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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 12, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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ozzy tweeted out, the establishment can get on the trump train or get run over. it's simple. never change, trump. there it i. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. [♪] kennedy: oh, mercy, welcome aboard. last show of the week. let's make it fantastic. i am watching hillary clinton who had it up to her in the toughest part of her campaign as she battled a consider mish on two fronts. she is the meat in a man's sandwich as they squeeze her like a thigh master to try to get her out of the race. donald trump has been going after her the last few weeks saying she is crooked as the colorado river and nasty as a hornet.
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>> crooked hillary was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler. kennedy: as the scab falls off the bloody republican primary fight, hillary find herself still battling bernie. each victory makes him more confident, strident and aggressive and he's rubbing salt in her gaping oozing vulnerabilities. >> don't moan to me about hillary clinton's problems. i'm in this race to win. we are taking on the democratic establishment. kennedy: that's right, you sly socialist. keep running redman. you know who loves seeing hillary's entrailss stale out?
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this guy. >> i'm no fan of bernie sanders, but he's 00% right on that. hillary clinton is totally controlled by the people who put up her money, she is totally controlled by wall street. kennedy: his mutual best interests are served by tearing down her wall. they both profit from her ethical stumbles and campaign wobles and they both appeal to the same kind of voter she has marginalized. like the coal workers in west virginia. we'll see if the big squeeze has a long-term effect, but for now she'll have to find a way to survive because these two aren't slithering away anytime soon.
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john stossel will be here. and jonathan kite is here with celebrity impressions. glad you are here. i'm kennedy. hillary clinton getting hammered on both flanks by trump and sanders. will she be limp into the general elect. let me ask my peer-reviewed party panel tonight. also tonight it's tom hi through. he wore brown for me so he could hide. and molly hemingway is here.
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welcome, everybody. welcome. let's talk about i love a man sandwich. but think is the most exhausting point in the campaign. people are worried she's getting it from the democrats and republicans. >> she should have had this totally locked up months ago. her only competition was an aging vermont socialist. and he's get giving her a run for her money. kennedy: he's winning big important states. one after another. >> not just winning the states, but he's winning the messaging war and pulling her to the left which is the louisiana thing she want. kennedy: are you glad bernie won't let up? is there something about this that is exciting? >> why is it disrespectful?
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i think that's the way this works, right? to suggest that -- a lot of people thought she was going to walk the coronation. the fact that she is getting it from him shows people are excited in a bad way. they are angry, and i think he should stay in. >> technically he has no chance of winning the nomination bar be indictment. kennedy: his supporters hope there is a contested convention. if he make it past that first ballot that somehow he will have much more sway over the party. he won't be the nominee unless the f.b.i. has it way. do you like the way trump is fake supporting bernie? >> i think that trump is trying to court bernie supporters. it's we have a general elect to win. bernie sanders doesn't have an actual chance of taking the
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nomination unless they blow up the system. but trump is interested in pulling off those voters like the ones we saw in west virginia who said we'll vote for donald trump over hillary clinton in a general elect. so he's trying to court some voters. not necessarily bernie himself. kennedy: they are going after the same people. we are resonating with the same people, and that could end up being a big and important voting bloc *. donald trump gained popularity by running as an anti-establishment outsider. but now as the nominee he has to make peace with the establishment that's slowly rallying behind him. he went to washington, d.c. to meet with speaker ryan and senate republicans. >> i was encouraged by what i heard from donald trump today. i believe we are planting the
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seed to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences. from here we'll go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is and make sure we are operating off the same core principles. kennedy: his hair is like dark mossy licorice and i find it impossible to look away. thing work out really well, hashtag trump 2016. how dumb was this meeting? >> it was brilliant strategy for conservatives in the republican party who are not ready to join up with trump. either he gets trump to start sounding like a conservative or in any way articulate republican mess ands or if not, he has positioned himself as someone who doesn't get on board. he was already burned when he was working with president bush and bush was passing entitlement
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reforms. it was a huge expansion of entitlement programs. he was positioning himself now whether or not trump wins. >> he's got to get re-elected. did you see that guy on the motorcycle? kennedy: a 5-point lead against the motorcycle. hillary clinton had a 65-point lead three weeks ago. >> all trump had to do was extend an olive branch. after paul ryan said i need you to give the slightest hint you understand what the republican party is, and trump sent his surrogate out to bash him. >> the people those's a negotiator and they say he's a great negotiator. you don't do it in the room. trump starts fights with people.
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they become legendary fights. when there is any type of agreement and they come in and play nice. trump end up looking okay. >> based on the way i saw what paul ryan said today, i was very happy to see him not just say we had one meeting and i'm jumping on the trump train. i thought that was important for him moving forward, not to just say a 45-minute meeting in washington, d.c. he listens to the language paul ryan was using. he kept saying we conservatives believe in limited government, and pro-life principles and the u.s. constitution. he talks about it like he unless one camp and donald trump is another. the point was he kept repeatedly saying we believe in certain principles and donald trump has to come around.
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kennedy: we have so much more coming up including hillary clinton. she has been calling that f.b.i. server probe a security inquiry. what does f.b.i. director james comey have to say about that? an investigation. and he's feeling pressure to wrap it up. john stossel has seen the state of american healthcare from the inside out. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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kennedy: we know how to get it going over here. there is no reverb flating studio by the feels like it. hillary clinton has been downplaying the f.b.i. probe into her server a security inquiry. but the f.b.i. director james comey says, i'm not familiar with the term "security inquiry," we are conduct an investigation. that's what we do. by says he does feel pressure to finish quickly though he wants to do it well. i love the not familiar line. it goes to show he's so sick of the terms that she makes up,
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trying to pull the jedi mind trick in a very, very serious matter. >> you have interactions with the law, that's what i do. i get pulled over, i tell my kids, i'm just chatting with the police here. you have got to play hopscotch with the cops. >> it's a wobble test. kennedy: why is he talking about this external pressure to finish? >> i think there is a very serious concern among people who feel like -- kennedy: tell me everything. >> we have an election here. there is a woman running for the highest office in the country, and quite frankly in the world, who has potential f.b.i. indictments looming and people feel they are entitled to know what's going to happen before november rolls around. they don't want to go to the
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polling place and not understand what's going to happen and then have an f.b.i. indictment come down and have nothing to happen because it's the president. people need to know they are voting for this person. kennedy: i love it that comey is break his silence on this ridiculous language hillary and her team have been using. kennedy: do you think the f.b.i. is worried about rubber stamps and whether they say classified or s.a.p. or whatever designation could go on them? no, they are a law enforcement agency versus garretting a potential crime. but you think the press is letting her get away with it. >> how ridiculous is it the f.b.i. director had to come out and say something everybody knows.
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hillary clinton says she hasn't been interviewed so she doesn't think it's a big deal. sidney blumenthal, hillary's off the books adviser says she won't get in trouble because they only care if you intend to misclassify. people are in jail across country who had no intents of mishandling classified information. she gave an interview 15 years ago where she said she doesn't use email because she doesn't want to be investigated. kennedy: that's when she didn't understand what technology was. this darn select typewriter with a tv on it. what's going on here. >> 20 years ago, that's when we loved email the most. remember getting junk mail and saying wow. >> and aol chat rooms.
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kennedy: john stossel recently under went surgery after a lung cancer diagnosis. he is back and he's healthy. his comeback show is tomorrow and he tackles our healthcare system and why it should be more customer focused. here is a peek.
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[♪] >> burger king ran that campaign because mcdonald's had long dominated the fast food market and made it tough for customers to customize their burger. so burger king said, we can serve it any way you think you wanted, have it your way. kennedy: john stossel, host of "stossel." you look amazing. i thought they would wheel you in an iron lung and you would be 50 pound lighter. >> it's modern technology. they go in with these tiny things and back on my feet in a few days. kennedy: what did you expect when you heard you had lung cancer? john: that it was tiny and they would cut it out.
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you women want your husbands to get tested all the time. my wife said you are coughing, go bet tested. and she saved my life. kennedy: were you ever a smoker? >> no, not tobacco. kennedy: were you surprised at the healthcare system and how they treated you? >> when i was recovering and i got more and more annoyed, i started to type. and people got mad saying they saved your life, be grateful. kennedy: that's the threshold? be grateful you didn't die? >> the point of competition is mcdonald's lets you have it your way, too. obamacare made it worse.
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nobody pays directly. you are not the customer. the government or the private insurance company is the customer. so they don't have an incentive. the customer service business. kennedy: the more you have these institutions like government bureaucracies and giant healthcare bureaucracies running things, is that just gone? is good healthcare gone forever? >> it keeps improving in terms of technology. but there is a tiny pocket of medicine where it is consumer driven. plastic surgery, lasik eye surgery. the waiting rooms are nice, they barely make you wait. prices go down, the quality goes up because there is competition. the higher deductible policies that most people hate, but they do start a market.
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consumers start asking about price. i was in the hospital for four days, nobody mentioned the price of anything. kennedy: you are talking to paul ryan and donald trump who are talking about scrapping obamacare. what is the one thing you will ask for them to change the system you know from the inside out for the better. >> medical savings accounts. obamacare squeezes them and trump has praised them. kennedy: it seems like a better way to have healthcare. you don't have to worry about losing your job, and anything that will improve the state of healthcare, and you practically need an advocate to walk into a hospital these days. but that's how you acted when you wrote this article so people could see what you had to go through. i hope on some level being a bureaucrat i ca --bureaucratic .
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welcome back. you look great. kennedy: tomorrow "free market medicine" only on stossel. a majestic american balanced eagle swoops from the clouds to ruin a fisherman's day. you decide, "topical storm" is next.
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kennedy: you have such a pretty mouth. let's take a bite out of the normal news and put your best assets to work. this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. if you ever have the good fortune of salmon fishing in maple lake, barac british colum. avian laws don't apply to the
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winged one as one angler found out when he finally got a fish on the line. you know what they say? one on the rod is worth two in the bush. i don't know who said that. but i do know having an eagle steal your fish lead to automatic curse word. there are two thing we all know. number one, cheese is delicious. and number two apparently and a clause is an incruisive dietary fuss budget. watch one little girl trying to weasle her way out of her stolen treasure. >> did you eat any of the cheese? >> i didn't. >> you didn't have any cheese at all? >> i didn't.
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>> tell the truth. santa claus is watching? did you eat any of the cheese that fell on the ground. >> then how did you get cheese on your face. santa claus is watching. cheese has protein and calcium. last i checked. st. nick is not michelle obama. he's hibernating because his belly is full of so much stolen cheese. with the right genetics and makeup, a model can stop traffic. but if you are really distracting as a professional pretty person, you can disorient drones. watch jess adams posing in florida. and whack.
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in slow-mo. right on the kisser. i have got to see it again. indent alley, if you were a robot, that drone is super hot. but clumsy. the wind keeps making it into that human model's face. miss adams is okay and laughing by the, but she shouldn't be. i think we all remember what happens when you start mixing models with robots. not good. doesn't end well. topic number 4. here it is. hillary clinton's campaign rallies are a lot like zombie movie, only with flags. and they are a wee bit too politically correct. one warmup act introduces her
8:32 pm
man city by quoting the pledge of allegiance but stumbles when she gets to that god bit. >> only hillary can bring us together as one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all. kennedy: indivisible. what the hell is that? i it a more expensive government version of being invisible. and before i go back to making fun of hillary clinton which i do adore. she is in fave of keeping under god in the plefnl allegiance like most americans. now that that's over. let's see the rest of the clinton rally and how it went. >> it's time for to us say yes we can make it in america.
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they just love her. topic number 5. when life get tough and your hula hoop slips off, you keep on dancing. just do it. do you hear me? never give up. never stop like this little girl. , hew! she is still going. it's like me in bar class. but slightly more juvenile. she is adorable. possibly extremely slow reflexes. but either way, you dance, girl. you know what would be impressive is that piano playing horse if he learned how to hula hoop. can you manage?
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now, that's coordination. if you any weird stories you would like to see in the "topical storm," tweet me @kennedynation. coming up, no one fires a torpedo and twitter like donald trump. but can you spot the continues been his real and fake twitter insults? trump twitter taunts. that's coming up. libertarian candidate austin houston joins me.
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and click to activate your within. kennedy: any time there is dancing on this show, there is one in the "w" column. donald trump said he's probably the best 140 character writer in
8:38 pm
the world and his tweets are colorful if tactless. he tweeted arianna huffing town is unattractive boint side and out. i fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. he made a good decision. the party panel is here. katie pavlich, tom shillue and molly hemingway. tom assures me he's not going to lose it's a new day and we are going to start with some trump twitter taunts. tweet number one. mitt romney is a mixed up man who doesn't have a clue. no wonder he lost. trump tweet, fact or fiction.
8:39 pm
tom is the only one who got that right. it was a real tweet from donald trump. kennedy: tom, you are in the lead. you have one on the ladies have nothing. tweet number two. john kasich is a nice man but looked like a dopey muppet and eats pancakes too fact. fact or fiction. everyone got that right. tom is still in the lead. here is tweet number three. rosie o'donnell is a mentally sick woman and dummy like danny difficuldevito without the tale.
8:40 pm
kennedy: wrong. what's muppet? it cause kasich. >> he looks like a happy muppet. he's not a dopey muppet. he's ohio' ohio's muppet. governor perry failed on the border. he should be forced to take an i.q. test before being allowed to enter the gop debate. katie and tomorrow got that one right. molly, you are in third place. tom is in the lead. you know who loves i.k. tests? can he frost a cake? >> maybe not. kennedy: here is tweet number 5.
8:41 pm
i like mitch mcconnell, but he's incompetent and sounds like turtle jimmy stuart. fact or fiction. everyone figured out that is a fake tweet. so everyone gets on the board with that one. tom is still in the lead in this game. good job, tom. there is still a ways to go. here we go with tweet number 6. rand paul has weird poodle hair and is weak on isis. fact or fiction. isn't it weird? weird poodle hair. so we have run out of questions. that means molly, i'm sorry you have been eliminated from the tie breaker. but tom and katie. you have 4 apiece.
8:42 pm
here is the time breaker question. tom shillue could win this, katie you could steal his thunder and steal his dreams forever. >> the system is rigged. kennedy: we don't know that yet. what year did donald trump first start tweeting. >> that's not a fact or fiction question. >> 2006. >> 2009. kennedy: tom shillue, you are the winner, donald trump started tweeting in march 2009. i think it started in 2011. >> i think i remember when he came on. kennedy: tom shillue, the game is clearly not rigged. congratulations. and well done moml -- molly and katie.
8:43 pm
jonathan kite is going to join me. first up, austin petersen is here running for the libertarian presidential nomination. he will tell me why voters should support him. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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kennedy: with two highly unpopular candidates running for president, a third option is necessary and very appealing to many, many people. but the country is set up for a two-party system. it makes it an uphill battle for anyone running in an extra
8:47 pm
party. austin petersen joins me now. i love liberty. were she here i would swaddle her and carry her around the studio. so let's talk about what you would do if you were injected legitimately into this presidential race. how would you take on hillary clinton and donald trump. >> they are two new york liberals, i'm a midwest country boy. they are for big government, i'm for limited government. kennedy: they are statists and would use their power to expands the federal government whether it's entitlements or childcare or lowering the age for immediate i care, or whatever the program is.
8:48 pm
>> when he talks about limiting immigration and build ago wall. ronald ray dan wanted to tear down that wall. our policies come out of love for ou that's what freedom is all about. kennedy: when john kerry goes to colleges and says you are living in a borderless world. >> i'm all about individualism. so anything that restricts liberty i'll be against. i think that people -- life will find a way. we need to incentivize legal immigration. ken require's a difficult, confusing, long process. but when people go through it they are resentsful of people who come over legally and get handful of entitlement. would you end the entitlement state for immigrants?
8:49 pm
>> i would. but milton freedman said whether immigration is legal or illegal it provides an economic benefit. they come in and work and get a fake social security number and they are not eligible to take it. kennedy: you can't have anyone coming in here getting free college and free healthcare and social security. the country cannot afford to support people like that. >> while i'm a vad cal libertarian -- kennedy: are you an anarchist? >> no, if you want to have a government, you should so bay the constitution. as president i will not be a dictate tore and i will enforce the law. but you have wide latitude when it comes to immigration. kennedy: what about gary johnson? >> he has some inconsistencies
8:50 pm
that would keep us from growing the party. we've need to bring in the ted cruz and bernie sanders supporters. you don't have to sell out to grow the movement. if you stand on principle, more people will come to you. at'shat n pa did keedy:ome opleay iust nt mey, want job >> the president doesn't key say the jobs. they can't give something they don't first take away from someone else. >> occupational licensing. why do you have to have a license to braid hair? capitalism and the free markets allows people from lower social classes to move their way up. kennedy: are you going to win the libertarian nomination? >> darn right. kennedy: are you ahead?be wiggle to pull it out. gary, look out. kennedy: you sounds like ted
8:51 pm
cruz. he's a good man, but i'm hard-core libertarian. kennedy: we'll see what happens when the party, what's it called, the libertarian government con fab -- the convention -- we'll find out at the end of the month when the libertarian convention convenes. coming up, imagine president obama or donald trump as the pizza delivery guy. jonathan kite on deck. the heirloom tomato.
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[bassist] two late nights in blew an amp.but good nights. sure,music's why we do this,but it's still our business. we spend days booking gigs, then we've gotta put in the miles to get there. but it's not without its perks. like seeing our album sales go through the roof enough to finally start paying meg's little brother- i mean,our new tour manager-with real,actual money. we run on quickbooks.that's how we own it. >> it's even heard than having sex when you had bird flu. >> i'm just as ready. kennedy: the one on the left is jonathan kite. the show is renewed for. >> 6th season.
8:55 pm
the season five new finale airs tonight on cbs. welcome back. i'm so happy to have you here. i hate whipping you like a trained monkey. but you are the most talented impressionist i have never met. i should have brought a fez and gone out to times square with a monkey and an or began box. >> but then the peta people would set you free. this season is so strange. but is it good for you that there are so many characters in the presidential race? >> it is good. it's great for comedy. but it's like aning a thank christy novel. you have to pick the one you think will live until the end. congratulations who everyone who has john kasich material. because it's still in it.
8:56 pm
kennedy: he dropped out. >> today? >> kasich material has been dying. he was doing it. but you have got to pick the one. especially for impressionists. you take a lot of time to learn somebody and they are in for two seconds. kennedy: who is the best who got out too soon. >> ben carson looked like the beginning of a nyquil commercial that never got better. he looked like a pixar character from "monster's inc." his arms come out here. kennedy: that's why he had to go to florida to get fresh clothes. impression number one. i would like you to do president
8:57 pm
obama hosting a cooking show. >> hello america. this is president barack obama. i have two dishts i want to share with you today. the first one is called the joe biden. it's delicious but it's hard to eat because you first have to put your foot in your mouth. and the second dish is called the congress. it's great if you have too much fiber because once you have it you won't be able to pass anything through. kennedy: number two is donald trump as a pizza delivery guy who got a bad tip. >> let me just say this is the least luxurious, the least fan as i cal tip i have gone the in my life. i'm going to build a house, a wall around your house. i'll make you pay for it. we are never going to come here again and we'll send all your family in there. kennedy: impression number three.
8:58 pm
a telemarketer trying to sell a george foreman grill. >> if you ever thought of getting your food as hot as the fires of mordorf? look at you have done for me. he could sell anything. kennedy: i'm a "lord of the rings" fan. >> have you ever thought of getting dinosaur insurance? get dinosaur insurance. kennedy: i'm going to have the best, hottest meats. >> it's something else. kennedy: impression number 4.
8:59 pm
jeff bridges arguing with a flight attendant. >> hey, babe, let me talk to you for a second. i bought the extra leg room but i have got to have my guitar. i don't want to wear the cowboy hat unless i'm putting it down. i have got to spread my legs out, man. can i smoke weed in here? kennedy: normally no, but for you, jeff bridges on a plane. >> the academy award winner jeff bridges. kennedy: thank you, jonathan kite, please come back and bring a sponge because my makeup is running. >> do you have any makeup stick spray? kennedy: i love.
9:00 pm
thank you so much. all right. thank you for watching tonight. email >> a super storm whacks the jersey shore. >> you walk in. what do you find? >> you couldn't even get through the front door. >> it was overwhelming, the damage that had been done. >> a town institution obliterated. but could a strange inheritance of superheroes save the day? >> i was holding the books up, and i was screaming like a little giddy schoolgirl. [ laughs ] >> he had comic books from the 1940s, during the war period, like asuperman17 with superman beating the snot out of hitler. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪


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