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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  May 7, 2016 2:00am-3:01am EDT

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let's not continue down this road to socialism. that's our show. see you next week. >> these rules are 0 "war on the little guy." each and every one of this is incomprehensible to me. >> i have no idea what its in this books and i'm a constitutional lawyer. >> the government adds thousands of payments of new rules. >> tough reforms to protect consumers. >> they say we need more. >> there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom. >> we have to depend on the federal government to protect our children. >> but they keep passing more laws. now we're drowning in red tape. >> i can't eat the way i want, drink water the way i want, can't poop the way i want.
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like a disease. like a mole. >> get out of my life. this magician must have a license for his rabbits? >> how is any normal human supposed to understand this and follow that. >> i don't have that answer. >> the constitution says i have a right to bear arms. but where i live, i can't do this legally. >> can't we get rid of some of this? the good news is that some entrepreneurs cut through the red tape. >> i chose to be a survivor, not a victim. >> so families have a better experience and i can drive a cab. >> welcome. >> all these people are combatants in the "war on the little guy." >> a certain amount of regulation is good. the problem is they don't stop. >> i would be out of business. >> with every phone call there came more bureaucratic red tape.
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>> our government adds thousands of new pages of law every year. that's on top of the 175,000 pages they passed in prior years. >> this is just what you see here, just the federal part. states, local governments add much more than this. >> if you wanted to get state, county, and city laws, you need to rent a bigger building. >> this lawyer jeff rose helps little guys deal with the red tape. >> this is an agenda of control for its open sake. that's why regulators do what they do. >> come on. control for its open -- its own sake. they're not macveilan power frequents. >> i guess you haven't dealt with very men bureaucrats. they like rules and live to enforce rules. >> underpaid government function areas. i call them little emperors. they justify their existence by creating regulations. >> even marty the mosquito is
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regular -- magician is regulated. >> i thought how could i be regulated. >> he can't get out anymore, too bad. >> marty has entertained kids for 30 years, and then like many ma. >> s he uses a rabbit. >> yes! >> a birthday child will make the rabbit magic include --ly appear. >> i was signing autographs and taking pictures. suddenly a badge was thrown into a mix and the inspector saying, let me see your license, license for a rabbit and she said from now on you cannot use your rabbit until you fill out paperwork, fill out theline phoenix, inspect your home. i'm subject to surprise inspections of momentum. >> is not embarrassed. >> very serious.
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>> marty was in violation of the animal welfare act. ten times regulateyears have shown up, unannounced at marty's house. >> cannot argue with them. you can't even talk logically with them. >> she would love it if everybody said, ah. >> i got a new inspector and i said, did my first one retire? she said, no, good news, we increased our budget and we have more inspectors now. we can visit you more often. >> you got this letter. deere dear members of our regulation community. sounds like a family. >> a community i don't want to be a part of. >> they actually wanted a comprehensive written disaster plan detailing every i would do with my rabbit in event of a fire, flood, temperatures, ice storm. >> 20 possible disasters they list. intentional attack. animals escape. tornado, hurricane, blizzard. the government calls these common emergencies. >> the plan came in at 30 pages. >> you say to these people, come
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on, this is ridiculous and they laugh and say, it is, but we have to do this? >> they don't laugh ever. >> there's more. you're not doing your job if you're a regulator unless you add more of this stuff. >> that's why government grows new one direction and done shrink. america was cop received as a sea of lisch with an island of government power. we're now a sea of government power with ever shrinking islands of liberty. >> let's go to the sea of government power. ite like to show you around. >> you want a washington, dc tour? just ten dollars. that's the capitol behind me. this is the irs building. oh, i can't tell you that. that's illegal. >> segs in the city, offers guided tours around washington on segway. segs in the city in get it? one problem. >> this is illegal. >> it is illegal if you talk. >> bill mane had an idea. tours by segway. >> business grows tremendously.
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>> going to be up to our last year. >> but guys in d.c. must take a test and get a government license to give tours. >> the you have been giving tours. >> yes. >> you don't have a license? are you a bad person? >> i am not. >> she tried to get a license but that's not easy. >> i had to get four personal rev reps, people i have nope over a year. a criminal background check, passport photos. >> total cost, $200. >> two or three weeks later they said i could signed up for a test date, and i took it a week and a half ago and i failed by five points. >> after the interview she tried again, jumped through more hoops, paid another $115. retook the test, and finally did pass. >> i think trying to mak sure that people get a proper tour. >> we give them a proper tour. i mean, i've passed a bar exam. i know how to give a proper
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tour. >> off to the right, washington, dc, and off to your left, virginia and the pentagon. >> the rules are not about safety on segways, it's about what guides are allowed to say. many new rules are limits on speech, john was told he had to get a license for his advice column. >> if john rosen is a criminal for giving advice in his coelom then dear abbie was on a 50-year crime spree. >> this year i received a letter from attorney for the kentucky psychology licensing board, telling me that i was practicing psychology without a license. >> cease and desist. you're engaged in unlawful practice of psychology. >> people all over the country are getting in trouble for giving advice without a license. i represent a blogger from north carolina who was giving out die tier advice over the internet. he got in trouble. i represent a vet who was helping people overseas who have no access to veterinarian. that guy got in trouble.
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>> it is often the little guy who is the biggest victim of abusive laws. >> am i being arrested? >> you need to -- >> we need check you for weapons. >> these men had the nerve to offer home improvements. >> are you kidding me? >> no, sir. this is not a sting operation. >> because these job seekers did not put up thousands of dollars and take several tests, government cracked down. bureaucracies at a state licensing board offered jobs to people on craigslist who said, i seek work. but when the workers showed up, this happen. >> california's proud of this. they posted this video online. at a time when unemployment is high. our government attacks people who want to work. and stops people from starting businesses. >> got started, some now here they come. >> she was told, you need a license to help people with taxes.
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>> free enterprise is at stake. >> this man, after selling t-shirts here for 30 years, was told, you must stop. >> this is just the rules from friday, december 16th. it's tiny fine print. >> yep. every day is a another book, and you have to know everything in here or you can go to jail? >> that's right. and i'm a constitutional lawyer, and i have absolutely no idea what is in these books. >> each and every one of this is incomprehendible to me. >> and unnecessary. i'm flipping open this book. this is the department of energy regulation on the formula for determining the energy efficiency of a commercial icemaker. somebody who runs a bar or a restaurant can just good to the manufacturer and say, give me an it'smaker. if it works the market will figure out what is the best
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icemaker. >> don't knee reviews -- >> don't need the federal government printing inincomprehends able formulas and require everybody to conform to this bizarre standard. i keep getting more of this stuff. and it doesn't go away. it's like a disease, like a mole. just eat through. slowly, and you don't exist anymore. >> the mexican gray wolf. the humpback whale. the sea lion. these are endangered species and need protection. >> so the endangered species act seems like a good idealism want those animals protected. but the bureaucrats always take a good idea and run too far with it. >> it's our job as ambassadors of the law to protect our nation's speaks for future
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generations. >> and so the government wants to use land in louisiana to protect one type of frog. >> we're haunted by kasper the frag. >> actually the mississippi gopher frog. he calls him kaspar the ghost because none of these frogs live anywhere near ed's property. >> i looked it up on their web site, and found out that by their own publications, the frog has not been seen in the state of louisiana because our land is not suitable for it. >> this frog doesn't exist in this area. >> it doesn't right now. it has historically. >> why ills it fair to impose this on this poor guy? >> that's a good question. right now there are less than 100 of these frogs in the wild. previously thousands. they used to be in louisiana, and this land owner has five great ponds in his property. >> the government went after the man's land after bill snake's group, the center for biological
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diversity, sued fish and wildlife for not doing enough to protect kasper here. >> the government can just say, oh, this is a good spot? >> technically, yes, but that isn't how i would put it. they think that wild america is cool america. >> people want to protect endangered. >> absolutely. >> i didn't know there were nine million species, and that some are going to -- do all 4 million species of beatles need to be preserved? why do we need to preserve every one. >> economic reasons, ecological reasons, spiritual rains and these are god's creatures. >> there's a limit how far we go and i don't pretend to know where the line is. i sure as heck am going to try to save a specieses. >> but some roofs had an unintended constance fence. land officers know itself government finds an endangered species on their land they will -- >> they can this lan out of commerce to stop it from being developed. >> this led to a new response,
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called, shoot, shovel, and shot up. >> in other words, land owners that see an endangered speaks on their lan sometimes shoots the thing and then bury it, and then shut up about it. >> that way you can keep using your lan. >> their job is to preserve endanger species shouldn't they preserve these thing? >> they should but the frog can't live on our land. it needs the elements. >> says you. >> says the fish and wildlife service. >> it's true. to make a new home for these frogs, the government says he'll have to change his land. >> remove all the trees, replant new trees, dig ponds that have to be maintained and drained every six months, put the frogs back on, burn the forest every year. >> he wanted to build houses on the land. i got rezone for that. no problem sis fish and wildlife, we work with land owners. they wouldn't agree be interviewed about the complaint.
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instead they posted this video. >> we are looking forward to working with willing lan owners in louisiana. >> they tell you how to cooperate. they haven't this handbook. >> it's an enormously complex, tedious, bureaucratic road map. >> 300 in pages, unbelievably complex. certainly couldn't have a life and deal with this. >> you couldn't. >> this is san antonio. >> yes. -- this is san antonio. >> yes -- this is reasonable? >> yes, if i can understand it, they can understand it. >> you're an environmental lawyer. what about normal people trying to live their lives. i see why you lawyers love this. >> i would probably write it defendant live but it does make sure the government commits itself to a process that is transparent and fast. >> fast? >> er. >> telling someone they can't do something with their own property to protect an animal that doesn't exist there? everybody's definition of crazy. >> the environmental rules are
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supposed to preserve endangered species. >> nobody is going to disagree there isn't a core of legitimate government regulation out there. but on top of that core, which is small, there is a giant mountain of useless, life-crushing, time-waste, paper generating regulation. >> how much money are you out. >> $34 million. >> they that's inconsequential can my land be taken for know reason at all, no animal at all, anybody's land anywhere can be taken. don't build a garage or a swing set on it. don't even cut your grass. >> so all around america land owners, shoot, shovel, and then shut up about it. >> coming up, the supreme court says i have a right to carry one of these, but will my city let me? p?p?h
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x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. show show me more like this. s. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what blows you away. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> what if you want to carry one of these for self-protection. >> the majority concluded the right to own a gun months to each law-abiding american. >> what does that mean to me in my town? >> in new york city politicians
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say -- >> the majority of the people want sensible gun row distributions. >> sensible restrictions. what does that mean? >> photocopies not accepted. >> i tried too get a gun license. they make it very hard. first, you must fill out this 17-page form. the form says i must promise i know the definition of other weapons like switchblade notify, gravity knife, metal knuckle knife, kung fu star. i just want a gun for safety. >> people times threaten me because they don't like what i say on tv. >> i think they have too much security now. >> after this appearance, some said i should be shot in the face. so when i travel around town, i'd like to have the option of protecting myself. >> studies show americans use guns every day to stop crimes. >> guns often stop crimes. >> turns the tables on a knife wielding intruder. >> today laws in every state
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allow adults to carry a concealed gun. many feared this would lead to a siege in gun crime but the opposite happened. >> violence appears to be dropping. >> yet some towns like chicago, new york city, l.a., make it nearly impossible for people to legally carry a gun. >> this is 50 pages. who understands this? >> it took hours and hours to fill out the forms. we had to call the police department six times to clarify what questions meant. finally, it was done. >> get this notarized? >> go ahead and sign here and i will fill in the rest. >> then you have to good in person to police headquarters. here they fingerprinted me, asked me to list reasons why i should be allowed to have a gun, and then they charge me a $430 application fee. they said they'd get back to me. at least they were polite. others tell a different story.
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>> they're rude from the get-go. >> robert martinez served in iraq and afghanistan. >> i have ten years of military experience. >> i think a military vet could keep a handgun in his home for protection. but -- >> it's not so easy. >> why do you want a gun permit. >> to protect my family. >> martinez lives in new york city housing project. >> a couple months ago a man was beaten to death in front of my building. >> hear shots go off and it's boom, boom, boom. >> the howth the would get a gun license. that turned out to be an ordeal. >> have you there at 9:00 when they open up at 10:00 and have you sitting there until almost 3:00 in the afternoon. >> they serviced me within 90 minutes. >> it's john stossel coming here to get a license -- >> for you it was 9:00 in me morning until 2:00. >> yes. >> tide you get at the permit? >> no. >> their attitude is people don't need guns. we're the police. >> the police can't get there you have a better shot at hitting the lottery than getting a cop on your street exactly the same time you get in a problem.
2:23 am
>> the process itself was set up to be an ordeal. >> glen runs this web site which advises people on navigating the regulation. >> if you're this expert, i would think it would be easy for you to get people guns. >> it's still an ordeal. it's being used as a weapon. to deter people from following through the process, which can take as long as a year. >> for me it took eight and a half months. first they told me i had to return to police headquarters for another in-person interview. this time they demanded i prove an accusation against me had been trop. they said this headline was not enough. i was supposed to produce the original court document. they also told me i had the documents threats against me. fortunately i could show them things like this. 52 days later they sent me a letter rejecting my application for a carry permit. they said i could get a license to keep a gun in my apartment but i feel safe any apartment. i want a permit to carry where i
2:24 am
might feel threatened. but i was told, you failed to demonstrate a special need. the license adviser told me i had applied for the permit the wrong way. >> friends of the ruling class, that's who get it. everyone else you're out of luck. >> donald trump got a per notice carry a gun. so did howard stern and robert denear roy. >> the ronnyism way. many you have done work for someone who knows a senator. that's the approach. they'll get you in front of a jump and within two or throw days you'll have a permit. >> these individuals can afford to pay for security. my family can't. there's no way in hell i'm going to let this lie. >> when we return, the red tape >> when we return, the red tape keeps coming.
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sfx: road noise sfx: tires screeching sfx: horn honking father: you pull in front of me! daughter: daddy! we don't say words like that! ♪just let your love flow ♪like a mountain stream ♪and let your love grow ♪with the smallest of dreams ♪then let your love show ♪and you'll know what i mean pretty much a good day for me would be people leaving their hands off of me.
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i'm always called names. um, everywhere that i go there's always someone calling me names, calling me gay. i've been choked. thrown up against a wall. punched. nobody's ever tried to help me.
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people expect the city to be regulated so let's leave here and move 600 miles away. he lives off the lan in north
2:29 am
carolina. people call him mountain man. >> with my own hands, built everything. when i moved here there wasn't a clearing, wasn't a building. >> over 20 years, his turtle island education center became popular. he taught a thousand people how to live like pioneers. but last year, the county told him to shut down. >> he hadn't gotten permits. >> nathan miller heads the county boards that oversees the building department. >> people said his camp was unsafe. we don't necessarily know whether it's unsafe or not. >> the mountain man told the county inspectors, good away, so they came back with lots of people. >> the brought all these different departments from the health department, tax people, the fire marshal, this whole team, like cars -- trucks as far as you could see showed up, blocked our driveway, came in with armed guards and took over our home. >> doesn't it seem like overkill. >> not really. they merely had their pistols on the side. >> he had the opportunity, mr. conway did, to cooperate.
2:30 am
>> that raid led to this 78 page report on what the mountain man must change. >> just more government overkill. >> we created this report in anticipation of litigation. >> a lot of it just crazy. they got a picture of our doghouse in there for a german shepherd, it's four feet long. they said this is intern housing. i don't know if they thought we had midgets. >> problems with his property. >> unsafe buildings resting on a piece of rock. >> like a rock solid foundation? we have been working with the health department every year for over 20 years. they're telling me i can't live this way? this is the way ily. i can't eat the way i want, drink water, can't poop the way i want, can't sleep in the building the way i want. a new bureaucrat came in every year, they permitted every year, and all of a sudden it's like completely unacceptable.
2:31 am
>> every think there are too many rules. >> oh, yeah, i think that all the time. but we don't invent the building codes, we're merely the enforcer. >> how is any human supposed to understand that or follow that? >> i don't have the answer. they -- i don't have that answer. if you look behind me, we have 24 statute backs. i'm a lawyer. i'm supposed to know all the statutes. builders obviously can't possibly know all this, but they are taught how to look this stuff up. >> why don't you just do what they ask? >> if we do what they want, we destroy the reason that we're there. we want to teach about primitive natural living and they want us to have modern buildings. i'm not going to do what they want me to do. >> so what will happen to him? we'll get back to that. first, what will happen if i try to be a cab driver? why should this be illegal?
2:32 am
that next.
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what if before i could get my tv show i had to first get permission from the competition? if dan rather or die door diane sawyer said no, i wouldn't be here. that makes since. >> r.j. bruner of kentucky assumed he could start a moving company without having to get his competitors permission, so he started one. >> put an ad on craigslist, pickup truck, and we were busy all summer long. >> people wanted your services. now in just a couple years, you have 30 employees, six tr >> over 30 now, cleancut young guys. that sells. >> this customer is pleased. >> it's been great.
2:37 am
they showed up exactly on time. >> but r.j. soon learned that pleasing customers is not enough. he got a threatening letter from state regulators. >>e need a certificate of necessity saying that there is room in the market for us to operate. >> certificate of necessity. meaning? >> the necessity within the moving mark in kentucky for another mover. >> what? a business has to prove it's needed? to get a license? >> you essentially have to get permission from your own competition first. >> tim's law firm took the case for free. >> when starbucks began it would have had to have gotten permission from all the other coffee america needed a new national chain of coffee shops, you couldn't prove that. >> no. >> turns out america did need a new chane of coffee shop.
2:38 am
>> competition sorts this out better. >> the consumer is in the driver's seat. >> the competition has veto power. >> we're worried about consumer appreciation. healthy companies in kentucky. >> he has his own moving business, kentucky, like half the state, allows existing companies to protest new competition, and over the past five years, 19 companies were prevented from entering the moving business because comp pet -- competitors said the existing transportation service is adequate. competition would diminish their revenue. >> affordable moving, all these other moving companies say, no. we don't want to allow that. what gives them the right? we're not against new companies coming in to kentucky. >> yes, you are. you don't want a moving company stealing your business. >> we don't want the scenario of a licensed company going bankrupt. >> but companies go bankrupt all the time. >> it's the end of the line for circuit city.
2:39 am
>> order borders went belly up. >> part of what makes competition work. >> a town of 20,000 people. would it be beneficial to the consumers to have 15 moving companies in that area? >> maybe. how do you know? >> you'd have companies that are not in the position to provide a good service to the general public. >> the bureaucracy can't decide whether there's a public need for a new moving company, not even the moving companies know that. they have to try it and fine out by an experiment. and these laws prohibit that kind of experiment. >> wouldn't home depot like to say, no, new hardware store in the neighborhood? you can't open. wouldn't gm like to say that to toyota and honda? >> i'm not sure. i'm not the one that set the law. i'm just avoiding by the law. >> also, he said, the older moving companies want to protect consumers from shady operators.
2:40 am
>> say i'm coming to pick up your furniture. i tell you it's $80 an hour. then when i get to your new house i say, well, you know, i will only charge you 155 handhour. >> now we have the internet where people can find -- >> consumers go for the cheapest price, john. >> lisa checked the web before she hired r.j. >> it's somebody they did a company poorly, didn't take care of their items, that would certainly ring bells for me. >> had you had complaints from people you moved? >> no, no complaints. in fact we are the top ranked moving company in the state according to angie's list. >> startups create much of the job growth in america. >> entrepreneurs are the wealth creators of our society, the engine of innovation and progress and job contraction and wealth contraction. >> i assume if i want to start a business a moving company would be a good way to enter. simple, just need trucks, some strength, good compete.
2:41 am
>> it should be. you by a truck, paint the word mover on the side of it and you're in business, and if customers like your products and services they'll buy from you. i they've don't, they won't. >> the regulators are not just mean. shouldn't there be some rule. >> we want a free market place. if we have an orderly market place, who is doing the ordering? it should be consumers who do the ordering, and the law stops them from doing that. not protect the public but to protect established businesses against having to compete fairly. that violates liberties. these laws are outrageous and all ought to go. all ought to go. >> what's with the stupidt(t((
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what if i could make some money driving my own car? and help you, too, wouldn't that be great? >> your lift has arrived. >> thousands of people already do that, thanks to new cell phone technology that lets ordinary car owners offer rides to people. people who want to ride open an application. this one is called "lift." others include "side car." they press a button and that flags a nearby driver. in this case, me. >> we got one. >> lift makes its drivers put this ridiculous mustache on our
2:46 am
car. it's a marketing gimmick but helps the person who wants a pickup spot the car. i also have the passenger's phone number. >> your destination is on theft. >> and his name. >> tim? >> unlike normal cabs, lift drivers invite customers to get in the front seat. >> welcome. >> welcome, thank you. >> is this your first lift ride? >> my first lift, yes. >> where are you headed? >> tim signed up for lift because it's keeper than taxis. maybe 20% cheaper. >> i have friends who used it and arrived about it. >> he likes it that lift passengers sit in front. lift's founder says that makes for a friendlier ride. >> you see the pink mustache, the passenger smiles, the driver smiles, you get in the front seat, fist bump and it's a new experience of connecting with people in your community. you meet someone with different political police officers or different music tastes. companies have been formed with
2:47 am
drivers and passengers. >> thank you, sir. >> have a good day. >> no cash changed hands. payment by credit card only, and the price is up to the passenger. if he depend like me he could tell his app to pay me less. then he'll have a tougher time getting the next lift ride. >> i'm going rate tim. give him five stars. >> that will make it easier for him to hire the next lift driver. >> on to the next one. >> welcome. give you a fist bump. have you used lift before? >> i have. >> where are you going? >> why would she feel safe getting into a stranger's car? >> every i've taken so far has been very nice. >> first of all, not everybody can be a lift driver. my car had to pass inspection, and i had to pass a background check. but the real reassurance comes from the passengers and drivers' rating each other. >> you can see pictures of them and their car, they're -- their rating. >> you get bad ratings, n't drive anymore. >> what if the passenger is
2:48 am
obnoxious. >> goes both ways. ratings on the drives and ratings on the passengers. >> people get rides, i make some money. a great deal. who would object to that? >> taxi drivers, that's who. >> cabbies lined up their cabs, then let them sit, in protest of car sharing apps used in the city. >> new ideas like lift make established industry players angry. >> damn right we are. it's our family. >> we have to pay big money for licenses. we have to get fingerprinted. we have to have commercial insurance, pink mustache has nothing. side car has nothing. >> well, not nothing. there is that background check. and the ratings. but lift drivers don't have to obey all the city's taxi rules. >> they just don't comply with the law. >> bill roush runs the biggest cab company in los angeles. >> you want to ban the competition. >> we're not trying to ban the competition. what we would like is to be competing with companies that
2:49 am
follow the rules. >> but the lift cars have to meet safety standards. >> whose safety standards? >> the state's. >> they're lensed as private vehicles. there's no safety standards there. this is the honor system. >> actually it's something better than the honor system. >> if i'm checking my app and this driver has been credit seated by his passengers, that's not the honor system. that's the world policing him. >> that's all after the fact. >> in washington, dc, bureaucrats got so upset with car sharing businesses they did sting operations. today, however, d.c. tolerates services like lift. they became too popular for regulators to strangle. there's no evidence that regulated cabs are safer. >> in new york, licensed cab driver jumped a curb, hit a woman and admitted, i shouldn't be driving. that doesn't cry out for less safety regulations, and it actually cries out for more
2:50 am
vigorous enforcement of the safety regulations. >> of course that regulation makes it hard for outsiders to compete. >> most of the rules that exist in the transportation industry are designed to protect existing transportation protect existing transportation companies from competition. >> in many cities no innovative taxi company dars open. in nashville, tennessee, bureaucrats demanded that every car service must charge at least $45 a ride. >> i have to charge them $45 for going four blocks. nobody's going to ride for 45. >> it was all protectionism, to protect taxi industry. >> when he started metro livery, it was a great success, but the new $45 minimum ended that. >> we lost all our clients and they went back to taxis. >> he fought nashville's rules in court but the bureaucrats won. why would they want to protect existing business? >> because existing businesses are politically connected.
2:51 am
>> right. and in this town the hotel industry lobbied for a bill that makes it illegal for me to rent makes it illegal for me to rent my own apartment marie, you have prediabetes.
2:52 am
prediabetes?! i don't have time to eat right or exercise. i'm a busy mom! oh, you're a busy mom? yeah. this is great news! busy moms never get prediabetes. wait, what? let me just...yeah! this is all the people at risk for prediabetes, and way over here-- busy moms. no? whew.
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got some extra space in your house? want to make some money renting it? now you can. >> here's our room. i think it's pretty nice. here's the stairs. they were going to sand them, but i think it actually looks cool. >> they? who's they?
2:55 am
>> i think this is their office. >> victoria doesn't know much about this apartment because it belongs to strangers and she an. they're from florida but they wanted to visit new york city for a few days. and they prefer to stay in a home. >> a lot better than being in a hotel by far. being in the city with a child is much more convenient because not only are his breakfasts amazing -- >> alistair long renovated his apartment then decided to try to make some extra money renting his extra space to tourists. >> i just love meeting new people and from all different parts of the world. >> that's why he makes his breakfast part of the deal. he advertises on air bnb which stands for air bed and breakfast, trendy loft, steps from times square, $149. in this neighborhood that's cheaper than a hotel. plus julie liked the pictures on the website and comments from previous guests like "the apartment is cozy.
2:56 am
felt like a home away from home." >> not only are we able to use the fridge, we have a microwave, fresh hot coffee. >> i'll make it. >> julie likes staying in homes because this way her karr gets to learn a little about how different people live. >> messy comfortable. >> the room-a-rama website the run by geo and tao. she and her husband created it because they travel a lot. >> there must be thousands of apartments able vow inspect. >> how might they rent their home when they travel? why not just go to craigslist. >> because on craigslist, you don't know who you're dealing with. we dealt with people who just never showed up, people who refused to pay in advance because they didn't know who we were. >> how do i know i'm not going to get some guest who is going to trash the place? >> there are reviews on the site. everything is very transparent for both sides. >> the reviews, the internet feedback, this krout o sourcing is what makes these ideas work. they knew that alistair is a
2:57 am
good host. alistair knew less about them. >> most guests don't have as many reviews. once i get their name, i'll try to do a facebook search on them, but generally i've had really good luck. >> he's happy, they're happy. and this wonderful new business where strangers with complementary needs find each other keeps growing. so, of course, politicians crack down. this politician got a law passed that bans anyone from renting their own apartment to anyone for a time period of less than a full month. if you do, you're an illegal hotel and you can be fined up to $25,000. the hotel industry supports the law, to protect tourists, they say. >> they walk into a situation that is not safe, not clean. >> really? when we asked for names of complainants, her office didn't provide any. >> there are people begging legislators for the laws to be
2:58 am
overturned. >> despite all the laws sometimes entrepreneurs and their customers still win. room for rent website listings are up since new york's law pass ed. liam like alistair make some money, people like the hocktons save some money and they have an experience they wouldn't have. >> it's amazing, great, easy, fun. >> the cheaper taxi services survive. the regulators pounce and the business grows. >> yeah, the business is growing incredibly fast. we've had people say multiple times that lift has restored their faith in humanity. >> lift and sidecar are now in more than a dozen cities. the mountain man refused to close his camp. then his passionate supporters got north carolina's legislature to change the law to exempt primitive camps. sounds like the bill was written just for him. >> it was written just for him.
2:59 am
>> and they fixed it so that he was pretty much exempt. >> the mountain man teaches kids again, and the segueway tours continue. rj keeps moving people while he fights in court. >> look at that, everybody. >> matter can keep his magic show alive. there's a laep ending here. >> yes. >> after his story made headlines the government backed off. marty no longer must have a disaster plan for his rabbit. >> with a little magic and a rabbit, if at least for now have a stay in the rule. >> but you had to have such a dramatic story on the front page. most victims of big government suffer in silence, but these people fought back. >> he's regulators really do believe that they're making the world a better place when if you listen to all these stories, we are making the world a better place. >> some may never win, but it's great that they fight. >> good to be in a room with this amount of people. good to be here together, we're not the only ones. >> they are the good news.
3:00 am
but the bad news is in there and state capitols everywhere they keep adding more red tape. they should stop, but happy mother's day. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs can. presumptive republican presidenti nineeonal trumand use eakepaul an btlinit o forhe soul of threpublican party. trump today escalated his attacks against the speaker after ryan said he isn't ready to back trump. trump tweeted this. quote: paul ryan said that i inherited something very special, the republican party. wrong. i didn't inherit it, i won it. with millions of voters. nearly 11 million votes so far,


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