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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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sandra: a quick update on the market, disappointments this morning and looking at potentially a lower opening a half hour from now, dow futures be down. thanks to david webb, dagen mcdowell, kat, that does it for us, "varney & company." stuart, it's always yours. stuart: we'll take it. bernie, oh, he's not going away. hillary has to deal with him. what does she do? another taxpayer funded give away. good morning, everyone, day care for the working poor, that's the give away from hillary. a 15 point win for bernie, he's won 10 of the last 15 states. that's the reason for hillary's new give away. he's strong and she moves left towards him. that's what's happening. trump gains political support and intellectual fire power. the number two republican in the house, kevin mccarthy comes out for trump. the founder of paypal, an early investment in facebook, a billionaire, peter teal, he comes out for trump.
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there is movement towards him. disney, moving down in the stock, the trouble with espn and that's disney's cash cow, it's going to be down big. but the big money story, the long list of big names hitting record highs. amazon leads the charge again and, yes, "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ well, i won't back down ♪. [laughter] >> you hear that, you know, the producers select very good music. no, i won't back down. all right. bernie sanders is not backing down, he won another state. the economy, one of the big issues for democrat voters yesterday. a third of those democrat voters in west virginia said they'd go for trump in november. how about that? more coming up on that issue, but right now, we'll check the market for you.
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here is how we're likely to open today, ever so slightly lower. but what do you expect after a 200 point plus gain yesterday. that was biggest gain in two months. it will open lower, but that's mostly because of disney, which is a dow stock, which will be down. that will cost the dow about 40 points and look where disney is going to go, down to about 101 per share. liz, you're going to sort out for me, what's this about espn as disney's big problem? liz: still losing customers despite bob iger. and they lost 7 million espn customers within the last two years. stuart: 7 million in two years. >> because of competition, you can get your sports programming elsewhere. disney is concerned that it's lost its magic and ceo bob iger plans to step down in june 2018 so plans are in play here. stuart: espn again is the problem, the bottom line liz: that's right. stuart: okay, let's get to
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politics, why not? the economy front and center. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in west virginia big time. 15 points. he's not going away and even the republicans, they're paying attention. look at what rnc chair reince prebus. it's nothing short of embarrassing, hillary clinton has been beaten over 20 times for a 74-year-old socialist. >> she's going left. >> yeah, she actually won west virginia, and the effect of coal miners and coal companies. for her, in health care, she's moved over to health care. he says he wants of course, single payer. >> and she says maybe we should let people buy into medicare. so if you're already going to have trouble finding a doctor, imagine how much more difficult it will be. he's pushed her off to the left
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on minimum wage. he says $15 an hour, she says maybe 12. well, many people wonder why not 30 or 40, if you're going to start mandating that dynamic for small business. so she's putting herself in a box, but her trouble is she's going to be the nominee, that there are so many millennials supporting him. she can't define herself yet. the number you noted about the people voting for her. she's in real trouble. stuart: she's being defined by bernie sanders,almost. >> it's a strange position to be in when you're supposed to be the women supposed to be the first woman president and most powerful in the world and a man is famous for having a bird land on his podium is beating you. stuart: wait a minute, a man famous for having a bird land on his podium. >> in one of the northwestern states, he was giving a huge rally to tens of thousands of people and a birdie flew in and landed on his -- it was portland. they put a bird on it, a birdie
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flew in and sat on his podium. the crowd went wild liz: magical. >> it was magical and i loved it and now i call him birdie sanders. stuart: oh. >> so she's being beaten by birdie liz: you don't call it sanderista? >> 44% of the voters will vote for trump. 44%, the millennials. stuart: hold on a second, i'm looking a the west virginia democrats who voted yesterday. one third of them who will vote for trump come november, okay that's one third. >> and 44% of bernie sanders voters, millennials will go to trump. a third of democrats, and that's not just west virginia, you're going to see that nation we had. stuart: come in, governor mike huckabee, you heard those numbers. in particular, focused on the third of west virginia democrats voting yesterday who will vote for trump in november. now, there's a story, if i may say.
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>> well, it is a story, but i thought it was very poetic moment. this is not the only time that brny sanders has been giving the bird to hillary. >> oh. >> he did it again in west virginia. a wipeout and look, this is significant, what a significant turn from eight years ago with hillary when the homecoming queen and now she couldn't get a date. this is an amazing thing. bernie sander has become a court jester and keeps tripping the queen and she had a face plant in west virginiament democrats have to be panicked not just because of her losses, but because of the fact she is not pulling those traditional democratic voters 'cause they're as angry at their party as republicans are at their party and that's why donald trump is really waxing away with the field because he is looking, as a guy that's neither of those guys. stuart: and look on the other side of the fence for a second.
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there's a billionaire, he was supporting ted cruz, james simons there, i think he gave $13 million, him and his employees to ted cruz, now he switched, because cruz is out. he's switched and not giving to donald trump, he's giving to hillary clinton, given $2 million already, what do you think about that? >> i think it's a great time for donald trump to remind people, meet the old boss-- the new boss. and sanders the old boss. that's wrong with washington, the same donors fund republicans, they fund democrats, they don't care, they make money either way, but it's the working class who is getting gut punched and when donald trump goes out there and says he does not belong to that group, he's not going to be a wholly owned subsidiary of the wall street donors, i tell you, it's resonating with people and why he's done so well and why democrat voters are flocking to him as well as working class republicans. and it scares the day lights out of washington because keep
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in mind, stuart, the reason under the house republicans, nothing changed. we still had no advance on immigration, no repeal of obamacare, we didn't do a darned thing about planned parenthood funding, we increased the debt ceiling. everything republicans hated we went ahead and did it, why? because the donor class wanted it that way. so the donors who gave to cruz, who by the way was pretty much a corporately funded guy like the rest of them, they're not going to trump. they're not republicans, they're people who wants to make sure that their nest keeps getting feathered. stuart: i know your daughter works for the trump campaign and it sounds like you're about to endorse donald trump yourself. >> well, i have endorsed him because i said i would wait until he got the nomination, i wasn't going to endorse before because i felt that's what voters needed to do, but i'm not one of the republicans, fold my arms and say never trump. no, i think that donald trump will be an excellent president and by the way, i'm convinced he will beat hillary and i know
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the clintons very well, stuart. i've known them my whole adult life and went into the last race saying nobody knows hillary better on the republican side. donald trump will beat hillary clinton. stuart: there's a prediction for you. i think it's may the 11th, 2016, he said it. governor huckabee, thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. >> you bet. stuart: i've got some corporate stories for you know you. first off, the share price of office depot is going to be down big today, try 30% down. and so will staples, down about 15%, why is this going on? the feds are blocking their proposed merger. tammy, let me bring you into this. it seems to me like the administration doesn't care about private enterprise. cheese -- these companies are wanting to get together and they want to keep them apart. >> i think they care about private enterprise, but in the process of having it not work.
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this is an action that's in fact very aggressive in keeping companies-- what would normally be a basic thing, in order to survive and work, the agreement and the marketplace, but this is where this administration hasn't been passive. you know, that they should be doing more. they actually take action that makes things worse and we're seeing this of course, in general politically, but especially with business and the controlling of business. stuart: right. >> and i think that americans need to take note of that. stuart: it's a bricks and mortar story. they said you can't get together because that decreases competition. the competition for these companies is internet, on-line. >> coming from costco and wal-mart. stuart: amazon, too. >> just last week the federal government blocked the merger of halliburton and baker hughes, a 34 billion dollar deal. stuart: a lot of mergers have been blocked. on grounds that i personally don't approve. now this, oh, dear, it's been a long time since britain's
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soccer hooligans made headlines, but they're back. hundreds of them attack the bus carrying mach united's players, in canada. a london club. beer cans thrown, bus windows shattered. the players couldn't get out of the bus. please, remember, we're bringing you the story because these players trapped inside a bus with rioters around them. these players are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, and they were trapped in the middle of a riot. the riot police eventually dispersed the crowd and the game was delayed. hooliganism is back in my home country. we have word from nasa, more than 1200 new planets discovered, some of them may be able to support life, but they're awful long way away. check out the town-- this is incredible. the town of mckenny texas, showing off plans for a high
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school football stadium, the most expensive ever built. >> holy toledo. >> we'll tell you how much it costs, you will not believe this. next, the 14-year-old inventor who is making a big splash in the tech worldment . he came up with a special vending machine with first aid products he reportedly turned down a $30 million offer for his company. you can be sure we'll ask him about that and he is next.
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>> well, will you look at this? macy's is going to fall out of bed today when the market opens. that's about 15 minutes. lower outlook, lower sales, we're calling this whole thing about retail the retail ice age. there's a whole lot of bricks and mortar stores that are not doing well on the internet and there competition there from, that's the reason. look at this one, keep an eye on disney, it's down about 5%, know the a great earnings report yesterday.
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that will affect the overall dow, disney is a dow stock. will you please look at this? amazon, here is where it's going to open, around 7:03. way up in the last couple of weeks. jeff bezos, the founder, made about $2 billion yesterday alone. he's now the fourth richers person. >> i don't know if i made any money yesterday. [laughter] . stuart: didn't make 2 billion. how about the price of oil, we're going to get some important numbers how much supply there is in the pipeline. that's at 10:30 eastern time. and in advance of that, the price of oil is right there at $44 a share. now this, our next guest is a 14-year-old young man from alabama and he invented a vending machine for first aid products. he brought it to new york's tech crunch event. here he is. taylor rosenthal, 14 years old. [applause] >> you got a round of applause. >> nicely done, sir.
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stuart: how can you come up with the idea, tell me. >> i started out in the 8th grade class called the young entrepreneurs academy and it's a class that helps you start up your own company and they say one night, go home and brain storm an idea so i played baseball for ten years now and every time i got hurt at a travel ball tournament or something and nobody could find a bandaid. i kind of wanted to come up with something to help that. stuart: really, you went to the baseball game. somebody had a minor injury, nobody had a bandaid and you create a vending machine for bandaids and the like. you're had a smart young man, you figured out if you sold these products, first aid stuff, you'd have to pay somebody to sell them. you don't like that. that's why you went the vending machine route? >> yeah, i actually, my original idea was to start off sitting at sporting events selling first aid kids that
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were pre packaged, but i knew how much it would cost to pay somebody to sit at the tournament for six hours. >> $15 an hour. stuart: that's right, so the vending machine gets around the minimum wage and cost of labor. >> yes. stuart: we don't have one in the studio. is it a special kind of vending machine that you invented or did you invent the products that go in that vending machine? >> we created the vending machine ideas itself. we didn't actually create, like, selling-- >> you didn't build a new vending machine, you built an idea what to put in the vending machine. >> yes. stuart: that's what you did. first aid products. have you got it out and about yet. >> we have not. we're hoping to start by the fall. stuart: what's this about you got a $30 million offer for your company. is that for real. >> yes, it is. stuart: who offered, you don't have to use their name. what kind of company or person offered the money. >> it was a major health care company. stuart: really? >> yes. stuart: and you turned it down.
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i said earlier you're a very smart young man. what are you doing turning down $30 million at the age of 14. >> it took a lot to think about it, but we had felt like the time wasn't right. we want today grow and develop the company a little bit more and maybe later on it would be worth more. >> here we go. stuart: and you wanted to grow your company. what a strange idea in this day and age. i'm joking, i'm joking, a good idea, young man. what's your next step, you're going to get the vending machines out there with first aid products in them. is that the next step. >> yes, the next step is to put our vending machines out on the market. stuart: how long will that take? >> hopefully we should have them out by the fall. stuart: i hate to do this, but if somebody offered you 50 million dollars today for the idea? you would take it, wouldn't you? >> yes. [laughter] >> excellent. does your company have a name? >> it does.
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it's called recmed. stuart: spell it. >> r-e-c-m-e-d. >> where did you get that. >> we thought of a cool name, recreational and then medical, med. stuart: have you invented anything else? >> actually we have a second idea behind the first one. >> of course. stuart: and you can't tell me that because somebody will steal it. >> that's right. stuart: maybe if you put out for $50 million, you had a he have your second idea roped in with the first idea to get the value up. >> yes. stuart: fantastic, fantastic. >> loving it. stuart: it was great to have you on the show, young man. i hope you can come back and tell us how you're doing with your idea because it's a very good idea and you're a smart young guy. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> congratulations. stuart: thank you, congratulations. and next case, nasa announcing it's discovered more than 1200 new planets.
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nine of which may be able to support life. now, what do you know about this? >> it's the kevlar telescopes, it's zooming in on stars, nine of which could support life possibly. and pluto-- >> is this a planet? >> they're finding that there are, yes, more than 1200 milky way planets. >> they're trying to get obamacare to each of those planets and they're going to regulate all of them in about ten minutes. [laughter] nothing will happen in space, we already know. stuart: we can't get there because, what, light years away, i'm sure. >> light years away. this is just the milky way. stuart: i'm making fun of it, but the whole point is, there may be life elsewhere out there because the universe, the galaxy is so vast. >> right. stuart: odds are, something is out there. >> they're going to need some first aid vending machines because they have none right
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now because they're out there. stuart: they need 14-year-old inventors who turn down $30 million. shocked at that one. >> and this planet, dude, it's 1200 more, buck up. stuart: all right. you're free to go and ladies, will join me later. and silicon valley getting political. peter teal, founder of paypal, an early founder of facebook, he says he'll support donald trump. a california delegate for donald trump. details next. you bang up your car.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> now, here is a stock that we've been following and why not? because the thing keeps setting record highs and nobody-- not a lot of people expected this. mcdonald's closed yesterday at a record high. it's going to open this morning just a tad higher maybe. we're following it, why not? it's a winner. then we have the video game maker electronic art. maybe you don't know what they do. maybe you've never heard of them. two words and you'll understand what they do and why they're up. "star wars," they make "star wars," the game, and they're up big time today. how about macy's? down big time. that's premarket, it will be opening lower when the market opens in about three and a half minutes time. they've got a weak outlook. they're looking to the future and saying things ain't great,
9:27 am
guys, and down goes that stock about, what would that be? 15%, 10% at least? they're down. then we have this the billionaire behind paypal is an early investor in facebook, bless you. >> that man there, peter teal, he's know you backing donald trump. and also reportedly on donald trump's campaign team and tammy, ithis is unusual. silicon valley guys don't normally support trump or republicans. >> this is a statement to the millennial groups. this is a man who is rerear -- revered when it comes to silicon valley and brings in a different age and focus, remind you of the aei meeting in georgia with tech leaders and republicans leaders worried about donald trump, people like
9:28 am
elon musk, tim cook, mr. teal was not there. this is a man who understands that the economy matters and american people understand that and knows this is the direction. he makes good decisions liz: he's on the board of facebook still. stuart:'s he on the board. >> mark zuckerberg's comments about donald trump, he's still on the board. stuart: we have news all week that facebook has been steering its users away from conservative website, aang lon he comes on board and supports trump, that's a contradiction. and we've had polls, the results of the polls were as follows: florida and pennsylvania, trump and clinton virtually tied. trump has come a long way in the two states. lock at ohio, the key swing state, trump 4 points ahead of trump. and look at this, hillary is
9:29 am
using these polls as a fund raising technique. >> the problem, she says here i'm losing, come over to my side. that's how desperate it is. mitt romney was 8 points behind mr. obama in 2012 you're looking at that kind of a shift. that's because independents, some democrats, people generally are now looking and all of his numbers are within the margin of error, he could be ahead in all of those liz: what's working is crooked hillary. in ohio the trustworthy numbers. she's coming back trump loose cannon, that too above the belt in terms. >> it's not bad to have a loose cannon these days and might frighten some of the guys of the world. stuart: very strong this morning. now, look, it's 20 seconds until the opening bell, the start of trading on wall street.
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we are expecting what, we're expecting a very small loss, maybe 30 points, almost all of that is accounted for by disney, which is going to be down and disney is a dow stock. therefore, in all likelihood, disney accounts for the dow's loss. we were up over 200 points yesterday. 9:30, we're up and running and down 15 points. down 19 points. very, very modest loss largely because of disney. can we show disney stock, how did it open? what should we do? a 5% decline $5 down 101 at disney. we've got espn problems. tammy bruce still with us. liz macdonald with us, and shah galani is with us and so is dan in chicago. >> i've owned it for years and i'm surprised it's taken this
9:31 am
much hit, they've got the "star wars" franchise ahead of them and i think it's a bit of an overreaction. stuart: i think they're brilliant at exploiting a franchise. >> they are, absolutely. one of the problems, success in terms of iger, he's been brilliant at the company and who is going to take misplace. there are questions about that now. stuart: i once had dinner with him at four seasons in new york city, i tried to persuade him to put rush limbaugh on monday night football. [laughter] >> how did that go? >> didn't go well and he didn't do it, it was a very short dinner. how about looking at macy's, part of the retail stage, it's down and down big. they give a weak outlook for the future. there's lots of bricks and mortar companies are not getting foot traffic because of the internet liz: that's right, lower sales versus last year. coming in worse than expected and the holiday season is hanging on them because people have switched toward tj maxx,
9:32 am
marshall's, h&m, amazon to do shopping. macy's saw this trend and take it's taking hold. >> one of the things about malls, they're being toing the same. they're looking at what already is trending, there's nothing unique. you have a banana republic that's forgotten the nature of their buyer. you stop going to the mall and find unique things on-line. stuart: bricks and mortar retail, look at that, macy's, penny's, target, kohl's all of them down. i think this is the internet, i think it's on-line selling. is that the problem here? >> absolutely. and exactly, that's really what it's amounting to. the internet is taking over everything. the internet, everything is going to destroy retail and malls, too. have you been to a mall recently? >> i have and this is what was striking. you're seeing did the you can go on-line and find interesting things, but if you go into the mall, one store after the other seems the same.
9:33 am
you don't find anything unique, you're not challenged and they're trying to adapt to the internet interestingly and doing it the wrong way. people do enjoy a kind of microshopping, very specialty, unique items that normally they'd never be able to get. and at home in the mall it's the same. >> i'm in florida a lot, the mall traffic is down everywhere i go liz: remarkable. stuart: and it's noticeable. i find it fascinating. target is down 3, 4% there and that's been affected by the bathroom issue, i suspect, of all things. let's bring you a winner. it's called amazon. winner and a half. now it's at $703 per share. do you like this one at 703? or a bit toppy for you. >> it has a tremendous future ahead of it. i wished i owned it lower, a little too high.
9:34 am
>> the cloud ver have -- services, and they do cloud computing and there's no overhead cost. that's money coming in the door. amazon bigger than industrials like ge and bigger than wal-mart in market cap by triple digit pe. stuart: dan is sitting out there in chicago, hasn't got in a word edge-wise. do you go to malls? do you shop on-line and would you buy any retail stocks? there's a bunch of questions. >> two points on this, if you were to drop any one of us in any mall in america, what they're saying is right, they're the same. am sop, the things that bricks and mortars are doing wrong, amazon is doing it right. they're targeting it, looking at what the consumer wants today. there is going to be bricks and mortar, but they'll have to veer away from what they're doing. i haven't gone to the mall in months except for the apple store because i had to get my computer. stuart: i know what you mean.
9:35 am
we have another story and plays into the concept of the retail ice age. the feds kill the staples-office depot deal. both the stocks are hammered there. dan, this is an economic question, really. the white house, the administration and relationship to private enterprise. i maintain they don't like it. and you say what? >> i have to agree with you 100%. it seems like anybody tries to do something to expand, the government puts its thumb down. the government has to et-- get out of the way. this is not something that's going to create a monopoly. other places you can buy and this is a bad move on the government's part overall. >> the government says if you get the two companies together. you decrease competition. >> that's what we said five minutes ago, the competition is the internet, it's-- >> it's so 1985 thinking on the part of the government. >> well said, i like that
9:36 am
expression. >> more big names for you, all of them coming off lifetime highs this week. where are they now, as of this wednesday morning? start with being m mcdonald's, down a fraction. how about home depot, another all-time high recently and this morning it's down a near 45 cents, that's it. johnson & johnson, another high earlier. unchanged as of right now, and pepsi, yet again, another high. and it's up a bit more. 106.87. however, look at facebook. justice hit a brand new lifetime high, hit 121 moments ago. i need commentary on facebook because a lot of people and this program, that's the tech stock. one guy said it's going to be the first trillion dollar company. all right, shah, have at it. >> it wouldn't price me, last time i was on, this is the tech stock to own, nowhere to go, but up. everything that mark zuckerberg is doing, he's doing it correctly. the mobile approach and everything he's got in this
9:37 am
wheel house actually goes back into what it does for the subscribers for everybody who is on facebook and he extend that out. it's a fabulous business model and i think it will be a trillion dollar company. >> it will be a trillion dollar company and that stock would have to go to what, 2, 3, $400 a share. >> nothing that's going to happen in a year or two, but perhaps in that time period. stuart: last word. >> the senate g.o.p. launched an inquiry into the news cure ration scandal. it's moving into a serious arena. it's not affected the stock? >> everybody's lives is embedded into facebook, and much more in the news. stuart: and broadcasting to an overseas audience, a billion users every day most are overseas and most don't want news about donald trump. he's-- zuckerburg is catering to his foreign audience, i suspect. i've got another winner for you, called electronic arts, that's the video game maker behind john madden football and
9:38 am
i believe they've got the "star wars" as well. >> you're right on point, sta stuart varney. projections going forward, better than expected. "star wars" battle front. they've knocked on another million sales with this thing. 14 million copies to the retailers and madden nfl mobile doing very well and it turns out, players spent who are than two hours a day on. >> a playing "star wars" galaxy of heroes and a couple more names coming out. titan 2 and effects. and madden, "star wars," it's a winner. stuart: thank you. take a look at the big board. now we're down 64 points, but about 40 of those points are accounted for by the decline in stocks. absent disney you've got a relatively flat market as you kick it off today. how about the price of oil? again, relatively flat, i believe around $44 per barrel and at 10:30 eastern time.
9:39 am
we'll get the latest report on how much supply of oil there is inside america. that could move the market. we'll give you the numbers, 10:30 eastern today. and now this, wait a minute, wait a minute, dan stestarch, you're the oil guy. theres' a gigantic glut and that's not going away soon? >> no, it's going to take a long time for that inventory build to break down. oil last night 3.7 million barrel build and expecting 300,000 barrels and yet, the oil stays here, i don't understand that part of it. if we get a big build at 10:30 it will bring down, but a long time before we get rid of it. stuart: eric bolling colleague at fox news, he called the oil market the widow makers, a lot of widows createded by the oil market. wal-mart suing visa because card users have to still sign
9:40 am
their name even though they've got the chip in the visa card. >> here we go, this is a nasty fight. wal-mart is saying, look it, visa, seven out of ten of our customers use their debit cards, which basically go right into the checking account. we need more security here. we need you to force the customer to put in their pin numbers, right? visa is saying no, no, no, we want the flexibility and sign only, that's okay for us? guess what, visa makes more money from wal-mart with signatures per transaction, so it's a money game for visa, they want customers using only signature. >> they want the credit element versus the debit element. they make more money on the credit with the signature. >> i can't imagine wal-mart winning that fight. >> a gorilla in the room. >> and they would have to force them to pay more. stuart: i'm going to move on. i have no idea what you're talking about. [laughter]
9:41 am
i've got a visa card with a chip in it and i've never had to sign yet. >> go to wal-mart. >> you have the valet ahead of time. >> and maybe you use cash, maybe you're a cash man. stuart: quiet on the set. netflix, oh, thank god that put that up for me, here is a statistic for you, netflix cuts out six days of commercials from your life per year compared to cable tv. here is another one, i don't understand. >> netflix has no advertising, so the tech industry survey group says it's more than 150 hours a year of ads that netflix isn't imposing on customers. netflix says we will never have ads, but shows you how powerful netflix could be if it did one day have ads on its site. stuart: powerful in terms of reven revenue. stuart: do you like netflix. >> you know the answer, it's overpriced, but a great stock. it's got head wind right now, too many studios coming up and
9:42 am
creating more competition for it, and a lot of the screenings on-line and i think that netflix is going to face more headwinds. stuart: one more question for you, microsoft. okay, i own a little bit of it. you're the guy who says it was going to 65. >> yes. stuart: it's not. it's at 50. what's going on? >> i will say this, we owned it for a long time, sold it and made great profits and started buying back in at 50. and if goes lower, load up the bus. stuart: when you say load up the bus. >> large position. stuart: you've got some now. >> hoping it goes down more. if the markets slips here, and that's a good time to get in. stuart: i think 49.50, you would buy big time at what? >> 48, 45, 43. i would buy, load up. stuart: it's gone up, to 51. >> i'm glad i own some. >> with his tie, he did not have a bus outside. and i kind of figured-- . this is shah galani. yahoo! mail has been blocked by congress due to a surge in
9:43 am
malware attacks against the house of representatives. oh. >> listen-- >> a battle. >> it doesn't make any sense. stuart: the stock is up. >> it's not going to affect the stock. >> here is what's going on. yahoo!'s mail is so loaded with sick viruses that the house of representatives is saying, you know, stop-- to the workers, stop using yahoo! mail at work and what's going on the house of representatives workers have a lot of important information in their accounts they're getting hit with ransomware where they say you have to pay us money to get the files back. stuart: i understand that. yahoo! mail is loaded with malware, that's real bad. >> that's really bad and the government unions are saying, you know what? we want our governor union workers to be allowed to use their personal yahoo! and gmail accounts at work. >> everyone in government should have their zone server, why not? >> at home. >> at home. stuart: the dow jones industrial average right now, about 14 minutes into the
9:44 am
session, we're down 86 points, okay? 87 points. dan, would you come in, please, just for a second. i know you're a commodity kind of guy, do you have any single big reason why the dow is selling off today, down 87? >> well, i think the fact that we had a rally yesterday and the market is toppy in my view. not a lot going on. earnings are here still and the market has go the to take a break, it's too high and it needs to fall back some. stuart: thanks for joining us, dan. great stuff. disney not a great report and they're down five bucks as we speak. dow down 85. disney is down nearly 5%. remember, disney is a dow stock and helping the dow go south. show me macy's, please, that's a story. another one of the retail giants taking it on the chin this morning. as we said so many times, so many people are going to on-line buying and selling, and that's what's happening and
9:45 am
that's why macy's is getting hit, i do believe. a couple of tech giants opening at all-time highs. amazon has gone to 703 and facebook backed up a little. look at the two stocks liz: facebook hitting a record high. stuart: this remind me a couple of years ago, when apple kept going and all of a sudden you have amazon and facebook doing very, very similar things. i don't think that actually facebook has taken off the way the other big techs did in the past. >> it's going to, getting warmed up. stuart: i have a loser and you know what they do, they're fossil, they're the watch and accessory people. show me, please, what's going on? >> oh, man, right? look at this one, down 31%, a stock that dropped nearly 70% last year. turns out the company-- this is a company that used to set low bars and meet them and beat them. now they keep lowering
9:46 am
expectations and not meeting it. retailers are watching the inventory closely, talking about currency headwinds, comparable in wearables. the big picture, they're not merging the merchandise and this stock is crushed today. i think that's the right word to use, crushed indeed. >> there's so much competition in their field. i don't think it's bright long-term. stuart: it not just watching. >> casual clothing. stuart: accessories. >> the price point where they're at, there's too much competition, it's a hard time getting. stuart: how would you like to wake up in the morning, you own fossil stock and you hear that the demand is not great, and you've lost a third of your money a one hit wonder, you have to know to sell at the top. >> just as jerry seinfeld left early, you know when to life. stuart: are you telling me i should retire? thank you very much.
9:47 am
>> we're discussing fossils, aren't we? >> oh, low blow. stuart: thank you for a rapid fire wednesday morning, 9:30 opening bell. we appreciate it, thank you, one and all. check the big board, we're down 78 p points. 17, 850 to be precise. exit polls from west virginia last night. 91% of voters who voted democrat say they are worried about the economy bernie sanders has a 20 point advantage among those voters who say that the economy is a big deal. come on in, rona romney mcdonald, a trump supporter. how does donald trump, and i'm aware of your name, i'm aware that romney is in there. i'm not going to mention that for a moment, but how do you get bernie sanders' people to go and vote for trump now? how do you do that? >> well, you saw that last night in exit polls as well,
9:48 am
with a third of the bernie sanders voters, their second choice, second choice was donald trump. so, hillary clinton is in massive trouble, voters do not trust her on the economy, they do not trust her to lead this country. we've seen it here in michigan where bernie sanders won and donald trump is resonating with those voters, telling them with his business experience, with his leadership and the business community, that he's the one who is going to bring back jobs and the best to lead our country on the economy. stuart: now, if you support trump, and i know you do, are you prepared to forgive and forget all the nasty things, i with he has said? are you prepared to put that in the past and say, this is the guy i'm with him? >> i'm supporting our nominee, i'm supporting the millions of voters across the country, who made him the nominee. of course, we have candidates who say things we don't agree with. donald trump has said things i
9:49 am
don't agree with, but i look at hillary clinton and her record and what she would do for our country, and i am 100% behind donald trump. stuart: okay. i want to get to those swing state polls, we brought them to our viewers yesterday. donald trump had a 4 point lead over hillary in ohio. he's statistically in a dead heat with hillary in florida and pennsylvania. now the news this morning, those polls came out. the news is that hillary is using those polls as a fund raising tool, urging voters to change the trend. she appears worried, i'm not surprised at that, but she should be worried, i guess? >> she should be worried. she's still in a nominating contest. we have a presumptive nominee. you're looking at bernier sanders gaining traction and his voters and supporters are looking at the process and see how rigged its in favor of hillary clinton.
9:50 am
the longer that goes on, young voters will look at what the clinton machine did to bern sanders and less inclined to support him, and with voters many second choice is donald trump. she's not fit to lead the country and they do not trust her. ronna ro many romney, i stress the middle name. thank you for talking with us indeed. >> thank you. stuart: a wyoming rancher threatened with 16 million dollars worth of fines for building a pond on his property. he sued the epa. and he won. we're talking to him in the next hour. and first though, the latest chapter in the hillary clinton e-mail saga. clinton aide cheryl mills walking out, storming out, we're told of a fbi interview after she was asked about hillary's e-mails. napolitano is here on that after the break.
9:51 am
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> hillary clinton's aide cheryl mills walked out, some say stormed out, of her interview with the fbi after a question was asked about hillary clinton's e-mail scandal. judge napolitano is here. why would she storm out when asked a question about e-mails? >> okay, so the interview is voluntary, and when the fbi calls you in, you can negotiate and through your lawyer, we'll talk about this, we won't talk about that. so, her lawyer persuaded the fbi that when she worked for mrs. clinton, she was mrs. clinton's lawyer. and therefore, the communications between mrs. clinton and ms. mills were attorney-client and protected. so they weren't going to talk
9:56 am
about e-mails. mrs. clinton and ms. mills obviously talked about e-mails in those four years, but ms. mills was not going to tell the fbi what her client told her or she told her client and the fbi agreed to that. they get in the interrogation, it's not one person interrogating her, it's a group. one of them says, what about this e-mail? and she leaves. she's like i didn't agree to talk about e-mails, i'm leaving, i might come back and might not come back. she came back ten minutes later and realized this agent had pushed the envelope, had gone one question too far beyond what their ground rule agreements were. stuart: now, when i first saw this report, i was told that asking that question implied that the fbi knew the answer to the question. >> whoever told you that in my view is correct. the fbi will not ask a question in this environment unless it knows the answer and it's often trying to decide, is this person we're interrogating a
9:57 am
person we should charge with a crime, is this person a witness on our side? is this person a witness on mrs. clinton's side? that's the reason for these interrogationin interrogationin interrogations, they do it at the end. stuart: i've got 30 seconds, cut through the clutter and this storming out of an interview with the fbi worsen hillary's basic legal position? >> no, it does not. i don't think it does. i think r it's news worthy because it doesn't happen all the time. it's news worthy because somebody in the room who saw it, obviously, leaked it. it does tell you this, the fbi is willing to leak when things don't go its way. stuart: that's very important. >> that's the take away, mr. varney. stuart: very important. you leave the best for last. see you at 11:00. >> absolutely. stuart: ahead, colonel ralph peters, never afraid to express a strong opinion. he's ready to go off on president obama's planned history to hiroshima.
9:58 am
visit to hiroshima.
9:59 am
if you have a
10:00 am
stuart: it was in attendance are. 10:00 eastern time a president obama to hear what she meant highest lieutenant colonel ralph peters really fired. he calls it another apology to her. we will set him loose power. the wyoming rancher who fought the epa in 19 asked a million because of a pond on his property. he's going to join us for a big dream. i have to ask him. he didn't get the fine, but did it cost you much in legal fees? a real estate listing from cleveland. nice place. chances are a few of you could actually afford it. first, the markets, where we this wednesday morning? m. 100-point equity. just hit the low mark in the bricks and mortar retailers, all of them calling it the ice age. the leading downside stock is macy's which reported lower
10:01 am
sales and have a weak outlook for the future. the competition on this latest online telling. look at this. the king of online selling which is amazon touch $707 a share earlier. they backed off to 705 as of right now. very different story at disney. has had trouble with espn. what's the trouble? >> losing subscribers and customers. espn hanging on. even though the movies are blockbusters like "star wars," along with other tvs. sure into espn the cash cow. >> they been trending down for two years in terms of subscriber growth. stuart: we've got a few things are much indeed. bright indeed. brighten up the gop leadership is about to talk to reporters in washington.
10:02 am
speaker paul ryan is about to speak that we will take you there when i get the headlines. the republican party trying to get immunity with donald trump. no doubt paul ryan will comment on that pier to the election, bernie sanders not just another win in west virginia. 10 of the last 15 stayed and is pushing hillary to the left. liz peek is with us from the fiscal times. she is offering, this is hillary. she's offering free day care for working families and you can buy in before you hit your 60s. >> a would've thought thought babysitters would now be something the federal government went to get involved in. there are 45 different programs that impact families with children under five. you can be pretty sure 40 of them are ineffectual. we do not need more programs targeted at this particular issue. hillary is being pushed further left. doesn't take a family anymore. it took federal government to raise a family. it's ridiculous.
10:03 am
on the medicare thing, this is bernie sanders influence and hillary clinton is unable to put bernie sanders away, which is sent in democrats have to be concerned about. how can she compete against almost trump and beat him if she can put away bernie sanders. stuart: on that note, geraldo rivera is here. >> good morning to you stuart: i am taking hillary's been pulled to the left. >> she's also more profoundly a weak candidate. she can put away a 74 euros socialist whose appeal is to people who've been totally unrealistic view of what the government should do and what the real world is like. she's going to talk to. she is the nominee and i think bernie sanders and paul ryan sherry stubbornness that i think is quite apparent. note that i'm have to get on the respective trends of their parties if they want to contribute to success. paul ryan now gives enough
10:04 am
domestic forecast of donald trump on thursday is going to be like. that will be the first time that there's a gop unity. bernie sanders can not win. he is stubbornly stayed in there. his voters on the other hand will not be migrating. it's ridiculous to think so. their climate change people. they're not going to be blocking. not fox news was reported last night, exit polls one third of the democrats who voted in west virginia will actually vote for bernie sanders, will vote for donald trump in november. >> those democrats vote for the republican every time. those are the white working class people. they voted for hillary clinton or barack obama. race is a big factor in 2008. i is that this coal mining thing that hillary clinton made the most colossal political blunder you can never expect in west virginia and take all your remaining jobs when act is
10:05 am
happening naturally. natural gas is better than coal. mechanization is making the job as obsolete as a buffalo hunter. why she had to say that in rub salt in the one. stuart: it was a huge mistake. that's for sure. bernie sanders back in for a second drain huge cause in california. he thinks he's going to win they are in california. very important. listen to this. >> right now we are about 45.5% of pledged delegates. we think if we do well in the remaining states and if we do very, very well in the largest state in this country, california, we have a chance. it's a not so struggle. we have a chance to end up with a majority of the pledged delegates. if we do that, i think you're looking at the democratic nominee for president.
10:06 am
stuart: he's picking california. he thinks he can win california. that would get upset and a half. it could happen. >> if i was a better looking be a star. if i was except by that be a basketball player. he is down by 20 in new jersey. when you start getting into states that look more like america than west virginia, bernie sanders has proven he can't win. he's going to get killed in new jersey. he's done by 10 in california. this is a man on an ego trip. stuart: you are implying that hillary is the candidate of minorities. minorities and women. this is the demographic election pitted people don't get that come if they don't get what's happening here. the gop candidate is going to be the candidate that appeals to the way people, mostly men. they appeal to every other
10:07 am
group, asians and hispanics they time. it is going to be a demographic battle in common time both candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton to broaden their base. but it's going to be very close as the service in the battleground state indicate. it's always been -- it's horrible ever sent this strategy was revised. i'm old enough to remember it. there was an appeal to white will write. much of the expanded reagan democrats the same kind of combat. this has never been more exacerbated than right now. a stark racial division in the selection. stuart: i am still in california are effective. a california republican kenneth mccarthy is number two in the house behind paul ryan. he's going to service a trumped
10:08 am
up again. you can fill momentum burning towards trump. governor mike huckabee earlier showed that trump will win in november. listen to this. >> i'm not one of this republican fold my arm since they never trump. i think donald trump will be an excellent president. either way, i'm convinced he will beat hillary. i know the clintons very well. i've known him my whole adult life. i went into this last race baiting nobody knows hillary better on the republican side. donald trump will beat hillary clinton. stuart: you are different there. donald trump will beat hillary clinton. >> i do agree with that. partly i love to be against the wind. the press has been so convinced it would be a landslide victory for hillary clinton and now we're pulling out in three swing states may wait a minute, it's extremely close. i think trump can go after hillary on so many different fronts. she will go after him on being
10:09 am
on that income is scary. but goldwater kind of attack that she's a loose cannon, don't want a finger on the button which is something ted cruz prado. people concerned about the economy have more faith in trout being able to bring back jobs, make their lives better. i don't think hillary's attack is going to work. by the way, chuck and go after her for having had an incredibly empty experience as secretary of state. liz: clinton is scoring worse and trustworthiness than trump. "crooked hillary." what hillary happen next in moment and i am not a crook. stuart: surely she won't do that. vice president joe biden talked about presidential candidate and their chances early this morning. roll that tape. >> i feel confident hillary will be the nominee and i felt it should be the next president. i planned on running. it's an awful thing to say.
10:10 am
i think i would've been the best president. it was the right thing not just for my family, for me. stuart: you heard quite clearly. come back in, please. joe biden says clinton is going to win. this question will be asked on the link between now and november. who wins? hillary or donald >> whoever can turn up their base. c. and governor huckabee and remembering he was really to chant and that the evangelicals when he won iowa back in 2008. the evangelicals stayed home in 2012. if they come out big time now, i think the republicans, specifically donald trump has a chance. if on the other hand ... no state on the way they did in 'll will% turnout. be routed. hispanics turned out and trump did something around me from his 27% of hispanics, hillary will win.
10:11 am
it will be an election determined largely by the turnout at the base. the demographic election. >> don't forget to people or people people for bernie sanders. >> i agree. i don't think they'll be particularly energized. stuart: do remember a month ago, two months ago when there was the head-to-head matchup, almost universally trump will lose in a landslide. >> that i had my notes out. it has changed big time. nobody made any money betting against donald trump. stuart: not many people made any money betting for him because nobody batted on his side. a rancher in wyoming spot the fed said he wants. they are trying to find him $16 million for a ponzi built on its property. he is going to tell us how we won, but what it cost him. he is with the next >> we have a habitat of wetlands
10:12 am
when there was none before we had deepwater fish habitat that there was not previously. none of this makes sense. we are improving the environment and when they feel they should become the, they are coming after us. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
10:15 am
stuart: we don't like to get technical. we don't like to show you charts very often. what you see right now actually is the place where the republican leadership is going to speak to reporters shortly. what are they going to do with donald trump? you're about to see them emerge and will go to them paul ryan when he speaks. that is telling us the story. the top line is donald. the bottom line is wendy's. to fast food chains. mcdonald's has gone straight up. darden stock this year. pretty flat to slightly lower.
10:16 am
maybe when he's should put out all day breakfast. the president wants to change the rules on who gets paid overtime and why. that's a subcommittee hearing in congress right now on that issue. the issue of paid overtime to simple management workers. how on earth do you do that? >> i want to broaden the definition. again, another.duration of a come any in companies broadly read. the truth is there's a reason why entrepreneurship there down in this country because people are really being strangled by all these regulations that apply not only to big companies that franchise operators and smaller businesses as well. everybody talks about this. everyone's talking about politicians, business leaders, et cetera, but no one is going to confront it and the obama obama administration will this
10:17 am
up as if it doesn't matter that it does matter. stuart: you want to regulate the absolute ownership. >> entrepreneurs at the net new job creation sprang entrepreneurs. that's where it comes from. >> it just takes a management time. it is done because people spend their time filling out forms and hiring lawyers to prove that their management practices -- stuart: to get my teenage daughter job at a bakery required three sets of forms in a medical certificate. a job at a bakery at 16. here's a story i like. our next guest was threatened with a 60 million-dollar fine because of the building of a pond on his private property. bat one on his private property. the epa said you should have told us before you built this thing. he had actually obtained a statement the definite lay not
10:18 am
federal. well, he sued anyone. they tried to chart a million bucks. i got mine right there, annie johnson is a wyoming rancher and if it does today. he's sued, you want come as you don't have to pay the $16 million fine. my question is do you have a big legal bill? >> no, we don't. we were fortunate enough to have specific legal amounts, the legal foundation helped us free of charge. we had a whole army of attorneys help guys. it didn't cost us too much. stuart: it's fortunate you've got people on your side. if you did that would've cost you an arm and a leg anyone up on. let's go back to the beginning. why did they try to find new? because you had told them in a bid to rebuild in a pond? >> well, we didn't ask for their permission because we didn't need their permission. the state of wyoming gave us a permit and we built our project
10:19 am
just like everyday people do in wyoming. after the fact a common and tried to find us, given its administrative order. dealmaking we had to do, the only option they left us was to file suit and that's when their attitude changed. stuart: why did they say you should not about the pond in the first place? you are a rancher. what is wrong with loading a pond? >> well, there's nothing wrong with it. this whole case is not about clean water at all. their violations of the clean water act are completely false. what this case is about is money and power and overreach. they were just trying to justify their job. i guess they figured we would lay over and do what they wanted but they were wrong. stuart: since you've been involved in all of this, it's a long legal process he been through. have you heard of other people in wyoming or other ranchers elsewhere who've gone through the same thing? >> yeah, i have. there was a case a year and a
10:20 am
half ago. dave hamilton of wyoming spot and the winning against the epa. they just overstepped their bounds on the times. they make up lies. they push and push and tell people. stuart: they want to control you in your land and anything that has water on it. that's what they're looking for. they want to control your private property. i make an opinion here. you agree with me? >> no, you're absolutely right. they won't all total control of every drop of water that his theories. they don't care private property or anything. they wanted all because it's on the money trail. they want all the funds coming in. they want to control who gets these permit. it's really not about the environment or clean water. stuart: mr. johnson, we are very happy you escape this awful situation. i'm glad it's behind you. congratulations.
10:21 am
tell us what happens in the future any time you like. we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. a demographic story population shift. fewer babies being born in america. that's the headline. the trend expected to continue and that does mean quite a lot for the economy. we will. we will deal with it in a moment. [ soft music ]
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. stuart: the cleveland browns done with troubled quarterback johnny manziel and he is done with cleveland. that's his house. what is he doing? selling it. >> 52,000 about what he paid for it picks up on a golf course with access of a pool. >> i always think of the football stars as having millions of millions of dollars put into their home. 490 grand.
10:25 am
although a news story today, fewer babies are being born in this country. look at that. all the way down. expect it to last for many years to come. is this an economic indicator. >> is a downturn because of the financial crisis. had i continued at that level, they have begun to inch back again. a lot of what is happening as women are waiting until they older and further along and then having children. the average age is 28 plus, which is unusual. but also what came out of the recent report is that teen births and unmarried women births are down actually. women with careers who are educated and who can take care of their kids. in a way it's a positive thing. what we don't have is the demographic collapse taking place in china and japan and some countries in western
10:26 am
europe, which is a serious economic indicator for those countries as their labor force shrinks. stuart: i know a little bit about this. japan has the most extreme demographics of any society in recorded human history. for history. for older people, fewer babies the sale of adult diapers in japan now exceeds the sale of baby diapers in japan. there is the story. >> that's not good. seniors in japan want to get arrested and health care. >> that's right. the retired 6062 in japan. you don't spend much money in retirement like that. i've got a go. we've got the dow industrials down 89, 90 points. just a moment the oil inventory figures for you. find out how much oil is in storage. that number could affect the price. back in a moment.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: 10 minutes to go before we find out how much oil we have in storage. how much more or how much less. jeff flock in chicago with a number. jeff: we think that it will be more. oh, my gosh. this is a huge thing. that is news, my friend. a gain of three and a half million barrels. a bigger draw down then we thought. gasoline a bigger draw down they thought. take a look at the numbers on oil right now. it is coming back. coming up $0.35.
10:31 am
we have gained almost $1 here in the last 10-15 seconds. stuart: telling us the story as it happens. drawing down over 3 million barrels of oil. that means that demand is strong. the former president of shell oil. that was a surprise. i will repeat it in case you did not get it. 3.4 million barrels of oil. using a whole lot of gasoline, two. we love it. we are a mobile society. we will eventually use it up. stuart: wait a second, do you think that this is a single? the biggest ever.
10:32 am
>> the numbers and oil are gigantic. 94 million barrels a day. in this country alone, 18 and a half million barrels a day. just making our day. we are lovers of oil. we are lovers of the demand side. it is hard to keep up with production. stuart: driving our cars and using gasoline might this. do you think it is enough to push above $50 in the relatively near future? >> i think in the summer we will push 50. without a doubt. the bigger issue is, what is going to happen between russia and saudi arabia in terms of their overproduction in the fall? they are still producing too much.
10:33 am
>> do you think that the saudis will pull back? they have not so far. >> a are smarter than we think they are. they are playing the game with the russians. at some point, the russians have you blink because the economy is on the rocks. stuart: paul ryan is now speaking in washington. that unity in the republican party. look after a tough primary. we are committed to putting that effort in. i want to be a part of the unified process so we are at full strength this fall. we cannot afford to lose this election to hillary clinton. keep the obama agenda going. that is why we have to go through the actual effort in
10:34 am
process of unifying. >> you have been very vocal in your differences on policy. what is it that you need to hear from him at some point to fully endorse him? >> i think that these are conversations we will have to have. i do not really know him. we had a very good conversation in march. we just need to get to know each other. we have a chance to meet with him. i would rather have a conversation in person. no offense. this is a big tent party. there is plenty of room for different policy disputes. we come from different wings of the party. unifying the very wings among common principles. >> you spoke with ben carson last night.
10:35 am
what was his connection with you? >> first of all, ben carson is a great guy. he wants to be enforced to help all of the various wings in the republican party. he wants to play a constructive role. >> the meeting tomorrow, can there be messages or is there a possibility where there are 10 nominees. >> we have a process where we are just getting started did just beginning the process. i really believe if we are going to be successful this fall, we have to unify our party. when the seven out of 10 americans do not like the path that this country is on and hillary clinton is promising to go down the same path, they have
10:36 am
an obligation. offering this country a choice. a better way forward did we just finished one of the most grueling primaries in modern history. it will take some work. that is a kind of work we are dedicated to doing. >> we are just keeping it going. just in case. he is not going to. briefly recapping what we just saw. the discussion is all about unity with donald trump. paul ryan just came out and addressed reporters. we need to be at full strength to go into the election. he said he will not spell out in a kind of agreement which they have reached so far. democrats. have to bring you into this.
10:37 am
what is your reaction to what you just heard? >> ip feel for paul ryan. he is dedicated to his career. he has been consistent in what those principles are. positioned himself as a conservative. all the reasons we know. been around for a long time. here comes donald trump. taken his position. whether it is defaulting on the debt, potentially. >> it is a complicated subject. nonetheless -- >> you walk that back on the fox business network. >> i am glad that he walked it back. >> something dreadful that donald trump has done. getting the wrong side of the story. >> the taxes on the rich for donald trump. all of the things. >> he has walked us back.
10:38 am
>> some clarity here. he was on with maria bartiromo about cutting taxes. he said he would have to negotiate that tax cut here it is may be that some wealthy people get less than a tax cut and he thought. he has opened the door to carried interest. clarity to exactly what he is saying. >> i think that that is what paul ryan is frustrated about. a house majority. whether on women. whether on muslims. paul ryan's estimation is not helpful to keeping the house majority. you are in a really bad spot.
10:39 am
potentially, they want to run into-four years. stuart: the bottom line is this, the meetings on unity has begun. trying to rally house members around the con that this unity. what form that unity will take or whether they will achieve that, that we absolutely do not know at this time. i want to talk about bernie sanders. fifteen points. winning by a pretty good margin. the eligibility age for better care. i think that hillary is being drug to the left by bernie sanders. i do not think that you will disagree with me on that. >> you speak to any woman, any mom. i would like some help.
10:40 am
[laughter] you have people in this very city, if not other places that spend one third of their income on child care. >> 45 federal programs dealing with child care. the people spending one third of their entire income. women are driven out of the workforce this way. >> when will the left never understand that you cannot keep on giving everything away. >> how about an incentive to return back to the workforce. i know woman that cannot afford to go to work because they cannot afford the cost of childcare. stuart: i know what happened to gear up. i do not want to see it happen. it is happening as we speak.
10:41 am
>> that is so simplistic. >> going bankrupt the way half of europe is. >> that is what i am having to do. >> they need better subsidy. >> i am sorry. will companies and other things. childcare tax credit. >> 45 programs from the federal government already. >> you do not want a child tax benefit. you do not want that. stuart: i do not want to give you any more money. we are broke. >> it is your choice. >> stay home with the child and not work but should work that is not my choice.
10:42 am
you are telling women that they should not have children? i am fulfilling my responsibility. i am not looking for tax breaks. i can afford it. most people are not as lucky as i am. they cannot afford to do it. ralph peters is next. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
♪ >> "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. here is what you missed last hour. >> sounds an awful lot like you are about to endorse donald trump yourself. >> i have endorsed him. i would wait until he got the nomination. i felt that that was something that voters needed to do. he will beat hillary. i have known him my whole adult life. nobody knows hillary better on the republican side. donald trump will beat hillary clinton. ♪
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> president obama will become the first sitting president to visit hiroshima. dropping an atomic bomb. ralph peters is with us now. we are told, colonel, that he will not apologize.
10:47 am
are you comfortable with that? >> just going there while in office is an apology. his mournful tone. this is a president who rejects the facts of history. radical islam today. he feels so sorry for the sick tomes. -- he feels so sorry for the victim's. the jews were killed in the holocaust. what about the torment. the tortures. the starvation. hey, president obama who grew up in hawaii, what about pearl harbor? >> why do you think that he is doing this? you are obviously vigorously
10:48 am
opposed to it. why do you think he is doing it in the first place? >> because he never learned anything. the leftist doctrine of no nukes. he just cannot give up on it. stuart, his trip is aa did trying up. the a.m. the bomb movement through american and european communist parties. apologizing as though the united states was that evil player. i will tell you, they are our veterans are alive today who are on those islands off the coast of japan. on cruz ships ready to invade the home islands. we projected if we did that there would be millions of japanese dead did those people live because we dropped two
10:49 am
bombs. jobbing those bombs -- the nuclear umbrella was all that prevented world war iii. the european union, stuart, charlotte may, 46 years. a piece. the nuclear -- obama wants to apologize. >> we have to set you free and turn you loose and we did. you responded in your own special way. thank you very much, indeed. more varney in a moment. ♪ you didn't read
10:50 am
10:51 am
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stuart: our next guest is a 14-year-old man from alabama. he invented a vending machine and forth thursday and products. you have a round of applause. >> nicely done, serve. how did you come up with the idea? tell me. >> i started out in the young entrepreneurs academy.
10:54 am
it is a class that helps helped to start up your own company. i play baseball for 10 years now. every time a kid got hurt, nobody could find a band-aid. i wanted to come up with something to help out that. stuart: really? you went to a baseball game. somebody had a minor injury. you invented a vending machine for band-aid then the like. >> you figured out that you sold these products. you would have to pay somebody to sell them. you do not like that. that is why you want the vending machine around? >> yes. so many minimum wage is out there. >> $15 an hour. >> that is right.
10:55 am
>> what is this about you have a $30 million offer for your company. is that for real? what kind of a person offered them money? >> it was a healthcare company. >> you were a very smart young man. >> i felt like the time was not right. wanted to develop the company a little bit more. you want to grow the value. stuart: what is your next step? getting these vending machines out there with your first aid products in them here at. >> put the machines out on the market.
10:56 am
>> how long will that take? >> oh fully will have them out by the fall. we thought it was a cool name. like recreational. medical. stuart: have you invented anything else? >> we had a second one. stuart: you cannot tell me that. >> that is right. maybe if you put out $50 million you will have your second idea broke in with your first idea. fantastic. fantastic. it was great to have you on the show, young man. it is a very good idea. you are a smart young guy. thank you for joining us. >> boycott chick filet. look at these lines outside the restaurant. our three is just three minutes away. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> if we do well in the remaining states and if we do very, very well in the largest state in this country, california, we have a fair -- >> it they live. it's alive. stuart: it was a resistible. we are talking bernie sanders here. in honor of bernie sanders. he took west virginia. he is alive and well in this campaign. more on that coming up. more liberal lunacy on college campuses. a reporter asked students if america is exceptional. not one of them says yes.
11:01 am
making those popular kind of bars. his product was not healthy. he fought him and he won. ron paul is going to be here. while lawmakers are getting involved with a private company. why? ron paul wants to know. the government is spending millions of your dollars. we do not make this stuff up. the government is doing this. "varney & company." the third hour is about to begin. the business on wall street. we are down about 100 points. some of that loss is attributable to disney which is a dow stock. down 4%. that takes about 40 points off the dow.
11:02 am
checked those retailers. this is not that, folks. they are way down today. macy's, pennies, target, kohl's. 12% lower. however, this is the reason why the brick-and-mortar stores are not doing well. the king of online selling. they are king of the hill at the moment. amazon is up around $703 per share. check wendy's. check mcdonald's. topline. mcdonald's going up. there is a tale there. it is about garlic fries and breakfast all day. how about oil. oil storage. how much was in the supply chain came out earlier.
11:03 am
red i cohost. elizabeth macdonald has been here several times before. oil. using a bot more of it. we have the canadian oil fires still raging. one of those fires is uncontrollable. all you'll of 2%. now i have something that is absolutely and completely different. the town of mckinney, texas. land for a 1200 feet high school stadium. what do you think that would cost? this is a high school football
11:04 am
team. how much you think they pay to build that stadium. >> that is quite a bit of money. i know a bot of people are upset about this. i think that this will be really wonderful for the community. three high schools going to be using this facility. you can use it for other large events. $63 million. put it into art. you know what i mean. >> a stadium like that. use it as a community opportunity. a piece of infrastructure.
11:05 am
>> i think that she is right. >> you could hold a really good donald trump rally at a stadium like that and you would fill it. would you not? now, look at this. i have a number for you. all the young millennial's that want to buy a new home. new home prices. that would, that is a real problem. you want to get into the market. >> i think that that will make me marry for money and not love. i will not be able to afford a new home on my own. >> doctor right, not mr. right. >> yes. so more letters behind his name, the better. i do not know that a lot of people are really eyeing new homes at this time. all of those home flipping shows are huge.
11:06 am
people want to invest in a property. make it their own. >> i am shocked. >> i had no idea. >> that is a lot. the median is like to 20. >> we are a financial show. the government opposing $85. stuart: you are doing well. first appearance. politics, come on. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton in another state. he is not going away. the republicans are paying attention. bernie did indeed take west virginia. it is nothing short of embarrassing. hillary clinton has now been defeated 20 times. a socialist from vermont. what is your reaction to that? >> i am sometimes happy for
11:07 am
bernie. rooting for the underdog. hillary is top dog. i do not know why we are still kind of entertaining him. >> you were doing well. >> i should never think that a candidate for presidency is cute. his enthusiasm about the disk you. it will never work. >> i think that bernie sanders is really cynical. i think that his policies will collapse. i think that it is ridiculous. we would need venezuela. >> the opposite way. it would be sweet in. that is what he thinks. >> denmark is saying knock it off, bernie sanders. stop comparing your policies to
11:08 am
us. stuart: i want to show you the swing state polls that we had yesterday. trump leading by four points in ohio. florida and pennsylvania. bad news today sends hillary to the fund-raising trail. if donald trump is doing so well, give me more money. i am really worried. >> in her fund-raising e-mail, she called the polls is erratic and unreliable. stuart: you are not a clinton supporter? >> i do not like her. raising more money. watch out, everybody. >> just ignoring bernie at this point. she is all in on trump there.
11:09 am
>> i do not think that you can ignore bernie. >> okay. that is it. the 11:00 o'clock. i will check the ratings to see whether or not you race. [laughter] thank you very much for your time. >> staying on donald trump. he has promised me that these rallies will not stop if this campaign continues. he will rely on them. they are his key weapon. come on in, katrina pierson. what do you make of it? you put this out that he will rely on these massive rallies. not doing much tv advertising. appearing on tv shows for free. >> this is what has worked before.
11:10 am
these rallies are magnificent. if you go to a trump rally, it shatters every single state must that the meeting has placed on donald trump. there are young people. there are old people. that is why he always says what is more fun than a trump rally. they go to a trump rally and they go out afterwards. it will happen in the general as well. >> okay. i have to bring up a thorny issue. he will not release his tax returns. i believe that makes him the first presidential candidate nominate since 1976 not to release his tax returns.
11:11 am
he says we would not be able to understand them because they're so big and so fat and so enormous. that will not go down well, katrina. >> i think that it will be fine. we are looking at the policies that mister trump does hold. free and fair trade. that is what people care about. >> worth the billions of dollars that you says he is worth. he revealed his tax returns, we would have a battle handle on how much he is really worth. >> we are going to have critics all the way through the inauguration's. it will be solely focused on getting out there. having these rallies. engaging with the public. making america great again. fighting back against these horrible liberal policies that have hurt the country over the last eight years.
11:12 am
the republican party needs donald trump because he is the new guy. meeting the republican party for a billion and a half dollars. you know, he needs them. >> i think that it will be a joint effort. he tweeted after indiana that mister trump was a presumptive nominee. at the end of the day, the party will come together behind mister trump. we have seen recent polling. extremely competitive in states that others would not even show up on the radar. stuart: you all mentioned it third-party. if third-party run recently. >> no. no it all. he said that from the beginning. we are really focused on bringing the party together. those that want to come together. moving forward in the general election. >> next time, will you bring mister trump with you?
11:13 am
>> i will do my best. we will talk to ron paul about the senate investigation on facebook and its anti-conservative bias. why are lawmakers getting involved with a private company? and despite new york city bill de blasio calling for a boycott, new yorkers love chick-fil-a. yes, they do. lines around the block. >> what do you think? >> that ain't right. >> i am coming. ♪
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
♪ >> new york city mayor has called for boycotts. chick-fil-a is running away with the new york city fast food market. they are planning to build more. >> they plan to build a dozen in the news york natural area.
11:17 am
he is for traditional marriage. that is why he is saying you should boycott it. the fast food chain in the country. in the term of number of stores. the security saying we are on track of being the fourth largest fast food chain in the country in just four years time. stuart: the senator. mark zuckerberg. he wants an explanation. why are news stories being purposely skewed left on facebook and away from right-leaning websites? ron paul of texas is with us. i would have thought that you would have opposed a lawmaker getting involved in the affairs of a private company. am i right? >> i do not know what his letter says, but i would certainly
11:18 am
oppose. it is good to know that. the "new york times" is a biased newspaper. take it into consideration that you do not regulate those individuals that do that. i think that facebook actually started all this. silicon valley is part of the state. they do what regulations. i think that that is really a big problem. they should not be involved in regulating. stuart: i think that we are on each other same page here.
11:19 am
we want to listen to while paul ryan had to say earlier today. his meeting tomorrow with donald trump. >> i believe that we will be successful. americans see that we have solutions to the problem. seven out of 10 americans do not like the path that this country is on. promising to keep going down the same path. merging and unifying to offer this country a choice. that will take some party unification to do that. >> unifying and coming together. that is the exact opposite. congressman paul, i believe you said that a third-party is purely a dream. >> i do not think that it will happen. this is one area.
11:20 am
i do not agree very much. i do not need the unification. i am must more interested in shrinking government. the party has failed. i did my best. government never shrinks. over and over again. stuart: do you think trump would shrink it? >> just like all the rest of them do. they are happy. the republican party. the republican party on all of those old ones appalled that they have dealt with. a fifth of the people saying they will do this. not making any attempt to do it. the principles of what this
11:21 am
country is all about. liberty is the answer to free market. foreign policy is the answer. not unifying ourselves around the conservatives that control the republican party. that is my big concerns. stuart: you are welcome guest on this program. we do appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. our government spends millions of dollars. what makes goldfish feels sexy. it is serious. you will not believe what else they are spending their money on. ♪ here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this.
11:22 am
and when the best offer means you're moving to the middle of nowhere, the boys say they hate the idea. but you pretend it's not so bad. and years later at thanksgiving, when one of them says what he's thankful for most, is this house, you realize you didn't plan for any of this you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
11:23 am
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11:26 am
>> they are already 45 federal program supporting day care for the poor. if elected, hillary would make it 46. she is in the vote buying business. using your money. hillary has another proposal. allowing people to buy into medicare before the qualifying age. it is more government care. is there any dow not that it is bernie sanders that is pulling hillary ever further left. he has one of the last 10 primary states. he is splitting the democrats. healing the split.
11:27 am
moving towards bernie. that is why, on the day that bernie wednesday, hillary feels compelled to make more promises. no problem using your money to buy them. ♪
11:28 am
11:29 am
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11:30 am
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11:31 am
stuart: sorry to say where 109 points. you are this is bit of a reaction when we are up well over 200. more bad news looks like hillary clinton with the whistleblower in the financial analysts. he is looking into the clinton foundation. he claims to have found charity fraud on a large scale. judge in the napolitano is with us now. this gentleman, billy or tell looks at the books of the clinton foundation and spent a year and that doing this. they will publish a series of reports that they wait a minute, we don't know how much people took i and we don't know where it all went. >> is also going to show a lack of authorization by the federal government and state governments to solicit funds in the amount in the matter the clinton foundation day peered is also
11:32 am
provided the fbi with much of this information which has intrigued the fbi to the point it has begun with the relationship of the clinton foundation. president clinton speaking fees and secretary of state while she was secretary of state according to mr. orr tells record for public documents to benefit people that had foreign entities attributed to the foundation. this is a public corruption investigation of primarily mrs. clinton, secondarily the former president in their foundation. it is probably in the long run of greater political consequence than the e-mail investigation. it's easier to understand of public corruption. it's easier to prove. juries can understand this stuff better than they can be allegations of espionage. stuart: but judge cometh one more thing.
11:33 am
e-mail scandal today, foundation scandal tomorrow, it better. it just piles up. >> and it all gets back to not is there enough evidence to indict but is there the will to indict? with the justice department present the evidence about mrs. clinton or grand jury. if it does come up for sure sure she will be indicted. if it does not -- stuart: you know what was said before. the president appears not to believe that there was malicious intent. i know that is not a legal expression. >> it doesn't matter what the intent was. nonetheless, politically that flies. mrs. clinton never tried to fool anybody. she wishes to invest for whatever reason. >> the government does not have to prove intent for this crime paper 99% of federal crimes the
11:34 am
government has to prove the defendant intended. you infer intent from the defendant's behavior. espionage -- by the way, lying to the fbi. the government does not have to prove intent, but if it wants to it can. there is an e-mail in which mrs. clinton says i want that document that says secret on it. why doubt the worst secret and fax it to me from your home faxed in my home facts. that is an intention to remove a state secret i'm a secure location to a nonsecure location. what is that called? espionage. stuart: you are such a nitpicking lawyer. you have this minutiae of expressions. >> what is that minutiae on your neck tie, mr. barnett? stuart: tears. will we see you tomorrow? senator jeff lake out with this government report. list is with us and we'll bring
11:35 am
us the three craziest, wild piece of nonsense. liz: this cornell university researcher got a million bucks to study where does it hurt most on the human body to be stung by a beat. i could've told you for free. he got stung in 25 different parts of the body. lo and behold it hurts the most to be stung down there. stuart: wait a second -- liz: $5 million to study due job burrs or when they sing. yes, 5 million bucks they got. moving along. what makes goldfish. nearly 4 million bucks to find out what makes the gold fish feel. it's a raise because they become more sociable. why this has to do much to begin with is because the mah one of $2 billion to daddy the zika
11:36 am
virus. gop -- megyn mccain is sending to my right. you're blowing money on stuff like this. transient that document out because they want to spend 2 billion non-zika instead of spending it there. drunken birds. drink or get a grip on it. >> a reporter asks college students if america is exceptional. not one of them said yes it is. roll tape. >> america feels to me in relation to other countries wants to be at the top. >> do you believe america is exceptional? >> no, not really. >> at some point we've taken a little downfall. >> all biscuits have ideas that we are better than everyone else. train to megyn mccain, i don't
11:37 am
want to argue whether america is exceptional or are not. i want to know why the youngsters think it is not exceptional. >> it's been almost 10 years since i was in college. in that amount of time we see stories over and over without a college student don't seem to be living in the reality you an idea. the riots that broke out a yell because the professor dares say college students can wear whatever halloween costume they wanted to. when i see things like this i want them to interview people pacific bell and veterans and people that join military because that is where greatness from people who believe in america still are. there's real indoctrination happening on college campuses. stuart: didn't president up on the go to europe and say people -- americans think america is exceptional. greeks integrates exceptional. so it was kind of putting a playing field out there. everyone thinks they are exceptional so america is not exceptional. >> president obama has gone on one tour after another.
11:38 am
it makes me sad about the college student is when i went to columbia university, one of the most liberal of the united states. i was very liberal. by the time i left college i was a hard-core conservative because i saw a lot of hypocrisy when i was in college at the time. that does happen to some students. it happens in the workforce in the world and you have to pay taxes and see an individual account for yourself. the idea you are benefiting from america's great education system. talk about student debt all you want. all the luxuries as americans than to say america isn't exceptional. try rwanda or cuba and see what american exceptionalism is. stuart: the only country of any size and scope in the world that allows two citizens to be armed against a potential threat from the government. just one area. the second amendment, where we are indeed exceptional.
11:39 am
property rights, too. you don't want to go the other way. you don't want that nationalism. you don't want that, do you? >> i'm completely guilty of that. i think america is the greatest country. i'm proud to be an american. i can come on tv and say whatever i want whatever i wanted i won't get whatever i want to stone industry for doing so. if you travel and often experience the road you the road you're really how great america is. kids are gone and done. i was young and once upon a time. we all grow up. yesterday i was talking about a tattoo i got in college. people keep saying on camera we do things when were in college. >> agree on tattoo. by the way -- that's another story. megyn mccain, thank you for joining us.
11:40 am
hillary clinton losing to senator bernie sanders big-time in west virginia. her position on cole surely did not help her. after the break, and ohio lawmaker, ohio -- part of ohio is >> in the middle of our country. this will respond in a moment to this. >> will put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.
11:41 am
>> i am nicole petallide your thoughts business race. down 121 points right now.
11:42 am
for that doubt, the s&p down half of 1%. oil didn't be a draw down. goodness or energy. overall townhouse across the board. caterpillar, microsoft, disney, wal-mart, nike under pressure. also we have a $6 billion deal brought by the government. you can see here staples selling off over 15%, down nearly 40% with this deal by the government. and then we take a look here also see other movers. hitting new lows all to the downside. start your day at 5:00 a.m. here on fox business. totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement,
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we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
11:44 am
stuart: week numbers from fossil. that's the company that makes watches and accessories. week numbers down it goes. we call this the retail ice age, which actually attended the lecture retailers. michael kors, all of them, read a rose. the problem here is not just a lack of demand, but the bricks and mortar problem. buying stuff online, not bricks and mortar pit look at it go down. that percentage losses across the board.
11:45 am
then we have a new plan to make a high-speed billet traveled from l.a. to san francisco in 30 minutes. the organization behind this idea has gotten some new partners. who is backing it now? liz: ge ventures. also the guy who founded sun microsystems pushing on 100 million financing. ge's big on high-speed rails in europe and china. so they are basically pushing for this product to be out on the market within less than a decades time. stuart: but back to his credibility. ge is in there. you say that word in its got some credibility. so are we to believe within 10 years you might actually get this? liz: that's what they're talking about. 750 miles an hour cuts to san
11:46 am
francisco and l.a. stuart: would have been to bullet train? hillary clinton losing some of the bernie sanders west virginia probably because the comments on coal. roll that tape again, please. >> on the other candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity is in clean renewable energy as the key in the coal country. we are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. stuart: coal country is a big area. not just west virginia appeared overspend bill johnson, republican from ohio is with us. if i'm not mistaken, part of ohio is very much coal country. my question to you is ohio is a very important swing state. this part of ohio vote against hillary because it's coal country and because what she said about west virginia? >> absolutely, stuart. good to be with you today.
11:47 am
i knew when hillary clinton said that she was simply not going to deal with a while back. i knew it would be the death nail in her campaign in places like ohio, west virginia and throughout the country were we still get a lot of our energy from the use of coal and what happened yesterday in west virginia is proof of that. stuart: how much of ohio is actually coal country where mining takes place. >> well, the mining takes place along the ohio river appeared eastern and southeastern ohio which is my district. you've got to remember ohio itself, the entire state gets 45% to 50% of energy from coal. it is still a poll producing coal consuming state and that drives down the cost of utilities for manufacturing companies. it's a big deal for ohio.
11:48 am
stuart: donald trump won big in west virginia and west virginia and does not get those mining jobs back. i'll restore those jobs. congressman, i'm not so sure he can do that. i don't think you can bring back many coal mining jobs back because natural gas is so much cheaper. >> we are going to see market pressures like natural gas. that's the beauty of a free-market system like ours here in america that built the world's greatest economy. we are going to see market pressures on coal. that's exactly what we need to be doing. get the pressure of washington d.c. and regulators like epa and interior department on the back of the coal industry and what to compete. i can tell you right now that is not what our friends in europe are saying. they are going to a higher mix of coal and energy profile because they can't afford the high prices of alternative energies like wind and solar,
11:49 am
biofuels and not theirs. stuart: two questions. number one, it do you think the pro-coal sentiment in ohio is enough to push trump over the top in november? secondly, are you now a trend supporter? >> lamented the first question first. i've 18 counties in my district. district. 17 of my counties went for donald trump in the primary. as you well know i was an early supporter of our governor, john kasich because i thought he had the credentials to do the job. the experience and proven track record. the american people is spoken. republican voters have spoken and it looks like donald trump is going to be the presumptive nominee. i'm going to support the presumptive nominee because we cannot afford a cold shock killing president like bill clinton in the white house. stuart: congressmen -- much
11:50 am
obliged. after the break, the ceo joins us. how does he feel about the government telling us what is healthy and what is not? he is with us in a moment. ♪
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>> the snack company known as kind has settled a year-long dispute with the fda over the use of the word healthy to describe those kind bars. ginny lebowski is with us. he's the ceo of the company. welcome to the program. why would the government say i'm a product like this come you cannot say it's healthy. but the argument. >> there is a provision in the regulation 25 years old that defines the term healthy and everything that has, even if it's healthy that was learned are really good for you like polyunsaturated, mono saturated -- we were not aware
11:55 am
of that. stuart: you can't call it healthy if there's back. the in your kind bars i believe because i'd eat them actually comes from almonds. >> the number one ingredient is all meant. we didn't even promote it. it was just on the back of the rappers that have mentioned that our philosophy is to think healthy and tasty, socially impactful, wholesome and they've now come around and recognized. stuart: you could put the word healthy back on a kind bar. why don't you do it? >> you know, for us, going back to them and explaining why it needed to be changed was more an issue of principle. nobody but a kind bar because of the language on the back so it's not a priority to change it.
11:56 am
we are now thankfully recommend not a claim, but more importantly regulation itself doesn't make sense. the current regulation you cannot something with with empty calories made of carved like a toaster pastry for children sugary cereal and that could be deemed healthy. stuart: you're kidding me. a sugary cereal can be deemed healthy because it's got no. >> correct. as long as it has low sodium and vitamins. the problem is we are discussing about macronutrients rather than real food and focusing on celebrating food. stuart: what you think about the government lay down laws and rules to say that's healthy, that's not. >> the trick is science is evolving a lot. sometimes we follow these fats and reset or regulation and then we discover a dead but not all
11:57 am
fats are created equal but you have this firm regulation. stuart: the alternatives is not the kind of regulation. put anything you like on the label. this is healthy stuff and it's awful. >> .i'm also afraid of. the most important thing is consumers and the industry self regulate in the media regulate and if you see something not ethical or correct that the markets make sure. stuart: dinner, i.e. kind bars on occasion and i think they're healthy. i'm glad to beat the fda. >> wyoming on occasion? stuart: very good. i'll answer that later. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: the most interesting story today.
12:00 pm
liz: the vendor came up with first aid dates, stadiums or recreation clubs. turned on $30 million for it. stuart: that's right. it. he's 13 years old. he's up to 30 million turned it down. there is a story for you. beat that, neil cavuto. it is yours. >> what a joke. stuart: he's sort team. neil: but he turned it down? could they have made this work out? by the way, your candy bar guy stops me in the hall as i'm getting made-up and he threw one at me. you need this. i was really offended. >> of never be on this program again. neil: he likes you i guess. thank you very much,


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