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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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check. 90% of college graduates think themselves ready for the work place according to pay scale. david: but, while 90% say they're ready, but 60% of the hiring managers that they don't have necessary critical thinking skills for the job, according to the same survey. melissa: unbelievable. tuition well-spent. david: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> you have plenty of time, mr. rhodes to talk to all the media friends and talk to echo chamber you brag about to the "new york times" but when it comes to answer our hard questions under oath you decide not to do it. >> these experts here are all repeating same talking points, for the same republican political narrative. this is basically created his own republican echo chamber. >> i have an inquiry. >> yes? >> is mr. man gnaw here? -- hanna? >> yes. >> why did mr. cummings ask him the questions? he will have a chance to ask mr. hannah whatever he wants to ask him. we don't have a chance to ask
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mr. rhodes the questions we want to ask because he didn't bother to show up. mr. hannah did. >> while the chairman yield? >> yes. >> i can say whatever i want to say in my opening statement yes you can. of the just be fair. that is my point. deirdre: there are investigations into the white house's message and question of the administration misleading the american public about the iran nuclear deal. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. we'll bring you more details on that in just a minute. first a broad-based market selloff. the dow fell to more than a seven-week low. it closed off the lows, still down triple digits. fox business's lori rothman with me from the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, you saw a lot of action this afternoon. reporter: yeah a lot of trouble. on the 224th birthday of the new york stock exchange building as a matter of fact. what was the gift? a sharp selloff. there is the dow off 1% on the day. s&p down 1% and nasdaq as well.
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toughest day, worst day in five weeks for the broad market average and nasdaq. here is what happened. cpi showed a little bit of inflation. that is supportive of interest rate hike, right? you had fed speak. in particular den lockhart from atlanta, normally very dovish. he has not been in support of interest rates. he turned on a dime. things are looking pretty good. last gdp print wasn't so bad. got a little inflation with the cpi. the door is open for a june rate hike. that happened 2:00 p.m. eastern. the market at that time was down 1 to points. lost, 100 points and down 220 in a snap after the lockhart comments. once we hit a technical level on s&p 500 which put it in, support level that put the s&p into negative territory for 2016, all the computer buy programs set in. we will close, did close rather off the lows of the session, down 180 as you saw there on the dow but it was really interesting to follow all of the events of the day, starting before the bell and through the day with the fed speakers and
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fed officials and how that really spooked investors. let's look at some of the most heavily weighted industries with higher inflation. retailers fell to multiyear lows today. some of those, those in particular hit new lows. office depot and nordstrom reported disappointing earnings. off 1/3 of 1%. and food and beverage stocks. you have little bit of inflationary news. no surprise from the selloff. look at kraft. kraft was just about the biggest loser on s&p today, down more than 4%. hormel foods, campbells soup another big loser down 3%. mondelez and tyson struggling in today's session. that is where we wrapped things up. short-term interest rates higher. fed funds futures percentage pointing to stronger chance of a june hike. we'll see what happens here. thank you so much. deirdre: thank you so much, lori. from the floor of the new york stock exchange.
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back to the deal sold to the american people on iran. president obama's deputy national security advisor ben rhodes invited to testify before house lawmakers on the iran nuclear deal earlier today. mr. rhodes was a no-show. the white house says he didn't appear after he received a letter from white house counsel. several gop senators have written to president obama urging him to dismiss the controversial aide before he further tarnishes the office of the president. blake burman is with me now. so, blake, that sounded like a very intense meeting earlier today. what are you hearing this afternoon? >> well, one thing was made very clear, deirdre, by white house press secretary josh earnest this afternoon, president obama is standing behind ben rhodes 100% here. rhodes is of course one of the president's top national security advisors but he created more suspicions about the iran nuclear deal when he was
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featured by "the new york times" earlier this month as an aspiring novelist who basically created a story line to sell some fictitious parts of the deal essentially to the american public. that led to oversight committee hearing from this morning which rhodes did not attend after a letter was sent to that committee from white house counsel yesterday. yesterday afternoon, in a separate letter as well, republican senators john corp. anyone -- cornyn, john barrasso, mark kirk called on rhodes to be fired. early today, earnest slapped that down. >> this is publicity stunt senator kirk attempted one week ago today. i think pretty much everybody ignored it then. i will ignore it now. reporter: rhodes appeared at an event in d.c. here this afternoon. he was asked about the "new york times" interview and said people who know him know what he cares about and know how he approaches issues. that at a separate event. of course rhodes not at the hearing on the hill this morning. deirdre. deirdre: indeed, blake, thank you so much for the update.
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blake burman with me there. our legal eagle, judge andrew napolitano is with me now. judge, i am so glad to see you. first of all, ben rhodes a no-show, does that prove he has something to hide? >> he is know show for two reasons. he doesn't want to explain how he told congress and the american public one version of events and "new york times" another version of events diametrically opposed. the second reason he was a no-show because he was invited to attend. who in their right mind would accept that invitation when you don't want to go? deirdre: i feel like invited means, you better show, just like polite, you better show up. >> if the republicans hat courage of their convictions and they have some very good points to make here and political points to score they wouldn't invite him, they would subpoena him which has force of law which would force him to attend. he can invoke the fifth amendment if he wants but he will be there. in my view he has no fifth amendment to invoke.
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he has no right to remain silent and he has no executive privilege to claim because he waived all of this when he spilled the beans to the "new york times"! deirdre: when you to on record, right with the "new york times" or any publication you waive your right to executive privilege, right? >> okay. executive privilege is the right of president and his senior aides to refuse to make public communications that affect military diplomatic or sensitive national security secrets. but if you do make that public, in another rhodes did with the "new york times," you waive, you give up that privilege. the lures for congressman chaffetz's committee ought to have advised congressman chaffetz of that. the committee should have subpoenaed him and confronted him with this black letter, unasailable law. you can't say one thing to the public, one thing to the "new york times" and refuse to discuss either with us. deirdre: judge, why didn't they do it? >> i don't know why. either josh earnest is right and
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this is political stunt or the subpoena is still to come. deirdre: okay. all right. judge, great to have your view of clarity for all with the judge. >> always a pleasure lady in green. deirdre: thank you very much. judge andrew napolitano with me there. the national archive released emails and memos from the 9/11 commission. the emails name saudis nationals in the u.s. with ties to the saudi government who assisted the 9/11 terrorist. trump foreign policy advisor walid phares is with me now. first and foremost, what is your take on that report? >> what that report mentioned already is not yet the 28 pages we're all waiting for but it shows that a number of the perpetrators had ties to people who had ties to the saudi government. now the questions are what level of the saudi government. were they officials, consumes, diplomats, military? no matter what is the case i'm sure many citizens would like to make the case we can now ask the
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saudis for reparations which defense of the saudis would say there was no political decision at the level of the government. so they're going to try legally but i'm not sure about the results. >> so the senate, walid, just passed a billeting 9/11 victims sue saudi arabia over the terror attacks. what does this mean for the relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia and, what does this do to the u.s. potentially further down the road with liabilities against us? >> a lot of things. this would, need a whole discussion. let me say, mention the two most important points in my view. number one, it's a long shot on the legal level. it has to go to courts. saudis come to courts make the case you guys in america had jihadists that attacked other countries. does that mean the u.s. government will pay the bills? it would be same for us. that is argument of saudis which the lawyers of the citizens here who want to make that claim will
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respond and same intensity but the saudi-american relations are important in the case of confrontation with the common threat coming from iran. that would jeopardize these relations for sure. deirdre: okay. now speaking of iran, a house armed services committee member says classified details of iran's treatment of u.s. sailors who were kidnapped on the high seas earlier this year will shock the nation. so i'm going to quote here directly. i think clearly there were violations of international and maritime law that took place there. we, the united states, did almost nothing in response. in fact to have secretary of state john kerry actually thank the iranians for releasing our sailors after they were captured, the way that they were captured was a slap in the sailors face. of course we know that the commanding officer was fired recently. how do you see this, walid? >> look, it is very simple. if one of our frigates or u.s. navy ship, military navy ship
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goes into irish waters would that incident occur? they would coming and telling us you're inside the waters would we escort you? the whole issue here, after the fact that obama administration has struck a deal with iranians and send them money, $150 billion, allowed american companies to go and start dealing with iranians, would treat our forces and unit as hostiles and enemies and thanking them for not killing them. that i think is major mistake made by the obama administration. deirdre: walid, let me ask you in the name of diplomacy is it possible that the obama administration is acting stronger behind closed doors and john kerry is making this statement while we are hopefully applying pressure in a way that the public doesn't see? is there any chance of that? >> actually the situation may be the opposite, my friend, because the obama administration is criticized by many here in congress but also in the region, by the u.a.e., by saudis, by cue
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cue -- kuwaitis and egyptians of coordinating with iranians. deirdre: our allies in the region are saying not only is the u.s. not applying pressure but we're giving more highway in response to a bad actor? >> they feel we have abandoned our allies in the region. i'm not just talking about israel which is very clear but jordan, the gulf, egypt and others for advantage to the iranians. deirdre: wow, i hope that is not true. seems like you have numerous sources corroborating that. and many experts are saying that is indeed the case. walid, thank you as always, for win policy advisor for donald trump. >> thank you. deirdre: republican nominee donald trump releasing another personal financial statement. keep in mind this is not under oath as a tax return would be but we're going to bring you details, tell you how much he says he is worth after this. also nevada's democratic
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convention erupting in violence. democratic minority leader senator harry reid urging senator sanders supporters to denounce violence actions taken up. my next guest says this is proof sanders rallies are more dangerous than trump ones. [shouting]
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increased approximately $1,890,000,000. his income -- $190 million. net worth he reports himself in excess of $10 billion. my political power panel is here right now. republican strategist, ford o'connell. and a democratic strategist pierre and heat street political editor. welcome to you all. ford, i'm coming to you first. donald trump has been under, let's say criticism too strong, under pressure, to he release his tax forms. he is not releasing his tax forms yet. but releasing a personal federal disclosure. it is enough. >> i think it is brilliant move. honestly he wants to push back on narrative he is hiding something. he wants to look at honest broker. frankly that he is claiming audit is something republicans can't stand. they all hate the irs. this is smart move. let me go one step further, i don't think he should release
5:18 pm
taxes. you will have every woodward and bernstein going down rabbit hole. smart move. inundate them with paperwork. look like honest broker. deirdre: do you agree with ford? if donald trump does not release the tax returns i think first candidate on either side of the aisle in decades to not do that? >> yeah i really disagree with him. we've got to keep in mind the a audit excuse essentially is just that, an excuse. irs said that does not keep him, does not prevent him from releasing. this is fundamental transparency issue. if he doesn't have anything to hide, why not release it? deirdre: okay. what is your take. >> i totally agree with gillian on this one. he is running for the president of these united states, right? so i don't understand why you wouldn't share your taxes, why you wouldn't share you know, what, what it is that you you have earned or what you're worth? it is right of americans to see, to see this as running for this high level seat. deirdre: okay.
5:19 pm
but it is not legal and, i'm going to correct something. so pfd is personal financial disclosure, which is different from taxes, just to keep everybody on the same page in that it is not considered a federal document. it is not more or less under oath. i want to move ahead though, to this idea, this fact really, that democrats in nevada are warning the national committee about possible outbursts at the convention in philadelphia this summer and the reason the state's convention erupted into chaos on saturday night. senator sanders supporters throwing chairs. some making death threats against the nevada state party chairwoman. senator harry reid urging senator sanders to condemn the violence in nevada. so, you are our democratic party voice in this conversation. >> yeah. deirdre: should senator sanders condemn the violence as donald trump was encouraged to do when it happened at his events? >> i believe sanders has
5:20 pm
condemned the violence, even before the nevada caucus happened. he actually put out a statement saying hey, you know, let's not, you know, let's not incite violence here. so i think he is very aware, his campaign manager, jeff weaver put out a statement. his press secretary put out a statement just moments ago so did bernie sanders. he has i think we're all on the same page, violence should not be part of politics. deirdre: go ahead, ford. >> deirdre, we have to understand what is happening here. sanders supporters are hacked off because they're sick and tired of democratic establishment are picking winners and losers. they think the delegate allocation system is rigged. if he runs up even with the pledged delegates this may be prelude what is to come in philadelphia. they're right. they're pushing back. they want to make sure their candidate gets a fair shake. only way to do it bring attention to mainstream media, enjoys watching going on the republican party and largely
5:21 pm
turned a blind eye to the democratic party. deirdre: i will let you get in, like it or not, the superdelegate system is there, whether it's fair or unfair it existing and candidates have to work within that. i mean i know even donald trump feels bad for sanders. he says i don't support him but the system is rigged on that side of the aisle as it is on the gop side. but, ford, the system is the system, right? >> the system is the system but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't change the system going forward. it also doesn't mean if bernie sanders doesn't pull even on the pledged delegates that we shouldn't have a conversation on the democratic side about the will of the people. so let's see if sanders pulls even. if he pulls even we can then discuss the superdelegates. >> i cut you off. i don't know which one, you wanted to make a point. >> you, i think we have to make it really clear, violence is not a legitimate way to challenge the system even if you disagree with it. i think the sanders camp flawed as it has been in many respects came out with united voice
5:22 pm
saying violence was not the answer. with trump campaign you had much more mixed message. donald trump said he may or may not pay legal fees for someone who assault ad protester. proxies like roger stone, may give out delegate phone numbers. i talked to delegates threatened by trump supporters they think that mixed message exacerbated it essentially. >> it is not apples to apples. when it comes to trump. deirdre: because i do want to talk about how all of this affects for both parties idea of unity and how collectively it could affect the general election in november. stay with my. i want to let our viewers know a few things about the markets. oil prices hit seven-month high today, inching towards $50 a barrel. this marks a major rebound from mid-february. you may remember that crude was trading around $26 a barrel, that level was the lowest since 2003. if you look at the average price of gas, what you're paying at
5:23 pm
pump, you already know what you are, but average for the nation, $2.22 per gallon. that is up 11 cents from last month. facebook cofounder mark zuckerberg meeting with conservatives tomorrow after accusations his company was blocking conservative sites. with me next, radio host who says, facebook blocked his conservative page. >> i hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as others. instead of building walls we can help people build bridges. ♪ a cancer diagnosis can be
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5:27 pm
facebook multiple times. i am wearing an nraball k57 cap, eating a chick-fil-a sandwich, reading a paula deen cookbook. singing jesus safe saves on the stereo. i am politically incorrect. and happy as a june bug, todd is with me now. >> a little wordy. deirdre: but worth it, it is funny, i am glad to see you. >> it is great to be here. deirdre: you know your page was sensored? >> facebook sent us a screen shot of the offending passage. deirdre: that was offending. >> it violated the community standard. deirdre: it was sweet tea. >> they say, you can't have
5:28 pm
nude, on your payment or porn. as far as i know, everyone was wearing pants on my th my site, as far as i know i think it was the sweet tea. deirdre: did you call facebook, and say, what is going on. what is the problem? >> the story really is not me as much as all other conservatives who don't have power of fox news to do a story and let facebook know, this happened to us, there are so many people that contact me through e-mail, and other social networking devices, saying, facebook has come after us, we can't do a thing about it. this is about facebook cracking down on conservatives and christians, this seems to be a pattern, as we have known, they have web sites that are vial and disgusting that attack conservatives, like donald trump and sarah
5:29 pm
palin, and rush limbaugh. deirdre: when you interacted with them -- i understand what you are saying, they may have come to their senses because you are part of the fox family, it is a big brand, did they do the right thing by you. >> they did they apologized they don't owe me an explanation, they are the ones paying bills, and they are -- this is disappointing, there big community where people from all view points come, they say, but in fact that is not the case. deirdre: what do you make of this meeting tomorrow at facebook headquarters, mark zucker everything is inviting leading voices, are you hopeful, or do you think that is a show, he does not want the stock price to go down. >> to be honest, it a hooey. i don't think they will change
5:30 pm
one thing. for years they have been cracking down on conservative be we have traffic evidence this is what -- photographic evidence this is what they consider to be inappropriate, it is okay to have a page that says blank you don't don, but god forbid, you post something about sweet tea. deirdre: todd, i am buying your next sweet tea thank you so much, facebook stock down over 1% in line with the market, larger context facebook is one of the best performing tech stocks this year, so far. >> state of emergency declared in socialist venezuela. my guest said that senator sander supporters this take a close look at what is going there, that is the system he hopes to bring to the u.s. >> we're going to raise the minimum wage to $15 bucks an hour.
5:31 pm
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deirdre: venezuela is on the brink of political and economic meltdown, a plunge in crude prices -- they are heading to chaos, the economy
5:35 pm
is in freefall, hungry mobs have looted food stores, hospitals are short of medicine for newborns, the venezuelan president, declared a 60 day state of emergency, claiming there are plots from venezuela and u.s. to undermine his authority, back with me now, my political power panel. if you all for staying here. a poll showing 70s% of venezuelans want make -- maderas out of office. >> they did not have a problem with chavez, this is a self inevitabl inflicted wound, you have to prin money there will be chaos, millennials in america don't see that because venezuela is not on their
5:36 pm
snapchat. deirdre: in reference to snapchat, when voters, millennials, see what happening in venezuela, do you think they think of senator sanders or differently. >> that question needs to be put to senator sanders, how do you differentiate your brand of socialism from this one, i don't think he can, this is the human cost of socialism, this is tragic, "new york times" piece this weekend, scene in hospital ground zero of venezuela. deirdre: a very tough read, with babies and children who cannot be treated as they need to be, we're watching video, that is less graphic but, people say that can hear the ice cracking. as far as the crowds are. it does point out when you have just a few people in power making decisions for everyone. it can either go have well or
5:37 pm
-- very well or poorly, oil and gas, they could be affected here in the u.s., venezuela one of the top 5 suppliers, venezuela borrowing $50 billion from china. how do you see this? if venezuela collapses do we focus more on energy independence? >> definitely, this is an eye-opener for us. when a country heavily relies on oil, it is not about socialism in my eye, but how bad decisions, bad management occurred. and this dependence on i'll. oi. >> are you blaming this on climate change. >> no, i am not saying that i am blaming it on climate change, this is a wake-up call. that is what i'm saying, there has been such a high depends on oil. >> core in, not just oil it is one of largest oil reserves in
5:38 pm
world, we import 11% but also understand they have a budding steel industry, the government owns 3/4 of it, and a private group owns a quarter, amazing how well private company -- >> government can sweep whatever companies they want to. >> right. when the government owns and controls the means of production, the country home are hosed, this is only time i have seen this, was zimbabwe with mugabe. deirdre: shifting gears, going to old parent company alphabet is in ride sharing business with a new carpool app, program taking place in san francisco, it uses google, routes, drivers, waze mapping to figure out how to make transport more official. your take? >> share with ride with app, they are trying to to take it to next level, something tell neetelling me that uber has
5:39 pm
better lobbyists. >> i think this is great, fantastic competition, one of the rare examples, it might make the planet greener and benefit consumers. i'm for it, can't wait. deirdre: jillian. -- corrine? >> i agree, i think uber took a risk they got a reward, and they cornered that market, google is a smart innovative company, and you know, they have changed the way that we've been things on-line, i think i welcome it more, welcome it. deirdre: all right, corrine, jillian, ford, thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: alphabet's new carpool app, stock down more than 1%, as did broader market. if you look at uber, which is a privately owned company, worth estimated $63 billion.
5:40 pm
>> two hollywood stars criticize donald trump while overseas, find out what patricia arquette and angelina jolie said about donald trump, one accusing him of wanting to bring back internment camps we'll fill you in.
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>> you have to help everyone who is getting rounded up, put in -- you want very funny we're here, next door is japanese-american museum they have a building left from an internment camp from when americans interned japanese-americans, we can't return to, that such a blight on the honor of america. and we don't need that kind of make america great again. deirdre: patricia arquette slammi that a trump president see could mean return of
5:44 pm
internment camps, with me now arizona state treasury ou treasure campaign spokesman for donald trump. welcome back. this seems different from what miss arquette of the talking about. >> thank you. it is very different. you know, what mr. trump is talking about is protecting our national security, putting american first, and having borders to control who comes in and out, it not just people but also drugs, crime and other bad things. for miss arquette to say, this, it shows how clueless she is, and in 1988, ronald reagan signed civil liberties act and apologized to the japanese-americans, and gave each survivor $20,000.
5:45 pm
deirdre: no one has said anything, even hypothetically about internment camps is a point that i keep going to. another hollywood star who is vocaly opossed on a donald trump presidency, jolie slammed his comments again muslims as she addressed refugee crisis, she said these comments on the bbc in london yesterday. >> to me america is built on people from the world coming together for freedoms and freedom of religion. and so it is hard to hear that this is coming from somebody who is presses to be an american president. deirdre: donald trump has said, that he will remain flexible on the idea of a temporary ban of muslims entering the u.s. i know he has gotten in a bit of a public dust up with mayor
5:46 pm
of london. but how do you see it? >> you know, i look at what people do, not what they say. and jolie according to "people" magazine spends move of her time at her french chateau. you look at france and their attacks with paris attacks, you say according to "people" magazine her house has a wall but a mote. here is someone that puts a wall and a migh mota, round their house, yet they don't want a country to do anything about their borders that makes no sense, limousine liberals of hollywood elite always want to tell us how to run our lives, yet they do things differently in their own lives, mr. trump just wants to protect our children and families from crimes and drugs that come from the border, they need to reevaluate their
5:47 pm
ignore ant statements they are making. deirdre: thank you very much. >> jeff with me there, arizona state treasure arizona campaign chairman. for donald trump. >> thank you. deirdre: a new report that china is building robots army of workers. we'll tell you what that is with next. ♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. ♪ without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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deirdre: a growing number of manufacturers in china are working to replace human workers with robots. some business leaders believe that robots are the answer, with me now m.i.t. tech review senior editor will knight. great to see you. >> thank you.
5:51 pm
deirdre: other countries are already incorporating robots into the manufacturing process. what scale are you seeing in china? >> we went to china to look at this, and it is unprecedented in the amount of money that government is putting into it and effort that manufacturers are putting into this. they really have no choice, because wages are going up. the workforce is dwindling thanks to one child per family policy, the speed in which it is happening is striking. deirdre: not enough human workers and then on top, robots do not ask for breaks of any kind. >> right. that is one of the benefits of robots, but it is really just part of the country's economic development, you know they are -- they are looking to become morad vances -- advances there is a growing middle class, they don't want to do the
5:52 pm
dirty dangerous jobs any more, government is keen to keep manufacturing industry going but encourage people to get into more high-tech areas of work. deirdre: when talk about high-tech. could this be seen as good news in the sense that for u.s., i mean, in a sense that we have a lot of programmers we have a lot of coders, people that create the programs, that robots work from are for the most part u.s.-based is that a fair assumption. >> for the moment it is true. it is going to increase -- >> u.s. is biggest exporter? >> u.s. is among. there are big companies in europe as well. but the truth that picture may change, this is a real technology story this is about china becoming morad vanced companiry and looking to -- country and looking to make manufacturing morad vans, i
5:53 pm
think they will get too more, advanced robotics. and working alongside people. the more intelligent robots. you may see more comp tig. >> are seeing, air-conditions is just one area where china there are a lot of robotics working in that industry. >> it is a cross every single kind of conceivable area of manufacturing, i visited from electronic manufacturers in shan high. and other -- shanghai and others in bay jaing, joining beijing -- all this tough is dexterous work that requires real manipulation, stuff that people have not been with robots in the past. ramifications should be felt in the world i think. deirdre: thank you for telling bus your trip, will knight, m.i.t. technology review
5:54 pm
senior editor. >> black lives matter activist, destroying a blue lives matter display. on dartmouth college campus, more on that in just a minute. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. nk >>
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deirdre: donald trump says he's willing to speak with north korea's leader kim jong-un in even effort to stop north korea's nuclear program. he says a meeting with that leader would mark a major shift in u.s. policy. activists at dartmouth tore down
5:58 pm
a tribute to police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. with me now, tea party activist ni gerks r innis. it does not seem worthwhile to be ripping down ones that were ripped down. how do you see it? >> i site as crazy. i sight as offensive. i see it as counter productive look at chicago. the shooting rate in chicago, shootings have gone up by 80%. the murder rate by 70%.
5:59 pm
just last weekend 50 shootings. what the black lives:matter activists do in creating a wedge between the law enforcement community and the community they serve is not only disgusting and crazy, it's counter productive to black lives that will be taken by criminals. but one dartmouth saying the original message promoted violence against black people. >> nonsense. deirdre: the fact it's happening on campuses is showing this is the way that some youths feel. >> what i will say is this. that, you know, of course you heard about the case in minnesota, you heard about the case in milwaukee where they are spending half a million dollars
6:00 pm
in pro meeting black lives matter agenda and philosophy in the schools. progressive left, they play three dimensional chess while we are playing checkers. deirdre: charles payne is right here. >> stocks in sell-off mode. a couple of them heading towards the possible june rate high. tensions are high in venezuela as the president declared a 60-day emergency to stabilize the economy. if that isn't enough to remind you this is the way of socialism ... ben rhodes said they misled the country in terms of the iran nuke deal and the gop wants to fire him.


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