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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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husband doug and myself. we saw some of the clips. a lot of surprising and revealing things. other guests on the show as well. it is on big fox, as she says, channel 5, 8:00 p.m. david: a lot of hand-holding. melissa: that was unusual. that was odd. what are you going to do? david: we like it. melissa: that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts now. >> fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others, instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. deirdre: facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg meeting with prominent conservative leaders on wednesday in california. one of the attendees is my guest. this is "risk & reward." gizmodo published allegations that facebook has an anti-conservative bias in its news feed. mark zuckerberg says that is untrue and is setting the meeting as an exercise in best practices. my next guest is the first campaign aide we know is going.
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trump's senior campaign advisor, barry bennett. so what do you expect from this meeting? because it is one thing for mark zuckerberg to say he is not aware of bias or doesn't support bias but at least according to one other source it is very much alive and well? >> we'll all going to be from missouri, right? show me. deirdre: show me. >> facebook is incredibly important tool to politics these days. it is by far least cost effective way to communicate with millions and millions of people. we rely on it and we rely on them to be straight down the middle. deirdre: to your point about facebook's power, it has more than a billion daily users. >> yeah. deirdre: so it is worth your time and energy to to out there to talk to mark zuckerberg. >> it exploded on political front, four years ago, eight years ago, it was kids. now i can't get my mom off of it. that is great way for republicans to talk about this
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during the cycle. we spend a lot of our treasure and our time using facebook. i want to make sure it is all fair. deirdre: when you speak about fairness, mark zuckerberg made a speech and there was a thinly-veiled reference to donald trump and the idea of the wall. so just to be clear mark zuckerberg as you know did not name donald trump by name but he talked about the wall and it was in a critical tone. >> right. deirdre: is this an issue you will bring up with him either when you're with the group or one-on-one? >> i think that when it comes to business issues, of course they should have their opinion. on non-business issues they have to act like what they are. they are not a tech company anymore? they are the world's largest publisher. reporters don't make political donations, and reporters don't join political causes. reporters play it down the middle. that is where they need to be. deirdre: barry you have been in politics for 30 years. you know what you've been doing. that is why trump brought you on board.
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what is your goal from the campaign for this meeting if there is one thing you want to get out? >> i want to be absolutely certain there are no shenanigans going on. they have explained it away to me but i want to go see it. see algorithms, and see the people and want to hear it from mark. deirdre: speaking of other people, i will read off, you already know this but for our viewers, other attendees who will be there, the blazes glenn beck, dana perino, arthur brooks, american enterprise institute, conserve come men sate tore, s.e. cupp and former senator jim demint. some are conservatives. some are anti-trump conservatives. how will you manage that in the room? some people will be for your candidate and others are against. >> hopefully we'll not sit together on the plane. we can have disagreements over primaries but i think we'll all come together. deirdre: you don't think that any interparty divisions are
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going to fracture, to a disadvantage of the group and advantage of mark zuckerberg? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. deirdre: okay. >> he has some hard selling to do with that group. deirdre: okay. were more trump, pro-trump people such as, obviously you're very high-ranking what about supporting the flank invited or facebook only wanted a certain amount of people in the room? >> they wanted it to be small so we have a good give and take. but i was invited primary because of amount of facebook activity i did while we were on the carson campaign, it was a huge piece of our campaign. now we're starting to do that at the trump campaign. so i believe it is massive tool, a tool for good. as long as it is played right down the middle. deirdre: played down the middle, facebook employees, zuckerberg per se, given $114,000, personal political contributions to hillary clinton. none to donald trump. is that something you're going
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to bring up? >> as they become a less after tech company and more of a publishing company they need to be concerned about that. you know he, "new york times" editorial board, even they don't make contributions. i have accused them of a big slant but i think they need to be more cognizant of what they're doing. deirdre: speaking of "new york times," former girlfriend of donald trump actually blasted "the new york times" for allegedly fabricating part of her story. here's what she told us. >> they told me several times and my manager several times that it would not be a hit piece and that my story would come across the way that i was telling it and honestly. and it absolutely was not. they did take quotes from what i said and, they put a negative connotation on it. they spun it to where it appeared negative. i did not have a negative experience with donald trump. deirdre: so that's very clear. she goes into tell more of the
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story that evening but does "the new york times" does not think someone will not come out and corrects the record? she told us i haven't spoken to any of the other women who were referenced. i haven't called "new york times" and haven't called trump but i want my story to be told and represented fairly. >> isn't it interesting they victimized a woman in story about women? that is ridiculous. they did print her quotes. but what they did wrapped them in these paragraphs and they said that she was debased by donald trump. debased was the word they used. she was not debased. she would be the first to tell you that. deirdre: she very clearly and core rain justly did. i think that -- courageously did. i think that you will -- >> "new york times" responded. i interviewed rowan brewer lane, readers of the story can
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happened at 1990 mar-a-lago. it was she asked if she brought a bathing suit. she had not. he open ad drawer. asked her to put on one of the bathing suits. he did and brought her back out to the pool and crowd, essentially asked the crowd did he think, they all think she was a beautiful trump lady. i recall in my interview with her, that she expressed some, she said i was taken aback by this i think that is how we depicted it. >> vote for president is profoundly personal one. >> something in your gut. we're giving readers information they can use. deirdre: all right. she responded to that. we just want to play that here it is. >> we seemed to get along in conversation nicely and just very normally and, naturally evolved into a conversation. we started walking around the mansion. and he asked me, if i ha and i said i didn't. i didn't know i, didn't really planned on swimming.
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he asked me if i wanted one. i said, oh, okay sure. i changed into one. and, the part where, i went back out to the pool party and he made a comment, now that's a stunning trump girl, right there, i was actually flattered by. i didn't feel like it was demeaning situation or comment at all. deirdre: barry she talks about the fact that that day she had been in a shoot. she is former model. the day before she had been in a shoot. she hadn't packed all right clothes for particular outing. she thought it was courtesy. you heard her say i didn't find that demeaning at all. do you worry to what extent, donald trump in this case, there is nothing wrong, people are aiming for him the same way they don't aim at other candidates. >> "new york times" will not stop aiming for him, right? this is pretty bad journalism. here is a woman who said she willing put on bathing suit to go swimming. deirdre: at pool party.
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>> they turned it donald trump forced her to put on suit and debasing her. give me a break. it is ridiculous. a lot of people see right through it. deirdre: you don't seem phased. this is your candidate. this is person you want to be next president of the united states. this is par for the course. this is why i'm on board. i have 30 years experience. i can see him through. >> we effectively sawed the story off at knees. deirdre: essence "the new york times" actually helped trump side. >> bad journalism always shines eventually,. deirdre: it does, it does. what about next steps, talking about d.c., your base there, jeff bezos, "washington post" allegedly hiring 20 journalists to find fault with donald trump. it is not going to stop. but you're ready. >> people don't like politics. all about the game of destruction. destroy, destroy. why aren't reporters going around the country looking for solution to problems we face? how come we have schools don't teach our kids?
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people can't find jobs. people live behind four deadbolted doors. not safe to walk around their block at night. how much time is the "washington post" spending on that? zero. deirdre: great to see you. barry bennett, senior campaign trump advisor. all major indices closing in the green. all up as you can see more than 1%, close to it. oil closing at highest level in 2016. getting back near $50 a barrel. apple stocks standing out, hitting a 3-month high. more on apple. part of that 3 1/2% gain may be due to warren buffett's beaker beaker buying one billion dollars -- berkshire hathaway. buying one billion dollars worth. buffett has been vocal not buying tech stocks. he doesn't understand the sector and tough to get a competitive advantage in. he does have two key fund managers at berkshire hathaway who he said made the apple call.
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apple down 27% from this time last year. nasdaq from comparison point, down 4 1/2% from last year. sources say the manager who bought it, probably thought it was a good buy. speaking of tech, bill gates, founder of microsoft is on a al qaeda suggested hit list. military expert tells me how he thinks u.s. government should respond to terrorists threatening business leaders. ♪ this just got interesting. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use, is the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension,
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coverage compass gives you the policy information you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. deirdre: photo montage shows microsoft founder bill gates and pistol and splattered blood is one image al qaeda is featuring in its online propaganda magazine. it is leaders are telling the
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followers to kill high-profile business leaders. the list includes warren buffett, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg and billionaire brothers charles and david koch. for his take how to fight terrorism and this particular type of propaganda. we have a retired green beret lieutenant colonel. welcome back. glad to have you back. how serious is this new kill list? >> well, deirdre, anytime this comes out like in "inspire" magazine which is the magazine of al qaeda, we need to take it seriously. probably what concerns me the most, seems like al qaeda is moving away from their preference for the high-profile spectacular attacks defined them and more towards isis style of attack. isis they don't like terrorism. they like horrorrism, horrific violence on locals to achieve social control. they want you to think they're in your bedroom or your backyard. looks like al qaeda to prove they're relevant or more relevant than isis is taking on the same approach.
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deirdre: obviously bad business when you have two terrorist groups competing with each other for which one can be more inhumane. >> right. deirdre: is there a response that the u.s. government can offer at this point? >> first thing i want to emphasize, you're spot on. that is exactly right. when you have two rival gangs or two groups of thugs trying to prove who is the toughest, baddest guy on the block, the people that lose are the people in the neighborhood. in that case that is the united states and the west. so my response is, we have to open our eyes to the fact that this is how terrorism is trending. it will be become more localized. we have to stop calling it lone wolf attacks and isis inspired and treating what it is, terror 7.0. it will affect law enforcement. it will be much more local and we have to be dialed into that. deirdre: that is a great point to make. that certainly has implications for local police forces and obviously those citizens in particular who were named. i want to ask you, lieutenant colonel, about something that was said on sunday.
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national security advisor susan rice denied that the white house deceived americans about the nuclear deal with iran. here are her comments. >> there is nothing that them or the president or i or anybody who was involved in spaining the iran deal to the american public said that it wasn't factually correct. deirdre: so rice's words follow a "new york times" magazine profile in which deputy national security advisor ben rhodes spun a narrative around the deal and the iranian government in order to sell the deal to the public. so, lieutenant colonel, can susan rice's statement, that is ben rhodes's boss, right? but can her statements outweigh an admission of deseparatetive practices? >> well, i don't think it can. i will tell you, deirdre, i traveled all over the united states from january until now, from albuquerque to boston doing town hall meetings, talking to
5:18 pm
moms and grandmothers what is going on, when we hear these kinds of false narratives as americans, especially from the same crew who spun the benghazi narrative, it is very hard to believe we're being told the straight truth here. in my book, "game-changers," i talk about if we're going to inwith the war, deirdre, we'll have to tell a better story than isis and starts by telling it to our own people and i don't see us doing that. deirdre: that's a great point indeed. larger picture, where can the u.s. go from here with this nuclear deal with iran? >> well, i think it is just a bad deal all together. i would like to seat whole thing scrapped. it is not a good deal. the entire basis for the deal, as we're learning is a false narrative. so how can this be a well-structured deal or something in the united states best interests? iran continues to foment instability in yemen and syria and other places. it's a bad deal. i tell you where we can go. we can scrap this thing and
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start looking at them as an enemy of the state which they are. deirdre: one of the most damning parts of that report is that even ben rhodes apparently, according to these documents in "the new york times," purported that iran's government was more moderate than in fact it was. lieutenant colonel, thank you so much for the time. glad you're here here. scott mann. looking at 2016 high. the price back around $50 a barrel. goldman sachs said it would be second half of this year. gold and oil trading in tandem. average price of gas, 2.22 per gallon. an 11-cent increase per gallon from month ago. president obama used part of his rutgers commencement speech to criticize a candidate most assumed was donald trump. former senator and current trump supporter scott brown with me next.
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>> not cool to not know what you're talking about. that is not keeping it real or telling it like it is. that's not challenging political correctness. [laughter]. that is just not knowing what you're talking about. deirdre: president obama during a commencement speech at rutgers, making what some are calling a thinly-veiled attack on donald trump. for his thoughts, former massachusetts senator scott brown is with me now. senator, welcome as always. does it surprise you -- >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: that the president use ad commencement speech to take a jab at what we all assume to be a description in that case of donald trump? >> you mean the great divider in chief? of course not. he is in full campaign mode. he is dying to get behind hillary eventually but he can't out of courtesy to bernie and his supporters.
5:24 pm
he will take a swipe at donald trump, very concerned about donald trump and what he is going to do when it is between hillary and donald. i didn't expect anything less, to be honest with you. if i was parent i probably would have walks out. >> i personally was surprised during a commencement speech that is normally for the students, for them, feel good moment, congratulations for them and their families. i want to ask you, senator. because you understood the appeal of donald trump earlier than most and there are new reports that former presidential nominee mitt romney is still trying to recruit a third party can diet. in fact former candidate john kasich, nebraska senator ben sasse, are choices that have come up. john kasich of course, saying that someone reached out to him. he would not say whom. feels like it is time to move past this third party candidate idea, right? >> yes.
5:25 pm
of course. that door is closed. there is no white knight coming in or great knight or new person or anybody who is going to save the party or save the presidency from donald trump. it is going to be donald trump versus hillary clinton. and what i tell people like mitt romney and others, hey, listen, hang tight, step back for a minute. let things settle. let us go to the convention. let's see who donald trump picks as vp and in his cabinet. people he will surround himself with. i refer back to ronald reagan. yes he did have some political experience but also dubbed as actor from hollywood when he started to get into politics. he surrounded himself with great people in his first term as president. i don't have any doubt that is going to be happening also with mr. trump. he will surround himself with very qualified people. people can actually make a judgment to see if they're going to move forward to support trump or clinton. deirdre: that makes sense. speaking of eyeing the general
5:26 pm
election as you say is going to be donald trump versus hillary clinton, unless there are curveballs we can't call from here. she president clinton in charge of revitalizing the economy. here is her comments on that. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy because he knows how to do it. [cheers and applause] especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of other country that have really been left out. deirdre: senator, that was this weekend. she was asked today if bill clinton would have a place in her cabinet. she said no and moved on. so is she just trying to put feelers out to see if this would work? how do you see this from a strategic point of view? >> sure of course. it is all campaign rhetoric. trying to go back to yesteryear, what people don't recognize is that the republicans put forth
5:27 pm
the tax cuts and other streamlining of the federal government, lowering the monies used by the federal government and that actually jump-started the economy back then. bill clinton went along reluctantly. we're not going back to bill clinton being in charge of anything to do with he revitalizing our economy. the biggest challenge is the we have the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialed world. we have to have certainty with the regulatory and tax situation to people plan three to six to nine years, not three to six to nine months. it is common sense. hillary clinton and barack obama and democratic party are biggest basically prohibittores to our economy really taking off. deirdre: let me ask you senator, while i have you, you just spoke obviously about debt, but u.s. household owed trillions. >> yeah. deirdre: i was looking at charts yesterday. between student loans, credit card loans, auto loans and mortgages, there is a record amount. in some cases if you adjust for
5:28 pm
inflation, never have we seen charts like this. so going forward, how do you think donald trump and whoever he appoints will be able to attack that and help people? >> the democrats want to forgive all the debt. free college, free this, free that. that will raise the country's debt even more. when it comes to personal debt, i'm living with my family with one of my daughters who is married. they have a tremendous amount of debt from school loans, mortgages, cars, et cetera. they're living it. we speak about the this regularly. the way to get out of the malaise, is have a create jobs and not have a gdp that is flat. give young people great-paying jobs, not fighting two or three part-time jobs. reducing regulations. getting rid of obamacare in terms of bringing it back to the state. allow cost to go down. allow for competition. there is so many things we can do, but every time we turn around, mower and more
5:29 pm
regulations. fda dealing with drugs. epa dealing with environmental issues. you can to on and on and on. that is the biggest challenge. that is what donald trump is going to address. deirdre: senator, always good to chat with you. thanks for the time. >> thank you. deirdre: senator scott brown with me there. he endorsed donald trump. trump's top campaign advisor tells me what hopes to gain with wednesday's meeting at facebook with mark zuckerberg. ahead of that trump's top celebrity "apprentice" geraldo rivera with me next. each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... 're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. burning, pins-and-needles of beforediabetic nerve pain,
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enial jenrition there is responsibility, with that but, they are who they are. and i guess it is possible, i would expects they could figure out some kind of analogue that says. >> that is it, they mead some machines. >> some map. deirdre: people in there, algorithms and humans. >> that is it. deirdre: you have known donald trump for such a long time, what do you make of the fact he is a frontrunner, and how
5:35 pm
he is dealing with press. >> if i can, deal with the current scandal of the day, there seems to be one every day, the thing with donald trump with beauty pagents and how he treated women, first of all. really? you know, kind of i don't understand how they spend so much time on a story this is so insignificant. the "new york times," now their key witness is backtracking saying she was misquoted. one of the reasons that i have been easier on donald trump, in his positions that i find obnoxious, i identify with him, i have confidence him forever, we were both class flirts, we grew up in the locker room, you had easy
5:36 pm
lingo, you called people this is that. deirdre: nonpc . >> pc was invented decades later. i understand, obviously, donald and i found religion, quote, unquote at around the same time, he found melania, and straight ended up his act, and no scandals, i identify with people, he has gone through an evolution. deirdre: i never thought of it from this generational stand point. >> it is context, it is where we were raised, what we heard. it really is, you know, we'll get over it we have. i have straightened out my life, he has straightened out his life, no one is complaining in his personal life as far as i know, yvonna denounced some charges, i think you have to give him some slack in that regard. we're not traditional people,
5:37 pm
he is not a traditional politician. and you know he is i do it by the seat of his pants. deirdre: but also, tapped a lot of enthusiasm that was not present before he showed up. >> because he is not the traditional politician, and politicians have let a lot of people down there is a feeling, a deflated feeling about the establishment, he represents when he represents, he also had a spark of optimism, and energy. that people like you know, i think a reason that people like trump is they want to be like trump, they want to be rich, and successful and energetic they want america to have that optimism and attitude going forward. i think he will be a very formidable candidate, and i believe that hillary clinton will have a very tough time talk dealing with him. deirdre: thank you, reformed class first geraldo rivera. >> i am. deirdre: a quick check of newspaper stocks.
5:38 pm
not affecting the stock up over 1%. largest newspaper company in the u.s., gannett closing slightly over 2%, it owns "usa today," and owns about 12% of the u.s. newspaper market, it made $815 million bid for tribune publishing which also closed higher. fourth largest owner in the u.s. >> one of our gifts last week -- guests last week warned of a bill he said could have turned delaware with a sanctuary state, since our conversation, that bill has been pulled, the senator who made that decision is with mee tme to talk about it to coordinate every aspect of their care. the care manager is making sure
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deirdre: would it give delaware a pass to do its own thing?
5:42 pm
>> you know deirdre the bill states that no law enforcement officer of our state, can stop, search, arrest, detain, any person based on an immigration warrants that is entered into fbi database, even if we have information someone is here illegally and there is an administrative warrant it would law or local and state law enforcement agents from taking that person into custody. deirdre: brian petty john speaking with us last week saying one proposed bill could turn delaware so what he calls a sanctuary state, since that, the bill's cosponsor announced it has been stricken from the agenda, senator townsend is with me now. why was that bill stricken? >> thank you, deirdre, i answer the question, but first thank you for the opportunity for coming to correct the
5:43 pm
record, immigration is a serious issue, we need solutions and we need good reporting, last week's report has several inaccuracy, not just about issue of name of delaware, disspelled but the report described this legislation at new, indicated it would be rushed through the process, the legislation was introduced 12 months ago, and had a committee hearing in june 2015, but we decided not to move it forward, we learned what under lies bill was adopted, universalry by delaware law enforcement agencies there was no need for the legislation, but thank you to come on and correct that. deirdre: we're glad to have you. so, how do you think that delaware, then, in its current state is addressing this issue, which as you say is so important to all citizens? >> police decided to community safety and crime prevention should be the focus of its resources, there are 19
5:44 pm
jurisdictions and states in the country that have adopted, similar policies, the heart is, that, we' witnesses or victims of crimes to come forward, we want people to have trust in the police, to be able to interact with police. not fear being deported because of their legal status,ae resources to focus on crime prevention, and public safety, i have talked with many law enforcement officials in delaware, who said, even if they call official immigration officials, if the crime is is not serious, the federal officials often do not respond that how hard pressed the system is. deirdre: do you think that the police are having an issue approaching machine they -- someone they may think is illegal but forced to then step back, i am thinking of the point of view of police forces. >> i think that police are focused on apprehending
5:45 pm
someone who is committing a crime,er who about to come out a crime or has committed a crime. >> all right, senator we thank you very much, for the time we welcome your setting the record straight with us, state senator brian towns end with us. >> thank you. deirdre: if you follow soccer, you are used to this first major u.s. professional sports team to sell an ad on jerseys, philadelphia 76ers, ceo of the team is with me next.
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deirdre: philadelphia 76ers the first major u.s. professional sports team to sell an ad on a jersey, starting in the 2017 season, ticket company stub hubble have its logo on front left of sixer's game jersey, scott o'neill with me now, you brought in some jerseys. >> i did. what do you think? deirdre: i think they look great. >> not bad. deirdre: it is tastefuly done. >> well said, have another look. deirdre: more personal. >> better. deirdre: all right maybe less taste, there it is. what made you think of it. people who follow soccer. all these different teams, and much bigger, so, is that where you got the idea. >> sometimes you can learn a lot from europe, i have been
5:50 pm
to basketball games over there and football games, and hockey games, and pretty clear, we were nba commissioner is a forward thinking ground breaking guy he agreed with the board to have it ready for 17-18, we wanted to be first. deirdre: you did it. >> two days of first. deirdre: so, revenue that is generated from this how is that split? >> 50% to league, that is fligh between all 30 teams. deirdre: players? >> 50% of revenue. deirdre: as far as stub hub, what was that like work ago are you hearing from ticketmaster, why didn't you ask us? >> right, stub hub has been a partner of ours for 5 years, we look for, is it an indemmic parter in, someone who is in
5:51 pm
and around the game, as opposed to say a toyota truck. stub hub is a fabric of the game, something they believe in, moments and memories, we are both. good value, good system, the president is a little bitient executive -- brilliant executive, we have a lot of shared values. deirdre: there has been a lot of disappointed -- >> it has been a tough few years. deirdre: so, what is going to flip this. >> we're at ground zero now, been 3 years of very difficult portfolio on the court. -- performance on court, we have lottery night tomorrow we have 24th and 26 th pick. we have $50 million in cap space, and free agents, and a few trades. >> new president, will bring it together. deirdre: all right, one prediction? >> next year. deirdre: yes. >> we're going to win more than double the games of this year. deirdre: all right, we'll
5:52 pm
leave it at that, thank you. scott o'neal great to see you. >> thank you. deirdre: philadelphia 76ers ceo. my next guest says don't believe the hype, the trump rallies are not only place where things get unruley, democrats convention turned ugly in nevada. we'll give you more details, and what started it all. >> really? >> it's not good. oh, we have a fight.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
>> we need civility in the democratic party because the whole future of the country is
5:56 pm
at stake. when you boo me, you are booing bernie sanders. go ahead. bernie is my friend. deirdre: bernie sanders supporters interrupted various speakers including senator barbara boxer. so the democratic convention erupted into chaos. supporters demanded a recount after hillary clinton won the nevada caucus. kevin jackson is with me. why isn't this getting as much coverage as some of the protests on the gop side, notably trump? >> well, obvious reasons. the mainstream media doesn't want to report what's really going on with the democrats. in nevada they had all the democrats there because there is nobody to protest on the republican side.
5:57 pm
now they have to turn on each other. one other quick point. there will and lot more of this. bernie sanders is getting screwed over big time by hillary clinton and the dnc. the people in nevada looking at the sanders folks have seeing how the system has been rigged for the elitists and hillary clinton. deirdre: there is a lot of discussion about superdelegates and bernie sanders has said it's completely unfair. donald trump said i'm not a fan of senator sanders but the system is rigged on the democratic side as well. senator sanders said he will stay in the race in california through june 7. then what? >> he's a skunk at the picnic for hillary and the democrats because he's showcasing that
5:58 pm
when you win, you lose when the system is stacked against you. i think the thing sanders is pointing out about hillary clinton being part of the elite class that she can have emails that she gave away secrets and make phone calls at work and not secure. she can have speeches with goldman sachs. i think sanders is have much need on that side. irony is these are the types of allegations the left has always thrown at the right. people like us are the ones that do that. it's clear sanders is going to hang around. and it's not good for the democrats when he hangs around. >> he backs hillary clinton and got into a political debate and it got heated at a hotel at atlanta.
5:59 pm
according to the couple they supported bernie sanders and it became so heated both of them were picked up. is this just the state of play now in american politics. you meet people, you want to have a discussion and all of a sudden you have to be arrested? >> not to be partisan about it, but it's the state of play on the left. you can't have civil discourse with the left. many of my friend on the left will say it's one thing with conservatives, you guys will listen, you are engaging, you want to understand other side. but even when they are supposedly philosophically of the same ilk, he still can't get along. why wendell pierce decided to support hillary versus other people, you would think they could find common ground. deirdre: hopefully a
6:00 pm
conversation that doesn't land both parties in jail. >> it highlights the big divide between the two candidates. you have one guy who is an avowed socialist and he's doing a lot to expose the dirty lawn drive hillary clinton and wendell took offense. deirdre: thank you for joining us. charles payne is here. charles: that never trump movement,er in not going to give up. we are just now learning someone reached out to governor john kasich for a third party bid. someone on the republican side. hillary clinton is not the democratic nominee but she has big plans to bring in her husband. she says bill will be in charge of revitalizing the economy. or will bill clinton be a double-edged sword.


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