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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 13, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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morning futures. that will do it for us on the fox network, and see you on sunday. stuart, over to you. stuart: maria, thank you very much indeed. he is the master of the counter punch, donald trump and he just counter punched amazon. good morning, everyone. you've got an anti-trust problem, that's what he's telling jeff bezos, the amazon guy. the bezos in "the washington post" which has a team digging up dirt on trump. he doesn't like that, counter punch. you'll hear all about it. we're calling this the retail ice age and another example, nordstrom sales down. stocks down big. similar at j.c. penney, lost money, stocks way down, but janet yellen says the economy continues to strengthen. what? actually it's fading. we're putting the fed chair on fantasy island. a changing of the guard and google-- you can laugh. don't worry about it. [laughter]
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>> changing of the guard and apple is no longer the company, move over apple. it's "varney & company," about to begin. ♪ ♪ you're as cold as ice ♪ >> yet again, the producers get the music just right. it's as cold as ice, yes, it is for some retailers. we're calling it a full-blown ice age and we've got two new victims today. look at this, j.c. penney losing money and that stock's going to open way, way down at the opening bell, well, that would be 10%. if loses 70 cent a share. and nordstrom, that stock is going to be hammered, that's another what, 10%, maybe more than that for nordstrom down. retailers are in trouble, give me the reasons.
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start with you, ash. ashley: people aren't spending and if they are spending they're going increasingly on-line. where does it leave the j.c. penney, kohl's, nordstrom, back in the stores? >> liz. >> consumer spending has cut half a trillion dollars, and what we're seeing is sports authority going bankrupt. aeropostale, credit rating cut to junk, macy's, kohl's, basically macy's ceo saying we're not counting on the consumer to come back. stuart: they're not buying. shopping in mall, foot traffic in malls. >> as health care and educational cost. ashley: the consumer isn't spending on apparel, they're spending on restaurants and experiences. stuart: tammy bruce is here, and another reason? >> it's about unexpected costs. i hear from my listeners, $4800
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increase in families for obamacare. they don't know what the next month is going to bring when it comes to health care if they get sick, higher costs in general and even using it. so this is where people have gotten cautious, they're saving. it's what americans end it to do. ashley: consumer spending has declined three quarters in a row to tammy's point. people are very cautious liz: and the euro zone is growing faster than the u.s. stuart: oh, stop it, please. >> oh. stuart: what a way to start a friday liz: happy friday. stuart: it will be a slightly lower open for stocks this morning, maybe a 50 point drop in the opening bell, how about the price of oil up for the past three sessions and probably going to be down-- it is down $46 a barrel. how about this, shake shack. this will be a winner at the opening bell, strong sales and profit going up 8, 9%. good old-fashioned burger and
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fries, e-mack. >> who would have thought. they also have now a fried chicken sandwich called the chicken shack. people love how they're mixing up their menu and mcdonald's, we'll get a report on this later, fresh all ground beef burgers that are not frozen. stuart: i want that story. ashley: they've been testing this in 14 locations in the dallas area. why dallas? i guess they know their meat in dallas, lots of steak, of course. they've been doing this since november and not telling everyone it's fresh meat as opposed to frozen patties. but afterwards, what did you think of the taste of that? if it goes well, they can expand around the shake shack and-- >> is the stock going back to 131, garlic fries, all day burgers. >> and your coffee. >> i am askied more about where
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is the shake shack than where is the empire state building. i know exactly where it is. stuart: okay. can i move on? i will. amazon, that stock is still very close to an all-time high, opens around 716. that's the retail part of it and then there's this, donald trump, "the washington post" owned by amazon owner jeff bezos. going after trump with a 20-man army to dig up dirt. that's what he's doing to trump. here is what trump says. >> he thinks i would go after him for anti-trust, he's got a huge anti-trust problem, because they're controlling so much. amazon is controlling so much of what they're doing, what he did, he bought this paper for practically nothing and using that as a tool for political power against me and against other people, and i'll tell you what, we can't let him get away with it. stuart: well, he also went on
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to say that amazon is getting away with murder tax-wise. and i don't think this affects the stock period, it does not, but it's politics. the counter punch, there he goes again. >> this is why donald trump is a business-- as a businessman is so feared, because he knows about the relationships when you own a newspaper and you have a gigantic company. those kind of words and understanding of what can be occurring only donald trump would think about. people say well, mr. bezos gives money across the board, he's know the partisan. it proves his point when you want to look at overall policies, you give to everyone. they're planning a book, not just covering mr. trump. we're going to look at hillary's essence. like she's eau du perfume.
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they're not doing a book on little hillary. stuart: anti-trust and-- >> this is what they're afraid of, what they're not used to. stuart: look at this, please, i'm going to call this a horse race. neck and neck, the title of the world's most valuable company. alphabet. can we call it google, please? just edging out apple. microsoft, please note, and exxonmobil numbers three and four. this is because apple has-- a billion dollars worth of market value. they have. over the past year. >> and with the changes, apple allowed to generate more profit than cash. is it going from a high growth company, this is the question it that people are asking to a value stock, has it plateaued? google goes from strength to strength and facebook nipping at everybody's heels. the question is what is apple, a resting point or going to new products? >> here is the thing, apple sales in the fourth quarter are
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bigger than google's entire last year profit. that's the thing. apple is still firing on a lot, and google, the sales are bigger and facebook and sales combined. the iphone alone makes more than microsoft in one year. >> apple is a plateau, where do they go from here. >> it's beaten down, 8 1/2 times earnings, the dividend going up in the cash pile. stuart: watch it today, does it drop below 90 and stay below 90? more trouble for hillary clinton, it's one thing after another. the wall street journal reports the clinton global initiative, part of the clinton foundation, which arranges donations to help solve the world's problems, well, it helped friends of bill and hillary clinton. do we have that story details, please liz: here is the thing, this is now the clinton global initiative and that's now being roped into cross-currents of possible conflicts of interest.
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the back story here though-- or the companies that have gone before the state department, which is what they're supposed to do and whether or not the companies have given money to the clinton foundation. we've seen it with boeing, with ge and a host of other companies, but now it's the clinton global initiative which is bill clinton's arm is roped into this. stuart: the daily caller news foundation, the investigation reveals that bill and hillary clinton received at least $100 million from sheikdoms. >> we found out that she took-- the foundation took $100 from the sheikdoms of the gulf. >> it certainly does look like a conflict of interest and they've come under a lot of scrutiny, rightfully so, for a
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lot of these things and both hillary and bill clinton have given many, many speeches, especially bill clinton around the world, receives hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars. what are they getting that money for? what do these companies, countries, what do these individuals think they're getting in return for that speech or that investment? that's the key question and by the way, it's one that donald trump's going to be talking about a lot on the campaign trail especially since he's been making such a point that he's self-funded up to this point. who are these people and what are they buying when they give the clintons this kind of money and access. stuart: i don't know whether you've seen this or whether the viewers can see it, i'll hold it up, the new york post front page today and it says, "bubba steered charity dollars to friend, blond bombshell", well, that's a pretty sensational headline. what do you make of it, daniel? >> it's to the story you talked about earlier. but more, also that wall street journal on which that, the new
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york post story is based, largely, reports that bill clinton went to bat at the department of energy for this same company whiches run by a bunch of democratic donors, including this blond bombshell who is apparently a neighbor of bill clinton and friendly with. that's a conflict. as the irs-- they're a nonprofit and irs rules don't allow people to help, you to use charity organizations for personal gain in this way. so, it's not only conflict of interest, it's perhaps illegal. there will certainly be a lot of scrutiny toward this and what do the clintons say in response? we're friends, we're friends with a lot in the organization that's what we do. it doesn't pass the smell test. stuart: let's see if they put a
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20-man team on this story. assume they will not. a breaking item from subaru. ashley: this is interesting only because of the nature of it. about 60-odd thousand subarus, outback, 2016, 2017 being told do not drive your car. the pro em is with the steering, apparently not made-- made improperly, could disencourage. you turn the steering wheel and the wheels aren't turning and it's very dangerous, don't drive. stuart: that's a different recall. when they say don't drive it, that's different from saying, bring it back, we're going to fix a little problem. that's totally different for subaru this morning. ashley: yeah. stuart: i want to talk about the economy. we had to put janet yellen fed chair on fantasy island. but she did say she expects the economy to quote, continue to strengthen. i don't get it, tammy, i don't get it. strengthen?
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we're talking retail ice age? >> we're looking for the plane. and everybody gets informed about the real natures. numbers in fact don't care about people's feelings. they don't respond to spin in the media. but this is how politicized the fed has become. this is about keeping things steady until obama's out of the office and inevitably there will be more economic problems when you get somebody in that position and it has to do with the reality of it and that's where business comes in and that's business and the nature of what you do here is fundamentally key for the next four years as we actually face reality. we try to do that, of course, here every day, but it's a push backwards. these are not the jedi you're looking for liz: it's a topspin, irritating from the federal reserve. it becomes like who are you going to believe? >> does she deserve to be placed on fantasy island? >> yes. >> absolutely, on the far
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corner. stuart: let's not run too much. and unity takes time. that was our headline after the trump-paul ryan meeting yesterday. right after the get together, there was some progress. one particular example was kind of surprising. donald trump tweeting this out about lindsey graham and here is the quote. senator lindsey graham called me yesterday very much to my surprise and we had a very interesting talk about national security and more. please remember, no one has been more dismissive of trump as senator graham and trump had reserved a social dose of insult to senator graham. that was then. this is now. a pleasant chat. joining us, columnist for the washington times. >> it seems to me after the meeting yesterday, the two sides are going to be forced to get together. it's inevitable. there's no-- this is my opinion, i'm big on opinions here, there is absolutely no way on god's green earth that the republican
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party is going to abandon the nominee for the presidency from their party. >> i think you're exactly right, but i also think that it's up to people like lindsey graham and paul ryan, you know, donald trump has been magnanimous in victory, he has, you know, offered-- charles, wait a minute, wait a minute, charles, magna all kinds of names for these poor people. >> and that was during the campaign. what we've seen now, such as the tweet now. remember what donald trump did to lindsey graham during the campaign when he read lindsey graham's cell phone number out to the public and lindsey graham had to get rid of his cell phone, burned up his cell phone, this is a -- this is more than had a thaw at this point, compared to what it was. but he has been magnanimous, he agreed to meet with paul ryan, on paul ryan's terms, on paul ryan's turf. when paul ryan and the establishment lost this election, donald trump won the election and i think that quite
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frankly, donald trump realizes that people like-- paul ryan is a policy nerd. donald trump is not. donald trump realizes he needs people like paul ryan and paul ryan better understand that he needs people like donald trump because you know, as conservatives we like what paul ryan is selling. the problem is paul ryan can't sell it. he's never won a state-wide election, lost the ticket in 20 2012, and one thing about donald trump, he knows how to sell things. you put those two together for the republican party and i think hillary clinton is toast. stuart: oh, famous last line. hillary clinton is toast. all right. that was good. charles, thank you very much for joining us. we'll see you soon. take a look at apple, please, they are investing a billion dollars in the uber of china, which is called dedeshushing,
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ride sharing liz: there's a cash in it, it's in 400 chinese cities, will help apple with the chinese government when china is basically sensoring their movies and their e-books. it's a way to grease the wheels. stuart: probably a good investment. ashley: tim cook is going to beijing and maybe it will help further the conversation liz: apple's move towards services rather than hardware. stuart: in china. news on obamacare. it's a slapdown from the courts, a federal judge declared the obama administration is unconstitutionally funding health insurers without approval from congress. details. ashley: it's interesting, it's
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$175 million program that essentially reimburses insurers to help reduce the co-payment of low income people. the challenge to it was by house republicans who say, we never ever appropriated this money for that. so-- >> so you can't spend it. ashley: so i can't spend it. took it to the judge. the judge says you're right, it's unconstitutional. it's never approved. stuart: if you can't spend it, what does it mean? liz: the premiums could continue to go up and aetna maybe exiting. humana is on the fence and united health has left. stuart: if the premiums go up, that's less retail spending for the consumers. >> this is the kind of message that tells consumers, wait a minute, some other new thing is going to show up in the next few months. this has been put on hold for appeals. it won't take effect immediately and it will be appealed, but this is the kind
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of news we've had ever since obama really took office. you never knew what was going to come the next day so people are cautious. stuart: i'm going to change course and go to foreign policy. i've got this for you. disciplinary action from the navy. the commander of the 10 american sailors whose vessels was captured and boarded by iranian captors, joining us, is carl casey. and welcome to the program. >> thank you for having me. stuart: what's your reading of this? i'm inclined to think that maybe the navy or the administration is scapegoating. >> they're scapegoating in one hand, but at the same time there's a navy code of ethics. i'm an american fighting forces which guard my country and our way of life. i am prepared to give my life in their defense. i will never surrender of my own free will, i will never
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surrender the means of my command. this guy violated this order, that everyone takes. what about the rules of engagement. and the eiranians and took over it. >> look at the guns in the area. our troops have been afraid, since they've been sacrificed, they're afraid to respond. >> if that commander would have responded with force, he would have been strung out to dry. and he's been strung out to dry. stuart: rules of engagement said no, the u.s. navy can't fire despite that code. >> either way the guy was screwed. he wasn't fired, this is what they do in the military if you do a bad job they move you to a new command and hush-hush, and fairly actually fire anybody. a dmv with nuclear submarines. stuart: it cannot be good for our armed forces when this
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happens. so he's out to dry whatever he does. >> the military has lost accountability because of this administration, dmv with nuclear submarines. stuart: carl, thank you for joining us. now to facebook, the stock near an all-time high even though it continues to take heat for hiding conservative stories from its news feed. well, mark zuckerberg has responded and we'll have that response in a moment for you and harry reid at it again, d demagoguery on the floor of the senate, and says one is okay with calls women dogs and pigs. what is going on here? a warning for the zika virus, don't go to brazil for the olympics. i think a soccer star said that. and the doctor is here. and louie gohmert, does he still want an apology from him
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before backing him? >> he goes after his father and says he helped lee harvey oswald. as a christian, stuart, if he apologizes, then, yes, i will forgive him and come on board. show me top new artist.
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ah, ha ha. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc.
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researchers using a 3-d printer to build a robotic back mimicking nature is the best way to build flying robots. a computer elected navigate rooms and avoid obstacles. a robot that. senator harry reid taking aim at mitch mcconnell after he met with donald trump, listen to this. >> he has so enthusiastically embraced trump, the view that women are dogs and pigs. we can only assume the leaders not repulsed by his abhorrent
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behavior. >> i tell you what is repulsive. these words versus what the obama administration has done. 92% of jobs lost in obama's first-term belong to women. extreme poverty rate among women is the highest ever recorded. 3.7 million women under barack obama have entered poverty. if you want to talk about words let's talk about actions. this is what the american people are rejecting, what our real lives are about. stuart: we are going to open a little bit lower this morning, we are down 20, 30 points. oil was up for the past three sessions, probably going to be down today, $.50 at 46. apple very much in the news, will it drop below 90 today, it will be down. it will be down today. 90 was the close. facebook, where is that going to
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be? it closed yesterday -- it will open around 1:20 today. shake shack, the come back of the burger chain is a big, you will see it, shake shack will be up a couple bucks, 8% or 9%. monsanto, the seed company, germany company wants to buy them. retail ice age theme, we will cover that all week. more names you know, macy's, jcpenney, target, kohl's, nordstrom, all of them come way down, not much business, jeff sica and anthony scaramucci here, anthony signed up with the trump campaign. won't talk about that right now but about the retail ice age. we are in it. >> there is no question that there is a slowdown, but what i am more worried about is capital
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investment spending. one of the big things that happened out here at the conference is because of the specter of deflation the capital investing you slowing down in the marketplace, usually a precursor to recession. stuart: precursor to recession. what do you make of this retail ice age? >> first thing is there was always this concern that it would hit the high end and low end retailers, now with nordstrom yesterday coming and with horrendous earnings, what we had from jcpenney, what we are looking at now is a retail massacre, consumers are gasping for air right now. it has a lot to do with amazon. amazon has taken an immense amount of market share from these retailers. this is an indication how much the consumers struggling. we have been told for decades
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the consumer is the foundation of our economy so how could the consumer be struggling and the economy thriving? stuart: we have 10 seconds until the opening in cabell, we expect a small loss, we should be down 20, 30 points, three seconds, two seconds, it is 9:30, we are off and running, we are down 20, the earlier the going puts the tao down 17-7. we are staying on the theme of the retail ice age. you were shoppers going to the mall, more people online, the consumer clearly distressed. we are going to be looking at retailers big time because they have been down a lot recently. liz mcdonald is here, ashley webster, scott shelley and jeff siegel and anthony scaramucci. the retail ice age, what is your
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take on this. >> we have a little bit with the retail sales number we got today but good news, 1.3% retail sales is not my america. we are going to the web service, at the end of the day consumers spending and competence going down. we don't have anything that will look any better or stronger, no white night around the corner and we need an innovation, to get us back on our feet again. the story on interest rates is the same as the story on oil. stuart: the retailers, etc. etc.. is that an economic indicator? >> we look at things like savings rates as an indication
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where the consumer is at a historic low, multi-decade lows. consumers do not have discretionary income to spend that you would normally have in a recovery. stuart: anthony scaramucci, you just mentioned the word recession in connection with lack of capital spending and retail ice age. tell us about that. >> we interviewed john burbank, macro hedge fund manager, the probability of a two thirds chance of recession in the next 12 to 6 months. data is very weak. if you look at productivity we are in a statistical recession right now meaning we should be growing at 2.5%, when we are growing at 1.5 to 1%, most of
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the country is feeling the pain in terms of depressed wages and disposable income. if you lack disposable income you got a retail ice age. stuart: what happened to the sharp decline in gas prices? where did that money go? speaking of retailer, you talk amazon, that is the big winner from the decline in mall traffic, people are going online and that is where amazon opened this morning, $717 per share down $.18. what do you think of that? >> amazon. i have been a fan of amazon. amazon is up $100 since april 28th which is my birthday. $100. it is a great stock, 290,
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everybody piling into amazon, i always liked amazon. always liked the model but it is a little late for that. it left topy a month ago. stuart: we have anthony scaramucci, the guest on wall street week, larry summers, hear what he has to say about donald trump at 8:00 eastern time on the foxbusiness network. we are down 25 points for the dow industrials, that one straight down 27, we are below 177. how about walmart, testing two day shipping to challenge amazon prime. cheryl: and they cut their membership fee for the service in half to half of amazon, $49 versus amazon's $99 to be in a shipping program like this was
9:35 am
walmart could pressure and take on amazon as they continue to shut stores and move to internet selling, they could turn closed stores into distribution hubs like amazon has done. >> they have the fifth largest trucking network, they have the ability to access -- they have the resources and very loyal customer base which people have to understand. amazon is giving them a lot but walmart will be viable. stuart: scott shelley making noises. what do you have to say? >> walmart is going to test two day delivery. why are they testing it? just do it? who will say no to it? will be come out and say it wasn't a good idea? let's do it. stuart: the stock has gone down a bit more. changing of the guard, google is
9:36 am
the most valuable company in the world, move over apple, it is google one, apple 2. ashley: alphabet one, google 2. microsoft and exxon moving slightly lower. apple yesterday dipped to $89.47, finished above $90. at what point is apple a good point to jump in and get a bargain? >> there is so much controversy. look at the latest acquisition being an act of desperation, get this overturned. i think apple has a long way to go. they do not have innovation. they want to make money off of the iphone, they are cannibalizing their products, there is no innovation. liz: apple makes more than google did the entire last year. they made more than google did.
9:37 am
they could if they switched. >> they are spending a lot on r&d. they need to spend money on innovation. stuart: let me repeat, apple is investing $1 billion in what is known as china's uber. that is a political contribution, isn't it? liz: it could be interpreted that way because china is censoring apple's music library, it is a way to get a foot in the door in china and uber -- dd has powerful china players in their and ali baba. stuart: it is not state owned but it is state-controlled. go pro, a new low just happened. what have you got? nicole: it is a dollars $.96 bouncing off of the lows, $8.76 and to share, $24 ipo. everyone had high hopes for go
9:38 am
pro for their wonder cameras, for snowboarding and the like. and releasing their drones, first-quarter revenue cut in half so go pro hit an all-time low today and is at $8.99. stuart: but the low. >> 876 down 80% in one year. stuart: come back later, take you up to oil right now. today it is down $46 a barrel. scott, we have a three session run up, we are back to $46 a barrel. the question is, are we through this period where oil touches $30 to $40 range? are we done with that now? >> i don't think so. i think the big story for interest rates and oil is lower for a lot longer than you think. we have two reasons, middle east tension, the middle east
9:39 am
continuing to pump. we couldn't get this thing on fire in the states and i think once you get that geopolitical stuff out of the way it will die down and what will drive oil again? it will not be a demand story because the economies are not doing well. we drifted back lower down through 40 but we probably have a new range from 35 to 50. stuart: that is a big negative for the stock market. facebook's chief mark zuckerberg wants to meet with conservatives after allegations that facebook leaned left. ashley: former news curators as they are calling facebook said curators there basically suppressed conservative views and leaned left when they added stories to their trending topics. mark zuckerberg saying in a post being open to all viewpoints is
9:40 am
the core of everything facebook is and everything i wanted to be, they say they have launched an investigation and found this report not to be true. stuart: it affects the stock, no effect on the stock whatsoever. it is a political issue involving facebook, not the stock. shake shack big winner, how big a winner is shake shack today? nicole: over 8%. off of the highs of the day but holding onto a nice gain of 5.5%. you should be thinking of juicy antibiotics, hamburgers, frozen custard shakes, results topped analyst estimates. the forecast for same-store sales going forward, a winner for this burger chain and that is why you see a jump in today. stuart: burgers and shakes are doing really well, these chains and mcdonald's is going to fresh ground -- ashley: trying it out in a number of locations in the
9:41 am
dallas area. they are not telling us it is fresh but they are questioning people afterwards, how did that meets taste? did it seem different? if it gets positive reviews it could go nationwide to challenge shake shack and in and out burgers. stuart: scott shelley, we ask about fast food joints. what is your take on shake shack? >> reminds me of krispy kreme but that is another show. we just got done talking about the retail sector, nordstrom, and never fear fast food is here, this economy is going to rebound because we have all day breakfast and nice hamburgers. that is what we base this on? stuart: you should ramble on. janet yellen says, quote, the economy continues to strengthen. active verb, strengthening. it is fading. on fantasy island, i am going
9:42 am
back to you, before you finish, continue. >> her fantasy island should be somewhere up north near iceland, nothing warm and cozy because everything is frozen she has touched. we will start to talk about interest rates. i have been doing this 29 years. last time we raise rates we are getting in front of an overheating economy or seem to be one or stopping at overheating economy and can anybody say this economy is close to overheating? we were talking about recession. what are people thinking? >> i wasn't joking before when i said it is growing faster than the united states. feels like crabgrass. stuart: what is janet yellen doing? >> he is the most delusional human being on the face of the earth. on the one hand she talks about how well the economy is doing but yet she will not rule out negative interest rates. negative interest rates are the single biggest act of
9:43 am
desperation ever initiated. janet yellen is refusing to rule it out. if she felt confident in this economy she would say we will not go into a negative interest rate environment. if we go that route we are not coming back. liz: there are $9 trillion in bonds worldwide, negative yielding, $9 trillion, no yield whatsoever and it is popping 7 your highs. stuart: scott shelley pointed out the other day if you have a negative interest rate environment and get a loan from a bank you don't have to pay all the money back. when you give money to the bank you don't get it all back. when the bank lends money to you you don't give it all back. am i right? is that accurate? i can't believe it. >> the world's best trifecta. all-you-can-eat fries and only have to pay back 90% of the loan. what could be better? stuart: i interrupted scott shelley's rand.
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the market turned positive. the dow industrials up 5 or 6 points, we opened lower but after 13 minutes we are up a little bit. thanks very much. appreciate it. the new cover of electronic arts madden football game franchise is just out. this unit features new england patriots tight end, i am told this is a very big deal. ashley: it is a big deal, first tight end ever, first patriots player ever on the very popular madden videogame. it is called a dream come through. two hours before he found this out he found out he is going to be on the cover of gq, it has been a great day, no kidding. there you go. the flamboyant larger-than-life player. stuart: if you tell me that is the case, thank you very much
9:45 am
for bailing me out. breaking news, billionaire sheldon abelson has endorsed donald trump. a lot of people falling in line with the new unity vision for republicans. check the big board, we are still hovering around, up 6 points. we have turned around. george clooney talking about donald trump's campaign says he will never be president, role tape. >> there is not going to be a president donald trump. that is not going to happen. we are not going -- fear is not something that is what drives our country. stuart: you heard it loudly and clearly. we have with us actress and radio talkshow host in new york city what a privilege and honor. >> it is good to be here.
9:46 am
i love george cloney. he doesn't say who will be president and he likes to say we don't operate on fear. if you look at the results in appalachia, offer trump, offer trump. now i am because i am not for hillary. stuart: you are an actress. what are you doing endorsing trump publicly? >> i suffer from common sense. it is funny. i stepped away from acting and did a movie and won and award. stuart: you are both on the right. what is the reaction in california? i ask this question because donald trump is going to southern california maybe 20 or 30 events taking money out of what is traditionally hillary clinton's campaign cash cow.
9:47 am
how is he going to be perceived? >> it is harder and harder for people to support hillary clinton in light of everything she has done, we are in an age where we want transparency and we are not getting it from our government and people are starting to wake up and understand it is us against the government, there is conflict of interest, we have the government educating our children, teaching them slavery. the proof is bernie sanders is doing so well. we have all these young people indoctrinated with the idea of slavery which is socialism because they haven't been taught that socialism is the greatest slave system known to mankind, having killed over 150 million people. stuart: that is a little strong, wouldn't you say? >> the truth is strong, the truth is intolerant. of the one you are wearing across. a practicing christian. >> i absolutely and. stuart: what do you make of donald trump insulting women? >> we have christianity to thank for the death of slavery in this country. stuart: you use the word again. >> christianity. it was good christian men who
9:48 am
form the republican party and started the abolition and defeated slavery. of the when you homeschool your children and have a good christian household. why is it you are now supporting donald trump when he uses foul language? >> i got two choices. two choices. either hillary or trump now. stuart: have you ever lost and acting job that you know about because of your conservative politics? >> all of them. i have no idea. stuart: do you have any friends? >> i stopped auditioning when i had my kids. i stopped auditioning when i married my husband who had three strokes, was very ill. stuart: generally speaking, what is the reaction to a conservative like you in california? >> i really don't -- i am not that involved. stuart: let me turn it around. do you think donald trump could put california in play as a republican candidate in a
9:49 am
national election? >> i am going to say yes because that is what you see in europe, the polling, people are saying i am pretty left but in the results in the elections in europe you see a lot of people moving to the right. they say one thing and then going to the private little space and go can't do hillary, can't do hillary. because hillary just on her face you see there is no truth there. it is all about the power. stuart: fascinating. thanks for joining us. the book is called they are your kids. homeschool them, that is what you say. >> at delivery, keep them away from the government. the government of the conflict of interest, the government should not be allowed to get their little claws -- stuart: never expected to hear a californian say -- >> i love my kids, they don't along in an institution. stuart: we appreciate you being here. a warning about the zika virus. harvard doctors say cancel the olympics.
9:50 am
the threat to our athletes is too great. doctor mark siegel on that one. actor scott bayeux conservative, time for everyone to stop complaining and unite behind trump. ♪
9:51 am
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stuart: when you report lower sales in your department store it doesn't look good for stock. that happened in nordstrom and stock is down 14%. harvard's public health review says the olympics should be moved away from brazil or canceled outright because of the threat of the zika virus. doctor mark siegel is here. i will try to explain what i think is the threat. and american athlete goes to rio for the olympics, gets beaten by a mosquito, acquires the zika virus. comes back to america, becomes a parent and the child -- is that
9:55 am
the threat, the nature of the threat from having a lipid in brazil? >> that is a possibility. that is not what we are talking about in the harvard public health review. he is claiming that athletes come back here and see the mosquitoes here leading to a big outbreak in the united states. i believe that is poppycock. i think that will never happen. look at the cousin virus, dengue fever. there are 100 million cases in the world a year and it doesn't work that way because if we have mosquito control compared to brazil, the reason you see zika in brazil is the mosquito population is out of control because it is impoverished. we don't have the number of mosquitoes we need here to start an outbreak. stuart: the threat is exaggerated, america -- so how do we cut down on this threat? what do we do? >> i wouldn't cancel the olympics. we are 80 years from not the olympics, we need to show courage, not fear. what we do is carefully screen
9:56 am
pregnant women or women of childbearing years who are going to rio or that area. i want them screened at airports. stuart: you want to screen every woman of childbearing age when they come back to the united states? that is impossible. >> i am not talking about barriers to injury. it is their own health. stuart: what do you ask them? >> it won't spread that way either. i'm talking about the health of a specific pregnant woman. if i were pregnant i wouldn't go to the brazil olympics. if i were trying to become pregnant i wouldn't go to the brazil olympics. the idea of canceling it or moving it is preposterous. stuart: if you are a female athlete of childbearing age you would not go to the brazil olympics? >> if i were trying to get pregnant. if i were trying to get pregnant. let me teach you a little biology. not every woman of childbearing years is trying to become olympics.
9:57 am
as long as you are practicing birth control absolutely. this is a very minor risk. there are 5000 cases related to this virus. i don't like that. it is very rare. stuart: in the next hour, talk about the paperloop, la to san francisco, i want to know about what stress it puts on your body, the geforce, doctor siegel will talk about the geforce of the hyperloop. donald trump and paul ryan say they're get together was pretty good. senator lindsey graham is having friendly conversations with donald trump. at the top of the hour coming up, congressman louis gomer am a
9:58 am
friend of "varney and company," is he ready to jump on board with trump or is he demanding an apology? the return of john stossel who was diagnosed with lung cancer. he is back and he has a story to tell.
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: new this hour congressman louie gohmert, is he ready to unite behind trump or is he waiting for an apology? he joins us in a moment. this hour john stossel, first appearance since revealing his cancer diagnosis, here to tell a great story about the american healthcare system. the hyperloop, california, la to san francisco, what does that do to your body, how about those geforce is? doctor siegel joins us shortly. donald trump will attend fundraisers in los angeles. that is clinton country. california, maybe, is it in play in november, could it be?
10:01 am
wait and see. first the markets, we are on the upside, we are down 33 points, 17-6 is the level. the retail ice age we talked about all week very much enforce, nordstrom is the latest victim of this retail ice age because they are down 15%. ashley: missing profits, revenue, cutting their guidance for 2016 following on the heels of macy's and kohl's, jcpenney today, this has been a terrible week especially those mold stores, people are going online and not buying apparel. nordstrom says we go to the online retailers and try to match price for price. >> unexpectedly in march it slipped, that is the retailer, slipped in march but consumers scale back their retail store
10:02 am
buying. stuart: the big retailers, the united states, kohl's, target, there are others. all those down in percentage terms. new this hour the obama administration sends a letter to every public school district in the country, to let transgender students use the bathroom of their choice. ashley: bathrooms and locker rooms that match frozen gender identity. this is signed by the department of education going out to every public school across the country. they went out, there is no force of law to provide schools with clarity. however, if they don't abide, they may face lawsuits and the loss of federal money. ashley: stuart: a 15 or 16-year-old says i am identifying as a woman even though i am biologically a man,
10:03 am
and that student identifies as a woman. liz: the guidelines also say the school is not allowed to ask for a birth certificate or any other id to prove that. stuart: any bathroom you like. ashley: loretta lynch says there is no room in our schools for discrimination of any kind. that is being told to every public school. of the one how do i feel about this? how do other kids feel about this, how does the rest of the country feel about having to make this kind of change? ashley: it doesn't matter, it is a civil rights issue. north carolina is involved in a lawsuit. stuart: lawyers will be all over it. we broke this news in the last hour, sheldon adelson has officially endorsed donald from. didn't he write a piece? liz: he says start providing financial backing to donald trump, he says donald trump has created a movement that cannot
10:04 am
be denied, more gop voters than any of the republican candidate, he doesn't agree on every issue with donald trump but he is using the word frightening to talk about the alternative, hillary clinton. stuart: he was the biggest spender in the 2012 election, for the republicans and now he is with trump. maybe trump will get the money. all day yesterday we were covering the meeting between paul ryan and donald trump, their effort to unite the gop. listen to what donald trump said to sean hannity last night. roll tape. >> i don't mind going through a bit of a slow process. we have a lot of things, i think for the most part we agree on a lot of different items and we are getting there. i feel strongly about border security, i feel strongly about trade, i feel strongly about building up the military and to a large extent i think paul is there also. we will get there. stuart: he says we will get there.
10:05 am
congressman louie gohmert, any update, last time you were on the show you were not backing trump until he apologizes, what am i hearing in the background? i hear a choir. >> thinking extraordinarily. it is gorgeous. anyway, we couldn't have choreographed this better to have real americana music behind me while i am standing up for america. i was asked last night, the truth is my wife and i cashed out everything we had but
10:06 am
10:07 am
let's get to hillary clinton. two issues, a new report alleges $2 million and clinton global initiative charity money was used to benefit a friend.
10:08 am
that friend is julie, the neighbor in chappaqua. the daily caller reports persian gulf shakes gave bill and hillary $100 million. ashley is with us. these are separate issues but they all point towards what i call conflict of interest. >> yes. the clintons rica of corruption and they always have and always come out unscathed and all we can do at this point is hope with the email scandal, the ongoing investigation and the fbi director saying this is an investigation, with all the clinton foundation donations, all these things we have brought to light since she is running for president of the united states is the fact that maybe she will come out tattered and torn this time and not escape but at the same time we have set a precedent in this country that says people like her can get
10:09 am
away with scamming the american people and corrupting the political system and it is not fair and it is time for these things to be investigated for what they are. you cannot say she is a champion of women anymore. stuart: it goes on and on and on, one revelation after another. nothing happens. nothing happens. she is going to be the democratic candidate. she is the candidate, nothing happens. >> that is right. we have to look at this for what it is, corruption at the highest level. the obama administration and all their cronies have not been in trouble or held accountable for anything or any wrongdoing and she is -- stuart: hold on a second. at what point will they be held accountable? >> i honestly don't know. stuart: could she win with this in the backdrop? >> i hope not. we saw glenn beck say donald trump will win this election which is a huge change of events since he was a ted cruz supporter
10:10 am
because he realizes how weak a candidate she is. if you look at all the flaws in her candidacy when it comes to corruption, scandal, email, benghazi, women, sex scandals with bill. all of this stuff is like come on, how has this family state in politics along? they benefit from everything, from donations, they do anything that benefits them politically, they don't care about the american people and it is about time the american people start listening and realizing what is going on, the permit of justice is donating money large amounts to her political campaign, clearly justice will never be served when it comes to the clintons. stuart: on the subject of hillary a look at the headline in the los angeles times titled trump's crooked hillary label may stick. that is from the la times. that is clinton country. let this country -- that is california, that is los angeles and they are saying the crooked
10:11 am
label may stick. that is strong stuff from the la times. >> it is and it might. she has been crooked long before donald trump called her that but now he is finally giving her the right name that she deserves, crooked, corrupt, any of those words apply. at the same time, what we need to really look at is the long history of corruption within the clinton foundation and the clinton family, within the political system. it is always to their benefit and they always come out unscathed. it is time the justice department does something about this and realizes while she was secretary of state there are a lot of things going on. there are four dead americans because of it. the clinton foundation was benefiting from all these donations from corrupt foreign
10:12 am
countries and they were paying because she knew she would be running for president of the united states. hopefully it sticks. stuart: you should have a smile on your face. a terrible candidate and you are a republican, you should be happy hillary clinton is the candidate. >> she would look good in orange. stuart: that is brutal. however, we do here you. it is friday morning, the weekend is coming. thank you very much indeed, see you again soon. where are we on that market? we are down 50 odd points, 17-6. the retail ice age is starting to bite. a couple big names are moving, mcdonald's testing fresh burgers and we have higher sales at shake shack. mcdonald's is off of the 131 level but shake shack has gone straight up. it is interesting, the health food craze, what is going up? burgers, fries and shakes. liz: and chicken sandwiches. all day breakfast, the ultimate in comfort food.
10:13 am
they want breakfast, the booze hounds. ashley: want to have a burger to finish it up. stuart: hashbrowns -- all right. let's go to that. it is a horse race. who is going to win the race for most valuable company in the world? ashley, at the moment. ashley: coming around the backstretch. stuart: apple in front again. ashley: apple is in the lead but this is fluctuating based on share price. apple is at $496 billion market value. $494 million. stuart: the market value of stock. how many shares are there in apple, what is the share price? multiply the two and get the
10:14 am
market value. both of them are very close to a half trillion dollars in value a piece. that is extraordinary. this news on apple, they are investing $1 billion in a chinese company. that is the chinese uber, i think. >> reporter: they make this investment. why do they make this investment? they have not commented any further than what we have seen so far but gives them a better understanding of the chinese market, second largest market for iphones. they explore the idea of autonomous vehicles. that might be part of it. how about the adoption of apple pay? analysts think this could be a good move for apple to get more folks on board in china with apple pay. stuart: i take a slightly different view. apple is being squeezed in china. itunes and imovies getting squeezed so they coming with $1
10:15 am
billion for chinese company and goes to visit beijing shortly. a lot of politics involved in this billion dollar to you. nicole: you could be right. they could be playing nice as they head over there. apple shareholders saw their stock at a two year low yesterday and this year it is down 13% so they will take anything to the upside. stuart: apple has bounced from 89 yesterday up to 91. i wonder if that is the bottom. if it goes below 90 people pushing above 90. that could be the story of apple this morning. thank you very much, all good stuff. now this. more on the hyperloop. kind of big on this. a superfast train they are developing, looks like a bank teller, 750 miles an hour, that was a 5 second test in the desert north of las vegas. if you getting one of these things and it becomes a reality and you get in one of them and
10:16 am
you are accelerating from 0 to 750 miles an hour, doesn't that exert a geforce? liz: like an astronaut. stuart: look who is back. doctor siegal himself was am i going wrong here? how can you accelerate to 0 to 750 miles an hour without killing her body with geforce? >> if i were more worried about this -- first of all it can make you nauseous. secondly you could get motion sickness. thirdly you are strapped into a seat for that entire half-hour. you could get up and walk the aisles on a plane. know what is serving you a beverage. like being in a rocketship. the acceleration. stuart: can't do it. you would be -- >> it will be like being on a roller coaster. it is not going to be pleasant. i don't know how they will get past that. people with underlying problems, stomach problems or heart problems i would be concerned about that.
10:17 am
potential for lawsuits. stuart: you are a doctor and you see potential for lawsuits everywhere. ashley: one of those rides in an f-16. as the geforce increases the suit constricts to keep the blood in the body. liz: who will get on that? >> if i could get to la in 30 minutes and might be worth it. >> relax a little and slow down. why does it have to be 750? liz: in a windowless to with no windows. if you had windows you would get really sick. stuart: a big been can. just about killed, dead and buried the hyperloop on this program this morning but i bet you it will be a reality. >> electric car goes from 0 to 60 and 3 seconds and i have been in one and it is terrific. i am not against acceleration but 400 miles an hour. stuart: i got to ask this. this is for you. that report, we had it yesterday that says a lot of use of
10:18 am
tylenol, acetaminophen, reduces your ability to empathize with people. reduces it. what do you make of that? >> that is one of those associative findings. i am against using too much tylenol because of your liver, against using too much but i don't think it has anything to do with empathy. empathy is something you learn over many years. not one of those things where they put one group in and gave up tylenol and another group didn't -- not tylenol group empathized more. i think it is poppycock. of the one i have no empathy, perhaps because i used to take tylenol. who knows? >> they have in great britain? stuart: 50 years ago. i haven't been to london in 20 years. >> it is really great, food has gotten much better. stuart: you are done, out of here. quick check on walmart.
10:19 am
they are going to test two day shipping to challenge amazon prime. earlier today scott shellady said what are you talking about? testing this didn't work. liz: they are getting speedier. we are going to do three day delivery, they are getting speedier with two day delivery, the service will cost $49 a year, half of what amazon charges for there fast shipping service. stuart: fast delivery, the hyperloop, fast delivery is good stuff. you are telling me i should get back to london because things have changed. look at this. they really have changed. a sinkhole in london swallowed up an entire car, the sudden collapse of the street likely caused by heavy rain. the first sinkhole i can ever remember in england. ashley: through that sinkhole. stuart: sinkholes i thought were limited to florida. liz: imagine driving along and fall in a sinkhole.
10:20 am
stuart: check this out please. tractors made in india for sale in the united states, tractors right outside our studios. remember i own a farm. they are going to try to sell me a made in india tractor on the show. that is the one. that is for the grandchildren. >> i am not worried about the acceleration. strt: ey lk go. th areoingo tr to ll m one theatern thshow maden india. donald trump launching a new fundraising pushing california. dozens, i mean dozens of events are planned. we talk to a trump delegate from california at 11:45 on this program today. plus john stossel makes his control -- his return to "varney and company," he was diagnosed with lung cancer. he says he is doing great.
10:21 am
the real problem was the healthcare system. next hour you will hear what harry reid said about mitch mcconnell. let me warn you it is going to fire you up. [ soft music ]
10:22 am
10:23 am
e.t. phone home. when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1.
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shoah, ha ha.ew artist. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. john: i got a lung cancer diagnosis but i'm okay now say the doctors. a few weeks ago a surgeon chopped the lung cancer out and they can't it early. not even have to have chemo. that is the good news. the bad news is american healthcare is often excellent but customer service stinks.
10:25 am
stuart: okay. you got it right there. john stossel runs a show on foxbusiness that bears his name and he is back with us and it is a great place to have you back on the show. doctors say you are on the mend. john: they do. i feel pretty good. it could come back but probably won't. of the when you said they chopped it out. that was the most brutal description of treatment. john: they took it out. with modern medicine, tiny instruments i am back on my feet a week later. stuart: what is your problem with the medical system? john: it is so stupidly bad, unnecessarily bad. they don't use modern community -- communication to -- operating on the wrong patient, 12-year-old it would snap a picture from his phone but they don't use modern technology because the customer, the patient is not the customer. the customer is the government and the insurance companies, the
10:26 am
patient is third. stuart: modern technology, did they not use in communicating? john: you are primitive but normal people emailed her doctor or a doctor might even give out his cell phone number. they do in lasik eye surgery or cosmetic surgery because the patient pay the bill directly. the waiting rooms are nice, they play movies, they don't keep you waiting long, prices go down, quality goes up because it is a market. stuart: you are grinding your libertarian ask. they fixed you up just fine but oh no, that is not good enough for stossel. he doesn't want this bureaucratic government care. he wants a free market. john: i got hateful comments like you think burger king gets to have it your way? it is a hospital, they saved your life, shut up. the truth is it would be better for both parties, for doctors and hospitals are caught between the insurance companies and the bureaucrats, they are tortured
10:27 am
too. stuart: hold on a second. john: a real doctor. stuart: we practice in new york city. wait a second. let's be specific. john says why can't you give your cell phone number to the patient or your email address so you can communicate in modern technology? >> i actually do that. but i am not, and. the system is exactly the way he describes it. a huge interface between the doctor and the patient which the doctor is scrambling all the time. something else, ordering excess test. here comes another checklist. we better order this, this and this and don't even have time to look. because of insurance companies and government. stuart: it is lawyers. >> don't know the cost of what they are paying because it is absorbed by insurance companies. stuart: you say they say they need this test, that test. john: it is lawyers. stuart: they are afraid of the
10:28 am
lawyers because if they don't administer a test and later find something which would have been discovered by the test they get sued. >> grill one of these parasites tonight, they arehn edwards, i children who have cerebral palsy and c-sections have gone from 6% to 30% of all births, cerebral palsy has not dropped a bit. they were lying and collecting a fortune. stuart: lawyers are problem number one or am i going too far? >> third-party payment is problem one. stuart: not paying directly and don't care what it costs or how many test so you don't care about the price. you can't do anything about it. >> lawyers are down the line, the long-term problem. what can i do about it? as we -- as we go electronic there is more checklists. if i had the time i could look at what somebody ordered yesterday but i am on to the next patients. stuart: we are glad to have you
10:29 am
back. >> best health to you. stuart: tonight, don't miss it, stossel has a special, free-market medicine, 9:00 eastern on the foxbusiness network. we will be watching. now this. development on london's first muslim mayor. what is he saying? ashley: one of the most well-known muslim leaders to lead a major western city is inviting donald trump to come to london so he can educate him on islam. he says trump's ignorant views are playing into the hands of extremists who prey on young muslims to suggest that it is incompatible to be western and muslim is, i think, really risky. he goes on to say there are many, daresay millions of muslims in the united kingdom who love being british and love being western.
10:30 am
stuart: i wonder if donald trump will go there to have islam explained by we are now down 44 points. how about the price of oil. we are now down $45 a barrel. that relationship is still there. it is justified. some of the big retailers are way, way down. item number one today. nordstrom. down 14%. >> lower across the board. a miserable week. we have bases, colts, nordstrom and now jcpenney.
10:31 am
all moving lower. all losing customers. trying to keep up with the online retailers which is cutting into their margins. >> as the justice department steps in and stops the office depot staples merger. all of them, sticks and stones. >> we keep calling it a retail ice age. when was the last time you visited the mall? >> that is a very good question. it has been a very long time. nordstrom was really supposed to be the exception to the rule. they sell a lot of high end goods. that stock is lower as well. stuart: is that what everyone is doing? is there a reason?
10:32 am
>> a lot of these companies that are actually catering to women. they go on. professional clothing. you said your measurements. they make it easier. >> that is important. >> they know all about buying clothing online. they shop online for clothing. there is no way women will be buying clothing. >> what is going on with retail stocks? stuart: dewdrop, stayed there. i want more on amazon. the washington post, going right after donald trump.
10:33 am
they have a 20 man army. this is how trump responded. listen to this. >> he is controlling so much. amazon is controlling so much of what he is doing. he bought this paper for practically nothing. he is using that as a tool for political power. we cannot let him get away with this. stuart: john stossel is here. you have antitrust problems. >> i wish he would not do that. come on, take me on. i hope you are taking on hillary, too. it is like government will go after him.
10:34 am
he has an antitrust problem. the washington post. that is creepy. stuart: every right. less government regulation, less experience. stuart: you punch me, i counterpunch month charter. they are getting away with murder tax wise. the mac that is where you get the punch back. the idea that jeff as the head of amazon, when they shift, there have been some questions about whether they are respect to each state's guidelines. stuart: wait. wait.
10:35 am
wait. does donald trump want the improvisation of that? >> donald trump is talking about amazon news. including luxembourg. that is what he is complaining about. i am positive about that. the narrative of lowering unit. stuart: if he wants sales tax on internet sales, if he is going after amazon saying you should pay sales tax on internet commerce -- i have somebody on facebook. battling the accusations that it suppresses conservative news. he plans to meet with leading conservatives. does he want to get their point of view? >> this is a lack i.
10:36 am
putting in a newsfeed and say we are being accused. accusations. posting on facebook appropriately this mni. i out. do not permit the prioritize asian of one's viewpoint over another. he is saying, essentially, something is showing up in your trendy newsfeed is because a lot of people are looking at it and not necessarily because a human editor has put it there. >> this rings true. the comments about these eastern university editors. ted cruz. >> operator of a private company. every right to put in it what he wishes to investigate.
10:37 am
i am talking facebook. putting whatever bias he wants. as long as he tells us. >> you do not know this because you do not use it. >> hitting all of their news. if libertarians and ran paul on the list were excluded, that's bad. >> i agree with that. we have a billion daily users. >> that is right. the credibility could be down to where media is. that is their reputation. >> a stunning level of power. >> the other thing that we know. stuart: you say that it is fair and balanced and it's not. sorry i interrupted you.
10:38 am
>> facebook employees have given money. oddly enough, the next candidate that received the most political donations is senator rubio at 100,000. they are not supposed to let their own political views shape what is going on. >> actually hitting record highs >> 119 which is actually close. stuart: we have heard about really bad conditions and apples chinese iphone factories. daily mail gained access inside deserted dorms where workers live eight to a room. showering groups of 20 and more. what do we make of this? >> i had the same fight with hillary clinton once.
10:39 am
complaining about people living in trailers. working at these hotels. they were only there because there are other options were worse. this was a better choice for them. >> i agree with that. apple has a 178 early in dollars in cash. there is no other thing going on. in cash on the balance sheet. i would understand being better. this is better. this is a better offer them may have. i don't know. maybe you can just put in an extra shower. >> you have seen the rise of about three-400 million chinese people lifted. close to middle-class status. conditions are not great. working like that. >> apple is now, they are not
10:40 am
yet producing the next big hit that we will all run by. they are investing in the huber of china. i think that they are trying to keep a presence there and grow without creating a new device. >> trying to get into the good books of aging. the resistance level. >> talking about the retail ice age. how about talking to burger joints. nicole petallides on the new york stock exchange. steak shack. tell us about it, please. nicole: mcdonald's is working on a new philosophy. clean ingredients.
10:41 am
antibiotic chicken. turning around this company. coming on board. trine 1 million things. including fresh meat. fourteen locations in dallas. that comes on board with so many other things. helping this company moved to 20 new highs this year. the number one performer on the dow jones industrial average. you talked about the garlic fries. regional items. all day breakfast. just to name a few. this improved quality, better ingredients and the like, that will bring nick donalds to the top. >> how about that. donald, thank you very much, indeed. >> 75% of french restaurants.
10:42 am
the american burger. >> wait a second, john stossel is still with us here. we just gave you a wonderful market story. people are buying burgers and shakes and fries. they are going with her gird joints. not so much with the chipolte and health food stocks of the world. >> i did not like it when they said -- people think that means organic. >> what is back to you may be good to me. >> a free range chicken. >> they were raised in a hilton
10:43 am
hotel. >> called on a second. one more for john and deirdre. the administration is unconstitutionally spending money to fund obamacare. john, fresh out of the hospital. what do you think of this? >> i am not a constitutional scholar. >> steak shack. >> this is a slap down for the administration from the court. you know, you can spend that money the way you want to spend it on obamacare. congress never authorizes. >> exactly. the obama administration clearly will appeal. president obama is just trying to run out the clock. >> this goes to the supreme court.
10:44 am
this is the third smack down of obama's overreach. also, smacking down the epa powerplant. this is the third time. >> just turned negative. does not have anything to add on healthcare. >> we are glad to see him and he looks great. >> breaking news. the lieutenant, and are they are not happy with the president do what bathroom. >> going out to all the public schools today. transgender students are out to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of the gender they identify with. however, there are implying threats of if you do not, you could be facing lawsuits. you could maybe even be losing some federal money.
10:45 am
look, we will not be blackmailed by the u.s. president. >> okay. stuart: stossel, what do you say? >> how dare they send out these letters. don't they have any sense of limits? stuart: great to have you back. it is 10:45 a.m. eastern. a couple of movers. goldman sachs says by that thing. apparently, people are. expect strong demand for its microchips. that is what they do. they are expecting strong demand. best performer. steak shack. strong sales boosting profits.
10:46 am
sales down. away goes. just $0.10. that is $7 per share. donald trump is heading west at the end of the month. going to the heart of hillary country. los angeles. may 25 for a fundraiser. a lot more after that, i believe. the author of that book is james none other than a trump delegate. going for donald trump. >> you are a trump guy. >> donald trump could repeat could put california in play for the first time since 1988. >> kenny put california in play? the answer is definitely yes.
10:47 am
donald trump can be elected resident without winning california. the issue for hillary clinton is she has no path to winning the presidency without winning california. you can see as a result that donald trump is ahead in ohio. he is statistically tied in pennsylvania and california. he will win west virginia. he needs to take those states, but put the heat on hillary clinton and california. if he can do that, he will win the presidency. the democrats absolutely have to win this state. >> donald trump is going to southern california at the end of this month. i am told that he may do more. is that possible?
10:48 am
he is going right to hillary country. >> republican candidates for the last four crisis. >> i think that paul is an outlier. the real differences about 10 points. 55% to 45%. based on the results of a tax increase measure. here is the thing. a one and a half million vote difference in california between the base republican and the base democrats based on that proposition 30 election. there is 12 and a half million voters that will likely be sitting on the sidelines in the next election based on past voter turnout.
10:49 am
if donald trump can get 10-15%, many of them are independent. he can close that gap. you know, my democrat friends become absolutely applelike dick when we talk like this. any possibility that donald trump could get close. setting up a good campaign in california. john stossel would appreciate this. the cofounder of paypal and a very act if libertarian conservative has endorsed trump and he will be joining us on the delegation. i think that there is growing support for trial. two former republican chairman. the congressmen are falling in line. i think that they will have to think twice about california. >> how may times have i said
10:50 am
there is no way that california ever goes to the republicans. you are saying that there is at least a remote possibility that this is the year. >> there is definitely that hope. >> thank you. at 11:00 o'clock eastern time this morning, about 10 minutes from now, wendy's response to the fight for a $15 minimum wage. what is their answer? automation. they will introduce 6000 self serving kiosks. take your order by computer. we will cover that at 11:00 o'clock. liking donald trump. you know that that does not go over well in beverly hills. "varney & company." some of those answers may really surprise you.
10:51 am
>> he says women shop, then by. >> no, no, no. women spend. they pay for it. ♪ ♪
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10:55 am
the vessel boarded and captured by iranian forces. he has been fired. joining me now former navy seal. the name of his book is foreign and domestic. what is your reading of this? maybe, the navy or the administration, is safe coding. i am an american fighting forces which guard my country and a way of life. i will never surrender. i still have the means to resist. that is an order that everyone takes. >> what about the rules of engagement here? they took it. the fact is, our troops are
10:56 am
afraid. sacrificed at the altar. let me tell you, if that navy commander had responded with force, he would have been strung out to drive. >> the rules of engagement would have said in that situation, no, you cannot. >> either way. this is what they do in the military. they just move you to another command. hush-hush. they rarely actually ever fired anyone. it is a democracy. >> this kind of thing happens. being hung out to dry, no matter what he does. >> losing the accountability. >> thank you for joining us as always. >> coming up the third hour of varney. problems with the foundation.
10:57 am
giving them $100 million. the 5415. let the machines do the work. stewart's take on that. tractors made in india. still taking one home to his farm. the third hour is coming soon. ♪ cée, denise. hey. good to meet you dennis. test a great part of using the usaa car buying service
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was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. ♪ >> one of our favorite songs. >> doing it in honor of mohan drug track errors. in a moment, i will be going outside and they will be trying to sell me a made in india track her. but first, this. when these responding to the fight for a $15 minimum wage. we will talk to the ceo of a big
11:01 am
chain. what will he do about all of this? act or and producer. supporting donald trump. he is with me. shut up and get behind trump now. three hours. it starts now. ♪ >> where are we? ninety minutes into the trading session. we are down not that much. jcpenney. leading the retail ice age to the downside. lower sales down they go. only by $0.02. they were down a lot more. steak shack. doing very well. it is neck and neck.
11:02 am
outlook that, google and apple going at it. fox news contributor, ed rollins. i want the latest on the horse race. who is with me. >> apple back in the lead. apple up 4 billion. 498 billion. 494 billion. >> that is right. about a half trillion. ed rollins is here. we're going to talk politics. after the meeting between ryan and trump, getting together. i say that it is flat out inevitable. it would be madness if you did not take the republican party.
11:03 am
>> the speaker is like a class president. one member. one vote. they do have some philosophical. it is trump's game at this point. getting the budget that he wants to have. let trump take the case to the country. >> it will not take long. >> i do not think that they have to leave. drop basically has stated it pretty clear what he wants to do. ryan wants a medicare reform. in entitlement reform. >> fuzz it all up and get together. meanwhile, the los angeles time is out with an ad today. trump's crooked hillary label may stick. that is the los angeles times
11:04 am
saying crooked hillary. i was not expecting that. >> 70% of the country does not believe hillary. missteps and misstatements. things going on today. you have to forget, it goes back to getting $100 a quick investment. a subpoena with the whitewater documents. she finds them mysteriously in the white house. there is a whole pattern of thing she has done. the whole e-mail, what have >> is there any chance that a republican could win california in this general election? >> i do not take so. >> trump may give an opponent though run for the money.
11:05 am
>> there were three states that came out the other day. >> you know the mass of politics. i want to bring in leslie marshall for her reaction to the l.a. times story. the new conflict of interest story. you have been on the show before. it does not matter. it is all out there. nobody cares. it does not matter at all. are you still holding that position? >> there is an indictment. i do not think that there will be. we do not have a november deadline. i think that it was judge napolitano who said they would call hillary before memorial day. unless there is any charge and there is an indictment finding any criminal negligence, i think
11:06 am
that it will go away after november. with regard to the l.a. times. >> and enlist backdrop of scandal. it has really dominated her campaign. that has reduced her vote in the turnout in the primaries. the vote is down. part of the reason for that is the background of scandal for hillary clinton. >> i do not agree with you. i think that hillary is a problem for democrats. they want a woman. they do not want that woman. there are people that do not necessarily like bernie or hillary. if you just look at the newer voters, stuart, they do not want to be a democrat or a republican. they are not available to vote in a closed primary state. there is growing apathy.
11:07 am
do not identify with the platform or the age, quite frankly. that is why i think you see a lot of democratic voter turnout. >> ed rollins is still here. >> she knows she has plenty to worry about. a few months before the election is pretty important. the country, both the sanders vote and the trump vote. they are tired of washington. tired of business as usual. you get at least four more years of obama programs. i think that people want change. >> i have another one for you, leslie. senator reed. just listen to this for a minute. >> so enthusiastically embracing trump.
11:08 am
dogs and pigs. you can only assume that they are not enforced by the vulgar behavior towards women. >> leslie, i have to tell you, beneath the dignity of office of the senator. and you say? >> commander in chief of the nation. it would be beneath the dignity. this whole political process this year. much like a circus. below the dignity of the original bar that was set for a campaign. i do not technically disagree with you. you have to remember, we have the leader of the senate which is in jeopardy. trying all they can.
11:09 am
this is what this man is saying. a place for you to do it. >> it reminds me of harry reid lying on the floor. money. that was a flat out lie. harry reid do it. he did it deliver it leave. leslie, thank you very much indeed. the gop scoring a major when over president obama's obamacare policies. it is the gop. they brought the suit. >> $175 million program. covering the cost of low income people's copayments. the house republicans say we never agreed specifically to appropriate this money for that particular program.
11:10 am
they said no. the administration did it anyway. unconstitutional. now the whole thing is on hold pending an appeal. >> signing the care act. that is the one. does he look much younger? that is what the office does to you. you age. you really, really do. enough of that. i am aging, two. trending news stories. chosen by an editorial team. >> this is quite a story. here is the thing.
11:11 am
and outer is -- algorithm chooses. who are the news sources? what are they looking towards? only 10 are basically scoured. >> zuckerberg, did he come out and say we will make every effort. >> he is biased to the left. >> you put your brain reputation at risk when you come like what the media is. putting it in the trending box. >> a billion users every day. he is giving them the news that they want.
11:12 am
do not claim to be balanced when you are not. >> that is the point. >> new york times. other people have been biased over the years. the preliminary was biased. >> coming out of nowhere. >> , again. keep those comments coming. donald trump. he went after amazon sky. he went after him last night. you have anti-trump rob lumps. he owns the washington post which uses this team of journalists to dig up dirt on donald trump. this is a counterpunch. you have antitrust problems. >> he kicks you when you are
11:13 am
down. this will be a long hard campaign. after a long time in politics, do you improve? [laughter] >> make sure you put two extra seat on top. >> i welcome his retirement to congress. stuart: thank you very much indeed, ed rollins. check our big board. we have come back quite a long way. let's talk amazon. the stock is still very close to an all-time high. it has come back down. down $7. still, that is awfully close to the all-time high. this is because they dominate
11:14 am
online jobs. >> correct. dominating a fifth of august to sales. that is a big push towards internet shopping. stuart: would you repeat that? >> one in $5 will be spent on amazon. stuart: that includes the 7-eleven. that includes the corner store. stuart: that is an astonishing story. getting back to the trump fight, that started last year. hash tag, let's put trump on a rocket. walmart is testing two day shipping. they are challenging amazon.
11:15 am
>> being a part of this program. trying to cut cost back. walmart has tremendous infrastructure. getting to it on time. that is what they are testing. to scott's point, why test? just get in. that is what walmart is looking to do. stuart: walmarts equivalent. the whole retail sector. a smart move on walmart. >> seeing them really emptying out. i discovered the luxury and joy. >> never getting off the sofa. commercial reality. you are not selling.
11:16 am
that will basically affect the housing in their market, two. >> amazon prime. i get my toothpaste from amazon prime. >> i basically just call up. >> i have tens the other day. it is so easy. >> europe will end up being a teamster. [laughter] ups, fedex. >> that is amazing. i hope that i can spare you. let's get to the economy, shall we? we put janet yellen on fantasy island.
11:17 am
she says she expects the economy "to continue to strengthen". >> repeating periodically. listen, we have jobs. 14 million jobs created since 2010. 14 million people are out of work. that is a lot of people. the real unemployment rate is 10%, not five. we have a anemic gdp. anemic manufacturing. i am sorry. when you have a three-quarter. , that is nine months. throughout that, the amount of money we spent as consumers has come down. i have not seen anything like that since the previous recession. >> with low gas prices. let's get back to that gop unity
11:18 am
summit. it dominated our program yesterday. unity takes time. they did appear to be moving closer together. tom marino. a trump supporter. do you expect to see a thundering herd? stampeding towards donald trump now. why hasn't it happened yet? >> i expect to see many more. the room that we were in was standing room only. around 25-30 altogether. the numbers are picking up. it is working. more republicans are coming over. >> coming over to the trump side. does that mean that they are abandoning paul ryan?
11:19 am
>> no. the conservatives. we still support the rights of life. presidential executive overreaching. there are issues that are important to house member republicans. the other two issues that are important to donald r trade. talking with donald and talking with paul, as often as i do, we got together yesterday. there really is not that gap that people think there is between these two. >> i think that i take issue with that. a big difference between the two. >> the issue of training. the american people overrun the nominating.
11:20 am
paul respects that. vice versa. the right to life in the overreaching. i think that is a great start. >> if you do not get together, you do not beat hillary. i think that that is the bottom line for every republican. >> listen, i said it this way before. the last 30 years. career politicians being president. twenty-three and in debt. the borders are wide open. businesses are leading. i want a man or a woman that has created tens of thousands of jobs. building a $10 million business. people in my district, two issues.
11:21 am
jobs. >> okay. republican from pennsylvania. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. you told us about 25 as of today. thank you very much, sir. much obliged. okay. how is wendy's responding to this $15 minimum wage per hour. they are responding by going on a nation. we will talk to the ceo of the company that owns applebee's in just a moment. tractors right outside of our studio. i will check them out for the moment. they are made in india. they will get me to try to buy one. the green one. [laughter] what about the red one? we will see. back in a moment.
11:22 am
11:23 am
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11:25 am
>> you could see this coming. politicians give workers a raise so fewer workers get jobs. wendy's will open 6000 self-serve kiosks. you order by computer. that is job distraction. a huge minimum increase is a big part of it. new york state. california. that doubles wages. towns and cities are legislating. milwaukee, seattle. all telling private companies, pay more. they hire fewer people.
11:26 am
the unions, which are the main drivers of this claim date three. enough to support a family. really? is there no room for entry-level jobs that pay less? figure out how the working world works. i saw a restaurant operation with just three runners, not waiters. customers ordered on a tablet. how many entry-level workers will not be hired? you see this all across the country. $15 an hour minimum wage means automation. that means fewer jobs. it is already happening on a grand scale. be aware of the politician that is only trying to help. >> a little facetious there. a little sarcastic. you just heard what i had to say there about automation.
11:27 am
running 37 applebee's in the new york metropolitan area. my main point there was that you raised the minimum wage level and you destroyed entry-level jobs. that is my position on this. what say you? raising entry-level does not help minimum wage. >> you are really talking only to the people that are going to, some degree, lose their jobs. you can make minimum wage $20 an hour. what to you do is you raised that wall higher and higher. the under employed and the unemployed. let me answer your question, if i may. the technology industries loves every time this thing comes about.
11:28 am
this is the greatest starter for any technology. raise wages. you are 100%. a woman called me and she said, dave, my stepdaughter, i want to get her. just graduated college and cannot find a job. could you hire her? i said, doing what? a host that minimum wage. >> i said, sorry, we do not have a minimum wage anymore. we just cannot do that. our minimum wages just so high. it is all i want. what is it to go to work? what does it take to hold down a job? you have to navigate relationships. stuart: fundamentally wrong to say, in my opinion, that every single job in america must be enough to support every family.
11:29 am
that is nonsense. that it eliminates a whole level of employment. you would never know the name of these kids. >> these ideologues apple leaves because the books say this, given that, they are not taking into consideration anything with regard. >> a half a million people out of work. >> you run 37 applebee's. >> 39. >> stuart, i stood here and said if we ever go that direction. you do it or you go out of business. we have tablets on all of our tables. we are not going all the way by revolution. >> you said, no. we want that personal
11:30 am
interaction. >> i still think it is a traumatically large part. if it will be totally robotic, a whole bunch of that experience is gone. there is a mix and match. where it goes, if they continue to drive this and they continue to move things up, we have to stay alive. i have to be concerned with 3000 people. and maybe 2500 people. i don't know. i have to have as many people in our organization have employment. >> it really struck me when i went to the airport yesterday. >> that is the laboratory. they have it down. there is a reason the airport versus the restaurant industry. you are passing through. you do not come back. you may fly again next month.
11:31 am
coming back once a month. airports are the laboratory. they started it long ago. particularly, in the wendy's example. this is fast food. it is somewhat impersonal. they will illuminate all those. 6000 kiosks. mcdonald's is going there. if you do not go there, you are not here. it is a terrible story. >> i started out my life in america in january. i got my job as a waiter. about 35 and hour. you live on the tips. organize yourself. figure out how to talk to the general public. it is a money operation. how to navigate. it is good for everything. even your job. organize your head.
11:32 am
>> put the expression on your face. all of it. now it is looking at a tablet. we are just paying your checks. no one comes over and picks up your check. they write on the check thank you very much. they swipe their credit card. >> do you think that we are sounding old? >> you are albright. stick around for a couple minutes. >> check the big board. we are up eight points. 177 is where we are. i have some movers for you. try allergan. it may mean nothing to you. very important. goldman sachs. it is up $5. expect strong demand for its
11:33 am
microchips. complex computer graphics. that is a top performer of all 500 stocks on the s&p. steak shack. talking about this all morning. berger, shakes and fries. up 4%. ashley, liz. so much four healthcare. >> i always knew that my day would come. coming back to burgers and fries and a shake. >> a radical food. chipotle. >> good, old-fashioned burger. stuart: it is astonishing how things have turned around. >> we were covering it a year ago, the move toward gmo food. stuart: we were all over it. >> you were skeptical then -- stuart: i want a french fry. breaking news. oh, this is a dreadful story.
11:34 am
isis killing soccer fans because soccer, they say, is anti-muslim. you got this? >> yeah. dreadful story out of iraq. isis militants descended on a café in iraq where there was a meeting going on of real madrid fans, you know, they're in the champions league final, they have got supporters all around the world. they opened fire saying football is anti-muslim. fourteen people now reported dead, twenty more injured. in other words, another example of western values that they don't agree with. and so dreadful attack. >> it's grotesque. stuart: that is awful. not much more to say about that, just flat out awful. all right. a new investigation reveals hillary and bill clinton received at least $100 million from leaders in the persian gulf. donald trump's foreign policy
11:35 am
adviser is with us, walid phares. welcome to the show. >> thank you. stuart: seems to me a flat out conflict of interest to take $100 million for your foundation from countries which you're doing business as secretary of state, flat out conflict of interest. where am i going wrong? >> your not going wrong -- you're not going wrong. number one, if you have partners from the region, any region of the world investing in the united states, that's good for economy. but if you are receiving that amount of money for a cause, quote-unquote, and then you actually have a foreign policy that is aligned with the muslim brotherhood or the pro-iranian regime, then you have a problem. that's a serious political problem. stuart: is it possible that that $100 million influenced policy, america's policy towards those areas? i mean, that's the implication, isn't it? >> well, there is a more complicated situation. on the one hand, you have that money coming from the gulf. of course, in the case of qatar
11:36 am
you see the link with the muslim brotherhood, and you see the partnership between the department and secretary clinton and the brotherhood all over the place. and it's the news in egypt, in libya, in other parts of the world. but on the other hand, the constant policy of being partners with the islamists is a result of that influence coming from the region. there's no doubt about that. stuart: yeah. we're coming into an election here. hillary clinton is the democrat candidate, and yet she's been doing business and taking money for the foundation from regimes which suppress human rights and suppress the rights of women and gays in a systematic fashion. i mean, that cannot look good in the election campaign. and i'm sure, as donald trump's foreign policy adviser, you're going to tell him what -- [laughter] you're not going to tell him what to say, but you're going to raise the issue, aren't yousome? well, way before that, there is the issue even more complicated. some of this amount of must mony
11:37 am
coming from, for example, the uae to the foundation was unitized actually against the will of what the uae wanted, because the uae put the muslim brotherhood on their terror list, and yet the policy of the clinton state department was to be partner with the muslim brotherhood and to encourage the iranian deal. so you have even a double problem here. stuart: so they didn't get their money's worth. >> no. stuart: i'm being facetious and sarcastic, i know, but they didn't get their money's worth. walid phares, we do appreciate your being with us. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: sure. senate minority leader now, used to be majority leader, now it's minority leader, that's harry reid, blasting majority leader mitch mcconnell for meeting with donald trump. roll that tape. >> senator mcconnell has so unenthusiastically embraced trump, we can only assume he agrees with trump's view that
11:38 am
women are dogs and pigs. we can only assume that the republican leader is not repulsed by donald trump's behavior towards women. stuart: that's a remarkable statement in the well of the senate. earp elmore is with us -- erin el mother is with us. i'm a surrogate for the campaign. stuart: what's a sur date for the campaign? >> i'm here on behalf of the trump candidacy. stuart: okay. what do you make of senator reed basically labeling -- senator reid basically labeling mitch mcconnell with the same words that donald trump has used? >> he is using out of date, out of context blurbs. i think it's super unfair. we already know he has a reputation for being dishonest and unfair. so, basically, i think republicans are going to take it with a grain of salt. stuart: you don't mind this? donald trump did say these things. you are a woman, and you support him, and and you've known him
11:39 am
when you were on the show. >> i've known donald trump for a decade. stuart: you don't care about this? >> he is certainly not anti-woman. his executive president for over 20 years is a woman. when he was constructing trump tower, his general contractor was a woman. he always hires very smart and powerful women. stuart: how did he relate to you? >> he was amazing to me. you know, i'm an attorney, and i'm a professional woman, but he's always treated me with dignity and respect. he treats both men and women equally whether you're black, brown, white, woman, american, everyone is treated equally by donald trump. stuart: he's got a long way to go to reverse the negative feeling so many women have toward donald trump. i'm told 60 or 70% of women won't vote for him. >> if these are the bleeding heart liberals that are already in the hillary camp, they're there to stay. but the recent polls are showing that donald and hillary are neck and neck. moreover, he's showing in key states like florida, ohio and pennsylvania, they are toe to toe.
11:40 am
so really to say that people like women, hispanics, african-americans aren't voting for donald trump, that's actually not true. stuart: you know what i find fascinating? he's going to southern california to do 20, maybe 30 events or more to raise money in hillary clinton's base country. >> right. stuart: think he's going to get the money? >> i think he is. he knows how to raise money, we know that. stuart: bring out big crowds? >> i love it. stuart: hollywood will go crazy. it's a jam-packed day we've got, and we appreciate you being here. >> thank you verying if me. stuart: yes, ma'am. mahindra tractors made in india, they're outside. i'm heading out there shortly. do you think they can get me to buy a tractor made in india? [laughter] they look good, but they're red. i've usually bought green tractors, okay? [laughter] we'll sort it out. a conservative actor, you don't find many of them, scott baio, he likes trump too. how does hollywood feel about that? he joins us next.
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you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow down 15 points, we've had some back and forth action, better than expected retail sales wrought in some re-- brought in some relief to the market overall. also for this week the dow is trying to have a win after two weeks of losses. look at the s&p 500, losers
11:43 am
include nordstrom, the retailers have had a tough go over the latest quarter, telecom, consumer staples under pressure while tech and health care gained. looking at a name that is record high and record low, invidia has moved to a record high, we see that as a real winner. meanwhile, gopro which has slashed prices for cameras, hitting a record low today. walmart testing out a two-day subscription shipping service taking on amazon. start your day on fox business at five a.m., and more "varney" after the break.
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11:45 am
♪ finish. ♪ stuart: will you look at this? these are the major retailers. one of them is up a little bit, macy's, but they were down 10% yesterday. kohl's is struggling back, quite nicely, they're up 6%. the retail ice age is the story this week, all of these department store chains and major retailers, they're all down. why is that in well, maybe it's because of online selling. so we sent lauren simonetti out to see where people are buying their clothes. watch this. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: you have amazing sunglasses on. a gucci murse, man purse. where do you shop. >> >> everywhere. >> h&m, and i just discovered
11:46 am
there's a men's department in zarrah. who knew? >> i have to have appropriate looking yoga clothing. sometimes if i buy something online, it won't fit right. >> i just came back from h&m. don't tell my boss. >> reporter: you went into the store? why would you do that? >> it's crazy, i know. >> only online. >> i bought a tux for my sister's wedding online. >> reporter: was she mad at you? >> she didn't know. >> i can't shop online because i never find the right size. i have to try it on. >> reporter: you're basically saying you have a great body. >> basically. >> i have to buy four sizes on amazon -- >> reporter: and you returned three of them? >> exactly. >> i am a millennial. >> reporter: i learn something every day from you guys. stuart: one question, after seeing all of that -- and lauren is here -- where do people buy their clothes? what's the number one clothing retailer? is it a line? >> nationally, it's walmart. stuart: still walmart? >> in second place would be online, it would be amazon. and the question for every
11:47 am
retailer right no is twofold. number one, what are people buying? they're not buying croats from kohl's and macy's this week. they're buying vacations and experiences. how do we take sales from amazon? amazon in the next five years will do 20% of total u.s. clothing sales in the u.s. on amazon. stuart: they're going to control 20%, $1 in every 5 spent at the retail in america. a few years ago when online selling was coming on big, we always used to sit around and say no woman would buy clothes from amazon online. nobody would do that. >> they have a fashion show you, they have deals with some of the fashion bloggers. they're kind of cool. also those fast fashion stores like h&m, they don't keep a lot of inventory, so they keep it fresh. forever 21. they collaborate with some of them and their bloggers, and they have cool stuff. i guess, that's what i'm told. stuart: thanks very much, lauren. >> thank you.
11:48 am
stuart: i've got to get our next guest in real fast. he he had a multi-decade career in hollywood, but he is a donald trump supporter. and he's still alive too. [laughter] scott baio is with us. >> why had? had a career? [laughter] stuart: sorry about that. >> i'm an actor, stuart. [laughter] stuart: i play one on television. [laughter] and i spent last night in the holiday ip express. >> there you go. [laughter] stuart: why are you a trump supporter? >> why? because i understand him when he speaks. i like his policy proposals. i think he's going to go to washington and blow it up as much as anybody can. and, more importantly for me, i like the guy. he's refreshing, he's different, and he's going to take whomever the democrat nominee is and roll 'em around, beat 'em up, hit 'em against poles and stuff, and i love it. i absolutely love it.
11:49 am
stuart: have you for a long time been a conservative? >> since i've born. stuart: oh, really? >> yeah. my father was a hard working guy, and he taught us just work hard, and you'll do fine in life. and that's what i believe in. among other things. stuart: but i am interested in a guy who is a conservative working successfully in hollywood. it can't be easy. because i always think of hollywood as just a hotbed of the left, and they really don't like guys like you. >> i don't know if that's necessarily true. there's more conservative people out there than you think, stuart. yeah -- stuart: well, donald trump's to going to southern california. >> yeah. i'm going to see him there, hopefully. stuart: 20 or 30 events. >> every time i get involved with people in hollywood and i ask them conservative questions and they agree with me, i say, you're a conservative. no, i'm not, yeah, you are, you just don't want to admit it. i don't even care anymore. i just beat everybody up as much as i can. [laughter] stuart: look, i've cut this
11:50 am
short, and i'm very sorry about that, but thanks very much for being with us. >> that's it? stuart: i want you to come back. tell me what kind of reception you get -- >> i don't hang out with those people, stuart. i hang out with my family and friends. i'll always hang out with you. stuart: scott, my pleasure. >> thank you. stuart: hold on a second, everybody, because up next mahindra tractors, they're outside. 48th street, manhattan. they're on the plaza, right there. i'm going outside, and her going to try to sell me -- and they are going to try to sell me one of them. good luck. [laughter] a great part of using the usaa car buying service
11:51 am
was seeing the different discounts. it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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stuart: can you see this? i took the tie off. i've got the jeans on. i'm ready to go to the farm to hang out on my tractor. this gentleman right here, his name is cleo franklin. we know him, he's been on the show before. he's with mahindra, and he's going to try to sell me a made-in-india tractor and a tv made in india. >> hello. good to see you, stuart. you are looking very well, and i am going to do my best. a couple things, i just want to make sure. when it comes to buying a tractor specifically in this category, all tractors are globally sourced and assembled
11:55 am
finally here in the u.s. stuart: yeah, but they're not made in america. assembled in america. >> all of them. stuart: that's a point against you. >> we do employ over 1300 people in five distribution centers. we're the number one selling tractor in the world for a reason was we provide -- because we provide value. more built-in weight, and i know you do tough work on the farm. stuart: i do. >> this tractor itself, more built-in weight than any other tractor. in addition to that, this is a 1526 and a rear-lift capacity. stuart: so that's called a front loader. >> absolutely. stuart: i've got a backhoe on the back of mine. you could do one of those? >> oh, without question. stuart: hold on, the backhoe and the front loader, how much? >> well, with the loader, $26,000. and one last thing too, see this? no plastic. built in steel. stuart: not bad, not bad. >> thank you, sir.
11:56 am
stuart: i call this an at very, but you call it a what? >> i call it a utility vehicle. it's a mahindra impact utility vehicle. the price of this, of course, this is $13,700. stuart: oh, that's a little pricey. >> well, there's value in it. by the way, three-year warranty, 14-inch aluminum wheels, 12-inch ground clearance, standard. front, rear receiver hitch. look at this here, you're going to love it. stuart: that's nice. i like that. >> what's nice about this exclusive innovation is the fact that you can pull down all three sides. stuart: that's good. >> easy on, easy off and electric hydraulic lift. stuart: electric -- >> electric hydraulic, absolutely. stuart: okay. i've got to move on because i'm running out of time. thank you for doing this. okay, young man. >> our camo, absolutely. stuart: that's a four-seater? >> it fits six people comfortably. stuart: how much?
11:57 am
>> this is $13,200. stuart: that was how much? >> $13,700. stuart: why is this cheaper? >> again, 2100 towing capacity and 1200 pounds from a cargo capacity. stuart okay. i've got 30 seconds left. >> this is 22,000 with the loader. i'm sorry, this 26,000 with the loader, this is our 25/38. 38 horsepower. again, five-year warranty on every tractor, 3,000 hours. no one else. we stand behind these products. we've been doing tractors since 1963 with the international series b -- stuart: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> it's the truth. stuart: cleo, i'll not make a buying decision yet. [laughter] >> well, one thing for you, see this tractor here? we have a tractor for everybody. stuart, you have grandchildren, i believe seven. >> stuart: nine. >> nine? stuart: yes. >> guess what they're going to love? they're going to love this tractor, and we want you to have it. stuart: you'll buy it. you see that guy?
11:58 am
he says wrap it up. >> thanks a lot, stuart, appreciate it. stuart: we will be back.,
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stuart: all right, neil. i don't know about you, but i'm headed to the farm. minus a mahindra tractor. didn't buy one yet. it's all yours, son. neil: i can so see your servants tooling around your property. [laughter] all right, thank you, institute, very, very much -- stuart, very, very much. not buying it for one second. [laughter] what i am buying right now that if you're inclined to be traveling this summer, two weeks away now from the big memorial kickoff to summer and traveling, you're going to wait. in fact, you're going to wait longer than ever before on security lines. average waiting time at least a half an hour, and that's if you've done everything you should be doing. in other words, well, you know the requirements. to jeff flock at midway airport now, a half hour away from hearing from jeh johnson over at homeland security how they're going to be handling this increased traffic and assuring travelers everything is a-okay. sir.


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