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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 13, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: all right, neil. i don't know about you, but i'm headed to the farm. minus a mahindra tractor. didn't buy one yet. it's all yours, son. neil: i can so see your servants tooling around your property. [laughter] all right, thank you, institute, very, very much -- stuart, very, very much. not buying it for one second. [laughter] what i am buying right now that if you're inclined to be traveling this summer, two weeks away now from the big memorial kickoff to summer and traveling, you're going to wait. in fact, you're going to wait longer than ever before on security lines. average waiting time at least a half an hour, and that's if you've done everything you should be doing. in other words, well, you know the requirements. to jeff flock at midway airport now, a half hour away from hearing from jeh johnson over at homeland security how they're going to be handling this increased traffic and assuring travelers everything is a-okay. sir.
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>> reporter: ah, yes. just as the tsa administrator and the folks at homeland security are preparing for a press conference out here, i've got to show you the scene at midway airport. it's like this, neil, at a lot of places all around the country. apparently, tsa does not have enough employees to handle the massive lines. i don't know if you can tell, this is actually not a bad day here. this is fairly normal out here, and maybe you see -- you can't even really see how bad it normally gets because right now it's, you know, the noon hour tends to be the lightest of times. if larry with the camera spins around here, the other day we had a line -- and it's on youtube, i don't think we bought it yet -- [laughter] to show it to you, the line went all the way down here another 100 yards past to the cta trains. crazy stuff. a lot of airports, neil, have been talking about actually firing the tsa, and you know what? you can do that. a number of airports around the country have already done so. most of them small airports for
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which it was more cost effective to have their own private security, but now san francisco and kansas city, orlando has appealed to fire the tsa and bring in its own security screeners because this big summer travel season coming up and the fear is that, you know, airlines are upset, people are missing flights. it's a mess out there. we'll be watching that press conference later and, as i said, normal day at midway. pretty rough though. neil? neil: it would have helped a lot, jeff, if the crowds were a lot longer to, you know, dramatize -- >> reporter: yeah. neil: -- what i had just said, you know? >> reporter: if you bought that youtube video, i hear that you're the one who didn't approve buying the video from the guy. i think he wanted about $3 million though. neil: i offered $3. >> reporter: it's a good deal. neil: very good -- >> reporter: you're like trump, you're a good negotiator. neil: there we go. it went nowhere fast. jeff flock. all right, a lot of back and
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forth about how you ease the travel line, try to travel at off-peak periods, as i've often said, fly commando. it's up to you. bottom line, there are a lot more of us flying which is good, it shows more of us are willing to have fun and travel, but are they really -- that is, the government and those who sort of keep track of our security agents -- telling us the truth about the demand and about the need for more money, the need for more people rifling through your bags? aviation analyst michael boyd. what do you think, mike? >> a classic case of mismanagement. no, traffic is not up that much. the tsa said it's up 13% since 2013. that's a lie. it's up about 6. this summer will be up -- neil: well, then what are they basing it on? >> i don't know what they're basing it on. it's not honest numbers, i'll tell you that. we know this, that traffic this summer will be up about 3% over last summer. so where's this big surge? this is mismanagement, that's the only way of saying it, and they're trying to make it look
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like, oh, they're just being inundated with passengers. no, it's with incompetency. neil: you know, i'm wondering if the airlines are partly to blame with the hike in baggage fees and the like that you're just going to have more bags going through carry on and the like and that this is the way, we've got to get used to that, or the airlines could help out if they didn't keep nickel and diming us. what do you think? >> well -- no, that's not accurate at all. we had the same fees last summer, and we didn't have this mess. that's one of those things, even if we did do away with bag fees, remember even before bag fees, the overhead bins were full. neil: true enough. >> the real issue is we have incompetence running the tsa and homeland security, and we let 'em get by. remember, 95% of tests were failed in one situation last year. i didn't see congress upse about that. all they care about is lines, not quality of screening. neil: all right. about 25 minutes away from hearing from jeh johnson as to how they hope to avoid any
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summer travel nightmares for you. he will put the emphasis on keeping you safe and saying those long lines are well worth it if they're diligently going through your bags and keeping you safe. we shall see. meanwhile, keeping you wondering about the economy because signs yet again that retail sales are not up to speed not across the board, not for every retailer. but to lenore hawkins, i'm looking at this and saying, well, at the very least if you were betting on a rate hike, at least next month, that seems very unlikely now. what do you think? >> well, on top of that we saw the retail sales numbers that came out today were not, were not as bad as we feared -- neil: right. >> because we've been seeing all the retailers were reporting their sales were well below expectations. most of the stocks getting hit hard. so today's april report was better than expected although not for brick and mortar. but if we're looking at the fed rate hike, the other thing to keep in mind is that that vote on the u.k. leaving the
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eurozone, that's just a couple days after the june meeting, and that could really rock the markets. so i don't see the fed adding something more in with a rate hike that would just make the markets even more nervous. neil: what do you think of the tone of the markets right now? it always depends on the day, but the growing consensus that the federal reserve doesn't hike because whatever these gyrations, whatever you see with this surprising uptick in april retail sales, most of the individual retailers themselves, save amazon, of course, which is in a camp of its own, aren't looking too promising and aren't reporting numbers that are that promising. so what's the real deal? >> well, if you look at overall sales, so not just retail sales, but overall business sales, they've been down the past two years, and right now they're down about 14% from where they were in 2014. so that's not really boding well. we've seen for the s&p 500 quarter after quarter sales keep declining. companies have managed to
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squeeze out a little bit of earnings through cost cutting, but that's not really a robust view of the economy. and if you look at the instead of retail sales just month to month because month to month you can get like valentine's day or easter, that can kind of throw things off, but looking at the three months' moving average and that's, you know, trying to get rid of the bumps -- neil: right, right, right. >> that has been, basically, in recessionary level for quite a long time, for more than a couple years. we've never really gone to the highs that we've seen in prior business cycles. you know, since the great recession the economy's just barely getting going. there's all kinds of other structural headwinds, and the fed -- no matter how much money they pump into the system -- they're really not getting it going because the problem isn't monetary policy. neil: but if there are people who are going to be traveling, and they're expecting record crowds -- and i always find that because we have more people than we did a year ago -- but they are expecting a busy travel
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season. the money's there to spend, right? there is sort of a pent-up willingness to spend. the savings rate has gone up, so there's obviously wherewithal there. does that influence the federal reserve at all? >> well, i think the fed's looking at a bit more than that too because they just came out with a study showing that 47% of all americans don't have $400 to handle an emergency. that's 47%. that's a pretty big number. so when they talk about the savings rate increasing, well, it's increasing, but there's not a whole lot of savings to start with, and it's not really a bad thing to see people saving more. yes, americans are spending a little bit more, but when we look at the last gdp numbers, they came in, the big areas for spending have been housing and health care. well, housing the fed wants asset prices to go up, so shocker. asset prices have gone up, and that means homes are more expensive, and you have to pay more just to put a roof over your head.
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and we've all seen what's going on with the affordable care act that's not so affordable -- neil: yeah. and all those are depressants. >> yeah. you put those two together, and that's a lot of people's wallets. it doesn't leave much left over for them to have fun and spend on the good stuff. neil: all right, lenore, thank you. have a great weekend. >> thanks, neil. you too. neil: ted cruz, by the way, is not interested in being a supreme court justice. thought you should know that. apparently talking to a radio station in texas saying, you know -- not in texas, i should say wbap -- that although he served as texas solicitor general, that was his launching board to become texas senator against enormous political odds, he's not harboring any dreams to become a u.s. supreme court justice. there you go. more after this. ♪
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>> i might be the one with the color here, but i'm not the real criminal. it's these guys. ♪ i've got my finger on the trigger -- >> i'm to telling you, it's rigged. the whole damn thing. they're stealing everything from us, and they're getting away with it too. how's that even fair? neil: all right, i haven't even seen the movie. it looks good. i can tell you how it ends, though, wall street looks horrible. and wall street hasn't comported itself well lately, but supposedly it was the result of them going after you even though politicians were gunning them to go after you. i digress. the point is, we have another wall street flick coming out that will do little, i suspect, to encourage people to participate in the market, and that's what makes charles payne feel sad because entertaining as these kind of movies are, they somehow miss the mark and make people loathe to the very thing
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that could make them rich. >> absolutely. neil: or richer. >> absolutely. i've got a great script for you, and i just read it off after -- off a huffington post headline. local janitor leaves $6 million to a local hospital. neil: and how did he do it? >> he invested in the stock market his whole life. a janitor invested in the stock market. he fell in love with it, and the guy was frugal. he didn't spend a lot of money, never used even parking meters. the bottom line is here's a guy who just loved to invest, and he invested in great american companies. he made enough money to leave $6 million. never made more than minimum wage his whole life. can you believe that? that's a movie script for you. neil: he had to be cheap like varney. >> oh, he was cheap. [laughter] you're talking about dinosaur. varney has dinosaur hands --
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[laughter] he's like this. [laughter] neil: i love -- >> the owner of the restaurant takes the tab, you guys gotta go, i'll pay for it. it's two in the morning. [laughter] neil: very good. but, you know, here's what bothers me about whether it's wall street, would wolf of wall street, these are entertaining movies and they do accentuate the greed, but what worries me, i don't disagree for a second that there is some malfeasance and crooked characters, but all of these movies give you the impression they're all that way, they're all that sinister. and whatever your views are on george clooney, this movie, they make people think twice about investing -- >> absolutely. neil: -- or avoiding it altogether. >> you know what? you have to separate wall street, that physical location downtown from here, with investing in a company that you just really like the company, you like the products. you go there all the time. the people out there know -- wall street finds out later.
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people know, hey, people stopped going to the malls a long time ago and start using amazon. when did you really start doing that, three, four years ago? couldn't you have bought a few shares? you knew before the guys in their ivory towers saw it on spread sheets. but people are so intimidated. even right now. it's been, i think, seven weeks in a row people have been taking money out of the market, $44 billion out of equities. why are they doing that, you know? and then we get this crazy volatility. and i'm not an apologist for those guys downtown. we shouldn't have bailed out wall street. some people should go to prison. i don't like high frequency trading even though it's not illegal, but you have to separate those from the idea that if you want to change your lot in life, you can. you don't have to be as modest as this guy or stuart varney, but you can make -- neil: i don't want to give away the movie, a guy loses his shirt in a company, it's everything he had, and a lot of people did that through the whole mortgage meltdown when they were selling
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what they knew were horrible mortgages disturb. >> it was despicable. neil: that's one word for it. but the premise was and is that the little guy will never get a break. >> right. neil: you, you started out as a little guy. in fact, you weren't a little guy, you were on the totally wrong track little guy. [laughter] ease their tension, ease their concern that they would have looking at a movie like this, at a premise like this. >> i think what people can do this weekend is look at these stocks that hit new all-time highs this week and ask themselves if they know anything about it. have you ever bought campbell's soup before? stock's at an all-time high. do you use amazon once a week? stock's at an all-time high. are you one of the 66% of 1.4 billion people in this world that checks your facebook account every day? yeah, it's now at an all-time high. people can assuage their own fears if they would fade out the noise for a little bit. also this is one problem with
12:18 pm
the public, the get rich overnight part of this where they make their mistake. neil: right. >> you couple that with anxiety, and it's easy for people to try it once, hey, i bought a stock and it didn't work out. or be committed to it for a lifetime. neil: or cheap like varney. [laughter] the t-rex. that was pretty good. [laughter] all right. >> you know, guy guy's out there trying to sell him a tractor. neil: unless you give it away, it's not happening. [laughter] it's a joke. very careful with his money. all right. if only, if only those pushing this health care law would be careful with our money. new signs here that they were forcing this on us with money they shouldn't have had, shouldn't have been spending, and now a judge has said, stop it. they're appealing. bobby jindal is screaming. here. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ neil: all right. the big story this week and the one that says battered health care related stocks, a judge ruling that the administration's way to fund this thing, about $175 million worth of funding, is something they couldn't do. suffice it to say that if that was taken away, the prop was taken away, where's the money going to come from, and is it going to come out of their hide, your hide? well, former governor bobby jindal, former presidential candidate was on top of this, i think, before most people. he argued then, argues now it's coming out of your hide, and there's nowhere to hide now with this well measure that seems to be unraveling, governor. what do you think? >> neil, first of all, thank you for having me back on. i thought it was actually comical. if you listen to the court case, the obama administration's own attorneys -- this wasn't republicans, their own attorneys -- said this was just a poorly-written law. can you imagine if your own attorneys are saying, hey, we
12:23 pm
did a bad job. i hope it wasn't the same attorneys that actually wrote the law. you know, the administration again and again thinks they're above the law. any basic high school student, anybody that's taken a basic civics course understands that congress has the power of the purse. they asked congress for this money, congress said no in 2014, and they spent it anyway. you simply can't do that. neil: now, what they've been doing under the administration's claim has been, governor, well, you're talking about a civics lesson, we've been winning every time. we go right back at this and appeal as high as the supreme court not once, but twice. what do you say to that, that they've got the run of the table right now? >> well, a couple things. i certainly disagreed with justice roberts and the others that rewrote the law not once, but twice to save the law. it is a tax but it's not a tax depending on what we want it to be. look, there's a bigger point here. the president said he was going to bend down the cost curve when it comes to health care. they didn't do that.
12:24 pm
neil, they're bad not only at constitutional law, they're bad at math. the reality is the result of this case if it is upheld, you're looking at 20-30% premium increases for the majority of people who get their health care through the exchanges, something like 57% were getting these subsidies. now, the reality is that the taxpayers will end up paying for that. it's not going to hurt low income people, it'll hurt taxpayers and insurance companies. but the bigger issue here is the administration was not able to bend the cost curve. they're taking money from our children, from taxpayers to subsidize the cost of health care. it's a shell game, and it's going to collapse in on itself. neil: i'm sorry, governor, but you hit on a key point. the poor will be fine, they'll still have their coverage, and that's good for them. the rich will always find a way to pick up and get their coverage and will absorb that. middle class, not so much. that's forgotten, isn't it? >> that's exactly right. and that's why i think it's so important who the next president
12:25 pm
is. they'll be appointing a key person to the supreme court. you mentioned the administration has won twice now at the supreme court in a very closely-decided cases, and again, the next justice could be the swing vote. there's not a chance in the world that hillary clinton's going to appoint a supreme court justice who will follow the law, follow the constitution. you know, she was herself the originator of the precur or to obamacare, hillarycare. she herself thinks she's above the law. but you're right. it's the middle class, they're the ones that are going to end up, they and their children will pay for this debt, they're the ones whose premiums haven't gone down, they're the ones who are facing fewer -- neil: it could be a november surprise. you know, you mentioned the supreme court. i don't know if you heard, governor, but texas senator ted cruz apparently when asked on the subject says he's not interested in being a supreme court justice. maybe given his experience as solicitor general in texas and a pretty good prosecutor that he might entertain that. he's not, which brings me to you
12:26 pm
and whether all. >> no, i'm not even an attorney. i think ted cruz would have been -- neil: doesn't matter. as you know, we've had a number of justices who were not attorneys. but i'm just saying. >> sure, sure. no, i think that there are a number of good constitutionalists and conservative jurists out there who understand we need to limit the scope of the court that'll understand the importance of religious liberty, that understand original intent and the importance of the second amendment, and i'm hopeful -- you and i have talked several times about the trump candidacy. i'm not a -- i'm voting for donald trump -- neil: by the way, i love that column. well, i don't love the guy, but i guess compared to broccoli, lima beans, you know, it was one of these -- [laughter] i understood where you were coming from, governor. but it looks like you were being dragged into it, all right, i'll support him. >> absolutely. but just to clear the record, we've got to be very careful. i take broccoli over lima beans any day of the week. so i don't want any of your viewers thinking -- you got that analogy backwards. but, no, look, thinking about
12:27 pm
who donald trump would appoint to the court, i've said this before, it could be judge judy, we have no idea. neil: how do you know his pick would be better or worse than bernie sanders' or hillary clinton's? >> well, he's unpredictable. the problem is hillary clinton is 100% predictable. 0% chance she would appoint a conservative. i think ted cruz would have been great -- neil: did he ever talk to you about your endorsement where you said, all right, you're the guy, i guess? i mean, did he ever talk to you -- >> he -- no. i haven't talked to donald trump sups i got out of the -- since i got out of the race. i'm not sure that he wants my endorsement. the bottom line is it's a binary choice. you've got two choices. it's going to be, likely, hillary clinton on the other side, donald trump on our side. if we have any chance of getting rid of obamacare, the next president -- this president has shown he's willing to go around the law. this case is the latest example. the next president's going to have a huge role in deciding whether obamacare continues to be a part of our health care system.
12:28 pm
at least there's a chance. i'm not promising it's a certainty. at least there's the chance that a president trump would get rid of obamacare. there's not a chance in the world that hillary or bernie sanders -- they would want to expand it. they'd want to get government even more involved in running our health care. neil: governor, or it's always a pleasure having you on. you have a bucked sense of humor -- wicked sense of humor, by the way. >> thank you, neil. thanks for having me. neil: bobbyin call the. in the meantime, look at apple. briefly went below $90 a share, and investors are grateful if it can just hold 90 or 91. what happened? what happened? and what is going to happen when you travel this summer? well, the lines are going to be long, but jeh johnson minutes away from saying at least if homeland security has anything to do with it, you're going to be safe. you're just going to be waiting. ♪ ♪
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neil: these are lines. they are beginning to develop at the airport. reagan international airport. going to detail. trying to keep them out waiting. some of the major airports,
12:33 pm
called airport, a lot longer than that. bringing the weight down in the safety issues front and center. not only how this is working out politically because donald trump has been among those saying our nation security business in general are horrible. they are a disaster. it gets to a bigger point. who is coming in and fixing this? she faces bernie sanders supporters. likely pushing for fundraising initiatives. working with her husband. how bad is this getting?
12:34 pm
>> i think that it is hurting her significantly. more than one third of the democratic voting for bernie sanders said that they would vote for trump in the general election. >> particularly democrats. >> these are accumulative, two. the fact is, she would not be a ahead of sanders if it were only states that she has a chance of sharing. those states beat them in. they are not democratic states. they pick them apart. swatting things out. going after donald trump's background. what do you say to that?
12:35 pm
>> there is a lot of controversy on both sides of the spectrum. i think that everybody knows who donald trump is. a lot of people know about the path of the clintons. you know, i think that there are some real issues in terms of who? i think that donald trumbull when florida. look at rick scott. right. that is different. i think florida is one of those swing states looking for a real change. it is an entrepreneur allstate. a state that would be very receptive. >> we were mentioning it. barack obama. that canada ca great passion. hillary clinton, not so much.
12:36 pm
good from afar. far from good beard far from on inspiring. that is a problemfor democrats. >> challenging the status quo. very frustrated here and both in the left and right. they feel that the game is rigged. i think that it is hard to get excited about somebody who has been in politics for years. his message is a new contemporary message. >> democrats are the thinking line. >> out stairs talking now. i am sure he will be echoing this. we need more money. we need more money. a lot of agencies are
12:37 pm
struggling. why is that always the default? >> it is very major. the state and local governments. they do not make -- neil: not officially using the money they are getting. >> we need to elect leaders. they have to prioritize our personal lives. we need to do the same thing. that is why people are resonating international politics. mike bloomberg. a savvy business guy. well connected. non-enthusiastic on the correctional party. not enthusiastic about the direction of this mayor. you are all set to challenge him. >> i am likely to challenge.
12:38 pm
i just think that he has taken us in the wrong direction. >> in the next month or two. what would be the tipping point for you? anyway he is going could be indicted. >> i brought doug on to pull for me. being a four-point race in the general election. de blasio at 46. >> that polling took place in february and march. this is all about the business i spent 35 years building. >> i am definitely a facebook conservative. prioritizing the resources. we have to cut taxes. we need to make new york more enticing. and for people to start new businesses and move here.
12:39 pm
we have to do the basic job. a progressive agenda is not the way you run a government. a progressive government is activist outside of city hall protesting a single issue. you govern on these issues. priorities about your basic functions about what that job is. it is not to advocate progressive issues. to make our city livable and to provide jobs and economic opportunity. the democratic leadership today is running businesses out of the city. moving to boston. the bottom line of 10%. just from the tax savings alone. >> going to massachusetts with a tax break. >> always good seeing you.
12:40 pm
let's go see. announcing on some other show. >> market down. in the meantime, you have heard facebook backlash. conservative or at least lately conservative stories. now, mr. zuckerberg himself is speaking out. he is not happy. ♪
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. down one 10th of 1%. the nasdaq and s&p are trying to squeeze out. have not seen that in about four months. the biggest losers of this week, walmart, disney and caterpillar. 4% 4% reapers and. walmart is trying out today shipping. a tough quarter. particularly, espn and caterpillar. that is up about 5%. then down 45% since a year ago.
12:43 pm
we will continue cavuto coast-to-coast after this break. ♪
12:44 pm
fanmac wanting a little face time with conservatives. the dustup over some not so friendly views to the right. >> that is right. it was a gizmodo expo way. they seem to reveal liberal bias
12:45 pm
and how facebook determined the trending news topics that you would see pop up on the site. facebook has been very quick to scramble. sending mark zuckerberg a letter earlier this week. i think facebook really followed the lead. the government really does not have any role in this. facebook is a media company, not a public utility. facebook needs to cough up and fess up how it is determined. it released its 28 page editorial guideline. it is a heavier human hand in all of this. not just computers. this is according to the editorial guideline. look at the top 10 national news sites, eight of them aren't you
12:46 pm
centrally liberal publications. you guessed it, the "wall street journal." i think that they are going in the right direction. to the government, they need to but the heck out. >> i cannot actually believe that it did not start out intentionally. a subliminal bias that you keep in your head. reminding people they cannot do that. >> there was a study that found that 63% of facebook users to view the social media site as a new service. 1.6 billion users on facebook. it is reliable.
12:47 pm
top-notch news sources. instead of relying on just facebook to decide what the news is that you should be reading and paying attention to. >> you are quite right. thank you very, very much. we are monitoring the security chief. the reagan international airport. soothing a process. it is possible. >> our task is to keep passengers moving, but also, and most importantly, keep passengers safe. in this, we cannot and we will not compromise the aviation or the american people.
12:48 pm
>> he has been pushing for more money. the right kind of personnel. all the tsa workers. this is something we have heard. the exchange commission. remember beginning there where they were not catching corporate crooks. any idea why we may not need more watchers, we just need more. just better. we will see how it is up. hopefully, not to long. right now, apple is in a world of hurt. a lot of that dirt is coming from china. why does it appear that apple is kind of doubling down from china? ♪
12:49 pm
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12:52 pm
>> do you ever wonder what went wrong with apple here? is it something the equivalent of the uber and china. tim cook has been ready to travel to china. trying to right the ship. is it too little, too late. what is real and what is not real. china does appear to be the problem for apple. that is a big chunk of it. >> china is the problem for apple. apple no longer has the
12:53 pm
trademark iphone in china. now, they share with a leather company. very soon they will share it with another phone company. apple's products are really critical to china. they want to expand these megacities. they need this so-called internet of some things. apple sits in the sense that they are iphones are very, very good. there is no doubt about it. china wants that market for themselves. apple may be fighting a very tough uphill battle. >> i read the press that comes our way. they think he will lead the world into a depression. what do you make of that?
12:54 pm
how they may like a president donald trump. >> donald trump could be a catastrophe for china, a catastrophe for us. making america great again. trying to destroy china or anyone else. that does not make any sense at all. so far ahead. exporting to us all electronics. they import to us. they buy three times as much chinese goods. we should find out why that is happening. one reason i can tell you, china has the monopoly on a lot of critical metals.
12:55 pm
it is very hard to make batteries. it is very hard to make things including -- all of which china has a very, very strong position. we do not have to accept that. we can get strong on our old. there are massive deposits in north america, canada, in texas. we are doing nothing about developing men. a lot of people put to work in this company. there is no sense in doing anything. this is what really gets frustrating. trump talks about these crazy import taxes. you call them on this. the next start, after becoming nominees, he starts talking about paying china off $0.90 on the dollar.
12:56 pm
you wake up the next morning with 30% inflation. you want to make america great again, roll up your sleeves. gave rid of all of this crazy regulation that we have in this country. electronic cars. we will lose to china. not because we cannot beat them, but because we are not being allowed to beat them. it is frustrating. >> thank you, my friend. >> thank you, neil. neil: i am just going to take a value now. you had homeland security saying you will have to deal with some long lines.
12:57 pm
the weight just to get on the plane will be pure. ♪
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? neil: that happens when a retail or any company announced numbers. they get pummeled. jcpenney, disproportionately so. who better to ask than someone that knows this industry in and out. all right. i know amazon in the world. what is going on with these other guys? what is going on with us? >> consumer sentiment is at its lowest. people really are scared about what is upcoming. they have been scared for the last couple of years.
1:01 pm
politics is not influencing that whatsoever. neil: so entrenched when it came to buying. why are they buying online with amazon? >> people, retailers, cannot compete with amazon's pricing. a consumer sentiment and more experience company that manages that. he was saying that it comes down to the fact that it is all about the consumer experience. easier to go onto amazon and get lower prices on items and sit in your house in your pajamas. why not go to amazon. these retailers cannot compete. that is part of the problem. neil: trying to boost the operation. >> i have a fun fact about that. walmart has actually been online longer than amazon did amazon
1:02 pm
has been doing better for shorter, longer, excuse me, shorter amount of time. these retailers could not yet up to speed soon enough. definitely making a lot of effort; right? it is not enough. using amazon for how long now. neil: very easy to use. >> exactly. jcpenney, nordstrom, for example. let's talk about disney as well. for the first time in five years , a sale on disney. now this is happening. frozen. neil: i hate that movie. >> the soundtrack. neil: no. i like it may be the first two times i heard it did. [laughter] maybe we are retrenching a little bit. are those types of phenomenons
1:03 pm
short-lived. in other words, they do not do so very long. >> i hate to say that we see what happened next quarter. looking at what is happening in this quarter, it really does show that people aren't -- are incredibly scared. for you to know, i look at these indicators. like, the laborer, the jobs number. what is happening out there. if people do not feel comfortable about what they are doing in terms of their jobs, they may not have jobs. they will not spend. >> i think that you are right. she follows is like nobody else. we are mentioning the guy that runs amazon. i suspect that donald trump is not a prime customer.
1:04 pm
did you hear this lean back he bought this paper were practically nothing. he uses it as a tool for political power against me and other people. we cannot let him get away with it. neil: donald trump referring to jeff. twenty-25% team to pick up dirt on donald trump. looking into then senator barack obama. we will not cast political excursions here. what donald trump is getting ready for is the real media. they will go after his past. they will go after every little thing he did. they will be relentless. should he worry about that? the thing about donald trump is
1:05 pm
he always has a quick response. he is always quick to point out that there is a media bias. that they will be going after it. guess what, he will keep responding. a very respective investigative journalists that is leading this army, this team that will pull together this book. my concern is it maybe a book that will be co-authored by the hash tag never talk movement. neil: i am just wondering what effect that will have. mentioning it and how closely that was tied to key donors. my take on all of this, wow. it will be so much dirt. just coming to work. it will be ugly. >> already do that.
1:06 pm
have you not been doing that lately? [laughter] the first lady of arkansas and the and so on and so forth. she has been embedded. you may not like that she is embedded. and e-mail scandal. neil: something new every day. donald trump, in fairness, has never ran for office before. if you have nothing to hide, there is nothing to worry about. i think anybody that wants to be president of the united states needs to be vetted. hillary clinton, donald trump, anyone. neil: i know that you and i disagree. a great gilmore to that, i don't know, conservatives. >> why did we just find out now about clinton donations?
1:07 pm
>> that is the beauty of the press. >> it is the media's responsibility, neil. really providing a fair assessment. there are certain journalists, robert cost is one of them. i mentioned bob woodward. these are quality journalists. they have had a relationship with donald trump. when you read the washington post, when you look at the editorial cases, donald trump and how he is unfit to be president, it does not stop. the involvement where he did hash tag said donald trump into space, there is clearly hostility there. at what point does he have any political influence on this? making sure they are behind running for the washington post. neil: behind that notion, let's
1:08 pm
send hillary clinton in his face. one of the most fair-minded on the left that i know. and i do not know many. here is what i want to ask you about that. that is not right. >> are you telling me that we should be worried about what they tweet out? >> hillary clinton. hillary clinton. >> the "wall street journal"? >> i think the owner of the "wall street journal" at times has been critical of hillary clinton. i do not think that they are prices. i trust a journalist. neil: a bit too tight. >> it is lovely, thank you.
1:09 pm
neil: thank you both, very much. congressman is speaking right now. jeff flock has the latest on the homeland security news conference. i do not know if it is putting folks at ease. what are you hearing, jeff? jeff: expedited hiring. more over time. the head of homeland security. focus on busy airports like this one. this is ms. wei -- midway in chicago. more use of the pre-tsa check line. the pre-chatline is over here. they say that this is quicker. not right now. this is backing up to. they are working with the airlines to reduce the number of carry-ons. right now, most people get to. you get a handbag.
1:10 pm
can you imagine if they reduce that down to one? a handbag in your suitcase. that is not for real yet. that is the one that will most impact things. j johnson saying that he does not feel like we are in a crisis. three-hour wait times have been reported out there. >> three hours is not ideal. we want to reduce that as much as possible without compromising the safety of the american public did that is what we are focused on very intently right now. there will be wait times. there will be wait times this summer as they move through aviation security check points. we encourage people to have the appropriate expectations when we arrive at airports. >> i think that that is a code word for you all have to do with some difficulty out there, neil. getting away with that managed
1:11 pm
inclusion. assigning some people randomly to the pre-tsa check line. they are not really doing that anymore. that has caused a problem, too. neil: thank you very, very much. a three-hour wait time is not ideal. three-hour wait times. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
1:12 pm
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1:15 pm
trump was a businessman. jealous. a businessman would eat into the presidency. for the life of me, he is the nominee. suck it up. be a man and let's go. neil: "crooked hillary." has not hurt his career at all. he is the guy. whatever the differences are. willing to deal right now. what do you think? >> they will have to deal. like i told you on the break, let's just say i was the national primary working for donald trump. i would go to my donors. i would go to establishment donors. i know that you do not like him. he does not know much and he does not have much substance.
1:16 pm
he can be molded. he can have good people around him. he has already proven that he likes rudy giuliani. one of my former bosses. he would have good people surrounding him. the pitch would be, mr. donor, please give your money to stop hillary clinton. i know that that is bad. one of the main sales. guys will sit on the sidelines. neil: how does he, donald trump, explained. any signature .4 him during the primary season. no one will be holding working upwards of $4 billion. >> that was in the primary. he will be a self funder through the primary. neil: you know that that question will come out in the debate. you may not do something to help
1:17 pm
them out. >> he is our nominee. he will be debating. someone falsifying things. being investigated for at the eye things. neil: mud and nasty campaigns. how does he fair? you know, very competitive in some battleground states. democrats initially thought we could blow him out. now, a are not so sure. >> he is rallying a lot. remember in l.a. when you had obama who had a lot of new donors, a lot of new voters come out of the woodwork for him saying let's go for hope and change. now, we have seen another type of a voter. ready to rock and roll for donald trump. they are just mad in general. they are just angry.
1:18 pm
he is appealing to that. if they are motivated enough to come out and vote in huge numbers for a primary, just think about a general. >> more getting ticked off. >> yeah, i really do. neil: they give very, very much. now mcdonald's is in out of its all-time high. i told you about the practicing practice villages. they took me up about it. i told you about the garlic fries. have you ever thought about fresh beef? guess what is next for mcdonald's. you are welcome. the local
1:19 pm
1:20 pm
1:21 pm
connell: i am connell mcshane with your business headlines he had how about a self driving car? in israeli company that has secured deals with a couple automakers provide these driver
1:22 pm
driverless cars mobilize. we have been told that they are working with someone. 2019. market down. this is not good for many users using a dating site old okay cupid. someone is doing research. they can make it possible for who the real people are. apparently not just any kind of information, we are told. personal stuff. okay cupid. a report that google will launch a virtual reality headset paired powered by android beard not requiring phone or computer. a standalone thingy. it would not be a power cord. some of the other headsets where you do have to look it up to a computer. you know, people like this. walk around with someone else. there you go.
1:23 pm
neil: you are caught on okay cupid. i could not see. i could not see. that is basic cable. thank you, i friend. he has had a busy week. this fellow has had a busy week, two. bobby jindal. coming to this healthcare law. extra funding. congress was trying to stop him. throughout the process. bobby jindal on that. >> listening to the court case. the obama administration's own attorneys. this is just a poorly written law. can you imagine if your own attorneys are saying we did a bad job. i hope it is not the same attorneys that actually wrote the law. the same administration again and again thinking they're above the law. neil: this was the guy that was trying to make it happen. trying to get everyone's
1:24 pm
attention. congressman rice. the administration wants to appeal the perfect record of appealing. what do you think? >> i am thrilled with the results of the court decision. i look forward to it. they would like to pass lawsuits by individual congressmen who have lost in the political process. this is something completely different. this is a case by the house of representatives as an institution that is challenging executive overreach. it is something that is novel, the suit was filed about two years ago. it is just coming to fruition. giving congress and other tool. fighting executive overreach. >> let me ask you about the money in question here. a lot of legal experts tell me it would not stand.
1:25 pm
it could explain why healthcare related stocks are tanking, as you know, congressman. where would or how would the administration have to adjust to make up for that lost money? >> a will have to do what they should have done all along. come back and seek appropriated funds. that is the power of the curse. and then the administration will have to negotiate with the congress. you know, historically, what congress has done is the administration overreaches or heads down paths that congress is not willing to fund, they use that power through the appropriation process. they defund specific things. harry reid has blocked every single appropriations bill from coming out of the senate.
1:26 pm
it has turned the power of the purse into such a tool that it is very difficult to use. we are faced with having to defund specific things in these large ominous bills. if they do not get past the shut down for the government. this court case opens up another avenue for congress to protect its powers under the constitution. neil: do you think, i think president trump is the reality. he still keeps a republican senate in the house. talking a long time about getting rid of it. what do you do for the people that have coverage or got coverage? keeping the coverage through them or do drop it and start from scratch? >> we are working right now.
1:27 pm
paul ryan has decided the minute he became speaker, we have this agenda that we are working on to find answers, specific answers for obamacare. specific answers on entitlement reform. major issues facing this country. neither the president nor the congress has come up with the solutions. why? because they are hard. it is not because they're complicated. they are just difficult. it will make groups of people mad. we have been involved in counting marbles. who will have the majority here and who will have the majority there. not putting forth solutions facing the country. one of the solutions we are working on right now is a replacement for obamacare.
1:28 pm
we will have that by the end of june. neil: okay. thank you, sir. very good to see you. california is the eighth largest on the planet. gerri brown illustrates the point. $22.2 billion spending plan that projects lower revenues. does not get into all the details there. gerri brown is starting to say just -- a lot of others will say staying off the execution list. be that as it may. a big budget. some restraint and fewer revenues. we will know more after this. ♪ it's a fact. kind of like grandkids equals free tech support. oh, look at you, so great to see you! none of this works.
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neil: we're getting video in from our colleagues at "the daily mail" over in london. this is exclusive video, worker conditions in iphone plant in shanghai. to say they are rather non-accommodating is an understatement. like adopterrer to complex outside of -- dormitory complex, workers work 12 hours a day. workers operating water taps and pedaling, toilet cubicles,
1:33 pm
positioned over open sewage drains. these are the folks manufacturing iphones over there. the dorms can house up to 6,000 workers at a time and they are, i say crowded into a room, they are crowded. 12 in a single room. 20 in open showers. and this on the on heels of report, tim cook of apple will be visit china to address other concerns about slowdown in china. donald trump is bee enmoing the fact that -- bemoaning apple makes phones over there, pennies on the dollar labor. this will almost make a campaign ad for him. but regardless, apple, well off its highs today. still down about 19% this month. the man who wrote the definitive book on apple, inside pap apple, adam lashinsky, what is going on here. so many we don't know about the facility, video. what will be made here.
1:34 pm
what we do know, call mind apple seeking out cheaper labor, a lot cheaper labor overseas, specifically in china. an embarassment? >> sure, every time one of these things comes up, it is an embarassment, neil. this reporting on factories in china is third rail for journalists covering apple. a lot of people have done good reporting on this and a lot of people have done bad reporting. as you said it looks bad, you have to be careful to know what you're looking at. i do want to point out tim cook's response will be, yes our labor costs in lower in china. that's not why we're there. because they have many, many qualified people to do this sort of engineering work that we need to be done over there and, so, you know, that can be disputed but that will be his response. that is what he has said before. neil: all right. well if they're holed up a dozen in room, and 20 crowded into a shower, they're not really respected for their acumen and or brilliance there.
1:35 pm
that is neither here nor there. i wonder if it is comeuppance time for apple? other traditional manufacturers that outsource, carrier air conditioner was big bogeyman in the campaign, ford wanted to go south of the border to make smaller cars in mexico, the message for donald trump is, you're all bad doing that. but where as someone who covers this do you draw the line? you could also argue that americans would be ill deposed spending a lot more for a phone costly enough. if it was made by american labor would be over 1000 bucks. so where do you draw the line? >> well, it's funny, for all of the political debate on this, you know, capitalism really driven this more than anything. this has become, you know, about as pure of a free market decision as we see and you made the point perfectly. so the companies really haven't been moved by any of the
1:36 pm
criticism. i mean ford went ahead with its mexico plant. apple said it would do things in the united states. that kind of, one of the things it said it would do fizzled out. other thing was really quite small. neil: you hit a key point. >> we see the germans and others making cars in the south because there were advantages to them to do that. my point, neil is, i don't see the political debate having very big impact on these companies for the time-being, for the exact reason that you stated. consumers may vote one way but they don't want to spend 1000 bucks on an iphone. neil: maybe this is, he can't hear me when i talk to him. what i'm asking you though, adam, i didn't mean to keep jumping in, you couldn't hear me, is why do we go after the carriers and the fords, when they maintain their offices in the u.s.? apple maintains offices in the u.s. but, rarely do we hear apple ripped a new one.
1:37 pm
those other guys are. why can't we rip them all if that's the case? >> i agree. i think it's fine to the rip them all. apple has, has taken quite a bit of criticism for its manufacturing in china. it does the same things that all of its competitors do. so i agree, criticize them all. i just don't think the criticism will have a big impact. neil: all right. we shall watch. we'll see. by the way if donald trump deports you when he becomes president. >> i'm not too concerned yet. neil: adam lashinsky in san francisco. meantime i apologize, folks, sometimes on the setup where guests can't hear me when i interrupt them. if you say, don't interrupt, cavuto. i can't deal with you interrupting me, talking about me interrupting other people, i want you to stop it right now. i want to you take a look at all reassurances that the zika virus is big deal, it became a big deal, a really bigger deal,
1:38 pm
after this. the
1:39 pm
>> i'm adam shapiro live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. a tough day for stocks right now. look. the dow is down 104 points. s&p 500 down 10 points. nasdaq off eight points. retail sales last montrose 1.3%. that had a lot to do with cars
1:40 pm
and online shopping. nordstrom hit is down, hit a new 52-week low. first quarter sales down 1.7%, but the stock over the last year is down almost 40%. other big retailers taking a hit, michael kors is down 2 1/2%. tiffany down 2.4%. coach is down 3/4 of a percent. retail sales figure being up had to do with people buying new cars and people shopping online. we'll go back to "cavuto: coast to coast" right after this.
1:41 pm
♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production.
1:42 pm
let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at neil: we're down the lows, down 116, 117 points on the dow. retailers among the worst-performing sectors. walmart component within the dow is really a big contributor to that falloff today on slowing sales. walmart is trying to speed things up with its online delivery service, offering in some cases same day service as is amazon. you really got to be in a rush for something if you want it same day, but i could imagine some food items. i want it, now, now. meantime we're keeping an eye on who will fund this new zika threat. some in congress are balking at some of the figures they're throwing around. josh earnest saying everyone has to sort of come to agreement on that. i think that is probably an understatement but what a lot of
1:43 pm
folks in congress are saying we'll not throw money at a problem assume it will all go towards dealing with this zika virus gotten so bad a number of countries owe limit pick teams might be skipping out of brazil olympics if brazil doesn't get a handle on it. that company just impeached its president. it is a mess. how bad is the zika thing? dr. anthony fauci on all of that. doctor, when they start talking huge global figures to deal with this, hundreds of billions of dollars what are they going to do? is it coordinate efforts, what? >> well, the president asked for $1.9 billion for the effort of the united states, multiple departments, predominantly hhs, but also other agencies of the government to address this problem, this threat both in south america, the caribbean, puerto rico, which is a united states territory and the threats
1:44 pm
to the continental united states. so the total amount that was asked for is $1.9 billion, and that is the discussion going on in congress of how much, and if so, how are you going to do it? will it be emergency fund? will it be regular appropriation? that is the discussion currently going on. neil: i heard, maybe misspoken at a press conference they talked about a global effort on the part of every one even know not affected by zika virus to pitch in, hence the earlier figure i mentioned. are we behind the curve on this? are you worried that we are, what? >> i don't think we're behind of curve in the sense that that's the reason we've been working on this for a few months right now. and that is the reason why we're asking for money we need to address it. there are several ways to address it. something, you know, as fundamental as as mosquito control, what we call vector control, which is difficult in
1:45 pm
certain countries like south america. we need help with that we need to it prepare in our own country, particularly in the states around the gulf coast where we getting mosquito season really quite soon. in fact we already have mosquito activity in certain of those states right now. you want to make sure if we get a local outbreak, and that means, cases that originated in the united states, that we'll be able to control it and prevent them from becoming sustained, and disseminated, we know now, we already have travel-related cases in the united states and continental united states. we're concerned about an outbreak of local cases. we've seen that with other related types of viruses like dengue and chikungunya. wouldn't be surprised to see some local outbreaks in the continental united states right now. neil: doctor, thank you very, very much you're calming when you come on. when people are freaking out you calm them down. we'll see what happens.
1:46 pm
meantime there will be a big clooney movie tonight. it rails against wall street. now a lot of people say, well, it's about time but just the latest. this isn't the first. and does that rhetoric end up scaring people even more than the movie itself? >> who is it? anybody know? >> is it a union thing? [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go.
1:47 pm
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1:49 pm
>> there is not going to be a president donald trump. that's not going to happen. [applause] it is not going to happen because we're not going to be, fear is not going to be something that we're going to, that is going to be, what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. we're not actually afraid of anything. so we're not going to use fear. so that is not going to be an issue.
1:50 pm
neil: all right. stick a fork in trump, he is done, so says george clooney which brings me to charlie gasparino in vegas. two men of the same cloth. all right. charlie, what do you make of that? >> i didn't realize that donald is actually afraid of women. is that, is that what he was saying donald's afraid of women? neil: very dismissive of his chances clearly. i mean -- >> yeah. listen, hollywood people, as you know are, let's be real clear, these are the most left-wing people in america. they're political active. they read less than just about any politically active segment of the population. they don't know a lot. you know, and they're, you know, and they're glib. so they get away with it. but george clooney, could probably fit, the knowledge that he has about politics in my cavity. this guy is a dope. and listen, i've been very critical of donald. i will continue to be critical
1:51 pm
of donald and i just don't sit here -- attack him on substance. attack him on the fact deporting 11 million people is probably technically impossible if that is what you want to do. attack him on the fact that muslim bans, bans on religion are insane. neil: that last one is what he got into. but on greater point he has a movie coming out tonight, i don't know if you had a chance to see it because you've been working so hard in las vegas. >> yeah, of course. neil: i feel for you. this "money monster," sort of a jim cramer type character. >> yeah. neil: it bashes wall street. this is a trend. we've seen a lot of this from wall street to, you know, on and on and on we go. "wolf of wall street." the underlying tone these guys are bad guys. they're screwing you. they're rigging the system. in some cases that might be true. i'm wondering whether it indicts everybody for the sins of a few. what do you think? >> i mean i agree with you. here is the thing, full disclosure, know jim cramer,
1:52 pm
worked with him at cnbc. the woman in the julia roberts character is real one good friend of mine. susan crack hour. full disclosure. i will say this is stupid movie. one thing about the "wolf of wall street." it was about a penny stock trader in 1990s. that occurred. that was on fringes of wall street. you can criticize wall street for a lot of things. neil: only mentioned it, buddy, people saw that, ah-ha, is see what they do, hire money and hookers and see what i'm saying? >> most of these guys, i'm at a conference with a bunch of wall street guys. this is one of themost boring conferences at night in the sense -- neil: stop it. you think i was born yesterday? you're in vegas! >> i'm going to be honest with you, listen, neil, i would tell you if i did the strip club circuit last night. you know me. i say everything. people get up early to go running.
1:53 pm
these are wall street guys. this is not that crazy. neil: do they go running to the buffets? >> no i did a run with them in the desert. you have to see the gym at bellagio. neil: i know it well. they got a piece of equipment named after me. >> most of these wall street guys are pretty borerying take it pro me. neil: can't wait to have you back. >> can't wait to be back. i love you, neil. neil: keep working. like tilly the toiler. george clooney address all your anger toward that man. in middle of all of this, mcdonald's is still in a world of its own. thanks to me and thanks now to fresh meat.
1:54 pm
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1:57 pm
neil: all right. in that session lows here and the big story right now is shake shack. i know it's not in the dow but that thing is on fire. shake shack is on fire. connell mcshane have you ever eaten at a shake shack. >> i have. are you? don't lie. neil: i own a few. >> they're good. neil: you go to like that salad place, chopped? >> bellagio and hit up the cavuto elliptical. i love that machine. neil: do you believe that he is working? >> gasparino, not for a second. neil: you're on top of mcdonald's thing? >> fresh meats. this is great. actually reminds me of another story a few years back and mcdonald's came out said, by the way the mcnugget you're eating, that is real chicken. everyone said, wait a second. was there supposed to be a question about it. which there was. neil: they had to clarify the mcribs. >> still bring those back. neil: you remember when you first eat it --
1:58 pm
>> we'll get sidetracked here. we starting on the mcrib. neil: you're right. >> the fresh meat story is this. testing out idea of fresh beef patties in the state of course of texas. what have they been doing? they use frozen patties. neil: burger king uses frozen? >> i believe so. neil: wendy's using fresh. >> not only but they're square at wendy's. are they still square? neil: what does white castle use? they have all the little holes punched in them. >> don't get me started. a white castle on fordham road i made a living. neil: it can't be beef. >> it is terrific. neil: do they advertise? >> you will get us sued. neil: fresh beef, wouldn't that -- >> what is going on? neil: that is horrible. fresh beef, would you remind people, wait a win we always use fresh. >> right. so you have frozen patties used for years. two or three weeks before they make them. that is really way it still is done. way they test it out.
1:59 pm
cost is obvious issue versus a taste i guess. and. neil: would fresh be more? the. >> you would think as opposed to the -- neil: you don't know because you're a vegetarian, right? >> by no means, no i'm not, not even close. barely eat any vegetables. this is something they're trying out. i think it is funny they're trying it out in texas. neil: garlic fries. breakfast all day. >> breakfast all day story. i give you credit. i think he may have broked the story but certainly advanced it. they're trying out this in southern california, some healthier breakfast items like -- neil: don't want that. >> don't want kale for breakfast. they're trying that. neil: kale shakes. >> real side of you is coming through. that is where you really are health food stores in new jersey the that's where you're really going. neil: working out at the -- >> cavuto elliptical. neil: cavuto elliptical. curling my sub sandwiches.
2:00 pm
thank you, connell. you've been great. i mean, he is on fire. doesn't have sleep but he is on fire. trish regan, top that. trish: see what i can do, thank you so much, neil. breaking right now, everyone the republican party showing signs of unification as donald trump wins over some of his fiercest critics even seems senator lindsey graham, the phone number he released to the public to tell people have at him, trump appears softening his stance on muslim ban. is this pivot ahead of the november election? welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." trump seeming to clarify or soften his stance on the muslim ban saying it is just syrians that we shouldn't let in. watch him here. >> no, i would not allow people to come in from syria. they're not vetted properly. they're moving in by the thousands. you remember i told thousands of people are going to pour in. i turned out to be rig


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