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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  May 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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in pro meeting black lives matter agenda and philosophy in the schools. progressive left, they play three dimensional chess while we are playing checkers. deirdre: charles payne is right here. >> stocks in sell-off mode. a couple of them heading towards the possible june rate high. tensions are high in venezuela as the president declared a 60-day emergency to stabilize the economy. if that isn't enough to remind you this is the way of socialism ... ben rhodes said they misled the country in terms of the iran nuke deal and the gop wants to fire him.
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donald trump is putting together his financial dream team. hillary clinton is increasingly in hot water. the documentary that airs in cannes exposes back-room deals. >> enormous amounts of money have flown to the clintons from foreign governments and finance yers. we used to have to worry about big labor money, but now it's coming from around the world. there isn't anything that isn't for sale and we are the ones paying the price. maybe the american people are tired of being sold out. charles: the "daily caller" reports the children tons have received $100 million from countries in the persian gulf. with all these controversies
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will they catch up with the so far democratic frontrunner? ashley, you had a chance to speak with peter schweitzer who is behind the clinton cash phenomenon. tino i'll get that done. tell us about this. this is really from what i hear from people who have seen this. this is hugely damaging to hillary clinton. >> this is going to be detrimental according to schweitzer for her campaign. specifically because it hits big screens just days before the democratic national convention. essentially all of the allegations and all of the investigations into all of these shady dealing by the clintons are brought to life in this documentary, and that's something schweizer said it's something pen to paper can't do in terms of what imaging can't do on the gig screen.
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this is the most fascinating thing. he's saying he's hearing the f.b.i. investigators are being told to read clinton cash as a backgrounder. let's take that for what it is. if they are, that could be damning for her. charles: the f.b.i. is telling everyone involved to to actually read the book and understand it. when there is an avalanche of things it becomes more confusion when there are one or two items that really stand out. >> he said the russia reset, that's a big one. the uranium issue as well. one that's been really brought to light. he said they are focusing on those two major things. but you are going to see a lot of other things as well. it will be directed by steve ban bannon. so it will be explosive in the way they present the
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information. which will be a huge benefit to donald trump as the presumptive dumb krat i can nominee. it will do significant damage, especially to people who haven't read the book and will go see the movie. charles: with the iranian deal in canada. you look at the publishers of newspapers. nigeria, there was a publisher of a newspaper that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a clinton speech. the coincidences are there, but legally do you think it's enough or is it a bridge too far to draw legal conclusions? in the court of public opinion it will be ultimately damning, but do you think it's enough to bring in perhaps some legal action or legal conclusions? >> what he was saying specifically is from this, a lot of independent media organizations whether it be left, right, center. you have got "wall street journal," msnbc.
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all of them have been investigating his findings as well. they didn't just take his word for it. they have been able to confirm a majority of his findings. these dots are being connected. there are some that it is a tad bit of a stretch. but there is enough information that ask prove this has been happening. one thing that is fascinating about the paid speeches. bill clinton accepted over $500,000 in paid speeches from 2005 to 2012. and only two of them were not during her tenure as secretary of state. so that says a lot. a lot of this was pay to play for the clintons, knowing she would be running for president, whether it be in 2008 or 2012. charles: i saw chart that showed his speaking fees increasing as she settled in as secretary of state. that brings us to tonight, the kentucky primary.
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a lot at stake. hillary has won five of the last 8. but bernie seems to have momentum. if she can't finish him off tonight, we are talking about an ugly process that already hurt her in the polls. jessica, you are a hillary supporter and democrat. we have seen these allegations in different places. but to have it all on the big screen has to be worrisome for the clinton campaign. >> i'm not sure. the clintons have had everything thrown at them for three decade. it's not a calming situation at all. if. charles: what was said that you disagree with. >> that it will destroy her and there will be legal ramifications. t there has never been a smoking gun in any of this.
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peter schweitzer uses the term "the clinton blur." i understand there is always a murkiness around them. but it doesn't mean anything illegal was done. democrats are familiar with these allegations. i'm not sure it will move the needle especially against a donald trump. donald trump has more skeletons in this closet and more. >> it's interesting. i was in -- steve bannon did a similar film for sarah palin in 2011. same style. it's an interesting approach with new media. this dynamic of a film, the sarah palin film did very well. i saw the trailer for this one. it looks similar. the powerful thing here what's going to happen is beyond being in the theaters, when it hits the on demand at home, netflix, huh will you, dvds available
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to be moved. that's where a lot of mess and was moved. when you are dealing with information that might seem dry to people like money and secret deals and allegations made. for millennials, this is a remarkable way to reach people who don't have time to read the book. >> what about the benghazi movie. that ended up being far less -- i'm not saying no one watched the movie. i am saying it was not the bomb that conservative media expected it to be. they thought this would explode. and it didn't most needle at all. >> that's the mistake to expect things to happen immediately. the nature of this is the trajectory over time of a lot of information which is why hillary's numbers are so bad. that's what this film "clinton cash" will do, reinforce the negativity.
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charles: there is one thing everyone has to agree on. hillary clinton has huge trust issues. despite the fact that she will calling it a smear campaign, from what i have read be it's compelling. coming up, we want to take a look at bernie sanders. actually the sanders way. how it really works. how about if we did an expert. how about if we took at socialistic theme and applied it to a college, let's say the burlington college. show me top new artist.
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charles: burlington college feeling the bern. you know that small private school was run by his wife jane for more than a decade. now they are closing because crushing debt has left the school in a big mess. these are the difficulties in a socialist economy. kelly, i'll go to you first. jane sanders ran the place, expanded it and sorted of burned it into the ground. >> i think she definitely did. she went on a $10 million expansion plan for the campus, it had lake-front property and the college's budget was only $4 million annually. she drove up the children's tuition in order to pay for the expansion. the average tuition at burlington college was $10,000
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more than an average private institution, other private institution. this is just ironic given the fact that bernie sanders is saying college tuitions are too high. his wife when she was in charge of the school expanded -- overexpanded, thin hiked up the tuition. it's a disaster. charles: she got her hand on the man i and spent like crazy. and she got a $200,000 severance package. you look these young college student in the eye and said go out and vote for the socialist. >> i never said that once in my life. charles: i know you like hillary. >> she is being pulled to the left, but she has never gone that far. the most important thing about this is that we are seeing step one of bernie sanders * finally being vetted. they have been after hillary
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clinton for 0 years, and bernie sanders is being treated like a socialist unicorn, no one can say anything negative and finally we are seeing what happens when someone is a bad manager of the school. and maybe the effect of socialism. but look at who bernie sanders really is. look how he votes and look how he manages. these things are important when electing a president. charles: hillary or bernie will have an agenda that includes a lot of government spending i think they can make up with taxing everything that moves. >> it's not going to work. and the voters are not reacting positively to it. it's one the first time me and jessica agreed on anything. this is terrible for bernie sanders, but bernie is not in this race any more. she is having her own bad media day today. this doesn't help her as much as
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the movie hurts her. charles: venezuela, they are in serious economic emergency. the president has called a 8 of emergency for 60 days. socialism, venezuela, and lessons for america next. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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charles: the result are in. it's another reminder this experiment they call social i. doesn't work. socialist policies in venezuela have left abject poverty and a nation on the brink of civil war. venezuela is hugely rich in natural resources and is now on the vernal of collapse. i have been look at civil unrest
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to the point of war there for a long time. it look like this is a breaking point for them. >> i think they are on the vernal of collapse. the obama administration a couple months ago made some acquiescence to the venezuelans to try to get them to understand that we wanted to help. of course, president ma -- uro made the americans the issue. he's blaming the problems on the americans. he's not looking at the fiscal and monetary policies of hugo chavez who was the president. he's continuing the policies of printing money and collapsing the currency. the imf says next year the inflation will be 2,000 percent. it's out of control and they don't have a handle on it.
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this is socialism gone wrong. charles: the minimum wage has gone up 465 percent. they are grasping at trues. >> they are also having a debt crisis. they have $5 billion in payment that are due in october and december of this year. their foreign reserves are at a 12-year low. venezuela clearly says, you know, a market controlled by one commodity. and hugo chavez made it rain at the club for years. maduro has continued those policies and clearly it's not working. when you look across the street at brazil. they are both facing left-leaning socialist policies. charles: brazil impeached their president.
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but i want to go back on venezuela and say there was a military coup in 2002 that saw chavez ousted for 48 hours. it's hard to see how this can survive without mass violence. there is a divide in this country. everyone is making the most obvious point here. there is no economic way to fix this. china has done a little deal with them on oil. it's more or less -- just bargaining with them. no one is coming to their aid. how does this end? >> you know, the fact is although they have the largest oil reserves. only 25% of the economy, just a quarter is built around oil. there is a whole bunch of other industries that need to flourish and that's not happening because the government here -- again this is the socialist policies, are putting price controls and price manipulation. we don't have equilibrium
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pricing going on, so the manipulation from government has gotten the people to used to lower prices and the government printing money, this is a long-term solution. it's a long answer to your question to say the on the way this will get fixed is not through china's help or the united states doing a bailout it's the monetary and fiscal policies of venezuela must change. and that will be a hard pill for the people to swallow. charles: in the meantime i want to switch topic. the families of victims of september 11 attacks, they are getting closer to getting some justice. the senate approved legislation allowing family members. the measure goes to the house. but president obama has threatened to veto the bill. >> it's interesting that this passed unanimously in the senate today.
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we finally have something bipartisan in washington. one of the reasons it was bipartisan is there have been a lot of changes owed to the bill. could other countries, people of other countries turn around and do the same thing to the u.s.? what you saw in the revisions on the work to this bill, the country has to be involved in terrorist activities. if there is an unfortunate bombing in afghanistan where we accidentally bomb a hospital. under this bill it's not like you would be able to sue the united states for that. it's an important distinction between acts of war and terrorist acts. charles: yesterday it was revealed how much of our debt saudi arabia owes. they are threatening to sell $750 million worth. they have less than $200 billion, which is something of a
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drop in a bucket as far as those things go. what would president obama's opposition to this be? >> i'm in opposition to it, too. i agree with president obama on this one issue. in talking about this issue. the saudis are a great ally to us. i know a lot of people will push bark and say that's not true. but when you work in a multi lateral setting and you are trying to find some sort of coalition building, the saudis have always been there with us. we have always known that saudi charities and saudi individual have been very problematic in funding terrorism. we have to do more to crack down on the saudi government so they stop the individual and the charities. but at the end of the day, i don't think it's a good idea to allow individuals to sue a foreign government like the saudis because they are an ally. like the or not, they were the
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ones who were supposed to be blunting the iranians. and in this administration for the past 7 years the rape with the saudis is dismal. they are hitting back on them pretty hard. charles: rick, you are in a lonely position on that. morgan, last word. >> having lived in saudi arabia for almost two years working closely with their government, they are an important key ally on the war on terror. we have to have friend in this region. we can't go after al qaeda and isis alone. charles: i think they need us more than we need them. but be that as it maid. i'm happy for the families. if this goes the average americans, these guys have not been our friend and have abused our friendship. >> let americans go after the charities and individuals, not the government.
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charles: the obama administration deputy nootional security adviser ben rhodes says the white house misled the country on the iran nuclear deal. republicans want to fire him. tweet me @cvpayne. we have another good one coming up. -- --
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charles: controversy around been roads and the iran nuclear deal. the allegation that the national security advisor provided a false narrative, of course refusing to attend today's hearings. joining out to discuss former governor of arizona jan brewer. there have been a string of outrages, particularly when it comes to republicans trying to get democrats in this administration to explain what is going on 12 this guy is thumbing his nose essentially saying they lied to the american public. >> absolutely outrageous allegedly knowingly misleading the people of america. it is just an example of the administration, president obama, hillary clinton, and this gentleman.
6:32 pm
he just does not testify. it is unbelievable. one would think that journalism or media spokesperson, one would think you would pivot, but to out and out lie is so unbelievable and wrong. charles: for the administration and president obama to talk about executive exclusion and separation of powers and to go out and brag that they pulled the wool over our eyes in part because they think the american people are so stupid that from time to time they have to live for us to take our medicine. >> that is exactly their theory. it is unfortunate that they believe it. it is absolutely line. that is nowthat is not with the public, the people, the citizens of the united states deserve.
6:33 pm
to blatantly go out there and lie and not testify is outrageous. it is absolutely outrageous, and they need to be held accountable. charles: is what we are seeing on both sides to a certain degree is a rejection of the establishment. a lot of republicans were put there any given the power and people feel like, why don't they hold them accountable, why doesn't your party do more so that we don't get the arrogance out of this administration that we get every time something like this happens. >> i think the changes coming. we have awoken a sleeping giant, and people want an outsider to be that of a party. hopefully we will get elected and see a big change.
6:34 pm
charles: a lot of breaking news. i want to get a quick reply on this deal. why isn't the gop putting the feet to the fire better? >> it is honorable profession to create messages and promote policies and corporate brands provided that everything you claim is fact-based. deputy assistant for deception and this administration is ben rhodes. grantor acknowledge that they are lying makes me wonder what else they are lying about.
6:35 pm
they have deceived the public for seven years for this administration. >> it is incredulous. so many of us have been in the trenches. we are people in the military, and the best of the obama administration can come up with is a failed fiction writer, a young man who never spend a day overseas. and this young man has. it is endemic of the attitude. charles: do you think that they have too much of a close relationship? the relationship is described as almost buddy buddy. >> it has been described in the press that ben rhodes refers to the president has barack.
6:36 pm
i would never reported he or any other president by there 1st name. charles: you might have noticed the stock market sold off today. atoday. a lot of people wondering if this will be a rate hike next month. i am. i'm going to go over that with you. i don't think it is the case. market volatility will be with us for a moment. we will be right back. ♪
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charles: will the market get -- the market giveth and the market taketh away. a lot of people talking inflation. i'll tell you why. at cancer treatment centers of america,
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with consensus. the headline was the highest since february of 2013, hence the anxiety over surging inflation. the fed is not going to wait, but they are still far enough away from the target that a rate hike probably is still off until 2017. moreover, the biggest surge in energy starts a slowdown. now, there were several areas were costs were lower. furniture and things like that, 20 percent of what we would layout is down. used cars and trucks down 3 percent. apparel and close down as well. i am surprised with today's session and yesterday's session. iyesterday's session. i did not think we would be up or down this much, but the fed is not going to raise rates, and our economy by the same token is not surging ahead.
6:41 pm
keeping our heads above water and we are a nation that is ready to be inspired. for tomorrow on the upside watch. i am also watching transportation. the transportation index turning up. for overall parameters and new marching orders sign up for my free market commentary sometime during the show or right after, www. w street .com. get this, selling ad space of an extremist webspace. all service provided by google. advertising claims they did not know and did not think it was funding a designated terrorist. let me go to you on this. getting a lot of attention
6:42 pm
in this country, what there role is comeau what there role is on persuading people with respect to media powers and what they will do with all of this newfound clout. a pretty bad time to find this information out. >> of this individual is on not only the us sanctions list but the un sanctions list which means you really have to be a bad guy. this is well-known, and these companies are absolutely correct when they say they don't know how these ads were placed because it is kind of through an algorithm. the culprit here is google, not following the sanctions list or taking it seriously, and someone should absolutely come down hard on them. charles: no matter how you feel, we know that google would not make mistakes with china. they never run afoul of the
6:43 pm
strict things that bother the chinese government. >> and it makes sense. google's core businesses ads. $160 billion industry, and there are about 1000a thousand people that actually go through these requests. it was definitely the mistake of google and those people. it is unacceptable. charles: does it underscore the challenges that we have because we know this is a recruiting tool for islamic terrorists and is now a way to make money? >> ii don't think there is an excuse for not catching this. to get someone on the un sanctions list i used to go through tons of legal scrutiny.
6:44 pm
very difficult. if you are a financial institution and do business with someone like this guy, financial institutions, banks on wall street have been find hundreds of millions of dollars for that activity. there is no reason it should not be held to the same standard. charles: thank you very much. how about this one, those are names of potential donald trump cabinet. donald trump with breaking news just moments ago. you won't believe how much money he made last year. we will be right back.
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charles: breaking news, moments ago donald trump telling reuters he would not rule out talking with the north korean leader. he also mentioned his net worth comeau well over 10 billion. 557 million last year and would do a few other things. adam goodman and ashley pratt. dismantling a court. it feels like it is starting to sharpen up and get distinct financial policy stepped on here. >> the trump narrative has been to go in a differenta different direction and try to do things that have not been done for a long time.
6:49 pm
from foreign-policy where we have a long record of conciliation, strengthen the systems at home. nice thing is he is going to put it out there they figure out there trying to america which is very going to get back on our game again, do what i've done my whole life, when. charles: a few days ago the journal but a peace. but this 557 million in income is three times what they thought he had. once again proving the media wrong. >> proving the media wrong
6:50 pm
all the time. policy positions are rather exciting. starting with .-dot frank which has been a disaster, his economic plan which is going to be the corporate tax rate that will come down to 50 percent, look, he has been misjudged, underestimated by the media. once again he is proving it. take a look at this. barack obama said something similar. the differences voters will have great confidence that trump will lead and negotiate. charles: that remains to be seen. it is interesting because i no there are a lot of republicans who would love to see the fed audited. again, he is taking something of an orthodox position with respect to traditional conservative fiscal policies.
6:51 pm
>> and i just saw someone tweet from the new york times that this might make them more appealing to democrats which is exactly what he is doing. he chose the line. trying to keep republicans happy and reach in a demographic, traditionally independent left-leaning voters. his economic policy can do just that. >> going to win our come close. the democrats are so unhappy. these rates are too low. this will blow up in our face.
6:52 pm
probably not. overall donald trump is a revolutionary candidate. a real change. charles: another example that he marches to the beat of his own drum. you do not want to miss the new thought new special. since down with the man himself. >> most kids have been bullied at some point in their lives. were you? >> it does not have to just be as a child. you know, it happens. but you have to get over it. i have been saying during this whole campaign i am a counterpunch her. you understand that.
6:53 pm
i respond pretty strongly, but in just about all cases i have been responding to what they did to me. charles: the entire episode tonight at 8:00 p.m. on your local fox affiliate.
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♪ charles: a new shocking report showing murder rates up while nearly a dozen metropolitan areas all have experienced major and significant upticks and crime rates. these reports after the fbi director indicated law enforcement have been less aggressive because of concerns aboutthe potentially being charged with a crime. join now to discus his bow deal. i've been talking about the war for a long time.
6:57 pm
when you look deeper it goes beyond ferguson. seventy-nine to 80% of the murders, no one has even been arrested. some of that has to put on the community. what can change the community says so-and-so did this. if these murderers are left out there and never to the present forget about recidivism they don't go to prison in the 1st place. >> 500 confirm shootings a lot more not. of that 1.4 percent arrest and then as far as the hollow sides go it's down to 16 percent clearance. that is bad. charles: if someone shoots people in the park, an honor student stabbed in the chest. >> witnesses are there and you are exactly right. these are the same people out there.
6:58 pm
again, taking guns off the street, stopping frisk and be aggressive. now the cops don't want to be aggressive because they are afraid of the cell phone which is coming in the play. you are exactly right. the people in the community of the secret to getting the shootings down. they see stuff and know what is going on. charles: i grew up in harlem in the 70s. yet the old saying snitches get stitches. i think we need to find some sort of way of making sure criminals are commit violent crimes go away for a very, very, very long time and cannot come out and terrorize people. >> absolutely. we need to be supportive of law enforcement, but people and communities all over,
6:59 pm
you have to protect your neighborhoods because they are law-abiding citizens. we need to support our law enforcement and help them with intel the rumors or whatever it takes. do the crime and pay the time. charles: a lot of political correctness. i don't understand that. the very communities that are being affected they should be stepping up and demanding harsher sentences. >> i don't care about i'm going to jail. a carrot the guy carrying a gun. i want them to go to jail because these are the same
7:00 pm
ones coming out. it is a revolving door. charles: i agree. >> the most important thing is our committee. there is a group called blue shield's. charles: let's leave it there. we appreciate you watching. lou dobbs next. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. it is election tuesday. two primaries tonight. the polls are closed. hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders fighting for win. two important factors are working in her favor. only favor. only registered democrats can participate in the closed primary, not the independence who have flocked to bernie sanders, and kentucky has been good to the sanders.


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