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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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at rt: d , trump is four points ahead in a matchup yet how about that. how about that, neil cavuto? by the way, your turn now. nneil: thank you. maybe, maybe ted cruz has been on the glenn beck news. he ruled out the notion that he's done, that he finished it has not ruled out reopening his campaign. he did go on to tell glenn beck that he really didn't feel that a win was likely or even a third-party run on the part of anyone who doesn't really feel satisfied with donald trump would go anywhere. but it's an interesting development. would you ever on suspend her campaign, reactivate it? he didn't rule that out. he didn't also say what would
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precipitate a move. we will keep an eye on that eye on not. keeping an eye on this as well. the dallas. the dow was riling big-time. about 190 points. commodities are losing. stocks are gaining in facebook and amazon, the two biggest beneficiaries at rover all-time highs. a lot of that field by the belief that despite all the controversy on facebook which will get into a little bit, people are clicking and when it comes to amazon, they are buying. also waiting for results from disney. this is the quarter that the higher ticket prices went into effect at theme parks, whether that hurt attendance there is anyone's guess. .eiger was giving them positive guidance in the last report. this can continue is better than expected news that of the media company and the willingness i'm been especially as they enter the holiday.
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come is summer vacation. to keep spending. we shall see. meanwhile, some other numbers that are pretty surprising. stuart talks about three very important battleground states, hillary clinton and donald trump are running neck and neck. bottom line they are running neck and neck are together, ohio, florida, pennsylvania cowper 16 electoral votes. remember, you need 270 to win. at least since 1992 as a lock on at least 218 electoral votes. as it stands now, even with the close battles, hillary clinton is 270. the exact number she would need to be elected president of the united states. way, way too early. sarah, first to ted cruz then, what did you make of that but it's not over till it's over or he could consider his campaign. >> probably taking a look at the
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reaction to donald trump's nomination of the past few days. your speaker ryan faced not ready to endorse donald trump. the latter circulates among supporters are dropping out before the convention. it would take remarkable act of god to change the election dynamic that at this point donald trump is most likely going to be the nominee. you know, ted cruz is saying this is wishful thinking on those who want the alternate to hang around in the race. neil: what is interesting is the fact for the time being kasich blades in ohio and that is without any announce running mate. the argument has always been you scoop up john kasich to be a running mate, ohio is yours good you may not even need that. having said that in the fact that it is so close and have been you, florida and all three of these states were won by barack obama four years ago, what is that telling you, early yesterday as?
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>> it tells you clinton and donald trump are more evenly matched in some people would have you believe. at the start, clinton is not a block. it's obviously too early to make declarations about what is going to happen. in another sense, donald trump is likely going to redraw the electoral map. he will not compete in some of the states that republicans did in 2012. who's going to try for the light blue states he thinks he can play. while those three states are traditional, he will need to do well in. you might abandon other states like virginia, colorado that republicans are trying to go after. neil: we shall see. another quick peek at the dow up 190 points. a lot of this is fueled by growing sentiment that they do not expect to see the federal reserve hiked interest rates next month. things start if enough with europe, rattle some enough to buy what the fed get in the way of that and this being an
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election year, why would you even want to risk doing that. that being the case, stocks are running out. keep in mind this is the sentiment expressed for one day. i was like to remind you one day strands can be quickly reserves. in fact, most times. better than expected shopping and consumer numbers add up alexa and amazon. more on that in a bit. steve moore but the affect donald trump is having on all of this. whether he is soared as giving mixed messages. on the taxpaying, his trite to say i didn't take anything back. i didn't have it. maybe negotiating a higher rate, but higher than the top rate of 25%. not higher than 39.6% that is the standard right now. what did you make of that?
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>> well ,-com,-com ma look. memo to donald trump. here is a tax plan that is on his website. it is for tax rates high as 25% and that is what everybody has been counting on. all i know it's monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday. he is saying something different to different people. the economy and markets cannot take more of what we've been seeing the last couple years. the economy sent in $3 trillion to the government this year, the most ever. they still can't balance the book and you're sitting up 1% growth at 0% rates of printing a honey and all the other stuff going on the central banks. you keep adding more to washington and taking the private sector. we will go to a recession. get them lower. neil: you know, i will take the candidate at his word that this is not a pivot per se, but it does show the danger coming in
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and having to dial it back or clarify. i've been through the most experienced candidates. what would most concern me about this is the fact that he didn't weigh the import of his words and the fact that some people would look at that as a sign as we show treasury yield that you could renegotiate debt with bondholders, knowing full well that could trigger talk. he dialback back to clarify the position. again and again, he seems to be sending mixed messages. does that concern you? >> what is donald trump stand for? traditionally we think of republicans as exposing lower taxes, less regulation, but in so many cases as he points out, donald trump seems just the opposite. this is barely a decade ago donald trump was talking about a 14% surtax on the wealthy to
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prop up entitlement programs. that's why a lot of people who try to make plans to invest in the future are scratching their heads because they answered to the democrats gave us over obamacare, taxes, regulation seems to be well aligned with the gop candidate donald trump. neil: i know you acted as an advisor and that hurts you deal with some of the concerns, it is not. >> i would say this. stick around. i think you are going to be very happy with the tax plan that is sometime in the next few weeks going to come out. the highest rate might be a little bit higher than the 25%, but by the way, that will be a big production from where we are right now.
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>> that will add 10 trillion. >> first of all, i go back to what was said earlier. we are not going to do anything to bring down the deficit. we've got to get growth up to 4% number going up 1% now. let me just say this. one of the things that's most important right now in terms of cutting rates is getting the business corporate tax rate down. he pays the rate from 30% down to 15%. that's a big deal. neil: by the way, maybe you can help me with this. when he talks about obtaining a negotiating stance, the house and senate stay republican. he doesn't have to negotiate this. he can ram it down everyone's throat as much as barack obama with all of his big government
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initiatives. you have to give a little bit here. >> you shouldn't give up on principles. if trump comes up -- neil: you want to get out of it. >> you want to get tariffs through? do i get redistributed taxes through? if trump comes up with a good idea if only because steve moore put it in his ear. he is such a pragmatist. this is classic anything goes. a reality, capitalism, anything. if tariffs work on a higher minimum wage, let's try that. this is not someone who believes believes -- neil: what you make about? >> juster member the other side. you have hillary clinton on the left that wants to add a trillion dollars in taxes onto the economy comes out of the economy into washington. neil: is he better than her?
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better than the alternative? >> his website is better than hers, but his words recently have me worried. >> we all make mistakes and tries to dial it back. this is what i meant. i know smart guys like you said, i don't know what your core days. >> we hear steve moore stand at 25% on its website a good 20 to 30. give us the numbers, and stop moving east to west, north and south so we know where we stand and business owners stand and we know what they have to compare it against when it comes to election time. we are to know what hillary clinton is. we want to know where you were. neil: one of the things that troubles me more is the renegotiate in debt because you accept the default and defend it to say this government could put more money -- print more money and avoid that.
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he is talking about the full faith and credit of the united states government in playing fast and loose with that. i interpreted no other way. >> first of all, it grew with what you are saying. one of the things that attracts people to try busy as a nonpolitician, he's a businessman. one of the things people don't like about hillary. she sticks her finger in the air. >> that's my point. >> i'm agreeing with you. that's a big problem for trump if he starts to appear to look like a politician. >> go ahead, i'm sorry. >> on the point about the bat, i don't understand what donald trump is talking about. >> one very good idea, something i've advocated for a long time. he is right. we should refinance the debt.
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neil: that -- >> clocked in at 30, years. >> let me say one thing. a lot of what attracts people in my opinion is the sanctioned is the endorsement of people who should know better. smart economists like yourself. who's going to be around to protect capitalism. buddha we tried now? >> i do want to see a 46% capital gains rate, doubling down on obamacare, all the things hillary would do. >> for everybody whining that tax cut full text the government , one word. governments getting too big.
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neil: thank you all very ,-com,-com ma very much. in the meantime, if anyone is concerned about the state of our political pairs coming of a funny way of showing up about 200 points here. the catalyst has been the pace of earnings and the pace of expectations or what the federal reserve does. given the earnings, even though we're looking at a quarter, this quarter versus the prior quarter a year ago, the earnings period where we are just getting final report card is not as bad as they thought. i told my parents it was going to be decent at and they saw a couple seats. you and i know that is not the case. expectations are everything. meanwhile, when it comes to bernie and the fact he's favored to win in west virginia tonight, maybe he would do a little bit more than a passing nod on the part of hillary clinton suffers. maybe he would do something
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else, their respect. when it comes to the convention, a little bit more than a dismissive comment or two. why bernie sanders is the one feeling the burn. [ soft music ]
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e.t. phone home.
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when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. neil: not every kinko's in tandem. the sox are raising high. you could find a group going down. happening in general but all commodities singing all off an environment where the economy is deemed to be signed out enough that the federal reserve not to raise interest rates. if you own a sort of inflation hedges like gold or platinum or any of those, you're a lesson plan to make money because the demand is considered less than an environment like that. that is conventional wisdom often wrong. just remain it today among the
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factors at work. in the meantime, look at something that is more has more to do with psychology and just human treatment because contrary to what you might be hearing, it's not just the republicans who have convention on their hands and try until if a nominee some don't like. democratdemocrat s are facing something very similar. not really enthusiastic about hillary clinton. dennis kucinich no-space very, very well. not because he's not a nice guy, and wanted to stick to them. the party would often tell him, go away. you are bothering us. good to have you. >> hi, neil. neil: scialfa said i don't like this whole superdelegate. i don't like the process with
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the democratic chairwoman who have taken aside. she moved on and said none of us are going to be voting for donald trump. some of them might not vote at all. they are not inclined. do you envision some of them to take it out? >> first of all, the way the process had been settled from the beginning, bernie sanders sharon has been extraordinary. by the time they get to the convention, and he may well have states that could claim having one. neil: a diverse group of states. very diverse group. >> so let's look at that. if you're in the clinton campaign come you got to be careful about just being dismissed it because he carries with him as many as half the democrats in the country. the selection cannot be won in
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the general election unless democrats are unified. and frankly, that might be a tougher sell among democrats than you look at the republican convention which may seem tame by comparison to the democratic convention in philadelphia. neil: you know, i always thought of you, agree or disagree and not blowing the smoke here and you're an honorable man. you state your positions positions. you don't waver. you don't stick your finger in the air and said there's positions to take today. i think conventional politician paid them. i really do. they do just that. bernie sanders doesn't do that. say what you will. people who don't fill up other positions. i knew a guy when he was in burlington. he is not. he's consistent. having said that, when you are going into a convention when they tell you that's been fine, goodbye, you are dealing that with others holding you down
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with an impressive race. you've made your statement, goodbye. how do you handle that? how did you deal with that? >> are small, with respect to bernie sanders, he's our right to be heard. he will be very close in terms of pledged delegate, baby a few hundred down between 30400 votes. as has been pointed out to the superdelegates decided early on to go with hillary clinton. neil: eight years ago they did the same vein. that's a sanders is hoping for. >> i don't think that's going to happen. if the name of the game is winning in november, democrats will have a difficult time doing that if they are dismissive of bernie sanders. he is carrying millions of supporters who are determined to see change. the democratic priority contrary to the men is widely resistant to change. that is why it's been so
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astonishing with victory after victory here that's got to tell you something. people want to see something different. neil: hillary clinton and elizabeth warren -- trying to make elizabeth warren. >> they have similar positions on many things. i'll say this. this is bernie sanders moment and he will win west virginia tonight. he will win a number of the remaining primaries. you cannot dismiss him. the democratic leadership, secretary clinton, the chair of the party have to look long and hard. they need to find a place in a platform and perhaps try to place on the ticket. neil: don't hold your breath on that one. dennis kucinich, always great seeing you. >> thank you.
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neil: the idea of finding more promising technologies. has anyone seen what's been happening to the solar company? i don't think it's working now.
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♪ neil: the idea is alive and well. solar and alternative technology. one company is not enjoying it. it continues to swirl. it shows installations and good customer response not that favorable. down about 66%. that is the alternative. a friendly investment.
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>> you are looking at one of the problems with solar energy, neil. this is an urban solar industry in the country. better known for the nuclear solar plants. the only problem is, it is cloudy or, well, my time, those are issues. take a look at the numbers. the megawatt hour of electricity. over $125-megawatt hour. this is the amount of solar being generated. the fortunes of cold decline. coal is down still. solar making up just a very small fraction of u.s. power generation.
12:29 pm
less than a% of what coal or natural gas alone generate. it is a fun day in chicago. in the pouring rain at a solar installation. wish you were here. neil: not think id -- not kind to you. pouring down rain yesterday. thank you very, very much. hillary clinton is going right after donald trump. supposedly -- did she really all but say if you are the business guide you are just spreading the sheet? ♪
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♪ neil: we are at 200 points. here are the big contributors to that. why don't you go into garlic fries. you are welcome, america. johnson & johnson following suit. most of you know, i am a handyman. that is a story i really like.
12:34 pm
>> out of the blue, ted cruz shows up and starts talking about the possibility that he could reenter the race. listen to this. >> my assumption is that will not happen. let's be very clear. if there is a path to victory, there is not a viable path. if that changes, we will certainly respond accordingly. neil: all right. on to that path to victory if one should suddenly develop. feeling it in the next olympics. you never know. presidential candidate herman cain. what is he doing?
12:35 pm
modern water. as if we don't have enough blood and water. i believe that the voters who vote in the republican primaries have spoken and all of the anticipation that some miracle will happen, it is not happening. what is going on in this campaign. the end the trump never trump movement. >> getting a little more drama ahead of this meeting. some of trump having it would just speak or paul ryan. attending the same on thursday. mr. trump saying i look very forward to meeting with paul ryan on thursday.
12:36 pm
together we will beat them at all levels. trying to step back. not say anything that would rattle these guys. what do you make of whether they can ease the friction? >> it was just trump. cautiously optimistic. some good coming out of this meeting. i know that all three of them want to win. they sold us on the big issues. i think they will come to common ground. all of the political noise that getting some of this distract did and nervous. many of them are running for reelection. my advice to them is, okay, help clear up some of the perceptions that make you nervous. if you look at the perceptions, they have been planted out
12:37 pm
there. >> some in the own right. >> trying to clarify. doing a pretty good job. making mistakes. measure your words carefully. what is your core? what do you believe in? >> they do not have a right to be worried. talking about replacing the tax codes, which he is. some people are criticizing that. putting out a plan that a lot of people are looking at. a lot of people never even talked about it. he is talking about rebuilding the military. talking about cutting waste. all of it is about how he had something or he offended someone. people that voted for him looking past the noise. looking at those big issues.
12:38 pm
that is what i think the republican leadership needs to do in order to bring the party together. neil: do you think they will? >> i think they will. i really do. looking at the alternative of the president hillary. wanting to continue the legacy of the barack obama. that ought to scare them into unity like nothing else. if they just focus on that. neil: we will watch closely. always good chatting with you, my friends. disney is up. earnings coming out after the bell. 20% from its 52 week low. how the themepark attendance was the fact it by a fairly dramatic hike in ticket prices on though board did if it shows back in strength aboard foreign
12:39 pm
operations, including espn, it could be off to the races. continuing with a theme that has been rather widespread. surprising folks on the upside. getting proof that sometimes it is the barometers of the economy. we pick and choose what we want to buy and how we spend our money. maybe paying more for premium services. cable system. we really like it. we will do it. it could be a saving grace. the economy. for the markets. what if i told you for hillary clinton. i am not many mousing around. okay. fine. after this. ♪
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nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. not too far off at this moment. the dow still holding onto a gain. 50,899. the nasdaq up 44. all-time records are up higher. all without their oath. amazon. new all-time highs. this is as the company says they have an ad supported video service. rivaling u2. up almost 3%. right now to the downside, gas.
12:42 pm
plummeting. and outlook for profit weaker than expected. stocks plummeting 12%. mcdonald's hitting a new lifetime high. once again more than 10%. we are seeing it right now. for cavuto coast-to-coast coming up after the break. ♪ charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. [martha and mildred are good to. go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend. it might not seem that glamorous having an old pickup truck for an office... or filling your days looking down the south end of a heifer, but...i wouldn't have it any other way.
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look at that, i had my best month ever. and earned a shiny new office upgrade. i run on quickbooks. that's how i own it. neil: now you have the united states government. over this transgender bathroom issue.
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and a lot of folks are beginning to wonder how much is too much. simple sanity is what is gone. >> to compare this, saying, it is like throwing it back in our face. you say what. >> that is what they always say. everything is like racism and slavery. they want to do that so they can always gain the sympathy. >> all right. time to go to this. what do you think of that? this whole thing has gone on way too far. both your father and your own goal. defending the fight. >> well, absolutely. there is the question about
12:45 pm
religious freedom. people wanting to be safe in america. everyone does have to use the restroom. if you are out in public, you want to go there. stepping back for just a moment. traveled on a public bus from state to state, you know that there may be one or two restrooms in that facility. it is marked vacant and occupied. it is not marked men or women or anything like that. >> most bathrooms are not. men or women. the big concern, i am a money guy. the ethical issues that have come up in this case. do we have to reconfigure all bathrooms and public spaces to say anything? >> not necessarily.
12:46 pm
that is why say the department of justice is going to far. equal attention to the riots and gang violence in chicago. cutting down on some of the violence, which they also have their video, public facilities. osha has some regulations in place right now. it explains how their public facilities should be. things would be safe and better. >> start making laws. charles originally starting it to put it all in place. letting them go wherever they wanted. whether that was necessary. i want to get your reaction. she linked the bill to north carolina. a dark legacy. resistance to the board of education.
12:47 pm
in fact i don't know. i think that that is a stretch. >> back then, we were dealing with a beautiful issue called in color and giving everyone the opportunity to have equal rights. now, today, the issue is to rent. it is not over. it is not like jim crow. not fighting for those issues. not during that era. there is a difference. you are dealing with issues. you are dealing with human issues. human issues can be regulated without all this confusion. neil: there is a difference, too. outside restrooms and water fountains, there was no negroes allowed.
12:48 pm
the isolated area was for only whites. you have devoted your life to what your father and uncle did. >> i agree with you. comparing the use of restrooms. it is not true. we do need compassion. we have solutions to these issues. starting off the hatred, when the department of justice really needs violence and helping people. why can't they come to chicago and speak chicago? neil: a few more issues that affect far more people. you know everything.
12:49 pm
it is always great having you. thank you very, very much. everyone has to calm down on this issue. we need a law for this. we need a law for that. you know. it is out of control. conservative media. john is looking into that. going one step further. demanding answers. someone had some explaining to do. after this. ♪ ♪
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12:53 pm
no one. we have collectively added up. we old that amount of money. donald trump saying we can renegotiate. the fact of the matter is, anyone that touches that, remember paul ryan. we better wake up to this. my personal favorite said we do not blame doctor ability. he will kill us all. we ripped candidates on any sort. coming up with a solution. lack of a solution. dismissing the solution. coming up with an idea to deal with it or do not even tried. >> you are exactly right. a lot of those people are talking about this.
12:54 pm
former secretary. the chief of staff saying if we do not get that under control, we will all be at risk for our national security. i think we need to start paying attention. frankly, this makes me mad. the debt in our economy is so out of control that now our families are at risk because of our national security being at risk because our money is a mess. neil: these guys, secretary of state, it leaves us vulnerable. we are all enemies, essentially, this money. the fear seems to be that if we do not get this problem under control, it will control us. >> i do not know how realistic the threat really is. a national security basis. these are smart folks saying we
12:55 pm
ought to pay attention to this. some of the issues that they are bringing up have been around for a good long while. fixing our broken tax system. we need to educate our people. the cost of healthcare is out of control. >> you just had rallies in chicago. no one ever finds a creative way. it is very ingenious. i never see half devoted to just curtailing the spending in the first place. then we just pilon m pilon m pilon. i do not know how sustainable that is. >> well, it is not sustainable. did not have a way to increase your income. that is why nobody talks about cutting back on spending or the
12:56 pm
debt. we do talk about ways of increasing the country's income through taxes. making all of these things just a talking point. talking points do not reduce the debt. talking points do not do anything about our spending being out of control. any of the other things that are really an issue. all of those people play in politics. we need these guys to take action. >> you are right. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate it. i am not red or blue on this stuff. i am green. we have controversy talking about slowing the growth. just slowing the growth. medicare just a few years back. killing off the program.
12:57 pm
trying to slow the growth around seven-7.5%. trying to get granny off the cliff. it was not granny. [laughter] prove me wrong. more after this. ♪ s will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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. neil: all right. i don't know if you're an hourly worker or your loved one is or salary worker, but right now the trend has been is if you're a salary worker, you don't get overtime. it's very tough if you're a salary worker so the argument has been in the white house, well, that's got to change because a lot of people on salary, they're working a lot of overtime hours and not getting paid for it. well, the administration is very close now for finalizing a plan for those who earn up to $50,440 a year in salary, which is about double the limit right now would indeed quantify for overtime. so every hour past 48 hours, you're going to get overtoo many you.
1:01 pm
now, some are coming in and saying you're breaking the bank. we're expected to get the details coming very shortly. the overall we're told. this great big back and forth about rich folks and where they stand on not only being rich because a lot of protest against the rich yesterday in chicago. but more to the point, where they stand in this race. whether they're going to in the republican party back donald trump. the media billionaire mogul says the choice is a no-brainer. >> some people for their own good rather than for the country's good and they're giving money to hillary because they think they'll be president. neil: there is that sort of shallow way to go. but what do you say to donald trump? >> i'm a team player, neil, and all of my candidates dropped out one by one, and now we have donald trump and i'm a team player. and i'm going to tell you
1:02 pm
something. do you want to have hillary clinton appoint a new supreme court justice or donald trump do it? it's a really easy answer for me. neil: so those who say they'll seek out a third party candidate are only dooming the party in so doing; right? >> that's what i think. . neil: all right. stanley hubberd telling me yesterday he's a big donor within the party, donald trump wasn't his first, second, or third choice but obviously the people's choice, and he thinks he's a lot better than hillary clinton, so he's going to put money, time, and effort behind donald trump. maybe this guy is a big deal. budget director. art, very good to have you. what do you think of what he is saying? he's not perfect, but he's better than hillary. >> i absolutely agree. donald trump is better than hillary. but what you have on donald trump is a big government zigzag populous running at hillary clinton, a liberal big government populous.
1:03 pm
now, i wish we had another choice. neil: but you don't; right? i mean he's saying you don't. so what do you do? >> well, first thing we do is also very much a republican party activist. we need to support the republican candidates down the ticket. the united states senate, the democrats can win the majority. we cannot take the u.s. congress for granted. and we have governors as well. neil: so you're going to pour the attention and effort? >> until donald trump shows that he's a republican nominee that cares about what the republican party want, all people will turn to more big government, yes, we need to. we need a republican conservative congress to have a check on big government whether that big government is led by donald trump or hillary clinton. . neil: so are you worried that no matter what you try to do in the house and the senate
1:04 pm
and some of these governorships that you'll be seeding in that event the white house to a democrat, to hillary clinton? if she's the nominee? >> that is a risk. i hope is donald trump will acknowledge that there are limits on what government can do and just as important what government should do in our constitutional limit framework. i'm hoping that i could support donald trump. right now, this last few days, it seems like donald trump has already taken the republican party base support, the grassroots for granted. he's taking conservatives for granted. and rather than trying to unify the party and work with people on solutions to our problems, he's saying that the republicans and conservatives simply unite behind him on those policies even though we disagree with those policies. neil: being from north carolina, donald trump is not have a sale to this law that's now -- lawsuits back and forth over this on
1:05 pm
transgender bathroom thing. are you afraid of all the business convention and other business that north carolina is losing as a result? what do you think the state should do? >> well, partly losing the business because charlotte city passed an ordinance mandating what private business should do and public accommodation. neil: you're right. and then north carolina came in to counter that. but it's out of control. >> it is absolutely out of control. but the north carolina law -- a lot of the businesses don't even know what the north carolina law does. it guarantees that a sports event, a business opening up new jobs and employment that they can choose their own policies for how they treat bathrooms. and rather than having the government do it. also points out, again, this is an example of government overage. with the obama administration, existing laws to require a man and woman use whatever bathroom they want to rather
1:06 pm
than congress taking to action. there's been bills and legislatures from the u.s. congress 1990 to extend protection to a new class of people. congress has not acted so now the obama administration is acting unilaterally through a letter. neil: it's called intimidation but the likens of jim crowe law. we'll see what happens. art pope. thank you very much. >> thank you. neil: all right. as you know republicans are going to be returning to congress this beak and there is that big powwow with the republican leadership meeting with donald trump, representative ryan of the fine state of montana get this whole party much to do about nothing or something. what do you think, congressma congressman? >> well, if the nominee is donald trump, he was our nominee, it was decisive, and we're going to have to rally behind him as you think about
1:07 pm
what this last guest was saying? he's not quite sure who donald trump is or whether he espouses the views of liberals in general. >> a lot of it is leadership team around him. i'll go back to ronald reagan. a good candidate became a great president. a lot of it was the people he had around him and we're all looking at what that leadership team is going to look like with donald trump. and the american people have spoke. the republican party has spoke. and who's the republican party? those who vote republican. we're in a inclusive party. a lot of ideas, young, old, women, latino, and the -- the american republican party has spoken. it is donald trump. so it's now the rally the troops around donald trump, make sure he has a good advising staff on it, and i follow very closely on foreign policy. if you think that hillary clinton's foreign policy, one of her key advisors, you know, help put together the iranian deal, you know, that is a look
1:08 pm
at what a policy under clinton would be. neil: how do you explain john mccain being very concerned about donald trump's plan to start withdrawing troops from a lot of our allies that they can defend to themselves. i'm cutting to the chance and oversimplifying it but he scares them on foreign policy. >> well, again, this is going to be a leadership team. i've put some -- conly rice is great, certainly jim mass is great. but you need a team as ronald reagan did. and his team today is still legendary. he had baker -- neil: no. he had a very good team. so the fact that you have kevin mccarthy signing up as a trump candidate, bob dough saying he's the guy, the nominee, move on. they're compensating for the bush family and others or the lindsey grahams who are skipping out on the convention not backing trump. you think more will stay than will go? >> i do. he's got wind in his back.
1:09 pm
but we have to unite. and i think clearly mr. trump is not a politician. and i think america has spoke. they don't want a politician. neil: well, they do want someone who's consistent too. not pivoting on a lot of issues. >> and to give a business issue of american exceptionalism, i look at america exceptional. we should embrace it, we should have the encourage to look at what made our country great, and i think donald trump that team and his group of advisors will do that. neil: okay. congressman, thank you very much. good seeing you. >> my pleasure. always a delight. neil: all right. for hillary clinton all of her comments wi adam shapiro with the very latest from there on the fallout from that. hey, adam. >> hey, neil. you know, it's really interesting because hillary clinton visited west virginia twice but has not a loe
1:10 pm
statistics according to the bureau of labor statistics. west virgini closures that took place last year in 2015. all of this is a problem for hillary clinton among voters here in west virginia. one of whom we spoke to yesterday. chad barnet was laid off from his job just this week. >> well, when obama ran his last campaign, he didn't come here, and hillary clinton
1:11 pm
shouldn't have come here either because there's nothing here for her. >> so the administration has a policy that is in line with environmentalists called keep it in the ground. oil, coal, and analogous. and you heard hillary clinton essentially say that in that famous sound byte where she says we're going to put coal minors out of work. she goes on in that sound byte to say we have to get off all fossils fuels. they listen to that here in west virginia, and not a lot of them like it. bernie sanders for his part will be in california today. we are here, polls will close at 7:30. neil,. neil: thank you, adam, very, very much. adam shapiro. if you follow the campaign at all, bernie sanders, you know he's he and carl icahn are not the most flattering terms but there's one where the billionaire investor and the socialist senator agree.
1:12 pm
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. connell: connell mcshane back with you on cavuto coast to coast, the more about the facebook story these allegations yesterday that surfaced stories that conservatives were not trending on facebook and the suppression of those stories was intentional that it was bias news curators working for the website carrying it out. well, now that the latest development is congress is getting involved in. a new letter in from the chairman on senate committee commerce and he wants questions answered. who is responsible for this trending topics section. has facebook taken any steps to investigate the claims that have been made. did they manipulate some of the content? so john getting involved in
1:16 pm
with this. so far the facebook response we've gotten to this is basically the whole thing is nonsense. we've designed our tools to make that technically not feasible. in other words, even if they wanted to, they wouldn't be able to be bias against certain stories coming up. but it will be interesting to see how this plays out. facebook stock up along with the market, it doesn't seem to be having much of an impact on the market today. but now that congress is involved in, i guess they'll look into it. david: i always wonder how conservative investors in facebook think? they probably don't care. who knows. all right. buddy, thank you very, very much. carl icahn and bernie sanders, the two often fight over the role of rich and whether the rich can be trusted, et cetera. but when it comes to that income gap, carl icahn says, you know, bernie sanders is right about that. and if it continues growing unchecked, we could have serious damaging consequences. on what he think so of this development.
1:17 pm
what do you make of it? >> well, look, i think there's the recognition of an actual problem which is that in no society do you want to have, you know, a complete division of hav haves and have knots. i have business friends from around the world, and i've been in some of their homes in south africa and saudi arabia and the philippines, and it's great expect that they literally live behind armed guards because the gap is so large. and i don't think we want that kind of gap here. on the other hand the bernie sanders notion is, well, we have to grab those front-runners and drag them down. drag them back. and the carl icahns of the world feeling a little sheepish about how much he's being paid. at the same time, you know, the guy is a -- he's a real agent of creative destruction in the capitalism world. and you don't want that to go away. neil: the one fortunately you hear, though, to correct this gap between the rich and the poor is to forcibly raise the
1:18 pm
wages of those on the lowest rung of the ladder. the hourly wage workers to $15, more than double it. and then forcibly have the rich pay more in taxes and that will at least have an effect of making it look like it shrunk. now, that tends to be the solution. what do you think of that solution? >> i think the minimum wage thing is insanity. and you're seeing it right now -- everywhere where that's being gusted, you know, the fast food restaurants are looking at automation solutions and organized kiosks. that whole bottom end of the ladder is being obliterated, and continue will be. you can't possibly work to fix an actual working market by putting an artificial floor on those wages. and it will without question materially and dramatically hurt the people that it's supposed to help the most. neil: but it is toppable. the wage is toppable. thank you very much.
1:19 pm
very smart guy. you heard of it. london has a new muslim mayor, which is fine. donald trump said, yeah, i would meet with him. but you should hear what the new income mayor had to say about donald trump. i'll give you a hint. no way in hell would i ever be bothered. after this i'm in vests and as a vested investor in vests, i invest with e*trade, where investors can investigate and invest in vests... or not in vests.
1:20 pm
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1:22 pm
. neil: you know, there is a thought when you heard the minimum wage debate and all the big companies can't afford to pay more, mcdonald's can't afford to pay more but not all businesses are big. there are a lot of small businesses, independent businesses that can ill afford, for example, the doubling of minimum wage. no matter your views on this particular subject. so when they hear that now the second punch could be coming when it comes to new rules on overtime and a lot of their salaried workers most of them are going to have to be paid more, something that salary
1:23 pm
workers he didn't up to 23,000 dollars a year don't have to worry about but by doubling that and saying those businesses do have to worry and what we have your views, someone has to pay that bill. and the national federation of independent businesses is president and ceo. that is something that alarms them, i would imagine; right? >> absolutely. we're very concerned about the overtime rule. i was talking to one of my members yesterday in pennsylvania. he had done the math, and he told me that it was going to completely wipe out his profit. . neil: now, what they do, and i know them this with the health care law where they tried to stagger their workers, time schedules so they weren't working direct number of hours where they had to pay the health care. a lot of them did the same when it came to hiking the minimum wage in some of the states it has been dramatically hiked. so schedules around or cut back operations or just outright lay off and fire people. but this is a trickier nugget. what happens?
1:24 pm
>> well, i think what happens is the people who own small businesses are now going to become hourly wage owners and going to have to -- they won't be on the management track. i think this is really bad for workers. and as i said, one of our members told me yesterday that it was going to wipe out his profits. neil: you know what i'm surprised about? i read these numbers and across the board small businesses have been getting rid of workers more than taking them on. that anomaly something we haven't seen since the time of the melt down. that is not a great arveninger of things to come. what do you think of that? >> it's absolutely not a growth policy for government to be expanding regulation at this point in time. when you see the regulations that are coming out minimum wage, paid leave, health care cost rising, you see an onslaught of small business. they don't have armies of lobbyists, lawyers, and
1:25 pm
compliance officers to help them with this kind of compliance. and it is really hurting them. very pest mistake, our optimistic levels are at very low levels, same levels as 1990 recession. so currently small business is not shared in the recovery. neil: it's odd too that they're lumped in with business period. and given protesters in chicago and elsewhere, they're deemed rich. and unlike a lot of those big companies that don't pay that top advertised rate of 39.6%, 35%, the fact of the matter is a lot of these small, independent guys have no choice. that is the rate they pay but no one cries for them. >> well, that is our job is to make sure that they have a voice. neil: is anyone hearing it, though? are any of the candidates offering stuff that you find appealing? is donald trump offering anything that you find appealing? >> some of the top line things he has discussed are things that have been in our position
1:26 pm
for years. he talked about a single corporate rate across c corps, s corps, that is something that we strongly believe in. he said he's not a fan of obamacare, nfib was the organization that tried to overturn it in the supreme court. we remain opposed to it and now see that obamacare is in a death spiral with the insurance companies pulling out. these are not growth policies for small business. neil: we'll watch closely. thank you for taking the time to join us. >> neil, thank you so much for having me. neil: in the meantime i told you about london's mayor, the first muslim mayor of a major western city ever. and donald trump was impressed with the fact that that was the case and welcomes him saying that he looked forward to meeting him as president and would make an exception and ask if he come over. well, has responded at donald trump. and it goes something like this. are you bloody kidding me?
1:27 pm
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neil: all right. welcome back, everybody. marco is on the ringer. that is so perilously close to my skull. marco, doing a great job there. >> thank you. neil: that is why we always stay close friends with marco, because he could take me out at
1:31 pm
moment's notice. a lot of investors taking out gap shares. see how i transitioned there? weak demand. banana republic, old navy. hitting that. not all retailers have problems. look at amazon, they're on fire. gap not so much. meanwhile from gap to mind the gap, a little london reference to our next story where they have got this new muslim mayor. donald trump welcoming him to the world and saying that he would hold off hundred his muslim ban to welcome to the united states if he were president. the message from sadiq kahn can't be bothered. this is not just about me, my friends and family, everyone who comes from background similar to mind anywhere in the world. he also said donald trump's ignorant view of islam could make both our countries less safe. further saying it risks alienating mainstream muslims around the world and plays into the hands of extremist. only he said all of this with a
1:32 pm
british accent. which brings us to actor, avid supporter robert davi. i think this is the london mayor's wear saying, not on your life. >> good morning, neil, i will do this segment with english accent. neil: where is the hat today? where is the hat? >> i decided to leave the hat at home. sleeping so early morning in los angeles. neil: a little irish here. nothing to do with it. >> that is part of great britain. i'm all mixed up. let me just say -- neil: this is a guy said this muslim ban, everything, among many things foreigners eaten up occupied with, donald trump has some selling to do to these guys, doesn't he? >> well, first off, the muslim ban until they fix the vetting process. we have to add that caveat on to this muslim ban shouting thing
1:33 pm
everyone talks about. neil: right. >> secondly, i believe that donald trump had said to this mayor, congratulations, come let's talk. this mayor has responsibility to the western world. first off, let's put it bluntly. he is a lefty. he is a progressive. he likes de blasio, likes other guys that are all lefties that will be a conflict besides whether muslim or not. now add that, he is now the first muslim leader of a major city in europe. what he should do, neil, and there is a problem with radical islam. before donald trump. donald trump is not causing or will not cause anymore problems with radical islam in the world. let's get that on the table as well. they will do that because they will just do that. this guy, sadiq kahn, what he should say i want to meet with donald trump and what i would like to do, if he becomes president i would like to have a world summit what is islam in the 21st century.
1:34 pm
so that we can define once and for all, and i appeal to sadiq kahn as leader of the mayor of a big muslim population in london, to have a summit with the clerics and imams of the world to say, what is islam in the twenty-first century? all the progressives and women's rights and women, because in sharia, in certain aspects of that world, there is a real woman problem. so let's define what muslim, what islam is in the 21st century. neil: i wouldn't hold my breath for that conference but i would say this. there is always trepidation abroad when we're going through this process. you know, it is a biased process in the eyes of the world. they prefer our democratic presidents than our republican ones. i remember them thinking ronald reagan was a laughingstock. them saying george bush was an idiot. so i know how this goes. and i just think that is the way it is. now, i think that republicans
1:35 pm
can win them over. eisenhower certainly won them over. ronald reagan certainly won them over at least in the beginning, george bush was winning them over. but i do think that comes with someone getting elected, getting accepted. you can't ignore u.s. president donald trump if he were so fortunate to be elected, well maybe bygones are bygones. cameron is conservative leader yet he likes barack obama a lot. you wonder is everything upside down over there or do they just dislike republicans? >> well, i don't know how conservative he is. i mean we say he is conservative but he is talking about the policies of bill de blasio in new york. now that is not conservative to me. neil: turning to the prime minister. you're quite right. this mayor is as lefty as he comes. >> right. neil: i do think they have inherent bias.
1:36 pm
that is fine. i understand where they're coming from where they dislike republicans. anytime we elect ad conservative or someone who is to the right, they're not big on it. now they rally around, as they did in britain winston churchill who they initially were not too keen on. >> yes. neil: it changes. it is a tough uphill battle for donald trump. what does he do to win them over, or should he try? >> i think by winning election and they see policies of america and they see how he puts forward and world starts to shift, i think, with a strong america you have a much stronger world. neil, i was in italy last week, went to the vatican. i was in with the padre where he was born and the rotunda. i spoke to a lot of italians. also to the military and some of the police and there is a huge contingent of europeans that are afraid of what's happening in
1:37 pm
europe. they're very concerned. i gave a bit of a speech in pulia. i can't tell you the amount of cheering that went on and it was a subdued speech but it was something that dealt with being able to have immigrants assimilate into the society instead of vice versa. instead of society assimilate what the i am my grant wants to have in the particular country and i find that throughout europe. more and more as we're moving forward, i believe europe is going to take a big turn around. they are going to watch what donald trump does and i believe he will be elected president. we need him right now in the country. you know i've been a supporter since the beginning of donald trump. neil: you have, very early on. >> and i believe that once they finally elect him, and they have to settle into getting behind something, they want to have a strong america and an ally in the united states. and i believe that they will coalesce around him. neil: you know, robert, you're a big success in hollywood, singer, do they know your views?
1:38 pm
are they aware where you're coming from? >> well, neil, you know, i haven't been a shy violet you know what i mean, shrinking violet over the years. neil: no you have not. >> they do know. i have written about quite often in newspapers, from "the washington times" to the breitbart to orange county. been on your show many, many times and some other fox shows. so my views are kind of known, it does have a little bit of an effect on one's career if that is what you're kind of itching for. neil: fortunately i haven't seen it. if this is negative effect, funny way to show it. sadiq kahn was watching and has message for you. i do not intend to visit him either. >> you're very good, neil. i say that. tell sadiq i would love to have tea with him. neil: i wouldn't hold my breath.
1:39 pm
>> you just went into irish. you went into irish. neil: i did. you got me. >> neil, i want to ask you something, neil? why don't we to on the road, you and i, get another italian or two, and we do like a tour, the cavuto italian tour. neil: we could do worse. >> well-have piscopo do jokes. throw gasparino to the wolves and we'll have wonderful time. neil: we could do worse. i've got a couple of great joints in the catskills. always good ski seeing you, my friend. robert davi, speaks his mind. he said otherwise, it has not hurt him. look where he is coming from. we have been out of 280 point day. almost 200 point surge. we're coming to end of earnings report card season. it will be down. fourth straight contracting quarter from the year before. that is not great. this is the up shot. it is not nearly as negative as they thought. they're happy about that.
1:40 pm
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>> good afternoon from the floor of the new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. we have a nice rally underway. up 181 across the board for benchmark averages. s&p crossed support level today. after that all bets are off. everybody is buying into risk today. you have a nice swing up in oil prices and investors looking at earnings reports ahead of bell. disney up a buck 14 ahead of its report. electronic arts little changed. allergan shares big winner today up three, now almost 4% on stronger-than-expected earnings. also this following the pfizer merger, potential merger which has now fallen apart. so pfizer is down a little bit today, off .6 of a percent at last check. once again, disney, fossil, planet fitness, videogame maker electronic arts will bring us the latest quarterly numbers after the close. let's get you back to
1:43 pm
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1:45 pm
pluto was just unceremoniously dumped. nasa is now reporting there are 1200 new plants that could potentially hold life, more than 1200. in fact according to this, 1284. this is the kept lar telescope, the one -- kepler telescope circling the sun. where did these come up? someone turned it, said, oh, look over there. anyway, a lot of you wonder, neil, why are you on this? as you know i'm a space buff. was astronaut before. this is view story. i was really into space as a kid. my mother and father decided to take us to take us to cape kennedy. that's when i concluded i couldn't fit into the capsule. i went into anchoring. you're welcome, america. thank it to my dad who wanted to tell me gingerly. you're not fitting in the capsule, son. 1283 planets. whoa.
1:46 pm
a good many could offer life. in middle of that, on our planet, on our corner of the world this is a hot issue causing rage. justice department and north korea, north korea, north carolina, was that subliminal thing? they're suing each other over this transgender bags room thing and it is going on and on. it is a mess. an attorney with us on this maria, looking at all of this, where does this go? because i think it is wildly out of control. it started with charlotte trying to enforce this in charlotte for transgenders, fine. north carolina then, superseded that, no, we'll have a law in the state to undo that. but how did this get so out of control and what happens now? >> well i don't think there has to be a law for everything but in this particular case i think there is clearly a gray area that has not been addressed. the law has to keep up with the times and right now we have
1:47 pm
transgender individuals that are becoming more and more common thing and they need to know where they're welcome in the bathroom. the problem is, it is a balancing of two different groups of people's rights. people that are not transgender, that want to use a bathroom and do not want to be disrobing or undressing, showering, going to the bathroom, in a facility where some one of the opposite sex can come in because -- neil: that is a legitimate concern, right? i understand some of the issues of the transgender community deals with but to liken it to the jim crow laws or racism, i want you to react that something alveda king showing me short time ago. the two are not at all related. this is her thought. >> we do need compassion and we have solutions to these issues but to stir up hatred in hearts of people and fear and animosity
1:48 pm
when the department of justice really needs to be dealing with gang violence and helping people live in safe neighborhoods and not be terrorized? why can't they go to chicago and fix chicago? neil: what do you think of this her point, this is small percentage, under 1% which the 9% have to make -- 99% have to make pretty big adjustments. some are happy to do so without a law crammed down their throats? >> i think the area is a gray area. it will become more and more prevalent as years go on. i think this will go to the supreme court at one point but i do not believe they are going to fit gender identification within the definition of sex receiving constitutional protection so -- neil: i agree with you. it does look like something the supreme court would have to decide. it's a pity, a lot of this is commonsensical solution, if
1:49 pm
somebody has trouble wrestling with that issue, i imagine at any local level, theater, it could be resolved but now you have a lot of folks, target found out when it instituted its policy, better than a million signing a petition, are you nuts? i don't know how it is resolved or soon it is resolved but you suspect the supreme court will be the one to resolve it? >> i do suspect but probably not be for a while. neil: we'll watch closely. marie napoli, trial attorney extraordinaire on this issue captivated nation's attention. >> thank you for having me. neil: thank you for coming. i appreciate it. you know these wildfires in canada, some could drag on for another year. i don't know how that is possible. what i do know is that some in the global warming crowd are using it to push an agenda. so no matter what you think of climate change, global warming, what have you, is this, is this part of that story, or are they just telling us a story? ♪
1:50 pm
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neil: all right, have you seen these canada fires? climate change! i think. liz macdonald, what is going on? reporter: neil what is happening there is a big fight breaking out between politicians in canada between the green movement and other elected officials. some officials call it karmaic because of polluting oil sands. some say this is connected to global climate change. justin trudeau, says knock it off. he has to think of victim's family. using these political arguments about a political disaster is shortcut, you don't get desired outcome. there have always been fires and floods. green party fired back at prime minister, neil, saying you know what, caring are people, means
1:54 pm
carrying about #climate change. back to you, neil. neil: chris horner, competitive enterprise institute, fellow. chris, here we go again. >> when you have lost justin trudeau from being opportunistic i think maybe you have gone too far. we learned, read in one of the books over my shoulder, that global warming causing everything from difficult time in bulgarian brothels, true story, big increase in alley cats and we know everything causes it. whether, and it causes a lack of snow, too much snow, average rain, not enough rain. so, what is tuesday? we've got a storm of global warming causing something. neil: never let a crisis go to waste. custodies service to issues. we should be cognizant go to clean fuel industry. it is much cleaner fuel than it used to be. we have plenty of it as natural gas and practice fracking alternatives and anything we could depend abroad. leaving that aside, i'm
1:55 pm
wondering where all of this is going? because, if solar or some of these competing technologies were promising, and think even you have said it here, you're all-in on everything, solar isn't living up to the expectations including this one company, solarcity, that has been torpedoing in the markets on lackluster everything. >> so, when they rely on talking points, saying things like, isn't it time we begin support that is like saying kid living in his parents basement for four decades, mom and dad, isn't it time you began supporting me? we've been doing so for four decades. they say they're knew, 125 years old, contemporaries coal producing industry. if you had honest argument, you should make it. unless you give me bag of money and people don't buy my stuff i won't exist. okay, don't exist. president gave four speeches before congress, congress, before u.n., mit you need suite
1:56 pm
policies to make renewables profitable. pet rocks don't need it. snuggies don't need it. anythinggys for pet rocks. they don't need heavy hand of government. it follows up as reliable source of segment of energy today, it isn't. still a welfare case. it should stop saying dishonest thing we're new and finally time you supported us. tough to two bankrupt with all that support. neil: you're right about that snuggies for pet rocks you're pulling my leg on that one. >> you heard it here first. neil: chris, thank you very much of the as i said looking at this, all-in on all types of energy, have at it, pick one over other, it is a crazy world over there. we have a lot of alternatives over here. have at it, don't pick and choose. just us. more after this. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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neil: in your face.
2:00 pm
ready and eager to talk to facebook over allegations that it was screening out anything that was conservative. facebook says that is not the case. it is still up. investors are okay with it. trish regan. trish: thank you. a big market rally on our hands. voting gets underway in nebraska and west virginia. hillary clinton and donald trump and eight tie in several states. taking a look at this rally. 195. oil was higher. janet yellen will not move on interest rates next month. quite a nice little rally. we will see how long it holds on. a brand-new poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump neck


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