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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cameras after last week's dismal results. it's down 90% from its all-time high. "making money" with charles payne is here. it starts now. charles: donald trump and house speaker paul ryan completed a highly anticipated meeting. but here is the question. what does ryan want and what will donald trump give? could donald trump be softening his call for a temporary muslim ban? u.s. stocks all over the place. there is some serious problems. i'll talk about it. in particular the great uphill upheaval. nordstrom is getting slammed. speaker ryan earlier today declaring he will do whatever it
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takes to unite the party. >> i was very encouraged by way heard from donald trump today. i believe we are planting the seeds to get ourselves unified and bridge the grabs and differences. from here we'll go deeper into the policy areas to make sure we are operating off the same core principles. i think this is going in a positive direction and this is the first encouraging meeting. but in 45 minutes you don't litigate all the processes and principles we are talking about. charles: ryan and trump were optimistic after today's meeting to unify the party in a battle with hillary clinton. you heard him talk about the core principles. they have key implications for some of donald trump's more controversial policies. his core principles, limited
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government. constitution, separation of powers and pro-life. some of the things we know bother him and some of the establishment types, the ban on muslims, mass deportation, a massive trade war and donald trump waffling on taxes. the big question, how much will donald trump give and how much will he stick to his guns? mark serrano, you are a donald trump supporter from the beginning. you understand the ins and outs of washington, d.c. your assessment of the meeting and how do you hi it will go from here? >> i get nervous when donald trump is in the presence of the gop establishment. take a look that their comments and statements. paul ryan is not the keeper of the conservative torch. but there are plenty of people who have joined on to trump like dick cheney and governo governok
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perry even though they were critics of his. where conservatives can be helpful and persuade trump on the right way are on economic issues. trade issues impacting jobs. that's where conservatives can have a real influence but only if they join the team. paul ryan i think is making his way there, he's playing a dance like they do in washington which i don't like to see, but he will get there like the rest of them. charles: if paul ryan does it this way and it's sort of a vetting process of his own an comes out at the end of the day and he enthusiastically endorses donald trump, it would have been better if he jumped on the bandwagon, particularly with the half heartedness we have seen. >> i wouldn't put it past paul
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ryan to think he's going to corral donald trump on policy. here is paul ryan who accomplished nothing with his speakership. he entered the political scene by losing a debate to joe biden. he brought back to life the import-export bank. he's scheming to bail out puerto rico and vulture fund that would like to get repaid with taxpayer investments. now he thinks he's going to lecture the guy who got most votes in the gop nomination. it's sort of straining credulity that paul ryan of all people can bestow the conservative crown. paul ryan is the reason for the rights of trump. most republicans hate republicans in the beltway. charles: it is what it is and
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the drama is playing out. he mentioned over again his core principles. who elected him to be the leader of the conservatives we don't know. >> i don't know if donald trump has to be flexible. charles: the point that he took the meeting. he's been gracious and magnanimous. >> that's flexibility in and of itself. it's as if paul ryan was vetting him to be his chief of staff. they are going to hire donald trump? this is not -- it's a strange thing to do. donald trump has been a factor in politics nationally and locally for decade. we know who donald trump is. when it comes to paul ryan, you have got a man who rolled over for barack obama on a trillion dollar budget, and he's going to be lecturing donald trump about what conservatism is?
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we can do it immediately it has been years that we have known this man has been on the scene. 45 minute? we have had months of a primary season. has paul ryan been at disneyland. for donald trump to take this meeting and be generous about it is more than he had to do. at this point paul ryan may be gaming it to stretch the type out as others are trying to figure out how to stop mr. trump. that has to be considered. it would be outrageous. we are 180 days until the general election. charles: you are thinking he may have if he their was motives. >> he says i can't make up my mind in 45 minute. are you kidding us? what we have been through, you know who donald trump is. he has known hip for a period of time even before he announced. this would give other looking for options some more time and i
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think it's shameful if that's the case. charles: michael goodwin do you see where this can be spun and ultimately come out as a positive? and if so would it mean donald trump giving in on something he campaigned on? >> that's great. it's fascinating to watch as the mess anding dynamic, if not a mess anding war. i think the congress, need donald trump more than he need them. it's already been proven. paul ryan and the others are having conversations about where they stand. republican voters across america have declared where they are which is with donald trump. i think at the end of the day there will be unity. the word common ground which you heard in that clip from paul ryan will be repeated time and time again. you will hear that a lot.
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but by the end of the day. republicans will you night for this reason. no republican running for congress. no republican running for united states senate whether they support, embrace or tee my donald trump will get away from the democrats saddling them with the frontrunner, donald trump. so you might as well on it, embrace it and go with it. i think this campaign has not been about the political system, and people repeating themselves. it's been about change. dynamic of taking the system on and that is winning big. charles: does this say donald trump wins, he arrives in washington, d.c., it will be a tremendous amount of fanfare, not unlike for barack obama. barack obama ran into some trouble dealing with the democratic elders who held up his agenda because they wanted
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to assert their goodies or give him a hard time. is that in the back of donald trump's mind? it's not necessarily winning with paul ryan and company or go descrerning with paul ryan and co. >> i think trump's motivation is winning in november. i don't think he's looking past that. i think he ought to tell paul ryan, get away from me, kid, leave me alone. come january it will be trump's agenda will be the republican agenda. not the speaker of the house. if we have a republican senate and republican house, the white house under donald trump set the agenda and paul ryan's job at that point is to fulfill it. he can work around the edges. his job right now paul ryan is to get himself re-elected and re-elect establishment republicans. guess what? those are not the people who nominated donald trump as the
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nominee for the republican party. the republicans have spoken loudly and they are not listening to paul ryan. charles: christian, you are the policy guy. is there way in the back of donald trump's mind he may want to modify sought thing he said in the campaign and use the meeting with ryan and some these others as a way of doing that? >> i don't think so. one of the key issues that brought him to the limelight was immigration. to accept the beltway gop/"wall street journal" open borders policy everyone in the beltway told us we have to have, that's the on way republicans get in power. well, donald trump proved that wasn't the case, republicans don't want that. there are polls that say they do, but the primaries say they don't. conceding on thing like that,
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the need to stand up to radical islam and some of the other things, i think it would be bad if he backtracks. he could put a little more policy meat on the bones. but as some of his campaign functionaries have point out, it gives democrat a big fat target. trump has succeeded by not getting too specific on policy. the message to paul ryan that he need to respect the voters of the party or resign. charles: speaker ryan did lay his card on the table today. now it's up to donald trump to make the decision on the platform. keep it right here, we are talking about party unity and perhaps those core principles. tweet me your thoughts. we'll have reaction from the hill next. [vet] two yearly physicals down.
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charles: donald trump's arrival in our nation's capital was met with great anticipation. he got a couple of people to jump on board including former speaker john boehner. congressman brian babbin and tom more reno. let's start with you. i have got to tell you, donald trump went around and met a lot of people, and even had a phone call with lyndsey graham, his harshest critic. how would you assess the day for
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him? >> he's reaching out to the so-called leadership. the insiders in washington, they are afraid of donald trump but they are even more afraid of the voters who put him over the top, the largest vote getter in the primary. people in my district are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the establishment and they have spoken up. charles: when paul ryan spoke over and over again today he used the term "core principles." he laid it out as limited government, pro-life and separation of powers. what part of that does he not think donald trump will embrace as part of the new gop agenda? >> i think he just wants to make sure everybody is on the same page. i'm not trying to second guess our speaker.
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but as a former supporter of ted cruz, he's in texas, that's where i'm from. and mr. trump was not my first choice. but he's the on choice. as far as i can see he's our presumptive nominee. he has gotten more republican primary votes than anyone in many, many years. it's time to coalesce and unite behind our presumptive nominee and keep hillary clinton from becoming our president. i think we don't look any further than the figure 6-3. if we don't have a republican president, mrs. clinton will be appointing the supreme court justices. charles: representative babin, you supported ted cruz. he's been relatively quite.
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will he come on board and embrace donald trump? will he be a support per or endorser and be enthusiastic about this? >> i can't speak for him. i had a conversation with him today. i think he's just recuperating from 13 months of heavy combat. and i can't speak for him, but i'm hoping all of the republicans across this land realize -- charles: he didn't give you any hints today? representative marino. a few elected officials on capitol hill who are still reluctant. are you talking to them at all? it's obvious no one in your party wants to see hillary clinton win but there is a fair amount of opposition to your candidate. >> there is, but we are gaining support. i had several individuals say i
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wanted to help, i want to get on board. paul ryan wants the same thing. he will come out and -- he said i need to talk to him. they hadn't spoken. issues the media keeps saying are a problem here, today they found out they agree on most things. trump's issues, two of the issues he got such high percentage numbers for were border and trading. they will work those details out. issues that paul and i am concerned with are pro-life, and also article one. i had discussions with donald on those and he has no problem with congress taking back its responsibility. i think this will come to a conclusion rather quickly. paul has to deal with
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247prima donnas. charles: thank you both have much. by the way. you don't want to miss "hannity" tonight. he will sit down with donald trump to discuss his meeting with paul ryan on capitol hill. >> i think he's doing a good job. he's got not an easy job. i don't mind going through a slow process. it's a big subject with a lot of things. we agree on a lot of different items. i feel strongly about border security, i feel strongly about trade and building up the military and to a large extents i think paul is there also. charles: it's going down tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern time on fox news channel. donald trump's call for a
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temporary ban on muslims. some are saying maybe he got a little soft on it in the interview. is it good evolving? it's a core issue his fans love. they don't want him to change. tweet me as cv payne. at ally bank, no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like social media equals anti-social. hey guys, i want you to meet my fiancée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis.
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>> i would like to back off as soon as possible. frankly, i would like to see something happen. but we have to be vigilant. there is a radical islamic terrorism problem our president doesn't even want to talk about. i think by putting together a commission, a group of people highly respected in this field like rudy and others, i think that could lead to something pretty good. charles: that was donald trump discussing his team prairie ban
6:25 pm
on muslim immigration. he also talked about a commission that could possibly be led by rudy giuliani. does it mean he might be getting softer on this topic? donald trump fans love this as a key issue of his platform. and any suggestion he's getting soft, they don't take it too well. certainly not on social media. how did you perceive his comments. >> he always said it was a temporary ban. i criticized him and dick cheney criticized him because it would be creating a religious test. i thought the line should not be drawn with muslims, but islamists. but what he's doing is elaborating. it's a significant neal's going to be reasonable and mature, before it am not a signal he
6:26 pm
will revert to the politicians obama and hillary. charles: when you say reasonable and mature, what? >> i don't think it's a climb-down. he's tackling radical islamic extremism or whatever want to call it. it's an elaboration. it's back to an issue that was contentious among republicans. people will give him a lot of leeway because they will know his heart is in the right place. charles: when you start talking about temporary policy in washington, d.c., you could be talking about forever. but having said that. a donald trump guy, a law enforcement guy. do you see any wiggle room in this? >> he's defining the process.
6:27 pm
i remember when we started to profile people, the media ran with everything is racial profiling. he's refining this process so he will have a temporary ban and you won't look for a black male, white male, 6 foot with red hair. you will look at individuals who may be coming in to disrupt our national security. charles: a bunch of people want to come in from all over the world. 1.6 billion people. some want to come in from indonesia. how do you determine who they are? it seems like a complicated process. >> it is complicated. if you have people coming in with proper document and background checks, i don't think they will have a problem. the problem is when somebody comes to the gate and says i have the documentation, you are not coming in. >> i think there is a big
6:28 pm
difference we'll get to in this between the people and the process. we have a lot of problems with the process. we don't have that's problems with the people when you look at statistically and numericalally. it only takes one. but we have dozen and dozens of classifications of these. some cases are more problematic in the efficacy of their background checks. charles: give me a time. could the temporary ban last less than a year? >> i think it's impossible to say. >> i believe so. >> he said we had a problem. the never trump brigade. mitt romney is in the middle of
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charles: we are learning the u.s. navy fired the commander of
6:33 pm
the u.s. sailors who went off course and were held by iran. that commander was fired. mitt romney says trump many refusal to release his tax returns is quote disqualifying him for president. liz, you wrote a piece saying to conservatives, get over it. >> basically this ways we have got, folk. there won't be a third party run. we had a strong conservative running against trump in the primary. ted cruz was the strongest man left standing and he didn't win. the mechanic of a third-party run are almost impossible. i talked to mike bloomberg about it. it just can't be done. and secondly i don't think there is a huge appetite for a far
6:34 pm
right candidate to run in this cycle. we have to get on board with the idea we don't want hillary clinton he atlantic and that means donald trump. charles: suck it up. when this whole thing began and they thought donald trump would be somewhat of a fringe candidate. now he has the same people who pushed hip to do that ignoring the demand he make. >> there are conservatives who will day home. in key battle ground states up as new hampshire and ohio where there are key senate races that we need to maintain and control the senate. i believe a viable third party candidate launched a suicide mission. it will save the house. charles: it's like three-level chess.
6:35 pm
>> if someone is sophisticated enough to know there is a different person on the ballot and that will get them out because they don't like donald trump and then they will vote down the ballot. they will know to go to vote even if they are not voting for president, to vote down the ballot. you don't need to treat them like kittens with cheese to get them to vote. 8-10 million extra people voted in this cycle. trump and ryan admitted there are millions more people that came out. but i agree with liz. in all honesty it's sad. i have great regard for both the romneys. what disqualifies you is losing. the american people don't care about donald trump's tax returns. i don't. we know he's an imperfect man, but at this point this nation is
6:36 pm
ready for him. charles: the way it's presented, though, particularly with somebody like a mitt romney, he's a very successful man himself, that he know something. and it does pique the interest of some people. what's in those tax returns, mark? >> tax returns show very little. it won't affect the vote at all. i didn't support mitt romney in 2012 in the primaries, but i cut him a check for $2,000 in the fall because i wanted to see barack obama beat. let me give a mess and to mitt romney right now. turn in your gop voter card. switch your registration. endorse hillary clinton and get out of my party, and by the way, i want my money back. this guy is is -- is a traitor. he should support this nominee.
6:37 pm
charles: anybody who is formerly gop that isn't wholeheartedly behind donald trump you are saying they are traitors? >> mitt romney who is the nominee for our party who we fell behind and supported to beat barack obama and lost -- charles: we have got to go. >> he betrayed his president and house lead fresh 1990. charles: i think mitt romney lost the election, and i think people still held him in high regard. long this start to linker, a lot of people won't hold him in that same high regard. the middle class is shrinking, particularly in metropolitan areas. in new york city you are either
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charles: you hear all the time about the erosion of the middle class. there is a pew research poll that showed median income fell 80% in the 220 metropolitan areas studied. joining me now, richard goodstein, and professor morici. these are things people feel and
6:42 pm
know. but when you see the exhaustive studies on it, it brings it to light. >> we have technology and globalization which is destroying import and a lot of middle class jobs. in cities it's magnified because of the scarcity of land. in new york you build for the rich and four-door housing for affordable housing but it's hard to build for the middle. the obama administration has voiced concerns about zoning laws and land use regulations impeding the movement of skilled people into the big cities where the high-tech jobs are. charles: this will be an issue moyer than some of the other thing weighing on the economy. what do you think about this.
6:43 pm
>> we had up a major crash before president obama took office. the wealth of people tide up in house got destroyed. that accounts for the absence of tonight wealth they had which wasn't much to begin with. i think going after middle income voters will be big, and hillary clinton feels pretty good about the fact she is for a minimum wage increase and trump is not. she is for help with childcare and he is not. people may smell a rat when they get wind of the fact that he's been outsourcing jobs and hiring foreigners. just like we saw with bain capital. the history of donald trump, i have a hunch the middle class, just like they felt toward
6:44 pm
romney won't be feeling particularly warm thoughts once they have the full picture about trump. charles: forgetting about trump and his wealth and how much he may or may not have. the arm person is wondering how did they get this thing going? >> what we have seen, a lot of the government programs aimed at solving this problem have only made it worse. we are talking about mobility. a lot of the welfare programs in this country are not transportable. you can't leave your city and state and easily pick up somewhere else. affordable housing, if you leave, it's hard to get in the next city you go to. as far as the wealth issue is concerned. hillary clinton is not exactly a pauper and it will be harder for her to explain where those $200 million came from. charles: especially where you got it from. >> it's all in her tax returns.
6:45 pm
charles: people are wondering wink, wink, is she worth $300,000 a speech. the demise of brick and mortar is real. but is the death of the economy real? that's the question. we'll bring the panel back to discuss it. stick around.
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charles: dow jones industrial average up 200 points one day, down 200 points the next day.
6:49 pm
then it was up 86 points, then down 8 point. while it closed slightly in the green, there was serious carnage. we have to look at the retail sector. it continues to get wall opened as nordstrom joins that wallop parade. stocks will join macy's and kohl's. it will be at lowest levels since 2011. lenora, let me start with you. i know amazon has taken off and to a large degree it's killing all these retailers. but across the board, small retailers, large retailers are all getting slammed pretty good.
6:50 pm
peter, can you answer that for me? >> the real problem with retailers is two-fold. there is online shopping and their products are too expensive compared to online. a lot of the products are trashy or expensive like a t -- like a polo golf shirt. because consumers can buy cheap they are spending more money in restaurants and home furnishings, areas where department stores don't do well or have no presence. consumers are still spending but they are not spending at malls. they are spending online and spend on non-traditional retail products. there has been a shift in what consumers do. it doesn't mean the economy is tanking and the stock market is reading the consequences of what's going on in retail wrong in my judgment.
6:51 pm
charles: i know millennials live in the moment. shake shack had a good number. idea it was jack in the box that was the biggest winner. there is still some sort of connection between the fact that savings has gone from 4.9% to 4.5% in four months. something is going on with the american consumer. >> how do we expect to have a strong consumer when 47% of americans report they don't have enough to cover a $400 emergency. we just saw the initial jobless claims jump. the most we have seen it jump in the past 11 years and it's now at a 15-month high. we are seeing the announced layoffs rose 24% for the first four months of this year. that's going to have everybody concerned. you see consumer confidence
6:52 pm
levels across the board. charles: a lot of members of the federal reserve including janet yellen. last report weave had on consumer debt surged, credit card use, the fastest pace in 14 years. is that a sign of the wealth effect the feds have been looking for or are people using credit cards to make it day to day? >> it's a sign we are gefght the spring recovery. we had a nasty winter and you are seeing the consequences of that in these reported retail sales. but savings going from 4.9 to 5.5, a brief jump in jobless claims. i can give you today the -- i can give you data that the economy is moving along.
6:53 pm
they are doing it in different places. charles: i love your optimism. i'm not sure your audience shares it. we'll have to get you back next time. thanks to both you. appreciate your expertise. team clinton turning their attention to the general election launching a full-scale ad ripping into donald trump. will negative ads help her win or is it a strategy that will work and will we get any more nuance. we'll debate it in three minutes. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world.
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. charles: hillary clinton already launching a full-scale ad campaign to attack donald trump's candidacy for president. one such ad attacked donald trump's alleged sexism and comments about women. take a listen.
6:57 pm
>> because nobody respects women more than donald trump. ♪. >> she came to my wedding. she ate like a pig. charles: clinton hopes to undermine trump's candidacy and continue to focus on women, women, women, and occasionally minorities, if you will. joining me tammy bruce, cathy taylor, richard goodstein and evan sigfreid. i guess she's going to go with this, this is maybe the only card she's got. >> she doesn't have any cards, she's playing poker for sure. if you just look at policies that she's put forward and whether or not they've empowered women, there's your answer. and let's take something for instance that both sides of the aisle agree upon, economic development. when you give women in developing nation as i dollar whether it's through expertise or dollar microloan, those women have proven better to do
6:58 pm
better than men with the dollar. take the same approach to america and women here, and she and the democrats have done nothing like that. whereas if you look at republican policies and the policies that trump is supporting, he's maybe not always conservative on economic policies, many of the policies he's supporting and the way he treats women in his organization, it is a much better bang for the buck for women. charles: you think we're going to get details on policy or more like the primaries and more of a personal attacks on both sides. >> what can hillary clinton first of all offer in terms of a message to voters other than i'm not donald trump. charles: instead of lost all the money. >> she gets high speaking fees and doesn't release transcripts. the model of transparency. charles: yeah. >> she is offering no message. donald trump, whether you agree with him or not, saying i want again. charles: i think everybody agrees with that. who would disagree with that? >> look, this is a woman who
6:59 pm
clearly realizes she's fighting for her own base. she sees the numbers out of west virginia. knows she's got to keep people at home, her problem is everyone knows it's a lie, they know she is not the answer and frankly with donald trump, he may not be the perfect man when it comes to the nature of the language he uses but elected people who maybe are nicer on the surface and destroyed the country and we're ready to make decisions based on different standards at this point. charles: richard, i know that you're great at spinning everything, but on this particular thing, is the woman's card enough to get hillary clinton in the white house? >> listen, hillary clinton, if she has one thing to say about economic policy will point to her husband's policies, which have the most robust job growth and gdp growth we've ever seen, and then we had 76 straight months of private sector job growth under barack obama, sandwiching the policies that donald trump supports. charles: we've got to leave it there, on the key word,
7:00 pm
sandwiching, a lot of people think those are the jobs that were created in the 74 months. leave it right there. great show, great panel, appreciate it. and we appreciate you every night. catch the show at 6:00 p.m., if you can't see it, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money," and certainly not of lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. mr. trump went to washington, and washington may never be quite the same. donald trump meeting with top republican lawmakers and by all accounts he quickly won them over. trump went to washington with a clear message and a mandate for millions of voters and members of congress hearing that message loud and clear. trump received praise from fellow republicans including speaker paul ryan. >> really unparalleled. she has gotten more votes than any republican primary nominee in the history of our country,


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