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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 7, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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one's estate.
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ryan the rookie starting in tonight's race. we're just getting ready to take you live for 400 miles plus of
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racing in kansas. tough luck of the 20 car this year. if the rough start to the season isn't enough, kenseth's ongoing drama with joey logano, that's going to spark back up after what happened last week. our guys will do a little role play in the seat of the driver to tell you what it's like going forward. and live and loud and clear, it's fs1 raceday with michael on the grid walk. we're glad you're watching fs1. the sprint network is now more reliable than ever
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fans from all over checking out the 1200 acres for this race in kansas, which we're glad you're watching on fox business network until the baseball game is wrapping up over on fs1. find your away. go rv'ing. we'll take you where you want to go. time for open mike in kansas. there, of course, jimmie johnson who qualified 15th despite some smoke coming out of the engine on friday. >> yeah. they feel pretty confident at hendrick engines that everything will be fine. >> his engine was running
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backwards. >> that car was destroyed. i don't know how that car finished third. i haven't figured that out. 17 pit stops they made. >> kevin harvick struggling with the handling of his car. he qualified 29th. kind of a hot start to the year, jeff. he's cooled off a little bit. >> yeah, he has. i don't expect him to stay back there long. this is a great track for him. we have a big wide multi-lane track tonight. >> big crash at the end of the race at talladega last week. >> there's trevor bayne. he qualified 10th. >> this kid is impressing me. the last three or four weeks, he's been leading laps, up front. >> two top ten finishes in the last three. there's matt kenseth. kansas city known for good blus music and for kenseth fans, they've been singing the blues all season long. >> lot going on inside that head of matt kenseth's.
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♪ listen right now ♪ ♪ i got a story to tell ♪ about a man from wisconsin ♪ who is under a spell ♪ boogie, boogie ♪ >> some drivers are cursed ♪ ♪ but matt's got it worse ♪ his car is -- ♪ but he's stuck in reverse. the pit road ♪ ♪ the pitfalls between ♪ black flags and ♪ missed calls from up ♪ loose lug nuts in the pit stalls to changing ♪ ♪ the battery ♪ when it stalls ♪ and go ask joe
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♪ he'll tell you the deal ♪ there ain't no friends behind the wheel ♪ ♪ that clock was his ♪ and daytona, please ♪ who needs foes when you got teammates like these ♪ ♪ >> kenseth up into the air hard. >> has not been able to catch a break. >> throughout the course of the season. >> something good to happen today. >> so that's the story of ♪ ♪ man in the 20 ♪ it's hard to find glory ♪ with problems a-plenty ♪ this season gave matt ♪ his fair share of abuse ♪ but there ain't no place ♪ like kansas city for curing the blues ♪
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>> he was feeling it. that's casey's own jason pa voen i at the landmark. the phoenix casey bar and the vibe of matt kenseth. >> it's hard to break out of the blues, but i don't know. i really think as well as they're running, 347 laps led, that maybe tonight they get that first win of the season and break out. >> they're running so well. got a fast race car. that's one thing that matt keeps hanging his hat on. i haven't heard him complain a bit. he just talks about we got a fast car, we're having bad luck. the highs are high, but the lows are a lot lower. >> remember what happened at kansas. redemption tonight for matt. >> he's won here twice before and nascar on friday brought matt kenseth and joey logano together to smooth over their driving feud because back to last year in kansas, logano reached out to kenseth monday. kenseth said we had a good talk, i think it's behind us for both us. we'll see for sure if they're
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over it. here's what he's talking about. last sunday at talladega, late in the rates, joey blocked matt and it forced them below the yellow line. later, kenseth's car, he was caught in a wreck. he was able to walk away. he had words afterwards in the care center. he said i promise you we'll race again. logano said if we worked together, we could have run up front. let's do a little role playing, jeff and -- >> jeff, you be logano. darrell you're matt kenseth. let's go to last year in kansas. >> you're in the chase. >> but i'm faster than you. snie i got to win. >> i got to win this race to make the chase. you know that. >> i'm just racing hard. i'm just racing harley davidson. >> right there. that was so -- >> i didn't mean that to happen. it's part of racing. >> then talladega in the fall. >> yeah. here we are coming down pit road. you cut over in front of me. what's the problem, man? >> whoops, was that kenseth i came down from the third lane in
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front of. >> your car is yellow, but thu redemption. you talked about redemption. here it comes. >> still, i got this baby in the bag right here. >> i saw you, it came to a head. >> what? >> if i'm not making the chase then you're not. >> did that really just happen? >> that really just happened. >> that was out of character. thus the suspension. >> you took me out of a championship. >> your teammate wrecked me earlier and you took me out at kansas. you cost me a shot at the chase. >> you guys okay for tonight? >> he said there was going to be redemption tonight. i'm worried. >> not necessarily the -- to get the win. >> what about teammates if you're carl edwards and kyle busch? they're back on the same page. let's role play. darrell, you're going to be carl edwards, jeff you're kyle. >> we're going into the third turn. you knew i was there. >> you're my teammate, i'm going
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to float it in there. >> i didn't wreck you. you checked up. >> you're my teammate. >> but you checked up. would you not have done the same thing? >> you might be right. i maybe did check up a little too much there. >> doesn't matter if you're -- you're going for the win. >> i'm going to text you monday. we'll straighten it out. >> mars gives candy to the winner. kyle brought it over. you better get a sucker after that whining. >> little mars chocolate. he was waiting on that one. >>we're good, right? >> i hope so. >> right up until i'm behind you on the last lap. >> both kyle busch, carl edwards each have two wins but have not won on had track before. it could get testy. speaking of greatness here, kansas city royal george brett, the grand marshal of the go bowling 400. eddie money performed a pre-race concert. while we don't have two tickets to paradise, we have michael waltrip bowling with the king, the hall of fame royal and a rookie. >> hey, i'm at the fan zone at
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the kansas speedway. one of the most fan friendly racetracks from all of nascar. i'm standing behind a royal, a king and a race car driver. this is george brett. baseball legend. richard petty, the best ever in nascar. and driver of the boat, go bowling car, ryan scott. you batted 300 for your whole career. you ever bowl 300? >> never. >> not happening? >> not happening. >> rich, 200 wins, you got a 200 game. >> if you added up all the games i ever played, probably. >> brian, how about you? >> hit or miss. >> we got to go bowling first before the race. >> gentlemen, start your bowling! >> got some air. >> yeah! >> how about that. the king's bowling. that's awesome. he's kingpin. i've lost all control. these guys won't stop.
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it's been a great time at the bowling alley. thank you, pin man. >> coming up, michael on the grid walk, plus we're going to do old school. you never know what michael is going to be doing out there. a steering wheel in the hand is worth one on wheel. ♪ sometimes the crowd gets a little loud ♪ ♪ >> you're watching nascar raceday on fs1. doesn't it seem like the wireless world today could use a smile? at cricket wireless, we think so. that's why, prices for plans are all in, taxes and fees included.
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i grabbed the column, steered it with my hand but did not hit the wall. that happened with another hendrick chevrolet earlier in the year with jimmie johnson in phoenix. it's unusual. he admitted here driver error. >> that coupler used by hendrick motor spots made by haas, you have to pull it back to get it to latch on or lock on. if you rush and get out of your routine, it's easy to make that mistake. >> i bet i was pulling it back and forth 20 times before i went out on the truck. >> he said pull on your while, when he did it came off. i've had night mace of that happening. that is treacherous. it's the driver's
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responsibilities. >> they have new couple letters that push it on and watch. >> you're watching on the fox business network. we appreciate it. when the baseball game is finished on fs1, we'll switch over there. you won't miss a minute of the race coming up in kansas or the remainder of the pre-race show. let's go old school and new wave. >> yeah, baby. >> four drivers multiple wins. last time that happened was 1983. these are legends of the road. they're all in the hall of fame. both generations share a presence on the track and in victory lane. if the new school could morph into the old school, how about jimmie johnson would be richard petty. all they do is win and win and win. and kyle busch, he'd be darrell waltrip. both have style and flair and get under your skin. >> kyle yarborough, bobby allison, they like to do things their own way. darrell, you like the comparisons? >> great comparisons. those four guys on the bottom could win races today. thostop
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wouldn't have a chance. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> they wouldn't drive the cars we drove. >> did you just hear that? they wouldn't drive the cars we drove. >> they're pretty physical guys up there with a lot of talent. >> you guys had wine with dinner, we had it for dinner. >> the cars were -- the cars are better today. >> you ever meet cale yarborough. bobby allison. >> david pierson, he could be a kenseth or harvick. >> exactly like kenseth. >> okay. >> but the drivers have -- the drivers are better than the cars today. >> i don't know if i could have done it. >> let's check in with another driver. who is on his grid walk. we'll welcome michael waltrip. again, how are you? >> i'm great. it's a mother's day edition of the grid walk. i found brian scott. we did bowling this morning. career best here last fuel. >> i'm excited. happy mother's day to my mom and my wife and take your mom bowling. >> take your mom bowling.
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how about that? >> brian says take your mom bowling. happy mother's day to your mom, family and everybody. >> thanks, mike. we're going to have fun tomorrow. my mom is coming over. it's going to be hot in charlotte. >> we got a pool and a pond. do you mind if i come over? >> which one would be better for me. >> pond. >> here's kevin harvick. in the last three wins, he started mid-pack in the four times on three wins. he started mid-pack. >> i think i'm under attack. >> kevin, i have a question. do you take a really slow car and win with it or take a really fast car and qualify bad with it? >> first thing i want to do is say happy mother's day to my wife and mom. seems like whenever we qualify bad, we race really good. we'll see what happens with the jimmy john's chevrolet. >> you're making me hungry. >> did you see me out there with you last week? >> chris, that was a crazy flip. crazy flip. are you okay? >> we're good. that's all behind us at this
7:25 pm
point. just happy to be here in kansas. happy mother's day to my mom. get that one out. >> you're a good son. here's matt dibenedetto. are you going to make the all-star race after that amazing run at bristol? >> we're pushing for it. if i do, di burrito all over the door. >> lug nuts. >> five on, five off. >> that's napa know-how. >> this is a race where we could see the five lug nut thing skbom play. let's get final thoughts on the race presented by credit one bank. >> we saw it in the truck race. the wild restarts. they get three, four wide. we saw it last year in this race as well. i think that you're going to see some incredible racing. watch out for the restarts late in the race. look at this. four wide. >> i think the race tonight is going to be great on the track.
7:26 pm
close finish. watch out what happens in the pit tonight. there's a lot going on there. decision to be made. tires are good. do we take two? do we take four? you better get all five of the lug nuts on there. particularly the last stop. >> darrell and jeff will head up to the booth to call the race. we'll continue here on the fox business network until baseball wraps up on fs1. you won't miss a thing. the weather is outstanding. the drivers anxious to go. it's nascar live from kansas. you both have a perfect driving record.
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happy mother's day to my mom and all the other moms out there. the world wouldn't be the same without all of you. >> mom, i love you. you've been amazing dealing with me and dad. >> i want to thank my mom for everything she's done. >> i'm a mama's boy. we all know this. >> when i was a young kid and started racing go-karts, my mom had to take me to the races. she was a big part of that and a big supporter of that. i want to wish her happy mother's day along with all the other mothers this weekend. >> thanks, guys. being a mom, toughest job. they never get a day off. sunday, enjoy your day. carl edwards mom there hoping her son can win for the first
7:30 pm
time in kansas and maybe win his third race of this season as we are on the fox business network. we'll be back on fs1 once the cubs game with the nationals is complete. you won't miss any part of the race. we're glad to have you watching for special ceremonies here in kansas. >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, please rise, remove your hats as cadets from the air force honor guard presents our nation's colors. remap standing as chaplain colonel retired offers tonight's invocation. >> holy god, we ask for your divine blessing upon us today. during this race, we ask for safety for each driver, crew member, support person and fan. also, we ask that you protect our military personnel as they strive to protect our freedom. may we never forget those who
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have died defending our freedom and this great nation. in christ name, amen. >> announcer: here to honor america, please welcome former military officer, mary ann hotel i as hee performs our national anthem. ♪ oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed ♪ ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ ♪ thru the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched
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were so gallantly streaming ♪ ♪ and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪ [ applause ] >> let's hear hear it one more time for mary ann. the nascar family remembered steve turner who passed away
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race which you'll see in two weeks around the corner, fans can vote a driver into the feed. visit car vote. remember, votes shared the -- they count double. two 50 segments and a 13-lap shootout. those fans are ready to see some in the all-star race. tony stewart, no more relief driving for him. he's 71 points out of 30th. he needs to win a race to get into the chase. this is his final year. needs to average a 26th place finish. brad keselowski who won last week, first win with team penske came here on this track five years ago. brad trying to win back-to-back races for only the second time in his career. george brett, the great royal, is partjmrñ of the great scene in k.c. >> race fans, it's time for the most famous words in motorsports.
7:38 pm
here to give the command, welcome our grand marshal. kansas city royals hall of famer and major league baseball hall of famer, george brett! [ applause ] drivers, start your engines! [ applause ] >> let's bring in the guys who will call the race as they always do. darrell waltrip, jeff gordon, mike joy. mike, we've had tremendous finishes this season. here at kansas, 15 of the races have ended with a margin of less than a second. a margin of victory. we're hoping for another good one tonight. >> a big finish last night in the truck race to get$x this weekend started. hall of famers down on the grid and up here. darrell waltrip and four-time champ jeff gordon. talladega, we had four-wide, three rows deep and this track is even wider than talladega.
7:39 pm
start, restarts, big concern? >> we saw some aggressive driving at talladega. look for that to continue here at kansas. it's so inviting. that extra room that you mentioned, it's hard to believe this track is wider but it is. track position extremely important here at kansas. you want to take risk and make gains, go do it on the restarts. >> yeah. you always wonder, darrell when one team or one manufacturer gets on a roll and become showstoppers. >> the toyotas are the talk of the garage. the dominance of the gibbs cars. we got gibbs cars starting -- truex on the pole but two gibbs cars starting first, second and third. i know owners and drivers right now are wondering how can we stop this freight train? it's a runaway train right now. a lot of guys are worried. >> a lot of trains around kansas city. a lot of barbecue and a good bit of the blues as we get ready to race.
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well, joining me now, pat buchanan, senior adviser to three presidents, twice a candidate for the republican presidential nomination, nationally syndicated conservative columnist, best-selling author, and all-around great american. good to have you with us tonight. and let me just say, how do you feel after watching a candidate that you've supported throughout get to the finish line? >> well, i think it is an extraordinary event. this is extremely impressive. here's a total outsider who i didn't think when he first got
7:45 pm
into it that he could do well, but i did think by july, i said, this guy's going to be in the finals. but it is an astonishing achievement, lou. there's no question about it. and there's a real possibility donald trump could be the next president of the united states. >> you know, i think there's probably no more sure empirical evidence of that possibility, pat, than the number of leading democrats who are already just biting at his ankles and going after it. it's, it appears that the democrats are far more afraid -- they got what many of them said they wanted. they have donald trump as the nominee. >> i think they're very comprehensive about donald trump, because there's a real x-factor. he does extremely well in the republican primaries, which have the largest turnouts in all of history. and he's done well in traditionally democratic states. and more than that, lou, they know they've got a candidate who, frankly, is not a great candidate. hillary rodham clinton, you've
7:46 pm
got bernie sanders has been chasing her all through these primaries. he beat her last night. and i think they realize that, you know, that if the country's looking for change, they're not going to want to vote for hillary rodham clinton. and even in the democratic party, they know the country's looking for change. >> right. you know, he represents, it seems to many people, and i'll speak, certainly, for myself here. he is a disruptive force in the body politic in washington, d.c., which is to be kind, fossilized in ideological terms that just defy the -- any way in which to actually move the nation ahead. >> you know, the vote for trump is quite specifically a national repudiation of the beltway establishment of both parties, including the republican party, which the trade deals they've had, with their failure to secure the borders and deal with the immigration issue, and with
7:47 pm
all these wars they've gotten us involved in, they seem unable to win or end. and so i think it really is a repudiation of establishment in d.c. and the whole country, and again, i'll even point to bernie's votes out there in the democratic primaries and caucuses. they're a rejection of washington, as well, and what's happened to the wages of working people. >> yeah, and those are issues that both you and i have been focused on for many years. it is so exciting to see a candidate who has set the agenda, who has pushed forward the issues, the novice, who was dismissed by so many at the onset, when -- back on june 16th of last year, he enters the race, he has defined the agenda throughout the entire process, hasn't he? >> he's not only defined the agenda, we were told these 17 republicans of the others were
7:48 pm
the cream of the crop, the greatest field ever been put into a primary process. and he defeated them one after another after another. and frankly, he did it on issues. and i've mentioned to others, he's got three aces, lou. the immigration issue is number one, the trade issue, the jobs issue is number two, and the foreign policy issue. america first is number three. i think the country wants this. i think you've seen, again, hillary clinton, sort of moving over on a number of these issues. so i think he's got the bit in his teeth and i think the democrats are right to be nervous. >> and the republicans are already showing signs of coming together and moving behind trump, which, of course, will be essential. >> i think -- you know, here's why. first, trump has a real interest in uniting the party. he wants them all behind him. they've got an interest in uniting, as well. they have both houses of congress, with the presidency, that means you've got the supreme court.
7:49 pm
lou, i was in richard nixon's white house all four years of his first term. he had four supreme court appointments. we could have four supreme court appointments in the first term of the next president. and you've got to tell a republican, look, i know you may be unhappy, you may be with cruz, you may be a moderate republican, you may not like trump, but who do you want picking the next four supreme court justices? >> pat, we have that discussion very quietly. we don't want the democrats to pay attention to that possibility. pat buchanan, great to have you with us. good to see you. >> good to see you. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead, stay with us. up ahead, ted cruz just seemingly can't catch a break. not only did he lose the republican race for president, well, this video has gone viral, because of an unfortunate incident. matt schlapp and lee carter join us next and they'll take that up. stay with us. my m...about my toothpasteice. she eveand but she's a dentist so...i kind of have to listen.
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hillary clinton caught in another lie and the voter catching her. listen to her speak to a laid off coal worker in west virginia monday. >> i just want to know how you can say you're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and then come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend. because those people out there don't see you as a friend. >> i don't know how to explain it, other than what i said was totally out of context from what i meant, because i've been talking about helping coal
7:54 pm
country for a very long time. it was a misstatement, because what i was saying is that the way things are going now, we will continue to lose jobs. that's what i meant to say. >> ted cruz officially out of the race, but before he was able to walk offstage, he suffered one more embarrassment. the senator from texas embraced his father. as he did so, he accidentally elbowed his wife, heidi, right in the face. joining us now, chairman of the american conservative union, matt schlapp, political communications strategist. good to have you both with us. >> great to be here. >> let's start with the fact that now you have the republican party has a nominee, is he going to be able to close the deal in november? >> i think so. i do. i think the energy, the momentum, the people that are excited about donald trump are really excited. and they are contagious. and i think he has now time to
7:55 pm
get the republican party to rally around him. and i've also seen tracking this over the last several months is that he has an amazing appeal among independents and even democrats. we have seen these open primaries. he really gets these people in, and he needs those going to the general. and hillary clinton just, quite frankly, she does not have that appeal right now. >> matt, establishment republicans, are they ready to embrace the man who is decidedly anti-establishment and who has, as we said, is reaching out to a broad swath of americans who haven't been interested in before. >> it's like sands through the hourglass, lou. slowly but surely it's build up and more and more people are realizing that this is what they need to do. but look, it's also on donald trump, quite honestly. which is he's got to court them. he's a very talented, charming, skillful person. and he's got to charm them and meet them and bring them aboard. he has that ability to do that. he's not going to get them all,
7:56 pm
but he's got to get as many republicans in this country on his side. i think there will be a significant number of democrats he picks up, and he'll get a majority of independents, i believe. but he's got to get that base of republicans solid. so he's got time to do it, and i'm optimistic, cautiously optimistic he could win in november. >> you know what gives me pause, in terms of how well and how quickly the party, brought together. i share both of your expressions of optimism. but there is a group of conservative establishment folks who are just hard-headed to a -- i mean, they're extremists. i don't know if they're going to come around. by the way, one of the groups is the club for growth. they have come part of the way, already. and it's a process. this is very, very emotional. and i completely understand that. and there's one in four voters right now that are republicans, that are saying, i will not vote for trump, no matter what. the same exact thing happened in 2008. the hillary voter said, i will
7:57 pm
never vote for barack obama. and you know what happened? they voted for barack obama. because at the end of the day, donald trump has a job to do right now. he's got to approve that he can appeal to those other people that he's appealed to, but now he's got to bring people inside. and it's not going to be by changing his personality. it's by demonstrating that he can bring those people together and he can show some -- it's almost a period of mourning they have to go through. you know, lou, i think it's a little bit about their ego. they predicted for months, all over media, that donald trump was going to implode and has no chance. and i also think these people, they are elitists. they are not listening to the voters from across this country. who are going to give donald trump more primary votes than any other republican primary candidate in my lifetime. and i think they're disdainful of the democratic process. and i'm okay with this hurting them a little bit. >> yeah, and i think that trump has already gone to considerable lengths to be gracious with his words when he's talking about kasich or cruz, whomever it
7:58 pm
might be, reince priebus, but how important is the vice presidential choice he's about to make over these next couple of months. how important is it to him? >> it's very important. i think most times, people are saying, you know, the vice president doesn't matter all that much. i think right now, it does. and it's not just about getting the women's vote. it's not about -- >> who should he get? >> i think it's going to have to be somebody who's going to show some kind of balance. i think it's got to be the ying to his yang. some people have said it should be kasich. i don't think it should be john kasich. >> that's a lot of yin. >> i think it should be somebody that's more establishment. marco rubio. somebody that's going to shock everybody. somebody that's got experience with government and that's going to say, we've got an outsider and an insider and we're going to get this job done and together it's going to surprise everybody. >> matt? >> i think a great pick would be
7:59 pm
somebody like a bobby jindal. >> who? >> i don't think he should -- >> governor jindal. bobby jindal from louisiana would be a great pick. he's a strong conservative. he's been a reforming governor, someone from the southern part of the country, and i think someone like that would be a great benefit. i think donald trump is a unique presidential candidate in the sense that he is smart to put out there a potential supreme court pick. he is smart to go out there with who might be advising him on foreign affairs, who might even be his chief of staff. because he has no political experience, he ought to give conservatives and americans an idea of who he will surround himself with. >> you're not suggesting he do this before the convention, are you? >> no, but i think he should tease it out as ego forward and show folks, he's going to pick good, smart people around him and east going to demonstrate that. >> i totally agree. >> you don't think most people think he's going to make smart, good choices? >> i think everybody's saying he should start changing his tone, start acting more presidential. i 100% agree with you. i think he should start acting presidential by association.
8:00 pm
that's what he should start doing. >> matt, she's got the last word. thanks for being with us. >> i'm used to it! >> thank you both. >> thank you. >> thanks for being w >> treasures stashed in the attic! >> they hadn't been touched for 40 years. that was like [gasps] shocking and exciting. [ camera shutter clicking ] >> history saved from the trash! >> she was a dumpster diver. >> she absolutely was. >> can these heirs cash in on their startling discovery? >> it's hard to believe that you had an ansel adams lining a drawer. >> and your reaction? >> "wow." [ chuckles ] [ camera shutter clicks ] >> but it's not so black and white. >> did you say to yourself, "uh-oh -- legally, maybe i can't do this?" >> i was concerned about that. >> will this photo finish... bring riches...or regrets? >> i was also feeling like, if i sold too many, then i would lose that part of my mother. [ door creaks ] [ wi


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