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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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spending money and i hope the race keeps going on and on and on. maria: meghan mccain and dick grasso, nice to see you. tune into the fox business network for a special coverage of the primary at 7 p.m. eastern. have a great day. we'll turn it over to "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: and the republican party will talk unity. trump got a whole new load of ammunition. big gains for trump in key swing states. in head to head matchups in florida and pennsylvania, it's a statistical dead heat. in ohio, trump has a four point lead. his message to republicans, jump on my train now. however, media hostility to trump is unrelenting, an avalanche of contempt for him today. and facebook, former workers say you are steered away from conservative websites.
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they deny any bias at facebook, but you won't see much trump on facebook, will you? bernie sanders pulls a crowd of 15,000 in california. two state primaries today, west virginia and nebraska, bernie looking strong, in fact he's likely to win the next five states. stocks still strong. dozens of new hires for big name companies and do watch amazon go today. one firm says it's going to $1,000 a share. you know, nothing concentrates the mind like money and the election. "varney & company," your number one choice for coverage of the financial markets in america. yes, we are. and we're about to begin. ♪ a terror attack in germany and this will roil european politics.
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a stabbing at a train station in munich this morning. liz, the attacker was shouting alu akbar. >> the attack happening 20 miles east of munich. >> we don't know if this person was a migrant or-- >> a german national. we do not know his kill dural background, we'll give you more as this continues. stuart: we're going higher when that stock market opens in 27 1/2 minutes time. the big news though, not the overall market, but the number of individual stocks going to all-time highs. amazon is very close to an all-time high, it's up about 15 bucks today. look at facebook, that's near an all-time high, it's very close to cracking $120 a share. that will be in just a few minutes.
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look, liz, i want to go back to the allegations that facebook is blocking conservative content. i don't think that affects the stock one way or the other, but the allegation has been laid liz: it has been laid and affects its brand credibility, and gives moto, the tech media website, talking to a worker, phrases, mitt romney, rand paul, and others in to trend in the right part of the page. and basically making editorial decisions not based on what's trending just curerating the biases. stuart: not affecting the stock. a poll, quinnipiac shows neck and neck clinton-trump matchups in key states.
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>> pennsylvania, 42-43. look at ohio, clinton 39-trump 43. the edge to trump. it wasn't like this in those states just a short time ago. congressman chris collins, republican from new york and an early trump supporter is with us now. chris, i see this as ammunition for trump, when it goes into the meetings with senior republicans later this week. >> yeah, you know, stuart, i agree with you and we've been saying this all along, the public pick, trump or clinton, no longer two or three people on the republican said. they look at hillary clinton and they go, i can't vote for a woman i can't trust, i can't vote for a woman who put the nation's security at risk with an e-mail, they don't like hillary clinton, her character flaws are actually the reason i've been saying all along we are going to see a reaganesque type landslide this fall and you're seeing the polls, which we are, move six months out from the election.
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they're going to keep moving as people come to realize the future of their children shall the future of this country depends on electing donald trump and keeping hillary away from the white house. so, i'm very happy to see the polls and you're right, as we go back to d.c., i'll be there in a couple of hours, you'll see more and more republicans enthusiastically-- >> that's the key point. republicans are going to make a political calculation, do i get on board now because the train is leaving, or do i jump off now and make my case clear? last time we spoke, chris, i think there were 18 republicans in the house who were overtly for trump. now, this was a few weeks ago. do you have any idea of the numbers now? >> yeah, you know, we're now picking up committee chairs and when we start picking up committee chairs like jeff miller, the chairman of veterans affairs, bull schuster, the chairman of our transportation and infrastructure committee, and i know i'm going to be working the next two days before the paul ryan meeting on thursday with donald trump and i
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believe, by the way, that's going to go very well, i'm very optimistic, that whatever those issues may have been that we'll get those resolved on thursday. as we pick off, not to use that word, but as we convince the committee chairs to come on board, that's a message to all of their subcommittee chairs and members, you're good to go, let's get behind donald trump with enthusiasm, let's talk about securing the borders and getting our jobs back and keeping our nation safe, the message moving forward. stuart: chris collins, you know how it is, a hard break. >> thank you. stuart: i'm going to focus on bernie and hillary. hillary supporters really cannot be happy at this point. bernie looks likely to win the next five primary states, and if he does, he will have tied hillary in the number of states won in primaries in this election season. i'm going to get to you in a second.
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i just want to go to the philippines briefly. this is, in a side bar kind of story. rodrigo d uchdutaye, i think-- they call that man the winner, the donald trump of the philippines liz: the new sheriff in town, i will be a dictator against evil, against corruption, against drugs, against criminality and he'll step down in six months time if corruption continues. he's captured the imagination of the philippines. stuart: no more piling on donald trump, how straight that really is. tamara holder is with us. i missed her out briefly there. sorry about that, tamara. you must be worried. let me press my point here. and the next five primaries bernie sanders is likely to beat hillary clinton. if he does, they're even in the
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number of states won, and i'm not contesting that hillary has the nomination and delegates, but this looks bad for her candidacy. >> number one, the democratic party is not up in flames like the republican party. you don't have the head of the dnc saying, well, we won't show up to the convention if you don't want us there and you don't have any of the candidates saying that the rules are rigged. so, it shows that there are two viable, likeable candidates. that's what it shows and that's great or for the democrats. stuart: viable, likeable candidates? bernie and hillary. >> right. stuart: two likeable candidates? i don't see much likability in hillary, that's not me, that's the voters. >> that's the voters. but hillary is more likeable than donald trump, that's also what the voters are saying, at the end of the day, the democrats are going to come out and vote and republicans, too, by the way. now you have republican donors, you have all of these insiders who are saying, anybody, but donald trump. so also, in the event that--
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>> you're desperate. >> no, i'm not desperate. look, we have two candidates that the democrats at the end of the day are going to vote for one or the other. you're laughing because your party is like on fire right now. stuart: my party? excuse me, excuse me, i'm a newly minted american citizen, you don't know who i'm going to vote for. >> you don't know who you're going to vote for either. stuart: we'll take that back. what are you going to do when you're on this program the day after the oregon primaries, one of the western states, they hold a primary, the fifth one in a row that bernie sanders has won. what are you going to tell me, everything's fine, hillary has got it, no problem, no challenge from bernie sanders, zero, he's finished? >> hillary clinton has to maybe look along bringing him as her vp. stuart: how would she-- you think you think that hillary clinton would choose a socialist as her vice-presidential candidate? >> again, i've said this before, he's not a socialist in
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the way that you define the term socialism. stuart: i'm a refugee from socialism, i know what it's all about. all government, all the time. >> with all due respect, you look amazing, but you're a hundred million years older than the kids voting the first time in the election who sees socialism as a different definition than the way you see it liz: all you've got to do is look at venezuela to see socialism. >> it's a different kind of socialism. stuart: the level of your desperation is to the-- >> i said you look good. stuart: i'm teasing a story coming up. listen carefully. they're calling it face lift in a bottle, and age and appearance. okay, it's a new cream gets rid of wrinkles. my executive producer says women should embrace their wrinkles. >> i agree. stuart: okay, moving swiftly
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along. >> and so should media and tv stations embrace women with wrinkles. >> we're covering the story, what do you think, women should embrace wrinkles? >> absolutely not, i'll tell you my reasons. [laughter] >> next, another headline, from the hillary e-mail scandal. now her i.t. guy, his e-mails are mysteriously missing. what's the significance of that? the judge will sort it out. ♪ i'm definitely able to see savings
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through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow. if i can save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. >> 15 minutes from now, the mark opens and we will be up not bad, about a 70 point gain. okay. the gap, however, they're going to drop, really, i should say plummet. they're going to be way down. they're old navy and banana republic brands not doing well. we're going to pose the question. where are people buying clothes these days, we'll get an answer
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later in the show. now this, president obama will visit hiroshima later this month. he's the first sitting u.s. president to visit the japanese city since the nuclear bombing in 1945. e-mack, when is he going? >> the end of the month. we don't have a hard and fast date. is this the apology tour? the white house says he won't apologize for dropping the bomb, but the moral obligation to hee limb -- eliminate nukes. no word whether he'll visit pearl harbor on the way. stuart: odds are that he will not. and pagliano, the guy who set up the private server, his e-mails are missing. judge napolitano is here, what's the significance? >> there's a lot of moving parts here, and this is a perfect storm this week. last week, her aides were
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interviewed by the fbi, not under oath, but of course, if you lie or mislead, the same as if you lied under oath. that's the martha stewart crime. this week the fbi is negotiating with her attorney when, where and under what circumstances she will come in to be interviewed by the fbi. next week, the same aides that testified before the fbi will be testifying in front of video cameras in a freedom of information act case about whether or not there with as conspiracy in the office of the secretary of state to avoid transparency laws. mrs. clinton denied that the fbi reached out to her campaign. that is a joke. the fbi would never reach out to her campaign and it wouldn't reach out to her because she's represented by counsel. they'd reach out to her lawyer. at the same time, there was is dispute going on in the kremlin between the foreign ministry and the russian intelligence services whether or not to reveal the 20,000 e-mails that they have that they've received by hacking into mrs. clinton's e-mail account. stuart: what? the russian-- this is huge.
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the russians say they've got 20,000 e-mails that they hacked out of hillary clinton's private server? >> yes, it could be-- could be innocuous e-mail or the 2200-- >> or they could be lying? >> or making it up, they have a debate whether to release it. this is why i'm calling it a perfect storm. the news lead is almost inconceivable that the guy in charge of information technology for the secretary of state, his e-mails in the four years that he worked there would be gone. stuart: i've got to go back to that russian thing. you've got me on the pagliano thing, you've got my attention. >> right. stuart: now you're telling me that the secret service in russia, whatever their name is these days. >> federal intelligence service, whatever they call themselves, successor to the kgb. stuart: they say they've got 20,000 e-mails hacked out of hillary's private server? they've got them. >> some of them may have been
9:18 am
hacked out of sid blumenthal's server, but it's 20,000 e-mails sent to or by mrs. clinton. they have them and they're debating whether or not to release them. >> the timing of their release if they should choose to do it. >> that's why i'm saying it's a perfect storm, so many moving parts. two federal judges presiding over two different freedom of information act requests have said if you can show me there was an agreement in the office of secretary of state to hide these e-mails from the public i will let you depose mrs. clinton. that will be a deposition under oath in front of video cameras. stuart: 20 seconds left. the administration and hillary camp will say there was no malicious intent. yes, they appeared on the server, the secrets, we didn't intend it, no malicious-- get rid of it. >> there would be ill-advised to say that. intent is not a--
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>> you're right, but the politics of it it. >> the politics, we didn't mean to do it and we shouldn't be punished. that argument. stuart: she will. >> that argument is unaveiling to the fbi. stuart: a different story. and judge, thank you, see you at 11:00. thank you. look at these images, not good. this is fort mcmurray, canada. the town was ravaged by that wildfire, charred homes, whole neighborhoods are gone. it looks as if as bomb has gone off, doesn't it? that fire hitting the global oil supply, but not affecting the price that much. oil is actually at $43 a barrel this morning. the bad news for twitter, its rival, snapchat overtaking them, cementing twitter's decline. snapchat in, twitter out. more varney next. ♪ ♪ (singing)
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coverage compass gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> scientists at mit developed a new skin product called second skin. it's a cream administered daily, put it on your skin, smooths wrinkles and come bats the ravages with age. i'll tell you, tamara, the producer is against this, he
9:24 am
said women should age naturally. >> i will say your executive producer, i will not name, a man, doesn't know what he's talking about. >> he's a younger man. >> he's a younger man, doesn't know what it's like to get old. women wear pants because we get wrinkles down there, we like to cover up that area. where we can protect our face and protect our wrinkles and stop wrinkles. stuart: so it's okay. >> it's great. stuart: i take it you're a feminist and apparently it's okay for women to get away from the aging process so they still look attractive to men, that's your feminist position? >> my feminist position is i like to look attractive to myself. stuart: only just yourself? it's the mirror that counts not anybody else? >> it's the mirror not what anybody thinks of me. especially when i get this twitter hate about being this crazy liberal on your show. i don't care, as long as my face doesn't move from
9:25 am
wrinkles, from botox and whatever, i'm okay. say whatever you want. stuart: i'm not going to say anything. do you think i'm stupid? i have nothing to say on this at all except that that cream seems to me to be a whole lot cheaper than going under the knife. am i right? >> i don't know what it is, but botox is, you know, a few hundred dollars a month from what i heard from my friends, i wouldn't know. [laughter] >> i've got it. a fine appearance today and your twitter feed will relate that. take a look at pictures of the planet mercury travelling directly in front of the sun. the black dot. you see it on the screen. only happened 13 times in the last century. what you're looking at back over this weekend when it happened. we caught it and we've got the video. >> there it is. stuart: there you go, look at that. and the markets, well, we'll be up today at the opening bell. in particular, amazon is going to be up about $15.
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all the confetti. "varney and company" beating cnbc again. we are on a roll this month and we owe it to you, our viewers, thank you one and all, we appreciate it. "the opening bell" two seconds, 9:30 eastern time, we are up and running and expect a gain of 70 points up 37 in the early going up 35. we start with facebook, take a look at that, very close to an all-time high, down $.20, wasn't expecting is that but may challenge 120 pretty soon. liz mcdonald is here, todd horwitz is here, all of them here to cover "the opening bell". let's start with facebook down a fraction. this is a stock -- >> love the stock, everything they are doing, they have a
9:31 am
juggernaut. and they are making boatloads of money and more people coming, facebook continues to do it. stuart: on politics they are steering users away from conservative websites. i don't think that has anything to do with the stock price at all. >> if that is the fact it may. facebook, their big stance, mark the coburg is about everything being open to all people so if it turns out they were steering away from conservative politics it could be a bigger thorn in facebook's side then you give it credit for. stuart: facebook has turned around. it is up a few cents, challenging 120. take a look at this. canada wildfire, we believe it is under control. 1 million barrels of oil a day are still off the market. looks like a bomb hit part of
9:32 am
the town. some part survived but a lot of it is devastating. if 1 million barrels of oil a day are still off the market that doesn't appear to be affecting the price of crude oil which is up today at 43. >> it does not have anything on it. we have too much supply to begin with the overall it won't heard the price of crude or help the price of crude. we will see a national pull back into the $40 an area, but overall it is already priced in as to what we can and we have so much supply it is more of a dollar model right now. stuart: check the big board, we are up 70 points, futures indicate a gain of 78 after three minutes worth of business, 17-7 on the dow industrials, the
9:33 am
big names we jack up every day because they are the movers, this is where the money is flowing, mcdonald's is 131. how about apple? it is still close to the two year low at 92, the two year low, 93 this morning, you don't like that, you won't by that. >> i wouldn't go out and buy apple here. stuart: you can milk it is a utility. >> of that is what you want to do. stuart: moving on, the shoe people, the plastic shoe people, 13% better profits and sales, how about higher profits, world wrestling entertainment is good for a 5% gain but hurts losing money, sales down, stock is up, you say they are losing business. >> they are losing business and their biggest business is the business traveler and when people go on business trips they
9:34 am
used to have to rent cars at the airport to get around they take them so i see huber demand increasing and hurts and davis are filling, they are the real threat to their business model. stuart: todd horwitz come into this. i was not expecting a company like hurts to be affected by a newcomer like uber. >> mike is right. when i travel i don't rent a car anymore. i use a car service because there is no point, much more convenient for me to have somebody drive me around for similar money than they charge for a rental car so it is a better deal overall, it will hurt companies and the economy. stuart: i call that one of the most fascinating stories of the day. not expecting that. gap got old navy and banana republic under their umbrella. neither of those brands are doing well. tell me about the stock.
9:35 am
>> couldn't help them anymore, five consecutive quarters, declining sales, stocks down 12%, this stock is hovering around four year lows getting crushed on the news of declining sales, profit outlook weaker than expected, competing against h&m and fast-moving stores like jpmorgan analysts saying they have been great merchandising plans but trying to implement them now after two years of tepid growth is really tough. >> you got a short lifespan in the factory business, do you agree with that? h&m? >> t.j. maxx, women are smart shoppers, gap has not changed its product mix, two years, fiscal years of sales declines. stuart: where are people buying
9:36 am
clothes? >> shopping online, ordering what they want ordered and it comes to their home and if they don't like it they can return it, they are not charged for it, this is the wave of the future, similar to uber, technology is affecting these old-school companies. stuart: online selling, todd horwitz saying -- can't hear what you are saying. >> i am saying no. look at retail sales. every year since 2011 people are buying, too many retailers out there, too much competition and not enough customers so they are going down and gap is going to go out here because of a problem but there are not enough customers every quarter. >> look at amazon. people are shopping but people are outspending money. stuart: who would have thought that uber would take a chunk of clothing in the retail stores? who would have thought that? liz: netflix taking a chunk out of blockbuster. stuart: another big mover, solar
9:37 am
city make solar panels and they are down 23%. >> they cut sales forecast for the year, they are in dire straits. they have no money down business model and pay over 20 years to pay for the solar panel. big fight breaking out in states across the country saying if you have a solar panel you got to pay taxes into the system because you are using the power of grit you have to pay for. utilities are coming back saying you got to start paying for using our grit. stuart: that is the problem. here is the stock i wanted to get to, amazon is way up, nicole pedallides will tell us how much it is up and why. nicole: the stock is $700 to an all-time record high and a
9:38 am
couple backers, bernstein put the $1000 price target out from 700 and you have a hedge fund manager at social capital who thinks the stock is going to $6000 a share. stuart: did you say $6000 a share? that is ridiculous. nicole: it could be worth $3 trillion, the most durable company in the world and exponential growth, i believe they are an investor in this one but they are standing behind it and putting some ads on the number. stuart: talking up your book, i declare that is what it is. i will dismiss that. nicole: social capital, venture capital. stuart: i love the stock but $6000 a share, i don't see it and you don't either. >> it has got to get to 1001st. look at the moves this morning
9:39 am
you can't debate it. stuart: great move, $700,000 a share. how about twitter? i am told, not sure i understand this, feeling the heat from snapchat. liz: a more popular apps, samsung devices, more people are selling snapchat and twitter? they have photos, video sharing, ease of use, people spend more time, double the amount of time on snapchat versus twitter so twitter feeling the heat from rivals. liz: stuart: can someone get a hold of my account and abuse the royalty the way they do on twitter? liz: we don't know but those snapchat messages disappear which is what hillary clinton should have used. >> you don't target one person on snapchat, images disappear, more importantly this is what kids are using, using snapchat, not twitter. stuart: i don't know what will happen to twitter. liz: who would buy twitter? >> they are going out of
9:40 am
business. stuart: there is the word from todd. we are up 110 points. 109, 110, off we go. don't forget politics, we do like to cover it. what is the market reaction? if trump leaps ahead of hillary as he has in the ohio quinnipiac poll. what i am really asking is what does the market think about these candidates? >> what the market really wants is so certainty. putting primaries behind us, all this in fighting going on, trump against hillary, better for the market and whoever wins i would prefer to win, trump and the tax plan would be better. stuart: i got this tweet just coming out from donald trump. why does the media with a strong
9:41 am
push from crooked hillary keep pushing the false narrative that i want to raise taxes? exactly opposite. that is exactly what donald trump told maria bartiroma, he wantss to cut taxes, he mainly negotiates light less of the tax-cut but -- >> saying i will use it as a negotiating point. stuart: i wonder the quinnipiac polls out today, and matchups from hillary and the stock market, up 125 points. lowering taxes. look at this, what the world's most expensive rough diamond. it just sold for $63 million, doesn't look too rough to me.
9:42 am
the diamond is called the constellation. it was pulled out of an african mine last year, 813 carats, the investment firm in the middle east. how about this? protests against the rich shutting down parts of chicago. the wealthy to pay even more in taxes. remember their two brothers, the tv hosts who lost their show on hdtv because of their views on traditional marriage. now they are here on this show to talk about the north carolina bathroom law. they are next.
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9:45 am
stuart: high for the morning so
9:46 am
far getting exciting we are up 145 points at 178 and there is this. anti-britain protests in chicago, tax the rich they say. todd horwitz in chicago, what do you say about this protest and tax the rich in chicago? >> a bunch of unemployed idiots with nothing else to do with themselves because standing out there protesting trying to get more of my money to help themselves, not work. that doesn't make sense and they don't understand the entire model of what the business does, they are putting everybody out of work, not just traders but all the employees and restaurant and parking garages but have to go out of business because once the floors leave chicago, they can't wait to get out of here because of all the money and taxes they go to indiana for almost nothing. stuart: it is a crisis point in the financing, that is what you
9:47 am
have on your hands. we wish you well. next guest going to have a home improvement show on hdtv but lost a two years ago, never aired because of comments they made about traditional marriage. come on in david and jason, religious guys, christian guys and now you are talking about the north carolina bathroom law. something i don't understand, you say that bathroom law shows what operating under god looks like. one of you explain it to me. >> you let me take this. our dollar bills say one nation under god and god is the one who gave us our rights and government's responsibility is to protect and preserve those rights. it is all about the moral standards god gives us. we believe the law is supposed to be based on an objective standard, but if we don't have good laws then what happens is
9:48 am
we start to face law on a subjective standard for people's comfort and when you get there it is like taking stoplights out. stuart: the losses in north carolina you go into the bathroom that corresponds to the gender under which you were born and you oppose that. you don't? >> here is the issue. there is a radical bathroom ordinance that says any man that self identifies as a female can use whatever bathroom he chooses and we are against that and house bill 2 came and made that right. we are for house bill 2. stuart: house bill 2 is the north carolina bathroom law we have come to know so you are for that. source it out. >> what happened in charlotte, north carolina, the mayor and city council created a radical bathroom ordinance which was going to force businesses, a
9:49 am
mandate on businesses that you are going to have to allow anyone based on their sexual orientation or gender identity to use whatever bathroom they would like to use and that is a danger and the general assembly in the governor of house bill 2 came in and eliminated that ordinance. stuart: i think i have got it. a couple more questions. do you think the bathroom law will have a negative impact on business in north carolina? >> it protect business. what it says is businesses can make whatever bathroom policies they once. target can create a bathroom policy that allows men to go into women's restrooms and in the free market can determine whether or not to accept that but what house bill 2 made sure would not happen is the government enforcing businesses and mandate them to have those types of bathrooms is not good for business. stuart: i think you are identical twins.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> but i am much better looking than him. stuart: david and jason, thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. how about mcdonald's? it keeps on happening. another all-time high, $131.70 earlier today, the 18th record since december of last year. spectacular pictures from seattle. video time lapse of the northern lights seen over the city. wait for it. in alaska, scandinavia, the sky lighting up in shades of emerald green in seattle. that is the point in seattle. donald trump trying to clarify his economic proposals, he now says america's debt is absolutely sacred. he won't touch it. more varney in a moment. v
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stuart: high for the day, the dow industrials up 150 points. carl icahn, billionaire trump supporter, betting against the market increasing his best, the market will go down, what is he up to? >> the market i do for a day of reckoning and increased his bet that the markets would go down sixfold versus the end of 2015.
9:55 am
stuart: the amount of money he is putting on the table, the market goes down has increased sixfold. what do you make of this? >> following someone like carl icahn, he sometimes hedges, he was out 6 months ago, toward the next 200. of the one donald trump is discovering treasury bonds, and as interest rates went up, would force the price of those bonds down, he would buy them at the level price, he is walking it back. is this the united states government, the bonds are absolutely sacred. >> try to negotiate an entire deal for the day with the
9:56 am
chinese negotiated deal, and these bonds are sacred, and to negotiate against them, donald trump versus donald trump, he will say outlandish things but at the end of the day walk it back to a more normal point of view. stuart: driving wall street crazy. stephen strasburg signs a 7-year, $175 million contract extension. baseball teams are swimming in money. >> they have great television deals, a big push to try to get more people into the stadium and if they get that it makes sense. stuart: $175 million -- >> the concessions that come with that. stuart: getting over that would be huge. watch out hillary clinton, bernie sanders's hot streak
9:57 am
continues. and senator sanders is not backing down. los angeles to san francisco in 30 minutes, it is called a hyper-loop, 750 miles an hour. you know where you put that little thing. the stocks, to work like that. >> elon musk is behind this. >> against hyper-technology which is doing this in vegas. stuart: pie in the sky dreaming, liberal lunacy on college campuses, a women's college, angry that madeleine albright is the commencement speaker. albright was the first female secretary of state. the second hour of "varney and company" two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: 7:00 in california, bernie sanders had a big rally last night, 15,000 people turned out for him. bernie is not going away but hillary chooses to ignore him. more on that. more news from california, to development in the plan to build a superhigh-speed train system, la to san francisco in half an hour. new data on energy prices, states use the most green energy pay the highest power bills, the most expensive energy in america, west virginia, cole country, cheapest in the nation. speaking of the greeny they are angry about the wildfires in canada blaming climate change for the fire that shut down oil production in west north carolina. we are on it. look at the stock market go, up
10:01 am
154, roughly 450 points away from the all-time record high. how about amazon? that is a new high, 6 $99.71, a few minutes ago, across 700. that is way up there. nice rally. facebook stock also close to an all-time high, right there, $120 a share. don't forget disney, the numbers coming out after the closing bell today, 106 is the quote. liz: looking at $13 billion in revenue, 6% jump in sales. the real issue is how espn turned around, they lost 7 million subscribers or less, the ceo coming out in for saying espn will do fine, predicting an uptick in subscribers. stuart: how about politics? a huge turnout for bernie sanders in sacramento, california last night. he is not going away.
10:02 am
listen to this. >> let me tell everybody here and anybody who is watching or listening, we are going to fight for every vote until june 14th. and we are going to take the political revolution into the convention in philadelphia. stuart: he is not going anywhere. he is not going away despite his surge, hillary clinton seems to be just plain ignoring him, choosing to focus on donald trump instead. nevada superdelegate and sanders supporter, welcome back to the program, good to see you. granted that bernie is not going away, he is likely to win the next we 5 primary states and if he does, then he has won the same number of states as hillary clinton. but what exactly does he want?
10:03 am
>> i think bernie sanders has change the tone of this entire election. he talked about income inequality and i think he plans on going all the way to the philadelphia convention and getting a lot of his issues into the democratic platform. stuart: may be further to the left on issues he cares about like income inequality. that is his goal here. >> you want to talk about the things that are affecting middle-class americans and he wants to make sure that is loud and clear to hear. that is a great thing for the party and the united states. stuart: what happens if hillary is indicted? i know this is pure speculation. i understand that, pure speculation but play the what if game for a second. if she is indicted, your guy could be the candidate. >> first of all, i really do not believe hillary clinton is going
10:04 am
to be indicted but i support bernie sanders obviously i am a superdelegate for bernie sanders and what he has to say is important and the country would be a great place but i want to stress i do not think hillary clinton is going to be indicted. stuart: how come you are a superdelegates, i thought most were wrapped up by the party for hillary? >> i have always been one of the independent thinkers. the nevada and in me. i have been serving as dnc national committeewoman for eight years elected twice by the democratic party convention, they elect me because they know i am independent at follow my heart and not motivated by other things. stuart: i have asked this before, you know what is coming. let me ask. if you make $1 million a year, your taxable income, how much do you think you should pay in
10:05 am
federal income tax? >> i think we should go back to the tax structure of eisenhower, we should get into the $2 million income but you do have responsibilities to the country that has done so well to you to give back. stuart: 70%? i go back a long way but -- 70% was the tax rate, may have been higher. >> at this certain higher income level, if you look at it you will see that is a time in our country we were really thriving. stuart: hold on a second. i don't go back to the eisenhower administration but i know a lot about it. at that time there were all kinds of deductions which people with money would pay, would be eligible for. they didn't pay 70%.
10:06 am
they paid a whole lot less because the tax structure push their money into oil and gas exploration for example. you have deductions back then which you don't want to have now. how do you think you would feel or anybody would feel if they are in an extra million dollars and you guys come along and take $700,000 which have you any sympathy whatsoever? >> there are deductions, we have talked about it. when a corporation decides to move their plant. stuart: we are talking individual income tax. >> there are deductions that are reasonable. stuart: nothing like in the 1950s, nothing like it whatsoever. >> for instance the interest rate on your home is a legitimate deduction that should take place. what we need to do is look at reasonable tax policy that is going to be beneficial to the country and not going to hurt the middle class.
10:07 am
stuart: highly unreasonable to take $700,000 off of somebody who makes $1 million. that is highly unreasonable. but we are going to disagree. i would like to see that smile on your face and mine too. i am sure you will be back. >> at least you are not yelling at me the entire show. stuart: look at this. a fresh swing state polling from quinnipiac, out today, shows donald trump leading hillary clinton by four points, key swing states and two candidates are dead heat, neck in neck in florida and pennsylvania, 43.2, 4342. town hall editor fox news contributor katie pavlik is with us. this seems to me to be ammunition for the trump camp to go into those meetings with republicans later this week and say come boys, i am beating her in head to head, jump on my
10:08 am
train or else. you think he will do that? >> he has already said jump on my trainer else. that won't be anything new. states like ohio and pennsylvania are prime hunting ground for donald trump when it comes to gaining new voters. there was a story last week showing union bosses who usually lean democrat are concerned about rank and file members voting for donald trump rather than their democratic choice which is hillary clinton. the reason for that is hillary clinton's statements and comments on call, statements and comments on workers and her pandering to the far left base that no longer necessarily represents the whole of the democrat party. stuart: do you think the establishment of the republican party should get an agreement with donald trump and get on board in some way or other and have a unified party? are you prepared to unify around donald trump? >> as paul ryan said, he is not
10:09 am
completely closed the door on getting behind donald trump but it is on donald trump to unify the party especially considering he flip-flopped on a number of issues including raising the minimum wage and tax increases. if donald trump is going to do the work this week especially after saying last week that -- doesn't maybe necessarily think we need to have a unified party. stuart: walk into these meetings and say you used to say in head to head i lose to hillary, you can't say that now. i'm going to win. >> you still can't. look at pulling across the board it still shows he is losing to hillary clinton and we have a new poll in swing states, what is good for republicans let's not forget this isn't simply about the presidential race, we have a number of races republicans have to be concerned about including usually reliably red states like nebraska there are a number of congressional
10:10 am
districts tossed up for grabs that have been turned into blue categories. this goes beyond the presidential race. stuart: you are fighting it. i know you are. you have a smile on your face, you are fighting it. katie pavlik, cs again soon please. we have been all over this massive wildfire in canada. it has shut down oil production, 1 million barrels a day taken off of the market. the greens are coming on and they blame climate change, saying it is climate change. liz: a nasty fight breaking out with canadian elected officials with one politician says basically this is karmic, this forest fire which wiped out an area half the size of rhode island, basically saying the alberta oil sands are very bad, oil sands are right behind saudi arabia and venezuela in terms of the amount of oil there. they are saying this is karmic. top leaders of the green party
10:11 am
say this is related to the global climate crisis. the prime minister says wait a second, you're making political arguments, people are really mad, there are victims from this wildfire, why are you exploiting this? another tweet from the green party candidate saying caring about climate change means caring about people. they are exploiting it to take advantage of it. stuart: we hear it, thanks very much. check this out, looking at it on the bottom corner of the screen, amazon now hitting $700 a share. a 3% gain. you don't see this very often for a company this size, up 20 bucks, a 3% gain. liz: they are letting users post their own videos to their streaming service at those customers can earn royalties off of this. this made jeff pazo's's $1 billion richer just as price section was happening with amazon. stuart: i can jump onto the
10:12 am
streaming service come up at my video one, i can stream myself and you can pick it up if you want. liz: taking on google. stuart: taking on a lot of people. amazon up 20 bucks. we woke up this morning to a deadly stabbing attack at a train station in munich, germany. the attacker yelling alan who akbar. president obama planning to visit a month after john kerry's visit. remember when colonel peters called that visit an apology tour? watch this. >> going there for the secretary of state amounts to an apology. they push this narrative that america is always guilty. let me tell you something about the atomic bombs, dropping those on hiroshima and nagasaki saved millions of japanese lives. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
10:16 am
stuart: this is a nice rally up 150 points, 17,00854. no specific reason for it other than the buyers are back and forth. johnson and johnson, all-time high, $114,000 a share, the all-time high big-name stocks. look at amazon reaching 700 one moment ago, back to a mere $700 a share, that is a 3% gain. germany, deadly stabbing at a train station near munich. it was originally called the terror attack. police say they are not sure because they don't know who did it. liz: he did shout allahu akbar, he did say you infidels. they don't know if this gentleman is connected to any local terrorists or external terrorist network. they do not know who this person is but they know he shut out allahu akbar which is what terrorists typically shout out,
10:17 am
god is great, when they are attacking. stuart: workplace violence? next case president obama planning to visit hiroshima, i believe that is the correct pronunciation, later this month. joining us is the former advisor to the senate foreign relations committee. this visit is being criticized as an apology tour, leaving office apology tour. what say you? >> the president started out his presidency, ending nuclear weapons, possession throughout the world and another step in that direction. he talked about going to the middle east apologizing for american behavior, it hasn't worked out for us across the board. stuart: he wants complete nuclear disarmament so he goes to hiroshima and atones is the word to use for america's use of
10:18 am
the atomic weapon in 1945 and the supposedly furthers the goal of zero nuclear weapons. i have not heard of this foreign policy goal before. i didn't know he wanted to eradicate all nuclear weapons. >> that is where the president talked about in 2009, a big change from us policy which has been one of deterrence through strength and the president's policy now is he wants to get rid of nuclear weapons throughout the world. stuart: how will this go down for domestic political audience in the united states? by the way will president obama visit pearl harbor in hawaii on his way to hiroshima? >> great question. i don't know if he will visit pearl harbor but probably are to give and we did not go to that war intending to use nuclear weapons or to fight japan at all, they attacked us. when you talk about hiroshima and what is going to happen there it is hard to see how it advances his agenda of -- most people think is highly
10:19 am
unrealistic. to the extent his going there sends a message, another message the united states taking a backseat in the world and not leading forward. hiroshima, terrible situation, 100,000 people killed but it ended a war in which millions more could have been killed had the war continued on. nobody wants to use nuclear weapons, it is the last resort but the reality is a number of nations have them and are trying to get them, the president's policy seems to be let's pretend we can get rid of it all and not deal with the reality that people have them and other nations are trying to get them. stuart: we have a deal with a ran so they can get them in 10 or 15 years time. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. now this. breaking news out of turkey. a car bomb leaving 13 dead. liz: 13 wounded. this is an area 200 miles north
10:20 am
of aleppo, syria. ambulances being sent, a car bomb attack, police vehicles. turkey is concerned the unrest in syria will sweep over the border into its country, this is a kurdish area of turkey. stuart: further destabilization of a nato member, turkey. liz: supposed to take in the refugees. stuart: hillary clinton versus donald trump in a dead heat in two key swing states and trump leads four points. key swing states. what would either of them do for the economy and the market? we will discuss that. later, states with the biggest support for green energy, the highest power bills. we are trying to explain that for you. los angeles to san francisco in 30 minutes, the hyperloop, shoot down the coast at 700 miles an hour, we have that story for you.
10:21 am
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: two window washers stranded 17 floors up on the side of a building in lower manhattan in the financial district a couple blocks from wall street, can't get down, can't get out. high anxiety. and neither of them doing well. down 11%. pepsi is a new high like johnson & johnson. all-time high this morning,
10:25 am
pepsi as of now. i will call it the latest pie in the sky idea, superfast train that takes you from la to san francisco in 30 minutes, like a bank drive-through machine, sit in the car, put it in a tube and off you go at rapid speeds. a canister. liz: you will be the person sitting in the canister in the vacuum tube. outside vegas today, milestone event they are calling it, showing how this technology would work. you sit in a vacuum tube, what is called maglev, they will cut the 6 hour dr. from san francisco to la to 30 minutes. stuart: elon musk is behind this, build a working model. liz: to show people how it will work.
10:26 am
it is 750 mph. stuart: i take back pie in the sky dreaming. new polls in swing states out this morning. in ohio, trump is ahead, gaining a lot of ground. more liberal lunacy on college campuses. harvard professor says the left should treat conservative christians like they were nazis. this from harvard.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
stuart: help is on the way. firefighters are making their way down, or of, i'm not sure which way it is. trying to make it to the stranded window washers.
10:30 am
help is on the way. just hold on, boys. check out the big board. that is a rally. look at amazon. $698 per share at the moment. that is a rally. out with new swing states. look at this. hillary first. 6% in florida. same question for donald trump. 8% of voters in ohio say he is not trustworthy. not honest. joining us now. we carter. the 10 year professor of economics. peterborough ricci.
10:31 am
that paul, were liable, it says donald trump is more trustworthy than hillary clinton. >> everyone is focused on these ratings. i do not trust federal government. it is why we have the rise of these antiestablishment candidates. at the end of the day, the question is, pulling the lever on the polls when you are voting. for some and you do not trust or someone you do not necessarily like. trust is at a quarter. the mac trump goes into meetings with these republicans later this week. i am beating hillary clinton and
10:32 am
ohio. get on my train. that is what he is going to say. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? are you better off 20 years ago? trying to get 1996 levels. stuart: one of the window washers is that inside the building. he has been rescued. i think that is a firefighter. that is some good news, everybody. donald trump. here is the latest tweets. why does the media keep pushing the false narrative that i want to raise taxes? exactly the opposite. peter. he has always said that he wants to lower tax rates. maybe he should speak more rarely.
10:33 am
it is like he is from another network. when donald trump speaks, we know what he thinks. what hillary, we have a hidden agenda. hillary does not like men. she does not like people in business. she really wants to turn it into a state managed economy. pure and simple. we cannot believe anything she has to say. guess what. those people with their feet on the ground in ohio no it. >> trump is absolutely better. we will find out over the next 90 days what he is going to do. people will have confidence in him. stuart: look at facebook.
10:34 am
essentially some allocations that it blocks conservative conservatives. what do you think about this? what is the allegation? >> an outcry if it was on the reverse. it would be out of control. trust is big companies. no longer getting the benefit of the doubt like they used to. this is one of those issues that could go to the heart of is facebook turning into something. manipulating people. >> the question is, it will access to all points of view. >> we are seeing this trend across the board.
10:35 am
are they gave in hiring people with different this? stuart: go ahead to peter. you get hired and stay in academic. a code word for conservatives. i have had a terrible time with the views that i have had. it is not freedom of speech. it is not a place where you have freedom of ideas anymore. you are very happy to be what you want to be. as long as you are a good liberal. stuart: i have a statistic for you. nearly one in six young men will wind up jobless or in prison in the year 24 team.
10:36 am
what does that have to say about the president's economic? >> the war on men is working. 60% are women these days. boys are dropping out of high school at a record pace. it leaves this dysfunction. the system is biased against women. they look at you like you are some kind of conspirator. the reality is, what a are doing is working. that is why this election is so critical. hillary clinton and the gang that she is with our making a war on men. that is why you see this statistic. i want to get to the harvard professor. i am not sure about the pronunciation. he says that it starts treating
10:37 am
christians like not these. >> she also put in their roman catholics and orthodox views as well. >> the liberals need to seize the moment. this is the time to do it. seventy grand. that is what families say for harvard. >> they are saying that we need to have diverse city. not diverse city of opinion. putting it in one bucket is absolutely unfair. >> can you imagine? it is like swearing to win an argument. >> can you imagine if batman had said we can view blacks in such a negative way. we should view transgender.
10:38 am
the president of harvard would have him fired tomorrow. just like she is trying to persecute those guys and gals. they call them something different. the frightening thing is it is not just harvard did it is maryland and other places as well. i have to move on. we are out of time. getting back to that gap. that stop price is plunging. explain it all, please. the stock down 12% today. 1931. the analysts are looking at this one closely. banana republic and old navy. five straight quarters in a row. what is the problem. retail has a real hurdle. that is one of the competitions. h&m. forever 21. they still have some growth
10:39 am
potential. >> 12% down. telling the story. god it. the cost of energy. a left-leaning state. you may be playing a higher bill. new details in a moment. ♪
10:40 am
♪ >> marni and company starts at
10:41 am
9:00 a.m. eastern time. hillary clinton's likability problem. >> trump or clinton. it is no longer two or three people on the republican side. they say i cannot vote for a woman that we cannot trust. they do not like hillary clinton. her character flaws are actually the reason i have been saying all along we will see a reaganesque type of landslide. moving out of the election. they will keep moving as people come to realize the future of these children. it depends on electing donald trump. ♪
10:42 am
doesn't get much simpler than that. what's in your wallet?
10:43 am
stuart: this is the top story of the day. look at that. all of those are big-name stocks. all of them have hit big highs for today. johnson & johnson home depot. all over the place. how about that. states offering greater support for green energy. paying a lot more for it you like the city. west virginia.
10:44 am
voting today, by the way. adam shapiro is there. how much are they paying? >> $0.7.09 per kilowatt hour, stuart. compare that to california. of course, california has policies. it encourages green energy products. tax breaks, tax credit. by that throw grams. an energy type incentive program. you see the states and purple. they tend to be states like new york and california. also tend to vote blue. endorsing these green energy policies. the obama administration and environmentalist have a common
10:45 am
theme. it is called keep it in the ground. natural gas. boy oh. spend around. they intend to shift this country from our traditional sources of fuel by 2030. and a lot of people say that it is not possible. stuart: and we have to pay for it. his name is robert bryce. an energy expert. why is california the most expensive state in the nation for electricity. >> stuart, that is the key question. pointing out in their analysis that there are a lot of these green energy mandates. it should not be surprising that these prices are as high as they aren't. the key point to take away as you look at california and new york. both of those states are pushing for renewable energy mandates that will force them to go even higher.
10:46 am
let me explain mandates. must buy x amount of juice from solar. regardless of the cause. the cost is usually very high. you have to buy up that high price. we, the consumers, have to pay. that is at the heart of it. >> that is exactly right. i have written about this myself. we have are ready had a lesson in those results. between 2005 when the eu passed its emissions trading scheme, on average 63%. that is double the in greece we saw here in the u.s. pushing is renewable mandates the farthest.
10:47 am
germany, the uk and spain are that three countries that saw their electric rates rise the most. this is the result of these kind of renewable mandates. as your reporter pointed out. keeping it in the ground is what we have heard from hillary clinton and bernie sanders about prohibiting hydraulic fracturing. >> an expert in energy across the board here. donald trump, he says he will bring back coal mining jobs. he will do it. that is what he says. i have my doubts about that. how about you. i have big doubts about it. trump is very good about telling audiences what they want to hear. he went to iowa and said he loved corn ethanol. facing a lot of headwind now.
10:48 am
very low cost. this is the biggest headwind for the coal industry. in addition to all the federal regulations. >> they got virtually fracking. cheap natural gas. producing back from natural gas and coal in this country. it would embolden and empower opec. it would dramatically reduce natural gas production. higher prices for home heating. classics. fertilizer. everything in the economy. stuart: thank you very much for joining us, sir. appreciate it. lou nowell lunacy.
10:49 am
they do not want madeleine albright to be the speaker at graduation. why? we will ask. ♪ this is my retirement. retiring retired tires. and i never get tired of it. are you entirely prepared to retire? plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement with e*trade. plan your never tiring retiring retired tires retirement [bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money.
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10:53 am
his e-mails, honestly, all rise, judge napolitano is here. what is the significance here, if any? >> last week, her aides were interviewed by the avee vi. if you lie or mislead, it is the same penalty. this week, the fbi is negotiating with her attorney about when, where and what circumstances she will come into being interviewed by the fbi. testifying in front of video cameras about whether or not there was a conspiracy to avoid transparency laws. at the same time, there was a be foreign ministry and the russian intelligence services about whether or not to reveal the 20,000 e-mails that they have.
10:54 am
stuart: this is huge. the russians say they got 20,000 e-mails that they have out of hillary clinton's private server. >> it could be lying or they could be making up. that is why i am calling it a perfect storm. >> i have to go back to this russian thing. the secret service in russia, whatever their name is these days, they say that a have 20,000 e-mails hacked out of llars prate sver. >>ome themay ve sd aluminum balls server did 20,000 e-mails sent to or by mrs. clinton. they have them. they are just trying to decide whether or not to release them.
10:55 am
presiding over two different breed him requests. these e-mails from the public, i will let you. that will be under oath in front of video cameras. stuart: no malicious intent. yes, they appeared on the server. we did not intend that. get rid of it. >> intent is not an element of this crime. >> the right, of course you are right. the politics of it. i could make that argument. absolutely. it is unavailing to the fbi. stuart: to voters, it is a different idea. thank you.
10:56 am
>> powerful stuff. the third hour of "varney & company." president obama. a visit called a commitment to pursuing peace in a world without nuclear weapons. later this week, donald trump meets with house speaker paul ryan. ed klein to interview mister trump. he is planning on playing nice heading into the convention. teaming up with bully so what we are calling that amber alert on public safety. ronald reagan signed. we get his response to president obama calling out the myth of the reagan recovery. >> mr. gorbachev tear it down this wall. ♪
10:57 am
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♪ >> this hour, talking about president obama calling the reagan economy a myth. first thing california, look at this. bernie sanders draws a crowd of 15,000. two states actually vote today. west virginia and nebraska. what is hillary doing in response? she is ignoring bernie sanders. to facebook. deliver it lead suppressing facebook news. the proof is in your newsfeed. scripps and california protesting mandolin albright. our three starts right now.
11:01 am
♪ stuart: a solid rally. some of the big names. make donald. i think that that is at the high right now. i will give you out both. a two year low. $92 a barrel. no real movement for apple. look at amazon. stock of the day, i think. $700 a share earlier. with me this morning.
11:02 am
national review. what is the word on amazon? >> get a cut of the ad revenues as royalties. a kickback to us. taking on facebook in a big way. taking on google in a big way. a billion dollars in paper gains to 6 billion. >> he has gained 6 billion this year. because of today's action. what is the problem? i want to move on to wildfires. it is affecting the oil supplied. taken out of production. caused by climate change. >> a really nasty fight.
11:03 am
this is payback for climate change. stop with the political arguments. let's talk about some big hums of what is going on here. wiping out an area equal the size of rhode island. stuart: knew this hour. liberal lunacy on campus. this time it is california. that is an all women's school. madeleine albright as a commencement speaker. you may just disagree with some of the things that happened foreign-policy wise. also, regardless of what you think of the politics, one of the highest glass ceilings in government. are you really saying that there is nothing that she has to say that you are interested in hearing?
11:04 am
>> wait a minute, there is more. you are going to help if you are a woman that does not support hillary. >> i am a woman that does not support hillary. i guess she was talking about me. a very liberal figure. just not liberal enough because of one comment. foreign-policy wise. you can still, everything said and done. not listen to them talk. stuart: the first female secretary of state of the united states of america. she backs hillary and not ernie. >> chris rock or gerri seinfeld saying we are not welcome on college campuses. we have fallen through the looking glass. >> there is more. stuart: there is more.
11:05 am
a harvard law professor says it is time to start treating conservative evangelical christians like not serious. i know what your response is going to be. why don't you give it anyway. >> you can be anything but conservative christian on a college campus. i mean, anything. you can dream it, people have to respect it. not that. >> orthodox jews. stuart: then generally white people. that is okay. >> nobody else. there's there is no room for any thoughts outside of that. >> i think that i have to move on. i am sure that you have a lot to say. to facebook. the liberally hiding conservative news. according to some former employees. the rmer employees say, gas, they regularly turn people away
11:06 am
from conservative sites. how did facebook respond? >> we take allegations very seriously. a platform for political death. trending topics. we have rigorous guidelines to ensure. >> okay. all right. >> but they did. even when this story was trending. that was until someone called them out on it. >> it is an important user. steered away from conservative websites. >> a lot of people get their news from facebook and twitter. it is no secret that they are very targeted.
11:07 am
they clearly are very involved in what they see and do not see. it is just proof that people say you are overblowing it. this happens. stuart: no impact on the stock. no impact on the stock at all. back in california. 190 at the moment. 15,000 people last night. he is likely to win. i am not making a forecast here. likely to win the next five primary states. if he does that, he will have won as many states as hillary clinton. where does that leave him? >> in fact, i think that many of them will not. and a lot of them like that he is an establishment type.
11:08 am
they will not vote for her. >> campaigning on the establishment. he knows very well that the top 20% pay 84% of the tax revenues. if you want that, he has to give more jobs. he has got to get more success. >> very popular these days. something for everybody. this giant giveaway. you cannot pay for it. that is if for our brad pitt fire. thank you very much. it was fast. president obama will visit hiroshima later this month. american enterprise. john bolton is with us this morning.
11:09 am
do you think that president obama will visit pearl harbor on his way going to hawaii? >> i kind of doubt that. if this were bottled reagan, it would not other me. obviously a site of the most significant development in military history ever. a site appropriate for american president. a business with this qualification. i think what harry truman did in deciding to use nuclear weapons was morally correct and militarily correct. what obama says when he goes there i think will make all the difference. he will not revisit the question. he will not apologize. i will just say right up front, i will believe it when i see it.
11:10 am
>> a knife attack in germany. one dead. several wounded. the attacker yelled the traditional slogan of jihad when they are attacking. they will not say that it is terror because they do not know the exact background. nonetheless, i think that this is a significant development. what say you? >> i think that it could be. a moment when we have the upcoming referendum. you have it you nor ms. lee's strong popular oppositions all across europe to the decision to allow in hundreds of thousands of refugees from africa and the middle east. crimes have gone either underreported or underreported all over europe. they actually reflect terrorist
11:11 am
activity. the cultural clash that they bring. physical assault like this using a knife. the germans are apparently somewhat concerned. they do not know whether this particular individual had mental problems are not. probably suffering from some kind of a problem in that regard. the idea that somehow they do not immediately see the nature of this threat is very troubling to their citizens. it is not split between popular opinion and elite opinion. >> i think that the popular opinion is increasingly powerful. the chancellor of austria has had to step down. finishing third in the elections there. though bright, the populist, not
11:12 am
exactly sweeping europe. really gaining a sweet foothold. the mac i think that this question is where we had john kerry just a few days ago telling malay meals that they should get ready for a borderless world. that will come as news for many americans. i think that we are entitled to keep it. stuart: thank you. we will see you again. president obama blasting what he called the mythology of the reagan economy. the biggest lesson his father taught him. after the break, a man who has an exclusive interview with donald trump. the details. coming back in a moment. ♪
11:13 am
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stuart: this is the story of the day. big-name stocks hitting record highs. all new highs. green arrows all around. promoting clean energy. offering subsidies. many solar companies are struggling with a lot of debt. jeff flock is outside of a solar facility. it is raining there. we have to dig in the ground. you do not have to blow up the world with nuclear power.
11:17 am
set these panels out in the field here. powered just rolls in. sarcasm is a lowball him with. you are an expert at it. i think we will keep you out in the rain. that is what we are going to do. rain or no rain. our next guest to will not walk away from us. unlike oboe. the mainstream media created a divide between trump and the republicans.
11:18 am
the final battle between king kong and godzilla. armageddon. i spoke to donald trump yesterday. he said that is not at all what is going to happen. he would go down there and play the rubble, as he put it. a huge rally because he is a rebel. the more he thought about it, the more he said. the general election, maybe it is different. i think that it will all work out in washington. they come out together. reasonably united. that is what they are saying.
11:19 am
you really want to get to the core of a story. running his campaign in 2016. there is no fundraising apparatus. there is no data mining apparatus. he meets all our onc and paul ryan. stuart: that is what he needs from them. neck and neck with hillary and pennsylvania on florida. the great swing state of ohio. we have that as ammunition. that is exactly. stuart: you got this directly from donald. >> yes. eight great lakes.
11:20 am
stuart: what is great length? >> all, about 20 minutes. that is a long time with mulled. stuart: his tone is considered tory? >> self reflecting for donald trump did he is a realist that hard. all right. the son of ronald reagan. mike reagan. he is going to be here. he has a book. lessons my father taught me. that is next. >> mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. [cheering] >> history will record one of the greatest astonishment. those with the most to lose did the least.
11:21 am
♪ [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. stuart: the establishment media is pretentious of donald trump. they are pouring scorn all over
11:25 am
him. no less than five anti-trump headlines. how about this one. donald trump returns to stupid strategy. trump with a victory leading to lunacy. mr. trump's pick for finance is right with contradiction. this is one of my favorites. warren takes lead in attack to trump. you know. conservative news outlets. you will rarely see anything pro- trump. so where is hillary? she is barely mentioned. a damaging revelation in the
11:26 am
e-mail scandal. no negative press today. started voting in west virginia. not a word about the coal problems. she is not likely to do well. interesting. hillary goes unscathed in the media, but takes a hit in the primaries. trump walks away with the votes. doesn't that come to the heart of this election? a guy that keeps on winning. total outsider. comes from there where did that one of the two people that could be the next president. it speaks volumes about the public's anger at a media that turned a blind eye to president obama's failures and called anyone who questions the media's bias a racist and bigot. one last thing.icted? they do not talk to about that, now do they.
11:27 am
♪ oblem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. pradaxa was better than warfarin at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa before any planned medical or dental procedure. pradaxa can cause serious, and sometimes, fatal bleeding. don't take pradaxa if you have abnormal bleeding. and seek immediate medical care for unexpected signs .. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. ask your doctor about pradaxa. and its specific reversal treatment.
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[so i use quickbooks and run mye entire business from the cloud. i keep an eye on sales and expenses from anywhere. even down here in the dark i can still see we're having a great month. and celebrate accordingly. i run on quickbooks.that's how i own it. stuart: this is her a new, very confusing. secretary of state john kerry now says businesses should not use the sanctions against iran as an excuse not to do business with them. does that mean that the
11:31 am
secretary of state is saying do business with iran regardless of sanction? drink for a let's get clarity because if you think companies are using the sanctions against iran as an excuse not to do business come he's saying that two american journalists in london. here's what's going not good nearly 9 billion friends are doing business for violating sanctions. also three dozen companies were slapped by the obama administration for violating u.s. sanctions including business with iran. disney dissidents here with john kerry. to criminally prosecute companies and put penalties and then answer the facts they do business with the country you are penalizing companies for, say to you in banks, yes start to do business with iran plays even though the revolutionary guard is still under sanction.
11:32 am
>> u.s. the president of the united states of america. moving on quickly. still a very nice rally of 163 points. an even bigger story is the number date name stocks which are hitting all-time highs as of today. it's a long list. all good stuff. harvard professor i'm not sure of the pronunciation, says the time to start treating conservative evangelical christians like nazis. we bring this to you because this is a professor of law. explain yourself. >> i'm scratching my head. he is a well made, highly guarded constitutional scholar. i know him. i know him well. i have never heard. he's admittedly very liberal and i've never heard this type of absurd, nonsensical vituperative attack out of his mouth.
11:33 am
you will tarnish her political opponents with one of the two or three paintbrushes from which the paid sticks forever by attributing to them a motivational behavior of the worst monsters of the past century, namely nazis. i just don't get it and i think it will be rejected by his students who are the best of the brightest and will see right through whatever their politics are. at least i hope so. stuart: that's right. but they are all -- okay. a former facebook worker says they would not suppress conservative news stories in the training section of face the earbud you make of that? >> you know, first brush i thought this is a private organization, not the government. they can say yes or no to anything they want. but then i thought this is an act of fraud. this is representing to the public said the ministry which
11:34 am
the company knows it's not true and members of the public are relying on it. i don't know how you measure the damages that that. it's not like overinflated stock so people will buy it. it is a different type of nonmonetary fraud. stuart: a possible class-action lawsuit? >> i'm not want to suggest that more than you, but if people relate to their detriment and by the way, if they spoke. they were fudged and could be a class of action against based the period stuart: do give an impression that the updates analysis would be moving further and further last and further and further away from we the people. >> this is one of the secrets to donald trump's rise. please put his finger on the
11:35 am
pulse and i found a positive response from tens of millions of americans. whether you agree with him or not, this particular issue covenant people that run business in the people around the government to run a touch of the people supposed to be selling to and serving as a secret to a success. stuart: the faculty that are major university has moved so far to the left and he is excluding diverse opinions. it has reached such a point that something will be done about it. stuart: that is why we are doing these two stories together. the former dean of harvard law school now sits in the united states supreme court. i'll indicate in. i don't ensure would tolerate this. stuart: let's hope. we have no way of knowing. we appreciate it. thank you. our next guest just wrote a book about his father who happen to be president ronald reagan. michael reagan is with us. newsnight contributor and author
11:36 am
of the new book, lessons my father taught me. welcome back to the program. i want to start with this. what is the number one lesson your dad taught you? >> the number one would be about marriage and love. the fact that he wrote me when i was going to get married and it was really listening to them talking about it. when you come home at the end of the other day there's someone at the other side of the door who has been waiting for you. don't forget to say about the reach and everyday. i just celebrated my 40th anniversary with choline who had been married to love those years. stuart: that is a very good lesson. we should all find out one. well said. i want to bring this to your attention and i'm sure you know this already. a few weeks ago presidenpresiden t obama called the success of your dad's reaganomics economy. he said that's a myth. i don't want to destroy that myth. when you heard that, what is your answer?
11:37 am
>> well, it's not something that surprises me. the left has been trying to discount my father and the things they've accomplished in the 1980s since they've really got back into power before that. but it doesn't pass the smell test when you look at the 1980s and the 70s and ronald reagan becoming president in 1980s, but have 80s, what happened to taxes, what happened with interest rates. all those things move america pulled forward. we had a great, great society that lasted until obamacare. stuart: you live in california still i believe. don't give me that expression. there is a record number of people leaving the state because we just found out that they introduced a 2000 new laws and regulations each and every year. i'll tell you the same as they used to tell years ago. still got a spare room in the
11:38 am
house in new jersey. you can do that anytime you'd like. >> now i have a granddaughter here that we didn't have. marilyn paige was born january 2nd. that may tell you, the wife is not going to be leaving yields a granddaughter in the state by herself. but one of the biggest problems is we don't have a republican party in the state. i have one of our dearest friends for 40 years i selling everything they own and moving to nevada to get away from it. that's about 56, $60,000 a year last the state of california will be getting an state taxes. there is a lot of people doing that. i pointed out break in a few weeks ago. people come to california for the weather but they leave because of taxation and regulation. stuart: is there a chance to donald trump in the general could win california? i'm supposing his opponent will be hillary clinton. in that matchup in california i
11:39 am
know i'm stretching here. is there a vague possibility that trump could win california? >> no, i don't think trump could win california. they certainly don't have donald trump at this point and part of it is because the disastrous party we have in the state at this time. they are so far to the left and you have a state now that is really a state of the haves and have not. the middle-class been absolutely decimated. the waterpower in los angeles, your monthly bill is about half of what your salary is. that is absolutely outrageous. stuart: are you serious? it's not high? >> my son was in 1800 square foot house. his department of water and power bill every month that he gets it is about a thousand dollars. a thousand dollars. that is just so outrageous. i pay $200 every time i get a
11:40 am
bill for the people who can't afford to pay for the department of water and power. in california a new law went into effect of the new construction you have to attach ring girls to your house. my daughter has an 1100 square foot house she is finishing and she has to have a rain barrels now attached to the house that have to be in active every four months for standing water and zika virus. stuart: i've got nine grandchildren. we don't mind if you bring them over here. no problem with that whatsoever. i trust we'll see you soon. >> i tell people go get my book, "lessons my father taught me." people knew my father as president of the united states. this book is going to humanize and.
11:41 am
a new technology helps more police officers said the danger in their immediate area. after the break we will hear from i guess how it works. by the way, to former nfl players are behind this. tommie harris -- they are joining us in a moment. none of this works. come on in.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with their fox business brief. it's the biggest game received by the dow, s&p. the dow was up 168 to 17,874 and the s&p 500 up 17 pit the nasdaq higher led by financial. some of the names you know what lifetime highs including the donald's, johnson & johnson. amazon spent over $700 today. take a look at this. budweiser change in it named to america. at least now through the election. that is something to watch couples change it back after november. here's a look at solar city down 20% today. the company's solar panel will be less than expected. start your day at 5:00 a.m. warren simonetti and i will see you there.
11:44 am
11:45 am
>> the archbishop of prague says the pope's latin american origins skew his views on the european migrant crisis. what is he saying? transfer basically same pope francis comes from south america were the talk is the perspective gap between rich and poor. dominic duque is saying this is quite different or what the european union is dealing with. an integration of entirely different civilization and culture.
11:46 am
there is a profound difficulty with that. he is saying that there's fundamental principles and concerns here because christians are the most persecuted group in the middle east. that's what the colonel duke is now saying. stuart: an important colonel raising his fist to some in opposition. liz: that's correct. stuart: after a cop was killed during a routine traffic from his friends decided to develop a program called cops thing. and right as an amber alert, warning them of dangers in the immediate area. graham webster joins us now. can you give us a brief explanation of how this thing works? >> stuart, 18,000 state and local law enforcement agencies in america and they are unable to communicate with each other. for example, a criminal and the district of columbia might threaten to kill a police officer here, yet a virgin officer wouldn't know about that. the system is the only network
11:47 am
designed to connect law-enforcement officers nationwide. stuart: at the moment it is in use and how many districts, and how many police areas. >> continues in 10 states across the u.s. stuart: and networks. >> yes, sir. thousands of officers on the network whose lives have been saved. criminals, showed kidnappers, car thefts, et cetera are being thwarted he tries to many communication system. >> cops think traded under the symbol coi n. stuart: thanks very much indeed. we appreciate you being with us. now i want to bring in former chicago bears guy, tony harris, former redskins player. you guys are pushing for a technology to be placed in schools and hospitals.
11:48 am
first of all to you, tommy, why are you behind this push to expand this? >> anytime you start talking about synchronization, bringing people together, that is why i also push and i am investing in it because i believe in it. i know that it changes lives. we are getting into oklahoma. we will sign her paperwork on that, too. i'm taking all the places my high school, my hometown that clinton is doing the same and we are trying to get exposure so we can stop all this violence. stuart: about as investors have been a push for expansion as well. we are a financial program. you invest in something come a push for it. clinton, and you've got the money and cops thing? >> it's not about the money. we both believe in safety. that is why we are pushing that.
11:49 am
i think we have -- we both have investments. we both have kids, the rest of the world has kids. schools, hospitals, happening everywhere. having the system come up with this system, giving us an opportunity to have an effect on society as a great thing for both of us. stuart: you want to expand this to schools and hospitals. how would it work? just give me an example. how would it actually work in a work situation in a hospital? >> basically for the hospitals and schools, when something happens and you don't know where it happens, of course you have to call dispatch and find out this system would give you the opportunity. you have a map of the school, wherever the call comes from, we will alert you and police will
11:50 am
come to the area and go to the gymnasium to the lunchroom, to wherever they find it. you will know instantly and it will cover a lot of time. stuart: gentlemen, we appreciate you being with us. it's obviously very good idea and we understand about investing on the program and we welcome investors to it. tommie harris, clinton portis and the ceo of copsync. thank you one and all for being with us. much obliged to you. can we show you the big board because this is a new high for the day. what are they gone straight out. now we are up 180 points getting close to 17,900. by the way, all kinds of very big-name stocks are hitting record highs. trade for including lockheed martin hitting record highs you stuart: new highs bear. we are to know about amazon, pepsi, home depot and donald's. broad-based us.
11:51 am
all good. hillary clinton, donald trump is a likely matchup in november and the latest polls show donald trump gaining a lot of ground in this all-important swing state. you bang up your car.
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stuart: is just coming at us. cooper has agreed to a union
11:55 am
deal in new york. transfer yes, this is how uber keeps overhead low because they treat their drivers as independent contractors. this is an association that stop short of a union. but this association of drivers, this new thing they are cooking up in new york city will be connected to a union. that is the union getting a foot in the door. stuart: but i can already used uber in new york city. now they've got to go at this drivers association. transfer yes, to stay in. hillary clinton, donald trump, look at this. a new quinnipiac poll shows that the two major swing states of ohio, florida, pennsylvania. florida and pennsylvania 43-42. ohio the key swing state. trump is for points out in front. these polls look nothing like
11:56 am
this a couple weeks ago. mercedes schlock is it that gop strategist. i think trump will use these polls as ammunition if you like to go into these meetings with senior republicans and say get on board, my train. i am winning. >> i can do it. if anyone was talking about poll numbers, it is donald trump. i have to tell you, these are fascinating numbers because it gives us a snapshot of where the swing state are. we say let's look at the national polls, and but really it's a swing state polls that matter. when you dig deeper, what you find this a gender gap, a racial gap. for example in florida it is that by 13 points, but down 13 points with men. there is surely a situation going on there. when you dig deeper into the handles the economy better, in florida, trump gets 54%. so these are very positive
11:57 am
numbers considering the fact that many have already said he'll are clinton is going to win. stuart: but my point from the polls in these three states. donald trump emerged as being more honest than hillary. by a wide margin. >> it was by 10 points. she ranged in the close to 70%. he arranged in 60% in terms of people saying they don't think they are honest or trustworthy. this continues to be a problem for hillary clinton and i believe it will be very difficult for her to overcome that obstacle of trustworthiness, especially with the e-mail scandal that continues to haunt her on her campaign. stuart: extraordinary stuff. we say the best until the very end of the show. mercedes, thank you very d. very important stuff. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: favorite story of the day. transfer quinnipiac poll.
12:00 pm
atump ail irein rt: d , trump is four points ahead in a matchup yet how about that. how about that, neil cavuto? by the way, your turn now. nneil: thank you. maybe, maybe ted cruz has been on the glenn beck news. he ruled out the notion that he's done, that he finished it has not ruled out reopening his campaign. he did go on to tell glenn beck that he really didn't feel that a win was likely or even a third-party run on the part of anyone who doesn't really feel satisfied with donald trump would go anywhere. but it's an interesting development. would you ever on suspend her campaign, reactivate it? he didn't rule that out.


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