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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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we'll take you there when they emerge to see what's happened. and here is the back drop to that meeting. developments today. "the washington post" owned by the guy on the right, jeff bezos, he's going after trump. the post forms a 20-man army to investigate every aspect of trump's life. what's this? looks to me like billionaires for hillary. we'll deal with it. there's another item, too. trump seems to qualify his muslim ban. here he is with greta last night. watch this. >> back off on it, i'd like to back off as soon as possible because frankly i would like to see something happen, but we have to be vigilant. there's a radical islamic problem that our president doesn't want to talk about. stuart: may i, off of my interpretation off of that. he's saying, trump becomes president, imposes the ban, brings in a commission to figure out who comes in and who doesn't and the ban is lifted
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once they figure it out. stuart: from arizona, is that your reading of what i heard from mr. trump about the muslim ban? >> you know, the important thing about any ban or what we're doing with our immigration system, he's making sure that our country is safe. it's the number within job of government and something mr. trump very much wants to do is, as refugees come here, these sirius and everything we need to know who they are. they are going to move into the neighborhoods next to our children we want to make sure who they are and they're not bad people. stuart: you mentioned bringing in mayor rudy guiliani, maybe as an expert to look at the situation. i take it, that gets your approval? >> oh, i think rudy would be a fine choice. we know how wonderfully he handled 9/11 as mayor and he's still got his pulse on the public and part of the, you know, part of decision making, he would be great. stuart: jeff, our viewers have
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been looking at the scene of the meeting, rnc headquarters in d.c. my question to you is, real fast, does donald trump need unity with the g.o.p.? >> paul ryan needs this meeting to go better a lot more than donald trump does. we're watching this like we used to watch alan greenspan with a suitcase go to the fed meeting and waiting to see white smoke or black smoke out of it. donald trump wins every way. if he doesn't get the unity, he's running the establishment that ryan is a part of. ryan needs this to go well and i think he's overplaying his hand on this. stuart: back with you shortly. now to trump item number two. "the washington post" has formed a 20-man team to dig up dirt on donald trump. the owner of "the washington post," jeff bezos, the amazon founder, i think he's tilting the post a little bit more towards hillary and definitely away from trump.
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eboni kay williams, a fox contributor, is with us now. >> why do you think that jeff bezos, worth 61.2 billion and a bit more today because the stock is going up a bit more, why would he support tax the rich hillary clinton? >> well, look, i think that it's very fair to dig into, you know, the full scope of donald trump because i think what would be right is to do the same thing for hillary clinton and that's not what is okay. stuart: and one almost excused hillary said there wasn't intent to distribute. >> that would be cute if that was a requirement. crime. stuart: i would want to know why a billionaire would tilt toward a tax the rich candidate? >> well, i think that many people on wall street think of her as the wall street candidate and what bernie sanders and many have a suspicion about.
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i don't have a problem with donald trump's candidacy. i don't have a problem with any of the candidates, i think they all need to be vetted properly and we need to protect america. that's a very important point and i think that donald trump supporters are so enthusiastien, i think that's good, we need a candidate you can support. but we can't do that at the peril of americans. stuart: i fully agree. >> it got to be fair. stuart: here is my thing on the billionaires supporting left wing candidates. >> they're not supporting left wing candidates, they wouldn't support bernie sanders, they're supporting hillary clinton and that's a big point-- >> she's tax the rich. >> she's talking left. how is her policy though? >> her policy is tax the income of the rich. bezos doesn't have much income, a strong income. he's got wealth. nobody is going to tax wealth. nobody is going to take a piece of it's $61 billion.
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nobody is taking that so he's perfectly free to support hillary clinton on the left and she doesn't damage him. >> again, this is why she struggles with people in the true progressive base and she says you're talking and your rhetoric sounds like you're very, very left, but when we look at the policies, mrs. clinton and bill clinton. stuart: as theemerging star of the fox news channel. will you stay here and more from you in a moment. [laughter] >> the markets where we'll be opening, up 60, 70 points. remember, we were down over 200 yesterday. so and we were up 200 the day before. so, we're kind of all over the place, right? but we'll open 70 points higher this morning. we talked about jeff bezos, look at amazon, he owns and foundened amazon, that thing is going up again, maybe another 5 bucks to $717 per share.
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that's a lot more money, he's got 83 million shares of amazon, times $5. $400 million in the next couple of minutes. that's amazon, up again today. >> and a calculator at work in your brain. >> there was not supposed to be any math in this. don't forget disney, about 102 today. it will be down-- no, it's going to be, basically flat today. the problem with disney remains the same. less money coming in at espn, espn, i should say, that means more worry about cutting. and disney 102. i've got a winner for you, one of my favorite restaurant chains, jack in the box. used to eat there all the time in san francisco, a great place. it's going to be a winner out of the gate. high profit and sales because they've got a mexican chain, a restaurant called qdoba.
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>> beating chipotle. >> we never stray too far from politics. let's get back to it. i also want to raise the tax rauch return. the tax return issue. trump is not going to release his return until the audit is finished, that's what he said. hillary pounced on it. >> and what about his taxes? so we'll get around to that, too. 'cause when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that's kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we've got eight years on our website right now. so you've got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them? yeah, well, we're going to find out. stuart: okay. that was hillary. attacking trump on the tax return issue. come on in again, jeff dewitt, trump supporter. he's taking heat for this, he has from hillary.
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how do you feel about that? >> hillary has been living off the taxpayer dime her entire life. we all know what she makes and that's why her tax returns are unexciting when we get our hands on. when you hear mitt romney also weighing in, when he didn't real least his tax returns until september of his presidential year. i think he needs to sit down and wait until then before he can say anything. donald trump is undergoing an audit. stuart: yeah, i know you're getting to it, but look, is that point valid? donald trump says he won't release his tax return until the audit is completed. is that a valid thing to say? >> absolutely. i mean, that could make a difference of millions of dollars in the outcome of an audit. when you look how much real estate he owns, and that, you know, is who gets audited when you own a lot of real estate and that's where the deductions are. that's a big deal. he cannot release it. and don't forget he has to vet the tax returns and prepare them and his entire tax deem is devoted to dealing with the irs
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and audit and he'd have to pull them off of that to worry about getting the papers ready to be out there. he's disclosed his financials, way before the deadline last year, so we already know where his wealth is and what he has. i don't know what we're going to get out of these tax returns. stuart: he's going to take some heat for sure. jeff dewitt, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: to the market and your money, the retail ice age, we're calling it that, our theme of the week. department stores taking a hit and fewer shoppers going to the malls. here is kohl's, lower profits, lower sales, it's a big chain 1600 store in america. they blame the weather for the slump in demand for apparel. this continues, the ice age story. ashley: there are a lot of reasons, macy's said a huge one, a 20% drop of international consumers, people coming from overseas as tourists because of the strong dollar, all of that is true, but i think the overall retail landscape is changing, thanks
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to on-line. people are not spending money on traditional merchandise at traditional department stores. they're changing their spending habits and on-line is a huge part of it. those that don't react quickly enough, the bigger, older named department stores are starting to feel the heat. stuart: and we will show you macy's after a huge drop liz: what ashley is saying, watch this, amazon will replace macy's as the number one retailer in the united states by next year. stuart: i'm intrigued of the retail ice age. the economy is slowing and the retail ice age, lack of demand or the department stores,that's a big deal. i've got cool video to show you from the desert north of las vegas. that is the hyper loop one, it conducted its first test of that high speed propulsion system. it was just a five second test, but apparently it's not just
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pie in the sky dreaming. when are we going to see this in nervous? >> some people say when purple unicorns fly across the sty in nevada. no, look, it shows that this thing is actually in some sort of being put together phase, but there's a long way to go. putting things alongside the little tubes and fired at more than 7 miles per ho00 miles per. >> it's an early track into sand. stuart: the ventures-- >> and france's big rail company. stuart: a little company, no less. ashley: they'll be on strike next week. stuart: sarcasm is a form of low witt-- . [laughter] >> it's expanding the ammunition department, not going down well.
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up a buck for vista outdoors. another development in the clinton e-mail story. the fbi chief says, no, hillary, you're wrong, this is an investigation. she called it a security review. the judge will join us later on that one. and next, donald trump clarifying his stance on his temporary muslim ban. a prominent member of the muslim community will join us in one minute. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works. come on in.
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>> it's happening right now. donald trump meeting with house speaker ryan in washington d.c. we expect they'll speak, did they get together and did they get a degree of unity. here is my opinion. don't expe endorse donald trump this morning, but i expect maybe an agreement in principle and that principle is let's get together to beat hillary clinton. that will be my rough idea on that one. how about the market this morning? we will be up a little after the big drop yesterday. not much.
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maybe 60 points up, but facebook, that stock still sitting close to an all-time high, around 120 at the open today. and the same with amazon, it will be closer to 7-- 718 to be precise. and they're the two stocks of the week, the month, the year. now this, by an overwhelming majority, the brazilian senate has vote today impeach their president. >> yeah, after 20 hours of debate, this is a country in real turmoil. she'll be suspended until she goes to trial, tried on essentially manipulating the accounting books prior to the reelection in 2014 and she says this is a coup and the olympics are set to begin august 5th in a mess. stuart: 80 odd days, economic
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depression, zika virus. ashley: worse recession in ten years, unemployment. stuart: i feel for the brazilian people flat-out. politics, donald trump clarifying his temporary ban on muslim immigration. he said last night on greta, he'd like to lift the ban as soon as possible. radical islam, got to deal with that first. he's talking about bringing in former mayor rudy guiliani as an advisor and appointed him to that position. here is zuhdi jasser, good to shake hands personally. last night my interpretation of what trump said is this. i become the president, i impose the ban on muslim immigration, i've got a panel of experts to figure out what to do. they'll advise, we'll lift the ban when we decide who comes in and who does not, are you okay with na? >> as i said repeatedly, i don't mind the ban. just to call it muslim
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immigration doesn't work, but it proves there are non-muslim. and one was recently indicted for the treasury department for providing-- >> i want to back up a little bit. trump is saying he would impose the muslim ban. he would get this panel of experts, figure out what to do and then lift the ban and let some in and some not in. now, are you okay with that? 'cause he would impose the ban. >> i think we should stop all-- a ban. stuart: all immigration. >> by saying simply muslims and i understand, listen, all islamists are muslims, but not all slammists -- you have to understand that a winning war with a strategy needs to understand our best allies are muslims that are reformers. by the way, start making exemptions like an amir, like the mayor of london and so many other exceptions, what about the executives at trump dubadub
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once you start calling exceptions, it's not a ban, it's a ban against all immigrants until we figure out how to vet for islamists. i'm not about political correctness, but we have to be correct. stuart: so he's qualifying the muslim ban. >> absolutely. stuart: fair to say that he's qualifying that. will he still be called an islamophobe. not by you, but the radicals. >> the islamists in america, the brotherhood and others will call him that we shouldn't care about that. as he engages people like rudy guiliani and others they will be more accurate in identifying the threat as islamists and protect us from those. remember, most of those committed act of terrors are not refugees, they're home grown belgians, french, americans, who went to syria and came back. it's not just refugees, it's
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those travelling. stuart: zuhdi jasser, nice to see you here in new york city. first time onset? >> many times, many times. stuart: this helps the market when price of oil goes up. look at it go up, close to $47 a barrel. that by the way is a six month high for the price of oil and stocks will open higher. now this, something that's been done what, four times in the history of baseball. that guy there, that's max sh scherzer, washington nationals, he struck out 20 batters against the tigers. this is considered a more rare feat than pitching is perfect game. he didn't walk a singer batter. washington won 3-2. a lot of talk about unity today. the bernie sanders campaign says if hillary clinton is the nominee, it will be a disaster for the party and the country. we will deal with that. later, how about this?
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a ghost ship mystery? that's an oil tanker, washed up on the shores of liberia and africa, the crew, none of them, nowhere to be found.
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>> now, the democrats just as split as the g.o.p.? well, some are saying that.
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listen to this, from bernie sanders campaign manager, jeff weaver, a quote, the democratic party must decide if they want the candidate with the momentum who is best positioned to beat trump or if they're willing to roll the dice and court disaster simply to protect the status quo for the political and financial establishment. i think he's saying essentially, hillary to be a disaster. eboni kay is lingering with us. >> a fair interpretation, i believe so. stuart: here you have the campaign manager for bernie sanders, he says the other democrat, hillary, that's a disaster. that's a split and a half. >> oh, it is, it is. and polling recently shows us that one in four bernie supporters are bernie and bust. they will not be voting for hillary clinton and very, very interesting coming out of west virginia and some of those exit polls, you know who the alternative to bernie sanders is, donald trump. stuart: i heard that. >> it's not hillary clinton and shows us how far apart senator
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clinton and bernie sanders are. stuart: you set me straight on-- >> only took me six months. stuart: what's your rating of hillary clinton as a candidate. >> a d on a grading scale. some of it's not her fault, she's been in the spotlight and with that comes recognition and also baggage. she's got negatives insurmountable. she's not not only the fbi investigation, as comey corrected her on. this is a justice department issue, it's criminal in nature. that's huge. she's got so much skepticism. we talked about her being seen the wall street candidate and that's batted for a republican-- a democratic nominee and it's awful. stuart: every time i see her on tv, a sound bite or making a speech, she's almost defending herself against charges of some sort or allegations of some
9:27 am
sort. >> and even just preconception. stuart: she's not getting the message out. >> no, no, she says it herself, i am not the natural politician my husband and barack obama were. truer words have never been spoke been you here is the thing, you're running for president so being a great politician is a very important part of the equation. stuart: let me bring this to you, pew research shows the middle class is shrinking not just in certain areas of the country, but all across the country, a shrinking middle class. eboni, back to you, that's the election issue. >> the golden ticket for donald trump. this is where he gets the very, very amazing opportunity. that's why his populous message, stuart, a resonating so broadly and it's possible, in fact, that he could change the electorate map for the general in a way i can't see any other republican nominee doing. this is where hillary is going to struggle, i anticipate, because she's not convincing and compelling about her ability to bring forth prosperity to the middle class. last point, many have an
9:28 am
expectation around what barack obama's candidacy would do for the middle class and i'm included in that and many of us feel disappointed around that and when hillary gets out there, not only talk about her ability to be different than that, but, you know, kind of defend those policies. stuart: is your mom watching? >> yes, she is, hi, mom. stuart: hi, i know she approves of what you're saying. i've got that. dr barton is with us, and he's a market watching kind of guy, not an economist, but a market watcher. who do you think of the two candidates is best for economic growth in the united states if elected. >> i think eboni said something critical, that trump can change the map of the electoral map because the middle class feels like he's reaching to them. i think long-term, the protectionist policies that trump has, i don't know how those are going to play out in the long-term. in the near-term, stuart, clearly he has the upper hand who is going to bring more economic value to the middle class. stuart: we've got a stock market that's going to open in about 90 seconds.
9:29 am
who would be best for the stock market because remember, hillary would give you a degree of stability because she's predictable. trump, you don't know. >> it depends on what you like, do you want stability or growth? >> i think if you want growth, you go trump. you want stability, then-- >> and i think the market would be-- >> mr. trump? >> yes. stuart: that would be a sensation, you're not sure. ashley: that's an unknown and because of the stability issue, the market is favoring hillary because mr. trump is an unphone quantity. stuart: the market opens in 45 seconds, i want to check a couple of stocks before we ring that bell. how about kohl's to start with, it's going to be down big. 50, 60, and we will follow the story, restale ice age -- retail ice age. and close to an all-time high. look at facebook, exactly the
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same story, sitting very close to an all-time high. up a little bit more at opening bell. never forget disney, dow stock, big drop yesterday, it opened stable this morning at the 102 level. people still concerned about espn and cutting that cord, but here we go. yes, we're up in the early going, 17-,7 where we are. again, we call this the retail ice age, will you look at that. >> yesterday for all the chains, kohl's, a whole string of them and down again today. kohl's 8% lower, will you look at macy's, down again, and how it was that it dropped, 10% or something, the aforementioned dr barton is with us, as it
9:31 am
ashley webster, liz macdonald and larry levin in chicago. the retail numbers is a nasty one for declining economy. >> when you go into the brick and mortar stores, it's not busy anymore, and everybody buying something on amazon on-line and easier that way and the returns are easy, not a good thing. the only way that brick and mortar stores, covering incredible service and you don't see that, unless that changes, i think it's going unless that changes it will be an issue. stuart: there was a big jump in initial jobless claims, 20,000. i say that is another pointer towards a slowing economy. >> recession collars won't call it for a year from now. stuart: it is obvious we are slowing down. we are awfully close to that. let's get to the winners.
9:32 am
amazon, huge winner, that stock at 715, very close to an all-time high. would you buy it at $715 a share. >> i like the long-term story, all of what we hear in the retail sector is amazon sucking sales away from all those people year-over-year so when they announce their earnings, over 20%, at the very high end, i like to buy things, you accumulate and the pullback going forward. stuart: amazon's chief, jeff basis, owns the washington post, he is ordering 20 staffers to dig up dirt on donald trump. i say that is a tilt even
9:33 am
further towards hillary. ashley: it is clear the focus is on donald trump. every aspect of his life, we are going to be doing articles, even dig into trump's howard stern radio show, they are going to turn over every stone in an attempt to get stories on donald trump. stuart: jeff basis has nothing to fear from a tax the rich candidacy because she is not going to tax jeff pazo's's income. she is not going to tax his wealth. she would tax the income of the rich and there is a vast difference. >> there is a vast difference,
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the top 20% pay $.84 for tax revenues and that goes toward 60% of households the get more in government benefits into the system. i wish every editorial page, every editor across the country reports on that, trillions of transfers from medicare, medicaid, food stamps. that tends to be, the president bought this recovery with $10 trillion of taxpayer money. that should be the first paragraph of every business story in the economy. stuart: how about this? vista outdoor make a lot of outdoor products including ammunition. the company has a plan to expand its ammunition production. guns, ammo, this is down a little bit today. >> guns and ammo will continue to be as long as hillary is ahead in the polls because they know there is going to be a fear factor for people who want to acquire those things going into november. stuart: on the other side if trump wins gun stocks go down
9:35 am
because he is not trying to -- how about oil? it is near if not at a 6-month high. larry, we are still swimming in this stuff, close to $47 a barrel right now. >> it came back a little bit but trading right there. previously over the last few weeks didn't see high-volume or higher prices, that really is a bullish time, maybe you'll see $50 over the next couple weeks. stuart: it quick check of the big board, we are up 72 points, the tao and 17-7, going to get to facebook, one of the two stocks of the year or the decade, $120 a share as of right now, facebook up $.60, $120 a share. disney as we suggested this morning will be around $102 a share, big drop yesterday, worried about espn etc.
9:36 am
stability today at 102. mcdonald's, we bring you this every day, it was 131, now it is 129 but still up there. garlic fries, the restaurant chain. i am a customer or at least i was, jack-in-the-box, is that the correct pronunciation, mexican chain. what is going on. >> stock is up 13% for jack-in-the-box, jack-in-the-box is their namesake franchise but there mexican food turned out that is where they thought the surgeon revenue, the jobs helped them to offset the losses they saw at jack-in-the-box and the question becomes chipotle, some of the to put the customers over the last quarter do they go to their, another question to bring into play. based on a 9% rise in revenue.
9:37 am
stuart: i used to be a customer at jack-in-the-box. i was also a customer at a chain you probably never heard of called doggie diner. i'm not joking. this was in san francisco. can you hear me? >> can't wait to hear the end of it. stuart: a giant dog outside the chain, you go in for hotdogs and hamburgers and all kinds of good stuff. >> why don't you go to either of these anymore? stuart: it is a new york business. there is no diner in times square yet. >> lead investor stuart varney. stuart: lost my shirt in the boston market. look at at the, continuing to sell health plans for obamacare exchanges. >> they will stay in the 15th, they want to buy humana, humana expects to post losses and humana may withdraw. these guys know to stay in the
9:38 am
game they could make money with rate cases saying we are pulling out due to losses. stuart: not sure to buy health insurance stocks were obamacare is in such flex. >> this time last year everyone was going more customers and stocks were climbing. right now we have the opposite issue, margin problems, they cannot make their numbers. stuart: i have a number, $1.9 trillion. that is how much tax money was collected in october through april this year. that is a record. >> congress is spending 2 $.3 trillion. so congress continues and taxpayers get the hangover. that is another headliner at the top of every policy page. look at that record tax revenue. stuart: never been higher than that. speaking of taxes donald trump will not release his tax return
9:39 am
until the audit on that return is complete. i say he is going to take a hit for that, political hit. any objections? ashley: i am a bit of a skeptic but i think hillary has jumped all over it as you expect her to do. donald trump has said i am under a routine on it right now. my accountant says don't release until the audit is over which makes sense to me although it does give all the conspiracy theorists lots of material to speculate. >> it didn't help my former boss when he didn't release his tax return. stuart: they have oregon on the attack about this one. i can understand the guy, you don't open up your return. i don't know whether you can or not. ashley: it wouldn't be a good idea. stuart: look at this.
9:40 am
stuart: a negotiating point. >> you don't want to stick an extra million on his auditors. stuart: the irs, let's not forget that. the retail bright spot, this is a surprise. ralph lauren is a bright spot? i thought that stock had taken a hit yesterday. my daughter works at ralph lauren. tell us how the company is doing. >> making some money, stock is up 5% for ralph lauren, bryce isley at $88 and 66 and both better-than-expected fourth-quarter revenue. there was an extra week in the quarter. and also e-commerce, these are the things that help them along, they have to battle those discounts and weak demand according to analysts. i brought this for you. come back to the doggie diner. we miss you. stuart: we got you. they don't miss me. i was cheap. take the dog away.
9:41 am, a new high. ashley: record high, those traditional brick and mortar consumers flocking to the online retailer. stuart: djembe those has 83 million shares of amazon, 5.8, about how much, half $1 billion. >> total paper gains north of $7 billion. stuart: yes. 83 million shares, $718 a share in 60 billion, okay. he just gained about half $1 billion this morning. what are you talking about? >> his total value. his total steak is much more than that. he has 83 million shares,
9:42 am
multiply 83 millionx790 -- you are questioning my math? >> thank you for that. ashley: can i have more? stuart: this is retail ice age part 2. a mixed bag today. they are all down yesterday. kristin benz is with us and she watches the retail sector specifically, so you are bullish on the consumer but not retail generally. what do you mean by that? >> don't confuse shopping with spending. the consumer is healthy and spending money but not spending where people traditionally want her to spend, big-box retail. stuart: i notice you say she. does that shock everybody in the audience? quite right, quite right. >> responsible for 75% of all purchases including the other
9:43 am
25. stuart: let's get serious. i know you were but let's get real serious. there has been a decline in foot traffic at the malls. is that because the economy is slow and people have less money to spend or people are shopping online? >> people are shopping online in areas that are not traditional. brick and click, not just online but something like parker, birch box. you have to have both. we are in a digital world. it is local and digital and you have to have both of those. you are going to get that share acted out in real time. stuart: i want to ask about target and the bathroom controversy. looks to me like it has hurt the stock. what do you make of that? >> our friends in the uk have been dealing with this for some time and it is no big deal over there so this is much ado about
9:44 am
nothing, trying to make tempest in a teapot. stuart: it hurt the stock, 1,000,002 signatures, a lot of people say you get an incident in a target bathroom, it has hit the stock. >> i don't know. you have to be a vigilant consumer. if that means being vigilant when you go to the restroom we need to -- being big people. covering retail, one needs to talk about. stuart: are executive producers send me a note, saying women shop, men by. ashley: dangerous territory. >> no, i beg to differ.
9:45 am
and pay for it. and where we like it. >> i would love to. stuart: check the big board. 54 points. $46.58. and stock near an all-time high at 120. and downgraded to junk status a gap bonds, junk status by itch. this is the retailer. cheryl: sales are up 53/4, worst performance and five years. and that is not good. this comes after they sold off a bunch of stores, the sales truck continues, t.j. maxx, down on it and amazon. stuart: this is the first hour of "varney and company". wouldn't be a decent hour unless we updated you on the hillary
9:46 am
email scandal. over the weekend she dismissed it as a security review. fbi director james comey says not so fast, this is an investigation. judge andrew napolitano is here. is it significant the fbi director says it is the investigation. judge napolitano: especially when taken in the context it was said. she has been arguing for months security review, security review, i think she means by that a review of the procedures in the state department, and classify something as top-secret. that is not what the fbi does for a living. by our colleague catherine heritage stated that. here is what i mean by context, last week in a freedom of
9:47 am
information act case in which a reporter for vice news saw copies of communications between the fbi and mrs. clinton's lawyers the justice department moving to dismiss that application referred to the fbi investigation as a law enforcement proceeding. the justice department, the fbi said it is an investigation. all they investigate are violations of criminal laws, they don't investigate violations of civil wrong, it is obvious how mrs. clinton is trying to persuade it to be something it is not. stuart: we have apple stock on the screen down to 91 level. i am not asking you to comment on it. i point it out for the viewers, 1%, $91.51 on apple, two year low. judge napolitano: drop its cases against apple --
9:48 am
stuart: director comey said over the weekend or very recently, something germane to this, didn't he say he would not be rushed? judge napolitano: he is being pressured according to the calendar and knows democrats will meet in philadelphia the week of july 24th. he has pressure to have a decision by then but would rather do it well then quickly. stuart: don't get off my back? don't pressure me? judge napolitano: at the tale of the investigation. the misleading statements was the fbi hasn't called me or the campaign. the fbi, the campaign, the justice department, that conversation has already happened.
9:49 am
mrs. clinton will be interviewed before memorial day, before the month of may is over. stuart: you know that for a fact? judge napolitano: i don't know it for a fact, this is the last of the interviews of well-known people, they interviewed lucifer after they brought him over from romania, she is now next. and she is misleading again. stuart: judge andrew napolitano, point man along with catherine heritage on the story of the email scandal. we will see you later. a slew of problems in brazil leading to the summer olympics. danger, crime-ridden neighborhoods, dirty bacteria filled waters, the president impeached, we heard that this morning, it is really bad. one brazilian soccer star telling tourists stay home. and for germany's migrants crisis, two third of germans want angela merkel out. europe split and muslim migration is the reason.
9:50 am
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stuart: development in the deadly fertilizer plant in west texas killed 15 years ago three years ago. authorities say the fire which led to the explosion was deliberately set. this is a $50,000 reward being offered for any information leading to the arrest of those responsible. lower profits and sales, the biggest loser of all, down it goes. a two year low down about 11/2%, down 12% this year. apple at 91. then there is this. europe continues its struggle with that influx with over 1 million muslim migrants. two stories in germany, 64% of voters say they do not want another term for angela merkel, the one who brought so many
9:55 am
migrants in. the chancellor has resigned, supporters have gone to the right-wing anti-immigrant party. the cofounder of rice hadley gaetz consulting firm, business partners with condoleezza rice, former secretary of state. that is your organization, that is what you do, foreign-policy. i say europe is completely split, trending right as an anti-immigrant party in various countries continue, europe is almost lost. you are going to tell me i'm going too far. >> absolutely right that the world is in a defensive crouch. after decades of increasing globalization where borders got more open and people move across them. now people are retrenching. there have been a lot of losers from that and they are fighting back, you see it in europe, you
9:56 am
see it in china, having to lay off 5 to 6 million steelworkers, trump has struck accord by essentially blaming china. stuart: europe for a second, that is where the action is. there is going to be a change in politics in europe. all these countries that left of center leadership is being swept away. >> difficult, i am german by heritage, i met a lot of these migrants, i believe we have a debt to society and she was ethically doing the right thing but difficult for the german people. stuart: germany would never be the same again ever. >> germany will eventually absorb these migrants but it is difficult in the short run.
9:57 am
stuart: complete political turnaround in germany because of the migrants. >> i have faith in the german people that it is a democracy and a democracy since after world war ii, you are going to see some difficult elections but i don't think the new center-right party that is rising will actually come to power. stuart: you don't think so? in france, the next president of france? >> she will not be the next president. stuart: the brits will not leave europe. >> harder to predict but i hope not. stuart: i hope they leave. stuart: the issue is not economics but sovereignty. englishmen should rule themselves and not be ruled by bureaucrats in brussels. that is a personal point of view. >> many friends who agree with me. stuart: that was the last word.
9:58 am
the top gop attempt at unity meeting, look at that crowd of reporters. everybody is on this one. we are on it, taking you right there, second hour, "varney and company," two minutes away. it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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10:00 am
stuart: new this hour we are waiting for news from the gop unity summit, donald trump and paul ryan, who has the upper hand and who will emerge in an hour and a half to say what? that man, a comedian who says what he wants and doesn't care who gets offended. he predicts trump will win, a trump victory, people are tired of being told they can't say things. we love that guy. as trump rallies more support in washington and hollywood that is where he is headed.
10:01 am
hollywood, going to a fundraiser, trump in hillary country. here is a story, a ghost ship washes ashore in liberia, west africa badly damaged, burned to the core, nobody, absolutely nobody on board. >> the mystery is upon us. stuart: check those markets. and the dow industrials, we have we are up $0.06, that is what the problem is, amazon, lifetime high, $721 a share. packed are to 7:15. it is very close. apple ago on the other hand down -- a point further, now at 90.
10:02 am
liz: wall street thought that was the floor. stuart: is that the floor? watching that one. lower sales, lower profits at kohl's another example of the retail ice age. ashley: profit down, there is definitely a change in consumer mentality. the traditional department stores, even macy's which is in a better place is feeling the effect of online sales. we know the death of the american mall sitting empty across the country, the whole landscape has changed. stuart: all the big department stores. liz: it is beyond macy's, the product mixed, by t.j. maxx and marshall's, when you see a wall street shop saying amazon displaced macy's, and they sit up and take notice. stuart: and economic indicator. to the story of the day the meeting between trump and paul
10:03 am
ryan, party unity. trump supported jeff dewitt from our last hour. >> donald trump wins either way, if he doesn't get the unity we will know he is running against the establishment which paul ryan is part of, paul ryan needs this to go really well. he is overplaying his hand. stuart: paul ryan holds the weaker hand and trump has the upper hand. a trump supporter from arizona runs the trump campaign in arizona. here is fred barnes who says i think you are saying he much the opposite, that it is trump who needs paul ryan's support. is that where you are coming from? >> he needs paul ryan's support, he represent republicans, there are millions of them and they have grave doubts about donald trump as their presidential candidate, they would like to hear things he tells paul ryan
10:04 am
that are going to satisfy paul ryan. trump and paul ryan will come up, cite a bunch of principles they agree on and declare unity. stuart: absolutely. at the end of this meeting paul ryan will not come out and say i endorsed donald trump. they will both say we have an agreement in principle and the principle is let's get out there and beat hillary. that is what they will say 90 minutes from now. >> that is one of the things they will say but don't be surprised if paul ryan does say i endorsed donald trump. why wouldn't he? stuart: it would be a contradiction of what he said in the last week or two. >> here is what i was assured by donald trump. he is for free markets and we are going to fight for that.
10:05 am
and reducing regulations, lowering taxes, for this and that and we agree on those things, therefore i endorsed him. stuart: that would leave paper over the cracks unity among the gop and that would leave democrats absolutely split between bernie and hillary. bernie's campaign manager said hillary is a disastrous campaign. >> it is. look at her. for months it has been said she has a lock on this nomination but she keeps losing primaries. bernie is doing awfully well. i wouldn't exaggerate the split. they are ideologically in agreement. democrats come together pretty well. stuart: ideologically an agreement over socialism? >> hillary doesn't call it that. stuart: very true. let's see. in an hour and a half we expect to hear from paul ryan and
10:06 am
donald trump at the same time. that is if you are right they come out and maybe ryan could endorsed trump. fred barnes, thanks very much indeed. trump kicks off a fundraising effort in los angeles later this month. he is going to hollywood. >> the very heart of the liberal -- it is interesting. he will kickoff an aggressive schedule of fund raising events, dinners if you like, all part of the money he says he has to raise, close to $1 billion, self funded man up to this point. fundraising infrastructure together right now but could be 20 or 30 events plant in southern california alone. stuart: i want a list of names of those who are going to be sitting at dinner and giving him many. ashley: not many for the hollywood hierarchy. liz: a days of hillary clinton's
10:07 am
fundraising with george clooney. ashley: bernie supporters. stuart: you are cruel. >> does it with a british accent. so you love it. stuart: you are terrible. it is a very big story. jeff baeza's owns the washington post. and henchmen at the paper, that is our term. dedicated to digging up dirt on donald trump. the outrage story of the day, none other than tamara holder. upset -- >> this is journalism, journalism. why is it henchmen because people are going after donald trump, so easy, all you have to do is type in on donald trump and you can find all the dirt possible.
10:08 am
my suggestion is they just get interns, they don't need to hire 20 henchmen. just go to, you have to pay interns now, i forgot. donald trump. stuart: monica lewinsky was an intern. >> wise your mind always in the gutter? stuart: just referring to the last decade of the 20th century when hillary rodham clinton was very nasty to the women her husband had abused. >> i wouldn't say he abused willing participants. stuart: he raped juanita broderick. >> that was an allegation. he was never charged. stuart: hillary when she found out about this a couple months later -- >> scared her. stuart: let me demonstrate what she did. >> i don't want you squeezing my hand. stuart: we are so glad for what
10:09 am
you do for bill. juanita broderick said okay. hillary stayed holding her hand, we are so glad for what you do for bill, pointed look. she will pay a political price in this election cycle. she was nasty to people her husband had abused. >> i'm not defending hillary's behavior. it seems a lot of people think i do that. she is married to a man, has a child with that man, you don't know, staying with donald trump, same kind of guy. how many women stay with their husbands? i don't know. he was not charged with a crime, he could have been charged.
10:10 am
bill clinton abused them and hillary abused them. don't laugh at me, this is a serious matter. she is going to be president of the united states. you will be laughing in november. stuart: not so sure about that. not recently. thank you very much. now this. george simmerman, the man who shot and killed trayvon martin putting the gun he used in the shooting up for sale. not sure i like the sound of that. i think it is disgusting. why is he doing it? >> he says it is a piece of american history, the 9 mm pistol going to auction, the pistol used in the 2012 shooting death of trayvon martin. the family not commenting on the decision to auction off, minimum
10:11 am
starting bid $5000. the family is committed to ending senseless gun violence. stuart: he says he will use the money to campaign against hillary and against black lives matter. >> in support of law enforcement instead. stuart: i think that is disgraceful. don't do this, disgusting. next case. space x spacecraft called the dragon splashing down in the pacific loaded with two tons of nasa equipment. the spacecraft is bringing all that stuff down and back from the international space station. government regulations at $85,000 for the cost of new homes killing buyers, especially low end houses, cheaper houses, killing buyers, we got a guest on that. next, the mystery in africa, that ship washed up on shore, nobody on board. i don't think we can solve the mystery but we can tell you
10:12 am
about it after this.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
stuart: let me take you through this. this is from minnesota. the fisherman you see caught a fish and down comes an eagle. the line is running out. the eagle, look at that. ashley: let someone else do the work. that is a smart eagle. stuart: that is my kind of bird, that is america. check the big board, up 44 points on the dow industrials, 17-7, got to look at this, this is apple, the worst performing stock on the tao. this calendar year. ashley: iphone sales have fallen off for the first time but hearing from suppliers that
10:16 am
provide chips and what have you that go inside these are getting fuel orders for the second half of this year, what that tells you is this continued slowing we can see in the second half of this year for apple. stuart: earlier it touched $90 a share and that was the level that must not break below. liz: they thought that was the floor since last year. they lost the equivalent, apple, more than the gdp in ireland. i won't give you the math. stuart: as you know, there is a big meeting going on in washington between paul ryan and donald trump, the candidate, this is an attempt at unity, trying to figure out what is going on in that meeting and we have a tweet from rights priebus who is in that meeting and tweeted does it this out. the meeting was great, it was a very positive step towards party
10:17 am
unity. connor blend, not sure how far we want to run with this. is he going to say no? a total breakdown? tweeting out a great meeting, a great meeting, we are expecting something out of this. this is the republican stuff. they are going to come out and meet the press after the meeting, we are thinking it will be around 11:30, ryan and/or donald trump. we will see what they have to say after that meeting. >> trump is a make america great again, paul ryan says restore prosperity through growth, those two match. anyone fred barnes was on the show from the weekly standard, would not be surprising to him if paul ryan came out and said yes, i endorsed donald trump, agree on principle to get together. that would be news, that would be progress and would enhance
10:18 am
what rights priebus has said about the meeting that is still going on. moving on. until 11:30, a major study from pew says, make this short, america's middle-class is shrinking in every part of the country, doesn't matter which state or municipality, shrinking everywhere. which candidate has the best plan to bring the middle-class back? kings college business and finance chair is here with us. very simple question. pew says the middle class is shrinking all over the place. which candidate, who brings back the middle-class? >> first you have to understand what the pew data is actually showing. the middle-class is shrinking, the middle-class strings from 1971 to 2015 x 11 percentage points. where does that go? it goes to the upper tier, not the lower tier. it is important to understand. pew measures middle income based
10:19 am
on average income. the middle-class can only grow if the upper tier shrink for the lower tier shrinks. do you see that? that is different than saying there is a standard of living. we have to understand these because from a policy perspective that matters. if the goal is to grow the middle-class and you measure the middle-class based on this average then you are going to be thinking about things like redistribution. you have to take wealth from the upper tier and move it to the middle tier and grow the middle-class. if you are thinking about middle-class as a standard of living there has to be a bottom. everybody can move over the standard. it is not about redistributing but growing over the standard of living. stuart: the real question, which candidate gives us the best rate of economic growth? >> it is growth. if you look at candidates,
10:20 am
sanders or clinton, and tax the rich and move resources to the lower-class. trump is talking more about a growing economy and projections are optimistic what he can achieve a talking about growth. there are different approaches to the program. and peppers. and growth in the economy. >> historically was jobs, and new business formation. what is the problem we had in this country for the last 30 years. and we start to fix this problem. stuart: professor brentberg, tenure? >> close enough. stuart: close enough for government work. and wait a second.
10:21 am
as i understand it on the left-hand side of your screen you are looking at a bunch of limos waiting to take mister trump and mister ryan away from the meeting. i am told the meeting is officially over, emerging from are in c, and the vast array of cameras and media people who are waiting. that is the media scrum. they are waiting for mister ryan and mister trump to come out and say something. we are told the meeting is over. as you heard moment ago from reince priebus, he tweeted out the exact meeting the meeting went well. very, very positive. ashley: a positive step toward party unity. stuart: that is what reince priebus says. the meeting is over and we are waiting for them to emerge from the meeting and they will emerge
10:22 am
momentarily and you will hear exactly what they said. the dow industrial average not doing much at all, we are up four, five points, 177 to be precise. we are tracking the price of oil as oil is down. when oil was up stocks were up, now oil is down and started ended their game. the restaurant chain jack-in-the-box, profits helped by a mexican chain, jack-in-the-box stock is up 14% held by the mexican chain. then there is nbc. they hold exclusive broadcast rights to the olympics in brazil. here is what they probably won't show you much of in brazil where they cover the olympics. poverty, homelessness, disease ridden water, a lot of crime and the president of brazil has been
10:23 am
impeached, she has 180 days to defend herself. the olympic starts in the middle of that -- it is not a trial. it is an event. kind of chaos there. we talk about politics all the time. you are into sports as well. you got a blog on sports. >> i have the only sports show on the fox sports platform. it is not a blog. thank you. stuart: i want to know how nbc is going to cover these olympics. in the past they have not shown you much about the chaotic scene before the event. they glossed over social problems where these events have been held. they can't do that now. it is tough to do in rio. it is in chaos. >> especially when they are sitting in the stands may be empty because people are worried about getting zika, worried about getting knifed, all of
10:24 am
these different issues. not just one thing like a terrorist event that happened outside in the crowd that wasn't expected. these are issues we are talking about well before the olympics that the whole world knows about and keep in mind the olympics is not a cheap event. it is very expensive. this is an investment for families. families want to go to disneyland where they know their kids are safe, they don't want to go to rio and possibly get killed or contract zika. stuart: my criticism of nbc absolutely coverage in the past is that they focus on who has struggled getting where they are. a 5-minute piece, and -- there is nothing wrong with it except it dominates coverage. everyday ordinary athletes who try to be their best, olympic standards, not struggling to get
10:25 am
-- they are just americans who try hard. where is the coverage of them? >> i think there is a lot of coverage of them. one of the most famous ones was michael phelps, the incredible swimmer, built like a dolphin, each 20,000 cal a day. he was an incredible story and he fought through addiction and is sober and married with a kid. he is a regular guy. stuart: the other pics, this year's olympics? i don't know. breaking news, this concerns the trump ryan meeting, this is from fox news's john roberts. >> citing a source inside the meeting to reemphasize what reince priebus said, very positive, good steps, ryan outlined his agenda to trump, trump explained what was important to him, the person inside would not characterize whether ryan was there yet on
10:26 am
trump, leave that to ryan. behind trump the two were described as getting along, quote, very well indeed. stuart: we can say the meeting was cordial. it went places. whether or not ryan will say i endorsed donald trump is another story. ashley: we will see if there is substance to this. >> donald trump doesn't even drink, they can't sit down and have a beer. a boring meeting. ashley: stuart: the dow industrials up 14 points, 177 is where we are. get ready for down 19,000. that is what it says on the prompter. who says that? david dietz says that. 19,000 on the tao. he is up momentarily. then there is this. a new federal probe, this time
10:27 am
investigating hollywood and why there is a lack of female directors in hollywood. you are not part of this discussion. more varney in a moment. ....
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: you are looking outside of the unit team meeting. we expect paul ryan to address reporters in the next hour. the meeting will be over. maybe speaker ryan is trying to figure out exactly what he will say. the meeting has gone very well. look who is here. political editor. you do not think that ryan has to come out and say things about the unity at all. >> it is the most establishment
10:31 am
line that you can pick. even if you disagree with human principles. too bad, get in line. i am glad to be standing on principle. >> you say he should stay on principle. >> unless he thinks donald trump will pursue an agenda. not he, but a lot of conservatives. going back and forth. things that he said within the last six months. trump has one the vote. he has isolated the end i think that it is up to him at this point. stuart: you think that it is up to trump to go the extra yard as opposed to paul ryan.
10:32 am
>> you do not think that trump is the conservative. >> describing the tone. no bs. very helpful. stuart: no bs. that means that it was frank. >> we can speculate. stuart: stay there. we will talk to you in a minute. the industrial average is down two points. i call it dead flat. it is that 17,000. david dietz is here. he is a market watcher. he is saying that dowd jones averages going to 19,000. make your case and give me a time frame. >> i think that we can get there by the end of this year. trish: six months away. >> the s&p 500 did stocks are
10:33 am
rarely off to a better income than bonds themselves. markets euphoria. between skepticism and optimism. that is the issue. corporate earnings are critical. that has been low energy prices. that has been a strong dollar. the dow is going down. that should make the second half of the year better. stuart: david dietz made 12, 2016. [laughter] we all make that's when we put our money in the stock market. there is that. let's go. the resale eyes age. here is part of it. holes. department store chain.
10:34 am
>> nine and a 3%. department store chains going down, down, down. david. the end of the year. would you buy any of these retail stocks? >> i think that you need to be cautious there. enough with the exclusive plan. our spending. wage growth is up. gas prices are down. they are going to amazon. t.j. maxx. h&m. i think that they will have to change their tune a little bit if they still want to be competitive. stuart: no, you are not buying any of these. >> i think there is more downside to go. 19,000. [laughter] stuart: still here. you are a millennial.
10:35 am
>> they tend to shop online a lot. you look at it, millennial's are saving or than other generations. there was a study last year. >> wait a minute. wait a minute, saving more than any other generation. you are telling me that they save more than anybody else. on top of that, there is a study that says 75% of the lineal spend money on experiences. i like spending my money on travel. i do a fair share of shopping. stuart: you confuse me this morning. a look at apple. $90 per share. that is a big deal, ladies and gentlemen. >> 14% this year alone.
10:36 am
>> remember talking about them. the first $1 million -- stuart: that is right. >> it is a one trick pony. that is absolutely right. this i said then. it better be good in order to get the interest back. >> moving away from stocks for a second. federal government investigating sexism against female directors in hollywood. >> investigating along with another federal unit. they claim that there are dozen of female directors coming forward. stories of sexism. here is what the deal is. hollywood studios could be under pressure. here is why.
10:37 am
discrimination against women. that is the exact language. workers at walmart saying sexism against men. other cases brought against companies. it is pretty systemic. that means lawsuit. >> you are a woman. someone saying that. it is a statistical argument though within the overall industry. a system. that is the difference. >> still with us. surprising me again. >> i am tired of them lecturing us on everything. >> we like it. how about this one. a waitress. she posted this photo on facebook. she said she was forced to wear high heels.
10:38 am
dear lord. what is this? >> a big issue. why should women be forced to wear heels? waitress at a restaurant in canada. this is what it looked like. she had a friend who lost a toenail. the restaurant it self has a rule that said the female staff has to wear shoes with at least a 1 inch heel. stuart: where are you on this one? >> i think that everyone and has been there at some point. if you don't like your job, quit. take responsibility for the work environment. >> i am not sure whether i intend to go down. next one. the federal government taking in record taxes. >> $1.9 trillion. spending three to -- 3 trillion.
10:39 am
here is the deal that needs to be reported. the top 20% pay 80%. this goes towards 60%. these stories never reflect to that there is a lot of money going out of the government to benefit from grams. the president bought this recovery with $10 trillion of taxpayer money. 80% of it. >> a want more out of that top 20%. >> the top 20%, they will leave this country just like a lot of them. >> the top 20% will not leave. >> certainly if you give them every incentive to do everything possible. that cannot be good for the little guy looking for a job. >> you will not do much good for the economy.
10:40 am
stuart: do not argue. [laughter] tylenol. a take on headache. got it. and unexpected and very bizarre side effects. you may even notice that your cell. we will tell you what it is in just a moment. democrats are just as quick. the sanders team says that it will be a disaster if hillary clinton is the nominee. it is a great more on it next. ♪ and every one of us. microsoft created the digital crimes unit to fight cyber-crime. we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer.
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10:42 am
♪ stuart: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is a look at what you missed last hour. judge napolitano. their reporters saw copies of communications between the at the and mrs. clinton. moving to dismiss that allocation. a law enforcement proceeding. now you have the justice department calling a law enforcement proceeding. all they investigate our violations of criminal laws. it is pretty obvious what they are doing. mrs. clinton is trying to portray it to be something that it is not. ♪
10:43 am
10:44 am
>> she would simply not be able to walk. i knew it would be the death nail in her campaign. all ohio, west virginia and throughout the country. we still get a lot of our energy
10:45 am
from coal. stuart: going to donald trump. explain that. >> voting for donald trump. just look at this. it is really a remarkable record. that swath of red shows how those in those communities rely on the coal industry fair and square. pitching their vote for donald trump. >> all across the board. >> you know, hillary clinton making her comments, they are out. >> i do not know my jogger fee. bernie sanders campaign clearly goes right after hillary clinton. here is the quote from bernie sanders campaign manager.
10:46 am
they must decide if they want the candidate with the momentum best position to be trump or if they are willing to roll the dice. disaster to protect the status quo. come on in, former democrat from indiana. senator, all the talks about the split among the republicans. your party is just as split. serve. >> there are divisions. secretary clinton. what bernie is doing now. underlying the ultimate section of this cause. i am hoping he can keep it positive. there is a division.
10:47 am
it is not a good situation for hillary clinton to go to the convention and election with a party and opposition which really is having a very hard time getting behind her. do you think that she is a good candidate? eight years ago when she and barack obama were running against each other. a lot of her supporters said they would never support barack obama and he became president of the united states. playing a constructive role. i think she came out a few weeks ago and said i may not be the natural politician that some people are. she works very hard. she cares about middle-class economic issues.
10:48 am
maybe you folks were someone else. a workforce that will actually get in there every day make a difference for you and your family, she is for the candidate. i think that the party has left you behind. what are you saying? i believe in keeping taxes as low as we can. i would believe in regulatory problems. a good paying job. i wish we could put a lot of this behind us and focus on growing the economy. i plead guilty to that. stuart: that is a good thing to plead guilty to. former senator, indiana democrat, thank you for joining us, sir. appreciate it. new report. it says tylenol use may reduce
10:49 am
empathy. >> yes. it is interesting. a lot of people take tylenol. as acetaminophen, americans taken every week. they did a couple of experiments to see what impact it does to the brain. people who took tylenol, say you took two tylenol tablets, you have less empathy for somebody else's pain. what if you did not have any empathy. >> i do not believe that it is less. >> i believe it. only 80 students. stuart: got to go. interesting, though. paul ryan will address supporters right there. the 10 that unity meeting with donald trump. we will take you there.
10:50 am
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10:54 am
stuart: donald trump clarifying his temporary ban on muslim immigration. lifting the ban as soon as possible. you have to deal with it first. rudy giuliani. a counterterrorism adviser. here is -- >> it is great to be here with you. my interpretation is this. i am posed the ban on muslim immigration. i have an expert to figure out what to do. we lift the ban will be decide who comes in and who does not. are you okay with that? >> i do not mind the ban. not only doesn't work because it has proven that there are also non-muslim. recently indicted by the treasury department.
10:55 am
>> i want to back up a little bit. he would impose the muslim band. lift the ban and let come in and some not in. are you okay with that? all islam is our muslim. you fought many wars. without banning all refugees. you have to understand that a winning war was a strategy. our best allies are muslims that are performers. like the mayor of london. so many other exceptions. are they going to have exceptions? you have to look back. it is a ban against all immigrants. against islamist and against
10:56 am
jihad. there certainly is a threat within those refugees. we have to be accurate. stuart: qualifying. >> absolutely. stuart: the radicals? >> the islam is. the lobby in america. not only isis, but the brotherhood. we should not care about that. they will begin to be more accurate. remember, most of those are not refugees. they are homegrown belgians. frenchamericans who went to syria and came back. stuart: zhudi, it is a pleasure to see you here. >> any time. ashley: there you have it.
10:57 am
wrapping up their unity meeting. ryan said that it was productive. we will hear more from him in the next hour. ♪
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: it is, as of right now, 11:00 o'clock on the east coast. 8:00 o'clock in california. good morning, california. following the big party unity meeting with donald trump. trump may also speak. we will take you there, pronto. monica crowley along with ashley and elizabeth. all right, monica. >> yeah. [laughter] stuart: is unity that important to donald trump. >> he got the republican nomination. a very tight inter- circle.
11:01 am
this is all donald trump. going forward, key will need the party for her report. he needs paul ryan. mitch mcconnell. at least in terms of institutional support. he goes over the heads of everybody. including the gop establishment. directly to the american people. >> playing right into it. he ran on that. they cannot seem to get together. >> trump holds strongest hand. >> he is leaving the populist revolts. >> they could link up. make america great again. prosperity for growth.
11:02 am
they could link together that way. stuart: to expect paul ryan to come out and say, i endorsed donald trump. >> they are dealmakers. stuart: i think that they will pay for any cracks that there may be. >> sort of getting to know you. >> we want to win. stuart: that will be unity. unity of message. there is a bloodbath going on there. >> what you are looking at is the exact point where we met the garage. [laughter] exclusive. all right. we will take you there when it happens. believe me. it is important. we will take you there.
11:03 am
down on the big board did that would be an 18-point loss. a look at apple. worst dow performer this calendar year. down two and a half percent. will it drop below 90? there are a close. ashley: it is a good bike, too. if you buy it at $90 a share, it yields. that is not bad. $200 billion in cash. ashley: getting awfully close. stuart: how about -- retail ice age. kohls is a department store. way down today. earlier it.
11:04 am
721. backed up to break even at seven team. how about facebook. not too bad for an all time high. we have a development here. facebook steering people away from conservative news. >> that is right. political bias. overseeing it. he and his wife have given money to the hillary clinton campaign. 5400. facebook workers have favored in terms of giving money. the issue is, you know, they are getting their brand reputation hit. curators, also known as editors oversee college grads that are journalists. picking the stories in the
11:05 am
trending box. clinton campaign. he and his wife. i would just like to know these things. i am not trying to have a conspiracy. what is wrong with that? >> it is about transparency. stuart: now this. the washington post. it is owned by the guy on the right. he has formed a 20 man team to dig up dirt. monica, why would a man worth $61 billion support a candidate that says tax the rich for more? i think it is with hillary
11:06 am
clinton and the democrats. the washington post. the ideological work that he wants done for this campaign. i alsothink that there is something interesting. there are a lot of billionaires who do not like donald trump, but are raging with jealousy that this guy is pulling it off. i think we start with michael bloomberg. i think it is driving a number of viewers crazy that he is actually doing this. stuart: jeff would not be hurt by hillary clinton's tax the rich policies. she taxes income. he has wealth. >> a lot of very rushing liberals.
11:07 am
it does not really hurt me. stuart: hold on a second. we have a statement coming out of this meeting from both paul ryan and donald trump. ashley: they cannot afford another obama white house which is what hillary clinton represents. they met. we are honest about a few differences. also many important areas of common ground. we will be having additional discussions. a great opportunity to unify our party. totally committed to working together to achieve. >> seven years of 02 flat lining gdp growth. running for a third obama term. disaster is for the growth in the u.s. economy. >> a very positive step towards unification. we are not there gets, but we are on the right track.
11:08 am
stuart: principally on the idea of fighting hillary clinton. that is the unit seemed. no surprise there. he also says that there are a few differences. >> a few differences. we do not know how big. >> a lot of differences. >> okay. >> this is politics. yes, we're talking ideology. i think they have battleground states. hillary and donald trump running even. in some cases, donald trump even beating her. you will see this happen dam fast. stuart: she is feisty this morning. >> extremely proud of the fact that many new voters have entered the primary system.
11:09 am
>> those are the appellation of voters. are you better off four years ago today than you were four years ago? are you better off today than you were 17 years ago? that is where household income is trending. >> we spent much of this day talking about the disunity of republicans. what about the other side of the coin? surely we can say that they are split. who is that coming out? they are all waving. okay. arlen c communications guy, i believe. it looks like a government vehicle. it probably is not. we will see people come out. back to the democrats for a second. the bernie sanders campaign manager. talking about the democrats party.
11:10 am
do not go with hillary clinton. it would be a disaster. go with bernie. he has the momentum. he is the guy to go with. you are a democrat kind of guy. you are not supporting hillary. you are not supporting bernie sanders. this is an open split. the campaign manager describing the candidate as a disaster. >> i think that it is true. i think that it is true. it is true that it would be a disaster. if hillary is nominated, i think it is a disaster, not just for the democratic party, but for the nation. she is having the tone that is in contests. stuart: she has to have the
11:11 am
blood of an american ambassador on her hands. the head of national security. i think she may be giving ted cruz a run for his money. stuart: as a democrat. >> loser of the flash -- [laughter] stuart: can this split among democrats be papered over in the way that republicans appear to be papering over this? >> i saw something very interesting recently. only 20% of democrats are excited to go out and vote for her. only 60% were enthusiastic. this is a bit problem for her. she is missing enthusiasm. not just from millennial voters, but voters across the spectrum. stuart: that lack of enthusiasm. she is a candidate.
11:12 am
highly likely to be the candidate. >> this is another interesting stat. over 45% of them said that they would not vote for hillary clinton. they would either support trump or stay home. she cannot win without those voters in the general election. >> i look out polling. i see trump trending ahead or even with her. if she cannot perform well in those states, it will be a blowout in the electoral college. >> i want to bring our viewers up to date with what they are looking at. the arlen c headquarters. inside those headquarters, there has been a meeting with donald trump and paul ryan. various things are being tweeted out. a joint statement saying that they have achieved unity in
11:13 am
fighting hillary clinton. ashley: we were honest about the differences. we recognize there are also important areas of common ground. >> they seem unappeasable. the gop has to fear nomination in the house and senate with a trump campaign. thirty-four of which fear a trump campaign. the on favorability rating among hispanics, women and lacks. >> that is part of what this meeting was all about. to liz's point, scheduled with the freedom caucus. donald trumbull be speaking. he will talk to them about issues. ideology. he will get them back. >> boone pickens coming out in favor. >> paypal.
11:14 am
early investors. on the board with facebook, of all places. supporting donald trump. >> and other big-name. big donors. >> the biggest donor of all. >> he actually puts his money where his mouth is. >> down at 8976. >> apple is a dow stock. taken the dow down. now we are down almost 50 points. what we are doing, we are covering politics. the big meeting in washington. we're waiting for paul ryan or donald trump to come out and address the cameras that you see on the right hand of the screen. that brings you up to date on money. the principal money story at the moment is apple. >> you are right.
11:15 am
cash and equivalents on the books. that means steady dividends. above two and a half percent. i want to get back to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. look. the tie between trump and hillary clinton. that is why you have to move towards me. stuart: remember, everybody, $89 a share. apple 89 yield just almost 3% did 3% in dividend yield. someone would say that that is a nice handsome yields. it does not stop the company from dropping below 90. key levels. >> second half of the year not looking good for chip deliveries into the iphone. >> bob massey.
11:16 am
he is fired up about politics. he is a real estate guide. >> your story says, these candidates are not addressing the economy. the middle-class. the economic growth. you do not like it. >> first of all, it is good to see you again, mr. varney. i watch you every day. thank you for having me. they are not addressing some of the problems we are dealing with. i talked about this. as it relates to lenders. closing on properties. people still living in homes that have never been able to modify a home. nobody is talking about how they will fix that. if they do or when they become president of the united states. >> tremont. they will not get down into the
11:17 am
foreclosures and that sort of thing. if anything, they will address the issue of growth. that is my opinion. donald trump stands for economic growth. hillary clinton stands for further redistribution. that is as far as they will go. >> here is the deal, though. the growth on the economy in relation to real estate depends on what they will do with existing homes that are stock. you have that issue that you are faced with. the two candidates to be, trump has the ability to understand real estate and growth and things of that nature. i personally think, when i talk to people and i do the seminars and workshops throughout the country, why aren't they doing anything in talking about getting out of this jam.
11:18 am
i think that it is a relative issue. i think that it is getting into the day-to-day problems that people are still facing. i am telling you, it is not as it appears. stuart: i think that you are right. i think that that accounts for the rise of donald trump. not given a voice. donald trump says, i am their voice. that is why he is popular. >> donald trump is now moving towards the senate. meeting with mitch mcconnell. >> okay. bring me up to speed here. it looks like they are papering over differences. i am not sure how far they are going with this. now trump meets with senators. >> air moving right now. stuart: the presses waiting? i think that trump has left the building. now he moves on to meet the
11:19 am
senators. >> all sides need each other. senator mcconnell. speaker ryan. they understand that there is a huge wrasse roots. among the conservatives and republican base is. they want to be with donald trump. it will be the republican nominee. in terms of policy. getting things through. like tax or a foreign. he will need paul ryan in the house. >> one big thing that the republican party has that donald trump wants his money. >> it is the data analytics.
11:20 am
donald trump will need all of these institutional things coming from the republican party. >> i have this from the washington post. trump friendly. [laughter] they are totally committed to working together. stronger statement of unity. stronger than ryan and trump. would you go about far? there is a lot of commonality. there is a lot of commonality. you announced on this program you are going to support donald trump in the election.
11:21 am
do you have any left? stuart: jew or business is -- >> clinical. stuart: you of lost 70% of your business? >> i get hundreds of e-mails a week. different moderate. they support trump. how a lot of them. conventional wisdom is there are not a lot of democrats who will switch sides and go to support donald trump. he was a viable candidate. he wanted a blowout, essentially. stuart: any last words?
11:22 am
>> i think that that is absolutely right on this. very worried because donald trump has limited potential for a crossover appeal. i can't tell you how many lifelong democrats, union guys, cabdrivers all look at me and say i voted that my whole life. i am voting donald trump. he may be a billionaire, but he talks like a guy from queens. he talks like one of us. >> only 42% of union membership is local. only 42. >> liberal. >> leaving a message for harry reid putting out a statement here it this is interesting. senator mcconnell is so enthusiastically embracing. you can only assume that the republicans leader is not where pulled by trump's behavior towards women.
11:23 am
>> if the candidate will be hillary clinton, they ought not to go down that road. stuart: five people sitting around the set right here. a trump to ask. yard sign or a trump bumper sticker? >> no, i have not. >> yes, i have. i saw a guy. a young man. making america great hat. i think you are starting to see that. >> a bunch of hats. i saw a bumper sticker on a car on the upper east side yesterday. >> i have seen to yard signs. i saw that two weeks ago. i am not seeing a bumper sticker
11:24 am
yet. i have seen probably 100 bernie sanders. you will not get your car keyed. you got one for trump. you have a problem. the haters are out there. do be aware of what is on the bottom of your screen. lots of news, financially. look at that. the stock is well above. >> i wanted to mention apple. it dropped below 90. it is right now coming back. stuart: it does not recover much above 90. the so program has come back again. you drop below.
11:25 am
all of those algorithms. what else do we have? down. starting up the day up. the stock market went up. oil is down. the dow jones industrials. drug down by oil and apple. we have news on facebook. facebook very close to an all-time high. a company of that size. it is a major move. news also about the guy that runs the trending section. a lot to say about taking what stories go into trending files. >> accused of conservative trending stories. to the point where the senate now wants to do an inquiry. an inquiry into facebook.
11:26 am
stuart: lisa is with us. hiding away in some other location. we know she is there. the reporters waiting for mr. ryan to come out. who do you think holds the upper hand in this unity meeting? is it speaker ryan? >> i think that they both need each other. it is usually beneficial for them to get along. i tell you why, stuart. what the republican party needs is donald trump to do well on the ticket here and they are defending 24 senate seats. they need donald trump to do well at the top of the ticket. donald trump needs the republican party. he needs her help with fundraising. data and analytics.
11:27 am
he also does not want members of congress running for reelection to be actively working against him in key congressional districts. they say that would trump at the top of the ticket, that is a real problem with republicans running for reelection in the senate or the house. this down ballot stock that you talk about. democrats say that trump is bad for down ballot races. do you agree with that? >> no, i don't. you look at the latest polls. the democratic party. you look at ohio. donald trump up in that state he had he leads on the issue of the economy. the number one issue facing america.
11:28 am
the research put out some information about the shrinking of the middle class. the fact that you look up four fifths the metro areas across the country. these wages decline. guess who is tapping into that frustration of disaffected voters, disaffected americans who feel like they're being left behind by this country. hillary clinton will have a really tough time. especially when she made comments about putting coal miners out of work. stuart: we will at least get a statement of unity. we've got that already. trump and ryan have put out a joint statement. few differences between them. they agree in principle. you have to beat hillary clinton. there is unity around that. they cannot come out, daggers drawn and say we hate each other. goodbye paul ryan. goodbye trump. this is politics.
11:29 am
stuart: they really do need each other. there is no lying. in a sense that there are key ideological differences between speaker ryan and donald trump. there is no way they will come to terms with those differences. what they do need to do is find a couple different principles that they can agree upon. also, be united in the fact that they do not want to see hillary clinton repeat the third term of the failed economic all is he that left so many americans behind. especially the middle class. stuart: i am going to break the format completely. the legal guide. the judge. lawyer. that is a sorry laugh. i am telling you now, we first worked with the judge back in the day. five years ago. such a distinctive laugh.
11:30 am
he made it into a ring tone. >> it should be an alarm. several thousand downloads. the judge laughs. quite an introduction. >> thank you. i sometimes walk into restaurants in new york city and here my laugh coming from the far corner of the room. stuart: you like recognition? >> not always. [laughter] i do not mean to bother you. >> has that happened to you? sorry. sorry. >> i think that it is important. i think that they will
11:31 am
ultimately achieve it. not because -- but because of the common enemy. mrs. clinton in the white house is enough to propel opposite to come together. >> you think that she is that bad? she will be worse than a term of barack obama. bill clinton will be roaming the halls. >> bill clinton ran the country for eight years in the 1990s. an unprecedented cane of the economy. >> boom. stuart: a hillary presidency will be a disaster for the economy and the united states of america. >> should borrow as much as barack obama did.
11:32 am
it is the london school of economics. you are in admission. we know a lot of these people. i spent a lot of time with paul ryan. here comes paul ryan. here we go. take him. >> good morning. right now, more americans die every year from drug overdoses than they do car accidents. we have more of our fellow citizens dying every year then they die in car accidents. for those of you that were at a press conference yesterday, authors of these two initiatives. also told we are acting on 10 10 bills to deal with this.
11:33 am
>> paul ryan to take a statement about the unity meeting. they are starting it by talking about opioid addiction. he did this yesterday or the day before in a similar meeting with a similar announcement. i got that. that is what you are listening to now. pretty soon mr. ryan will have to break away to unity. here we go. >> they are on the path of dependency and addictions. they deal with these dangerous. this is the saddest story of them all. that actually happens every 25 minutes in this country. these babies struggle to even breathe. yesterday we passed a bill. helping to protect and make sure that they get a healthy start. the next up here is we will take
11:34 am
all of these bills and go to an opportunity with the senate. i hope that each and every one of you will be back here when we signed this bill. this is something that we had to get on top of. i am very proud of republicans and democrats for addressing this situation. this really is about people's lives. i believe we are doing this. >> thank you. >> i've been reading what mr. trump put out a few minutes you just want to beat hillary clinton. >> that is true. we want to detail or clinton. >> you are having trouble passing the budget year in the house. but makes think you'll get on board what do you donald trump is in policy. >> we had a very encouraging year.
11:35 am
it's no secret donald trump and i have had differences. we talk about those differences today. the question is what is it that we need to do and all strains -- we had a very good and encouraging conversation. it was important that we discuss and also important that we discuss the whole principle with the separation of powers. it goes way beyond how important it is to restore our constitution. we talk about how strong they deal with this core principle. i do believe that we will get ourselves unified with the
11:36 am
differences. premier we will go deeper into policy areas and how we can make sure -- i was very encouraged with this meeting. it takes a little time. so that is why we have a very good start to how we unified. >> you don't think it's an issue -- >> so i read that statement as well and i'm a little confused. are you endorsing donald trump? if not, do you really have a choice? you've ruled out endorsing her. >> unify the republican party wishes finish her primary week ago, one of the most divisive primaries take some time. there are people for donald child, ted cruz, john kasich from john kasich, mark or rubio at everybody else.
11:37 am
it's very important that we don't pretend unification that which really have to unify the full strength. i do want to have the taken a vacation process here. i want to make sure we truly understand each other and are committed to principles that make the republican party that built this country. again, and i heard a lot of things a lot of things from our presumptive nominee. and we have a difference of opinion on a number of things that everyone knows they have. there are policies. there's no two ways about it. plenty of republicans on core principles, those are the kinds of things we discussed. >> do expect an endorsement? >> i think this is a positive direction. again, in 45 minutes common with medicaid all --
11:38 am
[inaudible] >> you offer any assurances? >> i think it's important the conversation we had between the two of us. no offense but i do want a litigator conversation to the media because when you are beginning to get to know somebody you have a conversation and trust. the things we discussed between the two of us are very important in their personal assumptions. that means we talk about what it takes the unified where differences were and how we can bridge these gaps going forward. >> did mr. trump reiterated mr. trump reiterates his desires to u.s. chairman of the convention in cleveland? >> and the speaker of the house bid i'm happy to serve in this capacity at the chair of our convention of our presumptive nominee wants me to do so.
11:39 am
the delegates make the decision but i would honor the decision of our presumptive nominee and he did express an interest. >> to what extent do you think he is committed reducing as you are the government in what he think of his personality? >> i thought he had a very good personality. he's a very warm and gender children personality. i met him for 30 seconds in 2012. we really don't know each other. i actually had a very pleasant exchange with him. is point number one. point number two, very things we really believe in us conservatives. we believe in limited government. we believe in the constitution. we believe in the proper role of the differences of separation of powers. we believe in things like life. not everyone is pro-choice in our party and we accept all covenanters, but where a majority pro-life party and these are important to us. we had a good exchange of views
11:40 am
on these issues. if having a conversation with the senate right now. our leaders met and everybody expressed opinions and exchanged ideas and so the point of this as they are off to an encouraging start. it's important to get ourselves to full strength to win in the fall because the stakes could not be higher. it takes more than 45 minutes, mark. >> we discussed those issues that are a detail. >> you define modern conservative along the lines of entitlement reform, pro-trade and immigration on the muslim men and dealing with the issue comprehensively. when you say few problems in a joint statement, are you tapering over this rather sizable difference is in not only how conservatism is defined broadly, but how you have tried to do find it? >> i represent the wing of the conservative party you could say. he's bringing a whole new wing to it. he's bringing new voters we have never had for decades. that's a positive thing.
11:41 am
the point is can we agree on the common core principles that unite all of us? we will have policy disputes. there's no two ways about it. mitt romney and i didn't agree on everything and 2012. i'm not interested in litigating the past. i'm interested in going forward and see where the common ground exists to make sure we can have a unified republican party that there'll be different republicans have different views on various policy ideas. the question is, can we unify and common core principles that make our party -- by the way, and i am very encouraged the answer to the question is yes. [inaudible] >> you just mention the millions of new voters that he is bringing in new people. i was wondering how you actually interpret his success.
11:42 am
is it going to mean a fundamental realignment of the party because of the voters he's bringing in. how do you interpret success? >> it's really unparalleled i think. he has gotten more votes than any republican primary nominee in the history of our country. this isn't even over yet. he hasn't gone to california yet. it's really a remarkable achievement. the question is then this is what we think we can be a party to helping. how do we unify at all? this is a big and growing movement. how do we keep adding and adding voters will not detract in any voters. to me, that means a positive vision-based on core principles, taken as principles and applying to the problems in our country today and offering positive solutions. where they are life, addressing anxieties and show we have a better plan. here is what we agree on. it's effectively a third obama
11:43 am
term and the other thing we all know as most americans do not like where this country is headed. seven out of 10 americans think america is on the wrong track. we agree with that. so the question is can we unify around a common principles to offer the country a compelling and clear choice and agenda going forward so that men and women of this nation get a real and honest choice and get us on a better track and i'm very encouraged we can put that together. one more in the back. >> in her statement last week, donald trump said he was not ready to support your agenda. did he change his mind today? and did he say he is supportive of that? >> we talked about all these issues in our policy teams are
11:44 am
meeting to just walk through details. again, this is a process. we just begin the process. i'm encouraged at the first meeting of the process, to go deep into the policy weeds have a better understanding of one another. thank you very much, everybody. >> that if they appeared we've been waiting all morning. we got it in here is what he had to say. i can summon up the banner at the bottom of the screen. unity takes time. i think that was the basis of what paul ryan had to say. and the donald trump, whether they achieve? ryan says unity takes time. what do you say? >> there've been sharp differences between paul ryan and his can issue of the comedy establishment donald trump. this is the first step in the process. if the polling holds true and what we started to see this week which is trump starting to run evenly with hillary, nationally ahead of her, you will see this
11:45 am
faster than anybody thinks. >> professor napolitano. >> whatever you want to call me. i agree with everything monica just said. there was a lot less emphasis when it came on air. attacks on hillary or use of hillary as a unifying and german and more i'm going to take his pulse come he's going to take my polls. this is a process. we've begun the process. we have a road to go but we see some light at the end of the tunnel. train to republican lisa booth so what does i believe. you were listening along with the rest of us. mr. ryan was asked, will you endorse donald trump right now? didn't give a straight answer. we'll donald trump agreed to change his tone? there's no direct answer to that one. they are discussing the tone.
11:46 am
will he be the chair of the republican convention? trump said yes wants him to be ryan as the chair. what else did you take away from this? i agree with monica and the judge. from what i was saying earlier, it is mutually beneficial for spiegel ryan to be working with donald trump this election cycle. they need each other and not as though we gather from this. they're a deep ideological differences between speaker ryan and donald trump. i don't think we are going endorsement of donald trump if they will hold each other at arms length. there's a recognition from both parties and both individuals that they need each other. we will see them working together. we will ultimately see the republican party come on board with donald trump and if he does well, like what the latest quinnipiac polls, those numbers will increase. stuart: down with a semblance of
11:47 am
unity. it was a statement about we are getting there eventually. what about democrats? does the nightstand now and very sharp contrast? >> absolutely. sanders continues to attack hillary from the far left flank and try and hillary in two fights she doesn't want to get into. for example, the devastating remark she made about coal mining jobs, how want to get rid of them in west virginia was to the far left of center swing, meaning the green part. that is dangerous for hillary clinton. ashley: he did acknowledge that new wing of the gop. the question that has to be resolved is that followed mine with the common core principles of the gop. stuart: congressman brien got congressman brien got been with us, republican from texas. always good to see you, sir.
11:48 am
paul ryan was asked directly, will you now endorsed donald trump? mr. ryan replied far too early for that. we're talking about it, moving closer together. you are a republican from texas. will you now having heard all that said, will you now endorsed donald trump? >> stuart, donald trump was not my first choice, that he is now our only choice. we have a country that's been going around direction for seven and a half years. do we want to hillary clinton presidency? a six to three verdict a never supreme court case that comes up. if we have hillary in there. we have no choice but the letter. ever republican needs to get together, coalescing unite behind our presumptive nominee. and mr. trump has got the same ideas that i have been pushing
11:49 am
since last july when i dropped the refugees resettlement not come accountability act. he knows the dangers to our national security that our refugee program, open borders, it better, we've got to rally behind this candidate. >> that sounds like an endorsement. i am getting behind donald trump. can i say that about you? >> you certainly may. i'm totally at peace. i've been asking the good lord to get direction on this. when i walked out of my office this morning and saw the hordes of protesters that want to stifle free speech of our presumptive nominee, mr. trump come and these the same people who want open borders and colleges, out-of-control bureaucracy. the first and second amendment rights, constitutional right. i'm totally at peace and
11:50 am
unequivocally endorsing donald trump for the presidency of the united states and proud to do so. stuart: thank you, sir. i've got some developments going on. >> is interesting. this is speaker of the house john boehner speaking in las vegas saying two things. anyone who thinks trump cannot win, just watch. he goes on to say if hillary clinton is forced to drop out, the democrats in his opinion will go with joe biden, not bernie sanders and asked about is the e-mail thing a big deal. anytime you have 147 fbi agents on a case, something is going on. >> i've got a feeling farmers eager boehner was listening to monica crowley. he just said what he said 15 minutes ago. >> not 15 minutes ago. matt drudge picked up input at this headline at the democratic ticket is going to be joe biden and elizabeth moran.
11:51 am
a lot of this seems to be coming past. we've seen a lot of joe biden under the last couple days including i would have been the best president did today he's come out and said i would've chosen elizabeth warren is my vice president. what i'm saying is there's a lot of drama to be played out. stuart: powerful lady there, monica crowley. all around the table they've got phones go in and they've been looking out what kind of reaction amongst the establishment media, amongst other news outlets to what we heard from paul ryan. briefly, ryan told us unity takes time. solid discussion, more discussion to come. unity takes time. liz: social media is buzzing about where there could unity. we don't want another four years of obama's policy.
11:52 am
that is where they may. make america great again equals a paul ryan has been talking about, prosperity through economic growth. stuart: anything from the new york times, "washington post," "washington times." have they chimed in yet? but the judges still here. what if you bought? >> here's what i'm getting consistent with what everybody is saying. paul ryan says you don't produce an endorsement in 45 minutes. that's a little dismaying. that tells me she wants some concessions before he'll use those magic words. when he said a week ago i'm not ready to endorse them, we been fixated on paul ryan like we've never been fixated before since he became speaker of the house. stuart: congressman brien had been moments ago gave us a full throated endorsement. my question is do you expect
11:53 am
other republicans in the house to fall in line the way you have moments ago? >> i fully expect my members, whether it happens today or this week or sometime in the near future to unite and coalesce around our presumptive candidate, donald trump. you mentioned a while ago the possibility of a biden candidacy is something happens to hillary. let me remind the listener's innuendo staff and mr. biden when he was a senator was the one who introduced. he and ben senator ted kennedy, the resettlement refugee bill back in 1980 that we are suffering under today and in danger in our health and safety and national security. that was his bill. i would remind people to keep that in mind. stuart: congressman, thank you.
11:54 am
>> congressman biden gives me this thought. if he does that soon enough, it will look like he is following the members of the republican house rather than leading them. congressman biden is correct. more and more house republicans fall in line in the endorsement. the effect and significance of paul ryan and bursting with the diminished. stuart: lisa booth, you're a republican. i'm not going to call you establishment republican are trump republican. you are a republican. are you happy with what paul ryan said about unity? >> well look, i'd like a bit of a full throated endorsement, but i didn't expect that from this meeting. as i mentioned before given some of the divide, difference of opinion, i didn't think we would get there quite yet. to the conversation about a biden war and take it, it's an
11:55 am
seriously hope that doesn't happen because that would be a difficult ticket. as i mentioned before, republicans need each other because donald trump needs to turn up the bass in it does much hope. alternatively, donald trump has brought more people into the republican party. that could also help republicans running for reelection. stuart: let me take 10 seconds to think the republican from texas is born with us all the way through this. thank you very much indeed. we appreciate it. the full throated endorsement of donald trump not necessarily expecting that, but we've got it. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. i predict a victory in november. >> interesting last words. monica. >> pick up on the ultimate democrat ticket. i agree with her. that's a much tougher ticket to beat. for me, part of me wants to see my theory comes past the part of
11:56 am
me doesn't. be careful what you wish for. mrs. clinton is extremely weak. stuart: all the talk was about maybe a brokered republican convention. you think there's a remote possibility a brokered democratic convention? >> think about it this way. he's right. he intends to turn into a real showpiece. the democrats go the next week. >> stuart i will tell you both will make it a brokered one. a strategically timed fbi leak and patriotic fbi agents feel they are being stifled by the political appointees in the justice department prevented from making presentations to a grand jury of evidence of criminality on the part of mrs. clinton. stuart: if there were any fbi
11:57 am
leaks -- i mean, that would be fbi has public role. >> here's what would have been. he was the resignations and then you will hear leaks after the resignation. if they have enough evidence to indict and prosecute a man not permitted to present that to a grand jury because the justice department wants mrs. clinton to be the nominee, they will not take that sitting down. stuart: that they tell everybody there's no impact on the stock market whatsoever. we are a financial program. look for relationships between developments of the day and events on wall street. liz: apple wiping out four years of gains. >> just under 90 bags. >> remember this but in 2014. stuart: by the way, with apple at $89 a share, it's no longer the most valuable company in the world. lots of financial action.
11:58 am
i should also draw your attention to face the period they actually had an all-time record high at one stage. pull back a little. very high level for the stock. we are going to take a break to pay some bills. we will be right back.
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: exciting day. it is yours now. thank you very much. there's a big reason why the dow was up about 73 points and close to half of that is apple's fault. it hit its lowest point in almost two years. down for the second day running and then the subsequent collapse, it has invested by google, alphabet, and the world's most valuable company at least on paper. amazon going the other way. amazon and then out of all-time highs. people are shopping. but when it comes to apple,


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