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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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nicole: we have breaking news, and egypt airplane crashing in the mediterranean sea. egypt air flight 804 from paris to cairo was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crewmembers. among the passengers 15 french nationals, 30 egyptians, one britain, one kuwaiti and one saudi to name some of the people on board. a massive search operation is underway. lauren: the airbus a320 vanished shortly after the it entered the country's airspace.
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the egyptian prime minister is says it is too early to say whether a technical problem or terror attack caused the crash. let's go to sky news for the latest. chuck nash served 25 years as a naval aviator and is a fox news contributor. he joins us now. good morning. we are following what happened late last night in egypt, that flight going from charles they gaulle airport in france to cairo, very popular core door connecting the two continence and it did not make it. what are the potential realistic causes of this crashes you see it? >> at this point, i will caution this throughout, it is too early to tell. the data indicates the aircraft was at cruising altitude or had just left cruising altitude and was getting ready for its
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descent into cairo airport. the things that is raised everybody's hackles is the fact that it was at altitude. normally most aircraft accidents occur either in the takeoff or landing phase. en route, very unusual to have a major aircraft crash occurred during flight. >> you are talking about cruising altitude, probably 37,000 feet roughly. we are hearing there was no distress call, so you are talking about how unusual it would be if this were to come down from that altitude of 37,000 feet, there were ten minutes that seemed to have been missing when the plane was still in the air. any thoughts on that? how unusual is it for a plane to just vanish and also have this 10 minutes of airtime that seems
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to be lost but maybe still flying during that time but without communication? >> it is very unusual but at this point the data we are going off of is sketchy and in some cases conflicting. if you reflect back on the malaysia flight 370 that disappeared on its way from kuala lumpur into china and it disappeared in the handoff between malaysian air traffic control and the vietnamese aircraft control, that airplane we are just finding debris washing up on the coast of africa because it is pretty clear that that aircraft was hijacked, probably by one of the flight crew. that is one of the theories how something like that could occur, and aircraft going to china and the path of australia. it could have been in this case
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it could have been an electrical failure. it could have been some nefarious act like malaysia flight 370. it could have been an engine fire or something where the crew became extremely occupied dealing with something that resulted in a cascading series of events. nicole: we want you to stick around, we will go to our sister station sky news to continue the latest on this. >> could have been pilot suicide, pilot diverting the aircraft, we saw that with the malaysian aircraft in asia and the german wings suicide/murder crash recently. we have seen ukrainian rebels with russian equipment shoot down a malaysian airliners, that could be ruled out as the capability of that kind. it could easily be done but you
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need equipment available only to a state. the natural speculation will be some kind of terrorist attack. aviation experts could analyze the processes. this aircraft took off from paris, paris has been blocked out, the streets are patrolled by the military. charles they gaulle airport is one of the most watertight environments, very strictly controlled access to the airport and the aircraft but it has been on a circuit if you like, it had already flown that day, through carthage and tunisia to paris and egypt so it is conceivable there could have been an opportunity to sneak something on board but this is entirely speculative. there will be questions if it is terror could it be an example of islamic terror and i caution all of us in the media and the wider population to be careful about that. in oslo in the early days there
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was speculation there had been a bombing in the capital and the neo-nazi white guy was behind it. even if it is a terrorist attack there could be a number of different possible suspects but the critical thing, the latest piece of information is 10 minutes in which there was communication in one direction with the aircraft and no response. that is something experts will be focusing on. >> ultimately it comes out of the washington -- it is an egyptian flagged plane but it's airbus information, you have the french involved, the reconnaissance aircraft has been diverted to help the search for may be wreckage. in terms of what was happening on the aircraft itself, six
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people, ten crew of whom 3 were sky marshals. >> that is an unusual development but not entirely unexpected. in a sense it should be reassuring and there was a great deal of criticism following the downing of the metro jet russian airliner because it was possible for ground handler to sneak a bomb on board. there were serious questions, a vast number of airlines canceled operations until they got their security squared away. a lot of effort being put in there. the egyptians have clearly responded by putting an unusually large number of sky marshals on aircraft. the numbers any country puts on board as a matter of routinely kept secret for obvious reasons but the israelis never fly without a number and ethiopian airlines too. that is an interesting sign the egyptians were getting more serious about aviation security
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not least because of another incident of a fake suicide, and egyptian airliner out of alexandria was forced to land in cyprus. that was a slight catch-22 from an egyptian perspective since it was a fake suicide belt. you can sneak a fake something on board especially something that looks like a suicide belt, but that was the whole system of erring on the side of caution. egyptians have been under pressure to improve things. >> the foreign office is saying -- lauren: we are listening to sky news coverage and we will break in any second but let's go to benjamin hall live in london. i wanted to ask you, this airbus a320 operated several times that day. what do we know about the condition of the plane, the stops that it made, any opportunity for someone to bring something on board? what is the latest?
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>> we know this plane, this is the fifth flight this plane had taken that day, previously stopped in carthage, it was a 12-year-old a320 and it was said to have had a spotty maintenance record, but a full maintenance checkup at cairo airport, details coming through about the quality of the airport and how robust it was, not where people will be focusing a lot of their attention at the moment. the search itself is underway still going on in the mediterranean, all ships in the area diverge around there but the first ship to arrive has found nothing at the point where they said the beacon signal came from. they arrived at the deck of dropping, they did not find any floating objects or traces of fuel so it remains a mystery and a lot of conflicting information about these distress signals, where they came from, 37,000
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feet in clear skies, good weather. nicole: that is the essence of breaking news, we get conflicting reports and we try to decipher through those. the egyptian prime minister said there was no distress call but there was a signal received from the plane. that being said you had multiple countries with an intense operation looking for any sign of egypt air flight 804. your thoughts on the efforts underway and the timing, how time is of the essence? >> time is of the essence and from 37,000 feet it does seem unlikely for there to be survivors. this part of the world is a hotbed of military action. we heard some experts say it is very unlikely they wouldn't know what they might be waiting for. there is a lot of attention, satellites to other naval vessels, european nato forces
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have a lot of vessels in the area so they are all converging on that one spot where the beacon came from. the timing is variable, everything is changing, we heard about this and the last contact with the pilot was -- some time passed and so we heard the plane had crashed. the timing is still a bit blurry. we know every ship in the region is going there, great ministry, egyptian ministry, hercules planes in the air are dredging, looking for that black box which sends out the beacon when it hits water. we don't know how deep the waters are and that will be another thing to consider but massive search operation underway, for the families of people in cairo are waiting to hear. nicole: with the state of emergency in france right now, what is the security situation
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at that airport? >> france has been under lockdown since the attacks in november. charles they gaulle will be one of the most heavily guarded airports in europe. the idea of a device being smuggled on board seems quite remarkable but there have been indications in the past that the thousands of people who work there there have been can security concerns about people who have gone through those checks. no one wants to jump to conclusions at the moment not least egypt who would like nothing better than to avoid terrorism. >> we will be back with continued coverage. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪
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nicole: and egypt airplane crashing in the mediterranean sea. egypt air flight 804 from paris to cairo was carrying 56 passengers and 10 crewmembers. among the passengers 15 french nationals, 30 egyptians, two iraqis, one britain, one kuwaiti, one saudi just to name some of the people on board. a massive search operation underway right now. egyptian aviation officials say the airbus a320 vanished shortly after it entered the country's airspace. the egyptian prime minister think it is too early to say whether a technical
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terror attack caused the crash. he also says there was, quote, no distress call but there was a signal received from the plane. let's go to fox news terrorism expert wally ferris, a policy advisor to donald trump, thank you for getting up with us this morning. we had clear skies, good weather, planes just don't vanish. in your opinion what went on last night? >> the first scenario we would think about has to do with scenarios but weather-related mismanagement or maneuver by the pilots. because of the weather reporting condition, what remains our two scenarios, one is the mechanical failure of the plane. we have to wait for the black
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box. the other scenario, something happened to affect the plane, terrorism, conducting a security operation that failed so many things can come. thinking about egypt, egypt is in a confrontation with the terrorists both in the sinai and other parts of the country so experts short of receiving those images we are waiting for the image, a flash like the case of the russian airplane, short of having that information. >> i went to pick your brain because you are on with us every time we have this type of horrible situation and we talk about the sinai peninsula and this is a hotbed, a very difficult area. we had that incident back in march with that suicide bomber, turned out to be a fake, in
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cyprus. give us a little history and how it plays into today and what are experts considering when they look at this horrifying picture? >> it is evident that most experts following events in egypt may say there were no whether conditions, no distress signal or calls saying something is wrong with the plane. most likely the experts will say egypt is at war with terrorism so let's look at possible scenarios of terror attacks. they are very multiple, you have the possibility of a bomb and a whole world of investigations, the air force and terrorism. and the possibility is very low flying at a very high altitude.
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egypt airlines, targeted by isis and others, the general thinking, clear information telling more or less what could happen. nicole: we will be right back with more.
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a massive search operation underway as i speak, egyptian aviation officials say the airbus a320 vanished shortly after it entered egyptian airspace. the egyptian prime minister says it is too early to say if it was a technical problem or a terror attack that caused the crash. he also says there was no distress call but there was a signal that was received from the plane. joining us once again with his insights, captain chuck nash who served 25 years as a naval lady or. also a fox news contributor. what is the first thing you are thinking when you look at this horrifying situation? >> first thing in my mind is until we get the cockpit voice recorder or flight data recorder we are not going to know what data we are receiving are really relevant. it will only be afterward that we can come back to the events of this morning and piece it all together once we know what the final answer is because right
5:24 am
now we are getting data that is somewhat conflicting, we are getting data that is simmering if you will like the discussion of the emergency transmission being an automated transmission. was that an intentional thing where you have a transponder switching to 7700 which is the beacon of the aircraft with pilot control, and emergency signal and it starts transmitting or was this the result of the emergency locator transmitter that went off when the aircraft impacted the water? at this point we don't know. we just know there was a call of some sort and you have conflicting things, the military saying we heard it and the civilian thing and vice versa and it is very much in the air. >> when will the information
5:25 am
come out? >> we are all educated on underwater beacons that are attached to the cockpit voice recorder in the flight data recorder, those go off and the batteries are supposed to be good for 30 days. recall malaysian flight 370 when everyone was desperately trying to find those black boxes before the 30 days expired off of australia there are so many ships in the mediterranean right now, i am sure they are having those ships out there with listening devices that go in the water looking -- lauren: we know france, egypt is obviously looking, we have france, greece, a search underway, time is of the essence, how unusual is it to have a flight that is 37,000
5:26 am
feet in the air almost near its destination, to have it completely disappear off of radar? >> that is very unusual. the safest phase of flight, the en route phase, probably getting ready to get into cairo, the distances we are talking about, 155 miles from cairo. it is unusual and several things could have happened. there could have been a catastrophic event like terrorism, could have been an electrical failure. we just don't know. nicole: thank you as we look at this mechanical failure, is it that, terrorism, wally ferris says it to be 50/50, we are continuing breaking news coverage. lauren: we have the latest on the disappearance of this egypt
5:27 am
air flight going from paris to cairo, the search and rescue team, we will hear from former u.s. navy pilot and fox news correspondent leah gabriel and keep you up-to-date on market reaction to all of this. stock index futures, dow futures down 70 points, we are seeing more movement in leisure and travel stocks today.
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something catastrophic in the aircraft malfunctions, could a bomb have been placed on the aircraft? there are security there. but there are so many ways to get around security. the issue on the tarmac.
5:34 am
how are the fences around the tarmac, could have gotten through a hole in the fence but in the past where airliners have been shot down and i will take you to a recent example, metro jet 92, malaysia 17 where a missile shot the aircraft out of the sky, disputed whether it became separate from russia or ukraine but at any rate there is an example of a plane at 33,000 feet all of a sudden disappeared off of radar and metro jet 9268 that exploded over the sinai peninsula in the fall. nicolmac tensions in the area are very high. secretary of state john kerry traveled to cairo to meet with the egyptian president. when you talk about different countries in the surrounding areas and the us as well.
5:35 am
any thoughts in this particular situation what role they may or may not play? >> this is a hotbed of terrorist activity, this entire region, sinai became more dangerous after mohammed morrissey was ousted in egypt, there have been problems with terrorist activity, the islamic state has an affiliate in the sinai peninsula called sinai province, they recently claimed to have fired a surface to ship missile at an egyptian ship. there are problems with shipping in the region, the egyptian military has been threatened, the u.s. navy has assets in the mediterranean. the sixth fleet is located in naples. and official tells me u.s. navy vessels would most likely be moving towards the area to help with the search and rescue effort.
5:36 am
when you have so many militaries in the area, radars in the area it is likely once we start having some piece of evidence as to what happened, a piece of an aircraft, they will start to piece together using other levels, other intelligence, satellite imagery and other sources of intelligence. nicolmac what is the next step? we have the search and rescue underway, we looking at the data but what is the next step? >> to make sure we are securing any aircraft. make sure this is not something we could see more of. you want to try to prevent any future activity whatever this is, we don't know if it was terror related at this point and there is getting the search and rescue effort underway, if there might be survivors you want to find them but also figure out
5:37 am
where the aircraft is and the investigation. also there may be witnesses, so many ships in that area, the captain of a merchant vessel after they saw a fire in the sky, that would be an indication so we are piecing that together and control is on the ground have to say. this early we will get a lot of misinformation, conflicting information. ibly2 we mentioned egypt, france, abca12, the us has ships in the area as well, they continue to look for this. how do the size and scope fix in here? we are talking the atlantic or pacific ocean, the mediterranean is smaller than those big oceans and there were reports it may have gone down near a greek island, how does it help that it is smaller size and scope? >> it definitely helps.
5:38 am
it is an important area of the world, a lot of military and navy there, their air assets can help to find any wreckage and you have to consider some navies have militaries displaying some less than positive recent behavior. if you look to the right of where this appears to have happen, you have the russian naval base in syria, russia has aircraft stationed south of that area. there are a lot of countries, militaries, search and rescue efforts, and figure out if any militaries might have been involved or possible terrorist activity. lauren: the pictures you are looking at our family members of those on board. this is a devastating day.
5:39 am
nicole: benjamin hall is live in london, search operations are underway, everyone is trying to figure out are there pinks on the black box? what is the latest? >> going back to the family, friends, relatives out of cairo airport, they are very upset. we are all trying to piece it together and i want to read an interview with the former president of the french air accident bureau who has said we have to remain careful about the disappearance, we can make certain hypotheses. there is a possibility of an explosion. the idea of a technical accident, weather conditions were good, it is possible but not likely. this plane was flying at 37,000 feet. weather conditions were good. there was a maintenance checkup last wednesday and was given the all clear.
5:40 am
the pilot, all that points to the fact this plane was flying well and there was nothing wrong until this catastrophic accident. now the search continues, the french prime minister sending condolences which suggest everyone on board may have perished but ships in the area are converging on the location the beacon came from. the first ship on the flight said they could see no debris, no oil spills is still a mystery where the plane went down, how it went down. that is what we are learning at the moment but we are piecing together the data. lauren: the area they are searching is smaller than some other areas search teams for previous planes had come down, maybe because of the smaller scope? >> that will affect what
5:41 am
happened to black boxes but you expect to see some debris on the surface. conflicting reports where the plane came down. some people said it was near crete, some said it was near another island. often within a 200 mile radius but still not certain about that. you should expect to find something of the plane went down over water. lauren: when we look at the situation we see how unusual it is to have a flight at 37,000 feet just disappear off of radar. any last thoughts? >> we are still hearing there was no communication when it went down, a catastrophic event, i wouldn't want to speculate, towards one sad, this was not terrorist but wait to find out. lauren: we had wally ferris,
5:42 am
terrorism expert, leah gabriel, and there was no distress call and that is more likely than not. we are waiting for the latest. nicole: up next the latest as we know it of an egypt air flight from paris to cairo, search and rescue teams now looking in the waters for that plane. we will keep you up-to-date on the markets here, showing us stock index futures, dow futures down 73 points, nasdaq futures down 19. we are reacting to the minutes from the fed yesterday. we heard the june rate hike is on the table, the data warranted, european stocks moving to the downside. this is "fbn a.m." looking at morning market and breaking news.
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>> we continue with breaking news. egypt air flight 804, among the passengers, 15 french nationals, 30 egyptian, two iraqis, one britain, when kuwaiti. >> the egyptian airbus vanished after it entered the country's airspace. it is too early to say whether technical problem or a terror
5:46 am
attack caused the crash. we are keeping a keen ion stock index futures. >> in europe, >> garrett, what can you tell us about the spotty history of egypt air. >> after these kinds of incidents, the airline itself, is there any pattern or history of the aircraft having major mechanical issues? many airlines don't have the same standards we do in terms of maintenance or upkeep. that history can shed light on any possible explanations or factors into what caused the crash.
5:47 am
we haven't found any reports of major mechanical issues with its fleet. the airline will sound familiar to a lot of folks. it has been in the headlines a number of times for hijacking related incidents. this 1976, the airline has been the victim of eight hijackings. the most recent one a couple months ago when a man on board a flight going to cairo claims he was wearing a suicide belt, forced the plane to land in cyprus. it turned out being a fake and officials say the mentally unstable man wanted to meet his ex-wife and children who were living on the island. in 2009 on another egypt air flight going to cairo a sudanese passenger pulled out a knife shortly after takeoff and demanded the flight be diverted to jerusalem to, quote, for rate it. two air marshals overpowered the man before landing. the deadliest hijacking of an egypt air flight was in 1985. three terror suspects shot and
5:48 am
killed a security guard and two flight attendants, forced it to land on the mediterranean island of malta and it turned into a massacre. when egyptian troops attempted to storm the plane by throwing hand grenades in the passenger cabin, there were 60 deaths including hijackers and many passengers. we should stress authorities are not ruling out terrorism in today's crash we have not heard any indications that hijacking or terrorism played a role in this crash. me to so many scenarios we could look at. if you look closely at the history you are doing an in-depth look at egypt air, you talk about eight hijacking since the mid-70s, the worst, the deadliest, 60 deaths you talked about but how compared to other airlines, eight hijackings, how does that relate to other airlines? how does that fair? >> in the region a lot of the airlines and airports have come under scrutiny, they don't have the same level of security we do
5:49 am
in the us, the department of homeland security does not allow direct flights from many of those airports in that region, those came to light late this last year with that russian airliner blown up over the sinai peninsula. the hijacking issue is a concern among those airports but this came from charles they gaulle airport in france which is known for having great security similar to us standards. the fact that this flight originated there brings in a lot of questions how likely that is that it could even happen particularly on this flight. liz: thank you for your report this morning. nicole: coming up the latest on the disappearance of flight 804 which crashed into the mediterranean sea on its way from paris to cairo two hours
5:50 am
ago. we are keeping a close eye on markets here. we have seen stock market futures under pressure. around the globe everybody is talking about said rate hikes alive in june and whether or not that will happen. markets under pressure around the globe. stock market futures down 66 for the dow, s&p down 7.5. you are watching wynn, your first look at morning market and breaking news this morning. show me top new artist.
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ah, ha ha. show me top male artist. my whole belieber fan group. it's not a competition, but if it was i won. xfinity x1 lets you access the greatest library of billboard music awards moments, simply by using your voice. the billboard music awards, live sunday may 22nd, 8/5 pacific, only on abc. lauren: egypt airline plane crashing in the mediterranean sea, flight 804 from paris to cairo was carrying 56 passengers and ten crewmembers some of which were children and babies. on board, french nationals, 15, 30 egyptians, two iraqis, one
5:54 am
britain, when kuwaiti, one saudi. a massive search operation is underway with multiple countries involve. nicole: egyptian aviation officials say it vanished after it into the country's airspace, the egyptian prime minister says it is too early to say if we are looking at a technical problem, terror attack or what caused the crash. there was no distress call but there was a signal received from the airplane. lauren: two main stories, this breaking news about egypt air on the fed minutes, and a potential rate hike. and the nikkei squeezes a gain, shanghai composite index, and hong kong and hang saying. >> this is how stocks are trading, everything is down 1%, for the is down 4% and the dax
5:55 am
and germany, the cac in paris is down 1%. lauren: we have seen accelerated selling that has picked up some steam. as far as dow futures, down 68, s&p futures down 7. >> oil trading down a dollar, $47.20 a barrel, gold down $18.60. nicole: let's look at the us dollar, stronger us dollar way off of commodities. , uk number, the canadian dollar weaker against the greenback. >> this is how the yield on the ten your treasury is trading, yields went up yesterday on the minutes from the fed decision and they are 1.8% this morning. >> former navy fighter pilot, we are wrapping up the show, what are you looking at right now with the latest? >> reporter: we are in a waiting
5:56 am
game, waiting to get information from officials on their distress call, and last spoke with the aircrew aboard this aircraft, search and rescue effort is underway. we know they are involved in that effort in egypt and greece. if there are navy ships and aircraft in the area, they are moving in their as well, looking for any degree to put together information from witness accounts, the captain of a merchant ship, reports of a fire in the air, looking for all the information to piece together, but what we need right now is a piece of evidence, the aircraft itself, a piece of the aircraft, that is where we need to go from here. lauren: you talk to military aircraft all the time, what is the likelihood of something
5:57 am
suspicious having happening on any stops the plane, by the pilot, made that day? >> reporter: there's a very high likelihood of something suspicious or terrorist related that happened in that region. we have seen, syria, if you look to the right of where this happened you have syria, russian ships in syria, so much activity in this area, the sinai peninsula in egypt is a dangerous pl. egypt is having problems with terrorist activity, the islamic state has an affiliate group called sinai province, just back in july they claim they shot an egyptian ship with the surface to air missile. egypt denied that. there military denied that. there is a lot of dangerous
5:58 am
activity in the area. you are getting at a bomb put on the aircraft. nicole: this plane went five stops and the question is whether or not there was a bomb on board and charles they gaulle is known to be better with its security than some other countries in the area so that is a question, the fact that there was no distress call made it more likely that it could be terrorism. >> reporter: if there was no distress call you have to ask what would cause an airplane to disappear off of radar. this is a place with a lot of radar coverage. the aircraft from outside, something to go stealth. there is no distress call, it disappears and 37, indicates essentially fell out of the sky. if there was a distress call it doesn't mean there wasn't terrorist activity there could still be a distress call but that distress call if it is
5:59 am
made, it does point to something catastrophic happening that could have taken the aircraft out of the skies. >> our airplanes most vulnerable on the tarmac? >> reporter: they are vulnerable in takeoff and landing mode. we have seen in recent years tarmac can be places, not just at passengers getting through security but baggage handlers, the aircrew and when airplanes are sitting on tarmac, what is the perimeter around the airfield? how good is it? are there cameras? how well are they monitored? we have seen in recent years people stowaway on aircraft, things like that happen. you have to consider all of it
6:00 am
and push together what happened here. lauren: trying to find a plane, the debris, the black box has to be done quickly, the black box only last a certain amount of days. >> when anything goes into the water, from experience in the navy, when i was deployed we had a search and rescue effort for a pilot who crashed. the quicker you can find the crash site the better the things sing, start to separate and it becomes more difficult. nicole: thank you. in breaking news, we continue right here on foxbusiness, we are going over to maria bartiroma taking you through the next few hours. maria: we are following breaking news this morning. egypt air flight disappears over the mediterranean sea. we are getting breaking developments as we speak. i am maria bartiroma, that egypt air flight


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