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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> and she's got a gun-- >> and that will do it, "varney & company" starts now. over to you. stuart: i'll take it. thank you very much indeed. we were looking for at smoking gun, the proof that donald trump treated women just like bill clinton, but it just wasn't there. good morning, everyone. 50 women going back 30 years interviewed by the new york times looking for dirt. bottom line, trump likes women, no rape, no assault, and this morning, one of the women says she was misquoted. all of this and the republicans seem to be patching up their split. the democrats though, going the other way and an ugly delegate fight between bernie and hillary supporters in vegas saturday night. the police were called to clear the crowd. it got ugly. on the money front, amazon dominates and now they're offering their own brand of products. the stock's gone straight up and rule on-line and find that
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jeff bezos is in a pitch battle with donald trump. would a president trump give amazon anti-trust problems? look at that. a hockey fight breaks out a the a baseball game. what's the penalty for a big right hook? >> did you hear that? order, order. we will indeed have order. >> order! >> "varney & company" is about to begin. [laughter] ♪ yes, well, now, we're almost halfway through and just about dead flat for the calendar year 2016. we will open ever so slightly lower this monday morning. we're actually about now, 800 points away from the dow's all-time high. 800 points. it's pretty much the same story with the s&p 500, we'll open fractionally higher there, 204 # --
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2043 on the s&p 500. we're told that they're using up some of the oil surplus. 47.31 for crude as of right now. the big story for your money, amazon, about $10 away from an all-time high and now it's branding its own stuff to sell to you. ashley, tell me more about the stuff. ashley: it has a few products out there. it's going full bore. items such as nuts, spices, tea, coffee, baby food, vitamins, diapers, laundry detergents, you name it. the products on-line will only be available to amazon prime customers. but this is a smart move. they're going into the niche markets that have high profit margins and could give a boost to amazon prime program as well. so my question to this is why
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haven't they done it before? the stocks's gone to the moon. and they totally dominate on-line and now their own brand of private label stuff. >> they could pass on market c cap. stuart: it's monday morning, what about politics? how about this? the new york times taking direct aim at donald trump over the weekend. here is the headline. crossing the line, how donald trump behaved with women in private. now, wait a second. before we get into that, trump tweeted a response this morning, several in fact. everyone is laughing at the new york times for the lame hit piece they did on me and women. i gave them many names of women i've helped, refused to use. i was looking for a smoking gun, didn't amount to a hill of beans. what's your take on trump's behavior with women over the years.
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>> the new york times article proves they expects everyone to be like bill clinton that's their benchmark. on and on and on. not every man is not like bill clinton, donald trump is not. and this is a gift. it shows donald trump he's a misogynist, a womanizer, he likes women, that's clear. sometimes he's forward, that's clear as well. and one of these women says she was misquoted, but the new york times is no one's friend, certainly not any republicans' friend and i think this is beneficial that we've learned in fact what mr. trump is made of. some of you might not want to date him or not want him to be related to you. that's personal. but what we're finding he's a complicated guy. he's not who the liberals want him to be. i'm sure the new york times, they've used the word unnerved that women were unnerved by them.
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they tried to take ten days to figure out what word to use, it wasn't what they expected and good for voters. congratulations to mr. trump. stuart: and one of the women on fox said i was misquoted. i didn't have a negative experience with donald trump. let's go to the democrat's side. hillary clinton says she would put bill clinton, quote, in charge of revitalizing the economy. listen to this. >> my husband, who i'm going to put this charge of revitalizing the economy because he knows how to do it, especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country who has been left out. stuart: look who is here, to comment on bill clinton.
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you wrote the contract for america, or with america. >> with america. stuart: the contract with america. and the economy boomed. you were speaker of the house. what do you think of bill coming back to revitalize the economy? >> i think hillary's in an impossible box. you know, you can't imagine bill over there in the east wing, in the spouse's quarters, licking stamps and addressing envelopes. >> what are you going to do with him? and i suspect given his track record with the clinton slush fund that she's not really sure she can send him around the world so she's going to give him an office and have him write the word economy 600 times. this is all nonsense. the president of the united states has an actual job to create jobs and take home pay and create wealth. that's hillary's job if she wants to be president. it's not the first spouse's job. stuart: okay. newt, would you do us a favor and stay there? i've asked you to do this before and hold on a second. i'm going to bring in one of
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the architects ofreagan nommics, art laffer is here and now you voted for bill clinton so what-- and you told me you do. >> yes, i did. stuart: what do you think of bill getting back in charge of the economy? >> well i think that newt is exactly right. so we keep the record completely straight. newt gingrich was the last presidential primary candidate i endorsed so i thought newt gingrich was spectacular during the clinton years and i think that clinton and newt gingrich did a great job extending prosperity. i agree with him. this is ridiculous. i just watched juan say different times require different answers. they don't. that's just an excuse to make the same mistakes over and over and over again. what we need is just plain old newt gingrich bill clinton economics done now and we can get that prosperity just the way they got it back in the '90s and we got it back in the '80s. it's just all we need is lower tax rates, broader based
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spending restraints, and hillary is not going to dofully -- do any of that and she's not. and donald trump is. stuart: i want to go back to newt. now, let's see now, you said on the vice-presidential issue you knew i with as going to ask about that, i had to come to that. wait for it, you said you would be very hard pressed not to say yes. do you wish to clarify, expand, confirm? have you been called? what are you going to say? >> i was asked the question by chris wallace, if he asked. trump and i have not discussed this at all. i think he's got many, many good choices, including governor brewer of arizona, governor fallin of oklahoma, a lot of people he could choose. that's his call. what i've said, if he asked me i'd say what does the job
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entail, calista and i are very, very busy and we have a brand new book out, rediscovering god in america and a movie, first american about george washington so we're pretty busy and pretty happy, but i think you have to listen carefully to a potential president if they ask you to serve the country. stuart: do your economic ideas coincide with what we know about donald trump's economic ideas? >> they're not radically different. i agree with art, i mean, i think look, first of all, i think that trump is a businessman who began to be a public politician on june 16th of last yearment whereas, hillary, for example, has been actively interested in involved in politics since high school. the difference in how much he's thought it through, and put it together, his instincts are in the right direction. people i trust tend to trestle' go in the right direction. we need dramatically lower
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taxes and fix the corporate tax code to bring home the two trillion tied up overseas. i'll say one thing, the reaction is, i helped pass nafta and i very much support a larger world market, but i i do think when you learn, for example, that the chinese probably stole $360 billion in intellectual property last year from us by cyber hacking, i i do think you need a very tough-minded implementation of trade agreements and you have stand up for america's rights and not chant free trade while somebody rips you off. stuart: let's go to art on that question. you've been listening. donald trump would change trade policy, what do you say to that? >> i think that newt is exactly correct. we want freer trade, but there are trade issues that have not been put on the table. currency manipulation and piecemeal stuff. i thought that nafta was great, i think we should have freer trade and especially freer
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trade with china, but we can't let them get away with stealing our stuff on cyber theft. you've got to make it good rules to apply to everyone. frankly without china there is no wal-mart and without wal-mart there is no middle class prosperity. stuart: i want to thank newt gingrich and the co-author of the book "recovering god america". >> thank you, good to be with you. stuart: and i'll be with you in a second. the terror threat environment is an example to disrupt a major sporting event. in britain, at manchester united stadium, turns out to be harmless, a fake bombed placed by a security company during a training operation, for heaven's sake. the game was canceled. they must have-- that's terrible coordination and a huge overreaction. ashley: as the police commissioner of manchester
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called it completely farcical. they did a security drill last week, they found a pipe attached to a mobile phone strapped on the door in a bathroom. now, they swept through this since that emergency drill or the terror drill. they'd swept the stadium several times and missed it and discovered literally 20 minutes about of the game was supposed to start. they didn't know what it was, they blew it up in a controlled explosion. and manchester united generates $3 million for every home game. that's match day, they generate 3 million not including the cost of staging the game. so this was a hugely, a terrible mistake and costly one. the game is going to be replayed tomorrow. and everyone is going to get a free ticket. they get their full refund. you know. stuart: it's a terror scare environment. that's what can happen. >> yes, they did everything right. when you find something like that you take precautions, but it was someone's mistake to just leave it there. >> when it's like this, you
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also get used to it and maybe you don't start taking things seriously as you should. stuart: that's the problem. won't take it seriously because this kind of thing. billionaire sheldon adelson reportedly could give $100 million for a campaign liz: that's more than he's given, he gave 90 million to 33 groups and campaign. and hillary clinton presidency would be frightening and t. boone pickens have come out for trump. and the koch brothers have yet to come out and endorse. and nine chairman committees of the house are backing trump. a . stuart: the last item sounds to
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me like they're coming closer together, the republican party is not exactly united, but they're getting the >> i don't know if the republican party has ever been united. i think the other day makes a difference. he seems to be different in person than the media portrays him. i think that people see that on the rose. the idea of hillary, people realize we can't go there, inunacceptable an and mr. trump has great ideas and will do the right thing for the economy and changes everybody's mind no matter who you are. ashley: fabulous. stuart: take another look at this. we selected this as the hockey fight breaks out at a baseball game. wait for the right hook. >> oh. stuart: ouch. i'm not sure i like showing our viewers that first thing on a monday morning. it was a brutal punch. it's the texas rangers against the toronto blue jays.
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>> and a hard slide. that wrote on the right hook and ten minutes to restore order. what's the penalty for the right hook. >> awes spendin-- suspension. >> and that came after bautista. >> that's assault beyond-- >>s it is assault. look at it again. >> it's obviously an assault. >> premeditated. please, please don't tell me we're going to do that. >> you have a hard slide in the process of the game, but a deliberate dynamic intending to hurt someone. that needs to be stopped. >> a hockey player to be in jail. so far unannounced, but on the set with us is judge, all rise, napolitano. stuart: i don't think we've ever come to you for a sports story and not coming to you now. i want your comment, the guy slugged, a vicious right hook. >> it's rare that the police could get involved.
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i can think of an instance, i can't remember his name, involving a new york rangers hockey player who was prosecuted by the manhattan district attorney for extraordinary violence. >> he really hurt the person that he beat. >> yes, but i do agree. that was a criminal act, but the government doesn't normally get involved. >> you don't want to see them getting involved? >> i generally don't. if they suspend him, would they restructure his salary, like they did with tom brady, so it doesn't hurt him financially? . this is a business show, right? >> certainly is, do a lot of politics, too, of course. now this, donald trump, he's going after amazon's chief jeff bezos, saying he has a huge anti-trust problem. that's what i want to talk to the judge this morning. let's suppose-- a back story. jeff bezos owns "the washington
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post" and washington post puts a 20 man team to dig up dirt on donald trump. donald trump says, hey, you have an anti-trust problem. >> as i understand it's a 10-man people. >> 20-man. >> let me finish, 10-person team on trump and 10-person team on hillary. that's my understanding. stuart: that's the first i've heard of it. >> about what woodward said. unless it's 20, unless all 20 are on both. i don't know how the breakdown is. stuart: bottom line is, he's digging up dirt on donald trump and that's a priority of the newspaper. wait a second. supposing donald trump became president of the united states of america and turns around and says, you know, i do think that amazon has anti-trust problems. he could direct his justice department to take a look at him, couldn't he? >> it would be a defense that his lawyers would elevate, that the prosecution was politically motivated.
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so my advice to donald trump would be keep your thoughts to yourself about what legitimate justice department targets you want to be if you become president and when you choose the attorney general because in the united states of america, it's reprehensible to use the tools of the justice department for a political vendetta. on the other hand-- >> what have we been doing for eight years? >> the late great bill sapphire used to call the justice department, the department of political justice no matter which party is in power. there is a lot of it, a dangerous area where they blend. but for a general candidate to say if i get elected, i'm going to sic the justice department on you. i've never heard of that. there's a legitimate anti-trust argument to be made in the way that donald trump has made it. he's not just pulled this out of his pocket. there's a legitimate argument
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that amazon has captured so much of the market, why isn't there an anti-trust investigation? if you believe in the anti-trust laws, believe like i do, that anti-trust laws are unconstitutional and interfere with free market choice is, you shouldn't enforce them. if you are the president you take an oath to uphold the law. stuart: back in the 1990's, microsoft had a system that ran most of the world's computers and the justice department went after him because of the alleged monopoly and found him guilty and he was under court order to address this. >> he was not found guilty, but what he did was settle it with the justice department after he spent tens of millions in legal fees in such a way that enhanced the market wonderfulfully so that microsoft would be forced to run other people's systems and other people's systems would work and not microsoft products. stuart: my question is, could you see that amazon could be
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treated the same way that microsoft was treated 20 years ago? >> yes, but i could hear him say this is politics. could they consider impeachment of had the cast kinnen. >> the grounds for impeachment of any high ranking official are the same. bribery, high crime, demeaners. what's the high crime? they allege lying under oath. they allege perjury, that he lied under oath. is perjury a basis for impeachme impeachment. yes, that's what bill clinton's impeachment was about. the case works under the constitution. the question is, is it a wise political thing for the
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republicans to-- >> it would take years, we haven't gotten to the bottom of that situation and for years to come. >> remember, the congress starts a new congress in january and the impeachment articles could be reintroduced, i couldn't imagine it would be done between now and christmas. stuart: welcome, sir. we have a video for you from the nevada conference. and the party that's split right now, i think you have to say that republicans are coming together. they're wide apart on the left. we'll deal with that in just a minute. i know what i can expect from usaa because i have my checking with them, my savings with them, my credit card with them. and then i learned i have this usaa car buying service. the usaa car buying app was really helpful. all the information was laid out right there.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. i'm going to call this a dead, flat open for the market this monday morning. it's been like this, if you look at it now compared to january 1st, it's almost exactly the same, it's dead flat for this year 2016. tribune publishing shares are going to open up. beg ganet raising. chicago trib, baltimore times, and a get together of a couple of newspaper companies. next up, warren buffett reportedly raising a stake in apple. apple stock should be up about 2% when the going gets underway today.
9:26 am
actually more than that. and buffett is, a, he's bargain hunting and b, i don't remember him going to technology before. >> he usually doesn't go after tech. he wants companies that are around. he's a value investor. he's famous to say be greedy when others are fearful and buy stocks below 10 times earnings. that's where apple is trading in. he's coming in when carl icahn is dumping. stuart: that's a mature tech company, not like an up and coming start-up. back to politics, a convention over the weekend, bernie sanders protesters disrupted the whole thing and cops had to be called. tammy bruce are here, bernie supporters are vowing, never hillary. >> and normally they'd be
9:27 am
targeting trump so i'm glad there's cannibalism going on. they deserve each other. stuart: ooh. >> you've got the primary of course, bernie sanders after her coal comments doing well in kentucky and going to do extremely well in oregon. this is a woman who is supposed to become the president of the united states and she can't undo bernie sanders and can't concentrate on the general election. this is not a leader, this is a woman-- >> the exit polls in west virginia found 75% of voters for bernie sanders will not back hillary clinton. ashley: they go to trump. there's continuing speculation that bernie sanders cannot vote, supporters, cannot vote for hillary and are more likely to vote for trump. stuart: that's a split party. >> it's not even looking at a party. it's shifted so far to the left. it's as though there's no identity. when hillary has to refer to her husband and his economic dynamics, she can't present an economic plan.
9:28 am
bernie sanders of course is a lunatic in that regard and so this is not even-- it's like maybe a diner versus a political party, greasy spoon. ashley: we talked about the republicans and contested convention and what's going to happen, a free-for-all. >> it's coming together. stuart: reince said something about trump, people don't care. that's a direct quote, they don't care about trump what he said in the past they want change liz: hillary clinton is still running as an obama democrat not a bill clinton democrat. the hail mary pass put the husband in charge of the economy. she won west virginia. >> to refer to her husband is sexist in dynamic. she's asking people to vote for the man when she is supposed to be the first woman president and breaking that ceiling and she can't stand up for it.
9:29 am
so the feminists who care about that, she's not even owning it completely and at least with the republican party, there are differences, but a party is acting appropriately in managing itself. the democratic party clearly is not. stuart: it's monday morning, it's 9:29 eastern time. one minute to go before that market opens up for a brand new week. it's going to be a flat open for stocks. how about oil? we're going to be up above $47 per barrel and that's the highest level we've reached in the year 2016. that could have an impact on stocks as well. amazon. they're the most interesting company in the world. about $10 away from the all-time high i should say. and now, they're coming out with their own branded stuff. amazon stuff. amazon coffee, for example, that kind of thing and how about facebook, close to a record high. and talking about licensing songs and that would
9:30 am
potentially take away from youtube. google, headline in the british paper today. 3.4 billion dollar fine in europe, they offer what they say is a monopoly on search. european people do not like american businesses, they can't innovate themselves and they find american. 9:30 eastern time. here we go, off and running. we are probably going to open, well, you can see there, we'll get that up and running shortly. we're flat as we get to the monday morning stock. when you get that, you'll get a quote. 709. let's get rid of that. and we'll focus on amazon a lot today. joining us this morning, ashley webster and keith fitz-gerald and tom horwitz. i want to go back to amazon they're announcing private
9:31 am
label stuff. ashley: all sorts of items available maybe by the end of this month to only amazon prime customers, nuts, spices, teas, coffee, baby food, vitamins. laundry detergent, diapers, you name it. one analyst says, quote, amazon is carpet bombing the market with new products. >> they're the second biggest retailer in the company to wal-mart and could overtake it by 2020. stuart: it's a little bit higher, up 11 points, 17-5 is where we are. we have been calling this the retail ice age. realistically so, because real taile tailers-- the retailers took a hit. some up, some down, no big movement except penney up 2%. there you have it. keith, you said you wouldn't touch any of these retailers with a 10-foot pole.
9:32 am
are you still in this position today? >> and liz has alluded to why. it's a carpet bombing and that's why i wouldn't touch anything in the bricks and mortar retail sector, you can't shop there anymore, the internet has done them in. stuart: we asked the question, how many times have you visited a mall in the past months ten years ago people would say a couple of times. people would say i don't go to malls liz: internet sales, retail sales triple the growth rate. >> there are malls being turned into libraries and college campus satellites, and they don't know what to did with these buildings. stuart: tom, i want your answer on the retail, is that legit? >> they're used for retirees, they walk around there's
9:33 am
nothing there. they walk around in a circle. retail is being put out of business. amazon is reforming the model wal-mart originally built brick and mortar. the result after everybody and they'll do everything they can to put everybody at a business and that their model. stuart: thanks, todd. 17 points up now. a couple newspaper operations closer together. it meant increasing tribune publishing. nicole, i'm inclined to say this is an industry which is not really going to does. >> the reason is they have rising prosperity of the lower ads sales. they also have to contend with now the digital world and declining circulation overall. they started to sound mean. then the parent of "the l.a. times" and "chicago tribune" and basically tribune rejected an offer and now upped the price 22% to 15 x the share up from
9:34 am
12:25 p.m. they been playing games so they really did not want this hostile and aggressive. they are not so hot on this deal together. you do see the stocks react to them in surging today were 20%. stuart: make a higher offer in your stock goes up. back to you shortly. google, got a talk about them. facing a 3.4 billion $-dollar-sign in europe for what they call a search monopoly. i just don't think europeans like american businesses. liz: that's correct that the nuclear plants, but not tech companies like google. google has been in the crosshairs for five, seven years. whether google spent a lot of money to contend with the e.u., that's where we hit the bottom line. liz: meanwhile, 3.4 billion as
9:35 am
peanut to google. transfer that could be the biggest. stuart: europeans chucking the monkey wrench into the system. and then worn off a come of the reported simple raises stake in apple. apple stock with an early going this monday morning. about 1.5%. 9188. i would've thought if buffett takes a stake in a reportedly is, i would've thought a bigger bounce from apple. >> i would think so too. this action happened last week. this is the deal come in 9.8 million shares worth 900 million bucks right now. he buys them on the cheap. stuart: what about that, keith fitz? buffett eyeing a bit of apple. >> i think that a fantastic move. i think he's got a much bigger idea in play. it's also interested in yahoo!. i could see them but the
9:36 am
companies together and doing something totally unanticipated. transfer berkshire cutting back on wal-mart. stuart: warren buffett is backing a bid to buy yahoo!. if he were to combine yahoo! as keith fitz said, that would be an interesting development. yahoo!, apple, et cetera, et cetera. ashley: he got into ibm's first back in 2011. what's interesting, carl icahn announced recently he dumped the stock. warren buffett coming in and picking up some shares on the cheap. stuart: apple is a dow stock at helping up about this morning. now a 38, 40 points. very early going this monday morning up 37 as we speak. don't forget facebook at the stock is close to an all-time high. download little bit this morning. 11880. here is the story of done this
9:37 am
morning. they are in talks with record labels about licensing songs. that would be competition, take away eyeballs from youtube. liz: 8.5 billion bucks in revenue from youtube. you know what else is going on is a zuckerberg as hearing complaints from recording artists like taylor swift saying throw some money at the artists. now zuckerberg is looking zuckerberg is hooking up with the music company in the artists we hope will get the money. stuart: which you buy facebook a 118? >> no question about it. i have a much longer-term vision. i think he knows what he wants to be when it grows up in a compelling vision. stuart: apple, the big-name company in the most interesting company in the past. facebook, the most interesting company in the future and amazon, the most interesting company right now. would you agree with that? >> oh yeah. i would protest blood into the
9:38 am
mix because of what they are going to do. stuart: you would protest blood in there? really? >> exactly. they'll change the game. detroit is scared stiff. if you look at it classic disruptor investment and forces establishments to react. amazon, google, facebook and tesla. stuart: we hear you. look at oil. goldman sachs has something to say about this. the oil market has gone from what not to shortage, but the point where we draw down the glut. not as big as we thought and not going to be a stick in the future is now. todd, your thought on this with oil at 4772. >> i think you want to look oil as a spot to shortage or not. this is a typical goldman sachs call. plenty of oil. over 100 year supply in this country of mine and we can get
9:39 am
to easily if i wanted. it was not a hard prediction that there would be a shortage. we are going to see a comeback in the market will sell off. we are probably going to rebound somewhere between 35 and a five. time to maybe sell some if that's the game they play. transfer the other news is they had a gigantic oil company. for oil rises going forward question or stuart: i think the stock market likes the rising price of oil, up 3% for oil, up 45 points now a dow industrial. i think there is a connection. there is a drug merger and we are going to tell you about it. pfizer is going to bite in a court and they will spend $4.5 billion doing it. i'm not sure i know much.
9:40 am
reporter: i don't think much of us know. they have the whole deal of allergan fall through. $160 billion deal. the idea they may be looking for a smaller acquisitions, and probably 20 million people suffer with eczema, a skin condition, maybe 20% are children and there hasn't been a topical gel for this in 15 years. they are now thriving on this idea that the fda is looking at this for take other drugs. pfizer is relatively flat. this is expanding into the area. stuart: an eczema treatment will be popular for burks, that is for sure. china's rival to uber. are they played an idea? ashley: that's the river. in america, this is a company valued at $26 billion, 400
9:41 am
cities in china. we found out recently apple has prompted a billion dollars investment into this company. it's interesting because uber center will hold off going public as far as they can wear if they did it would certainly be the biggest ipo since alibaba back in 2014. stuart: tim cook is in china right now. i see pictures of him taking a ride. liz: accused apple of a front row seat on driving habits in china and also mapping. in other words, where do people go? it would help apple in a big way. stuart: check the big board. 60 points up for the dow industrials. thanks, everybody. top horwitz, we appreciate you being with us so early on a monday morning. art laffer is still with us. yes, he is. i'm, art. i am very sorry. >> i've been waiting here.
9:42 am
[laughter] stuart: i have to question for you. it would be better for the economy? hillary or trump? >> mother would? >> malamud ciampi better, trump would absolutely be good for the economy which is even better. hillary would be damaging to the economy. what can i say. she's got the wrong model. stuart: all right. i want to talk to you about something we did last week. would put a graphic on our air putting janet yellen on fantasy island. we did that because ms. yellen is talking about the strengthening economy as it is strengthening as we speak. we take issue because we don't think it is strengthening. we think it is winding down. >> i am not sure it is winding down, but it's really awful. janet yellen is wrong and her policies are wrong. let's put that up front.
9:43 am
when interest rates are too high, stuart, there is no demand because mortgages are too expensive. when interest rates are too low, the supply aren't available and that also kills the housing market. what she does members and is the low interest rates hurts the housing market because the supply i'm not available. just like high interest rate target, he won a free market rate of interest that gives you the exact right amount of mortgages in demand for mortgages to bring the housing market back issues just plain wrong. she's on fantasy island or so are most on the board. stuart: conventional wisdom has it at the federal reserve in america put interest rates up say twice more this year, the stock market would tank. >> that's exactly wrong. what we need to have to have a strong stock market is a shield around 4%. if you have a tape showed around
9:44 am
4% with an expected rate of inflation of 1.5 or 2%, you would like the 10 year bond between 5.5% and 6%. that is local finally happening with a strong presidency and a change at the fed. you will see good policies and economic growth paper talked about this a lot. stuart: let me press you and not. donald trump said he would considerably reduce taxes paid by how much we don't know. but it would be a huge amount. are you prepared to say if donald trump became the president and put in those tax cuts that we would get for% or 5% growth within a year of him taking over the presidency, which you say that? >> when you put it this way. once the tax cuts are put in place, we look at growth rates of 4% or 5% on a quarterly basis. who would have better growth than we did turn right and which we got seven, eight, 9% on a quarterly basis.
9:45 am
once we got the tax cuts put into place. kennedy got an enormous growth. so did harding and coolidge. once the tax rate cuts are in place, that's what i've been advising anyone who will listen to me what we should do right off the bat is cut the corporate rate to 15% of capital purchases in the first week of the trump residency to make sure we don't have the one near collapse before the total tax plan gets put into place. stuart: i am sorry i ignored you at 9:30. >> i've been enjoying the show. you and liz and ashley are spectacular group and i enjoy watching you enormously. stuart: art laffer, everyone. very good indeed, sir. another new high for the day. now we are up 65, 66 points. about 17,600. price of oil, maybe that is
9:46 am
helping stocks. a 3.5%. 4778 and that is the highest level we've reached in the calendar year 2016. congressman -- house of the -- renewing his call for bad roads to testify about the controversy at every infield. he is here. the man himself is here with us in new york city. congressman chaffetz, welcome to the program. i was a bombshell interview with "the new york times" were bennett's admitted he had misled journalists in the public about what was going on with the iran deal. but he going to do about it? >> we offered them to come talk to congress. he complained he could not a rational discussion with congress. we've invited him. i was taunted from the podium at the white house and said maybe we should invite people like senator tom cotton and others. we've accommodated that in mr. cotton has agreed to come if
9:47 am
mr. rose is there. i hope that tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern way of a good lively discussion. stuart: you are hoping to do this? >> look, we will have a cure in regardless have a curator part of the spirit es and indicated he is not going to show up. we should have this dialogue. stuart: do you think the iran deal still stands after all that is happening after recanted or whatever you call it? they're involved in terror. the whole deal seems to be falling to pieces in the mind of the president. >> i have made no secret that i very much oppose this deal. but how it was sold, the misinformation that was put out there for my opinion, mr. rose obviously disagrees with that. that is why you have these types of hearings because based on this article, if you are in the media, you are in congress urges the public, he basically confirms he has not tucked away in a misled all of those. stuart: i don't understand why he would do that.
9:48 am
>> the president has entrusted him in a very powerful position. this article clearly lays out that he used that podium and use that position in the bass of the white house to mislead the american people. looking forward to it. president obama used his rutgers university commencement speech to blast ultra. we will play the clip later on, but i am sure you saw that rutgers address, did you not? >> use in campaign mode 24/7. i think it's a little bit afraid of president tron. stuart: thank you for joining us. much obliged to you. in our next hour, olympic gold medalist amanda beard. i want her take on brazil's separate virus. would she go to rio if she qualified for the olympics. she is retired, but it's not
9:49 am
what she go? just ahead, brit hume on the split among democrats 11:00 eastern. more "varney" after this. ♪ there's no one road out there.
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stuart: oil is at its high point for the year and you can bet that is helping energy stocks pared in particular committees by drilling companies are the top performers above the 500 stocks on the s&p. not doing too badly with oil at $47 per barrel. president obama gave a commencement speech at rutgers university this weekend. he took the opportunity to send donald trump. didn't name him, but when after him. watch this. >> world is more interconnected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. we can build and unless blog along our borders and blame our
9:54 am
challenges on immigrants. let me be as clear as i can be. in politics and life come ignorance is not a virtue. it is not cool to not know what you're talking about. stuart: governor mike huckabee is now with us. that was a flat out lyrical campaign speech. was it not? >> it was more than a political peachpit is a ridiculous political speech because we have the most inexperienced, unprepared men other to be my president. a guy whose resume was dinner and a french model on a hunger strike. he becomes president and spend his time criticizing someone else a financial empire. obama has never had military areas. he never had private sector experience, never served as ceo of anything. he was one of 59 illinois state
9:55 am
senators who is known for voting present. this is a guy who built his whole life on making a couple of great speeches than he is criticizing donald trump? and he talks about the wall? pitfalls are so terrible, take one down around the white house. show us that there is nothing at all about a while that needs to be there. he is to be people were going up and knocking on the front door anyway. this is such a ridiculous political speech. stuart: do you think it helps donald trump? you don't like the speech. a lot of people didn't like the speech. does that help donald trump? >> alternately it does because people aren't as as obama thinks they are. they know president obama has tried to push america into a lesser role in the world. he doesn't believe we are gray. it's gone around apologizing for america. donald trump says they want to make america great.
9:56 am
we want to make it greater. they know under obama it has not been greater. their economy has been horrible. quite frankly demonic little blister will take us to be one of the lesser of world history for a president who wants to lead us to greatness or vladimir putin will be flying 30 feet away from destroyers anymore. stuart: if you look at the state of play this monday morning, democrats and republicans, it seems to me republicans are gradually coming together, coalescing around trump and the democrats are split and far apart as ever between hillary and ernie. this led us on the left, not so much other great. what you say? that's my opinion. what you say? >> you're exactly right. that upsets me so much. i did take aspirin just asleep at night wearing about how the democrats are divided and republicans come together. the media would have everybody to leave there are some
9:57 am
republicans who have their shorts in a wad over this whole thing of donald trump be the nominee. most people understand donald trump is going to be the nominee and a look at options between donald trump and hillary clinton and say this isn't that hard of a decision and that is what is beginning to have been brought republican ranks except for a few. if they want to be out there carrying banners and marching around, fine. we've got room for that. trump is bringing in plenty of people to replace those few of them voted democrat and not the teaching is winning the election. stuart: governor huckabee, a favorite guest. the letter sent to humor. it was very good. thank you are a much, indeed. we will see you again soon. how is this very statistic? president obama at war for longer than president george w. bush. two full terms, eight years of war.
9:58 am
ambassador john bolton joins us on that subject next hour. much more in "the new york times" hit piece on trump's treatment of women. one in the article has responded issues that she was misquoted. the dow was up 67 and we are back in a moment. a great part of using the usaa car buying service
9:59 am
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10:00 am
stuart: this hour. california waking up to video of their senator, democrat arbor box are getting booed in the nevada democratic convention. she supports hillary. her supporters got rowdy. clearly democrats are split and it got kind of ugly and they kiss. also new this hour, big-name chain stores saying new-line california that makes shop to lifting a misdemeanor is leading to an increase in crime. the earnhardt's racing royalty ripped apart by a legal battle. adjusting your son wants to use the family name for his business. his stepmom says no.
10:01 am
amanda beard, olympic swimming luncheon joins us to talk zika fears. when she got a ring on the team? we are now up high of the day nearly 73 points. 176 on the dow industrials. this is one reason why oil is up nicely on 3%. goldman sets a new target for crude oil by the end of the year $50 a barrel. 47 now and rising. goldman says the oil surplus has come to a sudden halt. apple is not this morning giving about 16 points to the dow industrials. more impressive reportedly adding to his stake in apple. the big story this morning as amazon. shares near an all-time high. actually 15, 16 backs away from the all-time high but still above 700. bringing their own stuff. a lot going on with amazon.
10:02 am
ashley: storebrand items generate $118 billion. amazon is getting into this in a much bigger way. they will start doing their brain and versions of nuts, spices, tea, coffee, baby food, laundry detergent, you name it. these areas have high profit margins up only to amazon prime members to begin with. they'll also give a boost to the prime membership. as one analyst said from her home in america. stuart: i want to repeat the statistic you brought us last friday. by the year 2020, amazon will control $1 in every $5 than they can ever spend anywhere. liz: be the number one retailer in the country surpassing surpassing wal-mart. stuart: that's what amazon is the most interesting company in the world. i may be wrong. you may disagree. don't forget about facebook. the company is in talks with record labels about licensing songs that would make them a competitive with youtube.
10:03 am
liz: going after nearly $9 billion market. what's interesting about facebook as a recording artist that the musicians don't get the money. hopefully they will get some peace of the pie. stuart: facebook at 117 about four bucks shy of the all-time high. way up there. what about big political themes of the day? "the new york times" attempt to slam donald trump's track record with women. over the weekend, crossing the line. how donald trump behaved with women in private. trump has responded several times on twitter this morning. here is one of the quotes. everyone is laughing at "the new york times" for the lame hit piece they did on me and women. i gave them many names of women i helped. they refuse to use them. later this hour, one of the women quoted says she was misquoted. you'll hear what she told fox
10:04 am
news fox and friends this morning. she says she was misquoted. mayor hook is with us. democrats joining us this morning as she does many days of our week on "varney & company." welcome to the program. good to see you. >> good to be back. stuart: i have to ask you what i'm going to big split among democrats. don't look so uncomfortable. i'm referring to what happened in vegas on saturday night. barbara boxer boot or that is not exactly a unified party. >> now, it is going to be a challenge leading into the convention to see how is hillary going to bring together the leftists in the party are people who want to be part of the party and most of the burning supporters. certainly not where we expected it to be. we were all looking at the republican convention is the more challenging one ends will have to balance quite a few different elements of the public debate at this point. it is six months out before
10:05 am
november and largely we are starting to see with bernie winding down his public spending, his tv spending, we are starting to see a third may solidify for hillary, but the liberals and leftists who want to see confessions. stuart: the liberals and leftists. very interesting statement. before you move on, the video of barbara boxer being booed, how it happened and what her response was. roll that tape, please. >> we need stability and the democratic party, stability because the whole future of the country is at stake. if you are doing bernie sanders, go ahead. [booing] stuart: barbara boxer is an icon of the republican party. she is the senator from california come a long term
10:06 am
senator and she was actively wooed. she was nearly booed off the stage. >> i know. nevada is such a great place to work politics whether the democratic or republican side. you never know what quite will happen when you bring a couple thousand people in a room together. again, this is just emblematic of what is going on broadly in the country. people are not in favor of establishment candidates. when you have a matchup like hillary and trump, it is very interesting to see people who have really high dislikes among the american population, is this an election about who you dislike this rather than who do you like more. >> what an election is turning out to be. i think i misrepresented barbara boxer. democrat senator. i do apologize. this is from the "washington post." even supporters agree clinton has weaknesses as a candidate.
10:07 am
what can she do? what do you think? what can she do? >> i think she'll have to give concessions to burning supporters. you'll see that coming up in the platform of more progressive and leftist platform. policy wise, in many ways she is also more attractive to gop establishment than donald trump. she has for free trade, more to the right on campaign finance. also efforts to reach out to, for example, the folks who would've voted for jeb bush or establishment folks disenchanted with donald trump. she will have to toe a line of being accessible to a broad variety of people and on top of that has to make it more about the contrast between her and trump and not just a referendum on hillary clinton. stuart: well said he had banks are joining us. we'll see you again soon. i want to get to the terror issue.
10:08 am
the latest issue of al qaeda's online propaganda magazine is calling on jihads used to target american business leaders. they are targeting the economy. ashley: they are. the magazine inspired calling on those would we jihadists. one of the photos in the magazine shows bill gates, the microsoft founder splattered in blood and it goes on to say that fascination is in effect give tool and warfare. hoping to train a more professional type of lone wolf, also goes on to promote work with violence. fort hood, san bernardino. stuart: the statistic. president obama has now been out for longer than any other american president, including george w. bush. ambassador john oldman is with us. what do you make of this?
10:09 am
two full terms of the president is at war. >> of course part of it is due to the nature of the words we are involved in against radical islam. is a difference circumstance. this is not the same war as they faced in world war ii. military hostilities continue in a very different level. part of the reason is his own mistakes. iraq has come apart as a state largely because of his decision to withdraw all american forces in 2011. afghanistan continues to deteriorate in large part because of his decision to draw down american forces to a size is basically barely able to protect himself and because of his indifference to what is to be done to protect america. if you would like to get used to this whether we like it or not. republicans as well as democrats unless we are prepared to do what is necessary to really go after the terrorist threat posed by al qaeda and isis, it will
10:10 am
continue. stuart: don't we also have to make a fundamental decision, do we want to win no matter what it takes we win and we don't stop until the white flags come out. we are not prepared to say that, are we? >> late 20th century concept. that is what barack obama said. he said that i.d. of the japanese surrendered on the bridge of the missouri -- by the way the main deck of the missouri, not the bridge. negative for his historical knowledge, one among many. the fact that he rejects the idea of victory tells you a lot. why is our campaign proceeding at the soldier pays that is? because he doesn't appear to understand that the quicker we went the lower the overall casualties and fewer americans than others. stuart: could you say george w. bush made the same mistake, didn't go for victory all out? >> in the second half of his administration, that was part of the problem. he was also diverting in afghanistan and iraq to an
10:11 am
extent that the nationbuilding garage. this is a military site. we are not going to change the social political environment in iraq or afghanistan. what we can do is go after adversaries. local people have to build their own nations and we need to understand that will not happen overnight. we need to be prepared for what medical the long war. stuart: would look at some more in just a moment. u.s. intelligence sources say venezuela is near flat-out collapse. ashley: it really is. it's in a stalemate. there's an equal number of supporters and critics. meanwhile, basic goods have run out. they have going foreign debt payments which they cannot pay. street crime is off the charts. it is that the intelligence sources say waves of deadly
10:12 am
violence will only get worse and on the brink of collapse. >> is striking this company has some of the largest oil reserves. when you go to socialism, you grew at an oil economy like this. i have friends there, by the way, one who went through knee surgery. doctors have used their smartphone flashlights to do the surgery. avoid blackouts and water shortages in the home. ashley: the businessman is threatened to be thrown in jail. you look at the workers working. stuart: the wages of socialism. >> is a problem because there were no stable political positions to take over. it's a long-term problems for venezuela. stuart: hillary clinton announcing a plan for bill clinton in the white house. she says revitalize the economy. he did such a good job before. a new by imposing punishment for
10:13 am
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stuart: 45 minutes into the session. at about 100 points. in halt again for apple and also again the price of oil. that is helping the market overall. back to what we are calling the retail ice age. retailers down big. where are they today? a mixed bag here is no big recovery by any of these big-name department store chains. how about this for liberal lunacy? omaha, nebraska. liz, what is this about the
10:17 am
grading? >> an environmentalist is suing the university of nebraska for thousands of balloons when they score a touchdown in the opening game. they are saying next-line garbage, that it ruins the marine life in a sickly -- [inaudible conversations] stuart: what about the enjoyment of little kid who gets a helium balloon, runs around with it and see where it lands. >> you've got to sue them to stop them from doing it. california, the farmer golden state. business owners are complaining they are they change the shoplifting laws and it's causing a spike. i may backtrack a little bit. a year and a half ago the law in california changed so that any stolen id. below $950 in value is just a misdemeanor if you take it off the shelf and run
10:18 am
out the door. the lucky county sheriff david clarke -- i don't know why he's wearing a cowboy hat. explain that momentarily. first dollar idea how much crime was not to change the law and shoplifting. >> stuart, only the misguided stargate liberals in the legislature can't understand the cause and effect here do an enormous criminal behavior you will get more of it. you are going to get less of it. about a year and a half ago it came into existence be seen an increase in violent crime in the 10 largest cities in california by 10%. they soon arrived and nine of the largest tent cities in california by 12% for property crimes alone. this'll ring has been a disaster. it has been normalizing criminal behavior. they've turned their backs on the business community who pay a large percentage of the property taxes to employ people whose small businessmen, small
10:19 am
business women, they employ people in california and the legislature can't figure out whether unemployment rate is so high. stuart: why did they do this in the first list? was the thought process and reducing penalties for crimes? >> like i said come a misguided view of life. they look at individuals, criminal suspect dems. they no longer look at being a stain on civil life in a state of caliph wordnet. they are big guns and feel sorry for them and they don't want to stigmatize criminal behavior. you have to keep criminal behavior stigmatize other associate total collapse in the social order. they emptied the prisons and like i said, cops are not the bad guys and criminals are the big guns. stuart: i have to ask you, i normally see you in a police uniform. now i see you in a stetson or what i thought would be a hat you wear in texas.
10:20 am
do you want to tell our audience why you are just as you are? >> this is how i roll, stuart. i am in d.c. heading home and i like my cowboy hats. i like the cowboy look. i own about 13, 14 hats. this is one of many. stuart: i got my answer. we appreciate that. come see us anytime you like. >> my pleasure. stuart: at "the new york times" goes after donald trump, says he mistreated women. one of those women response. she says she was misquoted. watch this. >> they did take was from what i said and put a negative connotation and spun it to where it appeared negative. this week's btv spotlight features thunder energies,
10:21 am
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stuart: 50 minutes into the session, basically up 79 points. a rise in the price of oil to the best level this year. look what's happening to the drillers. shreveport from america, transocean, all of four, five, six, 9%. that's what happened when oil goes up to 47. "the new york times" weekend was a flat-out trump hit piece. here's the title. crossing the line, how donald trump behaved with women in private. brewer lane was one of the women mentioned in the piece. she spoke with fox and friends on fox news this morning. watch this. >> they did take was from what i said and put a negative connotation. they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative asked areas with donald trump and i don't appreciate then making it look like i was saying it was a negative experience.
10:25 am
stuart: not a negative experience despite the way it was portrayed in the article. i read it twice. i could not find the kind of behavior -- the behavior associated with bill clinton was not demonstrated by donald trump. ashley: there was nothing in there you would say okay, the guy likes women. but she was interviewed by job report this accurately. she was mortified when she read the article. she says he was very kind, thoughtful, generous. she was asked of mr. trump is straight women? without a doubt, no. rosanne brewer in maine, the most prominently to pick did women and the feeling "new york times" is on fox and friends say the time is five. if anything it didn't hurt him one bit.
10:26 am
>> wait a minute. ambassador john bolton is with us. we talk economic policy. what do you make of the hippies? >> obviously, none of us can say anything about the truth or accuracy. i propose transparency for "the new york times" that i would like a list of everybody they interviewed for this article, whether they use quotes or not. i would like them to reveal the transcript of the interview. many reporters take tapes of their interviews. let's see what everybody said, not just quotes used in the article. the maritimes believes in transparency. transparency starts at home. stuart: very good point. thanks, mr. ambassador. the video. you might not want to look at it, but it's fascinating. a woman bitten by a two-foot nurse shark is she ran out of
10:27 am
the water with his still latched onto her. she was taken to the half ago. the shark had died and the shark was removed from her arm. still on the screen. liz: i'm not looking. stuart: there we go. get rid of it. next hour, the result of an internal report at the bbc. it says that public rod caster, and in turn reported at the bbc. two christian needs to include more muslims had after the break, the opioid epidemic spreading to the suburbs. people addicted to prescription painkillers. we have a recovering drug addict i'm not nice. -- on matt, next.
10:28 am
10:29 am
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10:31 am
stuart: we are up 83 points for the dow industrials. 17600 is where we are. 4767. goldman sachs is by the end of the year to be around $50. the oil surplus has come to a hall. apple gaining some ground today. warren buffett will add to his state. drugmaker, have to tell you about that. pfizer wants to buy him a quarter. it has an excellent treatment. currently under review by the fda. the stock is way up. 54%. leading the russell 2000. remember those. here is a look at the share price of amazon. barely holding above $700 a share.
10:32 am
it is trying to stay there. down $9. introducing its own brand of products. look who is here. james freeman. i say that amazon is the most interesting company in the world. these new kind of products coming on. you will take issue with me. >> it is very interesting. it started making money lately. it is getting into lots of different businesses. competing with netflix and youtube. going more into food. a lot of private label consumer products on their. it is really an impressive. for a company that date to be able to constantly be rolling out the business is that. stuart: they go across the board.
10:33 am
>> they are not dominated. this is why those margins are not big. they really do not control any market. you look out walmart. now going after them with a two day delivery deal. the biggest truck fleets in the country. you have a lot of big powerful competitors against them. >> we do not mess around with earnings per share. we try to look for the most interesting companies in the world. we think that we have found amazon. back could change, of course. how about this. warren buffett. raising his stake in apple. up about 3% on that news. >> bargain-hunting. around $900.
10:34 am
not quite a bill again. this is trading less than 10 times earnings right now. pete greedy when others are fearful. >> i will call them smokestack companies. it is kind of a new thing. >> i need to jump on board. this is a big stake in apple. >> he wants to changes tune. it is just finding the right opportunity. >> there may be a bump here. they have a challenge with apple. they have been so successful. they sold twice as many watches in year one as they did iphones in year one of that product. still seen as a disappointment. the market is so big. obviously, he has seen some
10:35 am
value there. stuart: we looked at the most interesting, the most interesting investor in the world. the mac speak on politics. >> recently, at the annual meeting, essentially, trump, clinton, whoever. doesn't matter. the u.s. will be fine. i love that. i hope he really believes that. just give us a tax cut, war in. [laughter] one more for you, james. hillary clinton said bill clinton will be brought in to revitalize the company. listen to this. >> i will put in charge of revitalizing the economy. he knows how to do it. especially in places like whole
10:36 am
country and inner-city and other parts of our country that have been left out. >> well, james, what do you think of that? i will give you the old, economic agenda. the performance from the 1990s. everything she had said on a policy side is consistent. she wants to sell 1990s list all job. it took out after her health care plan failed. then they said bill clinton a capital gains tax cut. then they brain-dead government spending a bit. i think that it is very unlikely that you would get the republican house policies. >> we would approve. two newspaper companies. getting together.
10:37 am
closer together. a decent business in a declining industry. the call petallides. tell me about it. nicole: usa today. more than 100 other daily. more than 20%. jumping on this potential offeror. tribune is not so hot on the offer right off the bat. breaking news from the supreme court. you have the story. what is this all about? >> a group of nuns under the little sister of the poorest. health plans contraceptive coverage. the nuns have sued or lawyers
10:38 am
for the group have said this violates their religious beliefs. they do not go along with the mandates. they wanted an exemption from the mandate. we do not want to touch this and send it back to the appeals court. >> they will not get into it. stuart: does he have to pay a fine? >> well, we don't know. >> it underlines our big mistakes are. the night that justice on the supreme court. it ends up coming back to the supreme court this is really the conservative case for trial. with hillary clinton, even though you get a justice that would be hostile with the little sisters.
10:39 am
>> women do need reconcile. let's face it. there is no insurance plan that is single only contraception. stuart: going against the religious principles. i hear you. i know. >> right in the middle of the religious leadership of our country. >> if men could get pregnant, there would be a four-day work week. [laughter] stuart: i am being told to move on and not to argue with you. [laughter] one of the obvious topics this election year. this is a serious subject indeed. the opioid epidemic. they are causing the number of deaths to spike big-time. with us now, the center for education founder. star parker.
10:40 am
welcome back to the program. good to have you with us. you were at one time addicted to drugs. you have now cleaned up totally. i want you to tell our viewers what on earth we can do about this epidemic. >> you are absolutely right. i was living a very reckless life. as you mentioned, today, iran a policy institute. we explore marketplace positions to fight poverty and to address some of the social and cultural questions. what we do know in the congress needs to hear is they are looking at legislation about this very, very tragic affair in our country today. it is not the federal government's job to fund this. the federal government's job to protect those individuals. protect our borders.
10:41 am
we have to be concerned about the messaging that comes out from congress through law. this right now to where we are flooding our society. increasing relativism that is a big part of the problem. >> you do this stuff. you take these drugs illegally. we will punish you. we will crack down on you. we find you using them. you may go to jail. we will punish you severely. is that your approach? >> we do not necessarily have control. much of this is being purchased now on the internet. we have to have our situations in place. they have the opportunity to getting gauge when people are into these types. that is why we want things like charity tax credit. $900 billion. spending on these and i poverty welfare programs.
10:42 am
including all of our nonprofit organizations and how they approach these in question. this is in the private director. trying to do it or the grant program. grant programs do not work. there is this insistence from the left that this is how they want to do this. stuart: you want the private sector. the private charities to take care of this program. >> they have always done that. look at what happened to the individuals that are not dying. you have to get off a drug. this is an individual. these are private individual decisions being made. looking at a federal solution. that does not work. people make choices in their lives. being able to help him these questions that are a lot deeper. let me put it this way.
10:43 am
it is the role of government. should we continue the war on drugs and make it harder for those pushing these drugs, absolutely. >> okay. star parker, we hear you. thank you for your contribution. still up 100 points. the big-name, apple. leading the dow industrials best performer. warren buffett increasing his stake. apple shares hit 100 dirty $2.97. that was made to 22015. down 30% since then. up 3% this morning. kentucky votes tomorrow. jeff flock. jeff, donald trump, tweeting about bernie sanders.
10:44 am
bernie sanders biggest supporters. look at all the hillary clinton's supporters over here. being treated very bad way. the system is rigged against him. he should run as an independent. run, bernie, run. a man knowing how to divide and conquer. stuart: a split party. everything to gain if bernie sanders runs. i am sure we will be back to you throughout the day. the zika fire is exploding across latin america. holding the olympics in rio in brazil. seven-time olympic medalist is with us now. all right, amanda. i know you are no longer taking part in olympic style swimming.
10:45 am
if you were on the team now, would you go to rio? >> absolutely. it is one of those things i think every is one needs to th about. i would definitely be participating. there is some risk, obviously. you are bitten by the mosquito and you come back here, you could use of mosquitoes already in america. if you had a child, you would have a problem with that. you understand the risk. there were aboard a participating is greater than the risk from zika. >> i think that that is fairly accurate. each individual needs to look at their life and see if this is something that they are willing to risk. i think they're the right for cautions need to be put in place. everyone is being as safe and healthy as possible.
10:46 am
we are containing it to rio. stuart: we have pictures on the screen of you holding a gold medal. do you miss it? >> yes, but not really. i get to be a part of it every time i watch it on tv. winning medals and being excited. stuart: i understand that. it must be extraordinary. russia is facing allegations in the "new york times" and elsewhere. massive state-sponsored doping. the 2014 winter olympics. every russian medical winner. doped up. that is the conclusion of an official report. amanda.
10:47 am
i am not going to ask you what you are surprised about. one of those situations where you need to look at it and be like, you can't not penalize these people for what they have not done. then, there are these athletes that are training so hard. they are clean. they do deserve to compete. i am conflicted as to what i would do if i was in map edition. again, i am one of those people, i am all for clean sports. i look at athletes and athletics as these are people who trained every single day. they sacrificed everything. they put their heart out there. it is not true unless you are a
10:48 am
comp lately clean athlete. that is just how i am. for me, personally, i think that there needs to be some penalties. athletes that are clean and training really hard. >> the extent of the doping was among russians. so extensive. you have to wonder what on earth you are going to do about this. you cannot just let it go on. i hear the sighs and the dilemma. i hear that. thank you for coming on the show this morning. much obliged. >> thank you so much. stuart: legal trouble inside the racing family. the great dale earnhardt widow suing dales oldest son. >> the song carrie, actually. went to market a bunch of homes under the name the earnhardt
10:49 am
collection. student trying to stop the trademark names. she said the earnhardt collection causes confusion. it is associated with dale earnhardt. died more than 15 years ago. there is no confusion at all. she sued, she lost. she is appealing. it is hung up in the courts again. it is a shame. >> they are the ones winning the money, of course. stuart: ashley, thank you. the white house misleading the public on the iran nuclear deal. more varney after this. ♪ there are two billion people
10:50 am
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stuart: head of the house oversight committee. reviewing his call. testifying about the controversial iran deal. here with us in new york city. well come. >> thank you for having me. stuart: a bombshell interview. what is going on with the iran deal.
10:54 am
we have invited him. josh earnest. maybe we should invite people like the senator that has been critical of the deal. we have accommodated that. senator cotton has agreed to calm. i hope that tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. eastern we have a good lively discussion. stuart: you are hoping to do this? >> we will have a hearing regardless. we should have this dialogue. stuart: do you think that the iran deal still stands? missiles that are involved in terror. the whole deal seems to be falling to pieces. >> i made no secret that i'm very much deposed to this field. mr. rhodes obviously disagrees with that.
10:55 am
that is why you have these types of hearings. based on this article, if you are in the media, you are in congress are you are just in the public, confirming that he miss led all of those. >> i do not understand why he would do that. >> the president has entrusted him in a very powerful situation. this lays out that you use that podium. use that position. misleading the american people. >> we will find out. president obama. he used his commencement speech to blast donald trump. we will play you a clip from that waiter ron. i am sure that you saw that. >> in campaign mode 247. a little bit afraid of a president trump.
10:56 am
stuart: thank you for joining us. much obliged to you. ashley: all starr and his take on the split on the democrat side. the network is to christian. needs to include more muslims. howard kurtz on that at 11:15 a.m. we will show you some of native kelly's highly anticipated interview with donald trump. that is all coming up in the next hour. ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
. stuart: almost 11:00 on the east coast. that mean it's 8:00 a.m. in california. here's what's new in this hour for you. the head of ethics of bbc. his name is ahmed. he says the network, the bbc is too christian and should increase coverage of muslim, hindu, and seek religions.
11:00 am
things got down right nasty at the nevada convention over the weekend. bernie delegates clearly not happy. they got so rowdy, the police were called. they're vowing never hillary. and the democrats say the gop is split? hour three "varney & company" starts now. ♪ ♪ . stuart: well, ladies and gentlemen, one and a half hours into the trading session this monday morning, and we have a rally with we're up triple digits, 112, 113, 114 points up as we speak, 17.6 on the dow. price of oil, 47.46, goldman sachs says by the end of the year it will be 50 bucks a year. they say the oil surplus has come to a halt. holding stocks. and then we have amazon announcing they're going to brand their own stuff like nuts and tea and coffee, private labeling.
11:01 am
the stock is barrel holding, though, at $700 a share. but look at apple. warren buffett reportedly adding to his stake and that is up 3.5%. now, what is he doing? bargain hunting or spreading his wing to technology companies? liz: bargain hunting. apple is really cheap right now. less than ten times earnings. look at apple move higher. taken the lead away from alphabet google, it is the most valued company in the world at over $502 billion, so it's outpacing google by 13 billion or so. stuart: and i've got news on google slash alphabet, whichever you want to call them. facing a $3.4 billion fine in europe because google allegedly operates a monopoly of such. why are the europeans doing it isn't. ashley: the regulators in europe work overtime. they say basically every time you go to a google search, the
11:02 am
businesses you search are businesses that google has an interest in first and they say that's unfair. if only the europeans could come up with the technology and the company that could create such a popular search engine themselves, they can't, so they love to go after u.s. companies that dominate whether it's facebook, microsoft, google, you name it, amazon i'm sure. they're looking for ways to get money out of them, and this is one of the ways they do it. stuart: , to me, it's like an american tax, you're american, you're good at it, and we're not, so we'll tax you. ashley: it's not right. it's unfair. liz: that's what happens to a lot of bureaucratic people with a lot of time on their hands. stuart: i'm reformed european. thoroughly reform. let's talk about the republican party. a lot of split, nontrump conservatives plotting a third party run, so we are told. the democrats, now, there's the party that's split. hillary clinton has a long way
11:03 am
to go with bernie supporters clearly. welcome fox news senior political analyst. always good to have you on the show. welcome back. >> thank you, stuart, good to be here. stuart: which is the most split party if i could put it like that? >> well, it's a good question. it's been clear for a long time that the republicans are split because of the strong reaction both pro and conto donald trump and the fact that you see playing out before you as we witness last week, the attempt to reconcile the differences between the trump camp and the attitudes and beliefs of a lot of conservatives led in this instance by paul ryan. but if you look at what's happening over at the democratic side, trump is in, he won. everybody recognizes it. everybody says bernie sanders is hopelessly behind, and he may be. but on he goes and week in and week out he's winning primaries or caucuses or whatever, and she can't seem to shake him and that episode you saw out in nevada that you were just talking about a short time ago is an example of the attitudes you see in
11:04 am
the sanders camp that they're not being properly treated that their candidate is not. and they're not warming up to hillary clinton. so as this plays out, stuart, we may end up concluding that the democrats could contend up being the more divided party, which could be quite a change from what we thought. stuart: i was astonished to hear bore before a boxer bood. she's an icon in the democratic party, been in the senate for many, many years. a senior party official and almost booed off the set. you and i have been in politics for a long, long time, i've never seen anything like that. >> well, it's been a long time since we've had this poisonous atmosphere in both parties. i think particularly on the left that her left wing credentials are in order and for her to be shouted down is something. stuart: now, it's clear that hillary clinton will get the nomination because she's got
11:05 am
the delegates. i don't think there's much doubt about that. but do you think that the rift with the left, bernie sanders, can he in any way be healed or papered over in time for the election? >> well, she's not far from the moment when you begin to broaden your appeal and those in your own party who got you nominated. her ability to do that may be impaired by the fact that, you know, she moved to the left to try to combat sanders, normally then you make a turn to the center in the general election and start emphasizing different positions. her ability to do that and still keep her party behind her or get hardware party behind her is to be harmed by the fact she's so afraid of the party that shows strong support for sanders and little enthusiasm for her may not be able to let her do it. stuart: isn't it the most fantastic -- i mean fascinating election that you've ever covered?
11:06 am
you've go back a long way, i've never seen anything like this. >> neither have i. i've been covering national elections since the '70s, and this beats all. stuart: it sure does. thank you very much for joining us, brit. >> yes, sir. thank you. stuart: i've got breaking news from the hillary campaign. a clinton super pac set to launch a barrage of antitrump ads. ashley webster, liz macdonald. first of all, the story of the super pac. ashley: yeah, hiker usa is what it's called, going to spend $6 million in attacking donald trump. these will be directed at the swing states of ohio, florida, virginia, nevada, beginning wednesday but just the tip of the iceberg. going to spend a total of $136 million on a series of ads, most of them attacking donald trump. but some promoting hillary clinton. the bulk of that 70 million will be starting to air after the conventions. stuart: after the convention? liz: that was the word that
11:07 am
they were going to wait until the june 8th california primary to roll out these ads. they've now moved it up earlier. ashley: going on the offensive a little bit earlier. stuart: really? liz: yeah,. stuart: it won't be at the convention, it's much earlier. liz: correct. stuart: okay. kristen is with us. do you think it's going to work? i mean a lot of antitrump ads from hillary. work or no? >> well, have we seen these attacks that are going on right now from every piece of the new york times? have we seen informants tactics work or degrade his poll number or popularity? the answer so far is "no." i think the tactic making it earlier also shows she has to pivot early. just what we're talking about bernie sanders and fending of those attacks, she has to be pivoting away earlier from that because the republican party has their nominee. she's got to pivot earlier in the election. stuart: you bring up an early point. every time donald trump says
11:08 am
something or attacked in some way, he gets stronger. ashley: yeah,. stuart: how do you explain this? >> and he's been in the public eye for so many years, decades, just like hillary clinton, so it's like these things are rehashed and they're tuning out and they want to talk about pole of. stuart: i wonder if they're desensitized to this. and this is something i referenced a few moments ago. i want to play the video. this is bernie supporters booing senator barbara boxer in las vegas saturday night. roll that tape in full, please. >> we need stability in the democratic party. stability. [booing] >> because the whole future of the country is at stake. when you boo me, you're booing bernie sanders. go ahead. you're booing bernie sanders. bernie is my friend. stuart: you're booing bernie sanders. ashley: if you're booing me, you're booing bernie sanders because he's my friend. we're one in the same is what she's trying to say. but clearly --
11:09 am
liz: democrat party establishment; right? being attacked. ashley: yes, exactly. liz: that is the -- stuart: at the end of that meeting, they call the hasty end when they figured out what they were going to do with the delegates. the chair gaveled and virtually ran off the stage. but the supporters, bernie supporters, they wouldn't leave. they stayed there. they had to call the cops to get them out. >> it shows how split the democratic party and how far left a huge segment of them have gone. and more democrats now than ever are liberal and have a favorable view of socialism. so this isn't going away and who would ever thought that we're calling hillary a centerrist. stuart: haghand the future of the democratic party. i think it's time i've returned. >> no we need it. stuart: what's -- #neverhillary. it's trending. liz: yeah, so these are bernie
11:10 am
sanders supporters saying you, hillary clinton, you're staying in the race, you're defining the party, you should drop out. so watch what they're saying online on twitter, how weak are you as a candidate when you could be losing to donald trump, referring to the quinnipiac poll showing donald trump and clinton neck and neck three key swing states, florida, ohio, pennsylvania, let's move on. more worried about dudes restrooms than handling classified material. and reads only one candidate is under fbi investigation. stuart: all under the #neve #neverhillary. >> and also drop out hillary, and a petition no hillary clinton, now you have a people saying "no" to hillary clinton. ashley: if you think of bernie sanders, he manages to get a movement. earlier does. he manages to get this revolutionary type of atmosphere and never hillary is another example of that. the fact that they wouldn't leave that event in nevada. booing barbara boxer, this is
11:11 am
really a boo in the face of the establishment. stuart: i did not see that on the establishment media. what happened in las vegas, not seeing it. liz: i didn't see it either. stuart: not there. liz: not there. stuart: how about facebook? mark zuckerberg, the guy who founded it, leads it, he will meet with some conservative pundits later this week. that follows reports that facebook hides conservative news. so is he going to make it all up and sing kumbaya? or what? >> yeah. it's a great pr move. but the trending part isn't a whole lot in the facebook. a lot is in your news feed and that's a different algorithm all together. but a report came out in march of 2016 that of millennials 70% in their news feed, they see a wide variety of news points. liz: what if facebook said get rid of the cherry picking staff that does the work here and do a pure algorithm based on traffic. >> right.
11:12 am
stuart: well, that would be 100% objective according to the algorithm. liz: that's right. stuart: and depend what goes into the algorithm. ashley: right. that's exactly right. stuart: and you could manipulate that. >> and filter based on similar stories, hash tags, so it is a concern because of the fact that it is so dominant in news. that there definitely is concern, and it's good it's being addressed. stuart: i mean that report raised the issue of steering users towards a particular political point of view. now zuckerberg has to come back and say no. no. no. we'll figure this one out. let's talk to some conservatives. dana among one of them. liz: and glenn back. stuart: and glenn beck. interesting. al-qaeda magazine. it's calling for jihad ease to target business leaders in their own countries. maybe western europe, maybe america. they find it -- way to undermine america's economy. liz: yeah, and, unfortunately, bill gates is roped into the story. so what they're saying in this
11:13 am
online magazine piece, attack them in their homes and attack them in the workplace. so this is yet another disarraysful attempt by the jihad ease to get recruits and loan wolf attacks here up and running. stuart: well, this is al-qaeda putting this out. ashley: yeah,. stuart: upstaged by isis. liz: yeah,. stuart: to get back in the headlines to do this. ashley: yeah,. stuart: capitalism. okay. what am i seeing right now? that's up -- the dow industrial, that's right. let's have a look aat that. up 122 points. maybe that's got something to do with the rally in apple, apple is a dow stock. that helps. maybe it's got something to do with the price of oil. ashley: i think oil is a big driver. stuart: that's right. you want the western relationship. ashley: but i think it's -- [laughter] . stuart: seven dollars a barrel in oil and up goes the stock market. that is it, everybody, for this rapid fire. kiersten, you're going to stay there, please. more with you in a moment. up next, howard kurtz joins
11:14 am
us. what does he think of the new york times hit piece on donald trump and women? and this one, ahmed the head of religion and ethics at the bbc, british broad casting corporation, he says that network, the british broad casting corporation is too christian. says it should have more hindu religions. more on that next
11:15 am
11:16 am
11:17 am
. stuart: we have an interesting drug merger to tell you about. first of all, it's pfizer buying that company, annacore, spending $4.5 billion. what's the interest? it has a treatment review by the fda. that's what makes it valuable, that's why anacor is up 55% just like that. "the new york times" has an article slams donald trump the headline tells it all. crossing the line how donald
11:18 am
trump behaved with women in private. who better to be the judge of all of this than howard kurtz, media buzz host on the fox news channel. i read that thing once or twice. it doesn't describe the whole beans. it doesn't describe what i would associate with bill clinton, for example. it's not a big deal. that's my opinion. how about you? >> well, i thought it was kind of a yawn because although there were a few inappropriate comments in there, that was more than balanced by, for example, a female executive at the trump organization said, yeah, he made fun of my weight when i ate too much. but he promoted me to the top ranks in a male-dominated industry. and the one thing that smelled funny to me, stuart, was lee, by a woman at a pool party and trump said do you want to switch into a bathing suit and she said "yes" and that was cast is a very inappropriate moment because she went on to date him for several months
11:19 am
and said she had a very positive experience as brief romantic interest of donald trump. stuart: it just wasn't a whole hail of beans and that's my opinion, and i think it's yours too. next one. bbc internal review, which was condone by the head of their religion and ethics department, that's the guy, the review said the network, the bbc is too christian. i'm going to quote. christianity remains the cornerstone of our output and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths. what do you make of this, media buzz guy. >> well, i was initially kind of startled. but then i dug a little deeper and saw that muslim population in brittian has doubled over the past decade that bbc does broadcast christian religion, which i did not know. it is a public company, it's not the government telling the bbc what to do. reasonable suggestion that the
11:20 am
programming could be a little bit more diverse. stuart: that's a touchy subject, though, in britain at the moment. it's a touchy subject all over europe. there is a feeling that europe's being invaded and that's a very harsh word to use. but that is the feeling in europe at the moment. and now this, the bbc should spend more time on islam and hinduism and the religion. that's going to be a tough one to take in britain, elsewhere, and europe. >> it's a tough one but london just elected their first muslim mayor. so it depends on how it's carried up. if it's done in propaganda, then there would be a huge up rather but there are more religions than christianity in uk, that will be all right. stuart: megyn kelly has this exclusive one-on-one with donald trump talking about how he handles his power. roll that tape. >> you are so powerful. you are so powerful now. >> i don't view myself as that.
11:21 am
i view myself as a person that like everybody else is fighting for survival, that's all i view myself as. and i really view myself now as somewhat of a messenger. you know, this is a massive thing that's going on. these are millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this company. >> it's true. but they're listening to you. and they're taking their cue from you. so that the question. whether now so close to the oval office, whether you will take that responsibility conspiratorial and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less divisive. stuart: all right. now, we had 41 seconds of it there. there is history between the two of them. the big special is tomorrow night. what do you make of all of this, howard? >> well, i had a chance to talk to megyn kelly for my show which we aired yesterday and talked about how this whole nine months has been an ordeal for her because trump was constantly mouthing these personal attacks and she felt
11:22 am
she couldn't respond because she's a journalist and didn't want to get onto the playing field with him. i think this is good for both of them. it finally ends, at least for now, this feud that has been going on. it gives trump a chance to show perhaps a softer side also show that he's willing to sit down with someone that he has criticized so harshly. i'm very interested in seeing how he comes off. and i know that trump's candidacy has really split the fox audience. so maybe those who have turned off to megyn kelly, we'll see a different side to her finally sitting down with the donald. stuart: you are very much the man of the hour. what goes on with the media is very much a part of this election year and election coverage and -- >> more than any other election i've ever seen. liz: true. stuart: it really is extraordinary. i just said to brit hume, have you ever seen anything like this before? he says, no, i have not. all the way back to the '70s, i have not.
11:23 am
you go back to the '90s i think. >> 1890s. stuart: me too. howard, thank you very much did indeed. by the way, you can see megyn kelly's full interview with donald trump tomorrow on the fox news channel, 8:00 p.m. eastern time. breaking news, john kerry says we should arm libya. ashley: there's talks going on in geneva, ruling out, military intervention from the u.s. point of view. but is backing a proposal that would essentially provide weapons to what they call the unity government that's being established by the un in libya. a big arms embargo. so the u.s. along with everyone else saying, yes, we should relax this arms embargo. let these people get the weapons they need to fight isis, al-qaeda, and so on. stuart: that's an important caveat. liz: , yes. stuart: check that marketplace because we're up about 120 points. solid rally.
11:24 am
oil's up, apple's up, look at the price of gold. 12376, that is the price, up just $4 as we speak. freeport, one point drillers moving higher because of the price of oil is up. and that stock is up 6%. how about the stock price of tribune? gannett increasing its cash offer, 15 bucks a share, owns the chicago tribune, the los angeles times, the baltimore sun, and host of other newspapers. controversy at a california news station -- wait for it. a female meteorologist was given a shirt and told to cover up while on the air. >> you want me to put this on? >> what? >> we're getting a lot of e-mails. >> i look like a librarian no n. stuart: we didn't see much of
11:25 am
her -- >> why not until wait until the commercial break? ashley: because kt la has a loosy-goosy -- liz: people got mad at it. the viewers got mad that they gave her a sweater on the air stuart: let's hear from keest on. >> i think it's ridiculous. she looks great and this reporter was covering a story on the beach and wearing two different bikinis asking people for massages. so it's a little bit of a hypocrisy, handed to her by her colleague, not her boss. who made the decision after just a couple of e-mails. stuart: he said e-mails came in. you respond to e-mails like that? i don't think so. ashley: they love this constant, you know, viewer interaction, creating a bit of controversy, pushing the envelope, ktla just does.
11:26 am
stuart: you know what the viewer said? if we respond to e-mails, there would be no democrats on the show. terrible thing to say. another case of liberal lunecy. georgetown jay johnson speaking on the campus. you would have to think why they would object to him. plus donald trump fundraising in california later this month. can donald put california in play in a national election in november? can he do that? veteran host larry joins us in a moment. and later this hour, web here. went to a rally to see if his supporters should name some of the accomplishments. watch this. >> can you tell me what hillary clinton has done for women? >> i don't know if i can do that.
11:27 am
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stuart: two hours into the session this monday morning, a solid rally, the dow is up about 130 points. why? in part because the price of oil is close to its highest point this entire year, 47.41. that helps stocks. and also apple is on the upside too. that helps the dow. wouldn't you know it, stocks like chevron, exxon, both of them moving higher because oil is at its best level this year so far. more liberal lunecy on college
11:31 am
campuses. this time georgetown university. why are students prophet homeland security jay? ashley: because they say he's responsible for separation of families of illegal immigrants and to say to have him give the commencement speech and hand out the diplomas is an insult to those people whose families are being ripped apart by his policies. but really makes it interesting is part of their statement is johnson's invitation is an insult to the undocumented students who are preparing to graduate this month. what's wrong with that statement? how in earth did they sign off to go to georgetown university and they're undocumented. don't you have to have all the documents to go to school? . stuart: i guess not. and it's an insult to them. ashley: an insult to everyone who goes through the system. stuart: so don't have him. liz: don't have him. . stuart: childish. liz: that's right. it is childish. the students go against republicans; right? speakers. now this is a democrat.
11:32 am
stuart: i want to see a democrat, especially hillary and bernie, stand up and say is this right or is this wrong? yes or no? liz: free taxpayer subsidy, yes, they should step into that. stuart: yes, speak up. ashley: how could you be illegal and graduating from georgetown university? i don't get it. stuart: apparently they are. now we want to go to california. you want to talk liberal lunecy? donald trump will hold fundraisers in california later this month. larry elder is with us. not seen him for a long time. radio host in california. he's back. now, i have to ask you this question. i ask all california guests the same question. are you going to tell me that donald trump could carry california in the presidential election? we haven't seen a republican take california since 1988, george bush senior. do you think it could happen with trump this year?
11:33 am
seriously? >> i really don't know. there is a shot. already the polls show him within striking distance of hillary. stranger things can happen. but california is overwhelming left wing, about 40% or so of the california demographics is hispanic, and they do have real serious problems with donald trump about the wall and making mexico pay for it. that said, i've never seen this kind of enthusiasm, rejection for republicans subpoena substantially. a lot of people are going to cross over. and one in four bernie sanders supporters say they will not vote for hillary. so stranger things can happen stuart: you're holding out hope i suspect. but there you are. it's a slim hope. i think accept that. now in california shoplifting we're told is on the rise, sharp or so because of a law that reduced the penalty for stealing an item that cost less than $950. that is now just a misdemeanor. larry. >> right. stuart: what's going on there? i mean why do this?
11:34 am
you've got a crime explosion because of it. >> well, the idea is that we have prison overcrowded, the supreme court has ruled that california has to reduce its prison population. so they're trying to reduce the amount of low level drug offenders. and as a result, a lot of people are applying to get out of prison, that's part of the problem. and they have made a misdemeanor any theft that's $950 or less. as a result, there's -- an incentive on the people to steal up to that level and drug offenders and crime. so there's been this strange, perfect storm that's caused crime to go up in california. . stuart: where do you stand on this? >> i'm not into releasing low level offenders. i believe many of these people are behind bars were not just users. these are people who stole things in order to support their habit. the problem is when you release people early, they're going to come out and commit more crimes, in which case people who are big box retailers are going to
11:35 am
suffer. i think if you steal, you ought to suffer the penalty. and we just ought to build more prisons if that's what's necessary. but california has such mangled finances, we're not doing the primary thing which is to keep people safe from crime and bodily injury. in my opinion, california is mismanaged and not sending enough money building prisons and keeping people behind bar b. stuart: you know, there's plenty of good radio stations east of mississippi would welcome larry -- >> larry elder -- larry elder's national, i'm everywhere including new york live. so find me. stuart: i'm sorry. i'm very sorry. i should never have said that. stay where you are. i can hear you in new york. excellent stuff. larry, come and see us again soon. okay? thanks very much. >> my pleasure. thank you. stuart: i'm going to mix politics and money with ed.
11:36 am
he follows politics and manages a lot of wealthy people's money. so i want to know which candidate is best for the market. hillary or trump? >> it's not going to be surprise you. it's going to be anybody but hillary. but trump would be without a question. let's get to specifics. we need gdp growth just to pay our deficit, what we overspend every year 4.5 to 5% to generate enough tax revenue. that means to pay our bills. right now we're averaging 2%. and what hillary's proposals say is we're going to double down so what obama has given us and do even more than that. now take the jobs. we need 1.6 million new full-time jobs amonth, stuart, for 12 months to offset our deficit. offering about 80,000 full-time jobs a month under this administration. we're getting about 5% actually 5% of what we need. so who's going to be better? anyone but hillary and sanders
11:37 am
and obama. but trump has policies, he's going to go and do the things that we need. stuart: well, he's going to cut taxes. >> he's going to create a mood of success and people are going to take risks. we have corporations today at the highest cash level they have been in the last ten years. people aren't spending money, companies aren't spending money, and it's because of what we have in place today. so the answer is trump, trump, trump. stuart: i've said frequently is what the economy needs is a shot in the arm for private enterprise. and you cannot suppress private enterprise for that much longer. we've sat on it and stifled it for eight years. i'm saying if you've got that kick in the pants from, for example, a big tax cut, you would have rapid economic growth. very, very quickly. it would really surprise a lot of people. it will be a shock because we're so used to bundling along at 2% that a 4% growth would be a total wake-up call. it would change the psychology of the country. >> without any question. and people would take risks. right now you're seeing
11:38 am
people -- even on the investment side not alone, on the corporation side, people aren't willing to take that risk. right now they're in survival mode and that's their thought process versus growth mode. so we have got to change the dynamics. we need a 180-degree change. stuart: what do you make of janet yellen? she said the economy -- and i'm quoting now, continues to strengthen. we put her on fantasy island because we think the economy is actually fading. but you followed this stuff professionally. >> right. stuart: you make a living out of it. . stuart: what do you say to janet yellen when she says the economy is strengthening? >> i would ask her to retire because she is living in fantasy land. she has nothing to support that. again, facing the mass media repeat it. all of what you say doesn't mean it's true and janet yellen is a smart person. stuart: they really morning we had art law enforcement officer on the show. if they were to put interest
11:39 am
rates up, that would not hurt the stock market. conventional wisdom is if you put the stock market up, it crashes. he says not so. it would actually go up. >> yeah. that's true because usually rising interest rate means an expanding economy. so if you look at the numbers for about a year, three successive rate rises means a better stock market. it starts to fall off later. art law enforcement officer doesn't me need to tell him he's correct, about had he's correct. stuart: are you expecting a trump victory? >> oh, absolutely. stuart: you are? >> absolutely. this country -- there's a lot of smart people, a lot of people who live on campuses right now who aren't so smart. but a lot of people who know we need a major change. not just from financial, but every aspect of our lives today, we have got to literally just take everything and change it. stuart: we've got a lot of people coming up to me saying i'll vote for trump but not make a lot of sound for it. not out there publicly. >> keep them that way. i just want them to vote for trump.
11:40 am
stuart: ed, welcome back. good to see you again. >> thank you, stuart,. stuart: much more on the split among democrats and that chaotic scene at the convention. bernie supporters you can tell not happy. they're saying never hillary. a sanders surrogate is next. watch this. they even booed barbara boxer. >> the whole future of the country is at stake. that when you boo me, you're booing bernie sanders, go ahead the heirloom tomato.
11:41 am
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. >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. triple digit gains on the dow jones industrial average right now just three weeks of sell, this is welcomed by the bulls and the 401(k)s and the iras, we're seeing the dow up right now 138 points, the s&p 500 up 15, the nasdaq up 47, a majority of the sectors have up arrows led by energy as oil moves to the highest levels of the year. industry stocks with the s&p 500, including marathon and tranned ocean, these things are up four, five% respec respectively. and yahoo, this jumping up higher as warren buffett looking at yahoo in particular. and so we see that higher. home improvement retailers such as home depot and lowe's are also up higher and reporting home depot tomorrow, lowe's will report on wednesday. we want you to start your day every day on fox business at
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5:00 a.m. we'll see you there
11:44 am
. stuart: among democrats, the election race is getting ugly. the media has been all over the republican split but strangely quiet about what happens saturday night in las vegas. it was a democrat nevada convention. senator barbara boxer was booed, loudly, interrupted her speech. the head of security of the
11:45 am
hotel said the crowd was unruly and unpredictable. he couldn't guarantee safety. police had to be called to get the people out of there. the meeting ended early, the gavel came down and party leaders virtually ran off the stage. it was clinton versus sanders. fighting over delegates to the july convention. bernie's people felt cheated. the details of the delegate fight not important. what is important is the degree to which democrats are split between the old god clinton camp and the upstart sanders campaign. also important is the way this split is being treated in the media. not much reporting. no glaring headlines. oh, how different from the wall-to-wall coverage of the republicans trouble. so here we are this monday morning. the republicans actually moving closer together around trump. the democrats at each other's throats and that split will be evident again tomorrow when kentucky and oregon hold their primaries. bernie very likely to win oregon.
11:46 am
hillary struggling again in coal country, kentucky. she may have sewn up the delegates but the party divide rolls on. and we haven't even mentioned an indictment. and, no, we have not. bernie sanders surrogate. as i was just saying there, democrats are clearly split. you're in bernie's camp. hillary is almost certainly going to get the nomination. will you support the hillary's candidacy? >> well, i wouldn't say she's almost certainly going to get the candidacy yet. but, look, a lot of us in the bernie sanders camp, we are very concerned about some of the things that hillary clinton represents be much more concerned about the things that donald trump represents. and our argument is that bernie is a better candidate in connection with the general election against donald trump. we know that. stuart: i've got it. but you're split. what happened in vegas saturday night was really extraordinary. barbara boxer booed off the stage the cops were called.
11:47 am
if that would have been a trump rally, the media would have been all over it. violence at the convention. but, no, it's the democrats, and you're split. i haven't -- look, let me press this. >> uh-huh. stuart: are you going to support hillary clinton wholeheartedly, full so manically when she's the nominee? and i'm assuming she's going to be so let's not argue about that. are you going to support her? >> personally right now me, that is not where i stand. she would have to do a lot more to convince me as a bernie sanders surrogate that she has heard our issues, that she has responded to them, and that she's going to undertake those sort of initiatives if she becomes president. stuart: so can you see any other people like you who would not be enthusiastic in supporting hillary when would support donald trump? how -- can you give me an idea about that? how many bernie people now will support trump in november? >> i don't. -- frankly i don't think any. the bernie movement is a movement that talks about some of the same issues that donald
11:48 am
trump talks about. but sees different causes of these issues; right? so while the bernie sanders movement sees the causes of these issues as corrupt campaign finance, corrupt establishment, same old status quo politics, economic inequality, wall street, the donald trump camp basically blames muslims and mexicans for these problems and that's not the small difference between us and them, that's a fundamental difference. so, no, we would not go to the donald trump camp. stuart: he's not blaming mexicans for all of these troubles. >> well, he's blaming others and not necessarily looking within our system. i mean the bernie sanders movement is a movement that is bringing people who have not been usually involved in the political process into the political process. so it should be no surprise that they're not just falling in line with either party, including the democratic party, and not believing doing what party leaders tell them to do. stuart: regardless of who ultimately is the democrat nominee, you really can't tell me that hillary is a dynamic campaigner, can you? >> we've been saying for a
11:49 am
long time that she's a weak candidate. we believe she's a week candidate. we believe bernie is a stronger candidate, talks about issues that are more important to the american people, and we have seen throughout polls that he performs better. he would beat donald trump, especially in swing states in november where hillary runs a chance of losing to him. and this is why many of the hillary supporters have been kind of urging us, bernie supporters to support her because i think even they know deep down she's the only candidate left in this race who has a chance of losing to donald trump. bernie is the last guy in the race. stuart: what a reversal. >> not under indictment and is not immersenating publicists on the telephone. stuart: i'm not laughing at you, i'm laughing at what you said because a few months ago the idea that hillary clinton is the only candidate who will lose to donald trump, now, that's something we would not heard just a couple of months ago. >> well, things change quickl q. stuart: they certainly do. have you ever seen an election like this? thank you very much for joining us. come on back again soon. >> thank you, sir. stuart: next varney guest
11:50 am
david web headed to a hillary clinton rally to see if supporters could name any of her accomplishments. watch this. >> can you tell me what hillary clinton has done for women? >> i don't know if i could do that. ♪
11:51 am
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stuart: we're making a lot of noise on the set because the dow jones average senior nicely higher. up 151 points. apple's up, oil's up, lots of things are up, including the dow. 17,686. how about this? fox news contributor david web headed out to a hillary clinton rally and his microphone with him. asked a lot of people can you name hillary's accomplishments. watch this. >> can you tell me something she's done for women? >> i cannot speak on that. i just don't. >> what has she done for women? >> look at her record. >> can you give me some things? >> i don't have any things for you. >> can you tell me what hillary clinton has done for women? >> i don't know if i can do that. stuart: and now david web joins us right now. now, wait a second, david. i can go out on the street, do a lot of interviews and then edit it so that it looks like everything is in my favor. it's my point of view. did you edit that? >> not a single one.
11:55 am
whether i've gone to a bernie rally, trump pro, or antihillary, any one of the candidates, i refuse to do it. it's something sean lets me do, we do the interviews, interviews as many people as possible. stuart: how many people did you talk to all together? >> i talked to probably 40 people. stuart: did any of them say, yes, i can name this, this, and this. >> a couple of brought up a couple of things. and, by the way, this happens at the other rallies too. the bernie rally, i went there, wisconsin i was there. antitrump protesters tell me what you're for. this is what you're running into. they buy the hype, buy the marketing, they can't tell you the as he saw have you been to a trump rally and ask what has trump stand for? >> yeah. and get a lot of answers on immigration, on tpp. by the way, they don't all get it right either. they're just people that can't tell you the answers. but i get better answers at the trump rallies than the other side. and that's just the way it is
11:56 am
stuart: i want to roll a tape over the weekend where president obama gave the commencement address at rutkers university. i think it was a political campaign speech. see for yourself. roll tape. >> the world is more inner connected than ever before. and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. stuart: he did not name donald trump, but he clearly went right after him. >> he doesn't have to. when he gets his next career as a late night talk show host, he knows how to deliver a punch line or insult or slur, but he doesn't know how to deliver a policy. those kids listening to president obama speak, if his policies came true, would have to live with those results. and how does that work out in other names? the pigs, portugal, ireland, greece, how did it work out in venezuela when socialism goes
11:57 am
extreme and they're hunting dogs, cats, and pigeons for food. obama is selling you sunshine, america. not selling you the reality. stuart: i've got two people with me, and i want to ask both of them the same question. name one thing that you think obama has done right? >> i can't. stuart: name one thing that you think president obama has done right. >> i'm normally not speechless. stuart: i can. he's knocked out a couple of terrorists with drones. >> that's one thing. gave the order. in seven years, that's really a small list. liz: and he has wonderful two daughters. stuart: a family man. acted discussion on the set this morning. >> we'll keep working on it. >> can you tell me three things -- stuart: more varney after this. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh. you worry. you do whatever it takes to take care of your family.
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.... stuart: and items of news just
12:00 pm
breaking. hillary clinton will call on her husband bill. the industrial average is up. see what i do for you, neil. it is your time, now. >> you are the man. thank you very, very much, stuart. i do not know if you caught the latest "time" magazine. we are going to dwell on this a little bit. the markets are choking our economy. the markets are full. all righty. then we have a lot more on that. the markets are choking anything today. this time, apple driving it. warren buffett about a million dollars worth. the stock has been beaten out of


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