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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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that sent a lot of the retail stocks and discretionary stocks lower. thank you for joining us on "risk and reward." my colleague charles payne is here, "making money" starts now. charles: the stock market getting crushed. the obama administration's anti-business stance slowing down. president obama heading to hiroshima this week. he will be the first sitting president to make that trip. the white house insists it won't be an apology trip. gop leader meet in hopes of uniting the party. paul ryan says he hopes it's constructive when he meets the
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presumptive nominee. >> i don't really know him. i met him once in person in 2012. we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we get to know each other. and we as aleadership team are enjoying we have the chance to meet with him. i would rather have a conversation in person instead of the media. this is a big tents party. we come from different wings of the party. the goal is to unify the various wings of the party so we can go forward unified. charles: as the gop is on the edge of it's, this meeting has been built up. trump has been friendly with paul ryan ahead of this meeting. he's remaining optimistic about the outcome. >> we are meeting thursday. i look forward to the meeting. he's a very good man, he wants
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what's good for the party. i would like for him to stay and be chairman. charles: what does speaker sphrien wants and what will trump give up? what's going to happen here, mercedes schlapp. what are they both trying to accomplish? >> i think this is a matter of showing mutual respect. listening to each other. being able to really as paul ryan said, get to know each other. when we see the media talking to trump and ryan on a daily basis. they have the two top leaders in the republican party come hand in hand and talk about -- they are not going to be focusing on the policy issues, but what you are going to see is the fact that paul ryan is going to say yes the presidency and the executive branch is very important, but so is congress.
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charles: you hear paul ryan say there are different wings of the party. and voters are saying they don't care about that. they want the donald trump wing. >> ryan wants to endorse him but he needs to show he is having a thoughtful behind-door meeting so he can drag his members over. a quid pro quo. paul ryan says you give me a back-door channel so i can air grievances behind closed doors of the house and i'll give you my endorsement and drag along as many members as possible. and the ones who don't come along, i'll find a way to quiet them. charles: i heard paul ryan has problems with the muslim ban and the way donald trump has spoken about certain groups of people.
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>> how is he going to get him to respect the different branches of government? you can't ban people from the united states on the basis of their faith, that's unconstitutional. >> now, the problem that ryan has is he's trying to have his cake and eat it. that's what we are seeing from a lot of these republicans. guess what? you please nobody. do you not please the trump supporters or conservatives like me who will never ever support trump no matter what.purchase ps against the middle and as a result nobody trusts you. charles: you are saying if you are a republican, a conservative jump on board because the alternative is nuts. >> i think this is horse trading. having been inside politics with my husband elected in missouri,
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i have seen these things before. you don't know how many family members and close friends fall ryan has working for whatever organization donald trump might eliminate, what cushy retirement programs. you just don't know. there is something going on here, it's horse trading. here's where he should be fighting trump. he should be talking about the democrats that are fractured. hillary has no mandate in this election. >> i have got to say, please, honestly, the democrats are fractured? donald trump wants to soften the gop's position on abortion. he may have won the primary but he's not taking the conservative voters with him. 40% of the voters voted the against trump. there is no unity and there will not be a unity. >> taking the position of ronald
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reagan and reverend billy graham is hardly stepping back on abortion. i think the planned parenthood is something a lot of conservatives don't like. but this isn't the issue. he will be the nominee. charles: everyone wants to jump in, what are your thoughts? >> we have to understand that there has to come to that ultimate goal of defeating hillary clinton. i know some of the conservatives are plenty upset. some of them have joined that never trump movement. but we know if there is not a united party, i believe we cannot defeat hillary clinton. it's as simple as that. this is a political strategy that has to take place. ryan knows what he needs to get done, and at the same time he's listening to several of his house members who are very concerned about what impact they would have in a swing district.
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so he's listening to his members in the house. and he understands he could be that voice for the conservatives. the only way to move forward is for the party to unite and defeat hillary clinton. four more years of the same of a third-term obama is not going to work. charles: ryan find himself between a rock and hard place, if you will. the one thing we are not talking a lot about are the 10 million votes donald trump received and an obvious mandate he has gotten to remake the gop. how much pushback does ryan give him knowing the voters in the gop said we want donald trump to remake the party in the image he feels fit. >> ryan knows trump has hah mandate. the republican party has more ideological continues. paul ryan wants to play offense
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in the house of representatives and make government work. charles: what dose want to get done -- what is the one thing that donald trump promoted that paul ryan would like to see him eliminate? >> they have a few differences out there, but there are a lot of things they can work on. one thing is tax reform. >> is this meeting about what they disagree on? >> it is partially about what they disagree on. but it's also how do we work together so we can win in november. how do we work together to make sure we put the democrats in its place so they don't change the cultural fabric of this country and put the economy back on the straight and narrow. charles: one of the elder statesmen, if you will, they have been worried about the party long-term. they have looked at demographic trends.
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even if trump were able to rally up that core support, they say the damage done to the party will last a very long time. >> let me tell you something, the younger generation is not racist or sexist. we want harriet tubman's party back. you hear hamilton a lot in the blogosphere. >> hillary clinton is to the right of donald trump. >> please. these are family fights. we don't need to hold press conferences to air our differences. if the republicans want to win in november, they need to cut it out. charles: would donald trump give them one of their core platforms, sort of a peacemaking bargaining chip? >> abortion, maybe?
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>> i don't think donald trump will alter so far what he has done to win. i don't think he plays by the rules and i don't think he will play by anyone else's rules. but there can be a stone established between the two of them. charles: donald trump with overwhelming support of republican voters. he's got the mandate and the wind in his sails. president obama's administration's anti-business rhetoric. they got support from the federal judge in the stables bill. wait until you hear the story going on between these great american companies.
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charles: if you are like me you love office depot and staples. you are arming yourself to go out and conquer the world of business. we can thank two people for making that happen. now one person is helping it go away. in 1986, three guys had the same idea. you get supply like desks, computers, pens. they launched sames with the help of a financier, mitt romney. down in florida, patrick sheer opened up office depot at lakewood mall. both of these stocks in 2006 peaked then there was a great depression bubbling under the
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surface. president obama thick it's the good old times because he blocked a merger that was -- i have got to tell you for some reason upheld by a federal judge. this administration is anti-success, anti-profit agenda. it has laid waste to many industry and you can add sames and office depot to that list. brian beenberg. brenberg, theseo companies are dying. they are laying off people. why do does president obama think they are a threat? >> they are saying the world we grew up in isn't the world we live in anymore. they are trying to make a move to day afloat. i don't see how it make
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consumers better to put both companies in a position to fail. charles: i sight as a single-minded obama administration, they hate business. two company, how big are they? they are the biggest in the industry, not asking what's going on with the industry. >> they want to make sure there is not a monopoly. office depot and staples, you have to have some type of competition and they do need to cut costs and make better decisions on running their companies, but merging would demolish the market and make it difficult for business owners to buy product at a fair price. charles: most people are going to amazon and that's the problem here. they are not taking into account. with the halliburton baker hughes deal. the obama administration says
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when i have number two and number three. but number one is a french company. we have other industries going out of business and we won't allow them to survive. >> they are not thinking about consumers. think of all the problems we have in the business sector. there is nobody saying my number one concern is i don't think i can get office supplies. are you kidding me? charles: the -- >> this is a great decision, the court upheld it. charles: jobs will be lost and stores will be closed down. if they are so monopolistic, why are they going out of business and closing stores? >> they made bad decisions. >> they brought in someone who was 2 feet tall, you can't
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compete with the taller guy. >> the market has changed. amazon exists. it did not exist when these companies started. the market is bigger than office depot and staples. >> those are the two biggest players in the market. the brick and mortar part of the market which is dying. charles: they are dying and the obama administration just gave them the coup de grace. the vice presidential pick, donald trump says he's starting to nail down his choices. this is a real horse race and newt and governor christie one and two right now.
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>> i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i'll announce whoever it will be at convention. charles: that was donald trump at a rally describing the search for a running-mate in an interview with the associated press. he says he wants a running-mate with deep political experience. he did not rule out new jersey governor chris christie or former speaker of the house newt gingrich. tonight begin griches announcing his endorsement of donald trump on "hannity." >> i endorse donald trump. john kasich is a great personal friend of mine and ted cruz ran a great campaign. i'm trying to be an objective observer. charles: joining me now to
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discuss this be kathy taylor and steve rogers. ed the plot continues to twist. there are five or six core candidates. but the outer list apparently contains -- about an hour ago tom cotton saying he would be open to the idea. >> i think donald trump has been completely unorthodoxed. he turned the political system upside down. some of the names are folks like speaker gingrich or chris christie. just the fact if you look at hillary clinton and the folks she has been considering. she is looking at african-americans and hispanics and people that hail from states like ohio and virginia. she is looking at the demographics and race and putting the different political factors in place. donald trump is going to do
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whatever he wants to do. he says he's going to look for someone with political experience. but it's interesting how different the people he identified are from that of hillary clinton's choices. charles: steve, you have been a donald trump supporter from the beginning. who is an ideal match? >> i'm looking at how many people jump on the train after you have a winner. in the case of chris christie he didn't jump on the train was trump is a winner. he jumped on the train because he wanted to help him become a winner. i'm a jersey guy. but i think governor christie may have taken a risk by the was a good choice, and i think maybe that would be wise to pick him. but when you look at the geography it may be difficult. charles: i don't know if anyone
6:25 pm
thinks the republicans can win jersey. kasich probably would push him over donald trump who is obviously outpolling him in ohio. >> in a typical election with a typical candidate, you would look at those factors. states, demographics, background, for sure. but donald trump has proven that those things don't necessarily matter. you know, i think we need is a good complement. i think he need a good complement. there is talk about newt gingrich being at the top of the list. there is probably nobody in this country with as good a handle on history and politics than gingrich. he has been revolutionary tough guy image. at the same time he's a lot like donald trump and you wonder if
6:26 pm
two peas in a pod are a good match. ask. charles: he's a diplomat and some of what an ambassador. >> when you look at chris christie * and what the american people want, they want a leader and a guy who stand up for what he believes in. to the governor's credit, he's that guy. charles: guys we'll come back later on, but i have got to share some breaking news. the epa will issue final resumes from cutting methane emissions from oil and natural gas. these new regulations will impose standard for new oil and natural gas wells. it's part of barack obama, broader climate change agenda. it's important to talk about, we just got an endorsement from newt gingrich.
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charles: donald trump trying his best to unite the party behind his banner.
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some are endorsing him, and some are lukewarm at best. marco rubio, flexio -- for exame has pledged to support the nominee, but he's vocal on his concerns. >> i took a pledge to support the nominee and i intend to do that. but here is the situation we are in. i don't want hillary clinton to be the president of the united states. on the other hand i have well-defined differences with the presumptive nominee of the republican party, and like millions much republicans i intend to reconcile those two things. i intend to live up to the pledge. but these concerns about policy remain and they are there. charles: i felt like we were watching a hostage video there. -- gina.
6:32 pm
you have got jeff sessions, chris christie, rick scott, and then the support list, the lukewarm rubio list it's a mile long. and the audience keeps tweeting me saying all these people are has-beens and it doesn't matter anyway. >> they are the reason donald trump has been so successful in this entire primary season. it's like watching a clown car. but the democrats are not bashing each other. the republicans continuing this, it's like a circus. they have got to stop. here is the thing that is really important. you points out the difference between an endorsement and support. we just need to coalesce. it's time to move forward and fight the real fight. charles: one of the comments is the conservatives -- you consider yourself a staunch conservative, you were an
6:33 pm
elected official in the u.k. but when a conservative like you calls donald trump a racist and you throw those words out there, why would you tell other republicans and the world that donald trump is a racist? >> because he is one. charles: you have got to be able to say why. >> because of the comments he made about mexicans saying you are sending us rapists. that's the not good enough. he also is called sexist. what we didn't see in that video. the long list -- charles: what makes him a sexist. >> you have got blood coming out of your whatever. >> get off the talking points and do what's right for the united states of america. >> what about the republicans that are never trump. mitt romney is still until nomination the nominal leader of the republican party. charles: romney is not leader.
6:34 pm
the utah gop, but that's it. >> young people don't want to be associated with this guy. >> a third-party run will destroy this country. the country comes before the party, the country comes before politics. >> you admitted before you would rather have hillary. charles: she has a point that there are a lot of republicans who are still sliewk warm. >> i had a meeting with a number of republicans and i opened up by saying this. dad, mom, what did you do in the great war? what did you do in the most critical election in united states history. this one coming up. did you sit it out? did go third party? or did you cross the line and
6:35 pm
fight for the next president of the united states, donald trump. charles: i want to bring fred barnes in. you were one of the first on the non-trump band wagon and you have been pill are youd pretty good for you it. what are you going to do here? have you seen the light? are you going to go with the people who voted overwhelmingly for donald trump or will you keep fighting for the establishment? >> i'm not fighting for the establishment. mitt romney a lovely man is not the head of the republican party. closest thing to that is donald trump and paul ryan. i was never a never-trump person, never-hillary. i'll identify with that. but not never-trump. but this distinction between if you endorsed him or endorsing the nominee. it doesn't make any difference. they are lined up behind donald trump.
6:36 pm
i'm in journalism, i don't endorse candidates. but i think donald trump is doing extremely well now and surprising people like me once again. the polls in those three states and the gallup poll that shows he's doing as well among republicans as hillary is among democrats. again a surprise. charles: in the meantime, donald trump's planning to establish a team to help him fight terrorism. we'll focus how to enforce the ban on muslims. it may be head up by our own new york city mayor rudy giuliani.
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charles: the market gives and the market takes. the last two sessions have been a wild ride. when it was the all said and done, we have gone nowhere. date was a consumer stock led by macy's. same-store sales were a disaster. disney hit on consumer worries. disney and macies, 1-2 punch sent all stocks lower. there was an effort to rebound this thing, but news broke the fcc is taking a look at google. discretionary stock, they were hit the hardest.
6:41 pm
amazon and facebook at all-time highs. maybe there is a different narrative to this. oil on the cusp of a main breakout. the next big move is up to $50 a barrel. for the main parameters and possible scenarios, i'll give it to you for tomorrow morning. go to my website earlier today donald trump suggested he may establish a team to deal with the quote muslim problem. >> we have to be extremely careful. i'm thinking of setting up a commission headed by rudy giuliani to take a serious look at this. this is a worldwide problem and we have to be smart. charles: this comes after trump advocated a temporary ban on immigration. he did back tack a little bit --
6:42 pm
backtrack a little bit with brian kilmeade. >> nobody has don't, this is just a suggestion until we find out what's going on. we have radical islamic terrorism all over the world. you can start at the world trade center. paris, san bernardino, all over the world. charles: mercedes, do you think donald trump is having second thoughts about this? >> i have got to tell you, charles, we have to keep in mind that donald trump is not what you would call a traditional politician in any sense of the word. he thick about thing on the spot. he might have said this is more of a suggestion that we need to go into this avenue. he's also entering into the general election mode which by softening the stance on the muslim ban, despite the fact that you have 50% of the american voters who agree with this temporary ban.
6:43 pm
he says i'll take a step back. maybe bring in giuliani to lead up the commission, this could make sense. so i think for donald trump it i a smart move to say let me step back instead of going full throttle on this and saying let's move forward on a commission. charles: eric, you are the attorney on the panel. someone has -- >> there are two of us. charles: i apologize. the constitution. some people are saying this is unconstitutional. do you think it will and smart move either way? >> appointing giuliani would be a smart move. trump need to rally people behind him. it's optics at this point. he's highly unfavorable. his rankings -- the on person more unfavorable is hillary clinton. she has more votes than he does
6:44 pm
and i think she would beat him. charles: ford? >> let me put my legal cap on first. giuliani, a district attorney, i think that's the right person to weigh the pros and cons of these things. it's good campaigning to be thinking about some of this stuff. i agree with mercedes not so much out loud. but if something goes boom, boom between the united states and election day, donald trump is walking into that oval office and it's good to have a plan. you don't want to miss fox business' new show. gary kaminsky and anthony scaramucci are in las vegas this week. they talk to larry summers.
6:45 pm
>> i don't think the u.s. government is meant to be run like a questionable real estate deal. his way of doing thing comes out of his past. and that certainly is an experiment we don't want to run. the kind of volatility that his investments have had is not the volatility america needs. charles: how much. that's friday at 8:00 p.m. it's a legendary show, these guys remade it. president obama is the first sitting president to visit hiroshima. thep says it's not an apology. we'll debate it next. ♪
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charles: before we get into this next segment, i want to give a shout-out to one world war ii veteran. richard overton turned 100 -- 104 today. president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima where the u.s. dropped an atomic bam preventing more deaths from fighting with the japanese. the white house says it's not an apology tour. but critics aren't convinced. bob barr, what's your thoughts on this? is it appropriate for the president to go over there? >> it's not appropriate. it wouldn't have been appropriate at the beginning of his administration and it isn't appropriate now. there is no point to it.
6:50 pm
even though mr. obama and john kerry and their media people go out of their way to say this is not an apology. it is. it may not be an expressed apology but it's implied and it's disgraceful and unnecessary. charles: speaking at the beginning of his presidency he gain it with an apology tour. maybe it's appropriate he end it with an eap apology tour. >> he doesn't have the guts to properly apologize. if you are going out there to apologize, man up and say i'm here to apologize on behalf of the united states. he will offend our veterans and he's not going to get the credit for a real apology. sitting on the fence, pathetic. charles: he wants to go out the way he came in. he want the world to like him. the world first, america second. >> it has been, and i would say obama first, then the world, then america.
6:51 pm
but let's look at why this is happening from a policy perspective. we have north korea trying hard to flex its nuclear muscle. and we have a buildup in the south china sea by china that is fast and alarming. when you look at u.s. and japan trying to show solidarity than we have had for quite a long time, you can understand the rationale. the problem is he is an apologist and this is a president who recently joined a terror attack against the world gave an address with the cuban flag behind him. he should have announced a mutual visit with the prime minister coming to pearl harbor with no statement made on site by either. but that's not what he did. charles: speaking of the
6:52 pm
buildup, the buildup of china, the arrogance of china. do we tell our allies like japan and others, you foot some of the bill. japan chang your constitution. take out the passivity part of it and build up your own nuclear force. >> we don't need to do that. what we need to do is make sure our forces whether they are the 7th fleet or elsewhere in the world where there are hotpots, that our forces both naval, air and ground forces are up to meet the challenges, both those anticipated as well as those that you can really anticipate with an adversary that's as governor ball as north korea. we need to be paying more attention 0 our forces and building them up and making clear the rest of the world including china understands that
6:53 pm
and not worry about something that happened four generations ago for which we should not even be issues an implied apology. charles: speak of china, they are taking offense at u.s. war ships near the south china sea. they scrambled jets as the all of s.ship sailed toward one of the man made islands. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely
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. charles: according to a new report, china's weapons technology is becoming an increasing threat to the u.s. they've got long-range missiles that can reach our u.s. military bases in guam. defense officials say their advancements present a growing
6:57 pm
risk, plus a u.s. warship sailed close to one of the man-made islands that's been in dispute and swiftly readied three fighter jets in the area. you can see, it's getting really to a position where it looks like something dangerous is going to happen here. this brings back to mind how important is the role of nato and how much should america be standing up to the threats? joining me now, captain chuck nash, and a man himself who killed osama bin laden, rob o'neill. captain nash, start with you, china has a missile perhaps aimed at guam. part of the triad, the mission is counterstrike from russia. but a new mandate? >> charles, i don't know that the chinese are looking to take out guam any time soon, but what they're looking to do is put a threat on us so that we have to take that into consideration and affect our
6:58 pm
judgment and position. it's estimated to have a 2500-mile range, could it reach guam? it could. the russians are a more rational enemy, they know if they were to do something like that, that would be the end of time, so to speak the other enemies that we face, i'm not so sure they're quite rational. lou: what do you think, rob? we won the cold war ultimately because russia couldn't continue to spin with us, but there was a certain level of rational thinking there, not necessarily with the new breed of enemies of america. >> not with the new breed of enemies, no, i agree with captain nash, they're rational, proving they can reach with russia, with the new missile, china can reach guam, our old way school of doing it the triage was reliability, solidarity and deterrence. we're not about forward defense
6:59 pm
because a lot of politically correctness we'd rather appease people, and the triage we're dealing with overseas, russia is bullying us, iran is laughing at us and china doesn't care. charles: what should the role of nato be? >> to support what's going on in europe, and they're just scared because russia is doing a lot of the stuff that they're advancing everywhere from crimea, the trucking lines going into places like estonia, latvia and lithuania. they need our backing, and missile defense systems to do it. we're worried about what people think of us. we want to be liked and not respected. charles: captain nash, 10 seconds left, with the missile that russia apparently developed, how concerned should we be? >> well, you want to talk about an accidental launch or unintentional thing, that could be devastating, because it's got 12 independent recovery
7:00 pm
have, when they command, it's like a cluster bomb, only nukes. we unilaterally took our nerves out of land based missile, that was obama administration decision in 2010. charles: gentlemen, we thank you for your service to this country. at home, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan under intense pressure from members of his own caucus, telling him to fall in line and endorse donald trump. ryan downplaying the odds of any breakthrough when he's scheduled to meet with trump tomorrow for a highly anticipated meeting in. a news conference today, speaker ryan tried to claim he was just being helpful when he declined to endorse trump. >> what we're trying to do is be as constructive as possible but have a real unification, i said this the other day, to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a


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