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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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neil: wow, a judge rules and health care stocks drool. all tanking on a judge saying about that financing for health care? not so fast. trish regan. what have you got? trish: lots stuff. neil, breaking this hour, donald trump wrapping up big meetings on capitol hill and paul ryan and other republican leaders there as well. paul ryan saying essentially it was a good meeting but party unity takes time, and importantly what he did not say. he has not yet said he will back donald trump. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." donald trump speaking out -- paul ryan after meeting with the pumptry republican front-runner. >> i was very encouraged by what i heard with donald trump. i believe we're planting the seeds to get ourselves unified and bridge gaps and difference. we'll go deeper into the policy areas. this is process. it takes a little time.
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you don't put it together in 45 minutes. trish: trump may have won nearly 11 million votes but yet to get the support of the top republican in the land. you heard him. it's a process. it will take time. new poll his favorability among republicans doubled in the two months. maybe he is uniting the party on his own. we'll talk about it. more bloodshed here in iraq as isis suicide bombers kill up to five policemen, killing people in series of attacks. so much for our president's claims we're making all this progress there against isis. retired lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here on this mess the administration is leaving for the next president of the united states. plus hillary clinton buying votes with your dollars. pushing for government to subsidize child care costs. sheryl sandberg weighing in, government must do more to help
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single mothers. a lot of those liberal policies they have actually been a big problem. of economic policies had huge social implications and you could point out that there are big reasons we see so much poverty among single moms in the first place. he will explain it all. head of fbi now acknowledging so-called ferguson effect. alarming spike in violent crime in america have a whole lot to do with our police not taking on crime aggressively because they're fearful they are called racist and video will hit the internet. sheriff david clark is here. he will have a lot to say about this one. let's go back to our top story. donald trump speaking with house speaker paul ryan sitting down first time that he blindsided trump and the party by refusing to back the nominee last week. trump entering the rnc building through a side door as protesters chanted outside.
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paul ryan spoke out to the media, trump has not done that he will be on "hannity" tonight at 10:00. today's meeting comes as republican voters get more and more behind the candidate. with 2/3 viewing candidate favorably. 2/3. this is total reversal from early march. joining me, evan siegfried, jessica tarlov and ford owe con knoll. -- o'connell. what is taking paul ryan so long. >> he will endorse donald trump and bring as many of the house conference members along with him but he has to be seen with idealogical conservatives having thoughtful discussion behind closed doors. once he does they will unify them. trump and ryan needs them. he needs 93% of all registered republicans to vote. ryan is tired of playing defense. wants to do it in the white house with mart to get something done.
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trish: these things take time. people like evan on set with me. he is not willing to support trump, a long-time republican yourself. part of the never trump movement. you know, waving the wand you know told ford o'connell. it will not work for you. >> i will not vote for donald trump because he is antithesis to conservatism. conservatism means having small little at amount of power in elected representative. donald trump's entire campaign give me all the power i will make all your problems go away. he has not said anything remotely coherent in terms of policy. trish: so you're not going to vote for him. so you're a republican not voting for trump. who will you vote for? >> i'm hoping viable third party candidate will emerge. >> that is fantasy land. >> i'm sorry. trish: mitt romney may be hoping. >> what we need is viable third party candidate to energize republican base that might stay home. trish: i think they're pretty energized right now. >> conservatives i talk to, this
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guy trump does not represent me and i'm very depressed bit. millenial conservatives saying i don't want to do it. i might have to vote for hillary clinton. trish: jessica, this is big part of why paul ryan can't come out there say okay, it is done. >> certainly after 45 minutes. telling in paul ryan's press conference he didn't go into policy areas where he and donald trump agreed on. we're moving in same direction. we agreed on important conservative stuff. what is that? i don't think it is tax policy. trish: he talked about reducing taxes far more than -- >> but monday he reversed himself. trish: actually didn't. watch the entire interview. he said that he might have to move the taxes higher from 25%. >> there is always a might with donald trump. trish: hang on. >> i love never trump movement. i think it is fantastic. bernie sanders supporters vote for trump i'm all for -- trish: come on our air on fox business and he clarified that. because it was very interesting
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and telling. media, liberal media went wild with that. says he will raise taxes from where they are now. no, that is not actually what he said. let me share with all of you trump and ryan joint statement. we had a great conversation this morning. we were honest about our few different repses. we recognize there are many important areas of common ground. we will be having additional discussions but we're going to remain confident, there is great opportunity to unify our party and win this fall and totally committed to working together to achieve that goal. if you think about it, ford, this is another opportunity for donald trump to get some drama going. we'll talk about in the media, day in, day out. you can bet on that. when everybody does unify, he is going to look like a hero. >> oh, absolutely. donald trump, no matter what happens will come out looking good, if he runs against war toned and absolute hater of washington, guess what? middle america will love him. understand there is a lot of political theater going on here.
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this is classic potomac two step. paul ryan, telling donald trump give me back channel to hear grievances more conservative members of my caucus i will put behind the trump train. if you don't win, not only cultural fabric of america destroyed so is the republican party. you're our savior i have to fins candidate. trish: people in like evan and establishment types they worry donald trump won't be able to do the two step with them. i think you will be surprised. i think he will work more than you think. >> what i'm looking electoral map for future. too long we relied on baby boomers and rural voters capture seats. those are dwindling populations. we need to win over millenials who view the republican party overwhelmingly thing of the past. >> hillary clinton trounced trump in millenials poll which is first time she ever done that. >> she is not popular -- trish: at all. can you get millenials out to vote? >> millenials, anybody under 35. they are having kids.
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they're wanting to see what they can deal with to make their kids college tuitions off fordable. trish: go ahead. >> evan you have to stop looking gift horse in the mouth. republican party is near the brink when it comes to demographics but we're not there yet. i promise if you get into position of power to make change, that will do a lot more talking about the problems we have as a party. i really think donald trump can fix the republican party and can push it forward to get other voters. >> we can't fix party promoting a man that made fun of people because of their disability. saying on cinco de mayo i love the hispanics. we want to get to the his pane nick community that conservative policies will help them to create economic opportunities. that is not helping. >> not for you to say, ford, we're not there yet. that is implicitly so disfeignful of minority populations millenials. it is not time that we have to deal with the black population. >> whoa, whoa. nice try, jessica. excuse me.
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trish: that is not what you were saying ford. >> what i'm trying to say yes, is the nation gets less white, republican party is going to have to find a way, in particular bring in hispanics evan. i written entire book about it. >> i know you have. >> what we're trying to say right now the way demographics work and way trump is working with white working class voter in this election i like his chances winning. if donald trump gets in there put economy on back will help us bring in the other groups. trish: you heard me say this before. number one issue for people right now it's the economy. when they look at the opportunity that they have in front of them to, two different candidates, one establishment, hillary clinton, another who has created a lot of wealth in the business world they will say, you know, if the economy really matters to them they're going to be looking at him potentially a leader there but you know there are -- i want to get to another issue. many in the republican party appear to be getting behind trump.
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there are very big named holdouts, including none other than than the party's 2012, you know, mitt romney. romney is going after trump over billionaire refusal to release tax returns saying it is disqualifying for a modern-day presidential nominee to he refuse to release tax returns. there is only one logical explanation for mr. trump's refusal to release the returns. there is a bombshell in them. we can only assume it's a bombshell of unusual size. kind of funny stuff there from mitt romney. evan, ford, still with me on this, ford why isn't releasing them? >> let me say this for mitt romney, if he uses 1/8 of energy uses to attack donald trump against barack obama he would be in the white house. most of the american people don't care about taxes. see he is rich. they want to be like him and
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give him a chance to make america better. that is something. >> some of those buildings aren't his. >> he doesn't own about building. >> romney is grasping at straus. >> for sure. trish: a desperate way, trying to do something to prevent, as you are, donald trump from becoming the president and becoming the nominee. >> listen, i have resigned the fact that donald trump presumptive nominee of republican party. trish: does he want to run? >> i don't know if mitt wants to run. take out the fact it is donald trump. if this were hillary clinton or bernie sanders, if you see any candidate i'm not releasing my tax returns what raises question what are you hiding and what is going on there? hold on ford. potential things that trump could be hiding are, not as valuable or wealthy he claims to be. cohave shady business dealings. he has history of that. there is a lot there. when you look at donald trump and complain about iran deal-making it so we can't sell missiles to iran, he has done that on two separate occasions. just very odd.
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why is he doing that? what could be going on? trish: i also wonder why is mitt romney botherrerring to be so vocal in all of this, ford? isn't he looking like sour grapes? >> yeah, this is case of he didn't win in 2012 and now basically going to poo-poo on someone else's parade. i think you're working for hillary clinton right now. this woman doesn't have leg to stand on when it comes to transparency. 30-year history of hiding ball and you're worried about trump's tax returns? if hillary clinton gets in there the way democratic party is working america we know is gone. >> i should say for record i'm not a fan of hillary clinton. trish: however you did tell me you if you would vote for her. >> if there is no viable third party candidate. i explained that in the daily news. because i do not trust donald trump and trigger hair temper. give him access to the u.s. military what happens when putin provokes him? he won't have twitter, he could get lives killed. trish: ford, you want to take that? >> presidency more than one person. it is over 1000 people.
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i promise you put right people in there and do things moving forward on foreign policy. he will lean on right people. this is absolutely ridiculous for you to make this argument. >> hasn't hired right people for campaign. some lobbyists for russia and enemies and dictators. >> you're right. trish: bottom line here, evan, doesn't want trump, no matter what. he would prefer as many never trumpers would to see hillary clinton in the white house as opposed to donald trump as republican. with that in mind, are we really going to see a creation of a new party? and how is evan's party going to do, ford in that environment? >> you will not have creation of another party because if you actually find a third party candidate from the right you handed presidency to hillary clinton. understand something about political parties. trish: that is what he wants to do? that is okay. >> in defense of evan as republican and hillary supporter, evan does not like hillary clinton.
2:14 pm
he told me many times. and he doesn't want to hand the presidency to her but taking stand on basis of con soap tim. doesn't feel like donald trump has conservative principles. democrats we know that he doesn't. he is long-time lib ram. trish: finish your thought. >> the point is the political parties are not idealogical vessels. they are competing enterprises. point to win. if this the guy can win if you go along, you can get a voice you can make change. trish: jessica, evan, ford, thank you so much. spirited discussion. coming up we'll hear a lot how republicans need to unify. what about the democrats though? you get sanders campaign blasting hillary clinton saying she would be quote, a disaster for the party. what do these folks need to be doing right now to get their houses in order? my next guest veteran communications and pr expert will lay it out all. more bloodshed in iraq as isis suicide bombers kill five policeman after killing 90 people in series of earlier attacks. so much for our president's claims we're making all kinds of
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progress for isis. he is certainly leaving a big mess for the new president. we'll talk about all of that in two. see you here. show me top new artist.
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trish: donald trump moments ago tweeting this out. great day with speaker ryan and republican leadership. things working out really well. this after trump met with top republican leaders face-to-face in effort to bring the party together. shortly after the rnc chairman reince priebus tweeted, quote the meeting was great. it was very positive step toward party at this. how exactly can the republican party unite behind donald trump you? heard evan in that segment. he is lifelong republican has no interest voting for trump. prefer hillary clinton in the white house.
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my next guest knows thing or two about this he has run pretty big issue campaigns. we have richard berman. good to see you in-house. thanks for being here. >> thanks, trish. trish: how does he do it? >> first of all we have six months before the campaign is over and trump is not going to unify the party over personality. he is going to have to get to be far more specific and have to aim his specifics at certain people in the economy, for instance, union members. is he going to have to bring a lot of those blue-collar reagan democrats over to his side. trish: that is an interesting point. one i have talked about a lot on this show. i think economy is number one thing on people's minds. terrorism as well. economy is front and center. blew collar workers -- blue-collar worker who are democrats lost jobs to foreign competitors. i wonder if that is opportunity for him? >> it is but you have to have certain policies to explain people.
2:20 pm
for example, there is big wedge issue called employee rights acts. union members are in favor of it according to substantial polling, union members are in favor 80-20. union leadership is opposed almost 100%. trump can drive wedge between union leaders and blue-collar workers whose jobs are at risk without going into great details, people can go to employee rights one thing is most genius issue that republican party has right now. they have 150 cosponsors in the house and senate. trish: more than bathroom bill to get worked up about? >> exactly. trish: you're saying he needs to get more specific. >> he has got to get more granular. trish: can americans digest that? i like to think they can because i think it is our duty to try to digest as much policy as we can right now. he is out there at rallies. speaking in very big, broad terms. people like what they hear. if he gets that granular, will he listen?
2:21 pm
>> the difference between getting granular talking about marginal tax rates and tax policy. that gets to be a little bit eye-glazing but there are issues you can explain to people that they understand in their everyday life. that employee rights act, everybody can understand. if you look at it you get it right away. trish: turn to the other side for a second. bernie sanders, he is hanging on. he is not going anywhere. and he has got some momentum right now. but how does that party unify i mean you look at the west virginia polling data, 1/3 of people that voted for bernie sanders said if he doesn't get it they're voting for trump? >> it will get worse. people will get more angry. in new york i saw preview after film coming out based on a book by schweitzer called clinton cash. it is a film to be shown at cannes. it is devastating film about clinton foundation.
2:22 pm
when people see the film, it is aimed at democrats and moderates. it is not over the top right-wing red meat. it is excellent film. it talks about the clinton foundation and what they did in haiti, africa, kazakhstan, russia, and india and it is a big pay for play movie. and when people see what's going on there, they will be very angry. trish: really? people know. i mean it has been out there. >> when you see detail how hillary clinton hasthrown the environmentalists over board, thrown the human rights people overboard, all for money? trish: it will hurt her, give bernie supporters more ammunition. >> they will -- trish: they will get more angry. they will get more angry. she will not do what bernie would have done. it will compliment the feeling i am so mad at her. there is whole chinese thing going on, come back to trump. trump talked about the chinese and trade. what you don't understand china is buying up the united states
2:23 pm
and doing it with soft power. they're buying communications infrastructure. trish: another good issue for trump. hit some buttons with that. >> here is easy one. they're buying up all movie theaters? the united states. when you buy up all movie theaters you can control what people hear going to the movies with subtle censorship plays. trish: good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: more bloodshed in iraq as isis suicide bombers kill five policeman after killing 90 people in series of earlier attacks. president says we're making progress. what progress? what is leaving for our next president? lieutenant colonel ralph peters is here around he is going to tell you at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking.
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trish: isis is claiming responsibility for two suicide bombings in iraq killing up to five police officers, injuring eight others. this coming a day after bloodiest day we've seen in baghdad in years.
2:27 pm
at least 93 people were killed, 165 injured after three isis car bombings went off in baghdad. so what about all the claims that our president has been making about all this progress we're seeing against isis in iraq? fox news strategic analyst, lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins me with his thoughts on this. he keeps telling us, colonel, we're making all this progress and we're taking on isis, you see things like this, kind of makes us scratch our head and say is he trying to sell as you line here? >> if we keep making progress this rate we'll lose the entire war. this is stunning. there are two tragedies here, first obviously the devastation, the viciousness, savagery of the islamic state and terror acts in iraq and syria, as far as away as san bernanadino and sydney, australia. the second travesty for us we
2:28 pm
have a president who claims to ideology, never admits he is wrong and sticks to the narrative. the most pathetics thing you lear out of the white house, among many pathetic things you hear out of the white house, every time there is another major isis attack, well it is sign of weakness, sign of desperation. yesterday, three massive bombings, two smaller ones in baghdad. now, in the last 48 hours, you have seen isis counterattack cutting the road to palmyra where putin had his concert. counterattacks killed an american seal last week. isis is not down for the count. our president has done too little, too late. we have made a slight difference but isis is still thriving. even james clapper, president obama's director of national intelligence admitted, he told
2:29 pm
us, mosul far from being retain last year, iraq's second largest city, will definitely not be taken before obama is out of office. it may be years. trish: colonel, what is his legacy going to be? how will he go down in the history books given rise of isis and terrorism the last eight years? >> immediately after leaves office of course the left will continue defending him but over a few decades, he is going to be regarded i do believe as certainly the worst president since james buchanan, possibly worse than james buchanan because he failed on virtually every count. it is a stuffing record of domestic and foreign policy failures and failing to protect the american people, whether it is against terrorism or even against crime in our major cities. trish: we're going to talk about that in a little bit coming up. we've seen a big increase in crime. in part because police don't want to go into the neighborhoods to patrol them because they're fearful being seen as racist. it is disappointing, colonel.
2:30 pm
this is president who had wind at his back. he had so much opportunity going in. people wanted to unite around him. i remember judd gregg, long-time republican senator from new hampshire, took a job as head of the commerce department, if you recall in the obama administration. he told me at time, he really thought there was a chance for bipartisanship in way that had never, ever, happened before. and he stepped down from that post and you know rest is his. his. -- history. you look last eight years ensued it was nothing but a political breakdown. >> curious you raised that. i was thinking about that sitting here waiting for segment to start, that president obama could have been a uniter. he didn't have to do much except be open and talk across the aisle and bring people together. instead he played to special interests groups and groups of grievances and, we're terribly divided.
2:31 pm
i'm never one to say we've been so divided. i know history, 740,000 dead in our civil war. a little more divided then. we're painfully unnecessarily divided by a president who missed the main chance. he could have been a symbol. of so much. trish: of so much. it is a big disappointment. anyway, colonel, good to see you as always. thank you very much. colonel peters. >> thank you, trish. trish: coming up is hillary clinton buying votes with your tax dollars? she is now pushing for government to subsidize child care costs. now sheryl sandberg is getting in on the game weighing in saying government must do more to help poor, single moms. here is what they're failing to realize? you got a lot of liberal economic policies in place right now, which discourage families. they're against marriage and they cause people to get trapped in a bad cycle of poverty.
2:32 pm
louise mensch is here. she will explain it all right after this.
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>> we are going to say we are for family values we need to value families. no family should have to pay more than 10% of their income on childcare. >> hillary clinton calling for subsidized childcare but guess who is going to pay, everyone. taxpayers.
2:36 pm
everyone has to foot the bill. a great thing to talk about and a great way to buy votes. facebook top executive sheryl sandberg weighing in on this, demanding more government support for single moms, she says she gets what single man's a single moms are going through, she lost her husband, so obviously pretty tough, but a lot of moms in america choose to be single moms. according to the heritage foundation, 40% of children today are being born outside of marriage to single moms. it is an amazing statistic when you think about it. these kids are five times more likely to live in poverty. you know what is causing this? a lot of liberal policies, liberal ideologies, people like clinton saying being a single mom is okay and the government should take care of you for it.
2:37 pm
here with more, louise, good to see you. it is complicated because childcare is expensive. i am a mom, you are a mom, it is not easy for any working mothers you have to fork over that much in the way of what it costs to take care of children so hillary clinton is coming up with a solution. it should not cost anyone more than 10% of their salary. >> how is she going to pay for it? she will ask other people to pay for it and what happens then? it doesn't encourage responsibility. as you said 40% is a shocking statistic. we know, the research bears out the children in workless households don't do very well in school or in life. are we going to encourage more of this single parenthood through well-meaning policies that actually cost a lot, have
2:38 pm
the opposite effect to the ones -- they her children, they don't help children. ibly14 are they thinking who needs a man when you have uncle sam? if the government is willing to give you money to not work if you are a single mom how do you not take that opportunity? >> a single mom in hawaii can get $50,000 worth of benefits, a single mother of two. so why would she go to work if the government is going to give her 50 k to stay home with her kids? >> $50,000 she can afford childcare anyway. that is an enormous amount of money to come from a government entitlement program. ibly14 she is making a rational decision. i can be home or i can go to work and have any money left over and not be with my kids. people i'm making the logical decisions. how do you get out from under that? >> there are mothers whose husband have died and are disabled, the vast majority of
2:39 pm
single mother families, there is a father evading his responsibilities. why doesn't hillary clinton talk about going to the fathers so income can be provided for the kids, why just the mother's responded to the? ever hear about responsibility in the family and a little less about entitlement? i find it disturbing after the controversy about facebook suppressing conservative views you have a chief executive in facebook backing hillary clinton, making a political post on mother's day. if i had lost my husband and my children were fatherless and i had billions of dollars i would quit and stay home. ibly14 some hypocrisy there. is a true about men with billions of dollars and may be single, but elon musk, and a single dad, did he abandon what he is doing? >> his kids have mothers but if you leave your children at home and are incredibly well off, i wonder why you are making that decision.
2:40 pm
that seems irrational to me. ibly14 i see what she is trying to do. she is trying to help women to get to work. the only way you can be a working mom is if you have some ability to take care of your children. i wonder, is it really taxpayers responsibility to take care of all your kids? >> taxpayers right now are also paying benefits to single moms to stay home which encourages mothers on welford to have more and more children, look at removing some of those benefits and replacing them with benefits for childcare when a child is a certain age but what happened to family values? what happened to saying to the father step up, come after the men so they also pay and society does not have to pay for the children they create and walk away. the baby mama baby daddy culture is that for america. ibly14 marriage rates have reached the lowest in history.
2:41 pm
we are at an all-time low for marriage, 40% of babies today being born to single mothers. the economic policy we have in place does nothing to discourage this and everything to encourage it. >> the culture, everyone is a baby mama, a guy who walked away from his kids is a player. what happened to our natural sense of shame? there is no national sense of shame for abandoning your children anymore and we are focusing on get the mom to work. we have gotten the family and i would love to hear hillary clinton a democrat talk about the family. these children deserve both parents in their lives. ibly14 it is an economic problem, a social problem and you are right, it is scary because that is part of what has made us the caring society we are. family values. thank you. coming up, the head of the fbi acknowledging the alarming spikes in violent crime across america have a lot to do with our police not tackling crime aggressively, because they are
2:42 pm
afraid. they are afraid video is going to get out and hit the internet. sheriff david kroc is here and you know he will have a lot to say about this. back in two. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. ) i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow. if i can save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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ibly14 let's check the markets, a little bit of upside despite the news apple is the worst performing down stock this year
2:44 pm
after hitting a two year low. stocks take a hit today, kohl's posting a surprise revenue drop following other revenue drivers like macy's and jcpenney. the epa issuing regulations to cut methane emissions, part of the president's far-reaching climate change agenda, critics say they are taking rules to affected that has reduced methane emissions. we will continue following the market and we are back with david clark on the alarming consequences of the ferguson effect.
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
gunmac the brazilian president plans to fight impeachment by, quote, all legal means calling the whole thing a farce. she has this defiant announcement coming out hours after being suspended for budgetary violations and put her on impeachment trial. the trial can take six month during a time the country is facing a tough recession, high inflation, near record budget deficit. all those leftist economic policies they gave a shot at in brazil have not worked, fox news's pete harrigan is in the capital with more on all this
2:47 pm
drama coming up of their. >> at the presidential palace for the last time, a few ardent supporters, pretty peaceful, so far there have been demonstrations in different parts of the country but they have not been violent, have not spread a great deal, due to lack of popularity, the brazilian island economy tanked, merely 100 year bad recession underway here. she is not very popular. if you ask who is in power and in control of brazil it would not be a simple question to answer. she is technically still president, but had all her powers removed, can't go into presidential office but gets to live in presidential residence and is angling to get herself a plane during the six month trial for which she could be impeached. the interim leader, person in charge is her vice president which means there will be a dramatic shift in policy because her vice president happens to be her arch enemy.
2:48 pm
unlike a 1-time marxist guerrilla, the new man in charge is a law professor and pro-business. we are seeing a real shift in power when we go from president to vice president. the question whether there will be rides here doesn't look like it so far. there have been street protests, and the country seems to be fatigued after 13 years of leftist rule. the other question -- gunmac was going to be the guy, a dancer for the economy. he put in a pretty conservative economic team and you saw brazil in part because of that just thrived. it was seen as a huge opportunity for investors. the economy, the great low-inflation and she puts in a leftist economic team. we have seen the ensuing
2:49 pm
results. is there any chance -- a lot of investors would like to see him come back. >> he is much more charismatic and popular than the person who followed him so there is a chance he could come back. the guy in charge has a 2% favorability reading and is under corruption probe himself. he can't run for office again. who was next? it is hard to find on either side someone not touched by corruption in brazilian politics. gunmac a lot of latin american politics this is one of their problems. live from brasília, the capital of brazil, thank you so much. coming up the head of the fbi launching the alarming spikes in violent crime across america have a lot to do with our police not tackling crime aggressively? they are afraid of being called racist, afraid video will be
2:50 pm
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2:54 pm
fearful they will be called racist, that black lives matter will protest, and video of them is going to hit the internet. that reluctance, the ferguson effect, leading to higher crime and lots of problems. take a look at these numbers was the murder rate up 63% in baltimore, the highest in the city's history. chicago and las vegas up 56% and we are seeing a rise in a lot of other cities too. here with me on more, milwaukee county sheriff david clark, good to have you here by phone. tell me what you are seeing among officers right now? >> i have been all over the country. the unarmed black man you mentioned in ferguson was trying to disarm an american police officer. i think james comey missed the mark. he doesn't have to look at ferguson was all he has to do is look down the hallway. what copps feared is not a video going viral. most are wearing body cameras
2:55 pm
now. what they fear is the cop hating united states department of justice that continues to have them and these police agencies and their crosshairs led by a race hating attorney general in loretta lynch, cop hating president of the united states, barack obama, trying to federalize local law enforcement with these consent decrees, taking over these police department and on this witchhunt, this constant witchhunt, trying to ensnare some american police officer for the slightest transgression so until the united states department of justice stops seeing the local cop as the enemy and starts seeing us as an ally in pursuit of justice and seeing crime and the criminal element as the enemy and not the victim, you won't see much change. gunmac whether you are police officer or working in corporate america you want the support of your boss. you need the support of your boss or you can't do your job.
2:56 pm
you think officers are feeling i can do my job, have no support. and lead to more trouble. >> not because they are afraid to do their job, all these cops want to know is someone is going to have their back if something goes wrong. the situatioin ferguson, missouri with darren wilson, he did nothing wrong, was cleared by a grand jury but he lost his life, lost his career. his world was turned upside down because of some political construct, this race baiting going on by black lives matter. we know we are going to get that from those sources but don't expect that from the attorney general of the united states, the president or the white house. until that stops this is what we are going to see. gunmac we will be back after a quick break. equals free tech support.
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trish: speaker paul ryan is calling his sitdown with donald trump great! but he hasn't endorsed him just yet. why is he holding out? what's it going to take to get ryan's endorsement? does trump need it? go to my facebook page and let me know what you think, we can talk about it there. liz claman is still in vegas, are you winning at the poker tables, liz? liz: trying, blowing on the dice, trying to do everything i can. that question you posed, a lot of people are talking about here. in the meantime, wall street reversing course right now. the dow powering to the upside swing more than 130 points. the dow jones industrials up 50 points. we're seeing a little muscle after having been down more than 80. also at this hour, the republican party one baby step closer to unifying around donald trump as candidate for president of the united states, but was the speaker of the house's comment more trump about lukewarm than white hot?


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