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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 19, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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this is a strong list backed by the federal society, the heritage foundation, this is going to make conservatives jump for joy. i think it was a brilliant move. charles: most conservatives were jumping for joy. i'm jumping for joy because you were with me at home. now here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. egyptian officials say terrorism, the likely cause of the crash of egyptair flight 804 which fell from the sky early today on its way from paris to cairo. the airbus a380 with 66 people aboard banked and spun sharply before plunging into the mediterranean sea between the greek island of crete and egypt's northern coastline. we'll have a full report for you taking it up with terrorism expert walid phares tonight, many in the liberal mainstream media attacking donald trump because said he the egyptair crash looked to him like
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terrorism. trump tweeted this at 7:00 this morning -- the "new york times" archly harumped and isn't that correctly entitled article this way -- then just hours later, the liberals's heir apparent not sure nominee undercut the dem's house organ and hillary clinton used the forbidden terrorism word with possession ever the same evidence held by mr. trump. >> it does appear that it was an act of terrorism, exactly how, of course, the investigation will have to determine. but once again shines a very bright light on the threats that we face from organized terror groups. isis, of course, but other, in
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of terrorists that have to be hunted down and defeated. lou: and the "new york times" snarked, receding a bit. we take it up with some of our favorite politicos, lee carter, doug schoen, eboni williams tonight. donald trump using star power to help out new jersey governor chris christie at a fund-raising rally held in new jersey, held right now. trump to take the stage this hour, we'll bring you the event when donald trump steps up to the podium. our top story, the crash of egyptair flight 804. there are conflicting reports right now about whether any wreckage has been spotted, and whether that wreckage that may have been spotted is, in fact, that of the egyptair jetliner. but the incident is already being called the final nail in the coffin for egypt's decimated tourism industry which hasn't recovered from last october's bombing of a
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tourist jetliner flying from sharm el-sheikh and repercussions from paris where the flight originated. greg palkot is at charles de gaulle international airport outside paris with our report. >> reporter: 11:09 wednesday night paris time, charles de gaulle airport. egyptair flight 804 an airbus a320 takes off. on board, 66 people, including 56 passengers, among them, egyptians, french, canadian, briton, there were no americans but there were children. and among the crew three security. the flight towards the destination of cairo goes smoothly at the outset. 1:24 thursday morning, the plane enters greek airspace, air controllers make voice contact. there are no reports of stormy weather, and then over the mediterranean, something went awry.
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>> it executed a turn of 90 degrees left and then a turn of 360 degrees toward the right dropping from 37,000 to 15,000 feet and then we lost it at about 10,000 feet. >> reporter: 2:29 a.m., 175 miles off the coast of egypt, the plane was gone. no distress call. no other indication of trouble. in the coming hours, the families of the victims at cairo and paris' charles de gaulle airports were racked with worry and demanded answers from the authorities. they don't have any information, they haven't found the wreckage, but obviously there is little hope. >> reporter: late morning paris time thursday, a grim-faced french president francois hollande announces the bad news. >> the information we have been able to gather is the plane came down and is lost. >> reporter: but why did it crash? could it be mechanical error or it was what people feared, terrorism?
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a short while later, an egyptian official says it's a possibility. >> the possibility of having a different action or having a terror attack is higher than the possibility of having a technical issue. >> reporter: late afternoon paris time another egyptair flight heads to cairo. among those on board, family members of the victims, wanting to be closer to their loved ones, wherever, however, and more questions tonight, egyptair says it cannot confirm that the debris found earlier today in the mediterranean came from its stricken plane, as the hunt for clues continues. lou? lou: greg, thank you. greg palkot reporting. joining us fox news middle east and terrorism analyst dr. walid phares. walid is a foreign policy adviser to donald trump. walid, good to have you with us. let's start with does this appear to you to be the work of the islamic state? >> this, according to the consensus that we see emerging
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lou, egyptians, russians, somewhat the french and others, have a consensus that this is most likely in the direction of terrorism. if this is the case, then the islamic state would be the first suspect, and the second would be al qaeda and other independent jihadists as well. but egypt is fighting isis in the sinai across the country and in libya, most likely this would be the work of isis. lou: and it is certainly an enticing target for the islamic state, which is also attacking, obviously, france. it would give them an opportunity to strike both countries simultaneously. >> absolutely. this is a great analysis of how isis would think. on the one hand, they have been launching this campaign against egyptian economy. and you've been talking about it. this is the second strike against egypt. what worries me is the possibility that jihadists have
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been active in the operation in paris which explains why the french president ordered investigation in paris. lou: and again, questions about the infiltration of the airport workers, are those working on the tarmac and the gates at de gaulle, other airports in paris and france itself. your thoughts about the degree to which they have tried to screen those employees? >> lou, probably that's the biggest drama in this whole history. of course, egypt is fighting them on its own soil, but we know that those strikes occurred in france, in brussels, before that britain, spain and other places. i would be very concerned as the french are saying and saying before the operation before this incident that they are following leads to possible other strikes and then this happened. so one would draw the conclusion here. lou: and the u.s. role in
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egypt. this administration has been extraordinarily, i won't say hostile, but certainly not friendly with nor supportive of president el-sisi and his government. is there a role that the united states needs to constructively engage in relation to egypt itself and sisi's government and the fight against the islamic state? >> they could have, should have, three years ago, and we discuss this again on your show. the obama administration actually sided with the muslim brotherhood, with the clinton state department since 2011 in egypt. it's not a secret, egyptians are always frustrated about this issue. yes the administration can at this point change direction and start partnering much better strategically with the government, with the president sisi and the government. this is very important if we want to put together an arab coalition against isis.
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we see a weakened egypt instead of a stronger egypt. lou: dr. walid phares, thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back. a lot more to cover, stay with us as we do so. we'll be right back. voter trust in donald trump is rising dramatically. >> what i want to do is make america great again, and i add to it and it's called america first. lou: lee carter and doug schoen next on trump's message and his path to the white house. a police officer chasing two armed suspects does the unimaginable. we'll have the amazing story and the shocking video right after these messages. we're coming right back. stay with us. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever. the all-new audi a4, with apple carplay integration.
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. lou: donald trump tonight is speak at a fund-raising rally, as i told you earlier, for new jersey governor chris christie. trump at the lawrenceville national guard armory in lawrenceville, new jersey, as you can see, he is wound up. let's join him. >> legally. okay? legally. so i went through the next week, win new york in a landslide, i win the five states, and then i'm watching and hearing that i got something a little bit less, and actually every one of them was open, but i should have
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done better. i have all these people, and then indiana was going to be the firewall, and i went there and we won indiana so big, and everybody just -- you know what they did? chris knows. they gave up! ave up. that was the end. and we had a little end. a man named bobby knight, bobby, we love bobby, and we had lou holtz and digger and a lot of people. we had a great coach from purdue, a lot of people that supported. but when bobby knight won 900 games, 3 championships he had the last undefeated team in college basketball, which is a hell of a statement and almost had two undefeated teams here, had one the year before which lost one game, he is a great coach, looks better than ever. he came out for trump and that state went crazy. lou: then they did go crazy for trump and he did win, and the
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rest as they say is history, and what a sparkling history it has been for the trump campaign, going back to their opening bid june 16th of last year, been quite a run for the trump campaign. mr. trump. if we can, he said something interesting about -- he's been criticized earlier today, he said right away it looked like terrorism to him, flight 804 for the downed egyptair flight. here's what he said at the armory there in lawrenceville, new jersey. >> and if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, okay? 100% wrong. and it's getting worse. i was watching one of the networks they had a great guy from the fbi on. lou: and, you know, he steps out at 7:00 this morning, tweets, and says it looks like
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terrorism. we're joined now by political communication strategist lee carter, great to have you with us, former clinton pollster, fox news contributor doug schoen, great to have you here. >> pleased to be here. lou: first thoughts about his obviously doubling down on terrorism and others are following suit. there's not a cautious bone in his body because he said it looks like and at times others attacked him as if he committed a faux pas beyond imagination. >> this is part of his appeal. the recent polls trust him to say it like it is, and so he comes out and says something like this and people are like thankfully somebody is going to say it. lou: how imbecilic are the editors who are urging their writers and reporters to attack him when he uses the english language perfectly well. it looked like to him an act of terror.
7:17 pm
>> well, it looked like to me an act of terror and to attack the man for offering a judgment about what i regard as the central issue of our time, which to me presents an existential threat to civilization as we know it, i think he is mrunt -- prudent, i wouldn't use imbecilic, i would say wrong. lou: apparently under the influence of carlos slim and new ownership, the "washington post" under the influence of jeff bezos, they are becoming house organs, they've always been biased but now over the top here. this is getting silly, don't you think? >> i think people are up to the game. they know what it's all about. they're saying enough already. the media is less trusted than the government right now and
7:18 pm
reasons why these are cases in point for the american people. lou: so as we look at the existential threat to civilation as you put it, doug, you didn't use the word just as the obama administration won't, radical islamist. >> i'm happy to use it. lou: let's do. >> of course. they're radical, they are islamic, and they're a threat to civilization as i know it and i think we all know it. lou: and yet, there is only one, one candidate has said he's going to destroy the islamic state, and he calls it the islamic state, which i like. and that's donald trump. >> but you got to increase the defense budget, lou, to do it. we're cutting back dangerously. the chinese and russians, the iranians are all increasing. lou, i'm worried about our national security. no one, including trump and secretary clinton is talking about that. lou: actually trump is, he's saying we're going to have the best, the strongest military.
7:19 pm
i, by the way, you're speaking to the choir when you engage me at least. i don't know but, lee, i want our military not to have to do three tours with equipment that is outdated to have our pilots in planes that were manufactured 50 years ago. this is becoming, you talk about an existential threat. >> i am. lou: our military leaders, our civilian leaders, congress and our president are the greatest existential threat to this country because they are depleting our resources and asking so much of our men and women in uniform. it's unconscionable in my opinion. >> i think the bottom line is the american people believe that donald trump is the one that's going to keep him the safest. when you look at polls and put them head-to-head, hillary clinton versus donald trump on national security, people feel that donald trump is the one that is going to keep us safe. lou: latest polling is that donald trump is running ahead of hillary clinton by double digits on the two principal issues of greatest interest to
7:20 pm
the voting public, that is terrorism and the economy, and running as you see there on the issue of terrorism, 12 points, and there's only a few fractions that separate them on the issue of foreign policy. there on the economy. we're going to have to take -- we're going to have to break it here. i went over going to donald trump in lawrenceville. great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> a pleasure, lou. lou: breaking news, a high-ranking chinese official warning china will defend itself if the united states, as he put it, provokes china in the south china sea. the provocative comments two days after two chinese fighter jets buzzed a u.s. spy plane flying over the south china sea. china trying to claim 1.4 million square mile swath of contested open ocean building artificial islands and the obama white house called
7:21 pm
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. lou: a few thoughts now on campaign trajectories, trump trending up, clinton trending down, the latest "fox news poll" shows trump topping clinton 45-42%, clinton's support has been falling since last month. the unfavorable ratings for the presumptive republican nominee trending in the right direction while clinton's unfavorables are climbing and now higher than trump's. more voters trust trump to do a better job than hillary clinton on the issue most important to americans this election, the economy. yet hillary's big idea is to put her husband in charge of revitalizing the economy, and hillary unable to seal the deal
7:26 pm
for the party's nomination as democrats grow increasingly frustrated and clearly divided. senator bernie sanders lashing out at the dnc as his supporters, some of them, turned violent. as clinton's campaign filled with frustration and drama while biden waits conspicuously in the wings for, well, we have a suspicion, don't we? the clinton trump lines have crossed. trump is moving higher in all respects, support growing with voters and elected officials, even among the establishment that trump is running against. the men and women who ran on the gop ticket -- the men, rather, no women there, the men who ran on the 2012 ticket are the exception to all of this. meanwhile, the highest ranking woman in house leadership, congresswoman cathy mcmorris rodgers dazzling folks saying she not only endorses trump but
7:27 pm
voted for him as well, and today trump's campaign chairman paul manafort had this to say after a weekly meeting with house republicans. >> i'm very pleased with the growing support for mr. trump's candidacy. we answered all the questions the members had. less questions and more support so we're pleased. >> what do you think about the democratic convention? >> it is fair play. lou: manafort very pleased there, saying turnabout is fair play, and as they say on wall street, the trend is your friend. certainly is for donald trump and millions of supporters and voters and some would say that goes for the whole country. now the quotation of the evening, this one from booker t. washington on working hard to be successful because a lot of hard work is going into the trump campaign. washington said --
7:28 pm
we're coming right back. stay with us. the general election will be the most expensive ever and donald trump needs at least a billion dollars to beat hillary. >> as even mr. trump said this is a billion-dollar campaign and great america pac's going to be a major part of it. lou: eric beech of the great america pac joins us. and an unusual and dangerous beach rescue in hawaii. we'll have the story and we'll have the video right after these quick messages. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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. lou: there is donald trump, these are live pictures of trump still talking of a fund-raising rally for governor chris christie in lawrenceville, new jersey. let's listen in for a moment. >> respected as a country again. so i want to thank everybody, i love you all.sey. june 7th, june 7th. thank you everybody. thank you. thank you. ♪. lou: timing might have been off just a bit there, but at least we could bid good evening to donald trump as he exits the stage trying to raise money for governor chris christie. joining us now is the cochairman of the pro trump great america pac, eric beech, the pac has raised 2.5 million
7:33 pm
dollars over the last two months. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. lou: i get a kick. here's a guy who has never been a politician until the last ten months. he has more dog gone energy, works harder than anybody on the campaign trail. he outworked 16 of those folks and it's impressive. he still is enjoying this. >> yeah, it doesn't seem like hillary clinton is enjoying it at all. what's interesting is the -- he shows strength and leadership versus hillary clinton who really doesn't show any of that and the momentum on the democratic side is with bernie sanders, much like it is with trump on the republican side. if she had to run against 16 people, i don't think she would be in the position she is today. lou: she's got enough trouble running against one fellow bernie sanders. i don't know what is going to happen there. he says it goes all the way to the last ballot. we'll see. right now he's giving her everything, more than she really wanted. let's go to the super pac and what your charge is and how
7:34 pm
it's going? >> it's been tremendous. we have over 30,000 donors, called a hybrid pac because we have small dollars and large dollar contributors, and what's interesting about our tactics is as trump was self-funding in the campaign, we were out there trying to get as many donors as possible and were able to achieve that. we have the data and resources to run a really, what they call a billion-dollar general election campaign, so great america is going to be the resource that's going to do that. we hired one of your good friends ed rollins to be our lead strategist and co-chair, and today we released a number of co-chairs from around the country. lou: and you've got, what, six billionaires involved. >> hopefully and counting, right? lou: my buddy boone pickens, who else? >> boone is going to do an event for us in texas. angela ferret will be helpful. stanley hubbards, very helpful. one of our founders is bill
7:35 pm
doddridge who owns the jewelry exchange. lou: they're not in to bring the small dollars, they have a different job? >> sure, they're into certainly, we're going to have to give air cover as well as ground cover. what's unique about it is donald trump for being a multibillionaire is a grassroots guy at heart. the grassroots is with him. we shouldn't ignore, that we've got to do things and be smart with our spending and spend it like eight gubernatorial races, there is going to be eight to ten states in this election, in which donald trump can win even turn purple into red and even blue into red, so we shouldn't ignore that. lou: you shouldn't ignore it, and i love this contest that you can tell is taking place during the campaign at various moments. this idea of whether trump can call somebody an s.o.b. or not, whether he can be himself, and i'd love to hear the back conversation, but the fact is he keeps saying exactly what he means whether it looks like
7:36 pm
terrorism to him and that's what people love. strategists would be crazy to mess with that. >> no, not only that -- >> if he would let them. >> well, he's not somebody that's, you know, led by political consultants, and the one thing he has shown is the political consultancy class, the media, with all due respect. >> i hope so, i hope so. >> they're not going to shape the public opinion, he's going to shape the public opinion. lou: i said to my colleagues in the illustrious national media, i said the problem so many people are having who sit in chairs like this on various broadcasts across the country, not here at fox but they're not used to a politician being bigger than the media. this is the first time in my experience, and the only other time was with ronald reagan, you're dealing with a man who's bigger than the media, who understands who he is and what
7:37 pm
he does and does it superbly, that means a new era at hand. >> my wife and i met the sports anchor at the recall campaign. lou: not man people can say that. >> three months of it, it was just phenomenal, like you said, he was almost larger than life. lou: in california? >> he was able to bypass the superficial things that sometime unfortunately come out from the media or even opposition, trump is in the same boat and i think this is a movement campaign, people love the fact -- could you imagine in a presidential debate the moderator trying steer it away from the real issues? not to donald trump, donald trump is going to really have coattails during this election, and happy to be a big part of it. lou: yeah, and it's interesting because coattails isn't a word that you've heard a lot from the establishment, and one of
7:38 pm
the complications obviously in all of this is that donald trump is running against the very establishment from whom he needs support and help now, so that's going to always be, i think, well, an interesting dynamic, the relationship between the establishment and trump himself, but he -- i just can't imagine, he would not have a powerful influence down the ticket. i know the conventional wisdom is the opposite with the establishment gop, but what the hell have they been right about anyways over the last two cycles? >> i don't know about that. lou: well, i do, i just told you. [ laughter ] eric, we've got to wrap it up. great to have you here. >> appreciate it. lou: we'll talk again soon. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight --
7:39 pm
cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. swimmers and sharks normally enemies, not this time. beachgoers in hawaii found a tiger shark by the way, ladies and gentlemen, that's a somewhat smaller one, but they are very aggressive sharks, and struggling in a fishing line off the shore of oahu, instead of running away from the shark they bravely dragged the shark up on the beach. they removed the hooks from the shark's mouth, risky to say the very least. no one was hurt, the shark was returned to the ocean and took off. hook free and safely. up next, fox business' stuart varney, my good colleague and friend, says donald trump is behaving brilliantly, particularly on the issue of choosing supreme court justices. >> i think it was a brilliant move. it was done -- it came out relatively quickly. it's a solid list. shows he's on the job, on the
7:40 pm
bull. lou: in a left-wing advocacy group, the media matters, catchy, huh? they went after my friend stuart varney and we're going to talk that among other things on the other side of these messages. stay with us, we're coming right back. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer.
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. lou: "washington post" owner, amazon founder jeff bezos hitting trump saying trump's attacks are, quote, not appropriate for a presidential candidate, not an appropriate way for them to behave. trump last week accused bezos of using his newspaper as a tool for political power to protect amazon's monopoly. whoa. joining us tonight, my colleague stuart varney, host of "varney & co.," which airs right here on the fox business network weekdays beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou, good to be here. lou: let's start with this thing with bezos, not an appropriate way. they sound like the british circa 1776. really! come on. [laughter] >> you jump right in on my nationality. didn't you know that i have become an american citizen. lou: i did know that. >> you did, and you still
7:45 pm
having a go at the brits? lou: i don't think you're carrying their water or flag anymore, are you? >> no. lou: let's be american. >> i swore off foreign potency. lou: we all have. most of us have. >> look, jeff bezos runs the "washington post" and he's gone full tilt right at donald trump. the paper is wall to wall donald trump. lou: literally true, yesterday i counted on the home page of the web six separate pieces including one from bezos. >> yes, using extreme language, calling him a liar, et cetera. you can expect a guy like trump to counterpunch, and the counterpunch was not exactly subtle. >> nuanced. >> nuanced, that's a good word, lou. he said you might have antitrust problems, and you know what? i think he does or he could in a trump presidency. lou: you know, there's a whole
7:46 pm
issue here to be explored, you know, in technology. you ask yourself why is there just one google, really? it's so dominant. how could that be? you know, how could it be that amazon is such a dominant force within its own -- if you look at the retailing broadly, what it's done. by the way, i'm a big fan of both google and amazon because i use them both. >> maybe we've learned our lesson from the 1990s when they went after microsoft for being a monopolist in its operating system for personal computers. and broke the company, set them back, many, many years, maybe they've learned their lesson and don't want to do the same thing for very fast moving. lou: and then you have mark zuckerberg holding a meeting of conservatives. if i may do the air quote, conservatives, to talk about
7:47 pm
his trending, his -- what do they call them? news curators? >> look, i think silicon valley as a hole is in the tank for the left. lou: absolutely. >> democrats generally. eric schmidt organized barack obama's campaign, his technological campaign, it was very successful at it. and across the board, they're very much in favor of the left. i thought they used to be libertarians, but, in fact they're much more leftist. lou: moved beyond libertarian, i think, and the access they've had to this administration, unprecedented. their lobbyists visiting the white house more than -- more -- >> 160 times. lou: more than the five other top lobbyists in the technology industry. it's amazing. let's get to trump being sort of snarked at by the times because he said it looks like terrorism to him this morning, and i think it did to a lot of
7:48 pm
folks, let's put it that way. trump's reaction is to attack. >> trump got right out front of this, it literally was 7:00 this morning as we were all getting together with what's going on in the world, out he comes with a tweet, and what he actually said was it looks like terror to me. he didn't say this is a terror operation. and in doing so he put himself out front of the story, and i think he is the political winner from this event. i think he's the guy who has a plan. he's the guy who has a strong stand. he's the guy who says we're going to beat isis and do something about immigration. he's the guy. lou: and speaking of immigration, one of my favorite folks in congress is congressman louie gohmert, you're going to be tubing him tomorrow. what's he up to? >> this is very interesting, louie gohmert is one of the last holdouts of republicans in the house, anti-trump.
7:49 pm
now we have this "new york times," just came on the "new york times," reports say the party want -- republicans want their party to unify behind donald trump, poll shows. the vast majority of republicans want to unify around donald trump. lou: by the way, 80% according to the poll in the "new york times" that stuart's referencing, 80% of republicans want unity, period. >> so what will louie gohmert tell me tomorrow morning? i'm going to ask him that. are you on board or holding out for apology. that is what he wanted from donald trump. lou: a what? >> an apology. lou: for what? >> for what trump said about women and other issues. louie is a very nice guy. lou: one of my favorite people. he's very colorful but now he's become a one-person grievance curator? come on. [laughter] >> doesn't he work for facebook? lou: absolutely.
7:50 pm
stuart, great to see you, we'll see you tomorrow morning as well. thanks for being here. >> thanks. lou: watch "varney & co." starting at 9:00 a.m. on the fox business network. let's turn to florida quickly, a police officer cited and put on leave after a very bad crash. the officer, there you see him hitting, was chasing two armed robbery suspects. he chose to do so at 90 miles an hour and as you see, he ran past another police car and struck another car, a woman at the wheel, who suffered two broken department, the florida highway patrol said the police officer had lights and sirens going but failed to -- get this, failed to safely navigate the crossing. the idea that anyone would do 90 miles an hour through an intersection, i don't care how many lights, how much of a siren you got. up next, donald trump escalating his attacks on the
7:51 pm
clintons. >> if hillary clinton, for some reason wins, your country will never be the same because she's going to put disasters on the supreme court. lou: we're going to continue. we're going to take up that very issue, the unthinkable, donald trump not winning? how could he even explore that possibility? we'll take that up here next. stay with us. >>
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lou: joining me now wthp talk show host, tom gior -- ano and eboni williams. trump talking about bill clinton on hannity. and we don't want to spend the type on the tape. but using the use rape in term of clinton. people talking about the r * word, they sounds like children. that it was somehow i am politic for people to say that of bill clinton. it's like they don't understand the country's history. >> i'll put my criminal law hat on. when i hear rape it's a legal term.
7:56 pm
but i get politically what donald trump is saying. he's not the fir to imply that term around president clinton. >> i would say with what donald trump is doing, i get callers every day, millennials, they don't know anything about the whole history of this. this is new to them, and i think trump senses some of this. this is new territory, and it carries the news cycle when he says these thing. >> that's when we talk about the allegation and their true nature. lou: let him talk about it. let him explain everything. the louisiana time it didn't go too well. >> he was having trouble
7:57 pm
explaining how it went down. lou: it's clear trump is going to come after them. this war on women stuff that she like to call, it look like it will be a tough issue for her. >> she knows she'll not be able to slide that in there like she would with a didn't nominee. >> trump targeting him, he's targeting trump, the "new york times," "the washington post," they look like they are operating attack ad, not as national newspapers. >> i was surprised. if you are going to try to take a guy like trump out who is very, very difficult, you don't go with the new york time, the weak woman story stuff. you have got to wait with all those reporters and the bob woodwards of the world. you have to hit them with something startling. if you don't, people say, is that all there is?
7:58 pm
>> the people aren't just right-wing conservatives. that was a joke. it was a joke. >> that was as lame as anything i have ever seen. he's going after mccain and bringing up quote-unquote relationship trying to make something out of that, the biggest bunch of garbage. here they are doing it in an order of magnitude greater. i think the "times" and "washington post" have made such fools of themselves. i don't think readers put much stock in anything they say now. >> it become tabloid. >> both of these stories front panel. the time may have been banner. it talk about how much they had collect, how much interviews they had done. and trump is not john mccain.
7:59 pm
>> it took 600 word for me to get that a woman was at a pool party and she said yes and the man complimented her. i'm very confused. lou: certainly a little confusing to think that mark zuckerberg called in a group of so-called conservatives to talk about the way in which he was managing what are trending stories with news curators. i still don't know what the dickens that was all about. he has been slanting reality for his facebook users. what do you think? we have 30 seconds? >> he's a big illegal immigration guy and big advisa guy. that's what it's all about and yes had up resentment. >> here's to hope he's taking it seriously. lou: 91% of you in our most
8:00 pm
recent policy you think donald trump will win the most votes in presidential elect history in [♪] kennedy: hi, there and welcome to thursday. i'm watching a hashtag die as the never trump movement finally he can hails in a death quiver. it's the last death hope of and 8ed conservatives who thought they could usher in romneyism. we'll never forget the surprising fire of mitt romney. >> let me put it very plainly. if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the


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