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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 18, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the race for the white house too close to call in kentucky. bill clinton declares victory while bernie sanders takes over again with a decisive win. donald trump getting closer to reaching 1237. the number of delegates required to declare majority, but trump and sanders highlighted with their success says about the electorate. >> i view myself as somewhat of a messenger. this is a massive thing going on. millions and millions of people disenfranchised from this country. >> you can do the right thing and open its doors and welcome into the party people who are prepared to fight for real economic and social change. i say to the leadership of the democratic party, open the door. let the people then.
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sandra: the push to raise wages, the obama administration unveiling new girls making millions of americans eligible for overtime pay. a massive four alarm fire in the new york area. tens of thousands of workers affected this morning. straight ahead on your morning commute. tesla under pressure ceo elon musk looking into claims that workers who don't want to miss factories in california were paid only $5 an hour. mixed messages from the retail sector. we look at the latest look at the consumer wind and target report earnings this morning. fire in the sky, the incredible video caught on -- jim. a lot going on here. weakness in asia and japan if reported the economy grew better than expect it. you are seeing markets turn into the downside pitching hay down more than 1%. investors around the world
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waiting on fed minutes later today. in europe, we are seeing stocks following asia, ftse up a quarter of 8%. the cac in fnce than seven, dax down 15 in germany. a stronger u.s. dollar weigh in on commodity stocks as well globally. here in the u.s. futures with a small fraction of a point. green arrows across the board is like a hover in as they take off the morning. here with me this morning, fox business dagen mcdowell is here. in matter of fact national cochair morgan or take here as well. jumping from one show to the next. >> i saved the best for last. sandra: i love that. good to have you here. former hillary clinton senior presidential campaign
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strategists can a senior adviser to donald trump and runner-up on the apprentice. kristen hallman, founder of a new startup called pay yourself a period -- dynasty star phil robertson will be joining us. he's got a new m cg o erasgran pail h yo nan man that. a top story this morning. it was a late night. hillary clinton has a narrow edge over bernie sanders in the kentucky presidential primary. the race still officially out this minute too close to call. receiving 46.8%. both receiving 27 apce.differen. sanders defeating hillary clinton by eight points. sanders has 28 of the delegates while clinton takes 24.
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not having a new impact on the overall race for the democratic nomination. hillary clinton still leads bernie sanders by 279 delegates and a national account. that is not including the crucial superdelegate group. we've got jeff flock standing by in louisville, kentucky with all the very latest on this very exciting race. good morning, sir. >> sandra, good morning to you. i think hillary clinton is feeling this morning may be too close to call for some, but the secretary of state says hillary clinton was a nail biter. an nba playoff game last night nowhere near as exciting as sanders clinton raised. the changes on night at 10.76%. bernie sanders had a margin of less than 2000. he actually won most of the county. she only won 38 of 120 counties but mainly the rural counties
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she won here in an county, is home to louisville and not so put her over the top. you thought bernie sanders was done because of this narrow loss ?-questionstion -mark you weren't listening to him in california last night. >> many of the pundits and politicians they say bernie sanders should drop out. [booing] the people of california should not have the right to determine who the next president will be. [cheers and applause] well, let me be as clear as i can be. i agree with you. we are red to the last. >> as you point out, the numbers in terms of delegate, you have
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to get a large majority of the rest of the pledged delegates to overtake hillary clinton, which is unlikely. the superdelegates we don't see on the chart there. she's already pretty close. we will see how it goes. a win is a win. sandra: jeff flock on the thank you pager to me now is john phillips along with intense political columnist tammy bruce. tammy first of all, i have to get your reaction to last night. what do you make of the race on the left right now? >> well, it was really interesting because hillary was 44-point in mid-march there within five. dallas before her call comments. we knew last night with the remarkable. unforced errors, as people learn
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more about her, in a lot of ways for young people, especially the one he also discussed about bernie sanders and for many people on the right, more about knowing that maybe something different that is unknown, that is fresh and new and different can't be worse. and this is where they are out. night was very exciting. with over again, that's for a couple coats of bertie van on his podium. the rally audience of 25,000 went to gain. you could see this the first time i saw joy in the faces of people at a campaign rally and i knew or didn't be his. kentucky is a nail biter. >> we are quickly reminded of comments this week saying she is going to employ her husband governor bill clinton if you like the president.
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>> former president should now work to 92. first woman president supposed to be a big deal and she's going to get heavy lifting to demand. dagen: i've said this before. desperation is the world's worst perfume. that's what it sounds like. sandra: let's get you in here. we can't forget about donald trump. his delegate count after decisive win in oregon. >> u.s. but it's funny. though clinton won the state of kentucky twice. heather clinton defeated barack obama in 2008. it is a state very good to the clinton and she almost lost and who knows what all the votes are counted she may well lose this data can tacky to bernie sanders. hillary clinton manages to lose places and manages to make races can edit it there shouldn't be competitive.
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are these people say donald trump has no chance of beating her in the general election are paying attention to hillary clinton's track record. donald trump is going to take a lot of states previously off the table to mitt romney, john mccain and others and could make them competitive sec have now been states won by the democrat in recent years. tragedy is expanding to maine, minnesota, a lot of places he remains the underdog in a general election matchup with hillary clinton. i will go to morgan ortegas on on this. he is pushing the traditional left-leaning states. but this was a problem hillary clinton? >> that she can put away a socialist is beyond me. her weaknesses have been around for a long time. it's not like surprising us. the stories on the clinton foundation and the money she may have fixed that date, the scandal has followed her a long time. i don't understand why the
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democratic party let her go up on a post without putting anyone else. they were in such a rush to get the first in a president that they overlooked a lot of her glaring weaknesses that we in the republican party. dagen: i want to point out something going on. donald trump and his campaign at rain down on them because of random acts of violence. there was violence between sanders supporters in nevada and democratic party officials. what is bernie sanders said yesterday? you reject today. he said rejected executions the supporters are part of violence insisted the party must accommodate people fighting for real change. the democratic party chairman in nevada that nasty messages after this happened. it seemed messages and failed threats. >> we saw this at the trump rallies, the violence also the trump rallies and everybody had to bernie sanders signed.
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at that point democrats were denying it was the people. and yet you saw the indicators they are. when it comes to hillary in this framework with your note, you are looking at a woman who was alone and running because of all the losses the democrats took in 24 team. their major back bench come a very big names because they were supporting barack obama went home. there is almost no talent left. >> the irony is that massive disunity is on the democrat side when i was supposed to be of the republican side with 17 candidates. this is deeper than people think. this'll be a problem if donald trump as one might to consolidate a field. >> are you jumping in. i'll give you the last last word. >> of hillary clinton will win the nomination at the election, she'll have to get the people tipping over tables to be in the
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general. i don't think it's easy as she thinks it is. sandra: by the way, we also want to get to the megyn kelly interview with donald trump last night. good to those clips later on in the show. thank you to john phillips. good to have it this morning. breaking news on the earnings front. those reported first-quarter results a few moments ago. the home-improvement giant topping analyst expectations on revenue and earnings per share reporting 98 cents of earnings on $15.2 billion on revenue for the first quarter pictures of those right now in the premarket are trending higher. a decent job with a couple dollars. all the earnings coverage you need right here in points with maria a little bit later this hour. lotus begin next week patients. fire erupted on the metro north railroad in the early evening about 6:30 p.m. hour last night leaving thousands of commuters in the new york area stranded.
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>> flames engulfed in a north matcher train station last night causing a travel nightmare for new york city commuters. robert moses is an east harlem with the latest. for those in new york city, robert, it is important to point out a major commuter train at rings new york city workers into the state of connecticut as well. a huge interruption of service. what's the latest? >> yeah, sandra. we can't overstate how big of an impact this has had this affects thousands of meters not only across new york state comes a westchester county, but also into connecticut. i will step out of the way because i want to show you that charred debris from the scene. the fire about it inside of a nursery and 90 these elevated train tracks. only two or operational right now. they can attract remain out of
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service. longer commutes expected this morning in a crowded commutes as well. the fire broke out in the nursery at 6:40 last night. three firefighters suffered minor injuries. 10 train cars were told were damaged. the civilians were hurt, but thousands were inconvenienced. there was some propane near the nursery and that exacerbated the fire and caused it to spread. this morning as we mentioned, trains are running on a saturday schedule. those who relied matcher like to get into a knot of new york city will have much longer commutes. metro-north is still looking at the structural integrity of his tracks and more continues to get those two remaining tracks back in service. back to you. sandra: robert moses, thank you for the update on our situation. we will update our viewers has a schedule continues to update. a saturday schedule for the trade goers and also updates on
6:18 am
twitter. we would keep you updated. the obama administration awaiting a long-awaited vote that will raise more u.s. workers paychecks. cheryl casone with the details and have fun to watch this morning. cheryl: of more than 4 million u.s. workers will be eligible for overtime pay under the new rule set to be unveiled today. the policy will double the threshold of workers entitled to overtime or $47,476 bid right now $23,660. this is going to make 4.2 million extra workers eligible to receive the time and a half for each hour they work about 40 hours a week. this will impact the retail and restaurant industries. the final voltaic effect december 1st in several groups say this will hurt small businesses in particular. an officer captured this video of a flied meteor on a -- given
6:19 am
portland, maine. the incredible fireball shot across the sky around 1:00 a.m. tuesday morning that several northeastern states in the u.s. as well as parts of canada. by the way, the phones lit up at the precinct, people saying what is in the sky? finally, the senate passing legislation allowing families of 9/11 fake guns to sue the government of saudi arabia in u.s. courts were in a row of the country may play in those attacks. the obama administration has threatened to veto the legislation say they could post legal risk to americans overseas is now going ahead to the house. saudi arabia will withdraw billions of dollars in the u.s. economy if the bill is an act it. one thing if no, chuck schumer is actually a big supporter of the bill. there's a lot of contentious sites about this right now. >> coming up, bro trade. more americans expected to hit the road this summer. we will tell you what is behind
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the surge in leisure travel and whether you should expect to pay more at the pump. plus democratic front-runner hillary clinton and president bill clinton was a jobs creator. the presumptive republican nominee has something to say about that. we will discuss next. ♪
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sandra: crude oil prices hovering near 4844 a barrel. that quarter% in early trading. we are watching a trading near a highest level in.
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the national average for gas at $2 according to aaa overnight. predicting lower gas prices for the rest of the year in turn leading more road trips into paris until last year. the economic research. thank you for joining us. i have to tell you i was in chicago last week, sitting down with mr. chicago himself. i was blown away by the traffic that i saw there. worst in new york city traffic. is this because gas prices are low right now? >> yes prices seem to be a lot more traffic to chicago's notoriously bad for traffic and i've driven a knee-jerk, florida, atlanta which is terrible and chicago bridles nobody. it is just really bad right now. sandra: they say low gas prices for the remainder of the year.
6:25 am
he's done what you see every day, is that a prediction you are willing to make as well? >> you know, it's probably reasonable. they talk about relative to last year. relative to a month ago with higher. for dollars a gallon for gas. as he feels psychologically better with the $2.3 range, the consumer is a touch more confident if not terribly so don't make road trips now. >> right around $48. i will go back to the discussion i had. he was saying that it feels like commodities as a whole part darting to bottom out here. >> in terms of oil, we have to look at the client demand. the one thing that is the big issue in the oil market or gas
6:26 am
market, we still have an overhang. production will come back to the $55 range. we are probably pretty close. we will see another job at a big inventory down the line. i'm guessing $45 to $55 for the balance of the year. sandra: bayfront eia inventory report. wednesday i was in a day for looking at oil inventory. what do you expect as we open up to our panel? would you expect to see? >> last night we saw a drop of 1.4 million barrels. i noticed the past few weeks they are some of the virgin. i would expect maybe a little bit lower. they struggle off whatever the numbers are paying more attention to now to what the demand side will be.
6:27 am
sandra: thank you for joining us. good to see you. reporter: good to be here. sandra: as far as what you've been watching in the oil market and dimmer as a whole, we topped first along two economists who said we are the lower gas prices lead to an uptick in spending from the consumer. >> retail spending did better than it did last month, even after horrible reports from department stores on my shopping is going up or you might get spending action from the gasoline savings. the number is looks okay. >> i feel like there's so much uncertainty. no impact either way. >> this is that airlines to you. if you look across canada, the
6:28 am
barrels that are lower than that. in venezuela there may be a coup there. that is something to watch. keep watching it or you. hundreds feared missing after devastating when i've been true vodka. the latest on the search and rescue operations happening there. a former va directory sentence for failing to report. she received gifts from lobbyists while on the job. with the punishment enough? we'll break it all down for emacs. -- use ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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sandra: welcome back. maria bartiromo is on assignment and will be back tomorrow. it is may 18th, 6:30 a.m. the race for the white house. too close to call. bernie sanders takes oregon with a decisive win. donald trump getting closer to that 1237 number as far as delegates that he needs, the number need today secure the republican nomination. now one new video showing trump sound a lot like one democratic face. >> one of these areas with the problem of illegal immigration. >> we have to stop the inflo of illegals in the country. >> more than 200 families missing in mud slides.
6:32 am
the latest developments just ahead. >> tesla under pressure. must look into claims, were paid only $5 an hour a. retailers and focus this morning, we are looking at lows, retailer with earnings. the company beating expectations on profit and revenue. following up the results from home depot as well. the to be is basically unchanged in the premarket. futures getting a little bit of a lift and better than expected numbers. look at that. so now we see red arrows. s&p futures down 3. checking global markets, asian markets have been trending lower. faster pace than expected in first quarter.
6:33 am
awaiting in fed minutes to come out today. we have been seeing trading for the downside there. commodity stock in europe leading the way in ftse in london, up nearly one half of 1%. it was a wild finish last night with hillary clinton claiming she won the democratic race in kentucky. mike, although we still cannot confirm or say who actually won the state at this very moment, mike, what's the latest? >> well, if secretary clinton was looking for that decisive win to show that she's done feeling the bern or make the statement that the party is unifying behind her, she did not get it here in kentucky. only half of percentage separates hillary clinton from bernie sanders. t less than half of a per can'tage point because you're looking at rounded numbers. clinton took to twitter that she
6:34 am
had broken sanders' winning streak. we just won to kentucky, thanks, everybody for turning out. party is not united. you have a significant portion of the party and took to declare a victory of sorts in kentucky. >> in a closed primary something i am not all that enthusiastic about where independents are not allowed to vote where secretary clinton defeated barack by 250,000 votes in 2008, it appears tonight that we are going to end up with half of the delegates. [cheers and applause] >> clinton comments from march com which she put promised cut coal minors out of work. the western and eastern portions, the rural portions of the state. when you get to the population centers of louisville, that's
6:35 am
really what kept clinton ship afloat. sandra, thank you. sandra: all right, mike, thank you. all right. so too close to call in kentucky. joining me now former hillary clinton chief campaign strategist and group president and managing partner, mark pen, good morning to you. >> good morning. sandra: so what do you say when the right says hillary clinton can't even shake her socialist opponent on the left before she can focus her target on donald trump, why is this race so close? >> well, the race isn't really that close because i think it's pretty clear that she's going to wrap up the democratic nomination pretty soon, has the support of the party and at this point a little puzzling why sanders hasn't pulled back his race as the republican candidates did relative to trump. i think she's in good position
6:36 am
there. i think obviously she's going to have to reach out to young voters and working class voters but i think her putting together the democratic party is probably going to be a lot easier than donald trump putting together -- sandra: were a business network. hillary clinton this week saying she's going to tap her husband former president bill clinton to lead the economy if and when she becomes president, she says, is this a good strategy to her to say, you know what, he'll take care of that? >> she's going to president clinton to know what he did best, strategy for fixing the economy and improving, invest meants, fiscal responsibilities and it worked and so i think that's going to be a huge plus. sandra: is she saying that she's not capable of that job for. >> no, i look i think she's saying that, you know, if i'm
6:37 am
elected president clinton is going to be in white house. he's not just going to look at pictures and go the to funerals, she's going to participate and here is his portfolio. dagen: mark, keep him busy because idle hands. sandra: dagen. dagen: don't let him hang out the white house. >> he's as sharp as the tack. sandra: morgan otegus is here as well. morgan: 2016 election has proved that truth is more than fiction. who would want to be her vp? that's a pretty like house of cards marriage that the two have going them, the powerful maiñ --
6:38 am
marriage that they have going on? why would you want to be the vp for her and who could she actually pick? >> i think under president history al gore -- morgan: we are not talking about president clinton, we are talking about hillary clinton. >> the line is as long as the eye can see in terms of being vice president. she wants to get things done. incredible place to be, i think, in the country as her vice president. i don't think there's any lack of candidates for that job. sandra: pete is here. >> part of the reason bernie sanders may still be in the race is that he looks at the pending e-mail scandal and possible indictment and how serious that's become. are you really saying that
6:39 am
that's not a concern, that's not in the back of their mind, they don't realize the rig system to the nomination? >> i don't think there's a rigged system. i think she's winning the vast majority of votes coming out in the primary system. obviously it's a concern and if bernie sanders wants to hang around until the convention and bring the together party, that's his right and it's fair and i think it's unlikely i think right now that any major fbi explosion is going to happen because it hasn't happened. maybe, and i think certainly it's fine for bernie sanders to hang out, but there's no evidence that that's happening. sandra: dagen: hang out. does hillary clinton need to ask bernie sanders to be his vice president again with the violence e -- erupted in nevada. >> i think that they want to
6:40 am
support hillary clinton, i think that those voters are saying, they support bernie sanders, but they didn't go over to the republican party, they didn't go over to trump, i think they will get behind hillary particularly if she run it is right type of campaign after she secures the nomination. sandra: do you see that happening, morgan? morgan: so many friends of mine, a few that i have that are bernie sanders supporters told me that they would vote donald trump over hillary. dagen: they always want to corner me. want to corner me and tell me how awful hillary clinton's -- >> bernie sanders wasn't a democrat before he we wanted to vote as a democrat. why are you taking a given that hillary clinton who has not been a good politician is willing to
6:41 am
unit the party? >> donald trump has 60-65 favorable. he's not favorable among boarders. he doesn't have support among young people. hillary understanding the job. she's going to have to go out and run a strong positive campaign with a vision for the future. sons primary is completely over and pivot and do that, she will contrast her vision of campaign than of trump and that's how she will bring voters together. >> sandra: you sound very optimistic. good to have you. va director sentenced and now the goalie from 1980 u.s. olympic hockey team is selling his gold medal.
6:42 am
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sandra: hundreds of people fear dead after a massive mud slide in industry -- sri lanka. 200 families still missing. officials fear they are buried under the mud. rains that cause the mud slide triggered severe flooding, about 135,000 people have been displaced across that country. well, business headlines this morning, tesla motors eli musk investigating his company that exported cheap foreign labor for shop in california. workers were paid $5 an hour,
6:46 am
fraction of what workers would receive, quote, will investigate to make it right. and then do you remember this moment? >> up ahead to snyder. >> so that's in the movie because i just liked it better and it's awesome. [laughter] cheryl: anybody that was alive in this country in 1980 are never going to forget the miracle on ice, wrapped around his shoulders after the u.s. hockey team beat the soviet union is on the auction flag. it includes, get this, olympic gold medal. here is the prices, asking price for the collection 5.7 million, the flag is valued at a million
6:47 am
to 1 and a half million. price of god medal between 1 half million and $2 million. i think pete is going to sign like right now. >> indeed. cheryl: former veterans' officials has been sentenced to two years probation for failing to discloses thousands of dollars that she received from a lobbyist friend. she did plea guilty. get this guys, some of the presents, 11,000 trip to disneyland, airfare and cons ert tickets, your tax dollars, back to you. sandra: wow. she apologized and crying and insisted that she's a public servant that cares about veterans. >> they were beyonce tickets.
6:48 am
she couldn't be fired for cause, so they had to go after the gifts that she received as director. sheron saw a scandal that's rippled throughout the country and she gets a slap in the country and they realize there's no accountable with that. veterans are still dying waiting for health care and this under scores how really accountability really exists. sandra: we are watching market action for you. retailers reporting lows. first quarter results early this morning. they did beat analyst expectations on the top and bottom line, stocks not getting a huge boost from that but we are watching it for you. the home improvement, 98 cents a share on revenue $15.2 billion for the first quarter. we will break all this down for you along with the morning's
6:49 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ sandra: the late retailer to report earnings. better than expected results, favorable weather driving sales higher, this follows results from home depot. strong results as well. despite shares, now looking to open to the downside. let's get reaction to low earnings with rob morgan, chief investment officer at the financial group. rob, retailers haven't been looking so good, what do you make first of all, home improvement retailers, serve a bright spot? >> absolutely. retailers have been blooming and waiting consumer discretionary base. great reports, but really poor guidance. so the stocks have been selling off. sandra: what's going on overall in the retail sector? i want to go back to the
6:54 am
conversation that i had with sam last week. everybody keeps asking surprised that macy's isn't doing well, there have been many red flags about the department store chains and retailers, people aren't shopping at malls anymore. >> there was a great expectation that with low gas prices we get a boost in consumer spending, that's raised expectations, that hasn't really come through and, of course, now with the fed rate hike campaign, investors are concerned that that's going to cut off -- morgan: aren't they just spending on vacations, restaurants other than retail store? >> yeah, absolutely. in general across the board we haven't seen the huge boom with all this reduced gas money. dagen: they are spending online. online spending was up double digits from the previous year. >> of course, there's this big thought that amazon is poaching all of the retailers and that's kind of at least -- if you're
6:55 am
not amazon, that's an overwriting bloom. dagen: second largest apparel retailer behind wal-mart. >> do you feel like lowes are immune or home depot? >> that kind of brings up the whole topic, hey, unemployment is coming down. existing home sales going up. the average age of houses going up so there's more home improvement projects and you plan it on a saturday morning. >> i was at lowes last saturday morning. my lawn mower wouldn't start. dagen: you leave everything to the last minute. >> absolutely. dagen: good job, guys.
6:56 am
sandra: somewhere the consumer is shopping. >> back to your comments about restaurants, and for disclaimer, i don't own it and don't have a relationship with it. but overall i'm -- sandra: how do you feel about the broader stock market, i get questions about what's going on with the market and what are we suppose today anticipate as individual investor. it's up 200 points the next day. >> i cut back my overwaiting because of fed rate hike. they'll push us into a recession at some point and i'm sure we will have some correction or bare market. market weighs on stocks, trend of rising dollars. underwait international stocks
6:57 am
and invest in sectors. that's my nutshell right now. sandra: thank you for joining us. >> pleasure. sandra: morgan otegus you're leafing us? >> yes. >> i why tokyo-style ramen noodles.
6:58 am
when you cook with incredible ingredients... you make incredible meals. fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipies, delivered to your door for less than nine dollars a meal. get your first two meals free at .
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7:00 am
sandra: good morning, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo will be back tomorrow. it's wednesday may 18th. top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. race for the white house too close to call. still in kentucky. the hillary clinton declaring victory in the blue-grass state while bernie sanders takes oregon with decisive win. donald trump getting closer to reaching 1237, the number of delegates needed for -- to declare majority but both trump and sanders looking at the future of this race. >> they said unless i win i can't do that, he said no, you're wrong. what you have done has never been done before and will go down in history. i will say that if i don't go all the way and don't win, i will consider to be a total and complete waste of time energy and money. >> together we have been climbing the steep hill from day one in this campaign and we are going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th
7:01 am
and then take our fight into the convention. sandra: cozy relationship between the white house and silicon valley company, visitor logs show how close google is with the obama administration. a ban over patriotism, one school banned american flags in its parking lot. the cleveland cavaliers starting conference finals with big win but one headline you need to know, new details on nike's contract with lebron james. hottest trend in social mea. selfies, who wants to get paid for them? we have a company that will tell you how you can do that. asian markets, investors around the world waiting on fed minutes out later today. that uncertainty lead to go loss of more than 1% in shanghai, we are also looking at weakness in
7:02 am
the u.s. dollar weighing on commodity stocks globally. and europe trending lower as well with the ftse in london up 1 half of 1%. a look here at the u.s., stock index futures hoovering under unchanged market. s&p up 1, nasdaq futures up 2. here with me to break it all down this morning, there she is fox business dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor pete pegse, the h. >> unbelievable. dagen: i'm sad that morgan was leaving. [laughter] sandra: lee carter is here as well. lee: great to be here. sandra: we have a can't-miss lineup for you. senior adviser to donald trump and runner up on the apprentice. kristin holeman, founder of pay
7:03 am
your selfie. he's got a new movie coming out and we would also like to know what he thinks about this election and presidential candidate and former texas congressman ron paul. you don't want to miss what these folks have to say. hillary clinton has a narrow edge in the kentucky presidential primary but the race officially too close to call still at the very moment this morning. clinton receiving 46.8% to sanders 46.3, the candidates will split delegates both receiving 27 a piece. meanwhile in oregon voters singing a different tune there. sanders defeating hillary clinton by 8 points. clinton takes 24. yesterday not having a huge imact on the overall race. hillary clinton still laids bernie sanders by the ever important delegate, 279 in
7:04 am
national account. that's not including the crucial superdelegate group. jeff flock is candidly staying by in louisville, kentucky with the latest on the race. good morning to you, sir. jeff: this was supposed to be the state that had advantages for hillary clinton, close primary, a state her husband won twice and it comes down to 4300s of a percentage points separating she and bernie sanders. these are unofficial results. secretary of state says she's the windshield windshield winner saying this is essentially a tie and he believes that he could still overtake clinton in delegates. >> it would be a steep climb, i
7:05 am
recognize that but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority of the pledged delegates. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to continue to fight for every last vote until june 14th and then we are going to take the fight into the convention. [cheers and applause] jeff: that's got to scare him a little bit. i tell you, hillary clinton campaigned here on monday, bernie sanders went off, sandra, to puerto rico, some are questioning now as close as it was had he stayed here and campaign here the outcome would have been different. where do we go from here? well, we go onto california where it looks good for sanderss and new mexico and dakotas as well, new jersey not so much. it's essentially a toss up when you come right down to it.
7:06 am
4300s of a percentage points. man, that's close. sandra: jeff block, thank you. we will see you a little bit later. senior adviser to donald trump and runner up tana, thank you for joining us this morning. what do you make of this? the race too close to call for hillary clinton and bernie sanders in kentucky? >> i thought it was great that bernie was that close. if it were me personally i would ask for a recount just to be sure that i didn't win the state. i think it's just ironic that everybody thinks that hillary will be the nominee and she's barely winning states, so it's exciting for us on mr. trump campaign and we are very exciting regardless of who we are up against, it's going to be a very interesting election. sandra: so speaking of mr. donald trump, he's going to be meeting today with former secretary of state kissinger who was top adviser to richard nixon and gerald ford.
7:07 am
he is willing to talk to north korean leader kim. >> i will speak to him, i would have no problems speaking to him at the same time i would put a lot of pressure on china because economically we have tremendous power over china, people don't realize this. they are extracting vast billions of dollars out of our country. billions. sandra: your take on the meeting what happened you expect out of it. >> i know that mr. trump is a smart man and surrounds himself with smart people, people who are in that arena and this is a great meeting, we are very much -- sandra: you do hear criticism and obviously there is some of that out there of his foreign policy and that he's going to surround himself with strong people and smart people but those that are challenging him are saying, is he willing to listen to these people.
7:08 am
>> absolutely, yes, absolutely. i know that firsthand. i've known mr. trump for 11 years. he absolutely listens to people who have more experience in that arena. mr. trump is not a politician h. sandra: one of those people who has challenged foreign policy is sitting right next to me. >> i've been critical at time of mr. trump's perspective and somebody like kissinger has a very different view of america's role in the world in some ways than mr. trump has. what in a meeting like that would change his mind, influence his mind when he hears somebody like henry kissinger? >> mr. trump will come into the meeting with the business mind that he has. who better than donald trump to talk about china and the trade that's going on. mr. trump knows that the power that we have in america over china and he will -- he will make sure that henry knows that information and henry will share with him what he knows about the foreign policy and they'll come
7:09 am
to a compromise of mr. trump's strengths and power and knowing that we do hold the cards and that we do have control but we need to get control back, so he's most definitely willing to listen, as you know have seen last night on the megan kelly show. so this is going to be huge. sandra: i want to get lee carter in here. first i want to show poll, six and ten republicans trust trump to lead the republican party while only four in ten voters say they have more faith in house speaker paul ryan. he agrees with the poll and he believes trump is the leader of the republican party. his words. >> i hope it's donald trump. he's getting the nomination. he's wrapping up the nomination. good lord, i hope it is. because the person who is getting a nomination of the party is the person to lead our
7:10 am
party. >> i think that's fabulous, those numbers are great, i couldn't agree with them more. donald trump is speaking to millions of americans who want him in the white house, who want him elected as the president. this is great news, we are so thrilled that the american people's vote is counting and we love it. sandra: lee cart certify here and she has a question. lee: one of the things we have been talking about policies and conversations he has been having and surrounding himself with people, he has a different strategy that we have seen before, here is my policy on this, here is the proposal, let's have a dialogue about it, can you tell us about that strategy, it's totally different, usually people put a big stake in the ground and say this is what i'm about, he'll saying i'm putting out proposal and i'm going to negotiate it. how does people know he's all about? >> this is a suggestion if and when i become president. if he becomes president and elected, then it, will be, of course, right now he's
7:11 am
speculating that is what i would like to do. his ideas are out there, all over the website. it's no secret what mr. trump wants to do. he wants to bring jobs back to the economy and wants to make the trade deal great and wants to make middle-class americans, making more money and keeping more money and it's all out there. you just have to listen. this is what's going to happen. dagen: what can you do to woo the female voter. he's going to have problem with female voter, i think that's broadly acknowledged. what can you do as an individual to change that? are. >> well, what i am doing is speaking at the rallies. for the females that know mr. trump personally like i do, is knowing the stories.
7:12 am
for the female that are running in america that are just tuning into tv, is that the donald trump that i want as president, they don't know the real donald trump. sandra: before we leave it there, what's his biggest challenge going forward? >> he doesn't have a challenge going forward. he's winning the nomination, he's winning votes, he's winning by millions of people. there's not going to be a problem. i think hillary clinton has got the problem. sandra: all right, we will leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. sandra: 1600 pennsylvania avenue has become a second home for one silicon valley tech giant and nba star lebron james calls himself king james. we will tell you why that's a fitting title when it comes to endorsement deal, the big one next. here's the plan.
7:13 am
you grow up wanting to be a lawyer, because your dad's a lawyer. and you land a job with a 401k and meet your wife. you're surprised how much you both want kids, and equally surprised you can't have them. so together, you adopt a little boy... and then his two brothers... and you up your life insurance because four people depend on you now. then, one weekend, when everyone has a cold and you've spent the whole day watching tv, you realize that you didn't plan for any of this, but you wouldn't have done it any other way. with the right financial partner, progress is possible.
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7:15 am
sandra: we know the white house has welcomed a lot of high-tech executives, some more often than others, cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: a lot more than others. this is very interesting. the obama administration has extend an open door to google
7:16 am
big time. joanna shelton has visited white house officials 128 times since president obama took office in 2009. senior lobbyist for other companies, cable industry has visit it had white house combined 124 times only in the same span. this is an interesting story out of colorado, guys, a 5-year-old girl suspending to bringing gun in elementary school, the catch it was a bubble gun. yeah, the girl's mother dumb founded over the school's decision. listen. >> really, i'm in shock. and it is kind of funny that they would take it that war. what bugs me is that this is going to be something that they can refer back to. if we have any issues in the future which i don't foresee but it's always going to be
7:17 am
lingering there in her school file. cheryl: for some reason -- [laughter] cheryl: she wanted her identity hidden. [laughter] cheryl: it's a toy. sandra: those are fun, by the way. cheryl: with the unofficial start of summer coming up a new study out with findings about your sunscreen, listen up, consumer reports tested 65 sunscreens that claim to have 30spf on them, 30% not as effective as labeled, some they were 50 were tested and came in at an eight, supposed to be 50. dagen: very, very dangerous when it comes to children and infants. you slather your kids with spf. the honest company, jessica alba
7:18 am
company got in trouble with natural screen and people would get burn. sandra: you see kids that are covered head to toe with clothing. lee: right. sandra: top-performing sunscreens. cheryl: lasose and trader joeys. sandra: no coppertone in the top six here. cheryl: badly rated as well and that's expensive. sandra: anyway, use umbrella. [laughter] dagen: swim shirt and a hat. sandra: that's what i'm saying. [laughter] sandra: still to come how lebron james' deal with allow him to buy his cleveland cavaliers, we
7:19 am
are talking b ig with a b. pete might have something to say about that
7:20 am
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live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. ♪ ♪ sandra: i didn't know that you were a big britney spears fan.
7:23 am
dagen: when i was growing up i was listening to the altman brothers. that's how old i am. sandra: last night cleveland cavs look to remain undefeating taking on toronto raptors. 24/7 sports reporters, jared max. jared: good morning, sandra. no game one eastern finals, toronto scored the first seven points and cavaliers went on 22-2 run. outscore it had raptors in second quarter 33-16, lebron james nailed the first nine shots. lebron scored 24 points. he did not play the fourth quarter. 9-0 in playoffs. 115-84.
7:24 am
second straight trip to nba finals. the annual draft lottery last night in advance's of draft. last night first time ever the draft holds up true to the standings in the season. philadelphia 76ers had the worst record and they will get the number one pick followed by the lakers, controversy, perhaps at the nba draft lottery, hall of famer took to twitter yesterday three and a half hours before the lottery and wrote congress rats to the the 76ers. 30 minutes later tweeted, sorry guys, got excited about the odds, got ahead of myself. still keeping my if i thinkers crossed for tonight. while the 76ers had the greatest chance to land, which they did.
7:25 am
sandra: we will discuss after this one. i have to get to this story. jared: this is a lot of money. life-time deal lebron james signed with nike could be worth more than $1 billion. lebron's business manager was asked by gq magazine, how much are people saying, well, kanye said a billion to a billion. maverick pointed his finger upward. later said it's the largest deal in the history of the company. $1billion lebron james and nike. remember the fight on baseball and sunday maybe because he landed such a clean punch, texas ranger second baseman, there it is. pow, right in the kisser. [laughter]
7:26 am
>> eight games suspension for odor. one game suspension for bautista. both will appeal. 5,000-dollar fine for odor and also gets three games. you know, clean punch. if he didn't get such a clean hit and missed him, i bet he only gets two games. >> indeed. >> he was punished for being too good as a fighter. sandra: eight games is too much? hockey is just different. jared: he land it had cleanest punch that everybody has been talking about. i wouldn't be surprised if it's two or three games. sandra: can i say a billion dollars lebron games. he's only 31 year's old. we came back from break.
7:27 am
he's been king james. dagen: it's the selling power after lebron retires because you look at michael jordan for comparison. you compare sales to the rest of his career because michael jordan sneakers air jordans still sell. it might make you the billion dollars is easy to get too quite frankly given his selling power into his -- sandra: resident basketball expert. >> bench sitter and not a king. i agree over time it's going to be upwards over that. sandra: don't touch michael jordan. go chicago. thank you, jared max. [laughter]
7:28 am
sandra: coming up. move over jeff bezos. new connected device, tech giant is set to debut. pictures worth a thousand words but is it also worth a thousand dollars. the company looking to get you paid for all those selfie peoples are taking everywhere at every moment all around the world. how do you do it? when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom?
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with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> all right. welcome back i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo is on assignment this morning. will be back tomorrow. wednesday may 18th these are your top story at 7:30 a.m. eastern. race for the white house too close to it call in the state of kentucky. but hillary clinton has declaredded victory there. while bernie sanders takes oregon with a decisive win. donald trump get closer to reaching 1237 delegates after oregon primary. trump and sand terse addressing the success of their campaigns on the trail. >> go tell secretary clinton she might get nervous. i think we're going to win here in california. >> i think if i didn't conduct myself in the way i've done it,
7:32 am
i don't think i would have been successful. if i were, you know, presidential okay. presidential in a way it's a bad word because there's nothing wrong with being presidential but if i would have not fought back the way i would have fought back i don't think i would have been successful. >> a ban over patriotism. ready to get fired up this morning outrage after one school bans americaning flayings in its parking lot, and google moving in. company unveiling new connected device for your home and hottest trentd in social media. it has selfies do you want to get paid for them? we have one company telling you how you can turn them into cash. tickled pink. how much this rare pink diamond sold for at auction last night. and checking o on our markets this morning, you are looking at the mixed action. we've been hovering around unchanged lean fors most of the morning slower by one point. s&p and nasdaq futures slightly higher.
7:33 am
back to our top story morning. hillary clinton has a narrow edge over bernie sanders in kentucky presidential primary but race is officially too close to call as it have this moment. clinton receiving 46.8% of the vote to sanders 46.3. the candidates will split the state's delegates both receiving 27 each. meanwhile in oregon voters singing a different tune. sand terse beating hillary clinton by 8 point. sanders wins 28 of the delegates while clinton takes home 24. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 279 in national count that's not including the crucial superdelegate group. donald trump also chum with an easy win in oregon by taking nearly 70% of republican support in the state. the presumptive republican nominee getting closer to that magic 1,237 number he needs to secure the nomination and oning us now is democratic strategist
7:34 am
and talk show host larry elder richard i'll go to you first. what do you make of the too close to call race between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in kentucky? >> what i make of it is this is the press trying to make an issue where there's no issue. you know, i start preparing what iftion going to say to you when hillary was a little bit down and you said it. they split delegates 27/27 that would have been the case whether hillary won or bernie fact of the matter it's a fantasy or for bernie sanders to be telling his supporters is that there's a path for him to win because there's not, and the reason i say that is mass had. he would have to win remaining states by 32% he's not won a single state outside vermont he has home state by more than 22. so this is is dream world thinking and i hope your viewers qhor savvy who predicate their decision on facts right -- and not on spin understand that any talk to the contrary is utter fantasy.
7:35 am
>> so do we have to hillary clinton team u up bernie sanders would she pick him as her running mate? to unify the party? >> i think that's unlikely but to his point, there is no issue as far as hillary getting the nomination concern. there's certainly an issue about her had intoobility put away a 73-year-old socialist who looks like he sleeps in his car. they believe she's tied to wall street. they're concerned about the muck on clinton foundation she's in trouble going forward. >> i want to get to this donald trump rhetoric during this campaign is not being compared to president bill clinton from over 20 years ago in his 1996 "state of the union" speech. listen to this. >> one of these areas is the problem of illegal immigration. after years of neglect, this administration has intay a strong stand to stiffen the protection of our borders. we're increasing border controls
7:36 am
by 50%. we're increasing inspection to prengt hiring of illegal immigrants and i will sign executived orer to deny federal contract to businesses that hire illegal immigrants. >> all richard, about your resp. >> you wouldn't know to watch table channel there's been a net outflow of people from the u.s. to mexico over the fast five years. for all of this talk about how we need a border, how we need a fence fact is there's been a net outflow of people from u.s. to mexico since 2010 so everything that bill clinton just said barack obama could say the exact same thing about enforcement and deportation, in fact, he's getting heat from the left because of this. so i know ha-ha because donald trump is talking about mexicans being rapeist we forget that mexicans are rapists you'll never hear bill clinton or democrat say anything comparable to that. that's what i think.
7:37 am
>> your response to that comparison to bill clinton. >> well first of all trump never said mexicans are rapist that's unfair. but finish richard please. point of the tape shows that -- much of what donald trump is being criticized about bill clinton once said and by the way so did harry reid in 199after first world trade center attack he sounded more trump than trump sounds. >> you. you're all fired up this morning. [laughter] >> i think we're going to leave it there actually thank you both for joining us this morning. thank you larry and richard. hold on a second keep you around because we have this. donald trump, sitting down with fox news's megyn kelly i'm sure you watched this in exclusive interview last night their first one-on-one exchange highly anticipated exchange since in august. peter barnes is here with highlights of that first. peter.
7:38 am
>> donald trump telling megyn kelly he never would have defeated rivels for republican nomination had he not been trump. he told megyn that he got a phone call from famous writer about his style to do whatever it i takes to win. >> will say this if i don't go all of the way and i don't one, i will consider to be a complete waste of time, energy, and money. >> donald trump also trying to explain why he fired become at megyn for cold confronting him t disparaging comment on women. he said, quote, i thought it was unfair noting that it was first question he'd ever been asked at a debate and he said, quote, i'm saying to myself man what a question but he added i don't really blame you because you're doing your thing. but from my standpoint i don't have to like it. >> peter peter thank you. what u do you make if i don't win it will be a total wasting of his time? >> well, as far as i'm concerned
7:39 am
it was very entertaining interview but broke new ground. he made that statement before. he believes if he tries and doesn't succeed he's a failure that's donald trump. >> well richard is seems like at least the two of them were able to have a civil conversation following months of -- >> they were of >> of stuff. >> you know, everybody talked about this show being this bombshell. and good for megyn kelly to get him to sit down but i was waiting for her to ask about his taxes about his appeal to white supremacist groups but frankly you are ask the question earlier in this hour what is it going to take for donald trump to win, and i think what it's going to stake for him to win his advisor is to back off things so as long as he has white supremacist running delegates in california that's for -- >> that delegate not his delegate any longer that is an old story by now. >> well, what's not bigs, and is
7:40 am
when he was asked the question about -- asked that about david duke and which white supremacist group he supported or rejected he said i don't want david dike and he said tell me which one you're talking about so, obviously, there are some that he wants -- >> larry you got the floor go ahead. [laughter] david duke never supported or e endorsed donald trump and by the way minister is said kind things about donald trump. nobody asked him to denounce now why one white needs to be denounced but shows selective outrage and from the playbook from democratic side 10. republicans are racist, hope homophobe, it is old, tired. >> richard you can use those attacks on donald trump if hillary clinton could just get rid of bernie sanders. >> she can't shake him. >> can't shake him.
7:41 am
>> again obama won three of the last ten con o tests when he ran against hillary and nobody said he's sputtering into the convention. she actually won more primary votes than he did in 2008. so look let's set back. take a deep breath bernie people u by polls will end up supporting hillary. we'll see. >> i don't know what you had for breakfast. coffee -- cereal -- it is not even 5 a.m. in l.a. where larry is. >> thank you both for joinings this morning. all fired up up good to have you. selfies they're all the rage. how you can turn thises past time into a payday. and check this out. a rare pink diamond wases sold at a big auction at sothebys, the big price tag for this pink bling. we'll have it, next.
7:42 am
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7:45 am
>> officials lifting a ban on flags including old glory out of colorado are high school. cheryl is here with this story this morning. good morning, cheryl. >> what a controversy this was sandra. the disibt started earlier this month when a senior was told that he couldn't fly a con ted rat flag which was deemed inappropriate and offense oive. officials banned all flags five students and a veteran then came to the scoot next day and carried mostly american flags and yes that ban was dropped eventually an this headline google planning to unveil a voice activated home device. the new york tiles has google home is a virtual agent that's going to answer simple questions and carry the basic tasks if you've heard of echo same type of thing. amazon has told about 3 million units in less than two years. echo has been pretty popular. ladies listen up. tack a look -- how do you want to have this put on your finger should we hands
7:46 am
it to you how do you want to wear this sandra. check book time a rare vivid pink diamond sold for more than or $31 million at auction yesterday. name of is the ewe unique pink mounted, obviously, on that ring and asian private collector bought it over the telephone star item at the semiauction that happened in geneva. sales took in 175 million but sandra i think that would look lovely on you. back to you. >> the conversation is would you actually wear this had it been given to you 171 million yeah i would wear it. never take it off. smg that size of it less than 16 carats you could get away with it. only problem is you pay all of that money for it and if you wear it people think it's fake. >> costume jewelry because it's so big and -- >> depends where you go. where are you going -- [laughter]
7:47 am
kim kardashian it's real. >> hunting, and playing golf. >> nice up against my 20 gauge. thank you very much. [laughter] >> well it's very beautiful. but yeah. a little unattainable i guess you could say. fnght but a reasonable size. [laughter] >> reasonable -- >> larger is possible. hncht 15 carat. reasonable -- heavy handed try to book the ring as a guest in the show coming up. straight ahead. >> sit and pet it. [laughter] >> a company that connects brands and consumers to the power of a selfie and pays you cash for all of those pictures that you take of yourself. you know who you are. we've got all of the details of the founder of the company pay your selfie next. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> you ever wonder how can i just make ailing extra cash? without doing that much more work? more than a hundred million selfies taken every day and my next guest has had found a way for you to make money from all of those selfies that you take cofounded a company that benefits consumer and brands by connecting the two together by using common selfie as the medium here to tells about how this work sings pay your selfie cofounder kristin good to have you here today so you've got to
7:52 am
start from the beginning. you download an app for your company, pay your selfie and then what do i do to make money? >> okay. so pay your selfie is a consumer app that pays cash. for the selfie. so what you're going to do is download our app on ios or android and then we provide a menu of tasks to perform some are fun tasks leak -- >> an example. >> take a selfie with your best friend or do specific -- a picture with a selfie with with my best friend i the it on the app and how do i make money with it? >> 20 cents to a dollar to do that. when you hit 20 in your pig ye bank. >> you have crest and goose island beer. >> so crest toothpaste wanted you brush with their paste and
7:53 am
thousands submitted and fascinating to see people in their bathroom. >> crest so what was their primary interest in doing this. what do they learn from consumer photographs? >> they wanted to see people at the point of engagement something you can't get in a inside report these days you can't get that from a paper survey or cash register this is something where you see them brushing their teeth. 11% of the selfies that were submitted by men were shirtless right out of the shower? [laughter] >> oh, my gosh that's an imman i don't think i can unsee. all right so are there any local problems because you suggested you want to take a picture ever a show. i represent fox and then member smaig money on that you can provide a million examples like that. could somebody sue if they were in a picture that somebody else made money on?
7:54 am
>> no we're very open and honest with users. fact of the matter is that had in this age of social media there's people that are out there looking to see what products associated with in your photo but we're open with pay yourself, and we have a user agreement nt we talked about it that great selfie can we use that. today -- we talk to users about u hey we're on -- >> how are you and pay your selfie making money? >> the brands. they're interested in consumerren sight and these points of engagement so they're saying hey, we would love for you to do this research fors us. but then they own the picture? >> pay your selfie and then we strip any identifiable information and we look at them or for common thread. >> give me an example like a top earner as far as just average person who is throughout thing selfies and mag money using your app. give us an example of the amount money somebody can mac on this.
7:55 am
>> we have really engaged users having a lot of fun with pay your selfie we have people cashing two or three times already. company is 7 months old and cashing out using money for manicure, pedicure night out at the movies. so >> more of a fun thing. not a career. don't quit your job to take selfie so this is meant for fun. >> chatting at the commercial anywhere in new york city a selfie stick. taking selfies everywhere. grand central it's not died down one bit. smg it's part of our lives it's not going anywhere. kristin thank you or for joining us duck dynasty star and donald trump supporter phil robertson is here, and "varney & varney as stuart my buddy will be here and former presidential candidate and texas congressman ron paul we have an hour left but it is a keapght miss lineup.
7:56 am
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7:58 am
>> good morning i'm sandra smith maria bartiromo is on assignment this morning, and will be back tomorrow. it has wednesday may 18th your top stories at 8 a.m. eastern. the race per thes white house still too close to call in kentucky. despite the robert says about that. just joking get to him in just a second by hillary clinton declares victory in the blue grass state while bernie sanders takes oregon with a decisive win.
7:59 am
donald trump getting closer to that 1237 number as far as delegates truch sanders says about the electorate. >> i really feel myself now is somewhat of a messenger. you know this is a -- massive thing that's going on. millions and millions of people that have been disenfranchised from this country. >> it can do the right thing -- and open its doors and welcome in to the party people who are prepared to fight for federally economic and social change. i say it of the leadership of the democratic party open the door, let the people in. all eyes on facebook mark zuckerberg meeting with conservative leaders today some of them from fox news. details on the highly anticipated meeting coming up. suing over september seeth. new legislation allowing victims families to sue saudi arabia's
8:00 am
goth and retailers watching action. lows first quarter result this is morning beating analyses expectations. the stock is up slightly ahead of the open a dollar there. pizza and beer go hand in hand but what about that beer inside of your pizza. okay i had to say that slowly because that had is truly what had i meant to say. pizza hut newest offering ahead. checking markets this is morning futures are right now lower pointed to a lower open on wall street. hovering around me unchanged this is near the low of the morning that we have seen thus far dow futures up 23 points. s&p down two and a half. nasdaq futures up five. >> here with us this morning fox business's dagen mcdowel is here. advisor president obama and 32 advisor ceo robert is here. i hinted a the that. >> not even 8:00 and you were jumping -- and lee carter is here good to
8:01 am
have you here this morning we've got a campment lined up this morning still to come this hour donald trump supporter phil robertson will be joining us. "varney & company" stuart varney is always fired up about something and ron paul will be here. you do not want to miss this. to our top story this morning race per the white house. race in kentucky still too close it call at this moment between bernie sanders and hillary clinton with 99% of the votes in clinton has 46.8% of the vote and sanders 46.3. clinton herself is claimed a victory in the state thanking supporters for a win saying that front runner has unusually won. candidates will split the state dell gots receiving 27 a piece. things were or very different in another state, oregon. sanders defeating clinton by eight points with 28 of the state delegates to clinton 24.
8:02 am
on the other side of the aisle likely goap nominee, donald trump easily taking oregon with nearly 70% of the vote there. the win gives him additional 17 delegates with a total to 1160 inches ever so slowser to that magic 1237 number needed to secure the nomination. let's bring in jeff flock live for us on presidents ground in louisville, kentucky. jeff when do you think we'll have an official call on the race there on the democratic side? >> well, some people have called it already the local papers here have called it as you point out secretary of state and grind says that she's unofficial winner but officially takes while to certify results and take a while, though, and porpts to say that bernie sanders campaign has no indication that they sigh anything wrong with the tally they they will likely not asker if a recounting as you point of point out hillary clinton
8:03 am
claimed victory. tweets were this last night, we just won kentucky and she said perhaps in her reference to sanders supporters we're always stronger united thanks for having our back, kentucky. but boy it was close as you points out less than half a percentage point in fairness to hillary clinton people asked how can she continue to either lose or or be so close in these states and sell be ahead? well, if you look at the popular vote cast thus far in democratic primary, she has almost 123 13 million votes cast that's 56, 57%. berps less than 10 million votes that's 43%. so that's important to be if fair. important to say at a rally bernie sanders said i'm not giving up pup >> no one can predict the future. but i think that we have a real shot to win primaries in a
8:04 am
number of the states that will be coming up -- [applause] and don't tell hillary clinton she might get nervous. i think we're going to win here in california. [applause] you look at that rile rally last night and tin spires a lot of people. donald trump, though, talking about tweeting, of course, donald trump is tweeter this morning saying, sanders treated badly disenfranchised fans should vote for me. donald trump never missing an opportunity. >> jack thank you. joining cuts star of "duck dynasty" on torch bearer phil robertson is here. phil good morning to you from france -- >> i'm running with the rich and famous. >> you certainly are with that
8:05 am
beautiful yacht in the background. here at home we continue to pay very close attention to this election. what did you feel sir make of last night's results? >> well, i'm on a pretty torrid schedule over here. all i can tell you is people have spoken regarding donald trump and me being loyal to the republican party, i now will back mr. trump. i know hillary clinton and bernie sanders record donald trump we don't know hi record because he doesn't have one but rather go into the unknown with a republican like druch than the alternative. so i'm all in for trump, let's get it on. >> you've made that point clear that you're in for trump as well as some of your family members. double do you believe that the party will unite and those that haven't decided to eventually
8:06 am
support him the nominee? >> if they have any sense left, they will all unite. that's for sure. >> it might not for you folks to bring your camera crew down and show me having a bible study with mr. trump so that he can learn a little or more about what it means to love your enemies. >> interesting. we've got robert wolf on set with us. hillary clinton supporter with a question for you . : just curious you early on for cruz, what made you go with cruz instead of trump earlier on? >> ted cruz is a strict constitutionalist. i look at the 17 guys who were running. i picked a strict constitutional isist in the line of a antonin scalia and clarence thomas an
8:07 am
also i noticed that mr. cruz thinking through the bible. me being a bible man i wepght with a strict constitutionalist looking at in view of the supreme court and the appointees that will go there. that's why i went with cruz. cruz lost trump has won. i'm loyal to the republican party. therefore, let's go with it. >> phil ask you a question do you want see trump name names in terms of who he would appoint to court since presidents don't appoint if he does win in november do you want to see now some names? >> yeah. [laughter] yep. yes i want to see it. but make me feel better or o worse -- that's what i'm saying. trump is kind of an unknown . but i want to see his list, if
8:08 am
you've never run for president about like me -- let's just say that mr. trump may be a little rough around the edges, but so am i. but -- >> phil i was going to ask you about that . >> running as a republican. >> there promoting your new film. so we certainly want to show that. but i have to ask you first before we run a clip of torch bearer the film you're there promoting what are folks around france, camp what do they make of your louisiana look and your louisiana attire? >> i think maybe they're -- let's face it i scared them. [laughter] >> here's your film torch bearer that pouks on western world relationship with god. we're going to take a listen. >> in the absence of god the man with biggest stick determines
8:09 am
your worth. incense violence decadence, political anarchy. moral decay, welcome to the city of man. >> phil i think i saw a glimpse of miley cyrus in that film. >> you have to remember, i narrated the film but i didn't provide the footage as a background when we're speaking of carnality and sexual immorality, but they chose whofort little lady is i'm not familiar with her. so you have to remember, i don't own a cell phone an i've never turned on a computer in my life. therefore, i live a more peaceful life while i'm on the et and oblivious to what goes on on the internet and all of these people that come and go. i wouldn't know the little girl if i saw her.
8:10 am
rng you're staying very politically active endorsings donald trump. you're a businessman, sir. a business network is -- what is the president trump gong to do for the state of this country do you believe? i are remind you last week our current president says that he has a pet peeve with people like myself who had started duck commander with one duck call and a dream. what had our current president said is that -- some people have the erroneous notion that hard work causes success. you work hard, you'll be successful. he said mr. obama, i have with that you're lucky it's all luck.
8:11 am
soy thought about 30 years i spent getting that duck call off the ground, and making all the little slows and my duck call demonstration and setting up our both and one duck call at a time. we ended up as a story goes rich and famous. it took hard work. faith in god, a strong work ethic, training your children to do what is right. at the end of the day, i look up and my children now run the country. and i'm running with the rich and famous as it turned out what had can i say. hard work and not that much luck on the earth. give me a break. >> well good to have you. thanks for sharing your thoughts politically, and on business and upcoming film. good to have you sir. all right. >> enjoy. still to come meeting of the minds celebrity conservative leaders and thinkers on
8:12 am
headquarters for what makes that news feed really tick. a live report coming up. plus peanut butter, jelly spaghetti and meats how one nationwide pizza chain is combining the beer with the pizza. all right, details on that, coming up. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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8:15 am
>> hundreds of people feared dead after massive mud slide and other headline we're watching this morning. cheryl. >> good morning sandra a terrible scene there that we're going to show you a monster landslide buried three swirl alongs with 300 families still missing today buried under the mud. torrential rain also triggered severe throeding and 135,000 people have been displaced across the country. well, italian paramedic is on trial for allegedly get this stealing after james gandolfini he played tony sparano on sopranos famous for that role and revive after he certified a massive heart attack while on vacation in rome three years ago that trial by the way is set to start in november.
8:16 am
okay, earnings front first quarter result that beat analyst estimate. a strength in the u.s. housing market in favorable weather led to strong demand for building and home renovation prowjts. lohse raised profit forecast for the year. traitding higher on news in the premarket. and target a quarterly profit came in better than expected but revenue just missed. sales rose 1.2% but that missed expectation that falling in premarket trading. and finally it's after 8 a.m. talk about beer. pizza hut bringing beer and pizza together. beer infused pizza a trial run in london this week that features craft beer as ingredient in the dough a limited run available through friday until supplies run out. what's interesting you have to say where's the -- catch phrase at a pizza hut in london and then you get it for free. it's a little bit of a trick.
8:17 am
rather drink it that's me i guess. back to you. >> not sure i understand. >> it's in the dough. make it with beer. beer batter. >> come on sandra. i know. >> i would -- i'm out. raptor -- rather not eat it. >> you look like the pizza. >> we want to get your take coming up. hillary clinton you're a big supporter, and was it a win or was it -- you were tweeting last night congratulations hillary -- >> when the secretary of state sayses it's a win, it's a win. >> it has been called. a lot of races that take days to count a projected win. pretty darn close. leave it at that and get to you more in just a second. >> a half a percent. we want to get your take on the
8:18 am
state of thes race. >> doesn't make a difference up near a thousand delegate just dot math. she'll be the nominee. there's really no -- >> and pick bernie sanders as her nominee? >> i would say highly unlikely but i have no idea. >> we'll talk or more on that coming up. senate passes new law to saudi arabia but does this put americans overseas in jeopardy plus washington meets silicon valley facebook mark zuckerberg taking on prominent republican leaders following bias allegations. among those conservatives we'll bring you all of the details live from the facebook head quarters in california. the heirloom tomato.
8:19 am
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could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
8:22 am
u.s. analyst passes bill that exposing saudi arabia to lawsuit frem pass of 9/11 viblght victims adam sham row is in the newsroom with details on this breaking story. good morning. >> and it's a good morning to you sandra because president obama has threatened to veto against sponsor of terrorism act if the house of representatives signs into law. u now senate passed a billion unanimously tuesday and now it heads to house of representative where is it is expected to pass. the law would allow relatives of people killed in september 11 terrorist attacks to sue and seek damage from foreign government old or law that was pass in the 1976 in federal
8:23 am
krowrt but new law waives that if foreign governmentses are found to have played a row in a terrorist attack that kills american citizens within the united states. late last month president obama met with saudi king after the sod dee government threatened to sell 750 billion of u.s. bonds should this bill allowing people to sue become law. members of congress are calling on president obama to release to the public 289 classified pages from the 9/11 commission report which could show that saudi arabian government assisted the terrorists. just yesterday national archive released e-mail documents from the investigation which names saudi arabian citizen and government officials who had ties to the 9/11 terrorist but archive did not release 28 classified panel from funnel report. this is definitely escalating. sandra. >> adam thank you.
8:24 am
>> obviously, being a wall street guy and american september 11 is the day you remember as if it was yesterday, and certainly you want families to make sure they get their fair -- and it's a slippery slope because the idea that we're going to be able to sue a sovereign nation you know, can come back haunt us. the idea that someone sues us for whether how we use drone or some of the things that we do but twofold one i would look to see 28 pang pages all america would and there must be a reason they haven't been released but other side it is important to know that we understand where saudi officials played a role an not. right now there's this issue that it is to officials. but i like at the end of the day this is something at least bipartisan where they're together ands it's nice to it see that they're protecting these families who, you know, still have to live with this. j and so president obama say he's going to veto likely this
8:25 am
bill. don't you think there's not a goods narrative as to why. >> i think that listen -- i'm 23409 not deep into foreign policy on this exact situation but i think once again when a president, you know, allows this suing of a sovereign nation that also can come back suing of the u.s. and so it has to do with how we're treated but a different seminar joe. >> remember when obama met with saudi king and liquidate u.s. in years past. not even a top ten hold or of treasury on the world stage and i think that that was -- a lot of hot air coming from saudi government. frncht treasury or not. >> all right thanks for weighing
8:26 am
in on that robert ahead we had had to california where mark zuckerberg is set it have a big heating today which qeivetive leaders on heel of allegation is trending news feed suppresses certain stories, and then later hillary clinton losing moment tull with sanders take home another win in oregon we talk to future of her candidacy and what happens if she wasn't win california with stuart varney. keep it right here on the fox business network.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> welcome back. good morning, i'm sandra smith. maria bartiromo is on assignment and will be back tomorrow. it's wednesday, may 18th. these are your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern. the race for the white house too close to call in kentucky with 99%, 48.6% of the vote for clinton, 46.3 for sanders. different in oregon. and sanders took 28 delegates to clinton's 24. and donald trump closer to 1237 after the primary and both are addressing this. >> tell secretary clinton she might get nervous. i think we're going to win here in california.
8:30 am
>> i think if i didn't conduct myself the way i have done it, i wouldn't be successful. if i were presidential, presidential, in a way it's a bad word. there's nothing wrong with being presidential, but if i would not have fought back the way i fought back, i don't think i would have been successful. >> all eyes on facebook today. the ceo mark zuckerberg meeting with conservative journalists and leaders in the highly detailed meeting. we'll have that straight ahead. >> the cozy relationship between the white house and one silicon valley company, visitor log says showing just how close google is with the obama administration. target is selling off in early trade. the company's first quarter sales falling from a year ago. the retailer saying slowing on-line sales growth hurt its bottom line. stock off about $5 in early trading. summer vacation planning in full swing. what about taking a trip in iran. why hotels are looking to capitalize there. checking markets this morning
8:31 am
about an hour away from the opening bell, futures pointing to an opening on wall street, back to the session lows as we see dow futures off 41 points, . facebook ceo mark zuckerberg set to meet with conservative leaders at facebook headquarters on the heels of accusing the social media network of suppressing stories in the trending news section. robert gray is in menlow, robert, a lot of people anticipating this meeting. good morning to you. >> good morning, andsandra. >> you can see the facebook headquarters and mark zuckerberg denies that they are suppressing conservative content, but that's the topic of the day and that's the subject of that sit-down later this afternoon, local time, about 2:30 p.m. pacific time. mark zuckerberg came out and
8:32 am
posted on facebook, where else, of course, that-- i'll read you the quote here, we have rigorous guidelines that do not permit the prioritization of one viewpoint over another or their suppression of political perspectives and that's a direct quote from the ceo mark zuckerberg. now, facebook, denying they are suppressing conservatives and keeping it from trending. now, we've heard from some former employees reported in the blog gizmodo, saying that they were in charge of cu curerating, if you will, what was not making into the box in the upper corner. it's harder to find on the mobile site where a lot of people find it, but you have to swipe across. you get the gist of what it is. here is a list of folks meeting with mark zuckerberg, scheduled to later this afternoon, glenn beck, the conservative
8:33 am
commentator, dana perino from fox news and expecting american enterprise president arthur brooks and a trump advisor scheduled to meet an i long with other commentators. sandra, it's interesting to note that brightbart turning it down saying they didn't want to go for a photo op for facebook. we'll talk to some of these folks before they get in there. sandra: thank you, i'll open it up to the panel. 1.6 billion users worldwide for facebook, 167 million are here in the united states. this is a huge political influence on its users, and to find out that there is human intervention and subjectivity in what they make it appear is the trending list, that's an issue. >> yeah, i think it's a real issue, but, i like that mark zuckerberg immediately came out with a statement and immediately called for a meeting and i think he's
8:34 am
obviously taking this-- >> does that show how concerned he is about this? >> i think it's important. if he didn't acknowledge it or didn't do anything, it would have been way worse from an image control issue and to have this symbolic gesture inviting people in and maybe the idea that he's going to have some level of transparency about it, it will be interesting to see the fallout. >> this won't be the last meeting. >> it can't be. >> on capitol hill, there's no question. dagen: that's where i find it, it's going to capitol hill. it's a private company, it's know the a public company. >> when you're on the communications and media space and you, i think, have an open type of for mat and open-- >> dagen has a point. why are they involved in private business. dagen: it's a media company. and i'm targeting republicans, as well. if mark zuckerberg is worried
8:35 am
about it, which he is, sheryl sandberg and others preach about it. >> this is an intersection of the new media still overseen by the fcc. at the end of the day there's rules and regulations of open ways and open lines. >> i think it's interesting, too, because i think that facebook and google, jumping the shark, no longer the trusted company. they're becoming part of the big condition establishment that people are going to question. sandra: bottom line, facebook advertises itself as open forum. if they're going beyond click for the trending list, that's not being transparent with your users. dagen: they released a large-- it was like a multi-page document trying to explain the combination of humans and computers in arriving at trending topics. maybe it's not enough? i went through what they've released so far and i'll add this, the trending topics are one way that they highlight
8:36 am
news and what's hot. but quite frankly, you rely on your friends to tell you what they're reading. like i read people's facebook posts and their facebook walls before i look at the trending topics which don't immediately show up. >> it immediately goes to the trust of the media and platform. everybody is suspicious about the squirreliness. sandra: they're suspicious of mark zuckerberg, last march speaking at a facebook conference, he got political and blasted donald trump on his policies and he did show his bias. >> well, there's no question, ma, is incredibly active on immigration policy so the idea to think that these leaders are not active politically is ridiculous. i think that facebook is above the political spectrum and that this meeting will come out and, you know, show that they haven't abouten. da here and preach for greater government intervention, because i think this company is
8:37 am
not a public utility and it doesn't need more regulation. they've done enough at this point that i think that take a breath down there. sandra: for shareholders concerns. dagen: i don't like government intervention. i'm all for personal choice and the choice of the people rather than the company and the choice of the shareholders because i think they know better. sandra: by the way, hillary clinton has by a wide margin, mr. hillary clinton, for facebook employees in the selection cycle and that's important for the company to point out. >> let's say if we're having a discussion about twitter, people would be outraged. think how it's changed the political landscape for someone like trump. i think at the end of the day, we need to make sure that open-- >> i've got to get to this story. the details in the relationship between silicon valley and washington d.c., new reports show that a top lobbyist from google visited with the obama administration 128 times since the president took office. more than any other lobbyist.
8:38 am
we're tracking reports, jack maatta of alibaba, details why he was there are unknown. dagen, i'm sorry for cutting that off, i had to get that in there because that's a curious relationship. dagen: what i was going to say, i'm more outraged at facebook how they sensor user posts based on what they say politically. we had todd stearns who talked about-- i read the post that basically got him ixnayed at facebook. and i have more issue with that than how they arrive at trending topics. sandra: and what about what we're learning about the white house. >> i've been over the white house over 100 times, you're not often meeting with the president, there is a myriad of meetings that took place there. i have no idea what google may be doing there, maybe helping with their back end technology,
8:39 am
maybe doing something, you know, for health care. there's a myriad of reasons why and when they use the term lobbyist, that's, i would say, a very vague term. as far as somebody like jack ma going in, i would think that the president would want to meet somebody like jack ma from alibaba, why wouldn't you want to meet one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the year. dagen: the white house needed more tips how to get jobs in this country and maybe get them. >> 74 straight months of growth. there's a debate. >> tesla has been paying worke workers what you might not think. and trips to iran, why hotels are looking to capitalize there. ♪
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
>> all right. welcome back. we are about 18-- oh, i'm sorry, let's say, 48 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. take a look at stocks on the move this morning. we're looking at target, the retailers, shares shrinking ahead of the opening bell this morning and falling further as we speak down $6 in the premarket. it reported declining sales in the first quarter, a big drag, a slowdown in on-line sales at target. its earnings outlook also a disappointment on wall street. one winner that we're watching this morning, however, tesla. the stock jumping on an upgrade from goldman sachs, up about $4 in early trading. the analysts raising the rating to a buy from neutral, citing upcoming models of the 3 sedan. the surprising tale of two candidates. less than six months until the general election, hillary clinton's campaign seems to be struggling, particularly if she
8:44 am
loses the upcoming california primary. the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, donald trump, with the g.o.p. raising more money. "varney & company" host, stuart varney is here to break it down. good morning to you, sir, take it away. stuart: good morning, this is my opinion. i'm looking at the standing of the two candidates, the two frontrunners as of this wednesday morning and i see the hillary camp, the democrats in disarray. i see trump on the ascending line. take a look at hillary, she barely eked out a victory in kentucky and did not win in oregon. at this moment, she loses in california and that's a big deal. she has the problem of trying to unite a party which has
8:45 am
bernie sanders, vigorously anti-wall street and her campaign which has taken more money than republicans. my premise is the republicans are in disarray. switch to the other side of the coin, donald trump. he's got an agreement to raise money with the republican party. they're acting together and there's unity for you. he's making headlines constantly. you see his interview in reuters,'s making all kinds of headlines in the financial world, for heaven's sake and the man has momentum. what a difference between these two candidates. and who saw this coming? remember, it's only 11 months ago that trump first declared for the presidency and was immediately dismissed. now he's king of the hill and hillary, who's supposed to have a coronation a year ago, is limping towards the finish line. do you contest my premise, sandra. sandra: i wish i had a prominent democrat to defer to.
8:46 am
i do, here is a question for you, advisor to president obama. >> a question for you, you would likely say-- how would you compare this to obama, clinton eight years ago? i would say, as an obama guy, we were much more forceful on clinton getting out and she won, as you know, seven of the last ten, so it was pissing us off every day that her popularity was going up and i think that it was even a lot worse back then in '08 and i see the party coming together. how would you compare the two. stuart: that's a very difficult comparison to make because times really have changed in these eight long years. i'm not sure how to answer your question, quite frankly. i think that hillary at this moment has the nomination sealed, it's a done deal, so, i don't think she's in any danger of not getting the nomination. i think she's in danger of seeing her campaign simply fade in front of the onslaught from donald trump. i think she's in real danger
8:47 am
mr. wolf, forgotten your first name. >> rod. stuart: i think she's in danger of fading badly. i'll ask you this question. i think that bernie sanders voters, if he's not the nominee, he won't be, his voters are more likely to transfer their allegiance to donald trump than to hillary clinton, would you agree with that? >> i would not, when the nomination is set and president obama and michelle obama and bill clinton and president biden and bernie sanders all go together to get out the vote, i think there will not be a question that millennials will look to choose secretary clinton over donald trump, but six months is a lifetime as you know. >> i wonder if you're harking back to the wonderful glorious days of the last eight years where we've enjoyed such a wonderful recovery from recession. we are completely divided and our foreign policy is an absolute mess, do you harken back to the glorious days. [laughter] >> stuart, mission
8:48 am
accomplished, we've got you fired up for the start of your show about 15 minutes away. >> i think i'm going right to the next show. sandra: if you're invited. "varney & company" starts every day at 9 a.m. eastern, 13 minutes from now. all right, thank you to stuart varney for joining us. still to come, a state of emergency in venezuela. should the u.s. be sending aid to the socialist country? former candidate ron paul is here to weigh in. could iran be the next cuba? a rising demand for luxury hotels and resorts. robert wolf first off a trip to cuba. by the way. of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
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8:52 am
he would never support trump. has he changed his mind? host of the ron paul liberty report. former texas congressman ron paul. good morning to you. >> good morning. nice to be with you. >> so naturally, you know what my question is. have you decided to support donald trump? >> no, i'm sort of sticking to my original opinion about this. sandra: that sounds like a different answer than when we spoke a couple of weeks ago. >> i'm sort of waiting for trump to become a libertarian. . sandra: what could he say to change your mind? >> well, not very much because you wouldn't know what to believe. i mean, he's all over the map. i don't know what he really believes in. he doesn't have a philosophy. he's the boss, he's going to run things, so i'm not very i am -- i'm not very impressed with that, and foreign policy.
8:53 am
he's not addressing this. the major problem this country faces is the debt we have and now facing up to it. so we have two systems out there. we have the bernie sanders entitlement and wall street entitlement. they're fighting with a shrinking pie and it's a personality fight and i'm not interested in that i'm interested in the economic policies that we have and the foreign policy we have. and that's what they are not talking about. and therefore, it's going to continue. nobody is talking about-- who is going to get the wealth. they're talking about how to produce wealth. so we're in a real dilemma unless people change the discussion. >> we want to get to this because we have been telling our audience we are going to get to this this morning. there are reports that say that the hotel companies are iran following obama's administration's nuclear deal, does iran become the recent hot
8:54 am
spot following the tour boom in cuba? >> let's hope so, after the great move for world peace. pretty amazing that with this administration, that has not done very many things correctly over eight years, but they have done two things, cuba and iran. this is fantastic. what bugs me is the inconsistency, look at what he does in syria, ukraine, afghanistan. all in the wrong direction, but i think these two things will signify what the best things that obama ever did. just like nixon's remembered for, you know, having peaceful relationships with china. that's been fantastic. and i think this is great and i hope they do and i hope everybody benefits, but i wish they would be more consistent, and say, well, if friendship and trade is worthwhile and leads to a more peaceful world, why don't we do a lot more of it. at the same time we're off looking for a fight someplace.
8:55 am
looking to fight with russia and china and everything else, makes no sense. maria: i have robert w to me and he's an advisor to president obama. >> two questions, kind of similar, one, would you recommend that we lift the embargo to cuba and are you supportive of the trans-pacific trade agreement? >> well, the first is absolutely yes. get rid of the embargoes, what good does that do? i'm for free and open trade and travel and the cold war is over. i was drafted during the cuban crisis. that's over and done with. but international government management of trade, i believe in free trade, i don'tble in managed trade. i don't think you can just manage these trade agreements better because i want to move in the direction. besides, i'm convinced the constitution has given the congress to deal with bilateral trade agreements and not to give the power to the president and the president giving to an international government. so the process is very negative
8:56 am
for a libertarian who wants to have free and open trade, but do it in a constitutional fashion, but i think the stated goals of these trade agreements, i wish they would be carried out because the pretense is that there will be freer trade and yes tariffs. i'm all for that. >> great, thank you, dr. paul. sandra: thank you for joining us, dr. ron paul, good to have you, sir. >> thank you. sandra: final thoughts from our all-star panel after the break.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> it's that time. final thoughts. let's start with you first, lee. >> i've been thinking a lot about hillary clinton and bernie sanders and the impact. obviously, she's going to be the nominee for sure, but i think there's going to be a big impact on her, how closely she's run to bernie sanders at the end and i think it's going to help trump going into the general. i think it's going to hurt her. >> it's fed minutes day and with fox business i'll go back to business. dagen: fox business, i love it. >> with the boston accent. >> i think we'll have a lot of volatility the next 30 days. there's rumors the fed is thinking about raising rates. i don't think they should. but if they are, june or july not september to the election. let's hope they're not going to raise rates. sandra: and i saw him at a baseball game.
9:00 am
dagen: i think the presidential election will be enough until after november because of the policy questions yet to be answered. sandra: good stuff. we'll be watching it. >> thank you, sandra. sandra: thank you for joining us on this lovely wednesday morning. robert wolf, dagen mcdowell, lee carter. "varney & company" is next, take it away. stuart: we're raring to go. who would have thought in less than a year, trump has gone from joke to king of the hill? hillary has gone from inevitable winner to fading campaigner. yes, indeed, it's a tale of two candidates. good morning, everyone, start with hillary. a weak performance in oregon and kentucky and in three weeks, she faces bernie in california, the big prize and she could lose. the democrat split has in fact gotten worse. but trump's getting stronger, he's united with the republican party to raise money and issued a whole series of policy making or headline making policy pronouncements and today, he meets with henry kissinger, he has upward momentum.


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