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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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share, the fact of the matter is apple is getting the attention. that shows you how quickly sentiment and numbers can change. that is helping the dow all because of foreign buffet. trish regan taking you through the next hour. trish: thank you very much. a big market rally. thanks to oil, recent merger in the big new york time merger. she knows her comments were taken out of context. welcome to the intelligence report. a major beef. listen to what a former girlfriend of trump who was put in the article said. >> he was very gracious. i felt him around all types of people. all types of women.
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he was very kind, thoughtful, generous. he was a gentle man. we will debate it with our all-star political analyst. if she is elected, she will put her husband in charge of the economy. good idea? we will ask foster foster freeze for his take on that. murders spiking in more than two dozen cities nationwide. is the war on cops to blame? bold eagle is here to explain. the democrat and chaos. this video from this weekend's democratic convention in nevada. his delegates were unfairly dismissed. all of this as sanders and clinton square off. will this be even more victory? but first, back to our top stories. donald trump firing back. a hit piece on his relationship
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with women. donald trump has crossed the line. he asked a model at a party of his to put on -- he just a model and force them to describe. the lame hit piece they did on me and women. i did many names of women i hope to refuse. and despite the "new york times" standing by its story, telling fox and friends this morning that it is all a lie. a very good life. leslie marshall. joe washed of illinois. joel walsh of illinois. here she is talking to fox and friends. her quotes were taken out of context.
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watch. >> they did take quotes from what i said. it appeared negative. i do not have a negative experience with donna trump. i do not appreciate them looking like i was saying it was a negative experience because it was not. >> what kind of an agenda do you think that the "new york times" had? >> here it begins. a full frontal assault to not down donald trump and stand with hillary. donald trump's behavior may have crossed the line. hillary's husband has screwed around on her for 40 plus years, trish. they have had an open marriage. i think candidates personal lives should be out of it. they are only going after trump and eight knowing the clintons and the personal issues they have had for years.
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that is not going to work. >> their personal life was very much in focus. trying to align trump so as to actually help hillary clinton. >> i would not dow it. let's be realistic. the l.a. times was bash last week for having a negative headline about hillary. the "new york times" has been known to be a left-leaning paper. i think that we will see more information on donald trump did with regard to women, especially. things he has said and done to women in the past. i did not think that this was a piece of journalistic integrity. women voters, as you know, being a woman as well, it is not
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necessarily, for some it may be, this treatment of former women. his first wife, for example. where he stands on issues legislation wise. for the future with regard to women. or issues that could really matter for women regarding reproductive rights. who he would or would not place on the supreme court. >> he said that things about women. they care very, very deeply about the economy and the prospects. themselves, their husbands and their children. this guy, in some ways is quite an innate bob. you look at these records. you compare it with hillary clinton. he has treated women well in the work place. he has far more female executives then hillary clinton
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has. you look at the clintons track record and the foundation. women are actually paid 38% last for the exact same work than men. on the other hand, yeah, saying some stuff that makes you cringe a little bit. on the other hand, promoting women and treating them in the work ways, he has a better track record than hillary clinton. you cannot deny this. this is not a story. the "new york times" and the media will dive into trump's marriages. they will ignore what bill and hillary have done with their marriage for 40 years. i agree with leslie. they should focus on the issues. if you are going to be one-sided, you are going to ignore the fact that bill and
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hillary had an open marriage for 40 years, that will not work. >> i hear you on that. we should not be talking about hillary clinton's personal life. clearly, she has a very flawed relationship with her husband. that should not be something that we are talking about. the flipside is, why would we didn't talk about donald trump's personal life? >> i do not know what rock you are living under. he has been calling hillary clinton as an enabler. they have held her in high regard. stand by your man. hillary clinton really did and continues to stand by her man. they must have an open relationship. something wrong with this woman who takes it seriously.
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having said that, i do not think -- i think that it is different, though. >> not a question of do you stand by your man. they may be the unwelcome and. >> trish, to answer your question, it is because the media wants hillary to win. this is not complicated. they were dying to get trump. i do not think that it will work this year. a lot of the country does not know about bill and hillary. they do not know that they have had an open marriage for 40 years. trish: oh, on. does any of it really matter? i do not really care about
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donald trump. leslie, congressman, thank you. we will see you in a bit. we will talk about whether any of this will stick and whether any of that matters. why doesn't the failing "new york times" right the real story. trump is taking matters into his own hands. bringing up bill clinton's affairs during the presidential debate this fall. bill clinton's infidelity. hillary's e-mail scandal. all along with questions on how hillary managed to turn the futures. nearly $100,000. this is tactic that will work. is it a winning strategy? we are talking with ed rollins. he is here with his analysis. good to see you.
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let's go through each of these. talking about the women issue. the woman that stood by her man. she willingly complied. trying to smear anyone and that made the delegations. >> i think that the sneering part is what is serious. a lot of people do not remember the hill clinton phenomenon, what have you. my sense is these are all kind of frivolous attacks. who can really leave this country effectively? i served two terms in the white house. the job of the president is to make decisions. hillary has had difficulty making decisions. he has a history of making decisions. that is the decision here. it is entertaining. >> will it rattle her? >> to a certain extent, you have been rattled.
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he is a very tough guy. a very strong candidate. she has never ran against anyone like him. >> is he playing offense, both for he even needs to? i will come after you 500 times. >> i think that there is no question that he has had great success. if he knocks it down, he kicks it. looking forward to the battle. you have to be careful. you have to be very careful. you do not want to bring sympathy. if she is not her husband, she is not as good of a politician as her husband. 70% of the people in the country do not think that she is very honest. you can go try to prove that case. she found, but seriously found the papers in the white house closet. basically how she took $1000
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made a hundred thousand dollars very quickly. a lot of little things like that that basically add up. someone that does not have the integrity of the decision-making. >> this relationship that's she has. you look at what we saw coming up. news about ubs. she, negotiated shortly after becoming this. they deal with ubs. 40,000 of their clients that were basically going to get convicted of trying to evade taxes, they got off the hook. you know, a short time later, the oakland in has his biggest speaking of a year. one and a half billion dollars from ubs. they may not be connected. if you are the secretary of state and your husband is taking speaking fees from an organization that you are working on behalf of, that should raise one red flagged.
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>> it certainly should. talking about running for president eight years. let's not do that. making certain commitments. i think that the foundation is far more scandalous than anyone else. i do not know if it is time to get into it. i think at the end of the day, that is where that. >> he certainly does. the research will go hard and fast. trish: ed rollins, thank you very much. his relationship with women will all be addressed in making kelly's exclusive one on one interview with the republican nominee. here is a sneak peek without donald trump handles his power. >> you are so powerful. you are so powerful now. >> i view myself as a person. everyone else is fighting for survival. i really feel myself now as somewhat of a messenger.
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this is a massive thing that is going on. these are massive people that have been disenfranchised from this country. >> that is true. they are listening to you. that is the question. now, so close to the oval office. whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change her tone. try to be more unifying and less divisive. trish: do not miss megan special tomorrow night. 8:00 p.m. eastern. coming up, hillary clinton says that she is elected, she will put her husband in charge of the economy. good idea? foster freeze is here. i will ask him. fresh data. attracting more than two dozen cities nationwide. is the war on cost to blame for this?
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bold eagle is in the house. that is next. ♪
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: check this out. a market that is up more than 200 points as we sit near the highs of the session. oil moving higher. helping energy companies. warren buffet making a play in apple. a $1 million stake in the company. karl icahn gets out, warren buffett gets in. turning into a nice little market rally. president obama, meanwhile, today, awarding 15 police officers. they put themselves in harms way every day to protect all of us.
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we need many more just like them. homicides are surging nationwide. more then double year-over-year. here with me now, former nyc detective od toll -- bo dietl. >> first off, the fact that our president is acknowledging. he is not that much interested in the police. today is a good point. >> you know, there is something going on across the country. it seems like this whole advent, the cop isblamed. black wives matter. black wives matter.
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demonstrating on the young blacks that are killed by other blacks. if you want to demonstrate, let's demonstrate in chicago. 550 dead african-american kids. the cops are out there trying to do their job. day don't see black or white. they see peace, order and disorder. trish: there was a recent support on this. a lot of officers feel reluctant to go into black neighborhoods where crime rates may be higher because they will be perceived as racist by doing so. they do not want to be that guy who is being labeled as a racist because they are there in that community. >> we have the turbulent 70s in new york city. we had over 200 murders in some years. what happens is, the way you get used to slow down is you have to get on the streets. you have to get the anti-crime
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out there. you have to stop. pat you down. no disrespect. you pat them down. you leave them with a smile. you give them your card. if the person did not have a weapon on them, you leave them with a smile. there are people that will have an attitude. i would rather get that gun off the street. that gun has the potential -- trish: you have to have the support of your boss. that includes the support of the president of the united states. that includes setting a tone. >> he is putting them on a pedestal. that takes away from the cops that are trying to do their job every day. we will talk to the community and say to them, what you think about us coming in here and getting some of these guns off the street. that would be 100%.
2:22 pm
absolutely. that is what upsets me. you cannot judge all the poll lease on that. we have to get these guns off the street. those homicides are shooting up sky high. i would like -- you know what i would tell him, we should hit chicago. we should have drug task force in there. get those guns off the street. 550 young kids are killed since january. this is not a battlefield. we have to take these guns off the street. i guarantee you, the community will support this. trish: thank you so much. hillary clinton says if she is elected, she will put her husband in charge of the economy.
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is this a good idea? foster freeze is here. we will ask him. no news is good news for our economy. he won't weigh in right after this. ♪ these little guys? they represent blood cells.
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>> i want to help bringback the kind of economy that works for everyone in the 1990s. [applause] >> i pledged yesterday, already told my husband that if i am so fortunate enough to be president then he will be the first gentleman. [cheering and applause] trish: you heard her say she will put him back to work. putting bill to work. the economic rescue. she plans to make sure that he
2:27 pm
does his part for the economy. he helped create jobs in the '90s as president. she wants him to do it again. i am here with investing legend foster freeze. really examining the record. it was good times. our economy was prosperous. the middle of a technology boom. >> the creativity of the clintons as the hardest. $100,000 in the cattle futures. i think you should use that expertise. i think that the whitewater scandal, where they went to jail, but he didn't. i do not know what products came from that. i just think that the clintons are hugely talented.
2:28 pm
trish: talented at creating wealth for themselves. if bill clinton is back in the white house by her side, then he can help restore economic growth. you cannot dispute the fact that we did have a better economic track record. could he do it again? >> well, trish, you may have for this wonderfully delight i named newt gingrich. his plans and his ideas. look at just the democratic advisory system, look at the great investments that they have made in solar. the green energy effort. $2 billion. an apple treedoes not bear oranges. the tree that the clintons exude is the political tree. you look at trump and that is more of a business tree. you get business group that
2:29 pm
comes from that. trish: you like the idea of the woman in the oval oval office. you are a businessman yourself. what do you think that someone that has worked in the private sector brings? >> you cannot have dead weight around. look at the various programs that we have. forty some programs for financial literacy. women's pay. all kinds of entity that does the same thing. i believe the whole idea of trying to make a more efficient. i often thought when i was encouraging rick santorum that we could put romney in charge, homeland security. commenters -- commerce and vague regulations. trish: someone who understands by that market.
2:30 pm
did i just hear you say you a bite to hear mitt romney team up with donald trump? >> when i was behind santorum i was fantasizing who would you good where. i was imagining all the different disparages. who would be best to kind of had that up. maybe mitt romney would soften a littlebit. trish: he has shown very few signs of softening on trump. does he need to do that? does the republican party need to just get over it and coalesce aroundthis one man that may be their only chance of beating hillary? >> everyone is concerned that he is not as conservative as he ought to be. we are not confused about hillary clinton. what she stands for. mitt romney never wants to have their legacy to allow hillary clinton to appoint three court justices.
2:31 pm
they will be a welcomed addition. i think it is exciting to see the people that donald trump is bringing into the equation that were not there before. trish: you think about the clintons economic record. nafta was very much a part of that. estimating 700,000 jobs that have been lost as a result. you think about the need for our own economy to grow. the need for our middle class to prosper. this is something that donald is hitting hard over and over again. do you think that trade dollars fee, nafta, all of that welcome back into the front of everyone. the visions right now. we will be talking about this much, much more. >> a field day with economic, sees of the left. you look at what they have done to the coal industry. all of us can wind up paying higher energy costs if we rely
2:32 pm
on wind and solar. not only cold, but are other dialogs. we have to harness that whereas the last seats do not want to get rid of it because it pollutes everything. trish: paying with our tax dollars. >> the pollution thing. if the coal goes to china, they pollute five times more than we do. they have not figured that out yet. >> foster freeze, good to see you. thank you. >> good to see you. god bless. trish: up 207 points. you get the dow trading higher. same thing over on the s&p. you have oil moving higher. the highest level we have seen in six months. energy stocks. the other reason, warren buffett is getting into apple. you can see that apple is trading much higher.
2:33 pm
coming up, the democrats in chaos. democratic convention shut down over considered eight -- security concerns. they square off in kentucky and in oregon. is bernie sanders going to wrap up even more victories and force a contested convention? that is next. ♪
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trish: democratic party in chaos. hoping to continue this weaning -- winning streak. all of this and the nevada democratic convention shut down this weekend. concerned about violence. his delegates were being shut out. even shouted down and boot. watch that here. who would have thought it would be the democrats in chaos. borger congressmen. why can't you guys get rid of bernie sanders? >> i do not think bernie sanders
2:38 pm
wants to get rid of. he knows number was wise he cannot win. winning 67% of every state that remains. trish: nobody thinks -- >> he has some supporters that are pretty diehard. some are so diehard that they would vote for trump over hillary clinton. what is it that he wants? why is he still in play here, leslie? >> very consistent with his message. many people like myself do not want to vote for him for president. acer and republican majority in the house and senate. he is bringing his message to the floor.
2:39 pm
you do not need to add corporate america write a check for you. i will run this race until the end even if i know i cannot win it. >> as leslie points out, believing this from the very beginning. this is your classic from vermont hippie. saying it would be illegal for anyone to spend over $1 million. you know, whether you agree with socialism or not, you cannot dispute the fact that he believes and what he is talking about. how challenging does that make this situation given hillary clinton. i am constantly amazed at what a horrible candidate hillary is.
2:40 pm
this is a 74-year-old socialist who was giving her the run of her life. i tell you what, what does bernie want? i think that bernie still thinks he can win. the game on the democratic side has been rigged. hillary will be the nominee. the fight and drive is with him. she is so thoroughly unlikable, i think, trish, there is a real shot that trouble get some surprising bernie support when trump is done. trish: this is hillary clinton on the campaign trail down south. here she is with that southern accent. born and raised in helena way. somehow these words make their way out of her mouth. listen. >> sheriff is here with us. around helping my husband and me for a long time to.
2:41 pm
i would feel a little safer. i see him when he has that had on. he never takes it off. he was reminding me earlier when i was a senator from new york, buildings and there he was, i immediately recognized him. how could you not? trish: what is the deal with the southern accent? whenever it is convenient for us today in kentucky. >> i am guilty of this today, two. i found myself a liberal democrat yankee from boston saying y'all every now and then. by the way, i lived in illinois. i lived in chicago. i was surprised by how many people adopt that southern accent. i think that it is very common for people, just like troubles say, ohio, i love ohio.
2:42 pm
that is just something that they make in the state of ohio. that is something for politicians, no matter who they are. >> you know what, trish, there is just something so inauthentic about her. she was a lifelong illinois person. she told the folks who put on a gain keycaps and said she had been a yankee hat for her lifetime. she is not a real person. trish: this is a problem that romney had. let's not forget. americans want to feel like they know you. they want to feel like you are american and you will just say what you think. authenticity matters. good to see you guys. pleasure.
2:43 pm
>> coming up. has free trade gone too far? take a look at this, everyone. when i see something like this, a chinese factory where apple products are being made, eight people at a time. i think you better start asking whether companies need to have a moral responsibility. whether they should be allowed anywhere. up next, my intel on whether free trade has gone too far. ♪ charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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trish: how do you like this rally? 206 points on the dow. the nasdaq up 69. oil has seen some upside. closing the day up. up more than 3% on the day. over long term bear goldman sachs. the supply situation is turning around. we may actually see a deficit. apple shares, they are also higher right now. the stock hitting a boost. warren buffett, berkshire hathaway, has purchased a stake in the iphone maker. i will be right back with my intel on the company. there is this shocking video
2:46 pm
out. moving jobs overseas. that is next. ♪
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trish: a really tough video showing a former manufacturing facility where apple products were being made in china outside shanghai. they live like animals.
2:48 pm
eight people in one room. they showered income -- in communal showers. it is pretty sad when you see something like this. telling the daily mail. preferring to the supplier responsibility report. all of this on their supplier. if you are the ceo of this company and you've seen stuff like this, there is no part of you that says we cannot allow this. squeezing them to the point where you look the other way. working in conditions like this. it is our responsibility. we cannot keep putting it off on them. priding themselves on how it treats its workers. a knowledge-based economy that we now live in.
2:49 pm
how suppliers are treating laborers in china. a new phase two facility here in the u.s. 7000 trees. underground tunnels for parking. you will have 700,000 in addition to the new spaceship building, apple is said to be planning a 1000 feet auditorium. the apple story, in that video that used all, it forces us to think about whether moving manufacturing jobs is really the right to do. maybe we would all be willing to pay for an iphone if we knew the workers were here in the united states and they were being treated well and they've played well. he understood the value of his employees.
2:50 pm
he valued the labor. they were the ones that with by his cars. they needed them as much as he needed them. shocking the world back in 1914. five dollars a day. more than doubled. instead of constant turnover. people valued working for him and his company. and, his workers had a path to afford it. a ford model t. tim cook is in china today. he may be better off taking a two or of his suppliers factory to make sure that his workers are being treated humanely. we all need to think about this relationship between laborers and employers. without a strong middle class,
2:51 pm
we will confront the sad reality. we will have enough people. that is today's intel. i will be right back. ♪ ♪
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ trish: we have some news on new york city mayor ~ blog feel. allegedly using donors for his campaign. also pointing fingers at governor cuomo for being behind the investigation targeting him. saying it is an investigative branch driving. rick is here with more. >> the mayor denies any wrongdoing.
2:55 pm
swirling around city hall. >> we believe in the laws that we follow. >> you ran for mayor of new york as champion of the people. over a possible campaign fund-raising violation. >> it was done appropriately. >> a focus on possible straw donors to the campaign. kerry is $5000 contributions for people that do not appear able to afford it. campaign finance laws. 2014. hundreds of thousands of dollars. upstate campaigns. some political experts say this is just business as usual. operating and it is technically
2:56 pm
legal. technically raising eyebrows. >> including universal pre-k schools. a janitorial supply company. later reported a contract for the city. the attorney says he expects no charges to be filed against his client. >> the janitorial supply company spent 10 years and not long after that big dumb nation, the company was awarded a contract for over $3 million. >> all right. interesting stuff. thank you so much. we will be right back. see you here in two. ♪
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>> near times launching all out attack on donald trump and his alleged treatment on women. what do you think of it? does it alter your opinion of donald trump at all?
3:00 pm
i'm curious to hear what you think. and what about the hillary clinton saying she wants her husband, bill, to fix our economy? is he really the one to do that? a lot of economic challenges right now. like my facebook page at trish intel. tell me what you think. liz claman has you through the close up 206. liz: i'll take you, trish, oil in the oracle driving this triple digit rally on wall street at this hour. crude hitting 2016 highs. warren buffet makes two big tech bets. dow jones industrials jumping about 207 points just to the high of the session, campaign trail kentucky sharp focus 24 hours ahead of tomorrow's democratic primary. hillary clinton crisscrossing the bluegrass state pushing her economic message stressing she will rely heavily on the former message, help fixing the american economy but today also saying bill clinton will not be a part of her cabinet. hillary clinton pushing heard in kentucky just as bernie


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