate stayed steady at 5%. drawing a stark contrast about what president obama said about the economy back in january. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. jo ling: wall street rebounding to close higher after the disappointing april jobs report. the s&p 500 bouncing off earlier lose, gaining more than six points. but the index has been down two weeks in a row now, that marks the s&p 500 longest losing streak since february. and right before mother's a
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flowers. disturbing facebook video of a baby's first swim lesson is going viral. we'll have a mother who's calling out the parent's message. and the mayor of apple's hometown is calling on the ceo to pay more taxes. he's joining us to talk all about it. but first, a movie adaptation of best selling clinton expose heading to the cannes film festival. the author is here to talk about that coming up next. >> you have a foreign corporation or foreign government that wants something from the state department while hillary clinton is secretary of state. they will make a large payment to the clinton foundation. that will be followed by favorable action on their behalf. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance.
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. jo ling: we are monitoring presumptive republican nominee donald trump. he is speaking in omaha, nebraska right now. talking a little bit about paul ryan and rick perry's flip-flops and now supporting him. we'll bring you more of that as we get it. and just as hillary clinton gains on bernie sanders, "clinton cash" is rearing its head again. >> enormous amounts of money have flowed to the clintons from foreign governments, foreign financiers and businesses. before we had to worry about money from wall street and big labor. now we have to worry about it coming from around the world and infecting our policy. with the clintons, nothing is sacred. everything is for sale. but we're the ones who are paying the price. maybe, just maybe, the american people are tired of being sold out. jo ling: the book is based on investigating the clinton's wealth after they left the white house, and now turned into a documentary.
5:17 pm
the film will debut at the cannes film festival this summer to major audiences, and just as the general election is heating up and republican dialing up the campaign rhetoric to keep her out of the white house. "clinton cash" author peter schweizer joins us now. thank you for joining me. >> thanks for having me. jo ling: you said the clintons have net worth of $110 million, this is a stark contrast by clinton made in abc news interview where she stated the family was not only dead broke but in debt after leaving the white house. what did you find most disturbing putting together the book and then this documentary? >> i think what's most troubling. look, i don't think anybody faults them for making money after bill clinton left the white house. it's how they made the money, they made the money basically by making an apparatus where by foreign entities, foreign governments, foreign businesses could pay them either for speeches by bill clinton or pay for access through the clinton
5:18 pm
foundation. so the troubling part to me is not that they made the money but made a lot of money by creating this apparatus that allows foreign entities to influence decisions she made while she was secretary of state. jo ling: do you have an agenda here in terms of the documentary influencing what happens in the general election to hillary clinton? >> i think so. i mean, look, when she was secretary of state, she had a lot of things on her desk she had to deal with. what i showed in the book and what we show in the film, a lot of decisions, policy towards africa, whether it's related to nuclear policy and the global relationship with russia, whether it relates to relations in south america, her decisions were influenced by who and when people gave them money. here's the problem, "clinton cash" came out last year. bill clinton was asked about this, and his response was he's going to keep giving speeches even if she becomes president. in his words quote, unquote
5:19 pm
he's got to pay the bills. we're going to see the same thing happen if she's in the white house that we saw as secretary of state. his speaking fees are going to go through the roof. three or four times than they were when she's not in office, that is going to have an effect on decisions she makes. jo ling: see what actually happens as this endless campaign continues. peter schweizer, author of "clinton cash," thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. jo ling: and senator bernie sanders waging a war on big banks. >> we are looking at an economy in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. rich get richer, everyone else gets poorer. >> rich are getting richer, everybody else gets poorer. jo ling: goldman sachs employees certainly not getting richer. the investment bank is laying off more than 100 employees in fixed income decision as the ceo lloyd blankfein is undercutting the biggest cost
5:20 pm
cutting push. the cost cuts weighing on goldman's stock, down 11% year to date. closed down half a point today. and one pastor's anti-target video is going viral. >> businesses, by and large, will probably take the same route because they think they're being politically correct. at the end of the day, they're being ignorantly, ignorantly naive. jo ling: the pastor there is here to talk about this and the boycott that's now over one million people strong. and a new report showing obamacare premiums are about to skyrocket. find out by how much, next. >> now is the time to finally keep the promise of affordable, accessible health care for every single american. [ cheers ] >> if you have health care, my plan will lower your premiums. many people clean their dentures
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. jo ling: welcome back. a michigan man has been charged with spraying rat poison on produce at several local grocers in ann arbor, including a whole foods. 29-year-old kyle besimmer was caught in the act by a store employee and wound up on the fbi's most-wanted list. he did it because someone was trying to poison him. so far no one's gotten sick and he faces up to 80 years in prison. and take a look at whole foods stock today, down about 1%. this after the upscale grocer reported earnings beat and slight miss on revenue from wednesday. and 2017 may bring another year of big obamacare rate hikes. various health insurers are moving to increase insurance premiums for individuals, some by as much as 30%. joining me now is former lieutenant governor of new york
5:25 pm
and author of beating obamacare, betsy mccoy. good to see you. >> it is lots more bad news about obamacare. big rate hikes ahead. you'll hear about them in the next few weeks as insurers request permission for the hikes. jo ling: we are hearing it on earnings calls and virginia asking for average increase of 15.8%, and oregon's providence health plan asking for increase of 30%. why is this all happening now? >> because the insurers are losing shirts trying to sell the exchange plans, the obamacare plans. last year they lost a whopping $3 billion after the united states government handed them 8 billion at the end of the year out of a tax that we pay on health insurance plans. the fact is they're losing a lot of money and the reason is simple, there's a flawed concept in this plan. it says that insurers have to sell their plans to sick people and healthy people for exactly
5:26 pm
the same price. that's like trying to feed a chihuahua and a great dane on the same budget. so the result is the sick people rush to sign up, the healthy people refuse because it's a bad deal for them, and it's called the death spiral in the insurance industry. more and more sick people sign up, fewer and fewer healthy people. jo ling: some are unveiling a single pair health plan on capitol hill. how do you think it's possible that democrats could pull something off like this given the fact that obamacare is watered down, there is serious opposition from the republican party. forecast what happens next for me? >> first all, president obama and hillary clinton the would-be president said at the very beginning, way back in 2008 that ideally they would prefer this government run single-payer health plan to what we've got now, but decided to go with the insurance companies. of course, they would prefer single payer, but would never
5:27 pm
get it unless they controlled both houses of congress and the presidency. jo ling: that's fair enough. irs miscalculating tax credits for obamacare. the bottom line here, the irs not necessarily sure that everyone who got a credit was necessarily qualified to receive it. what happens here? >> this is a tiny part of a much bigger story which is that fully 80% of the people who got obamacare subsidies to buy the health plans got the wrong subsidy. 40% got too big a subsidy. 40% got too small a subsidy. the people who got too big a subsidy got a whopping extra tax bill at the end of the year. jo ling: are these just growing pains or should already be there. >> in the design of the law the subsidy is predicting what your income will be. if you work a little overtime or get a second job or raise, or you lose your job, all of that affects your income, and
5:28 pm
guess what? now for the first time it affects your insurance costs. jo ling: all coming to a head. seems like it's going to be interesting policy debate on capitol hill. betsy mccaughey, author of beating obamacare. thank you so much. take a look the how health care insurance stocks and some closing in the green today. up just over tenth of a percent there. united health and aetna down less than 1%. humana ending down almost 2% on that tough earnings report. meanwhile, in the u.k., the labour party candidate has been elected the first muslim mayor of london. victory after british prime minister david cameron's accusations that khan shared a platform with a, quote, isis supporter. >> the honorable member has appeared with him nine times.
5:29 pm
this man supports i.s. he shared a platform. mr. speaker, i think they are shouting down this point because they don't want to hear the truth. jo ling: lots of controversy there. meanwhile, european shares falling today with steel maker and hedge fund group among the worst performers there, the ftse ending up slightly in the green. alert here, apple not working with the fbi to unlock a terrorist iphone, but taking meetings reportedly with communist china to drum up struggling business. my next guest says ceo tim cook is helping the wrong people. and speaking of apple, the mayor of cupertino where apple is headquartered is calling the company out for not paying enough taxes. the mayor of cupertino, california, is here to talk about it with us next.
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he said lyndsey graham is nasty for not endorsing him. and paul ryan says he's not ready to support him. apple's ceo tim cook reportedly headed to china to meet with high-ranking officials about strengthening capel's sales there. apple is going to work with the f.b.i. to unlock the terrorist cell phone in san bernardino, but he will continue to work with china, a country that hacks intoist s. >> china is its second largest
5:35 pm
the chinese do control pretty much what goes on including the internet and technology. i think what tim cook did with the f.b.i. was shameful. but they wanted to put forth the idea, we are going to be protecting your data. here they are trying to cut a deal with the government of china to say whatever you need we'll give you so we can maintain the market share we have. it's in my judgment unethical. i understand apple wants to make money, but they have a problem with their manufacturer and they have a problem with doing the right thing here. jo ling: they are not necessarily agreeing to work with china to unlock phones for the chinese government. but there are new hurdles, the ban on i books and music.
5:36 pm
the partnership with china mobile, the largest mobile carrier in the country. >> this is the issue. how far does a corporation go to maintain a corporate share? corporations try to grow 7% per year. apple shares have risen a great deal. there has to be some level of a corporate soul. i understand cook's responsibility is to the board of directors and those who own stock. but are you doing the right thing for the people of china? i understand he wants to have market penetration for content and his product. but let's remember the chinese have been very controlling about anything and everything they do regarding information. tim cook has to ask himself two questions. is this going to put you on the right or wrong side of history
5:37 pm
and apple as a major corporation, and how is this going to play to the american public regarding the fact the chinese are a global competitor and will he do things to undermine our ability to challenge the chinese to make sure they don't get an upper hand where the united states? jo ling: we'll bring you that meeting as it unfold in china. >> the cupertino mayor barrie chang wants apple to help pay for it crumbling infrastructure. apple's taxes to your town account for 18% of your total budget. how much more in taxes do you want apple to pay? >> i want them to pay $23
5:38 pm
million a year, which comes out to $1,000 a year to help solve the traffic congestion. they are making money, and then they work hard to do it. but can they pay a little bit more to helped the community, in my opinion yes. our teachers and firefighter and police cannot afford to live in this area because this high-tech company came in, the price went up and they got squeeze out. the middle class, our teacher, our of the, our police. our street are clogged with all the car. jo ling: having them pay more taxes doesn't necessarily mean housing prices are going to drop, right? >> right. but these so some willingness to help traffic congestion problem provide a free shuttle bus
5:39 pm
service inside the city, connect to outside. all this just need money. and they can afford to pay for it to help us because they helped create the problem, which is a good problem to have. joe werer * have you. jo ling: have you met with ceo tim cook? >> i haven't met with him in person yet. i went to apple but the receptionist was so cold, she said you don't have an appointment and you have to leave so i left. they are asking us have you met the business leaders in town to talk about the situation we can help to each other, you know. jo ling: cooperation might be in order. barrie chang, you are the mayor
5:40 pm
of cup or tino, thank you. apple closed down for the 11th time as news that tim cook is going to make a trip to china and iphone sales are down. the boycott against target against target's bathroom policy. >> i need no further information to know you have lost your ever loving mind? are you kidding me? your political correct northeast has caused you to do something extraordinarily stupid. try doctor-recommended gaviscon.
5:41 pm
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>> i need no further information
5:44 pm
to know that you have lost your ever lovin mind. are you kidding me in your political correct northeast has caused you to do something side. you are not targeting and being inclusive to transgender people by doing this. they make up ask 03% of the population. you are targeting pedophiles who are going to harm our children. jo ling: more than a million americans have signed a pledge to dboycott target. why did you make this video? >> i heard a lot in the media about the afa boycott. so i decided to get it from target themselves. i walked in and found a manager to ask them to plainly let me know what the actual bathroom
5:45 pm
policy was. when they said i could go either of the restrooms i self-identified with that day. i said i could go to the women's room and they said yes. and they said if anyone was uncomfortable they could see the manager. jo ling: you said there aren't that's transgender people. are you saying because there aren't that's of them that they aren't equal under corporate policies or the law? >> what i'm saying is it's never been an issue to this point. target is trying to make an issue to the lgbt community. it's happening in texas and various places, people are bending this new rule, this new law, this new policy so that they can gain access to the restroom.
5:46 pm
so i don't think this is a transgender issue. this is an issue where target didn't think it through and it will cause great safety concerns. jo ling: it is a transgender issue because it is targeting and discussing that question with it comes to bathrooms. i guess i'm curious to know, a lot of things evolve over time, private companies and tech companies have set new standards and society has come around later in the case, gay marriage is one of them. do you feel like there is no room for evolution here in terms of where you stand? >> i wouldn't stand with the lgbt community in terms of what they would believe and what i believe biblically and morally. we'll be kind and speak the truth in love but we'll never see eye to eye. the reason the target issue has
5:47 pm
become a huge issue is because of north carolina, mississippi, and my home state of tennessee with the boycotts and disney and the nfl and various people upset with north carolina governor. this brought all of it to light at the same time. but i want to be clear about the fact that the video was specifically in response to the safety of our children. as a 40-year-old man they would let me walk into the bathroom looking just like i look. i don't have to put on a dress to do it. jo ling: have you identified an actual instance where that happened? >> personally i haven't. but before i walked into the studio, it's already being talked about in texas. and i don't think that's the first of them. jo ling: thanks for joining us tonight. a ranging wildfire in the heart
5:48 pm
of canada's oil region may be driving up prices. this viral video of a baby struggling to swim. backlash over this new swim lesson trend coming up. ♪
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5:52 pm
you spoke to 100 womb been their getting back into the workforce. >> it's a great story. i was sitting on the couch with our former colleague. she says there are wonderful people who are educated but are out of the workforce and can't get back in. i decided to do some research at the same time i was talking about doing a book upon jobs. my mother was at home with me. when my parents divorced she went back to work full time. there is a myth that the children of working moms suffer. harvard did a huge study with 50,000 respondents that show the daughters of particular working mothers make more money and get
5:53 pm
promoted faster. so the guilt moms have about going back to work should not be there at all. jo ling: i'm the product of a working mom. my mom used to work multiple jobs to hold down the fort. what is the key topic? >> i write about it from the book it's about finding things you are doing at home, whether it's volunteer work. i don't care if you are carrying buckets of water at your children's 5k race. you put that on your resume. get rid of the guilt. your kids will be fine. one of the moms told me she had a lot of balls in the air and knew one was going to drop and she had to forgive herself that too. but mother are patients, multitaskers, organized and when
5:54 pm
they go back to the workforce, they had to take lower pay and a lower position at the company, but they found more success once they were back in. finally companies are find out these women are valuable parts of the corporation. jo ling: we want to take a quick look at facebook just ahead of mother's day. a parent posting this video on facebook on which a baby was left there to sink or swim, ande a concerned mother is speaking out about this. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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jo ling: look at this video left floating water causing controversy. the babies put in and flipped over and it's able to float on its own. this has caused a lot of controversy.
5:58 pm
what do you think? >> this is not good parenting, this is good luck. there has been no evidence showing that making babies do this won't make them drown. it's terrible, the child will see the pool and think they can just go in. jo ling: but this is being taught in some parenting classes. >> i talked to several moms about this video, and several of them are doing this technique in their swim classes with professional supervision. my concern is there will be irresponsible supervision because it has gone viral as a video that it will lead to something that will be a tragic accident. >> if you were thrown in a pool and you could swim you might have psychological trauma.
5:59 pm
i don't like this technique. it gives parents a false sense of security thinking their child could do this. >> i don't think it's an endangerment. obviously the parents who filmed this video were being responsible and the child was fine. this is being caught under professional care for professional swim classes for infants. there are some moms who think it's a great idea because if there was an accident with their child they would have a better fighting chance than if they had never been in the water. jo ling: but you have said there is no data to show whether this increases or decreases the risk of drowning. >> you need to be within arm's
6:00 pm
reach. if you watch this video, this person is not in arm's reach. and they could choke. i really don't like it. jo ling: thank you for watching. "making money" with charles payne starts next. charles: the underwhelming jobs report sent the dow down but rallied later. wildfires rage in western canada. 88,000 people have been evacuated from the area. and now the fire is threatening the country's oil sands.


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