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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 13, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> live from the velasio hotel, mornings with maria starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good morning, everybody, welcome, i'm maria bartiromo, coming from the salt conference in las vegas. it's friday may 13th, top stories 6:00 a.m. in the east coast. house speaker paul ryan coming out of meeting hopeful that they can bring the party together. >> i don't mind going through a little bit of a slow process. more the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we are getting there. >> i think we had a very encouraging meeting. donald trump and i have had the differences. we talked about those differences today. that's common knowledge. we had a very good and encouraging productive conversation. maria: when isle actor george clooney taking on republicans, the hillary clinton donor standing firm on criticism of donald trump.
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>> there's not going to be a president donald trump. that's not going to happen. [applause] >> it's not going to happen paz we are not going to be -- fear is not going to be something that we -- that's going to be what drives our country. maria: new troubles to talk about ftsa this morning, one official getting a 90,000-dollar bonus, even workers failed to find weapons at check points. 3,000 check bags did not make it onto planes at one airport. hat trend in hollywood turning video games in blockbuster but will they be successful at stock market? retail under pressure. companies hurting as more people skipping stores and going online, retail sales later this morning, we will have the numbers, markets this morning in asia overnight weakness across the board. in europe losses as well, as you
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can see major averages down half a percent and one and a half percent. two-thirds of 1% in london and in u.s. is carrying over. down industrial average expected about one half of 1%. we have a can't-miss lineup. former massachusetts senator scott brown and former nato commander james and actor and director is with us coming up. dagen mcdowell, great to see you. dagen: i cannot wait for ron howard. he direct it had best car race movie of all time, rush, so -- he's got a lot to talk about, i'm sure. maria: wait for you see what he has, he is incredibly busy, he has a lot coming up this september. so all that ahead.
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our top story, however, race to the white house, donald trump and gop leadership praising yesterday's meeting calling encouraging as the party struggles to unify itself before the big convention in july. >> i thought it was a great meeting, we had -- ce discussed a lot of things, a lot of important things, i thought it was a really great meeting. i think paul felt the same way and everybody else did also. >> let me say this, i think we had a very encouraging meeting, it's no secret that donald trump and have have had our differences. that's common knowledge, the question is what is it that we need to do to unify the republican party and all strings of conservative wings in the party. >> both donald trump and paul ryan left the room, i think they both expected a good meeting but i think they both left and were even more kind of impressed with each other leaving the room.
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maria: joining me right now radio talk show host, good to have you on the program. let me kick it off with you, what's your take on what you heard yesterday what does this go next? >> that's a good question, i would say that this ryan endorsement is going to take months to happen, there's no question. it's not going to happen overnight. trump is going to have to do a lot of work to convince paul ryan that he's indeed for paul ryan's caucus. donald trump speaks to division so it's going to be very interesting relationship. it's going to be a tight rope to say the least. maria: dagen, that's what we heard from paul ryan yesterday, we just had a contentious primary season, this takes time. dagen: it does take time. can we remember too -- this is only the second time that these men have met face to face, so i think paul ryan officially was
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caught off guard because the nomination process ended so quickly and, again, this still heightens the tension, there's a little bit of tension there, it keeps people interested, it makes people watch what is going on in the republican party, it's like a fantastic reality show. you can't look away. [laughter] maria: yeah, it really is. cristten, how do you see it. >> paul ryan says he's not ready to endorse donald trump. so what, the voters have overwhelmingly reject it had gop establishment and paul ryan is the epitome of the establishment. all that matters is the voters. the voters made clear that they love trump and rejected ryan and the establishment buddies, the fact that paul ryan hasn't endorsed might help with the voters because the voters are fed up with the establishment. >> maria, to push back a little bit.
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paul ryan is the highest ranking official in the united states government right now, he was the former vice president of the last presidential ticket, paul ryan has a big say here and represents a good swath of the congress, but beyond that, he represents over 200 members of the united states house of representatives who are really trying to get things done. so it would be odd to say donald trump won the primary, we want regular order in government where the republicans still have the house and possibly maintain the senate which probably unlikely, they are going to need to work with paul ryan, you can't just reject him. maria: this is not personal, this is not able paul ryan personally, these are about the principles of the republican party, that's where i think we get confused because it's not a personal thing, it's about whether or not the republicans feel that donald trump is sticking to those principles. >> that's exactly right, maria. >> right, i think that the voters feel confident in trump, the only people who continue to
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push back on trump are the establishment wonks and paul ryan says he wants unity in the party, if they want unity, they should get behind the nominee. maria: get on board. i have to switch, i want to get your take kristin on the other side of the aisle, we have new document just released that hillary clinton was aware of the risks she was taking using a private blackberry with e-mail, clinton became frustrated trying to use a secure line, she simply told staff to call her on her home phone, what's her reaction to this? >> the e-mail scandal will continue to slowly linger, would it affect the primary probably not. how does it play in the general, the question is yet to be seen. is donald trump going release tax returns, what other social group is he going to offend. the hillary clinton is an
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slow-burden story, the character of donald trump versus her is more so of the headlines. this e-mail thing, play out, is it a big deal, do democratic voters care about it, no. dagen: other than the fact that she's under investigation by the fbi, it's not a security inquiry and review, they have referred to the fbi investigation, jim conducting it said, i don't know what that means, so she's under investigation, donald trump isn't releasing tax returns right now which is his choice, he's under no obligation -- >> dagen, since the 70's, we have seen every single presidential candidate release donald trump, what does donald trump have to hide. dagen: he has an audit. maria: he's in the middle of an audit. dagen: billionaire businessman. >> maybe he's not. dagen: we know he has money. [laughter] maria:i almost feel like the
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foundation part of this investigation is going to be bigger than this e-mail scandal. i mean, look, we will wait to see what the fbi has to say but the e-mail scandal, but kristin, this movie clinton cash is connecting the dots in terms of what hillary clinton was doing as secretary of state and dealings with foreign government at the same time of bill clinton, her husband getting upwards of $600,000, millions of dollars from those fame governments for giving speeches. and also they were donating to the clinton global initiative and the clinton foundation. >> right, the recent documents released are another example of hillary clinton breaking the law for her own convenience, this is start to go look really bad for hillary clinton, she is a weak candidate, the fbi is on her tail, i think this is going to hurt her a lot in the general election and it's a great opportunity for republicans to win big, but again, the
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republicans need to really unite if they want to beat hillary. i think she's weak and this is going to look really, really bad in the general election. maria: guys, what's your take on george clooney, very adamant, there will never be a president trump. listen to this. >> there's not going to be a president donald trump. [laughter] >> that's not going to happen. [applause] >> it's not going to happen because we are not going to be used -- fear is not going to be something that we are going to -- that's going to be what drives our country. we are not going to be stair scared of muslims or immigrant or, you know, women, we are not actually afraid of anything. maria: what's your take, kristin? >> i don't think george clooney represents the american people. he doesn't understand the struggles that we deal on day-to-day basis. these idiots in hollywood have
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no idea what the american people want. hollywood elites -- even under fbi investigation. dagen: can help you raise money which clooney has done for the hillary clinton campaign. in terms of moving votes, the only person that i can think of in modern history that has been able to do that is oprah winfrey for president obama. do i think the american people turn for george clooney tell them who to vote for, if that's the case, they have much bigger problems than who the president of the united states is. why is his wife walking the red market in a cast julia roberts, why is he there? >> that's his wife. maria, here is -- maria: go ahead. >> i don't think george clooney speaks for everyday americans. americans are going let fear, we
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have to work on turnout. every time donald trump says something stupid, will turn people out, it's just simple. dagen: he has to worry about opening the movie coming out because all of the movies have been bomb stinkers. [laughter] maria: yaw know what, it's getting panned, so we will see. richard and kristin, thank you so much for joining the conversation. >> thank you, maria. maria: straight ahead, security problems from airports going from bad to worse, computer glitches of piled bags and missed flights. apple has been dethrone, google's parent company alphabet the world's most valuable company, amazing. we will break down the numbers. we will be right back
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♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing,
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with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at maria: welcome back, we are live this morning from las vegas, the obama administration reportedly set to start a new deportation operation, could be the largest this year. cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl: good morning, maria, u.s. immigration officials are planning series of raids set to start this month and go through june in an effort to deport hundreds of illegal immigrant, the operation is targeting specifically central american mothers and children.
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immigrant that cross the u.s. border illegally after january 1st of 2014 are a priority according to that report. well, meanwhile google's parent alphabet over taking apple as the most valuable company. reaching $494.8 billion topping apple's market cap, shares of both companies did fall yesterday. and finally this report for all you flyers out there, tsa screening system, resulted in 3,000 lost bags massive delays and missed flights according to agency official. this just happened in phoenix and is also happening taking aim at tsa for giving 90,000-dollar bonus that shows screeners fail today detect fake bombs and weapons during security tests, maria, that official already
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making an annual salary of $181,000. back to you. maria: unbelievable. i mean, look, we've all been there, right, cheryl, dagen in terms of getting bags lost, in terms of the upset at tsa but when you actually consider what you just said, i mean, the vulnerability in terms of bombs, dagen, that's pretty high salary given what we are talking about. dagen: we are not getting much for our money in terms of how tsa is operating, there's a lot of pushback because of extremely long line that is have turned up particularly heading into the summer travel season. i will say this, we had senator among a couple of senator who is were telling the airlines to drop the checked bag fee in order to speed up the security lines. this is in the a problem of private industry, this is a problem of government. the law makers and the people running the tsa need to figure
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out how to fix it and fast, stop putting the burdens on the airlines, it's not their fault. maria: we will take a short break. lots to come in the program. the gun use today kill trayvon martin back on the auction block. coming up next. retail cloud growing darker, first macy's and in nordstrom, retail sales likely a market mover, some people blaming amazon, next.
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maria: welcome back live from vegas, retail pain continues, nordstrom shares shrink continue. macy's reported its worst quarterly sales since the financial crisis, that was earlier this week. today we are waiting on jc penny, april retail sales report is at 8:30 a.m. eastern this morning. i'm going to bring in kevin kelly, recon capital, what are you expecting, what is going on with detail, the consumer still not reacting to oil prices where they are? kevin: consumer hasn't rebounded and spending money more on things like monster energy, they
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have done well in this environment, but what's really happening in retail sector, margins are coming under compression as well. margins are starting to compress w e so e with macy's, jc pennies, now with nordstrom. maria: i was surprised during the break retail saleses at in about two hours and estimate is up eight tenths of a percent. does that tell a different story than what we are seeing from some of the retailers? >> you want to look over the last three months, last six months, last year just to start to see a trend. what we have seen is mixed data. eight tenths of a percent would be great, it's probably start to go spend a little more getting healthier reaffirming the job's numbers that we have seen that wages are starting to increase so will help solidify the story.
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maria: markets under pressure this morning. how important for the stock market and what do you think is going on -- you're here at the hedge fund conference salt, what are you hearing from clients? kevin: if you look at the overall economy here in the u.s., it's roughly 70% services, retails falls into that pretty significant. people are really concerned on the fixed income side of the market and one of the reasons why is we are at all-time lows on yields, companies are really levered, they're not bringing cash back overseas, so those are some of the issues that people are facing and also the liquidity side because of regulation of dodd-frank, tons regulation, banks don't want to take on risk. that's going to impangt securities specially when people sell. maria: when you like at macy's s this because they're not foot traffic or people are shopping but online, what role does the
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online shopping play in terms of weakness in the retail segment. kevin: i'm glad you brought that up. they're down about 50% over the last year so it's been a very tough environment for them and it's not all having to do with retail, online sales because you can see macy's has great only any channel presence. maria: they've online. kevin: they have great only any channel, it has to do with competitive environment and it has to do with people's tastes and changing and going so fast that it's hard for big large companies to react. maria: we have to talk about google and apple. wow, apple hitting a two-year low. good-byele the most alphabet parent company but hitting the most valuable company in the world in terms of market capitalization, that's pretty extraordinary. kevin: that makes sense, three hottest sectors that you to be
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right now. streaming with ewe tune, in the cloud and killing it on mobile devices with android platform, they're doing very well. even the ceo said on last earnings, mobile shopping has turned to moments to quick shoppings to marathons, they are capturing that. they're not getting the benefit -- it's not as good on mobile because they have better pricing on desk top but they're the dominant player. apple really has one device makes up 65% of revenues. maria: what a story. remember when google went public, nonconvention all auction when -- $85? kevin: yeah. maria: 85. a company that's close to $500 billion in market value. kevin: we are talking about execution. look at what has happened to ewe to be -- i think yahoo. they were the dominant player
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and there was an upstart google that really took it over and created to business model. maria: sure did, kevin good to see you. when we come back, still to come the ferguson effect, fbi james comey blaming video, take a look at the cost involved in those body cameras and then this is not your ideal comiewt, that's for sure, a car getting swal swallowed by a sink hole. the story back if a moment
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>> here again is maria bartiromo. maria: welcome back, happy friday, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo. we are coming to you live, it is friday may 13. top stories right now at 6:30 a.m. in the east coast. presumptive republican nominee donald trump and house speaker paul ryan coming out of their meeting hopeful that they can bring the party together. on the democratic side bernie
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sanders drawing big crowds in south dakota as he looks ahead. meanwhile bill clinton raising eyebrows with comments on getting out to vote. >> there are 35,000 potential votes in this primary, so i want to you to vote for him and i want you to drag some of your friends kicking and screaming to vote for them. maria: suspended over violent arrests, this as police forces start using body cameras more, a look at the costs coming up. a car swallowed by sink hole. details of incredible sink hole and car getting swallowed. burger king opening a spa. hot-trending games, will they be
6:32 am
successful at the box office. top movies to watch right here. markets this morning under selling pressures, futures to a lower opening for the dow donees industrial average this morning on weakness in europe. all that coming up but first troppers has been suspended on ongoing criminal investigation while arresting an unarmed man, the video on the screen is graphic but show it is two officers beating up driver richard simone, jr. after he arrested to surrendered to authorities following that chase, joining us right now detective rod wheeler david clark, general, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us . sheriffs, we had cops beating up this individual, what's your take away? >> you know, i don't have all of
6:33 am
the facts and the video is part of it. he led in high-speed pursuit and building up anxiety, i want the investigation to play out and i want to know all the facts before i comment any further on it. maria: understood. rod wheeler, where do you see it. >> i agree with sheriff clark, it looks along with everything that happens with police officers, we have to get the full stood. we don't know what transpired prior to the cops pulling that guy over and we don't know if he had a weapon and there's a whole lot that we don't know, when people see clipids like this, oh, my god, they're beating that poor guy up when that may not be the case. maria: so we really need more information in order to make a judgment here, i get that, we are in a different world right now in terms of pictures and
6:34 am
cameras, we know what fbi director james comey said he's calling it the ferguson effect, police officers are refusing to go over and beyond for fear of doing the right thing. video affect is leading in spike and we see that sheriff, we see the numbers up in the double digits, wherever you look. >> but i don't believe that american police officers are afraid to do their job. all he has to do is look down the hall and obsessed loretta lynch, they're on the constant witch hunt looking to snag police officer for slightest and he should have sit-down with
6:35 am
attorney general and tell her to get the goons and we will go back to work. but strictly on a video, we've been dealing with video since rodney king incident. we know that america watches us when they're out there doing our jobs. maria: so you do -- so you do play some of the blame on the tone that has been set in this country from the president? >> i blame all of it on the tone set. he's been leading the coare you rus. we need our police officers and then go on five-minute tirade that they are racist and that's been damaging for the profession and undermines the confidence that we have the public see in law enforcement officers as they go about the difficult job. i believe that --
6:36 am
maria: yeah. >> if they back off with the anticop rhetoric, cops will feel out about taking a risk, we are willing to take those risks but only if we know that someone has our back and if something goes terribly wrong not through the fault of the officer. maria: yeah, yeah. rod wheeler, that's all really good points there, i mean, you know, the police have not gotten a lot of support in the last several years and then, again, when you see pictures like this, that also sets expectations. >> absolutely, it does. i will tell you it's not only president obama, with some of the rhetoric that has come out of the white house, a lot comes out from local elected officials. in ferguson during the riots the governor there jake nickson told the cops to stand down, so we see that, when i was in baltimore for the riots, the
6:37 am
mayor told the cops to stand down, the question becomes, and it's a simple question, what do you expect out of your police department, do you want us to endorse quality of life issues? here is the question, maria, every time an officer gets out of police officer car, they don't know if it's the end of their career at that point or not, why, they don't know if some politician is going to back them if they were to try to do their job, 99% of the time police officers do a tremendous job and we don't get the backing that we need from local, state and federal officials. maria: i agree, they put their lives on the line every day, go ahead. >> unpleasant and it's never going to be good when we have to use force, was it effective and reasonable. it may not look pretty, it's not going to all of the time, but if it's effective and reasonable that's what i do when judging
6:38 am
these things and i do get to weigh on whether it was effective and reasonable as well as like a prosecutor. but if i think it's effective and reasonable i'm going to back the officer to the wall and if it's strong i'm going to assist in getting the officer charged but more times than not the force was reasonable just like in ferguson and baltimore, the baltimore six are political prisoners and state prosecutor who was look forking revenge in charging those six officers. maria: yeah. what's your take on body cameras? go ahead. >> one other thing that i wanted to add to that, not only are they political prisoners that you call them, they charge officers before investigation was complete. i have never seen anything like that. as far as body cameras, maria, that's fine, it's just another tool that's out there that we have to be aware of as long as we utilize that technology
6:39 am
properly. maria: what about that, sheriff, i mean, you know, there's this debate over the use of body cameras, how to pay for them, even more how to manage the high cost of storing the videos for months and sometimes years in terms of storage, are body cameras worthwhile? >> yeah, it's a force multiplier, i don't have a problem with that technology, like anything else when we rush to implement some sort of strategy, we don't think long-term about the unintended consequences. this is going to be a very, very expensive venture that down the line might fear as we will lose other resources that we need out there to pay for stuff like these because the communities aren't going to be able to afford it and trust me the federal government down the road is going to say, that's your problem, we did all we needed to do and now it's your problem.
6:40 am
storage is very expensive, how long are you going to store it? you're going to have to set up entire new divisions just to handle this, the big thing as you said, maria, who is going to pay for it but it's here to stay now. maria: it's here to stay now, rod, but we have lots of debate in terms of what the impact is from police and what, you know, what they're willing to take onto the public immediately getting that look at what's happening in a police situation. >> exactly. and you know what, we are seeing more and more of that just as the sheriff said, the video cameras are going to be here to stay. the question really becomes how are we going to utilize that video image and the video tape whether it's going to be used for evidence in a courtroom or is it going to be used strictly to go after the police officer, which i think has been happening. i mean, with the body cameras and every other camera out here, to me it seems like it's to go after the police officer, to second-guess the police officer and what's going to happen is what we see now we are going to
6:41 am
continue to see a spike in crime because i will tell you if i was in a police car today i would be reluctant to jump out the car and enforce quality of life issues. maria: and these are the stories we keep hearing. thank you, gentlemen for the insight. >> thank you, maria. maria: coming up next apple making massive investment in uber-like in china, better understand the asian market and if you are looking for r&r, how about checking into a spa at burger king. we will tell you about the fast-food chain latest endeavor. we are on facebook, search mornings with maria, we are on twitter at mornings with maria, keep an eye out for daily polls, upcoming guests and highlights from today's program. we will be right back. we are live from las vegas this morning.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, we are expecting losses at the opening of trading this morning. the dow astronomies industrial average expecting to open lower, we are waiting on retail sales, however. retail very much in focus, today's jc penny, lately it has been a bright spot amid weakness in the entire sector specially for department stores. the company will post first annual profit this year in five years, stock is up nearly 20% so far this area. shake shack, better company expected first-quarter results, raised full-year sales outlook. in under two hours we get the retail, cheryl casone with the story and the headlines right
6:46 am
now. cheryl, good morning. cheryl: good morning, maria, the images are something to look at. take a look at this, this car falling down a sink hole. this happened in southeast london, the reason heavy rain might have caused the collapse but no one was hurt and that street still blocked off this morning. well, another headlines this morning, george zimmerman trying to sell the gun on two different auction websites, he first list it had gun on gun broker which kicked him off and later on united gun group which reject it had idea as well saying, quote, we do not feel like it is in the best interest of the organization to continue to host this sale on our platform. well, apple making a one billion dollar investment in china's version of uber is called didi, one of china east most valuable
6:47 am
start-ups, head-to-head competition with uber, has incredible potential. and if you ever thought that your spa day was missing a whopper, well your play -- prayers have been answered, 15-person sauna, another 10-person sawn wea 40-inch television in it and the rooms are decorated with red and blue benches and you can place your order, the real whopper, 285 bucks for a three-hour block of time. back to you. [laughter] maria: that is really funny, cheryl, thank you. love spas but burger king. before we take a break in case you missed. the top moments from the program this past week. >> on the minimum wage i would
6:48 am
like to leave it to the states because frankly every state is different, every state has different cost of living and everything else and i would like to leave it to the states, i will tell you that 7.25 is pretty tough. dagen: have you endorsed him in. >> i'm endorsing the nominee. dagen: you will come out and say you're endorsing donald trump? >> yeah. >> we have put a production system in place that has allowed for transactions of private shares within a day. it really is a great advancement in technology. >> it doesn't matter what hollywood thinks, we have the right to vote for whatever we want and i think trump is the guy. >> may replace the name bud budwieser with america. >> it's kind of amazing. maria: yeah, looks good. [laughter] morgan: going to the fair.
6:49 am
[laughter] >> that was $25. [laughter] maria: where is the charge that you get when you're in there? >> it's quick. it fills real quick when things go drive. >> it's tough. my cab driver the other day, missed another car. morgan: dave beckham, why is he having such influence on the auto industry? >> he has great taste in cars. morgan: well, it's easy to do when they have a lot of money. dagen: actually not. there's really a lot of losers with bad taste in cars. [laughter] dagen: i still think he's cute.
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. >> what do you want from me? >> your past. welcome to the spanish i inquisition. >> we work in the dark to preserve the light. maria: hollywood making a motion picture. video games set to be released in the upcoming years, this trend is looking like a big fad, is it the big next trend in hollywood, joining us right now contributing editor and
6:54 am
entertainment reporter katrina dish. good to see you. katrina, do you think this is the future? >> you know, i think it could be and, of course, studios are hoping that it can be with assassins creed we might see video adaptation actually making real progress at the box office and making serious money. the cast of this film is incredible as you mentioned michael fox, we have óscar winners in this film, the story telling of not only the video game and how they adapted is going to capture audiences whether or not you're aware of the game, similar stories so if i thinkers crossed. maria: you have to believe it's going to resinate big, right? dagen: more and more of these films if this one does well. you alicia who just won the best supporting actress academy
6:55 am
award, originally started angelna joelie. this has some serious chops and they're opening it in december which is and indication that it will do well among a broad audience. maria: we were having this talk with ron howard, we are going to have a talk with ron howard about what's resinating with the movie going public. what about the cost? how does this fit in into what studios want to make and what they are willing to vin vest in gone are the days where studios will put money on block buster because all the block busters are not bringing in the revenue. >> exactly, we are staying with the superhero films, they are drawing people to the box office and they are making back the
6:56 am
hundreds of millions of dollars that are put into making it. assassins creed estimated 150 to $250 million on this film and they are expecting to make that back and much more. so they are willing for a film like this that has to potential to put in a lot of money. maria: all right, we will be watching that, katrina, thank you so much for joining the conversation. before we take a break let's go to cheryl in new york she has morning etf report. cheryl: yeah, maria, looking at major averages, one group has landed in the discount ben, take a look at this, that would be the spider s&p retail, srt, broad gauge of u.s. retailing industry plunging more than 3% after several stores a you were reporting earlier. some biggest loosers, macy's, gap, kohl's, nordstrom.
6:57 am
we will have those numbers crossing. still to come on mornings with maria, moaches senator and donald trump supporter scott brown is going to be joining maria. navy admiral and actor and director ron howard going to be speaking with maria as well. keep it right here on fox busins [beekeeper] from bees to business expenses,
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>> live from velasio hotel in las vegas, mornings with maria starts right now. maria: good friday morning, everybody, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, coming live from salt conference in las vegas, it is friday, may 13th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. close ties to the clintons, new reports say the couple's foundation has received one hundred million dollars from pesian gulf states and helped out couple's friends. donald trump took on her last night on hannity. she wasn't a closer here and last time, what she has done is a disaster, she's not a closer. maria: fallout of arrest from american sailers, one officer
7:01 am
fired, we will take to nato commander. taking on spike for 15 minimum wage for robots, how wendy's is replacing some of its workforce. learning from losing why pittsburgh steelers williams returned his daughter's participation ribbons coming up. in asia overnight weakness across the board. hang seng down 1%. that's carried over to europe. losses in early going this morning throughout european markets and it's also triggering losses in the u.s. we are expecting a lower opening for the broader averages in the u.s. this morning. dow jones expect today open down a quarter of a percent. can't-miss lineup this morning. scott brown with us and navy admiral with us and actor and director ron howard with us and in new york dagen mcdowell, lots to talk about.
7:02 am
great program ahead. stay with us. turning to top story right now bill and hillary clinton reportedly received at least $100 million from the pesian gulf shakes calling into question hillary clinton's ability to carry policies. going to bring morgan ortegus and scott brown. good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. the amount of money that we are talking about cash to the clintons has simply been -- it's being called unprecedented. what's your take on the story? morgan: that's the most damaging story that hit so far and not much play like benghazi, they've been effective in hitter her, senator sanders but this story is much bigger and if i'm him and he's showing that he's not
7:03 am
getting out, this is where i hit hillary clinton. it's the biggest story out there. maria: i almost feel like this is much bigger than the e-mail investigation and we haven't seen the beginning of it, the clinton cash movie debuting and really connects the dots. >> money and politics, it's been out there forever. the fact that bernie sanders is not using it, i'm not sure what he's waiting for. i think he would have been much better off. certainly something that donald trump will need to bring up because i agree with morgan, how do you actually deal with a lot of the folks in that region when you're getting hundreds of millions of dollars. maria: how come donald trump hasn't brought it up? >> he's just wrapping up his primary and i think it will be brought up that and the fact that she -- you look at benghazi, russia, lub yeah, a whole host of things that she did not do or did do that
7:04 am
facilitated the unrest in that region and throughout the world. maria: dagen mcdowell jump in here. what's your take out on this because we are talking about money from the gulf states to the clinton foundation and it's $100 million? dagen: it's astonishing that it isn't a bigger deal in the campaign trail, frankly. you were mentioning the investigation into the clinton foundation. it seems like the e-mail investigation will be wrapped up in short order by the fbi but watch and wait and see all of the information that comes pouring up about the foundation after the election is over with. maria: after, who is speculating on the program recently that they want to wrap up the e-mail investigation in short order but the details on the foundation is not going to happen perhaps after the election?
7:05 am
if you actually follow the money and the fact that the clinton foundation has not used for actual charities, but basically they and their friends and family to travel around the world lavishly. maria: clinton global initiative set up a 2 million-dollar commitment to went to nonprofit company which was part owned by people tied to the clinton. >> all the money. maria: is there more of the same or a whole new revelation? >> i think it's part of the same and i think if you look and fall the money as we always see in the course of history, you'll see that there is a paid for place situation going on. morgan: republican operatives have been whispering for this a long time, maybe potentially a silver bullet going into the election. if this company is setting 2 million-dollar commitment, how many other companies are out there like that.
7:06 am
i'm surprised that this hasn't been brought up. the bigger surprise to me that going into a general election that the democrat party only put up her and bernie sanders, these stories aren't knew, the stories about what the clinton foundation has been doing and the money they've been accepted, this stuff has been around for a while, the democratic party has known her very high negative, very nigh vulnerabilities and they chose to ignore it. they're making a really big gamble with her. maria: i just find it -- this is a daily caller news foundation revealing that they received $100 million for pesrian gulf states and leaders and the idea that undermines her ability. >> scott: if you look at position on women's rights and women's issues and they're accepting all of this money, as morgan said, that goes right to her credibility.
7:07 am
morgan: when your getting a security clearance one thing scrutinize is ties or business dealing with foreign governments, foreign business people, entities, the united states government scrutinize that is heavily because they don't want to give a top-secret clearance to anybody who has influence. if people with top security are held to a standard, i think we should hold the presidential candidates to same standard. maria: yeah, let me get your take on what john boehner said yesterday taking shots at senator ted cruz and hillary clinton. senator, boehner said that he would not be surprised if hillary clinton ends withdrawing from the presidential race. >> scott: i think that's certainly wishful thinking, i think they will proper up to to think that they'll be a nominee bernie sanders is not what the democratic party certainly wants so-called establishment. they don't like bernie sanders as well in the u.s. senate.
7:08 am
also he talked -- you know, you're references what else he talked about and he's at the point now where he can step back and give a big picture of the old former speaker talking about politics and general and the fact that he was never a ted cruz supporter or even friend or didn't like him in anyway shape or form. morgan: he called him lucifer. maria: what does he say about trump then? he's come around. >> scott: we spoke yesterday and i spoke to former colleagues and they were impressed. he was confident and strong and he listened and asked questions and was look forking advice and turned some heads and turned some minds yesterday and that was from leadership. maria: so you felt like that meeting was a turning point? >> for the people that i spoke with certainly that were in leadership and in that meeting that he was well prepared and confident and strong and he was, you know, listening to them and that's what they want. they want to make sure that that
7:09 am
can play and be part of the process and that's what he's doing. maria: what do you think are areas that he need to work on? >> strong on second amendment, immigration, trade. keeping the white house, keeping the senate, making sure that we can focus on border security, portland position, military, veterans, the thing obviously are economic issues trying to get that economy moving again. those are the things they are going to focus on and the other things step back and then figure it out. maria: all right, we will leave it there. morgan, senator good to see you. short break. more fallout of from capture of u.s. navy sailers by the iranian national guard. ly talk with commander on this, back in a moment on that. and then why wendy's is experimenting with a robot workforce the wage fallout is in the case. stay with us
7:10 am
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maria: welcome back, happy friday, everybody. live to you this morning from las vegas at the salt conference. it is finally friday. how is the weather shaping up for the weekend, fox meteorologist maria molina all over it with the preview, good morning, maria. maria: good morning, maria.
7:13 am
we are going to be tracking some much cooler air spilling on big chunk part of the nation, we have severe weather to deal with. unfortunately we are expecting more activity throughout the day today including areas along the east coast like the carolinas and extending to parts of florida but as you head further west a bitle lit of risk because across the eastern u.s. main concerns are damaging winds and large hail as you head west ward you do have tornadoic threat out there. heads up kansas city. otherwise this afternoon temperatures will be very spring like or even summer like for some of you across southern plains and extending to southeast expecting temperatures into the 80's or 90's, here is what happens as we head into the system. you're already cool across portions of the northern plains, by saturday cool air continues
7:14 am
moving south. forecast high 57-degrees on saturday and by sunday across northeast you'll be feeling the cooler air mass. maria. maria: sounds good, thank you. wendy's expanding self-serve kioks. cheryl: the company says it hopes the technology overcome 5% inflation in wages. and mcdonalds also has been testing self-service kioosks, a story the watch. trouble on a roller coaster, 64 riders on bush gardens had to be taken off yesterday after the coaster stops suddenly on an incline for about two hours, one
7:15 am
part of the roller coaster was stuck just before the 90-degree drop and other on the climb to the top, bush garden says the cause was an electrical problem. pretty scary for those folks, pittsburgh steelers running back. you have to do more than show up to get a ribbon, he's not a fan of participation trough fis or by bonnes, he tweeted a picture of his daughter at field day with this message. it said, i took her field day participation ribbon and gave it back to her teacher, then the next event she got first place, okay, so what is interesting about this, he's getting support in twitter and facebook because we are in the same age where every kid gets a ribbon and he was saying no, i had to work for what i achieved when i was young and his daughter successful in that race. maria: that's what you want to see, you want to see the hard-work earned. cheryl: exactly.
7:16 am
he would have been criticized by other parents and the opposite actually happened, which i thought was so fascinating. maria: dagen, how do you see it. dagen: if i had gotten at least one trophy whether it was -- i would probably have better self-esteem. in this day and age it is a problem, they think something is due them without the work, they are owed praise and promotions and raises without owning it. maybe it's a problem but also the internet where everybody thinks that they're the next kim card -- car kardashian without doing a job. maria: tell us on facebook at
7:17 am
facebook .com. coming up next and then who could forget this? ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: my god, we are going take you back. happy days hollywood loyalty ron howard joining us this morning. coming up. you don't want to miss it. we will be back in a moment. it's true what they say.
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maria: welcome back, tgif, we are coming to you live from las vegas at the salt conference. one game last night as thunder were looking to close out series with the spurs for the highlights and more from the world of sports let's get right to fox headlines jared max in new york. jared. jared: hey, maria, good morning. happy friday, everybody. warriors-thunder, who would have thought it? thunder lead the spurs early in the first quarter. san antonio cut the deficit to 11 but that's when tim duncan had dunk and durant scored 37. 113-99 to advance to western
7:22 am
conference violence for the fourth time in six years, they'll be in oakland, california to play the golden state warriors, it's a golden ticket at the golden state, cheapest seat at monday's game 291 bucks. that will get you a nosebleed, cheapest ticket in the lower level $464, court side between 35 and $4,500. we just heard who sing and who are you rooting for to win the nba championship? five teams still in the fight, it's not even close to who america is pulling for, the golden state warriors far and away america's choice to win the title. interestingly the one year ago the warriors were the top choice with only 19% compared to 25% this season. miami heat sitting second, miami heat in the series there with the toronto raptors.
7:23 am
hey, look who is on the cover of the new madden football game, ron grownkowski. announcement came yesterday after grownk is going to be in gq magazine. the tight end definitely reversed himself back from the day. august 23rd. used to be a thing that a player would go down the cover and all downhill in the season. new york times suggesting no few er than russian athletes who won medals at games were part of the most elaborate and successful doping ploys in history. the international association of athletic federation has to decide if russia may send
7:24 am
athletes to summer games in rio. olympics and russia, wow. trouble. maria: yeah. russia is trouble. jared: doping in large events. maria: you're with dagen in new york, dagen, do you think the allegations are going to increase tensions between u.s. and russia, is it that big of a story, does it extend to beyond sports? dagen: it's that big of a story, maybe not beyond sports but this is incredibly serious and quite frankly shocking and smells like the soviet union, remember back in the day when it was the u.s. versus the soviet union particularly in the 70's and the 80's and you would have quite frankly women were so popped up that the soviet female athletes that they looked like men. do you remember that? jared: yes, austere oid finding its way to professional sports that was used by east german
7:25 am
athletes. things are changing but the fact -- can you imagine russia not being able to go to the games as a result -- the rio games as a result of this. dagen: you never know, it should be, quite frankly it should. maria: yeah, more issues about the rio games, we have to talk about as we approach the olympics there because this is not an easy story going into the rio olympics. this is an amazing story ahead of it and now this, jared, thanks. jared max, coming up the fallout over the u.s. sailers detained by iran continues. the navy says it has lost confidence in the officer in charge of the men. wehave the details for you next. the latest move aimed at refreshing customer interest at the break, back in a moment there are two billion people
7:26 am
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maria: maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma coming from las vegas, it is friday, may 13, 7:30 a.m..
7:29 am
and they can't bring the party together. they are looking to the next round of primaries, bernie sanders and donald trump looking to beat hillary clinton. >> we have won 19 state primaries and caucuses. with your help here in south dakota on june 7th, we will be winning a lot more. >> everybody says he can win. he wins. maria: sending a message without words. what we can learn from the candidates body language and how you can apply the do's and don'ts. one navy officer, mcdonald's making changes again. another milestone for the solar
7:30 am
plane making its way around the world. it takes two hours, to make the trip coming up. the broader averages this morning waiting on retail sales, that will take the challenge, we are expecting lower open from the broader stop market. it is up 0.8%. oil prices, crude oil down 1% at this point, $46.21 a barrel. we have a can't miss lineup, stay with us, former nato commander with me. ron howard joining us, and anthony scaramucci, cohost of the salt conference. the u.s. navy sailor who crossed into territorial waters in the persian gulf and recaptured for
7:31 am
15 hours this year. in a statement the navy said it lost confidence in commander eric rash who was executive officer of the squadron, for sailors. joining me is for start navy admiral, thank you for joining us. what is your take on the firing of this navy head. do you agree with it? >> i do from what i know so far. the investigation has not been revealed as yet, but what this tells us is the navy feels this officer who was responsible to train that crew broke down. the rules of engagement training, the concept of defending their ship, they failed in all those areas from what i know now. maria: what could they have done differently? there you are in a rainy and waters and the ear and
7:32 am
government is saying really in, you are coming with us, we saw pictures, those guys put their hands like this. that picture went around the world. what should we have done differently? >> the navy tradition is don't give up the ship. that is sovereign us territory. it was in a rainy and waters. what they should have done is say to the iranians we are sorry, we will stay right here, us assets will toe us out of your water. they should not have surrendered the ship from what we know. maria: when they surrendered that ship the iranians got control of the ship and they could see lots of information on that ship that was available to them and that is the problem. >> it is, as well as having our sailors in the iranian regime.
7:33 am
it is very clear. maria: what kind of information was open to your ran once they got control of that ship. what kind of vulnerability are we talking about? >> not huge but the cryptography, the codes that protect classified information and communications, it is a big deal but not it snowden level breach. maria: that is one of the reasons this guy had to step down. >> that is correct. it is not protecting the ship, not protecting classified navigational errors and breakdown in the mechanics. when you put that together someone has to be held accountable. we hold people accountable. maria: you think he could have stood his ground and your ran would have gone with that? >> it is hard to say. we have to see the investigation
7:34 am
but these are heavily armed folks. you will see big machine guns, the ear radians, have handhold weapons. i want to see the investigation. it is not clear to me sailors face overwhelming military forces. maria: it could have gone either way. this is hard stuff. >> the young lieutenant was on the vote and in command. those are immensely hard decisions for military officers to use lethal force. maria: maria: in terms of the technology, it is targeting children, it teaches them the arabic alphabet, allegedly
7:35 am
references weapons, jihadi. >> we should not be surprised. when we look at isis they are using cybercrime. they are a sophisticated organization. in the television business look at the production values that isis puts out. this tells us we have to fight them not only with hard power but soft power tools, education, playing the long game, making our own statements to move our values in that world. maria: how do they lure children? who are they looking to attract? americans? >> as we have seen most recently the call of isis inside the united states is declining. what they are going after are the european populations where they have large, out in the suburbs in france or the united kingdom, and they are targeting the immediate vicinity of isis,
7:36 am
syria, lebanon or iraq. any educational program, that is how you see this, they start with children. maria: you look at pictures of this apps, they have crayons, to lore in young people to try to get them involved in the fight as young as possible. >> this is a for sophisticated opponent. we have not seen it group like this that operates globally, has such sophisticated advertising and branding. think of the black flag of isis. two years ago you could not have picked it out of the lineup. to date is the most downloaded image on the world wide web. maria: are you kidding? the most downloaded image? do you think they will be effective? >> they will be effective in disenfranchised populations in the middle east. if you have no job, no money, no hope, no family, you are very vulnerable. children who are coming up in that environment receive that message almost like osmosis from
7:37 am
their parents. unfortunately, they will be effective and we need to counter it. not us, the united states, but our allies and friends in the region. maria: i understand countering it with education and different tools but will the us be able to track this apps. >> now you are touching on an interesting aspect which is cooperation between the tech companies, twitter and the us government, i am hopeful we can negotiate, and surveillance. this is a delegate conversation between privacy and security. our tech companies will be helpful over time. maria: thanks, appreciate it. >> in vegas at 3:00 in the morning.
7:38 am
maria: good to see you, thank you so much. stock has been on a tear. the record high after another, the company hopes to to keep the streak alive, that is next. late-night host jimmy kimmel throwing his hat into the 2016 presidential race in his own unique way. 's big announcement next. back in a moment.
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maria: we are coming live from las vegas, honda announcing another recall for takada airbags, cheryl casone he has the story. cheryl: that headline crossing this morning honda saying it will recall 21 million vehicles to replace those airbag inflator that can explode with legal -- lethal force was the cost of the recall on the automakers profit last year, net income falling to $3.2 billion, the financial fallout from this in the next report. if you love mcdonald's burgers, mcdonald's patties are frozen before they are cooked but they are testing a fresh beef concept at 14 locations in the dallas, texas area. it is limited to quarter pounder burgers like the quarter pounder
7:43 am
with cheese, bacon clubhouse, we shall see. google may soon be featuring 13 politically correct him og's. they collected them to empower the modern woman. they are female doctors, tech workers, mechanics, farmers, educators, and the you -- a tech organization that oversees the creation of new ones because you have to have that. solar powered airplane, in oklahoma after an american and trip to phoenix, the plane began its journey in march 2015 in the united arab emirates and made stops in me and mark, china and japan before going to the united states. they will make one more stop in our country before crossing the atlantic ocean. maria: pretty unbelievable.
7:44 am
meanwhile, let me go back to mcdonald's. stock is on fire, the company switching what it is doing, switch to the top of the fast food industry. over the last 52 weeks stock is up 30%. dagen: the company was written off for dead. the newest ceo and the turnaround plan had to do with all day breakfast which a lot of people have been scratching their heads about for years, what took you so long? there was a story how they would be testing garlic fries in california, testing fresh burgers, taking aim in and out where you are, has a cult following. they are willing to try things. at the local level to see if they can execute it. it is an american icon.
7:45 am
people have a childhood relationship with this chain, like it or not, they start salads for people who don't want the fries. maria: we need the fries and the burgers. maria: they ran out of the garlic fries. we will be watching that one. hillary clinton taking a lot of grief for her uncomfortable laugh. we will show you next, in keeping his campaign tax, stay with us. as we take a break hillary clinton nor donald trump have their vice presidential pics. >> millions of people are scared, worried what is to come. tonight, i am humbled to announce i am officially running for vice president of the united states. you totaled your brand new car.
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maria: candidates body language can be almost as important as the actual policies they are pushing. carly fiorina was a component of the finger wagon which claims with a big no-no. then there is the one hillary clinton, the uncomfortable laugh she uses to gather herself to ask questions. >> great to be here at this
7:50 am
time. maria: take us through body language dos and don'ts, this resonates with everybody because we see different moves candidates have been making. you want to kick it off. >> this is a favorite of donald trump. and in uncomfortable territory, this means keep back, it is aggressive and dominant, you are using -- further away from the person in front of you. if you are doing this you will come over as aggressive and a little bit alpha female, you don't always want to do that. maria: the i know people point. >> this is so funny. hillary does this and others. i don't say don't do it. what you do is walk in front of an audience and start pointing to people, all right, you don't
7:51 am
know anyone out there, you do it to create social proof, so the rest of the audience has friends in this audience. maria: the people she is pointing at. >> they get somewhat freaked out but it works. maria: the sum of power. >> this goes back to president bill clinton because when you coach people. you tell them never appoint your audience, they get very offended. it is too aggressive. he was coached to put it away on top of his hand like this and it was softer. maria: that is what that is about. a lot of politicians do that. >> tony blair, prime minister of the uk did it and president obama does it, you cannot do this but you can do this.
7:52 am
maria: that works. that works. >> it really does. maria: the arms of love. >> bernie does this a lot. it is a sort of come to me. and and that is what the hug is all about. maria: it makes you accessible. >> it really does. i have nothing to hide, i am
7:53 am
it is another way of saying shut up and a way of saying stop everything you are doing and pay attention to me. these are not messages an audience likes. what else? maria: as i already said.
7:54 am
i hate when i hear this, don't do that. as i already said you need to do this. people come to conversation late. if you are doing an interview on television don't say as i just said because people might have only just tuned in. maria: it feels like you are getting annoyed with the audience. >> without a doubt. those are definite no nos. maria: other phrases to avoid? >> donald is a fabulous canvas of examples because he does stuff right and does stuff wrong. who knows? what is interesting is he will often say things like they love me. they love me. the hispanics love me. maybe that is true, not arguing that. it is how you say it. rather than saying someone loves you, say i am told the hispanics love me. maria: how about what you don't
7:55 am
understand. that sounds like a no-no to me. >> a lot of people are so enamored with their own level of knowledge, when they tell you how things work, they understand you don't know. what you don't understand is these things cost money. that is the most offense of thing you can say to someone. they say you don't get stuff, you are not educated, you don't have my level of knowledge and you don't understand. maria: this is really helpful because deacons can be applied in life and business. ub recently became a citizen, congratulations. your first us presidential election. >> the choices i have got. maria: what an election, to be able to vote for the first time. what is its significance to you? >> coming to the united states with something i dreamed about for a long time and being here is a huge honor. the other day i was getting my tsa check renewed and the guys that you became a citizen. and it means a lot to me.
7:56 am
and voting for it first-time is a huge honor. thank you for joining us. mike jeffries here to still to come, the trailer taking the internet by storm. watch. >> i left you a path, the hardest one yet. only you can finish it. you are humanity's final hope. maria: tom hanks set to take the big screen again is robert langdon in inferno, the latest movie in the da vinci code series. ron howard will tell us about it next on "mornings with maria".
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> live from las vegas, "mornings with maria" starts right now. maria: good friday morning. i am maria bartiroma coming live from the salt conference in las vegas. it is friday, may 13th, friday the 13th. your top stories at 8:00 on the east coast. the path to unity, donald trump and paul ryan coming out of their meeting hopeful to bring the party together. >> i don't mind going through a slow process. we agree on a lot of items and
8:00 am
we are getting there. >> we had a very encouraging meeting. donald trump and i have had our differences. we talked about them today. that is common knowledge. we had a very good and encouraging productive conversation. maria: donald trump making waves with his stance on taxes. the obamacare court ruling straightahead. marco berg taking biased claims head on, addressing concerns that the social media company is censoring conservative views. new trouble for the tsa. one official getting a $90,000 bonus even as workers fail to find weapons that checkpoints, details on how 3000 check bags did not make it onto planes at
8:01 am
one airport. ron howard, one of hollywood's biggest stars, is here with us this morning, his take on everything from the rise of streaming to his newest film, later this hour. a new top dog in the market, apple's recent slump has google investors cheering, top of market value of all companies. shaking broader markets, in asia weakness across the board, selling underway overnight in asia, nikkei average in japan, in europe seeing losses as well, gdp data shows first-quarter economic story is revised lower. that is hurting some of the averages in the euro zone. futures in the us point to a lower open and broader markets, dow jones industrial average expected to open down 70 points, we are now looking at lows of the morning. nasdaq and s&p under pressure today. in 30 minutes we get the seat -- 0.8%, we have those numbers the moment they hit the tape.
8:02 am
paul ryan and donald from walking away with mutual understanding of one another praising the meeting as encouraging. the party works to unify before the convention. peter barnes has details. >> reporter: trump and ryan appeared to start to build a campfire around which to sing at some point. paul ryan not endorsin donald trump after the meeting saying this process that party unification will take time. >> i don't mind going through a slow process. very big subject, and we are getting there. i feel strongly about border security and trade and building up the military.
8:03 am
to a large extent paul was there also. >> we had a very encouraging meeting. no secret donald trump and i had our differences. we talked about those differences, that is common knowledge. the question is what do we need to do to unify the republican party and all strains of conservative wings in the party. >> with this unvarnished assessment of the two men's meeting no bs, very helpful. mac to you. maria: peter barnes with the latest, donald trump's tax plan hot topic among republican leadership. joining me as one of the men, the republican nominee on the plan, disinterest visiting fellow and fox contributor, steve more joining us. let's talk about details of the
8:04 am
plan, and what you think will be changed? this is a top story because people were not sure what donald trump was going for? he was going to lower taxes and the conversation became taxes going up. >> donald trump is going to cut taxes in a big way, if you look at his plan, and the biggest tax reduction in reform since ronald reagan, a huge tax cut, everyone paying taxes on this idea taxes are going up, donald trump is wrong. and too bigger tax cut, this is a large reduction we haven't seen since ronald reagan. maria: you are advising him on this tax plan. what are you looking at or pulling out of the plan is most meaningful in terms of changes
8:05 am
you are trying to make? >> let's start with -- what i argue is the best feature of the trump plan is he wants to cut the corporate rate from 35% down to 15%. so many times on your show we talked about this the united states can't compete with the highest corporate tax rate in the world. bring that to 15% you will get a lot of growth. the big issue right now as i see it is the static cost of the plan is $10 trillion, that is a big number especially if mister trump once to balance the budget which he says is a top priority. it turns out you could make some changes to the trump plan, we recommend your old buddy larry to cut the cost of this almost in half. you would still get the economic punch from the plan so the trump people are looking that over. i don't know if they will accept the tweaks we have made but that is what they would do if they
8:06 am
make some changes and adjustments that are not major changes but save a lot of money. maria: the corporate tax rate coming back down to 50% is going to be huge for markets. once investors figure out you will see that number come down that has got to be a catalyst for the stock market. >> the other feature people are overlooking in the trump plan is he would take the capital gains and dividend tax to 20%. obama raised it 15% to 24%. i have to make this point. hillary has talked in her plan about raising the capital gains tax. she would take the capital gains tax from 24% to as high as 40%. trump is talking about reducing it. 45% capital gains dividend tax and 20% capital gains tax is huge in terms of investment meaning you get tax penalty only
8:07 am
half of what it would be under hillary. maria: everybody likes lower taxes but how do you pay for this? that keeps coming up with the tax foundation. how will he pay for lower taxes? where does the revenue come from? >> great question. i am no tax reform or. what you do is you broaden the base, get rid of loopholes and cut the rates. reagan did this in 1986. a few little changes, maybe limiting some of those deductions especially for the high income people. if you are going to lower their rate it is fair to take away the deductions especially the unnecessary ones and if you do that you can do a plan like this, not a huge cost for the treasury and one other point we found in our research when larry and i worked on it, every percentage point increased in growth. if we take this economy from 2% to 3% which is not a high
8:08 am
hurdle, that adds $3 trillion additional revenue and reduced cost to the treasury so growth is the key. you get the growth rate to 3% or 4% you will get a lot of new revenue. maria: for sure. we have got to get back to the growth story in this country. we haven't seen that growth in a long time. what about the idea that half of taxpayers will not pay any tax? will not pay any tax? >> that is the current system. it is one of the defects of the current system. i am for cutting taxes, i have always been, i think everybody should pay some taxes and it is a big problem with the tax code the right now the number is close to 40% pay no income tax. all these plans would take more people of the income tax rolls and not sure that is a good idea. if you are going to vote, and impact on how we spend our tax
8:09 am
dollars everybody should have put a little something into the system. maria: you have to have a stake in it. let me ask about obamacare, a federal judge ruled against the marketplace's payments to insurers. what do you think of that? >> i think obamacare is unraveling. every single day we see more bad news about obamacare, insurers dropping out or higher cost to the consumer. i haven't save $2500 on my health insurance, my premiums are going up. it is a big problem. earlier this week, one of the major clinton advisers on the economy, this gentleman said if hillary is going to double down on obamacare she wants to go full speed ahead with it, that will be another big clash.
8:10 am
healthcare and taxes are where you see the biggest division between where the republicans are and where the democrats are. maria: bernie sanders yesterday said this will be overruled again and he is not believing this is going to stick, the judge ruling against obamacare but you speak to business people, small business, large business, putting them out of business. costs are so significant. >> there is another element people overlook. if you are an employer as most employers are reporting, their health costs to provide health insurance are rising. not only are premiums on individuals rising but employer costs are rising. if your cost per employee is rising for healthcare, that means there is less money to give people higher wages and salaries. i argue in this election the single biggest issue is those flat wages and salaries that haven't been brought up for 15 years and there is a linkage to healthcare. of healthcare costs keep rising 6% or 7% per year it does not leave room for a salary
8:11 am
increase, more take-home pay for workers. maria: which is why some companies, small businesses have been making sure they keep their employee count to 49 people. they will not go above because they are forced to offer healthcare and other companies are going full-time to part-time, cutting their hours. there is real impact here, we know it, we have been reporting it. >> they are called 49ers. i can't tell you how many businessmen and women who run businesses tell me i will be damned if i hire a 50th worker i can't afford because you fall off that cliff. one of the reasons in the employment reports we keep seeing so many part-time workers is one of the reasons is obamacare incentivizes businesses to hire people for less workers. maria: thank you so much, steve
8:12 am
more joining us. coming up, season, coming up next outrage after thousands of pieces of checked luggage miss their flights all at one airport. the tsa nightmare next and he is flying high in hollywood, ron howard, director, producer, beloved actor will join us. you don't want to miss my interview with the oscar-winner coming up. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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maria: an airline passenger's worst nightmare in arizona. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: you are just north of where this went down. thousands of checked bags piled up at sky harbor airport in phoenix, technical difficulty with computer servers the tsa run prevented them from using any machines to screen luggage. as a result, more than 3000 bags missed their flights. in a related development house lawmakers out east blasted the tsa for handing out $90,000 in bonuses to one agency official. this report shows screeners failed to detect fake bombs and weapons during security tests. another headline, melissa rivers, daughter of joan rivers has settled a medical malpractice lawsuit against the clinic where the comedian went into a coma during a routine
8:16 am
drug procedure. rivers was taken out of life support days later at a new york hospital. doctors failed to act as her vital signs deteriorated, instead making jokes and taking selfys in the operating room. alphabet, the parent of google has overtaken apple as the world's most valuable company. alphabet market is $494.8 billion edging slightly past apple's market cap of $492.7 billion. investors appear to have soured on apple but it remains very profitable earning $10.5 billion in its most recent quarter. ♪ then there was this. a runaway pool leading police on a slow speed chase in arlington,
8:17 am
texas, a suburb of dallas. this video shows police cars slowly inching behind the bull, took him four hours to catch them. officers say the pool never got aggressive. they safely returned the animal to his owner. back to you. maria: that was such an unbelievable picture. mark the covered denies claims his social network suppresses right-leaning news from its trending feed. he plans to meet conservative leaders, the move is seen as damage control. who could forget this? ♪ maria: happy days*and hollywood royalty ron howard joining us coming up, just stay with us for
8:18 am
the special interview. ♪
8:19 am
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation
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maria: we are live in las vegas, mark doctor berg is set to meet conservative leaders to explain how the social networking website stays as open as possible. denying claims the site allegedly sensors right-leaning stories on the trending news section. old-fashioned news values on top of its algorithms, the hottest
8:22 am
stories will be. dagan mcdowell is in new york. what are your thoughts on this? i know they are taking stories from all of the major news organizations. many of those companies are left-leaning. that is another issue. dagen: a publicist story originally in the guardian newspaper came out with internal documents. facebook followed up and published its 28 page editorial guideline for trending topics and individuals have a great deal of control over what is selected for trending topics, not just an algorithm. the wall street journal goes into the top 10 national news outlets are very important in dictating what is important in trending topics in terms of news. according to rankings eight out
8:23 am
of ten national news outlets play a role in determining trending topics are more popular with liberals. only two of them, fox news and the wall street journal are said to be popular with conservatives. the curators, the individuals can come in and select stories and insert them into the trending module if it is considered to be breaking news. it begs the question of what are the political leanings of these individuals who have quite a bit of control over what the trending topics are? maria: huge influence. you go to see what is trending instead of what people are talking about and you believe that is what people are talking about but that report basically opened a lot of people's eyes to this story that wait a minute, maybe this isn't what is trending but what the heads of these news organizations want us to read. maria: dagen: a pew research report found 60% of facebook users get their news from facebook.
8:24 am
factor in mark doctor berg and sheryl sandberg repeatedly preached about openness and transparency on facebook and we are finding out something a little different, altogether different in terms of how news is presented to 1 billion users. maria: we will see what comes out of these leaders. we will take a short break but when we come back and before we take a break in case you missed it there are some of the week's top moments from the show. >> minimum wage i would like to leave it to the state because frankly every state is different. every state has different cost-of-living and everything else and i would like to leave it to the states but i will tell you $7.25 is pretty tough. >> do you endorse him? >> i am endorsing the nominee which i don't think is any question who the nominee is going to be. they make you say i endorsed donald trump. >> we are experimenting and put
8:25 am
a production system in place that has allowed the transactions of private sharers to occur within the day. it is a great advance of technology. >> doesn't matter what hollywood thinks. we have the right to vote for whoever we want and trump is the guy no matter what. maria: anheuser-busch in bev may replace budweiser with the word america. >> the america beer can doing and it's a gram photo on the fourth of july is amazing. >> this is what i grew up with going to the fair. >> that was something -- >> the charge you get when you are in there. >> it is great but i tell you what, it feels real quick when things go wrong. compare in the driving versus navigating, bicyclists coming in both directions.
8:26 am
>> my cabdriver the other day, missing other cars, making me nervous. >> david beckham is having a big influence on the auto industry. >> david has great taste in cars. >> easy to do when you have a lot of money. dagen: there is a lot of bad taste in cars and a lot of money -- >> how many people on this panel got excited when i said that? dagan mcdowell. dagen: old and creaky but i still think he is cute. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from pooling in the heart...
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>> here again is maria bartiro bartiromo. maria: good morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. coming to you today live from las vegas. it's friday, may 13th, your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the unity, republican donald trump and paul ryan coming out of their meeting hopeful they can bring the party together. on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders drawing
8:30 am
big crowds in south dakota as he looks ahead. president bill clinton rising eyebrows on his comments getting out to vote. >> there are 45,000-- so i want you to vote and drag some of your friends kicking and screaming to vote for us. maria: from opie to oscar winning director, ron howard is here with us, his take on the rise in streaming and his newest film. the pope, the latest move to modernize the church is ahead. a secret chevy camaro prototype crashes on the test track. we've got the details for you. and this morning in focus, j.c. penney is selling off, down 15% in the premarket, after worse than expected. retail sales rising 1.3% in the month of april.
8:31 am
that was better than expected. the numbers just hitting the tape. as you can see, the market has come off of the lows as a result of this report. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages. we're well off the lows. the estimate was for 8/10 of a percent increase. an increase in april of 1.3%. he's one of the most influential men of hollywood, director, producer, actor, ron howard. howard's production company imagine entertainment just inked a huge deal. the rain group investing $125 million in imagine entertainment which is behind such influential films such as apollo 13, a beautiful mind, a da vinci code. i had an opportunity to talk with ron howard here in vegas. >> great to see you, congratulations on the new investment that you just announced. thank you very much, it's with rain, the company that brian
8:32 am
grazer and i have had for 30 years. it signals a new growth for us as business guys as well. maria: this is huge, rain investing $125 million in you. what is that going to enable you to do? >> well, it's going to give us more flexibility, we'll own more of what we make, and that's only the beginning because the idea is to go much further with that, scale our company up. we've been very focused, targeted on servicing particular suppliers and now we feel like we're going to be in an opportunity to do more, collaborate more with great artists, actors, and directors who we love, explore television. we're having a lot of success with tv, but it's an exciting medium now to go even further with the kinds of shows we can make and be frankly, more, more ambitious still. maria: you've been so incredibly ambitious and i feel
8:33 am
we grew up with you, opie and andy griffith and richie cunningham in happy days and now this, not to mention the incredible films. how has technology changed this business? talk to us about streaming and all of the new interests, netflix and amazon doing original content. what does it mean for you? >> first, what it means is that more unique and specific kinds of tv shows and movies speak directly to viewers who truly move that, you know, that tone. that style, that look, that feel. whatever that show is. and it enables artists to be far more specific and personal in a lot of ways themselves with speaking to that audience and the system is finding a way to monetize that. the system is finding a way to make that commercially viable which means you no longer have to try to speak to the whole world all at once. we began with a certain movie and television show, that's
8:34 am
fantastic, and we have empire and bringing "24" back and the da vinci code movies, inferno, they speak to a lot of people and fun to be able to do "arrested development", it's effective because it targets a specific audience and worked on tv okay. it was well-loved and netflix knew it spoke to their audience in a particular way and brought it back, it was a fantastic creative thing for us and we hope to do more. maria: what do you think resonates with the audience now? i feel like at one point the big studios are saying, we can't afford the big blockbusters. and they started doing smaller lower budget. what's resonating now and realistic? >> whether it's the big screen or the small screen, i think there are just more and more stories that speak directly to you, the consumer. i know i feel that way as a fan, that you know, if i want to find a story that interests
8:35 am
me, a tone, a genre, a style, i can find it, whether it's in the movies or on tv. the economics are challenging, they're difficult for the studios and this causes the studios to be far more conservative about the kinds of movies that they make. they want intellectual property that everyone recognizesment they want, and which leads to, you know, comic books and best sellers, or they want low budget, easy to market genre stuff like, you know, horror, comedy, broad comedy, that speaks to the dating crowd. and they're sort of abandoning another group to an extent, but then, you know, new companies are forming all the time to fill that gap and those movies are still finding a way to get made and of course, television keeps becoming more and more exciting as a creative medium. and that that line between movies and television, it's just blurring, you know? there's no snobbery about it. if you're a creative person and the show belongs on television,
8:36 am
the idea is on television, you're thrilled to go there if that's the place you can make it and fully flesh it out. movies, you know, are exciting to work on and of course, you know, and you know, tipping-- continuing to have a place in the market. >> do you think how someone's going to watch the film when you're deciding what film to make. they're going to watch this on their iphone, on the big screen, when you're actually deciding what to put together. >> what medium is this story going to work for? does it live in the digital world or short form content? is this something brands would be interested in? do we want to serialize this, on tv. over hours and years, and not tell a story that's complete in two hours? or is this a big screen single viewing sort of experience? but we all know from our own lives that as much as film
8:37 am
makers want everybody to see everything that they make, you know, on the big screen with the great sound, and some of us, you know, still prefer to see movies that way, that that's not the majority instance anymore ever. it's always more people see it in the ancillary market than they ever see it on the big screen. but still, i think that's a medium that people love and it's not going to go away. i mean, look, vaudeville died as a business, but did that kind of performance go away? no. it became cirque du soleil or it became, you know, "saturday night live" or something else. variety shows on television. radio was supposed to die when television came in. did it die? no, it changed, it shifted, it found its audience. movies are supposed to die when cable came in and then vcr's came in and dvd's came in and they haven't died. so, story telling is something we yearn for, we believe, we
8:38 am
love, we're entertained by it, we're enriched by it and you know, and those of us who love to tell stories are finding more and more ways to get those stories on screens. maria: once again, content is king it feels like. how tough was it to make that pivot from actor to director? >> well, when i did it, it was very unusual, and particularly to be a kid coming off sit-comes, i directed my first movie when i was 23, as far as everyone was concerned, i was a kid. maria: is that when you worked with bette davis? >> that was later, she was tough. who is this guy from a sit-com. i followed my father's advice, my father is an actor, rand howard, and he's been an actor for decades. he said she's a great actress
8:39 am
and artist, in our heart of hearts, any artist of that caliber knows they need direction, they want it and make sure your ideas are clear and make sure they're good. if she has a counter argument, listen to it, make it a conversation. and he was really right. by the end, you know, she was patting me on the butt and telling me, she thought i was going to be a great director, so, things worked out. [laughter] >> i grew up with you as richie cunningham. did you know how big you were when you were doing happy days? >> well, the show took off. when henry winkler as the fonz became such a powerful pop figure in pop culture, that's when the show was amazing and it was really a thrill to be a part of that, when happy days became a number one show. the andy griffith show had been a number one show, i was a kid and didn't understand. this was like being in a boy
8:40 am
band or something, i mean, it was just -- it was huge at a time when you know, there weren't 500 channels and all of these distractions. so, if you were in the number one show on network television it meant a lot of people were watching you every week and talking about it and that was a very thrilling time. and it was a great bunch of people working with. maria: it's going to be a thrilling time this fall, a lot ahead. thank you. >> thanks, great to talk to you. maria: our thanks to ron howard for that special interview. thanks for joining us. straight ahead, more people read facebook than the bible. we'll tell you about the new statistic that shows how addicted we are to the social network. and chevy has the prototype car, it slammed into a barrier. morning with maria continues. ♪
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back. tens of thousands of gallons of oil spilling into the gulf of mexico. cheryl casone with that and the headlines now. cheryl: maria, the coast guard say 90,000 gallons of oil have leaked from a shell pipeline into the gulf of mexico. it's connected to four wells that are about 90 miles off the coast of louisiana. you can see it there on the map. officials say the leak has been secured and they're investigating. they don't know what caused this. another headline this morning, the catholic church has been unbending on the issue of women priests, but pope francis may have made a move in that direction, believe it or not. he told the heads of women's religious orders from around the world that he would set up a commission to study weather women can serve as deacons in the church. women have campaigned for years for a more prominent roll in the church. we know that facebook is popular, but get this, according to pew research, more americans look at the social
8:45 am
media site than the bible. more than half of americans, 56% read their facebook feed at least once a week and that compared to just 37% of americans who read the bible weekly or daily according to gallup. kind of a surprise. finally, this video has got car experts buzzing. this is a prototype for chevy's next high performance camaro z-28. this happened in germany, by the way, maria. this is caught on tape, it crashes through the guardrail in germany. this is a camouflage car as you can see, it quickly went off the track and a lot of buzz on the internet, they're trying to figure out what kind of engine it's got and how fast it can go. didn't look that fast in the video. the z-28 is going to debut at the detroit auto show next year. luckily it's not next week. maria: here at the salt conference, we'll show you the biggest name on the trip
8:46 am
straight ahead. we're live from las vegas. keep it here, we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare? that's a good thing, but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients... plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referrals needed. join the millions who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp...
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8:50 am
was up 1.3%. better than 8/10 of a percent that analysts were looking for. and talk about salt with anthony scaramuccscaramucci, an anthony, what a conference. >> thanks at 3 a.m. west coast time to do your show, loving you for that. maria: how much money would you estimate is here? you've got the biggest of the big, not to mention stars like ron howard. >> i would say u.s., european, we're offer a trillion dollars in assets, but we have chinese investment corp. here, remember, they've got about $1.7 trillion. all told we're somewhere in the 2 1/2 to 3 trillion in assets here represented. maria: congratulations, unbelievable. >> that's a big reason why you're drawing a lot of high profile hedge fund managers, you and i had dinner last night. it's a great opportunity for people to interact with each other and learn from each other
8:51 am
and bond with each other. maria: caitlyn jenner was hear and interested in hearing her thoughts on this bathroom controversy. >> just a beautiful, sweet person. maria and i had the opportunity to have dinner with her last night and she told us about her recognition of who she is and her discovery and the courage to help herself as she really is, her true self. maria: unbelievable. >> i thought it was really moving and i will say that i give her a lot of credit about this bathroom controversy in north carolina. i personally think it's ridiculous. i spent the last 15 years working on human rights and gender equality, but also recognition of allowing people to live their authentic self, which is one thing i disagree with some of my fellow republicans. everybody's for a smaller government except in our bedrooms, maria, they want a larger government in our bedrooms and bathrooms and guys, this is sort of ridiculous, let's knock it out. maria: and let me ask you about the donald trump campaign because you joined donald trump's campaign finance committee. >> i did. maria: do you think that the republican party is going to
8:52 am
coalesce around him? >> i do. i think they had a really good meeting yesterday and reporting about it all morning. paul ryan is a terrific person and a great leader and he said something that's super meaningful, i don't want sugar coated unity, i want a real unity. and i think that's probably a deal maker so he's synthesizing now. we spent 90 minutes with cads-- >> candidate trump, and he's an all-star position, steve can. maria: and how is the campaign fund raising going? >> well, i think he needs a half a billion. when donald and i talked about it, it was a half a billion and i gave him the reasons why. steve set a goal of a billion and we'll do everything we can to get to that billion dollar number. that's what governor romney and president obama raised last
8:53 am
year-- excuse me, 2012. maria: and speaking of big money, a guest, larry somers. >> not going to be the economic advisor for donald trump, but larry is a super smart guy, we love having him around. maria: and talking about the politics-- >> there were democratic talking points, but what larry is onto is secular stagnation. we can't get a print higher than 1 1/2 or 2% and he thinks that's the way the whole world is on the disinflationary,/inflationary point of view, not a super lot the federal reserve can do. however, what steve moore and you were talking about a few minutes ago or maybe a half hour ago, that would be super explosive for the united states and it would end the specter of deflation. maria: he's taking taxes down, and you have to believe that's
8:54 am
a market catalyst. what are your take aways from the conference, what are big investors can capitalism on the line. >> pessimism. they're getting beat up. maria: they hadn't had good performance. >> bad performance and high fees. we should have had some psychiatry lounges here, but we didn't because a lot of guys out here are upset and pessimistic. i think it's a bullish counter indicator, maria. maria: you think because they're so pessimistic they will go up? >> a lot of cash on the sidelines, 2.7 trillion representative here and defensive positions for many of the people. so good news coming. good news coming would be terrific for markets, i think. any incremental good news will be positive. any clarity on the election positive. maria: that's for sure. for six months we'll get clarity. >> no doubt. maria: congratulations. >> terrific for being here. go fox business!
8:55 am
go fox business! . maria: oh, go fox business! no wonder the ratings are soaring and beating the competition. >> love it when she says it like that, bring it! . maria: and tune in tonight at 8 p.m. eastern on the fox business network for anthony's special interview right here from salt. my behind the scenes pictures from salt here in vegas after this short break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ if you are what you say you are, a superstar ♪ tually you laa grown-up job with a 401k and you meet your wife. and you both work constantly... so you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. sometimes you fight about stupid things. then you move on. but you feel like something is still missing.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at
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♪ ♪ jukebox hero ♪ >> welcome back, we are live this morning from the salt conference. dagen mcdowell is in new york. dagen, it's been a great week for us here in las vegas, certainly for the whole network. lots of familiar faces stopping by and you know, i took some of my own pictures, snapped away last night when everybody was around, we've got former president of mexico, president calderon and ron howard, a shot of us there. the former president of mexico obviously had a lot to say about donald trump and he wasn't happy about it. and then there was former house speaker newt gingrich also walking around and we wanted to show you that shot because he said it's hard to go past your
8:59 am
portrait in the capitol and not strike a pose, take a moment there. and this is the shot i want to get your reaction to, dagen and this is caitlyn jenner. caitlyn jenner was here last night as anthony just told you, we had dinner together. dagen, the stories that caitlyn jenner was telling last night, i won't go into them because it's chatham rules, she exhibited courage because she said for 65 years she didn't know who she was. dagen: i think what she's done the last year is incredible, you can't put into words, the bravery of what, you know, what she-- how she's approached this and it's really pretty incredible, but so are you, so-- >> oh, so are you, right back at you, girlfriend. can't wait to be back with you in new york on monday, have a great show today. dagen: safe travels. maria: see you on sunday
9:00 am
morning futures. that will do it for us on the fox network, and see you on sunday. stuart, over to you. stuart: maria, thank you very much indeed. he is the master of the counter punch, donald trump and he just counter punched amazon. good morning, everyone. you've got an anti-trust problem, that's what he's telling jeff bezos, the amazon guy. the bezos in "the washington post" which has a team digging up dirt on trump. he doesn't like that, counter punch. you'll hear all about it. we're calling this the retail ice age and another example, nordstrom sales down. stocks down big. similar at j.c. penney, lost money, stocks way down, but janet yellen says the economy continues to strengthen. what? actually it's fading. we're putting the fed chair on fantasy island. a changing of the guard and google-- you can laugh. don't worry about it. [laughter]


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