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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 7, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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let's not continue down this road to socialism. that's our show. see you next week. republican party i we can tart talking positively about our future. ebony william, chris plante, thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from work. kennedy: tonight you will find happy people polluting their livers with sweet tequila because it's sing oh ke ma -- be it's cinco de mayo in mexico.
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donald trump even sound drunk when you slow hip down a little bit. he's going to celebrate next year by building a wall and slapping a tariff of 35% on cars made south of the border. hillary said this. >> don't let anybody tell you that, you know, corporation and businesses create jobs. kennedy: you know -- this is a woman who abhors free enterprise. she'll use he government tentacle to straipgle the freedom out of you.
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watch out. but let's see how similar the two-party candidate sound when it come to our most basic freedom. >> a lot of department people unwhat's happening. we have to talk to them, closing that internet up in some way. somebody would say free of speech. these are foolish people. we have a lot of foolish people. kennedy: call me foolish. i love freedom, but i don't think the empress is bert on this issue. >> you will hear all the usual complaint, freedom of speech and we have to shut off their means of communicating. it's more complicated. kennedy: not complicated at all. drunk both of them. i don't care if they are a
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couple of -- eetotalling quitter. they warned you all along. now put on a silly hat and drink all the tequila you can put in your gord. greg gutfeld tells us about the death threats aimed at a former regular and couple who are now meat eaters. i'm glad you are here, i'm kennedy. donald and hillary, friend forever. they are pivoting toward the general elect and speculation has begun on their possible running mates.
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trump started the v.p. vetting process. and bill o'reilly said the last two competitors to drop out 0 could be considered. bill: ted cruz, would you consider hip? >> he's a capable guy, he's been vetted. kennedy: hillary could be looking at elizabeth warren who went on an anti-trump tirade saying i'm going to fight my heart out to make sure donald trump's stew of toxicity never reaches the white house. jimmy falla is here and he's joined by levy.
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>> honored to be part of your -- kennedy: think is my curt schilling. >> burn a witch. kennedy: let's talk about vp picks. who shouldn't trump pick? >> it's not going to be case up or rubio. it won't be carson or cruz. i can see it being gingrich. he's sort of on his way toward selling his soul to the trump side. he's not as far along as darth christie. i think it's probably going to be a woman. it should be a woman. i think it might be ivanka. kennedy: she could totally do it.
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kennedy: she has got to run the businesses, though. my dad is smart, i like him. so, who do you think? the veepstake. >> i would go with kasich, someone america has not been talking about. i think he should go with susana martinez. i don't think there is one vice president in hit who said they wanted the gig. reporter: susana martinez, i think she could be the next sarah palin. >> i think she is a lot better. i like susana martinez. i just hope trump doesn't choose
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someone who might be useful in the future. kennedy: your prognostications have been spot-on so far. weren't you the one who said not only will donald trump never be the nominee, he won't win a single primary. >> the polls are wrong. this is not prognostication, it's a preference. i think he will flame out incredibly bad in the general. and i hope he doesn't take someone good with him. kennedy: whoever he picks -- >> sarah palin would be fine with you? kennedy: the popular alaska governor. she said as president she was going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, but after getting a chilly reception earlier this week she tried to clarify the comment. >> the market is making this decision.
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the market has driven down the cost of coal. so you have companies going bankrupt. kennedy: that's what it is. the president has been so warm toward the coal industry. this is a woman who hate the free market. she despises the free market. >> the's like smashing up the solar panels and saying no one is buying what they have to sell. kekennedy: sun spots are responsible for global warming. i wish you would stand behind something she says. now she is talking about a $30 billion handout in coal country to level the playing field. >> she is not entirely wrong about the market. thing like fracking have driven count prices of natural gas. long-term coils on the way out. that does suck for people who have spent their lives working
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in coal mines and will be out of jobs much as the internet has suggested for people who work in print journalism. the part she conveniently left out is the obama administration has been pushing policies to get rid of coal. >> i do not mind if the market replaces coal. coal is not great. it's good if the market does couple with new options. kennedy: like fracking. >> but, she will run for president boasting behind closed doors and in public that she is going to destroy the coal industry. kennedy: she said that. she wants to put them out of business. >> if it was just the market she wouldn't need to say what she was going to do with government power. kennedy: you think if she was pulled over by a police officer. >> do you see her laugh? it's the kind that gets an
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automatic d.u.i. this whole $30 billion response seems like her getting put out by the west virginia coal miner. she looked like someone who came home stoned and ran into her parent. she wasn't prepared for that question. i think she seemed stunned by that. >> he speaks to her. i'll give you $30 billion in public money. that's where she thinks the answer is. kennedy: you get invited over and you feel guilty because that's the only reason you are there. all right, our party panel returns a little bit later to talk about a famous hacker's claim that he breached hillary's
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email server. will ron paul come to save the day?
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but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen. she said "jen, go pro with crest pro-health advanced." advance to healthier gums... ...and stronger teeth from day one. using crest toothpaste and mouthwash makes my... ...whole mouth feel awesome. and my teeth are stronger too. crest-pro health advanced... superior to colgate total... these 5 areas dentists check. this check up? so good. go pro with crest pro-health advanced. mom's right...again! kennedy: a republican senator from nebraska calling for a third-party candidate.
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the senator writes in a facebook post, why are we confined to these two terrible options? if both options stink, we reject them and go bigger. joining me is dr. ron paul. do you agree with senator sasse's assessment? >> there should be more competition and more democracy. my beef is we are mike can the world safe for democracy. we have been doing it for years. we send our troops over there. i don't think we have democracy at home. the invisible shadow government has more control in the the two parties.
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so there is really no democracy. because we are in such a mess, people get confused. i'm delighted to hear sasse's suggestion. the attempts that have been made with the green part crane libertarian party, they are exclude. unless you are a billionaire or have celebrity status you can't get any attention. kennedy: it seems like the media is ignoring his suggestion. he said it's time for the libertarian party get together to make a serious argument and advance a rang of policies that's unite conservatives and libertarians?
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>> i think it's critical that we bring people together. it's something i tried to address for years. but instead of compromising and becoming radical moderate and middle of the roaders, this is especially open for libertarians. they can work with somebody who believes in free markets and civil liberties. coalitions knowledge come together. i get along quite well with dennis kucinich and others. you give up what you believe in and then you get the worst of the two groups. kennedy: we don't have a notion of coalitions in this country. about gary johnson, do you think's a serious enough candidate to take on hillary clinton and donald trump? >> this is always the problem, getting the right candidate to
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represent these viewpoints. under this system i believe it many nearly impossible. it leads top frustration and anger. you have two candidates -- most people in america would agree, they are entertained. people think i'm going to get stuff for free. i think it's more entertainment than a serious thought. my suggestion is maybe we should have adults talking about some of these issues. but i'm not expecting to it happen this year. that's why i'm much more comfortable dmeelg the educational sphere trying to change people's minds and putting pressure on the individuals we have to put up with. there is a lot of education point federal reserve. we as libertarians have made some progress there. kennedy: i always appreciate your time. >> kennedy, thank you very much. it was a delight to be with you.
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kennedy: new york mayor bill deblasio telling his constituents not to eat at chick-fil-a. pete hegseth is here.
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kennedy: new video of the firefight in iraq that killed a u.s. navy seal. it's raising questions about how involved american troops are on the ground in iraq. keating was on a rescue mission to save a small group of american advisors pinned down by
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isis. pete hegseth is here. he joins me now. let's talk about this a little bit. after you saw that footage, what went through your mind? >> it reinforces war is chaos. war is uncertain. you have advisors behind enemy lines but there is no real line. there kind of is one. but isis penetrated through and rather than retreat which they could have done, they ran into town with the guns. these guys are out there slinging for us every day it's a slow drip. i call it an anti-surge. we are being pulled back in, with an enemy entrenched in two capitals in mosul in iraq and
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raqqa in syria. the black flag of isis continuing to fly which means the idea ollie permeates. kennedy: i think it one thing we can agree on is this anti-strategy is so as much more dangerous than staying completely out or having a more robust. >> if you believe in american leadership, and you don't believe it's our fight. we are half heard the. which means everyone else is half hearted. kennedy: i think you could argue none of them have gone well in the middle east. i want to know about the special operators. yes, they are the warriors in the various branches of the military. where are they being overused by this president. is he overrelying on special forces? >> the moyer grow anything, i don't want to say it's less special. but the more you grow it you
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will have some diminished capabilities. they are maxing these guys out. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 tours. i have done three tours, but these guys go back to the front lines time and time again. and this administration because they have done the tiptoe half dance, they rely on the same guys. kennedy: that's a way of trying to achieve some objective without committing ground forces. these guys are successful. these guys are effective. but you can't defeat an entire army with only special operations in this environment. kennedy: in your new look, look, that's pete hegseth. what i enjoy about the book is you have a push for citizenship which i think we have lost in the country. we have lost the notion of what
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it means to be an american. >> the left is intentionally undermining the idea of citizenship. citizens of the world breaking down sovereignty. i based it on a speech teddy roosevelt gave 100 years ago. i know he made a descent to progressiveism. but the speech is fantastic. he calls out, work hard, earn a living, be willing to fight. raise a family with patriotic children. look inward before you decide to chant and acruise and demand more rights. that what's we need to recapture in this country. we just need to be greedy and unapologetic about it. our founders gave to us an experiment in human freedom.
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it's our job. kennedy: human freedom and liberty. that's the ultimate fight. we may be coming at it from different angles. but we land in the same place. that is the ultimate. thank you so much. in the arena. see? i do my darnedest. >> you will get 3% of the proceed. kennedy: president obama dancing with a storm trooper. no, you are not having a flashback or nightmare. what happens when you combine what happens when you combine at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. it begins from the the second we're
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. kennedy: it's cinco de mayo. that means you should be
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swigging down tequila. yesterday was one my fast it days of the year baits was may 4 as in may the fourth be with you, "star wars" day. yesterday's festivity were ruined for me because last night i had a nightmare the obamas were dancing to a bruno mars song with a "star wars" storm trooper. but that could never happen, right? i can't unsee it. i would like to take that foot and and put it in the galaxy far, far away. topic number two. the hottest treat drug in town
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is anesthesia grade. watch as this ginger teen lists all the great thing he bought on his man nary trip to dubai. including a camel and billions of strippers. >> i bought a camel. we went to the wicky west, man. >> did you buy anything else in dubai? >> i bought bills of strippers, man. kennedy: his 21st birthday party will be so much fun. he managed to record a music video where he's clearly still under the influence. [♪]
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uncanny resemblance. i just love it. topic number 3. you didn't get an invite to the wacky and snooty met gala where a-list celebs donnedout fit from couture halloween? all you need is tinfoil and zero dignity. these uncanny pics. can you tell me which one is tay-tay? i don't know why he had to stuff a blond wig into his brassiere. sadly no jay-z to kick the wrap out of this year. she does look sad, and that's because she had stiff
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competition. mercy. the man is so talented he obviously has the hand of a surgeon in his glove compartment. topic number four. turtles are truly fascinating. some turtles have gone on to even influence american politic such as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. if you have a pet turtle why not spruce up his cage like this guy did. i love jurassic park. i can't wait for the new movie to come out. "jurassic park" 4.
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we asked jeff gold blum if he would like to appear in the new kardashian clip and we have his response. that's not crazy at all. topic number 5. you remember stone cold steve austin. the tough talk professional wrestler who ruled the wwe in the late ninth. -- in the late 90s. he's apparently influencing young fans today. here is one of his current fans trying to be just like him though his finishing move could use some work. one cracked cervical vertebra
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later. let's take a stroll down memory lane for one of "topical storm"'s most cherished clips. i give you once again drunk buffalo bills fans. if you have any weird stories you want to see in the "topical storm" tweet me on kennedynation. use #topicalstorm. the party panel returns just after the break. the rolling stones ask donald trump to please stop playing their songs at his rallies. will he hire a mariachi band? the veeg and community is up in arms because this couple now
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kennedy: jailed romanian hacker guccifer says he hacked hillary clinton's server. >> you hacked thousands of accounts. was the clinton server easy or hard. >> easy for everybody. kennedy: the clinton campaign said there is no basis to
8:40 am
believe the statement made by this criminal are accurate. surprisingly unsophisticated. his means for apparently hacking in there. >> he's more of a social engineer hacker where he figured out blumenthal's password and his question for the password. then he uses fairly common tools anyone could find to probe pore weaknesses in a site. the clinton team should be careful about saying there is no basis to believe this criminal in jail should be believed. kennedy: he's in jail for doing this to her friends and saw the emails coming from her email account. >> her friend, not her adviser. kennedy: no influence on libyan policy. what kind of security was she using?
8:41 am
>> she need a stronger password than hot sauce. kennedy: it's such a good anti-inflammatory agent. >> she gets up there every day and says trump is such a dangerous candidate. anything ry as dangerous as potentially compromise national security. ken are's an unsophisticated hacker. >> it's a classic thing. she said it didn't match reality. he said there were lots of emails and lots of folders. how could she go from there to say that does sound like a server. kennedy: he said it was like an email server she and others were using with political voting steps.
8:42 am
>> if he's telling the truth which he could be, she is in trouble. under the u.s. code 793, i believe it is. if she has information related to the national defense, that's a language. she don't have to know she did it. if she is guilty of gross negligence she could go to prison for 10 years. that's what the law was set up to stop happening. kennedy: the rolling stones are not happy with donald trump either. they are sad he's using their songs. the band asked him to cease all use immediately. adele and aerosmith also asked trump to stop. and this is nothing new. >> these are the most tiresome stories of election season. we get it every four years.
8:43 am
>> there are so many cases of bands telling republicans. if you are republicans stick to country music, if you are democrat play rush music. kennedy: please stop using our music in any way. we literally hate. the only case we could find was sting telling al gore to stop using if new day." because he had already asked george bush to stop. >> i heard the estate of daniel but the forfield wants them to stop playing taps at his rallies. >> he was on tv saying i'm going to go to the convention. there is no one to fight with.
8:44 am
people in honduras are already wearing bernie sanders t-shirts. why why wouldn't he stay in? he's not even a democrat. kennedy: i think he should take that money and build a beautiful lake front mansion. >> he could be in prison with hillary clinton. kennedy: janet jackson is reportedly pregnant and i like that a lot. she is also about to turn 50. she recently announced she released her music video titled dammn baby. do you need a billion dollars to
8:45 am
have a baby at 50. >> i can't imagine. she is one of the first people i have heard of who got pregnant at 50. so i wonder how many times -- kennedy: this only her second trimester. >> she is clearly not wanted for objecforobstetrics. >> she is in her 40s. she is not 50. >> you would insist you are in your 50s. kennedy: he is in his mid to late 40s. you can go to grandparents day.
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kennedy: new york city mayor bill deglassio is discouraging residents from eating at chick-fil-a. his objections don't stem from health concerns. instead he says it's because of the company's views on
8:50 am
traditional marriage. so let's talk about this. i think if you are the mayor of new york city you should encourage people in the city to eat at a variety of restaurants, therefore raising tax revenues and funding the programs you hold so dear. it seems odd to me he would pick and choose where he has a philosophical disagreement. >> there are a lot of food carts in new york run by muslims that actually make muslim meals. if you look into that -- to the religion of islam you might find a little intolerance towards gaze and lesbians and even women. there are some countries that throw gaze off buildings for engaging in homosexuality. mayor deblasio is a marxist numbery.
8:51 am
the point reason he's mayor is because nobody bothered to vote. they handled over the greatest city in the world to this moron. how can you -- but you know who tried this before? rahm emanuel. when the murder rate was three times that in chicago, he went after chick-fil-a it was horrendous how many people were dying in chicago. he chose to blame a chicken restaurant. he deflected from his own failures. kennedy: the mayor's office is under investigation from the f.b.i. and there are still horse drawn carriages in central park. >> and increase in flashings in new york city, 20% over last
8:52 am
year, something deblasio would rather have you not know. kennedy: what a giant distraction. a california couple whose string of vegan restaurants are very popular, they are receiving death threats because they were eating meat. they abstained from meat for 40 years, but they. >> if the animal is no longer necessary, then the animal will disappear. when we no longer needed horses for transportation it went from 50 million in the 1800s to under 2 million in the 1900s.
8:53 am
i'm thinking of going vegetarian. kennedy: for health reasons or moral reasons? >> moral reasons. once machines become a thousand times smarter than us, they have -- there is no reason for them not to destroy us. if i go to a machine and say please don't kill me. just because you are stupid? you just ate all these chickens because they were dumber than you. i don't have a moral argument against the machine if i have been eating something dumber than me. kennedy: you are saying if a machine develops consciousness it develops morals? therefore, keep eating bacon. >> you just discouraged me from being a vegan. i'm going to go eat a sandwich
8:54 am
in which everything is made of bacon. kennedy: i love the left cannibalizing itself. >> death threats to this poor restaurant. which exposes the rim i'd mindset of ideology. why does something so small cause you to do something so destructive. there has to be a consequence for death threats. perhaps death. kennedy: sharia law, greg gutfeld. >> maybe i should think that over a little bit. kennedy: i love that we have chosen the color blue today. up next the glory of viewer mail. do you have any word of wisdom for today? yeah, baby. i have asthma...
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kennedy: telegramming straight from your mart phone. it's time for viewer mail. whoever has been sending me used auto part, i appreciate it but please wipe the black blood off it first. trace says i disagree with your politic most of the time but i love your show and the way you do it. that's the highest compliment a girl can get and i am not even high. kennedy, i believe we have up bold on the magic ticket. and patricia says i tried to watch your show.
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nadia tweets, kennedy you don't make sense most of the time. nobody pays attention to you. but some of the time, yeah. who is the teenager now. dan write how can @kennedynation be taken $seriously when all you see are urkel glasses and dollar store hoops? donna says where in the hell do you hail from. your attempt to be a journalist or whatever are failing. such a waste of time and energy. that's what my mom says. george said anyone have a include wtf she is talking about? and am i sober? well, george, i am not. thank you for watching tonight.
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facebook is kennedy fbn. and email at good night from new york. >> announcer: this who has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarter in new york city, the new "wall street week." >> welcome to wall street week, i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. anthony: joining us is a giant


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