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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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hillary clinton. she is very well known as the establishment so it might be the anti-or the never hillary vote. charles: i can't wait to see the outcome of that meeting, and at home, we've been doing well all because of you and, of course the next, lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. and let's begin with a political earthquake. for the first time, donald trump has pulled ahead of hillary clinton in the "fox news poll." clinton has led trump in the head-to-head polling ever since he entered the race on june 16th of last year, but now, trump tops her in a general election head-to-head matchup. 45 to 42%. a ten-point swing from last month when clinton was ahead of trump by seven points. trump has not only pulled ahead of clinton but has done so with higher favorables and lower negatives than hers.
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a record 61% of voters now have a negative view of clinton compared to only 56% who have a negative view of trump. trump's unfavorables are lower, down nine points from two months ago. we'll be taking all of that up with two former presidential candidates. former house speaker newt gingrich joins us, as does former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, and we'll have a lot to talk about tonight including, trump's release of a list of 11 potential supreme court justices. the list has been well received by conservatives who want someone with similar principles to the late justice antonin scalia, and a lot of upheaval in the democratic party, that after senator bernie sanders won the oregon primary and on track to lose by only a narrow margin in kentucky. the results are not yet official. and sanders is now promising to
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fight on until the end of the primary season. >> let me be as clear as i can be. i agree with you. we are into the last ballot. lou: i'll be taking that up tonight. the lighter side of politics, red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky join us. top story, donald trump putting to rest concerns he would not select conservative supreme court justices. the presumptive republican presidential nominee today put forth a list that he says is representative of the kind of constitutional principles he values in the highest court. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: thanks, lou, back in march, donald trump said he might reveal potential supreme court picks, sometime before the convention, but that is still seven weeks from now, an effort by trump to reassure the republican party still very much divided over candidacy that he will make picks that
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the keep the highest court conservative. trump released a list of 11 potential supreme court pix after consulting with the heritage foundation and federalist society. some of those listed were unaware they were being named. trump discusses the move in an interview airing with sean hannity this evening. >> high intellect. these people are all of high intellect. they're pro-life. that's my list, and we are going to choose from most likely from the list. >> reporter: trump pulled into the lead nationwide against presumed democratic nominee hillary clinton. both candidates have popularity problems, clinton more so than trump. 41% view trump favorably, a jump from 10% in march. while clinton's popularity has gone down slightly to a new low with 37% viewing the former secretary of state positively and a record high for her of 61% who do not. most women, hispanics and black
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voters tell pollsters they find trump offensive. he tried to soften up his image on fox news' megyn kelly last night. >> absolutely, i could have done certain things differently. i could have used different language in a couple of instances. >> reporter: when it comes to personal qualities, 57% do not find trump honest and trustworthy. 40% say they do. clinton is in worse shape. 66% say not honest and trustworthy. 31% believe she is. with little foreign policy experience, trump sought an audience with 1992 former secretary of state henry kissinger for advice. >> i'm self-funding my campaign, and all these guys are getting a lot of money. take a look at hillary. take a look where she's getting that money. >> reporter: after boasting he could not be bought because he's paying for his campaign and not beholden to donors, trump accepts contributions to
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a record shattering $449,000 per individual in a joint trump-rnc fund. trump hasn't had a public campaign event in ten days. tomorrow across the hudson into new jersey. this time a fund-raiser for a former rival, the governor of new jersey, chris christie, first formal rival to endorse him. lou? lou: carl cameron. trump's list of potential justices coming as something of a surprise today, but judging on the names on the list, it is clear a lot of thought went into the decision. fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream is at the supreme court with more on the judges who stand out. >> reporter: lou, the list is a mix of state and federal judges and not academics or lawmakers, they have a paper trail for public consumption. take a look at the top contenders on the list. judge steve colettin, appointed by president george w. bush and
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clerk for conservative icon chief justice william rehnquist. judge diane sykes has a long list of things conservatives want to see on the wish list. there are three female justices but all liberal and sykes could be a counterbalance, appointed by bush 43 and serves on the 7th circuit. another federal judge appointed by george w. bush, william pryor is a former alabama attorney general caught up in a democratic filibuster and was a recess appointment to the bench. his permanent appointment was part of a deal reached by the bipartisan gang of 14 in the senate in 2005. now top contenders serving on state courts include utah supreme court justice thomas lee, he clerked at the high court for justice clarence thomas, the brother of senator mike lee, they're both the sons of former solicitor general rex lee. and texas supreme court justice don willett is on the list.
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he worked in the bush administration, not your typical jurist. you have an entertaining twitter feed aimed at mr. trump including this one -- well, tonight, justice willett finds himself on the list along with others from key states that could be important in the general election in the fall. colorado, pennsylvania, missouri and minnesota. lou, that's it from the supreme court, back to you. lou: shannon bream, thank you. those potential justices should be very careful of that tweet stuff. i hear that can be risky. on the democratic side, we don't know officially who won yesterday's kentucky primary election. however, clinton has declared herself the victory in what would be a very narrow outcome. sanders and clinton actually split the delegate count in the vermont senator is vowing to
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stay in the race and fight on. fox news senior political correspondent mike emanuel with the latest on the democratic race and the battle that just might be making its way to a news station you're all very familiar with. >> reporter: lou, bernie sanders late today accepted an invitation from fox news to participate in a final democratic debate to take place in california before the june 7th primary. campaign manager jeff weaver said, quote, we have told the network we would accept the invitation with the understanding we can reach mutual agreement on the debate moderators, format and other details. last night the dnc chair didn't sound sold just yet. >> we're still working through that process and talking to our candidates, and look forward to talking to potential media partners as we move forward. >> reporter: while fox news hosted many debates, the invitation noted democrats have not debated on the network in 12 years, and a debate would reach a vast number of viewers, many of whom are open to persuasion.
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after winning oregon in a too close to call finish in kentucky sanders sounded more emboldened than ever. >> we won oregon last night and i have a strong feeling with your support we're going to take the entire west coast. >> reporter: democrats are continuing their family feud following incident at state convention in las vegas over the weekend when sanders supporters believed state party officials were using the rules to favorite clinton campaign. it's exposed deeper divisions with the dnc accusing the sanders campaign of condoning violence. >> the senator's response was anything but acceptable. it certainly did not condemn his supporters for acting violently or engaging in intimidation tactics, and instead added more fuel to the fire. >> reporter: the sanders campaign fired back this morning. >> we're going to have a long conversation about debbie
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wasserman schultes and throwing shade on the sanders campaign since the beginning. >> reporter: later wasserman schultz spoke. biden called on sanders to be more aggressive and speaking out about it if there's another incident. biden insisted there is no fundamental split in the democratic party, lou? lou: mike, thank you very much, mike emanuel. we're coming right back. a lot more to take up here tonight. stay with us. donald trump talking foreign policy with henry kissinger and kissinger thinks trump has the islamic state correctly figured. >> i do not think that the islamic state -- lou: former speaker of the house newt gingrich and former governor of arkansas mike huckabee are among our guests tonight. a man pinned under a burning truck with little time
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for a rescue. who will step up to save him? we'll have the uplifting video after these messages. don't go anywhere, a lot more coming right up.
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. lou: donald trump blasting president obama on the issue of free trade. in an interview with fox news' sean hannity that airs tonight
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at 10:00 p.m. eastern, trump says the president is, quote, ignorant. >> we want you all to do well. america first when. china's ripping us to -- you look at trade deficits of $500 billion a year, who's negotiating? >> you want fair trade. you're not a protectionist, you want better deals. >> i want fair trade. the people we have now are incompetent. the president used not a nice word but he's an ignorant president, an ignorant president. he doesn't know what's going on in my opinion, okay, and the opinion of plenty of other people. lou: joining us here tonight former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. mike, great to have you here. donald trump putting it straightforwardly that this administration, this president has been ignorant on free trade, and by the way, like so many before him on the issue of just ignoring the consequences
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of the nap preptly named policy of free trade because the middle class pays the price for it. >> the middle class has taken just an absolute whipping over the last several years, and there was a fascinating article by peter morici that came out today, if we erased the trade deficits under bush and obama, republicans and democrat, pushing the kind of trade we've had, the american economy, lou, would be 30% higher, and that that would translate into a 30% better economic position for the workers of america. so what trump has been saying is being affirmed by leading economists of the country. a big thing happened today, big, big thing happened. the u.s. government is going to put a new tax on china five fold over the current tax for the fact that china has been dumping steel into the u.s. violating the trade agreement. that's exactly what trump has been saying.
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it's like today, obama and economists are validating what trump has said and what all the elites have been sniffing at him about. lou: you don't suppose that obama's going to start that trump wall tomorrow, do you? i mean he seems -- i think you're exactly right. he is anticipating a november 8th election in which donald trump has a serious advantage in policy terms with the american people. the american people understand him, understand what he wants to achieve with fair trade, and i think he's exactly right. he says the united states has played the chump for far too long with presidents who are indifferent to the consequences to the middle class. >> lou, all the smart people that tell us never trump, and they're out there trying to recruit a third-party candidate and failing miserably at it. if they're so stinking smart,
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help me understand why their policies, conservative orthodoxy cost consumers 30% over the past several years. help explain why the policies have put us in billions of dollars, 13 -- excuse me, $13 trillion trade deficit since 1990. if we're really so smart, how come that we're not smart enough to be winning? and i think that's exactly why trump is winning. lou: you know, the premise on third-party candidates, first of all, if i can convey my impression. first you said if they're so smart, well, it's purely a hypothetical, they're not very smart, these people who would have -- let's name names, bill kristol, mitt romney, who by the way today announced, and i feel we should have a drumroll, that he has decided not to be an independent candidate challenging donald trump, and i know that there is immense
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relief throughout the land. do you think that he, his supporters, he being mitt romney, will fall in line and be energetic supporters of the trump candidacy? >> well, many of them will fall in line, how energetic they are? i don't know. one of the reasons trump scares these guys so much is because he's not beholden to them. he's not a wholly owned subsidiary of them. he doesn't depend on them to get where he is today and not going to be held hostage by this incredible, i've always called it the washington to wall street axis of power where the donor class feeds the political class, they both get what they want at expense of the working class, and that's why i think these guys are nervous. it's not about that donald trump isn't conservative enough. it's about that he is not a part of the club, and they're afraid their club is going to lose membership.
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>> i know in your secret heart you have to laugh when you hear mitt romney talking about how conservative another person might be and whether or not that person would measure up to romney's lofty conservative standards. i mean, it's reached a level of absurdity. let me ask you in that context, this list of 11 people, donald trump put that out as a list of potential justices that he would nominate were a vacancy to occur, seems to be well received by conservatives all around the country? >> and it should be, this is a strong list of solid jurist people that by anybody's imagination and determination have great credentials, and would be the kind of constitutional jurists that we would be proud to have on the court. the people in the never trump nonsense movement need to
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apologize, now they realize, we can't trust donald trump on the supreme court appointments, now they can say look, he's done something that i don't know of any presidential candidate in recent history who has done this, has said here's a list of the people i would likely pull from to nominate to the supreme court. it was a masterful stroke on trump's part today. lou: governor mike huckabee, always good to talk with you and hopefully some of those folks will be listening to you and do precisely what you just said. thanks so much. >> i'm sure they will. you bet. lou: mike huckabee. breaking news now, the pentagon has announced two chinese fighter jets buzzed u.s. military reconnaissance aircraft in the south china sea today. u.s. defense officials calling that an unsafe manner of buzzing. the incident comes a week after u.s. navy destroyer sailed within 12 miles of fiery cross wreath, an artificial island that the chinese constructed a
7:22 pm
year and a half ago in disputed territory in the south china sea. the pentagon will address the incident through the, quote, appropriate diplomatic and military channels, end quote, which is by recent history a very strong statement on the part of our defense department. be sure to vote in our poll tonight, donald trump has won more votes than any other candidate in history. do you also think he'll win the most votes in presidential election history this november? cast your vote on twitter. and follow me -- links to everything found at incredible video now showing the life-and-death moment in which a man trapped under a burning suv was rescued. watch as a brave police officer and a group of passers by work
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together to save him. >> ready? one, two, three, lift! lift! go, go, go, go! >> my arm is stuck under the door. >> arm is trapped under the door. we can't get it up yet. >> i'm okay. i thought i was literally going to die. lou: and they managed to free the driver as you saw there and heard, there only seconds before the car burst into flames. amazingly he escaped with minor injuries even with his arm trapped beneath the door. travelers blasting the tsa security lines at airports, waiting lines stretching to two to three hour wait times. is it time for something of a change? i have a few thoughts about jeh johnson, the head of dhs, the tsa, this administration and
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what has turned out to be just a very annoying administration. and a little later, former house speaker newt gingrich joins us to talk about trump's surging poll numbers. stay with us, all of that and much more straight ahead. i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix. i decided to take chantix to shut everybody else up about me quitting smoking. i was going to give it a try, but i didn't really think it was going to really happen. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix definitely helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mo sod anduicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history
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. lou: a few thoughts on the crisis that has suddenly gripped our nation's airports, many of them ahead of the summer travel season. wait time are simply out of control at many of the largest airports. tsa expects the crisis to worsen. that's what you would expect to hear from a government agency. problem, instead of being solved is going to worsen. and in the next few months, 230 million passengers are expected to be flying on american airlines between june and august. the leadership of dhs has never been adequate. you can imagine what dhs secretary jeh johnson's reaction would be to the crisis
7:29 pm
and what it is. johnson had the audacity to tell airline passengers to simply accept that this is their new reality. which prompts me to say to jeh johnson, you're out of your mind, and thank god you'll soon be out of that job. in his tenure as secretary, i have rarely, if ever, heard him give anyone in congress a straight answer to a question, and as leader of the department that includes customs and border patrol, immigration and citizenship services, tsa and the secret service, well, just thinking about those agencies tells you what kind of, well, leader he is, what kind of executive he is. he has done nothing to enforce our laws or to raise the level of the performance of any of those agencies. quite simply, he is a disaster, which hardly makes him the lone ranger in the obama outfit, and yes, congressional oversight,
7:30 pm
let's be career has been as lousy as the administration's performance, and the union representing tsa employees, well, of course, it wants more money, more manpower, wants to hire 6,000 more screeners and there may be some relationship between what looks to me like an intentional slowdown rather than sudden, well, spontaneous crisis, saying the long wait times are a direct result of congress' failure to provide the agency with enough money to do its job seems like only the natural racks of the union. management abounds at theary, cutting screening staff in recent years with the expectation that the pre-check program would expedite screening and therefore they wouldnt need any of the people, many of them. that backfired because they were wrong. too many people don't have the time to sacrifice for what should be a simple process and there is no such thing as a simple process when dealing
7:31 pm
with the government, and the agency itself has become a laughingstock, certainly its management has. a year ago the tsa again in national readiness tests failed to detect explosives and banned weapons in an embarrassing 95% of tests. and the agency didn't show much improvement a few months later, citing failures in technology, procedure, and human error. i can't fact remember a time when the agency did anything but failed those tests. senator mark kirk has called on the tsa administrator peter neffinger to resign if he doesn't resolve the crisis by memorial day. neffinger should take johnson with him, that he simply doesn't give a damn about the citizens he's supposed to be serving. the leaders of the airline industry by the way have immense responsibility and better step up, because, they their companies, their
7:32 pm
employees and shareholders will be paying a heavy price for the ignorance and the incompetence of administration officials have once again broken trust with the american people. november 8th can't come too soon. now the quotation of the evening. on this administration's frequent, if not, constant indifference to those it was elected to serve. in so many regions of government and policy and in so many ways, this administration will be long remembered for its indifference to our citizens and to the consequences of its policies upon our nation, and i confess, it is this administration's wholesale indifference to americans and what is america that does at times rile me. ellie desale authored tonight's quotation --
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we're coming right back. stay with us. the presumptive republican nominee has to be a tough campaigner because he has to win. >> i will say, this if i don't go all the way and if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> reporter: former speaker of the house, former presidential candidate newt gingrich joins us here next. and this group of skydivers searching for thrills treated to more than they signed up for. we'll show you the video after these messages. a lot more straight ahead. we're coming right back. stay with us. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it transformed treatment as the first cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
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. lou: joining us tonight, newt gingrich, former speaker of the house 2012 presidential candidate, co-author of the book, rediscovering god in america. great to have you with us, newt. >> good to be back. lou: great book and we recommend it highly. let's start with the new fox polls. trump has now taken the lead. there are a lot of people out there scratching their heads who had given up on this guy about last july. look at him. i mean, there he is, what do you attribute it to? >> couple things are going on, one is hillary is losing on basic honesty, losing on the scandals involving the clinton foundation, losing on the scandals involving her e-mails,
7:38 pm
and she is further alienating the sanders people as we saw over the weekend where both nevada and alaska there were bitter convention fights. it looks now ironically like instead of cleveland being a problem for republicans, cleveland may be a triumph for donald trump, and at the same time, philadelphia may turn into a disaster for the democrats. you had senator feinstein today reaching back to 1968 and the riots in chicago as a danger the democrats have to be aware of. lou: to choose the comparison with '68 brings with it a whole series of possibilities for her to make that comparison, she must be expecting terrible things for the democratic party. i know you're not particularly distressed over that vision, but the reality here for trump is that he's moving ahead, he's
7:39 pm
improving his unfavorables, his negatives. he's moved ahead by three points where he was behind seven two months ago, today he releases a list of 11 potential justices he would apoints, and the conservatives seem to be absolutely thrilled. >> well, i asked the former head of the american enterprise institute who is an expert on judicial nominations, he said it was a superb list that any conservative could be proud of any one of the 11 picked. it was a very strong step by trump to send a signal that should really reassure most conservatives that the gap between who he would pick and who hillary would pick is so gigantic, i don't think any reasonable conservative can do anything except to help elect trump nord block hillary from appointing a radical supreme court. lou: immense positive to have your favorable view of those
7:40 pm
names as well as of the heritage foundation and other conservatives, the federalist. he is also, i think, deserves great credit for being so adroit politically to do this. i can't remember it being done by a presumptive nominee. maybe i'm wrong on that. >> this is actually encouraging at two levels. i think they made the decision to explore doing this shortly after justice scalia died, and i think they did it very methodically. they worked from people from the federalist society and elsewhere, and they really wanted to take their time to vet these people, to be really sure that these were serious people, and i think that's both a good sign about process that you're beginning to see the trump operation take some zones and become very presidential in their calm, careful, calculating way. at the same time, he's going to remain donald trump, he's going to be slightly wild, very
7:41 pm
aggressive, and i think that he's not going to pull any punches. lou: well, i think a lot of people will be encouraged by your outlook on that, in particular. history sometimes does repeat itself and done so for hillary clinton. now she's talking about two for the price of ones, as her husband did about her in 1992. it's not going over so well, when she says he's going to be in charge of the economy. first all, most folks don't like somebody is in charge of the economy, but your reaction to what looks like an immense gift to the trump campaign? >> well, i just think that the clinton team is totally off-balance now. they haven't been able to cope with sanders. they haven't been able to cope with the scandals involving the clinton foundation. they haven't been able to cope with the scandals involving her e-mails. she's not a very good candidate, and i think all of these things are compounding in
7:42 pm
a way they're losing their touch for how to do this stuff. bill at his peak was as good a politician as i've ever seen but clearly is not directly engaged anymore, and she's never been a very good candidate. and i think that's all beginning to crumble around them, and i think they'll get more desperate as they watch trump get better and better. he's learning, he's a better candidate today than he was six weeks ago, and he's just now beginning to turn his attention to her, i think it's going to be an election that could be blown wide open in a way nobody would have goesed a year ago, with clinton and the democrats losing very badly. lou: newt gingrich, we thank you very much. look forward to talking to you again soon. >> look forward to it. lou: thrill seeking skydivers in southern california. they've got a new hero, video from a skydiver's helmet video capturing the aircraft crash that took place moments after takeoff. the pilot wrestled the plane carrying 18 people to the
7:43 pm
ground, landing with no major injuries. half the group went back up in the air within 20 minutes of the crash, and they didn't go anywhere until they said to the pilot a heartfelt thank you. up next, president obama said iran received $150 billion in sanctions relief under the nuclear deal. iran claims they got a lousy 100 billion. republicans just want the truth. congressman mike pompeo joins us next. stay with us.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . lou: joining us tonight, congressman mike pompeo, a member of the house intelligence and energy committees. congressman, great to have you with us. ben rhodes, the deputy national security director, declining to join the house for its hearing on his recent comments to the "new york times," talking about the echo chamber and the way in which the administration misled, is a kind way of saying it, others would say, and myself included that they lied to the american people about the iran deal. you've been saying this for some time. you started an investigation, where do you stand with it? >> yes, sir, thanks for having me on the show tonight.
7:48 pm
we, the american people and congress have been deceived about iran since the administration took office. they lied about the fact they were hard-liners and moderates, they lied about the fact if they did this deal they would continue to prosecute iranian terror, the iranians launch missiles and america does nothing and lied about connection between hostages and payments. we continue to be deceived and will have enormous national security impact for months and years to come. lou: iran has, as you alluded to, they've launched three missile tests since the iran peel was done, including capacity to reach israel, how much of a threat do you think they are and why is it that this administration again seems utterly indifferent to the alarm that iran creates among its neighbors? >> well, i can't explain this administration's position, they're at odds with frankly
7:49 pm
every member of congress across both political parties. the missiles that they're launching are of such a range and nature there's no explanation for that continued research and development other than the capacity to deliver a nuclear warhead across a long distance, no alternative explanation for the iranian activity. lou: i want to turn to politics if i may, quickly, do you support the presumptive nominee, and your thoughts on the race as it's shaping up? >> yes, sir, i do. i can say this too, secretary clinton should never be anywhere near the white house. i've been working on the benghazi work for a couple years, we're almost done and the activity there, the things i've seen take place there in the clinton state department disqualify her from being the president of the united states. lou: and your colleagues in the house, nine house committee chairmen have moved forward with endorsements. how soon are we going to see
7:50 pm
that be a unanimous endorsement of the nominee? >> i tell you, it's going to happen by the time we all get to cleveland and begin to make the case to prosecute against secretary clinton being the president. i'm confident that will happen, the timing will happen soon enough. lou: congressman, good to talk with you as always. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman mike pompeo, as his investigation of the iran deal continues and whether or not this administration flat-out lied to us. up next, melania trump says the clintons didn't give her and donald a wedding gift! what was that about? we take up the lighter side of politics with red eye's andy levy and joanne nosuchinsky. next. can you believe that would be that cheap? why? terrible. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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7:55 pm
johnson is at 10%. huge news, lou. the fact that you didn't lead your show with this shows how biased you are. lou: i'm a man who makes certain judgments based on his values and views and experience, and of course philosophy. i can't argue it. you know, there is a thrill, mostly though just being on your show, lou. i saw a recent tweet where donald trump said yes the movement. he's referring to all of his voters and supporters as part of the movement. that's such a smart move on his part because so many of the bernie supporters love feeling they are part of the progressive movement. but still it's something that
7:56 pm
hasn't been seen before. >> it makes me feel like the many another kind of movement. lou: i suppose it can be if not cured, treated. the movement he has is that. we find out today officially that donald trump is now the most successful at gathering votes, collected more votes than any republican presidential candidate in history. this is starting to look very bad for hillary clinton. >> her votes went down in kentucky. she had more than half the people coming out and voting for her. lou: she won kentucky by 35 points in 2008, and now we won't call it official. staggering. would you expected her to have a
7:57 pm
broader appeal and sustained popularity? >> those are not words i typically use with hillary. i think she is a little surprised. it should encourage her to work a little harder. >> i don't understand why she has any support at all. i don't know why anyone would look at her and i i'm fired but this woman being president. lou: you are don't file was helpful for her to say with all these chewing on history, making a woman president, and madeleine albright saying there is a special place in hell reserved for a woman who doesn't vote for a woman. she said she would put bill in charge of the economy. and i'm going to put bill in charge of the economy. but i don't know why everyone hasn't figured out way was
7:58 pm
saying. bill clinton is a political liability. bill clinton is now the guy where the day after he said something or hours after he said something, the campaign has to clarify what he meant. that's who bill clinton is now. he has been showing that steadily the last 20 years. the democrats need to get it out of their heads that this is bill clinton from the 90s because he ain't that guy anymore. lou: would you expect him to do better? he just won oregon and basically tide kentucky. how much more can he do? >> i don't know. and his supporters are getting frustrated as they should be. hopefully it's not taking on this violent tone people are nervous about. bernie is saying what trump is saying. i feel like i'm not being treated fairly, and he might not be.
7:59 pm
lou: the clintons didn't give the trumps a wedding gift. >> this wedding was back in 2005. and i believe the clintons were still dead broke back then. i do feel bad for the trumps, though. weddings are expensive and if you don't recoupe through the gifts, you can be hurt financially. >>ed the first thing you do when you are invited to the registry, and there were two salad spinners they want for their kitchens. thank you very much for your thoughtful examination of the movement. in our online poll 94% of you said the "new york times" should retract its hit piece on donald trump. i know andy agrees somewhere deep in his heart. david tweeted us to say the gop
8:00 pm
elites aren't satisfied with the people's choice, get over it. get on board with trump. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: happy hump day. i'm watching hillary clinton stair into the abyss. the nevada democratic convention turned into a free-for-all as the bernie sanders supporters refused to liar down and get steamrolled by someone in a pants suit. [chanting "recount"] kennedy: go ahead and boo bernie sanders, i'm barbara boxer.


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