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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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liz: the vendor came up with first aid dates, stadiums or recreation clubs. turned on $30 million for it. stuart: that's right. it. he's 13 years old. he's up to 30 million turned it down. there is a story for you. beat that, neil cavuto. it is yours. >> what a joke. stuart: he's sort team. neil: but he turned it down? could they have made this work out? by the way, your candy bar guy stops me in the hall as i'm getting made-up and he threw one at me. you need this. i was really offended. >> of never be on this program again. neil: he likes you i guess. thank you very much, stuart.
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there's not enough food or tonic to get you through it. if you really want to blame anyone, you can blame disney. i was disappointing earnings yesterday. the theme park business is pretty secure in the face of those higher ticket prices and the likes. it was the cable business in slowing down the business has scared some investors starting to think. we are keeping an eye on that. the exception or the role. we don't know. in the meantime, a big meeting tomorrow on capitol hill doubled feature donald trump. also speaker paul ryan and a lot of the egg as muckety-mucks is what we can call them in the republican party. what they'll be chatting about, what they want to hear, but he did kind of set the stage. >> what we are trying to do is be constructive as possible to
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have a real unification. i said this the other day. to pretend we are unified as a party after coming through bruising primary that ended a week ago, without actually unifying, we go when at half strength. this election is too important to go into an election at half strength. that means we need a real unification of our party. neil: so what happens there? let's talk to ron nearing. always good to have you. yesterday ted cruz made it as clear as he could for the time being his campaign remains suspended although we did hold out against the possibility he could on suspended. how likely is that? >> not very likely at all. he was speaking more of an academic sense. senator cruz would run for reelection to the united states senate in 2018. that's what i expect will happen. the burden on the presidential site is for donald trump to unify republican party. that's where the burden lies on
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the republican nominee for president to take actions to unify republican party. a speaker mindset accurately you can go into the general election a full strength. we are not there right now and there's a lot of work that has to be done to get there. neil: you think even with his comments when he arrived back to the senate that he is still a little bit angry at donald trump. certain they didn't sound supportive of him. >> you know, obviously this is a very hotly contested presidential contests. one where donald trump as we all know and saw very publicly turned this into a very personal type of campaign, which is unprecedented in modern time. that is understandable. i spoke with senator cruz directly and he's very much looking forward to continuing to advocate for solutions in the united states senate on the campaign trail.
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now on the presidential side, there's a lot of work that has to be done and that requires proactive action on the part of donald trump as the republican nominee. it doesn't just happen by talking about unity. his survey doesn't happen by saying unity is important. you can ask of the down ticket republican candidate for the united states congress did statehouses and local offices whose features are going to be tied to the performance of donald trump is the republican nominee for president. a lot of work has to be done. neil: all of a sudden things might change the show donald trump is actually very competitive in tying or beating hillary clinton in three key states, barack obama four years ago. maybe they are getting all rattled too early. >> well, i think what donald trump has to do right now and my son has been ringing and asking for advice.
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if i were to offer a committee has to happen. he has to tighten up the operation. running for president is not simply about yourself. you have to demonstrate you have the capability of running the white house executive branch and the most powerful government on earth. this week he cannot donald trump has someone on this california delegates they too would not be on that play. that goes to show some tightening up that has to happen in order to inspire confidence in those people he will ultimately need to unify behind him in the campaign. secondly, he has to reach out proactively with the degree of humility to the other republicans because this is not just about himself. it's a big broad-based republican party to get them on board and proactively take those steps. if that doesn't happen, we will not be in a strong position come the general election. neil: real quickly, he should
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entertain it has to be donald trump's running mate? >> i think that's a stretch. neil: at helping you forget. >> no, no. he stated today he'll he'll run for reelection to the u.s. senate. there's a lot of work to be done. >> i can't speculate. that would be a stretch. neil: always a pleasure. >> thank you. neil: now a supporter of donald trump said she would entertain the running mate, the former arizona governor jan brewer. governor, are you there? >> i am. hello. neil: i'm sorry. thought we had last year. you mention you'd be opened to run them at donald trump.
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i don't know the suppose the short list he has. i do know his campaign chris christie is on that list. do you think you should be? >> you know, i said that i would want to serve mr. trump in any capacity where i could be of help. i have no idea who's on the list. i do know that he's got a lot of people to choose from well-qualified people he's known for a long time. people who have served and are congressional members. whatever he decides, you certainly need somebody to serve with him that will be able to help him carry forward with his programs and meet him in certain directions i think because a lot of those people as politicians have stepped in it before and they know where the minefield fire. neil: we will know soon enough
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if he should be on. some people say it people say he needs a one-man, some unpopular in her own right. having said that, what do you make of those who've already taken themselves out of it, maybe because they assume donald trump took them out of that. talking about marker would be a come as south carolina governor nikki haley, and others whose dad know, not interested in what he is saying? >> well, a lot of times people say they don't him to be vice president because they don't think those beat the vice president. they don't want to be thrown in there and look that is a loser. i would hope if they were asked that they would come and answer the call to serve their country in that capacity. we as republicans, our goal i believe is we don't want four more years of the obama in the station and that is what is going to happen with mrs. clinton. we need to unify and come together and support. we know what our platform is. we all agree we might not agree
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100% on everything everybody says. but we can agree we are far more aligned with republican family are with the democrats. i believe mr. trump will beat hillary. i think that the polls are showing that he's getting very competitive and overwhelmingly the people have voted for him. neil: governor, will watch very closely. thank you very much. >> thank you come and kneel. neil: don't focus too much on the day today. i keep a chart in my office, folks. this is fascinating. i hope you are writing this down. it's across from my desk about 20 feet and it shows the battle over the last century or so. and it doesn't show you day by day, tick by tick movements like this one. it shows you over the course of time it goes up. in the course of that century, world wars and energy crises and assassination and scandals, but it goes.
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i always posit that may be because of announcing it is dangerous to focus on the moment. they think the world is open. more on this.
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to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. neil: you know, i'm glad you weren't here during the breaks because i could probably get sued. take a look at facebook good for all the controversy going on with this company now of late, being very unfriendly to conservatives than all the rest, it does not really hurt the stock as much as you would think. it's up about 50% to 60% this year. if there's to to pay, remember we talked to decode senator john
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did i miss went to congress committee. he wants to have a chat with the principles of facebook. when the scandal or disruption for the time being. you probably heard by now that bernie sanders in west virginia last night probably heard is polling very well in the oregon and some of the remaining primaries in a statement calling even or better in california on june 7th. remember the democratic primary season ends technically a week later, five days later in the district of columbia. that you could have a scenario where all the sudden bernie sanders is piling up a lot of it reads. not enough for the nomination, the cert money i scared and maybe philadelphia. real clear politics. what happened? >> well, it is problematic or clinton because she's having to run this two-pronged campaign.
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one hand she goes after donald trump and prepares for the general election because she will end up with the necessary delicate sashimi. on the other hand she wants to as a no pledges to stay in at least through the end of this possibly to the convention. in terms of the momentum is coming sanders keeps racking up these big reason the way delegates are awarded in the democratic primaries of course doesn't matter if he wins. he still get some delegates. neil: i've raised this with his people. when hillary wins bates in this, she did when she was when he wanted when he went into the affair, she gives the lan side of the delegates. when he wednesday and it's happened a couple times in new hampshire, with the 22-point,
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jonas people say wait a minute? >> they've gotten a lot of mileage out of the argument. you are winning states, but not necessarily winning the contest. sanders has made an argument about that and that really feels antiestablishment sentiment. neil: given that, if he's winning there's no reason to quit. if he's the last man standing, that's what he's hoping for. they don't say that, but they certainly imply that. >> yeah, also trying to make the argument they could potentially flip superdelegates. that is kind of challenging for him. the superdelegates are people who are long time establishes members, people who weren't exactly going to give up. neil: what barack obama was eight years ago. there was a bait and switch and
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almost over. but i don't see such happening now. some could. look, she is so close. she can taste it right now but she's about 140 delegates shy. >> you choose very close. that's why you see here on one hand running again donald trump. on the other hand, she has to participate in the primary. she is spending money on air in kentucky about places because she is trying to put sanders away. she's also in this difficult position where she can't ask sanders to get out of the race or compel him at all because hillary clinton stayed in the race through its finality really in 2008. and so she hasn't been pushing him to get out. she's having to take time away from the general election campaign. the only thing going for her in that respect is that the republicans are still trying to unify around their own presumptive nominee.
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she think she has some time to spare. neil: thank you very much, cavemen. in the meantime, this came out of nowhere. kind of expected, but another big merger that's blocked. the argument being that they would concentrate in the market where there needs to be competition. but i am looking back at some other deals with nothing to do with competition and everything to do with an anti-sentiment business in washington. i'll connect the dots. you decide. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by
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millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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neil: this is a just and beaver over. hold on. there's a business angle. apparently the entertainer has had it with those who want to take pictures of him, with him. he put this on as grand and it is causing a tidal wave reaction online.
12:22 pm
but he says, and i quote, if you happen to see me somewhere, note that i'm not going to take a picture. i'm done taking pictures. it has gotten to the point that people won't even say hi to me are recognized me as a human. i feel like a zoo animal and i want to keep my sanity. i get the same sort of thing. i realize people will be disappointed, but i don't owe anybody a picture. people say about your problem. now come you got my album and you got what you paid for it. it doesn't say in the fine print whenever you see me you also get a photo. this asset is a big star he is because of these people who would just like to take a picture of him. so if i may, you could be my son. thankfully you are not. they are your base. and now some of them are responding in a not so kind passion. a lot more detail on fox news.
12:23 pm
one of them writing back, seriously? read the kids about good someone else write baby, still someone. okay, just in. how about i give up writing altogether. still another one. i am with you, my love. always stay well. but my life could be very much much. that person is clearly clueless. my point is this is gotten hundreds of the dare i say thousands of people to react to a star who a star who is saying why did you just grow up. not on my watch. you are welcome, america. keep on top of it. by the way, disguised in a word is $150 million in the same people who made that possible. think about that. i am with the folks. how did i do? scott martin. you want that. would he think of that?
12:24 pm
did they need a brain transplant? >> it's ironic or surprising the or surprising that guy is out of touch. who would've thought. he is a zoo animal. you do take pictures of things that look like zoo animals. >> is a celebrity. that's fine. you an idea what this all the time. i'm just saying to go lashing out at the people who show up, want to take a picture, it is not such a big deal? is that really going to pinch and your lifestyle so much he can't go on with your life? >> it takes five to 10 seconds to take a snap with somebody that could make them happy for weeks, months and in some cases for years and he doesn't want to do and that's pretty shameful. neil: enough on my stance. we are talking about is. all i'm saying is when i see this side of celebrities there's a reason some of them in a bad rap. this is proof.
12:25 pm
something you'll never see selena gomez doing, by the way. she's never done anything like this. >> you know what is funny? people aren't going to leave someone. he can say bad things about his stance enables the im. neil: this is a shout out. these have now. it's not worth it. leave him. go to selena. that's a whole another issue. now onto the other story. we will pursue the thing about war. i think this is a cultural inflection point that must be addressed. others will avoid it. not here. office depot, the merger block we are told because of justin bieber. essentially the thought was that the two of them together will just watch out all competitors in the business. that doesn't seem like the case given the fact that they are seen watching a host of other
12:26 pm
deals, pfizer, allergan, cisco, on and on. this is a trend. what do you think? >> it is scary. i'll say what's going on. it is funny the ftc's comment was we are worried about antitrust. we are worried about too big a market share for these companies. have you seen the stock? have you seen the revenues, the profits in north america that these two companies are making because they are not doing well. i would argue that you need these two companies in some of the other ones you mentioned to merge because otherwise they will go out of business. u.s.a. jobs, stores disappear, which actually makes monopolies that they bicker, get created in other areas because competition can't consolidate and therefore take on companies like amazon for example, that have killed office depot is staples. i would buy my pencils and pens
12:27 pm
on amazon. america does the same thing. they need to merge to stay in business. neil: fim in this environment, no matter how witch and i am, they're not just going to do it. >> yeah, that is true. one scary thing if the government has put a lot of these companies to merge on their own. the regulations have come down on companies that admit they made to consolidate the business environment and that is that the combined profit and so companies have no choice other than health care, industrial companies and they have no choice to consolidate because they need to survive. neil: very good commentary in the justin beaver situation. it's now arrested thanks to my printing a story to the american people into a full-blown scandal
12:28 pm
saying he's had it with taken pictures. he does not time for that. he fancies a zoo animal. always crying like a little girl. someone else save funny how the big superstores like anchovy, "rolling stone," maybe that's why they are still around in a huge decade. still another. i can't say the first part of this. i love you. listen to how much you don't like taking pictures, but you don't think you owe it to your fans to take a picture that will only last about two seconds. that's a very, very good point. justin bieber, you are where you are today because of these fans. if they want to take a picture with you, of your come at you, why don't you just deal with the fact you are not a celebrity. you shouldn't be a celebrity if
12:29 pm
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neil: it is too late to say sorry. people want to take a picture with him. you are a celebrity. lots of people want to take pictures of that. okay. that is what celebrities do. that is what we do. you can get maybe 50 bucks. really. he feels like a zoo animal. people are coming back left and right. you do not deserve this. you literally are the -- i cannot say that -- in the world. shut up. you are so rude. most getting back are
12:34 pm
supporting. they are like brainwashed zombies. he does not want you to take a picture. what is the deal? these are the examples we want for our kids? $25 for the first 25 people in. i do not know where we're going here. selena gomez, the phone is yours. serious news is going on. and a lot of that has to do with facebook. what you can and cannot do. this started on instagram. facebook is under a whole world of scrutiny. deciding what it's currently and trending. anything conservative, it does not.
12:35 pm
calling chris bedford on that. anything developing in the conservative unit, if you do not report it, people do not know it. >> first off, i want to thank you, neil. that is what i do. >> by the way, what you think of that? he is not typical, i grant you. he ruins it for all of them as coming off as an important asset. >> there are a lot of bad guys out there. him and then -- justin bieber is supposed to be like the boy wonder popstar. >> i do not know. pete didn't. abuse. maybe runs a little bit ahead of
12:36 pm
people taking pictures of you. i digress. he was telling me this yesterday. he wants to settle once and for all. >> suppressing conservative comments are trending comments like that. >> using an object if algorithm. frankly, 157 million users that they have. that is what they are putting out there. that is what they ought to be doing. neil: i want to know more. facebook is denying that this is even going on. >> three hours after it was broke. we have done this exhaustive
12:37 pm
investigation. we decided that nothing was wrong here. we are good to go. the guy that led the operation, he has maxed out his donations to hillary clinton. it looks suspicious. keeping this laser pointed. focusing on the antitrust. facebook is a massive company. 60% or more of americans use it. half of those get their news through their. expecting it to be an algorithm. picking winners and losers. if they are getting misled, that is based this service to the consumer. a disservice to the public. >> facebook employees donated more than $100,000 to the clinton campaign. full disclosure, i am a facebook shareholder. we will see how that goes.
12:38 pm
in the meantime, we have my buddy joining us now. a big financial backer. all things donald trump. first, to the most obvious question about today, anthony. justin bieber. what you make of his ruling out fans taking pictures of him. >> within, it will cost him his fan base. the rule is to 50. every person that takes a picture. what a great guy he is. the only thing i am worried about is you taking a picture with my mom. you are like hers third son. you better take a picture with her. just letting you know that. $10. >> okay. i am glad to negotiate it down
12:39 pm
to five. neil: this ebert thing aside. i cannot get it out of my head. what is going on at your conference. including larry summers. the former treasury secretary. that did not happen. he has been going after donald trump. let's take a peek. >> what would a donald trump presidency mean for the united states economy? >> it scares me. i do not know a greater threat to our prosperity. policy would be extraordinarily erratic. great risks to the global economy. i think there are great risks even going to the government's credit. >> putting him down as a maybe on trump. you are in that position. you are raising money for donald
12:40 pm
trump. you are hearing this guy say this. >> the good news is nobody knows what the word means. maybe it is a positive thing for donald trump. i have no idea. larry is a partisan. i am a partisan. coming together to talk about what the issues are. this will be a battle about entrepreneurial avenue or clinton incorporated. that is the value that you will see manifested self over the next three or four months. mistaken principles or swerving principles. if this thing unfolds, neil, you will see a guy with a very sound economic plan. national security economic and otherwise.
12:41 pm
i am a republican. i have fully disclosed that. i want to look up trunk you -- truculent. i will take pictures with anybody. neil: we are getting more of this on bieber. some of them, by the way, there are some naughty words in them. i would take a photo every day. are you cheating on a dell? i did not think of that. you are a zoo animal to smile. o reilly. all right. all about justin bieber. it is a crisis.
12:42 pm
father's day. that is my art. you would not have a career without the people that are not seeing enough to take a picture with you. i still have another hour and 20 minutes ago. after this. the local
12:43 pm
nicole: i am nicole petallides with the fox business base. we're seeing the dow down nearly 120 points.
12:44 pm
more than half of 1%. the s&p down eight. the nasdaq down 12. energy a boost. materials also higher. names like macy's under pressure. hovering around four year lows. the fifth straight quarter of losses for sale. cutting that outlook. week four macy's. it is weighing on the other department stores. nordstrom, jcpenney's, calls. over the next 48 hours. down arrows across the board. down six and a half percent. we want you to start your day on fox business out 5:00 a.m. every day. more coaster coast with cavuto coming up. ♪ s. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information
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so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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neil: take a look at what is going on here. amazon and mcdonald's. they are down now. they had had highs. i real loud? this in light of justin bieber who apparently finds that annoying. can you not do that again? marco can we remove? [laughter] are right. time for it to drop volt and who is much more important.
12:47 pm
>> this is little mature. 270 electoral votes. we wanted to show you what happened last time. read, obviously. there are three key states that we will be focusing on. we are assuming that it will be donald trump versus hillary clinton. in the meantime, focusing on three states. florida, ohio and pennsylvania. no candidate since 1960 has won the general election without winning two of those three. if we go to florida, you know that trump has a huge presence there. that would get him 29 electoral votes. if we add in ohio, obviously, he lost to john kasich.
12:48 pm
and then we put in pennsylvania. he actually gets to. 270 with reed to spare. he could take the election. >> wow. what do you think of justin bieber? a compromise. >> i am with you, neil. it is better to be a man of the people. >> the kids are very young. probably too young for justin bieber. >> they are very young. >> never, ever, ever play a justin bieber album anywhere near their little ears. >> i make no promise. >> we are still waiting.
12:49 pm
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neil: one at a time. one had a time. the guys have to go. thank you very much. okay. where were we? welcome back, everybody. not justin bieber. posted on instagram. if you happen to see me out somewhere, i will not take a picture. people do not recognize me as a human. these are the same people where justin bieber became a
12:53 pm
$2 million star. try these two words. try these other words. which phone do you want me to look into? we are on this. developments like this happen in america. i cannot let it go by. where did you hear that first? >> another thing that came up, making a heck of a running mate. >> and number two to anybody. number two to anybody. neil: as a running mate to anyone, you could be that guy. >> i certainly could be. i just, you know --
12:54 pm
>> i love mitt romney to consider me the last time. >> you have no problem. taking selfie's. i know they are all politicians running for office. justin bieber. not on our watch. blake berman. possible running mates. i guess they all have to be open to selfie's. >> i always knew that you were a bieber kind of guy. i tell them, just a justin bieber kind of guy. that is a good thing, by the way. we were spot on with chris christie a little while ago. donald trump told the associated press yesterday that there is a
12:55 pm
handful of vice presidential picks out there. not necessarily out. we put together a list of possibilities. some widespread speculation. breaking it down a few different ways. chris christie, of course one of the five or the one. mexico, john kasich of ohio. among those governors in the talk there, wanting someone with legislative experience. someone who can help him them here on the hill abc. gaining some buzz. i was. marsha black earned. on the house side. the house speaker new eating rich. one meeting that we have here. involving donald trump.
12:56 pm
he would be open to serving. the democratic nominee arguments they likely hillary clinton. she would have a big decision, two. her nomination include tomas perez. jo ling castro. elizabeth warren in massachusetts. donald trump has been tweeting about elizabeth warren earlier today. i hope corrupt hillary clinton chooses goofy elizabeth war and as her running mate. i will beat them both. potentially a nick name there. neil: that is how you tweet, bieber. [laughter] thank you, buddy. charlie gasparino. justin bieber. if you could take only one picture. with whom would it be? more after this.
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1:00 pm
neil: take a look at what is happening. the bieber bludgeoning. some disappointing earnings. the entertainer is connected. you have no idea. frustrated. very concerned. the man that was greeted with open arms in this country is repudiating. those that god for bid want to take pictures with him. justin bieber has said i feel like a zoo animal. i realize people will be disappointed. you got my album and you got what you paid for. a wave of a hand to his fans. not being received well. some very nasty comments coming.
1:01 pm
again, waving off anymore selfie pictures. he actually punches people when they come up to him to take a picture. >> you know how many fights i got into last night, neil? >> what do you think of this justin bieber? he is now ruling out pictures with fans. does not want it. annoying. >> i do not know. i think that what he forgets is he has a short shelf life like anybody else. i know some people that know him from the business side. they claim that he is a good kid. a short shelflife here. he should catch inasmuch as he can. no one will care about justin bieber.
1:02 pm
neil: treat your fans like that sooner than you think. >> what are you finding out? >> well, what is fascinating is this has become the epicenter. at least right now. four trump's fund-raising efforts. a fundraising capacity. scott brown also very big now in the trump fundraising capacity. they will be meeting either today, imminently from what i understand, to discuss fundraising prospects. what we have here is gazillions of dollars. not just money on the management, but net worth. there are a lot if rich people here. they will be trying to corral people. that is what they will be talking about in the next day or
1:03 pm
so. one of the epicenters of trump fundraising is right here here at trying to figure out. who is giving to. i was at a private dinner last night. introducing himself and introducing the conference. there are a lot of rich guys in there. when he mentioned trump, it was not like a resounding, guess, we want this guy. i know that it is an unofficial sampling. it does give you some indication of the uphill battle that anthony and scott brown will have raising money. now that donald trump says he needs wall street money. he is open. he will not just use his own money. he would have to raise money for fat cat. they very bruising campaign over the last year. a lot of them are not all too happy. neil: i know that you have to go.
1:04 pm
we have been asking viewers, one thing, even though gasparino has annoyed me, i will go with gasparino. >> not out in the fan base. here, maybe. >> talking about you out here. when i went to the strip clubs last night, they were talking about you. neil: thank you very much, charlie gasparino. donald trump is revising his tax package is a little bit. let's get some clarity on what he is really doing here. karel, a lot of people interpreted these remarks about re-examining the top rate. maybe making it a little higher. higher than where it is right now.
1:05 pm
he was saying higher than the 25%. is that right? >> been very clear on his website. go on his website and look at him. neil: already turning it back. >> he has changed on a number of things in the past. look, he is okay with saying higher tax rates himself. i think that there are other people out there doing extremely well. >> people are dancing around this issue. 25%. does he really mean and will that be revised? >> i cannot tell you off the top of my head. >> i think that what trump is saying is, look, the middle class is getting hammered. i think that we will cut overall taxes. if they have to go up a little
1:06 pm
bit, so be it. neil: talking about the rich paying a little bit more. his plan. you wait a little bit on the minimum-wage thing. making sure that you would not raise that wage. renegotiating. it scared a lot of folks. >> talking about renegotiating the u.s. senate. >> why don't we just start refinancing some market based on that. we have 15% paying most campaigns right now. why can't they pay a little bit more? neil: okay.
1:07 pm
>> i do not think they are remarkably different at all. he has been pretty consistent on all of his messages. the guy was not a politician nine months ago. neil: be very careful what you say. you are quite right. you have to be very, very careful. >> one thing that donald trump and i can both agree on is justin bieber is a little turned. [laughter] i think that that is just absolutely ridiculous. >> you could be in any one of those. you are such a hero. you never brag about it. >> i do not even want him on the show. thank you very much.
1:08 pm
>> we are getting some final rules on when -- right now it kicks in if you are little north. the president wants to up that. somewhere in the mid- 50s. you would be getting over. some quick traveling. how do some your members feel about that? saying nothing at all. hearing some of these folks doing calculations. they think that it would wipe them out completely. this is in the example. small businesses with more regulation.
1:09 pm
we have been saying this for months now. will it continue to the end of the administration? we do not think that it is a good move. we would like congress to slow down. consider what the implications will be. neil: you were the small business guide under president lush. these are the types of things that come up to me when business leaders are approaching. it is the regulations. the requirements. this goes republican or democrat. none of which were voted on in congress. that is what really wrangles them. >> that is right. we used to monitor this. trillions of dollars of additional costs. all of these regulations that are prospered did most of the time the people that are doing it have no knowledge of what small business people go through
1:10 pm
every day. small business people do not have an army. this all goes to the bottom line. it is what you get to keep. more regulation. more taxes. more healthcare costs. precious bottom line. >> you do not know those regulations. >> always great seeing you. >> thank you, neil. neil: you can tell anything to justin bieber. start telling. ♪ you didn't read
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1:14 pm
neil: all right. all right. looking at this sellout and you are scared. i do not want to to be scared of this. i want to to be scared of this. no. sorry. there is this thing that he will not take pictures. stocks are not the same way. the proof, remember what i told you about stepping way back from the market? that is the dow over the last 10 years. saying it was over. other business broadcasts. talking about a long financial nuclear winter. that was then. look at where we have gone since. does that mean i do not report date today? our hourly, sometimes if it is a big day.
1:15 pm
because i am older than all of you put together, i hasten to remind you of history. the dow has been advancing longer than justin bieber has been alive. i want you to think about it. he has no idea. the next time you want to go to one of his concerts and take a picture of him, why didn't you take a picture of that anger that appreciates history and youth. i digress. not so much of justin bieber. >> you shorted justin during the break. >> in the middle of volatility. the end of the world here at i am not minimizing.
1:16 pm
>> i would say that the feds know it. >> we found out all over again that that was good. the markets had taken off ever since then. worried about the federal reserve. branching this party. relax. right? >> maybe it was not enough to spook the fed. >> yes. maybe that was not enough. hitting a 26 month high. it is appointment on adp. that should do the trick. i think that investors know it. >> when new counsel people on
1:17 pm
markets, it depends on your time frame. if you need money right away. a year from now. if you have a young person, able for you with a 10 year period what do you tell them? >> i told justin to definitely take pictures. i agree, his shelf life will not be that long. go ahead. [laughter] >> in terms of the market, yes, we are parting now, sort of. the markets have not moved all that much. down a couple of percent this year. october of 2014. he does not see that much of the party. overall, it is not fair. i do not think it will come in until this market goes down again and a lot.
1:18 pm
>> philosophical on it. average retail. the last nine or 10 years. it is an incredible run-up of what individuals say. once very badly before we burned. >> i am not sure what to tell investors. they have not known a world where interest rates have been positive. they are living in a neverland. the minute we stopped expanding the balance sheet. even though the fed continues to buy 40% of treasuries. just holding the balance sheet at that study stayed. looking at the observation.
1:19 pm
overall, the market has declined. significantly since 2008. they would almost rather do muni bonds. what i would tell them is, the fed is there to support this market. once the fed does not support, be careful. and if we ever lose faith, that is a much bigger issue. i do not think that the fed can keep it up he had been we have a really big file bug. i think that that is a little ways down the road did the fed will remain supportive. probably an okay market. 2008 scares the heck out of a lot of people. >> good points. i want to thank you both very
1:20 pm
much. this is crazy. is this an overreaction? another link that involves justin bieber. it has been downhill for disney's stock. justin bieber's special experiences for 2016. thanks, justin. ♪
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
connell: i am connell mcshane. back with your non-justin bieber comments. amazon hitting a new high. we can show you the dominance of the amazon stock. now performing all of the other retailers. this chart is all against the other retailers.
1:24 pm
mostly brick-and-mortar retailers. the stock is down performing. the heaviest weight here it it still is an individual stock. in terms of comparison, fast food giants. mcdonald's and wendy's while we are at it. reported better than expected results. down from the same period last year. down 3% this year. by the way, star wars reference. get neil's mind off of justin bieber. electronic arts. better than reported office. the analysts are getting more. it should be responding. it is responding to that fairly well, as a matter of fact. i don't know, maybe something different.
1:25 pm
neil: the justin bieber thing. taylor swift not a big fan of justin bieber. >> no. neil: do they try to take a picture we met my mom does not even like him and she likes everyone. [laughter] neil: i have heard the song. it is a cruel line, if you think about it. not you. if people, to you and they want to take a picture, do you take a picture? >> i am just the opposite, actually. i go up to people in the street. >> thank you for weighing into this controversy. i have to prove that you are wrong, america. we have drinking games. look at this.
1:26 pm
yeah, america. justin, you see that? appreciating the people that make your livelihood possible. they are good enough to come out and want to be with you. how about sharing a little bit of that. [laughter] not exactly. charles payne is here. talking about a gentle giant. a star who could easily ignore people, but he is hounded by fans everywhere he goes. fine with taking pictures. fine with signing autographs. charles: i do it all. take pictures, sign autographs and kiss babies. neil: what do you think? >> another one of these self-indulgent stars, if you will. forgotten where the money comes from. neil: it is in the way. it is annoying.
1:27 pm
>> a worry a lot of times about these pictures that are out there. someone may use them for the various purposes. >> bottom line. >> let's take a look right now at what is first in the markets. what is going on? what is going on with disney? a good story for media companies. a selloff today. actually started. a musical word on may 1. charles: two things, there is a dynamic of how we received information. it is changing. >> the cord cutting. you know, my son is 19. he never had the tv on. he never --
1:28 pm
neil: it is not working. [laughter] that was not enough. >> wall street wants to see more. >> the studios are up 22%. up 27%. look at star wars did for electronic art. they have kind of got to convince wall street. new media platforms. they have the cash. they have the cachet. doing something to let wall street know. wherever the wall streets are. >> the perspective on a career that you may be able to light like a match. the stock market.
1:29 pm
it is not about the day. it is not about the week. a 10 year chart of the dow. over time, you make money in it. >> it is absolutely amazing. they have been around for a long time. one stock i am in right now, ibm. same sort of thing. it will be up significantly. they will figure it out. your retirement account, you are 42 years old he had they would be crazy to sell it today. the traders, the machines, all of that kind of stuff. they had this amazing, amazing content that our grandchildren will be watching. they have to be deliver it, too.
1:30 pm
>> against office depot. >> incredible. >> it is heartbreaking to see the administration. >> as much as they can now. >> at least it was a chance to let them try. >> thank you. very much. >> i would not mind showing again to put markets in perspective. this is a look at the dow. that was then. this is now. >> your grandkids. >> i am just saying, the
1:31 pm
obsession with the day today. i am not smart enough to know how this works out today. i am smart enough to appreciate. i will take a wild guess. it is sort of like my advice to it is sort of like my advice to justin bieber. ♪ and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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neil: all right. macy's stock is plunging. weak first-quarter earnings report. this could also have something to do with justin bieber as well, my friends because apparently he did a macy's commercial. i don't know if it was during the aforementioned period but i wouldn't be surprised. wouldn't be surprised at all. but again, we'll shoot a picture of the stock on our cell phones. send it to justin. keep you posted on that. all right. all of our, over his big win in west virginia last night bernie sanders is saying you know, i'm going all the way to the convention and i think i can pick up more victories along the way. is he risking alienating the very folks ho want a peaceful, united, harmonious, let's make smores convention? robert wolf, big backer of hillary clinton, whether he worried about that. what do you think, my friend.
1:36 pm
>> first i have a friend here who is trying to photo bomb me but liz wants to say hello. neil: there you go. >> doing selfie es here too. neil: you're a good guy. don't care about that. justin bieber he would have punched her. >> i'm not a justin guy. bernie had a good win in west virginia. from delegate count, same amount secretary had for guam. they both gained about four delegates. i will quote two very smart men. one, president obama. he said you know, bernie has to, you know, play this out but the math doesn't lie and obviously that is where we are. that is clear that the secretary's going to be the democratic nominee and then vice president biden said yesterday, hillary clinton will be the vice president nominee. she will be the next president. just talking convention, neil, i think that, you know, between now and california, you know,
1:37 pm
bernie will win a few, the secretary will win a few. she will do very well in new jersey. then i think it is hopefully they come together and unite similar to what secretary clinton did, you know, eight years ago with the president. >> do you think though, that is going to happen? because a lot of the sanders fans, who have been democrats, whatever passion they have this cycle don't like hillary clinton near as much? that always happens and might rally around him but 1/3 of them in polls said they wouldn't vote for her, does that worry you or do you think it all goes away? >> it doesn't worry me. two things, president obama will be engaged deeply into the general. i think he can certainly get millennial vote out that has been behind the bernie wave. i think number two, there is a clear difference between secretary clinton and donald trump and i think once again, that will get the vote out.
1:38 pm
so. bernie will have a platform at the convention. you will have the president engaged. a real clear difference between the secretary and donald trump. so i think there will be big turnout. neil: all right. we'll wait and see. robert wolf, thank you, very, very much 32 advisors founder, former ubs chairman, very powerful democrats behind the president of the united states hillary clinton, you name it. market is down 142 points what we're calling the bieber bashing because it is all him. since i said disney is a big catalyst in the selling. look at disney now. you think it is disappointing earnings report? you see that inelection point. it goes back to roughly the disney radio music awards and you know who sung at those awards? you got it. justin bieber. shaved his head on the show. everyone says, yay, justin
1:39 pm
bieber. everybody thinks it is earnings report. bieber is the stock take inator. we could have spared you this, if you recognized your fans, not for being pests but for paying your freight. more after this.
1:40 pm
reporter: good afternoon from the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. stocks in selloff mode one day
1:41 pm
after dow and s&p chucked up best day in two months. what a difference a day makes. the dow off .8 of a percent. oil though is up. oil-related stocks are up as well. we had a surprise inventory decline. we were expecting a build. so therefore, oil is up about 3.25% here. let's take a look at fossil. bad earnings. this is really disney, fossil. disappointing, missing expectations, slashing its forecast. fossil is down 60%. another 28% today. this is a new low. what's the problem? folks are increasingly preferring digital watches and smartphones to traditional watches. that is having a knock down effect on some other retailers today. tiffany, coach, kors, all down by a whole lot. back to "coast to coast." a great part of using the usaa car buying service
1:42 pm
was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own.
1:43 pm
usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. neil: all right. hell hath no fury like small business person infuriated by new rules, including overtime rules that will punch a lot of small businesses at time they don't need punching. a small business person wrapping up testimony, letting legislators know a thing or two. not a fan, right, susan? >> not at all. the committee i testified before today was really receptive hering how regulations of overtime affect small business. it absolutely is going to cost
1:44 pm
jobs. there is no doubt about it. neil: now they obviously recognize, hearing from smart folks like you there is limit how much you can endure. it is not about taxes. it is about trying to deal with rules that are constantly changing. but this overtime thing could make the hike in the minimum wage small by comparison. explain. >> absolutely. so the issue here is, first of all, when we talk about that regulation of the overtime law, the complexity of the law itself, in terms of what is exempt and what is non-exempt, it is so complicated that small businesses get it wrong. but you raise that threshold of $50,000, my argument is this. first of all, small businesses should manage their own affairs, not the government. but secondly, $50,000, neil, in a little town i grew up in, frederick town, missouri, is heck of a lot of money. whereas $50,000 in manhattan could barely afford an apartment or living on the street. to make an arbitrary cut like
1:45 pm
that is just very naive and doesn't take into effect the consequences that will really occur. neil: that is well-put. and forcefully put at that, as you did the other day, as you did in washington today. susan, thank you. >> thank you, neil. neil: anytime. certainly one of the nba's highest paid athletes has no problem at all with people wanting to take pictures with him. a star nonetheless who will stand the test of time. knicks player carmelo anthony joins us next and about to trash justin bieber. i have no idea. the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. beautifully-misshapen.
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1:49 pm
here is our conversation. you've been in venture-capital now for two years. why did you decide to invest and take your millions of dollars and get into tech? >> i at this it was the opportunity to kind of help some of the countries be heard. everybody in the tech world wants to be heard through their tech, whether it is phone apps, whether it is hardware, software. i think technology is opportunity to be heard and i just felt like i wanted to be a part of companies that are changing the world. >> so what is that company, your most favorite investment? what's top of mind? >> top of mind? maybe lyft. i would say lyft right now. we have, it is up, we have 30 companies right now. so many that we feel like, i know, world peter one or world peter two, hard to say. just more about having fun with it. being careful, at the same time.
1:50 pm
reporter: lyft was banned from austin because they won't comply with some regulations there. what do you think about that? >> well they will figure it out. they have people in place for that. they will figure it out. i'm behind the scenes. i stay away from all of that, that part of it. i what they're doing, their model, their business plan, they will figure it out. reporter: you also have a clothing line coming, teenage mutant ninja turtles, you've been long into fashion. a lot of athletes getting into multiplatform investment, tech fashion, why do you think that is the case? >> well, i think it's a open runway for athletes to get into that lane. something different. i know for me, it was more of being, having a genuine connection with the turtles. so the opportunity presented itself and i had opportunity to be creative director over there. everything came together at the right time. reporter: carmelo, you love to invest in companies that succeed, right? >> absolutely.
1:51 pm
that is the goal. >> but if the new york knicks were a startup, would you invest? >> absolutely. absolutely. new york is greatest city in the world. the biggest media market in the world. you know, some of the greatest opportunity here are in new york in the world. so of course i will invest in that. reporter: carmelo anthony saying he has not yet made his decision whether he will play in the 2016 rio olympics on team usa he will have an answer next week or so. he is very concerned about the safety situation there. neil? neil: jo ling kent, thank you, very, very much. we talked to kennedy. she is very upset about this justin bieber thing. she wants to settle it once and for all. the woman who will take pictures with anybody, with no attitude on the entertainer with no talent after this. [bassist] two late nights in tucson.
1:52 pm
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blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it.
1:55 pm
♪ neil: well apparently justin bieber means this when it comes to fans that want to take pictures. not happening, i'm an artist. leave me alone. i thought of kennedy. 180 degrees opposite. she shoes them away which i deeply admires. what do you think of this? >> he is so ridiculous. he can't help but turn into such a horrific, abhorrent person at every turn. and he tried, he tried to have this musical comeback. he had really catchy songs and some great chart and performance success in the last year but this makes you go, you know what? we should spread a rumor only to justin bieber, a natural-born citizen elected next president of the united states he is going to be deported. perhaps he will self-deport as act of love. neil: he could want to do that. he says i'm done taking pictures.
1:56 pm
gotten to the point, people won't say to hi to me. i feel like a zoo animal. i want to keep my sanity. saying don't take pictures. they get in the way. >> he is a zoo animal. neil: he is saying enough of you. people say, but i bought your album. no, you got my album you got what you paid for, an album! doesn't say in fine print whenever you see me you can take a photo. >> series of three singles. not a concept record. he didn't write, the wall. neil: he didn't write the wall. no he did not. >> entitled selfish person he needs to go away immediate. neil: what message -- you and i of course are big stars. >> you and i will sit for a norman rockwellesque style painting with throngs of our fans every day. neil: like me, you know me, i'm always out with the peeps. >> that's right. you have the cavuto mobile. you just drive up and down -- neil: i will look for people.
1:57 pm
because that is the way i role. is that the way i role? sure, that is the way i role. >> hugger too. neil: hugger too. i get in trouble. what's the problem? it is flattering. >> also, part of your job. i mean it comes with the territory. he seeks out this kind of fame, you know. he is not like tom york from radiohead who stuck himself in shoe box. neil: i've been reading responses you're getting on instagram which apparently is not a cereal. a lot of them are -- >> although you add milk, right? neil: a lot are very supportive. we understand your stress and pain. >> because they're cisco fannic shut-ins. justin bieber, i'm touching your instagram account. we're close. neil: they understand his pain. >> they don't understand his pain. they don't know what it is like to make millions of dollars and be surrounded by people that want to touch you. he takes advantage of those people. he had marital relations outside of marriage with a lot of the
1:58 pm
people that seek his affection. neil: so? >> sorry, neil. neil: i don't think this will put a dent in had his career, at all. >> his career and reputation have been dented. neil: did he have a bit after come back. >> exactly. he has and was, outperforming, where you really make money now adays. neil: that's true. i forgot about that. >> he canceled meet an greets with his fans. if it were me i would give people the perception that they can get to know me and take a picture of me, not that i'm so special i need to be walled off and don't touch me. ringo starr did that and howard stern mocks him endlessly, peace and love, peace and love. neil: a lot of people focus on disney stocks. fall in earnings. i traced that, kennedy, to the disney radio music awards. the one where he shaved his head? that was may 1st or may 2nd? isn't that odd. it is from that moment on.
1:59 pm
>> now they know, neil. neil: why did he shave it, do you know? shin made o'connor he is not. >> going through custody dispute and nasty divorce, one shaves one's ahead they can skirt drug tests. i wouldn't say that i am not speculating. exactly right. he is over and over bitten hand off, thrown it in the trash which was then thrown in incinerator. i have no sympathy for him. neil: you are the salt of the earth. put the go. in goodness. >> pleasure, neil. neil: if you try to walk up to take a picture -- >> not a chance. neil: she will fling the camera. getting readied for "your world" on fox news 4:00 p.m., two hours. come on let us know how you feel about this. if it is really, really bugging you we want you to know.
2:00 pm
we want you to know because of justin bieber, we have major market selloff. thank you very much, justin. victory in nebraska. leading with paul ryan tomorrow. they unify the party. trump has come so far already without the parties support. does he need them? i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report.


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