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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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have, when they command, it's like a cluster bomb, only nukes. we unilaterally took our nerves out of land based missile, that was obama administration decision in 2010. charles: gentlemen, we thank you for your service to this country. at home, lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. house speaker paul ryan under intense pressure from members of his own caucus, telling him to fall in line and endorse donald trump. ryan downplaying the odds of any breakthrough when he's scheduled to meet with trump tomorrow for a highly anticipated meeting in. a news conference today, speaker ryan tried to claim he was just being helpful when he declined to endorse trump. >> what we're trying to do is be as constructive as possible but have a real unification, i said this the other day, to pretend we're unified as a party after coming through a very bruising primary which
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ended like a week ago, to pretend we're unified without unifying, we go into the fall at half strength. lou: trump, for his part last night said he's already done the work of uniting people who matter, republican voters. >> i think the big thing is in the history of the republican party, nobody has ever gotten more votes than i've gotten in the primaries. millions and millions of votes additional and i guess by the time we finish, it's many millions of votes ahead of anybody else, any other republican in the primary. that's a big thing. lou: a big thing indeed, we take that up and more with former reagan white house political director ed rollins, former u.n. ambassador john bolton. also tonight, bernie sanders celebrating landslide victory over hillary clinton in west virginia. a total of 20 wins compared to clinton's 26. while senator sanders doesn't have a mathematical shot at
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democratic nomination, it does make democrats wonder if clinton can't defeat sanders, how will she defeat trump? and vice president joe biden couldn't win a fight with his ego and decided he couldn't resist being a pain in hillary's back. >> i feel confident that hillary will be the nominee and confident she'll be the next president. i planned on running. it's an awful thing to say. i think i would have been the best president, but it was the right thing not just for my family, for me. lou: as you will note, there are odd moment in this primary election season, and tonight we'll recognize the sheer absurdity of much that's gone on in both political parties as we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. top story, the fight over the leadership of the republican party, the battle over the 2016 agenda, and in all likelihood, the future of the country. donald trump has seized the
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leadership of the republican party and done so in part by expanding the appeal of the gop, energizing more voters and enlarging the republican tent. he's had nearly 11 million republican voters come out to support him, but a republican leader who, well, was second on the failed 2012 ticket who has no standing beyond 7 months in office as speaker of the house suddenly wants everyone to know he has reservations about donald trump as the party standard bearer. paul ryan's grandiose refusal to endorse trump is drawing the ire of rank-and-file republicans. john roberts is on capitol hill tonight with our report. >> reporter: lou, i'm hearing tomorrow's meeting won't be a discussion of the issues, more just a statement of principles. house speaker ryan's office is downplaying the significance of the meeting saying it's not the most important thing in a busy legislative week.
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when it comes to presidential politics, it is high up there on the significance scale. the trump campaign is playing down expectations for tomorrow's summit with house speaker paul ryan. telling fox news they don't think ryan will offer endorsement after a single meeting. ryan's support isn't all that important for trump. a two, on the scale of one to ten, one person told me. >> i have a lot of respect for paul, and we'll have a very good meeting, i hope. he's a very good man, wants what's good for the party and we'll have a positive result. >> reporter: ryan is not yet ready to throw his support behind trump. sources say trump's proposed ban on muslim and slow denunciation of kkk leader david duke stuck in ryan's craw. he's keeping an open mind about the presumptive nominee. >> these are conversations we're going to have. i really don't know him, i met him once in 2012, we had a good conversation in march on the phone. we need to get to know each
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other and we as a leadership team are enjoying the fact we have a chance to meet with him. >> reporter: while the two differ on significant issues, trump says they share common ground on the principles of job creation, economic growth and tax cuts. ryan today stressed the importance of the party marching in lockstep toward november. >> this election is too important to go in half strength. we need real unification of our party. after a tough primary, that's going to take some efforts. we're committed to putting the effort in. >> reporter: the two may find points of agreement, trump is standing firm on the issue that divides them, insisting he would pursue a temporary ban of muslims in the u.s. the ban wouldn't likely apply to muslims who have documents and intentions are known. people like the newly elected mayor of london, england. slightly softer stance aside. trump insists some ban is necessary. >> we have a president that won't use the term radical
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islamic terrorism. it's a real problem. we'll figure it out and we will get it going, but we have to be extremely careful. in fact, i'm thinking about setting up a commission, perhaps headed by rudy giuliani to take a very serious look at this problem. >> reporter: trump took another step toward party unity with a high-profile pop culture endorsement. "duck dynasty" robertson said duck commander is all in for donald trump. lou? lou: john, thank you so much. john roberts. on the democratic side -- bernie sanders walking away with another victory in west virginia, proving there are plenty of voters feeling the bern. hillary clinton giving her democratic rival very little play today, instead she focused on donald trump and some of the mainstream liberal media's hysterical and laughable efforts to somehow influence
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trump to release his tax returns against his will being if. mike emanuel brings us up to date in this report from capitol hill. >> reporter: after beating hillary clinton last night in west virginia, bernie sanders in montana appealed to prominent democrats to help him with math problem in getting to party's nomination. >> i say to the super delegates in the states where we won landslide victories, listen to the people of your state! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton back on the campaign trail in southern new jersey ahead of the june 7th primary. indiana last week and west virginia last night two are sanders victories in states clinton won in 2008. today clinton responded to supportner her audience and attacked donald trump on his tax returns. >> my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got 8 years on our website right now. [ applause ]
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so you got to ask yourself why doesn't he want to release them. yeah, well, we're going to find out. >> reporter: trump told the associated press he will not release his returns until the irs audit is done, even if that's not until after the november election. for clinton's team there are troubling numbers in the west virginia exit polls. 50% of the women's vote went to sanders and nearly half of sanders supporters, 43% would rather back trump in november with 27% saying they'd back clinton. sanders isn't feel anything sympathy about hillary simultaneously battling a primary opponent in trump. >> we have had to take on the entire democratic establishment. we've had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of congress. that's what we have taken on, please do not moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. >> reporter: now clinton's team is advertising in kentucky and
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clinton's likely to return there soon, hoping to avoid being embarrassed next week. >> the presidency is the toughest job in the world, and she's the one who will make a real difference for you. >> reporter: by spending time and money in kentucky and new jersey, that does not allow clinton to focus her attacks solely on trump. clearly she does not want to risk limping to the nomination. lou? lou: mike, thank you very much. mike emanuel. tensioned escalating between china and the united states over china's provocative actions in the south china sea. china's defense minister defended militarization of disputed territory saying it is simply responding to repeated patrols of the u.s. navy in the area. the comments come after a u.s. warship, the u.s.s. william lawrence, this week sailed within 12 nautical miles of fiery cross reef. 700 acre artificial island
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built a year and a half ago by the chinese. china scrambling two navy jets and three ships to tract missile-guided destroyer as it transited the 12-mile barrier. secretary of state john kerry didn't react to the chinese drama saying the united states is going to maintain freedom of navigation. we'll take it up with ambassador john bolton tonight. secretary of state kerry isn't the only important figure aggravated by china. queen elizabeth ii caught on camera saying chinese officials are very rude. they were very rude during president xi jinping's first state visit to the u.k. last year. >> with the chinese state visit. seriously, seriously undermined.
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. >> i hope you don't have problems hearing or seeing as i occasionally do on the lower thirds with small type. china's foreign ministry refused to address the queen's comment only that president xi's visit last year was very successful. that sounds a lot like something the obama white house might say, doesn't it? they have their royalty and we have ours. we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. donald trump wants to unite the republican party but speaker ryan isn't falling in line. who's he working for? >> i want to be a part of the unifying process so we're at full strength this fall so we can win this election. lou: we take up tomorrow's highly anticipated ryan-trump meeting next with former white house political director ed rollins. and drivers normally try to
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e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. . lou: republicans are now demanding an explanation from facebook after reports that former facebook staffers excluded links to conservative political stories.
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senator john thune, the leader of the commerce committee, launched the inquiry, thune has given mark zuckerberg until may 24th to respond to the charges. turning to the campaign trail, donald trump says he's not planning to modify his substance or style for the general election. in a "new york times" interview, trump explained -- the times pointing out trump is right, winning about the same 40% share of the popular vote through the course of the primaries. more by the way, than any of his two immediate predecessor as the nominee of the party, that is governor mitt romney and senator john mccain. joining us now, former reagan white house political director, great america pac strategist ed rollins. good to have you with us. >> thank you very much. lou: last night talking about the elections, i mean trump taking nebraska, taking west
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virginia, moving, what, he needs not many more to get to the 1237. >> he's going to win big in california. nothing stopping him. he gets to run a campaign theme that he wants to run on, and he's right. he has done it his way and a lot of doubters, including myself, early on, were there, and he basically took the best field i've seen since 1980 and crushed them. crushed them. lou: we all talked about the field in the beginning, but he is one person i respect mightily said he walked into a dark alley with 16 other people and he's the only guy who walked out. what is the secret of donald trump? >> well, there's an honesty about his campaign, he's out there saying it like it is, and that's not one of the listings you see political scientists say the powers of a president. he's not telling it like it stop. this country, they want someone to tell it like it is. they don't want business as
7:18 pm
usual in washington, d.c. they want someone who's going to get economy moving again, and basically want someone who's going to listen to them, and i think that's his campaign. he's listened to the voters and talked to the voters and inspired the voters to talk in record numbers. lou: you know what's impressed me is he is using the plural when he starts talking in personal reference. he's talking about we, talking about us as he looks to the voters. talk about the people being the elites, rather than whatever the you want to call that class, the washington cartel. that's a big move. >> it's a big move and it's very effective. and i think he's a tough guy, i think he's proven a lot of people he's not a celebrity. he really is a guy that basically is -- lou: can you tell me how people decided he was just a celebrity? he is a multibillionaire, he's built businesses, doesn't make sense for me.
7:19 pm
>> been a dominant player on the scene for 30 years to. say he can't go to washington and do things he needs to do is absurd. i think we're going to watch a very interesting campaign this fall. lou:un, the people are saying things like that, and here i'm talking about mitt romney who keeps sort of chirping in the darkness, and paul ryan, no one even knows, i'm serious, the journalists who cover him don't know what the dickens he's talking about! they've become lilipution-like. >> paul ryan is a guy who's knew on the job, he's respected by some of his colleagues on budgets and other things, but can't get his budget through the congress. can't get the votes there. lou: they respect him but never done a dog gone thing? >> that's true.
7:20 pm
the only way he's going to have success is to become part of the trump organization other in sense these are the things we want to run on together. see where they can find common ground and make it happen. otherwise, he's going to fight trump, rolled over and bowled over and lose members internally and externally, it would be a very foolish mistake. lou: we're seeing that begin already. ed, thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: a quick note, i'll be appearing on the o'reilly factor to talk about, amongst other things, donald trump, who said he won't be releasing his tax returns. here's a sneak peek. >> you know, after the first billion, i lose interest. these guys, come on! >> dobbs is an honest guy, you know you're going to get hammered. lou: how can i? because i have a superior mind that competes, i think, well,
7:21 pm
at least fairly favorably with our own gusto. >> you heard the folks laughing, didn't you? you can catch our full discussion, bill and i had a hoot, we think you will, too. 8:00 eastern on the fox news channel. you don't want to miss it. vote on our poll tonight -- we'd like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter -- links to everything at ten daredevil drivers pushing their clunkers to the limit. watch as the brave men accelerate over a ramp. that wasn't such a fortuitous jump. nor was that. eight cars stacked side-by-side part of a british car jumping
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competition, where the winner won about $70, which looks like it is about $20 more than the car is worth. up next, donald trump taking the high road in confrontation with speaker ryan. >> i think it will be very interesting. look forward to the meeting and i think positive results. he's a very good man, he wants what's good for the party and i think we're going to have positive results. lou: speaker ryan and that meeting, the subject of my commentary next. stay with us. a lot more to talk about.
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. lou: a few thoughts on the increasingly isolated and clearly politically perplexed speaker paul ryan. ryan is beginning to make hamlet look broad minded, strong willed and decisive. ryan's peculiar calls for republican unity as he simultaneously insists donald trump's rise as the republican party's presumptive presidential nominee has been
7:27 pm
so fast, so shocking, that he has been left breathless and unsteady and uncertain as to whether he should be part of the very unity he himself is calling for. confused? yes, well most people are about mr. ryan. ryan topped himself, one day before ryan and trump are set to meet, the speaker said republicans can't pretend the party is unified. no on one has suggested they've been the slightest otherwise, so ryan continues to say little about mostly nothing, but whatever plagues the wretched woebegone wisconsinite is lining up with colleagues in the house and trump. >> i said i'm going to get behind the nominee whoever the nominee is, now that the presumptive nominee is donald trump, i'm getting behind donald trump. yeah, i'm going to support the nominee. people in particular districts need to do whatever they need to do to win their election. it's different for the
7:28 pm
leadership of our party because they represent all of us. lou: a senior republican senate source telling fox news ryan's hesitation is costing the party valuable fund-raising time needed to prepare for what will be a difficult battle against democrats in the fall. in my opinion, ryan has become a caricature of himself. who has won more favor with democrats by collaborating with the white house than anything he's done for the republican conference. ryan is, in fact, the sort of professional politician that voters this year are rebelling against. in congress, for 17 years, ryan has produced exactly three bills. three bills that have become law, including one to name a post office after a professional politician, and another to place an excise tax on arrows, that's right, as in bows and arrows, and this little beauty of a title,
7:29 pm
evidence-based policy commission act of 2016. that's right. that's his third bill to become law in 17 years, that's not even one every five years. so he's not productive, is he? surely he's a heck of a campaigner, you would think, no, he's not that either. on the romney ticket in 2012, he couldn't win his home state of wisconsin. not only that, he lost his hometown actually twice in the same election year because he also lost the bill by ten points. ryan is more than vaguely delusional about his own capacity and the political reality that now confriends him. i believe it's time for parents to find some scintilla of modesty and considerable, considerable amount of gratitude for what has been fortune's favor, and to be
7:30 pm
grateful for the political opportunity that a magnanimous donald trump will be presenting him tomorrow on capitol hill. well, we're left with follow or get out of the way, mr. speaker, it's that time. trump is the party's future, and i think the country's. our quotation of the evening, on luck, this one from donald j. trump, i thought that might be relevant for the speaker, who said -- and so it goes. we're coming right back. former mexican president vicente fox has been giving america the finger for some time now. donald trump is now included. >> he is the hater because he's attacking all of us, offending all of us. lou: does that mean the wall is getting taller? radio talk show hosts mark simone and tammy bruce join me next. the canada wildfires are
7:31 pm
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. lou: donald trump weighing in on hillary's latest primary loss in west virginia, her path ahead to the nomination. >> hillary said we're going to close the minds, we're going to close up the jobs. i don't know how she can get any votes frankly, if you want know the truth. frankly she's not getting too many.
7:35 pm
she's got problems, a lot of problems and this crazy bernie character, you look at him and you see what's going on. she's got some difficulty, no question about it. lou: trump couldn't resist pointing to last night's exit polling from west virginia. 43% of those supporting sanders will vote for trump in november. only 27% would vote for clinton. joining us radio talk show host on new york's wor, mark simone. washington times columnist, radio host, fox news contributor tammy bruce. great to have you both here. one of the things trump was pointing to there is something missed by some, that is hillary clinton is polling in the vote below what she had in 2008. that >> we first saw that in new york. she did worse in new york in the primary. mr. sanders did better than barack obama. these are things, it's interesting what you're seeing, not only magical thinking, but both sides of the bureaucracy urges choosing to not see
7:36 pm
what's unpleasant. they didn't see the firing of eric cantor, didn't see who he moved in in 2010 and 2014 and interesting denial that's occurred. now they can't deny it, and doing it especially with hillary. lou: they can't, but they are. >> they are. lou: speaker ryan, mark, can you divine what is going through this -- we just went through it. he lost his hometown running for president, second on the ticket in 2012, lost his hometown in his re-election bid, which he did win in 2012. >> he's played this brilliantly. he is the most irrelevant guy in the world to the american public in. the line of succession to be the president, speaker of the house and nobody cares what he thinks. nobody cared about him. he's gotten himself on "lou dobbs tonight." he's created this aura that he has fake importance now that donald trump has to go meet with him. it will give him some fake
7:37 pm
cachet he's going to need for the next few weeks. lou: it's almost a push toward institutionalizing his relevance, it's interesting. >> in a board rooms, donald trump will come out ahead of him. lou: in a board room or knife fighter going across a desert, seems to think. >> like a spoiled child. you want to be gentle, show respect, the more they scream, the more yell. they think they are influencing the adults, and you sit down and take concerns seriously and what mr. trump is going to have to do is move through that they understand who's boss now, and it's not paul ryan. >> he's going to have to give up control of the convention, look like he's had a hand in the convention. lou: donald trump said stay around, he's trying to be magnanimous.
7:38 pm
i have to say, he's being more flexible than one could have imagined and at the same time, he's got these three polls in ohio, in pennsylvania, and florida, which he suddenly has made all the savants look like idiots again and in a tie with hillary clinton. >> this is the contrary to what all the anti-trump people have been saying, contrary to what all the smart set has been saying. he's in a better position. lou: they can be anti-trump but can't be the smart set, anymore. >> it's contradictory. mr. trump is not my first choice. i have been supporting the gop nominee with, everything we experienced with the fixation on the other side, the damage they're doing. i'm pro trump versus just for the gop nominee. that's important for the country, for the future of the country. when you see numbers like the polls in the swing states,
7:39 pm
people like me, this is the reaction we're having, people i respect don't agree with me. the fact of the matter is, he's going to win the presidency and we're going to get the nation back on her feet. and he's the one to do it. lou: i think i'm -- don't you think we're present in the conversion. welcome, sister, welcome! >> and i want everyone, i think, when you looked at numbers genuinely when you look at nature of what the nation is facing, there's an obvious answer and i think mr. trump has been handling things extremely well at this point. we've gotten used to him a little bit. i appreciate knowing what's ahead when it comes to his attitude. >> getting used to is important. lot of things he can do or say to go up in the polls. there is nothing hillary can say or do to change everybody's position of her. >> she's at a brick ceiling, forget the glass ceiling, she's not going to be smashing it at all. >> i think it's really interesting to see what has happened to her.
7:40 pm
she's in real trouble with her party right now. if she does not move in kentucky. if she does not get california done, that's going to be, i think, more than just a passing, contested convention in philadelphia. mark simone, tammy bruce, thank you, both for being here. incredible video capturing the heroic actions of canadian firefighters, home owner's doorbell camera, as the firefighters with the house of fire fight valiantly to save the home in fort mcmurray where wildfires have torched 1600 homes. at one point the home's port ceiling engulfed in flames, the firefighters managing to extinguish the fire. more than 80,000 residents have been forced to flee the fires that rage in western canada. up next, a poll shows the majority of our troops want trump for president.
7:41 pm
comments like these clearly having an effect. >> we're going to build our military, bigger, better, stronger than ever before. [cheers and applause] . lou: former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins me here next. we'll take that up and much more. stay with us. ♪
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. lou: donald trump today reiterated his call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. his comments coming during a radio interview with brian kilmeade earlier today. >> we have a serious problem. it's a temporary ban it. hasn't been called for yet. nobody's done it. this is just a suggestion. until we find out what's going on. we have radical islamic terrorism all over the world. lou: joining us now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton. also fox news contributor. john, great to have you here. let's start with the remarks that donald trump made to brian kilmeade and his audience on the radio today. your reaction. >> it sounds to me like a modification of the position that he expressed earlier, and i think that, that is a positive sign.
7:46 pm
look, the concern that americans have, let's identify the concern before we identify the solution, is that we are vulnerable to terrorists getting into this country, and i think an insufficient amount tension has been paid to that over the past 7+ years. lou: let's jump ahead. >> now is the time to say what are we going to do to keep america safe from that? lou: so what's the solution? i mean, he's right, in nye judgment, trump is exactly right. we have got to have an honest discussion, and we can't have that with a president who actually won't mention the words radical islamist. >> and i think we've had public testimony by law enforcement and intelligence officials over the past six months, that the idea that we can actually screen for example, a lot of the people seeking refuge in this country, seeking asylum, as fleeing from the catastrophe
7:47 pm
from isis. we have no clue whether they are refugees or jihadis, and until we get a basis on which to make that judgment, i think the american people are right to be very cautious. lou: very cautious and are you agreeing with his suggestion of a call for a ban -- suggestion of a ban of entry of muslims until we can arrive at a policy and an approach? >> no, i think that's the wrong way to go about it. he's look for a solution. >> you don't know the solution, well, that's one of the reasons he's talking about a commission to be headed, he threw this out, rudy giuliani, seems a sensible person. let me turn to two other issues, the chinese saying their militarization of the spratly islands and the artificial islands they built in the disputed territories has been a response to u.s. navy ships, the problem is they
7:48 pm
started building the islands almost two years ago. >> well, look, they've been claiming these islands for decades now, and steadily trying to increase their ability to put assets on the territory that they claim, and i think what they've seen in the past two or three years in particular is a weak american president with a declining naval capability and they have taken the opportunity to significantly increase their physical presence on the islands. building new buildings as well. putting air and naval assets there to reinforce their claims. i think it's going to get worse between now and january 20th. notice we provoke them is like alice in wonderland. lou: right, which probably is a suitable venue for much of the architects of this administration's foreign policy. not only in asia but the middle east. iranians now threatening to destroy our ships, sink our
7:49 pm
ships. if they happen to get into the persian gulf and threaten iran. we're headed somewhere ugly with iran, it appears, your thoughts. >> absolutely, and why not? since the obama administration has given them an open path to deliverable nuclear weapons. they're feeling their oats, they've got assets unfrozen. they've got economic sanctions lifted, largely in europe. they've got the american secretary of state john kerry saying europe should take advantage and trade with iran. who's he working for these days? of course they're going to get more and more belligerent. lou: ambassador john bolton, always good to talk with you, thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: quick look at wall street, stocks sell-off. the dow tumbled 217, the s&p 20, the nasdaq fell 39. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network.
7:50 pm
the folks at red bull showing off a new water toy. a surfboard that can fly without a motor. watch as the surfer glides effortlessly above the water. reaching speeds of up to 20 miles an hour on the hydro foil surfboard. it requires only a few paddles, a little wind, a lot of balance and, of course hydro foil and hydro dynamics, that's my explanation in detail. up next, donald trump slams senator elizabeth warren as goofy. goofy! >> really? that's the best can you come up with? come on. i thought donald trump said he was a guy who was good with words. lou: well, we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky here next, as we cross the panumbra of the absurd. stay with us.
7:51 pm
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lou: a lot to cover in politics. from now until november budweiser beer cans will be rebranded "america." i think that is strike. it comes before the summer olympics and what might be the most exciting election season of all time. one particular candidate said he
7:55 pm
may be responsible for bud's attempt to make america great again. joining us now, co-host of "red eye" and nosuchinsky. that bottle of beer makes even me want a beer right now. how about you? >> i don't drink bud wiser, i drink bud lite. which i understand they are renaming the northeast corridor. i love themes. they go great with my theme parties. my themes are always america. lou: as we salute joanne, your thoughts? i think it's terrific. >> i think, lou, like you i'm shocked donald trump would try to take credit for this, it's not in his character to do
7:56 pm
something like that. but budweiser never changed its name to america in elections donald trump wasn't in. lou: i went through that and arrived at an answer that will comfort millions of americans who support donald trump. maple match if i may turn to a different subject. a dating website promising to unite americans fleeing the trump presidency with an ideal canadian partner. 5,000 people so far have signed up. what do you make of it? >> i love pancakes and you put syrup on pancakes. but i like good old aunt gentlemed auntsjemina.
7:57 pm
i'll eat my pancakes alone in my kitchen. >> people always say they are going to leave the country if someone gets elected. if trump or hillary becomes president, i will be leaving the country, and then after my week's vacation is over, i will be coming back. i would not do that to america, lou, i wouldn't. lou: and we salute your mag man. donald trump is pretty good at this. goofy elizabeth warren, crazy bernie sanders, krookd hillary. you know, should warren be worried about this? >> it's a term of endearment it means you are alive.
7:58 pm
i would love one. feel free to give me a name. i think batty bernie would be bert or hilarious hillary because she is laughing all the time. >> i agree with that. none of these nicknames -- none of them are clever. by i don't think they are meant to be clever. they just need to be something people will latch on to, and trump has a knack for when he makes up a name like this people latch on to it and that's all that matters. lou: bind saying he would be the best -- biden saying he would be the best president when hillary and sanders are in the field together hard work. did you think less of him for that? >> oh, no. i think i would have been a great miss u.s.a. a good host of the lou dobbs
7:59 pm
tonight show. it's easy to say obviously when you are not there, you are not in the thick of it. but i think he made the right decision. it was a stressful time in his family's life. they are getting over some grief, and it wasn't the time. >> i think's saying with every one who wants to be president. if jeb bush can think that, anyone can think that. lou: even paul ryan? >> even paul ryan, your hero and mine, lou. lou: in our online poll 95% of you say it's time to flush out the leadership of the republican party. just 95%.
8:00 pm
dan commented donald trump has my vote along with the rest of the national people in the united states. take that, andy levy. eric trump joins us tomorrow night. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: well, hello and happy hump day. you know what i love watching? reality tv? i don't care who knows it. all those snooty pundits who say the presidential race is nothing more than a reality show. , the biggest snob the land gave us a stern lecture. >> this is not entertainment. this is not a reality show.


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