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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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liz: hit new session lows a second ago. peter schiff. much in deman here at the salt conference. [closing bell rings] markets wiped out yesterday's gains. more live from the salt conference with guests. david asman, melissa francis, pick it up here. david: indeed we will. stocks dropping in the final minutes of trading with disney and retail stocks pulling the dow down more than 200 points. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we got you covered on the market but first at this hour, battle in the beltway. speaker of the house paul ryan trying to say all the right things ahead of tomorrow's much-anticipated meeting with donald trump. herman cain and howard kurtz are among our guests to talk all about that. bernie sanders more than just a bee in hillary clinton's bonnet, that's for sure. more on the trail after his big win last night, another one. how much of a toll is this taking on the clinton general election campaign? our panel will weigh in. david: i can't wait.
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back to a selloff of wall street stocks, hit by a slew of disappointing earnings from macy's fossil, and big one we brought you yesterday, disney. the dow ending the day down 200 points. erasing nearly all of yesterday's gains. only one dow stock ended the day in the green. that was microsoft. melissa: after trump goes to washington, sorry about that the presumptive gop nominee is preparing for a crucial meeting with paul ryan and republican leaders in d.c. that's tomorrow. fox business's blake burman is here with the latest. i can imagine there is a lot of anticipation, blake. reporter: there will be a lot of reporters staked outside of the republican national committee. we can guarranty that tomorrow. good afternoon to you. paul ryan doesn't want to pretend that republicans are unifying behind donald trump right now. it is uncertain if that could change tomorrow. ryan and trump as i mentioned are set to meet here in washington at rnc the house
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speaker yet to endorse trump said earlier today the goal is for republicans to unite and be at full strength, by thefall. for ryan that would have to happen with presumptive nominee he says he barely even knows. >> i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2012. we had a very good conversation in march on the phone. we just need to get to know each other. we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact that we have a chance to meet with him. reporter: democrats are eagerly anticipating trump's arrival on the hill as well. house minority leader nancy pelosi is trying to link trump to her republican colleagues. >> not a dime's worth of difference between donald trump and house republicans, what they say. attacks on women in the congress are a dime a dozen. reporter: trump will meet with top republican lawmakers around gop leaders besides paul ryan as well. fox has learned that rank-and-file members requested a meeting with trump also.
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that opportunity will be extended to the presumptive nominee. melissa, david, back to you. david: melissa: blake, thanks so much. >> can i see hands? who is unwilling to night to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party? raise your hand now, if you won't make that pledge tonight. [shouting] mr. trump. [booing] david: here is the irony, the presumptive gop nominee was only candidate who raised his hand in the first debate. since then jeb bush and lindsey graham voiced that they will not get behind donald trump for president. so will anti-trump crowd eventually get behind him? here is herman cain former republican presidential candidate and fox news contributor i'm glad to say. start with the pledge. jeb bush and lindsey graham breaking the pledge. saying they won't vote for donald trump. what do you make of that? >> this is why voters don't
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trust establishment politicians. they made the pledge. then they badgered trump into taking the pledge. he did. and they never expected him to get the nomination or become the presumptive nominee. now all of a sudden they don't want to support the presumptive nominee. that is what is wrong with the establishment people. basically this is playing out, basically exposing them for their hypocrisy. david: hold on, herman. they say ideology and principles of the conservative principles they support are more morn than their own, than anybody's ego. do you think it is ideology or do you think it is ego? >> ideology, my foot. it is ego. i mean, there have been republican presidential candidates that a lot of conservatives have had to hold their nose in order to vote for. now all of sudden they're going to claim it is ideology.
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david, i believe it is purely ego that is standing in the way because they can't control donald trump. they don't know what to expect from donald trump. david: right. >> he is a wildcard, quote, unquote, relative to how candidates normally act. they don't like that. but, the american people, the voters, the voters are saying they want to get behind this guy who potentially will shake things up. david: only president i can think of who kind of downplayed ego issue was ronald reagan. he had famous sign at his desk. there is no limit what you can do if you don't take credit for it. everybody wants all the credit and none of the blame. how do you get ego out of politics? >> give it some time. i think it will take a little time in order for some of these people basically running off of their ego to get over this. that in fact the voice of the voters has spoken. and they are in denial of what the voice of the voters want. they want a donald trump in the republican party.
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i think after they start recognizing that the top of the ticket could possibly become an asset instead of a liability, and they want to get reelected because a lot of them run for re-election, i think they will warm up to the idea that trump is the presumptive nominee and he will be the nominee for the republican party. david: i think you hinted on last point. that is only thing politicians seem to care about is getting ereelected. >> yes. david: i have to ask one more question. form paul ryan meets with donald trump. will trump seal the deal to get ryan to endorse him? >> i am cautiously optimistic that the results of the meeting will be very positive and here's why. if they focus on big issues and solutions they have in common it will not be about eagan go or ideology. i don't know if trump will seal the deal but i suspect that paul ryan and reince priebus
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will come out of the meeting. it was very positive. they made a whole lot of progress. don't expect the word endorsement. he doesn't have to endorse donald trump. all he has to do is to say, we are moving towards supporting nominee and i'll tell you, headline would be, if he says it, that he is ready to support donald trump and that the party should get behind him. that is more than i expect tomorrow, but i do expect it down the road. david: herman cain, great to see you my friend. thank you for coming in. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: donald trump and speaker ryan will come face-to-face tomorrow to discuss their differences. they're expected to address the rift between trump and the republican party but the extent of the divide may not be all their fault. hear to weigh in on the mainstream media role on the rift is howard kurtz, host of "mediabuzz," fox news analyst. thanks so much for joining us. let me start with this. this helps him, doesn't it, rift being played out in the media between donald trump and the
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establishment? doesn't that help his narrative and his campaign? >> this headlines of gop meltdown or revolt is a little bit overstated. it is more of an ooze than a meltdown. donald trump spent 10 months to run against the republican establishment. the whole idea that they would hold hands and sing kumbayah three days after the ceiling nomination was unrealistic. if some of these gop wise men in washington are keeping some distance from donald trump because his brand, is independent populist. melissa: yeah. get to the mainstream media's motivation on this one. are they just covering a story? do they think it hurts him? what is the psychology there? >> we love civil war stories. melissa: sure. >> we love disarray stories. this meeting between paul ryan and donald trump which ryan already signaled, get them to know each other. it will not lead to immediate epdoorsment. being treated like churchhill and stalin sitting down.
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this is unbelievable. these guys barely know each other. this is not as sexy of a story as will he endorse or or what win hall? the more time passes and some wounds heal, if the trump does no in the polls and swing states neck-and-neck with hillary clinton resistance with the republican party, not all elements. some will never ever be for trump but much of the party will have no choice to get behind the nominee. >> if you're watching mainstream media, i hope you are not, i hope you're watching us, but if you're watching other channels the narrative on democratic side is quite different even though from empirical sense you would have thought the republican battle would have been over second, democrats would be squared away first. they're still battling it out whether or not you think he can take away delegates or her that she has it sown up or what is like in mainstream media in that. bernie sanders won 19 and
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hillary clinton 23. trump gets constant coverage and overshadowsers. nobody likes at a shot that he has a chance. melissa: even with 19 out of the 23? >> hillary has virtually inyour mountable lead. she has trouble generating excitement or the crowds that are feeling the bern. it is a story but doesn't have drama trump versus cruz and rubio has. we didn't know who ultimately would win on republican side. we know hillary clinton will ultimately be the nominee. melissa: unless you listen to bernie sanders. he has momentum and have the superdelegates come over to him. >> what else are you going to do. he loves all the media attention. melissa: i love it, howard, thank you very much. david: bernie sanders trouncing hillary clinton again with his west virginia win. now he is looking to keep momentum going. fox's mike emanuel joins us with the latest of the he has won the
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past 10 out of 15, is that right? reporter: feels like he is on a roll. here in new jersey was trying to go on offense going after donald trump on variety of issues related to foreign policy and loose cannon on nuclear weapons and leaving nato. clinton campaigning in the garden state ahead the primary on june 7th. hillary clinton respond to someone in the audience led to this attack on donald trump and his tax returns. >> my must and i -- husband and i released3 years of tax returns. we have eight years on our website right now. [applause] so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? >> [inaudible]. >> yeah, we're going to find out reporter: bernie sanders sounds fired up after his victory last night in west virginia. his win last week in inyana. both states that hillary clinton won in 2008. sanders on the trail today in missoula, montana. also putting a lot of effort in oregon. sanders doesn't feel sympathy
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for clinton for her having to battle both him and donald trump. >> we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on. so please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems reporter: bottom line, after recent losses hillary clinton is investing time and money in places like kentucky and new jersey, not fully able to shift toward donald trump. david? david: she keeps moving to the left with bernie. mike emanuel, thank you very much. mike, good to see you. melissa? melissa: oil climbing above 46 bucks, watch this, settling at highest level in more than six months. uh-oh, oil getting a big boost from surprise drop in weekly inventories. this is the ninth straight week of falling supplies. don't want that ahead of the summer. david: no way.
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new drama in the hillary clinton email investigation. why one of her top aides walked out in the middle of an interview with the fbi. what that means for the ongoing case. melissa: speaker paul ryan has sish reservations about many of donald trump issues. one thing may bring them both together. grover norquist is here with his take. that is a hint. david: bernie sanders putting a dent in clinton's ability to focus on general election. momentum, momentum as sanders is poised for more big wins next week, are democratic elites in panic mode. >> what a significant turn from eight years ago when hillary was the homecoming queen and now she can't get a state. -- a date. and efficiency. the ram heavy duty is the most capable full-sized pickup on the road today. and, the ram 1500 is the most fuel-efficient,
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melissa: the justice department could be allowing clinton aide to avoid tough questions from the fbi. reports say that cheryl mills, a long-time clinton aide, you remember her, walked out of an fbi interview after she was asked about the process of giving emails to the state department to be released to the public. she walked out. here to weigh in, gregg jarrett, fox news anchor, former defense attorney. there are so many facets to this story before we get to cheryl mills. i want to ask you about other news breaking right now. talking about director comey, he was sitting down for pen and paper question and answer with reporters, meaning no cameras. what have we heard come out from that? >> comey asked by catherine herridge says this is security inquiry. melissa: no big deal. >> he really took a swing at her you could sort of tell bit language he used, i don't know what that means security inquiry. melissa: he said this is
4:18 pm
investigation. this is an investigation. >> exactly. melissa: blowing up her narrative on the campaign trail. >> she kicked in the face of fbi director. tried to minimize for political reasons which are obvious what it is he is doing. really bad idea. her attorney david kendall said you have to knock that off and show respect. not only to the fbi and department of justice because comey more than anybody else, holds your fate in his hands. melissa: and this has been the tension all along. what she does out on the campaign trail, that would suit a political campaign is at odds with what you would do if you were really afraid of an fbi investigation and how you would not antagonize them. seems like what she is doing on campaign trail and other shows when she goes out, this is republicans making this up, there is nothing there. that is making them mad. turn to cheryl mills, what does it mean when she stood up and walked out? >> myself and my clients used to storm out of depositions all the time in show of objection to certain questions but this
4:19 pm
really underscores the tension between the fbi and cheryl mills and maybe some of the other aides to hillary clinton who have been questioned by the fbi. she claims that she didn't have to answer questions about her conversations with hillary clinton about what emails to turn over, which is obviously a critical part of this case. she has, she invoked the attorney/client privilege which is so overbroad, easily abused. so it will be interesting to find out what if anything she said about that very important subject. melissa: can i ask you one of the other talking points. whenever i read articles in other papers on other networks, they always say, so far the fbi came up with scant evidence of wrongdoing. this is evidence i saw three times yesterday. wait, that is not true. is that true? >> the big report was the fbi has found no evidence that clinton intended to break the law. well that is irrelevant. it is not a question of whether she intended to break the law but were her acts in setting up server and storing classified
4:20 pm
information knowing and intentional? if the answer to that is yes, then there's a crime. melissa: do we know if they convened a grand jury? >> we don't know that. they might have, maybe not. my guess is not. it's a little early. federal judge has to get involved to oversee and grant immunity to bryan pagliano the i.t. specialist to invoke the fifth. melissa: that would take a federal judge. we love your insight. david. david: good stuff. well, do you remember this? a deadly explosion at west texas fertilizer plant three years ago that left 15 people dead. now it has been ruled an act of arson. federal investigators launch ad manhunt for the suspects with at $50,000 reward for information. melissa. melissa: grand ol' party. the donald trump campaign promising a convention to remember. i can't wait for this. how it will be quote, ultimate reality show. severe weather threatening
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david: severe storms expecting to hammer the midwest. large hail and damaging winds and are possible in texas and oklahoma while tornadoes are hitting in illinois! fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth join us with the details. rick, i don't think of tornadoes in illinois, i think of kansas and nebraska. actually illinois gets quite a few. they're not hitting right now. a lot of severe weather last number of days. we've seen incredible pictures of tornadoes across kansas, oklahoma and yesterday into kentucky where we saw most of them. one into nebraska as well. this is the last 24 hours of radar. a lot of areas getting a lot of rain.
4:25 pm
it caused flooding as well across parts of tennessee. we have one severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 7:00 p.m. one line of storms moving through here. really large hail associated with storms. in some cases hail pushing baseball sized. that can do a lot of damage. we'll see more rain move through the area later on today and more storms. severe weather right now. some could spawn a tornado or two later on in the afternoon or evening. a little bit of severe weather across north carolina and virginia. where we could potentially see tornadoes is the yellow bullseye. that will go on through the overnight hours. with any of storms, david, they're not moving quickly. we could see significant flooding. three or four inches of rainfalling in short amount of time. david: all of that affecting travel. rick reichmuth, thank you very much. melissa: here is where the stocks ended day, dow and nasdaq
4:26 pm
ending the day. disney biggest loser, ending down significantly on the day. look at that, 4.31%. the mouse house still reeling from disappointing earnings numbers we brought to you yesterday. that hurts. david: trump and paul ryan have their differences but there is one common goal that could bring them together. coming up, grover norquist, americans for tax reform president, telling us why tax reform could bridge the gap. melissa: all right. trump's recent tweaks to his position on taxes and minimum wage are not accidental. could be part of a well-planned campaign strategy. >> in the history of the republican party nobody has ever gotten more votes than i've gotten in the primary
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david: breaking political news. donald trump is now softening his tone on a big campaign promise that made major headlines in wake of terror attacks in europe. listen up. >> we have a serious problem. it's a temporary ban. it hasn't been called for yet. nobody haste done it. this is just a suggestion. david: kilmeade's show. melissa: just a suggestion. so that is just another example of trump making a headline. you find when you get out into the details it's a little bit more moderate than you thought. he recently seemed to say he wanted to raise taxes on wealthy, remember that? then he specified what he raise it from his own proposal. here is latest example of his strategy. >> you will get a judge who would overthrow, overturn roe v. wade?
4:31 pm
that is specific thing that you would do? >> or, overturn, look, i'm going to put conservative judges on. >> your specific thing to protect the sanctity of life would be appointing a supreme court justice that would overturn roe v. wade, do i have it? >> they will be pro-life but we'll see about overturning. >> there you go. i'm calling it trump's rorschach strategy, tony sayegh, jamestown associates vice president. fox news contributor. ashley pratte, a senior political reporter. tony, he is a marketing genius. >> yeah. melissa: this makes a lot of sense. people are saying well he changes his position or knot prepared for the question. no, i think he is totally prepared. says one thing a headline some people take away. you go down into the details he says something a little bit different but doesn't conflict with it. just a modifying of it. people hear that. is it genius? >> i think he is extremely
4:32 pm
popular and effective because he is not rigid. that is helpful. one of the underrated aspects of trump es appeal in my opinion is he also seems pragmatic. throws something out there. gets people talk about it. get different points of views from republicans democrats and hear his position evolve and almost he is leading charge for better solution. on some issues republicans feel strongly on, tax reform and other things related to national security i think he has to keep steady on the republican party orthodoxy but i think a lot of these other matters, you know what? it is for donald trump really maybe to take us to a new paradigm how we start solving these problems and clearly his tactic is working. >> but, ashley, tony is arguing that he is moderating his position. that is not what i'm saying. somebody said, wow, did you hear last night donald trump said he would overthrow, roe v. wade. overturn it. are you sure he exactly said? when you go back and listen to
4:33 pm
it, he was led into saying that, he goes well, i will put on judges who are pro-life. which is something totally different because overthrowing it you would have to shoot everyone on the court and overturning it and bring all new people in it. it is not possible. that is not the first time he has done that. somebody hears one thing. somebody else hears something else. it was actually all in there. so he kind of says everything to everyone. >> he does and he shoots from the hip, melissa. i think that is some worked to his advantage. some people say that he has no strategy and that is his strategy but i think it is much, much more thought out and calculate like you do. melissa: i do too. >> he definitely knows who to play to, who to pander to, to talk to. it is not necessarily pandering because it resonates with whole variety of different people. when he is talking to the american people he is really trying to feel their emotion when he is speaking, which is playing to the pro-life demographic, right? he knows he upset them with
4:34 pm
other headlines he has made in fact it has resonated with those more moderate on the issue. he is towing the line between being republican nominee and attracting new voters and towing the line very well. melissa: it is genius. i had argument with somebody saturday night, donald trump wants to punish women with abortions. you didn't listen to the whole interview. i went through the whole thing and explained where it was. we're both yelling at each other. in truth we're both right. he did say that but after a lot of other things. that is not what he meant. bottom line we both heard what we wanted to hear which is genius marketer. >> yeah, but i think you're actually both short changing the reality which is donald trump is fairly moderate, at very least, if knot moderate -- not moderate he is not idealogically bound to one position. melissa: true.
4:35 pm
>> which allows him to be nimble in that negotiation. to that i agree with you, melissa, it is effective tactic. it will not box him in. why hillary clinton will have enormously hard time putting him down. think about the fact transgender bathrooms, minimum wage, planned parenthood, all three traps set up for donald trump or republican to fall into. he avoided them. why? because he dismissed them. in 2012 mitt romney went into the contraception trap. trump is more strategic at marketing level than most others as candidate. melissa: you will both stick around. we'll come back to you. david? neil: both donald trump and paul ryan are looking for ways to turn their recent feud into partnership. maybe answer is shared passion for genuine tax reform and there is a precedent. here is grover norquist, president for americans with tax reform. great to see you. ronald reagan was anti-establishment republican. came in with a tax-cutting plan, kind of a vague idea. wanted to radically cut taxes
4:36 pm
but piggybacked on congressman named jack kemp, who had the kemp-roth plan he had been working on for years. ronald reagan worked with the congressman. they got together and that is how the tax reforms of reagan administration got started. could it be the same with trump and ryan working together on this? >> i think it can be and likely will be. remember 1978, two years before reagan was president the republican campaign for their house and senate candidate was republican tax cut 33%. it was the kemp-roth bill. before the reagan tax cuts were the reagan tax cutser this the republican congressional agenda items. and what you have in both trump's proposal which is a fine tax proposal, these are all ideas that have appeared in republican congressional tax reform plans. melissa: right. >> that there is an awful lot of overlap between where trump is
4:37 pm
and where ryan and brady and other republicans, hatch on the senate side, where they are on tax reform, more i think than with reagan and -- melissa: trump has ideas but he doesn't have idea how to get them through. he doesn't have practical experience dealing in washington. they do. they know how to deal with bells and whistles and cbo and everything else. already the plan as vague as it is, as changeable as the trump plan is it has been attacked on hillary by old class warfare lines. read from an ad came out today. donald trump's tax plan would be enormous boon for topp 1% of earners at expense of working families, seniors and health of the economy. going back to reagan, they said same thing of reagan. we saw a graphic, put that back up again. this is what happened during the period of the tax cuts, reagan tax cuts, poorest 20% their income went up 11.8%.
4:38 pm
richest 20%, income went up almost exactly the same, 12.2%. if you're worried about income distribution you have across the board tax cuts. >> and the great thing about economic growth, and job creation is the biggest beneficiaries are people who go from nojob, zero income, to a job and income. somebody already has a job who does 10% better, he is 10% better but the other person is infinitily better off going from zero to real wage. there are real opportunities for trump and the republicans in the house and senate to make the case that hillary clinton, who in this campaign has come out for taxing poor people's soda pop and for taxes their wages. remember she said she would sign a wage tax like increase in social security. because she was goaded into it by sanders. she's the one talking about taxing. she endorsed the eight middle class tax increases in obamacare.
4:39 pm
she has been one idea after another how to hit the middle class and lower income americans with tax hikes. david: grover, very interesting. all depends whether "the donald" can make the deal happen tomorrow the we'll see. grover norquist, americans for tax reform. thank you very much for coming on. appreciate it. >> you got it. david: melissa. melissa: got breaking news, speaking of taxes. mitt romney is slamming donald trump after the presumptive nominee doubled down on refusing to release his tax returns before nerve. romney saying quote, it is disqualifying for modern-day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to voters especially one who has not been subject to public scrutiny in either military or public service. plus he is mad because you know those returns did not help his campaign. so donald trump -- david: he and never trump people seem to get smaller and smaller, group of them. i wonder if people pay a lot of attention. crisis on campaign trail, bernie sanders leaving
4:40 pm
west virginia with a victory, a big one, putting some democrats in panic mid. is it crisis management time for hillary clinton? our panel weighing in next. >> landslide victories, min society, she is getting majority of superdelegates in those states. [booing] and it affects each and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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david: berned again. senator bernie sanders pulling off a big victory in we virginia, prolonging the democratic battle, forcing hillary clinton to continue a costly campaign. >> bernie sanders has become the court jester who keeps tripping the queen and she a face plant last night in west virginia. democrats have to be panicked not just because of her losses but because of the fact that she is not pulling those traditional democratic voters because there is angry at their party as republicans are at their party. david: here now, julie roginsky,
4:44 pm
a democratic strategist and fox news contributor who supports hillary clinton. former mayor mike mcginn from seattle. he supports bernie sanders. mayor, first to you, bernie has won 10 out of the last 15 primaries of the. even if he wins california there is suspicion he could not be the nominee. does that make you angry? >> look, it is a campaign and bernie sanders has put it he has a narrow path but he has had extraordinary success. pushing a message that we haven't heard before about representing working class democrats. that message is needed within the democratic party. david: but, julie, there is anger among a lot of bernie's supporters. bad enough hillary has email problem she is slipping in the polls against trump. now she has to deal with this. >> well, look, you know i was not necessarily somebody who was hillary or bernie supporter until it became apparent to me mathematically bernie will make up difference among pledged
4:45 pm
delegates, never mind superdelegates everybody complains about. when math becomes apparent you're wasting money making democratic party -- david: he would say you're not wastings money. you're forcing hillary towards my positions. that is towards the left and doing other things. what would you say? >> i would say to that, you have ample opportunity to influence the platform at the convention. he certainly demonstrated he has both the authority and the support to be able to do that. he i'm sure could cut a deal with her tomorrow to influence other things he wants to influence. at this point you're going through exercise when both parties should be focused on their opposing party at this point in the game and not necessarily going through an exercise where again she leads him by almost 300 pledged delegates alone. he won west virginia by resounding margin. he got 18 delegates. she got 11. not that huge. david: getting into the weeds how many delegates, this anger was apparent last night in west virginia where there were exit polls. over 30% of the all democrats polled say if hillary the nominee they will vote for
4:46 pm
trump. would you? >> you're talking to me? david: no, i'm talking to the mayor. >> no, i wouldn't. i'm on record i would vote for clinton. let's be real clear. this is challenge for hillary clinton. she has to get the votes and campaign for them. hillary clinton's problem is not bernie sanders. her problem is there is a split in the democratic party and there is a division within the party about what is the best platform and best way to proceed. and bernie sanders is entitled to run on that. he had great success running on it. he can bring that right to the convention and keep going. frankly hillary clinton, she should be figuring out how to reach these voters using remaining primaries to do that that is good for her in the long run. david: rather than doing that, julie, seems like a lot of upset bernie voters could vote for donald trump. >> well, west virginia lost to the democrats regardless who nominee is. david: by the way, julie, next week is kentucky. that has a lot of coal miners ticked off. democratic coal miners. >> donald trump polls show him
4:47 pm
not doing well in places likes utah. anything is possible. generally kentucky is probably lost to democratic party as well. to the point where bernie sanders, she needs to check bernie sanders voters. bernie sanders mathematically eliminated from getting nomination unless he will convert people he trashed all along, superdelegates supporting him. short of that happening what he could be doing is helping his people talk to her, helping her reach out to his supporters instead of continuing to attack her personally on all the things -- david: attacked her on emails he could. but been a gent man as far as that goes. we have to leave it at that, gang. melissa. >> the annual techcrunch disruptor at brooklyn navy yard where startups gather to introduce latest innovation in the future. that is where we find jo ling kent. jo? reporter: cyber threats, melissa, national security very
4:48 pm
much top in mind. startups and up start cofounders pitch own seedling ideas. industry veterans very concerned about the threat of cyber to u.s. national security. i spoke with general michael hayden. only person to have served as head of nsa and cia he says encryption of all things, is necessary evil. listen to this. >> i actually think that america is a more secure nation, better our encryption is. greatest future threat to american security is in the cyber domain. you need to be really careful, weakening cybersecurity, even for legitimate, immediate security questions over here. reporter: interestingly enough hayden saying he stands by, standing with apple in protecting privacy and yet he also believes in phone tapping and in data tapping and that is a legacy from his time in the white house. very interesting to see that
4:49 pm
here. it's a rare combination. not exactly what a lot of privacy advocates are going for, melissa. melissa: jo, thank you so much for that. david. david: unconventional strategy to win the white house to say the least. for the trump campaign it is ultimate reality show. can we expect a rendition of presidential "apprentice" at the convention? ♪
4:50 pm
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4:53 pm
pratte are back with us. i mean, wow, tony, what do you think? what will we see here? >> first of all paul manafort is a pro. he run many conventions in past. melissa: they're usually boring. conventions let's be honest. they're boring. >> they are boring and captive audience. debates are usually boring, donald trump got 25 million people to watch the first debate fox news hosted. what is most important not making it about donald trump. making it about the republican party. many people wonder how the unification process will work out. it will all culminate at the convention. i think you have a lot of eyeballs on the event. melissa: ashley, not making it about trump. i heard he wants to speak every day. probably want to speak the whole entire time? >> well that would be the spectacle, right? everything that donald trump says is covered by news media far and wide, left, right, center, it doesn't matter. everyone covers him because he makes headlines when he does. this should be no different but he better hope by the end of
4:54 pm
that convention no one is telling him you're fired!, or else we'll all get an earful. melissa: tony, what do you think will be different? do you think they have swimsuit competition? newt gingrich? >> don't say those two words in sequence, swimsuit competition and newt gingrich, thank you. what i think you will get a lot more announcements being made, that are substantive. maybe not just show which speeches. maybe you will have at least delegates will have some sort of entertainment hasn't been available to tell gates before. conventions are about enthusiastic voters and people in the party. grassroots activists getting on board and using it as launching pad. i think donald trump would be smart to do something out of the box to make it more interesting to watch. you know what? what if he did speak, instead of keynote address, gave different type policy address. i don't think that is a bad idea. melissa: ashley, isn't it funny? this encapsulates what donald trump's candidacy is all about,
4:55 pm
not doing things the way they have been done before. he is a television producer. he had this show. he is reality show guy. this should be his forte. other people said love him or hate i am he is very watchable. when he comes on and talks, reason why rating is good on every network, whether left, right, center he is compelling. whether you think it is good or a train wreck, could he go too far though? >> he could but, i have to at same time he hasn't yet. he said some things that made people question whether or not he can be presidential. look, he is now the presumptive nominee of the republican party. so again, everything he is does is completely unprecedented. it is unpredictable which will give hillary a hard time in the yep election. at shame time i really think this convention could be one for history books for a lot of reason. before because it could be contested. now because it could become a reality show. melissa: thanks to both of you. david. david: could become? will become, no question about it! taste of freedom, it has a
4:56 pm
taste. how donald trump is taking credit for new look of iconic american brew. melissa: of course he is. ♪ we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ a grwas seeing theing the different
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melissa: making america drink again if we ever stopped. david: donald trump joking that he is behind budweiser's name change. take a listen. >> do you think you had something to do with budweiser changing name of the beer for summer? >> i think so. they're so impressed what our country will become they decided to do this before the fact. david: extraordinary. we were talking about his strategy, marketing strategy. sometimes i'm wondering if he is elected president he set the bar so high, that people are bound to be disappointed? melissa: no. he will tune-up the reality show even louder and bigger and drown out --
5:00 pm
david: drink a lot of american. all that disappointment will float away. melissa: that fixes everything, doesn't it? david: it seems to. melissa: we're getting ourselves in trouble. that was fun. all right. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> let me be as clear as i can be. we are in this campaign to win the democratic nomination! we fully acknowledge that we're good in arithmetic, that we have an uphill climb ahead of us but we are used to fighting uphill climbs. [cheering] deirdre: here is today's "new york post" cover. stop the coronation. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. senator sanders has won 19 states but needs more than 80% of the outstanding delegates. hillary clinton has won 23 states and needs just more than


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