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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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conversation that doesn't land both parties in jail. >> it highlights the big divide between the two candidates. you have one guy who is an avowed socialist and he's doing a lot to expose the dirty lawn drive hillary clinton and wendell took offense. deirdre: thank you for joining us. charles payne is here. charles: that never trump movement,er in not going to give up. we are just now learning someone reached out to governor john kasich for a third party bid. someone on the republican side. hillary clinton is not the democratic nominee but she has big plans to bring in her husband. she says bill will be in charge of revitalizing the economy. or will bill clinton be a double-edged sword. the stock market rebounding
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after three state weeks of losses. warren buffet threw in a billion buck. facebook's mark zuckerberg is going to meet with top conservative commentators following media reports the website is suppressing conservative viewpoints. john kasich admitting he was approached by republicans to run against donald trump and hillary clinton as a third party. >> i had a phone call with somebody who wanted me to run as a third party. >> are you considering running? >> no, i'm not going do that. >> i gave it my best where i am. i just think running third party doesn't feel right. i think it's not constructive. charles: doesn't feel right, not constructive. hello, everyone who keeps asking
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john kasich and others. there are still efforts under way to draft some sort of alternative to donald trump. billionaire mark cuban says he was approached the to run against donald trump but he says there isn't enough time. joining me is tammy bruce, eboni williams and ashley, i think the never trump forces won't go away.y linger the more embarrassing for them. are they doing lasting harm to the party. >> they feel that there is a contingency out there that doesn't support trump as the nominee of the party. you can make the argument to that that that could split the vote more in the favor of hillary clinton in the general election.
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but that's why they are still operating. they feel so strongly against them what he doesn't represent in the party. there is two sides to that coin, i think. charles: every election cycle. it's rare that anyone gets the perfect candidate. we saw with happened in the last election cycle, mitt romney when conservatives stayed at home. >> politics in elections like this are competitions between imperfect people. we know this and we all make come pr pro d make compromises. these men who are being approached like to win. they are winners. they are not going to run on a suicide mission to hand the victory to hillary. everyone knows a third person
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running will not win. somewhat is the end game? we are dealing with supreme court nominations, judges, tax cuts. once we get our four feet we can deem with boutique issues. but you cannot retake the supreme court for another 30-40 years. i personally do not want eric holder making decisions on the sisters of the poor case. charles: there is a big difference between staying at home and putting out a third party candidate. people are saying they are both the same. this means hillary clinton wins. there are republicans who are okay with hillary clinton being the next president. >> that says a lot about hillary clinton. she is not done with her primary. charles: you are saying there are people who believe she is more republican than donald trump? >> he's more of a republican than bernie sanders.
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they would feel better and sleep better at night with things the way they have been versus wildcard with donald trump certainly. charles: this under scores with what someone tweeted to me today. i said why don't we call it what x have been calling it, the establishment. >> i think it never trump movement sees this as a choice between a new york liberal and a new york liberal. it's about the branding of the gop as the party goes forward. i think recruiting a third party is not that he stands a chance. it's putting out a coherent conservative message saying donald trump is not the spokesperson for all conservatives. >> is the fight about the party and that private club or the nation and what it's going to require.
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so you have got this internal baseball game about the values and who represents the republican party versus what do we need as a nation separate from the bureaucracy. >> you have got a guy in his personal and business life who has been an exemplar of liberal, democratic ideas. everything he says is just a suggestion. charles: we should bring this up as often as possible. isn't this process about people? people have gone out and voted and made their voices heard in numbers never seen before. at what point are we crossing the line. not we, but anyone associated this, saying there should be a third party. they are dissing the voters in the worst possible way. >> 2016 has become the year of the people. that's the narrative that has been spun. the majority of people voted for
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donald trump in the republican primaries. but what we have seen is such a backlash over the bombastic rhetoric and what the party should look like in if the future. there are conservatives, young people, black people, women involved in the party who say donald trump does not represent me. that wraps we are seeing this divide. when he says everything i say is a suggestion, that doesn't give conservatives republicans, that wide base of people confidence about him as the nominee. >> you now what candidate was talking about a rainbow coalition? marco rubio. and you know what snow's out of this thing. >> he is so we have to work with what we have. >> i think the gop had an opportunity to get on the same accord long ago and decide what their identity was going to be in this election cycle.
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you can suggest they faltered that opportunity and thus they have the candidate they have now. charles: we have gone through the process. ultimately you say i'm going to sign up. and then when he wins we are going to ignore the pledge. >> it's important to note it's not a majority of republican vote he got it's a plurality of the republican vote. charles: but he won. everyone is out. and it's interesting. like this facebook meeting with the conservatives. you had such an uproar over who should be at that meeting and who represents conservatism. i think the party could object broken up into three separate units, but is that right? >> it's and establishment view point to say donald trump is the front runner. charles: when you have sign up for the party and say i'm a registered republican, aren't
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you saying i'll follow the nominee even if it's not my ideal candidate? >> with john mccain a lot of us had to hold our noles to vote for him and mitt romney. we are not going have a perfect individual. this is where you do come together. in this particular instance the shock is it's a person who wasn't chosen by the bureaucracy it was a person chosen by the people and that's why it has been so difficult for so many. if people are coming together, and for people like governor kasich, and especially governor romney. it's moved for romney into a personal realm, if i couldn't win be he shouldn't be able to win. it's a judgment in that regard. but the nation has to come first and the choices the next president will make that will be
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irreversible when it comes to the judiciary of this country. charles: paul ryan made it more complicated. but some people are saying he's something of a hero to a certain niche of the party. but i think to the majority of the party, they are saying, he's the last roadblock. because they are losers. they lost, they can't win. maybe they can disrupt the situation. how much pressure is on paul ryan every single day to jump on board even if it's a simple i support the nominee instead of putting on pom-poms. >> i think it's so much more calculated than that. i think he's setting himself up for 2020. he has bent consistent conservative voice. charles: you are saying he thinks donald trump may run --
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could possibly lose in november, you will get a term of hillary which will be hideous and he will be able to go back out in 2020 saying this is what we should have won with in 2016. >> and that's what lubeio said. this wasn't the year for an optimistic message. i think that's what will play in 2020. i think that's what a lot of it has come down to. >> i think donald trump's message of a strong america, focused decisions, politically correct and clear leadership. if that's not a positive message i don't know what is. this is about lifting people up. it's not about complaining or whining. it's about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. >> here is the problem with the third party rhetoric. it eliminates the opportunity the republicans have to get in
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front of this thing. republicans can get in front of this and take advantage of the fact they have their nominee, now move forward. charles: tomorrow night megyn kelly presents. here is a sneak peak at how the presumptive gop nominee handles power. >> you are oh powerful. >> i don't view myself like that. i'm a person fighting for survival. i view myself now as somewhat of a messenger. this is a massive thing that's going on. millions of people have been disenfranchised from this country. >> it's true but they are listening to you and taking their cue from you. now so close to the oval office the question kiss will you take
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that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less divisive. charles: you can catch it tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. on your local fox station. hillary says she'll put bill in charge of the economy. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one.
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boon for the g -- p and the stock market. but bill clinton has baggage from personal scandals. it's a mixed message. you have got to wonder is bill worth it. she is saying the stock market went through the roof. >> they have to get to the 0 million to win to beat donald trump in the fall. she knows bill clinton is popular in the black community. so she'll try her best to pull that group to the polls so they can win.
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charles: bill clinton didn't look like he's up to the task of revital eyeing the whole country. >> it shows me how tone deaf she is. this is the man who pushed through nafta. when it comes to social situations, forget what's happening with monica and what you tonighta. we are also talking about jeffrey epstein, a registered sex offender. if you wanted to hit donald trump with the war on women card, you better watch out. >> the epstein point is a good one. read through the court record. charles: can you explain? >> this is a multi-billion air
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who was grooming young underaged women, taking them to his house for massages and having sex for them. there is some questions about his political tie. i think what we are finding out first all is bill clinton was on his private plane, the lolita express. that was what he called it. that was the nick name for this plane where he would hook up with underaged girls. charles: i remember the trips and see this ia very powerful guy. the news today is he was on even more time. so there is the question of a cover-up. virginia robert met epstein at mar-a-lago and donald trump described epstein as a friend, too. charles: the last bill who was this dangerous in the white
6:20 pm
house was jimmy carter's brother billy. >> i worked on the clinton campaign in '2. i wanted -- in '92. she is running to say to be the first woman president. then she says but i'm going to handoff one of the most important jobs of the presidency to the man. i'm going to give the heavy lifting to the guy. it was extraordinary when the argument is we can do this, the first woman president had better be able to do it. it would be like giving up being command i are in chief to a guy it was and doarg that kentucky audience. almost as though saying don't worry about me economically, i'll give to it my husband. i don't want the first lady-man to be handling the economics of this country. >> the "wall street journal" art
6:21 pm
cal came out about the clinton global initiative getting subsidies. >> what we are going to see is both the clinton's cam and trump cam playing against each other negatively. what hillary does know about bill's draw is it will bring these minorities out. what the democrats do know is white anger is in red states more so than not. the real battle is how many of their constituencies can they get out. charles: that secures a space like new york and the ohios. there are predictions the democratic-kentucky primaries tomorrow night. this could be it. if bernie sanders wins one more of these things, you cannot get rid of this guy. if hillary does win tomorrow
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night maybe there will be a big move. sweet home kentucky a lot more important than anyone thought it would be.
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ask. >> your governor did such a great job, on your current governor is trying to undo it all. yes, it is, ma'am. with time people stopped listening to republican propaganda about the economy. agitation and healthcare. because of medicaid which this governor expanded, hundreds of thousands of working kentucky yabs have healthcare for the first time. charles: that was hillary clinton today clash with protesters and advocating for the expansion of medicaid. this as supporters head to the
6:26 pm
polls tomorrow. trump is looking ahead to november, and now he's searching for a running-mate. he said earlier. van, you always talk about this data. and donald trump completely blew you out of the water. it's not about the data, it's about the candidate. barack obama had it in 2008. just be yourself and he will win this thing. >> after he said that the campaign came out with a statement to yeact he said. there were 9 million eligible voters in 2012 who didn't vote. i get a kick out of the republicans who say he won 93% of the republican vote in 2012.
6:27 pm
he did of those who showed up. here is a key point. his technology platform didn't even work on election day. we cannot take a chance. why take a chance. have a good robust technology platform. independent will be more important than any election in our lifetime. technology will make a big difference. charles: hillary was a little boisterous. charles: that was her version of passion. that was energy. how dare you keep listening to these gop talking points? >> i think what she is in kentucky and there is a reason. in june of last year she was 44 paints ahead of bernie sanders,
6:28 pm
now she is 35. this is a sea change. partly because of her coal comments. she is getting heck manied at her own events. but she is missing the human connection to the nature of what she is saying. this is what people realize, they can't connect with her. people of kentucky understand she is not someone who can be trusted. she is trying to overcome this by pointing to the republicans but it won't work. >> she has the same challenge here. if she is unable to tap into that deep-seated democratic party base, she'll also struggle in november. i think she has been worried about rebuilding the obama coalition. charles: i don't know what bernie is going to do. if he wins kentucky to your
6:29 pm
point after being down 44 points, hillary, i remember reading about her crying in new hampshire and having a breakdown. >> you had the convention in nevada and california. and it's not just a cliche'. the system is rigged. people are realizing their votes perhaps don't matter. this is as reckoning for people on both sides. when this is done, what do we want to do with the party. in a normal world he would be chosen as the vice presidential candidate because he represents the party but not bureaucracy. charles: the enthusiasm gap between republicans and democrats, i think he's the only possible solution. >> independents again. she is not someone appealing to many people in the middle. charles: facebook ceo mark
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charles: facebook ceo mark zuckerberg going to meet with conservative pundits following reports that facebook is
6:34 pm
suppressing conservative news. with 1.6 billion people active on this site. this has major impacts on anything political and beyond. here to discuss it, eric erickson and van hipp are back. with the innighting and civil discourse within the republican party, this should unify all republicans and conservatives, the idea facebook, the most powerful media company in the world suppressing thoughts and ideas. >> they reached outta to a number of people, i'm one of them. i can't go to the meeting, but they did reach out to me as well. i think there are editors in the news trading section who have a liberal bias. it's a bunch of millennial liberals who live in new york
6:35 pm
and went to the ivy league. >> they invited you and the point a lot of people will say, we knew they invited eric because they have invited a lot of the anti-trumpers. >> they are inviting donald trump's campaign as well. i'm not sure who else. those are the media names i heard. but donald trump is sending someone as well. charles: barry was on with deirdre bolton. >> when it comes to business issues they should have their opinion. on non-business issues they have to act like what they are. they are the world's largest publisher and reporters don't make political donations or join political causes. reporters play down the middle and that's where they need to be. charles: he is invited. he's going. he's a social media whis.
6:36 pm
-- whiz. he did a lot with ben carson on facebook. what kind of responsibility does facebook have? >> an enormous responsibility. mark zuckerberg is the 6th wealthiest man in the world in is no doubt if you look at the recent shares he issues. one of the things those shares allow him to do is maintain control of the company while running for elective office. having said that, to your point, barribar -- barry bennett is a brilliant strategist. i am confident wednesday hopefully there can be some coming together. charles: do you think mark zuckerberg has got -- the audience should know, the company has donated far more
6:37 pm
money to democrats and than republicans. but the employees overwhelmingly have donated to hillary. >> this is like a congressional hearing, there will and lot of the to-do about it and nothing will happen. there is also corporate culture. while there might not have been a direct statement about one should do, they can look t to te top and see what mr. zuckerberg cares about. you will have young people attracted to that culture and will shut down things with which they disagree. this ways has to be addressed. i don't think in zuckerberg cared it in was caught. and the evidence out there that it occurred. they are going to have to figure out how to keep that from happening again. he will have to give that up as the controller of facebook. it has to be fair. charles: jim demint will also be
6:38 pm
at the meeting. >> i agree with what tammy said. he's been caught. he's in damage-control mode. let's live stream this video on facebook so all conservatives can read the body language and see how he's reacting. have some data analytic all-stars from the conservative side. and who warned us about mitt romney's failed system. when zuckerberg starts talking about his algorithms, they can double down and ask questions. >> they should be answering to shareholders. not just conservatives. charles: mark zuckerberg may not care.
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charles: markets rebound add three state weeks of losses. warren buffet put a billion dollars into stocks.
6:42 pm
charles: the stock market rally led by warren buffet making a billion dollar investment in apple. all after sudden warren buffet
6:43 pm
is in technology. nasdaq was the best-selling index because of those names. 110 names on the new york stock exchange made new 52-week highs. nasdaq has 62 stocks at 52-week lows. let me bring in my buddy steve cortez. from february 11, the markets made this remarkable rally. now it seem like it need some sort of spark on where to go next. >> i think that to some degree view his in the overall market, this is the eye of the storm. we'll do an incredible front end of the hurricane in january. people couldn't sleep at night. now thing have calmed down. i think the second half of the storm still when cons.
6:44 pm
i happen to like apple a lot. so i am not negative on everything. overall i think time to be cautious. charles: initially you weren't a fan. there was an article in the atlantic, a left-leaning publication. we want to hear all voices, what you would say to someone who says donald trump's plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrant would cost $600 million. what do you say about that? >> you are exactly right. i come late to the trump train. early enough, i hope. but i speak with the zeal of a convert. he persuaded me. here i the main thing when it come to economics going forward and donald trump. we don't just have a frayed deficit and budget deficit. we have a growth deficit.
6:45 pm
the on cad who seriously addressed it is donald trump. we'll massively cut taxes on flatten the tax code. we'll simplify regulation. charles: those are the low-hanging fruit aspects of it. what about some of the other promises that are made, including the deportation. i looked at the numbers and i know illegals take more out of our economy than they put in. is it worth $billion to deport them and have them stand in line. >> as an hispanic, legal immigration is a huge net possible tough to the economy. i agree with donald trump that we have a broken bored and broken system. both of those need to be addressed for economic security reasons. massive deportation to me is a problem. my guess is that was more of a
6:46 pm
campaign posture than a campaign solution. but i'm confident in term of growth, he's the man who will institute policies that will lead to not 2% growth which you endured for two years. but 3, 4, 6% growth. charles: i don't think people realize how the fees and regulations has been a true tax on every single thing they spend their money on day in and day out. coming up, the attacks against donald trump ramping up from the left. hillary clinton has thrown a few daggers. so the mainstream media is piling on. we'll have the details next.
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charles: this is a complicated world, my friends. what bothers me about donald trump is hey proven to be a loose cannon. it's not just what he says being offensive, although it is it's risky and dangerous. charles: that's hillary clinton taking a shot at hillary clinton. but she is not the only one scaling up her attacks. left-leaning publications laishing it on big time recently. joining me, steve rogers and eric rogers. the big news was this northern times piece, the hit piece on donald trump. but it's not the only one. but that was at the forefront today. >> it was. it shows there is no credibility there. as soon as it was released we
6:51 pm
had miss lane coming out saying she was completely taken out of context. charles: when you read it, it wasn't a real journalistic piece to begin with. >> it didn't make me change my views or opinions of him. they had to go back 20 years to find quotes that weren't that bad anyway. charles: hillary clinton laying it on hard and heavy, but she sounds like she is grasping at straws. >> here is the point. i have been racking my brains trying to figure out what to give the passengers on the trump train to read, and it's the "new york times." they enabled these women to come out and finally tell people about donald trump and his relationship to women which is respectful and good.
6:52 pm
hillary clinton can say all she want but the truth came out of the mouths of those women in that story. charles: when you see these attacks on donald trump from the left and you have been a prominent never trump guy, does it get you thinking golly, i can't be for the left to hate him so much and despise him so much. is there something there to cause you to rethink your position? >> at the risk of jeopardizing my street credit. i read the "new york times" statement and i was befuddled. we'll see the "new york times" trot out hit after hit. today what attacks donald trump is going to make on hillary clinton and why they are probably going to fail. that was an actual story in the "new york times" today. >> the liberal media is worried
6:53 pm
donald trump is going to win the general election. they want to swing the general election away from his favor. charles: eric, you have got a chance to come on and make that decision now. >> it sounds like you may have had an epiphany there. >> i have the seat ready for you on the trump train. come join us. >> i can call ball and strikes on both sides, hating them all. charles: thanks a lot. coming up, we have new data showing murder rates are soaring across this country. the big question is, is this part of the so-called ferguson effect? we have been warned it was going to happen. it's an economic problem, a lifestyle problem, an american problem next.
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charles: a huge spike in crime across the country. homicide rates are up again this year. in major cities like las vegas, dallas, and chicago. he links it to what he calls the ferguson effect. we had stand down orders from baltimore to new york city, joining me now, before i get to you, there is a story in chicago tribune that broke my heart, 10 slain, 16 wounded in chicago over the weekend, including a 16-year-old girl, she was stabbed in the heart at 7:30 p.m. saturday. you know. i just when we say -- we get
6:58 pm
these notions that somehow police are the bad guys, the problems they are forced to do less police work, it is the poor citizens that pay the rice, right? >> you are right, one thing i was going to talk about with regards to that story you just mentioned and data compiled by richard rosen fields with this study, his data does not go far enough, he did not look at the black on black murder rates and what is driving it? why is that important? because if you look at amount of homicides, in certain communities in the country, i have studied his data, you will find, that only in certain cities was there a spike in homicide rate, not in all cities. we look at that and stop 10 cities but problem what is driving it? and comey said it was result
6:59 pm
of the viral video element. that is one element. but the problem is there are many other elements and variables that go with that. charles: i know also, steve, you know, 200,000 blacks left chicago from 2000-2014, they were not poor black people, they had good jobs, good educations, but they could not live in this community any more. >> rod is spot on about another element, this political interference, police officers are unable to do their jobs via community policing, and proactive policing, when i was a cop, you would go out, you know who is in a neighborhood, you could go to someone if they did not belong there, and say, what are you doing here, you stop a motor vehicle, you would take that traffic violation a little bit further, you would find drugs or guns, but they don't, they
7:00 pm
have to protect their pensions and their lives knowing that politicians are not watching their backs. charles: long beach, california up, and dallas up, appreciate you coming up. here is lou dobbs. lou: i am lou dobbs, anti-trump hitting a wall. republicans also "new york times" has let me see, how i can put this. they screwed up, with an attempted sensational story, a hit piece on donald trump. "new york times" report on trump's relations with women over history, falls apart the moment it is


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