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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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devotes iran from nebraska and west virginia. coal country giving bernie sanders a decisive victory over hillary clinton and donald trump closer to securing the republican nomination. >> big thing is in the history of the republican party, no one has ever gotten more votes than i've gotten in the primaries. that's a great sign of me are doing well in the polls. >> i want to take a moment to thank the people of west virginia for the tremendous faith jury. do deny. >> i've been concerned about the reckless talk from donald trump. when you are running for serving as president, you better mean what you say. train to drum interrogation room. walking out of her fbi interview, what prompted her exit just ahead. severe weather making its weight
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used after deadly tornadoes hit oklahoma. looking at the path of the storm could wal-mart take a site that visa with its new lawsuit, whether retail giants as these as choosing profit over protecting customers. in the daily fantasy sports industry, lawmakers hold a hearing on capitol hill today. the two biggest players are not showing up. the controversy ahead. disney earnings disappoint. other than that is not enough to offset declines in the cable but us. stock expected to win market. today $5 in the premarket. checking in on the broader equity index this morning. looking at issue right now with mixed trading overnight. shanghai nikkei down in europe stocks under pressure as well. oil has been pulling back. the later to the downside is the cac in france up 1%. in the u.s. futures pointing to a lower open.
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dow futures of 50 points. s&p down for, nasdaq futures that tab. let's get started. thus, dagen mcdowell is here. david went to my right and the kids college professor and brien birnberg is here. good to have you. good morning to everybody. good to have you. donald trump presidential campaign representative taylor baumgartner. editor-in-chief steve forbes and donald trump supporter will all be here just in today show. you're not going to miss that. did you see it last night? hillary clinton the west virginia democratic primary for the vermont senator keeping his campaign alive remains a longshot to steer the party's nomination from the front runner. adam shapiro live in west virginia with more on this. good morning to you, sir.
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>> good morning, sandra. a longshot perhaps be a permanent to this polling yesterday the sanders leading clinton on average according to real clear politics by six-point. look what happened among west virginia democrats. he won with about 50% of their vote and hillary clinton only got 36%. his fate to rehear was much stronger than people at that day. here is what he said about his intentions going forward. >> we have now won primaries and caucuses in the teen states. [cheers and applause] and let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination. >> hillary clinton was speaking yesterday before the results.
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perhaps not expecting she would win in west virginia and she went after donald trump did take a listen. >> you know, the right-wing never gives up attacking me. have you ever noticed that? honest to goodness, i think they are really going to throw everything including the kitchen sink this time. i have a little message for them. they've done it for 25 years and i am still standing. [cheers and applause] reporter: finally, donald trump issued a statement saying its a great honor to have one west virginia and the brass, especially by such massive waves. someone is making vacant this morning because the odor is walking this way and it smells good. back to you. joining me is republican consultant chris byrne at oregon with commentator and hillary clinton supporter daniel mclaughlin.
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by the way, and unset with us this morning as well. would react about the news of the night as well from national review and fox news contributor. looking not just turnout last night with unbelievable bernie sanders picked three. is this a welcome the chance -- but in -- and legitimate chance? >> from my perspective it think it's interesting to watch. hillary clinton clearly got an old-fashioned shellacking last night. at the end of the day, i do have to say i think it is in fact a longshot. all this talk about a contested convention on our side and now it appears the contested convention is actually on the democratic side. so there you go.
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sandra: let's stack to hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> it was a great victory obviously for bernie sanders. hillary clinton took west virginia substantially in 2008, although polls leading up to this yesterday, it was clear she wasn't going to take it away. the issue with her talking about coal mining jobs and the coal mining industry. in fairness, she did print the statement talking about clean energy jobs. bringing clean energy jobs to west virginia. they both end of packages. 130 billion, 140 billion to have those industries into more clean energy is. >> i'll take your livelihood away. vote for me. >> i would give you that.
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>> it could be that big a stretch. let's face it. hillary clinton is such a bad candidate at the other candidate, the democratic socialist in the party with the worst record in the worst planned for coal country and energy actually be turned coal country. i mean, how bad do you have to be? she is going to kill coal, but it's not going to happen. i played her statement on a radio show in full context. she knew what she was sane and just like a democrat they both promised to throw money at the problem, not solution. sandra: it doesn't matter when you look at the clinch delegates that you can make a can make a whole lot of sense. >> it doesn't, but he keeps poll in whole race left. he saved them at. hillary has to move left and makes it harder for the general election. sandra: how does he continue to change the message? >> the weekend going because a
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lot of people don't understand if they look at it every day like we do. brittany keeps my name. in the future built on top of each other. keep up that much. she has super for supporters because of a lot of the reason people like them if they don't see him as a washington insider. even though he obviously is -- being on the taxpayer dime. >> the way people see them, they will work for supporter. >> i hear you are there, but we want to get dagen mcdowell in here because she's got key issues on voters minds when they look at exit polls, what do we learn? dagen: we learned coal country is trump country. if you talk to republicans in the exit polls, tell us how you feel about the government.
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7% of voters among republican were happy with the federal government. 90% are dissatisfied or angry and that is right in your trump crowd good what's go on to how they feel donald trump will hold up against hillary clinton. how likely will they be in november. not too likely, not likely at all. add this up, this 87% of people feel that donald trump will very likely or somewhat likely crush hillary clinton come november. sandra: unbelievable. christopher, what did you make of all of this? >> well, i think it's exactly your point. the fact of the matter as it relates specific way to hillary clinton, she can not in the general election compete in virginia and expect to win. of course this is coal country comment. there's also the antigovernment comment. there's also from the standpoint
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of trustworthiness, looking at how untrustworthy she is perceived, there is no way she's going to win west virginia. trade to the talk about the most important thing and a potential general election matchup with hillary clinton you can assume an donald trump the presumptive nominee. what is to look like as you see hillary clinton not able to shake bernie sanders? >> swing states polling recently showing basically neck and neck with than a statistical margin of error. it's a long way from the general election. the kind of polling has impact probably less predictable as a good measure now than in ip and the election. i want to touch on search of money the shackles about the trust and unworthiness. if you look at the websites, which is a nonpartisan, she's
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basically trustworthy and donald trump is really bad in the negative. >> are you okay? >> i am in shock and all. there's a bigger story. west virginia is a state that democrats should fear starting with the election and show mansion in moving forward with the barack obama years. west virginia continues to change from blue to purple to brad and democrats should watch out because kentucky, tennessee, appalachia, southwestern new york, the rest though. they are moving away in their important to the electoral map in the general election. sandra: keeping us on track. thank you to daniel mclaughlin. good to have you both. hillary clinton may be playing it cool. pay attention when it comes to the investigation in her e-mail
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server. her aides are not. why one walk out on an with the fbi. plus disney's in the dark side of wall street. the rare myth that has shares tumbling in the premarket gabriel have all of that in a minute.
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sandra: a fatal stabbing rampage of massachusetts. cheryl casone has the story. good morning. >> good morning come as standard. a massachusetts man went on a rampage stabbing for people in total with two of them later died. the first attack happened at a home and immediately after the suspect went to a shopping mall south of boston. all of this happening before he was fatally shot by an off duty police officer. this is all authority seemed to know right now that the motive as to whether suspect carried out the estate tax is still under investigation. state police have found no evidence of a connection to terrorism at this time. in other headlines coming to the clintons chief of staff cheryl mills briefly what out of an interview with federal investigators on a topic considered off limits came up in the discussion at all of this according to a "washington post"
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this morning. it isn't clear in the interview occurred but the off-limits questions allegedly concerned the weight e-mails are given the state department and distributed to the public. in business, wal-mart is suing visa for preventing it from requiring customers to type in personal identification number is that the maxtor security measure when they pay the chip enabled debit cards. right now these that allow shoppers to just do his signature. wal-mart says this is inadequate and will allow more theft. retailers as you know have been under fire the last two years for other breaches we've seen. back to you. sandra: they are trying to do something. thank you, cheryl. they have to do something to show their protecting customers. >> a huge public relations problem. wal-mart that someone of the same situation. these that makes more money. you can see why ballmer wants to get this finished.
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tranter and so confused at the credit card companies than what they are doing. chip, swipe, you have to enter your member or you don't. dagen: apple had. two words. >> that would be good. i'm really bad with losing my credit card. i just got another credit card. they're like we said that two march 17th. i'm aware, but that one is gone, too. sandra: for a while they were trying to put our pictures on credit cards or that kind of went away. can't really figure it out. dagen: you are still swiping them rather than sticking the card in. when you use apple pay come you hold it up, but it has to recognize your fingerprint for the transaction to go through.
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>> i don't want them to have my fingerprint. dagen: what do you have to hide? >> i don't know. you never know what the future might hold for me in terms of having to hide things and >> if you look at the retail versus the credit card provider and processor for moma, wal-mart is protecting its reputation. their issues last. wal-mart is doing the right thing here. >> at the retailer contact, they don't get hurt. sandra: how many people on this bill just got excited when i say that? dagen mcdowell. dagen: han solo is old and creaky. i still think it's cute. sandra: i'll let you decide which you think about that company. we will break down disney shares in the free market trading is no magic this morning. capitol hill sent in its sights on facebook.
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. sandra: are insular. disney disappoint investors with second-quarter results. "star wars" and increase revenue at theme parks could not offset
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slumping sales especially espn. to start thinking 5% in the trading session. let's bring in mark luchini, chief investment strategist. good to have you this morning here in what is the key take away from the earnings? earnings by the way were up, but a disappointment from what was there. >> has been under a lot of pressure for a couple quarters. if the commission of the situation. the company produced double-digit growth. that's fabulous. sandra: why is the stock selling off? like a couple controversies. one is the flagship he is yet unit is under pressure. they are looking for distribution like everybody else trying to negotiate online forms of distribution and haven't been successful in converting investors to believe he's going to be able to do that. and two, he's a controversy with a succession plan in place for a new ceo that fell apart and as a consequence they find another one of the site to on in his
6:24 am
tenure as ceo of calm investors as to who might take over this wonderful iconic brand. sandra: you think that uncertainty about what hurt the stock trades stocks unchanged on the year. if you look back over the past year, down 3% at 30 much gone nowhere, done nothing. >> again, talking about a company priced over 20 times earnings. when companies are priced richly to the market and consumer discretionary space, it delivers better than good earnings or deliver expert patients that exceed what the market is expecting. when they don't do that, they are subject to disappointment and that's what you realize. >> omar, is espn go into his own generational change -- and mark top talent leaving, internal problems in an upward. your product is your content and
6:25 am
if the content goes away as we see espn stores closing, people leaving. as the company needs to make a change to become the new version of vs again? in a clearly not an expert on whether that likely to be the case. >> does that affect with the market looks at it? >> absolutely. there's nothing like it and now suddenly there's more alternatives for you at night to find out what her favorite sports team did like the penguin for the washington capitals. that is a concern considering how much and how important espn represents of the disney franchise. trade to how much breathing room today have? how long do you think investors would give them to tip the hat as to who's in line don't even have -- how many names have even been floated to take over for tiger? >> very few. after markets from disney, the timeline is shrinking because saudis or the share prices under pressure to 6% on a free-market
6:26 am
basis. back under $100 a share. fairly reasonably priced. not egregious. it doesn't mean valuation could get cheaper. sandra: price-earnings on the stock right now is less than 20. i want to move on to a couple names because your other stocks are interesting. halliburton is one of them as well as i is there. halliburton, why? a mac oil prices have funded a durable bottom. that could make oil markets will come to balance the second half of the year. tremendous production is a consequence of low oil prices having stayed low as long as they have. as a consequence of increasing demand occurring on a global basis coupled with the amount of production taken offline. we think ultimately that bodes well over the next 12 to 189 and that should benefit halliburton and merely north american
6:27 am
centers treated if they get production back online as a consequence. sandra: just halliburton or the sect as a whole? the sector as a whole. they just represent the energy space. sandra: good stuff. things are being here. >> you are welcome. strategy is still to come, a trail of death and destruction. the latest in the next round as diverse terms. hoover reaches a deal with the major drivers union. what this could mean to the cost of your next uber ride. keep it right here on "mornings with maria."
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. sandra: maria bartiroma has the morning off, is wednesday, may 11th, top stories at -- in nebraska and west virginia, call country giving bernie sanders a decisive victory over hillary clinton, donald trump closer to securing the republican nomination and all looking at the general election. >> i have never seen us have such a divisive campaign and i will do my best to keep talking about what the issues are.
6:31 am
>> we have many disagreements with secretary clinton but there is one area we agree. and that is we must defeat donald trump. sandra: severe weather making its way after deadly tornadoes hit oklahoma and kentucky. we look at the path of the storm. lawmakers looking for answers over the alleged bias against conservative news by facebook. details on what congress plans to do. daily fantasy sports industry on the hot seat, lawmakers holding a hearing on capitol hill today with the two biggest players, draft kings and fan duels showing up, controversy ahead. checking broader markets with asia, mixed trading, shanghai and nikkei up, the hang seng and cause the down, stocks seeing pressure as oil prices pull back, the for the london up 0.2%, the cac quarante down 1%.
6:32 am
in the us looking at stock index futures pointing to a lower open this morning as well, dow futures off nasdaq futures down. to our top story bernie sanders winning west virginia presidential primary, the vermont senator hanging onto hope of winning the democratic nomination although he is still far behind hillary clinton in the national delegate count. richardson is up bright and early live in charleston, west virginia. good morning to you, unbelievable results last night. >> good morning, bernie sanders wins another state convincingly topping hillary clinton in west virginia. it was in 2008 that hillary clinton won easily against then senator barack obama. this time it is sanders. >> a double digit victory tonight, this is west virginia
6:33 am
where hillary clinton won by 40 points against barack obama in 2008. >> reporter: hillary clinton supporters point out clinton has millions more votes than bernie sanders and hundreds more delegates. sanders says he can try to convince some of those superdelegates, senior democratic party officials who can vote for whomever they want regardless of primary results to come over to his campaign but it will be a long road, she has a substantial delegate lead. the republican side, two primaries and two wins for donald trump, not that surprising considering he has no active republican gop campaign running against him. in west virginia and nebraska republicans vote next in oregon tuesday and in washington state the following tuesday. donald trump is moving on to the general election, working on the vice presidential pick, he says
6:34 am
he has five candidates and will make his announcement sometime during the republican convention in july in cleveland. he is meeting tomorrow with skeptical republican leaders including house speaker paul ryan. that happens in dc tomorrow. sandra: thank you. richardson. joining us now is trump campaign senior press representative haley baumgartner. good to have you. >> thanks for having me. sandra: what this team trump think about the victory of bernie sanders and donald trump? >> last night was a great night, two more states for mister trump. he campaign hard in both states and it is indicative of continuing on the path to victory to gain the presidency in november. sandra: are we going to see donald trump changing his campaign strategy at all in coming days? trump campaign manager corey lewandowski defending the
6:35 am
decision to start fundraising for the general election. >> he wants to have the majority of the house and senate so he can work for his legislative agenda which means he will raise money for the party which means making sure down ballot races, senate races and house races have resources to be successful, and raising money for the party for the general election. sandra: your response? >> corey is clearly right. that is why he is the campaign manager. we are potentially up against the clinton machine. it is time once and for all that we reclaim the white house and senator clinton packing. to do that we need to raise funds and we are prepared to do that in order to attain the victory of the white house in november. of the 14 david webb is here. >> i have a question about the strategy trump has to take going
6:36 am
forward. gaining all those voters more than any other candidate's primary is a big indicator but there aren't enough republicans to win the general election. libertarians, independents, blue-collar democrats, democrats have an advantage in the electoral college, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, how does trump turn that around and get that advantage away from the democrats? >> the latest quinnipiac poll, mister trump is ahead in ohio, he is in a dead heat in florida and pennsylvania, already reaching across party lines and tapping into the voting base, expanding the reach of the typical republican party candidate. this has never happened before in history. that is what we are seeing and we will continue to do through november. dagen: president obama when he ran against mitt romney they spent $1.1 billion each.
6:37 am
in terms of fundraising doesn't the trump campaign, finding love on a two way st. paul ryan and his ilk need to get along with trump, trump and his campaign need to get along with him if you want to bring those donors on board. you agree with that? >> tomorrow as mister trump meets with paul ryan they will have a collegial meeting and the focus is as mister trump is the presumptive nominee and he will be the republican nominee, unifying the party and moving forward. absolutely. dagen: i want to look at this exit poll among west virginia democrats, if hillary clinton were to take on donald trump in the general election, 60% of sanders supporters say they would go for trump. is this something that would surprise you as someone in the trump campaign? is this something you expected? >> in terms of west virginia i want to make it clear i was born
6:38 am
and raised in west virginia so i know the democratic and the political landscape really well. that being said i am not surprised. hillary clinton blue into town and basically said she was going to shut down or continue to allow polls to be shut down. that is telling people that she does not care how they put food on their table. three things manage to west virginia voters, god, guns and coal. sandra: how much of that do you expect countrywide, that i won't vote for hillary, i will vote for bernie sanders but if he is out of the race i'm going for trump? the republican fantasy we were told. >> the think about trump and sanders they have been clear they have very pro-worker rhetoric throughout. the problem with clinton's campaign is she buffeted and moved and sanders -- has gone left a. with two clear messages you see resonating in places like west virginia and it will be true
6:39 am
across the rest of the united states especially in rough spell areas with issues on the rise. sandra: the call, and, people on a basis like that, climate change of the huge issue on the liberal side but shows a lack of political strategy. for someone who has been in the solar you cannot say i want to shut down call. it is just stupid. of dumb move and it showed her strength should be that she is good at this especially since now being seen as someone who has been in politics is seen as negative in this race she can't even spin that as a positive. dagen: i can quote chuck yeager. maybe one of the most famous people born in west virginia, we might be wrong, uneducated, we know right from wrong and we can
6:40 am
spot a phony before they say their first word and that was hillary clinton. i was going to give you last word but dagan mcdowell took it. the last word did get in. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. sandra: facebook sparking outrage among senate republicans, the social network employees and mark lederberg himself could be heading to capitol hill. buber agreeing to a union deal in new york, what this means for drivers and you, we will be right back. a cancer diagnosis can be
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sandra: futures point to a lower open, here are the stocks on the move, macy's reporting earnings ahead of the bill, the retailer expecting to see a drop in same-store sales for the fifth quarter in a row. it has been weighing on the stock, losing nearly half of its value. electronic arts among the biggest winners ahead of "the opening bell," the videogamemaker posting better than expected result, stocks up $5 in early trading, riding the wave of the success of star wars. the star wars battlefront game a big seller. office depot and staples grabbing their $6 billion merger. the announcement after just blocked the deal citing antitrust concerns.
6:45 am
another deal blocked by federal regulators. >> are they really that concerned about office depot and staples getting together? sandra: i can't put myself in position of a small business of someone who depends on these stores. >> the argument here is regulators are defining the market too small. amazon -- dagen: competition is sold up in one word, amazon. i don't understand why the judge would crush this deal other than you had businesses being crushed every which way, shape and form by the obama administration. >> the problem with regulatory policy is we are not considering who is moving into these spaces and changing the market. it is not a big deal for these two companies. >> what we have is not regulatory policy but regulatory audiology.
6:46 am
that is the problem. you have bureaucrats and judges and an ideology about business rather than policy about the market. a free market system, and in position into the market, that is what they are trying to do. >> stable and office depot are fighting for their lives, and to undercut their ability to survive which makes consumers worse at the end day, you want an opportunity to wide variety of shops. they won't have -- already taken two shots, they are going to look elsewhere but i agree with you this is not policy, this is ideology and -- sandra: politics affecting business. we never talk about that. two people killed by a violent mugger, struck the ohio river valley. cheryl casone he following that story this morning. cheryl: this storm moved from the planes, in the ohio river
6:47 am
valley, several along the ohio river, hit by wind and rain plus tornadoes, in illinois and western kentucky, a tornado touched down in the city causing bigger damage. the video you are looking at this is a used car lot. in a close-up camera near the lot. and not life-threatening, a senate committee asking facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to explain how it's company selected news stories after a former facebook employee claimed the social media giant blocked news about conservative issues from its trending list. the executive says the company found no evidence to back up the allegations but still the committee is asking for answers and they want them by may 24th.
6:48 am
finally, buber has reached a deal with a prominent new york union, not a full-fledged union but an association. 35,000 new york city drivers. it is a place for members to discuss issues with management making them eligible for discounts on life and disability insurance. this stops completely short of unionization and the agreement will improve relationships with drivers who are frustrated by policy changes. sandra: he has been shaking his head. >> a union foothold, and tax revenue for the cities, where does the driver benefit? they will be fighting this for a long time. dagen: it is a compromise because it is not a full-fledged
6:49 am
union. they have been fighting this in cities around the country where they are trying to keep these drivers as freelancers and contract workers but placate them with $100 billion settlement. >> with the unions, like being a little bit pregnant. the union gets in they are not going anywhere. this is like a taxon taxis. sandra: works so well with the mta and taxis, let's take away one of the things that made it better. dagen: not a union, it is an organization. sandra: congress having a hearing on fantasy sports, it could mean more regulation for popular sites like draft kings and fan dual. tsa security lines not just irritating passengers, some of the nation's busiest airports may ditch the tsa for a private
6:50 am
firm. "mornings with maria" on social media, search "mornings with maria," keep an eye out for daily polls, upcoming guests and highlights from today's show. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move... ahhh. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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sandra: fantasy sports nazi, lawmakers having a hearing on daily fantasy sports industry looking at whether the website offer illegal gambling, no one from either draft kings or fan dual are showing up on capitol hill. what will actually get done? the chief strategy officer of fantasy sports, good to have you here. you are adamant about the impact this is having on not just this business but fantasy in general.
6:54 am
>> coming added in such a way that it scares me because these hearings are a waste of taxpayers money, a waste of time as far as i am concerned. if you want to deal with this from the federal level but it is state-by-state now. it is time and money and it will hurt the small business owner like fantasy sports network. sandra: are they going to get anywhere with it? >> i we going to get anywhere with it? absolutely not. it is a waste of time. we know what we need to do, we need to go state-by-state. it is too late. federal law 2006 we know what happened. gerri jones isn't there from the dallas cowboys. was i invited? the fantasy sports network, 24 hour television network dedicated to fantasy sports fan, i am not there. mcginley sandra: the trade association,
6:55 am
university professors, academics, ceo of genius sports, can't tell you who these people are. dagen: symposium on race a couple episodes ago where it was all white people at the symposium on race, the equivalent of that, nobody from the actual industry. >> wasn't the question turned on whether this was a game of skill or chance? it seems arbitrary but isn't that the basis of all these decisions? >> 100%. it is a game of skill. if i did that today you could not beat me. i have heard it 100 times. sandra: is that your only defense? >> it is not that. it is entertaining. when government gets involved and you overregulated hurt small business and when you hurt small business and guys like me that spend millions of dollars to
6:56 am
bring fantasy sports network to life people will lose their jobs and if people lose their jobs it is not good for america. sandra: i want to go to our fantasy sports at work, $26 billion industry, that is how much is expected to be spent on fantasy sports in the us and canada. this is a huge industry. does the government sit around saying what looks like people are having fun? maybe we can find something that is not okay about it. i would have no idea, i would lose all my money and that is why i don't. i am sure this has something to do with it. dagen: major operators stuck it to themselves because what started all this was one employee was gambling. i use the term loosely, which playing on the opposing sports network, was winning money and it looked like using inside information and it blue up in
6:57 am
their faces, they never would have had government breathing down their neck. >> the market came in after news got out, talk about these business being unregulated, totally bunk. on a consumer basis these things are absolutely regulated. sandra: no major representatives from fantasy sports. >> i think he will do a good job. hopefully things will work out. sandra: thank you for bringing your side of the story. the parent company of this network owns a stake of draft king. coming up in the next hour of "mornings with maria" so much, steve forbes weighs in on the election and who donald trump may pick as his vp. ation.
6:58 am
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make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪ sandra: maria bartiroma has the morning off. it is wednesday, may 11th, top stories at 7:00 using, the votes are in from nebraska and west virginia. call country giving bernie sanders a decisive victory over hillary clinton. donald trump closer to securing the republican nomination. >> i won't say ruling in or out but i have in mind 5 people, they are excellent. i will announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> i'm looking forward to debating donald trump. we have a good back and forth about how we achieve our goals. >> i am very happy to tell you
7:01 am
we will defeat donald trump. sandra: we will take you to west virginia straight ahead. battling long lines at the airport, we will save you time and money. the panama papers database, find out how she used the caribbean-based company to handle her money. a list polling, off of store shelves sparking, watch out. watch out for the light up shoes, asian markets it'll changed, mixed trading, in europe stocks under pressure, oil prices pulling back this morning, biggest losses, the cac quarante down 43 points, los of 1%. we are looking at potential lower open a couple hours from
7:02 am
now. nasdaq futures off 8. with me this morning foxbusiness's dagan mcdowell, radio talkshow host david webb is here, fox news contributor, more formal introduction this hour. steve forbes will be formally introduced but i want to make sure you knew, good to have you. top story this morning a big election night, bernie sanders topping hillary clinton in the west virginia primary, the vermont senator keeping his campaign alive but is a longshot to steal the nomination from the front runner. adam shapiro live in charleston, west virginia where he enjoys covering this so much. it was a big night last night. good to see you. >> reporter: a big night for bernie sanders and good morning to you from west virginia where the democratic voters delivered a stunningly strong victory for
7:03 am
bernie sanders. take a look at the numbers, he got roughly 51% of the democratic vote versus hillary clinton's 36%. the average polls going into this primary election showed him with a lead of six points but this was stronger than anyone expected and he was on the attack last night. >> we cannot have a president who has insulted latinos and mexicans, who has insulted muslims, who every day is insulting women in one way or another, who has insulted veterans like john mccain and others, who has insulted african-americans in a very profound way. >> reporter: not only was he attacking donald trump, hillary clinton went after donald trump, listen to what she said. >> with someone like donald trump you would see a race to
7:04 am
the bottom across our country with working families paying the price. >> donald trump issued a tweet roughly 30 minutes ago. i will read it to you word for word. i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard because i love watching what he is doing to crooked hillary. his time will come. nothing else to say. sandra: every time i see a reporter in the field comment on one of his most recent tweets i go to@donald trump, have to go to the latest. thank you, adam shapiro on the grounds. former republican presidential candidate steve forbes is here. good morning to you, your reaction to donald trump's tweets. as the former presidential candidate is this just amazing for you to watch? >> he learned long ago tweets are more effective than press
7:05 am
releases or press conferences, 140 characters people will read them. the way he writes them everyone reads them. sandra: potential vice presidential picks for donald trump. >> chris christie is up there, john kasich because of ohio, nikki haley, south carolina because women, minorities, trying to reach out, even condoleezza rice even though she is not an elected official, and 5 or 6 names, that 5 or 6 will change a lot in the next few weeks depending on circumstances. he won't make the announcement. sandra: listen to what donald trump has to say about this. >> you say the associated press is reporting trump narrowed potential vps to five, all experienced politicians, not ruling out chris christie. is that an accurate report?
7:06 am
>> i won't say ruling in or out. in five different people, they are excellent, i will announce whoever it will be at the convention. sandra: he doesn't seem to be rolling anyone out, we had been carson on this program last week and he wouldn't rule out even though he was put in charge reportedly of the pick at that moment, wouldn't rule out that he was one of the pics. >> they remembered in 2000 dick cheney headed up the selection committee for george w. bush and got the nod himself. i am sure ben carson is thinking getting up in the morning, why not me? they are all saying that and trump is very wise, don't take this away until the last possible moment and help unify the party, why not me? sandra: when steve forbes watched this coverage, what is the most important thing you are paying attention to in this race? >> what is going to happen on thursday, with paul ryan, they
7:07 am
have to decide what unifies them more than divide them, trump will say i am a negotiator, ryan will give coverage of people down ballot who have worries about how trump will run in their district. if they do it right, win/win for everybody on immigration and tariffs. sandra: paul ryan will support him? >> ultimately he will support him even though he will make clear he doesn't agree on a couple issues and say we are not 1-size-fits-all party, we are big 10. dagen: i am guessing this. doesn't it kind of irritate you a little bit that at least he had the last week to solidify the party, trouble talking about the us debt and gives a nod to raising taxes on the rich? >> he has to get his sea legs. he did not anticipate being the
7:08 am
presumptive nominee now. paul ryan didn't expect this would be over now. democrats are supposed to have the coronation, not the republicans so he was not prepared for it. let the states decide what is best. dagen: which they already do. >> and crazy states are going crazy as we would expect. sandra: we want to get the exit polls revealing what is on the mind of the voters. dagen: some of this is a republican exit polls in west virginia, the most important issue facing this country is the economy and jobs, 57%. look what came in second, healthcare, 19%. economy and terrorism. with healthcare it is unique to west virginia.
7:09 am
when you have coal miners and the difficulty of their jobs and destroys their bodies overlong periods of time, that is very interesting and plays into bernie sanders, he wants medicare for all. >> that is not a surprise. dagan mcdowell is right, when healthcare does well there is an issue. the other thing for donald trump and my question to you and donald trump, does it help him to form his policy teams, weight on the vp announcement but along the way unify the party, bring the policy teams on key issues, healthcare bring the policy teams on domestic security, international issues? >> absolutely. he is putting teams together. it was a solo operation but he is in a different stage, he has to ramp up faster than he anticipated on healthcare. it is a very emotional issue. even people with health insurance now finally have access to medical care.
7:10 am
these crazy deductibles. it is a right issue and if he gets good ideas, doing it on thursday. medicare requiring hospitals and clinics for all their services and treatments to see in advance. and another one charging $300. and understand unhappy experiences. in many hospitals, are just enraged. sandra: have you endorsed him? >> i am endorsing the nominee which is no question who the nominee is going to be. dagen: you will endorse donald trump. sandra: this just coming into our newsroom, expect the house gop discussion on donald trump, the weekly conference meeting at 9 am taking place at capitol hill but this is the first meeting since donald trump
7:11 am
became the presumptive nominee. house republicans are expected to discuss a lot of things including policy initiatives. you wonder what will be discussed behind closed doors. >> we will know before they open those doors. >> try to keep a politician quiet in dc. not going to happen. >> they will be discussing these issues. people come from districts, very much in favor of trump will say you got to get on board, those are down ballot especially in the northeast, how well he will actually play in the election. and ryan will provide that. dagen: how much money can he raise? being a moneybags yourself? >> it is tough. having said that he could put in $2 billion of his own money eight months ago the democrats are going to hit him on it, all this cash, where is it? he has a lot of work to do. got to go to the big donors and say this is for the party, not just for me. a lot of work, and he is having
7:12 am
to do it sooner than he anticipated. sandra: can you paint the picture of the donald trump presidency and what that would mean for the economy? >> the fact that he emphasizes negotiation is the signal i am not rigid. don't think it will be my way or the highway like barack obama and putting these teams together would show he knows he has to put his team together and reaching out to house members even though he won without any of them, without the senate or any -- hardly anybody he has got to show he realizes he has to work together even though he knows he did it on his own, you did it on your own but you have to reassure people who are not with you, who may not like you but don't like the democrats, when you vote it is a vote, the emotion doesn't count, he has to appeal to people who might not be with them, take the chance on
7:13 am
me. >> twitter hashtag never hillary. sandra: thank you for being here. another game, another controversy. a noncall has san antonio spurs fans up in arms. has the question of whether we are alone in the universe but you at night? has the question finally been answered? david webb one does this all the time, the historic discovery that has nasa and alien hunters all excited next. thank you.
7:14 am
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sandra: long lines at airport security prompting some action. i am about to see it this afternoon in chicago. are they fun? do you love being in security lines at the airport? it is awesome. sandra: airline passengers getting more and more fed up with long lines at those checkpoints and the port authority of new jersey threatening to hire its own security staff to replace tsa screeners. two senators proposing airlines don't charge for checked bags, in connecticut, richard blumenthal, baggage fees need to
7:17 am
be 27%, two things going on, anger for the tsa and now washington. let's talk about this one. nasa is announcing an unprecedented number of planets. astronomers confirming the existence of 1284 new planets in our galaxy called xo planets, potentially some of them, tween 9 of them are habitable. the planets were discovered with the help of the kepler space telescope which was launched in 2009. this story for you. authorities in texas investigating a fire that might have been caused by payless shoes. a couple claimed their toddlers light up shoes ignited and burned out -- payless pulled the shoes.
7:18 am
this happened when they pooled the shoes. interest in hyper loop technology is growing. you are probably thinking what is that? a company called hyper loop transportation technologies is a prototype can take you from la to san francisco in 30 minutes which would be great. this announcement two days before hyper loop technologies plans to show off the technology to investors in media, they will do it in the desert north of vegas. i live in san francisco, depending on the traffic, take the one, you are talking 6, 8 hours if it is a bad day. you are angry. >> and dagan mcdowell's playbook. dagen: i want somebody to walk around behind me and hold my
7:19 am
face back. we can arrange that. it is called a facelift. sandra: elon musk, never underestimate elon musk, competing and success with the hyper loop. >> great idea as far as technology and experimentation, the ramjet principle for airplanes, who knows, this might work, the question is where do you put it in san francisco? >> south of san francisco. sandra: it makes a lot of sense. remember the train you are talking about which has been a huge -- a disaster in california, taxpayers footing the bill for it. good for him for coming in. dagen: the issue he is running, tesla, space x, solar company and now this. you need to limit your self. if you are an investor in any of those other companies, i tell them it can a on the something.
7:20 am
the vacuum tube transportation system. sandra: straightahead voters in texas approving funding for the priciest high school stadium in the country. and using tens of billions of dollars of your tax money to build this thing and it is official, budweiser changing its name to america starting this summer. people are taking to social media on that. details coming up. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
7:21 am
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♪ sandra: stefan curry and the warriors had the night off but they are looking to move ahead of the spurs. for the latest from the world of sports we turn to jared max. >> never before had one player received every vote in the running for the nba's most valuable player award until now. stefan curry of the golden state warriors was named mvp for the second season in a row, the 11th to win the award in back to back years but the first player in league history to average 30 points a game while playing 35 minutes in a game.
7:25 am
also shattered his own record for three pointers, hit 280 long strange shots, this is 402. and led the warriors to an nba record, 73 wins in the regular season, warriors advance the western conference finals with a victory over the trailblazers. he is the stuff the dreams are made of. what happened to the san antonio spurs? regular-season they won every game on the home court but one and they lost two in a row in san antonio, one loss from getting knocked out, oklahoma city came back from 6 points down with four minutes to go, russell westbrook took over the game, the thunder ended on a 13-3 run. another noncall, they missed one. it was a -- went to the line within a one possession game but they got the three point play from westbrook, and up 3 games
7:26 am
to two. championships for sale or no. dana white tells the las vegas review journal usc is not for sale but according to multiple sources at espn there are no fewer than four bidders to purchase usc, expected winning in the cage, up 3.5 to $4 billion. the leading. comes from china. what happens when a player in japan hit the homerun that hits the beer sign at tokyo dome? wins $10,000 and resupply beer for one year. and homer simpson at the plate, that is what brandon laird did sharing them with his teammates. 12,000 seats, $63 million to build, 63% of voters gave the
7:27 am
thumbs up to the most expensive high school constructed. in mckinley, texas. $63 million in the stadium. sandra: 63% voted for it, they are very mad. >> right near dallas. i know this area. and friday night lights is real. i have an issue with how they structured it, might be the difference. does the city get paid back? is there a revenue stream to return the money so taxpayers don't put all the bill? >> i keep feeling this story, to the exact same thing. >> the devil will be in the details.
7:28 am
the taxes are returned by some form of revenue stream. sandra: tickets cost $8, three high schools would be using that for a school, upward of $100 in revenue. for fulfilling the seat. >> as of one stadium. >> building that mecca for football, you wonder if this would be done. >> standing room only crowds. we got to go. thank you, good to have you. 10 points. never let it -- harry potter, star wars, harry potter star emma watson knows everything about this. you read it. in a caribbean tax haven we have details coming up. plus the fda fighting against food manufacturer over the use of the word healthy. the agency might lose the battle
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
. >> good morning. i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo has the morning off wednesday, may 11. wake up! you're top stories 7:30 a.m., on the east coast. votes are in from nebraska nebraska, and west virginia, coal country giving bernie sanders victory over hillary clinton donald trump closer to securing republican nomination starting to plan for the fight in the general.
7:32 am
>> i think the numbers 45 million dollars, and i think that. >> you need a billion. >> i am raising money for the party i think we will raise a lot i have no idea what number is going to be maybe a plan -- >> take you to west virginia straight ahead, cannes festival under way what are you it caning it is cannes. >> thank you. dagen: like a can of beer, all right, amid trevor aattack in europe officials taking measures to protect those that are attending the festival having a good big impact over there all right help actress emma watson named in "panama papers" database find out how she used the caribbean-based company to handle money refining how fda is doing to help consumers understand what foods you are eating. and budweiser nice transition taking patriotsism to he whole
7:33 am
now level america can a budweiser look like that. >> some not so he happy saying company is trying to jump on the trump train. all right, we will discuss the controversy just ahead, checking markets this morning, you are correct looshgdz at fuse right now point to go a slightly lower open on wall street dow futures off 42 points a quarter percent loss s&p futures down 3 nasdaq futures down 8. a big driver of the decline dow disney shares off 5 dollars in premarket, still a couple hours to go to opening bell, but we have to watch disney shares off this morning, expected to shave 35 points right now, off the dow on open company reporting disappointing results for the first time over three years big concerns for investors declining subscribers weighing on shares this morning, top story bernie sanders winning west virginia democratic primary, the vermont senator hanging on to hopes of winning
7:34 am
the democratic nomination, although he is still far bond hillary clinton in national delegate count, fox news is keeping track of it all in charleston west virginia for us live this morning good morning rich. reporter: good morning sandra, and bernie sanders the vermont o senator wins convincingly in west virginia another primary, beats hillary clinton, it is a market change for miss clinton since 2008 when she won convincingly against then senator barack obama that when coal country was clinton country not anymore today this time it is sanders. >> i think it ends up being a double-digit virth tonight that is state west virginia where hillary clinton won over 40 points against barack obama in 2008! [cheers and applause] . >> to the three million or more votes over bernie
7:35 am
sanders, throughout the entire primary caucus process more importantly the hundreds of more delegates, that senator bernie sanders is trailing hillary clinton still sanders says he is going to try to get democratic superdelegates those not bound by primary or caucus rules to come over to his side, but she does maintain a substantial delegate lead meanwhile, on republican side two primaries two victories for donald trump last evening here in west virginia, and in nebraska nebraska, tweeting earlier today he turns attention to democrats big wons in west virginia and nebraska, get ready for november, croakooked hill looking very bad against crazy bennie will lose everyone needs a nickname forward from here conn don will try to get support of some republican party establishment folks he goes to washington, d.c., tomorrow, will will meet with congressional leaders including house speaker paul ryan many have had issues with him over policy differences,
7:36 am
especially, over entitlements the overly tone of campaign trump looking toward to a running mate says has about five candidates hopes to unveil at republican convention in july in cleveland, back to you. sandra: rich, steve forbes earlier making the prediction that paul ryan and donald trump will find more to agree on rather than disagree. on. >> his opinion, rich thank you. >> bring in larry elder radio talk show host liz smith good to have you this morning what do you make of the race results last night bernie sanders winning over hillary clinton. >> look it is not great for hillary that she hasn't locked it down now and shows a lot of enthusiasm is with sanders, but i think the way that she is handling it the way democratically party is handling it very smart not trying to push him out not trying to create a civil war in democratic party like we see on the republican side so
7:37 am
that is good. but all in all i think a lot of democrats are infers she has not sealed the deal. >> especially, larry considering she seems to want to focus her campaign, and her -- her attacks on donald trump rather than her direct opponent. >> that is right, not great understatement. the polls show that people who supported bernie sanders primarily were concerned about the economy, they are economicalanxious same reason donald trump supporter donald trump overlap here, hillary in serious trouble quinnipiac poll has come out showing donald trump one point behind in florida one point behind in pennsylvania, two points ahead -- >> very crucial. >> response to that. >> i feel with quinnipiac first of all, i think you and i could agree no matter who wins or losses in november that probably biggest he loser will be pollsters call
7:38 am
everything wrong quinnipiac has one of the worst records of any pollster this cycle i think seeing methodology issues over in these polls i think good signs for democrats in this poll we saw democrats popping champagne spiking football last week trump got nomination i think democrats would make a big, big mistake if they have not -- repeat what republicans did because to underestimate donald trump to think of him -- >> but they are, they absolutely are underestimating donald trump. >> tell me about it, last night a call saying we're going to win zaish win this all states -- arizona, like we've got a long way to go, a bruising race. >> a lot of people if west virginia voted for bernie said they are going to vote for trump in the general she can't -- >> really? what people like about bernie, is that he doesn't have anything that the hillary has not just liberals they see him outsiders not a big bank guy
7:39 am
very, very naive to assume all supporters go to hill. >> i want to bring you back in despite results we saw i do want to get to this, hillary clinton and bernie sanders have eyes on about november take a listen, in this is how they want to take on donald trump listen. >> you could not imagine a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress for prosperity fairness opportunity than up the presumptive nominee on the republican side, and -- [cheers and applause] -- and that is why it is important we have a big vote on next tuesday because we've got to get ready to go all the way to november to win the general election. [cheers and applause] . >> while we may have many disagreements with secretary clinic there is one area we agree.
7:40 am
and that is we must defeat donald trump. [cheers and applause] . >> can we inject hopelessnessity in this race. >> please. >> first of all the pollsters upside down political gravity thrown all over the place everybody trying to project who is best all garbage call it what it is hillary clinton is a lousy candidate who lost to a go a worse record on energy in west virginiaa white knuckles hers handled microphone stress not good in front of crowds not a great candidate the real challenge is to for her to paint republicans as somebody to run away from. there is division in both parties the hard left for the for the democrats, but bernie sanders -- essentially beyond progression to socialist. >> i want to bring you back. >> but on right coming together the way it always has. >> okay -- quickly i agree, hillary clinton is a very damaged candidate, going into
7:41 am
the general election but in some ways it is like -- like -- analyzing car crashes right she is fend other bender donald trump you a four-car pileup most damaged general election. >> can i just say something can i just say -- >> nobody wants her. she can't -- >> can i just say -- >> -- can i just say two things. the reason the argument that hillary is making will not stick to donald trump is that he is not a fiscal conservative not a absorb skroef a populist immigration supreme court off table has more in common with bernie sanders than he does with ronald reagan the appeal to center left where country is the second big reason hillary running for third term of obama if you are one of those two-thirds of americans who feel that we are economically on wrong extract not a very good résume to run on, same policy that have gotten us off the wrong track you are not advocating anything any different that is not going to sell. >> all right you go the the
7:42 am
last word nobody is cutting you off. >> even -- >> okay. listen. >> even -- >> a evangelicals. >> last word want a leader not a preacher when you talk to people in the church right larry. sandra: are all right. thanks so much -- >> have people want jobs ! . >> panama papers concern and far from over harry potter star emma watson named the details fallout next. >> not everybody wants to crack open buddy's patriotic cans, changes from buddy to america, renaming the beer! santa monica reminding the company it is foreign owned, the controversy is just ahead. ♪ ♪ all right take it easy baby, ♪ ♪
7:43 am
7:44 am
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7:46 am
sandra: harry potter star emma watson named in so-called panama papers cheryl has that for us good morning. cheryl: good morning i saw on twitter the chamber of secrets get it? spokesperson for emma watson says she set up off shore account for the soul purpose of protects her anonymity and safety, the 26-year-old actress listed beneficiary of a company in british virgin islands "panama papers" are a cachet more than 11 million dominates from a law firm, that helped set up, off shore accounts, for wealthy clients, who are you? >> the threat of terrorism has security at all-time high this year's cannesu film festival, expensive bag checks, drills conducted over the past few
7:47 am
weeks, and starting today inhabitated by stars george clooney i think still very good-looking woody allen, and this something new from what is app the app available in a browser window for a while now you can have it on desktop owned by facebook as you know a service claims a billion users release of ab desktop version comes 15 months after released first web app company says here is a quote our desktop app is simply extension of your phone ail messages between all your devices, and, finally, this. that is story official anheuser-busch going to make american beer in other update trottic at the belgium company going to replace with the word america on 12 ounce cans and bolts for the summer also going to have a sports line, for the pledge of allegiance lyrics from star-spangled
7:48 am
banner on the can, this is getting so much outrage on social media people say you want to be patriotic now you are all about america. >> so much right here in the u.s. >> it is american born company -- owners -- >> by the way, delis going to be cool, call it merica apostrophe, merica. >> i have to teach you how to say that. buddy i am offended if they call it beer not america it is gross. >> budweiser an iconic name, all those years. >> iconic things -- >> they don't need to change it this is new coke old coke kind of like changed the name a little bit get market back to budweiser. >> for the summer here is thing guys walk into store i want a 6 pack of bud they are not going to walk in i want a 6 pack america any don't know
7:49 am
which will rain more hate hating "star wars" or hating beer. >> i don't hate beer i love beer. >> a sponsors u.s. olympic team and u.s.mens national soccer team i don't know why we have to -- >> they want to be patriotic if efficient 90 outside one hundred percent humidities you will be drinking a buddy. >> i will drink a budweiser for sure. >> forsake -- >> if you -- >> a choice you would opt for something else. >> better than beer? >> free beer. >> there you go. last word. >> dagen -- >> all right, mid he he westerners. >> battle over snack labels the world healthy will reappear on -- why fda reevaluating the foods that you are eating. that is straight ahead.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
i got a dream, ♪ i got a dream ♪ ♪ sandra: we are familiar with food and drug administration rethinking requirements to market a for the truth of the matter as healthy, after facing pressure from food companies lawmakers kind the company spibl for fruit and in the bars all over including starbucks challenged a ruling that ordered them to remove
7:54 am
the term healthy from that you are packaging, and won fda says the guidelines used to issue their ofrm ruling are simply outdated joining me family medicine energy practitioner and culture ranch president brands strategy expert elyoui portn. oy. >> i look at a kind bar i see in starbucks all the time households they look pretty healthy to me what did they say wasn't healthy. >> the content we hear word healthy all the time, and it is overused overreviewed improperly can be deseatful to the consumer can be life-changing to one with diabetes or high blood pressure you got capped yie bar a kind bar sugar in it. >> hold on. >> i have got to get you in here because under the current guidelines you are looking at
7:55 am
some, pop-tarts here in front of theed flakes under current guidelines avocado can't be labeled healthy but this can how he does that work. >> part of the problem has been, that ask sxheermdz' interest being health living healthy eating healthy he evolved faster than what is defined healthy consumers are qualified the old way evaluatings products being healthy versus the way things are is outdated so consumers are way ahead of the government here, and they are more confused than ever, and we need to start giving companies as well as consumers better guidelines how to make the right decisions because they are not experts and looking to us to be experts. >> sounds a lot of dplooinz in place in low fat no fat. >> can only be marked as healthy if they feet
7:56 am
cholesterol o sodium advisement cor calcium levels differ by foot category snacks generally can't have more than 3 grams of fat that means ruled out of being healthy. >> you know what, i think a lot of -- falls advertising going on you need to know at the end of the day what are the ingredients of what you are putting into your body, you have to know the amount of salt amount of sugar, fats car hydrates if eating salty foods increase blood pressure you sugary foods you will end up sick. >> from from a branding perspective if they can't call themselves healthy and they are have to rip that off painldz changes ability to market themselves as healthy this dates back to the term healthy, the way it is cat arrived to 1994 as i mentioned during low fat creates a, sugar was not on fda or nutritionist radar, of course, the big thing now right.
7:57 am
>> right, issue about that if you are really very involved in fitness industry you know you cannot life without fats you can't get leiper be healthier without having more fats in body there has been misinformation not -- as more and more americans, get into the healthier working out more being conscious of it they are very confused and a lot of practice, out there i don't mean medical i mean fitness people giving bad information now we need fda take a stronger stand to be clearer, so people have easier way to decide what is for them. >> reagainidefining healthy, wel have much more after the break. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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. >> good morning, it is sandra smith, in for maria bartiromo. this morning. this is the third hour, by the way -- all right. all right, about bring it, it is wednesday, may 11 you are top story 8:00 a.m. on the east coast votes in from nebraska and west virginia, coal country giving bernie sanders a decisive win over hillary clinton. >> donald trump closer to securing the republican nomination. he also addressed unifying the party and upcoming meeting with house speaker paul ryan. >> we need to start puck a being how do we unify the republican party the point i have been making, is we should not just pretend that our party is unified. >> he is a very good man wants what is good for the party i
8:01 am
think we are going to have a very positive results. >> severe weather east after doled tornados hit oklahoma and kentucky looking at the top of this storm. wow the pictures coming out of there very scary, a look at future yahoo! what is next for meyer and company, from the competition, everybody talking about this later this hour the most influential names in sports. soccer star david beckham looking at him number 10. more coming up. >> checking on markets this morning, futures pointing to a lower open you've got losses across the board right now not big a quarter percent lost you do fwoouts an hour aired headed s&p futures off 3 nasdaq off sen driver of the drop in the dow right now is thanks to disney, disney shares continuing do move lower in premarket right now, about 100 dollars a share in,
8:02 am
premarket down more than 6 dollars. the stock lost -- all morning expected to shave on open about 35 points off the dow, company reporting disappointing earnings for the first time over three years, and, big concerns by investors over declining subscribers in television unit espn, here is fox business dagen mcdowell! look up radio talk show host david here fox news contributor to my lowest, you have some interesting social media followers. >> i sure do tweets out appearance on show this morning, the comments are lovely you see. >> they are very -- very. >> keep tweeting. >> -- beer, i tweeted, what is better than beer free beer got a thumbs-up in a retweet from marty smith reporter for espn. >> can't top that. >> -- all right, to top story
8:03 am
this morning, it is not that, by the way, victories for donald trump, bernie sanders last night sanders topping hillary clinton in west virginia democratic primary the vermont senator keeping campaign alive remains a long shot, party nomination from est fromnner, adam shapiro in there good morning to you good to see you. reporter: good to see you sandra good morning to you as well, consider this, hillary clinton in 2008 with overwhelmingly won dwrakt voters support of voters in the primary then. this time around, no, take a look at numbers, bernie sanders, got 51.4%, of the democratic vote, where as hillary clinton got about 36%, so sanders is not resting even though a lot of people say this is still doing fob hillary clinton nomination he believes he can win it, take a listen. >> we cannot have a president who has insulted latinos, and mexicans, who has insulted
8:04 am
muslims, who every day is insulting women in one way or the other. who has insulted veterans like john mccain and others who has insulted african-americans in a very profound way. >> turning attention to donald trump, as is hillary clinton even though she lost wet virginia attacked trump here is what she said. >> with somebody like donald trump, you would see a race to the bottom across our country working families paying the price. >> donald trump, tweeted at 6:26 this morning response to those two here is what he said word for word i don't want to hit crazy bernie sanders too hard yet because i love watching what he is doing to crooked hillary his time will woman from west virginiaa.
8:05 am
>> good stuff thank you, bring in trump supporter access antonio, jr., good to have you -- hashtag one lucky guy on fox show, but good to see you again but because of that show i do know that you have been supporting trump quite sometime, why? >> from the beginning, it is just an honest guy i believe politics that is what we need for this country for the next four probably 8 years to fix it try to fix it we are in a big mess you know. >> you think he is the guy to fix it. >> whatever choices we have not going to be hillary. >> what reaction do you get from hollywood peers. >> things changed i think a lot of people are going to supporter him even more. >> yeah -- >> i think, i think so, but doesn't really matter what hollywood thinks what matters is you know we have the right to vote for whoever we want and i believe trump is the guy no matter what i think about common sense right now. >> i think that your request comments interesting david
8:06 am
because i think we do want to know and need to know what hollywood thinks because hollywood tends to be outspoken when it will comes to political pleefz whether walking red carpet or tweeting out their thoughts but interesting to hear from antonio that some are supporting donald trump. >> actually but not that surprising i will surprise the country some people in hollywood antonio and i know in common know this there is a tea party that was there when it was founded in 2009, and these are businessmen in blue collar people working in hollywood the big people stars come out tweet something, they go crazy they make a statement, but you got to remember there are more people than big actors like antonio there. >> folks that work camera operators the gaffeers. >> people secretly support donald trump too don't want to say so because people make it tough on them. >> more than that they support their own economy, and when you have too much of trying to
8:07 am
make it in a difficulty industry you want to have a good economy for you and your family. >> i want to get to this donald trump did go on bill o'reilly show last night was talking about raising money, for his presidential campaign i want to get your reaction. >> i think the numbers 45 million dollars, and i think that. >> you need a billion. >> -- i am raising money for the party and i think we will raise a lot i have no idea what numbers going to be maybe a billion. >> so hollywood is where he is going to get a lot of money. so you are saying this quite a growing support there. >> i think so, and going to raise a lot of money i mean been doing so far everything on otherwise own. >> raising for him. >> if he wafer i can do. >> have you chatted with him. >> i chatted with him a great guy -- i would love to work for him, and especially for the rest of the year. >> what capacity would you like to work. >> i probably could do executive protection right now i could, i could go with guys i am licensed ready to go in california i am applying for
8:08 am
arizona nevada i would work for him consort in car driver that kind of thing does it worry you party meeting with house speaker paul ryan coming up tomorrow does it worry you the party is not yet united behind him. >> i think it will be yointdz i think tomorrow is a good step in the right direction. >> a vocal trump supporter do you think it will hurt you getting work in hollywood, which is historically been -- >> for me personally i could care less right now from man upstairs i get everything not hollywood my decisions based on commons what what is right for my family i am not going to vote for hillary because of the business i am in i am voting for trump it is right for this country. >> hollywood is ultimately a union town there is something about donald trump, that is the only union guy. >> absolutely. >> -- hypocrisy they want to vote for somebody like bernie but a ebb socialist kind of
8:09 am
guy at the same time flying in private jets going quite the opposite. >> also how hollywood survivors think about entertainment industry i grew up in when you look at them they need people to buy tickets they need in seats you can't do that if lousy economy better economy better industry does this is why it is always painted on the left not true in hollywood that everybody is on the left. >> krk. >> it is a much bigger picture. >> much bigger picture this year, i think the whole run from both parties have been growth the best is yet to come. >> -- best entertainment. >> the base on left you he probably do hear a lot of in -- in hollywood, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, what are you hearing from your peers. >> he show a is having a to have you time probably going to win but lost the solver last few days, she is i mean i don't know -- it is tough as she has been i think lost at a lot of races.
8:10 am
>> what does hollywood think we know she -- katy perry for concerts. >> a lot of people don't care about that is anybody excited at all to support hillary. >> i don't think so, i don't think so. >> one vote i think the point aye an to know yoi makes katie perry one vote zuckerberg one vote a huge platform people looking at economy look at issues we talked about earlier, what resonates the economy. >> what you can do hollywood celebrities can do they might not move votes but they can raise a ton of money for you, as with that george clooney and his wife. >> clooney everybody able to raise 25,000 dollars a seat, but i don't know i don't think that is enough i think it is about the issue the economy. >> knowing that you have been supporting donald trump from the beginning because you have been on trump train quite sometime as you watch him, as
8:11 am
the presumptive nomin more possiblies against the hillary rodham clinton. >> see from fbi. >> true. >> if you hear from doctorh donald trump you sat down with him today to give him any suggestions what would they be. keep doing what a you are doing keep being honest he has gone this far, 16 other guys -- and the only one standing, when you know jast june everybody thought never going to could it. >> yeah, so they -- >> he had have a long race he won every one, so, i think going to keep winning. >> all right. >> v.p. >> a tough question -- too soon to tell. >> three or four guys can you know could do it. >> i will be a professional beer drinker before a professional politicians. >> great to get your
8:12 am
perspective good to have you. >> still incredible images out of kentucky after tornados ripped through the state lifting cars, and tearing down houses there, incredible images the full story next seth curry maybe unanimous mvp this year but plenty names you know topping another list, how about the most influential athletics in the automotive industry an exclusive look later this hour. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. sandra: weather killed two in oklahoma monday struck ohio river valley yesterday. cheryl casone following this for us this morning, good morning. cheryl: good morning sandra well this storm, moved from the plains, where two people were killed right into the ohio river valley yesterday, several small communities along the ohio river hit by powerful winds and rain, tornados reported in southern illinois and in western kentucky, look at this video guys this tornado hit used car lot the city of mayfield, the moment it touched down caught up close on video kentucky state police said there is significant damage, to homes in the businesses, and at least 10 people injured in
8:16 am
kentucky but the injuries you were not life-threatening good news. >> out of california a navy spokesman says a 21-year-old seal trainee died during first week basic training this happened coronado california san diego area. the spokesman said seaman derrick lovelace was pulled out of the pool later pronounced dead showing signs having difficulty treading water in a camouflage uniform dive mask part of training in first-week training seal trainee after -- joined the navy that was six months ago. well, new developments in the investigation into the death of prince a search warrant shows a minnesota doctor say prince twice in the month before his death, and prescribed medications, the warrant does not specific what medications were given, by doctor michael show allen bergh investigators searched
8:17 am
minneapolis hospital. >> rare earnings miss for walt disney showers are getting hit in the premarket right now, there is a stock right now, and it is taking a 106.60 close look at ask pretty rough disappointing second quarter disney dow component going to affect dow jones industrial average today, disney a had offset flat revenue at television businesses the big problem is espn we should say, macy's trading sharply lower premarket department store chain cutting 2016 earnings and sales guidelines first quarter sales below expectations. sandra, so a couple of stocks to watch not a good way sorry -- >> looks like could see a stock from -- >> thanks floated as possible replacement for melissa my other from aol ceo tim armstrong, athletes and cars
8:18 am
hand in hand we have an exclusive look at the athletes helping to move auto industry forward including some names maybe like the one you are seeing you might not expect. ♪ ♪ the way you make me feel ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide.
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8:22 am
>> good morning. we are here in new york here in brooklyn the big themes are going to be mobile and privacy a big debate but first yesterday we came here, and spoke exclusively with ceo tim armstrong, about what he thinks the facebook potentially filtering some conservative posts out of trending topics and asked what he had to think about that this is what he said. >> i think it would be highly unlikely that facebook is tilting information for consumers i think at the end of the day all of us have one word with consumers is trust consumers don't trust you you are not going to have them on your service. >> armstrong says as a rule, to stay out of the editorial bent of any of his publications do include huffing post doesn't attend editorial meetings stays away to keep views separate he is cashing in on 2016 race i asked armstrong what does he think about the presumptive
8:23 am
republican nominee donald trump. >> here is what i vote for i vote for the most contentious smost discussed most he long gaited presidential process ever. >> you got it. >> with media huge difference i think there is -- look there is going to be a real decision to be made there is going to be, 10 million conversations topics come up between now and election, benefit for our business. >> now armstrong's company aol, of course, owned by verizon rer zop reportedly bidding for yahoo! i talked to armstrong about that said if the right deal, the right time, they are in to make that work, but he has been friends with ceo melissa mayer yahoo! for about 10 years he knows her very well i asked what kind of advice he would be giving to her he said she doesn't need advice but selling for the sake of selling is not always good idea he saysit is all about improving the companies of the
8:24 am
future, and saving it for what it is valued for back to you. >> good stuff jo ling kent thank you for that make sure you tune in later jo sitting down with carmelo anthony 1:30 pm eastern and michael hayden 2:30 pm eastern i know you are never shy sharing opinions. >> they are horrible, no wonder you have so much time on hands. >> the world continues to talk about yahoo! potential purchase and melissa mayer does she stay or go? if there is a purchase a lot of tech that got one in front of me potential yahoo! buyer saying i cannot magic a scenario where we keep her. dagen: she is g-o-n--e out of there she is getting a huge separation package according to -- if she leaves the company, but she had a chance,
8:25 am
you know, and i think that the deck was stacked against her a little bit because she was woman i think people quick to creative her to criticize her the company was on its back. >> i remember a few years ago when -- yahoo! took her on, she revealed after signed on was preth justified returned from maternity leave having twins. >> right you are following this story, and more no technology a lot of uncertainty. >> the people criticized her on issue of maternity leave for coming back to work for is her choice set up a nursery made accommodation, so could come back the other issues around her leadership for the company yahoo! has been in trouble for a long time more competition, in the market. other platforms on the market, and anyone look to go buy yahoo! could this be i wonder could it be buying yahoo! for
8:26 am
its membership so to speak the way youtube deal went down more about who belongings to it than capabilities. >> by the way, criticism this trimester two weeks off a lot of people. >> ridiculous. >> her choice. >> technology world, she harass nursery attached to to to the office doing okay. >> still to come macy's shares hit hard in premarket reporting earnings this hour full story on that sell-off coming up down about 2 1/2 bucks early trading after pulling off yet another victory, this time, in we virginia byes media are ignoring bernie sanders downplaying chances beneath hillary clinton. >> stuart varney another person never shy of an opinion will be here to discuss this next. ♪ ♪
8:27 am
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8:30 am
>> the big thing in the history of the republican party, nobody's gotten more votes than i've gotten in the primaries. i think it's a great sign and we're doing well in the polls. >> i want to take a moment to thank the people of west virginia for the tremendous victory, i think it ends up being a double-digit victory tonight. i've been so concerned about the reckless talk coming from donald trump. when you are running for serving as president, you better mean what you say. >> bernie's string of big primary wins forcing hillary further to the left. and here is bernie's take on how it will affect the future of this race. famous athletes, including david beckham have a huge influence on the automotive industry. we'll have the top ten pros who are having a big impact on the world of cars coming up. chipotle, among the stocks to watch in today's trading session. the company holding the annual shareholder meeting today and addressing the recent food
8:31 am
safety crisis, still battling that. and looking at the broader market right now. we are still looking at essentially a lower open although we're coming well off the lows of the session as we speak. dow futures off 29 points. s&p down 1 and nasdaq down 2, small fraction of percent losses as we head to the opening bell this morning and the key issues on voter's minds after last night, a big election night. dagen, what do the exit polls show us? what's in the mind of the vot voter. dagen: let's put it up because i have no idea what they have putting up. if they e-mail me it went to my clutter folder. people here know what i'm talking about. these are republican voters in the state of west virginia, enthusiastic and satisfied 7%, 90% are dissatisfied or angry and of course, that's one of the reasons you see trump running away with it. how likely will donald trump end up beating hillary clinton come november?
8:32 am
not at all likely, not too likely, you see that's 11% there. so the vast majority of voters there think donald trump will be able to crush hillary clinton in november. sandra: well done. dagen: coal country, i said earlier, trump country. there you are. sandra: at least for now. joining us now is the federal senior editor molly hemmingway. of course, last night was a big night. what is your reaction and also to what dagen revealed about the voters? >> all right, well, donald trump has no opponents. you expect him to have a good night and he certainly did in west virginia, there were places where he got nearly 90% of the vote, much better than what happened in nebraska where 40% still voted against him, but one of the most interesting exit polls out of the west virginia showed that democrats are going to vote for donald trump over hillary clinton. bernie sanders voters told pollsters they'd vote for donald trump over hillary clinton. that shows he has appeal with independents and democrat and
8:33 am
going to help him in the general. sandra: we're looking at a real scenario where it happens. i go back again, i think it was charlie hertz when i spoke, this is not a reality where if they're not going to vote for hillary, they're going to vote for donald trump. he says it's a fantasy. you're saying it's a real thing? >> i think what we heard about republican voters, people are angry at the government. we've spent so much time focusing on that aspect in the republican primary, it's true in the democratic party. hillary clinton should have it wrapped up. she lost indiana, lost west virginia, a state she won eight years ago and tough races in kentucky and oregon. this is a bipartisan issue that's shaking up the way-- >> donald trump though doesn't have the republican party wrapped up, so to speak. he's waiting for the party to unite behind him and he says he can win anyway, even if they don't, but he's meeting with house speaker paul ryan tomorrow. what do you expect out of that?
8:34 am
>> well, i think it's a savvy move on the part of paul ryan who represents a pretty big swath of republican voters who haven't abouten very happy with the way donald trump is running to the left of hillary clinton in some cases. so, it's kind of a win hadden win for ryan. he either gets donald trump to start soundings a bit more conservative or clearly shown he's different from donald trump and he will fight him where necessary. sandra: he put it in a modest way. i want to support donald trump, i want to get behind him and the base of the party does want to, they want to beat hillary clinton. sandra: molly, do you think anything is going to get done or meeting with him because he has to because it will look good? >> do you think they'll find common ground? and on what? >> yeah, i hope they will, and i certainly think they could, they share enough policy ideas or they could share enough policy ideas. donald trump has said that he's going to wait on policy until after he's elected. that's probably not going to be enough to get actual republicans who are the sort of passion of the party, the excitement of the party on board with him and i think he does need that even though
8:35 am
currently he's reaching out to bernie sanders voters in a way that might make it hard for him to still reach out for conservatives. sandra: let's talk about possible vice-presidential running mate for donald trump. he has-- listen to this first, he says he's narrowed it down to a few people, not naming names. here is what he says, i want your response. >> you say the associated press is reporting, trump has narrowed potential v p's to five, all experienced politicians, not ruling out chris christie, is that an accurate report? >> well, i like chris a lot. i'm not going to say ruling in or out. i have in mind five different people. i think they're excellent and i'll announce whoever it will be at the convention. sandra: molly, who do you think it might be? >> i think he should really shake things up. i think he has an opportunity to do things very different. sandra: who would be shaking it up? >> this is my crazy idea, but i thought mike rowe would be an awesome guy, the one who's
8:36 am
always talking about the importance of vocational education, sort of like trump in that he's an entertainer. sandra: the jobs guy? >> yeah. sandra: really? >> i think that-- >> molly, come on. >> i love mike rowe and i'll watch him like, you know, before, but the american voter would not, i don't think, be so quick to digest two people from reality entertainment. >> if you think back to how bill clinton did it when he was running, he doubled down on who he was. people said he couldn't win, he went with another southern, you know, moderate democrat when he picked al gore, he didn't try to do the thing and pick someone different from him and worked out well for bill clinton in 1992. dagen: then you would pick chris christie, another kind of vocal. >> a governor. dagen: being southern myself, another vocal northeastern dude. >> or he could pick someone
8:37 am
like newt gingrich who would rye assure conservatives that actual conservative policies are put forth and he could pick no one, which is another sort of outside the box way of looking at it, where different, he could let the convention pick someone and you could have them run sort of-- >> that's the first time we've heard that, molly. >> and mike rowe might be watching and wondering what's going on right now. molly, when you look at where the political play plays out in this country, you have the fight, you have the differences, unity is part of what happens after you have a presumptive nominee, people start coalescing around, okay, we have more in common. that's natural. there will always be those that will fall on their sword, but that's how the process works. for the american people, if you want gridlock in hillary clinton, support some other party and be an erick erickson and go third water or suggest th that--
8:38 am
go third party and those are failed strategies. and opposing hillary clinton, you're not going to see the passion and excitement you want to have in your base. >> he's won the evan fwgelicalsn the south and catholic county in north carolina, and the electorate changed and gravity, frankly upsidedown. >> everything is different. but when you can at that about people on the street conversations admitting to people you're going to vote for trump, you want him to give you more reason to publicly state you're willing to support him and get the advocates and people who are going to reach out to a moderate voter. sandra: molly hemmingway, great to have you, fresh perspective. mike rowe for vice-president. dagen: or nobody. sandra: we appreciate your bringing your thoughts and perspective. good to have you. he's got the need for speed. there he is, david beckham number ten in the his of
8:39 am
athletes who actually shape the auto industry. we'll reveal the rest of the influential list next. ♪ we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been,
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>> ♪ if you'll be my bodyguard, i can be your long last pal ♪ >> we're now less than 48 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. take a look at stocks on the move, macy's shares selling off in the premarket. the company reporting a fifth straight quarter of falling sales as shoppers continue to cut back on spending and the retailer lowering the full year's earnings guidance.
8:43 am
one piece of news for macy's, the company is boosting dividend 4.9%. the shares down a couple dollars. chipotle executives on the hot seat as the company's annual shareholder meeting gets underway. the burrito chain trying to turn things around after a string of food safety failures last year and created a stigma. the shares are down 30% since october when one of the first e. coli companies were forced to close restaurants in the pacific northwest. alaska air set to replace sandisk on the s&p 500 after the close of trading tomorrow. the memory chip maker was brought by western digital by 19 billion dollars. the 6th u.s. airline by traffic and bought virgin america for 2.6 billion. shares up slightly in the premarket session. all right, bernie sanders, it was his night, keeping his campaign hopes alive. topping hillary clinton in the west virginia democratic primary and drawing huge crowds.
8:44 am
and this has hillary clinton moving further to the left. let's bring in the host of "varney & company" my friend stuart varney, good to see you this morning. stuart: good morning to you. sandra: what did you make of last night? >> hillary feels the bern and so she should. he's on an extraordinary roll, he's won 10 of the last 15 and 20 states overall, and west virginia. she has to respond. he's making the running and she has to follow him policy-wise. look what she came up yesterday as the big win was going down in west virginia. she now wants affordable child care, it's a new-- i'm going to call it a give away. hillary saying that child care is unaffordable, very expensive ap we've got to do something for the voters so give them a taxpayer subsidy. she's moved to the left just as bernie makes the running.
8:45 am
she's being dragged to the left by bernie's success. sandra: but, some political commentators that we hear on this network and fox news channel and all the other networks all day long say this isn't a race. she's still got a lead, stuart varney of 300 pledged delegates. there's no mathematical chance for bernie sanders and the nomination. stuart: you're quite right, you're absolutely right. except for the fact we haven't heard much of an indictment recently. what happens if there is an indictment? is hillary still the front runner? is she still the candidate. there's always that in reserve. bernie doesn't mention it, but it's out there. this is a possibility. bernie's not sunk. what his real objective here i think is to influence the platform. by staying in the race through to the convention, he ensures that hillary is dragged further and further to the left because hillary absolutely needs to support of bernie's people come
8:46 am
november. sandra: david webb would like to ask you a question. >> i've got to cover the hillary rally. what question would you like me to ask the hillary supporters. stuart: that's simple. who pays for the government subsidized child care? who pays for people allowing to buy into medicare before the actual time when they're eligible for membership? who pays? is she going to say tax the rich? that won't work. the rich don't have enough to pay for the raft of programs that she's proposing. my bottom line is she's buying votes with your money, and i don't think she should get away with it. sandra: all right. stuart varney, the meeting between donald trump and paul ryan is shortly coming up. does the republican party unite behind donald trump? >> i think donald trump holds the key cards here. he's the guy, no matter what, he is the candidate. he's brought all of these new people into the republican party. that's a very strong couple of cards to be playing.
8:47 am
the alternative, the other side of the fence is the republican national committee, the republican party, they've got the money and trump needs the money. so there will be at some point a meeting of minds, whether it's a wholesome, enthusiastic unity, that's another story entirely, but i think they'll get together. sandra: good stuff. always love having you, stuart varney, thank you. if you like what you heard there, stay tuned because his show starts in 13 minutes and you don't want to miss it because he's got the ceo and founder of kind snacks coming up on "varney & company," an awesome story, we talked about it earlier this morning. "varney & company" starts at 9 a.m. eastern. thank you, stu. stuart: thank you, sandra. sandra: david beckham and floyd mayweather are some of the names in sports that make or break the auto industry. we have the famous people influencing the car business when we come back. ♪
8:48 am
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8:51 am
e. stuart: all right. welcome back. sandra: we're taking a look at biggest names in sports who have a major influence in the auto industry. from pro athletes like david beckham and floyd mayweather who are buying up the world's rarest cars. two top drivers in the global racing circuit. they're making an impact on the way that we drive. joining me now is "the drive" editor, mike guy is here. this immediately took me by surprise, david beckham number ten on the list, why is he having such an influence on the auto industry. >> david has great taste in cars. sandra: it's easy to do when you have a lot of moan. >> you know, when--
8:52 am
>> there's a lot of people with really bad taste in cars with a lot of money. >> david, since he retired and maybe before he retired, he's a classy guy and his selection of cars reflects that. a couple years ago he bought a jeep wrangler, which is a pretty basic car and bought a jeep wrangler limited and kited it out and sales-- >> and the passenger seat looked a lot bet are, too, right. dagen: you know what? car people don't care who is in the passenger seat, they really don't. sandra: dagen says that because she's our local car expert and knows all things about cars. and another one, floyd mayweather. >> he's the expert in osten tacious buyer. >> a bugatti is like a gazillion dollar car.
8:53 am
>> and, but he went for the classic purchase. sandra: this is no shocker, brian francis, the chairman of nascar, but that's what i expected on this list, but also, we've got lewis hamilton number one, the formula race car driver, 31 years old. what is he doing to the industry? >> globally louis hamilton is the best known race car driver in the world. the best formula one driver. he's a three-time champion, won 43 races and he's mercedes' top face. sandra: getting in here. >> we look at the athlete and effects they have, kids want to emulate the stars and a lot of players want to emulate. the new york mets cepedes. the lamborghini, he sold. you want to own it for a little bit, get the flash.
8:54 am
>> he sold it it didn't work on new york city streets and too low and damage done on the cars. dagen: you can't pull it into a parking garage. . sandra: he's got a 75 million dollar contract so i go back to my you've got the money, you can buy the cars and sold his favorite toy, a lamborghini. >> a ventdor. sandra: flame spitting exhaust, dagen. dagen: in miami, maybe if you're playing with the marlins. i love that dale earnhardt, jr. is on the list and-- >> a fascinating guy, started a nascar team and now is in formula one, 400, 500 million dollar investment. and alex veda. >> people don't know him if you're a professional athlete with a multi-million dollar
8:55 am
contract, you go to him for the kit. >> and owner cj wilson racing. >> and plays baseball to support his new love. he has a race team and a big fan of the drive and done a lot of work with him and a great collection are cars and great race car driver. dagen: it could be a huge sinkhole for your money. >> for cj, it's a lot of money down the drain. sandra: for those interested, c j's choice is a viper. >> yeah. sandra: good stuff. mike guy, good to have you. >> all right. sandra: fun stuff. final thoughts from our all-star panel just after the break. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ i'm going off the rails on a crazy train ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby.
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and provided by unitedhealthcare insurance company, which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. ♪ what a good wednesday morning, thank you for joining us. kat, final thoughts from you this morning. >> i am very excited to see hillary clinton get beaten last night. i really don't like her and that always puts me in a good mood. [laughter] let us know if you've got other
8:59 am
final talks. dagen: and i remember kat talking about needing a poison taster. >> if i went out to brunch with her i'd bring a food taster. don't act like you don't think that's good advice. sandra: dagen, you'll be joining me on the couch at noon. your final thoughts. dagen: paul ryan and donald trump, a labor of love and they'll come back together and they need to stop spitballing, united front. sandra: david west? >> i was outnumbered and bringing it up on a high note. i get to go to a hillary rally and ask her supporters who-- that's right, i get to listen to it on sirius xm. look for that package later on on fox, i'm sure we'll get it out to everybody, what the hillary supporters and maybe some protesters, bernie-- >> be nice. >> i'm always nice.
9:00 am
sandra: a quick update on the market, disappointments this morning and looking at potentially a lower opening a half hour from now, dow futures be down. thanks to david webb, dagen mcdowell, kat, that does it for us, "varney & company." stuart, it's always yours. stuart: we'll take it. bernie, oh, he's not going away. hillary has to deal with him. what does she do? another taxpayer funded give away. good morning, everyone, day care for the working poor, that's the give away from hillary. a 15 point win for bernie, he's won 10 of the last 15 states. that's the reason for hillary's new give away. he's strong and she moves left towards him. that's what's happening. trump gains political support and intellectual fire power. the number two republican in the house, kevin mccarthy comes out for trump. the founder of paypal, an early investment in facebook, a billionaire, peter teal, he


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