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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 10, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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donald trump the winner in west virginia. the democrats are too close to call. our election night coverage continues with my colleague neil cavuto. [♪] >> announcer: fox business coverage of election 2016. here is neil cavuto. neil: a week ago at this time it did not seem necessary that there would be a loss of drama when everyone dropped out by donald trump and he was all but crowned the republican nominee. a week later west virginia, donald trump won the state. he will get the overwhelming
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majority of the 34 delegates. putting him closer to the nomination that seems to be drawing in the rank and file. the nebraska results later tonight. polls close at 9:15 eastern time. on the democratic side, continued momentum. this was the case. this is not such an anomaly where a candidate in the late going puts together a string of victories. remember when jerry brown did that? we had all sorts of fights going on with ron paul and mitt romney. so there is a pattern to this. let's get the latest to this. david asman is here with us. ken i, trish regan. lou dobbs will be joining us shortly. kennedy, to this day and this moment, i noticed more kinds of lining up behind donald trump. still some resisters. but not as many.
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kennedy: we are talking about nebraska tonight and sasse put out a long missive on facebook pleading for a third party candidate to come forward. kneel require' not happening, is it? kennedy: of course it's not happening. there are interesting third party candidate who may kind of act as a spoiler to the green party and libertarian party, but no one who will win the race that bill kristol would help. trish: i think republicans are scared what this means for their reelection in their home state. now they have to pivot and they have to do it quickly. they need to look as though they are on board and somebody needs to take trump aside and kind of help him pivot more to the middle. you started to see some of that anyway. then everybody will feel a little bit better.
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neil: i think at our core, human beings are disingenuous little worms. here is the thing. everyone says trump is a disaster, he will take us down to big defeat. all of a sudden some key battleground polls come out, he's very competitive, he's leading in ohio without a john kasich. very competitive. in florida as well. you could argue with florida, pennsylvania, three states mitt romney lots. you are at 60 electoral votes. that could potentially be it. all of a sudden it's not a disaster. all those people, who, me worried? david: momentum is very
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important. a lot can happen between now and november but it's moving in that direction. quinnipiac polls showing him dead even. there is an exit poll out of west virginia which i know we'll talk about, exit polls. 30% of democrats in their exit polls, 30% say if hillary is the nominee they vote for trump. it's how many democrat he may be getting and certainly enough i think to overwhelm the never trump republicans. so he's polling in more democrats than those republicans who won't vote for him. neil: he thinks it's a shot that bernie sanders runs as an independent. bernie sanders as always poo-pooed that. 30% of his voters could not vote
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for hillary clinton. whether they would vote for donald trump or just sit it out. but the passion between the parties is pretty pronounced. lou: what trump represents for the republican party is energy and enthusiasm that hasn't been felt in the republican party for a long time, some would argue clear back to ronald reagan. he's appealing broadly across society, he's appealing to working men and women, families in middle class families have been often ignored by republican he athletes, and candidates. and he's talking about reagan democrats, reagan republicans coming forward to him as well as democratic reagan democrats coming to him. he's reaching across the men and women who work in this country, and the republican party is
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never really focused. neil: is it like saying tony soprano look around. look around. you know what i mean? >> that's exactly right. he's not concerned about the republican party. he's essentially saying come to me. you talk about the demographic breakdown. very similar to bernie sanders right now. there are people this week who said what trump is doing is quite brilliant. he's giving down-ticket republicans cover in their own races. i don't think he's doing that so much as saying i'm playing my game. and paul ryan is also giving him cover. i think there is more of the deal that than would meet the eye. neil: i think those thursday discussion, now they are inviting all the republican leaders. the chefs. the guy who parks the cars. they are all going.
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they might have a professional wrestling end to it. david: this is his reagan moment. ronald reagan was also the bad boy in the republican party and caused a lot of problems in '76. he came back in 1980, and a lot of republicans didn't want him. reagan was able to turn that animosity and bring it party to him. this is the moment -- neil: reagan was reaching out because he felt he had to. trump really i don't think sees he has to do that. they are coming to him. david: trump has made this race about being against the insiders. neil: lou, what was it -- if someone wants to support me great, if they don't, whatever. lou: there might have been posturing in that. corey lewandowski said clearly
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that the trump campaign wants to bring it agendas together. that is, the ryan agenda as it is not yet constructed, and the trump agenda. that was magnanimous. that was clearly inclusive leadership on the part of trump. if we see that, i think to your point, we may see that wonderful eureka moment at the end of it where everybody says, this could be the beginning of a beautiful, beautiful friendship. and when that happens, the republican party becomes very powerful. >> you think about the government shutdown we went through and the frustration americans feel right now with washington. i think a lot of people have tossed the idea of parties out the back door. they are saying i'm going to vote for what's trite for me. neil: donald trump is tweeting out, thank you, west virginia. that was quick.
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only a couple days ago he was saying don't bother to vote. see you in november. we have the latest from jo ling on the exit polls. jo ling: looking at the west virginia democrats, take a look at this chart. we want to show you if it were a matchup for democrats come november, sanders would get 54% versus trump in a hypothetical race. one-third of sanders supporters would vote for trump over sanders if they were given that choice. trump versus clinton, in the 2016 elect vote, 47% would go tore clinton, 33% for donald trump. but almost half of sanders supporters would go for trump over clinton. interesting breakdown of the
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data as we move closer to cleveland and the republican national convention. and the issues at stake. you can see west virginia democrat thinking the economy is very important and this is in lock step with what we have seen. even more so in west virginia. 60% very worried about the economy. more than 30% are somewhat. neil: there is a democratic race going on. it's simply too close to call. we cannot call it one way or. >> the for bernie sanders. what is that, 2% of the voting? we are just not making any sort of guess on that. bernie sanders was lead in the polls going into this thing. steve forbes, the former chair of the gop and presidential candidate. you had your concern about donald trump, whether he was
8:11 pm
pivoting on taxes. he says there is no pivoting going on. the top 25% figure might go up, not the 39.6% rate many thought he would be jumping. what do you make of him now as he snowballs his way to the nomination. >> he will get the nomination, and this meeting with ryan and others thursday will be a showcase for him, showing he can negotiate and bring people together. i think they will agree to disagree on issues like pieces of immigration and tariffs. but i think -- i'll back the nominee. no question about that. but i think what you will get out of thursday is they will reaffirm, slash tax rates and simplify the tax code. they will go after regulations. they will find a lot of areas of agreement. they will have disagreements. they will say we'll negotiate on
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the future on certain aspects of immigration and tariffs on import. it shows it gives the candidate in dicey districts protect and gives them down-ballot protection. it look like ryan comes on board. neil: but they are not coming on board with great zeal. the one thing that surprises me, one of the best business books in the history of mankind, "the art of the deal," that if he were elected president, thehouss way as well, so he would have the run of the table. why would he want to put himself in that negotiated position where he makes concessions? >> i think he realized now, don't even pretend you are going to negotiate now. you stick to your position. say we are going to have these
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brought out mind, we'll reduce tax rates and do this and do that. then you you get a republican congress, i guarantee you paul ryan and the house, the house will be very militant in a good way reducing taxes. neil: he was able to ram through a lot of government spending. ronald reagan, he had to negotiate with the southern democrat, the democrats controlled the house, but his hope was to win -- david: ronald reagan had a head start and it was called jack kem. a tax-cutting bill was put in by jack kemp and ronald reagan piggybacked on that and used that as momentum. guess who was the mentor of paul ryan? it was jack kemp. so paul ryan have much wants a
8:14 pm
tax-cutting measure and he could play the say role jack kemp played before ronald reagan came in. can't you see a scenario where paul ryan could be the jack kemp for donald trump? >> certainly on the tax issue. ryan does want a major tax bill and so does most of the house. neil: they scared him. >> i think donald trump is getting his sea legs now that he is presumptive nominee. most people thought june 7 would be the earliest you would have a presumptive nominee. it happened earlier after trump's victory in indiana. it sounded like he was going to raise some tax rates. he clarified it quickly. neil: i think when he was on
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maria bartiromo, we didn't quite understand it. >> the top rate, zero, 10, 25. maybe something higher than 25. neil: but he never said whether that would be a rate change or getting rid of carried interest. david: the man who has been thinking about this more than anybody is paul ryan. neil: this is near and dear to paul ryan. david: it's a teachable moment if donald trump is teachable, and i think he is. kennedy: he wants to win, so they will find a way to clarify if they keep it simple. >> one of the things they are going to do thursday is remind
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people of what the democrats want to do. they want to raise them and we want to cut them. trish: hillary is talking about a top rate of 1%. the assumption was he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy from where they are right now. neil: he has to be careful. people are going to get confused. trish: he seems to have simplistic messages, like make america great again. but the simple message works for him. neil: there is a battle in west virginia on the democratic side that's too close to call. but what might have run hillary clinton into a buzz saw is coal country. her husband triumphed here and she had a devil of a time.
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>> she is having a devil of a time. we saw the sound bite she gave in which she said she would put coal workers and coal companies out of business. and when she tried to meet with a coal worker, that backfired on her. take a look at the polls. there has been an issue between the sanders and clinton supporters about the pledged delegates and superdelegates and the question of whether it's fair. west virginia democrats asked has the process for selecting the democratic nominee, 62% said fair, 36% said unfair. bernie sanders going into this primary election seemed to have the lead over mrs. clinton. the question is will that hold. today they were both campaigning. he was in california talking about a tax on carbon. talking about ending fracking.
8:18 pm
not the kind of message you would think would resonate with people in west virginia. she was talking about issues that had nothing to do with coal or energy. and she was campaigning in kentucky, another coal state, but she avoided coal have much. neil: it's close in the early numbers we are getting. adam, thank you very much. even if bernie sanders were to pull out a win in west virginia. with the remaining primaries, he would have to get 88% of the vote. 88%, to just pull even with hillary clinton in the pledged delegates. that includes the superdelegates. then the hope would be that would be such an impressive flurry. piling on the bern. he admits it's a long stretch. but he's sticking tonight and so
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switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: there is a democrat i race going on, we saw donald trump pick up as expected in west virginia. that race is too close to call for the democrats. deirdre bolton has been crunching some numbers. deirdre: i want to show you what's going on so far. hillary clinton obviously far in advance much senator sanders on the delegate count.
8:23 pm
as many have point out, senator sanders himself, it might not be such a fair system with those superdelegates involved. as far as ways needed from each candidate from this point going forward. hillary clinton only needs 14% of the outstanding delegates and senator and materials needs 86%. we were hearing from our colleague adam shapiro talking about coal country. if i put up the democratic side, he was in there, this sole southwestern part is all about coal. adam mentioned hillary clinton's comments back in march. wanted to put coal miles an hour and cold mining companies out of business. she says that is a misstatement and she regets it. but you can -- regets it.
8:24 pm
i wanted to go back to 2008 and show you what a lay-up this state should have been for hillary clinton. here is clinton back in the day getting close to 67% of the day, president obama getting 25%. but since those comments obviously not proving to be the same. neil: thank you very, very much. this anger on the part of bernie sanders fans, you heard from jane sanders, is that fair? is that right? if they were winning they probably wouldn't think that. very good to have you, sir. you know and you have heard this before, this frustration on the part of bernie sanders supporters, it's not fair, the superdelegates aren't fair and he's getting the shaft.
8:25 pm
>> the superdelegates, their create in 1974er in decided the nominee. the single biggest factor in determine hog our nominee is going to be is the pledged delegates. neil: but when you look at the pledged delegates, they are separated by under 300 delegates. you throw in the superdelegates and say forget it, it's not worth the time. >> the superdelegates will have their say at the convention. but the two candidates are competing well together. if you look at the exit polls going back to wisconsin, new york, pennsylvania, connecticut, you see a national trend where a good 70%, 75% of our voters are excited about our primary. neil: that could change to your point.
8:26 pm
they could not support hillary. >> i think you see that in he elect. you saw in 2008 we had this group called the pubahs and ultimately everyone came together and we were united at the convention. i feel good about where we are in the primary. neil: wilbur ross was telling lou a half-hour ago, i could see a frustrated bernie sanders bolting and running as an independent. >> he said it on "meet the press" that he would do everything he could to make sure donald trump is not elected president. you see the economic issues
8:27 pm
happening there, but we know how much worse it would be if you get donald trump in there and he's following the same old republican plan of cutting taxes for people at the very top. neil: it hasn't worked like a charm with your strategy. >> that's why there is so much chaos in the republican party. neil: i talked to jane sanders and she had a chaotic tone. >> i would rather be us than them meeting with mitch mcconnell and paul ryan. neil: i have no horse in this race, but if you look at these polls, you guys probably thought you would run roughshod over, now he's very competitive in three battleground state. >> we are taking nothing for granted.
8:28 pm
we can't take it for granted. we'll make sure we are competing he single day between now and november 8. neil: what should hillary clinton do at the convention beside put something on the platform that nobody pays attention to? >> our job is to make sure the process is balanced. both of our campaigns will be represented in terms of the drafting of the platform and the convention. we'll make sure -- kennedy: i have a quick question. so your soon to be presumptive nominee hillary clinton will take it from both side, from the trump campaign and sanders until she becomes the formal nominee. what do you do to protect her in the interim? because she could take a battering from those passionate sanders supporters and donald trump who is just getting warmed up? >> i think our candidate are doing well on their own. our job is to build the structure for the general elect.
8:29 pm
we are starting to stand up the coordinated campaigns in the state to do the work to get voter out. we have data bases and volunteers. that's the best thing we can do and make sure it' an inclusive convention. we'll be united and when you look at the disastrous policies of trump and the republicans and what they will do to the economy we come out on top. neil: you don't appear to like trump. lou: this is something -- lou, we see it in board rooms, sometimes not everyone on the board is happy. not everyone in a campaign or convention is happy. i don't know any other way to explain it. bernie sanders and his folk are not happy. lou: they are saying it will be then'ting convention.
8:30 pm
not the republic cab convention. when they go into philadelphia and bernie insisted on this being his way for a sizable part of the committees and for the platform, he's got an agenda. and it may involve his own role within the cap pain, a subsequent role should she succeed and be president. trish: think is a man who forever throughout his political career has been talking about income inequality before there ever was income inequality. neil: whatever passion there is in that party is a result of bernie sanders. david: luis is talking about 2008. ry clinton supporters upset about that. but we don't have an obama running this time. neil: a quick look at what's happening in west virginia with
8:31 pm
the democrats. too close to call. we are not going to call it. but it's separated by 9% of the vote in. too close to call. the republican vote came in faster. it's easier to do that when you are the on the guy running. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. but it's actually a triumph of predictive analytics. because of optum. through population health data, they provide insights
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jo ling: welcome back to our special coverage of the elect on fox business. were the democrats offended about what hillary clinton said about putting coal miners and work out of business? it looks like among coal industry household that was the case. 63% going for bernie sanders and 30% are going for hillary clinton. when you look at what democrat want in west virginia. 34% say they want a candidate who cares about them. and 2% want someone who is honest and trustworthy. it turns out in west virginia they are more moderate, more conservative and many people say they want a president who is less liberal. 39%. but those people who want a less liberal president are voting for
8:36 pm
bernie sanders who is not any less liberal than hillary clinton, that's for sure. and those who want the policies of obama to be continued, they are going for hillary clinton. neil: bernie sanders is saying he won west virginia. we are not saying that. i don't believe any other network is calling this race. but he's taken the lead and said i won. even though at this point it's too close to call. technically with 1/10 of the vote in, he's not winning. can you look at this and look at the fact even if he were to win, he has to win big and chalk up a lot of big wins in a short period of time. kennedy: and it's difficult because of the way the democratic party structured these primary contests. they are proportional. eveeven if he wins by a signifit march joint's not enough to make up the ground he has to.
8:37 pm
but every time he wins, it's a big psychological factor for his fans and followers. the bernie sanders devotees who keep handing over money. david: we keep talking about momentum. the only momentum in this race seems to be with trump. bernie is hurting hillary's ability to get traction. just proportionally getting -- >> we were talking about a contested convention on the republican side. now bernie sanders and his followers are hell bent on a contested convention in philadelphia. >> if you have to give him the fact that he has the moap momentum, he's winning contests and the excitement. >> not enough to win the nomination as of now. >> this is a problem for her. you think about the lack of
8:38 pm
enthusiasm that she is going to have given these people will feel defeated their candidate doesn't win. neil: the alternative is trump now. trish: i talked to a lot of bernie sanders supporters. they say i can't stand hillary. if bernie sanders doesn't get it, i'll vote for trump. we saw exit poll data that that also was true. so they are looking for something. lou: the problem for the democrats it seems to me is they have an uninspiring presumptive nominee. they have an exciting -- a man that brings with him excitement, and they are running just about 5 million votes short of keeping up with the republicans in this primary contest. and that says even with an exciting candidate challenging the presumptive nominee, this
8:39 pm
isn't right now working for the democratic party. that has to scare the deckens out of him. it would me if i were running. neil: then the guy you thought you would trample, donald trump, is running meant battleground states. when we come back we'll have the latest numbers from west virginia. too close to call. they are almost even at this point. the key factor in this state, called one of the state's biggest employers and one of the biggest industries laying off. that did not sit well for hillary clinton and the administration she represented that doomed it for her. coal industry ce to is not too happy with her. ♪
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neil: bernie sanders wins. fox can estimate with 15% of the vote. i don't know how we do this. for the other 85% you are wasting your time. we can say bernie sanders has won west virginia. he has won 19 states, hillary 33. >> we are talking about momentum.
8:44 pm
momentum is with this guy, but he can't catch up with delegates because as trish said -- the democrats know how to structure a deal on a card game. kennedy: a state tailor made for bernie is oregon. that's where sold socialists go to die. i know because i'm from there. neil: a big supporter of donald trump joining us right now. everyone i speak to. if hillary clinton is killing off the coal industry, that really doomed her. she said that in a crowd where they loved that kind of talk, and probably not a single coal industry work. but it didn't go over well in west virginia.
8:45 pm
and that cause the coups degras. >> absolutely. hillary has said she is going to continue barack obama's environmental program and assault on mining. that came to a head in columbus where she clearly stated she is going to put more coal miners and mining open raightss out of business. neil: she said she was misunderstood. i played that bite back and i kind of understood what what he was saying. to reverse a multi-year train, deemphasizing coal and traditional fossil fuels. >> that's been an 8-year run under this president and it started the day he took office. we think donald trump brings a very refreshing energized
8:46 pm
candidacy to the dance and frankly he has a successful business. neil: the toll turn tough with hillary clinton or bernie sanders is awful. so you figure donald trump. does he make any promises to you. did he say anything? >> the 40,000 foot promises, he wants to make west virginia great begin by establishing clear and concise policy to the put our miners back to work and be able to market and produce fossil fuel energy domestically and he offered assistance in marketing that product throughout the world where its use is on the incline. neil: big expectations of donald trump. dave require wasn't just hill -- david: it wasn't just hillary
8:47 pm
saying they want to put miners out of business. her solution was we'll put you on the dole. we'll get a $30 billion program together. we'll train them, we'll move them out of state. the miners say we don't want to be on the dole. these are democrats for the most part. they are saying we want to work. we want to work in the coal mines. they are good jobs. we had them for generations. i think that sentiment that the government is not there to help, the government only hurts the situation is happening nationwide. not just in the coal mining industry, but all over the nation. lou: bill rainy of the west virginia coal association reminded me that these are not low-wage jobs. $100,000 a year jobs. what trump is talking about and the coal association is talking about, creating well-paying jobs and creating experts.
8:48 pm
and create d -- creating exports. because coal can be exported under current regulations. kennedy: you are right about that. if you export this coal you help poor countries get rich. they need the resource it's a lot less expensive for them. when we they do have the ability -- fracking has revolutionized energy production in this country which is fine. when banks can't get loans because of the environment the president has created. trish: the message he's selling is a positive message. not just a campaign slogan. this is an optimistic country. the coal miners don't want handouts. they want to go to work. and they want to take care of
8:49 pm
themselves and their fam donald trump is saying you have got a shot at doing that. you will work, and you will prosper with me in the oval office. and hillary clinton is selling a different message. a lot of the tone is going to matter. lou: it seem the distinction between these two candidate is clear. hillary clinton is doing the democratic paternalism, we'll take care of you, and donald trump is saying, we will create an environment where you can take care of yourself, make a living, prosper. one wants to restore prosperity, the other wants to continue dependence. and you wonder why people like paul ryan and other -- why the never trumpers don't see that's the basic message of conservatism. people don't want government help. they want the freedom to work for themselves. kennedy: bernie sanders is also
8:50 pm
delivering a message different from that paternalism that hillary is talking about, and he is saying you have gotten the shaft, you have gotten the unfair end of this bargain and i'll make sure inequality works in your favor. neil: in west virginia we can say bernie sanders has won. if it remains this kind of margin. they will essentially split the 29 delegates. he can't split. he's got to run roughshod. he's got to ram pain. a split won't do it. june 7, hillary clinton will have the democrat nomination. their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the
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neil: bernie sanders supporters, where do they go, what do they do by the type they get to philadelphia. thank you, have a nice day. the gene ross is supporting bernie sanders. what does he do? >> we are not going to give up until we get there. we'll see what happens at the conventi. we still have a ways to go. i think bernie has shown -- look what he's done. he has taken more state, more delegates, more vote than any insurgent candidate in history, and his mess and is resonating. we have known about him as
8:55 pm
nurses for years long before he threw his hat in the ring. but the people across the country are resonating to his message. neil: do you buy these numbers that say one out of three bernie supporters couldn't get yourselves to vote for hillary clinton. >> we have talked across the country in our big red bernie bus talking to people and i heard that sentiment over and over. but people are going to do what they are going to do. people say a lot of things. neil: you yourself wouldn't do that? >> not vote for hillary? i can't let myself think that far yet because we are keyed in on bernie winning. i do understand the sent it that people that are bernie supporters have. the thus am that he has evenien derd. it's very, very difficult to
8:56 pm
turn that toward someone who is so didn't and doesn't embody the kind that separate us. kennedy: hillary clinton belittled bernie sanders, questioning whether he was a true democrat, saying he's a socialist and didn't have any party loyalty. do you think if bernie ran as an independent that he would actually win? >> well, traditionally third party candidate don't do well. there is a reason he decided to run for the democratic nomination. and a lot of us across this country, myself included, are pretty tired of party politic. we like voting for a person who has integrity and has the best interest at heart of most of us, and it's those of us who work for a living. when we here people say i haven't decided yet if i'm voting for bernie or trump,
8:57 pm
though i could see it clearly, i can understand where they are coming from. they are fed up with politic as usual. trish: one of the reasons people are so fed up with politic and politicians is they see the futility in all of this. they look at their tax dollars going to work in warn and they feel -- in washington and they feel they are getting very little for it. bernie's plan for our economy would have them using more of our tax dollars. what make you convinced washington would figure out how to better allocate that money? >> one of the things bernie talk about in his political revolution is something we believe in movement politic. real grass root people forcing the issue as to what we want to see done instead of having a few individual decide it for us. instead of having big money decide it for us. when you look at the thin that are important to us. a climate crisis with a carbon
8:58 pm
tax on tax dollars put forward toward stemming that and fixing our planet so we not on have jobs but a life on this planet. those are the thing we can do together as long as we show up and make sure our voices are heard. that doesn't mean just voting. david: we have been talking about the exit polls from west virginia where 30% of the democrat say they will vote for donald trump if in fact hillary is the nominee. do you think that will particular until november? do you think they will hold true to what they are saying now? or will they come over to hillary's side? >> you know, it's hard to tell what people-do, if they feel the way i do. i can't conceive of him not getting it at this point. that's where our all of our evident are going, and we tend to be optimists. you are ins rarely give up, you know.
8:59 pm
we'll keep pushing for that. so we'll keep pushing for that. but people say thing in the heat of the moment. maybe they will change their mind. but were definite about what kind of candidate we want and bernie sanders is our candidate. neil: we'll bring lou dobbs in here. lou: have there been meetingsing between your union and the sanders people about the contested convention in philadelphia? any planning? >> no, we are very separate. bernie sanders knows we are solidly supportive of him. we have been well before he threw his hat in the ring to be president. we know about his history and the types of things he stand for that are good for the public health in this country. so there is no coordination there. but we keep an eye on what's going on. neil: you are a loyal friend and loyal supporter. jean, thank you very much. just to assess where we stand right now in west virginia.
9:00 pm
you have heard by now that donald trump has picked up the state for republicans as expected. bernie sanders as won here. the on remaining state here for republicans, the democrats are not competing, is the state of nebraska. and we can say polls officially closed there that donald trump has won the state of nebraska. we can say that based on 7 individual votes. i want to thank all my colleague and friend. you are the best in the business. other business networks are talking about sharks or teflon pots or whatever you are into. i assume it's not that. out from underneath us. >> it's risky business... in more ways than one. >> what happened to your finger? >> crocodile bit it off. [ woman vocalizing, theme music plays ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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