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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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to our election coverage tonight 7:00 p.m. eastern time, that's when it all starts. two states hosting primaries. my colleague charles payne is here. "making money" starts now. charles: the dow having the best day in a couple months. energy and financial shares led the way. but after the close, disney bombed. voting underway in west virginia and nebraska. all eyes are on west virginia as hillary tries to work around the negative comments against coal miners. although they don't officially have it locked up, there is
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speculation who will be their vice presidential pick. jo ling: nebraska republicans when asked how they feel about trade with other countries, 50% say it takes u.s. jobs. 36% say it creates u.s. jobs. west virginia republicans, you see yet the same theme. 66% say they believe trade takes u.s. jobs away. a pretty serious majority. we have not seen that as much in the republican primaries. trade with other countries, 53% say it takes jobs in the u.s. as we look at the pressing issues of coal and job creation off that april jobs report, you see people focusing and voting with their pocketbooks.
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charles: bernie sanders is keeping his long-shot campaign alive in west virginia. the numbers are good for him. the republican party has a primary in nebraska with the turnout expected to be low. what can we expect from today's primaries? what will it tell us about the future? i don't think there is a mystery who is going to win, but the exit polls tell us a lot about the election. >> it tells you hillary clinton is going to have a big-time problem with white working class voters, particularly white working class men. she has a problem with men, particularly those in coal country.
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those comments will reverberate in the gin election -- in the general election and it will reverberate against her. charles: quinnipiac in three battleground states, florida, ohio and pennsylvania, a dead heat. ohio and pennsylvania will go back to the narrative, white working class men losing jobs, their worker participation, a lot of things are out of favor. and bernie sanders i think his margin of victory over hillary, assuming he will win tells us a lot about what donald trump can do. >> donald trump could potentially put in place states that have been democratic strongholds for a while now. however, i do take these kinds of polls with a grain of salt.
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after a nominee is determined you see more voters flocking to that candidate. also we do not know what the election is going to look like in november. there could be several iterations of this campaign going forward. we haven't seen the attacks on one another in full force yet. so i do take these with a grain of salt. but it signals that donald trump will be a formidable opponent unlike anything that clinton has faced before because he's so unpredictable. charles: i think it was quinnipiac that had mitt romney ahead of obama in florida and mccain ahead at this point. we know things change. there is a long way to go. >> i think mitt romney was behind in this week by 8 points. so i saw that trajectory in
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pennsylvania.charles: florida? >> you are right. donald trump is in a much stronger position than his opponents say he is in. what happens leading up to this primary season was not an anomaly. one of the things when it comes to the general election as it unfolds. we won't get surprises from his nature. we all know who he is. we also know the anti-trumps have pushed a lot of commercials and attacks from him. i'm not sure how any attacks from the clinton campaign will affect him. they will pour $90 million into that effort. it's far too early to dismiss trump as someone can't do it. the billionaire, paypal founder,
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a gay man, a strong endorsement. charles: also from a guy in california some are saying is a white supremacist. the general public may not know these guys. another white supremacist doesn't have money. >> this is a huge problem and i when you say we know who donald trump is. but we haven't seen him standing next to hillary clinton berating her saying your husband is a philanderer, you lied, you are corrupt. when you see a man standing next to a woman doing that. if she continues to not respond -- charles: she is going to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world, taking a little heat -- >> she'll take it and she'll be strong, but she is not going to
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be standing next to other world leaders. >> we know that woman and we don't feel sorry for her, i'll tell you. charles: here is a couple interesting things from this quinnipiac poll. when it comes to the economy donald trump far and awayout polling hillary clinton. when it comes to temperament hillary clinton far and away from donald trump. >> if you think we should continue government as usual, what's tonight for me? and all the democratic party stands for is identity and gender politics. i think these polls are the best news donald trump has received in the last week. while jessica wants to talk about the problem donald has
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with women, you can understand hillary clinton has massive problems with men. >> and women. charles: in this poll hillary's unfavorables are higher than donald trump's in each of these states. >> it wasn't a good day for hillary clinton. but this is -- until we get into june and we go to california and new jersey, i don't think it will be a smooth road for her. the argument that bernie sanders continues to have the momentum, she'll carry on. >> i think one thing anyone who watches this closely will say it's going to be a tight race. both sides say it will be a blowout. i think they are missing history no matter how unique donald trump is. it comes down to a handful of states, and they could be a tossup until the very end. >> the difference is enthusiasm.
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i keep harping on that. it's a get out the vote effort. it's about people who feel passionate about their person. her challenge will get that from the millennials. from bernie sanders. millennials traditionally don't gene just vote. they want to make a change in the world. you have got the trump enthusiasm which doesn't wane, it gets stronger tonight and next tuesday as well. this is the danger for hillary clinton suddenly on the ground. he's strong than mitt romney. >> what about the never trump folks? that adds to enthusiasm for her. there will be people saying this is the person. charles: the longer bernie stays in this the more difficult it is for hillary and the more power. what does she do to get bernie
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on board with as many supporters as he can bring. >> they specifically embrace and show the democratic party we are in this together. donald trump will struggle uniting the party and he does need republicans to win. it's not about turning out those white working class democrats. the problem for both candidate is because they have such high negatives, a lot of the turnout will be based on opposing the other party. sometimes that's not enough. you have to excite and animate your base in addition. charles: ford, i am seeing polls where hispanics are being motivated to vote against donald trump. they say it's going through the roof. there are some key states. for donald trump to win in some of these states he would need over 70% of all the white voters which i don't know has been done
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in a modern era. how kos get more hispanics and others to come in. >> he has to find a way to keep his message and marry it with hispanics and feemate mail white voters. people only tell me they are against donald trump. no one tells me they are for hillary clinton. charles: if i had a tambourine, i would be playing it right now. >> the economy and jobs. it transcend race and gender. charles: political analysts are calling hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. they say that's the dream ticket. we'll debate it next. show me top new artist.
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charles: west virginia holding their primary today. a lot is being talked about a hillary-elizabeth warren dream ticket. donald trump apparently according to some scuttlebutt down to about a half dozen potential vp choices. but a lot of people are pushing for him to reach out to evangelicals. he appointed his campaign manager to lead the official search.
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joining me to discuss, tony perkins, i want to start with you. ted cruz got back to the that and said he won't run third party. he leaves a door open with maybe being president of the youth. how would you feel about him being a vp on the ticket? >> i haven't spoken to him but i would encourage him to accept it. that would be the best way to bring the party together. they went the longest, the furthest distance and ted excited a base the way donald trump excited reagan-type voter. if you put the two together you have got a winning coalition which is what donald trump will need to win.
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charles: you haven't been a donald trump fan. having some evangelical on the ticket would help way your thought and opinions? >> i'm agnostic when it come to donald trump. i think what's important is he's got to have a good vp pick i think will ahour social conservatives. that's not just evangelicals. it's conservative catholics. we are not sure what he's going to do because he doesn't have a track record in government. how he will vet his judicial nominees, one way would be to select ted and say i'll let him vet my judicial nominees. and what he does on the platform in cleveland will be an indicator of whether he want to
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build that platform including conservatives. charles: on the democratic side do you think hillary clinton and elizabeth warren would be a good ticket or would it be a risky move. >> i think it would be good for women and trump has been turning off people like crazy. charles: she will go into battle with hip at 2:00 in the morning. >> she is pushing bernie sanders father left. it might push moderates over to trump. charles: these names i hear don't have the umph.
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>> i see her as more of a nightmare than dream continue the. i think she would push the voter who might say trump is too much for me, i think. >> 17 million evangelical voters didn't turn out in 2012. if trump doesn't go with an evangelical vote, this will be a close race. charles: our primary coverage will start at 7:00 p.m. with lou dobbs. and lou has a special guest, donald trump's campaign manager, corey lewandowski. it start in 40 minute on fox business. as donald trump looks to secure more delegates the real story is unity. who better to discuss that than
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former arizona governor jan brewer. she is next.
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charles: over the weekend donald trump said he didn't necessarily need to unify the republican party to make it work. governor, with this whole vp talk, apparently corey lewandowski is heading this up. they are down to half a dozen. could this be the potential olive branch that unites the party? >> i think it would be a real olive branch. if mr. trump chooses somebody
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that is quality. somebody who has maybe ran for president or if he pick a stellar person, i think that will bring people better together. but we are in the middle of risking a lot of unification out there that people realize and understand, a vote against mr. trump, and if you vote for hillary it will be four years of the obama administration, a disaster. if we want jobs and the economy turned around. if we want state rights. if we want security and we want to be sure we are safe, there trump is the person that's doing it. he's got the background to do it. charles: there was shenanigans going on with the respected delegate arizona process. you were extremely upset. there were people on the other
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side who were extremely upset. perhaps ben carson will smooth thing out before ryan and trump meet together. how important is it that the main headlines the next day were all will be well. >> i'm hopeful they can meet and resolve the issue and get the air cleared. i don't know exactly what they are going to talk about. but i'm anxiously awaiting to see if we can get paul ryan and donald trump together and get the rnc on board and the house of representatives, and our convention all moving in the right direction. the key is that we as republicans, we are the party of the big tent. we all need to come together, and lots of people made pledges of supporting the winner. and precinct committeemen, business people, people involved
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in the party all said, we are going to support the winner. and here we are, we need that support. charles: you have been adamant about hillary clinton playing the woman's card. we have seen three key states in a dead heat. but trump still way behind with regard to women voters. what does donald trump have to do and will this ultimately backfire do you think on hillary clinton. >> i think it will backfire on ms. clinton. she used that strategy forever. women typically want to vote for the best candidate. they want somebody they can be proud of and look to as a role model. and she certainly isn't it. we vetted her for 30 years. we need to reach out to women. i know a lot of women on the border line.
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i think they will come across because they care about the jobs and the security of this country and making their their families are taken care of. who would want to support somebody who is going to implement another four years of obama's administration? we need our economy turned our and our jobs back on the mark and increase trade. women are smart. so donald could mellow out a little bit on some of this speaking points. but get over it. he's telling it like it is. and i think -- you know, sometimes the truth tellers get a job. people inwardly think right, we have a fighter who will fight for me. charles: you have been one of those truth fellers for a long time. i even heard your name whispered
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a time or two on that vp list. no matter what i hope you continually come and do the show. thank you very much for your time. donald trump of course does have important gop meetings. he's preparing to sit down with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. but is the party ready to unite? we have the latest for you when we come back. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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charles: we are just an hour away from polls closing in the mountain state. deirdre: a west virginia all eyes there this evening and coal the industry front and center. delegates, 34. it won't be as interesting as it is for you the democratic side with 29 delegates up for grabs. hillary clinton if you go back to 2008, she should have rocked this tonight. if you compare how she did in 2008 with president obama. clinton 70%.
6:33 pm
she has made disparaging comments about the coal industry. this is the southwest corn we are talking about. you recall back in march, she said we are going to put coal miners out of business. she has since reversed, backtracked, said it was a misstatement and offered a $30 billion package to support that industry. senator sanders, though, $41 billion. if purchase playing the home game web's offering more money. but she risked to alienate a lot of voters in that state. charles: of course ted cruz also shake up the gop race today. suggesting more yesterday would come back but leaving the door open saying, listen, you never know. plus he wants to keep and hold on to his delegates. listen to this and tell me what you think he's saying.
6:34 pm
>> we suspended the campaign because i can see no viable path to victory. of course, if that changed we would reconsider things. but we are not going to win nebraska today. there should be no mystery or excitement on that. we have withdrawn from the campaign. if circumstances change, we'll assess changed circumstances. i appreciate the eagerness and excitement of the folks in the media to see me back in the ring. but you have may have to wait a little bit longer. charles: donald trump has a key meeting with paul ryan thursday. this should -- we don't expect an endorsement, but we expect a major step toward unity. donald trump showing signs, some experts are saying maybe he will play mr. nice guy. kirsten, let me go to you first.
6:35 pm
the stakes are extraordinarily high. i know donald trump has done this whole thing an unconventional way. it's a lot easier to win the general election when you have people who are naturally republican voters going out and voting. >> you need to have that base. but what's going to be interesting to me is he's going to meet with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. these are people a lot of that base is angry and voted for trump doesn't like. they are the establishment. he's saying he's not going to totally self-fund his campaign. they will let him make up for some of that fundraising he hasn't been able to do. he has to make sure he keeps that base inflamed. he has to be careful to say i have got that establishment support but i'm still your rough and tumble donald trump. over the weekend ed klein said
6:36 pm
trump won't quote be a rebel. >> donald trump needs one and a half billion to run his campaign in 2016. he's not going to self-finance. he has no fundraising apparatus. he has no dat mining apparatus. he has no field apparatus. he needs the rnc and paul ryan. charles: would not be a motivation for donald trump to go and play nice? >> yes, but you want the voters. a poll showed only 6% of the republicans are looking for a third party. you wanted the party to grow together. paul ryan is very well liked by the party, and money people like peter theil endorsed him yesterday. people are starting to gravitate toward him.
6:37 pm
charles: how do you envision this meeting? >> i think this is happening because donald trump is a good businessman. why would you spend your own money when there is other people's money out there. i think this is what i think his supporters and americans realize, this is a complicated dynamic. certain adjustments will have to be made. they have to trust they note real donald trump. the republicans also know that as well. this is a dance will influence. what i want to add about west virginia. there has never been a concern about green energy. this is about getting and attacking a segment of the american population that is not protected by the left and a signaling hillary wants it to be a gender war. that's going to fail. part of what donald trump is saying i'm somebody who can work in administration and can change it. that's going to appeal to people across the board, no matter who they are.
6:38 pm
charles: what matters more at the meeting, the money other influence? >> the influence. to win you have got to put numbers together, and it requires a coalition. donald trump has to go beyond the crowd he has drawn out at these rallies. charles: president obama has declared war on the coal industry and he has been extremely successful.
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charles: he warned the world. he declared war and coal.
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charles: president obama has followed through on his pledge to bankrupt the coal industry. hillary clinton is sticking with the idea clean energy should trump the particular jobs coming from coal. the big question is this election how important is this election. some call him king coal.
6:43 pm
robert, thank you for taking tame out for us tonight. you have an amazing inspirational story. gone to work in coal mines as a little tot to help your families, now you have a company with thousands of employees. we have seen tens of thousands of jobs erased largely because of president obama. how important is this election for your industry? >> it's vital for our industry. hillary clinton has vowed to continue the destruction of barack obama relative to the coal industry. he has destroyed tens of,000 of families and now hillary clinton says she'll continue that policy, and that she'll generate $30 billion of taxpayer welfare for the community. i can tell you, charles, my employees in west virginia -- and i had at one time over 4,000
6:44 pm
of them there, they don't want hillary clinton's welfare. they want jobs and they want to work in honor on dignity. charles: what do you say to people who say clean coal is oxymoronic and could never happen. that this is the right thing to do to push your industry out of business. >> it's not the right thing to do. coal is 4 cents a kilowatt hour. the wind and solar that mrs. clinton and barack obama advocate is 26 cents a kilowatt hour with a 4 cents subsidy from the taxpayer. they are not only destroying coal miners' lives, they are destroying low-cost electricity for that mom listening to me who is trying to make end meet because their electricity will go up $3 billion.
6:45 pm
in the global marketplace he won't be able to compete. i grew up poor. i know what it i. they will pay the highest percent and of these electric rates for no environmental benefit. the antarctic ice shield is larger than it many ever been. the earth has cooled. it has nothing to do with the environment. they are trying to move control of the environment to washington, d.c. once they do that we lose our freedoms, bypassing the congress and the constitution and the law. hillary clinton vowed that she'll expand on that. her word, charles. charles: real quick before we wrap this up, have they decimated the industry to the point where it can't rebound from here? >> it can rebound. we lost 94% of our market value from five year ago. the triwas worth $69 billion
6:46 pm
five year ago. it's $5 billion today. it will be 30% of the industry left. you can't eliminate it. wind and solar is not reliable. if the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow there is no electricity. you must have fossil fuels and coal to maintain the reliability of the grid so when you flip the light switch the electricity is there. charles: robert murray, i really appreciate it. you are one of the people who exemplify what america is all about. you created jobs out of nothing. you helped americans get ahead and at 75 you are til pushing. >> thank you for having me, charles. charles: stock had a big day today. unfortunately disney getting crushed in the aftermarket.
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charles: we had so few people willing to tell their current boss jump in a lake. on the other hand facebook doesn't build anything but their ceo mark zuckerberg has been vocal about his resentment to the mexican wall proposed by donald trump.
6:51 pm
the problem for facebook and its users are accusations that employees have censored conservative comments from its website. we'll look into it. disney's revenues and earnings, it was flat media revenue that overshadows a 4% increase in parks and studio revenue. i have got to tell you something. it's one of the best-run companies in the world and we knew about the cable channel. we'll see how much the stock is down tomorrow. polls are open in west virginia. they close in less than an hour. it could be a record turnout for that state. we'll be talking to those voters. stick around.
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. charles: breaking news, just
6:55 pm
learning that a federal judge blocked the staples-office depot merger. two dying companies, who would have thought? the federal trade commission challenged this merger on antitrust grounds. less than an hour away from polls closing and the voters are coming out in droves to make their vote count. adam shapiro is live in charleston west virginia with the latest. >> reporter: charles, when we talk about the voters, the choice for the democrats is hillary clinton or bernie sanders, and then mr. trump is the last republican standing. this is coal country, they have positions on coal. what upsets some people in west virginia is when hillary clinton and bernie sanders talk about transitioning from coal to other sources of energy which has helped put people out of work. now bernie sanders today proposed end fracking and put a tax on carbon. he is on the attack, listen to him.
6:56 pm
>> i believe if we do well in west virginia and kentucky and oregon and new jersey and the states that remain, if we do very, very well, yeah, we can end up with a majority of the pledged delegates. >> reporter: polls close at 7:30, we will have those results for you right here on the fox business network. back to you, charles. charles: thank you very much, adam. for the first time, only one republican in the race. but the big question is can the gop coalesce behind donald trump in the general election. it is the theme with the night. back with me jessica, kirsten, jillian. donald trump emerged as the presumptive nominee. he'll win bigtime tonight. he's got the win in his sails as he heads to d.c. >> i absolutely agree with you. and the key going forward in the general selection to see 92% of registered republican voters are going pull the lever for donald trump, and the entire election is going to be election of the white working
6:57 pm
class voter, and keeping my eye on three states, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. west virginia, today 191. white working class voters are behind donald trump. charles: it's interesting, those states he mentioned in this "quinnipiac poll," when they said is the state economy doing better? every state doubled the amount, the own financial condition florida 40%, ohio 37%, and pennsylvania 47%. much better than saying worse. each state, in this particular poll, not saying their own economic conditions are that dire per se? >> i think that in these states it is somewhat of a recovery. not too strong of a recovery, but lukewarm. trump is making a play for the blue collar voters. west virginia, he's up 27% over hillary clinton. the coal comments, man, they are coming back to haunt her.
6:58 pm
you have logan county chanting go home to her. mingon county saying go home. charles: mccain won there as well, the core person that feels his way might be the manufacturer who lost his job in ohio. might be the coal miners but the particular workers, the white workers, that work with their hands, the jobs have vanished. >> a lot swinging for bernie and the exit polls have said if he's not a part of the race, if he's not the democratic nominee they would swing for donald trump. it's going to be an interesting group to watch, but will the numbers be enough? we know with the general election and the millennial for the future of politics. republicans have got to engage the millennial vote and engage in the minority vote. my concern with donald trump is he might get the white middle class voter and get the democrats -- seriously?
6:59 pm
not very good pr for millennials or hispanics. charles: what does she do? i wasn't necessarily shocked when i saw the numbers, i feel this is a nip and tuck race but i feel that hillary can make more mistakes than donald trump, and he can get the wind in his sails? >> i'm not sure, donald trump has a lot to prove if he wants to get republicans behind him. he can't do this off independents and democrats who don't like hillary clinton. obviously. but she kind of just needs to stay calm and carry on. she's over 300+ delegates ahead of bernie sanders, over 3.1 tes. really running strong here, it doesn't come down to the superdelegates. that's what the sanders campaign says and they want them to flip. there's a reason they should be flipping. she's the will of the people. charles: are you worried about the lack of enthusiasm, jessica? >> i think it will be an issue
7:00 pm
but i do not think it will drown her. i think people will come out for her. charles: thanks a lot. we appreciate you watching every night. stay tuned for lou dobbs and our primary coverage. lou has a very special guest, corey lewandowski next. lou: voters in west virginia and republicans in nebraska casting primary ballots tonight. good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. we're now half an hour from polls closing in west virginia, and donald trump is expecting to have a big night there, certainly a substantial number of west virginia's 34 delegates will help trump close on the 1237 delegates he's now expected to win before the convention in july. on the democratic side, hillary clinton facing a tough test by senator bernie sanders. we don't know how many of those west virginia voters are ready to forget he


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