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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  May 18, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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policy questions yet to be answered. sandra: good stuff. we'll be watching it. >> thank you, sandra. sandra: thank you for joining us on this lovely wednesday morning. robert wolf, dagen mcdowell, lee carter. "varney & company" is next, take it away. stuart: we're raring to go. who would have thought in less than a year, trump has gone from joke to king of the hill? hillary has gone from inevitable winner to fading campaigner. yes, indeed, it's a tale of two candidates. good morning, everyone, start with hillary. a weak performance in oregon and kentucky and in three weeks, she faces bernie in california, the big prize and she could lose. the democrat split has in fact gotten worse. but trump's getting stronger, he's united with the republican party to raise money and issued a whole series of policy making or headline making policy pronouncements and today, he meets with henry kissinger, he has upward momentum. oh, but the elites lining up
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for the democrats, seven examples today of the mainstream media, tech giants, backing the left. they flat-out hate trump. target, now, there's a stock that's going to fall out of bed today. slowing sales and one and a quarter million people signing that boycott petition due to the bathroom policy. you've got to think that's having a chilling effect. and this, too, what will this punch, we closed the shot and we didn't see it and it was wristling at his jaw. what will that punch cost the guy that threw him. my answer is, it won't cost him much. if he'd done it on the street, the guy would be in jail. politics, money, assault, we cover it all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> ♪ trouble, trouble, trouble,
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trouble ♪ >> ray lamont dague. >> by the way, bernie's voters are vowing, never hillary. and the democrats are hopelessly split. more in a moment. big stock story this morning is target. lower sales, lower outlook, that stock is going to be down big. now, the numbers from target relate to the quarter that ended up april the 30th, okay? so there's some reaction in these numbers to the bathroom policies, is that right? >> that's exactly right. the boycott called for by the american family association got over 11.2, 1.3 million signatures. it does have an impact. no doubt. but sales down for target,
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5.4%, weakening their guidance, all of this is very bad and the ceo says, quote, there's an increasingly volatile consumer environmentment in other words, we haven't done a very good job of taking on the e-commerce guys, ie, amazon. >> so that confirms the retail ice age story that we've been on. >> absolutely. >> got it. more on that in a moment, too. i want to get back to politics. bernie sanders easily won in oregon last night. hillary clinton did win kentucky, but by the tiniest of margins. just 1/2 of a percent. bernie sanders is considering a recount. here is bernie sanders. >> in a couple of weeks, if we can win big in new jersey, new mexico, north and south dakota, montana, california, it will be a steep climb, i recognize that, but we have the possibility of going to philadelphia with a majority of the pledge delegates and we are going to take our fight into
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the convention. stuart: he's not going anywhere, now, is he? liz peek welcome to the show again. >> thank you. stuart: i've got a bee in my bonnet about the unity within the democrats. how on earth is bernie sanders supporters, how are they going to get together with hillary supporters to get some unity because bernie is all about anti-wall street. he hates wall street, but hillary has taken more money from wall street than any republican. >> well, that's the essence of his campaign. that basically she's corrupted by wall street money and he is not and that's the way they both raise money and that has a great deal of appeal to mainstream america, who feels the whole system is rigged. the real problems with the hillary camp right now is that sense of bernie being cheated out of the nomination and the system being rigged against him. is spilling over into making this schism on policy now a really personal matter. and i think this now goes to the convention and it's going to hurt the democrat party.
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we've heard so much about the schism in the g.o.p., now we're beginning to hear, guess what, not all the democrats are very happy. >> that's a good point. as hillary and bernie battle it out on the left, trump is stealing the headlines. he did an interview with reute reuters. he says he would dismantle dodd frank, and audit the fed, but taking a leaf from rand paul's book. and high valuation of some tech companies reminds him of the tech bubble. liz, is he referring to amazon because jeff bezos has it in. >> they are not friends. he's gone after bezos' monitoring of "the washington post." but he's not just talking about the valuations of tech companies, but the private valuation market where everyone
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kind of agrees that the numbers are simply too high and a lot of investment groups had to write down their investments in these not yet public companies because they were sort of absurdly valued. so, i think you-- i mean, you know, donald trump always has a kernel of common sense with what he comes out with, he's got it here. >> he's getting his message out. >> he steals the headlines every day. >> extraordinary stuff. liz, a lot more for you. look at futures, where are we going to open today? down about 50 points, okay? the fed is involved in this, more on that later. take a look at oil. it's actually heading pretty close to $50 a barrel. look, you're at 48 right now, very close to the highest point this calendar year. look at staples. lower profits, the stock though will open pretty much dead flat. liz, wait a second here. what is the position, declining sales? >> they're reporting declining sales and profit and here is
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the back story. ever since the federal government nixed the office merger with staples, back in 1997, both of the company's sales growth has been trending down. so this is an issue right now. mergers are off by about 1/5, taking them off the table and office depot and staples are shutting stores as well. stuart: this is a retail ice age. and ashley, higher sales at lowe's? >> on the back of what we saw at home depot, sales up in u.s. stores, year over year, 7 1/2%. that's actually better than home depot, the first time that lowe's has done that in a decade. e-commerce buying on-line and home improvement in the two areas where they're avoiding, so far the retail ice age. >> home depot, lowe's. >> they credit mother nature for warmer weather and people are starting on their homes sooner. stuart: i've got a special
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guest for you right now. let me give you the back drop to this. remember, iran captured 10 u.s. sailors in january, and john kerry thanked them for treating them nicely. and our next guest says he's read the details on that capture and the details will shock all of us. and joining us, the republican from virginia. sir, i know you cannot tell us what's in the report that you have seen, but can you give us a more pointed picture of why we will be shocked? >> well, stuart, i think one of the real shocking things is this administration's strategy across the globe to bow down to bullis, ignore them or buy them off and it's resulted in the bullies getting worse and dismantling of our military. i think when the facts come out and declassified. one, you're going to conclude very clearly that the iranians violated maritime and
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international law in the way they captured our sailors, what they did to our sailors. you're going to be appalled at the conditions our forces were in and how we responded as well. that's a very concerning thing for every american. stuart: congressman, let me get more on that. we should be shocked and appalled at the condition of our forces as we went into this capture situation. are we stretched? is it just not enough power on the ground and our unwillingness to use it? is that what is going on here? >> stuart, it's both. when you look across the globe. let me give you a snapshot of the navy. what the administration has done. in 2007 we could meet 97% of the combatants around the globe. 272 ships, they tried to
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deactivate 1/12th of the street. when you look at the iranian situation and what happened i think you'll be incredibly concern and ask if it was navy-wide or isolated to this situation. stuart: our sailors, if they were abused, if that's what gets to people. can you say in fact they were abused? can you tell us that? >> what i can tell you, stuart. i can't tell you that they were abused much more than what you saw. what i can tell you is that the way they were captured violated international law. it totally violated the right of sovereignty of the ships, what they did to capture those sailors. and the bottom line is what this administration did, instead of saying it was wrong, they came out and thanked basically the iranians for doing it. stuart: thank you for sharing what you could this morning. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: the senate passing a bill allowing families of 9/11 victims to sue the department
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of the of saudi arabia. judge napolitano say that could open pandora's box. and later this hour, gary johnson, could he steal enough votes from clinton on trump to sway the election? and troubles for olympics, fears over zika, the doping scandal. and some say they should move the olympics. and the megyn kelly interview with donald trump. how would he feel if he didn't win? >> if i go all the way and don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time and energy.
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>> futures looking a little worse. now they're down 60, maybe 70 points in 15 minutes' time. a couple of big names for you.
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first off, teen retailer urban outfitters, it's going to be down and down, ahead of the financial numbers coming up later this afternoon. down about a buck maybe. we'll see. how about alibaba. china's amazon. is chief jack ma withdrawing from an anti-counterfeiting convention? but jack ma did visit the white house. e-mack, the critics say that alibaba is the world's largest market for-- >> alibaba in the marketplace, nearly half a trillion merchandise alibaba flows them. and that they're trafficking. stuart: the anti-counterfeiting group and he withdraw, but he goes for a meeting with the president. [laughter] >> we should be reminded that the ownership structure and management structure is secretive and there's issues that possibly state party officials are connected to the board members.
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so then there's a secret meeting between jack ma, who runs alibaba, china's richest man, and had a lunch meeting with the president in the white house, that was not announced. so, we already saw the two of them as, beg your pardon, the president and alibaba's chief at a pacific summit meeting. and jack ma interviewed-- and the president, you do taxes for everybody. stuart: jack ma is a conduit for what president obama things in beijing, just an opinion. and a bill passed that allowed 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia. judge napolitano is here. i say that opens up a pandora's box because everybody and anybody can come to america to resolve their disputes with america in america's courts, terrible. >> what's wrong with that? if you had been harmed by a
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government, why wouldn't you have it here? >> the legal system in america is jammed to the gunwales and you put it in the hands of lawyers and you destroy foreign policy. >> this is not about foreign policy, this is about acts of terror, redress of grievances, the law is on your side. a 1976 statute makes into federal law, what's a tradition of sovereign immunity. >> wait a minute, let me give you an example, there's a fight between israel and the palestinians. israel uses some sort of a gun or american armaments and the terrorisms say that that's not it and brings it to the court. jammed in the bronx. >> first of all, there's no federal courts in the bronx. they're in manhattan. we're talking about limiting this to 9/11.
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there are two other exemptions to thou shalt not sue another government. one is iran, americans harmed by the iranian government can sue in federal court and syria, they can sue syria in the american courts. neither resulted in the american government to be sued in iranian or syrian courts, which is what the president is worried about. stuart: i'm for the side of the president calling for this to narrow and narrowed. >> it's narrowed to 9/11. if you have a grievance against the king of saudi arabia for something outside of 9/11, because your lawyers. and if you have an evidence
9:19 am
about 9/11, sue them. the incoming leader says he has the votes-- >> sounds like we've reached some kind of an agreement. >> do i get to come back? >> at 11. i've got to cool down though. >> who changed his mind? >> the horrendous wait times at the airport, security lines are stretched for miles, i mean that literally. thousands have missed flights. some forced to sleep on cats. illinois senator kirk says that the tsa chief must resign if the wait times are not met by memorial day. times are limited. google has given unprecedented access to the white house. lobbyists have visited the white house, 18 times since president obama took office. we'll get to that shortly.
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away. and white house visitor logs show that joanna sheldon visited more than 120 times in an eight-year period, i think that's mr. schmidt on the left and president obama on the right. that gentleman, eric schmidt, he helped president obama get reelected and handled his entire technology operation. liz peek, still with us. silicon valley is in the tank for the president. >> well, google certainly is. by the way, it's not just this one lobbyist, it's many. they've not only helped with the software, but came out to bail out obamacare software. and google employees were the second biggest donors to the obama campaign. there's a lot here. the eu has sued google on two fronts about anti-trust
9:25 am
behavior and are basically poised to impose enormous fines, billions and billions of fines on google. we did an investigation, the ftc in the united states, basically concluded yes, there are grounds to go forward and the commission says we won't bother, we'll sort of move on so you really have to-- what's at stake is not just the fines, it's entire operating model. basically incorporates using its very dominant position in the marketplace to sell ads. so, google has a lot on this line on right after the fcc started investigating, they will an allout push and hired dozens of lobbying firms liz: and the eu is still going off them. stuart: all of the visits to the white house look like cozy-- >> meetings and gets on planes and amongst the commissioners for the f. c c, it's not a pretty picture. stuart: it won't hurt the
9:26 am
stock. the dow futures showing a loss in a couple minutes' time, what, 60, 70 points, 50 points. i'm sorry, come back just a little. donald trump, where are we there? donald trump making some big economic headlines. we're going to deal with this. he had an interview with reuters and that he would dismantle dodd frank and warning of a tech bubble. we'll deal with it at the opening bell right after this. there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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stuart: we have three seconds to go. we are down 40 or 50 points, we are down 22 as of right now. i want to look at target. sales are down, they have a rotten outlook and an 8% drop, huge retailer. we have target all the way down to $66 a share. and a 3% dividend yield, they
9:31 am
don't meet expectations are higher. they have plenty of cash and i like it down here. stuart: the bathroom issues up to april 30th the bathroom issue is part of these numbers. stuart: i want to take a look at staples. they have lower sales and i sitting stores. li stores, 50 more this year. sales are down 4%. stock has been cut in half, right before they announce their office depot merger. office depot is shutting stores as well. stuart: i can't believe saga lonnie is touching it with a 10 foot pole. >> there is a huge dividend
9:32 am
almost 6%. >> it reminds me of home depot. ashley: the building sector impacting this stock. good numbers indeed. flipping their guidance. comfortable sales, stores were up 7.5% in the us, that is truly remarkable, and e-commerce and retailers, unaffected by this ice age. stuart: target went down some more, moment ago we were at 67. now we are at 67 down 8%, target really under pressure this morning. one big factor on the market will be the federal reserve. before i getto talking about the fed. i want to bring in dan to talk
9:33 am
about totally unrelated story. you guys in chicago have a huge problem with security lines at o'hare. hundreds of people sleeping on cots. is that the story of the day in chicago? >> absolutely. the thing that leads on the news and plays 5 or 10 minutes. i went to a midway report a couple weeks ago and it wasn't so bad but i went at a nonpeak time. a friend who flies regularly has the tsa check and he says lines are unbelievable, has never seen them so bad. they have to figure out a solution. stuart: our viewers are looking at video of chicago. the line goes on orever. what surprises me is no riots. >> you will see these lines at 3:00 in the morning at the same airport in o'hare. ashley: the attacks in belgium
9:34 am
keeping us safe creating a condition that will be a prime target. ashley: you are right. let's get to the fed. they released minutes of the april meeting at 2:00 this afternoon. that could move the markets. in advance of the release of that report we heard from a lot of fed governments which are suggesting we will get rate hikes this year. back to you. what is your outlook for rates and the federal reserve. >> i would say not much for june but fed governors are concerned. i still don't think they will raise in june but there may be language in the minutes we usually don't see, they are usually very solid in the middle of the road. look at this, they may give a hint. ashley: they won't make a move, waiting for the outcome on june 23rd.
9:35 am
liz: it is a 50/50 coin toss. liz: a foreign deal. stuart: >> market written for a while. >> foreign markets are part of it so i agree with that, it will make them hold on. stuart: how about more headlines from donald trump? trump talks tech. one of the things he said in an interview yesterday was tech stocks are looking a little topy and some like amazon would come below $70 a share but also said he wants to audit the federal reserve. i never understood what an audit would mean for the fed. ashley: they are basing their decisions on we should watch what they are doing from the dollar standpoint. i don't think janet yellen is doing a bad job, whatever rather have a republican in there but i don't believe with other candidates, rand paul, we should do away with the federal reserve, they have an important function but he says i would like to keep them under the
9:36 am
covers to see how they come about. stuart: he wants release of information that is not released. he wants to open up the book, look at what they are doing. liz: he is saying the low rate policy is favored so he wants to know how they are keeping rates where they are. >> the federal reserve is not a body of government, they should be audited. stuart: still on trump. did an interview with reuters that the most that is the biggest company look overly expensive. what do you say to that? >> overexpensive, big names in terms of facebook. stuart: look at amazon. >> trump talking about being overbought or in a bubble, talking about the unicorns, over $1 billion in venture capital
9:37 am
money is old news. he is already right. stuart: i think it was a warning shot across the bill. you come it attack me -- liz: it runs counter to that. stuart: i will run through stocks that hit all-time highs, they are not there now. how about facebook, 117. it was 121. look at amazon below 700, 694 on amazon, there were 724 week ago. mcdonald's 131 a week or twee 10 days ago, 125 today so the all-time high back on the big names. tjx, the parent company of t.j. maxx and home goods, they want to open 2000 more stores. that is a gutsy move at a time brick and mortar are not doing well.
9:38 am
>> they think they have a different platform of some sort. ernie herman said they offer a touch and feel environment, treasure hunt environment different from any brick and mortar. they did the sales rise in the latest quarter. they want to expand around the globe, growing by 50%, credit suisse said they recommend they shrink their footprint, not expand it and we are seeing so many other names, gap, macy's, walmart struggling and a lot of bankruptcy, mexico going out on a limb. stuart: 2000 more. who would have thought about that? why do we concentrate so much on amazon? the stock has gone straight up and also there seems to be something new every single day from amazon. look at it today. they are planning a second grocery store. brick and mortar. doesn't work like a regular
9:39 am
grocery store. >> go on the website and there are those buttons that get loaded in and you go to what they are considering, two grocery pickup stores just outside south of san francisco. this is walmart, walmart has 200 of these distribution centers. watch the numbers here, $800 billion in grocery sales, more than half of walmart sales stepping into groceries. stuart: walmart destroyed the grocery stores, now amazon is going after walmart. you like amazon? >> i like the company but stock is very pricey. serious revenue, they have the reach to do that and if the market tumbles there will be a lot of profit on amazon. stuart: that is your quote from donald trump. this is flowing thick and fast.
9:40 am
and endorsement deal for the bron james, lifetime contract with 90 and his manager says more than $1 billion. ashley: we know -- if it is the largest deal in the history of the company according to the agents in december he was a longtime nike guy even before the nba draft in 2003, he signed a 7-year, $90 million contract. stuart: stuart: do you think lebron should thank michael jordan? >> it opened the floodgates for some of these athletes but he is doing it on his own. he is a big star has a lot of appeal. he should get everything he can right now. stuart: a basketball player getting 1 billion, sounds like a
9:41 am
soccer player, they really get paid. moving on, you may know m people, i was raised on this. ashley: i had a lot of spam in my day. stuart: it shifted over. higher profits raise their guidance for the future. there is a new report giving the all clear on gm oh foods. liz: the national academy of sciences says gm oh foods create cancer, kidney disease and autism. 900 study is covering 20 years looked at gm ohs, not bad. stuart: why are they down? their outlook is strong. what is with that? ashley: same as home depot, a rough environment. stuart: the national academy of
9:42 am
sciences saying gm oh stuff is okay. they will go nuts. it is a lie. let's get to oil. we are going to get numbers on the supply of oil in storage at 9:30 eastern time this morning, we are expecting a drop in the amount of oil in storage. liz: 2 million barrels. >> yes we are. they had an api drop last night. it is expected to be down today but the big problem is inventory overhang. we will see what the numbers bring. it is important to note these numbers haven't been correlating real well this year so interesting to see what it brings. stuart: 4851 for oil as of now. we have the billionaire mark cuban. he says trump would not be good
9:43 am
for stocks. ashley: too unpredictable, bad for the market. if trump becomes president of more than 20%. mister cuban, 100% huge correction. >> no mention of bernie sanders saying ge is destroying the moral fabric of society. no mention in the interview about that. >> if you support hillary he says it is the devil the you know better than the deal you don't know, is what he said about hillary clinton. stuart: dow jones industrial average down 47 points. thank you. down 47 points. that means, roughly 900 points away from the all-time record
9:44 am
high. drive in restaurant chain sonic. my daughters like that. they see slower growth ahead. >> this was buried in one of the latest reports way at the bottom and talked about numbers for the month of may and basically saying same-store sales won't rise as much as they anticipate. they rave guidance 46% and now they say they won't meet it. bad weather, whether is problematic, people are on rollerskates, you get your hamburgers, and you want a job, you have to be a typical, unique and give a bear hug. a place of fun and rollerskates. stuart: the youngest daughter. don't know about the hookah. i want to get back to politics.
9:45 am
we just love it. our next guest, some say, could play a major role in the upcoming election. governor gary johnson is a libertarian. here is the story. a lot of people say you get right in the middle of trump and hillary, and one of either side and throw the election to the other side. let me start with an opinion. i think you will take notes from bernie sanders. bernie sanders supporters are more likely to support you. what do you say? >> i think that is accurate. certainly bernie and i differ when it comes to economics. he goes one way, i go the other. on social issues, the fact crony capitalism is alive and well, we
9:46 am
are spot on. there is a lot of libertarian in bernie sanders. stuart: the legalization of marijuana too. i am not being pejorative but a lot of bernie sanders supporters being youthful and young probably support legalization. do you think full federal legalization of weed is inevitable? >> i think we are going to legalize marijuana. i'm going to predict obama going out the door is going to delist marijuana as a class i narcotic. that would allow research, development, on marijuana, something that is not taking place because it is a class i narcotic. get the federalgovernment out of our lives. libertarian, smaller government. i am a smaller government guy. unintended consequence of big government, higher taxes is not a good thing. stuart: you constantly hear that
9:47 am
a vote for the libertarian candidate is a wasted vote because you are not going to win. you have not pulled either party towards the libertarian position and you are handing the election to people you do not approve of. that is the critique of your candidacy. >> it has always been the critique of third parties but i would not be doing this if there were not the opportunity to actually win the election but the only opportunity that i have of doing that is to be in the presidential debates. the presidential debates commission says you have to be 15% in the polls to be in the debate. just being in the polls, if mickey mouse is the third name in any poll he will pole at 30% but he is not on the ballot in all 50 states. if i am the libertarian nominee i will be on the ballot in all 50 states. stuart: you are not going to win. >> you don't think so? not if i'm in the presidential debate?
9:48 am
i won't disagree, the only chance that i have of winning is to be in the presidential debates and the only way i get in the presidential debates is to be in the polls, something that is not taking place. in the polls that i am in i am actually polling at a level that if i were continually in the polls i believe i would be in the presidential debates and win. winning is talking about issues in a way that currently those issues are not being talked about. stuart: last one. to see if you could get my vote. what do you think should be the top tax rate at the federal income tax? >> i am espousing no federal income tax, no corporate tax. you would be able to abolish the irs, replace all of it with one federal consumption tax but i am running for president of the united states so it the end of the day i sign on for veto legislation from congress.
9:49 am
count on me to always sign off on better and in this case better would be lowering taxes. stuart: gary johnson, we can probably agree on that one. we appreciate it. ashley: no federal income tax, no irs. stuart: i want to do a sports story, major league baseball has disciplined 14 players and coaches involved in that brawl, the guy who through the punch, the guy in red, he threw the punch. he got a eight game suspension. didn't get a fine as well. >> yes he did which to me t see. he gets a eight game suspension which was expected. the guy he hit in a series of eventss that triggered this, also got a 1-game suspension for
9:50 am
an illegal slime that started the whole thing, there is bad blood between these teams. the manager himself got a three game suspension on the blue jay john gibbons, the pitcher who hit one of the other players, he got a three game suspension. it is called one of the worst bench clearing brawls in major league baseball in several years. liz: players will feel it too. stuart: the zika crisis and the olympics. doctor manny alvarez says we should move the all the pics, the risk is too great. president obama on transgender bathrooms in public schools, texas says is blackmail. the federal government strong-arming states. the lieutenant governor of texas will join us at 11:00 eastern. pope francis says western democracy is incompatible with islam but we shouldn't have exported our deals to the middle east. the pope getting political.
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stuart: the federal reserve gives a hint about interest rate movements that will move the market slightly. and underestimated preorders. it is up 3.5%. the rio olympics facing the sea of problems. looking at russian doping, that is one story. 31 athletes including some russians could be banned because samples from the 2008 olympics, and story number 3 the zika threat, threat from the zika
9:56 am
virus, the olympics are moved and canceled. is the zika threat that big? >> it is real, it is there, we have a lot of ground work that needs to be done. as far as research is concerned, the zika virus is affecting thousands of people, mostly women, some adults. i am more concerned about brazil. brazil is not set up to monitor anything. they went through an economic collapse, political collapse. do you think anyone is monitoring anything in brazil? probably not. stuart: it is a possibility. it is a threat. you would cancel the olympics for that? >> they canceled baseball games in puerto rico the other day. the olympics is a bigger venue. more thousands of people will be attending it. i think it is not set to do the
9:57 am
olympics. i know it is late, it is august, nothing will happen, some of the canadians are saying please change it. the olympic committee says we will monitor. i think there is nobody monitoring anything. stuart: i am sorry i am out of time. i take it if you had a child in the olympics you would not let her o. >> absolutely not. stuart: thanks for being with us, thank you. hillary's week performance in kentucky and oregon, bernie sanders still coming on strong, the split among democrats is growing. new at 10:00 san francisco, mandatory warning labels on soda bottles, sugary drinks cause obesity and diabetes. you have been warned. at 10:15 a new procedure to help you lose weight, a balloon inflated inside your stomach, you leave it there six month, you lose weight and take it out. not a bad idea. more varney and two minutes.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
stuart: coming up at 10:00 eastern, 7:00 in the morning california, here is what is happening now. donald trump about to meet with henry kissinger. the repose of the republican nominee going strongly has been back is challenges, dominates the news, now with the restocking points about policy. we are on it. hillary's struggling campaign, she is getting help from ellen the generous, wehave details on what amounts to a partnership between the two. pope francis political again talking about migrants, he says forcing democracy on iraq and libya is not the way to go. more antibusiness regulations in leftist california soda comes with a warning label only in san francisco. check the big board, we are coming back a little, we were down 60 points, now we are down 30. the market could move at 2:00
10:01 am
this afternoon when we get the fed minutes. the oil market might move at 10:30 when we getthe idea of how much oil is in storage. target stock is the big drop of the day down 9% for a company that size. liz: forecasting week sales, lower sales, they are in a slump, a volatile consumer environment. got to wonder where the boycott of target stores is having an impact, lumped in with macy's and kohl's and the like. stuart: retail ice age. i want to go to the spam people, that stock is down and i want to know why. ashley: they make skippy peanut butter. the second quarter sales up 20% on the stack of grocery store
10:02 am
sales especially the refrigerator but the stock taking a little bit partly because these results cannot be maintained. stuart: quickly on staples. liz: closing stores, moving toward 130 combined, 2015 and this year. the stock has been cut in half since february this year. that is right before it announced its office depot merger, the $6 million deal. stuart: the big political story of the day, bernie sanders won oregon. kentucky is a virtual dead heat. it is up 1/2%. they are truly a split party. lisa booth, a republican, is with us. this is the latest split and this is my opinion. how do you bring together bernie
10:03 am
sanders, who is vigorously anti-wall street, wall street is the devil, the source of all problems, how do you bring them together with hillary clinton who has taken more money from wall street than any republican? how on earth do you unite those camps? >> he won't release the wall street appearances, $100,000 from, you have seen a lot of voters that like michigan, go to bernie sanders because of that issue and also hillary clinton's commented on individuals in the coal industry setting thosejobs down and that translates to manufacturing companies and manufacturing businesses that shutdown due to onerous epa regulations and things like that but i think she will have a problem with blue collar workers where these issues matter to them. you are right, look what happened recently in nevada. you have got bernie sanders
10:04 am
supporters that were threatening the chairwoman of the democratic party in nevada and minority leader harry reid and debbie wasserman schultz weighing in being very critical of bernie sanders as well. they are very split. stuart: they are. i have more for you later. i want to get more on bernie sanders addressing the chaos and violence, it was modest violence, broke out saturday night at the nevada democrat convention. bernie has released this statement about what happened in vegas. party leaders in nevada claim the sanders campaign has a penchant for violence. that is nonsense. this is bernie sanders. if the democratic party is to be successful in november it is imperative all-state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness and the respect they have earned.
10:05 am
geraldo rivera is here. i think the democrats are hopelessly split and i am not convinced bernie's response to the violence in las vegas saturday night works. >> you mention the story about pope francis, democracy doesn't work in libya and iraq or venezuela, this reminds me of the arab spring. these are occupy wall street basically, anarchist heavy socialist, been to a lot of these young supporters, now they are into the process itself more than the goal. they know the goal is unattainable, he will not be the democratic nominee, there is this process of destruction, a lot has to do with the independent voters but will they be so tainted going forward when he is inevitably will be out of the race, will he be so tainted they won't to vote?
10:06 am
stuart: not so sure he will be out of the race. he could win california. >> it is a badly wounded candidacy. if bernie goes on and wins california on top of all the states he has won already? >> in terms of her badly wounded i am not sure of that but i can tell you she is a very weak candidate. her vulnerabilities are apparent with the fact she could not knock off the 74-year-old socialist to is only a democrat in the last ten minutes. it is clear she has some failings, not particularly appealing or charismatic in any way, it will be a helluva presidential race, two divided parties going forward. stuart: you and i are going to love it. donald trump is sitting back watching what happens to the
10:07 am
democrats and apparently loves it. here is the latest tweet, he tweets bernie sanders is being tweet -- treated very badly by the democrats. the system is rigged against him. many of his disenfranchised fans are for me. that is putting a positive spin on it. do you think bernie sanders supporters will jump ship and go for donald trump? >> they might. look at the west virginia exit polling, 44% of sanders voters said they would vote for donald trump. trade, more specifically, an issue where we see majorities of republicans and democrats in exit polling in states like michigan and west virginia where we have seen industrial losses due to the coal industry, they
10:08 am
are saying trade has taken american jobs away. that is a message donald trump has been driving as well. stuart: thinly veiled suggestion bernie sanders run as a third-party candidate. that is what donald trump once. >> he would like to see that. the iron he is rich because, the democratic party and mainstream media were loving the fact republicans were going to a contested convention. they are relishing it. they are the ones that are seeing this great divide, this split and leaders of the democratic party accusing the sanders campaign of violence. the iron he is a little bit rich given what was happening on their side. stuart: 11 months ago donald trump declares he has written off as a joke, hillary clinton was the anointed one inevitably going to be president and that has been totally reversed in 11 months. moving on to venezuela that country is in collapse mode, socialism failing, what is this
10:09 am
about a new migrant crisis? ashley: the mayor of caracas says if things don't improve, they are getting worse. other caribbean nations expect a wave of refugees who are desperately looking elsewhere for food, shelter, reports of people throw out venezuela, hunting dogs, cats, pigeons, looting the supermarkets, state run supermarkets, privately owned, this country is on the verge of complete collapse. stuart: the caribbean facing a migrant crisis. >> specifically about venezuela. i was with jimmy carter, sanction the election is fair and democratic, got to be careful, democracy doesn't work everywhere. it is not working in venezuela where there is chaos, collapse in the oil prices exacerbating the tendency of socialists to try to get everything to
10:10 am
everybody, endemic corruption, venezuela is on the brink of collapse, you will see more refugees from the american mainland to the caribbean first because of puerto rico. stuart: thanks for joining us, good stuff. now look at this. people are sharing videos online of a meteor shooting across the sky in the northeast from paradise park campsite in maine. the meteor appears out of nowhere, turns the sky bright green, burning in the atmosphere creates that sensational video. >> in maine. stuart: why are you so surprised? they are calling this a weight loss breakthrough. a balloon inflates in your stomach. later it is removed, no surgery needed, you lose weight easily. we will have the device for you
10:11 am
one set. chaos in south africa. a fight breaks out in parliament. lawmakers throw punches. the story coming up. look at that. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. a♪ should i stay or should i go? travel season fo♪ nothing. this summer at choice hotels the more you go the better. now get a free $50 gift card for staying just 2 times. so go. book now at you always have a choice.
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10:14 am
stuart: we take a commercial break and the tao turns around. we are up 15 points and rising. lows, strong sales, that company has a new high of $78 a share. one of the retailers who is actually doing well. in san francisco they are about to become the first city in the nation to require health
10:15 am
warnings on soda and sugary strength. ashley: the morning will say drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes and tuesday k. that has to appear on all ads on billboards, buses and posters advertising sugary drinks. stuart: san francisco overrun with homeless people. you could have a warning label. ashley: sugar causes tooth decay. stuart: some people are calling this a weight loss breakthrough. a nonsurgical approach. take a tiny balloon, you swallow it. it is inflated with saline solution inside your stomach. takes up a lot of space so you eat less. at the end of the treatment the balloon is deflated and removed. we have not gotten through the end of the process. joining us now is the president of apollo surgery, dennis mcwilliams is with us.
10:16 am
did i get it right? >> a great description of how it works. it is a nonsurgical option. patients only have two options, diet and exercise and basic surgery. this changes that. stuart: i actually swallow this? it is like a bowling ball. deflated, is it very small? >> it is inserted by a physician into your stomach under sedation. it is inside the stomach. the patient has the balloon in for six month. stuart: i get sedated, they stick it down my throat, inflate it, i walk away feeling less hungry. you have fda approval? >> we are fda approved. stuart: how many people got this? >> around the world three 200,000 patients. we treated 2000 patients. results have been great, the
10:17 am
typical patient will lose 20 to 40 pounds. it depends also on diet and exercise program. the studies show, and so much of the tool is used for, and the diet and exercise program. stuart: you are familiar with the study of what happened, they all put it back on because the body is telling them back on. >> any weight loss program, they are committed to a program. this is a tool. stuart: still up to me. >> helps you along that way. >> there is not a magic pill you for obesity.
10:18 am
stuart: any problem with gastric ulcers because of chronic irritations? >> it is extremely on that. very well-tolerated and safe and effective. stuart: one last question, we are a financial program. i went in the door of the doctor's office, walking in the door to walking out with this in my stomach, how much? >> $68,000. if you way that against the diet and exercise programs. think about the cost of cardiovascular disease you can reduce those and eliminate those. it becomes economical. we are a privately traded company. and we are focused on product launch. stuart: thanks, appreciate it. pope francis gets political again. we should not have exported democracy to the middle east, he says it doesn't work.
10:19 am
we will deal with that shortly and a secret memo, l and the generous is willing to promote hillary's agenda. back in a moment. you didn't read
10:20 am
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you need at a glance. available 24/7 on your mobile device. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call that's see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: look at this, lawmakers in south africa, what is that about? liz: the communist president was going to give an address and the socialist guys 20 of them jumped in, fist flying, punches thrown, socialist guys saying this president is unfit to address
10:23 am
parliament. 780 corruption charges. stuart: sitting down. >> order, order. stuart: that is a british speaker, the house of commons speaker. that was not south african. turns out hillary clinton added motivation to appear on the ellen the generous show among a batch of newly released hillary emails, was this memo from the state department, it read ellen to generous is, quote, a big supporter of hillary clinton and is willing to use her platform to promote the agenda of the new secretary of state. tell us what you think of this. >> this is no surprise. hillary clinton will be the second coming of president obama. expect the entertainment industry to find over hillary, lift up queen hillary clinton, the first female president. the mainstream media will treat her with kid gloves despite her numerous scandals, despite the scandal she is facing now with
10:24 am
her private email server, benghazi, expect donald trump, everything will be exposed and brought to light and criticized and attacked. stuart: i wonder what ellen's employer thinks about the fact that it is now open and public that that program was a platform for hillary clinton? i wonder what employers think of this? last word to you. >> they couldn't care less. if they were propping up donald trump or a conservative candidate that would be an issue but because hillary clinton is a liberal and a progressive liberal it is perfectly fine. we have seen this with numerous media outlets in the entertainment industry. stuart: you should look at the front page of the washington post. it is our hate screen of trump. i know you do it. thank you very much indeed. take a look at the stock of
10:25 am
facebook. marco coburg holds a meeting with conservatives over the hiding of right-leaning news stories. not everybody who was invited to the meeting accepted including american conservative union's chair, i spoke to him about this, watch it. >> whistleblowers are saying not only would they not attend the conference, they would suppress the conservative statements coming out of the conference. i don'tneed to have another meeting with facebook where they tell me they don't have to work with us. ashley: there are many others, used to be ben carson's campaign manager, senior advisor to donald trump, mark zuckerberg says i vow to get to the bottom of this but maintains none of this is true. is facebook under any legal obligation to remain politically unbiased? no. but if it is perceived one way
10:26 am
or the other that cutting -- could hurt the company in ad dollars. it is in their best interests to remain eutral. stuart: the whole thing fit into our theme that silicon valley from googleleaning. liz: this meeting is windowdressing. stuart: an update from france. riot police using water cannon and tear gas to break up protests in paris. rioters throwing rocks and bricks to the cops, demonstrations over news labor laws the takeover worker protection, reduce overtime pay, end traffic controllers and dock workers will join the protests later on this week. have i seen this before? up next, the latest read on how much oil we have in storage. the price of crude gets close to $50 a barrel. are our drillers, are they ready to reopen the spigot and pump some more these days? we will ask.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: the price of oil as of right now is 48.63. 10:30 a.m. eastern time, they have just released a number of how much they have in storage. >> 2.5 billion. >> stocks. stuart: oil in storage. okay. over a million barrels extra in storage. 48.63. that is where we are holding. what happens to the drillers? american drillers. the price gets close. will they start to drill more?
10:31 am
chris former is with us. he is a driller. comments frequently on this program about america's output. okay. we are close to $50 a barrel. are you guys drilling and producing more these days? >> you know, i think we will start to see more drilling, stuart, at this price. it will cause it to cap off or tape or any kind of rally it is having. we have been talking about dealing with this oil crisis. a lot of these companies are in bankruptcy. drilling while they go through reorganization. that will be one of the challenges that we have. we have to look at that as well. $50 is a number that makes a lot of these areas, especially in texas, economical. stuart: you guys have brought down the cost of producing a barrel of oil. improving the way that you do it.
10:32 am
you can make money. you can make money at $48 a barrel, can't you? >> we have. it is sort of the testament to oil and gas in america. we have been able to innovate along the way. it is driving the cost down. two years ago, talking about breakeven costs. now we can make money. in the 40-$50 range. a break even point now. i think you will start to see more going up. we just test it and bounce back and forth. i don't think that catholics would be there. you may see rates starting to turn back. maybe a little bit late. stuart: we would love to see you produce more american oil. flat out. that number on your screen, that has been frozen. what we have seen is the price
10:33 am
of oil droplet out $0.04 per barrel. down $0.10 a gallon. there you go. 48.28. more supplies. i want to look at some individual stocks. that is his name. he is with us right now. some retailers are having a very tough time. i think that the stock is down about six or $7 right now. what to make of this? >> it has been a slow-moving trend that we have watched for years. amazon is taking it from everyone. the dollar store taking some share from the general merchandisers.
10:34 am
t.j. maxx and so forth. they are taking care of. if you are a target or walmart, it is really hard to find growth. stuart: taking it on their chin. >> struggling to grow online. stuart: a big deal this afternoon. the release of the federal reserve minutes. what they discussed in their april meeting. are rates going up this year? up until now, it has been, yes, we will get a couple of rate increases this year. >> becoming a little more likely. early in the summer. the key is not what will happen, but what we will make of it. no one can tell what the news looks like right now. if we get good news for the economy, i would think that would be what we are talking about. stuart: let's clear this up.
10:35 am
suppose that the fed to leave readers suggest, in headlines, right at 2:00 o'clock, they won't raise will raise interest rates may be a couple times this year. >> i think that the market dies. >> we will get a rate increase this year. you look a couple days later and say why are we making those decisions. is it because they are better or worse than we thought? stuart: now we have this new sin. president obama's new overtime pay rules. they go into effect today. >> $12 million over the next decade he had the overtime kicks in if you make about $47,500 you work over 40 hours a week. they created lot of the jobs in this country.
10:36 am
what could happen? will the guys that run these businesses say, even know what, i will keep my overhead the same. stuart: jack howell is still here. he is making all kinds of noises. he believes in a much higher minimum wage. >> bad weather, of course. [laughter] the cause of business. transfer money from business to work. this should be a conservative cause. pay workers much below a minimum wage. what happens? federal benefits. they get tax credits. mcdonald's is reaching both hands into my pockets and taking part of a payroll cause. we should not have so much corporate welfare. it earned income tax credit that i paid for.
10:37 am
profits are at an all-time high. worker wages are low. they need to pay their own costs instead of coming to me. >> i will get in that. stuart: the destruction of jobs and the destruction of jobs for young people. >> california said, california state department of finance said yes. >> the greatest sustained. the world has ever seen. >> even gerri brown said the structured with minimum wage. stuart: i just caught him. take your time. take your time. we will be back. a very important point you raised. telling reuters that the dangerous financial bubble has formed in the technology sector. there is what he said. "i am talking about companies that have never made any money.
10:38 am
that have a bad concept. valued at billions of dollars, tokyo we go again." that is what he is really saying about a technology bubble. foreign-policy. he has opened up the possibility that if you were president, he would talk to, maybe meet with, or if korea. today he is meeting with henry kissinger. >> he is. i hope it goes better than it did last week when he met with james baker in washington. a sickly blasting his foreign-policy. a much more unstable world. not exactly the ringing endorsement. ringing mr. kissinger here in new york. probably going on right now or close to it. just trying to boost his foreign-policy credential. >> mr. trump's comments on muslim immigrants. donald trump has been very negative about china.
10:39 am
stuart: amazon. we have reports that they will open up to actual grocery stores. bricks and mortar grocery stores. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange. give me the whole story, please. nicole: talking about groceries in san diego and the like. trying to earn a lot of revenue. growth property. back in february. amazon was one of the other hundreds of stores. a couple of stores are we looking at 100? this is sad. after james kendall finis, he died a number of years ago, reports that italian paramedic
10:40 am
stole something from him as he lay dying. we will tell you what it is, what it was, actually. true story. paul francis chastising the west. should not have exported democracy. it will not work in iraq and libya. then we have dan patrick rebelling against the president's mandate on transgender bathrooms. he will be on the show if you says it is federal blackmail. >> in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces. we will not yield to blackmail for the president of the united states. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
♪ >> remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. judge napolitano on that bill allowing 9/11 victims to sue the saudis. stuart: i agree. narrow too narrow to narrow. it is not pandora's box. >> it is narrowed just a 9/11. if you have a grievance that is outside of 9/11, good luck. if you have a grievance against the government of saudi arabia, lawyers can prove that they financed 9/11 which killed your
10:43 am
relatives, sue them right here. that is what chuck schumer wants. della loco vices are up. cloud is up. analytics is up. seems like everything is up except your budget. introducing comcast business enterprise solutions. with a different kind of network that delivers the bandwidth you need without the high cost. because you can't build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday.
10:44 am
stuart: sopranos act terror,
10:45 am
james gandolfini, there are reports that something was stolen from him. >> the trial be pushed back to november. he collapsed from a massive heart attack in his hotel room. it is unclear whether it was taken from his wrist or from his room. either way. b2 pope francis criticizing and a roman catholic newspaper. we should not export democracy to countries like libya. they have a "tribal structure", he says. the pope also went on to say that we should not utilize those migrants that arrived in western europe. they are in get those. he says we should not to that. what do you make of this?
10:46 am
>> as a cradle catholic, you will not get me to assault the pontiff. stuart: we did not put them anywhere. this is a policy of western europe. this is the failure of the politicians who understand how immigration used to work. my parents were immigrants to the usa. i was taken there by a bus driver with a british accent. our parents wanted to integrate into british fulcher. the political correct this. we have the possibility for people to come into a country. that is the problem. do not blame the politicians for forcing those people. it is the policies that allow them to do it. >> a are huge ghettos in every european city. >> look at brussels.
10:47 am
the most wanted man after the terrorist attacks hideout in what is literally the capital of big eu for four months. why? there really is not sovereignty being practice. it is insane, stuart. stuart: i do not think that americans understand the extent of the problem in europe. i do not think that europe will ever be the same again. it is divided. significant racial minorities in ghettos in the major cities. tell me what you think will be the endgame here. >> i really think as that somebody who grew up in europe, that you is dead in the water. you take down the borders. staying cool by -- all of these things tell you that sooner or later, people say, hang on. i am a frenchman. i am a britt.
10:48 am
people will demand it. >> right-wing politicians or insight immigrant politicians, that is not the correct way to express it. political forces in europe saying goodbye to the old god and hello to the new. that will be a very, very different looking europe. i would not rule out communal violence. you cannot rule that out. >> if the politicians are not prepared to take responsibility for this problem, you are right. the chunk of the population will say this is wrong. we are going to deal with it. that violence will be on the docket of the politicians. stuart: do you think that the elections of the mayor of london has something to do with britain
10:49 am
may be getting out of your up? >> i think that someone's confessional state should not matter. writing an op-ed after 77 which is the 9/11 of the uk and says the prints are responsible for 77, that is a huge problem. stuart: did he do that? i did not know that. >> he has been on panels. it is not his being muslim that is the issue. it is the type of islam that he says is good and the anti-british attitude that he holds. stuart: sebastian gorka, think you for being with us. >> thank you. stuart: our next hour. an olympic gold medalist. her take on doping and trim 11.
10:50 am
will she attend the games in brazil? should russia be banned because of its history of doping? more varney in a moment. ♪ harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other
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stuart: a special guest for you right now. let me give you the backdrop to this.
10:54 am
iran captured two u.s. in january. john kerry thanked iran for returning them and treating them nicely. our next guest says he read the classified report on that capture and the details will shock all of us. joining us right now is congressman randy paul. congressman from virginia. i know that you cannot tell us what is in the report that you have seen. can you give us a more pointed picture? >> one of the real shocking things is the administration strategy across the globe. bow down to bullies, ignore them or try to buy them off. the bully is getting worse. i think when you see the facts come out, when they are declassified, you will conclude very clearly that they violated law in the way they captured our
10:55 am
assailants. i think that that is a very concerning thing. stuart: we should be shocked and appalled of the position of our forces as we went into this situation. are there just not enough? unwillingness to use it? >> stuart, it is both. leaving the commanders. right now, we will need less than 43%. remember, this administration is 272 shifts. they try to deactivate one fourth of our entire fleet. we are stretched all over the globe. the smallest and oldest in the history of the country. when you look at the reports of this iranian situation at what
10:56 am
happened, i think you will be incredibly concerned and ask if this is may be wide or whether it was isolated to this particular situation. stuart: our sailors. that is what will get the people. if they were abused. that is what gets to people. can you say if in fact they were abused. can you tell us that? >> i cannot tell you that they were abused much more than what you saw. what i can tell you is the way they were captured violated international law. totally violated the right of sovereignty. what it did to capture the sailors. the bottom line is what this administration did. they came out and thanked iranians for doing it. stuart: congressman, thank you very much for sharing with us what you could share this morning. thank you, sir. >> old medalist, her take on whether or not russia should be banned from the summer games. obama stood greedy on
10:57 am
transgender bathrooms in public schools. calling it blackmail. happening today. donald trump gets specific on foreign policy. more varney. just three minutes away. ♪ the call just came in. she's about to arrive. and with her, a flood of potential patients. a deluge of digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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♪ stuart: i am not going to sing. that is elvis presley. >> thank you very much. stuart: different story, please. the oakland raiders. they want to move to las vegas. however, remember that vegas was hit hard in the housing crisis. taxpayers in nevada, are they willing to pay $750 million? we will have more on that in a moment. big story.
11:01 am
knew this hour. olympic medalist joins us. she will talk doping, olympics and zika the obama administration says, it will withhold funding if public schools do not follow the president bathroom to create. calling it federal blackmail. he joined us in about 15 minutes. to the markets, please. dead flat right now. back and change around 2:00 o'clock eastern when we get fresh numbers from the federal reserve. are they going to raise interest numbers or not? no change in the price. holding right there at $48 a barrel. how about the retailers. we have staples up. we have loads up.
11:02 am
target is down. i mean down big. maybe their bathroom policy is getting to have a limited chilling effect on the stores results. gretchen carlson is here. she is here every wednesday morning. >> it is wednesday. stuart: we would take you five days a week, if you would do it. stuart: elizabeth macdonald is here. it is not just the bathroom issue with target. >> flat traffic. same-store sales up 1%. that is not good. target was a surprise retail story. you know, the new outfits put on there. it is surprising that target is going through this. you have to wonder whether that boycott is reaching one and a half million. people signing the petition because of the bathroom policy. whether that will have an effect
11:03 am
down the road. >> i do not know why companies would come out and actually say anything right now. to actually take that step to say something, you know, a lot of it. every other company has been silent, for the most part. >> kind of getting into the web a little bit. who was advising them to do that. stuart: i do not think that a found out the liability issue. we will get to that. let's get to straightforward politics. hillary clinton claims a very narrow victory in kentucky. it seems to me that democrats are flat-out split. you have an anti-whilst the campaign. hillary clinton who has taken more money from wall street than any other politician.
11:04 am
gretchen, i do not see how you can get unity in the two wings of the party. >> there is no way that hillary clinton would have ever gone so far left. however, i think that there is a way for her to repair that. i do think that she can repair it. she will be forced to pick somebody. >> this is crazy. the democratic party was never like this. they were about growth. they were about smaller government. they are about cutting taxes. this is the party that is falling through the looking glass. >> there are a lot of folks, a solid third of a percent are going for bernie sanders. can she pick someone that will satisfy those voters? that is the question. >> navy she will pick sanders.
11:05 am
>> they all say no, that they would never consider it. i would love to be a fly on the wall. elizabeth warren. never looking before. >> they are out on the left. >> hillary clinton beats obama in kentucky. the fact that it is razor thin merit -- stuart: she beats -- >> in 2008. now, she beats bernie sanders by a couple thousand. that is the minimal gain. moving on. hillary clinton. secretary of state. she recommend the state department utilize special media to get the foreign-policy message across. oprah and ellen. here is what it said. ellen degeneres is "a big supporter of hillary clinton and is willing to use her platform to help promote the new secretary of state."
11:06 am
i am a little shocked at how overt -- >> i'm not. stuart: or her show is a platform? >> we all knew what the political feelings are. the majority of them go to the left. i am not surprised at all. maybe we are seeing it in an actual memo. of course they are talking about that. finally deciding to become political. nobody really had done it. now, everyone pretty much knows. they only question i would have is -- if she is running for president and the idea that all of these shows are going to talk about her platform, even when she is not a guest, you would have to ask if it violates fair use. >> donald trump access. that is a form of advertising.
11:07 am
it may come into play there. good point. our next one. the senate has passed a bill. allowing families of 9/11 to sue the government of saudi arabia. ashley: this is interesting. it has come up before. it has to get to the house. there is no way i will sign this. threatening to cash in on the assets of the united states. some massive amount. according to the treasury department, the amount of debt holdings ahab in the united states is 116 billion. it is a hollow threat. the critics say it could lead to a flashback or a pushback against the u.s. citizens abroad. saudi arabia being a key ally in the middle east. if we open them up to lawsuits. >> did they help create terrorism? americans died.
11:08 am
osama bin laden came from saudi arabia. obviously, there have been accusations that saudi arabia has played a role. stuart: i think, wanting this legislation to be much more narrowly focused. yes, you can sue if you are a victim of terror at the hands of saudi arabia. but only in that instance. >> the precedence for it. the families of the pan am 103 bombing by libya. yes, those families could sue and they did. they got more than $2 billion from libya. >> i think that he will veto the legislation in full form. the u.s. navy has released new footage about busting our navy ships. there it is. this is more video from the incident just a few weeks ago.
11:09 am
this is video of that russian plane getting really, really close. a plane that size moving that fast, you know that you feel it. >> president obama is talking about transgender bathrooms. instead of talking about huge issues for the day. you have to think to yourself today, what would resident clinton do? more importantly, what would a president trump do? i do not think he would sit back and talk about policies that do not have anything to do with the dangers of today? i am infuriated by this. russia has been encroaching. nothing has been done. there seems to be policies. isis, russia, the economy. etc.
11:10 am
>> gretchen, we have to thank you very much. >> do i get some tea as a parting gift? [laughter] do take it sugar-free? stuart: i take it with melt. you put it in the cup first. >> all right. the fox news channel at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. the real story. gretchen appears with us every morning. thanks a lot. let's get to donald trump, shall we? getting more specific. watch this. he will renegotiate the paris climate deal. he says said that he is open to a meeting with north korea's. he has already said that he may not have a good relationship with britain's prime minister david cameron. today, he meets with foreign
11:11 am
policy icon henry kissinger. we have the chair of the arizona campaign. you know, he is turning foreign-policy on its head. tell me why that is good. >> i do not think that anybody will say that we have had a great foreign-policy under barack obama. the deals that he has negotiated show why i would not trust barack obama with the toppings on my sandwich, personally. stuart: it is just so radically different. the paris climate treatment. that is huge. >> it is what needs to happen. dave and kamran has been insulting to mister trump. i do not know how we have any interest in mister trump meeting with him right now. it is not out of the realm of possibility. we had bill clinton flight to
11:12 am
north korea in 2009 just for the release of two american journalists over there. you know, that is why we are hiring donald trump. one of the best negotiators. i think that we all trust him. we need to do nuclear eyes north korea. it is becoming more and more unstable. r radek as we do not talk to him. a way to cut through that and get the weapons out of north korea, i am up for trying. while he is there. tell him he is fired. i am up for that, too. >> this is a real turnaround in foreign-policy. that is turning everything on its head. i am sorry to cut it short. it is a big news day. >> thank you, stuart. the obama administration morning
11:13 am
to comply with the transgender bathroom rules or risk losing funding. that is the statement. you follow in line or you do not get any money. dan patrick is fired up about this. he is with us. >> the biggest issue facing families and schools in america -- he says he will withhold funding if schools do not follow the policy. in texas, he can keep his 30 pieces of silver. we will not yield to blackmail from the president of the united states. ♪ when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
11:14 am
then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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11:16 am
stuart: a fairly flat stock market at this hour. that could change around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. at that point, we will receive
11:17 am
some indication on whether the federal reserve will raise interest rates are not somewhere later this year. how about tesla. goldman sachs says by that stock. goldman said tesla underestimated the number of pre-orders they got for the model three. ben & jerry's. the socialists. a new ice cream flavor. i do not know what it is. >> ben & jerry's saying we express our right to participate in democracy. stuart: you your empowered vote. that is it geared nothing to do with bathrooms. there they are. they are from vermont. the obama administration sending public schools a warning. you risk losing funding.
11:18 am
we will take money away. come on in. the lieutenant governor of texas. what we're talking about here is federal overreach. the federal government reaching out and telling them what to do. is this the hills that you will do a battle on? specifically, the bathroom issue. >> good to be with you. for a couple of reasons. the president has no business in getting involved in every schoolhouse in america. it is absolutely democracy. the court level in the community. let the parents and the school board face this. every school has handled the issue. he is creating a problem where one did not exist. stuart: can you tell our viewers what exactly the president is
11:19 am
telling you to do? >> this is how he goes around congress. guidelines. if you do not do what i suggest, in texas, the 12 largest economy in the world. we passed a two-year budget. of that, 10 billion. of that, about half of it, close to 5 billion is for free lunch and free breakfast. if the schools do not follow the president, that means president obama will take the food off the plate of the poorest of the poor in all of our schools. we have many students on the free and reduced lunch program. taking away free breakfast and lunch because of a problem that does not exist. they do not want 14 euro girls showering with 14-year-old boys.
11:20 am
they do not want five euros six euros for the girls in the bathroom with each other. stuart: could that happen? could they be in the same shower? >> absolutely. absolutely. you have to find privacy within the bill. the bottom line is, if a boy feels like they are a girl, and have permission from their parents, they can, under these guidelines, shower with the girls. this is a perverse interpretation of title ix. you cannot discriminate anyone based on sex. that was based on the sex at birth. not the sex that you think you are. he i every state, every superintendent in the court system to come. this is another poke in the eye.
11:21 am
particularly, the american family. men, they need to stay out of the ladies room. we do not want our children in the bathroom together. we do not want our teenagers in the shower together. it is just common sense. we will not be black male by 30 pieces of silver. he will not threaten us by taking away money. thank you very much for being with us. listen to this. europe, reportedly had a plan. the help of a african dictators
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: stemming the flow of migrants going into europe. i think that you better explain this. ashley: and absolutely fascinating story. a german magazine. basically, the eu leaders, all 28 countries met in march and discuss how we will stop the
11:26 am
spam of refugees throughout europe. they came up with a plan to spend $45 million worth of equipment to seven african nations. the main they wanted to target was sudan. ran by a workroom and all. a lot of the migrants across africa go through an area that they thought they could send it equipment and help to create camps to stop these refugees from going on to libya. jumping onto greece and then further north. fascinating. contained in the documents that were blown over. at the meeting, it was noted under no circumstances were they ever to learn of these talks. >> too late for that. >> the $45 million. >> it was never put into place.
11:27 am
they were all in on this. they are getting into some very bad people. >> somalia, ethiopia. stuart: pushing the whole of europe in this new direction. ashley: yes. stuart: fascinating. all right. check that they board, please. twenty points higher. that will change, probably. are we going to raise interest rates this year? that will move the market when we see that reports. ♪ this was not supposed to be like this. no one saw it coming. hillary clinton's candidacy in deep trouble. it is indeed a tale of two candidates. barely eking out a miniscule when from kentucky.
11:28 am
facing bernie sanders again in california. she may loose. leaving the divided party. how can she unite the sanders camp with her campaign which has received or wall street money than any republican. sad to say that she has failed to generate real enthusiasm. a very different story for trump. effectively beating back all challenges. a deal with the republican party to raise money altogether. he dominates the news. constantly staying out front. today he meets with henry kissinger. yesterday he said he may meet north koreans prime minister. a primetime special with our all and megan kelly. he has momentum. it is only 11 months since trump declared for the presidency. back then, he was dismissed. out of hand.
11:29 am
back then, hillary clinton had it made. her trip to the white house would be a coronation. now everything has changed. trump is king of the hill and hillary is failing. we have not even mentioned in indictment. that was the political headline of the day. here is the money headline from donald trump. he says he thinks that the federal reserve needs to be audited. i know for a fact that that is music to the ears. judge napolitano. >> i am smiling from ear to ear. stuart: wait a second. chuck this out. i wish i knew what it means. >> it has been a code phrase. four libertarians and the gold standard people. ron paul's father.
11:30 am
bestseller with that simple title "audit the fed." a lot of people concerned about what the fed on. does the public have the right to know? i recognize arguments on both sides of that. donald trump has surprisingly calm down on the very serious libertarian side that the public does have the right to know. does he want to replace janet yellen? artificially low interest rates. yes, of course he does. i want to know, what the fed knows. holly ludhiana. every time the bills passed the house and the senate, they die in the conference committee because president obama said, forget it. >> all i am going to say is the
11:31 am
where the law of unintended consequences. >> of course. stuart: that is a pandora's box. >> i agree. it is a market reaction to it. the market immediately reacted. in a new window that comes down. >> a different level of auditing. a real serious audit that goes from one into the other. the market will know what is in there. it can react to reality of the innuendo. >> it reacted to innuendo and rumor instead of truth? [laughter] stuart: the fed were audited, everything is out there. let's suppose that the federal reserve has sold all of its brazilian debt. can you imagine? >> can you imagine if the federal reserve is though wizard
11:32 am
of oz? >> i like it that way. it works. >> there is no power without mystery. stuart: my pal? [laughter] i have another one for you. >> okay. stuart: can you hold yourself in for 30 seconds? the justice department is investigating allegations of russian state department hoping. it enabled them to win medals in so she. does the department have any authority when it comes to participation in the olympics? >> it is counterintuitive to think that in russia, could possibly be the subject of litigation in an american courtroom. the court says that if the justice department can show a connection, like the use of an american bank, over any funds in
11:33 am
the scheme or anybody participating, that is enough of a hook on which the justice department can indict the people involved. extradited here at the trial, unlikely in both instances. will they indict the chief plotter who happens to be summoned mister trump says he admires? vladimir putin. stuart: i am asking whether or not the department of justice act unity could ace them out of the olympics completely? >> yes. absolutely. that would probably hurt them more than in indictment and prosecution in the mid or low level officials. a very sophisticated russian position. blowing the state on all of us. what they also could do is a
11:34 am
presentment in which they do not indict anybody, but make findings a fact. you do not have an opportunity to answer or robot these. stuart: do you remember when he broke four-minute mile? >> i don't remember it happening, but i remember reading about it. stuart: i do. one of those locations why it where there was never a single questions about doping. a classic amateur. what a guy. last guy. this is a special one for you. here in new york city, to human rights position encouraging people to sue if people at their work fail or refuse to address them by their preferred name or pronoun. >> if you want to be called mr. varney and i want to call you as a gag, ms. varney or sir
11:35 am
stuart, you could sue me for failing to call you as you want to be addressed. what about congress shall make no law for bridging the freedom of speech. that is the first amendment. the first amendment for transgendered people. stuart: you are telling me that this is unconstitutional. >> plainly unconstitutional. congress shall make no law. it pertains to the state and local governments as well. it is a blatant violation of that prohibition. forcing me to call you and my silly hypothetical sir stuart. violated as punishing me if i do not call you sir stuart. stuart: okay. a pure political move to gain access to the transgender
11:36 am
community and their boat. >> correct. you can never be, sir stuart because you have the announced. she will not night to you. stuart: i think that i am in deep trouble. [laughter] >> you are in trouble for having me on the show. stuart: all right. thank you very much indeed. [laughter] we have a new review at the white house. the obama administration with an open door policy for google. facebook, they have been criticized for only highlighting liberal news stories. republican strategist. if i had all of this together, it looks to me like silicon valley, the big technology companies, they are in bed with
11:37 am
democrats. they are in bed with the left. am i right? >> i do not think that it will come as a huge shock. we have experienced this with the media and journalism and the whole as well. the coastal cities just turn out to be more liberal. they do not have a lot of experience with republicans and conservative issues. you end up with 427 visits to the white house by google use that it is. it is a mind blowing number compared to other, not even similarly situated companies. stuart: can i nail down that number? i got about 130 visits from google executives to the white house in the last eight years. you just gave me a different number. what is that? >> 427 of all these negatives from google. stuart: i am not sure the exact number. we will find it out. google had open access to the white house.
11:38 am
let's not forget eric schmidt. he basically put together the technology team he is a judgment on the left on your screen. directly incremental in getting the president elected. for some reason, the high-technology heightens up there. they are all for the left. i do not really understand it, sarah. >> that is what makes conservatives particularly upset about facebook's trending topic problem. we are being told that these are nonbiased comp and he is. we are finding out over the course of time, they are putting their hand on the scale, if you will, for liberal causes. that is deeply concerning moving forward in terms of trusting the technology that is all around us. stuart: nothing that you can do about it other than tell the world exactly what is going on.
11:39 am
sunlight is the best disinfectant. i think that that is probably active in this case. >> that is absolutely right. if nothing is solved, it will at least add transparency. maybe it is just purely what is trending. stuart: i hear a lot of people saying it is just a face saving. and you say? >> we will see. tough for facebook and one meeting. not purely what is trending. favoring democratic liberal stories. i think that it will be tough in one meeting to fix all the distress that has been read about this. stuart: my share of cat videos, that is for sure. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. next up.
11:40 am
we have details on that. zika. stopping her from the olympics. our man in vegas is here to tell us if that city can afford the price. ♪
11:41 am
.. >> i am nicole petallides with
11:42 am
gearbox business brief. the dow was down over 80, plus the high of 50 writenow holding onto gains of 39 points of the doubt. 17,569. s&p 5007, nasdaq up 32 for the week. we are seeing financial bleeding in the market he had the dow jones industrial average up. also bank of america, winners on higher -- higher anticipation of rates. target had a sale that did not meet the estimate. other names such as wal-mart, costco getting slightly. [inaudible] not this year. much more on fox business coming up right after the break. right here at 5:00 a.m.
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if i can save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) save on your next car with usaa car buying service, powered by truecar. stuart: another warning about zika. if zika. it could hit europe in the next few weeks. he was at risk? transfer those in the warmer climates of europe in italy, france, spain, greece, southern parts of france. also rushes at risk. this is the world health organization saying that. stuart: at a temperature thing. i'm going to stay on zika. joining us now is the former
11:45 am
olympic swimmer, the most muddled female u.s. athlete ever. author of the new europe times best-selling book, age is just a number. welcome to the program. i love the title of the book. age is just a number. i'm of a certain age in it with you all the way. if you were still swimming competitively at the olympic level and you were chosen for the american team, which you go? >> absolutely. there's no way the united states committee would put the app late than harm. they don't seem to have an issue with it. i've asked my doctor about it because i'm going to taking my daughter who is going to be -- she's going to be in the opening ceremonies. i asked him about it he said flu-like symptoms. you get a rash. you get the flu and it's gone within a week. do i want to get the flu? no, but it doesn't seem as bad as what everyone says.
11:46 am
stuart: wouldn't it be the danger to women of childbearing age who intend to get pregnant at some point? the threat is to them. the >> yeah, absolutely. there was a female volleyball player who was about two or three months pregnant when she competed in london. if that was the case, i definitely wouldn't go. i could be 41 years old, obviously not an issue. i think the united states olympic committee would not put athletes in harm's risk. >> fair enough. i want to talk to you about the doping scandal surrounding the russians. the department of justice is investigating allegations. there was mass doping of russian athletes and that allowed them to win all these gold medals. and then there's a separate allegation against 31 lead with a sample from way back. 2,002,008 for example now test positive for enhancing drugs.
11:47 am
is it possible that the whole russian team will be banned from the olympics? >> well, from what i'm reading, that's what it says. i really think you need to make a punishment incentive not to cheat. i think if the government for the state is involved with this, i think all the athletes should be banned because they knew about it. it is a couple athletes here and there, that's a different story. stuart: you must've come up again to competitors in the swimming world who have been doping. you may not have known about it at the time, but you certainly came across this. were you aware of it at that time? how do you feel about it? >> i am very old and the olympics in 1984 when east germans were around. we all thought they were cheating and it eventually came out that they were. the chinese were cheating, so i've been up a lot. if they are really. i compete clean and you pour your heart and blood into the sport your whole entire life in
11:48 am
you go when you want to compete against everyone fairly. sure enough people are cheating us. it's a horrible feeling. stuart: i love the olympics every four years i watch it religiously. it's a wonderful form of competition. i'm really upset that it has been so tainted. it seems that so many athletes have been doing it and are caught either now or later. to some degree the olympic ideal has been tainted for me. are you with me? >> it has been for years. i'm really glad law to any side are going back in testing samples. they make you put your into different samples. from what i read their party tested a sample and there's 31 athletes who tested positive back in beijing and now they are testing the b. sample. we will have results in early june. the problem is the cheaters are a little bit ahead of the testers. the great thing is they do not store the blood induced or the
11:49 am
urine that the urine the bacon retested. stuart: that's a good thing. dara torres, thank you for being with it. congratulations on the book you above the title. i really do. i can't swim, so why am in audio. thank you for joining us. the oakland raiders want to move to las vegas, but the city has to pay $750 million for a new stadium. can vegas afford it? bob massie is with us. we call him mr. vegas. he's on that story in a moment. ♪ you didn't read
11:50 am
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stuart: the owner of the oakland raiders as mark davis. he has pledged $500 million towards the $1.3 billion it would take to build a new stadium for the raiders in las vegas. so where will the other $700 billion come from? taxpayers? bob passy is with us, legal analysts and our guy in vegas.
11:54 am
>> good morning. is it $700 million required from nevada taxpayers to build the stadium in vegas? are you going to do this? >> well, talks are obviously the casinos will raise the revenue tax 1%, which will actually come probably for more tourist and people won't feel they can get the differential that is needed. obviously, there's some controversial things right now for the casinos are charging for ballet, $12, $30 that never happened in vegas. it will probably come through the casino business because the restaurants will benefit. a lot of us don't like the idea, but that's the way it's going to be. stuart: what happened to sports betting? if you got the raiders sitting next to the casinos where you can place a bet or whatever it is you do, is that a conflict of
11:55 am
interest in some way or the of sport? >> well, obviously one of the issues is can they have it team and be able to bet on it? the gaming industry, to control board will be involved in that thing in the nfl. i don't see how they are going to avoid it, stuart. there's a lot of concerns we as citizens have about this whole idea. stuart: what are they? what's the problem? >> i'm concerned about where they want to put the stadium, the proposed discussion spread across the street by the airport. for those of us who understand traffic, except when you feel bad about traffic you go to l.a. or new york can have no problem a lot of us think builders out to vegas and the state of mind where people from los angeles come in and get easy access, easy parking. the traffic is not as bad. remember, we have the strip and
11:56 am
that's it. stuart: your action is where they put the stadium? is that all you've got, massi? >> no. i have more. it's not about the numbers. there's also -- i'm concerned about crime rate. we have problems like any other city. we're concerned we bring professional teams and, what kind of people are coming to the games, are there going to be fights? we have reported over the years on some pretty bad things that happen in the bay area at the 49ers games and raiders games. there is a concern about those who have lived us here for many years how the crime rate will be affected. the other thing is i'm old. i don't like a lot of change. is it going to change the nature of the city when you bring a pro team in?
11:57 am
i think the hockey team will be announced in a few weeks. hockey makes us feel a little better. football we are not sure about. stuart: traffic, maybe a little extra crime, bad people coming in. what was the other objection? changing the face of las vegas. >> look at me. but jimmy, stuart. stuart: we are out of time. we like your input air, massie. >> i love you, stuart. take care. stuart: we will see later. more "varney" after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: 302nd spot at that the favorite story of the day. trying to reveal a plan to stop the spread of migrants. 45 million bucks. didn't hurt.
12:00 pm
liz: the south side of africa between communist and socialist over corruption. stuart: everybody else is just sitting down watching. that's a good story. we are flat out of time. neil cavuto, the time is yours. >> thank you very much. a couple today. waiting to hear what the federal reserve was speaking last month because it could give us clues as to what they might be poised to do next month. growing concerns among many that interest rates are going up and that of course would be bad news to retailers because it would impinge on already stricken. a ten-year treasury of 1.82% basis points here. i do want to focus on banks more to the point. obviously, higher


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