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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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education system needs to get harder, not easier to get these kids committed to learning, committed to trying to do better. rounding up on grades, just, in effect sounds terrible. david: boggles t mind. >> you're giving them free pass. david: boggles the mind. scott, thank you very much. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now. deirdre: donald trump on capitol hill earlier. he met with house speaker paul ryan, rnc chairman, reince priebus. the goal, unity. this is "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. republican leaders are backing donald trump, senator orrin hatch of utah, former house speaker john boehner and former national republican committee chairman greg walden. even senator lindsey graham is changing his tune. >> i just can't go where donald trump would take us. i don't think he is qualified to be commander-in-chief. i will support every other country in the country but i can't go where trump takes us.
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we reached out with a good discussion, positive thing. i will focus on the house and senate. deirdre: senator graham made it clear that is not an endorsement but some of the themes coming out meeting on the hill, trump and speaker ryan, both acknowledging unifying takes time especially after divisive primaries and trump bringing new voters to the republican party. peter barnes in d.c. where it all happens. peter what is your read on tone? >> well, the republicans, deirdre, at least for their part, including ryan said this was good first step trying to heal the party after the brutal primary process as you mentioned. the meeting with ryan was put together after ryan declinedded to endorse trump as presumptive republican nominee when trump's last rivals dropped out last week and ryan did not do so at a press conference today after his meeting with trump.
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ryan told reporters, it is a process, it takes time. it does not come together. after a 45 minute meeting, ryan does not want to have a fake unification process. >> i think we had a very encouraging meeting. look, it is no secret that donald trump and i had our differences. we talked about the differences today. that's common knowledge. the question is what do we need to do to unify the republican party and all strains of conservative wings in the party? >> trump also held meetings with the senate republican leaders after meeting with ryan. after all of that, trump tweeted out quote, great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and republican leadership. things working out really well. once source provided fox news with this unvarnished assessment of the ryan meeting, quote, no bs. very helpful. deirdre. deirdre: good clear language, peter barnes. thank you very much. >> you bet.
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deirdre: for more on the meeting with trump, national spokes women katrina pierson is with me now. thanks as always for the time. did the meetings today meet the trump campaign goals? >> well, yes. there really were no expectations for endorsements today. mr. trump has always been committed to moving towards party unity. this was one of those opportunities to do that. deirdre: okay, how important speaking of unity is it to donald trump to have the so-called establishment back him? i imagine it is easier, if they're with i am versus against him but how does he see it? >> i think, way mr. trump put it other day was very simple. he will do whatever he can to bring the party together but there are those who don't want to support him for whatever reason. there are significant differences when it comes to amnesty and trade. those are things he is not willing to compromise on. we have i will say, party urnty.
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reince priebus came out and said the mr. trump is the presumptive nominee. dick cheney came out and supported him. six chairman of the house supported mr. trump yesterday. we'll have unity. for some of the others it will take a little bit of time but i'm very confident. deirdre: former bush presidents i know are not going to the convention. neither is governor mitt romney. want to ask you more about today, former house speaker john boehner says speaker ryan is probably trying to shape some of trump's policies. is that true? >> i'm not quite sure speaker ryan is wanting to do. mr. trump has been very clear that his priorities are national security, jobs and the economy and that's been pretty much a clear-cut direction for many republicans in the base. but we have to look at how things have been governed in the past. there are a lot of voters who were not happy with a trillion dollar stimulus package. there are some discrepancies there.
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with regards to the former bushes and romney, look, this is probably a good thing, because we are not those republicans. we are republicans who inclusive, even conservative principles. that is why mr. trump brought along so many. deirdre: to that point i think that is why at least some in the party if speaker ryan would endorse donald trump, then on that topic of fiscal, let's call it restraint or discipline, that would be a good person to have in his corner. is speaker ryan's hesitation on donald trump's nerves? >> no, i don't think so. mr. trump is very forward-looking. he is focused on moving towards clinching the nomination, number one and going up against hillary clinton. this is just a process we have to go through to get to that point, because mr. trump does want everyone to be comfortable with him being nominee. we i will continue to -- he will
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continue to bring in new voters into the general. he has crass rover appeal with independents and disenfranchised democrats. the polling in swing states prove he is the right candidate for november. deirdre: we reported in massachusetts, to your point, 20,000 voters actually switched parties to be able to vote for donald trump. but senator lindsey graham spoke about this cordial, pleasant phone conversation. what did donald trump say about that because lindsey graham has been colorful in his language at times in regards to trump's candidacy? >> well he hasn't really discussed that but i do think there are a lot of individuals who are coming to mr. trump's aid because they do see, if they didn't see it before, deirdre, they see it now. there is a lot of energy, a lot of excitement behind donald trump's candidacy and this concept that we do have a pro-america message that is resonating with people all over the country and that's the team you want to be on. deirdre: katrina, as always. thank you. katrina pierson with us there.
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>> thanks. deirdre: trump national spokesman. they may feel vindicated by his campaign success so far. congressman lou barletta of pennsylvania probably one. congressman, welcome. you endorsed donald trump a long time ago. what did you see in him as presidential candidate that let you support him earlier than most? >> well donald trump was willing to talk about things that people were thinking here in america and not afraid to do in a way most americans talk about it and you know, the american people have lost faith with washington. they think politicians tell them what they want to hear but really don't do anything about it. donald trump has touch ad nerve across america and i saw that. i saw courage to take on immigration, something very important to me. to talk about america first and american jobs here. so you know, i saw that and i saw, an energy and excitement
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that i haven't seen for a candidate in my lifetime. deirdre: so, congressman, i am glad you talked about immigration and jobs, to your point, that seems to be even with exit polling, why people do want to support him. senator orrin hatch of utah, long-serving gop senator, just endorsing donald trump, former house speaker john boehner. did you think that the party would come together? what is your stance? you feel like there is a lot longer to go? what is your feeling? >> i don't think there should be longer to go. donald trump is our nominee. what is their option? hillary clinton? we'll let hillary clinton pick supreme court justices? let hillary clinton pick secretary of homeland security and health and human services? do we think a democrat administration with policies that crippled this country are good? i don't understand what the decision is. seems pretty simple to me. those not on board i think need to get on board pretty quickly. deirdre: congressman, do you think republicans maybe want to
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that are different than yourself, want to or hesitating still haven't decided, will they get on board because of energy that you spoke about and just say okay, he is leader we get behind, whether or not he was our first pick, too bad? what is their option. deirdre: or will they come around into believing in him? >> what is their option? there is nobody behind door number three. we know who is behind door number one. it is hillary clinton. we need a republican in the white the worst thing we can do saying he is not good enough or want some imaginary nominee who is not there. donald trump clearly is the choice of the people and the party doesn't belong to anybody here in washington. with no disrespect to anyone here, it belongs to the people. the people have spoken in record number. it is time for everybody in washington to get behind our nominee and let's focus on beating hillary clinton. deirdre: congressman, we thank you very much. >> thank you.
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deirdre: congressman lou barletta of pennsylvania. >> thank you. deirdre: he endorsed donald trump, you heard him say based on donald trump's stance on jobs and immigration. u.s. stocks closing mostly lower today. the nasdaq falling the most, apple a big part of that. the stock down more than 2%. the biggest drop in two year's time. hillary clinton says she is under a security inquiry. the problem with that term is that the fbi director james comey says there is no such thing. he says it is a probe, an official one. we'll bring you his full comment. also a federal ruling came down against obamacare. a judge ruled that the obama administration has been improperly funding the affordable care act. we will tell you what it means for the plan and you, the taxpayers going forward. >> this is another example of president barack obama doing something as the executive which the constitution says only the congress can do. you both have a
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>> this is not the first time we've seen opponents of the affordable care act go through the motions to try to win this political fight in the court system. suit represents the first time in our nation's history that congress has been permitted to sue the executive branch over a disagreement about how to interpret a statute. >> this is another example of president barack obama doing something as the executive which the constitution says only the congress can do. he is dead wrong on this! this is not a dispute about the interpretation of a statute. this is a dispute about the interpretation of the constitution whether or not congress can, whether or not the president can violate the constitution which says only congress can spend the people's money. deirdre: in a challenge to
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president obama, and the affordable health care act, otherwise known as obamacare, a federal judge ruled against it. house republicans launch ad suit, claiming the obama administration has been improperly funding insurers without permission from congress. the judge says that the order is pending because of a likely appeal by the administration. with me is an attorney. kelly, welcome back. what exactly does this lawsuit, this legal win mean for the obama administration and for taxpayers? >> hi, there. thanks for having me back. for taxpayers it means potentially they could have to pay higher copays and higher deductibles for health insurance if it is upheld it means that money wasn't allocated by congress to cover those copays or deductibles. for insurance companies to get reimbursed by congress. so what it means for insurance companies is, they could be out of luck, that they're not
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getting money allocated back to them by the government. deirdre: slow you down. because you're an expert. you know this. >> okay. deirdre: but for everyone who didn't go to law school we want to slow it down in a sense if this appeal by the administration is heard, you're essentially saying it is status quo and that leaves people pretty much where they are today? >> if the appeal is heard, and the ruling that came down today is upheld, so if the judge's ruling is upheld this is up down associationnal -- unconstitutional, that money wasn't set aside in order to pay for this, there will not be reimbursement to the hospitals, then it will not be status quo for the people. it will hit them in the pocketbook. they will have to pay more for copays and lots of people will drop out of obamacare and risk the fines because this subsidy that they thought they were going to get from the government will disappear.
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deirdre: so, kelly, based on what you know about timing, when are we going to find out what happens? >> usually, they have been fast tracking all of these obama care cases. i will guess we will know this within the next year. deirdre: okay. >> so no time soon but people are getting very nervous. deirdre: i'm sure. >> this is just a huge ruling because obamacare as you recall was pushed through and people were nervous about the implementation. now it is destabilization across the board because health care providers are nervous saying this is $150 billion out of our pockets in the future and people that have health insurance are now saying great. it costs more than we were told. this is looking to cost us even more in the future. so i may be uninsured in the future anyway. deirdre: i think most people are universally unhappy with the program so far. i want to steer you, if you don't mind to get advice on another legal matter. this is in regards to hillary
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clinton's private email server. >> sure. deirdre: she says the fbi probe is what she is calling a security inquiry and not a criminal investigation. >> there is a security inquiry going on and, you know, we respect that. it is on its own timetable but it's moving forward. the justice department has the emails. they have the server. they're conducting a security inquiry. i said what i have said now for many, many months. it is a security inquiry. deirdre: fbi director james comey rebuffed clinton's claim. he told fox news's catherine herridge quote, we are conducting an investigation. that is the bureau's business. that's what we do. i am not familiar with the term, quote, unquote, security inquiry. so, kelly, what do you make of her statements which i assume is somewhat natural to want to deflect, but more importantly, the fbi director's comments?
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>> hillary clinton is trying to protect herself and she's running a presidential campaign, so she's trying to say, look over here, let's just pretend it is security issue, maybe there is a breach. fbi is saying enough is enough, there is criminal matter. we're investigating whether or not we're prosecuting you. i think they were trying to stay silent to give her the benefit of the doubt. she has been disputing validity of that. they are like enough. if we find it, lady, we will prosecute, so stop talking. >> in your view what happens to hillary clinton? >> you know, she has been so successful for so long dodging bullets. her family name, they have been very successful. she should be prosecuted for violating a number of laws as it relates to using her private emails, deleting private emails,
5:20 pm
and using private emails for government business. many people lost jobs over much smaller infractions. looking at letter of the law and how it is written, things that have been done and deletion of emails, she should face prosecution in criminal form. deirdre: kelly, thank you. >> thanks for having me. deirdre: oil settling higher for 30 strayed session, off six of had month highs. production will slow, so long story short expect prices to stay pretty much where they are. some say hypocrisy is from the time and center at apple. new pictures show apple workers at china. they look like eerie dorms. that cook pushing liberal policies except in very select cases. reports of isis demise greatly exaggerated.
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terrorist group came out with app for kids. we'll show it to you. >> they do not threaten our national existence. isil is on the defensive. our 66 member coalition including arab partners is on the offensive. there are fewer isis fighters on battlefield in irsyria and iraq. for those who are there, it iser for them to recruit and replenish their ranks. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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deirdre: breaking news. fed chair janet yellen in a letter to a member of congress says she expects the economy to continue to strengthen. she says inflation will return to 2% over time. those are her words. the fed she says, will adjust policy if economic outlook changes and she will not rule out negative interest rates. an employee at centcom's joint intelligence office says she was reassigned for
5:25 pm
supposedly cursing at work. carolyn stuart says the real reason she was punished that she spoke out military officials down playing the threat of isis. act for america president, author of, they must be stopped, brigitte gabriel. glad you're here. is this a coincidence this worker was disciplined twice? >> no, this is not a coincidence. this unfortunately has been happening in the military for a long time. it started even when president bush was in office before he left but it was, it was aggravated after president obama took office. i speak to generals all the time, and a lot of them are afraid to speak what is on their mind. they are afraid of being fired or discharged honorably. i know one general in particular who tells me i look at clock, wait to 5:00 so i can leave because he is so discouraged. deirdre: surprising given how much responsibility that person has and how much all citizens need that person's service?
5:26 pm
>> yes. exactly. deirdre: so we do know, or there is at least significant evidence that the threats of isis was downplayed in the early stages of the terrorist group's growth. is there now in d.c., at least a recognition that the u.s. administration, the obama administration was very wrong on that front? >> well, unfortunately that not even admitting that they were wrong. nobody on the higher level of our government has admitted that yet. they still think and president obama is leading saying saying e are winning the war against isis, they're not as strong as when they started. again goes into a lot of people are afraid to admit. if they admit they were wrong, that means they either lied to us in the beginning or they lacked information, they lacked management, they lacked leadership. and this is why you are seeing right now, an awaken in our country, an awakening for he
5:27 pm
elected leaders and officials to speak the truth to defend the nation. we know there is a problem, whether you're democrat or republican. people if this country are feeling there is something majorly wrong in the country and we need to fix it. deirdre: let me ask you this. you know the middle east well. you have lived there. spent part of your life there. i saw something today that isis is developing an app for kids. we'll put some of the full shots for viewers to follow but, that they are recruiting to children. i mean can't we trace down who is creating these kinds of software packages? >> you know, you would think with technology now adays you can track anything. i'm not a technology expert but i can tell you i know people look at ips or where something is originating. this goes to show you how sophisticated isis has become. they are way ahead of us when it comes to technology. and use of technology and the use of gaining public opinion, using their technology, at least where it matters, where they are
5:28 pm
trying to recruit. they are following the same pattern the palestinian authority followed immediately after they took control specifically in the gaza and palestinian territories when they started to have cartoons in disneyland, teaching children to be killed and be proud of martyrs. isis takes next level, how to read arabic, basically first words learning arabic, using rifes, cannons, someone who hears the stuff in arabic, chilling to hear children's voices saying words in arabic. deirdre: brigitte, you're speaking with some military officials. you yourself are a middle eastern analyst. what is the next best step? >> the next best step is to throw political correctness in the garbage and start identifying our enemy and our military leaders need to know that there is someone backing them at the white house, who believes in our military, supports our military, and will
5:29 pm
al heat unshackle the around our military's ankles and let them do what they are do best and trained to do to win the war. let the generals win the war. let politicians do what they do best, sit around and sip coffee on capitol hill. deirdre: unbelievable clarity. we're thankful for it. brigitte gabriel. thank you there. >> thank you. deirdre: gold losing its luster. look where it closed. best quarter in on 30 years. looked how it performed on a three-month basis you do have record numbers as more and more investors seek a shelter if you like, flight to safety. gold certainly perceived as one of those. hypocrisy alert. new pictures are out of eerie deserted dorm rooms where apple iphone workers live in china. my next guest says apple ceo tim cook won't crack a terrorist iphone, but he will
5:30 pm
definitely terrorize of sorts, his own workers. after being accused of censoring conservative stories we have date that that shows that they editors -- >> distancing walls that they label, instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad. make sure it's ano maintelligent one.. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. and instead of dividing people, we can help bring people together. deirdre: facebook's mark zuckerberg last month indirectly criticizing donald trump over his controversial idea to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. now, speaking of facebook, there are allegations that his news feed division is blocking conservative stories. so new documents obtained by "the guardian" newspaper in the u.k. show that facebook's news feed is organized by humans, not by algorithms. with me now, conservative radio host gina lewden. gina, it is great to see you. >> great to be in studio with you. deirdre: so as far as facebook's news feed go, their defense, so
5:35 pm
to speak, has always been, well, we don't really have a lot of people working on these things. >> right. deirdre: a lot of it is machine-generated, but now it seems that's not the case, right? >> that's not the case. and they have a certain level of tolerance for certain stories and not a certain level of tolerance for other stories. i don't know, deirdre, maybe it's time that facebook appoints some sensitivity training for conservative thought -- deirdre: or an editor. [laughter] >> there you go. or just be honest about how it's done. if it's really something that's posted, the most hits should figure up to the top. there are free market solutions to this saw i think conservatives -- that i think conservatives need to be careful. deirdre: what would you suggest? >> government needs to stay out of this because this is a crisis. free market is good. and here's how you do it. you don't like their advertisements. if you're angry about the way -- deirdre: you need to vote with your wallet. >> talking with your pocketbook,
5:36 pm
that's exactly right. we have a right to do that, and we also have a right to compete. you know, we're in the technology age. look, deirdre, what has happened to newspapers. so many newspapers going down the tubes for this exact reason. and i'm telling you, prediction right here, if facebook doesn't change its ways and start being more honest about the way they're doing business, there's going to be a big competitor, and they'll be made the way of the dinosaur. deirdre: at the very least, i think it gives them a severe credibility problem -- absolutely. deirdre: okay, we have a news feed, and we have freedom of speech, all points of view under normal circumstance are meant to be represented. i want to bring you a quick update here on amazon. i'm looking at the shares here. stock breaking out to close a new high of almost 1%, but third straight record high in a row for this stock. so, essentially, it is benefiting in some ways from disappointing retailers' figures at macy's, we saw that
5:37 pm
yesterday, after the close today we had nordstrom reporting earnings. but i want to ask you about jeff bezos, because he's been a democratic party donor, and he has ordered a 20-person team of journalists to, essentially, dig up dirt on donald trump. now, we know in the past -- i mean, listen, muckraking journalism has been around for centuries, but this is the new age. what is your take on it, gina? >> this is exactly the thing that has propelled trump to exactly where he is today. and let me say this, you know, no matter how you feel about donald trump, there's nobody better vetted, there's nobody in politics right now that has been covered to the extent that donald trump has been covered. i can sincerely doubt, one, that they're going to dig up anything that we don't already know about and, two, that the american people care because no one expects him to be that perfect, polished politician that everyone's used to. he's not that. deirdre: right. i think it's going to make people want to support him more,
5:38 pm
the more embattled they think he is. >> exactly. deirdre: that's why we have to stick up for this guy, fight for him and perhaps vote for him even. but it does bring up this tension between silicon valley and conservatives. >> yes. deirdre: there's a lot of libertarians in silicon valley, and some are choosing to support donald trump such as peter kiel, some have been more vocal in plans to support hillary clinton. i want to ask you about apple, though, since we are in silicon valley. the stock we're going to show on our screen, but more importantly, this is essentially where workers in china are living. and these are the people who are putting together the iphones that cost quite a lot of money, at least in north america, and there's a lot of people saying that the ceo, tim cook, is fairly hypocritical in the sense of he is often pushing a kind of kinder, more human agenda thiess when he speaks -- at least when he speaks here, but that's where workers are living. you and i talked about this at fox come where these are
5:39 pm
actually put together, people were committing suicide. >> yeah. they're living in amazingly horrible -- deirdre: looks like a jail. >> americans don't understand why someone would say one thing on american soil and be conducting business that way -- deirdre: especially not a company with $178 billion in cash on the balance sheet. >> precisely right. and then you have someone like donald trump come along and say iphones should be made in america, and everybody scoffs at that, but then you look at pictures like this, and you can see how the american people connect with that sentiment. having said that, you know, we sure don't want to see these people in any more dire straits, but why not put a little money and even showcase it? what better marketing would there be, deirdre, than showcasing the improvements you've made for these people who live there if that's what you're going to do? deirdre: i'm looking at this video with you. it honestly looks like a prison. >> they're not showing the sewage system, there was raw sewage -- deirdre: horrible conditions for people.
5:40 pm
>> and health dangers. deirdre: thank you so much. great to have you here. gina joining me there. apple, we told you we were going to show you the chart, here it is. erasing all of its gains from the last two years, down more than 2%. stock drop removing it from its perch, if you like, as the world's most valuable company, that is if you measure in market cap. free range burger shake shack jumping 5% after hours, raising its same-store sales, restaurant sales for the rest of the year. education run amok in an m.i.t. lecture saying that global warming could be the cause of islamophobia. we're going to connect the dots. kids were failing at one high school, so the school changed how the kids are graded. we're going to tell you why it should be a very big concern to that community and yours. ♪ ♪ >> look at me.
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deirdre: we just brought you the news and video, you're going to see it on your screens now, from "the guardian" in the u.k., this was on the subject of the apple dorm-style rooms, and we did reach out to apple for a comment. we did not hear back from the company, but we will keep you posted if we do. in the meantime, cars, factories, even cows are accused of causing climate change. this week, though, professors at m. i.t. offered a new explanation in a discussion called is islamophobia accelerating global warming? so the topic was presented by a professor from the university of melbourne who has a history of courting controversy, promoting far-left and sometimes anti-israeli ideas. with me now, national review online reporter fox news'
5:45 pm
contributor cat tissue kin's with me now. he went through this whole thing, and i should say as well the economist did a version of it as well trying to link resources dying -- >> right. deirdre: -- with the rise of extremism in numerous forms. >> i feel like if this were a thing -- because i tried to read this, but it didn't seem like actual words to me. i think if it was really a thing, it's probably be important to this guy, he'd be able to and want to explain it in a way that others can understand. he wants to sound smart. deirdre: i was going to say he's probably working on a book x he wants to -- >> yeah. it's like the guy from the university of oregon the feminist glaciers study and people said you're just not smart enough to get it. no. >> i know what you're saying. the language, you really had to want to focus and stay with it, and to your point, the writing in that is exactly clear. i want to ask you, maryland's largest school system
5:46 pm
to make it easier for kids the get into college, so montgomery county schools, very wealthy area, rounding up grades, essentially, after students basically have two quarters' worth of grades get averaged. an a in the first quarter, a d in the second, old system would get a c, the new system would give that student a b. i mean, to me, it just feels like a lot of colleges are going to put montgomery county on the list and say, okay, we know they are exaggerating to the upside. >> that's what i thought. i can't believe they're allowed to do this. deirdre: yeah. >> how unfair would that be to kids who earned actual as the normal way? it's just this trend of feelings mattering more than facts. don't want to hit the kids' feelings matters more than what they actually got in a class. deirdre: actually, donald trump has come out and said the u.s. spends quite a bit on education with lackluster results if you look at oecd, u.s. versus other
5:47 pm
countries, in the sense that something like a top 15 spending country, yet our results in math and science are something like bottom 40. >> right. well, the point of grades is to see how kids are actually doing. you can't just change the letter and all of a sudden they -- deirdre: i feel that's the same with women's clothes, right? >> exactly. you're still is the same size, and you're still not good at math regardless of whether you have a different grade on your transcript or not. deirdre: all right, cath tim of, thanks, cath. deirdre: delaware may be the first sanctuary state. also, a ceo who is helping u.s. celebrities by hooking them up with single canadians. we're going to show you more. ♪ ♪ ♪
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deirdre: you've heard about sanctuary cities, delaware may become the first sanctuary state if one democrat has his way. so senator brian townsend is proposing a bill that would limit what law enforcement could do in the state in terms of detaining illegal immigrants. senator brian pettyjohn is with me now. would this bill give delaware a pass to, basically, do its own thing? >> you know, deirdre, the bill actually states that no law enforcement officer of our state can stop, search, arrest, detain any person based on an immigration warrant that's entered into the fbi database. so even if we have information that somebody is here illegally and there is an administrative warrant, it would ban our local
5:52 pm
and our state law enforcement agents from taking that person into custody. deirdre: so the democrats that are proposing the bill says illegals are hesitating to report crimes for fear of police detaining them. so i guess, i'm assuming that is his motivation; that is to say, in his mind it reduces crime. is that fair? >> yeah, it's -- deirdre: even if wrong isn't fair? >> yeah, well, you know, i don't think you're wrong with that. is it fair? no, i don't. you know, if you're a victim of a crime no matter what your immigration status is, you should be contacting law enforcement to have the perpetrator of that crime detained, arrested and prosecuted for that crime. to be afraid just because of your immigration status, the immigration status of a victim, i think, is an unfair statement. deirdre: so the bill seems to also push a delaware driving privilege card which would give illegals a truck driver's license -- driver's license regardless of immigration status, and i assume that has to
5:53 pm
be of grave concern to law enforcement officials. >> yeah. actually, the issue was split into two bills. the first has to do with the trust initiative, the detaining of undocumented. the second part of the bill was actually passed, a separate bill, did give the driving privilege cards to any individual who is here illegally and is an undocumented individual. so that has passed, that's into law right now. deirdre: okay. senator, i hope you come back, because i want to talk more about this especially given the track record of so-called sanctuary cities. we'll reach out. we'll continue the conversation. state senator brian pettyjohn, thank you. thank you. deirdre: the list of celebrities threatening to leave the country if donald trump wins the presidency? well, that list keeps going. one ceo deciding to even start a dating site which matches single americans with lovelorn
5:54 pm
canadians. he's my guest next. ♪ ♪
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5:57 pm
>> i will chart airplane for them and they are more than happy to leave. i don't care. my country is everything to me. but if they want to leave, go. it's okay. i can watch the view without whoopi goldberg. deirdre: a new dating site makes it easier for americans to sleeve america if donald trump is elected president. maple match founder joe goldman is with me now. what made you think this app. >> great question, deirdre. maple match came from a lot of things.
5:58 pm
it started with an idea to connect americans and canadians and given the current political climate in the united states, i thought now would be the ideal time. deirdre: how many people have signed up? >> 25,000 people have signed up. deirdre: is that more than you expected? >> that is more than i expected. what ultimately started out as a market research project and it turned out to be something way bigger than i ever expected. it's exciting. deirdre: how else are you matching people. are you asking political questions? >> great question. we are working with our user community to make sure maple match is the right service for them. but we are not asking political questions. dewere do you have a stake in the game? are you watching who is elected in the u.s.?
5:59 pm
>> i'm a proud american and i'm watching american news. ultimately i'm a hillary clinton supporter. whoever wins, hillary clinton or bernie sanders will do a great job as president. deirdre: have you made any matches? >> great question. we haven't made any matches yet but we are excited to do our first one soon. deirdre: overgoldman founder of maple match. the clip you saw before that was our interview with scott baio and you heard him say he doesn't care in any celebrities or all celebrities * anti-american as he seize it, leave this country. the markets going nowhere. gopro hit a new record low today, below $9. investors continuing to sell shairts of the hi-def sports
6:00 pm
cameras after last week's dismal results. it's down 90% from its all-time high. "making money" with charles payne is here. it starts now. charles: donald trump and house speaker paul ryan completed a highly anticipated meeting. but here is the question. what does ryan want and what will donald trump give? could donald trump be softening his call for a temporary muslim ban? u.s. stocks all over the place. there is some serious problems. i'll talk about it. in particular the great uphill upheaval. nordstrom is getting slammed. speaker ryan earlier today declaring he will


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