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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 18, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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insulate the market. lou: i have gotta run. it's great to see you. thank you for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: hello and welcome to primary night. i'm watching donald trump bluster over his first day of president. as the video he made recirculates through the internet. >> so many people are asking me what would i do on my first day in office. kennedy: i have been asking that a lot. i don't know would it be something like this perhaps? yeah, that would still leave plenty of time to screw up before the country went dark. >> we have executive orders all over the place.
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so many would be terminated. the good thing about scene executive order signed by our president is it can be unsigned immediately. you don't have to go through congress. kennedy: ever since congress realized he wouldn't kneel, but president trump wouldn't be limited to repealing presidential orders. and donald isn't flown for restraint in language or government. >> i would very, very strongly get rid of the attack on the border. we have a border that's like a piece of swiss cheese. kennedy: and it needs to be more like stilton. he said in his first 100 days he will use an executive order to ban muslims from entering the
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united states and would 100% solve around terrorism problems. but he will keep out all those mexican rapists he's worried about by building a wall. >> we need to build a wall and it has to be built quickly. kennedy: we should all invest in mexican ladder companies because they will make a fortune. and we'll need it because donald trump is less in favor of free trade than left wing hillary clinton. when he jacks up tariffs, the global economy will kick us in the gonads. he will start pumping out his own trumpian edicts on day two.
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then the next president will have to undo the trumpian executive orders. on the show tonight, dr. ron paul joins us. members of congress are calling on the president to fire ben rhodes. judge napolitano joins me with his perspective. angry fliers are clogging up security lines. some say the tsa is making it worse on purpose. we'll explain. i'm kennedy. kennedy: the daunting spectre of a president trump is looming on the horizon. tonight it's katherine timf and she writes for the "national
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review." charles cook is here also a writer for "national review." and julie. julieroginsky round out thepane. charles needs a writing sample and blood sample. let's go around the table. what would donald trump's first day in office look like? >> i prefer to think of it as the last day of this country. it would be the end of this country. apocalypse. it would be four horsemen. kennedy: i think he will go to jeff bezos and take away his amazon rights. he's going after cnn and pull their chatter, their fcc license.
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shut down media and a bunch of other stuff he doesn't like. depend on how mean we are to him today. otherwise we are all done. kennedy: here is your audit. charles, i know you are a fan of the presumptive gop nominee. what does his first day in office look like to you? what are we getting? >> i think he would probably build on a lot of the executive building that has been done by presidents bush and obama. kennedy: concentrating power? >> he may repeal some of the things obama has done that it don't like, but he would do it in a way i don't like. a lot of his first day would be him running around washington saying i want to do this, and the establishment would say we can't do that, mr. president. then he would go to bed chastened.
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kennedy: that's where executive order comes from. it acts as a salve for bruised feeling. >> i think he would damage the country further and do great damage to the right. >> and i would probably be deported back to russia. despite the fact we are citizens. >> i'm not a citizen yet. kennedy: michigan is seceding. >> i don't think he's going to do anything right. he will hire people. the best people. he's going to tweet web's going to talk. i don't think he wants to be president. i think he wants to win because he likes just winning stuff. kennedy: it's interesting you said that. hillary clinton doesn't want to be president either so she is
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putting bill in charge of the economy. maybe donald trump will put melania in charge of defeating isis because she has a great accent. >> i understand why hillary clinton said that, the 90s were a good time and bill clinton was popular. but it's the most embarrassing thing for the potential first woman president. if you elect me my husband will run the economy. >> he's the most popular elected official in the country. >> she thinks he's some sort of talisman. and if she puts him in charge of the economy things will go smoothly. kennedy: governor john kasich ended speculation that donald trump might bring him on board as his running-mate. >> i said all along i have the second best job in america.
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>> so if donald trump called you up today and said you have got to do this for the country? >> i'm not inclined to do that. it would be very hard for me unless he were to change all of his views and become a uniter for me to get in the middle of this thing. i'm undecided about what i'm going to do in this race. kennedy: someone is still chafing about those sloppy eater pancake comments. he says he's not contemplating a third-party run. should never trumpers keep up the search for a third-party candidate? bill kristol has had this idea that he's going to pluck some perfect conservative out of the either that we haven't -- out of the ether that we haven't seen yet. >> i think the third-party run depend on what you want to achieve. if you want to win, it's a terrible idea.
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if you want to preserve the right of the conservative movement and its integrity. it may not be such a bad idea. that's why "national review" said we are against donald trump. the main point, the overriding purpose was to let people know, this is tbhoot we stand for. so if this all goes down in flames which i imagine -- even if it doesn't different' not about being prissy about it. so we are on the record and say this isn't what we believe. kennedy: it's like when you are on a date and you are picking the movie. and instead of really investing in the idea, so what do you think, is there the possibility that a third party, fourth or fifth party run could change the race? >> it will change the race, i guess. we'll already have people voting third party.
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maybe libertarian or elsewhere. >> gary johnson, a few months from his administration. this will change it for everybody. it's like you said. it's more about preserving the integrity. his integrity doesn't seem to be in right now. kennedy: the integrity, establishment, an -- and plaid. >> bill kristol has never been right about anything. if he says he's going toy find a candidate to defeat trump we can i inaugurate trump tomorrow. kennedy: bernie sanders may have an idea for a hillary clinton an idea for a hillary clinton running-mate.
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kennedy: i'm glad you are here. truly, look at that smile. it's authentic like bernie sanders. jeff weaver said the senator and hillary clinton are helping each other. what a symbiotic relationship and don't want to provide
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ammunition to donald trump. my our party panel is back to discuss. katherine timf and julie roginsky, and charles cook. bernie sanders said he's open to being hillary clinton's running-mate. is he open to it the way other are open to ecstasy and swinging? >> you mean just this morning? the three of us were doing that. so i think yes wafer -- i think bernie sanders has been served poorly by his own staff and served poorly by his own beliefs and serving his constituent believe there is a
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path to this nomination. there isn't. if you are serious about defeating donald trump, back it up. kennedy: the f.b.i. primary is still to come. what is more important for bernie sanders? actually being her vp or continuing to move the party left ward in his image like that. the sculpture of lionel ritchie. >> if he were the vp he would be right next to her and able to push the policy left. one of the things about bernie sanders, the problem is until he ran for president he actually did very little about get his politic enacted or even as a die bacdeven as a di -- actic exerc. if he goes back to washington to
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be a vermont senator, how much leeway will he have? kennedy: he doesn't care. why work hard when the government is going to pay you. he does want to move the party to the left. has he done enough? i know that his campaign manager is saying he and hillary are protecting each other from donald trump for hoff is going to be the nominee. but has he done enough to stop her, especially when it comes to bill clinton's record? >> he has the done anything in term of bill clinton's record. he's trying to be the nice guy because he's a guy and she is a woman. but his supporters, a lot of them hate her so much. if he were the vp, it would be interesting to have people who hate the president but love the vp. how do you vote in that situation. kennedy: it would be four years
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of constant adoration for them. even joe biden has he merged from this administration as the only likeable pun. kennedy: tsa lines are longer than milton berle's resume. lawmakers are calling for the white house national security (radio anncr): scorching heat today folks, stay cool out there! walter! ♪ stop suffering with hot ac - cool it yourself with a/c pro. just connect the hose, squeeze the trigger and check the gauge.
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kennedy: white house adviser ben rhodes is catching hell from congress over the "new york times" piece asserting he helped the administration mislead the american people by planting
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friendly experts at think tanks and duping an experienced reporter. they said the white house dede seed them and they are asking for him to fire rhodes. they gave him a polite invitation and not a subpoena. was that a mistake? >> yes. he said i'm going to claim executive privilege. it's the ability of the president and his aide to keep matters of delicate national security issues away from the public arena. the theory being the president need the free and unfettered, unvarnished advice of his advisers and they shouldn't worry about the stuff being open to the public. the problem is he already waived that privilege when he discussed these things with the "new york times." if you are going to lie and
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cheat and steal, keep your mouth closed by the. but if you tell the "new york times" you did it, you have given up that privilege. i wonder how serious these republicans in the house are. all they needed to do was serve him with a subpoena. kennedy: could rhodes have said i don't want to show up? >> if he doesn't go to a judge for judicial intervention, the judge will say tell me what you think is secret and i'll suicide if it's secret. sometimes the judge will say no. even your best argument isn't secret. kennedy: i'm imagining a judge would do what you are doing. look at the exposition in the "new york times" magazine piece and say you already violated that. it was like lois learner making a statement and claiming the fifth amendment.
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>> in my view there is a far bigger issue. the issue is who answers for government lies? this is the same government that prosecutes people for lying to it. and yet its agents, and this is not just anybody. this is the person in charge of national security negotiations. this is the guy who spend four, five, six times a day with the president. this is the fella whose door is two doors down from the president's oval office. how is it when he lies he can get away with it. when we lie to the government we can get prosecuted. but when the government lies they can hide under the truth. then the ghost send agents top james rosen, god bless him is in the middle of this as well. he exposed this. he questioned agents of the state department who told pronouncedly different versions
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of what ben rhodes told the "new york times." he either lied to the "new york times" or he lied to the public and the congress to get this iran deal through last summer. if he had told either of those lie to the f.b.i., he would be indicted. kennedy: someone at his level -- i know he wrote some pros and was a fiction writer before in his previous i veil why life. >> that it didn't know. kennedy: there is no way he's doing this piece on his own and disseminating this without the president's knowledge. >> republicans asking for ben rhodes to be fired, do they think the president was ignorant of the lies he was telling at the time in the name of the white house that the president oc on. kennedy: and this foreign policy advisor betrayed the president?
12:25 am
>> there is a remember the white house has given him cover. >> there are good arguments on both sides. this is about the way government achiefs its goals. glorifying people when they lie for it. kennedy: coming up with all sorts of rationalizations to plant stories with it's a self-serving end prize. thank you for being here. taylor swift find her way into a taylor swift find her way into a prominent senator's commencement thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish.
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kennedy: when a giant asteroid is on its way to hit the earth. come with me and we'll shoot
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nuclear missiles at it. topic number one. sometimes you want to be surprised by your birthday present, and sometimes the suspense is killing you and you have to find out what you are getting. one little girl came with a brilliant scheme to determine what her parents plan to get her for her birthday. she wrote this note and left it for her mom. she wrote, dear wife, what did you get lily for a surprise again. i forgot. please reply here. love don. although it could potentially backfire. what if they are mom filled out and returned it saying, dear husband, nothing. she is adopted. love the wife. or this, we got her that pony, you forgot to fight and it died. so now we are getting her 40
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glue sticks. love the wife. she can glue some tissue to her face. she is actually 17. topic number two. this is graduation season and vasser has failed to give me an honorary doctorate. but populist folk hero and native american legend elizabeth warren has started incorporating pop music into her commencement addresses. >> as one of our great philosophers has said. heart is are going to hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, knowing who you are is going to help you shake it off. kennedy: it could be worse. she could go full bernie.
12:31 am
>> i say zoe! kennedy: [bleep] topic number three. the school year is almost over. that means two things. i have to find off-campus towinga parties -- toga parties to sneak into. and the army versus mavy game this weekend. watch this. >> they are going to send her a good throw. she leaps over the plate, she is in there. kennedy: and she is safe. that's so impressive. what about lehigh?
12:32 am
how did they react to that crushing defeat. look at that. it's like being rick rolled with fur. however within the cheerleading section still leaves a lot to be desired. haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate ... where is that handful of pills? topic number four. pandas have one evolutionary strategy to survive death. that communists don't get too hungry to eat them. but sometimes the cleaner comes to spiffy up the habitat.
12:33 am
i am so cute, i'm in this basket wheeling myself away. i saw a panda who escaped the zoo and got into my neighborhood. very conscientious. topic number five. the iranian revolutionary guards, i spit on them. they have organized a cyberspace crimes unit that made an astonishing accusation about kim kardashian. they believe she is a secret agent. they think because her cleavage
12:34 am
has more followers on instagram. kim car gashian is basically james bonds with mascara. she told me i would be covered in artwork. get out of here. you are making fun of me. if you know how i feel, why would you say that. you put me in uncomfortable situations. i'm going to spy and track count ayatollah. kim kardashian is using her persona as a media hungry dates to hide her true nature. no, she is not a spy. do you know who else lulls people into a false sense of security through tears?
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the raptors. kim kardashian is a secret dinosaur. if you have weird stories you want to the see on the "topical storm," tweet me on kennedynation. and use the #topicalstorm. mark zuckerberg is meeting with conservative party groups to convince them not to unfriends him. america, they don't call it travel season for nothing. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice.
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and you are great for being here. i always appreciate. if you are flying off to a nice vacation this summer get to the airport two or three device in advance because tsa lines are getting longer. american airlines had to roll out 450 cots for its stranded passengers who missed their flights because of backed up security lines. tsa blames passengers for bringing too much stuff. charles schumer has this idea you should just have drug dogs in tsa lines, you can leave your shoes on and leave your liquid if your bags? >> i don't think our tsa is very good. >> it protected the plane from my too much lotion. kennedy: it would be a crime
12:40 am
against the world if your legging were any more moisturized. they are too smooth. >> we have a theater at each airport it's born out by the fact, and of course it's going to get below thed because government gets bloated to justify itself. kennedy: they are quliewgd the white house saying there just aren't of any of us. have you ever seen -- there is usually like a dozen tsa agents standing around with their blue gloves. but we have record numbers of travelers now, and i think they cut tsa by 10%. supply and demand. ken require' not supply and demand when the government southeast asserts itself.
12:41 am
>> they spend money on stuff all the time when there is no proof it works. have you ever flown to israel? the way they -- the way the israelis -- they will come and talk to you online. kennedy: facebook's chief executive mark zuckerberg is meeting with conservative leaders today as part of an effort to remove fears that the social network is squelching right-wing stories. >> it's fine to care about it it's a private company. if facebook has been doing this, then it's annoying. >> they are curating stories. they have an algorithm to select stories. if they are doing that, they should say so.
12:42 am
the moral high ground was immediately taken away when senator thune sent them a letter asserting congressional authority where he doesn't have it, which is far, far worse than whatever facebook is doing. kennedy: is mark zuckerberg heading them off at the pass? >> mark zuckerberg always tries to be the guy above the fray. so he tries to be bipartisan. but what congress is doing is ridiculous. they are a private company. i can malign republicans all day long. congress can't investigate because that's what i do for a living. >> it's the most important issue of our time. >> i have written articles before that did not go viral because of the lame stream lameal media.
12:43 am
stream liberal bias. kennedy: if silicon valley is a conservative desert and there is no oh i is of conservative thought, then priscilla, zuckerberg's wife, is the queen. so bottom line, should we sue mark zuckerberg and audit his stuff? shut down facebook. executive order. charles schumer need to bring the dogs to facebook. >> i understand congress has nothing else to worry about. this is the big issue of our times. kennedy: party panel, thank you for being here. what a way to spend a tuesday night. i love it.
12:44 am
coming up, another love mine, dr. ron paul joins me with the solution to fix our economy by ousting the people who are meddling with it. we go to the american border to protect the border.
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kennedy: i hope you are having fun. wall street recouped from the 2008 recession and it's thriving. the same success has yet to lift up main street america. what accounts for the anemic recovery? dr. ron paul says it's central manage, tinkering with the economy and the fed is the stuff
12:48 am
their woeful fiddling. dr. ron paul joins me now. i'm so glad to be talking about this. i talked with some of my co-workers about the fed's role and the sluggish economy and they kind of laugh at me. but what is the correlation between wall street doing well and many americans still hurting and the fed? >> well, the policy is designed to protect wall street. they believe if wall street does weller will be richer and they will once again be spending money. they miss the point of where the problems are and why we do not have a correction. since 1987 we brought about this plunge protection team to keep stock prices up. they do a pretty good job of keeping to be prices up, but middle class america suffers and
12:49 am
the unemployment is bad, and one-half of the population is in recession or depression. but i believe they refuse to look at the real problem, and they will not deal with the fed and how the fed caused this mess. >> let's talk about interest rates. they are being kept artificially low. what is that doing to the economy and and investors and working americans? >> it helps wall street. any time there is the slightest hint of the fed allowing interest rights to go up, wall street goes nuts. it destroys the most important price that exists in if the free market economy. the price of borrowing money. you get false information. low interest rates means the economy is thriving. people are prosperous. they are spending money, they save it and they drive interest rates down. but none of that is true. interest rates are artificial because the fed creates tap cal
12:50 am
out of thin air. it's not real capital. it's fake capital and artificially low interest rates. kennedy: what should the next president do? we are going to have a new president. we'll vote in less than six months. should they end the fed? >> they should. i guess the tougher question is what could a president do. and not a whole lot, because what has to be done and the comment i made recently, you have to have the correct and liquidate the mistake. you have to get rid of all the mathe -- all the mal-investment. in 2008 they would have allowed the bankruptcies to roll. kennedy: what does too big to fail mean? why can't you let the institutions die? why are we propping up a fault
12:51 am
economy with theoretical currency that is creating even more stagnation and pain? >> because the crony capitalists would suffer, and they are in charge. they are in charge behind the scenes. though the fed is very, very independent, there are a lot of people behind the scenes, and that is the large corporations and the system in wall street and the bond market. the need for deficit spending. some nobody will dare touch that, yet that's the only thing that will allow a correct. the market are powerful. the bankruptcy, the liquidation will come, but it will be so many more painful because it will be the champions of the currency and all the debt will be wiped off the book. even a sincere new president would be incapable of overcoming what we are facing today. kennedy: sacred cows give sour milk. thank you very much.
12:52 am
dr. paul. coming up. charlie leduff marches to the charlie leduff marches to the northern border i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. charlie leduff marches to the northeor wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness.
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keep * let's put this baby to bed with a beautiful swaddle. a couple of canadians posted a video ripping the state of things in the united states. they claim they are building their own wall. so charlie leduff headed to the u.s.-canada border to sort of hash thing out. >> if you think the mexican border is the wild wild west, then the canadian bored can best be described as, well, canadian. what's your problem? you going to build a wall? >> the youth spend billions
12:56 am
trying to guard the border. our strategy is to be uninteresting. we don't have to guard the border. we just have to be boring and nobody tries to come across. >> this i the border, but it's not working. we have 800,000 of you people living over here and 80,000 working here illegally. so before you build the wall, take them back, and start with ted cruz and justin bieber. >> ted cruz is texas's problem. we may have birthed him but can raised him. >> when is the wall going to be done. >> that's top secret. >> who i paying for it? >> we are paying for it. >> you have to pay for it because we are running a $150 million a year trade deficit with you. kennedy: charlie, what did you find on that decrepit northern border that no one talks about?
12:57 am
>> two dude in bad clothes and a prius. kennedy: why is anyone sticking with the prius? >> canada is rugged. they have lots of oilfield and to prove a point like they are driving a prius around in the mountains. i don't know. i drive a suburban. kennedy: it's in ontario where they mine the nickel for the prius batteries, raping mother earth to get her to stop crying. it's a pretty more intent prize. no one -- enterprise. your statistics are staggering. there is so much illegal immigration coming from the great white north. i fear for the sanctity of our nation. >> they are here for the money. you know their money is made out of plastic? who is this -- this dude?
12:58 am
old man. look at this. kennedy: that's not a man, that's the queen of england, her majesty. >> i can see through it. that does not give me confidence. the reason this is worth $16 is nobody trusts the canadian currency. kennedy: do the chinese trade in canadian toonies? too many coins. the $1 and $2 come in coins. >> why should i go to my neighbor's house and feel i'm in france. i don't get it. the fact of the matter is, we are neighbors, we are neighbors. stay out of my business. don't tell me what to do, wore going to decide what we are going to decide. we don't make fun of true dough who runs around in yamikas and
12:59 am
islamic garb. he's french canadian and those people are always trying to leave canada. that's where the problem is. kennedy: there is always the section over why, and i don't think you got a satisfactory answer about justin bieber. i think in either one of the candidate, whether it's hillary or donald trump, facebook they want to make inroad with independent and the sorely disaffected. they have to promise to deport justin bieber the first day in office. >> i don't presume to know what independent stand for, but i wouldn't care. i don't want my kid exposed to that. kennedy: come see me in new york sometime soon. thank you so much for watch knowledge the show.
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