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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo has the day off. top stories that almost 6:00 a.m. eastern time. mr. trump goes to washington. later this morning, donald trump pulls his entire meeting with paul ryan, both addressing gold at the meeting and why it's so important. >> i think just the idea and we will see how it goes. >> i want to be a part of the process so we are bolstered this fall to win the election. trend three fbi director james, making a comment on the clinton e-mail probe. clinton has downplayed the investigation. what is the security inquiry you might ask? call me rebuffed her claims. meantime, massive fertilizer plant in 2013 will to be arson. authorities looking for leads, how much they offer as a reward ahead. george zimmerman back in the headlines. the outrage after he plans to
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auction the gun that killed trades on martin. instead grab designing a logo and fans are not too happy. the element controversy ahead. and out you have something else to get upset about? nothing to be upset about in these markets. brother though with the kb and exception up half of 1%. stocks coming off early losses now covering the flat times. the dax is up 1% on most. looking to rebound after the sharps allowed to 200-point drop on the dow. and now we have 86 point gain in the dow futures. here at me all morning long, republican pollster lee carter. i'm sure she has something to say about this meeting. focus group here also at risk of capital who can talk about just about everything. child-rearing, you name it.
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we have a cap lineup this morning. allen west is here. trent campaign cochairman sam clover is even making "wall street journal" today. comments made about reform in entitlement. we will dig into that. tina friedman did not start president, former george w. bush political direct. an american conservative chairman ben shellac at the real estate ceo. you don't want to miss any of those fine folks. tourist top stories this morning, republican nominee donald trump and house speaker paul ryan said to me on capitol hill in a few hours. but to finally come face to face after the uncertainuncertain ty of the reluctance to endorse trump for president. ryan coming under pressure from members of his own caucus to follow money back the candidate. his top priority is to bring the party together. >> we're trying to be as constructive as possible.
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we go into the fall at half strength. the election is too important to go into an infection that have strength. that means we need a real unification of our party. >> movement with paul ryan and reads through this. what is the goal. >> unity and we'll see how it goes. paul is a good person. i think it's part of the meeting. don't forget he knew everybody else because their governors, senators here and i am a business man. we want to get to know each other. we want to see if we have the same ideas because i represented large group of people. >> he has brought the party together for whatever that's worth. he does not the speaker's boat and his will or whatever it may be able to one of people continue to march behind my father. would've been nice? yes. tranter driven me now is robert jeffries a lot with radio talkshow host rick sanchez. i go to you first on this. do you see more common ground
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between these two stand adversity and animosity? >> idea. so, my friends in the trent campaign are very positive about this meeting. they say unity doesn't happen instantly. it's a process. the fact is paul ryan doesn't have much choice in getting behind trump. by the end of next month, trump will see 12 million primary voters, more than any other republican history. paul ryan no-space. he knows donald trump is the presumptive knot of the nominee that had the republican party. i'm going to predict you may not see a group hug after today's meeting. you will see something very close today or soon afterwards. >> rick sanchez committee of not been a fan of donald trump's comments, but do you agree with the pastor? >> i believe he's absolutely right. it comes down to what you need to do in a situation like this.
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i agree it's probably not going to be a big lurch embrace. but at some point, it's like the bad medicine that our mothers gave us when we were kids that we knew we needed to take because her mom's first telling us we had to take it. donald trump is ryan's bad medicine. he's going to have to grin and bear it and deal with it. it is not the army he wants. if the army is god. thank you, mr. dagen: are you going to get behind the campaign? a mac now. i can't stand the man for what he said about hispanics. i'm in hispanics in the united states than this incomprehensible that a businessman no less would say something that none about the united states that represent the biggest growth. 51% of home sales hit number one
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in car sales. a consumer group that represents hope would be between the 10th and 15th largest economy in the entire world. hispanics in the united states and he would insult them and talk about them in that way. they will be very difficult. >> i just want to get the pastor's reaction to that because this is going to be by all estimations one area of disagreement between paul ryan and donald trump in terms of how to handle immigration. i want your reaction to read. some voters who are very conservative who have a very difficult time getting on board. >> it is very interesting that the republican party has been talking about for years have they expand more people in. here you have donald trump doing that, energizing more voters than anyone in history against 16 other people. he's doing exactly what
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republicans have wanted. i've got conservative christian friends who are wondering about voting for trump. i tell them trump came out this week and said he is pro-life. he's going to avoid the supreme court who are pro-life and worked to overturn roe v. wade. i remind people that hillary clinton has made no such promise. i think when conservatives come especially christians look down the gun barrel of a possible clinton presidency, they are going to make the right choice. trent to finish her thought. i want to get onto the tax return issue. >> i'm sorry, but i just wanted to say with all due race back, i am conservative. i am a christian. i take my family to church. i adore, love my wife and respect her and i represent some 30 to 50 million people who feel the same way as hispanics. why are you backing a man,
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especially as a christian who seems to be wanted to kick us in the teeth when we are so much like you? why don't you open your arms and say rick sanchez and other has been asked, we need are people like you. why push us away when we can be a big part of this. >> first of all, in that respect, i believe you are certainly a sincere christian. a few weeks ago i was in trump tower going up to see mr. trump. i was in the elevator and an elevator were to hispanics. they both said to me are we going to be able to pull this out? i figure hispanics. you are supposed to hate charm. they laughed and said we love him. people have a right to make their own decision about this. i don't think donald trump hates hispanics. not in the least. when he says we need to protect our borders, there is nothing unchristian about protecting our borders and enforcing the law.
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>> let me just say one final inning. calling people racist and criminals -- >> he did not call all hispanics rapists. dagen: that will be the final word. gentleman, we can rehash this. i want to move on to the issue of the tax return because your former republican nominee in the romney democrat candidate hillary clinton both criticizing from the republican side in democratic side donald trump's decision to delay releasing his tax documents yesterday. so listen to this. >> what about his taxes? do a good amount of that, too. when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that is kind of makes it did. my husband and i was 33 years of tax returns.
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we've got eight years on our website right now. so you've got to ask yourself, why does he want to release them? we are going to find out. >> is undergoing an audit according to donald trump. mitt romney took the fight to facebook saying it is disqualified for a modern-day presidential nominee to refuse to release tax returns to voters, especially one who's not been subject to public square and he and military or public service. donald trump did responds saying i told "the associated press" that my taxes during a routine audit and i would release my tax returns in the audit is complete, not after the election. your thoughts. >> thank you for playing hillary clinton's voice so early in the morning. >> i could do her last. i could completely do it. but i'm holding back.
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it is 6:10 a.m. just too much. >> should make such a horrible candidate. i am spellbound sometimes by the fact that after so long, no one in her camp has taken her side and that there's a better way of getting your presentations because it just doesn't work. god bless her soul as we say down here in the south. two things that are possibly the lesser heart. either donald trump doesn't want us to know that he's paid. the doing taxes and somehow gotten away with that, which will probably anger some voters. the other thing is he does seem to have the rather outsized ego and he doesn't want people to know he's been going around d.c. are saying he's got $10 billion he actually has probably a fraction of that. it's not going to be enough to pay for the campaign and that is
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going to do it every other politician has done in this country unfortunately that is taking money from influencers. that is the downside i see msn that maybe the reason he's not doing it. at some point it's going to have to step up because all candidates have in the past. dagen: since the mid-70s. final word on this. when i step back from this, i look at mitt romney because donald trump says i'm undergoing an audit. i'm not going to release returns based on my tax attorney antibiotics done. as a kidney from you go what are you doing? you lost in 2012. can you add a yourself and just be quiet at this point, pastor? >> mitt romney has to be the most frustrating republican in the country because the latter he speaks govinda bartram goes up in the polls showing how are relevant if romney is to the american electoral process.
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releasing taxes is not a legal requirement. it's a tradition that started after richard nixon's tax problems. i just had the feeling that this time around voters may not be as interested in tax returns as they have been in years previously. you all are the business experts. tax returns tell you a lot. they don't tell you in person's net worth. i think voters will have to decide how important is his and i guess it is not that important. trade to thank you so mu blessings to you both this morning. officials looking for these after ruling the day of the explosion at a plant three years ago was criminal. how much they are offering for information straight ahead. new outrage surrounding george silverman, the man who fatally shot george zimmerman is selling the gun he used to kill him. we have the latest there. why retirees who travel more for leisure benefiting the economy.
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dagen: breaking his moments ago. brazil president facing impeachment. cheryl casone has the latest on that and other headlines. the brazilian senate just moments ago voted 55 to 22 to
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start an impeachment trial against president. our vice president will take office in her place while this trial occurs. she will be tried in the upper half of the senate for allegedly manipulating government accounts. the trial could last up to six months. brazil is in the middle of the worst recession has had in decades. a lot of bad politics happening in brazil this morning. officials are looking for criminal suspects and the horrific 2013 explosion that killed 15 people at a fertilizer plant in west texas. we'll see if we can get that for you guys. this is the video from the scene in april 23rd and. this was an explosion, basically now ruled that this fire was arson. the of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives at the $50,000 reward for an event and information. officials have made no arrests
6:18 am
at this time that conduct more than 400 interviews in the investigation cost at least $2 million. the reworked to lead to the arrest of the suspects. hillary clinton this morning for a long time has been downplaying the investigation into her use of a private e-mail server. she calls it a security inquiry or if you opposed to cosmetic criminal investigation. most recently she made the claim i've cbs face the nation last sunday, may 8th. listen. >> i said it's a security inquiry. i was took classified material seriously. there was never any material marked classified that was sent or received by me and i look forward to the >> that. >> fbi director james carney responded to her claim saying we are conducting an investigation. that is the's business. that is what we do here at the fbi. not familiar with the term
6:19 am
security inquiry. finally the internet is out today because the histogram logo has changed. there is outrage everywhere. the app is getting rid of this retro camera icon for a great sunset colored square with the white outline of a camera. people say the new design is sleek, minimalist and basic. they just hated is the problem with the colors. i don't mind it. it seems like everybody else hates it. dagen: folks have too much time on their hands. cheryl: i know. they take instant it very seriously. it's a really popular at. dagen: it is, but people get used to it. on the security and create a phrase that hillary clinton uses. >> phrases all the time i think she tries to use to suggest something a bit of way bill
6:20 am
clinton communicated. i don't know if they focus group tested, but certainly they thought long and hard about it. dagen: pick a word that people can say. coming up, presumptive gop nominee donald trump insults in the town of temporarily banning muslim immigration, saying the stance was just a suggestion. we'll take a look at the famous politician to figure it all out. plus, forget the mall. major retail names headed to the outlet is a big scale change the face of record mortar. that is next. ♪ [ soft music ]
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dagen: let's called lookout below. to reach a warning for macy's reporting us were assailed since the financial crisis yesterday. it took the whole retail or somewhere with it. and expected to continue today. earnings reports are imposed on the dillard's, nordstrom. could this be a bigger sign of a slowing economy? let's bring in the chief economic correspondent at "the wall street journal." that was a shot. do you think this is a broader problem? consumer spending decelerating three quarters in a row. is this an a macy's issue or economic issue? >> it's actually a technology issue. the whole retail sector is been dislocated by the fact people are shopping more online. it's really hard to read and to overall consumer behavior right now just by looking at
6:25 am
retailers, particularly clothing retailers. bus auto sales numbers. i'm not ready to read us consumers. there's a lot of reasons why consumers ought to be at least hanging in there is not doing better right now. dagen: no doubt this morning saying consensus for retail sales coming out tomorrow, mike murphy, for a 10th of 1% increase. you think that's too high? >> i don't, but it depends on what you focus on. the consumer is good. bases had a terrible quarter done it for five years so. amazon at an all-time high. people are spending money. this is a startup silicon valley if you build where people are changing the way they shop in these companies with the big bricks and mortar like macy's are in trouble because they have a lot at have to pay. they have a lot of real estate
6:26 am
to kerry and people are now going home and order and are buying want to buy it from the couch, computer, mobile device. retailers need to change quickly or they are left the dust. >> what i'm going to be looking at in the retail sales numbers without even establishments are doing. that is not something you can turn over to the internet. the parts of the mall they are really building up are the eating section. if we see people going out and dining outside of the home, that is a sign they are not at such bad shape. >> i imagine you cruise the mall. i do want to move onto another issue. a bad year for mergers and acquisitions. "wall street journal" with deals that have fallen apart is so far this year. if the government to blame? a lot of it does seem to be that way by the staples, office
6:27 am
depot, pfizer buy an allergan is there something else going on here? >> the government is a really part of this story. this is the way the white house is talking about it. we know this economy is less dynamic. we see fewer startup firms, less hiring by small firms. their argument is there's too many big companies dominating the market place so they've been very aggressive at pushing back against these mergers that make firms even bigger and give them more market power. i'm not arguing that it's actually withholding the economy back. but that is why the justice department is getting so involved in these cases. dagen: good to see you as always. come back soon. get yourself to new york city so we can see you. thanks, john. our rates are john. i john. our rates are recharged in john. outrage over george zimmerman's
6:28 am
shocking plan to auction off again he is to kill florida teenager trayvon martin. plus the u.s. army responded to claims that the military owed captain america millions in back pay. more on that coming up. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo has the morning off. thursday may 12th, it is, your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. donald trump appearing to soften
6:31 am
his staff on temporary banning muslims from entering the united states and also leaning on america's mayor giuliani on immigration and explains why to grveción rrch everyone telephone >> he's a tough guy. hee gets it and understanding the problem and he's willing to talk about the problem and he will head it up and he's agreed to do on that. dagen: discussion on that in a moment. outrage he says he plans to auction the gun that killed trayvon martin. retirees who travel for more leisure benefits retirement. internet is buzzes on this one ahead o. nikkei up about half of 1%.
6:32 am
in europe stocks coming off losses and rebounded nicely. dax scoring the biggest gain of the three major markets there. what about u.s. stock market futures, looking to rebound from yesterday's sharp selloff against stocks crushed by the disappointing news from macy's. back to the campaign trail, study terrorism and trump's controversial call to banning muslims, the bans has been criticized as unconstitutional. it's only a suggestion. stressing the word temporary. >> sure, i would back off on it, i would like to back off sons possible, frankly, i would like to see something happen. there's a radical islamic problem that the president doesn't even want to talk about. dagen: joining me now founder
6:33 am
saba amed and florida congressman lieutenant colonel allen west. i end with you, and i begin with you. your reaction to donald trump softening language on temporary band coming to the united states. >> it's good to be with you, dagen. one of the most important things being in washington, d.c. this week for the last thing we need to have another commission, that means that more taxpayer money is going to be studied about something that we know very well. i think that donald trump is now moving away from a populist statement that he made and he's understanding to reality and policy. without a duet we need to look at college student visas that are being issued to countries that have islamist terrorist and more scrutiny of individual that is could possibly be tie today islamic terrorism. you look at the examples in paris and brussels and all across europe,
6:34 am
we have a serious situation you terrorist sanctuaries that are being established. director just came out with a report that the fbi is looking at plus 1,000 some odd cases right here in the united states of america. so i think that's where you start with our immigration process and visa programs. malik should not have been allowed in america. we know where it starts from. we need to start making it happen. dagen: did you expect to soften the language about banning muslims at least entering the u.s. temporarily. >> yes, of course, i think it was just political campaign rhetoric and we definitely expect a serious presidential candidate to not enact unconstitutional law. he needs professors to give him religious freedom and federal law to ban decision --
6:35 am
discrimination. dagen: what else would you like to see donald trump the candidate in terms of reaching out to the muslim american community in terms of the part-time he has on his team as he kind of gears up for november? >> ill love to see muslims in immigration, i hope he visits a mosque. if he wants to be the president for all american he has to include 7 million muslim americans and we can definitely help with the national security debate and he does not need to aliniate. dagen: i wanted to get the rer reaction to lee carter. he intentionally is backing some -- i guess some of the most striking comments. does it help hem in. >> i'm not sure -- when he first
6:36 am
put a lot of these things out there whether it's the ban or wall, he uses strong language and many people would suggest that these are conversations that need to be had. whether you agree or disagree we can start having conversations about it. and so i think it's important that he -- that he does temper back and start having dialogues and engages and if he's not automatically he's going to lose his base and support. he's going to temper back but don't expect things not to keep coming up. dagen: authentic trump is negotiator. mike: what you saw a lot of comments came from the primary. he beat everyone out there. i think now when you switch to trump the presidential candidate, the republican nominee, i think you're going to see soften a lot of this. he accomplished what he said he would out to do.
6:37 am
we are going to see him talk a lot of that back. dagen: i'm up to negotiation, it's up to discussion, can he still hang onto his most devoted supporters who got behind him during the primary season? >> no, i think you actually can. because one of the things you have to look at now is you're moving away from presidential primary candidate to someone who is going to be more focused on the policy. you have this slogan make america great, now we have to talk about the how. you have been more detail in your policy agenda which translates to a legislative agenda which is what ip this is the beginning of what is going to occur today in washington, d.c. with this meeting with paul ryan and others. i don't think anybody would punish him for quote, unquote and he's start to go narrow and focus on the position. if you were to say muslim males have to be highly scrutinized,
6:38 am
no one can debate that. dagen: speaking in washington, d.c., house democrats that would ban any temporary ban on muslims entering the country. saba, your take on that. >> definitely, there's many law that allows discrimination. you can't have muslim targeting. i'm actually hopeful that donald trump is going to attract a lot more voters when he backs out of his muslim ban. he's going to appear more presidential and going to win american muslim voters and a lot of people who are concerns of relincolnous liberties of all people. we are really looking forward donald trump meet with muslim americans, possibly visit a mosque on campaign trail and hopefully win the muslim american community votes this november. dagen: i'm going to give you the final word, sir. >> one of the great people he should have is dr. jazer. former serviceman in the
6:39 am
military and truly one of those voices that talk about political islam is a negative aspect on the muslim community overall. dagen: it was good to see you both. thank you so much for being here so bright and early this morning. take care both of you. >> thank you. dagen: hillary clinton hopefully her campaign fairs better than son-in-law's business. that may not be enough. the staggering amount that, well, the government owe america's heros. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ dagen: we are looking at a higher open on wall street after yesterday's selloff. here is a look of stocks to job. the company filing for bankruptcy protection. monsanto shares, giant is mulling an offer. one chain said to be a winner, jack in the box, company reporting better than expected results, helping the bottom line .
6:44 am
qidobo is a exert or of chipotle . cheryl casone has more details and other headlines, cheryl. cheryl: zimmerman who was acquitted in 2012 of that black teenager trayvon teenager. he refers to the gun as, quote, american icon. he told a florida t station that he would use to fight rhetoric. the auction begins today on the site. chelsea's husband is closing down hedge portfolio. lost 90% of its value in only two years. focused on global politics and overall economy and the bet on this was greece and he didn't make it raised 25 million from investors for the greek fund and
6:45 am
used that money to buy bank stocks and government debt and now the investors are out of a lot of money. >> they're coming for you. >> i'm not the one that needs to watch their back. >> this doesn't have to end in fight. you just started a war. cheryl: here is a question for you, does the u.s. military really owe captain america $3 million, there's been online buzz about the marvel character, captain american was lost for six decades. this is serious stuff. the government owes him back pay for all the missing years. army has responded to this that if captain america he might be eligible to back pay. true story.
6:46 am
back to you. dagen: see this is not a waste of time. getting upset about the instagram icon. this is worthy of discussion. mike murphy, your thoughts. mike: i do know that if you do line up two superheros and go against each other, there's a huge appetite for it in movie theaters and disney has figured it out. the kids want to see it. i think it's phenomenal and this is the gift that will keep on giving for them. dagen: if you look at the marvel franchise there has not really been a mistake in any of the films that they have made and that makes me think that one has to be coming down the road. mike: you say the same thing about star wars? dagen: there were mistakes in star wars. mike: so you have gotten over them? dagen: they kicked george lucas
6:47 am
off the curve. but the marvel franchise, they have been firing. even batman-superman, they are lucky it did so well. mike: that would be the next film and the next film after that. this is something that the strategy is working, so even if the movie isn't the best movie ever produced the strategy works and it's going to make them a ton of money. dagen: thank you, mike murphy. my father gave civil war four thumbs up. we are checking how retirees are pay to go play, in the case. a hershey rumor coming together in a candy lover's -- well, love affair. don't forget to check out
6:48 am
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dagen: we appreciate that. 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day. a new survey by merrill lynch and age wave gives us a better understanding out how retirees are spending their money. andy, good to see you. what is the biggest surprise here to you? you're like, whoa, i didn't know that. >> happened at peaks when you're in retirement years. our survey clearly shows that people think they're having more fun in 65-80. that was a real surprise to us. we realized that if you feel like you have no time in your life, you're not alone because americans take less vacation even when they're on vacation they're plugged into work and
6:53 am
people are pretty time poor and with that in front of us, they're going to have a lot of free time, it's going to have a lot of impact on their well-being and also impact on the u.s. economy. dagen: how are they spending their money and how much of the money are they spending in retirement, how much of a boost is to the overall economic growth? >> out in front of over the 20 years, we are going to see a boom in leisure travel and they move into the phase of live, $4.6 trillion of spending that the boomers are going to drive and that's going to ripple out in many areas in the economy as well. again, i think they are underestimated. dagen: i think cruises are easy. mike: i think they are hit or miss. because of technology, the way we live our lives is differently. i run a venture hedge fund, it
6:54 am
allows you to control with the world differently. that's not going away. that's going to continue to enter our lives more and more. i think people will be able to travel and do more with leisure time. >> work was guidelining people down, they were working on the factory and they were working in the farm. people now see work as something that's very energizing for them. they think it's keeping them healthy and some of the most interesting things happen in their lives. that's why 72% of boomers are going to work. dagen: it's not because of financial reasons? >> 80% of people said we are working because we want to and that was consistent up and down
6:55 am
the income spectrum. dagen: has that hurt us in a way, as you pointed out we are still at the bottom of the ladder related to how many days of paid vacation we get and take. >> it's hard to unplug from work. 80% people say up and down the spectrum, when i'm vacation i'm plugged one way or the other. i'm on the phone or e-mail. it's very hard to get away. good thing is when we see this -- essentially this time affluence come upon us, people are going to be flexible, they will do work on their terms, level of freedom that we don't have today. lee: if they're working, how are they going to have much more time? is it retirement that people are having now? what is it? >> they're going to be plugged into the workplace but generally it's not going to be for the same company doing the same
6:56 am
things that they had before, they're going to see more part time work and i think you're also going to see people who may want to work for six months and then step away and so it's a little more -- dagen: younger people have their eye on that, they will work in this career until they're 35. i read research from this. 45, rather. after 45 they'll do something different or something that requires less of their time. >> i think that's so important because this is not just about later life, this is cascading around everyone's full life span, young people understanding they may be well working over the 80's, go to school, work retire at 65. they're expect to go have multiple careers. it's a different way of living than we have seen before.
6:57 am
dagen: andy sieg. , good to see you. thanks for getting up so early for us. sam clovus, sam made news yesterday, maybe me will make more news. we are going to ask him about him. christie's international ceo dan cohn. stay was when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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dagen: good morning, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell. maria bartiromo as the morning off. it's thursday may 12th. your top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. mr. trump goes to washington. later this morning donald trump holds anticipated meeting with house speaker paul ryan both addressing the goals of the meeting and why it's so important. >> paul is a good person, i don't know paul well. i think we want to get to know each other. i think we want to see if we have the same ideas because i represent a large group of people. >> then we go into half-string. dagen: tornadoes recking havoc across the midwest this week. the storm path coming up. a destroyed metro airport how and why a jump passenger ended up on the tarmac, favorites with top airlines for 2016, we have the full list coming up.
7:01 am
a record night for national pitcher, 20 strikeouts last night. highlights straight ahead. turning to asian markets mixed overnight. you have the nikkei up slightly. not even half a percent. in europe stocks have come up in losses, the cac quarante and dax up almost 1%. futures looking to rebound from yesterday's sharp selloff. 81 point gain of dow futures, maybe macy's problems aren't problems for the entire economy. here with me all morning long, republican pollster lee carter and mike murphy. i made a joke, this dress is so tight my feet are asleep. pi -- my feet and asleep and i can't breathe. [laughter]
7:02 am
dagen: we have a can't-miss lineup this morning. he's sitting in front of the camera right now. later we have nasdaq president and chief operating officer dana freedman and christies international ceo. the two finally coming face to face after some uncertainty following the speaker's reluctance to endorse trump for president but trump and ryan weighing in on what they expect from that meeting. >> i think just unity and we will see how it goes and i think it'll go well, paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. >> we have to be at full strength so that we can win the election and that is why we have to go through the effort and process of unifying. dagen: let's bring trump
7:03 am
campaign national chairman and chief policy adviser sam clovis. sam, what's going to happen? >> it's going to be a great meeting, sort out some issues there. i think it really is an important part of what goes on. i think we've had a bruising campaign, 17 dand dates started, there's one left standing, i think a lot of people are trying to sort out exactly how all of this happened and i do think there's a sense of denial still in washington, d.c., i'm down in dc right now that i still think that a lot of people in this town have not quite come to grips with what has happened across this country and why donald trump has been able to bring the coalition together and received more votes than any other republican presidential candidate in history. dagen: sam, on that point when paul ryan first came out and i think the quote was i'm not there yet, going back and watching that, it seemed like he was just light matily shocked
7:04 am
that the nomination had gotten wrapped up so quickly and he was asked about it and he was like, what -- rather than saying i don't really know donald trump that well before saying anything. he made that statement. was it maybe worse on on the surface in your mind? >> absolutely. paul ryan is the good guy, he's the speaker of the house. you don't get there by being other than a fantastic person. he's a serious person. he's a person who has a serious job and i think that really what has happened, though, i think people get tied, when they are in washington they get bound up in the day-to-day in washington. what they don't realize what is going on across the country. they take like they're in congress and each other and they exchange information like it's for each other, they missed the message from the people and i
7:05 am
think that people in dc are starting to get that message. lee: to me this conversation is really authentic and one that needs to be had. what concerns me more is the other candidates, the other folks are saying, i will not go to the convention, i will not be part of the process. how are the negotiations going with them? >> this is really a two-way street. this is one of the reasons that i think -- this candidacy has been so important is because it's brought so many more views, so many more people into the republican tent that haven't been there for decades, frankly. this is one of the most important aspects.
7:06 am
some of the people will get over it and they will figure it out and come on board. we either have donald trump or hillary clinton which would be o will be an extension of the obama administration. i don't think anybody in the republican will want that. dagen: he puts out a statement on facebook about trump's tax returns. has anybody called romney and say, cut it out? >> if you take a look at the opinion that is are forming around this, the trends that you see on social media, which i don't do, by the way, i just -- i just want to hear -- what we are seeing is that mitt romney through own hand is putting himself out on the fringe here and it really starts to look like a sore loser. hopefully he will come to census
7:07 am
and come around. dagen: sam, i want to ask you about trump's economic plan, your campaign has said that trump would be -- this is what you said. you made news yesterday. i saw your name on the wall street journal yesterday. [laughter] dagen: after the administration has been in place, then we will start to take a look at all of the programs including entitlements like social security and medicare. we will start taking a hard look at those to start seeing what we can do in a bipartisan way. needles scratches across the room, sam. >> how so? we said that we are not going to look at those things right now and we have too many other things. i tell lee and mike, they're all sitting there, nothing happens if we don't have growth f we do not have a progrowth agenda coming out here, we can't look at any of the other things because it's not going to matter.
7:08 am
if we don't have a progrowth economy, we are looking for 4% growth over sustained period. if we don't get to that, none of the rest of this is any part of the conversation because this is going to be a house of cards cor deat is -- debt is going to overwhelm us. we are going to be paying more on service in the debt than anything else on the budget. dagen: i agree with you, sam, donald trump has said that he didn't want to touch social security. >> we are not going to touch anything. what i said was -- i was asked a question, would this be something that we would look at, the answer is, of course, we are going to look at it. it's what all prudent and responsible administrations should do, we are not going to be able to do anything for a couple of years anyway until we see this growth starting our economy because without a firm footing in the economy we are not -- all of this conversation is not going to be matter because we are going to be
7:09 am
crisis to crisis otherwise, dagen. we want to get out in front of this. this is just prudent and responsible government to say, yeah, we will look at everything because that's what we are going to do. it's not saying we will take action, we will look at it. dagen: speaking of big bucks, sam, fundraising, tell me about it. i know that boone pickens endorsed donald trump. >> it's really picking up. you have been around politics for a long time. you know how hard it is. once you get the people involved, it really becomes kind of a self-licking ice cream cone because more and more people will come on board, responsibility of the candidate is to help raise money for his campaign and for parties and other candidates down the ticket. this is going to become part of mix and events that we have to do.
7:10 am
all it does is continue to mount up the schedule that the presidential candidate has to make. dagen: great to see you, sam. sam clovis, you're welcome back here any time. [laughter] dagen: that is speaking like a truth southerner. you always end on your loyalty of your football team. major security breach at the detroit airport, a drunk man is arrested after running into the tarmac, why he says he was chasing after the planes, straight ahead. the hershey rumor candy crazy. we will tell you what may be involve and the changers for ree eses pieces.
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
dagen: severe weather pounding parts of midwest, cheryl casone has the stories and other headlines, cheryl. cheryl: storms continuing, dagen. large hails and trong winds to st. louis, missouri. more severe storms for north texas and oklahoma all the way into mississippi valley.
7:14 am
meanwhile after surveying all the damage the national weather service that tornado in katie, oklahoma is ea4. controlling the shareholders. carlos with the chair of mitsubishi, word comes that has falling sales after admitting data for many car that is were sold in japan. klay thompson and stef steph curry to send golden state to series. happened in game 5 last night. curry added 29.
7:15 am
golden state is waiting for san antonio series. they play game six, that happens tonight. nba says that san antonio was on the wrong end of two incorrect in game, oklahoma won 95-91 with 3-1 series. foul with 8.7 seconds remaining. oops, i guess you can say here. forget instagram. reeses peanut butter cups, are they really filled with reeses pieces inside. they are not confirming this. hershey put this on the account.
7:16 am
i bring you the biggest stories of the day. dagen: i hate reeses pieces but love reese's cups. [laughter] mike: my mom is watching. dagen: that's true, you eat one solid deals a day. you just showed me a photo. you took your sun for a sunday at dylan's candy bar. ten scoops of ice cream, rice crispy treats. mike: whatever they could put in that. daig dig did you dump it and
7:17 am
mike: wate a lot of it. i just heard him going around pink berries, so mike is cheating him lately. [laughter] could we soon be out of that storm. nasdaq chief operating officer adina is here with us. the record breaking performance that you've got to see ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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♪ ♪
7:21 am
♪ dagen: welcome back, everybody. we are coming up on the midway point for the year and many investors' uncertainty has left them with no where to turn. just yesterday you saw how much the dow fell. it was less than 200 points. again, macy's really shook the retail stocks, volatility also impacting the ipo market. again, the worst start to a year ever and then a major bonnback but still volatility. the first quarter seeing the fewest offerings, ipo's since the financial crisis. joining us now nasdaq president and chief operating officer dina freedman. >> great to see you, thank you.
7:22 am
dagen: volatility, wild swings, pockets of optimism, thank goodness. >> there's definitely been fair amount of volatility, we had a lot of recovery so far in the second quarter. i think, though, it obviously has made it so that ipo market has had a rough start and we've had 22 companies go public so far this year, that is definitely a low number, for nasdaq we have 19 come of them come here for nasdaq, as we look at going forward into the rest of the quarter, we are starting to see companies put dates on the calendar, they are start to go feel the realities of what the valuation would be so that they can get to the public market. dagen: a lot of the decision is not just financial, and not just data driven, it's also psychological in terms of going public, do the bankers feel like they can get it done and get it done at a good price?
7:23 am
do you see that changing at all? >> it's an election year. >> it has allowed companies to go out and do testing with waters with investors before commit to go a road show and i think that actually has been really helpful because companies get to go out and understand the sentiments of investors before committing publicly before going to public markets. we are starting to see companies get dates on and there's confidence then that there's investor reception to the company. mike: absolutely. the market performance. we start it had year very weak, worst start to the year and all of a sudden we reverse course, we came to new all-time highs. you're going to see something similar with the ipo a lot. it's been in the press for a long time. there is appetite. we have so many great companies that had started here in new
7:24 am
york and silicon valley, all across the country so they're going to be doing it soon, i think. >> right, we have enormous demand among companies that really want to come to the markets. they have gone to filings. sec has given them their blessing and now when they think they have good opening. mike: does it start with a u and has four letters? dagen: that's the only companies that we talked about. mike: they are so big and changed our life so much. >> there's many technology companies out there, i think uber that they're not looking at the public markets right now. our expectation that they'll be a whole host of technology companies that are looking to tap markets between now and the end of the year. dagen: one area is technology, and you have spoken recently about the impact of technology
7:25 am
on the financial services' firms, block chain, why is this so important right now? >> well, the blog chain could change the way it's settled. dagen: back in the day i was an editor of the operations news -- >> i get it. dagen: huge nerd. when you talk about settlement dates and -- [laughter] >> there's a lot of capital trapped in the system from trades that have occurred but transaction hasn't changed hands yet. in the united states, for instance, it's three days. there are other countries where it's one to three days. there's a lot of capital trapped in clearing houses waiting for settlement dates. if the block date can create who is buying and selling and who
7:26 am
the underbuyers are and allow for transfer of cash -- dagen: when do you think that could happen? >> the theory is that it's 2 plus 0. in the private nasdaq market we have been experiencing with the chain and put a system in place that has allowed for the transactions of privat to occur within the day, so a trade occurs and the settlement occurs that day. in fact, we think we could do it within ten minutes if there's demand for that. it really is a great advance in technology. it's a matter of applying it to the market. we are applying to the market. dagen: great to see you, adena friedman from the nasdaq. everybody get your game on for free. two of nintendo's games. millennials feeling the bern. not burn.
7:27 am
they don't exercise but they go to rallies. but showing some love for healthcare, what the two candidates need to do to get the young vote from sanders, next ..
7:28 am
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dagen: welcome back, i am dagan mcdowell, maria bartiroma has the morning off, top stories at 7:30 eastern time. candidates vying for every vote, one came demographic come november young folks, millennials. the one person who is appealing to them, bernie sanders. >> we have to open the doors of the democratic party to working people and young people, their ideas and energy. [cheers and applause] >> we have got to create a party which is not dependent on funding from wall street. dagen: taking a closer look at
7:31 am
the millennial vote straightahead. a scare in detroit metro airport, how and why one drunk passenger ended up on the tarmac. nintendo moving into the 21 student century, the company going online and tell you how to get the games for free. one highly anticipated movie sql signing on some new stars, we will tell you who will be in jumanji 2. call is the latest retailer to disappoint with earnings, stock slumping 7% after reporting first-quarter decline in its numbers and net sales in over a year, first decline in over a year. take a look at futures, we have gains across the board, 70 point gain on the board after it 200 lost yesterday. let's blame macy's. laceys numbers were so bad the stock laughed 15%, worst number since the financial crisis in
7:32 am
2008, it made the front page of the wall street journal today above the fold. moving back to politics coming off of the primary win in west virginia thousands gathering at a rally in montana showing their support for bernie sanders. the vermont senator saying the race for the democratic nomination is far from over despite media claims. hitting at hillary clinton for her engagements. >> we need a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%. you turn on the tv, they tell you that the campaign is over, secretary clinton has won. apparently the people of indiana and west virginia didn't get the message. there is an unnamed candidate for president of the united states. i will not mention her name. who went to wall street and received $225,000 for a number of speaking engagements. that is how the system works.
7:33 am
dagen: joining us now is ron meyer and washington examiner politics reporter gabby, these young people who support bernie sanders and turn out by the scores at his rallies, is there any way hillary or donald trump can woo them assuming he is not the nominee. >> hillary clinton could wake up tomorrow and promise every prospect of college students in the country they can pursue their education for free or she could strike a more anti-interventionist tone in her foreign policy but it is unlikely the young people especially currently supporting bernie sanders's candidacy would suddenly flock to clinton if she did that because of what we have seen in the polls. hillary clinton in addition to previous positions she has taken and actions she continues to carry out in terms of accepting 6-figure donations from wall street has hurt herself in terms
7:34 am
of her image among millennial's. poll after poll we see young people don't trust her, they don't think she is the authentic candidate or has that sincerity bernie sanders does on the campaign trail. it is difficult to see how her campaign would overcome that optical challenge in the general election and the same goes for donald trump for different reasons. donald trump has been out there espousing policies and taking positions that alienate a lot of young people. he is an promising the same type of freebies bernie sanders has so his campaign is going to have a big uphill battle climb in terms of getting that millennial vote. dagen: young people just not vote then? bernie sanders is hanging on, he has his claws on the latter as the helicopters taking off, do they just not vote in november?
7:35 am
>> if they don't that donald trump has a much better chance of winning the election. they really don't like hillary. when you are talking about polls, 39% of millennial said they would leave the country or want to leave the country if they could afford it if hillary clinton wins the presidency. they really don't like her. she is not authentic, she represents everything millennial's hate about politics and she is an insider, close with wall street, she panders blatantly to people, she is the chief panderer. donald trump is not much better but maybe trump could change that. either way if young people don't like both candidates they just won't show up. in a low turnout election for young people that benefits the republicans generally and if we look at statistics that is what is going to happen. trump has a better chance because of young people not caring about this election. dagen: they might hate pandering and they might hate traditional politics but they also hate math.
7:36 am
because there is nothing -- if you do basic math, what his policy proposals entail for the future, the american people the numbers do not add up and he is proposing 2 doesn't tax hikes on people. dagen: young people might expect rich people to pay for all the goodies and paper free college education but it doesn't make any sense. >> they would leave the country if someone won't pay for them. >> he is appealing to their hearts, not their minds. the thing i find fascinating is talking to voters as many as a third of bernie voters vote for trump, not for hillary, when you are talking about trying to understand how you could say i will go from sanders to trump, totally different policies. they are saying i want something different. i want antiestablishment, things to be shaken up. could millennial's come out for trump? dagen: follow up on that. if trump could change, change
7:37 am
how? it gets to the issue if you change too much if you are candidate in this election you are not your authentic self and people don't trust you. >> absolutely right. donald trump has to mirror what bernie sanders has done and talk about problems facing millennial's. bernie sanders, 90% about the problems, 10% about his solutions which is usually free something. we as conservatives need to talk about that 90%. there is wealth any quality but it is due to big government, college is expensive but it is due to big government and easy lending from the federal government. we need to talk about what the 21 stu century economy is hampered by big government, bernie sanders has policies that would take 1 million jobs during his presidency and they would be killed among young people trying to start their careers so
7:38 am
republicans need to make these points, whether it is trump or any candidate for him they are not talking about this. there is an opportunity. young people are not as partisan as people in, 17% identify as socialist, 19% of capitalist. everyone else is open-minded. donald trump should take the message to the next generation but they have to learn from bernie sanders use the tactics and have better solutions. dagen: i saw a recent poll where there were a third of people who identified themselves as socialist and a larger number didn't believe in capitalism, more than 50%. i don't know how any conservative candidate -- how do you push back against that in this election. >> when you speak to young people who say i am a socialist or i appreciate the socialist policies bernie sanders is espousing, similar to the chairwoman of the democratic party they cannot define what socialism means so they think they are attracted to socialism. they hear these promises being
7:39 am
made about free college or taxes on the rich or end the influence of money and politics and say that sounds great but when you really talk to them about the importance of individual freedom and responsibility, remind them their iphone wouldn't be around if not for capitalism and the economy we operate currently. if you remind young voters of these things and this is what republican candidates should be doing if they want to win the millennial vote, it resonates a lot more than saying we will pay for your college education but you are probably going to have to pay higher taxes at some point or we are going to give everybody in this country free healthcare but you are going to see your premiums rise because of it was a republican candidate needs to remind voters some of the policies, economic policies president obama's administration has enacted over the past six years have heard them, and
7:40 am
bernie sanders would like a continuation of those policies. dagen: who makes the best decision about your life and how your money is best spent? do you make that decision or does the government make that decision? that should be somebody's slogan. good to see you again, come back soon. he struck him out, making history on the mound. record-breaking details. remember this 1995 robin williams classic? >> are you -- >> yes. >> now an update on the events unfolding in new hampshire. dagen: jumanji is getting a reboot. jack black, duane johnson and kevin hart, duane johnson is the
7:41 am
rock. kevin hart on the big screen, the rock writing on his instant rampage, quote, jumanji breakfast club coming together. the new jumanji movie will honor robin williams.
7:42 am
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dagen: a major security breach at detroit metro airport, cheryl casone he has the story of a man running onto the tarmac. cheryl: who doesn't think this is a great idea. and airport spokeswoman says that iran through an emergency exit door out of the terminal, headed toward the plane which was already taxiing after 15 steps, witnesses at the scene
7:45 am
say he appeared to be drunk. striking out 20 batters, a 9 inning game against the washington nationals past the detroit tigers, a chance to break the mark when james mccann stepped to the plate but mc can grounded to third-base, two no-hitters last season struck out 17, joins roger clemens, kerry wood, randy johnson is the only big league pitchers with 20 strikeouts in tween 9 innings. you are a gamer, the next two/on games from nintendo now 3. nintendo using a strategy to allow starters to get a game free of charge but purchases such as strong new characters, special items, the games are role-playing franchise fire
7:46 am
emblem and community simulation games, animal crossing, tell me about those and finally this. a new study from pew research center says the american middle class is losing ground in metropolitan areas across the country. from 2000 to 2014 the share of adult in middle income households fill in 203 of the 229 us metropolitan areas they looked at. at the national level shrinking to the point they are no longer the economic majority in the us, middle-class defined as 44,000 to 125,000 household income was three people in it, this is a huge political issue. dagen: thank you so uch. i don't think we need statistics to know the middle class is shrinking, they feel down flat on their backs in terms of what
7:47 am
is happening in this country economically, we see it on the political stage in the last year. >> one of the things that is so powerful is donald trump's message is resonating, people feel they are not better off, they are feeling all of this and on the other side of the aye we have hillary clinton and barack obama trying to convince us things are okay, jobs are better but that is not the way people feel, studies like this passes into the sentiment people are feeling squeezed. dagen: not just the financial impact on these families but the fact they feel for decades politicians ignored them, didn't listen to them and were set up that they didn't have any political voice or any way of making change happen. >> exactly. the last eight years you touched on it earlier the government is telling you what is best for you. we are going to do this for you. that doesn't work. the free economy is what people want, people need and have opportunity to get ahead. that plays into donald trump's
7:48 am
hands. bernie is hurting the democratic party and donald trump will be there to hopefully take government out of our lives and let free enterprise -- dagen: lift up the middle-class and the soul of this country. what would be the first thing you do in terms of policy? don't mean to put you on the spot. >> first thing you need to do is get government out of things like healthcare. as trump said put it on the states. let businesses rise or fall based on what people one. if it is a good business let it keep going and founders get the money from that. if it is a bad business let it fail. we have had too much from the current administration of government getting involved, government smarter than you, better than you, know what is better than you more than you do. that is the fundamental thing i want to change, let people decide for themselves get government out of it. dagen: politicians as long as i
7:49 am
have been alive have been talking about small business, helping small businesses, they have no idea what they are doing it only do damage. they make it harder to start a business. >> so true. look at the minimum wage debate. what impact does that have on small businesses? it might be great in theory to say put that on -- small business owners are struggling to make ends meat. dagen: overtime rule the administration will push through coming up, the 49ers, companies that only have 49 employees to avoid providing healthcare to them. thank you so much. pack your bags, everybody. a new study shows travel satisfaction has hit its we 10 year high. we tell you which airlines are your favorite straightahead. london tops the list of the world's most luxurious real estate markets for the fourth year in a row. we break down other luxury markets that made the list from christie's brand-new international real estate report. keep it here, foxbusiness. ♪
7:50 am
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dagen: a new survey says north american traveler satisfaction has hit a 10 year high ranking alaska airlines and jetblue as america's favorite airlines. ranking tween 9 airlines in tween 9 groups among traditional carriers, alaska air comes out on top for the ninth year in a
7:54 am
row. for low-cost airlines jetblue was the favorite for the 11th straight year. the reason, lower fares, better on-time performance and passenger tolerance with baggage fees but tsa officials are warning of long lines in the busy travel season. several airlines are pushing congress to increase funding to help with the security delays. delta airlines is offering to assign some staffers at its major hubs to fulfill tsa tasks that don't require a badged agent but officials warned of long lines in the busy travel season, that is happening, cheryl casone he did the story yesterday about port authority wants to hire private agents to help with the long lines. a couple congressman including richard blumenthal in connecticut are pushing airlines to waive the checked bag fees in order to prevent people from taking so many carry-ons through
7:55 am
security. i think this whole thing is a mess and i don't know where the solutions are. >> the solution starts with government getting out of it, the airlines charge too much he will go somewhere else. advice for people, if you are traveling a lot stick with one airline. although you may pay more, when you have the highest that if you go on the fast airlines, get your bags checked for free. it is a great move. >> a lot can be done, get some help, let the toyota production system help them figure this out so it is more efficient. there is nothing efficient about the way it works right now. a lot of people that work there think of a shout louder at you that you will move faster and it is not the way people operate. dagen: come on. some travelers act like i can hear cheryl casone he. some people act like they have never been through security before. it is much worse during the summer.
7:56 am
the one thing i will add, the big picture is we nationalized airport security after 9/11. it used to be private and now it is not so it is run by the government so when senator blumenthal tells the airlines don't charge for checked bags because we, the us government through a federal agency can't figure out how to run the tsa in a reasonable manner, that is government horse who he. that is what drives me absolutely bananas, somehow the government's problem, they took it on, they need the management, people would agree with that, do it and stop trying to tell private businesses how to run their airlines. >> the government will never be able to run a business. they -- our security is important but we need people whose jobs depend on it, not government elected official saying do this, do that. put it back on the airlines, let
7:57 am
them regulate them but let them handle it themselves, they would do a better job than the government ever could. dagen: we will have that privatized essentially. we were there once. coming up in the next our outrage over george zimmerman's plan to auction off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. details ahead on that. and living a life of luxury. we will sit down with dan con to talk about the world's most luxurious real estate. stick around. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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dagen: top stories at 8 am eastern time. mister trump goes to washington, he holds his highly anticipated meeting with paul ryan, both addressing goals of the meeting and why it is so important. >> i think there is unity. >> i want to be part of the unifying process so that we are at full strength to win this election this fall. dagen: george zimmerman back in the headlines, outrage after he says he plans to auction off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. straight to the top of the first time in two years climbers reach the summit of mount everest. and into graham unveiling a redesigned logo, fans are not happy about it. the controversy ahead.
8:01 am
tech's hottest companies learning it is expensive to be cool. some pulling back on their famous perks. later this hour looking at luxury real estate. find out where the most expensive homes are around the globe. taking you around the world to look at stock market starting in asia. asian markets have been mixed, the nikkei eking out a gain. in europe stocks coming off of early losses across the board, 1% gain on the major french market. futures looking to rebound, gains across the board adding on to the dow industrials right now. here to break it down we have mike murphy and lee carter. there you go. i know who you are. i have been talking for a couple hours. so much to talk about. guess what tops the news?
8:02 am
donald trump. and less than in our house speaker paul ryan and other leaders will meet with him in the house republican caucus hoping to get unity in the party. peter barnes, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the meeting will get underway an hour from now. we are here and so is the assembled washington media horde, everybody is here and a lot of us capitol police are here as well. ahead of this meeting trump and paul ryan have been trying to talk up cooperation instead of confrontation. they say the agenda is unity ahead of the fall campaign against presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. here is trump last night. >> i think unity, we will see how it goes and i think it will go well. paul is a good person. i don't know paul well.
8:03 am
he knew everybody else because they are governors, senators and business men. we want to get to know each other. >> this meeting was precipitated by paul ryan's comments that he could not support trump as the nominee. he said he wants to make sure he and trump are on the same page with core republican principles. dagen: thank you for that. people walking down the street, you have the press, people trying to get to work, will invariably get angry and show you although that is dc and not new york city, new york they will shove you. just look out for yourself, thank you so much. joining us, former political director for president bush and chairman of the american conservative union, joins the conversation. good to see you. what is going to happen? >> this won't be a shock. i guess they will have a cordial
8:04 am
meeting. i would not look for big news like everyone is saying including paul ryan that they are all signed up and ready to endorse but i think they will walk through things, get to know each other and have a constructive meeting and i think we are on our way to everybody coming together. dagen: yesterday i said i am a connoisseur of reality television shows. when you have a fisher, albion a small one you don't want to repair it too quickly because you don't keep the interest of the viewer. this kind of went on for a week, wasn't that bad but it kept people on the edge of their seats to see what happens. >> i think there is method to
8:05 am
this. you have the dustup and mend fences and it brings everybody together and keeps people interested. >> i think you are right but also this is -- i think this is authentic. if everybody said in one day we are all signed up, we love donald trump and we are endorsing him today and there was no back and forth, no conversation, no i am not sure about, would anyone buy it? it would seem -- in the last year didn't happen. the fact that people need to take time and have some conversations, have some negotiations and figure it out, that plays into a real authentic story. >> i think trump is in the drivers seat because if paul ryan doesn't pushes back hard against him that could rally more of the antiestablishment around trump and if he does come on board, the establishment rallying around him trump has positioned himself where it is a win/win whatever comes out of it. dagen: does donald trump need these individuals who are longtime politicians? does he need them for support on the surface to bring voters aboard?
8:06 am
does he need them for the fundraising? >> i think he has got himself in a position where he kind of wins either way. he doesn't need all the dc republicans. he is running against washington, running against congress. he doesn't need these people to support him. by the same token he needs to demonstrate republicans across the country, conservatives across the country that conservatives do support his candidacy by and large, that he gets most of them. if he ends up fighting with a few elected republicans in november that won't hurt him. the key for trump and the republican party is to realize they ought to come up with a plan by which donald trump has the ability to raise the resources to take on hillary clinton and at the same time republicans in the house and senate realize there are advantages to having an outsider is the nominee and they feel
8:07 am
comfortable to raise the resources and work together to get there. we will see if this can be put together. i'm confident it can and i give rights priebus credit for using his personal relationship with trump and his close personal relationship with paul ryan to try to pull this together. it is what a chairman should do it is doing a great job. dagen: he has done a good difficult dance not just in the last few months but in the last year in terms of handling donald trump and the other candidates but speaking of two past republican presidents both president bush 41 and 43 say they are not going to endorse anyone in this election. what do you make of that? are you surprised by that? does it hurt donald trump? >> i have great reverence for the bush family. i worked for president bush 43, so did my wife mercy, and he has decided to exit the political stage. his brother ran for president, that was a painful for everybody, but he has exited the
8:08 am
political stage. that is the road he is on. i wish he would get more engaged politically but this is a personal decision he made. he served as president honorably and it is time to move from the stage and once again for donald trump it doesn't help to have every former and current elected embrace him. he doesn't need that. dagen: incredibly gracious during president obama's two terms in office we should point out but on the other side we have mitt romney who goes on facebook and has to criticize donald trump about not releasing his tax returns. i don't understand that. can you make sense of it? >> mitt romney had his own controversy over the fact that he wasn't going to release his tax returns and it took harry reid going to the senate floor for this to finally happen. mitt romney received 1 million votes less, this is may, trump
8:09 am
has 1 million votes more than mitt romney got at the end of the process, donald trump is going to get more votes than any republican who has ever run for president. mitt romney needs to stop. a lot of is held our nose and voted for him because we thought he was a good man. he is not acting like a good man now. he is acting like somebody who wanted to kind of run for president but not really run for president and have us all bag to put his name back in play and it is time for this to end. dagen: with mitt romney still going after donald trump, what is the end game? what do you want to get out of this? >> i wish i knew what the point was. is he fighting for relevance? does he think he might have to swoop into the convention and everyone will change their mind on donald trump all of a sudden? i can't figure it out but it does not look good for him and i think quite frankly only helps trump because it goes to the point of he couldn't win and
8:10 am
there is somebody new in town. dagen: donald trump, much discussion about who his vice presidential pick will be. he talked about it with greta van susteren last night. do we have that? >> how big is the universe? >> 5 or 6 or 7. >> women in that group? >> actually is. >> last night governor jan brewer said to me got to look at mary fallon of oklahoma. is she one of the women? >> also jan brewer has been fantastic. she has been so fantastic and i won so big, her territory, won so big and she is a fabulous woman and i agree with you, governor of oklahoma fabulous person. dagen: who do you think it will be? do you have a gut sense? >> it is tough to know how donald trump will make these choices. i had dinner with marsha blackburn, very conservative congressman from tennessee who has 100% rating with the
8:11 am
american conservative union, she would be a great pick. there are a lot of great options but i will tell you this, he has got to signal to conservatives that he is going to govern as a conservative. i believe he is going to and his pick for vice president is crucial. because he is outsider and doesn't have a voting record it is crucial he explained to the voters the types of people he will surround himself with so it is not just the vice president. who will be we he put in his candidate? who are the candidates on the court? who will he pick for important jobs like chief of staff? because we have never seen him operating government it is critical for him to put these names out there and for those names to send a signal to conservatives that he will governor the conservatives. dagen: not just people on tv, people say that to me all the time privately who have never been involved in politics, that is the one thing they want to see. great to see you, take care. covered a lot of ground. more outrage surrounding george
8:12 am
zimmerman, the man who fatally shot trayvon martin is selling the done he used. we have the latest on that. it turns out the highly coveted work perks in silicon valley companies are not sustainable. nap rooms, ping-pong tables could soon become obsolete. climbing mount everest for the first time in two years, tween 9 sherpas made it to the top, we will be right back. there are two billion people
8:13 am
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dagen: george zimmerman selling the gun used to kill trayvon martin. cheryl casone he has that and other headlines. cheryl: zimmerman who was acquitted of murder charges in the 2012 shooting death of trayvon martin is auctioning off the gun used in that shooting. zimmerman said he received the pistol back to the department of justice. on the auction site he refers to the gun as an american icon. he would use the funds to fight hillary's anti-firearm rhetoric. the starting bid for the weapon, $5000. the auction begins at 11:00 eastern time today. a change at the top, blood testing startup said the company's president and chief operating officer is stepping
8:16 am
down and retiring. he joined us in 2009, and is in the middle of a controversy ever since the wall street journal report questioning accuracy of his test, an investigation by the center for medicare and medicaid services found northern california lab was putting patients, quote, in immediate jeopardy. another airplane story. i got a ton of them. a female passenger arrested after allegedly punching the captain in the face. this happened in the boarding of an easyjet flight in cyprus. the flight was delayed two hours because of the altercation. police found out she was wanted for drug offenses. people are not flying sober anymore for some reason. tween 9 sherpa guides taking advantage of good weather to climb mount everest for the first time in two years. they were hired to carry
8:17 am
equipment, secure the roads, for all the foreign climbers making the ascent this year may is a month if you are going to climb everest this is it, two natural disasters killed 34 people in nepal and the climbing season was completely canceled. this is actually really big global news and a ton of people flying in and getting ready to make their ascend. dagen: such a great story. are you a climber? >> i am not but it is something i would want to do. it is on my bucket list. when the kids are little older i would love to. dagen: both you and your wife are very sick people. i was only -- i mock you if i love you. i would not make fun of you. i wasn't actually making fun. i could use less solid food and more smoothies in my everyday life. he gets me helpful hints about how to eat better and be
8:18 am
healthy. i am not a climber. moving on. up next from 0 to 400 in two second the first test of the hyperloop underway. good news for the future of travel. crazy corporate perks like this used to lure top talent in silicon valley by growing, prompting companies to scale back. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the
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8:21 am
dagen: it is official, hyperlink technology is real and it works. hyper loop i testing the new
8:22 am
transportation in the desert north of las vegas. ophelia young was on the scene and he or she is. >> reporter: the hyper loop will come through these tubes, but the technology they showed off was a stellar rating. at a high geforce. >> this is where hyper loop is getting invented. >> reporter: in the desert of the industrial park in north las vegas. >> 3, 2, one. >> reporter: their missing brakes but they will work on that later. this is just the beginning. hyper loop has been here less then six month. as inventors showed us in this video the track was installed in a couple weeks. >> give it a nice smooth acceleration. >> reporter: today that acceleration is at 2.4 geez.
8:23 am
>> technology we could relate to that uses these principles in a roller coaster. and i think by imagining that a roller coaster has very rapid propulsion this is a magnitude larger than that. >> reporter: the next step is to fit this technology into the swoops by the end of this year. >> a kicking off moment when hyperloop works in the system, all the elements of that, the tube, the limitation, the propulsion system we demonstrated today, the pod. >> reporter: the pods were cargo and passengers will sit during the ride have not been defined yet. it is not clear how people or things will be safely suspended. all they know is it will move as
8:24 am
fast as 700 mph. using reduced pressure or vacuum technology to keep it moving there is a long road ahead for hyper loop but for now a concept formed years ago is finally in motion today. >> we will be moving cargo in 2019. we think we can have passengers being safely transported in hyper loop by 2021, five years from now. >> the tube by the way is huge. they expect to have several kilometers by the end of this year. that is what they expect. >> reporter: that was ophelia young from fox 5. thanks to her for that. we look at that and this is reality and it is really not, look what happened yesterday. >> when we first heard about this two years ago i thought for sure, this is a real thing. moving a person from la to san francisco will take longer but if you think about it shipping cargo like this is a real thing, a real possibility and will have a major impact on how we do business nationwide and globally, not just one tube they are building, what happens when
8:25 am
there are more tubes taking cargo from point a 2 point be, will have a massive impact on the economy. dagen: if you look at elon musk and what he has been able to do, whether you like him or his ideas from tesla to space x to his push on the hyper loop technology it is unbelievable for an individual to take his money and take his dream and make it a reality. give him credit for that. >> and take massive risk with it and a lot of people bet against him on electric cars and rockets that can be reused and that against him on hyperloop, it is a bad bet to bet against elon musk. dagen: indeed. in terms of tesla do you think the company ends up getting going? they are going to struggle to ramp production up enough to meet the demand particularly for the cheaper version electric car. >> i never thought tesla would be where they are today as a mainstream auto company.
8:26 am
they could do that. that could be what tesla needs to do. they made their way into so much that they could get frosted and could go alone. dagen: tesla, the donald trump of the automotive industry. dagen: making cars great again. they look great. coming up, ping-pong tables, dry cleaning, these are a few perks you might get if you work for silicon valley company but they could be a thing of the past. tech giants trying to trim the cost, trim the fat. we will tell you more coming up. for those of you craving the life of the rich and famous, we have a list of the most luxurious real estate properties in the world.
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8:29 am
>> good morning, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo is back tomorrow. it's thursday, may 12th, your top stories at 8 a.m. 8:30 a.m. eastern time. mr. trump goes to washington about 30 minutes from now he will hold his highly anticipated meeting with house speaker paul ryan. you're looking at live pictures outside of rnc headquarters
8:30 am
where the meeting will take place. look at the mob of press. both addressing mr. trump and mr. ryan, the goals of the meeting and why it's so important. >> paul is a good person. i don't know paul well. i think we want to get to know each other. i think we want to see if we have the same ideas because i represent a large group of people. >> to pretend we're unifying without unifying, we go into the fall half strength. dagen: jeff bezos getting political, the newspaper is working to dig up the information it can on donald trump. stuart varney has that story and his reaction ahead. some of the tech world's hottest companies learning it's to be cool, but now some are cutting back operate famous perks. we look at the luxury real estate market, why the homes are around the world. the latest round of pain in the retail sector.
8:31 am
kohl's reporting an unexpected decline of sales in the first quarter. and you take a look at kohl's stock. look out below there. the butter market is a different story. the futures are showing a higher open. 85 point gain on the dow futures. macy's and retail stocks in general pulling down the broader markets today. and oil prices on the move hitting the cost of crude hitting the highest level of the year. look at it go to the upside. mike, what are you watching? >> i love this retail story because i really think it's a story of the haves and have n notes. there's a story that amazon will be selling more retail goods than macy's or any other retailer in the country and you look at macy's and you look at kohl's. they're not performing so they need to shake up the business model. you look at a couple of percentage points away from all-time highs. amazon is still climbing. the companies that are understanding technology and how it's changing our lives are doing well.
8:32 am
the old companies need to figure it out. dagen: i think we have a chart if you chart amazon versus bricks and mortar, looking at the one-year returns there. amazon, and the spdr, and the spf retail etf. you have amazon hitting all-time highs. amazon has the heaviest weighting in the etf, but the etf is down sharply and amazon, if you do the chart, it's just astonishing at amazon's suck success and retailers. >> one that hasn't been hurt by amazon is home depot, keeps climbing and change their homes and there's one retailer doing a great job along with amazon. dagen: and to point that out. those retailers, they offer something that's tough to get on-line. >> exactly.
8:33 am
dagen: if you're going to buy a floor, you might want to see it, might order it on-line, but often people will go and look and purchase there. >> and they've figured it out how to use on-line and go home and how to fix your floor, how to lay it properly, so they're embracing technology, one of the keys there. dagen: let's talk about technology and the crazy perks the companies used to offer to attract and retain top talent at silicon valley firms. could they be a thing of the past? let's look at some perks that we're talking about, the craziest perks out there. the google nap pod, everybody needs a place to take a midday nap and free helicopter rides. at one point a security camera company provided free helicopter rides for employees and friends. helicopters are dangerous, by the way. the ceo there flew the helicopter himself. and then one had an arcade room for employees, an arcade game
8:34 am
was placed in the office to prevent facebook and facebook, haircuts and free food all day long. what are some of the perks that companies might be getting rid of it. >> when you look at the facebooks and googles and apple has a different company. they're performing so well, i don't think they'll have a cut on the perks. and talk about bubbles, they raised money and huge valuations and using that money for stupid things like rock climbing walls, and massive ping-pong tables where they're treating their company, that's really investors' money, they're treating that like a fraternity would and those companies are in trouble and seeing it already. when you see companies being written down 50, 60% from the valuations, a lot of that is because management is using the money kind of as a slush fund, kind of for-- to treat it are forks games and instead of building the business what they're suppose today do.
8:35 am
if you build a good business, facebook, apple-- >> even during the first dot-com bubble and boom, companies raised money and you wouldn't believe the amount they spent on modern furniture. this mid century modern office furniture is extraordinarily expensive and blow tens of thousands of dollars immediately to make the place look cool. it's astonishing to me. >> it's amazing. office furniture is out of control expensive, but i also to think to build on your point about the perks that are important to folks, i think that it's got to be a part of the culture. does it make sense to keep your employees more engaged and doing things like getting haircuts in the office, improve your performance, that's one thing. to have ping-pong tables or video games to keep them from being bored, that doesn't look
8:36 am
at quality of life and engaged in the workplace. the companies that don't do it right and spending on silly things are going to be has-beens. the markets are going to realize and the market will pass them by. so if you need, when you're investing as a venture capital fund, when i give you money i need to know you're handling it properly, and treating it as if it's your own not like you won the lotto. we want to see how you're spending it. dagen: don't want to see the stupid stuff to put it bluntly. thank you, thanks, everybody. ahead, a brutal first quarter from kohl's and macy's sending out warnings for the retail sector as a whole. we have the premarket movers and mike is interested in monsanto. that's a good story. the luxury real estate company gives us a firsthand look at drivers shaping the most pricey markets right now.
8:37 am
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♪ oh, yeah, all right ♪ ♪ take it easy, baby, make it last all night ♪ ♪ she was an american girl ♪ >> i'd definitely put that song in my top ten songs of all time. certainly the intro. we're 50 minutes away from the opening bell. honeywell plans to spin off the restens and chemicals business into a stand alone company. this is part of honeywell's strategy to shift its focus to higher growth businesses. another retail disappointment, kohl's following in macy's footsteps and reporting a surprise drop in same-store sales. shares of the operator tanking
8:41 am
on the news. chipotle higher after the restaurant chain said it added 100 million to the previously announced 1.9 billion dollar stock buyback. there are new reports out that "the washington post" is assigning as many as 20 reporters to quote, dig up dirt, unquote, on a presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump. guess who owns "the washington post"? amazon ceo jeff bezos, stuart varney is here to weigh in on this. what do you make of this? >> i'm astonished that a guy like jeff bezos, worth at latest count, $61 billion and owns "the washington post," he's a multi-billionaire and here he is basically supporting hillary clinton. a military billionaire goes to work on donald trump, a 20-man army of journalists to dig up whatever dirt they can possibly
8:42 am
find on donald trumpment i find that very interesting. why on earth are billionaires going for hillary rodham clinton? i think i've got an answer and it's this. she would not hurt jeff bezos, and she's tax the rich, but income not the wealth. he has 60 billion of wealth untaxed under a hillary rodham clinton presidency, but his income, actual income, the stuff that you and i earn, that will be taxed by hillary, jeff bezos walks away unscathed. i'm fascinating by the whole idea for mega rich people going for left wing candidates, i've seen it in europe and now here, too. dagen: i pose this question to you, why aren't wealth creators support ago wealth creators and entrepreneur?
8:43 am
>> we've made our pile and we should give it back to the poor people who works for us. it's a guilt trip. and they are philosopher kings, they think they know better than us, better than the great american public. oh, no, they're right at the top, at the pinnacle, follow us, boys, everything will be okay and we say go this way. protect our wealth, you may the tax, we'll protect our own wealth. that's what i think is going on and i'm absolutely outraged by it. dagen: and stuart, it also gets to the point of when you want-- when you advocate taxing people more and taxing the rich more and giving that money to the federal government, who makes that-- i said that earlier, who makes that best decision about your money and your life? so it's not you, it's not the individual, it's not free will, it's not freedom, it is the government. it's politicians, it's bureaucrats who potentially have never run an absolutely business. stuart: that's right, give it to us. we know so much better how to make this country run. well, self-evidently, they do not. just reported, i think the
8:44 am
numbers came out today, we've collected a record amount of tax in the fiscal year so far through april. i think it's about 1.7, 1.8 trillion dollars, more than ever before. we've still got a whopping great big deficit and the country is, i think it's sliding towards a dead stop in the economy. so, evidently, these people who run the country, who are taking our money, they really don't know how to run the country properly. stuart, it's mike murphy, how are you. stuart: hello, mike. we wish you were on "varney & company." >> i agree with what you're saying, to aed to a point, out in california a lot of the movie industry is run by moguls, multi-billionaires, but they always go, not just lean to the left, but extremely liberal in their views and i'm seeing a lot of that out of silicon valley and tech giants where people, although they're military billionaires, they're leaning so far left. as you say he think--
8:45 am
i think we need to do something more. stuart: you know, peter teal, one of the extraordinary entrepreneurs, he's worth a lot of money, he's going to be a trump delegate to the convention from california and a flat-out trump supporter so he's kind of broke p the mold. >> i love it. stuart: i flat-out agree, i love it, wish there were more. dagen: flat-out love you, stuart varney. "varney & company" starts in 15 minutes from now, mr. varney. coming up, living a life of luxury, i sit down with dan chan to talk about the most luxurious real estate in the world. what city tops the list? one stops the list for the fourth year in a row, next. ♪ the heirloom tomato.
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>> breaking news, donald trump just arriving at rnc headquarters in washington d.c. to meet with republican leadership. you can see the motorcade there. donald trump, house speaker paul ryan, coming together. what happens? we'll be all over the story as the morning moves on. heading onto christie's international real estate, releasing its annual report today offering insight the most luxurious real estate markets. joining us is dan khan. the most luxurious? >> most luxurious is london. dagen: for the fourth year in a row, why?
8:50 am
>> combination of factors, top prices, sales velocity, even no it's attenuating slightly, the number of sales and luxury homes, frankly, just the concentration of wealth and the concentration of luxury property that you see in that market. dagen: do they have a lot of new building there or is it mostly-- 'cause here in new york city you see this gargantuan towers going up and i want to get into this in a little bit in terms of new supply on the market. is london experiencing the same thing or is it older properties? >> it doesn't have the same dynamic. they control the development much more. south of the towns you see significantly more of it. what's happened, there has been development of condominium property and there's a commercial center and there's a logic to it. the high end developments are really much more contained. we're doing one at 10 trinity square, you would have seen it in the bond movie.
8:51 am
a fabulous property. only 41 residential units. it's a completely different style of development. dagen: hong kong was second and new york third, and then los angeles and singapore. is there any sign of weakness in the major in terms of luxury real estate? >> hong kong and singapore have had cooling measures for a while now. you see attenuation of growth is most significant in those markets. new york is fall down a little bit, but you're talking high sales numbers so you still have a strong market and the same with london, doing really well. i think the story in new york and certainly we've talked about today is the-- even now, the explosion of the high end condo development, the super tall. dagen: it's over on park, it's on park in the east 50's and it's the tallest residential building in north america, is it not? >> it is. i mean, it will be likely will
8:52 am
be eclipsed at some point not in the too distant future, but now, the thousand foot plus tower is what everybody talks about. dagen: you can see if you're driving up to new york and look at those and say they cast shadows over neighborhoods and i know that it's cool being way up in the air, but is that really where you think in major cities, luxury real estate is going, whether it's here, in asia, maybe not london, but in other places where you have-- because it makes people dislike the billing and dislike what it represents because, again, you're living in shadow, if you live in a low rise building. >> right, it is tougher, right, if you're next to one of those, it's definitely tougher. for the buyers, it's high end residential, they are he an attracted to it for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the amenities with it, it's a model that works here, works in hong kong, it would not work in london where they control. dagen: or paris.
8:53 am
>> paris, which has been on fire, development is not the fire. dagen: talk about that. paris has done well even with the terror threat we've seen and the terror attacks both in brussels and in paris in recent history? >> it's one of the great comeback market stories. much of europe lagged in recovery and if you saw paris in 2014 when you looked at it, it was well below peak prices and benefitting from a weak euro. what we said at the time was, everybody, all of the smart money should be going inside into europe and now we're seeing it. the paris the sale going up 21% in 2015 and it's still 20% belowpricing and off the historical highs. dagen: when you have wealthy customers and you have the option to buy real estate. do you tell them that? you might be looking in london, but you should really look in paris instead? do you give that kind of advice to people? >> it depends, if they're talking where they are going to
8:54 am
live, where you pick the prices in the market. and where to put that money, focus on where the opportunities are. sometimes you have to be contrarian. sometimes you talk about puerto rico and greece. those are in 2016 and 2017, still a great buying opportunity. dagen: thank you so much, dan. in ex-- next we want to travel. and final thoughts from our all-star panel when we come back. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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♪ mama said, you just have to wait ♪ ♪ she said love don't come easy, it's a game of give and take ♪ ♪ >> tomorrow, live from las vegas and earlier this hour, i brought up the venture, mike, that you took to dylan's candy bar with your son and foolishly brought it up without the visuals ready. >> let's see. i think. dagen: and you and your son, the sundae they ate. i question whether you ate it. >> i ate it, and dylan-- >> one of your adorable amazingly beautiful five children, soon to be six. >> thank you. maria: and i love that, too, but i love seeing pictures of you and your kids. again, let's look at live
8:58 am
pictures, moving back to politics outside of rnc headquarters, donald trump arriving and you see the motorcade arriving for his meeting with republican leadership, with paul ryan, the speaker of the house, and it starts at the top of the hour. lee, what's going to come out of this? >> well, i hope that we're going to see the party coming together. i think that donald trump has nothing to lose at this point, no matter which way it goes for him. i think ryan does. i think if this doesn't go well, i think that the republicans could have a really hard time in the senate and the house because that's going to be the establishment side of things. so i think it's important more for ryan than for trump. as you said, it was a great point earlier, it's a win-win for trump. dagen: i would guess, mike, we're looking at pictures and these are not supporters of donald trump, they're protesters. they're everywhere, this seems to be a full-time job, but again, as lee was talking about, mike, only good can come out of this meeting, i think. >> i agree. dagen: and regardless who claims victory, it, again,
8:59 am
shows they're getting together and working on-- >> working toward unity, for sure. this is a media circus there and donald trump, he's-- he can handle that better than anyone else out there. this is what he does. he knows how to work with the media, have the media work for him. although there's protesters there, this is going to play into his hands and it is already, i think. dagen: the final word and again, i mock because i love. and we want to hand it over to "varney & company." maria bartiromo is going to be back tomorrow live from the bellagio in las vegas. anthony scaramucci will be with her tomorrow. "varney & company" starts right now. stuart, it's yours. stuart: i'll take it, dagen, indeed. the trump-ryan meeting takes place there. this is the attempt at unity meeting. a split republican party tries a get together. that will be the candidate and the party, yet, they are meeting this morning.
9:00 am
we'll take you there when they emerge to see what's happened. and here is the back drop to that meeting. developments today. "the washington post" owned by the guy on the right, jeff bezos, he's going after trump. the post forms a 20-man army to investigate every aspect of trump's life. what's this? looks to me like billionaires for hillary. we'll deal with it. there's another item, too. trump seems to qualify his muslim ban. here he is with greta last night. watch this. >> back off on it, i'd like to back off as soon as possible because frankly i would like to see something happen, but we have to be vigilant. there's a radical islamic problem that our president doesn't want to talk about. stuart: may i, off of my interpretation off of that. he's saying, trump becomes president, imposes the ban, brings in a commission to figure out who comes in and who doesn't and the ban is lifted


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