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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  May 8, 2016 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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bourbon drinker. neat. >> i need bourbon to understand jonas. >> i need bourbon to live with im. thank you everybody. neil is now. ♪ ♪ for republicans, it is the number one question:who will be donald trump's number two? it wasn't that long ago the outsider told me he would need an insider. >> i would say it would be better for me to choose someone that is very political that can help us out politically. because i've got a lot of other qualities. and i'm very political also but i don't think we need two guys like me. >> okay. so somebody who -- >> yeah in my case i think i'm better with a very political person. so i think i would keep it that way. >> that was back in new hampshire when we didn't think we'd see this day. now we are. welcome back. and the dharm needs someone who
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knows how to work the board. the non politician who raled against the system in search of a savvy politician who knows the system. as you have just seen continue to do a great job on bulls and bears. adam will be next week after the fact he gets over donald trump clinched the nomination this week. to charles, you need an insider. you need an insider. that is what everyone sees. >> this week we saw a bunch of gop governors jumping on the trump band wagon but the insiders are resistant. donald trump is overwhelming force of personality. you would think the vp doesn't matter. the establishment -- part of it. kasich a hundred days to find a bathroom. but there are also other areas to bolster the campaign. you could talk about a woman, hispanics, blacks. there are a lot of areas where
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maybe vp could be more important than we think for donald trump. >> the idea that he needs someone from the establishment comes at a time where many from the establishment are not supporting him. >> i think someone needs to tell limb listen if you try to renege on the national debt and try to -- you are going to be in big trouble. he came out with some crazy statement in an interview that he was going to renegotiate that. a lot of that has to do with somebody who understands politics. >> you're saying he can't have a sycophant. >> that's a good point the. >> he needs a non sycophant. a non blurter who won't just blurt out everything. you know you node need to make sure the trains run on time. >> we've all known stupid business. i'm not saying he is. but i'm say you need someone who
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knows not only how to go through the system but also guide you in taking advantage of that. since the pre coronation it's been a black and blue week for him. >> oh my goodness. the whole idea he needs somebody who the not a sycophant, anybody who is not a sycophant in the is going to be bruised and bloodied in the process. we're talking about making the politically correct move now. bringing a woman, a latino, a african american. that is precisely what he's campaigned against. >> yeah but i have nothing against sycophants. [ laughter ] i like to be surrounded by them myself. doesn't work. ben stein, what do you think about the idea that he has got to reach out to a crowd that is very leery of him. that you were saying something interesting on fox business when you were saying it is incumbent on him to sort of work getting them back by being con siltry. >> i never heard anyone who got
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in trouble by being too humble. or anyone who got in trouble by getting in touch who knew how to get things done. government is not a business. the mention about reneging and paying less on government bonds is such a stunningly terrible idea. somebody should have stopped him from even uttering those words. just crazy. and he's done that with his bondholders for his casinos and other enterprises. so it is a shocking thing that he would even allow those words to leave his lips. he's got to have somebody who knows how government works. the as huge complicated piece of apparatus with millions of employees. it is very important he follow the law. he cannot declare government disrupt and stiff the bondholders. he can't even think of things like that. >> you know ronald reagan went to george bush, sr. because he had a long history in
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washington. you could even argue john kennedy chose linden johnson as an established long-term senate leader to help with that process. if that is the case, you need someone with some familiarity with this. where does he look. >> first how thrilled i am to be on your show. and whether a wonderful anchor you are, [ laughter ] -- to be surrounded think sycophants. i'm just thrilled. here is the problem. not so much that he needs to be surrounded by someone who isn't a sycophant. if you are a the john kasich ar ted cruz any of these people who -- ted cruz isn't even establishment but any of these so called establishment figures, do you really want to tie yourself to this guy who probably is not going to pull it off and then not be able to run
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again in four years? >> i know what you are saying and there are those saying well do i really want to join a potentially losing ticket? and -- >> not just a losing ticket. a ticket that might potentially tarnish your goal of running next time around. >> people were saying that about ronald reagan at first. >> i'm not as ancient as you but i somehow recall. >> now you're not being actually -- saying -- >> can we cut her audio please. >> you look very young to me. >> awe. >> see that's how the sisycopha works, both ways. >> he could lose a lot of friends, could be a depleting l list of people. i always think very few turn down the opportunity to run with
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anyone. but i can see the point that if he goes down in big defeat they are tarnished. still they were running for vice president half the year. >> still people who want the job like the chris christies of world. >> he's going to be out of a job. >> right. but having said that think about the trouble donald trump had with the whole process, the dealts and how cruz kept winning all of these delegates on the weekend. there are certain ar cane nuances to the game that you have to play. you can't rewrite them once owe get there and you have to learn how to play the game. and president obama had joe biden and o han and -- >> sometimes no matter who their number two is. jimmy carter, famously in his discussions with tip o'niell said had no idea -- tip o'niell and wright and these guys said this is how it works. and he was totally clueless. >> and here is the problem.
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and a point julie made. i don't think mcgovern said as many toxic things when he was running. he was far left. don't get me wrong. and then he had a very distinguished business career but he didn't say as many toxic things as donald has said now and -- >> not as many toxic personal things. that hurts -- that does come back. >> last week donald implied that ted cruz's old man was part of the jfk assassination. >> can you prove that he wasn't? >> can you prove that i wasn't? what year was that by the way? >> when he linked him to john wilkes booth -- wait a minute? part of the line, the establishment -- they are not even giving him a chance. already saying not going. not endorsing. i'm skipping out that. to me feeds donald trump's argument that, you know, these guys are ridiculous.
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>> and i'm an outsider and i'm carrying your water and these guys don't know what you want and i'm your man. it all feeds his narrative. at the end of the day the republican party needs to guide him and handhold him and show him the way. >> by that definition hillary should put bernie on the ticket. >> no she doesn't need to put bernie on the ticket. but listen, you just made a very good point. >> it happens. >> -- as always. add guy that just said the full credit of the united states that's written on the dollar bill is no longer something he takes very seriously when he wants to renegotiate all these bonds. if your guy paul ryan for example, fiscally conservative. being on the ticket with someone like mitt romney, that is not toxic. being on a ticket with donald trump, you are done. >> paul ryan also has a chance to be heroic to a degree.
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that is what donald trump is meeting with him to a degree. i wouldn't be surprised we get an endorsement by the end of the week. >> the endorsement should have been immediate. they are the ones who look childish. and believe me donald trump -- >> paul ryan, as the point has been made here. he's dealing with a lot of things. including with the fact that he ultimately wants to run for president too. >> sounding like any one of my great friends who never forgot a slight from 1952. time to move on. >> let's just say that hillary clinton might have some trouble there in cold country. >> when you make comment, we're gonna put a lot of coal miners out of jobs. these are the kind of people we're effecting. this is my family. my hope is in coal. my hope is in coal. that
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♪(banjo) ♪ooooh ♪i hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow♪ ♪and each road leads you where you want to go♪ ♪and if you're faced with a choice and you have to choose♪ ♪i hope you choose the one that means the most to you♪ ♪and if one door opens to another door closed♪ ♪i hope you keep on walkin till you find the window♪ ♪if it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile♪
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♪but more than anything ♪more than anything ♪my wish for you ♪is that this life becomes all that you want it to♪ ♪your dreams stay big, your worries stay small♪ ♪you never need to carry more than you can hold♪ ♪and while you're out there gettin where you're gettin to♪ ♪i hope you know somebody loves you♪ ♪and wants the same things too♪ ♪yeah, this is my wish ♪may all your dreams stay big
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1980. now back to cavuto on business. all right. think heading bhoo a political buzz saw. hillary clinton probably didn't expect she would be questioned by an out of work coal industry worker. one thing i realized is he's angry at both parties for letting the coal industry die in the vine and for hillary clinton facing such criticism. going into the west virginia primary, you have to wonder
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whether that guy has a point. ben, where is all this going. >> first the whole thing on fossil fuels is a complete premise. it is a complete lie that fozal fuels are going to kill the planet. that is just a made up political lie. second it is incredibly insulting to say to the entire fossil fuel industry we don't give a dam about your jobs. we give a dam about other jobs but we don't care about you guys. you guys can go to help. that is an outrageous insult. i hope the voters remember it. i hope the democratic party get theirs head screwed on at some point and realizes these are el real people and real jobs and the science backing up the ideas on coal are going to kill us. science is political. science is not something above party. and science in this case is very political. >> in this case in a democratic primary where both candidates
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are on the same page, it might be a moot point but it is the same way we saw donald trump get a big -- he could capitalize on that. >> i don't see sweeping support for this industry. because people can't relate to it. the dirtest thing most people encounter in their daily workday is the company refrigerator. typically people just don't you said what's going on and it's tragic because these -- >> they you saunderstand the lo jobs. >> it's pretty clear what this means for the republican party. here is a choice where the democrats are the incredibly callous. rich white environmentalists on one hand or poor working class people on the other. and they screw the working class people and get let's the rich white people. in that context, they screwed
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the coal miners for the environmentalists. >> thinking, well if we move to solar and wind and all these more cleaner fuels that we're going to help these folks out in the coal industry t natural gas industry. the natural gas one's weird because that's clean last i checked. but we're going to reeducate them. and it didn't go anywhere. >> haven't seen a whole lot of solar power plants in west virginia though. >> that's the point. that is a small audience. >> the last year and a half mining in general lost 191,000 jobs. a lot is from regulatory attack. >> when does it hit when people are -- >> no -- >> -- rates are going up is this. >> it's ironic i hillary saying this is all market driven. but really president obama put in a series of regulations with
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intent to destroy this industry and he succeeded. >> do you think they didn't think through the impact on the jobs lost and the strategy for reeducation and left them on the vine. >> nope. first and foremost those people have been gone from the democratic party for a very long time. let me finish my thought. i listened to all of your nonsense on this issue for a long time. first of all, she's saying you may disagree or agree with this. this industry is dying. you could either prop it up. or -- primary based support or fighting global climate change or secondly, she's allocated $30 billion to retrain them and put them into the different industries. this industry is dying. it's not -- >> we have so much of this stuff here, why rely on anything over
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there? i'm all in on wind and solar and this stuff you love. but i'm certainly not out on something we have a lot of. >> global warming is -- and. >> by the way that was not a sycophantish answer. you are on borrowed time young lady. when we come
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the tsa says it does not have the budget to stop these long lines. they're talk about a lot more money. >> well, it's fine with me. i travel a great deal. unlike some insightful, wonderful people, i don't get to fly in private jets, so i travel in regular commercial planes and i love the idea of there being more lines and i'm happy to pay more taxes for it. i think airport security is important. torturing them the important. you take all the money. >> you're usually very, very skillful at looking at where you get the bang for the buck there. you give tsa a lot of money, yet they're arguing only more money will improve this. >> i'll take it. you know what i feel like, if they waste half of it, give them twice as much. >> did you come into the this
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broadcast sober? >> i love -- >> one of the finest minds of the time. >> i wish he was the guy signing my paycheck. >> i hear this all the time. >> give me twice as much money and i'll give you only half as many stories. you don't want to be the guy that says let's cut this back, then there's a terrorist that occurs because you don't have nuch. it's like regulation, when you say let's pull back the regulation, then there's a punch of penny stock camera scams and you take the hit. >> that is the fear. >> just give them more money. here's the irony though in the obama administration's fiscal 16 budget, they boasteded aboutred because they used this new program called risk based security. he said what they went to was a smaller, more professional, capable workforce. t the agents need to broaden out the lines.
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the prescreening thing, they've done an awful job. >> have free screening. guys like you whisk through. >> they didn't know summer was coming, there would be more travelers, that's highly unpredictable that we'll get to skrun, july and august and their budget is bigger than it was five years ago. they employed more people than five years eago. >> one simple fact, there are more people traveling this year and five years ago, so with more travelers, you need more -- i flew last week. don't pull up in my private limo. >> beyond the pale. >> i don't know how long i've waited. 45 minutes to get through to
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jfk, it was a nightmare and i was just flying to california. sfl they clearly knew who you were. >> i always get pulled over. i always get the extra patdown. >> this is a family show. thank you very, very much. i do want to thank you. i want to thank jerry and charlie. meanwhile, conventional wisdom says -- but don't go o
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the stocks to buy in may. >> ready to go hire. >> they report next week, too.
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ben. >> berkshire b. i want to be part of buflt the rest of my life. >> always been a spender, but saves the day. thanks, guy, fox continues now. the democrats are going to raise $2 billion. do you believe it? $2 billion and i'm also going to put in a lot of money in the general, but we're helping to raise money. we have a great group and we're raising money for the party. >> well, he ran as a self-funding outsider, but now, donald trump saying he'll need the insiders money man the to help fund a general election campaign. this is a campaign that is expected to cost each side at least and probably a lot more than a billion bucks. hi, everybody, welcome. so, would raising so many donation dollars burn the donald's image as a self-funding rebel?


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