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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 19, 2016 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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elites aren't satisfied with the people's choice, get over it. get on board with trump. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. good nig f york. kennedy: happy hump day. i'm watching hillary clinton stair into the abyss. the nevada democratic convention turned into a free-for-all as the bernie sanders supporters refused to liar down and get steamrolled by someone in a pants suit. [chanting "recount"] kennedy: go ahead and boo bernie sanders, i'm barbara boxer.
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and you thought those trump rallies were violent. it shows you democrats like to keep their flock in lock step. rabid sanders fans refuse to take knives for an answer. many predicted the republican convention would be kay to thetic. but instead things got shady in the silver state as bernie and co refused to buckle. releasing a statement which condemned any and all political violence. but accused the democrat i can leadership of using its power to prevent a fair voted from taking place. that caused establishment dinosaurs like harry reid and debbie wasserman-shultz to lash out.
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>> the senator's response was anything but acceptable. it did not condemn his supporters for acting violently or engaging in intimidation tactics and adding for fuel to the fire. kennedy: though sanders left his brigade behaving like entitled children, they don't want to be condescended to. and they don't want a candidate propping up a flawed system. these washed up demagogues like boxer and harry reid are furious they are being beaten and their own game by a formal lie they didn't see coming. bernie will use whatever bargaining chip he has to change the party from within. his only choice is to take his passion and make a giant drum circle of protest around the
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convention in philadelphia so they can commune about losing what they never really never had. political justice and control over an establishment party that never wanted them in the first place. a controversial senate bill would allow 9/11 families to sue saudi arabia. and bobby bones is here with surprising details from his new and fantastic memoir. i'm kennedy. [♪] the political world has been turned upside down like. >> pineapple cake with donald trump the presumptive nominee and hillary clinton look at a possible convention shakeup. let's talk about it with my party panel razor tips.
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kmele foster is here. and ben kissel, he's been kissled a lot. abe lincoln's top hat. welcome, everyone. so ben, the democrats always lock step. one thing when the republicans self-criticize. >> the republicans are often blamed for voter fraud, but if you look at the system the democrats put in place in 1984, it's much more flawed. and who to blame for this? the mcgovern show in 1972, that's where we are at in democratic party. kennedy: i'm no stranger to psychotic people and i often
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embrace them. let's step back with a little bit of perspective from someone who is not inside those parties who doesn't have a dog in this one. let's explain why it's unsettling for democrats, but how is the chaos good? >> i see a group of angry americans who are upset about the fact their candidate doesn't seem to be doing as well as he could possibly be doing. they are occasionally violent and they sound a lot like donald trump supporters. the fact that you have this chaos on both sides tells you something is fundamentally wrong. this may create a space for potentially independent candidate to get out there and do something. kennedy: that's what i have been saying for quite a while now. didn't voices from the far left,
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the far right, from the disebb franchised. if they get 26%, that's a lot. kennedy: i think we can dream big about this. but let's talk about why it's happening in both parties. what do you see when you look at republicans and now democrats. they are suffering from the flu. >> bernie sanders is doing well for the say reason in a way that donald trump was doing well. people are really have a desire for politicians outside that normal political spectrum. but sanders' momentum is hurting hillary clinton, even if it doesn't change the delegate math, you know think is working for donald trump. he's sitting on the sidelines salivating. >> i think the republican party is in much better shape
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throughout this republican process. 4 million new people brought into the party. without bernie sanders they would be down massive. everyone talks about hillary has the most votes in the democratic history. kennedy: if there i excitement on the left, it's coming from bernie. and that's why -- you know, it's like your first love. it cut you so deeply, you never forget it. and your first political candidate you never embrace it's so meaningful to you. and they see the white house within their grasp. a brand-new fk news poll showing donald trump beating hillary clinton, nationally beating her by 3 percentage point. this is very important. the numbers have been flowing away from her over the last few months.
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kmele in february 2015, and she was up by 5, she was up by 11 in march, 7 in april, now she i losing by. what do you chalk that up to? >> i think a lot of it is the long protracted primary process. it's certainly not the attacks coming from donald trump. i don't agree the republicans are in better shape. you have a party that vehemently hates it candidate. a number of them are sort of reluctantly and grudgingly going along with him. i think it's a small percentage that are enthusiastic trump supporters. >> how great i the for the party to have a candidate the establishment hates. kennedy: you have so many people see something is wrong here, that's the on time you will make
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meaningful change. let's talk about men and women in this race. the numbers are almost exactly flipped for donald trump and hillary clinton. women favor clinton 50-36, men favor trump 55-33 percent. but she also has a huge 83-point lead among african-americans. but hispanics where president obama was doing better. she does have a 39-point lead. but it's 62-23 percent. >> donald trump is doing well with the working class. he speaks to those people. >> a lot of labor unions will be taking trump seriously and looking at him as a possible option. kennedy: he talks about the same kind of economic populism that bernie sanders talks about. and because he doesn't have a
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voting record, he's untethered to an ideology. >> the working class in this country see this as a huge benefit because they blame jobs going overseas. >> i talk to so many people on the right and left. donald trump could never be president. >> i encounter fewer and fewer people saying that at this point. even amongst the circles we run in and with the general public. a lot of people recognize the guy could totally win. they may hate the trade deals whether or now it's good for them to hate it. kennedy: the senate passed a bill that would allow 9/11 victims' families to sue. pete hegseth is here with his reaction. venezuela and chaos, bernie sanders fans.
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be sure to check out how fun socialism is when you put it into practice. i'll give you a hint.
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kennedy: the senate passed justice against sponsors of terrorism act. it would allow the american people to sue.
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the white house says it will veto the bill and saudi arabia has threatened retaliation. let's not be silly. they are united states army veterans. do you like this bill or hate this bill? it's got a lot of bipartisan support. but people are split in different ways. >> i don't like this bill. i want to be for the 9/11 families. we need to be exposing the depth of their involvement. they have been a friend of me forever. they are not real allies. they fund the very threat we face. ken require's an awful place and they hate our way of life unless we are buying their oil. >> which we were. so there is a lot of reasons why
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we have become entangled with a terrible regime and we should disentangle with them as quickly as possible. i don't love the idea of using lawsuits internationally that no one will pay attention to that will drag on for decade. why do you think it has gone the so much support in the senate? >> people want top find every reason and legitimately so, to support the families of 9/11 and they want to find out how complicit saudi arabia. kennedy: if you are saying government officials in saudi arabia had any involvement in 9/11 and there is a provable connection, and they are supporting terrorism on american soil that killed thousands of americans, and we are saying, hey, sovereign immunity. they are a sovereign country immune from these kinds of lawsuits. i think that's so unjust. >> they don't need to be immune.
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what's unjust is there was no justice for them after 9/11. if they were complicit and the government was complicit and we knew it and we have done nothing but hug them, that's the real injustice that we didn't know the depth of their involvement. kennedy: people in power who have been fostering that's relationship and furthering it, they know what's on that. >> people i trust and respect probably do more more about them and still champion alliance with this kingdom that funds this throughout the world and the country. the senate uses a bill like this to look tough when they are not tough on the real issues. democrats oftentimes do a good job of championing the show
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causes of toughness as opposed to the difficult moments. kennedy: i would rather see them on biewrd for a good cause like this where families deserve some reciprocity, and where we say you may not sponsor terrorists to come to this country and kill us. if the u.s. government is so worried about that my we should take a look at our own form. >> i can understand why it's passing. i don't have an issue with them overriding a veto if it's that significant to them. and i have no problem suing the pants off saudi arabia if they were ultimately to blame for 9/11. i just don't -- precedent and entanglements. kennedy: bob graham knows what he's talking about. there is something in there. go ahead and read it so we can
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make a decision that's informed and rational. >> where we are not in bed with terrible actors. kennedy: you sound more and more like a libertarian. it's music to my ears. coming up later. the federal government has provided helpful instructions to keep you in grocery shopping. the feds think you are a bunch of idiots. first stop, what socialism looks like in venezuela.
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kennedy: venezuela is in a crisis with socialist president nicolas maduro declaring an emergency, electricity rationing and medical supply rationing for things like chemo drugs. jonathan hoenig is a total anticommie and that's why i like it. let's take a look into bernie sanders' crystal ball. let's look at venezuela in the now. >> this an implosion of a first world country. this is like a war. this an apocalypse. as you said, no medicine, no food, people are literally eating cats and dogs.
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rolling blackouts. 70% poverty rate and widespread crime. why is this? maduro and socialism want to blame the u.s., blame capitalists. venezuela sits on huge oil and gas reserves. it's because of the ideas. the socialist ideas is what turned venezuela from the breadbasket of south america to a country on the brink of disaster. kennedy: an average of 7 infants die every day in hospitals because there is not basic medical care. it's because of this socialist free-for-all. sean penn's best friend hugo chavez ruled for many years, and since his passing it has not gotten any better and it seems like the desperation has escalated.
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>> this started back in the late 1990s when chavez first came to power. he started with the socialist policies. giveaways, intervention in the economy. it was all done under the egis of for the greater good. where are the liberals and the donny glovers penns who heralded the socialist utopia of venezuela. and the quality of life i don't think could get any worse. this is always the extent of what happens with socialism. any time it's tried to the extent it's been tried, you see terrible situations like you are seeing now. kennedy: bernie sanders wants to go to the extreme in this country. those handouts are an appetizer for him. that's why that leader has been so ideaized by the -- idealized.
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once you go down that road, and they are deep in the circles of hell, how do you come back? >> you need to start by changing the ideas. i fear it's not just bernie sanders it's many on the right as well. in this country you have either got for the greater good on i am my brother's keeper. you hear that from both parties. the elimination of the individual and sacrificing yourself for the betterment of the state and the greater good. it continues to get worse and worse. you are looking at not just a major economic crisis, but humanitarian crisis as well. this ways happens in socialism any time it's been tried. ken require's easy to get caught up in the bernie sanders party. it's fun and games when you have got a cute little white-haired
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guy from vermont. but when it becomes practical, it turns deadly. coming up archeologists uncover coming up archeologists uncover hillary clinton therapy.
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foot and of hillary doing a forrest gump parody resurfaced from 1995. >> that's my house back there. my mother always told me that house is like a box of chom chocolates. it's pretty on the outside but inside there is lots of nuts. kennedy: here are some more. >> mama always told me hillary gump is life is like. >> hairstyle. you just keep change it until you find something that works. kennedy: this video resurfaced. thanks to whatever drunk intern told her we would like you to pretend to be a severely disabled person on a bench. >> what you have seen, you
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cannot unsee. even hot pokers. topic number 2. being a celebrity look alike is a constant struggle. i'm always being miss take for tom sell i can. this picture with the caption, the name adam sandler's character is mackessler. my name is max kessler and i look just like him. i smell a paternity suit. what can you do this, max. to which macasked. adam sandler offered a proposal. okay, you can come party with me with the better mackessler at the do-over premiere
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rock 'n roll. they met up and hit the red carpet. max asked kessler if he would like to trade wives for a while. adam consulted his friend to see if he made the right decision. >> what are you going to do now in make another [bleep] movie? >> the chic who doesn't like you? that was your way out right there. now you are stuck. topic number 3. you guy know how shot work. you throw the ball, then turn around and walk away like you don't even care. then it goes in the net and you are an internet star like this guy.
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that was a perfect shot. it's not his fault. he's actually a soccer player and he's not used to using his hands. check him out on his home turf. much better. he should take a vacation from trick shots and enjoy a nice quiet game of golf. >> that thing popped off where i was standing. kennedy: that escalated quickly. we didn't get to see him swing the golf club. topic number 4. ought otters are the puppies of
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the sea. watch this one munch on a scrap of lettuce. it's great rough and. we'll have regular stools for at least two days. the lettuce advisory board should recruit this sea otter to promote healthy eating. just like that pro hygiene group that used cute ferrets to remind people to take baths. seriously, the sea otters may be execute. but if they get the chance they will steal your car. you have got to be careful out there. yum yum yum. i love lettuce so much. topic number 5.
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this story was sent to us using #topicalstorm. last year a new jersey woman said in lieu of flour flour -- f flowers, please do not vote for hillary clinton. mary anne nolan chose to pass into the eternal love of god sunday. she not on bravely battled and succumbed to lung cancer. she threw down the gauntlet for obnoxious celebrities who threatened to leave the country. but can you come tbiert escape routes? if you want to take a strong
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kennedy: yesterday the department of agriculture tweeted out a link to a web page describing in condescending
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detail what food to buy he week and further he can explained how grocery lists and receipts work. thank god for government. kmele, i want to go to you for this. the problem is when the government owns your healthcare, the government then feels like they need to make all decisions for you that might somehow affect your overall health. >> they just want to be helpful. they want to make you stay in good health. blount problem is they managed to get stuff like this wrong in the past. do you remember that food pyramid? that was completely wrong. how do you screw that up? i don't know. kennedy: was it not fun? >> it was fun. i'm still trying to unlearn those lessons. kennedy: this is why i'm programmed to be a libertarian. i find this to be so incredibly
12:41 am
offensive. that's the function of government? they view us so poorly, beer so dumb. go to your cabinet and figure out what you don't have, then where it on a piece of paper and take it to kroger. >> they talk about a nanny state. but i think it many like a drunk uncle state. you have got to make shopping lists. we got it. the government so unhealthy like with the food pyramid. there was just one thing dedicated to cheese. i was 100 pounds overweight because all i did was eat bricks of cheese. >> it was also like a second grade teacher. if you are going to hold my hand and tell me what to do, give me something i haven't thought
12:42 am
about before it was the most unhelpful advice. one of the point was on a busy day, make a quick meal and on a quick day when you have more time you can make a meal that takes more time. kennedy: my kid were tired, thank you, government. >> the bun the is the problem. it would be defensible fit was drunk uncle. instated was a hub zone contractor who got paid $450 an hour to dream up kennedy: i'll take you grocery shopping. you cook and bake a lot of great things. so you have some ideas. remember the victory over the comeys in the 1980s. the upset was considered the greatest in sports history
12:43 am
because we won. jim craig is auctioning off his gold medal and the flag he draped over his shoulders looking to secure a future for his children and grandchildren. i feel like i was there. do you think william devein is going to buy that gold medal and deliver the to your house? >> gold medal for cash. cash for gold. it's beautiful. look at that. i didn't understand why he was doing it at first. this is something usually you covet. but it's a pretty good idea. obviously a museum will pick it up. he wants to get upward of $6 million. kmele what can you do with your gold medal?
12:44 am
>> i would tell them for as much money as possible soon. i want to take advantage of it today and diversify it's a sad analogy of where we are. gold medals are symbolic. you were victorious and stood up for this nation. it was a huge win. kennedy: it doesn't take the win away from him, it just redistributes it. 72% of chris christie's home voters are opposed to him being donald trump's running-mate. and 62% disapprove of how he's doing as governor. but those numbers might go up if he spent more time in new jersey instead of work on donald trump's transition team. i saw 72% of new jerseyans don't
12:45 am
want him to be vp, i thought it was because they love him so much they want him back. >> it's sad that it took this long for them to begin to loathe him the way i do. he's always been awful. good riddance. jettison him not because of trump or bridgegate, but only because he stinks. of course, trump doesn't need help with the northeast anyway. it would make no sense. he out christies christie. kennedy: he needs a yin to the yang. kennedy: win-win for everyone.
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you guys, thank you so much. coming up, radio star bobby bones pops into the studio with music and glasses. i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix
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12:50 am
when women hurl themselves at you out of cannons everywhere you go. >> that's not true. you have never been with me when one girl has ever hurdle herself out after cannon at me. but thank you for saying that. how many people have come on this show and thanked you in the acknowledgment. kennedy: it was so sweet because you thanked me and charlemagne in the same sentence. >> my two best friends. you are buy batsd whole thing. my two best friends in all of media are kennedy and charlemagne the god on the breakfast club. here we are. we are talking about it. kennedy: you know your life is as fascinating as your death story.
12:51 am
you almost died more than anyone i know. and are you somehow lucky because of it. >> it started when i was 6, i fell off a house on to a boat trailer. i ruptured my spleen. then i got jumped at work. i had a gun to my head at a work event. people love or hate. kennedy: you do tv shows and radio shows, you have got the raving idiots, you do comedy and book signings. you are the busiest person i know which means you are making money. >> i don't think it ever leaves you. i think we grow up and we are hard wired in a certain way. i think i'm now someone -- i feel -- you know, i overpay my bills and i'm told not to because i'm always afraid what if i lose my job tomorrow. i'm someone with a little bit of success and a little bit of
12:52 am
money in the bank account. but i think i'll always be the same person from arkansas that wants to get to the next day. i have got my mortgage covered an extra month just in case. two, that's just who i am. kennedy: do you think your dog would eat your face and stomach if you died. >> i'm not lonely without my dog. 13 years old. and the doggy of the day on insta grapes always my dog it's only my dog, though. but i come from a place in arkansas where not a lot of people get out. kennedy: including some of your family. how do they feel about the book? this is a very honest memoir. a lot has happened to you in a fairly short amount of time. how are they responding? >> weirdly. i grew up without a dad who was
12:53 am
around. he lives. i haven't spoken to him. but he's alive. kennedy: i haven't spoken to him either, and i never will. i have got your back. >> if we reconcile the we'll do it right here. kennedy: we have never done dna testing. this is great. you also had quite a bit of tragedy. >> my mom was an alcoholic. i would like to hang out and have fun. my mom was an alcoholic and drug addict. she died in her 40s because of the years of abuse. kennedy: there is something about that that you share with other famous and driven people. oftentimes when you have those tough things happen to you it acts as a catapult and launches you into a type of success normal well adjusted people aren't capable of.
12:54 am
>> i'm not well adjusted. and neither are you. frankly, we are odd. you have a marriage and husband and kid and i envy the fact that you can be so weird and still be so normal. and we have conversations and kennedy is such a nut, but you can go home and have a normal life. but anybody looking for a little -- kennedy: i love the book, you are amazing. thank you for the beautiful acknowledgment and the beautiful story. >> i went to the store today to see it. i looked at myself. and i thought there is a lot of crying in there. then i thought i wrote that, then i cried and left. kennedy: thank you, bobby, continued success. what will democratic candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders doing if they weren't running for the highest office in the land?
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kennedy: it is hard to manage life without politics for the suit barnacles that are hillary clinton and bernie sanders. but that won't stop us from wondering. rich collier hit the street to ask for suggestions on future jobs. >> if bernie wasn't a politician what would he be doing for a living? >> he would be living in a could mean somewhere raising alfalfa. >> sketching funny cartoons. >> if hillary wasn't a politician what would she be doing for a living? >> stay-at-home grandma. >> she need to stay home and chill and relax that voice.
12:59 am
it's so shrill. >> i scares you most about the following word, president bernie. he's a little old. >> i believe in capitalism, i think he would be bad for the country. >> bernie might have a heart attack. >> bernie is gone. >> what scares you most about the following word. president hillary clinton. >> one minute she is conservative, then she is liberal, then she is conservative. how are you really voting, hillary. >> why would you be a better president than hillary? >> i would be straightforward like trump. >> i love running against crooked hillary. i love that. kennedy: there you go. grandma and the cartoonist. thanks for watching the show. follow us on twitter.
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