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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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candidate eye in the next round of primaries. coal country back and focus as democrats in kentucky head to the polls tomorrow. bill clinton says she will recruit her husband to fix the economy. meanwhile, issued a warning over trump bernie sanders. >> my likely opponent, the presumptive republican nominee and honestly the things he said about the economy or just frightening. >> i voted for the otto balog and bernie sanders voted against it. i'll tell you what, looking at it now it's even clearer this way. maria: looking at the state of jobs this morning. the stars of nacchio's hit show but could tonight here plus two is the best candidate for their industry? the evacuation of 75,000 seat stadium. a lifelike explosive device was
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left over from a training exercise. authorities demand an investigation. amazon's latest push to take over retail. wal-mart reports earnings this week that the largest cruise ship sets out the $1 billion harmony of the seas is taller than the eiffel tower. markets this morning, gave the nation across the board. best performance there. shanghai and hang seng up almost 1%. there are reports japan may announce more fiscal changes to hope who's the economy. nikkei average at the third of a percent. as you can see fractional losses there. germany closed for holiday. others done between a quarter of a percent and three quarters of 1%. shares of markets look like. features indicate a higher opening. we have a handful of economic data this morning and this week with the big story will be on earnings.
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wal-mart and cisco among those to watch this week. here with me this morning, fox business network, dagen mcdowell, wall street deputy editor in chief, not her feet. great show friday, transfixed. dagen: euros. maria: we talked about business and technology. anthony scaramucci. ron howard to the list goes on. you had so many luminaries and congratulations. dagen: how're not exhausted? you don't even have to ask? >> it is make out. stay with us the next couple of hours. captain paul hebert and david carrera eyewitness. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano with us and candidate in trump supporter dr. ben carson all ahead in the next three hours right here with us. let's kick it off right now with
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our top stories. looking ahead to tomorrow's presidential primaries in oregon and kentucky were candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders will compete for their party's nomination. hillary makes a campaign stop in kentucky yesterday. she reveals more details of her house and told the white house should she become president. >> i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy. he knows how to do it. especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. maria: clinton pushing a pro-jobs agenda while attacking an economic plan. >> assumptive republican nominee and i must say the things he said about the economy are just frightening. first of all americans make to much better wages are too high.
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minimum way shouldn't be raised and really nobody else should either. >> trumbo look to extend his delegate lead in oregon. join an right now as americans for tax reform president norquist with democratic strategist amici can't spread good to see you both good will it take us out with you about comments from hillary clinton on their economic agenda. can you tell us from your standpoint of hillary clinton's tax on jobs agenda is? >> well, she's written some of it down. she wants to raise taxes by a trillion dollars over the next decade. then there were a series of other tech issue doesn't tell you how much they'll cost. more than a trillion dollars in higher taxes. she's told us she likes taxes of the pop, which was on the ballot in philadelphia and she endorsed that. she was saying a wage tax on all
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americans wages. she is to say she wouldn't come at the bernie sanders pushed to the left. unlike her has been an obama who promise to never raise taxes on anybody but rich people, she's opened up with everybody's fair game. she's raising taxes on middle income people and everyone. of course she voted for and supported obamacare, which has seven taxes which target the middle class. >> compare that to get your take in terms of the impact on the economy. compare that to donald trump's tax plan, grover. one thing that to attract good for the economy and markets of the 15% corporate tax is talking about. >> alla supercharge the economy. obama kept it at 35%. european averages 25. if we got 15, these incursions were obama has been turned businesses out of the country because it doesn't make sense if
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your international to be an american company with a bonus 35% tax rate for the rest of the world to quantify than miller. that ends. no more versions. would be tremendous for growth. the rates for individuals, zero, 10, 15, 25. it's a very strong progrowth side of the policy. >> completely unrealistic in the difference between donald trump's tax plan is about 300 pages. hillary clinton's tax plan and on the bernie sanders sanders supporters aren't sanders supporters i'm happy he's lifted aloft as a more progressive tax land. she wants to reintroduce the rule and tax the yearning over a million dollars in increased the tax rates. wants to lower taxes for those you're wrong about that. income tax flashes them in half.
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>> the fact is hillary clinton wants to raise taxes. these are the basics that these plans. what are you saying that's not realistic? >> there are no details. it's absolutely unrealistic. what is trying to do right now -- maria: he's lowering taxes you must do it. wrote a novel partly pay for it. i'm speaking for you, rover. >> it doesn't make sense or liberal because they want to spend my money. >> lewin and make sure they're paying the taxes. under obama you screw the middle class than under clinton raised taxes on gasoline. first they tax the rich and then go after the middle class.
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dagen: as the senate should make the tax code simpler? it's complicated and done. you have a flat tax on people making more than $2 million a year of at least 30%. acer tax on those making $5 million. higher state taxes, and lower level to escape the estate tax and there have been increasingly complicated six year holding period capital gains taxes which crushes business investment. how about making life simpler? >> what hillary does. we put all of her tax land in a readable form at high tax six different rates for capital gains. she makes an incredibly more difficult to complain that it's
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not as complex sonatas for new pages as hillary. >> she's giving american business the finger by creating a capital gains tax plan like that. >> have a question for both of our contended. the question is the same question is basically our taxes, price for services or for services are a form of wealth distribution. i'm interested in your answer. >> if i want to cut social programs, all the entitlement grover complains about, you have to pay for them somehow. we have to make sure the money is: in the pocketbooks of everyday people not going on entitlement programs created as a redistribution of wealth in a very simple form. when you have the tax burden on. >> ernie sander's tax plan is $10 trillion to the debt because of his spending.
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>> even bill clinton no-space. if you heard the job creators, you will not create the jobs. >> it's interesting you are so again spending and you want to get your arms around the dataset and yet your bernie sanders supporters. >> you have to think of these collect to play. everyday people are being taxed at higher rates. everyday, hard working, working class appears to drum up job support as well. maria: 50% of the people in donald trump's plan don't pay any tax. >> donald trump supporters in bernie sanders supporters tax the higher rate are the ones going on entitlement programs. if you want to put revenue in the country back into the pot pockets. they're expected to go one to
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entitlement programs while they are working two, three jobs. get people off entitlement programs by keeping money in their pockets so they don't have to go to welfare. maria: the top tax rate -- earners are certainly paying taxes. 100%. trade to the top earners in this country pay higher tax rates than they have since the 1990s. >> 100%. dagen: there's not rich people in this country pay in taxes. maria: that's just a talking point. >> we just exposed entire ecosystem where people put their money -- maria: which american is on the panama papers? emacs under which americans including presidential candidates supposedly.
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maria: grover, one last word with you? >> will, if we had grown up ronald reagan rates of 4% a year during this recovery, obama's recovery instead of 2% a year, the french level, obama's level, there'd be 13 million more americans at work in every tenure. growing up for rather than 2% greater than $5 trillion. the $5 trillion more with coming from rose, lower taxes for mark rose. he does not attack them for the entitlement plan. many of the car to pay for her, that is the question around all day's tax plans could >> likely they have the house in senate that is put forward plans and will do this. they were unable to do because obama has only wanted to increase entitlement spending as he did under obamacare.
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the idea of bill clinton can help. he brought us republican house and senate which took his lousy first two years of growth and turn it growth in the six years in the house and senate. we are to have a republican house and senate. maria: we will leave it there. grover norquist, good to see you both. two issues we have to discuss it that is anthony savoie's op-ed. the case for trump will get to that of a congratulations. what trump just said about britain possibly leaving the e.u. coming up next, steven spielberg's fantasy film based on the row in dallas children's novel just released at the 2016th don't festival. a sneak peek next to a large catchup with internet can ruin a large payday. risks and rewards of life on the high seas with stars of wicked tuna will be coming up in a moment. this task
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appointments available now. maria: welcome back in manchester night dance to the stadium for the final match of the season to target. cheryl casone with the details and have not now. >> good morning, maria. versus demand an inquiry of manchester's united stadium for sick cancellation of the biggest
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game of the day in the red lake. manchester police had identified the item as a training device accidentally left by a private company following exercises that involve it was at the train search dogs. scheduled for tomorrow. meanwhile, after premiering, steven spielberg bfg film based on the children's book about a girl finding herself in a world full of giants released its first trailer. take a look. >> please don't need me. >> you think because i'm a giant than the man probably cannot ball. >> can be set to premiere in the united states on july if earners. finally, bloomberg reported that uber's initial public offering here in new york as soon as next year sending people familiar.
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this is coming after apple $91 billion investment in the company. timing is everything. co. and the process of raising 3 billion of course including the apple investment which was the company cited we should write out at $26 million. maria: thank you so much. coming up next, showing no signs of letting up, with some big names could be. we will give you the review at home depot and wal-mart. the captain for the "national geographic" have wicked tuna suggests we will be right that.
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maria: welcome back. caught the retail ice age. nordstrom, jcpenney disappointing investors last week that pain likely to continue one third reports this week is on. takes names to watch this week. home depot, target, urban outfitters, wal-mart and cap. join us right now is s.b. capital i.q. senior analyst lindsay bell. the earnings season so far for the first quarter with tail. >> 6% growth for the overall as a 500 tax the third quarterly
6:23 am
decline. numbers are coming in. only 200 basis points better than an initial growth expert patient going into the quarter which is very weak. normally companies speed by 400 to 450 basis points. this is the second quarter of the road we are getting disappointing rate but the difference between cap in on cap numbers. as far as retailers involved from the department store sure if they were really bad last week. those numbers have been reset. but we will, to this week is home depot lowes. t.j. maxx, vis-à-vis the winners. the homebuilding stories and also the oppressors. >> how healthy do you think the consumers right now? is the consumer going to come back? >> i don't think the consumer is as bad as some people think. 20% is really good. with striving members not the department store is.
6:24 am
it is home depot lowes. also see that online retailers. amazon crushed it. expedia, price on. the consumers that name in different areas on travel. gm and ford just crushed it this quarter. we didn't see the retail sales number last week for the month of april by the government data. i was a strong number on its year-over-year basis but it was said department store is striving at his and not a mindless double-digit increase year-over-year. >> superhard question that intuition. it is psychology people hold back or disposable income or a combination of both? >> probably a combination of both. even though the recession has been a while since we been there 10 years, a dozen people's heads.
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>> do we have too many stories at this point in time as people put up online? we need to pull back on brick and mortar is the it retail. >> is a part of it because consumers spend less on apparel. to change habits of shopping. they shop online and not as much of the store. the store is about orcas share and i think there's too many goods on the shelves may have to sell them at the. it's not good or retail. trade to look at what she's talking about online. dagen: hebrides that last week. amazon has the second largest apparel retail. dave payne to journals today has a story about amazon really not out these private labels. even perishable items. have you heard anything from these company executives in the earnings report about the uncertainty related to the presidential election?
6:26 am
are they voicing that? i haven't seen anything on that. they voice the uncertainty. nordstrom said that. the department store is at least we've heard from look at more. back to the online point is aged man coming in and there's a lot of online boutiques people are shopping up internet, for for because they're not public companies. dagen: they are pushing items and closing people and away that the major department stores have fallen into value. >> logon. dairy days. if you look to one on amazon pops up on whatever website you are the cannot. maria: very fact day. we have to look at her as well. fifty dollars a barrel. 4707 right now. we were waiting to spend the money they saved on the price of oil. the blank.
6:27 am
it's coming back up again. >> of the spine posture were up 55 bucks a barrel. still right in that realm. we haven't seen them spend it. it's not obvious and retail numbers. maybe it is some health care and other things. true to who did you have on wall street on wall street who thought it will be way higher? we might mark fisher and pickens also spoke. they both get the $70 air lift the end of the year. >> the journal today says southeast fifth in the fall. maria: lindsay, good to see you. something about from s&p. the stars of the hit show wicked tuna open up about life on the high seas. what it takes to be number one and the business of the giant blue fin tuna fish. facebook under fire. "-begin-quotes conservative leaders following allegations of content bias that we will tell you who he is going to meet straight ahead. back in a moment.
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maria: good monday morning. i maria bartiromo. monday, may 16th good top story 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. targeting tram, the presumptive republican nominee facing fresh criticism from eloquence and dignity are times. leaders in the party stand by trump. >> all these stories have come out and they come out every couple weeks. people just don't care. i think people look at donald
6:31 am
trump and hillary clinton and say who is going to bring an earthquake to washington d.c.? all i'm saying is after a year of different stories, you know, nothing applies. >> meanwhile, mark zuckerberg looking to make use of conservatives didn't find out who he will meet with after facebook came under fire against conservative views. looking at the state of jobs in america. the stars of nacchio's program wicked tuna are with us on life on the high seas. this is the best candidate for their business? the world's largest cruise ships that go to the $1 billion harmony of the seas is taller than the eiffel tower. we will have details on where it's headed. amazon the latest has a pushy takeover retail. other companies looking to save you money and you ball mark. gains overnight in a shot across the board. reports that japan may announce
6:32 am
fiscal changes to boost the economy. in europe this morning, nick's markets they's markets there. we could start an hour. dax closed in germany. other the other major averages down half of a percent to 1%. u.s. futures indicate a higher opening. take a look. that beacon terms of economic data. a blot on housing as well as cpi. it's really earnings to dry things this week and retail. we are taking a look at jobs on the high seas. >> here you go. >> your egos. screaming. maria: fishing port you visit to knock off the coast of massachusetts. it's a website for my next guest, captain dave herrero and paul ebert. they are the stars of wicked tuna. they join us live from boston.
6:33 am
>> good morning. maria: let's kick it off with you. how are things going right now? >> everything is going great. we had a great season and we will see tonight at his turnout. it was just a great year overall for all of us for the most part. maria: in what regard, in terms of the levels of fish, business and general, what is going so well? we caught a lot of fish. the price were okay. we all did pretty well this year. >> it was the best year i've had 30 years. it was the best fishing season i've ever had. dagen: if you want to check my to grab account i posted an old photo of danny and me flounder fishing, which is not quite the same. it is less efficient. although you have to know how to hook a flounder because it's
6:34 am
badmouthed. maria: we hope funders to catch tuna. dagen: how much does the overall economy impact your business? people are struggling out there. the u.s. economy is barely moving ahead at this point. you feel that? >> one of our biggest six fences as fuel for us right now that the bonus paid the $50 a barrel paid under $2 a gallon. that is super important. the big thing is the exchange rate, the japanese yen. two critical fact is on how much remake or don't make. >> resolve this fish domestically. they stayed in california and the u.s. if people are buying tuna, we aren't making money. they are harder and harder to get rid of your people need to make money and buy sushi. >> how did you think of the name
6:35 am
for the pope? >> i had a little rowboat and this was the wicked this. >> just wanted to use out that accent. we still hate the red sox down here. want to make sure you guys know that. the mac of bread box van. dagen: scaramucci is part of the mats. >> at tonight is the last episode. tonight is the final finale. we don't even know how it turned out. >> yeah, we had no idea. maria: come on, you were there. >> we have no idea how they put the show together. >> pattern of how much he made. maria: wow.
6:36 am
>> can you talk about the regulatory climate in your business right now and how does affect the new, white you are looking for and how it there it is. >> the water temperature is everything to us. when we have warm waters of the fish go right by a cabal right by cape cod and they go to canada. giant blue fin tuna very cold water fish. they keep their own blood of. that is why we need the waters. the right now is perfect. it's like 50 degrees. between faith and 60 degrees is perfect for the blue fin tuna. that is why we catch them in the fall as well. last year we caught them up till december. we were catching them christmas time last year. it was great. maria: what about the presidential election. what's your view on the candidates at this point?
6:37 am
>> i'm about trump. trump fortune. i like him. he's genuine. he's been proud. he doesn't bring up the proper care. he tells it like it is. he's a little rough around the edges. no doubt about that. maria: you guys are wrenched for doers. anthony scaramucci wrote the op-ed in the journal this morning. the entrepreneur's case for trump. >> these guys are entrepreneurs are they not the end of the day you need somebody flexible and adaptive to be a successful entrepreneur. if you want to disturb washington, let's bring some skills. we have an opportunity to do that in this election. maria: i know you say you like him because he says that the meantime it's it's rough around the edges. in terms of policy, does he help you in terms of being a notch burner? >> i think so. the president has a broad range of things they do.
6:38 am
obviously he's not going to be perfect for everything for us or anybody else for that honor. i'm picking the person i think will do the best job overall. maria: got it. we will be watching tonight, gentlemen could see you at 9:00. wicked tuna tonight. 9:00 p.m. eastern. be there. will be right back to tell you about directed bus crash injuring dozens of the weekend. move over, marissa. there could be a new sheriff in town. warren buffett reportedly looking to add yahoo!. we will look at the details next. ♪ here's the plan. you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer.
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maria: welcome back it happy monday morning. look at futures are now pointing to a game. a couple companies to watch this
6:42 am
morning. amazon report the expanding addict offerings. "the wall street journal" reported in the retail giants will launch new-line sub private label brands. some of the new products include searchable foods, laundry detergent, diapers. the journal says the new brands could hit the website this month. yahoo! looking to open higher. berkshire hathaway's warren buffett told by quicken loans foundered in gilbert for the internet assets. a deadly bus crash in texas over the weekend. the other headlines now. >> eight people were killed and 44 others injured after a charter bus rolled over. in southern texas on saturday. victims range in age from 52-61. investors looking to determine what caused the accident. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg fallen during a promise promise he made last week.
6:43 am
he's invited, and a conservative figures to admit that they spoke headquarters this week. the letters include glenn beck and fox news channel's dana perino. the meeting is to address the alleged suppression of conservative news stories in facebook's training stores section and published those claims last week. of course the reputation on the line on this one. finally, the world's largest cruise ships that sail from france to the u.k. part of southampton yesterday. the harmony of the seas cost $1 billion to build and can hold 6300 passengers. this thing is huge. 20 restaurants, a skating rink and it's bigger than the eiffel tower. its official maiden lord h. going to barcelona.
6:44 am
dagen: i hate them. three-time smart old. maria: director, producer, rob howard. imagine entertainment is later, controversy at the airport. tsa scapegoated passengers after admitting security or the wait times have been rising. we've got the details. don't forget to check out "mornings with maria." or twitter outside morningstar riyadh. highlights from today show. check it out. back in a minute.
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maria: ron chaya worktime a powerhouse in hollywood and award-winning producer to producer after the rent rip recently made a major investment
6:48 am
in imagine entertainment. howard production company with longtime collaborator brien grazer. the duo behind a beautiful mind, apollo 13, da vinci code had the opportunity to talk at the conference in las vegas last week had asked him about the $125 million >> more flexibility. we will own more of a remake and that's only the beginning. the idea of is to go much further. scalar company had. we've been very focused, targeted on servicing particular suppliers and now we are in an opportunity to do more, collaborate more with is indirect recently the. export television. we are having a lot of success, but it such an exciting medium right now to go further with the kind of shows became make them
6:49 am
be frankly just more ambitious tale. maria: you are so incredibly ambitious. i feel like we all grew up with you. opie, andy griffith, happy days. and now this. not to mention all the incredible films. how has technology changed his business? talk about all of these netflix, amazon doing original content. what does it mean for you? >> first what it means is more unique and specific kinds of tv shows and movies speak directly to viewers who truly love that tone. that style, balboa, that field. it enables artists to be farmers assess it and personal in a lot of ways themselves became to that audience in the system is finding a way to monetize that. writing a way to make it commercially viable, which means you no longer have to speak to the world all at once.
6:50 am
when you can with a certain movie or television show, that's fantastic good way of empire and we are bringing 24 back if we have the da vinci code inferno and then asked of does. the speed to a lot of people. it's also fun to do and arrested development, which is the fact that because the target a specific audience. they worked on tv okay. it was well above. netflix made that he spoke to their audience in a particular way and brought it back. it was a fantastic day and we hope to do more. maria: but he think resonates with audiences more? the big studios that we can afford big blob dusters anymore. and then they started doing smaller lower budget. what is resonating now and what is really real this day? >> again, whether it is the big screen with a small screen, there are just more and more as yours is the directly to you the consumer. i know i feel that way as a fan.
6:51 am
if i want to find his worried that interest me, a toad, genre, dial. i can find up whether it's in the movies or on tv. economics are challenging. this caused the studios to be far more conservative about the kinds of movies they make. they want intellectual property that everyone recognizes. which leads to comic books are bestsellers. or they want low budget, easy to market seamus stout like horror, comedy, right, did it speaks to the teeming crowd. they are abandoning another group to an extent. but then new companies are forming all the time to fill that gap in those movies are still finding a way to get made and of course television keeps becoming more and more exciting as a creative medium. that line between movies and television is just ordering.
6:52 am
there's no more snobbery about it. if you're a creative person in the show belongs on television, you are thrilled to go there for the place you could make it a fully fleshed it out. still, movies are excited to work on. and continuing to have a place in the market. >> if you think about how someone is going to watch the film when you're actually deciding what film to make? they are going to watch this on the iphone. they are going to watch this on the big screen, when you decide what to put together? >> was medium is this story going to work for? is the short form content? is this something brands would be interested in? should it be on tv? do we want to vote us out of hours and years of not telling us toward that's complete in two hours, or is this a big screen
6:53 am
angle of view inserted it areas? we all know from our own lives as much as filmmakers want everybody to the average they make on the big screen with the great sound and some of us still prefer to see movies that way, that is not the majority in since anymore after. it is always more people see it in ancillary markets in the ebbers he had on the big screen. still, does the media and people love than it not going to go away. well, vaudeville died as a business, but that kind of performance go away? no. it became cirque du soleil for it became "saturday night live" or something else a variety shows on television. radio is supposed to die when television came in. it changed, should it have found its audience. movies are supposed to die when cable came in and vcrs and dvds. and they haven't died.
6:54 am
storytelling is something we love, we are entertained by it, and reached via. and those of us who love to tell stories are finding more and more ways to get those tories on screens. maria: once again, content is king it feels like. how tough was it to make the payday from actor to director? >> well, when i did it, it was very unusual. i directed my first movie when i was 23. as far as everyone was concerned, i was a kid. bette davis was a couple years later. she was tough. she challenged me. who was this guy in sitcoms tried to tell me what to do. but i followed my father's advice in my father is an actor, he still at it, acting for decades. i was nervy about bette davis.
6:55 am
he said she's a great actor and an artist. in the heart of heart, and any artist of that caliber knows they need direction. they wanted. make sure your ideas are clear and make sure they are good. she has a counter argument, listen to it and make it a conversation. he was really bright. at the end, she was patting me on the and telling me she thought i was going to be at redirector. everything worked out. maria: i grew up with u.s. richie cunningham. did you know how big you were doing happy days? >> well, the show took off when henry weekly or as bonds became such a powerful, you know, figure in pop culture. that is when the show was amazing. it was really a thrill to be a part of that. when happy days became the number one show -- i was a kid.
6:56 am
i didn't understand. this was like eating in a boy band or something. it was huge and was at a time when there were 500 channels in all these distractions. if you are the number one show on the television, in that a lot of people were watching you every week and talk about it. that was a very thrilling time and a great bunch of people to work with. maria: what a pleasure. my thanks to ron howard. another movies for non, a beatles movie. also come this fall. still to come, senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano as it does. cobb supporter dr. ben kearse. you don't want to miss a minute of it. back in a moment. he's not -- ♪ is tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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maria: good monday morning, everybody. happy monday. it is monday, may 16th at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. targeting trout. the nominee facing rush criticism from hillary clinton to new york and many are times. many leaders in the republican party standing by their candidates. >> they have not expected. dion has sparked great deal of playbook, this is what is is applying in this election. i get this stuff is interesting. we have been through this and it
7:00 am
has not moved the dial one notch. maria: meanwhile, al qaeda how was the threats. the terrorist group living american business people. find out who is on the list ahead. google facing an antitrust fine. regulators are going after the internet giant and how much it could cost the company coming out your baseball brawl cleared as the blue jays rangers game yesterday. a player is good. we have the story. gains in asia overnight. there are reports this morning that japan may announce fiscal changes to boost the economy. in europe, markets started the work of the dax and germany closed. a holiday in germany although other averages between half a percent in 1%. u.s. futures turning nowhere. flat market certainly off of the best level. the s&p 500 in positive territory in the middle of first-quarter earnings season that has not been a good run down 6%.
7:01 am
dagen mcdowell, anthony scaramucci and matt murray. fresh off of your conference. >> terrific to have you. it gives you a good spectrum. >> i will sit over here. >> to stay with us. judge andrew napolitano is here. former presidential candidate dr. ben carson on fox news channel to five cohost fonz williams joining us. you don't want to miss it. in oregon and kentucky, democratic candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders compete for their party's nomination. just like in bowling green, kentucky with the latest in a campaign trail. >> good morning, maria.
7:02 am
she will be held over kentucky today. lexington comment here and bowling green and six hours time. bernie sanders moved on to puerto rico. take a look at hillary clinton. 11 so far event that she has not and kentucky so far. she's one of primary over barack obama. this is a close democratic primary. that favors her as well. the coal industry which has an impact here in tacky. >> we can and must not walk away from them. i feel such a sense of obligation and we are going to do every weekend to get through this transition. >> about those things are in her favor and she does not win the primary tomorrow, i don't think it's going to be a very good day.
7:03 am
bernie sanders campaigned on expectations a little bit, making a point this is a close primary coming up where he does very well in states like that. see what happens tomorrow. she will be here later. we'll have that for you guys. >> just luck of the thank you richard s. alice ed rollins, fox news contributor. good to see you. what are you expecting? let's start kentucky. >> standers is the worst nightmare. he keeps right on their tail. all that focuses on why republicans have been surrounded which they are now. nancy pelosi has been endorsed history. and so my sense is there's a lot of -- it's going to be the nominee. no question about that. not the enthusiasm shoes once had. anthony: deakin president of him will be a major or potential
7:04 am
date hurt her? >> the president always had the impact basically over 50% is pretty positive. i think more in the contract, my sense of the spanish units that are without that i'm not sure it's going to do a whole lot to help anybody. he may campaign for the senate candidates. >> he's told friends is going to be all then, very aggressively campaigning. >> at the end of the day she has to separate herself. the theory of our campaign is elect hillary, former use of obama. wrap the two of them together. >> when you think about her ground game versus trumps ground game. >> she is built on the obama ground game which is significant in the last couple of action. trump has done an extraordinary job with embedded resources. trump has $50 million, which is what bush spent and lost. my sense is they are in the building process.
7:05 am
this guy to approve the cohost here is one of the fundraisers. a lot of catching up to do. you can catch up with the enthusiasm he has. he is perceived as a leader. the party's getting behind and msn for she's still struggling. >> what is he have to do to get everybody behind him? in the spirit were asserted to get endorsement. who is still on the fence and what is he have to do to reach out? and that is way too much play on the ride for. brien has an ideological event that great respect for speaker brien. we're not going to advocate that. we are actually going to get clobbered. my sense is about leadership. who do you want to be commander-in-chief of the military? who can make the tough decisions to get the economy going? my husband did it. i'm going to take his policies. i was right at the height.
7:06 am
maria: i want to point out when she's in southern states, she start talking about her house on a lot for people still have some affection for him and she starts using her take southern oxide, which is pretty bad. it started about three months ago i would guess. somebody called iran not just randomly. hey, is there hot sauce in your bag? in terms of fund-raising commit is a need get to that plus billion dollars given what he's been able to do? anthony: you are more of an expert than me but i said 500 million peers in that you need certain not to to have a full campaign to minister wasting money on media ads as they did in the last cycle. i think is that a big base and they just haven't been asked and to a certain extent is going to have enough resources. this is a campaign is she's going to be a policy wonk.
7:07 am
they are looking for an established leader in trump is a leader. trump to make those tough decisions. maria: anthony, tell us about the fundraising. you've got a big fundraiser coming up here and >> very good demand for the fundraiser. it's going to be a tom derek's house, founder of colony capital at mla. i think the $500 million number will be enough. remember, barack obama bested the matching from the federal government. he's the one that went broke on the campaign spending. that is for the billion dollars number came in. if you think about what donald trump has done with class which is classic entrepreneurship and we can do it with half a billion dollars. dagen: i've told people disputed etiquette on the trump train every time i see them. unlike, it is up to them to rally support for a candidate in a way you haven't seen. >> we are working on a
7:08 am
grassroots big i will discuss the ad online at this restaurant state where about to launch next week will be a phenomenal thing at a lower price point than bernie sanders could remember, entrepreneurs can do things more cheaply. maria: less than $25. anthony: what about the website. sixteen dollars to get to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i should be saying that because we haven't watched it yet. we launched this week. what we are going to do with a massive grassroots effort. everybody in the country can rent a $16 check if they want disruptive change in washington. >> went to put money into the campaign, you're committed. remember, $11 cheaper than the great socialist out there. you can do in the free market with a lower cost. maria: republican national
7:09 am
committee chairman reince priebus defended donald trump in "the new york times" piece of it to begin the blasted trump for his behavior towards women. >> of course he has to answer has to answer and people ask this question and they've got hundreds i suppose people digging into every and he's done all these years. people have not expect it. see on his part. >> i would just tell you her think of other the things facing this country right now and after being through this primary for a year, i can assure you that particular issue is not going to move the electorate. maria: wow, not going to move the electorate, ted. we know his kind of perception amongst women. >> you know, i ain't over time when men want the economy moving again. there was security, jobs, kids. first of all, he's a great father. whatever he was 20 years ago is relevant today. he's a strong leader, great
7:10 am
father, dedicated business husband and great businessman. i've served in terms of the white house than what you want is some guy that has the ability -- or women, but in this case a guide who can make tough decisions every single day of move on. he's the leader, she's not. >> supporters won't read that article number one. i went through it and i just had again, you know, let's talk about bill clinton if you will. i think in terms of how they try to portray. i've been very hard on him in terms of the language they used on twitter. i think now is the time. from now until november, how does it interact with people on twitter? does he behave presidential? he's completely capable of that. we will see him with mike and kelley this week. >> one quick question. he just had whatever the article says to say he's sort of gauges
7:11 am
and kind of a mockery campaign. do you think at some point on this issue people will want to see more that he should do something like obama did when he comes out or if the batter to ignore it? >> i think his whole campaign is going to get on reset. to a certain extent you want is the great strengths he has which is an extraordinary communicator and salesman. at the end of the day he spent $300 million attack campaign from the beginning that they send. maria: with helping him. ed rollins, always a pleasure. thank you for your insight. coming up next, can you hear the buzz? apple hoping to reinvent the cell phone with a new angeles iphone and reinvigorate sales grew up to you what else is in store. in hopes of speeding up the long lines at airport security, tsa making check point changes.
7:12 am
details coming up, back in a moment. ♪ if legalzoom has your back.s, over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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maria: welcome back to a chilling threat from al qaeda. cheryl casone what that headline. >> good morning, guys. business leaders and
7:15 am
entrepreneurs are being targeted by al qaeda. the middle east media research institute says the latest issue of al qaeda's online mag and inspire cause they would be jihadist to undermine the american economy by attacking business leaders to match partners. the magazine cover shows a hooded killer watch in an upscale home coming out back. the iphone sat and isn't even out yet, but there's already buzz about the next version of apple's popular device. that forms designer will feature an edge list displayed. "forbes".com say in the display will remove the top and bottom completely along with the home button. another is come in the entire front of the phone is just as only and that day. maybe it is lighter. we will see. i don't think many tsa and private are working together to reduce wait times at charlotte douglas international airport in north carolina. 20 workers from a private security company began the first day on the job today.
7:16 am
all of this after the secretary jeh johnson working with airlines and airports to speed up security lines in a press release, this is my favorite part. the tsa, jeh johnson and protect either blames us come and say you people are bringing more bags through security. that is slowing it down. either way,, we are not prepared with our fault. dagen: that's not the reason for the linux, but there is a law. bring a carry on the size of the fiat the other day. they are so heavy they can't get it in the overhead bin. >> elements of the private sector in that process going the way of distilling. maria: privatizing tsa. anthony: i think it should be at private public partnership with
7:17 am
the tsa to make the organization more accountable. what happens if the government for whatever reason doesn't hold people accountable its employees with the private sector to. >> one of the complaints passengers say is that they are carrying on more because they are being charged for their bad. i'm not saying it's 100% the governments fault. >> tsa blamed passengers. they say the airlines are blamed, too. anthony: it's a little cliché, but the country that can fire the most people can hire the most people. the company that fires the most people can hire the most people. you have all these regulations. you hire the tsa program. >> they have a young man the union is fixed in the screeners. part of the problem could be the tsa employees are a potentially slowing down.
7:18 am
>> 10% fewer screeners than three years ago. they cut the screeners because of the tsa pre-check and they didn't get to the numbers. they recently stop sending people through pre-check who were not bad because they were worried about the security risk. >> we did have private airport screenings and then 9/11 happened. then there's 22 airports privatize. >> never taken seriously the way it is now. i didn't call for full privatization. there should be an intersection between the two to make it more accountable. dagen: the biggest being san francisco in being san francisco nested lax versus san fran and it is private. it should be cheaper and better. >> one of privatizing new york as well. dagen: good luck because we run everything in the city so well.
7:19 am
trent is still to come, google faces multibillion dollar faces multibillion dollars lawsuit over antitrust violations in europe. one shark bytes ago. by this woman just could not get the little guy off of her arm. the sharks stayed on her arm when she went to the hospital. back in a minute. ♪ at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager. it's a long journey, and we try to help them through that. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... one of the great things we do is help them manage their symptoms at home.
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the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. maria: welcome back.
7:23 am
a report showed that google is facing a multibillion dollars lawsuit over antitrust violations in error. alleging google abuses it google abuses that dominates over internet search by providing its own shopping services that takes and that competing products. if true, the search on us like another record $3.4 billion cared for mark, chapter ceo john steinberg. >> good to be here. maria: chatter come to your new company, you want to talk about that. you have the vantage point in terms of hearing from young people. >> i think it's ridiculous. if we look at history, we all grew up during the microsoft era. the government went after microsoft for trying to do a web browser, visit to the internet and absolutely terrific company. we see google in the transition from desktop to mobile needing to make this transition and often their products in the e.u. time and they can't innovate. maria: last week the whole story was google is most viable company at the top of the list.
7:24 am
you could've seen this coming. the big powerful pile on. >> date and right they are not allowed to do. google shopping, they can't integrate shopping and the third one is absent, the ads they run on other pages or the contract to make with people. i think it's a lot of european jealousy for the u.s. >> let's give the government the benefit of the doubt. what would be the governments position on this? >> the position would be they absolutely controlled and are not and there's no way they can beat them they should not be allowed to bundle other services. anthony: at antitrust sentiments, more competition on the internet to break these guys that the battle. >> the u.s. hasn't gotten involved here. >>t's out asked him about the time they rigged up a beacon them, the puck authority moved and they allow these things to play out. >> realistically, doesn't every
7:25 am
type company have a model? maria: european regulators are focused on what it's going to do to the competitive landscape in terms of the companies are regulators in the u.s. -- >> they are much more focused on antitrust. maria: did not care about jobs than we do. >> here's one other part of the european model which is if you have complaint against the rival tech company and go to the european regulators that they will listen to you. maria: of course the companies are supposed to be competitive with competitors. >> dailymotion in france as a video site, which is not the most successful startups to come out of hero. the american company tried to buy it and the e.u. deems the acquisition, bleeding the second run web video site. it is just rampant over there. maria: let me ask you because they know you're about to give a speech. president obama and seahawks quarterback russell wilson spoke
7:26 am
at commencement ceremonies, passing good advice for 2016. >> i'm also here to share some things i learned. if you are dating a woman that is way out of your league, ask her to marry you. [cheers and applause] if you can carry football adrs, for some reason people think that's pretty cool. and if you are playing new england patriots in the soup bowl and it got 26 seconds left in you by four on the one-yard line, try not to throw an interception. >> throughout our history, and your generation has reached up and bet the arc of history in the direction of more freedom and no opportunity and more justice. class of 2016, it is your turn now to shape our nation destiny as well as your round. so get to work. make sure the next 250 years are better than the last. maria: these speeches are so empowered and
7:27 am
>> to sheryl sandberg won over the weekend was my favorite, talking about when you hit the bottom of the pool, you can bounce off the bottom and break through the surface. maria: that was beautiful. you are giving the commencement address at columbus school of engineering later today. give us your message. >> i found is throughout my career to be very annoying. i don't like advice. i entire speeches about how you should not listen to advice. you should be a decent person and follow your own path. when i went to work above cedarburg told me was a terrible idea. when i was living by faith he told me was a terrible idea. when i went to chatter to do my video they told me was a terrible idea. but then everyone told me it was a great idea. just be a decent person and do whatever you want to basically brush the hitters off on a daily basis. tragic that is great advice right there. don't go to graduate school master going to be a doctor.
7:28 am
maria: congratulations on chatter. >> great to be here. thank you are having me. maria: john steinberg, good luck at that speech. coming up, the national rifle is the nation preparing to fight a nevada question on creating universal background checks for gun purchases. then, will discuss new york city mayor michael bloomberg's roadmap proposal. and how the social media giant plans to steal eyeballs and market share from google's youtube. back in a moment. there's no one road out there.
7:29 am
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. . maria: welcome back happy monday i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 16, here top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. candidates on the next round of primaries tomorrow, coal country if focus as democrats in kentucky had to polls tuesday if hillary rodham clinton and bernie sanders fighting for every last vote. >> what w going to tell those sup sup superdlth if they want strongest to tweet donald trump bernie sanders that is. >> two kiengdz of senators show horses workhorses i went to work with republicans, to solve problems. >> national rifle association taking on bloomberg taking on a ballot measure in nevada over background checks, details coming up. facebook taking on youtube social media giant is moving into music videos, a scary
7:32 am
moment to report, from one woman, at the beach over the weekend, a shark bit her, and was still attached to her when she went to the hospital. take a look at pictures unbelievable story we will bring to you coming up a lut over balloons in nebraska why activist wants to end dedicated long ritual at husker football games a bit of a merge monday this morning on wall street pfizer says it will acquire anacor, has an externality treatment for eczema under review if approved could generate more than two billion dollars a year in sales, gwinnett raising bid for tribune offering 15 dollars a share tribune shares uncloser to that number the bystander market futures searching for direction today, as i can see, flat opening is what we are expecting dow jones industrial average down a point s&p 500 up a point nra working to stop billionaire michael bloomberg handgun control group for gun
7:33 am
safety passing a strict new universal background check in nevada voters have a chance to vote on about november ballot after legislators failed to pass in 2015 it would apply to all gun purchases in nevada including private sales only sales gun show purchases, from more on battle in nevada i want to bring in fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano good to see you. >> good morning. >> what is your take. >> one of the latest approaches by antigun lobby to go over headed of legislators, legislators have taken a note to uphold constitution includes second amendment, the voters have not. so they can lobby the voters with as much propaganda as they want in effort to override legislators which typically have not chosen to go the way unlike bloomberg wants them to go, a word about mike, we all know him, he was a terrific mayor of this very complex city, far better than
7:34 am
mayor we have now but you fundamentaledly wrong more guns less crime. >> that fact. >> yes, it is a fact he is trying to xort, and upper easy mantle about guns to nevada a society where guns have been a lot mopreviouslant people understand how to use them than here. >> do you believe there are gun laws should be unique to different states, even cities in its country, as you kind of point out what might work here in new york city? does not work doesn't dove tail the pay people sfeel. >> obviously far closer new york city does not follow the law of the land the law of the land is with a what supreme court size last time, the supreme court spoke about this, it said you have an absolute fundamental right fundamental right is one for
7:35 am
when you don't need permission slip from the government like speech, thought, press, travel, privacy religion to have a gun in your home anybody has a gun in home in, no the answer problem yes on two or two but impossible to acquire that in new york city because the city doesn't care about your fundamental liberties if it happens to be a liberty that the left dislikes self-defense. >> you have -- i did have one for years unregistered for years. >>loaded administrator my bed for years. >> how did you get that. >> it is within the family it is in the family. >> -- all about -- >> if you and you have fundamental right you should use it. >> i am all about rights and second amendment but what is wrong with background checks i mean -- >> is there any downside risk to background check. >> here is here is the problem with backed checks, they don't work.
7:36 am
background checks only reveal what the database has in there, so a person could be absolutely mentally dearranged not ares judicata indicated derevengement is not going to show in checks the purpose of the nevada proposal, is to delay your ability to get a gun right now in nevada you can get a gun in about a week it is a background check is passed will will take 4 or 5 months. >> are you concerned about mass killings? >> what is the delay. >> concerned about mass killings what policy would you put in place, that was congruent with second amendment that would try to limit, some a mass shootings. >> mass shootings have occurred, in areas where the government has prohibited guns san bernardino, a -- a government facility nobody can carry a gun. newtown, connecticut nobody can carry a gun go to a school in you israel teachers know how to use guns no shooting go
7:37 am
to a government facility in i'd say everybody is armed knows how to cues guns no shooting. >> the one thing happens when you shoot back at crazies they shop they die orfully, in both cases, they knew that nobody would be shooting back. >> arm all teachers would that be the policy? >> a yes. yes. i would also arm any law-abiding adult because that will he terrify the crazies before they shoot because they know they are not going to end this escapade alive. >>. dagen: a lot of people when you have the mass shootings, and who are not in favor of greater gun regulation will talk about mental health illness when you start taking about trying to identify those individuals, who have who have psychiatrist problems you get privacy issues how are you go on the ground to identify those people even in case of shooter in louisiana went into they are being a history of
7:38 am
mental i willness don't stop him what would you have done with that. >> i don't know how to how overcom that to be honest other than fear somebody else with a gun will shoot back. >> right. >> when a person is crazy nothing is going to stop them from achieving the object of their craziness except physical force. >> now look i realize that there is another side to this argument that is mike bloomberg side very astute going over the head of the legislature but it is just -- well, might succeed it is just as wrongo wrong unconstitutional for the people at an election in november to den everybody else the access to funs as for legislature to do so -- >> what do you think the impact on tournt in nevada, which state your nameout in nevada in play in the fall. >> that i know. i don't know how particular popular last week is this a big deal out there?
7:39 am
at this point? i don't know. maria: in las vegas for a day. i wouldn't want to misspeak on that one. >> thank you so much supjudge nap straight ahead a woman bitten by shark admitted to the hospital with shark attached to her arm by the teeth we have the details, the shark would not leave here arm, before we go to break disney simple war dominating the box office making 72.6 million dollars over the weekend bringing domestic total to 295.9 million dollars. disney the jungle book second place second week in a row 17.8 million dollars, and then there was sony pictures film "money monster" by jodi fastest in third place making domestic debut 15 million dollars, we will be right back. adjudicated.
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7:43 am
. . maria: welcome back a record drug bust in columbia. >> something else police seizing 8 tons of cocaine from one of the most pour criminal gangs on a banana plantation onboarder with panama three suspects are arrested a 5 a 5-million-dollar reward for capture of the cubaning leader. >> facebook reportedly articulating google youtube the "new york post" says facebook testing a product slide show includes mouf from warner music group airport inned talks about licensing a eliminated amount of songs
7:44 am
that use uploaded facebook comes at a time labels are frustrated about the volume of unlinesed user generated content that lives on youtube. and, finally, this, the picture says it all, the woman in boca raton, florida was bitten by a small shark yesterday the shark won't let go, she comes out of the water, this is a nurse shark attached to her arm crews arrived shark was dead wouldn't let go of her arm, so the woman and shark now dead, to be clear here taken to a hospital, her injuries weren't bad the pictures the fact a shark -- back to you. >> the woman is alive the shark is dead. >> shark is dead. maria: and dagen -- >> wondered -- >> size matters. >> how does that happen mofb painful. >> like having a fishing hook in your arm probably.
7:45 am
>> how far out how did this happen will this keep people out of the water. dagen: not at all i worry about getting run over by a buzz not bitten by a shark. >> doctors say guess what you've got to figure out how to get this schoosing out of this woman's arm how do they figure out ply it off. >> you want me to impetus i would guess they think a a saw sawed most shark body out extracted like a fishing hook, ever got in the arm stuck in corner of your puncher? >> no i haven't. >> this is this is brooklyn versus -- i am right in the middle of the cross fire. >> -- you -- a fishy stuck in mouth i have had a holster on my back everything. you tell me. >> shark -- stuck to her arm you don't think going to have people not going in the water. >> not that size, not that
7:46 am
size, if you have a shark takes big chunk out of a leg -- miami beach -- >> going in before that. >> you are right you know me, too well coming up slugfest on the field bench clearing brawl. then balloon release a staple at university of nebraska nearly 8 years one activist is aiming to put a stop to the beloved tradition. that is next. back in minute. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
7:47 am
why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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. maria: welcome back the punch to the face heat goes down in 5, milestone for jason day the university of nebraska, under fiery over one of its most storied traditions jared max with headlines. >> happy monday to all, yes, hot dogs baseball go together like apple pie hot dogs chevrolet what happens when a player is a hot dog toronto blue jays jose batista set up a benches clearing ball he flipped his bat cell bra tory style the same texas ranger squad watch 8th, he goes hard into second base gets clocked by texas ranger second baseman
7:51 am
first a shove, pretty good punch for a baseball player; right? benches empty all in all 10 declares ejected took more than 10 minutes to restore order several major league baseball players responded to this on twitter, yesterday, take a look at some tweets marcus a pitcher for blue jays said zero respect, never had respect for him, never will. then kansas city roils jerri said in no way condoning violence but that punch was better than any in a mayweather fight cleanest punch i have ever seen landed in being leagues back page of "new york post," of course, getting into this, and flip this. flip you for -- >> might make me want to watch baseball. >> that is not what major league baseball wants to hear dagen, tuning in for fights. >> make game better.
7:52 am
>> you think culture is right when home run hit can't celebrate guys fight the all about in end zone raise fists score a hockey goal seems like it is taking some of the excitement out of the game -- >> you are right we had a discussion four weeks ago -- the washington nationals brought this up making baseball fun ripping on make america great let's do this it is part of the gail nobody likes to be -- it is almost a hot dog think of baseball version of the mick drop maria does great show looks around i am out, drops the mike, boom. >> obama did it -- >> out, right? >> i mean baseball is a weird thing you never want to do smn so many won will will get you -- >> a missile to your head. >> hid he yesterday as well finally happened, not that baseball, toronto raptors 21 years nba team in finalize
7:53 am
first time beat up an heat 116, 89 outscored 30 to 11 final quarter will play cleveland cavs game one eastern conference final tomorrow tonight game one western conference final oakland california golden stated warriorsand oklahoma city thunderer not only is jason day number one ranked golfer first since tiger woods 14 years ago to win two tournaments same year wire-to-wire fashion after 18 holes after 72 holes he takes the players championship for the first time for you shots better than kevin, there has not been so much fuss about red balloons since german rocker nina released balloons. >> that was a bottmber. >> ow shg one man from omaha nebraska seeing red over a transition corn us have ters football games tradition around since 1940s cornhuskers
7:54 am
scored first touchdown released balloons at the stadium one happy party exsent for randall kraus last week filed a lawsuit in federal court asked to ban practice releasing balloons after nebraska touchdowns claims in dumping of solid weight -- the balloon group stays only technicality balloons are biodegrade aboidable biodegradable. >> presence on his lawn i bet from people cornhuskers' fans angry. >> what are balloons doing to be billed with. maria: would be step beyond, going too for about a with this, we are in a buzz kill society now maria, so this is he another example of it. >> tradition for the last 70 some odd years almost 80 years. >> fish and wildlife says that certainly animals they mistake
7:55 am
for food so it is nebraska football fans against birds wildlife who wins. >> i agree with dagen i think going to have a lot of regrets now that his name is out there, putting that out there if he wins, it is he is going to have to move, it is -- >> one guy can do a lot with a -- >> thank you so much jared max lot to get to talking about warren buffett a huge stake in apple coming up next mower "new york times" taking aim at donald trump one woman who was named in the article says they got it all wrong. former presidential candidate donald trump supporter dr. ben carson will respond next. stay with us. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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7:58 am
. maria: good monday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 16, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, targeting trump presumptive republican nominee sufficing pressure criticism this morning, from headline hill to the "new york times." leaders though in republican party are stand bying their candidate. >> all these stories that come out and they come out every couple weeks, people just don't care. i think people look at donald trump and say and hillary clinton and say who is going to bring an earthquake to washington, d.c. all i am saying though is is that after a year of different stories you know, nothing applies. maria: meanwhile, mark zuckerberg to make peace with
7:59 am
conservatives find out who he will meet with after facebook came under fire for bias against conservative views amazon latest push to take over retail, how company is reportedly look to go save you he money and beat out walmart the stock looked to open higher this morning. the luxury real estate market headwinds times are even tougher for celebrities stars have more difficult time selling homes not always about price. turning to markets this morning, games in gains across the board as you can see there are reports this morning that japan, may announce fiscal changes, to help boos its economy in europe markets are beginning the week lower there is a holiday in germany for the dax index not trading however, in london markets o down a third of a percent in paris down two-thirds of one percent for stocks there. futures in u.s. searching for some direction we have since turned positive. however, it is fractional dow jones industrial average to open up 10 points this morning, and joining us this morning, fox business network dagen mcdowell, wall street co-host anthony scaramuc mutual
8:00 am
wall street chen a chief in oregon kentucky democrats candidates competing for fact of the matter nomination, jeff flock is in bowling green kentucky this morning has the latest on the campaign trail, jeff. reporter: good morning to you hillary clinton starting at her day this morning, at this hour, in paducah ken then to bowling green, lexington, she is out spending bernie sanders in this campaign been here over the weekend, she was in covington elsewhere, we said, this sort of favors her she is spending a lot of money on ads won this primary in 2008 over barack obama handily her husband won ken in 92, 96, and bernie sanders facing a closed democratic primary already tampering down expectations perhaps. >> we are in a campaign right now where we enjoy -- to win
8:01 am
on tuesday. we think we have a shot to win here in ken. >> yeah, [cheers and applause] . >> we did very well in virginia when we -- >>. >> it might be said that bernie sanders biggest backer in kentucky is donald trump he tweeted this morning bernie is being treated very badly by dems system rigged against him should run as independent reason i bern run bernie run very good at dividing and conquering. >> thank you jeff flock on campaign trail in kentucky, kentucky and oregon prepare for the vote tomorrow, the "new york times" is launched an attack on donald trump, in a cover story yesterday times attacked the way that trump says he acted with women in private, one of the women
8:02 am
named in that piece trump's ex-girlfriend rowan brewer lane, blasted the times for reporting this morning. >> actually it will was very upsetting i was not happy to read it at all. well, because, the "new york times" told several times that they would make sure that my story that i was telling came across, they promised several times, that they would do it accurately, they told me several times, and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece, and my story would come across the way that i was telling it honestly, and it absolutely was not. maria: wow, donald trump responded to the interview on twitter, he says wow, roseanne brewer lane the most prominently depicted woman in failing "new york times" story yesterday on "fox & friends" saying the times lied joining us former presidential candidate dr. ben carson, dr. carson good to see you thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
8:03 am
>> your response to the "new york times" story today? >> well, it is disappointing when you see that some of our major media is so dishonest, but, of course, we all know they are that is why they don't rank very highly amongst the populace anymore in terms of honesty and trust would you think at some point press would recognize that if our country goes off the cliff they are going off with it. they should be working to be honest decent to inform people about what is really going on, not manipulate the situation, not choose sides, that is the reason that they are the only business in america protected by a constitution. i am sure, that they probably wouldn't have been if people realized what they were going to become but i appeal to some of the young people in the press, to -- to bring some integrity back to the
8:04 am
profession. >> with all due respect obviously this woman came back said look they miss quoted her got it bronc trump does have a problem with women i mean he has used name-calling, and, you know -- various commentary about women -- >> yeah? >> probably you probably me, wouldn't do that wouldn't use those terms, but then again, we are different people. everybody is different. and a perfect world, non no one would do things like that no question about it we are not in a perfect world right now we are in a terrible world, we are in a place that really is going to require us to begin to focus on what the real issues are. >>. dagen: i want to point out something freedom of expression, right the first amendment, that is our -- donald trump can express himself in a way that you might not choose to use the same language, but that kind of goes to the freedom of the
8:05 am
press, though, even though it is really up to the american people to decide what they want to read what they want to pay for. but you do acknowledge that we need that constitutional protection for the press; right? >> oh, without question we need it. but -- i am just calling on the press themselves to rise above the temptation to have agenda try to manipulate people, instead do what your supposed to do which is inform people of everything on all sides so they can make intelligent decisions. >> dr. carson, your leading the search for donald trump's vice presidential pick, you could article the article of the times this weekend is a certain kind of vetting of him, whether it worked or not what are you looking for in the vice presidential 350ik what would you like to see what kind of personal qualities do you think donald trump needs on the ticket. >> well, you know, first --
8:06 am
first of all, i would say that we are not going to reveal anybody who is on the short list only donald knows for sure you know who is being seriously considered we've talked about it. but what is really important is somebody who is a person who respected our constitution. and upholds our constitution particularly first and second amendments, somebody who understands fiscal responsibility and is not going to be party to continued wrecking of the infuriate for those coming behind us, sum won understands importance of a strong military how that is a did he tierent rather than facilitior of conflict understands education when it is so important how we have to do things that work for all of our people, an not just whoever happens to be the favorite group at that point in time. maria: and, of course, we did
8:07 am
hear from donald trump in terms of he is looking for is one would some political experience did you check out saturd saturday night live this weekend by any chance. >> i did not i did hear about it though. >> what a you got to look at the recording, they had some fun with v.p. pick over the weekend watch this. >> i thought one strong option could be a jeb bush. >> or little marco i can't ask him to be v.p. until his term signed release form. >> ted cruz. >> paul ryan. >> he said right not right now but he will see you in hell just may be. >> the person you've been looking for when hole time is standing in this room right now. >> ben carson you want to be vice president? >> hilarious dr. carson what do you think when you see him portray you like that?
8:08 am
>> you know, if we can't laugh at ourselves, if we can't have any fun, then i think we are really in serious trouble at that point. i have no problem with it. >> it is true, dr. carson i know what you say to that is like, you are like i am a neurosurgeon i can separate conjoined twins what can you do? i always think that when somebody makes fun of you it is like hey you know what i can i am a neurosurgeon what are you -- >> that was adorable, dcarson more serious talk about donald trump commentary over the weekend, as it relates to potentially leaving the european union we heard you know trump basing give interview say look i may not get along well with david cameron obviously, not addressing the problem of -- the refugees into europe i have a personal opinion if they were to leave eu the u.s. would treat them fantastically
8:09 am
what do you think he meant by that. >> first of all, i think it is it is brilliant you know, not to get into the middle of that, you saw what happened when president obama went in there weighed into middle of it there was a lot of resentment it is not our business. but it is our business to continue to foster those strong relationships. with all of our partners, that we've had over the years. and that is what that is what donald trump is talking about. those kinds of relationships when will be formed beneficial to us, and to them. >> it is it is not a business it is a businesso our business right on one hand you don't want to get into domestic politics in the u.k. but the other on the other hand, we could have implications on trade between u.s. and u.k.; right? >> yeah but that is that should be between us, and them. it should not involve us telling them you need to continue to be part of the union or you need not be part of the union.
8:10 am
that is what i am talking about, in terms of not being -- yes, doing the things that strengthen the relationships bilaterally between us absolutely. >> what would you like to see happen with great britain? >> i would like to see them think about the wfr welfare of their people and do an analysis pros and cons and in a logical way that is the reason that we have sophisticated brains snead of doing ideologic what everybody else is doing we can look at facts look at numbers, and see what actually works, if we were to begin to do more things like that, i think it would make a big difference. maria: in terms of fund-raising anthony scaramucci you are fund raiser have begun fund-raising for donald trump what is your take on that part of the story, and dr. ben carson's take as well
8:11 am
could you talk about that fund-raising side specifically, that dr. carson we're going to need your help out there looking forward to have youing a surrogate on campaign with me. >> well, there is no question that we are going to have the raise a o lot of money. you know, hillary clinton is going to be able to raise a billion or may be two or may be even excesses of that, and even though donald trump has a lot of money, no one can expect him to throw that kind of money at a race, so all of us have to be able to think of this in terms of an investment. >> i can'te. >> you can invest and somebody who understands the economy or you can let the progressive movement continue and take all your money nay. >> a story one of the to be stories in the journal trump's income not enough to self-fund. >> we looked -- closely what we know from public filings
8:12 am
about businesses, it is -- we're not challenging the net worth, i think beyond that it is important to have a mechanism probably for average voters are supporters to feel ownership stake in the campaign bernie sanders was successful with that, every candidate has trump has not had that it is a good thing for him to have give voters a stake in his campaign. >> dr. carson good to have you on the program thanks so much. have always a pleasure thank you, maria. >> see you soon sir steadier b -- dr. ben carson. >> have reaching across the i'll to make nice over allegations his company affiliates outs conservative news on trending nice feed deals next. >> for gt same day shipping strategic video why wants to be number one name in your pantry overall, back in a moment. ♪ ♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
. maria: welcome back investigators looking into the cause of a horrible bus crash in texas over the weekend. cheryl casone with that and headlines now. cheryl: this morning, there are two separate investigations under way following that crash, excuse knee in south texas it happened on saturday. the charter bus headed to casino rolled over, it rolled over and crashed, it killed 8 people, injured 44 more.
8:16 am
officials say the accident happened after the driver lost the control, that driver survived suffered major injuries bus company has faced vehicle problems before we should point out. well, thousands of people turned out yesterday, to see the world's largest plane touching down for the first time in australia a russian plane weighs about 600 tons used to transport massive cargo around the world was on this flight 117 to know generator from prague the longest heaviest aircraft built has the largest of any aircraft in service. >> meteorologist on live tv. >> you want me to put the -- why because it is. >> what? >> think. >> really. >> okay. >> i look like -- >> a librarian. >> that works. okay. so that is a morning show ktla
8:17 am
in los angeles forced to cover up viewers complaining address inappropriate, twitter sued the colleagues thathand her had to apologize, and she since said it was a joke she was okay with it, and anyway that was that story kind of all over the twitterverse, tourists in yellowstone enable park under fire for reportedly get this putting a bison calf in back of their car they thought it was cold people, anyway a woman saw thing showed a photo on facebook incident happened on trip to yellowostone, the tourists given a ticket, told to go back to where they found bison release it back into the wild where it obviously belongings back to you. maria: quite a group of stories there cheryl, thank you. >> yeah -- >> people say interesting. straight ahead mark zuckerberg
8:18 am
meets with top conservative media figures to address allegations the social media giant favors liberal news stories who ceo plans to meet later this week coming up. >> celebrity real estate not as hot as you think why to some stars are having trouble you been loading homes keep it right here, you never know what is going to come up. back in a minute ♪ all nightlong, oh, all nightlong ♪ ♪ yeah, all nightlong ♪
8:19 am
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8:21 am
. maria: welcome back facebook ceo mark zuckerberg extending olive branch to conservative leaders dagen on this story with details. dagen: interesting, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg followed through is following through only a promise that he made
8:22 am
just last week, about inviting prominent conservative media figures to a meeting at facebook headquarters this week according to spokesperson, at the company. these leaders the conservative this caners glen beck dana perino worked in the bush white house, the meeting, of course, to address the alleged suppression of of conservative news stories in facebook trending section trending topics facebook highlights zuckerberg said facebook found no that evidence this report is true, with report but will continue to investigate, a u.s. senate committee also opened a look-see into facebook's practices we need more government; right? that is me editorializing facebook is valued around 350 billion dollars become a big news source for its more than 1.6 billion active users tworgd to a pew study 63% of juiceers or 41% of adults, say
8:23 am
they use facebook as a news source so it is pretty incredible but, again, it is a private company, they can make editorial judgments if they want it is kind of machine with human interaction journal all over this story facebook disclosed how it picks stories for trending news section, it is generated initially by machine there is a lot of human involvement and it is there a built in bias? probably, based on the way that the way set up. >> i think they have done a couple challenges they are going to have to overcome they skai algorithm does it algorithms written by human beings we don't know what goes into the algorithm again i am not accusing them of anything but it is a mysterious process the algorithm with newspaper or web site you can find out who the editors are making the decisions, i think the other question that they are going to probably face this week, how do they decide what the conservative news source liberal news source neutral
8:24 am
news source, and so long as facebook and others become big, big per vaiors of news they are now big, big news platforms, they are kind of trying to have it both ways we are a neutral platform by which things pass but very, very influential what we read how this is an issue i think going to -- >> lois learner news organizeer in chief for facebook this is a ridiculous story obviously biased should disclose they are bias it had way news is going now, i think we do this at fox, if you have a bias, you disclose bias put up front leave it alone, a left-leaning organization, screening the news. >> this is coming from people who say they used to work there. and that they are and consultants worked with facebook who they say they were told no, no, no, don't put that up would i this story, i mean this is what people have. >> i had they have right to do that maria but should disclose it i think a fair thing to do
8:25 am
for users. dagen: facebook according to "the wall street journal" asterisk reporting, by the way, they rank 500 news sights, not long ago, they have gone political alignment whether essentially, seen as liberal or conservative, and of the top 10 news sources that they use, they have an out the influence on what goes into trending topics 8 out of 10 reviewed is liberal in this research only two of them were conservative fox news "the wall street journal." >> i am not going as far as anthony, of course, i don't know what we really know what they are really thinking. >> 8 you the of 10 sources, that they get their stories, their algorithm is getting from 8 out of 10 those 8 are considered liberal. >> the challenge is mooern, i agree with what you are saying about media sources claiming a bias the challenge is different media sources take different points of view readers have different views of them all i think facebook
8:26 am
can't say liberal or conservative they want everybody to read facebook as long as algorithm how things are chasen is mysterious they are in a bit of a box. dagen: not everybody rielz on trending topics my friends pass on stories from fox news "the wall street journal" that is pretty much it. so different ways you get news. >> you are a great diplomat, you know, if they go to -- you say left-leaning is it biased the answer is -- all -- >> you want. >> disclose we know your left use it for what it is. >> all right. still to come apple down nearly 15% so far this year one investor not giving up on stock warren buffett betting big on technology giant but taking a huge stake in the company the luxury real estate market thaikts especially when it comes to celebrity cribs not interested in homes of the fitch and famous anymore, back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> good monday morning, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it's monday, may 16th. your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. and candidates eyeing the next round of primaries. and democrats in kentucky head for the polls tomorrow. hillary clinton says she'll
8:30 am
recruit her husband to fix the economy and issued a warning over trump and bernie sanders. >> my likely opponent, the presumptive republican nominee, and honestly, the things he said about the economy are just frightening. i voted for the auto bailout and bernie sanders voted against it and i'll tell you what, looking at it now, it's even clearer i was right. >> amazon, the latest push to take over retail, how the company is reportedly looking to save you money and wal-mart at the same time. the stock is looking higher. apple may no longer be the biggest company in business, but it's getting a buffett boost. filings show that buffett purchased 9.8 million shares in the first quarter, valued tat just over $1 billion. and times are tougher for celebrities, why stars are having more difficulty selling
8:31 am
their homes these days and why it's not always about price. futures this morning indicating a flatter opening for the dow jones industrial average. just about where it closed on friday, down a point, s&p and the nasdaq, fractionally better on the session this morning. residents in oregon and kentucky to appeal to voters in coal country. hillary clinton says her husband, president bill clinton will have a key role in fixing this economy, listen to this. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, you know, he knows how to do it, and especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. maria: hillary slammed donald trump's economic plan calling the policies, quote, frightening. let's bring in the co-host of five, and we the people.
8:32 am
juan, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. maria: will this resonate, bill clinton running the economy for hillary? we know that the economy was great under bill clinton, on the doorstep of a new era in 2000. >> it's a nostalgia play and it might work. there are a lot of people, especially people she's after looking at older women, white women who remember bill clinton with, you know, geez, those were the boom times, those were good times, and i think she has to use him in such a way he's to an advantage of the campaign over the primary of caucuses. there have been moments when bill clinton was a drag on her campaign, some of the things he had to say, but when it comes to the economy, everybody remembers the '90s as good times. maria: look, if there's one way to use bill clinton it's about his economic expertise, what bothers me, hillary says that and at the same time, she's over to the left, right? bernie sanders, she wants to
8:33 am
raise 1.1 trillion in new taxes. she says she's going to put the coal miners out of business, she certainly wants to control and make government bigger by controlling health care costs, by making sure wall street and health companies, she's gone up the ante in terms of regulation, that's not her husband. >> no, but i must say, remember, her husband moved to the middle and that's the try angulation that he made famous, but you've go the -- got to remember these are different times and there's a populous energy out there in the electorate and they've drawn support from donald trump. i think the key point that you raise here is what about regulation? and that's where she has difficulty coming from the left, bernie sanders wants more regulation and more entitlement spending and hillary clinton is to his right and that's what's key in this election. >> juan, if you start putting
8:34 am
start putting more and more out there and act like he's some golden boy left over from the boom days, as much as the liberal left, they want to make an issue out of donald trump's past relationships with women. they want to make an issue out of that and you put bill clinton out there and he more and more becomes fair game. they've got to be careful, yes? >> you know, the thing is, do you want to relitigate all of those things? the argument. dagen: yeah, let's do that, actually. let's do that. after i read that new york times article i was like, give me a break on trump. >> what about trump and the beauty queen. dagen: i thought about bill clinton's past, if you line them up next to each other, then look out. >> you're not lining them up. clearly, hillary clinton is the candidate. here is the thing. dagen: she's running on her husband's record, that's my point. >> no, no, she's not running on his sexual escapades, she's talking about his economic record. dagen: you can't pick and choose.
8:35 am
>> yeah, i think you can because i think that many people know, have been through it. we as a country have been traumatized and impeached bill clinton if you recall. i think the question is how do younger women respond, who might not have known, and so, the question is, it doesn't act as an effective foil for donald trump to say, oh, look at bill clinton. i don't know. maria: like an entrepreneur. anthony scaramucci wrote an op-ed, the entrepreneur's case for trump. anthony, why did you write in? >> oh, listen, i think that with elitists are confusing uneven principles or entrepreneurial adaptability and so, i guess my question for you, juan, is you think washington is working with the status quo and is hillary clinton the status quo politician? if she is, don't you think it's time that she, the formula in washington? >> i think she is definitely a status quo politician and i think that's part of the drag
8:36 am
on her in the primary caucus season, people are looking for something different, something to shake it up. the question is, are you looking for something that will shake it up or something that would break it up? and i think lots of arguments coming from the democrats against trump is he's just too dangerous, when he started talking about-- well, no not in the way. >> same with reagan. >> they said that reagan was an actor a guy out of hollywood, what do we know about him. trump is talking about not honoring, you know, u.s. bonds and people get really uptight when you start talking in those very definite terms about the system. maria: you make a great point. that's one comment he made about the debt i think would resonate negatively. >> juan, what i want to know what does she need to do now to close the sale. it's not just donald trump challenging her as a status quo candidate, it's bernie sanders,
8:37 am
a lot of following on the left. he's not going away right now. is talking about her husband running the economy going to do it for her or does she need to advance her message here? >> she has to advantage the message. i don't think there's any question about it. the issue for her is one, staying to bernie sanders right, but in such a way that she can appeal to his voters. she needs those voters and that's like, you know, a huge percentage, more than a quarter and a lot say they will not vote for hillary. >> how is she going to do that? >> no, donald trump could do it for her because they loathe trump. if you can get the far left to say, hey, it's me or trump, what do you pick here? >> she's in good shape. >> and obviously, donald trump dismissed president obama's warning about the possibility that britain will exit the european union, a referendum vote on june 23rd. trump says that britain wouldn't be hurt at all in terms of trade negotiations with the u.s. listen to this.
8:38 am
>> me, i have no preference. you know, i have big investments in britain, but i have no preference. i think if i were from britain i would probably not want it. i had a he want to go back to a different system. there's more on that interview, he said, you know, if they were to leave, the u.s. would treat the u.k. fantastically, that's a quote. and he also said, matt, we were looking at the story, earlier, and he said, look, i may not get along with david cameron, that's it. >> that's an interesting comment. the same way as barack obama, after he said that the polls went up. i wouldn't be surprised for them to go up for david cameron. maria: what's your take, have a juan? >> you look at the german treatment, if britain were out of the european union. i think there's going to be a difference. it may be that you could say to donald trump or any politician,
8:39 am
it's no difference, whatever you decide, but the fact is, in terms of our trade agreements and deals, we have them with the european union, not with the specific countries and we would prefer to deal with the european union. >> should hillary weigh in? >> i think she could weigh in, in the united states we have a preference. how does it play over there. do people see us sticking our nose in their business, if that's the case. it could be negative. maria: that's how they saw obama, when they saw obama say don't leave, they want to know why he's weighing in on the eu issue. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. maria: see you on "the five". juan williams. and amazon interest in private labels. how the latest push will save you money. stuart varney will have that. and show business success, one is not selling a celebrity
8:40 am
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>> welcome back, we are 45 minutes away from the opening bell. let's take a look at a couple of stocks on the move, we're expecting a flat opening for the broader averages. warren buffett has a new stake in apple, just over $1 billion. he disclosed in a regulatory filing and sending the stock rising in the premarket. take a look where apple is, we're expecting a big move in the stock on warren buffett's new stake in the company. shares of chevron trading higher, despite news that the oil giant is planning to cut 800 jobs in the thai unit as it cuts. chevron, oil close to $50 a barrel. 47 right now.
8:44 am
amazon has taken down wal-mart as the number one retailer and it has a video library that rivals the streaming business. it's looking to take on your local grocery store. stuart varney joins me now. good to see you, is there anything that amazon and jeff bezos won't do at this point? >> that's a very good question. we've been toying around with this question. what's the most interesting company in the world right now? i think i could make the case that apple held that title in the past. i think i could make the claim that facebook may hold that title in the future, but right now, my money is on amazon. i find it the most interesting company on this planet. it dominates in so many areas. as you just reported, maria, they're going to open up and bring in their own, their own brand of food, their brand, the amazon brand of their own food. now, that's a new departure,
8:45 am
it's another new departure and they come up with the new things every week. let's not forget that that stock has gone up by $100 a share in a matter of weeks. we had this forecast last week by the year 2020, amazon on-line will take care of one in every $5, consumers spend in the year 2020. that's not that far away at 20% of the entire retail market in this one company. and let's not also forget that the founder, jeff bezos, owns "the washington post" and he had an allout, dragout fight with donald trump. here is the company in the news and i find it fascinating. >> matt murray from the journal, i agree with you. amen so -- amazon continues to sneak into things. and everybody else has to use their service. apple, i want to go back to that, what's your take on the
8:46 am
buffe buffett disclosure. >> it will probably boost the stock, but i don't recall buffett making investments in tech companies. maria: he missed that. stuart: he missed that and didn't make the big money on apples of this world, but now, now that it's matured maybe he feels better influencing it. a couple of bucks, 4% and that's the buffett stake. maybe he's taking a second look at tomorrow-- some of the older tech companies and looking back and thinking now is the time to get into the mature technology companies. maria: yes, and he's taken a stake in ibm and that's a slow grower, dagen. dagen: how do you recognize jeff bezos, who is clearly kind of using his influence and ownership of "the washington post" for political means, but then, also a man who founded and still runs one of the most
8:47 am
innovative companies in the america. it's the entrepreneur versus, well, the politician. stuart: i'm not sure how to answer that question. i'm not sure of jeff bezos' politics, he's a brilliant entrepreneur, whether he votes right or left or a free market or a statist or a collectivist. i don't know. i suspect he's more on the lines of a libertarian. why he's picked the dragout fight with donald trump, i'm not sure. it certainly puts "the washington post" on its headlines and lines up "the washington post" traditional area of left of center politics. as to why he himself is taking aim at trump. i'm not sure how to answer that. maria: we'll see you in ten minutes. great insight as always, tune into "varney & company" at the top of the hour 9 a.m. with stuart coming up.
8:48 am
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8:52 am
chris leavitt, good to see you. >> great to see you. maria: welcome back. is that a fact? >> people are not autograph seekers. these buyers want to buy a beautiful house, they don't care that a celebrity lived there. you know, it's great. it's wonderful for fodder and press and get the house out there. but to sell it, you know, i do my marketing differently. i was sort of, you know, lead with the house and then if people find out it's a celebrity's house, that could follow. maria: that's the thing. some of these celebrity houses have like a pool, a sauna, stuff that maybe a tv-- you know an entertainment room, some of the stuff people don't want. >> basketball courts. maria: basketball courts. that's what i'm saying. >> neverland ranch, michael jackson's house they removed all of that stuff and that's the smartest thing they could do and now focusing on 2700 acres of amazing land in california and beautiful home that was built back in the 50's. so, you know, that's what you have to focus on. these people don't care and
8:53 am
also the more celebrity attached to the house the more that buyer may be at risk of, you know, being mentioned in the press and i think that buyers just want to be, buy a house that's just a house, that's not really attached. maria: they don't want the drama. >> exactly. maria: let me get a status check what's going on in real estate. we're hearing about trouble in the luxury market. certainly in manhattan: usa today mentioning a steve cohen is having problem finding someone who buy, from an original asking price of over 100 million. >> it's an amazing duplex around the corner. 72 million it in the comps now. that was produced three weeks ago. we refused it, it's realistic now.
8:54 am
that's it number that will sell. will it sell tomorrow? probably not, but it's in line with the comps. it's a great comp for the building. maria: you're saying that the prices are coming down. >> coming down and he's going to make amazing profit. he spent 24 million in 2005, still make a huge profit. maria: but overall for the market? >> the market is good. people are getting more realistic about pricing. you know, it was pie in the sky pricing. now it's more realistic and people are getting smart and sellers are getting smart. maria: so it looks like it's a buyers market? prices coming down. >> it's an even market. a stable sustainable market. maria: chris, always great to get your insights. >> thank you. maria: final thoughts from our all-star panel after this short break. back in a moment.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
♪ >> welcome back to the show tomorrow. hope you'll join us then, we've got our all-star panel with final thoughts. anthony scaramucci. >> the long-term message is that the stock market is intact and look what warren buffett is doing, maria, in terms of buying super high quality companies this morning and disclosing them. maria: does that basically tell you the world is okay. >> world is okay. good long-term investors are buying stocks here. maria: that's what you learned,
8:58 am
too, the apple story. >> couple of things are big. apple is now a great american brand. we know buffett doesn't like tech always, he likes coca-cola, big american companies that are well-known, apple is in that class now, but i also would add he's involved in the yahoo! stake, there's a folksy warren buffett who says i don't understand technology and there's an investor that definitely goes where he sees the money. apple at a two-year low and taking it on the chin lately and see how they do this morning. maria: what a classic example of losing control, yahoo!. they've lost control. management has lost control. it's out there and who ends up acquiring it. >> that's a good question, whether anybody could have bailed them out, but what's going to happen and what's going to be left at the end is a good question. maria: dagen. dagen: number one, phil collins, we bumped in with that song, wildly underrated and people should go back. maria: load it up. >> what does it mean.
8:59 am
dagen: i don't know, it doesn't matter. enjoy the music and stop overthinking. maria: it's the beat. dagen: i can sum up my address to college graduates in one sentence, do not go to graduate school. it's a wild waste of money unless you want to be a doctor. maria: anthony. he went to harvard law school and he met barack obama there. >> costs a lot of money to go to harvard law school, but i got an economic return. it's debatable, i'm not saying it isn't. maria: what's your advice to graduates? >> if it's a hotter market i would say not to go to grad school, if if your parents-- . dagen: don't pay for grad school, you take the money and go for a business.
9:00 am
>> and she's got a gun-- >> and that will do it, "varney & company" starts now. over to you. stuart: i'll take it. thank you very much indeed. we were looking for at smoking gun, the proof that donald trump treated women just like bill clinton, but it just wasn't there. good morning, everyone. 50 women going back 30 years interviewed by the new york times looking for dirt. bottom line, trump likes women, no rape, no assault, and this morning, one of the women says she was misquoted. all of this and the republicans seem to be patching up their split. the democrats though, going the other way and an ugly delegate fight between bernie and hillary supporters in vegas saturday night. the police were called to clear the crowd. it got ugly. on the money front, amazon dominates and now they're offering their own brand of products. the stock's gone straight up and rule on-line and fin


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