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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  May 17, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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stuart: a big test tomorrow, congressman randy forbes, republican from virginia. he was seen in those classified documents about a ran's treatment, if we see it, it will shock the nation, 9:00 tomorrow morning. it is yours. ashley: thank you very much. stocks selling off right here. bear with me. day by day, the latest fear that the federal reserve is back, buoyed by strong data on everything from industrial production, home construction, housing starts, short-term treasuries which are a good barometer out of the market, they have been rising, the yield has been rising on expectation that interest rates are going to follow them and maybe home depot and what we have been seeing out of the retail arena including
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t.j. maxx as well, they are not all retailers having problems, both companies reporting better than expected results. not only home depot which was rising on expectations but we have also got unexpectedly good news out of her when the ceo and cfo were buying shares but they were buying shares convinced that it would be a very good travel season. at all of that up and you can understand why the federal reserve in san francisco also, john williams indicating he could see two or three rate hikes this year and all of a sudden a gimmick that we were not going to see any rate hikes changed. today. that is the sentiment today. 45 points. there is something else going on, kentucky and oregon holding their primaries. the republican race is settled but the democratic one even though it looks settled is far
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from resolved. amicable relations between the two premier candidates. what is at stake for each? hillary clinton and bernie sanders? you hear from a lot of bernie sanders supporters who say we can still win it. i am fairly good with numbers and i don't know, there is a technical way to thread that needle but man oh man they would have to pile on 90% wins in the remaining contests. >> math is hard but not that hard. it is virtually impossible beyond the hail mary play, if he thinks he is going to win this in any way, shape or form, winning 90% of the delegates remaining, persuading superdelegates to switch sides, don't know why he thinks he can do that after trashing them this entire season, it is over and the question is how painful does he want to make it for hillary clinton on his way out. i think he can negotiate a
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strong democratic convention, he can negotiate and should negotiate a role for himself on the party platform but what else does he want and how painful does he want to make it? i argue he wants to see donald trump, he should realize it is not impossible to predict, he will not be the nominee. he should pack it up and go home. neil: one of the arguments for sanders staying in the race, she could fold, she could get indicted. what do you think? >> it is a good argument for that. i don't know about breeding off of the story these days from expert saying it is not prosecuteable or to present a pattern as a criminal and she is going to walk away. we really don't know, there
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could be an indictment, something released, a report that is politically damaging and i think sanders winning 12-10 in the last 12 contests is still getting 30,000 people at events like last week, believes he would have to be the stand in for hillary should there be a big emergency and she has to step away from the nomination and that is why he is stepping in. he is losing money and had to cut staff but he has momentum and he is keeping his supporters buoyed. he is never going to say it but -- neil: on how it looks when hillary clinton and their surrogates put out possible vp lists, just me saying this so it is a moot point. why can't they just throw bernie sanders on that list of potential running mates to flatter the guy, make them think we are so impressed with what you have done we are going to include you on that list?
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everyone else is on it but i always begin to wonder whether when you see someone like elizabeth warren and all these others who galvanize the same passion before bernie sanders, does that hurt? >> he is not on the list because he is a thorn in her side. neil: i acknowledge that. told you it was a kooky idea, but i think it hurts the sanders folks's feelings to say you mean the guy brought all this passion out and you are not even thinking of him as a potential running mate? >> the highlight here the fundamental problem with a sanders/clinton dynamic, how do they unify all these voters? would it require putting sanders on the vp list? what does it require to bring the sanders voters in? unlike 2008 when there was a divide between clinton and obama, this year it may be more difficult to have that quick and
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relatively easy unification we saw in 2008 it could be harder this time because there are fundamental differences between the two campaigns and their philosophies. as much as she tried to skew herself to the left. neil: i think they hate each other. not to the degree that some fear they can't patch this up, but i can remember a lot of hillary clinton backers eight years ago when they realized she wasn't going to win, some got very upset. they didn't go along with it but in the end she showed a great deal of class and was very magnanimous, do you picture bernie sanders doing something like that if it comes to that? >> i don't know because his entire record in the senate is not a record of a team player. it is up to him, what he wants to signal to his supporters. if he says we thought this fair and square, more people voted for her, we could try again in
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four to eight years but right now -- neil: he is already at 112. >> whether elizabeth warren or somebody else, it is up to him to demonstrate that kind of grace for lack of a better word. if he is serious about defeating donald trump he should pack up what is now a vanity project. i was not supporting either of them in the primary, when the mass became clear to me that it is everybody else i understand the reality. he has got to get out. neil: it works both ways. sanders folks are forever scratching their head, they have the superdelegate thing, everyone knew the rules but in state after state that he has won when you factor the superdelegates the best he can draw is a draw. they win and all of a sudden they have to split the delegates
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or even lose delegates. they are frustrated by that and they don't see hillary clinton acknowledging that. hillary clinton has the big popular vote lead, he has lately got the momentum but little delegatewise to show for it. >> a totally different system on the republican side, the rnc changed the rules to rig the system in favor of the front runner. it was rigged in donald trump's favor, not against them so the front runner could clean up sooner and become the nominee sooner. in the case of democratic side it is proportional so it is a slow frustrating's loss. neil: that means donald trump has more delegates than the popular vote. very interesting. >> if you look at unification, julie is right, susan said there are policy differences between
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sanders and hillary that were not there or as a parent or as significant between obama and hillary but she has presidential ambitions, she has to be mrs. party unity because she had a future. sanders just joined. look, he could come out and be an enthusiastic campaigner, running around helping obama is a different story. neil: you think they can come by our at the end? all the parties -- >> democrats always do tend to unify in the end, you have bernie sanders winning all the way to hillary clinton's nomination. some sore losers in july in philadelphia. neil: that should be great coverage. thank you very much. switching to the other side
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donald trump, a moot point with these primary that are still ongoing, he has wrapped it up. he is the presumptive nominee, maybe tonight or next week he could statistically have the delegates he needs before getting to june. having said that if he is the present of nominee you can understand why democrats are unloading now, the mainstream media having a field day with him and a lot has to do with the fact that donald trump has been telegraphed, who is stacking up, a couple names, no economic dream team that we know of but maybe charlie gasparino does. i think he needs for lack of a better word streak read to fight the activation that he is the lone ranger on this. >> one of the problems donald has is he hasn't formulated a coherent, he is saying a lot of stuff particularly on taxes but keeps waffling back and forth saying maybe he will negotiate
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it down. that is part of the problem. he is also protectionist and if you experience people that could coming and calm the markets the vast majority of them are not protectionists but i did put together a little list. i tell you what i hear, this is what i keep hearing, possible treasury secretary, people like carl icon the corporate raider. steve nugent, the campaign finance manager, anthony scaramucci, the hedge point guy, as the donald called him, on that list i would put scott brown, smart guy, knows about economics, got to throw john, the former head of merrill lynch on the list and henry keeps popping up. we should point out he has said numerous times including to foxbusiness he doesn't want the job. carl icon doesn't want the job.
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neil: you have a kitchen cabinet, men and women who are well respected a well thought of and some are controversial within the financial community as we can remember president bush assembling such a team without naming cabinet per se early on to show his credit with the investment community but donald trump is not -- we are at the point where he needs to. >> absolutely right and he is going to, they are putting together an economic advisory team or a group of economic people which i think will be used to fund raise for the street but the problem he has, donald is running look at his rhetoric, don't take it from me, he is running a different republican campaign. he is out there talking protectionism, waffling on his tax cuts, expanding the budget rather than saying how do we make big government smaller.
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i don't know who -- none of these guys i mentioned stands for any of that i must point out from an economic standpoint. i am just saying this is going to be an interesting pick, fascinating how he comes up with these guys. it is possible because you hear this already all these guys are saying donald -- all the protection stuff, he will be a conservative when he gets to the general election when he becomes president. that is a hard sell. this will be really interesting because he is playing by a different book. maybe it is a book that works in the election but it will be hard to put together mainstream economic types, preaching protectionism and all over the place with taxes and spending. that is a very difficult thing but we will see. we asked whether he liked it, he said he does get the job as treasury secretary donald mentioned his name. he said no but left the door
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open. neil: they are all saying no and coming up. what helped them, barack obama, warren buffett liked what you were saying. a lot of top executives at goldman sachs. it does give you a little more sheen blues not that donald trump was desperately needed given that. but to assuage those who are concerned including the financial times today, a global trade war. >> mark cuban said it would go down 20%. there is some fear here. neil: cuban is on that list that includes third-party alternative candidates, he is denying that, disputing that, said that is not going to happen but he is making some noise. thank you very much. in case you didn't know
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payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! neil: this is a sign that this will be the most consequential election in american history. 7 inches of snow in northern maine. you think that is a fluke? no. guess at your own risk. a cold front went through combined with rain but it was below freezing and turned into snow. in the meantime have you been
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watching venezuela? it completely tanked into civil war, out of control. the government the promised everything and anything it can for everyone in the country courtesy sticking the tab on the rich, falling apart as we speak and it's president saying the united states is to blame for fomenting this unrest when it might be his programs, and this country is a basket case. eventually you run out of money. >> implosion is understating it. this is a first world martin country that is literally falling apart. look at these images, images you only see in wartime types of environments. no medicine, no food, no energy, skyrocketing suicide rates, 70% poverty and it is not because there is not a lot of wealth in
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venezuela, the biggest oil and natural gas reserves in the world. the problem is ideas that shape the country or shape the culture and these socialist ideas, that what caused the country to tank. neil: it is out of control because he declared a 60 day state of emergency, the equivalent of martial law being led by the united states to bring venezuela to its knees. a convenient way to shift the problem and the blame from your self to the united states but this has killed a lot of people in the first three months of this year. almost 4700 in the last year. more than 17,000. this is the kind of thing that spreads like wildfire. >> they have been blaming, always called the united states the great thing, the capitalist satan. this was supposed to be 20th century socialism for the masses.
12:21 pm
his programs giving away state subsidies, nationalization, elimination of property rights caused this. venezuela was once a prosperous country, middle-class was prosperous, wealthy class, that completely eliminated under hugo chavez and his successor and anyone with any sense left the country especially the business people and it is in a world of hurt, inflation in hundreds of percentage, widespread poverty because of socialist ideas which have been adopted and seem to be growing in popularity here at home. neil: people to pay it, poor and middle-class do not pay taxes so the burden was left to the rich. tell me if it sounds for -- familiar and they ran out of money because they ran out of the rich. >> the producers got up and left, not just individuals but the companies. we have been seeing this for many years. all the companies that left, you have runs on toilet paper for
12:22 pm
example, no beer, beer is the least of it, the medicine, daily staples have become scarce. these are scenes out of wartime and this happen not because of the tremendous amount of wealth but because of the socialist ideas that it is in the pickle it is in. neil: you promise everything to everyone eventually you have to find a way to pay for it and the money runs out and then you are in a heap of trouble and in the middle of a civil war. keep an eye on it and also keeping an eye on home depot, stock is down but beat expectations, well telegraphed at of time but whatever is ailing these other retailers like jcpenney and a host of others it is not happening at home depot. that is good for me because i am one handy guy. i love going there and saying i would like that item that is 75 feet above my head. home depot gets it was what about the rest of the retail sector? the good and the bad.
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neil: you probably thought amazon was the only retailer making money but then you got the news out of home depot and t.j. maxx, marshall's beating expectations, raising guidance 10% in the past year. reminders even though there are fewer than the whole bunch especially when you consider macy's, kohl's and jcpenney, still retailers who can get the job done but very few. what do you make of that, between those who are getting it and making money and those who are not? >> it is all about value. the consumer is pushing the
12:27 pm
value button and thinking about if i'm in my home after the real estate crash of 2008-9 i have to stay for a long time. what is my smartest move? to fix up my house. a long story coming, t.j. maxx is the same idea. people are looking for value. amazon in the same idea. you are seeing value and seeing things like more bang for your buck. that is why people are not going anymore or looking for luxury items. they are looking more for building value over time. neil: you always wonder whether amazon has gotten ahead of itself. they had their rise and fall. did this ride too much? shouldn't close on an amazon shareholder but do you ever wonder? >> amazon is one of those names like apple was a number of years ago where it was way ahead of itself but it is ahead of itself in so many ways when thinking about the future, delivery, the
12:28 pm
consumer, a different world than we live in now. that is harder to look at and say that is right and i should buy it for value. amazon is a much bigger story, future value, something like home depot or lowes reporting tomorrow or walmart which will be a big one. neil: you might have heard mark cuban say if donald trump became president expect cell off of 20%. he is basing that on the idea that trump would be a protectionist, chinese goods and the like and be very bad for global business. do you share that? >> i am not a trump supported. i hope for personal reasons he doesn't get elected president but from the standpoint of where i stand now and being a business owner myself i don't think there would be a lot of confidence to wall street.
12:29 pm
it is a big question-mark in a lot of ways and that turns people like more of the same, hillary or anyone else, wall street a little more confident that will continue where they have been. neil: very judiciously put. thank you very much. in the meantime this back and forth on the president using a venue of college graduation at rutgers to really go out after donald trump but besides -- among the themes in the speech was donald trump has no credible experience, no idea how the world is run. no offense to the president but before he came in neither did he. after this.
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>> who do you trust more to leave the republican party? donald trump, 58; paul ryan 39. >> the person that has been in the party is the person to lead our party. >> he is not quite convinced he can support the guy that is going to lead the party. a survey that too is best at leading the party or who is leading the party.
12:34 pm
by a 20% margin, donald trump. the inevitable what? >> i just assumed that he is recognizing reality. fingers crossed, you are probably thinking let's hope that he is trustworthy and can win in november. >> i think that a lot of republicans, even those are doing so grudgingly. looking for the alternative. it could you worse. i think that there is a knee-jerk reaction to rally around their own guy even if you have your own reservations. blasting donald trump without once naming him. i thought that it was once tacky. i knew parents whose son was
12:35 pm
graduating. they found it a sense of, even though they were excited that the president was coming to the graduation. what do you think? >> i suspect that it is just politics as usual. your number one thought is, let's hope it is not a one-hour speech and we can get out of this quickly veered a frustration that a lot of people have with this political season. the best argument is donald trump. the best argument for the trumpets hillary clinton. probably in all of our history. >> saying all the things that donald trump was moving around this. you just cannot pull policies out of thin air. you also mentioned how much experience counts. senator barack obama. has not been in office very
12:36 pm
long. virtually no background experience. is that a bit hypocritical? >> a bit hypocritical, but, again, that is what politicians do. if you are doing the wrong policies, that explains why we have the worst recovery since the great depression. numbers are in the toilet. it is big government having bad consequences. for all i know, maybe trump does as well. we have no idea. he is sort of a blank slate. neil: maybe i am the only one that is looking at it to the degree i am. i understand that part of that is concerned that this would totally upend his policies. donald trump got in there. hillary clinton, if she were the nominee, would continue to be
12:37 pm
barack obama alike. i just cannot put a finger on it here. the start of the political establishment. mostly barack obama. >> it is nothing else. trump represents the fact that the american people -- what is happening in washington. that is a part on president obama. for perhaps the reason we just discussed. congressional republicans. getting along with obama instead of fighting a lot of initiatives. they are very concerned about the economic future. there is a sense of unease. we may be drifting to be more like greece. they want something to be done. the voters have thrown a grenade into the portal called world.
12:38 pm
maybe they will blow up on ourselves. maybe blow up on the other team. probably not reflecting well. neil: all right. dan mitchell. good seeing you again. just a review where we stand. we have a isis rising. we have latin america dissolving as we speak. you have the tram 11 virus. you have the civil war. we may not have enough money to keep going in countries like greece. more bills than they can hope to pray. we are talking about adjusting all of our bathrooms to deal with the transgender crisis. okay. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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shares down about 30% this year. moving onto pandora. pandora has a big investor. a 9.9% stake in pandora. it is a technology fund. really encouraging the company. reworking the company itself. stocks have been down this year. about 45%. more cavuto. ♪
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>> yes, it is back. overwhelming popular demand. a segment that gives you the opportunity to take a look at what is moving on technology. who better to get on top of this than our very own dagen mcdowell. very technology savvy. i do not understand it. getting into the -- dagen: this is what they are doing. neil: all my god. it is not that thing, is it? dagen: yes, it is. you can now watching the youtube video and virtual reality. it is a new update. this is for the iphone. the virtual reality on your iphone has been very lacking. google has now made all of this on youtube. all you have to do is get one of these cardboard headsets.
12:44 pm
which i was wearing earlier. you go to the upper right-hand corner of your youtube app and you hit cardboard and you get that split screen that you need to watch it and virtual reality. i was watching my man, jimmy page, live 1975. it was a very pleasant experience. neil: you do or do not see things in 360 degrees. dagen: at the video has to be shot with a special camera in order for you to do that. this is more like a fancy viewmaster, you find her. i am trying to find something that can relate to your age bracket. remember those? those circle photographs and you click, click. you can visit the grand canyon with that. neil: i am going to throw you off the grand canyon. how about that. let's move on to twitter.
12:45 pm
they are sticking this 140 character limit. does that include any pictures that you sent? dagen: they will stop accounting photos and links in the 140 character limit. this is how bad twitter is doing right now. they are struggling so mightily to make it a more user-friendly social media platform. by the way, a loss more than a third of its value this year. it is up 52% in the last 12 months. the links were 23 characters. now they will not count. here is the problem, their ad targeting is so abysmal. i do not know if they just do not have good user data based on the mountains of information that they have, but do not send an ad to me for aftershave. you had a 5050 shot at getting it right and you miss. stuart: i have been used to
12:46 pm
sending pictures. now they will be included in this 140 character thing. less inclined to use twitter. i'm used to doing this and now i cannot do it. dagen: it is not factored in anymore. you get extra characters. that is what they do. >> you only need three or four good -- neil: getting into the 360-degree doing thing with the crackerbox. dagen: they are getting into video. that is a huge move for twitter. twitter. they pay by $10 million. i know that you are going to be there, neil. think of all the katy perry videos that you could watch and virtual reality now. neil: who is katy perry? dagen: where's mary clooney? [laughter] neil: okay, that's it. making her final appearance.
12:47 pm
dagen mcdowell. [laughter] can we have her removed from the building? thank you. [laughter] so many crisis going around the world. venezuela disintegrating into an outright civil war. i do not minimize this whole transgender thing. we are talking about redoing bathrooms and school systems and threatening federal funding if they do not go along. okay. isis standdown. don't attack. we are attacking ourselves. after this. ♪ ♪
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neil: that is a big percentage drop. down about 8%. down more after that doj subpoena. you know how this goes. sort of a drip drip drip with investigations. we will keep on top of it. hillary clinton wants to at least split the fight going on in kentucky and oregon. she could pull out a victory in a state like kentucky. jeff flock in kentucky with what the odds are right now. >> exactly. it is a close primary. the turnout will probably be pretty low. i always try to come to an empty polling place.
12:52 pm
it is probably pretty empty and a lot of places. we are hearing that republicans are ready did their caucus. this is an important state for hillary clinton to stop the momentum of bernie sanders. our campaign stops here. would not be in the candidate. a significant role. addition, super packs have gotten into this. the treatment of jim mccarthy. donald trump in his own words. the element is speak. it features tom old trump's own words the mouth with folks like you and me. the delegate. fifty-five here today. it is interesting. you put up the numbers on what they've got.
12:53 pm
she cannot get it. they split the rest of the delegates moving forward. she cannot get over the magic number. the superdelegates, of course, she gets over it very easily. it will cause those delegates to change their motto. neil: is that the argument for the sanders folks? he is the last guy standing. breaking the numbers down. have to get 90% plus the remaining states. running over to him. >> if they split the rest of the delegates and it is not unreasonable that they would do, you get particular delegates to change.
12:54 pm
something could change in the race. maybe that could happen. they may not come out. >> thank you very much. you are right. keep us up to date on that, my friend. >> all right. this sudden surge for republicans trying to find a third hardy alternative. and then we have greg abbott about this whole fixation on transgender bathrooms. the governor is not so much here to talk about transgender's as he is the federal government.
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neil: all right. the pen thing on the day, it is taking everything away. stocks are soaring. no way. interest rates in a week anemic environment like we have now. that has been completely reversed today. stocks hanging on the chin as we have news that industrial output rose. home construction is up. all of a sudden yields are up on the treasury build. this was by comments out of the san francisco fed resident john williams opposing member of the so-called fomc. he could the rates going up, two, maybe three times this year. two, maybe three times. not just one and done. that would be extended rate hikes for the election-year. given the numbers that we have
12:59 pm
seen of late in the unexpected strength that we have seen on the likes of home depot, maybe there is room to indict. all of a sudden everyone is like, they're going to hike. then we have a big selloff. other big worries for economists. that includes donald trump. a good many of them are concerned as he became president we would be in the middle of a trade war with china. some would welcome that development, others are worried about the unpredictability after that. steve cortez, of course, a guy that would set all these development closely. how worried are you that concerned must be when you hear the chinese upset about it, when you see the natural time just today, again today, talking about a very likely trade war that would start with a president trump. how likely is that?
1:00 pm
>> first of all, i am glad that the chinese are met. the chinese should be worried. is it -- it is about time we act like we hold all the cards, which we do. we need real free trade. we do not have that right now with china. i am so glad that donald trump is willing to get tough. you have to at least threaten a trade war. to get to free trade. to three and fair trade. would we actually have a trade work? no, i do not think so. i think that the chinese will buckle will wait come to the table and asked her to real things. chinese market simply are not open to american businesses anywhere near the extent we are open to them. the second thing is, they need to stop stealing. they are stealing our intellectual property. until they get real and fair about intellectual property, we cannot have an open trade agreement right now. neil: sometimes i think that the threat of a trade war is a good enough thing. remember the defense shield
1:01 pm
brought the soviet union to the table. whatever they called it back in. sometimes the dread can do the job. what do you make of that? >> i think that it is exactly that. this is one of the reasons why having an entrepreneur like donald trump in the white house will be so effective. someone that knows the art of the deal. often times you have to throw out, at least in the initial stages, some disastrous consequences and that we dial back from there. the chinese cannot even remotely afford to have a trade war with the united states. because of that, they will come around to make fair and balanced trade relationships. which we just do not have right now. neil: we have the fair and balanced thing. >> just like fox. we need to have something. we cannot just have the
1:02 pm
character. we need to realize that this is almost a parent-child relationship. we have a child that we are unwilling to discipline. neil: we figured that we need them more than they need us. they own so much of our debt. it would be interesting just to say. we will see. >> i think that that is upside down. the paradox of large-scale indebtedness, actually, we have china by the short hairs. if i owe you $10 million, you have a problem. that is a feat that the chinese presently occupy. we are wary and scared of them when we should not be. we need to crack down on their corruption. i cannot emphasize enough. trade secrets. software. making a chicago alderman blush. there is something we can do about it. neil: and earlier play, you owe them a lot of money. you on the bank.
1:03 pm
we will see. steve, thank you so much. good having you again. >> thank you. donald trump as their nominee. the likes of mitt romney and the others. they are scouring for a third-party alternative to him. big fundraiser, stanley hubbard, what was with me yesterday on fox news. he said enough. enough. >> he is an unusual horse. i have to stand up. i am sorry if people like romney do not like him. too bad. let's remember ross perot, mr. romney. remember what happened with ross perot? that is exactly what will happen this time. neil: i think that that is an opinion shared i'd nonetheless fan pat buchanan. a great author as well. nice guy as well.
1:04 pm
pat, what do you think? go ahead. go ahead. you are stealing your own fate. >> i do not understand why governor romney was his candidate for the republican party in 2012. why he would engage is the certain result in which to elect hillary rodham clinton. president of the united states. give her three, maybe for four appointments to the supreme court and make obamacare forever. that would be the result of running a candidate, like, say, senator from the brass cuff although he has turned it down or any credible conservative on a third-party line. neil: i agree. the rationale for this is, i hope i got it right, third-party candidate, whoever he or she is, if they ever get that far, so many are turning it down, even mark cuban turns it down, but,
1:05 pm
it would rob potential, potentially, not getting on all the state ballots in taxes, it would rob a candidate, potentially, of getting the 270 electoral votes you or she would need to become president. a lot of those not big fans of donald trump. navigating to this third-party candidate. he or she gets in. what do you think? >> i think that somebody ought to take away their box of grants. ross perot got 70% of the vote in 1992. not a single electoral vote. if you get a candidate, eight or 10% of the vote in virginia. not saying anything to the house. this swing state to hillary rodham clinton. when the ohio and west virginia. when states like colorado.
1:06 pm
look, they romney is not so foolish with our politics to believe that he will have a candidate that will win, what, six or seven states and put this thing in the house of representatives? neil: obviously, you do not see that going anywhere. ill will takes a long time to heal. romney is the most topical raise. they just cannot swallow the prospect of a guy whose track record they do not know. seems to pivot, changes position >> will, understand that. president bush and first president, second president bush, not indoors, not going to endorse trump. others are not going to endorse him. i understand that. people say i cannot vote for him personally. if you take, you are saying much more than that.
1:07 pm
you are saying i will bring above his defeat. i do not care about the consequences if i do. one or two people will be the next president of the united states. it is hillary clinton or donald trump. it third-party conservative will guarantee that it is hillary clinton. >> it seems pretty half past two me. you were way too young. you were not. then george wallace got 46 more votes. wallace carried five states. the 3 g states. why? because he was a regional candidate. a southern candidate. he appealed in 1968. that is why. more votes and a larger
1:08 pm
percentage. carried not a single state. neil: i am trying to play this out. i agree with you. it would be an uphill fight, to put it mildly. somebody who could topple together anything close to that, would rob someone of getting that. >> let's take bloomberg. all right. you put him in the race. you will have donald trump passing it on. bloomberg will not carry new york city. he will get hundreds of thousands or maybe a million votes out of it. they walk him out of the democratic and. he could deliver new york state to donald trump. he himself would not win a single state. you have to have a very strong regional candidate in this day and age. there are just none of them around. i think it could be very strong. he will pull conservative votes away.
1:09 pm
they are trying to get the republican party. someone needs to get mitt romney and mr. kristol on television and ask them what the almost certain consequence is of what you are doing. how do you win so many states that you throw this into the house? it is ridiculous. neil: about 2000. did you take votes? >> you know what i did? >> i think the lord. my votes, which were small, were the margin by which george w. bush lost minnesota, wisconsin, oregon and new mexico. thank the lord my votes got me. prove to be the margin by which al gore lost of florida. i did not come close to winning a state. i had real impact on the election. neil: you can tip it.
1:10 pm
in that case, you help at the same time. >> delivering that country to george w. bush. over 2 million votes. all over those very close states all over the country. ralph nader's votes were liberal, progressive. active this, young people. talk to some democrats and ask them about ralph nader. what they say, how well theyk -- neil: everyone is blaming you. [laughter] neil: george bush could've won the popular vote as well, if not for you. >> the most popular vote. if i would have been out of the race, he would've been more popular. >> thank you very, very much. a political analysis.
1:11 pm
you should stick with it. always good seeing you, pat. >> to talking to you, my friend. neil: not so much donald trump's relationship with women. we know he is a womanizer. but, now, if you're going to become president, who are you going to surround yourself with? he needs those go to people. he does not have a lot of go to people. who would be those go to people? we are first going to go to a go commercial and then we will go to the go to people. ♪ the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems.
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1:15 pm
just passed a bill that would allow to sue saudi arabia. that may have been complicit of the 9/11 attacks. details on what happened and why on 9/11. kept from the public. it seemed to link some saudi participation in that. the bill was far from a short deal. then, the president, and the president has already said that he did not think this was an good idea. it would allow our nations do not only be sued, but risky for what would happen to us. they may make good on a threat. $750 billion on the treasury security. a lot of people saying where you going to go if you do that? be that as it may. and uphill process. a reaction among other things. attorney general from the state
1:16 pm
of virginia. i do want to get onto issues at hand. if you don't mind me picking your brain on reaction to this. effectively allowing 9/11 victims and families to sue saudi arabia. >> whenever you start sovereign nations to get sued, you have certain problems. look at what happened with iran, in particular, and the ability to get the united states, that has worked, in my opinion, very well, as a policy matter. where it does not normally exists. saudi arabia presumably was not efficiently involved. the concern that there were higher-ups and that government. let's face it, the strain of islam, that is the most violent, most prone to terrorist attacks,
1:17 pm
comes from saudi arabia. it is not unusual to think that looking to the source of the violence is a place to look to as a source. neil: your self and attorney general, i don't know where you were the whereabouts of 9/11, family that lost loved ones on 9/11. they feel that this is their right. saudi arabia complicit or summon the royal family complicit that they have the right to sue. there is no way that they can be tell otherwise. he outright made a payment. a large payment. the sovereign government. making a claim one way or another. do you think that that is how this ends up? >> i think that that is a strong possibility, especially when this already happened once before. the difference there was, i
1:18 pm
think that we all understand or presume that he was actually involved. he actually participated in the strategy that terrorism was a part of. i doubt that you will see that -- neil: go ahead. i am sorry. >> there are also bombings in europe as well. i doubt think you will see the same kind of complicity from the saudi oil family, but we do not know for sure. very different circumstances. individuals that are responsible, but not a sovereign government. how do you get jurisdiction over them? apparently, this bill is an attempt to do that. neil: time is tight. now we have the transgender bathroom issue. this case in virginia. to bring everybody up to code,
1:19 pm
the money will have to come from money that you are planning to do other things. >> hyer teachers. neil: what happened? >> first of all, there is a collision here. there will be a lot of districts, schools and states that not only drag their feet, but flat-out oppose that there will be states and school districts that say you will take our money, to it. we will see what happens. frankly i do not think obama will be in office long enough to execute on that threat. and it will be, oddly enough, bathrooms are now a federal issue. it will be part of the presidential race. unless, will trump changes course. there will not be much difference between the two of them. i suspect hillary clinton will feel more pressure to carry on the obama bathroom legacy and donald rump of not feel that pressure. neil: i don't know. i just think that whatever your
1:20 pm
views, far more pressing on immediate issues. thank you for your patience on all of these breaking news developments. >> it is a big deals 15 you are a good sport. texas is taking one further step to stop this nonsense. for him, it is a matter of state rights over big stepping federal government. in the meantime, stocks down 91 points. look at what is on the front burner again. the never when i said stocks were soaring. they gave up on the possibility that we would close through the year without a rate hike. now as many as three. ♪
1:21 pm
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every homeowner age 62 or older. i believe this is a smart financial tool and i recommend that every homeowner who qualifies consider getting one now. call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. connell: i am connell mcshane with your business headlines today. the surgeon new homes bounced back in april.
1:24 pm
the housing starts. nice number after a brutal reading the month before. building permits slowing down. there are some people concerned that this will not last when it comes to building properties here on out. angst may taper off. shares of wwe are moving down today. jumping at the opportunity. professional wrestling any way shape or form. cashing in big time. the stock is down. cashing in to the tune of about $40 million. sold off shares of wwe. a lot of people are apparently getting out as well. getting around the traffic in many cities around the country. it is owned by the google parent alphabet. going to develop a quarter cooling surface. kind of interesting. but weighs in competition with uber. there you go, neil.
1:25 pm
that is the kind of information you need. neil: the big mustache on the front of the car. connell: lyft? i'm not sure with my logos. do you ever drive yourself? neil: no. i take the subway. [laughter] look at the time. okay. in the meantime, a big facebook meeting going on with some prominent conservatives. sitting down one-on-one with mark zuckerberg. leaving out the charges. again, not going on here. sort of getting back to the point.
1:26 pm
what this means. how do you think it goes? corporate headquarters in california. prominent conservatives including glenn beck. >> it is important symbol for facebook. those, the conservatives want to be heard. facebook wants to, you know, look like and listen to them. i think that it is more of a visual representation of working together and trying to direct some of these issues earlier this week. neil: zuckerberg said that that is not going on. employees have donated about $100,000 to hillary clinton. that is not against the law. i do not see that going to the republican candidate. that right there gives conservatives pause. walking into a back deck here. what do you think? >> facebook has an image issue.
1:27 pm
whether or not a new what they were doing was a problem, maybe all of their friends also thought the same way that they did it you know, barely an issue here. this meeting will hopefully address that and put people at ease. neil: do you think in the end this really causes so much as a wrinkle? i have been looking at facebook stock. it has been soaring throughout this crisis. in and out of all-time highs. if it is a crisis, there is a funny way of showing it. >> it is an image issue. i said this before. i do not believe that this changes the number of times a day that people are logging and opposing pictures of their kids and their dogs. i just do not see it impacting either behavior. the ad dollars that fuel facebook. neil: liberal. did you know that? thank you very, very much. good to have you on.
1:28 pm
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>> beaten the odds in terms of -- >> you know is not going to be president. donald trump is not going to be president of the united states. take it to the bank. >> okay. >> guarranty it. neil: thank you, george clooney or nancy pelosi. donald trump is going to be president of the united states, especially with that kind of sure fistedtalk here. leaving that aside, and politicians musing and actors musing on his chances, there is a race still going on, for the democratic nomination. , doesn't larrycohen know it. senior bernie sanders advisors. we've seen dust-ups. served as reminder, if we needed it a lot of sanders supporters are not happy with the whole process. they feel it has been very unfair to them. sometimes it gets nasty. can you see them,larry, in the end in hillary clinton is nominee, embracing her as the
1:33 pm
nominee? [shouting] can you hear me, larry. sorry maybe he can't hear us here. that was development where it got pretty nasty with a lot of people,delegates there felt the and process was unfair to the candidate. i don't think larry is good. i think adam shapiro is, guys? a lot of those sanders backers, as adam could tell you are very big on having government do more but maybe venezuela should be a warning sign there isa limit to doing more, i guess, right? >>we've seen what happens when we redistribute wealth. look at venezuela, sanders supporters call them democratic socialists. look what hugo chavez, socialist president of venezuela put in place while he was in charge. food shortages trace their way to chavez. he died in 2013. but maduro expanded policies. they call it twenty-first
1:34 pm
century socialism. venezuela's socialist government, had price caps on meat, food, rice, beans, milk more than 10 years ago. it was supposed to help poor people buy foods. prices were nine times more expensive in 2011 than when they first put price caps in place. venezuelan government, expropriated private super marlkets and create ad national supermarket chain to deal with food shortages and high food prices that failed. they nationalized venezuela's private oil industry in 2003. venezuela has world's largest oil reserves. oil accounts for 96% of the its exports and 50% of the government revenue. oil production has fallen last six years along with prices. economists say it helped lead to economic disaster plaguing venezuela. crime plagues the country as well. 24,000 people killed in 2013. government stopped counting statistics in 2007. government employees work two
1:35 pm
days a week to save money and electricity which is in short supply. some people benefited from 21st socialism in venezuela. miami-based news outlet reports that hugo chavez's daughter is worth $4.2 billion. money deposited in banks outside of venezuela. neil. neil: incredible. thank you very, very much i think we're okay with bernie sanders, superdelegate larry cohen. can you hear me? >> yes, we're good. neil: last time we buy our electronic feeds from the clinton campaign. but, what happened last weekend and, maybe you can give me update how supporters bernie sanders like you feel these days? >> i think supporters feel great. when i told bernie a year ago i would do everything i could, i don't think, myself or even bernie believed we would get to a convention with somewhere more than 1800 delegates and a chance to either be the nominee or help
1:36 pm
change what the democratic party is about. neil: a lot of them seem really angry, larry. to the point where they feel like they're ostracized or the system is rigged against them. what changed? they knew about the presence of superdelegates. they knew they were there. they knew they would disproportionally favor hillary clinton. is it just dawning on them now how much that is helping her? >> no, i don't think so. i think what you were talking about in nevada is more about the process during a meeting but no way justifies abusive language or threats. neil: do you think those same people, now that might be a unique case to your point, if hillary clinton is nominee, that they will support her. you read the polls, you and i got into it before, a third couldn't support her. they might not run to donald trump but would sit the election out. what do you think? >> i think overwhelmingly, particularly if we have a good convention in philadelphia people will be energized and they will support her if she is the nominee. neil: do you worry about this
1:37 pm
battle back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that it is going to divide the party though. that they might rally around whoever the nominee is, but, take a while to heal? >> i think the party needs to change. it needs to demonstrate it is not just a captive of the big contributors. that it is willing to be more of a populist party. that it is willing to get superdelegates out at least for the future. and change in many ways, much more transparency and openness. neil: all right. we'll watch what closely, larry. i apologize for audio problem. larry coco hern bernie sanders senior advisors. neil: we told but the bathroom controversy over transgenders. a lot of people said, really? turning everything upside down for small percentage of american people? guess i have here? governor of texas is arguing on quite a different matter. this is the federal government pushing something like this.
1:38 pm
what happened to states rights? he is upset. and he's here after this. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
1:39 pm
>> very good afternoon. live from new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman, begin with a trip from home depot. earnings beat the street. home depot raised guidance and lower.
1:40 pm
shares off it%. don't know exact reason for the decline, broad market weakness. maybe profit-taking off the top there. it has been a tremendous couple years for home depot. you're looking at year-to-date chart. shares at $132.70. over the last 52 weeks those shares are up 20%. let's look at red robin gourmet burger. the restaurant company a different story with its earnings. huge disappointment. shares getting crushed today, down nearly 16%. boy, look at red robin compared to rival mcdonald's. mcdonald's easting red robin for breakfast, lunch and dinner. mcdonald's up 32% in the past year. back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
neil: wanted ben rhodes to testify at hearings. white house advisors is not there. blake burman the latest on what congress is trying to whether they were playing fast and loose with the facts. blake. >> good afternoon to you, neil. republicans lamented in house hearing ended a little while ago that ben rhodes did not testify. the white house cited executive privilege. rhodes is one of the president's top foreign policy advisors and was the focus after "new york times" magazine article couple weeks ago how he and administration sold iran
1:43 pm
deal to the american people. last week the white house press secretary said executive privilege would not be issue for rhodes coming to congress about the iran deal and sales pitch it ensued. they challenged republicans to offer up vocal critic tom cotton as well. that never materialized as rhodes was a no-show that had congressman trey gowdy pour than miffed. >> if you have time at the white house to send a bunch much mean tweets about a guy who served two tours, in tommy cotton and he is willing to come but creative writing expert isn't willing to come? some point this body will have to stick up for ourself. >> democrats took direct aim at one of three witnesses, john hannah, who was top aide to dick cheney. multiple democrats at this hearing they found it ironic that republicans would offer up someone who helped with the iraq war narrative.
1:44 pm
>> this hearing is exactly what it purports to condemn, a partisan narrative designed to mislead the american people. reporter: because rhodes wasn't there really wasn't much came out of this hearing. the question really becomes going forward whether the republican-led committee tries to somehow take extra steps to get rhodes on the record. neil? neil: how likely is that? administration will keep arguing executive privilege. reporter: right you. neil: they will keep arguing to get the guy. i have a feeling this is not solved anytime soon. >> this is brought up by trey gowdy a prosecutor in his own right, look if ben rhodes can talk to the "new york times" and can go out there talk to the media, why can't he come on in here to talk to us? at this point though, like you said, executive privilege, probably unlikely but something they could push for. neil: we'll watch. blake, thank you, very, very much you know the president made it clear to public institutions,
1:45 pm
public schools across the country, there is new recognition in town about transgenders and transgender bathrooms and schools might be wise to reconfigure to the new policy does that mean reconfigure bathrooms, shower stalls, you name it? well, a lot of states are saying that is pretty big deal, whether they're for or against this new transgender policy. but one governor, greg abbott of texas is going step further to say, whatever your views on transgenders this is case of state versus federal rights. in this washington has no right to tell states including texas what to do. the fuss that is now become a furry with governor abbott. next. there's no one road out there.
1:46 pm
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1:49 pm
neil: i don't know how you feel about the whole transgender thing, but whether you are for recognizing how they feel or someone feels about his or her own sexuality or not, what this has led to is a decree essentially out of the white house that school systems, public institutions around the country have to sort of get with the program. the program being, to recognize transgenders have rights and that would include bathroom rights. does that mean school systems have to set up new bathrooms, changing rooms, shower stalls, that kind of thing? anyone's guess. obviously schools are afraid, public institutions are afraid they could lose vital federal funding if they don't go along with something they don't understand. governor greg abbott that was -- it is out, the issue isn't whether you're for or against transgenders.
1:50 pm
it is whether you are for or against the federal government telling you what to do or telling states like texas and others what to do. he joins us right now in the flesh. first time i've seen you in the flesh. governor, thanks for coming. >> good to see you, sir. neil: your point is no, mr. president, you do not have this right. >> you're exactly right. you chose the perfect word. it was a decree. here is reality, whatever your concern is in the united states of america there is a body created by the constitution to address that concern and it is called congress. there are three branches of government. the branch that makes the law is congress. what the president has done is, he overridden congress. congress voted on this issue, multiple times about whether or not to grant transgender status into the civil rights act, into title ix and they chose not to. after they chose not to, the president issued his own decree about the way laws should be. that turns the constitution on its head.
1:51 pm
and what the president is doing, and reason why americans are so upset in this presidential election is because the president is using fiat to determine what the laws are. the united states of america was a country built to get away from the rule of a king from the rule of man, and get to the rule of law and we are undermining the rule of law in the united states of america with this decree from the president. neil: but, governor, the president says he will win out. the courts will decide he is right. makes no reference to congress. >> of course he said that however he did not tell you that he lost last week in a court where his decree about obamacare was overridden. neil: funding issue. >> he didn't mention how he lost at the united states supreme court with regard to the clean power plant, his decree about global warming. neil: he is appealing that obamacare funding. let me ask you this. do you think that north carolina may be prior to that, charlotte mishandled it by jumping to a
1:52 pm
law? in charlotte to secure these transgender rights. all of sudden north carolina, say, no, no, wait a minute, could this have been handleed without slapping laws down either way? >> we went through this in texas. tell you how it happened in texas and all washed out. the mistake if you would by charlotte,i'm not sure they took a vote citywide. neil: they did not. >> statewide they did not take a vote. in houston, texas, degree was issued by leaders in the stiff. the citizens went nuts about it. there was referendum up for vote. of the citizens of fourth largest city of america voted it down. that was november in this last year. caused no economic chaos. caused none of this public hand-wringing we've seen in part because it was a decision by the people. neil: so oregon is for this type of thing. oregon can do its own thing. texas is not, texas does his own thing.
1:53 pm
the reason i ask the question, president says we can't have 50 different policies running around our country. >> but the way the constitution was designed, the way the united states of america was designed including the 10th amendment which said all laws and powers not delegated to the united states are reserved to the states. this power is not delegated to the united states of america. hence it is reserved to the states. neil: the president is comparing that of loretta lynch, attorney general, this treatment of transgenders as akin to the jim crow laws. what did you think of that? >> it is offensive but also ignorant for her to say that for this reason. if you would, she related it to race-based laws. race is based upon biology, science. democrats pride themselves being parity of science. here though they are ignoring science. science of designation of gender status at birth. you're either a male by birth or
1:54 pm
female by birth. 99.89% of the times you have double x chromosomes or xy chromosomes. neil: what if by male by birth i don't female by birth. i feel like i'm a woman and want to go to the women's room. >> that is not science. neil: so i would have no right to go to women's room in that event? >> depends on what the governmental body wants to decide. by law you would not have a right. neil: okay. oregon is saying that is the way to do it. is different than a state like texas saying well, we're going to handle this on case-by-case basis and not establish a law per se. >> if we're a country operates under the constitution, that includes the tenth amendment, it should be a state by state decision. neil: okay. you know, governor, one thing confuses me on this, i always say this, regardless of views on transgapedders they are .3 percent of 1% of the population. many more may feel this way but
1:55 pm
haven't shown it yet, but they effectively dictating policy across the country for 99.7%. what do you think of that? >> a, that is wrong. but, b, put that aside. the only -- neil: i think my stats are right. >> your stats are right. the only -- neil: that is a stretch for them to push that much of a minority on the will of the people. >> is it? why should more than 99% of the girls and boys go to high school be forced to go through the process that is being dictated by less than you know, one-half of 1% of the people of this country. but put all that aside as you said earlier. that is not the issue. once we talk about social engineering we get away from the core prince sill. the core prince prime minister i outlined in this book right here, whether or not we're a country based upon the constitution or not.
1:56 pm
once we get away from the constitution, we're subject to the whims of the blowing winds of whatever the feelings are at that particular time. neil: so, when people look at you, governor and say, you're in a wheelchair, you've had enormous, overcome enormous odds, those who no your situation, certainly this guy should be sympathetic to us? >> i am sympathetic to everyone in the united states of america. however what i do know, if we abandon the constitution, we will no longer have an america that can be sympathetic to everyone. neil: governor, thank you very much. broken but unbound is the book. governor of texas. and this battle rages on and on, and on. we'll have more after this.
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neil: we are now at session lows. the dow is down about 50 points.
2:00 pm
good news could be bad news. that or reserve district president district president talking about the likelihood of interest rate hikes. twomaybe three. in response to stronger than expected economic news. they are worried. right now they are selling. hey there, trish. trish: voting underway in oregon and kentucky. sent into chaos. bernie sanders supporters leveled death threats against the nevada democrats. the war breaks out in the party between labor unions and environmentalists. all of this talk between the gop breakdown, who would've would have thought we would be talking about this crisis. could they migrate to donald trump? i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. bernie sanders hoping to extend against hillary clinton. why is he still in this ce


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