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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  May 8, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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18%. >> this fund is a very cost efficient. >> happy mother's day. that's it for forbes on fox. rip, gop. the liberal media declaring the republican party dead after trump becomes the presumptive nominee this week. check out this cover showing the elephant in a casket and it's not just the media. some republicans burning their voter registration card after the donald's being night in indiana, but do they have it all wrong? welcome to cashin in. our crew -- start with you. they say trump killed the party, but are they forgetting it was trump who drew the massive crowds and broke records for votes earned and he has a month
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to go. >> he does and i would ask the people burning their cards, were they declaring the gop dead when it was mccain who have who was the nominee or dole? but having said that, my background's in psychological and there's an interesting couple of interesting psychological phenomenon taking place. one is teenages after grief. trump advocates need to be patient with the people. the republicans especially. who are yet to come around. it takes some time, but here's another interesting fact. people don't have to like somebody to vote for them. if they believe a candidate is a strong leader who will protect their interest foreign and domestic, they're most like ly o support him in the end. >> one is clearly anger and they're still angry. talking about the establishment republicans. still mad. >> i really appreciate you didn't go right to the democrats. that's right. this is a fight among republicans. it's a family fight.
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intermural if you will and what i think about what gina was saying, right now, there are so many policy issues and specifically, since this is cashin, in, let's talk about trade, where republicans have long been advocates of free trade. truch's not on that side of defense. he is not about having america be a strong, military presence in the world. he wants to pull back from nato, from asia in terms of nuclear protection. that's just the party ideology. >> and let me bring jonathan in here. but he's a business man. he hasn't had the foreign policy experience. we knew that going in. america knew that going in. they were voting for a business man who might change the way we do politics in the past. >> business man, but doesn't support capitalism. spoths tariffs. that's why a lot of people, call them establishment if you want, are wondering what is this guy
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about. is he going to support capitalism, a mixed economy? >> your brand of capitalism, he supports a brand that i think may be different from your, but still, a brand none the less. it may be what other people want. >> he doesn't support free market capitalism and that's why in fact, searches for libertarianism have skyrocketed since cruz dropped out. >> whatever you want to call them -- let me put this out there this way. the gop, john mccain, said he's not going to the convention. mitt romney said he's not going. both bushes said they're not going. jeb bush not going. here's my question though. four years ago when mitt romney was running, he's not my brand of republican either, but i was pushing for him because he was a republican, he wasn't going to be a democrat. that, i don't like also.
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why can't you jump on that? >> because donald trump for me, is an -- to my principles and i think that's what it's about ft principles. >> hillary's not? >> trump exhibits -- >> advocating for a hillary clinton presidency by saying you're u not going to join the donald trump presidency. >> i think trump is more dangerous because now, we're seeing the deal making. >> than hillary clinton, john? >> yes and let me explain why. for trump, anything's on table. he's hired lobbyists. he's not self-funding his campaign. that was a lie to begin with. >> you're talking about a campaign, four or eight years of a presidency. >> all we can take -- >> maybe up to three supreme court justices that are going to be appointed by a president. would you rather have hillary clinton do that or trump? >> hillary clinton because she doesn't put herself out as a business man. >> who do you want for your next supreme court justice to be
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appointed by? hillary clinton or donald trump? >> we can't afford donald trump's capitalism, eric. that's heated and divided republicans. >> you know, it's interesting. i almost think this republican democrat conversation is pass say. i think we have to look at a new paradigm. for the past few decade, the they're frustrated and sick of the two-party system. donald trump and bernie sanders have blown up the two-party system and may both make their parties weaker, but i think that's actually good. i think that's actually good for america. because they have both blown up. americans feel like from both party, it's a plague on everyone's houses. both parties have establishment control in washington. they're senator, they leave the senate, start going and lobbying. people are sick of it. if trump and sanders weaken their party, maybe it's a good thing.
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>> paul ryan when asked if he will support the presumptive gop noom know, he said that. >> i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. >> now, he's holding the, the heist elected gop who says he can't support the gop nominee for president. where are we? how are we going get this thing together? >> well, i'll tell you, i think that what newt gingrich said about this was point on. because he said this is irresponsible as leaders of the party, he should be supporting the party's nominee and you have to consider like you said, eric, that more people have voted for donald trump in the primary than voted for romney in the entire election and i think you have to get a little bit of perspective, but at the same time, give people a little bit o f time to step back. hopefully, paul ryan will come around and i think newt gingrich would make a great veep. >> he did make the point he
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didn't always like the policies of some of the presidents, people that he supported, but he did it because gop. >> that's a false argument. when you think about romney, mccane, you're talk about degrees of conservatism. people who came up in the republican party. who went through all kinds of republican issue, tests on critical issues and were republicans. you knew they were republicans. nobody had to say, oh, i wonder about john mccain. no, no, you knew. mitt romney, he's a republican. he's a conservative. in this race, you don't know and that's why people are up in arms. i think people have real legitimate questions. paul ryan is concerned about the future of the republican party. down ballot, he starts losing members in the house because he had truch at the top of the ticket, he is no longer speaker. >> and i think that's the thing here. looking long-term, i think hillary is a lot less dangerous to this country because when her policies fail, they're going to plame socialism, a mixed
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economy, but when trump's fail, the businessmen. the capitalists, then it's discredited and there's nothing stand ng the way of dick tor yal rule in this country. >> i love the idea of trying something new. look, we've had eight years of president obama. basically told the world we don't need to be exceptional anymore in america. what makes it? what are the ideas? >> hillary -- >> what it does do, ss not telling the world you're going even with them. you put yourself at a disadvantage with trade. with with military, with trump, you don't know where he is on that and i think that is a positive development. >> i think we're talking a lot about the republican party and one may or may not disagree with me here, but i think after the election, for both parties, the politics will never be the same again. i don't care if hillary clinton gets the nomination or not.
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for both party, trump and sanders have indelibly changed politics in america and i think you know what, probably a good thing. >> probably is because the congress approval rating is going into this? about 8%. 8% approval. leave it right there. coming up, confrontation at the check out counter. a woman at walmart goes ballistic on a guy for using government assistance to buy food. is this why voters are so angry? >> i am. they took it out of my check. >> okay. >> contact your local congressman and issue a complaint.
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a womanen leashing a verbal tirade on a dad for paying with food for government assistance. check it out. >> all right, jonathan. says a lot about where america is in the election, doesn't it?
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>> this would infuriate me as well. proud of this woman. she's right. you have every right to keep every cent of your money. it's not government's decision to redistribute as it sees fit. i wish the republicans, i wish trump was consistent on this one. i hate having my wealth redistributed for special political favors. >> this is -- >> the election. didn't mention the election, so is trump going to be against? >> when i meant the anger in the american public, angry, maybe why -- >> i'm angry. we're angry. >> this guy had me at the beginning when he said i'm working 50, 60 hours a week, but then we said vote republican, i don't give a blank about you, lady. that bothers me because there are people working hard and a lot of money that gets taken out
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of their check for taxes and that sometimes goes to people who i don't know, doesn't make you happy. >> hey, look, here, we've done the guy, the surfer dude in california. this guy is hard working. 50 to 60 hours a week, so i guess you guys want to raise the minimum wage so he can, in 50, 60 hour, earn enough money to support his family. remember, we're not talking about food stamps here. we're talk about assistance for women and children and families. now, if you think that's giving money to undeserving soul -- >> it's still food assistance program. it's the same program. we don't want them starving.
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and how the country, however, when it comes to this instance, i'm from the south and i think old school. the two of them were filging an putting the f bomb out there, why in god's name would they sit there and argue with each other -- and have very strong beliefs on economic policies, but what happened to civil discourse in this country and being respectful and compassionate with each other? you shouldn't curse in front of children. >> i think a lot of people, most people agree. go ahead, your thoughts on this. remember, thises a tough one. guy says he works 50, 60 hours a week. needs a little help, but then says go vote republican, f bomb, f bomb. >> i thought that, the whole conversation could have been had a lot more diplomacy and been more effective. civil discourse has to be the
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name f the fwam these days and we've sort of lost that, but to this woman's point, i call this plantation politics, eric, because this is the kind of program that is outside the per view and scope that government was ever intended to be. this guy should be getting help from a church or charity or his family or his friends or his neighbors. not from government because government then uses those hand outs to enslave people just as this woman, the point she was trying to make, which could have been made more effectively had she been more diplomatic. >> they could have been both diplomatic. one agency within the justice department no longer using names like convict or felon because it's not nice to those who committed crimes. we report, you decide. t(t(t(h.
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now back to cashin in. hey, america, don't you dare hurt the felons feelings. an agency saying they will no longer use names like convict or felon. they say those are disparaging labels. now, a past criminal will be called person who committed a crime or individual who was incarcerated. what's going on here? >> what's next, and i really mean that. are we going to call people who
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raped, people who committed rape? title 18, the criminal and penal code, there's a reason why in our laws, we refer to people as criminals and felons. no need to change that and i'm really worried that of course, gone amuck, but when does it stop? we've start stopped calls it the war on terrorism. >> are we trying to not hurt the feelings of felons an criminals? do they worry about the feelings of people they were violating. >> no, to me, this is not per se because when you think about for example how we refer to people with disabilities or mental illness, you don't go around calling them names that in fact keep them in some kind of lower status in society. and we know about the ban the box moouchl. the ban the box movement because when people are labeled as convict, it impacts their ability to get work. >> what are you thoughts on this one? >> i don't have a lot of respect
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for convicts. i don't think they're serve deserving of a lot of respect. i think like 50% of people in federal prisons are there for nonviolent offense. let's stop making so many criminals. violent people, they're incarcerated because they act like animals, baugh they engranlg op on people's rights. >> should they be labeled for the rest of their lives? >> first, i have a problem with the word served. because people serve in the military. when you are doing your time, you're not serving anything. secondly, the police need to get a hobby because this is not a cause and if anyone were to make these decisions and change this language, i think going back to your point, let's let the families and victims of the criminals make a decision. >> going to have to leave it there. coming up, taken out of context or slip of the tongue. what hillary clinton said this
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week that might have some worried about their jobs if she is the winner. he
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i want to say thanks to our crew for joining us. you can head ore to fox news to see jonathan's stock pick.
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time to wake up. it looks like it's coming down to trump an hillary for the presidency. mrs. clinton may have handed her opponent a trump card this week by claiming she's been taken out of context on her stance on the coal industry. sfwl what i said was totally out of context from what i meant because i have been talkinging about helping coal country for a very long time. >> let's just clear this up. can we get a little context here, producers? >> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean, renewable energy into coal country because we're going to put a will the of coal miners and coal companies out of business. >> hillary seems to take a sick pride in destroying the coal lives of coal miners, as well as coal companies. that's a liberal politician for you. pander to an audience who hate fossil fuel, then when voters call you out, claim you're being taken out of context. will west virginia and kentucky believe her and ohio and pennsylvania? all states which have massive
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production. you're reading right from the liberal script. remember newly minted president obama blasting small business with the you didn't build that comment? here's your mentor, barack obama, reading from the same liberal bash the coal industry script as you did. >> if somebody wants to build a coal fired plant, they can, it's just that it will bankrupt them because they're going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that's being e t emitted. >> wow, government h bankrupt businesses. hillary clinton is just a continuation of the obama left wing plan of setting fire to the free market in favor of big government. but the free market is the engine of american growth and prosperity and not big government. our free market is the very reason america dominated world economies. it needs to be protected and nourished, not attacked into liberal submission. i believe this so passionately, i wrote my book with that as a center piece, that the virtues
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we hold dear are urntd aggressive assault by liberals like president obama and hillary clinton. wake up, america. before it's too late. good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan today, shocking the republican party by breaking his word to support the gop presidential presumptive nominee. ryan today declined to say that he would support donald trump and didn't offer a coherent or rational reason for his extraordinary behavior as the man who will be running the gop national convention. ryan effectively said he isn't prepared for trump to have won as much as he did or as soon as he did. >> i hope to support our nominee. i hope to support his candidacy fully. and i want to do that, but right now, i've got to tell you,


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