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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 13, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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thank you, connell. you've been great. i mean, he is on fire. doesn't have sleep but he is on fire. trish regan, top that. trish: see what i can do, thank you so much, neil. breaking right now, everyone the republican party showing signs of unification as donald trump wins over some of his fiercest critics even seems senator lindsey graham, the phone number he released to the public to tell people have at him, trump appears softening his stance on muslim ban. is this pivot ahead of the november election? welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." trump seeming to clarify or soften his stance on the muslim ban saying it is just syrians that we shouldn't let in. watch him here. >> no, i would not allow people to come in from syria. they're not vetted properly. they're moving in by the thousands. you remember i told thousands of people are going to pour in. i turned out to be right. everyone said i was wrong.
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i was right. >> there are a lot of people out there that like muslim ban how will it sit with his supporters? we discuss. fresh scrutiny over the report that the clinton foundation gave $2 million to a private energy company privately owned by a very close friend. under the law, a tax-exempt charity is supposed to act in quote, the public interest and can not act in the interest of a private company. we have details what it will mean for hillary's trust worth ness problem. look at this unbelievable and devastating video we're getting into us right now. you're looking at former chinese factory and dormitory where workers made apple products. people were living in these bunk rooms, eight to 12 people in one tiny bunk room. they used these filthy bathrooms over open sewage drains. they workedded 12-hour shifts. how on earth can american
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workers compete with chinese workers willing to live like this just to get a job? plus president obama ordering all public schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom they gender identify with. what about civil rights of teenage girls that don't want boys in their locker room. missouri high school students so upset, they staged a walkout. we'll have details. i want to know why is our president getting involved in this to begin with? don't we have bigger issues to deal with? isis, economy. things like that. turning back to the story, senator lindsey graham seems to change his tone saying presumptive republican nominee has a great sense of humor. comes day after his charm offensive failed to get an endorsement from speaker paul ryan. >> i was a little bit surprised but not that surprised frankly. we did as you know, matt, got endorsed by many, many people, they're pouring in now, many senators and many congressman.
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we got many endorsements yesterday. if it doesn't come, i will go my separate way. trish: one of hot-button issues dividing party, proposed ban on muslim entering the country. he appears to be softening his stance a little. watch him here. >> it was a suggestion. anything i say right now. i'm not president. no matter what you say it is a suggestion. trish: is trump about to move to the middle? ned ryan and steve schlael. ed, starting with you. he seems to make up with thing clear here, everything is a negotiation. people are not used to hearing that. do you think that will help him or hurt film in the general? >> i will say this with regards to the muslim ban i wish he would have put a finer point on it and it is about syrian refugees and what took place in europe with isis feeding some people into the refugees. trish: let me jump in right there, it is really not just about syrian refugees if you think about it. any one of those terrorists was
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littling in belgium or in france could have come here to our country very easily. they held european passports. so it is not just the syrian refugees. it is actually is anyone who may be of the extremist camp and chances are, it is not going to be irish catholic but it will be someone who is muslim. >> don't disagree with that i think in the short term if he can at least take steps in the direction with the syrian refugees saying we have to have a common-sense approach to take a look who is actually coming into the country. having proper background checks. trying to at least have right steps in the right direction. then we could talk about how we address some of these other issues. but again, i think one of those things donald trump is realizing he is 99% sure to be nominee. he is pivoting towards the middle. he thinks this is better message toward the general instead after blanket ban. he is looking at some of the things he said previously and
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how they might message a little better to general electorate this fall. trish: steve, while donald trump pivots to the middle, hillary clinton is going more and more left because she is being forced to go by bernie sanders and supporters, elizabeth warren, whoever would prefer a socialist economy as opposed to capitalist one. how much is it hurting her being forced to left while trumped is getting to middle. >> you know as ed says, they play around the 10-yard line and get pushed back to the 40 by the general election. trump ran whole campaign tell it like it is. i'm not afraid to say what is on my mind and what i think. problem he has gone 110. trish: no different than her, right? she used to be all for guns, campaigning in the primary eight years ago and now she is not for guns anymore.
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she has had a number of flip-flops herself on a lot of these issues. >> i don't think it is much. she has never been opposed to background checks and some of those issues. she may have been further on issue of lawsuits. not like she gone somebody opposed to being against background checks and for background checks. trump was against taking money to for his campaign and today he is taking money to pay loans. trish: then again she got paid a lot of money by wall street banks to go and speak and out there saying wall street banks are big, bad, awful things. so she will have issues on this front as well. i do think, with bernie sanders continuing to stay in this race, it is just going to make it harder and harder for her. your thoughts and move back to trump. >> well i disagree. she is already out building operations. i live here in florida. hired a state director. ters hired staff. turn towards the general. it is democracy. bernie sanders can stay in as long as he wants but reality he
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will not be the nominee. he is further behind than she ever was in 2008. he is 3 million votes behind. trish: i agree with you. i don't think he ever will be the nominee. i don't know why he doesn't get out. i don't know why he is hanging on for. complicating life for hillary clinton. turning back to trump here, today he said he doesn't keep money in offshore accounts but he also said, his tax returns are nobody best business but his own. watch this. >> what is your tax rate? >> it is none much your business. you will see it when i release but i fight very hard to pay as little tax as possible. trish: you know you think about it, ned, this was effectively one of, one of mitt romney's downfalls. people very angry that he was private equity guy who paid rates that were totally legal but advantageous to him in private equity and for his investments. what do you i this of trump saying, not your business?
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i'm not going to answer the question and moving on. >> if i was advising the trump campaign i think my response back would be, have obama release his college transcripts and i release my taxes, something along those lines. trish: look, i pay as little as i possibly can. >> exactly. he doesn't have to. you know he will have to make the decision is this positive or negative. does it become story in and of itself. we'll see what happens. if i go back to what steve was saying earlier, i do think there are concerns in regards to trump and what hillary is doing right now building infrastructure. he has been on capitol hill doing outreach and shoring up republicans, endorsements, lindsey graham and other people are warming up to him, one of the things if i were advising trump, focus on things you can control. you can't control whether paul ryan will endorse you but what can control building out fund-raising machine and infrastructure in other states. his ap interview is little troubling.
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>> he basically said looks, i don't need any data. i don't need all the consultants. he is doing everything on wing, hope and prayer. ned, you have to admit it worked really well thus far. >> but we're dealing with primary. think about it, on june 7th, trump will get roughly neighborhood of 15 million votes. mitt romney got 55 million in 2012 and lost by millions of votes. trump has to figure out what he will do to buildout infrastructure. if he thinks he will rely on big rallies and think what works in the primary will work in the general, we're dealing with completely different electorate. he has to do with some of the fundamentals. i was joking with a friend. you can only whistle past the graveyard so many times before you become part of the graveyard. trump defied political playbook, there are certain fundamentals you have to put in place. trish: he gets some of that with the republican party. once he becomes nominee and everybody theoretically is on board they should have all the
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information available to him. whether or not he wants to use it we'll still see. sounds like you're saying use everything you got. >> use everything you've got. here is the last fact. we know that democrats, the democrat nominee, hillary clinton, is most likely, there have been 19 states, 19 states since 1992 voted democrat every presidential. that puts her in the neighborhood of 240 some electoral votes at starting point. there have been 13 state that have voted republican since 1992. about half that number of electoral votes. hillary will start with a significant lead in electoral votes. trump has to start focusing on what is he going to do to bridge that gap, and get to the 20 mark. trish: there are pretty important states out there like florida, like ohio, like pennsylvania which historically at least for the last several decades you couldn't win the presidency without winning two of those three states. amazingly as we look at poll data that has recently come out they are neck-and-neck. i want to turn to clinton.
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there is fresh scrutiny and controversy yet again over the clinton foundation and its financial practices. "wall street journal" is reporting that the clinton global initiative gave $2 million commitment to a company owned by a close friend of the clintons. now bill and hillary are not denying these allegation insisting none of it was improper, none of it was illegal, to be a non-profit charity there are some certain requirements. one of which, and i'm quoting here, from the irs, says that the organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests. you know, so this makes it very murky. keep in mind, this is just the latest in a slew of reports, a slew of questions, that are being asked suggest ties between foreign governments and companies donating to the clinton foundation while involved in business with the state department and calling of
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course into question her integrity. steve, you know, trustworthiness, that's, that's her biggest challenge with voters right now. when you see more information like this continuing to come out, how does that affect her? >> well, i mean, listen first of all i haven't even read the stories. i will not try to comment on it. as ned knows this will be race to the bottom. >> really is. >> which is frankly why as he said, i think why we both agree on this, both campaigns need to do basic blocking an tackling. i agree completely. trump is running around talking about things he can't control. he needs to focus on building operations in states like mine. he has no foundation here in florida. hillary is staffing up. that is the race will be won or lost. both candidates will have horrible numbers by next election. will come down who is running better campaign. she is running better campaign. trish: didn't read the story. front page of "wall street journal" you should check it out.
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let me refresh your memory that came out of course last summer. that was the state department negotiated a deal for people that were evading taxes clients of ubs, united bank of switzerland. they negotiated this deal, what do you know, few months later, bill clinton gets one of that million dollars to get a couple speeches for ubs. once again a appearance of total conflict of interest. she is working on behalf of the state department while her husband is taking out checks from the very organizations she is helping. ned, you know, i think that this is going to be a big problem because people are saying, is she ethical? >> we're moving into a summer that i think is going to be a rough one for hillary clinton. think about the story that just broke as well in regards to the foundation with 100 million coming to the foundation from middle-eastern countries.
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i think that will be a story. obviously emails and server and february by investigation. i think that will be a rough summer for hilly. hillary. i don't disagree with steve you have two flawed candidates. trish: two highly flawed candidates but on one hand you have a candidate been a member of the establishment. >> right. trish: for many, many years. who struggles in terms of being natural and we're not necessarily sure we're using. we don't know what accent we're given on given day, that turns southern when she is down south. >> exactly. trish: you have donald trump, he flipped flopped around on some criticisms, that is a big criticism of steve, i take that point but he definitely is authentic. >> he he is authentic this is really year of outsider. even though you look at electoral map, look at some of the things i think he should be doing he is not, this is year where outsider that is authentic
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whether he is, changing, changing message a little bit here and there, i do think he has advantage. you're right, hillary is not bill clinton. trish: bill is a skilled, gifted politician. he doesn't need a prompter. he seems to really, really like people. >> right. trish: that is part of it. it is challenging for her, if i were advising her steve, i don't think it would be so easy. final word. then i have to go. >> listen it will be epic race. i'm not a democrat who thinks this will be a slam-dunk. already seeing republican party come together behind trump. democrats uniting behind clinton. for all insanity of this race, clearly something like we've never seen before. comes down to blocking tackling in october and november. right now i think she has a little edge. >> exactly. trish: coming up donaldtrump blasting amazon ceo jeff bezos who owns "the washington post" accusing him using newspaper a weapon to protect what amazon
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has unfair tax policies. is this the way for trump to divert attention to that the post has 20 reporters, 20, assigned to digging into his personal life? howie kurtz is here to sort it out. another deadly day in iraq as isis attacks kills 16 people. the terrorist group has killed more than 150 people in eight separate attacks in the last few days. is iraq going to fall to isis? that is big question in our campaign against them. stay with me. i'm back in two. show me top new artist.
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billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. trish: donald trump is out slamming jeff bezos, owner and founder of amazon and owner of "washington post." he is accusing bezos not using
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his newspaper to bash him but also help amazon avoid taxes. >> he thinks i would go after him for antitrust because he has got a huge antitrust problem because he is controlling so much. amazon is controlling so much of what they're doing and what they have done he bought this paper for practically nothing and he is using that as a tool for political power against me and against other people and i'll tell you what. we can't let him get away with it. >> this is coming days after "washington post"'s bob woodward said the newspaper has assigned 20 reporters to investigate trump's life. host of fox news "mediabuzz" howard kurtz joins me right now. you used to work at "the washington post." so you have some special insight into all this. what are your sources telling you in terms of these 20 reporters? >> i think it is widely misreported because what bob woodward said, yes, the post would put 20 reporters to look at both candidates donald trump an hillary clinton.
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it is true the post is doing a book about trump which shows you something about the lucrative media marketplace. they have long series of doing endless series on candidates can. the post revealed gary hart changed his name from gary hart pens and lied about his age. i'm for all the journalism as long as evenly applied. trish: i'm sure there is a lot they could dig up on hillary clinton as well. you have got to vet all the candidates and that is part of a journalists job to do that. >> this is what people say they want media to do. many complain barack obama didn't get full media vetting in 2008. it is fascinating listen to trump attack bezos. he has done that before including in an interview with me. first jeff paid $250 million for "washington post." undoubtedly he wanted a little more influence in washington by all accounts he is very much of a hands-off owner the sitting out there in seattle. he is not micromanaging the
2:22 pm
newsroom. i haven't seen any evidence he used newspaper or editorial pages which he is entitled to control as owner to further amazon's corporate interests. >> well, perhaps in donald trump's favor, "the washington post" had an op-ed by sheldon adelson saying look, republicans need to get on board. sheldon is big casino magnate. he is out supporting donald trump. let me ask you, howie, about donald trump's meeting with paul ryan. i mean it was crazy, right? huge media frenzy, tons of reporters out there. it was just for a meeting lasting around 45 minutes. do voters care as much as the press these two get along? and do you think that donald trump is using this to a certain extent, creating some theater? >> certainly creating some theater but, boy did the press go along with the spectacle.
2:23 pm
it was breathless, live shots and perpetual pun debttry and steakouts. there is trump get you out car. there is the plane on tarmac. when will he take off? i get it house speaker has different view of conservatism from donald trump and there is been good reporting on that but the way we all lost it with six boxes up at a time of 45 minute meeting. i'm sorry it was embraer -- embarrassing. nobody out there cares as much as we do. trish: i like you have some fun with this. good to see you, sir. >> thank you, trish. trish: watch howie on "mediabuzz," 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern on fox news on sunday. terrorist group has killed more than 150 people in eight separate attacks in the last few days. is iraq potentially going to fall from isis?
2:24 pm
how is all of this affecting our fight against terror? general keane is here, we'll take a look at this situation, this unbelievable video. really pretty tragic when you think about it. it is former factory and dormitory in china where workers were creating apple products, the iphone that we all use. workers were living eight to 12 people in these tiny bunk rooms. here is where they were showering. looking at picture of the filthy bathrooms, that were over open sewage drains. people were working in this factory working 12 hour shifts. when you look at these a come mow dyingses and see how little money they were making, you have to wonder how do we compete with this? how can american workers compete when these people sadly are will be to live like this just to have this job? stay with me. we're back in two. we're all over this story.
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trish: 176 and we are going to talk a little bit about apple. apple of course lost its number one biggest market giving way to alphabet. again this market off 177 points right right now as we head into the final moments of trading. meantime i want to get to isis to get their claiming responsibility for two more attacks in iraq leaving 16 people dead and 27 others injured. in one attack isis stormed into the café firing at people. they were just watching a soccer game because they say soccer is anti-muslim. this week alone there were were eight isis related attacks in iraq and at least 158 people were killed, more than three and a people injured. all of this happening, you have to ask is iraq in jeopardy right now while falling to isis and if so how does it affect our fight against isis? joining me four-star general and "fox news" analyst, good to have
2:29 pm
you back. you think about it i says has -- syria what kind of threat is isis and i ran? >> it's a serious threat and they do staff have a strategy. what they are actually up to his defending raqqa and syria their safe haven, defending mosul since june of 2014 and making certain by defending both of those they are things limited operations around those areas to prevent encirclement and an eventual sea spray the second thing they are doing is what we are talking about here that is conducting terrorist operations largely in baghdad but also other cities the purpose of which is create chaos and terror certainly but to undermine the body government. a footnote to this is in 2006 the al qaeda which isis is the son of, did that very same thing
2:30 pm
where hundreds of people were being killed every week in baghdad and it nearly brought the malachi government down and before that happened president bush admitted publicly that his strategy was wrong after three years and change the strategy and put new leaders and that turned out to be successful. so yes, they are taking a page of what was almost successful in 2006. that's what they are up to. trish: do you think i ran is in jeopardy of falling to isis? what do we need to do to prevent back? itself like you are telling me that it could happen. >> iraq is in real jeopardy in terms of the government itself, less from isis and more from themselves. there is a political crisis taking place in the government of iraq where people are pulling away from the supportive fit and that is what the demonstration was about a couple of weeks ago. so there is a genuine political crisis in iraq which could in
2:31 pm
and of itself or so collapse of that government. if that takes place that certainly impacts all of the iraqi army operations that have been conducted in the united states. trish: general isis would then come in to fill the void. >> no, they would not be able to take baghdad. there is too much security forces there it would impact our offensive operations that we want to conduct particularly in mosul which is not until next year but it's a serious time in iraq. al-baghdadi knows this because after all he is from iraq and they were almost successful as i said in 2006 so they are focusing on this and taking advantage of the political crisis to further collapse that government area. trish: general jack keane thank you very much. it's a scary time sir. coming up everyone we have more on the markets off triple digits
2:32 pm
and president obama ordering all public schools to allow students to use whatever bathroom they gender identify with on any given day. what about the civil rights of the teenage girl who doesn't want boys and the girls bathroom or the girls locker room? female students in the high school were so mad that they staged a walkout. besides that you have to wonder, you just heard from general keane we have real problems right now in iraq raid applies the president even getting involved in this issue? between iraq, between isis and economy don't we have enough to deal with? that's next. ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find
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>> where looking at fresh -- loans as we checked the dow off 174 points altered and a season or on this friday afternoon and again right now people are concerned because the retail store data hasn't been so good. while retail sales came in pretty good today when you look at the earnings in these companies may cease, cowles nordstrom's for example it's extremely challenging and so that's giving investors -- and also oil is down so that's having an effect on things as well but the retail or overall one to watch and we will see how this shapes up. off 172 points right now. president obama is ordering all public schools to allow
2:37 pm
transgender students to use the bathroom they gender identify with. schools that do not comply risk losing federal aid dollars. that's kind of a big yield to public school. the obama administration says it's a civil rights issue but what about the civil rights of those teenage girls who just don't want voice in their locker room? this very thing happened just a few months ago at a missouri high school which allowed a transgender student to use the girls locker room. the students were so upset they staged a massive walkout. you can watch here. >> was really uncomfortable. >> i find it offensive because lila is not gone through any procedures to become a female reporting on address and dress and putting on the way it is not transgender to me. trish: the school offered a transgender student the use of a private room but that student said no saying it was her right to use the girls room. all this has gotten so darn complicated because i think people are very fearful that
2:38 pm
someone who wants to be and the girls locker room or wants to be in the girls bathroom, not necessarily to use it for other reasons, now has some cover and that's pretty unsettling to folks. joining me former black panther activist clarence weaver. clarence, welcome back. you think about this and i just think why is this even an issue? why are we even talking about it this much? transgender people make up less a 1% of the population. the other 99-point some odd% are certainly in the majority here and i think for years we never had to deal with this issue. if you are a man who dresses as a woman, i don't think anybody got that all upset about it. is this just another one of these wedge issues? >> sure.
2:39 pm
what school do you go to? listen the reason we talk about this is obama does not want to talk about the obamacare bill. he does not want to talk about the job market. the reason we talk about bathrooms and girls and boys is obama believes that every problem facing america requires an obama solution. america is tired of this, had enough of this. these are my children. i don't want my 13-year-old granddaughter to worry about who is standing next to her in the shower. it's ridiculous. trish: that's this year here right? we have certain norms in society and when you go to the ladies room, it's been my experience that everybody kind of looks like a lady in there. if i sigh you hanging out in the ladies room clarence a mic reported to cause its just out of character. but now apparently have i reported it doesn't matter
2:40 pm
because you are entitled to be there because you could say i felt like a woman today. >> you are going to tell a 14-year-old boy that if he claims to be a woman he can go into a 14-year-old girl shower and dressing room. you are saying that by self-identifying yourself, not trish you will look at me and you can tell my race. i can tell your gender. if i called you a six-foot four, 50-year-old man how much debate would that be? bruce jenner is a guy. he is a guy and if you say something about him that's different that he is a guy folks. trish: technically speaking, i digress. i hate that we are talking about this clarence, you know that? there are so many more important things that need to be addressed and we do address them here on
2:41 pm
the show but i think as you said like the president doesn't want to talk about the economy. he doesn't want to talk about the situation in iraq so all of a sudden this is becoming an issue. why is the federal government having its no's in all these different high schools across the country? they probably don't have that many transgender student in with prius p by the way home-school your kids. yet your kids out of their. trish: that's your advice. but look it's not a federal issue. that's the bottom line here. obama is making it one. >> by the way the children, i can name the school covers in my area. it's a school he played basketball against. i know the school very well and i know the parents very well and i'm telling you it's tearing them apart. we don't want to discriminate against this child or make them feel uncomfortable but they don't want the federal government telling them about their own personal business.
2:42 pm
trish: it's a common sentiment that a lot of people feel. it's good to see you, thank you sir. coming up take a look at this video. a former factory and dormitory in china where workers created apple products, eight to 1212 people in a bunker in using these filthy bathrooms that were right over an open sewage drain and working 12 hour shifts. you have to wonder how those american workers are going to compete with this one chinese workers are willing to live like this just to have a job. there is some responsibility that i believe they have in all of this to ensure that workers are treated fairly. we will have that up next. 's a . kind of like bill splitting equals nitpicking. but i only had a salad. it was a buffalo chicken salad. salad.
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trish: the markets off 200 points right now soon to be accelerating a abed and investors worry about our economy after lousy retail earnings out. retail sales look like a good number but when you break it down and look at places like macy's and colson nordstrom's it's pretty challenging. investors cashed in for-profit. retail sales as we were talking about in april grew more than any year that the expected number contradicting some of
2:45 pm
those weak first quarter numbers we are seeing putting the health of the retail sector. actually cowles and macy's recovering after a challenging period. apple back on top as the world's most valuable company, alphabets recently surpassed apple. will have more on this today.
2:46 pm
trish: take a look at this
2:47 pm
video, new video that is coming to us other former factory and dormitory in china where workers were making apple products. workers living eight to 12 and a bunk room, using filthy bathrooms. these bathrooms are right over open sewage chains and they were working 12 hour shifts. how do american workers compete when chinese workers are willing to live like this just to have a job and doesn't the company have some responsibility in this? some kind of humanity that they wouldn't allow their workers to be exploited in such a way. liz mcdonald joins me now with more on this. it's pretty sad. >> is very sad to this has been a lap mark on apple for some time in the story, we have heard about this since 2010. this factory along with foxconn, apple in the past is that we work with suppliers to address
2:48 pm
these problems and we are the deep into our supply chain but the fact that these conditions for these workers have repeatedly come up over the years means it's a real circle for apple to try to stop it. trish: you wonder, they think about how to make these products and thinking about their own profitability. are they really paying that much attention to this suppliers? are they paying attention to working conditions? don't they look at the factors and he was going on? >> apple will say they have teams on it and they are working on it that but when you see video like this and you seek communal showers and mold on the walls and when you see green ponds of water standing. trish: in the bathrooms. >> here's the thing the workers in these factors make $4.50 a day so it would take two months of their wages to buy an iphone 6 effectively and the other thing too is that these suppliers are seeing their own
2:49 pm
revenues drop because apple, the forecast for the iphones are going down for this sales. will these conditions continue? likely guess because it seems the local government isn't doing anything about it. trish: unless consumers say i don't want a product that's made where workers are exploited like that. i mean that's what it may have to come to or you know maybe there needs to be some responsibility placed upon it. someone says you can't do it. you think about trying to make that product in america, they couldn't. not as cheaply as they are in china. >> lacossa go up to $1000 of phone are even more. you will hear a lot of statements -- trish: or like their profitability. >> yes, it would be lower so that's the point. time and again we have seen the
2:50 pm
story and we have seen it, but since 2010. we have seen in 2013, we sought in 2015 and now again. apple is not responding yet to me or to your shows team. we will report what apple says that i will tell you they have said in the past they audit deep into the supply chain. again and again we have seen these stories. trish: clearly not deep enough. they are saying okay we are looking into it and yet you know you see this. it's pretty tough. and they have a series of problems. the terrorists i found that they wouldn't unlock and it turns out you can't unlock it. they will do it for the government and they manage to do it. anyway liz mcdonald thank you very much. coming up, brace yourself folks for a summer travel nightmare. security lines at chicanos midway airport yesterday, two hours long and in phoenix that
2:51 pm
quote the tsa if filed -- piled thousands of suitcases in the park and not. just look at how they run the post office for goodness sakes. we have a live report right here ♪
2:52 pm
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trish: thinking about your vacation plans? take a look at this thousands of checked bags that piled up yesterday. how do like that? the parking lot at sky harbor airport in phoenix after technical issues prevented tsa used -- to screen luggage. if you were in chicago yesterday midway to passengers over two hours to get through security due to what the tsa says was a shortage.
2:55 pm
take a look at those lines. what's going on? shouldn't traveling be getting easier? joining me from midway airport are very young jeff. how are the lines looking at today jeff? >> this is an easy time. this is midday so the lines are not so bad but look at what they look like trash. this is an ongoing problem and homeland security secretary said today he realizes it's a problem and it may not get any better but he said you know what it's not a crisis. listen. >> i do characterize our current situation as an aviation security. we are dealing the spring and summer with increased travel volume which it obviously puts an added word nonart tso's and increased demand on the system that we are not going to compromise aviation security in the face of this. we will not compromise aviation security and the face of characterizations of this as a
2:56 pm
national crisis. >> a lot of people would characterize it that way tryst. there's a youtube video out there that's going by running up some scenes from it. this is dubbed the world's longest security line. two plays at midway yesterday and you said two hours. some guys told me three hours. it went all the way from where we saw up there all the way down past year. there's a cta transit line that goes another 100 yards back. saw the way backed up to the transit line. i have been in the city for 35 years. trish: it's awful. you know, government made struggle when they are trying to run things. jeff thank you so much. we will be right back.
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