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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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the cpi data that was out yesterday. some of that was related, of course, to oil. what will she say? we will find out right now. i am trish regan. welcome to the intelligence report. what get right to washington, d.c. >> the rate hike is still definitely on the table. here are the minutes from the fed's last meeting in april. in incoming data was consistent with economic growth picking up in the second quarter, labor market conditions continuing to strengthen and inflation towards protect objective, it likely would be appropriate where the committee, the fed, to increase the target rate, the target for the federal funds rate in june. i specifically mentioned june here. they say that there were a range of views in the april meeting. some archers offense were
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worried that it may not signal an improving economy. the other thing that a said they are worried about is architecture not focused on this possibility. they wanted to communicate a lot with the markets about the possibility of a june rate hike. trish: peter barnes, thank you very much. this is the same thing we keep hearing from janet yellen over and over again. and yet, rarely has it come to fruition. once. once. breaking news from ashley webster. in economists. steve, first over to you. what is your take on this? june is on the table. they want to make sure that we know that. >> right. charlie brown and pulling away the football. what most of the fed has done. i think that the fed is actually quite confused here.
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these are real experts. i think the real truth is closer to keystone tops. they created this mess getting out of it now. it is incredibly difficult. i believe, personally, a missed their window. normalizing rates now, a very serious economic slowdown. i think that it really could be material and very, very bearish. trish: is about the story of the fed already, all along? we are on the same page on that one. they should have moved. they did not take it. a real corner. a global economic slowdown. this race to the bottom. you reported on this. countries around the world printing money. what are we left to do?
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yes. doing anything in june. i think that they will wait until june to three. that is my own feeling. in packs around the world could have an impact around here. we have seen inflation go up. we have seen the housing market comeback a little bit. a key outline their. you could argue, perhaps for a june hike. i do not see it coming. trish: unintended consequences. the law of unintended consequences kicking in. my fear is the fed, in part, because washington is asleep at the twist and there's been no coronation amongst the parties, you have been left with a lack of fiscal and monetary policy together. it had been quite a bit. perhaps too much.
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consequently, people have been forced further and further and further. will this come back to haunt us? >> i think that we can all agree we should have moved earlier. time to nip it in the bud. having rates too low for too long. that is an issue. it is put together to hike in june. you look at the metrics that they outlined. it is a real economy growing faster than the first quarter? absolutely. all data points to that. it has been for a couple of months. there is some pickup in wage inflation. if you care at all, if you care continuing with rates in you compare that to the possibility, i think that it is time to switch. trish: you would actually tell
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the fed that they need to be moving up, a quarter-point come june. >> a quarter-point. prefix and then continue that process? >> i certainly think that they are late getting to it. i think that ashley has a fair point. i want to acknowledge that. >> i hear what he is saying. i think that it is important to get all of this extremely low rate environment that we have been in. there are some serious things that can be created in that. i just do not know how you do it. our own economy really is not growing. every other economy really is not growing. what are you going to do about the value of the dollar? it will go through the roof. >> i think that we have to be very careful here. >> a very shaky recovery.
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lower corporate earnings. we are already in and earnings or session. do we go into a gdp recession? i think that there are high risks of that. listen, i am with you. of course i want in and to qe. the fed's comments sheet is an outrage. trish: that is exactly what i was thinking. >> they are not holding fast enough. cunning taxes significantly. the u.s. starts growing at a pace again. that will be the time. >> fiscal policy. giving some relief to the fed. >> those are all fair points. the reality is, growth for the fed. raising rates will not damage growth that much. it will be a half day.
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trish: let's talk about some of the economic data. you heard janet yellen saying we will look at the data. we will see if the data supports an environment where we can raise. i will tell you one thing, they are data dependent. situation could actually be a possibility. >> it is, yes. thanks to our president. that is an issue. one of the factors that will give the fed reason to raise rates. i do agree. i think that it is time to rip off the band-aid. once we get over the initial shock, we will be fine. >> i think about all of these retirees being at home. you cannot get anything in the bank right now. i heard someone just a couple
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years ago saying you should look at columbia. a 6% yield on republican bonds. has it come to that where we need to be looking at columbia and bonds? conservative in their investments. >> trish, how do you think they solved all those puerto rican laws? trish: i know. i know. i know. they have some exposure to puerto rican bonds. this is great. you can't get a guild like this anywhere. it is great until puerto rico is bankrupt. over time, for example. steve cortez. the president making a big sweeping move here. $27,000 a year. they will be looked at. right after 47,000. it is moving from there to $47,000 change. these are people that were
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considered salary workers. they will now be eligible for overtime. is that good or bad for the economy. >> it is terrible for the economy. this is shameless. meddling in the private sector. asserting itself into areas of commerce. employees and their employers are capable of negotiating salaries on their own without the federal government meddling. unfortunately, this administration is hell-bent on making them depend on them. it is why disability rolls have skyrocketed. it is why they want to insert themselves into overtime pay. >> you mentioned food stamps. 10 million more americans now on food stamps than we did when obama started office. that is not a good thing. more people are on disability and reliance on that.
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i guess if you are a political animal, right, and politicians are, do they kind of want that? you this is all costs, no benefits. you dig inside this big show we gesture. 730,000 workers. half a% of the employed people in america. to the best of them, it will be $20 a week. incurring all of these costs on the private sector. regular indexing. repeated again and again and again. this is an all political show. trying to help the low guy. we have a bad economy and never delivered. trish: never did. >> a wage issue. it sounds good and looks good and makes great headlines. digging down, it costs jobs. trish: we thought that it was wendy's. 6000 restaurants looking to
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replace people with robots. people asking for 15 plus minimum wage. >> this is too good to be true. this is a job creator. the workout over more people. they literally say that. >> we will leave it there. >> being uber political. it is not a coincidence that he is going to ohio. this is crassly political, really. trish: such as the world we live in. negative territory. down eight points right now on the dow. we will continue watching and see how investors react to the news. june could be on the table. i could caution. it is the fed. we will see whether they will support a rate hike. coming up, bernie sanders refusing to fall in line. it comes to his supporters.
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even uprising. telling party leaders to change their ways. >> i say it in the leadership, open the door. let the people in. [cheering] trish: democrats in chaos. our political panel will weigh in next. sitting down with mark zuckerberg at facebook headquarters today. it is a company meeting the wrong kind of conservative? we will ask our very own conservative. knows firsthand just what it is like. stay with me. i am back into. stay here. ♪ if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. trish: bernie sanders racking up more in oregon.
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clinton is claiming victory in kentucky. claiming. she leads by less than 2000 votes. bernie's outing to vote in the race until the very bitter end. watch him. >> before we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we will have to defeat secretary clinton. [cheering] trish: clinton is adding to her commanding lead of delegates. nagy is about 90 delegates short. cleansing the nomination. that really horrible weekend hardy convention in nevada. sanders supporters through chairs, made that threat, you can see the rowdiness on full display. they are really angry about it. when asked by the party to control his supporters, castle bernie sanders did, he called out the party on its behavior
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instead. who would have thought it would be the democrats. violent protests. joining me is mr. michael. republican strategist boris epstyn. you guys are hiding there in nevada. >> we had in new york a democratic party, on monday. i am excited about it. you will not see what you saw out there in nevada. >> it is not going to happen. [laughter] >> coming from -- [laughter] >> i do believe that that is an anomaly. whatever happened in nevada on that day, it did not do anything. >> here is a the thing. i look at those supporters. anna doted the.
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i look at bernie sanders supporters and say, you know what, if he does not get it, i am voting for trump. 30% of them said that they would vote for trump. is hillary really at risk of losing these people? >> upwards of 44%. backing bernie and west virginia. not just for west virginia. ohio. pennsylvania. a state like kentucky. north carolina. it spreads from there. >> that is all right. >> it is important. it shows that bernie supporters are so angry. what would you have the next day with trump supporters acting like that? >> listen.
2:19 pm
look at debbie waterman chilton is statement afterwards. called on the campaign to do the same. trish: it is not my fault. it is your fault. he is blaming you guys. >> i do not think that he is getting a free pass. i do not think you see that. trish: he is blaming the party. what do you say? >> the system is not rigged. these are party policies. trish: wow. >> a do believe different. there is a narrative race that he himself has not dispelled trish: i do not want to digress into that. i think that it is challenging to really have the democrats believe that it is not rigged. with that said, we can talk about it another time. what does bernie sanders really
2:20 pm
want deep down? does he want to be vice president? >> i do not know if he wants to be vice president. as he is picking up delegates in losing states, he is also picking up individuals that can go sit on committees. i do think that the party will be different after this election. trish: she is challenged in certain places. she has the south, maybe. he may be able to help her deliver. >> she is already pulling to the left. she is going all the way to the left. these other issues are not resonating to voters. keep in mind. i am actually sure that it will go the other way. he just joined the establishment. i will not vote for hillary for
2:21 pm
president just because bernie is the vp. >> you can as joe biden that. he would not agree with you. >> the same thing could be said about donald trump. if he is actually doing all of these things with members of the senate. meeting with henry kissinger. he is trying to pull some of that. it loses some. >> the antiestablishment candidate. it is much easier behind you than vice versa. >> obama was the outsider candidate. hillary as the establishment. trish: what is your prediction? is that running has the vp, in your view?
2:22 pm
>> something disqualifying about elizabeth warren. [laughter] trish: i think that we have two very big egos in this room. >> she has that huge ego. >> he will run the economy. real quick before i go, any truth to this? talking about him running the economy. regional parts of it. >> i think that he has some knowledge of this. he will not be a cabinet member. trish: all right. >> the economy went up. trish: thank you, guys. good to see you. conservatives sit down with mark zuckerberg at facebook headquarters. is he meeting with the wrong kind of conservatives?
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i will tell you my firsthand knowledge. stay with me. i will see you here. ♪ you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. a grwas seeing theing the different it had like a manufacturer discount, it had a usaa member discount. all of them were already built in to the low price. i know that i got a better deal than i would have on my own. usaa car buying service, powered by truecar.
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will and
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his boys -- holding a rally here against what they say is anti-cop hatred during the relentless protests. requiring people to work more than 35 hours a week. it were having all kinds of protests about it. the police message does not seem to be getting through. this angry crowd. they are chanting bullies everywhere. justice nowhere in french. they torched a police car after surrounding the vehicle. forcing the officer inside to flee. we will bring you the very
2:27 pm
latest details. happening on the streets of paris right now. mark zuckerberg. after we spoke last week. the social media guide may be pressing news on the site. the meeting with zuckerberg, none of them had their views blocked on facebook. unlike my next guest who had this post blocked. no profanity. no hate speech. just conservative principle. this post, for some reason, facebook said violated its "community standards." todd said that this issue is a whole lot acre than just one single post. todd, great to have you back here. tell me about this post. >> got named the bad boy of facebook on that one. jesus. cracker barrel. all the trigger words for the left. it got me banned.
2:28 pm
facebook sent me a message shortly after i posted that item. they said i had violated standards. i was blocked. the entire page taken off of facebook for about 12 hours. trish: how did you get back on? >> the power of fox. the bosses got involved. i believe we did a story about it. facebook saw the error of their ways. send us an apology. trish: go-ahead. >> the washington post came to our defense on this one. trish: jan morgan. a frequent guest on this show. the same thing happen to her. a post from our show. she said, look, we should not be bringing them here. she had some real concerns about it. she got put in facebook jail for 30 days. she said they said, whoops, sorry.
2:29 pm
apology. similar to what you are saying. what happens to the people that are not like you and do not have a mechanism to get their story out there? >> .is the big story here. i am not sure if they were blocking conservative views or whatever. i do not care about that. what i do care about is all the folks out there, said conservatives and christians that found themselves in a situation where they have been blocked or banned in they do not have the networks to help them get back onto facebook. there are many, many people like that. i have heard from hundreds of them on my website. they have been e-mailing me. what do we do? the same time, trish, there are dozens and dozens of websites that are disparaging conservatives, republicans and women. those meet facebook's community standards.
2:30 pm
trish: when this was first happening, she would show me some of the things that were allowed here at it would just make you sick to see. you think about how terrorists have been communicating and meeting in these online platforms. facebook. twitter. other services. that is somehow allowed. yet they are taking your pages down. you look at this meeting happening between mark zuckerberg and conservatives today. conservatives that do have a voice in the media. what do you think? photo op? >> i do not think that it will accomplish much. the mark zuckerberg the same one we saw on social network, i would be very surprised if they get anything done. have the meeting. hopefully, you know, our colleague may be able to convince him and sway his opinion on this. let's be honest. i am not quite sure we will change facebook's mind here. >> at the end of the day, however, it is a company.
2:31 pm
a private company. you are a capitalist just like i am. why don't conservatives go find their own version of facebook then he had. >> they had about a quarter million people who actually joined this alternative version. it was supposed to be a place of open debate. it did not really take off. facebook is sort of like the donald trump of the social networking world. over the really wants to vote for him, but he is the only game in town. trish: they are big. at the end of the day, they are promising that they are not doing this, but, get, they are. there is bias involved. >> a conservative of mojo con. my money is on dana. we will see what she can do. good to see you. coming up. take a look at this new video coming into us. russian jet buzzing a u.s. navy
2:32 pm
destroyer. the latest incident of blood amir putin showing his nose at us and our president. president trump, he says he can work with putin and restore our standing in the world did that is next. human rights taking political correctness to a whole another level. the city agency in new york now forcing employers to use whatever gender pronouns their employers want to be called. employees want to be called. this is all related to the transgender movement. if someone does not identify as a man or a woman and does not want to be called he or she, they must be referred to as the. any employer that does not comply with that faces big fines. government gone wild. that is next. ♪
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trish: wow. shocking new video of a russian jet buzzing a navy destroyer. leaving people to question what russian president vladimir putin is up to.
2:37 pm
certainly not the first time. we see a few of these videos before. here he is doing it again. fox news military analyst jack keane says this could be a warning of things to come. general joins me right now. >> greatly, putin looks for opportunities to affiliate and embarrassed the united states. he doesn't not so much for the game and leverage against the united states, but he wants to weaken the united states and our relationship with nato at large. the baltics is really crucial to him. i believe as many other observant is due, they have some consequence like we saw in eastern ukraine. they will be in the baltics. he has conducted, trish, in the last three years, 18 different training exercises. most of which involve war in the
2:38 pm
baltics between russia in the united states. his strategic object, i believe, is to collapse nato. the baltics is likely the place where that will be made. this is part of a strategic pattern. a single airplane against the destroyer. having some implications on a relationship that he wants to weekend. stuart: i want to clarify. it takes place back in april. not the first time he has done this. this event that had happened in april. what is his ultimate goal? is it to destroy nato and gain more power? in europe? >> the important, wanting to be recognized as a world power despite the economy.
2:39 pm
really, russia, you have to understand the history. the 20th century. we had hitler that got within 30 miles. the russians are phobic as a buffer. that, of course, is the deal they struck after world war ii. they will not take anything less than that. most of them are in nato. they resent this. they want some of that buffer back. the target, as i said, the baltics. the object is forcing the collapse of nato. they will consider that as a victory as much as a collapse of the soviet.
2:40 pm
>> what is the strategy here? how do you deal with a guy like pooches? watch very much to keep these are in europe in his rome. obviously, the social world does not want that. how do you associate something here? >> so naïve years ago. all of this aggressive behavior, we gave up the defensive missiles in eastern europe as a trade. we got an open and deal. what putin and the russian have always respected is strength, trish. the nato strength that was there with the soviet union heard this for 45 years. we did not have to fire a shot and may eventually collapse. we need to do more with from a strength perspective. what we are planning to have with just a token gesture, i
2:41 pm
think, in terms of stiffening nato's resolve, we have to demonstrate strength on the ground to putin that any attack there is actually going to get a significant response and it is not worth your time doing it. trish: a bully and you have to play tough with a bully. >> yes. you have to deal with him and where he is coming from. he has taken huge advantage of president obama and this administration. trish: thank you so much. good to see you, sir. >> good talking to you, trish. trish: hillary clinton so nostalgic for the '90s economy. she will put bill in charge of our economy. you cannot run on president obama's economy. or at least you should not. my intel on the very big differences between then and now. the '90s, the difference between then and today.
2:42 pm
2:43 pm
♪ trish: let's check out these markets right now. the fed at the top of the hour signaling that an interest rate hike is firmly on the table for june. as always, the data needs to support it. we will be watching all of this economic data out in the next several weeks. extremely carefully.
2:44 pm
how it may affect the fed feared we are looking at a market that is off. oil for the day. $48.19 a barrel. oil raising after several weeks from the fed minutes. shares of target are down after its earnings release. lowering the sales outlook for the current quarter. a lot of concern with investors right now. i will be right back with my intel on white clinton nominate in the 1990s, as good as it may have been, doesn't work today. ♪
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2:46 pm
trish: hillary clinton counts her husband's economic prowess on the campaign trail this week, it is important to think about the differences in the 1990s, as good as they were, and today. bill clinton was one lucky guy. he had al gore who created the internet. that internet brought with it a whole new boost of opportunities. bill clinton benefited from the growth of a brand-new industry. in the meantime, faced with the reality, and not giving a darn thing done in congress, he chose to work with the other side. unlike president obama that will not work with the other side.
2:47 pm
we sought tax cuts. the top capital gains tax rates. we sell welfare reform. stuff happening again today. doubtful. hillary is being moved further and further left every day by bernie sanders. the administration she was a part of has one of the worst economic records on record since jimmy carter. unlike her husband who cut taxes. hillary clinton wants to nearly double the tax rate. she also wants a minimum tax on millionaires. pay more than half of what you earn is not enough. it welcome back to haunt her. the economic policy institute estimates that the manufacturing jobs were lost. as a result of the nasdaq. she has to deal with that
2:48 pm
legacy. plus her support for ttp. the trade deal that she promoted as secretary of state. when it comes to the economy, hillary clinton will have to answer a whole lot of questions. americans appreciate the growth that we sell under the bill clinton years, he is not the answer. democrats, progressives, want a whole lot more than tax cuts in free trade. in fact, they do not want any of that. welcome to an alice in wonderland political economic world. a lack of growth in the economy for the challenges she faces now. that is today's intel. coming up, the new york city commission on human rights to a whole another level today. forcing employers to use whatever gender pronoun they are employees want to be called. this is, of course, the latest with the transgender movement. if someone does not identify as
2:49 pm
a man or woman and does not want to be called he or she, they must be referred to as the. any employer that does not comply, guess what, faces big fines here in new york. that is next. ♪ with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance
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life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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trish: a new law has taken political correctness to a whole new, absurd level. landlords and employers in new york city can now be fined if they cannot be referred to as a pronoun of those peoples choice. i am talking about referring to someone as he or she. for those that are "gender
2:53 pm
fluid", meaning they do not identify as a male or female, it turns out, in new york, there is a pronoun for that. it is called the. not he or she. you would say the open the window. i may have to move out of new york city. this is insane. hold that thought. we will go straight back to it. joe biden is speaking right now out in ohio. he is announcing, everyone, that there will be a complete overhaul in the overtime rules. let's listen in briefly. >> my time in the senate is that the middle class is what built this country. that is what built this country. the middle-class do well, the wealthy do very, very where well and the poor have some hope.
2:54 pm
secretary tom perez, we have become really good friends. we are coerced in crime together. tom is probably the most -- trish: you are listening to joe biden there. talking to people in ohio. announcing this new law that the administration is putting into effect. having to pay people overtime. previously salaried employees. they are now eligible. were talking about this earlier in the show. the effect that this will have. first, your thoughts on what they are doing right now. >> first of all, in other antibusiness rule.
2:55 pm
the administration is trying to get in. it is trying to bypass congress. use the executive power as much as they can. i find it really interesting that it is joe biden in the swing state of ohio making this announcement. is it about overtime or getting indicted? trish: joe biden may be their only alternative. >> yes. it affects business owners quite severely. you think of something so big is this. people not being able to have a voice. over 200,000 comments on this. lawmakers were not able to have a voice on this. >> it is like they are ripping up the constitution. ripping up the constitution. >> back to the story that we started with.
2:56 pm
gender fluidity. it is the in new york city. we were joking about the aunt died business. this is the mimic in new york city. do you know how many can be fined if they do not use these made-up words and pronouns? that is just for starters. imagine if you are a small business and you do not know that someone is gender fluid. is this even constitutional? can you mandate what somebody says? for the benefits of whom? they are not in natural man's land. read the story on the site. trish: we will be right back. ♪
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
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3:00 pm
>> what is your take on these overtime rules? is this nothing but a distraction from the white house, the lack of real growth we have? like my facebook page and tell me what you think, liz claman takes you through the final hour. >> reality hitting the markets in the face, wall street a bit more sure at this hour that we will see another fed rate hike a month from today, the federal reserve missing its april minutes, next meeting june 15th, markets are responding across many more not the least of which is on the screen, dow jones industrials down 24 points. a big reversal, the market scrutinize the fed's next move, the republican nominee donald trump spending any minute now, time with one of the nation's most experienced statement,


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